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Archives: December 9, 2005

Emergency Petition to Filibuster PATRIOT Act!

'I feel I'm carrying the world on my shoulders' (Cindy Sheehan)

Neil Bush Meets the Messiah (tours Asia w/ Sun Myung Moon)

Miami airplane shooting: Washington’s “war on terrorism” comes home

The Minutemen, Foes of Illegal Immigration, Turn Cameras to Their Cause

Something editorial cartoonist forgot in his slam on Hillary & Dean

West Side Leader editorial cartoon nails it

Immigration (Spin) Control

Are The Tides Turning?

"This man is not a soldier" - interesting article in Weekend Life

Jesus Bans 'Christian' Group (Dobson) by Mark Morford

U.S. Journalism's Shameful Anniversary

JASON MILLER: The Iron Fist of Jesus

"Straighten Up and Fly Normal...Or Else - Shooting the Mentally Ill"

Fantasy Island: The dwindling refuges of creationism.

The government men in masks who terrorize Iraq

"checks and balances," We need another investigation:Sister Joan

"SNORTY BOY, Skinner is banned for drugs jibe at Tory MP",

Christian Peacemakers and the Failure of the Left

'I loved every minute in Iraq' (British 'weekend warriors' in Basra)

Rove's Lawyer - An On-the-Record Liar (L.O'Donnell)

Fidel Honors Terrorist Victims

Truth for the Troops (WaPo)

Letter from Cuba: the two faces of Katrina

Shattering Iraq

Ellen Goodman on the so called war on Christmas

St. Petersburg Times: A shabby way to treat gay soldiers

House passes Bahrain free trade deal

War crimes made easy-Asian times- a must read.

"Oy to the world", Joel Stein, LA Times- funny, pointed take on the hoopla

Carlson: Alaska bridges dead? Think again

Nature's Harmonious Money Cycle from Fafblog

Biopiracy and GMOs: Fate of Iraq's Agriculture

Robert Reich: Class Warfare With Taxes

Lease: Big oil forgets, big time

San Diego Union Tribune: Sen. Clinton is new villain of the angry left

Money for Nothing (American Conservative Mag-!!! -finds Iraq corruption)

Democrats should get out of the way and let the president sink on his own

DLC wants pro-war candidates more than winning ones

Even a flat housing market could cut growth

LIkely Date For Antarctic Ozone Repair Now Set At 2065 - Nature

Natural-Gas Prices Hit a Record High

Glacier Draining 4% Of Greenland's Ice Cap Now World's Fastest-Retreating

Clinton calls Bush "flat wrong" in Montreal on climate vs. economy.

Canadian PM's Remarks "Deeply Anger" US Climate Delegation

Danish Muslim group charged with funding terrorism

Hamas "mother of martyrs" runs in Palestinian poll

Should Israel give up its nukes?

Navy quits sending ships through Suez

Haaretz-Dialog Poll / Likud, Labor, Shinui voters back Sharon

The hope that turned false

Palestinians sue (Avi) Dichter in U.S. for millions of dollars

New confirmation US knew about early version of 9/11 plot in 1995

New dutch TV documentary on 9/11

Naudet 3-D black flying object becomes 2-D gray shadow, then pulses white

Going to reopen 9-11 program tonight in Miami!

$50 Million Reward Offered for Information Proving 9/11 Conspiracy

Need post from past regarding --- Exhaustive List of Pentagon Photos . . .

Ok, I watched Loose Change

Looking for a definite list of the 19 alleged hijackers

CBC:9/11 Conspiracy Theory documentary - get it while its hot

ER Message Delivery System: 10 X 20 ft Info Ads towed on trucks.

Documents, Ammunition: Diebold stockholder suit

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 12/09/05

Rep. Wexler (D-FL) fights for paper ballots in federal appeals court

PA: Counties receive reprieve on buying voting machines

Free speech dispute at rollout of voting machines (Bucks Co., PA)

BBV sends attorney's demands for CA voting machine test.

Move On delivers petition to LAT CEO needs more signatures

WTF! Cities of Elk Grove & Lincoln employing an abramoff crony?

SF Appellate Judge Named To State Supreme Court

Does anyone else hear thunder here?????

How torture caused a war.

Tell Pawlenty NO on "shoot-first" legislation

Retreat and Defeat

St. Cloud Legislative candidate Sue Ek (R)is St. Paul resident: Ineligible

Law suit filed over GOP Ek candidacy

(Yes, I am dead serious) Was Norm Coleman ever a communist?

Some people are saying Norm Coleman was a Communist

a question about an infuriating problem

Natural gas prices soaring

Strickland announces jobs thru clean energy policy

Gov. Taft's coucilman cousin a loser too (won coin flip,loses recount)

Attention 18th district residents - Ney protests, Wed. 12/14, Thur. 12/15

Attorney general Petro files lien against vocal critic Dem. Sen. Dann

Question for anyone that lives in Dayton or a Dayton suburb

Sulzer v. Ney

Repuke Cong. thought W. Tx sheriffs had caught al-Qaeda at border

Turn Texas Blue - great lineup for Galveston reception and banquet!

Tooting my own horn: I got mentioned in the BlogBox

Dallas keeps middle school w/ NO HEAT open...

Group fails to recall mayor

Repost of "Open Season on Gays" in WI

After the eleventh...( a seredipitous find)

Stupid question about air Marshals

Mike Wallace, you ain't never lied!!! Preach!

All right, I gotta go!

brainstorming non-politican candidates for 2008 . . .

Aaaagghhhh! Nekkid fundies. In my county.

4 anti-war hostages in Iraq slated to be KILLED on saturday. IF you care:

Who is your favorite Republican?

This is why I ADORE The Onion:

The last argument for war.

Marine beats attempted murder rap with PTSS. He bagged bodies in Iraq.

Stripes letters: Writer showed moral courage/All about freedom of choice

U.S. can grab Social Security for unpaid student loans

How long til shill o'lielly uncovers our master plot? (Christmas haters)

The O'Loofah Factor

Would someone please get these wingnuts back on message

Is Ann Coulter alarmingly anorexic?

Is anyone else uncomfortable around children?

Did anybody listen to Scott Ritter on KGO tonight?

ohio paper attacked for not kissing meanjean's ass

ohio paper attacked for not kissing meanjean's ass

DLC to English dictionary & phrase book

NBC's Chip Reid revived GOP "cut and run" line

CNN spent hours of airtime tonight on that plane

Why we won't "win" in Iraq...

I'm Glad They Finally Got Around To Cutting Taxes For the Rich Again

Tonight I happened to hear Louis Armstrong's "It's Christmas

We interrupt this on-going political crisis for something completely

I hate the Christmas season because...

The Real War on Christmas

it really IS time to start taking politics and our government back . . .

FUNNY AUDIO: John McCain cracks wise about being an enemy of Bush

I want whomever is responsible for 9/11 caught and brought to trial

You guys ought to see this. ...

The War Is Over (if you want it)

Bolton bashes Annan to get the UN to allow the US to torture more

Documents, Ammunition: Diebold stockholder suit

"Pokie the Punisher" (New Mark Fiore animation)

Holy f***ing Crap. Mel f***ing Gibson vs. Arnold f***ing Schwarzzecrap

Chickens of Madness Insanely Come Home to Roost in the Monkey House

Go Joe, Go!!!!!

DeLay Hearings Put Off Until After the Holiday ("But what about MY needs?"

SCOOP: Who Are The CPT Hostage Takers? Links To Islamist Army in Iraq

Many Iraqis Believe "Suicide" Bombings Done By US To Start Civil War

LOL Louisiana Rules --- Doonesbury...

A Fair Trial....


"This is the 21st century - killing is barbaric" : Cindy Sheehan in London

Jill Porter - Dear God! Philly students trading religion for math

I Can't Take it Anymore!...

