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Archives: December 8, 2005

OpEd: Prison secrets / Rice's assurances to U.S. allies are not credible

A turning point in the Iraq war

He ''uttered a sentence to the effect that he had a bomb''

Bush should do the right thing, and quit

"Acts of defiance against war turned ordinary people into criminals"

S. BRIAN WILSON: Torture Is an American Value: Reality vs. the Rhetoric

Analysts: Iraq Security Needs Improvement (before economic recovery)

"Campaigners accuse leaders of 'war crimes'"

Tonto's Revenge - Scheer

Voice of God Revealed to Be Cheney on Intercom--Onion

Intelligence Design and the Architecture of War


Junkyard Dogs

On the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's assassination, imagine . . .

Beyond Spin: The propaganda presidency of George W. Bush.

Chavez Wins, Bush Loses (Again)! Now What? (Venezuela)

Bush is turning out to be a pretty bad liar (Star-Ledger)

I think Jim Carrey should be the next Dem. President's Press Sec.

The New London Day Editorial: Sen. Lieberman's Integrity

GOP needs An Extreme Makeover: Ethics Edition

Freeway Blogger/Link/Photos

At 87, Wallace still tells it like it is

White House Ethics Course memo here!

WWJD? Not care about Christmas card uproar

Harry Reid's happy news

The Patriot Act Can't Make Up for a Weak Case

Raise Taxes on Savings? Tell Joe It Ain't So!

Hirsch Testimony On Peak Oil

Shrum: "The Bush Project is Over"

'Meathead' Is at It Again

The Daunting Logistics of Withdrawal--A Times

Hastert Shuts Down Congress For DeLay’s Trial --(my gawd!!)

Truth for the Troops By Richard Cohen

That End-Of-Empire Feeling

Tony Mauro--Legal Times: The Secrets of Jay Sekulow--Bilking Fundies!

Robert Kuttner: The patriots at Google are watching you

The Nation: The Torture Administration

Keepers at the Gate

How Markets Foil Collectivist Schemes

Insecurity in Action: Why Families Are Taking on Debt

Help Me Understand This "Booming Economy"

Smokies lead effort to catalog park life

25 Economists Urge Bush To Do Something - Anything - To Cut Emissions

Still Going - Epsilon - The Energizer Bunny Hurricane

Even Australia Endorses Continuing Climate Discussions - But Not US

Australia's GHG Emissions Rising - Energy Sector Alone Up 30% 1990-2010

Larry Craig Will Oppose Changes To 1872 Mining Law (Shocking!)

Since 2001, 2 Major Greenland Glaciers' Retreat Rates Up 3X, Nearly 2X

Hydrogen AND gas engines?

Leaked Memo Reveals Sweeping Corporate Plan To Wreck Climate Action In EU

Bush 'must not stand in the way of new Kyoto deal'

Likud chairman defects to Sharon party

Hizbullah a terror group? IDF says no

Ukrainian university asks UN to 'close' Israel

IDF soldier stabbed to death near Jerusalem

Let's nullify the fact that there is just enough religion to hate

Wielding America's Economic and Financial "Weapons" in "War Footing"

Iran's Ahmadinejad says Israel should be moved to Europe

Robert Fisk:"US Coming Around To the Truth"-IT’S TIME TO TALK ABOUT ISRAEL

No peace with Sharon

Casey campaign files FEC complaint over Santorum ads

EAC to Elect Officers and Consider Adopting Voluntary Voting System Guidel

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 12/08/05

NY EVENT:How Can We Restore the Integrity of Our Electoral System?

(You Say You Want A) Voterevolution-Flash Animation

Red State NC Fights Back against Diebold! Another Lawsuit Filed!

Daily Pilot: Grass is plenty Green (in CA-48)

Daily Pilot: (Young) Already looking ahead

OC Register blog: Gilchrist should run against Arnold next November

SCOTUS denies review of lower ct's approval of Lynn, MA desegregate progrm

wait . . . wait . . . wait . . . re Mittens on the morning-after pill

MA voter fraud allegations re anti-same-sex marriage ballot petition

Critics say Romney administration undermining emergency contraception law

Mark Kennedy's Voting Record

Ford Bell to buy lunch for veterans on Friday

Protest Bush*/Mark Kennedy Friday...11AM

Radnofsky Finally endorses timetable for withdrawal

Arrested at Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's Dallas Office

Carole Fournames going indy?

CNMI: Fitial Will Cooperate With Feds In DeLay Probe

Poll shows hurricane response aided Perry

Solomon Ortiz Jr. will not run for re=election

Austin's Cool

Great LTTE "Bush has many reasons to smirk"

Terror suspect list grows to 80,000

Mr. 2134,

Mr 2134,

Mr. 2134,

Why did Aaron Brown leave CNN?