I think it is 72 days till spring here...

The real truth about charity, republican style.

WWJLD/Ain't Singing enough????

Has Saudi Arabia ever gone to war against any of its Arab neighbors?

Thoughts on death penalty

can laura bush, scott mcclellan, condoleezza rice or anyone in the bush

Rumsfeld’s Handshake Deal With Saddam

Cunningham still profiteering from his givaway of our Defense dollars

AP: Public Wonders About Ethics in Congress

CNN- Bush to make 3 speeches on Iraq next week

"I Killed People in Iraq and Now that I'm Not There I Feel the Need..."

John Kerry coming up on IMUS in the morning Phish Alert

CSPAN-Those who have been in Iraq only -- Good news witnessed?

No torture? Then why are we hiding these prisoners from the Red Cross?

Heads up: Twin Cities to protest Junior today

So the prewar assertion of Iraq - Al Qaeda ties was obtained with Torture

Due to Snow, I Will Probably Get Stuck at Work Today

They published my LTTE in The Miami Herald

Anyone know what Yoko Ono does with all that $? Work for peace?

ISO: Rideshare to NOLA

Now its two witnesses: "he didn't mention a bomb"

(TOON) What you can achieve in 4 years (pabloonpolitics)

What do you suppose Barbara Bush is giving Junior for Christmas?

Kurds make oil deal with Norweigans. Money supposed to go to central govt.

More from CHB >> Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece...

"Flag Burning" Vs. "The War on Christmas"

Why are Democrats subjected to Abuse on Don Imus Show?

O'Lielly get bitch-slapped by Bill

Jesus Bans "Christian" Group

NYT: Before 9/11, Warnings on bin Laden

Richard Cohen making the case for the war machine

42,636 people died in the US in road fatalities in 2004

Stand with Our Troops, Wear Their Hat

Too Bad Rummy Won't Go. He Has Been A Perfect Disaster.

Bill Donohue irked about South Park

US News & World Letters Hate Bush 5 to 1

O'reilly's use of the word "FASCISM" MUST STOP~! Please Read

Chimpy's approval tanking even in repuke-leaning rasmussen poll - 43%

In times like these Ignore is your friend. Really.

Looking for the perfect Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukah or Holiday gift

"Would you have pulled the trigger?" (A poll to DU)

The Promiser in Chief By PAUL KRUGMAN

Is the Iraq War a war crime by the Nuremburg definition?

Whether the Air Marshalls did act properly or not...

What is the meanest thing you'll ever admit to doing?

Spanish at school translates to suspension-"No problema"

it's hell to have a Christmas party nowadays

Democrats & Republicans torn over Iraq endgame

Bush's brain has melted: video :-)

Good lord. I's OK to shoot defenseless boys in the back of the head

At 87, Mike Wallace still tells it like it is

"Wes Clark's Overture to Insurgents"

Economic Weather Report --- the Republican’s continue to rain economic s**

What a waste of Big Eddie's time.

So about this San Francisco police film "scandal"

Did Viveca Novak tip off KKKRove's lawyer? or not?

Harold Pinter knocks it out of the ballpark!

Something must be wrong with me

Reality Check- Ref the Florida Airline shooting

Wisconsin schools facing lawsuits over 'holiday' programs

Iraq: the biggest foreign policy mistake ever

NYPost: Secret Service on Jenna Case

Brian Lamb on WJ is a little upset!

Time Reporter Novak Contradicts Rove Lawyer on Date of Meeting

An Excellent Dissection of Bob WOODWARD (long)

Six ALF/ELF arrested

How much is this POLITICAL travel costing us? ---pix->>>

"Adam will testify against Abramoff and Ney if given an opportunity"

Former KGB Chief Reveals Supernatural Truth

Former ABC newsman Dave Marash to work for Al Jazeera

Christmas banned!

USMC Vet's Anti-War Website!!!

Jon Stewart Hates Christmas

RNC Releases New Web Ad: "Democrats: Retreat and Defeat On Iraq"

Probe into Iraq coverage widens

Second Cuban senator elates Miami friends (Corzine to name)

Sacred Terror: The Global Death Squad of George W. Bush (Chris Floyd)

Bill Clinton to Surprise U.N. Conference

Obama nominated for Grammy....How cool is THIS?!

Former Mass Gov Bill Weld May Run For Senate Against Hillary

Abramoff's Secrets, Claims on Lawmakers May Start Emerging Soon

OT: What does the flaming fire symbol mean?

Tally of war deaths shows up next door to Duluth recruiting station

Georgia introduces 'Merry Christmas' law

Message from Murtha: "Tell Congress to Have an Honest Debate"

FBI improperly spied on peaceful rallies, ACLU says

John Murtha: Iraq, the Congress, and the Truth

Lemmings marching in lockstep.

Two reasons why Lieberman should not replace Rummy:

Stephanie Miller - a great let-down. How could she be so stupid?

say something nice about bill orielly(funny)

Who else saw Brian Ross from ABC beat down O'Lielly last night?

Happy Hopeful Holiday Mr. BU**SH**

Fight Hunger In America!

Airport Security's role in the shooting of BiPolar man??-

My liberal concious...should I not buy that FORD EXPLORER?

Per Tweety: Lieberman won't take Defense job

Friday Morning Toons

Propaganda email from Gen. Abizaid being passed around by Military folks


Best Media Quote of the Year !

Family members: Man shot at Miami Airport was loving, gentle

Democrats should respond to new Repub ad....

Goodbye, Moon (PC version of Goodnight, Moon)

$1,000,000,000 Missing and the HO-HUM Congress Doesn’t Care

Sharon Olds to Laura Bush

Still want to put your SS funds in the stock market?

Google Bu$h using the "$" for s

A Very Shia Christmas? by Larry C. Johnson

Next week there's going to be lots of Iraq talk (* speeches, elections...)

UK Peace Activist Convicted

Condi and NATO Secretary-General - photo

Was I Seeing Things On C-Span This Morning?

Jet Lag May Trigger Mental Illness Relapse

Rumors that liberman may be appointed sec of defense

Red Cross: U.S. Confirms Denial of Access

guess who got killed in the Iran plan crash - 78 journalists

"they vowed to sweep out the stench of scandal" - photo

'Time' to Publish Reporter's First-Person Account of Testimony in CIA Leak

I'm Anderson Cooper

Carlyle Bidding On Food Chains

Today's the last day for Connected on MSNBC

Great article about Galveston couple in Crawford, TX

Whose life is in danger right now?

How did Bush ever get a degree at Yale?

Talking of a war on Christmas - a hometown gripe

New oxymoron based on WP headline: "Military probe"

How come no more Bill Maher clips on C&L lately?

MSNBC: Do you believe there is really a "war on Christmas"?

Caption this Karen Hughes pic...

Journalist Of The Year Award:

Narnia: Crafty selling to the religious folks?

Would You Have Pulled The Trigger?

Why do they want Stanley Tookie Williams executed?

I'll tell you why Schwarzenegger won't commute Tookie

Freepers comment on "Brokeback Mountain", gee what a big tent they have

Test Democratic Party Platform - add your comments!

15 journos killed by US troops in Iraq

IRAQ: Islamic groups demand release of kidnapped aid workers in Iraq

Dutch postpone Afghanistan troop decision -sources

What would happen if Rush, Hannity or O'Reilly ran for public office?

Neo-cons: everything to fear in fear itself - Great New Movie!!

is narnia that bad?

Bulgarian contingent of the coalition of the willing heading for the exit

Letter From Sen. Feinstein to Gonzales Re: Torture Overseas

My Reply To MSNBC ? about Is there a war on Christmas

The world's gathering storm (global warming & hurricanes)

ACLU :Judge Could Rule on ABU GHRAIB PHOTOS after Dec 15

someone recently asked about 'the revolution will not be televised"

Ann Coulter has a hard time holding on to a job

Kerry called Rush a "donut eating draft dodger" When was that?

"This man should be with his family for Christmas. Now he's dead."

To Rigoberto Alpizar's Family,

Who's watching Bill Moyers on C-Span?

What's happening to the Iraqi academics and intellectuals?

Do we have any DU members who are Journalism Professors?

Check out this poll - What part of Patriot Act is your favorite?

Freakers Panties Wet Over Rush/Coulter Sighting

The Rude Pundit's new CD is out

Four Turkish soldiers killed in Kurd rebel clash - Turkey / Iraq border

Common courtesy is neither a "War" or "PC" -- Happy Holidays!

Democracy For America, Letter to Joe L.

Iran Threatens Israel: Kerry Condemns, Bush Lets Iran "Win"

Is Santorum throwing in the towel?

This is Paul Ryan

WP: Subway Rider Busted for Selling a Token

U.S. stands alone as world climate talks go to wire

One good thing about the 2000 election fiasco.

High-School Homos and the TV viewers who love them.

Thunder and lightning during a snowstorm?

Just had a little chat with a repub in my office...

Another study comes out, saying we're living longer.

Bush Attends a Fundraiser in the Middle of the Work Day ---pix->>>

Concerned Women for America's (gag) Naughty and Nice List

Studs Terkel on Al Franken: "When the money was Here for Jobs and Peace."

So when will gas prices go back up?

NY 25th

New DU Groups: Brian Schweitzer; Hurricane Survivors; Islam; More...

U.S. Journalism's Shameful Anniversary (Gary Webb - contra-cocaine scandal

Wal-Mart and God are working together.........

That stupid purple finger BS is back, thanks to Bill Bennett

Project X update

Can a person get in trouble for impersonating someone on the internets?

Would you grant Tookie Williams Clemency?

A Yule-Tree for the Holiday

The thing that gets me on both sides of the "war on Xmas" issue

I'm gonna whine about the weather, ya'll go ahead and make fun of me

When will Bush's hate for Iran which is Shiite while supporting the Iraqi

OMG, Mel Gibson for Governor?

Please Don't Shoot My Husband: Some Facts

A Marcus Aurelius', Meditation.

I am shocked >> Bush @ fundraiser: "on September the 11th, 2001..."

It's Friday ya bastards! Randi's on now!

Killing our democracy quickly, and quietly....

Falwell: New Heroes Emerging in the Battle for Christmas

Rhandi talking about air marshals now

I missed Big Ed's appearance on Fox this morning

This article on Ann Coulter being jeered at U of Conn

We are not going to leave Iraq.


DU This Poll

Merry Christmas? Yeah, I got your Merry Christmas right here..

A neighbor told me the other day

Let's give Frist a headache, DU this poll on his Volpac, has been freeped

Shameful media ignored Kerry's contra-cocaine hearings; Gary Webb's death

Sy Hersh coming up on CSPAN (3:50 PM EST) nt

The 10 Most Idiotic Statements Ever Spoken by Tom DeLay

Guy telling a true story about Ann Coulter on Randi Rhodes

Bush props unhappy about violating prohibition against partisan activities

Only the spiritually empty would equate Christmas with mercantilism

War supporters, put up or shut up! (long)

Pickles, can you spare some crumbs?

What happens if you refuse to surrender identification

"Sorry, we're outta time".

Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

If Homeland security is working then why did they think he had a bomb?

Message to Bush: "Minnesota is a Blue State Because of You."

I can not tell... Which one is The Grinch??

Chicago Tribune Covers Organic Standards Controversy

"Whatever else one thought of Dean’s remarks, and whatever one’s views are

A mentally ill person walked into my hotel room yesterday.

20 Reported Killed as Chinese Unrest Escalates

Scientists union opposes EPA's pesticide-test plan

As a parent, I wouldn't trade Chelsea Clinton for both Bush twins

RNC to run ads of Kerry/Dean and white flags...

I almost threw up all over my steering wheel today...while driving

The politicalization of the military

Who was that guy on Situation Room today

Are they any classified pilots here in DU? How long have you been so?

Here's to You, America: Bush's Most Public Secret

Can't Get Behind Tookie? How About Cory Maye Instead?

Grand jury in CIA leak case meets for 3 hours

On C-SPAN Now - rebroadcast of FEMA investigation...

Silver going up-up-up! 10 year high.

WTF...Hardball? Did Chuck Todd say anything during the last segment


Hardball- Liberal Media

Hugo Chavez is my Hero!

Freeperfest on Randi today

Who is this Marvin asshole on Randi's show?

What is it with men supporting * ?

Security is easy. Freedom is hard.

Teacher who gave liberal quiz still on the job

Bringing Down the Duke: How being a bully came back to bite Cunningham

The Xmas Controversy

Witness: "He appeared very agitated and very nervous."

A letter from the front lines of the War on Christmas!

Just feel lucky you don't live in China!!!!

Lou Dobbs: "Democratic party in disarray"

PREMISE: A War Based on a Lie...

War on Christmas? Try War ON COMMON SENSE....

Are Democrats the only ones telemarketing for charitable donations?

AP: Condo resident fined for not carrying dog

Let me get this straight. Anyone killed by a LEO deserved it?

An intriguing Depleted Uranium Oxide update.

Valerie Plame spends last day at CIA

Your opinion of "Current TV?"

Jehovah's Witness Beaten After Knocking

The pledge of allegiance - remix 2005

The only way they can reduce demand is to be rid of excess supply quickly.

Clinton raps Bush, as US isolated at UN climate talks

St. Louis public school student gets perfect score on ACT

Why Peace Isn't Pointless by Deepak Chopra

Democrats Need A Courage Transplant: Moderates Abandon Anti-War Critic

Scott's Miracle-Gro Co. to prevent employees from smoking at home

Why would you shoot someone in the back if you thought they were holding a

Bill Clinton's speech

Denmark : Jesus with erection OK, but Mohammed Irk Muslims

Sharyn Alfonsi, CBS MORAN

Audio you must hear - Mike Webb versus freeper caller

Noticed while attending DFA Wednesday,parking lots EMPTY

Rummy and His "False Analogy"....

Frederick Kagan (AEI) CSPAN now....supposed expert on the military

John Lennon's anti-Christmas song

Christmas For Dummies

Bangkok Post: India beats U.S. on direct investment destination

Bangkok Post: India beats U.S. on direct investment destination

Anybody see a contradiction in those who are for free trade...

What the hell happened to Bartcop? Why's he gone gaga for Clinton?

Tweety on Today talking about Bush's comeback in poll (40% approval)

Well At Least They Can't Make War On Easter Can They

Oh, the cool light show we've talked about coming up on CBS news

Battle Hymn of the Republicans (not my work)

These Freeps calling Randi today are all one group.

Dimson SOTU, edited for truth...old, but hasn't been around for awhile.

Rove upset at media, NBC to cover *'s day all day Monday

Parents Protest 'Huggy' Teacher's Release From Jail (story update)

If tax cuts for the rich are so GREAT for the economy, and help create

Lieberman is all alone...Ouch

"You vill heff ein Merry Christmas... Merry Christmas uber alles!"

Analphilosopher: "I don't understand the wailing about torture."

Military ethicist takes own life in Iraq

Information Operations: marketing war

Email from John Murtha

So Hardball

My exlover and I took in a gay teen

Would you support John Murtha for the Democratic VP nomination in '08?

ACLU:Protesters placed in FBI terrorism files ("domestic terrorism")

Memo from God: What is it about 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' that you don't

Did anyone see the coverage of the Chicago airplane accident?