Al Franken / Juan Cole on Iraq

Where were you and what were you doing when you heard about John Lennon?

On smoking: Just in...

I'm 54, I seem to remember a time when the Death Penalty was a RW


Emergency Petition to Filibuster PATRIOT Act!

Village Voice still has 10 questions about 911

Time story casts doubt on official version of Plane shooting

So now not using the word "Christmas"...

Looking for video of Barney and Beazley

VIDEO-Jerks and Smirks # 13- PROGRESS? And Podium Kicking

Mike Webb doing freeper Christmas callers tonight -- stream link

Should Iraqis be forced to say "Merry Christmas"? What say you, O'Lielly?

today's toles

Anyone seen the video Brainwashing 101?

You don't have permission to access /torturefoia/ on this server

My Decision - As A Long-time NRA Member

General observation on today vs. the 1990s

A Dem made Duke Cunningham back out of a fistfight and cry?

Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping

Osama's Home Abortion Pot & Commie Jizz-torium

A New Path for America By Congressman Allen Boyd (D-FL)

Repub Leaders Mock War Debate & Will Resist House Cleanup, after Abramoff

Toyota could overtake GM as world's largest automaker in 2006

I M A G I N E - December 8, 1980, had never

Credit Card Reform Bills! Sign Here!

Gold, heading north at midnight EST it's 518.50, be interesting tomorrow

900,000 workers now secret: Government won't say who, where

For Christ's sake someone read my blog!

Approaching 500: "Low post count and no star and you are all over DU..."

Mother Wants Answers About Son's Death in Iraq

Should Tookie Williams be spared?

War Crimes Made Easy ~ the bush admin...

So we all hear about the abuse of the Evacuee debit cards

Did anyone else see the Lieberman and Pony show on CSPAN?

Maybe KKKondi's "Into" Torture....?

Where is my party?

Howard Dean coming on CNN

Does this article by Wolfowitz concern anyone else?

Exxon & Bushco lobbying efforts to kill Kyoto in Europe revealed

Dem Leaders: Use Dean's expertise PLEASE!

Holiday greetings from the troops

Scarborough: White House is Waging War on Christmas

(FBI Issued) Shoe Bomber Alert Preceded Airport Shooting

Iraq Deployments may be Canceled


What is the difference between a Saddamist and a terrorist?

Why is US Flying Terror Suspects to Secret Camps-Something to Hide?

Diebold execs gave to GOP despite ban

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! n/t

Check out Gray Davis's face next to Governor Girly-Boy (California)!

Memo to Rep. Bernie Sanders: How DARE you make sense...!

Should Tookie Williams be spared?

Suicide by Cop

Send birthday greetings to Ann Coulter

Where were you when...

I know that there are a few airline people here... how do you feel about .

Barely a little bo peep from the Lord's shepard Bush

Flag Burning AMENDMENT

Republican (No)Plan Allowed Iraq to Descend Into The Chaos It Is Today.

c-span wj - are conservatives running out of steam?

Illness from exposer to smoke

things are going very well in Iraq, why don't Americans get it?

bush: 'tough days ahead in iraq'. tough days? TOUGH DAYS?

why they HATE Jimmy Carter.

Is biodiesel even worse than fossil fuels?

Caption This Photo

Video of Stern on O'Reilly?

What happened with Stern on O'liely?

why can't we torture people on our OWN SOIL, instead of offshoring it?

Conservatism:From Oddballs to Sleazeballs (believe it or not: Brooks)

Murdoch ordered nativity scenes to be placed on every floor at Newscorp

are WE allowed to suggest that certain republicans be hanged?

Closing in on 20,000,000 posts--Aren't we gonna have another contest?

Progress in Iraq means Iraqis are being killed in large numbers,

Another Gold Star Mother

Schizophrenic man is shot, CVS begins running pharmacy ads,

Ed Schultz just kicked some Repub's ass on MSNBC !

Republicans ridicule Democrats for having "no plan" for Iraq but....

House Speaker Suggests Ethics Refresher: Anxious About Image

Arkansas governor sets an example.

Did you know Our Military Owns & Runs CASINOS?

Rumsfeld Expected to Quit Soon...Lieberman Anyone?

Best quote of the day regarding Ann Coulter

Is it Chavez that is forcing lower fuel prices or are they doing it out of

Italy Follows FBI in Re-opening Niger Document Investigation

isn't it time for the catholic league to release the nation...

Okay…Let’s Accept the Republican’s Definition of Victory in Iraq…

Let’s Not Take Santa Claus Out of Christmas

Where do Congressmen get off calling American citizens liars?