Would this be a fair product to offer businesses being threatened by AFA?

The GOP: God's gift to skunks

Do you think Air Marshals deter terrorism?

Corzine Selects Menendez to Replace Him in Senate

Operation Divided House - Use the RW against the RW

"Some might call them the superrich......

Battlefront: Christmas

Its a Heartache

on the front of the NYTimes--if you torture, you get wrong info--like what

Guardsman: New Orleans duty worse than Iraq

Lest we forget one of the things that fueled the so say,

Since 2002, 170 TSA screeners have been fired for theft(includes Rx drugs)

Chris Hedges on CSPAN now.

Is anyone esle annoyed with the proselytizing of the Narnia movie?

Dear Gov. Dean -- About those “Niger forgeries” ...

Anyone else see Ted Stevens blithering on about Hurricane "Kortuna"?

pop quiz: you're on a plane and you notice a bomb. what do you do?

Kiddie Pageants = Kiddie Porn (dialup warning)

Bill Moyers on "Govt. Secrecy" on CSPAN tonite at 8:30 eastern.

Dean and the Truth

Keith Olberman talking of NYTimes SH--al-quida link (not).

The War on the Jews...

Air Marshals did NOT hear Alpizar say the word BOMB

Miggy wants a trade, Manny might not be trade-able and Nomar may be...

Air Marshal acted improperly. Here's the proof:

U.S. said to be deeply angered by Martin's comments at climate conference

Check this out : Burt Bacharach's new political song

Looks like Corporate Media is in full lockdown RE: Miami killing

Kite flying ban leads to violent protests!!

They're pumping Actonel for osteoporosis again.... won't these

New Scientific Data Proves Intelligent Design

Do Junior and Laura still have their hurricane hammers?

Frank and Bing's "war on Christmas"

Christmas is a DAY. The Holidays are a SEASON

Meth prompts Burger King owners to require employee drug testing


Is there any news on the NYU graduate student assistants' strike?

War on Christmas - Is 'christian' Fascism coming to town?

Iran Threatens Israel: Kerry Condemns, Bush Lets Iran "Win"


Remember the Coors Boycott?

Everyone serious about what the Bush Admin. is doing see this website

It's sad how the 'liberal' media controls the Debate

"Bush recently went to China...

Moyers on CSPAN... he's rockin' and rollin'.

It's still TWO WEEKS away, already!

If we win the war on Christmas, do we have to give up the day off?

Bush Delegation Stages “Walk Out” at Climate Talks

Boy's Suspension For Speaking Spanish Reversed

Horrible story from Iraq: US troops accidentally kill an entire family

Caption *

Pls. sign call to drive out the * Regime. World Can't Wait!

Substitute Teacher Charged With Sniffing Cocaine In Class

AARRRGGGHH! O'Lielly: Coulter Protesters "Far Left Nazis"

Just a reminder, Showtime, "Masters of Horror" "Homecoming"

Warning GRAPHIC photos..Is tookie a hero? No, I don't think so..

Gasoline prices, yesterday and today...

Which one of you Death Penalty advocates want to go "pull the switch"?

CA LAW: EVERYONE Must be able to attempt Diebold Hack Test!!!!!!

In Minnesota state senate race, republican "misleads" to establish residen

so we go to see syriana....

Tonight! Showtime 11PM EST The Homecoming!! MUST SEE!!

Barbara Walters is interviewing Mark David Chapman tonight?

Maya Angelou sends STRONG message about peace to bushco

Is it possible to get a transcript of Moyers' speech tonight on C-span?

Randi Rhodes: "Air Marshals" are ex-prison guards?

Two reasons:

"This should send a message to anyone disrupting aircraft with a threat.”

A Brutal, Savage Scumbag Murderer Is Going to be Murdered In Prison 12/13.

Bill O'Reilly lies about my hometown of Saginaw Michigan

The 'liberal' Media strikes again

Ever Wonder?

Happy Friday Mike Malloy Truthseekers

AP: Clinton Says Bush Is 'Flat Wrong' on Kyoto

What comparison of Bush is the most ridiculous?

Sy Hersh on CSpan 1 NOW talking about this Admin. and secrecy

Bring the War Home

Norway to ban Islam?

Keepers at the Gate......He Who Controls Television Controls the Masses

Dark Armies, Secret Bases, and Rummy

I didn't think I'd say it, but Plan B has convinced me that I'll be voting

UK Times: Republicans sinking in sleaze

Is America's death penalty 100 percent perfect?

Lords reject torture evidence use

If an innocent human is executed, will the executioner go to hell?

The civilians we killed

John and Yoko funded Paul Krassner's first reports on Watergate

Weird. Maine's got the highest gun rate and lowest crime...

US terror watchlist 80,000 names long

Random thought..watching 20/20 doesn't Chapman look like

I just took the latest Zogby poll. Anyone else take it?

Who Would Be The Ultimate Meet The Press Guest?

The Death penalty is about Vengeance, Not Justice.

Sellers chop asking prices as housing market slows

Question: How many people did the Nazis murder BEFORE they rose to power?

UK Times: Party that impeached Clinton gets taste of its own medicine

Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend...? 5,000 Katrina Missing (9KidPics)

Song lyrics and guitar tabs to be illegal

Committee for Justice running ads to Confirm Alito - take action

Do you have Jewish friends who are RWers or watch FOX? What do THEY

air marshalls should be allowed to kill anyone they want to.

Do you have a mentally ill relative???

Kerry to Imus: “They Were Hell Bent for Leather, to Take Out Saddam"

Did you know that PNAC is Michael Moore's link of the week?

Why Many Blacks Oppose Tookie's Clemency

And Then There Was Tookie

The threads trashing the Air Marshals should stop

"Brokeback Mountain": beautiful NYT review

It is Not Acceptable to be Republican Anymore (from a ex-reptile, not me )

PETA: Whatever It Takes (Alternet)

question to those who've baked using starters

In the matter of butter:

Dinosaur Kale & Russian Potatoes??

Hey Oll.........Candy Gram!

Cooks Illustrated is in trouble (kidding)

Damn, Paul Martin knows how to hold a photo-op

CTV's election coverage....slanted to the right?

U.S. said to be deeply angered by Martin's comments at climate conference

Al Franken / Juan Cole on Iraq

NYT/AP: Leaders (at Mecca summit) Vow to Fight (Muslim) Extremist Ideology

State Dept Official: ICRC Denied Access to Suspects

WP: Time Reporter Testifies in Leak Case(Rove Lawyer also Deposed on Issue

The Daunting Logistics of Withdrawal--A Times

Annan says military actions in Iraq not the solution calls for negotiation

Kill count up to 246 as New Jersey bear hunt enters fifth day

NYT: Qaeda-Iraq Link U.S. Cited Is Tied to Coercion (Torture) Claim

The Minutemen, Foes of Illegal Immigration, Turn Cameras to Their Cause

CNN- Bush to make 3 speeches on Iraq next week

US bars (Red Cross) access to terror suspects

Fidel Honors Terrorist Victims

Iraqis likely to produce less oil in '05

Yoko Ono joins vigil for John Lennon

Kidan is expected to admit to fraud (Suncruz Case)

Backing for Indian leader in Bolivian election

(NH) Testimony wraps in phone-jam case

Tally of war deaths shows up next door to Duluth recruiting station

Serbia feels heat after Gotovina arrest

Lieberman Concerned Over DHS Nom's Editing of Racial Data

Earth's Magnetic Pole Drifting Quickly

'I loved every minute in Iraq' (British 'weekend warriors' in Basra)

GA Lawmakers file bills to keep holiday merry

Contractors in Cunningham Probe Supported Other Lawmakers (Delay, Blunt..)