Hearing on MSNBC that shrub is selling that we had to create a

If I Am Not Mistaken:

Pentagon: U.S. was aware Iraqis were torturing prisoners

Is Iraq America's "tar baby"?

Rumsfeld is not sure when the U.S. should stop Iraqis from torturing

DU this poll! "What do you think of Ann Coulter?"

Did I hear NPR just say that a MILITARY doctor

Washington Ignores Bush’s Evite (yesterday's think tank speech)

No flood insurance for you!! I was speaking with a man yesterday

VIDEO-Pelosi on Lieberman's Comments about criticizing Preznut

Antagonist = Conservative republican

SO's response to outsourcing:

D Brooks:.."Now that conservatives have power they attract sleezeballs"

WorldNutDaily whitewashes Apartheid

You can always go to law school if things don't work out

Al Gore's crusade comes to Stanford

Did anyone see TDS last night? Jon totally ROCKED!!!!

Senate Judiciary Hearings Possible on Texas Redistricting Plan

Legalize Marijuana

UK Evidence Obtained by Torture Cannot Be Used Against Suspects

Dead people sign recall petition for St Louis Alderman

A News Story about Tookie's Son

The latest on the "progress" in Iraq

DU this Coulter poll please

Wingnut convicted for threatning to kill Michael Schiavo & federal judge

Intelligence Design and the Architecture of War: Wolfowitz

500 posts: a sampler

VIDEO-Pomeroy on the Extension of Tax Cuts-DEMS SPEAKING OUT

Hey Phili DUers *'s next "terra" speech coming live to you this Monday...

Rough Justice - Tony Blair Cracks Down on War Criminals....

Less than 24 hours later the White House says killing the sick guy was A-OK

Just a reminder .

Great CNN poll (Coulter) - enjoy:

Boycott Verizon?

some christians won't be happy till we all have crosses on our foreheads


The most frightening part of the Air Marshall story:

MSNBC: Miami plane shooting: Are you more confident about airline security

"Patriot Act may be renewed without reforms"

Ann Coulter Gets boo'ed at UCONN.

M.Wallace Would Ask Shrub: What qualified you to be Cmdr-in-Chief?

An interesting thing I noticed about today's young college students:

S.F. Cops Make Homophobic, Racist Videos On City Time

is our president Bipolar?

Andrew Sullivan nails John Bolton. (So to speak)

Juan Cole will appear on Franken Show (AAR) from 1PM-2PM EST

Senate Reach Deal on Patriot Act

Why is *'s approval rating skyrocketing?

Does anyone really know when jesus was born??

Operation Just Say Merry fucking believable

Could George Tenet Be Bob Woodward's Source?

Could somebody send Tom Tancredo a copy of the Constitution?

why isn't more of a big deal being made of w's failure to capture Osama?

What did O'Reilly say about Jon Stewart? and is there a video?

Economists call Republican spending 'disgraceful'

How would you feel if Kerry called for a handgun ban during election '04?

Dick Cheney, The Voice of God-satire makes more sense than reality

On the ground Katrina assistance opportunities...

Ann Coulter is an idiot (and Ross Perot is a hero)

Junkyard Dogs

Don’t You Sometimes Just Feel Like

I have been listening to the tax cut House debate in the House on c-span

Oxford Dictionary Picks Its 'Word of the Year,' and It's 'Podcast'

The problem with this Christmas thing is they've moved it up to August

"We do not torture"

Are the new rules for the forum in place, yet?

Feingold says he will filibuster Patriot Act deal... Developing...

Bolton attacks UN for Criticizing US Torture Policies

Mark Fiore flash - Remember Pokie, not Tookie:

Iran President: Move Israel to Europe

Ebaneezer Scrooge was a Conservative.

"God" John Lennon

The Silencing of Carlos Delgado (employee 21)

Our superintendent did not dismiss school today

On despair, microsecond attention spans, and the pea brained masses...

Robert Fisk:"US Coming Around To the Truth"-IT’S TIME TO TALK ABOUT ISRAEL

VIDEO-McDermott on Voting Rights Act and Texas Redistricting

Juan Cole will be on the Franken show the ENTIRE 2d hour

"Iraq Violence Raises Doubts About Progress"

VIDEOS-House Democrats SPEAK OUT about the economy

Just got my gas natural gas bill - 34.2% increase per decatherm

Kerry speech at CFR@1pm. Remind media of the Iraq Withdrawal Plan

Feingold says he'll filibuster Patriot Act (story is up)

Feingold says he'll filibuster Patriot Act/Rawstory

I'm declaring Pre-emptive war on St. Patrick's day

Iraq: The War To Start All Wars

"Dean Seeks to Clarify Comments on Iraq"

What CBS' Mike Wallace Would Ask George W. Bush

Wingers are lying when they claim Iraqis want the US in Iraq. LYING!