Kidan is expected to admit to fraud (SunCruz/Abramoff)

For British gays, new law rings in wedding bells

Iranian leader condemned for Holocaust remarks

Florida legislature approves Medicaid overhaul

'Alternative Nobel' Winners Call for Water, Land Rights & Global Justice

Australia challenged US over $20bn of war spoils

Donors to GOP get the breaks-Rules appear different for Democrats, Fieger

BP may face criminal probe for fatal refinery blast

US stands alone as world climate talks go to wire

Judge sanctions Ringling Bros. owner (anti-PETA spy operation)

Republicans aid Kilpatrick in recount dispute

US Congress near deal on bill that bans torture

Obscenity case can proceed

Senators probe La. requests for laptops, golf carts after Katrina

US military reportedly pays "press club" members to cover stories

House GOP support growing for picking new majority leader

(La. Congressman) Jefferson questions strategy of push for stronger levees

Florida lawmaker accuses officer of racial profiling

Report says flu pandemic could lead to U.S. recession

World 'losing patience with Iran'

US seeks to hand reconstruction over to Iraqis

Clinton speech 'annoys' U.S. climate team

Bush, NAACP relationship thaws

Clerics Use Friday Prayers to Urge Big Iraqi Vote

Clinton 'annoys' U.S. climate team; Ex-president to make

Flap over anti-U.S. toy ducks at UN climate talks

U.S. confirms Red Cross can't see some detainees

Bush rejects Iraq timetable, Republicans assail critics

Environmental group sues over status of Sierra bighorn sheep

Vitter calls for White House action on improved levees

Arctic drilling divide threatens GOP budget plans

Corzine Selects Menendez to Replace Him in Senate

Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

U.S. Helps Some Iran-Backed Terror

Leaders pay respects to crash victims (jetliner blown up by Carriles)

Dredging May Have Doomed New Orleans

US warned Saudis about plane attacks

Senator urges aid for N.O. homes

Reward offered for info in unsolved Mississippi civil rights murders

UN renews US 'torture' criticism

Nato satisfied with US 'rendition' answers

Annan Defends U.N. Official Who Chided U.S.

US says court ruling on Padilla should be set aside

Tube shooting charges 'possible'

101st Airborne prepares to be invisible during Iraqi elections

Faux News: Iran 'Determined' to Produce Nuclear Weapons

Song Sites Face Legal Crackdown (Lyrics, Guitar Tabs)

Six Arrested in Northwest Ecoterror Cases

Iraq election will set a course for the nation

Ecoterrorism probe nets 4 with ties to Lane County (Oregon)

Hercules crew were not given vital warning that may have saved them

Subway Rider Busted for Selling a TokenSubway

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 9 December

NYPOST: Defeatist Dems Face White Flag (RNC Web Ad)

CIA had evidence on al-Masri from German police: report

Governors, mayors address climate change ('cannot wait for feds')

Frigid weather may help cool violent repeat at Toledo Nazi rally Saturday

AP: Suit over ID rules for air passengers may be broadened

Caricom Leaders Reiterate Call For Ending U.S./Cuba Embargo

Researchers: Alcohol misuse, divorce rates higher among returning troops

Israel expands war arsenal to deal with Iranian nuclear threat

WP: Pregnant Women Warned By FDA to Avoid Paxil

Norway to ban Islam?

Plea Deal Near With 2nd Abramoff Associate (Kidan)

al-Qaida Figure (#3) Arrested in Ramadi (AP)

Flap over anti-U.S. toy ducks at UN climate talks

Severe cyclonic storm Fanoos (Cat. 1 hurricane to hit Sri Lanka & India)

Clinton Says Bush Is 'Flat Wrong' on Kyoto

NPA eyed in attack on Mike Arroyo building (Philippines)

Iraq's oil production declines this year, though high prices soften the bl

Costa Rica Demands US Explanation (Miami airport shooting)

WP: "At the end of the day, she was betrayed by her own government and

UK 'cover-up' on Israel's nukes

House Completes Vote on Tax Cuts for $95 Billion

Iranian president denies Holocaust and taunts Europe

Witnesses heard no talk of bomb: Some passengers dispute the account

Kansas Supreme Court disbars GOP candidate for lieutenant governor

US told Saudis about Qaeda plane threat pre-9/11

Angry Bush official met with McKenna over Martin's climate comments

Miami Heat's Shaquille O'Neal sworn in as reserve police officer

Lieberman's Iraq Stance Brings Widening Split With His Party

Natural-Gas Prices Hit Record Amid Storm

(London) Tube shooting charges 'possible'

WP: Va. Muslims and Quakers Pray Together for Safety of Hostage

U.S. Investigates Iraq Car-Shooting Video

WP: Wider Probe of Medicare Firms:Senate Inquiry Into Contractor Finances

East N.O. water now safe to drink

U.S. Near Agreement to Join Climate Talks

Valerie Plame said to Leave Job at CIA

Minnesota Senate Candidate Gets Money Boost From Bush

Shiite, Sunni groups sign pact for US withdrawal timetable

Nagin suggests "laxative" approach to disaster preparation

Saudi Arabia: Court Orders Eye to Be Gouged Out

Substandard US medical donations rejected

Teen Sues Christian High School For Expulsion Over Lesbian Kiss

Iran launches big military exercise

WP: U.S. Military Probing Video Of Road Violence (Iraq "Trophy" Video)

US isolated after climate talks walkout

Justice: Padilla Can't Challenge Detention

China Town Sealed After Police Shootings

Lieberman meets with Rumsfeld amid retirement speculation

Sex-Ed Battle Hits New Turf: Homosexuality

Turkish PM offers blunt message on Iraq

(President) Clinton Says Bush Is 'Flat Wrong' on Kyoto

Potential Transit Strike Would Cripple NYC

"NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams has exclusive interview with Bush

'Paper trail' ballot activists protest (WPB) elections chief

Spanish-Speaking Student Gets Apology

WP: Plea Deal Near With 2nd Abramoff Associate (Kidan will cooperate)

US Delegation Walks Out Of Climate Talks - NYT

Saddam's trial witnesses faulty - lawyer( Ramsey Clark)

Protest the War:FBI file you as" domestic terrorism and acts of terrorism"

20 Reported Killed as Chinese Unrest Escalates

Life and death of the forgotten

Senator: Iraq is 'success story' (Sen. Mitch McConnell)

WP: Carlyle Group Bidding On (Dunkin' Donuts)

Employees Stole Millions Meant for 9/11 Work, Officials Say

Hillary Clinton Condems the Latest Remarks by President of Iran

Poland was main CIA detention base in Europe:HRW

Catholic bishop to testify before Ohio legislators

NYT: Lieberman's Iraq Stance Brings Widening Split With His Party

(Kinky Friedman) Offbeat candidate challenges Texas

Baghdad's Highway of Death 'now safe' (sort of)

New Orleans Evacuees and Activists Testify at Explosive House Hearing

(WH) Fence jumper expected to wed Chelsea Clinton, psych report says

Cuba plans to produce 10 million doses of hemophilia flu vaccines annually

Schwarzenegger Picks Moderate to Replace Janice Rogers Brown on High Court

Wyoming pushes life sentences for sex offenders

Canada’s Martin proposes ban on handguns

'Syriana' Used in Oil Conservation Calls (AP)

WP,pg1: Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness

NYT: Before 9/11, Warnings on Bin Laden

Man accused of killing U.S. nun in Brazil claims self-defense(Bible gun)

Bush Threatens U.N. Over Clinton Climate Speech (NY Mag)

It's my birthday! Get to know me.

Post a Pic of YOU that makes other people say YOWZA!


Ehhh. Nevermind.


David Arquette sex scandal?

Two hour delay for schools tomorrow....

All right, I gotta go!

We are still Imagining, John

Do you ever have days when you think your eyes are going to

PIXEL turns 5 months old today!

James Blunt's "You're Beautiful": Holy fuck, what a brilliant song

Nice decor, Goering.

Nice dinner Mussolini

darn winter weather!! took me 1.5 hrs to get home

Nice office building, Speer.

Nice Hypnotoad, Hitler!

5 inches of snow + broken 4wd + rush hour = FUN

Yes, Playmobile is a great toy... if you're raising COMMUNISTS.

I think Marcel Marceau should the next Press Secretary .......

Help - I am surrounded by Nazis and Communists!

My thoughts on the war on Xmas:

Nice chickens, Himmler.

Nice post, random German soldier

Football Playing Cats!

Do you ever misspell something in a post

Hey lounge, is there a place to stream Phil Hendrie at this hour?

Nice post, Goebbels.

I just finished ANOTHER PAPER!!!

Nice (insert random thing), (random evil person) thread

It's time for Viking Kitties!!

The voice of God!

Holy shit - I am running out of funny again...

shark like that, swallow you whole.

snark like that, swallow your hole.

Good God, man! Shampoo your carpet already!

Bill O'Reilly's X-Mas SEX TOY Review...

Vatican Spokesman Confirms ..peace Talks Under Way Between Angels & Demons

hey everyone, republicans are evil,

Don't need you to tell me I'm pretty...

Lounge Appreciation thread!

Good night everyobody! Time for this sleepyhead to toddle off to bed!

What other forums/message boards does everyone frequent?

I officially declare it "Tookiepalooza week" in GD

Everyone get on their feet and do the Funky Alfonzo!

Do you like Phil Collins?

Its Vomit... By Blondie...

Nice fake ID, Eichmann.

I really, really believe the pod people have taken over GD

Rant about my psycho Mother--How F'd up is she?

Impressed by one optical illusion? Here are 60

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.....

Boom shaka-laka-laka Boom shaka-laka-laka,

It's Friday, It's Friday

I think it is 72 days till spring here...

I have to admit

UHm, remember yesterday we were talking about the Pyramids?

My Daughter's High School is closed for the snow


Naked Train Conductor Fired

It's snowing out & I can't see across my street.

Couple Claim $4.6 Million Lottery Prize With One Hour To Spare

Great gift idea for the hostage negotiator in your life

'Merry Christmas' Lunch Menus Kicked Out Of Schools (PROJECT X IS WORKING)

Woman Bites Off Tip Of Boyfriend's Finger During Argument

Merry Xmas from 'Walking Eagle'...

"Fortunately in heaven, one's private parts never itch."

In 1995, Windows95 was released to the tune of "Start Me Up".

And the winners are...

Good Friday Morning, Everyone!

Get Your "Just Say Merry Christmas" Bracelets TODAY!

Fun optical illusion!

Contest over who can be most pathetic.

English has to be one of the hardest languages to understand. LOL!

My brother is in Thailand and he's blogging about it.

Who is this?

In what decade were people the prettiest?

Fake Fight Gets Banana-Boy Arrested

Yoko Ono joins vigil for John Lennon

it's hell to have a Christmas party nowadays

This is WEIRD!!! Another optical illusion!!

Man Runs Off With Friend's Wife - Offers HIS OLD Wife To Friend In Return

Short film by Spike Jonze - "How'd They Get There"

THAT's IT! Once and for all the official Lounge "Babe" poll

There's a SWAT team camped out in my back yard

If my husband wins an Xbox 360 at his office Xmas party tomorrow

My brother just found out his stepdaughter was molested by her former

Pope: "Sin Is Not Fun"

I like Scotch eggs but this is over kill.

Jennifer Aniston burns wedding dress at Malibu Beach ceremony

Madonna Misses Heated Toilet Seats

I know this is pedestrian, but help me think of movies about jaywalkers

I just finished a tuna salad sandwich... what's for dessert?

Happy Holidays from The Bush family!!!!

Kent Jones is Great

My father, former hard ass now a cat owner

Why are there so many songs about rainbows


Funny conversation

Bro Sweets Will Juice You up

This is absolutely awesome.

so I'm making a huge change...

Post a Pic of YOU that makes other people say JAWOHL!

The ultimate Christmas album!!! (dial-up warning)

Damnit, I'm not organizing parties anymore

Amber called her uncle, said "We're up here for the holiday

Snow and thunder?

I'm going out for snacks. Whadda-ya-wan'??

"Everyone hates -------, until they need one."

Only from the world of FOX: New reality show where families switch race

I received the following joke from an avid B* supporter.

I think I discovered a scam. SPEAK OUT NOW!!

I've lost my white van!

Trying to set my sister up BUT...

Do you/ did you/ should you wear glasses?

DS1 Are You AWAKE??

Well I'm fucked.

Tap dancing is the secret of Kelly's (Brooks) slim fligure

Was it something I said...?

We got lots of YOWZA'S in the lounge!!

What do I do with this big red ball?

Check out this holiday light display

Self delete

Is anyone else uncomfortable around children?

Some lucky soul is getting this for X-mas

Stupid-ass neighbor!

MI: Cop Said to Taser Partner After Soda Fight

Matcom, honey, "lets move to Massachusetts so I can be near my folks"

I got a new apartment!!!! YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

Everyone ignore Err

Lap dancing is the secret of whoisal (hedges') slim fligure

thunder and lightening durning a snow storm...WTF

Am I the only one in the world that hates the phrase "pie hole"

For the FIRST time, The Official DU 'Enter the Dragon" Tribute Thread

Are you easy like Sunday morning?

office xmas party- What should I ask for? 20$ limit

It's a yum-yummy world made for sweethearts!

The heater is BROKEN at my office!

I was kind of happy that school was cancelled today

Something is wrong here.

Hey Err. Come here I want to talk to you ...........

The Fifa World Cup Draw is about to begin

Controversial Guru Sri Chinmoy promises "a very good higher world"

Your method of destroying Xmas this year

Steamy action in a locomotive - turns out stripping was just for beginners

Now Its Thundering! THUNDER-SNOW!!

Your favorite party music -- what tunes make you want to boogie?

What's everybody looking at?

I'm back...

Taking pics of flora is like trying to pick only the best of the fruit

CONFESS!!!! How old were you when you found out Santa wasn't real.....

Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Mans Chest Trailer

just because it's warm and sunny here in FL doesn't mean you

My company(client, actually) closed due to blizzard conditions

Computer Gurus of the Lounge....a question.

Ordered to give up pet kinkajou in CA, Paris Hilton buys it a Vegas house

Mother, mother

There's lucky and then there's lucky and then there's this.

I want one

Boston hard core show

I'm going to Costco

I just want the snow to stop!

I suspect I'm being given the silent treatment. What to do?

In the snow with dogs

Everyone get on their feet and do the Funky Alfonzo!

Okay what DU lady wants to come over, make me chicken soup and baby

Happy Chrismakwanzukkah!

Anyone know a good site for free ringtones / .wav files ?

Ooops...Knuckleheads opened a sports bar in a dry precinct...LOL

AaaaaaaRRRRRGHHHH! (advice needed!)

Im bored

Strange Stamps On Cash?

I'm gonna go pee in a cup

Happy Holidays to all of my fellow DU Loungers!

All I want for Christmas is that one sex thread!

Soccer World Cup draw

I blabbed to the Freepers about Project X.

a thread to sing the praises of olive oil

I think I am about to head out!!

Merry ChrimaHannaKwansika!




the perfect reward for shoveling!

GRRR RevCheesehead just indavertantly earwormed me!

You know...I was just over in General Discussion and I have to say...

Balthazar Vs. Belshazzar

To HeyHey...

I think I just increased my good karma 10-fold

Would you think this was odd if it happened to you?

Top 10 Republican Sound Bites

Got any plans for the weekend?

How do I cancel a 'date'?

quite possibly the best head stone ever...

Chris Rock won't be hosting the Academy Awards next year.


Now here's a limo even we'd like!

For merh, and all Katrina victims: Nominate this thread

Awwww, just saw footage of baby sea otter born at the Seattle Aquarium

What? No Window of Joy today?

this is a funny as shit commercial.

Got my hours cut at work from 30 hrs. to 5 hrs.

Have you ever gone to an engineering or scientific conference?

Definitely hotter, women. (Shiny new Opus cartoonie)

Saw Chronicles of Narnia midnight premiere last night

Well, crap-it. My ornament mission failed.

Beantown DUers--what the hell was up with that Storm?

I found it!!!! I found it!!! The bad Intel!!! I found it right

If someone put out a candy and called it WMDZ.... would the bag

I'm outta here....Yay!!!




A WARNING to the Lounge:


A sympathy thread for those being buried by snow. From a former Bostonian.

Question for Gay/Lesbian DU'ers

Why am I not writing "Holiday" Cards? Someone, anyone, give

So drink your gin and tonikkah and smoke your marijuanakkah

For What It's Worth

Hippo Hollandaise!

Question about toddlers!

Late Breaking Matcom News!! Bank Robber Phones It In

Interesting quote. Who do you think said it?

Are there collection agencies for banks?

Dino Kale!!

If you take some leftover chili

What's your favorite thing to do during a storm?

I still have my nephew's cats

my breakfast just exploded in the microwave

So help me....if ONE more of my posts....

To the DU family....

So here are a few pictures I've taken

Would an ethical vegetarian eat meat grown in a lab?

Hot dayum! Serenity is going straight to DVD!

There was a big fat letter in my mailbox when I came home

The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!

Dave Brubeck Celebrates 85th Birthday

The attention whore is in the hospital (Sorry - RANT)

Christmas Carols for Evolutionists


Anyone else own a scooter?

How does retail pull off the illegal labor laws

3rd most unexpected TV moment on TV Land.

Nice post, Nancy Grace!

How much money do you spend on christmas gifts?

He told her, "I won't be able to promise you much. I can't tell you

The Bar is OPEN!!!

Miami Heat's Shaquille O'Neal sworn in as reserve police officer

Homosexuals of DU: Have you ever been bi-curious?

Parking space wars - if you shovel it, do you own it?

One hell of a snowstorm today (pics!)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/9/05)

Any Russian speakers in the Atlanta area?

Mircowave Popcorn. YUMMY!

For Rumsfelds retirement party

Ed and his Nokia

What is the difference between a cold, allergy problems, sinus problems,

My wife left our bed last Friday.

Three-day-old spaghetti sauce goes better with red wine.

Woohoo I just ordered the complete Monty Python DVD set

DU goes better with red wine.

It's panda thread time.

LynneSin's Snowy Afternoon Ten Random Questions

Man Creates Paris Hilton Christmas Shrine In His Front Yard

Where is kick-ass-bob today?

And this post makes A THOUSAND! Wooo hooo!

How did smallville end tonight?

The official how big is your TV thread!

Anyone else get depressed this time o' year?

are RevCheesehead and Rabrrrrr here?

*******MILESTONES******* 12-9

Just talked with Dr. D., and her B-777 was pushing back at ORD for LHR.

Take the gag reflex test here...

What was she thinking????


Who was the best director of CTU?

Whoever bought me a star...

Does Brokeback Mountain open this weekend?

Is your DSL slow today?

College Football fans: What should BCS stand for

Incompetent Design

Where are you hiding, Sparky?

Damn Christmas music!

A site I like for weird news; Post your favorite?

Help! What's The Best Waterproofer For Leather Boots?

Styx vs REO Speedwagon vs Journey: may the flame war commence!

What's been the wildest winter storm you've ever witnessed

Just finished up with the replacement-window salesman. His price:

I have three-day-old spaghetti sauce sitting in the fridge...

I LOVE CAPS!!!!!!!111

Glam rock at its finest

snow covered evening... Free Association Thread

Post a word that sounds bad.

I'm also fucked.

Paging Agent Bungfeeb... Agent Bungfeeb to the Darkroom please

Well, It's almost Christmas and time for the annual abandoning

Heeeere's the pic of southlandshari!!

Am I the only one semi-confused by this week's "Boondocks" episode?

Why the hell would you put a 3 YEAR OLD in a belly shirt and shrug!?

Post here if you've missed me

Okay what DU lady wants to come over, to drink scotch and watch a movie

A friday tribute to Seal

The *official* What's on your dining room table? thread!

Debate with Strong Atheist

32 Flavors - Ani DiFranco

Note from a friend about a new health care forum

Medical journal retracts Vioxx study

FDA: Paxil Linked to Birth Defects

Earth's Magnetic Pole Drifting Quickly

Does commercial jet traffic affect climate?

Earth's Magnetic Pole Drifting Quickly

Sex-Ed Battle Hits New Turf

Opposition Continues Over Lesbian Pastor's Defrocking

Weho Politicians Blast Ford Gay Ad Decision

“Open Season” Call Changed Hansen’s Amendment Vote

New oral HIV test's incorrect results alarm S.F. officials

All quiet on the gay western front

Ford's gay-ads stand not seen as retreat

Vote On 'Mr. Straight'

Men in Love: Is Brokeback Mountain a gay film?

Bloomberg Calls For Legalized Gay Marriage

NJ Senate Appointment Gets High Marks On Gay Issues

Teen sues Christian high school for expulsion over lesbian kiss

New York: Court Voids Ruling Backing Gay Marriage

Trademark office OKs "Dykes on Bikes"

N.H. gay marriage report decried as 'homophobic'

You're not a true Pats fan until...

Who Remembers?

Ohio State's Hawk takes home Lombardi Award

The New Orleans Hornets

Touky just looked so cute this morning...


A belated thank you.

I just found out my 15 yr old kitten has kidney disease.

No more Mars retrograde. Phew.

I just pulled three cards on bush

Kerry on Imus, live in studio NOW n/t

Air marshal role catches pols’ eye: Kerry, Markey urge funds, oversight

Conservative Blogs More Effective Than Liberal Blogs

Sen Kerry on Imus

Well, they should re-open Logan Airport fairly soon.

Wow! Contra-Cocaine Case

Kerry Spokesman David Wade Responds to RNC Attack Ad

Boston Status: Whew boy! Are we having fun yet?

Mess in Massachusetts - dedicated to all the Boston travelers

Is anyone here into toning?

I love this photo of Bush, tho I'm certain it's photoshopped. Help me.

Here's one of my processing attempts, LONG after competition deadline

Anyone up for a "Holiday Lights" Challenge?

Does anyone have any idea what a used D70 would be worth?

KOEB Meeting 12/9/05: The "Read It and Weep" Edition

A Bay Air & Berry KOEB 12/9/05

Novak's CNN Editorial: "Novak: Worries about ethics" (Drop the Colon?)

Contemporaneous Gov't. Statements About the Vietnam War (Remember these?)

Granny Bee – Christmas Present

Genome Project: Gene related to Ethics found lacking in Neocon & Radical

Former South Carolina Governor Carroll Campbell has passed away

Blow to Defense: DeLay Hearings Put Off Until After Holiday

Clinton 'annoys' U.S. climate team (UN Climate Conference) Yay!

Candidates welcome Bush, despite unpopularity, as GOP cash cow

Does the Grand Jury meet today?

Can anyone help? Need table/graph by year of federal deficit

Stewart Hates Christmas

Photo: Bush "shows images from a cargo x-ray machine" to MD Governor

Burns to wait until after Christmas to hit Abramoff issue hard

I didn't know that W got down to 35% in the polls

Repunks help Dem mayor of Detroit in recount.

How do I respond to this? My dander is up!

Updated: Test Democratic Party Platform - add your comments!

Wash. Journal's Fri. bushgang love fest

Gore Bashing Correction from Center for Public Integrity! Sheesh!

Republican infighting: Burns (R-MT) calls Abramoff "bad guy"

The war in Iraq will never be a success because it was based on lies...

Lieberman meets with Rumsfeld amid retirement speculation

Seasons Greetings to (SOME of )our Elected Officials

Hey, weren't the Repukes the ones who kept pointing out LIE in

didn't bush tell Matt Lauer a while back that the war was "unwinnable"?

How desperate and void of real candidates are the Calif puke party?

How easy is it to be a publicist for the GOP

The Conservative Farm System (Federalist Society agenda to seize courts)

Condi's Trail of Lies (photo of evil condi, and good summary of OS trip)

Bush's Victory in Iraq Zooms to Top of Bestseller List

Here's To You, America: Bush's Most Public Secret

The Whitehouse's "War on Christmas"...where are O'Lielly ,

Possible Response to GOP 'White Flag' ads?

According to Tweety, we WON'T have a Secretary of Defense with "Joementum"

Moyers on C-SPAN now. Secrecy and the Bush administration.

Dems should curse and exchange blows over tax breaks for the rich...

It Is Not Acceptable To Be A Republican Anymore

Bush (live) just snubbed by all the cable networks. MSNBC cuts away

Pelosi's little gem: Bribery on the House floor.


DNC: Bush's lack of a clear Iraq plan confusing Republicans

From NPR Archives: three great interviews about GOP and lobbying

Did the US commit atrocities while Big Dog was in office?

We will lower number of troops in 2006, then add more in 2007!!!

ACLU: Next deadline in Abu Ghraib photo case is Dec. 15

"We begin with President Bush flirting with a comeback of his own..."

U.S. Constitution: "Just a goddamned piece of paper"

Local Repuke calling for a boycott of Target (linked to France!!!)

Question : Did Congress fund Gitmo Prisons Pre 9-11-01 ?????

This should be OUR theme song: Someday At Christmas

More Conservative perversion of the truth

DU this poll! How do you feel about ... the environment

John Murtha wants your help!

BOMBSHELL - Qaeda-Iraq Link US Cited Tied to Coercion Claim

"Economic Growth Is Galloping" ????

DLC/New Dems are starting the Dean Hit Job. Bashing Yesterday

Have the Dems prepared for White House campaign mode?

nickshepDEM's 2006 Senate Analysis.

MSNBC on Bush's "improved standing with whites, men, Catholics..."

Analysis: Rice Words Hit Home From Europe

A single, 43 year old mother is called to go to Iraq

Diebold Doesn't Compute

Kerry on Imus (recap)

Democratic blackout of the media?

Election 2008 Virginia: Warner 49% Allen 44% (Rasmussen Poll!)

They are trying to silence Dean because they want the war to go on.

Liberman as Secretary of Defense

Repubs are in full campaign mode...

Is Dean now, or has he ever been, a member of the communist party?

Should we just start saying Hail Gaius Julius Caesar?

if lieberman takes rummy's job...

If Fox News has the War on Christmas, then? cartoon

"By the time Dunham got to Wolfowitz's student deferment during Vietnam"

Big Eddie is going to replay his Faux appearance NOW.

BILL MOYERS: Coming-Up Next on C-SPAN 8:45 PM EST

'Never Before!' Our Amnesiac Torture Debate

If we want someone who will fight for what is right tirelessly, Wes Clark

Abramoff in Right Wing Christian Sect with Ashcroft!!! (and others)

San Diego Union Tribune: Time to end Iowa, N.H. election dominance

Was Norm Coleman (Repug senator, Minnesota) ever a communist?

There is only ONE way to avoid Foot in Mouth Disease....Say NOTHING

Oh no! Bush's approval rating all the way up to 42 percent!

Is this the Democratic Party organization that Dean chairs?

What do you think of Ann Coulter? - Online poll wants your opinion

How many more DLCbot Dean-bashing threads do we need this week?

All of this ridiculous infighting is making me sleepy.

Kerry Talks to Imus: “They Were Hell Bent for Leather, to Take Out Saddam

Rumsfeld "In Trouble" With Bush, To Be "Eased Out" Soon

HuffPo Exclusive: Secret Memo Reveals Hillary's Red State Strategy for '08

Harry Reid: "I’ve spoken to Joe Lieberman, he knows he’s out there alone"

Why are you a Democrat as opposed to a Republican or any other party?

Neoconservatives -- NOT. Try PSEUDOconservatives.

MSNBC: Ex-associate of Abramoff could plead guilty

Would the moderates like to define themselves?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how liberal are you?

DNC: Mean Jean ad rolls through Ohio on a truck; placed in newspapers

"Winter Soldier" - the film

News from the ACLU regarding Abu Ghraib and the photos...

Uh-oh - (very faint) drumbeat of unrest vs. US

What is a Democratic Moderate?

Condi: "We do not torture. It's those private contractors who do"

Bush-Constitution "a godd******d piece of paper"

Joe Lieberman just makes me want to barf on my keyboard.

Let's define priorities and let the Party and candidates come to us?

The most important statement Dean made:

Keep Dean. Howard speaks for me.

Is the DLC a Neocon 5th Column within the Democratic Party?

Kerry Spokesman David Wade Responds to RNC Attack Ad

AP: Bush ratings boosted...


Is it too much to ask for? Bill Clinton vs. Sen. Lieberman, CT. 2006!

Harry Reid on CNN said the war is winnable militarily.

Just hear me out on the whole DLC/Moderate thing.

WHY does Dean insist on giving Republicans quotes to exploit?

42% is "the presidents approval rebounding!"?

Kerry is wrong on Iraq - here's exactly why

Murtha On Face The Nation Sunday (12-11-05)

Recall Dean?

Want to see what a REAL Friday newsdump looks like? Check this gem out...

Neil Bush on tour with Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The most appropriate Christmas Song for 2005

For Rove, New Testimony, New Problems - Truthout

435 Districts-435 Blogs!

Tally of war deaths shows up next door to Duluth (MN) recruiting station

This apple sure didn't fall far from the tree

Iraqi Sunnis appeal for hostages' release

Umm...a little late perhaps- but proof Bush is drinking again.

Holiday Spirit: From the Heart, Not the Mall

In honor of the "War on Christmas": Humanist Carols

John Lennon was murdered by an evangelical Christian?

You know, some of you people are full of shit

Great LTTE that appeared in my local paper.

Nightline interviewing moms who have lost children in Iraq.

Which has had more posts lately?

Death by discrimination: Racial bias in sentencing of defendants

Was it right to execute Gary Gilmore?

Larissa Alexandrovna SLAMS O'Reilly

BookTV Schedule December 10-12

Well goodnight everyone...

Time to get all rowdy!

In honor of the "War on Christmas": Humanist Carols

I have the prettiest radar

I'm not feeling the "yowza"...

Damn! Stay out of GD!

If you ever needed a reason to never go to Dunkin Donuts, this could be it

Post a picture of a band who will never "hit it big".

Scarlett Johansson sighting . . . She is on Leno's show tonight!

I almost threw the remote at O'Reilly's head tonight.

How many can you identify?

What the hell is Frodo Baggins?

I finally found an old pic of me worth showing! (Hide the kids...)

OK. This is really shitty.

my girls go to hollywood and all i get is this . . .

Could someone please help this person out in the Lounge.....

EFF - at the forefront of the evoting battle!! Join the battle!!!

Forget our infighting the U.S. turned its back on the planet today

From Florida tonight...everyone's happy now...Dean being nice.

What exactly is a "real Democrat" anyway?