What should be done in this situation?

Looks like I was wrong, HFCS is bad for you...

Juan Cole on Al Franken's show now, one pm EST nt

Idiot Rep. (R-GA) on CSPAN this AM claims most Iraq insurgents are foreign

Jeb and the Moon.

US oilmen are trying to Power Point Europeans into opposing "Kyoto II"

Bush's attention wanders...wonders "what's for lunch?"

"Lawmaker Wants More Disaster Mortgage Aid"

Caption Murtha vs Rummy

Let's ban stress in the workplace

"Trimspa Sued Over Anna Nicole Smith"


RS Article.

"Fitzgerald Returns" = "Urgent, lizards fret" (Truth in Anagrams)

Which statement do you believe most

Time Reporter Interviewed in CIA Case for more than an hour today


"Iraq Insurgents Claim to Kill U.S. Hostage"


"Group: Online Content Cannot Remain Free"

CNN Poll: Who's Stupider? Coulter or College Kids?


Scotty WH Daily Briefing coming up (1:18 EDT now)


Bipartisan group of senators oppose Patriot Act revision (UPDATE)

Illinois mulls 'Rest in Peace' Act to Stop Funeral Demonstrations

Alito’s America: It’s Not Our America

Any word on the four hostages?

Quote of the Day - Mike Wallace - what he would ask President Bush

CNN Quick Vote - Who is stupider? Ann Coulter or Jeering UConn students

Sick Bumpersticker "Some People Just Need Killing.....

"U.S. Satellites Outnumber Rest of World"

The O'Reilly Denial Lie, His Own Words Prove it

White House confirms UFO's...Breaking...

Frist: No Liability for Bird Flu Vaccine. Repugs exploit everything.

Can we get our marshals, marshalls and martials straight here?

Police Officer Tasers Partner During Fight About Soda

For the creative - and a way to help Medicaid recipients....

Dean says he was taken out of context and that the U.S. can win in Iraq

When Rumsfeld leaves DoD what contractor does he go to "work" for?

"NATO Allies Welcome Rice's Explanation"

My New Blog - Criticism Sought

Report Says States Aim Low in Science Classes

LAT: Wilkes Contributed Over $70,000 to Terminator's Campaign

Food Channel "Secret Life of...Christmas" tells TRUE pagan history

Pretext for plunder

Sony fix for glitch has glitch

This is excellent - From TruthOut -Willaim Rivers Pitt

Bush's popularity soaring. Watch out for Gloating Today!!!

What would Mike Wallace ask Bush if given the chance?

Mike Wallace for President!!!

Leahy to oppose Patriot Act?? (was: Leahy just pounded the podium.)

Military joins war on Christmas

Repugs planning public relations offensive tying Dems to Abramoff

its 2pm CST and Franken is still on

John Lennon's murder and the birth of an activist

Mike Wallace: "This Country is So F***ed Up"

Selective Service Form....sigh

What would you like to give Patrick Fitzgerald for Christmas?

LTTE about Flu and Evolution

Tucker Carlson Tricks Audience, Teasing Them To Watch Conservative

PNAC Plan (Our version)

Pre-Bush build up for war in Iraq

What is happening in the House right now? Seems pretty noisy.

Jimmy Kimmel board @abc is DU-hating...again.

Let's send a lump of coal to the President, House and Senate

Could this be a solution to our Mid East Problems - the Russian scenario.

Prayers, wishes, karma for Aidan, please

Does Stephanie Miller spend time on DU?

THe House! CSPAN! NOW! OMG!!!

Way to go ABC!!

Anybody see Daryn Kagan's little smear piece on us "Christmas haters"

Gov. Bush's card also omits Christmas

Westbury High brawl between Katrina evacuees and local students.

Federal Government Going Out of Business

Detailed, Disturbing Document: How America Plotted to Stop Kyoto Deal

An ounce of prevention

you have to wonder if, among the Iraqis we've killed -- particularly . . .

WOW, Stanley Williams was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize SIX TIMES!!!

Iran's Leader seeks an excuse to attack Israel

Did any other passengers hear "I have a bomb" or just the Air Marshall

Just saw on CSPAN, HOUSE PASSES tax cut bill

LOL This 'War on Christmas' just gets nuttier and nuttier

Treaty of Tripoli, our founders say explicitly USA NOT founded

I am convinced that something is going down with Lieberman & Bushco...

CNN developing: Deal sought on McCain anti-torture ammendment

You are law enforcement, a man runs around screaming he has a bomb

So, is Ed Schultz and Al Franken broadcast on AFRN

33 years ago today

TOON-And on the nineteenth day, God created the eubacterium's flagellum...

So, if Rummy does quit, and somebody else is named

An insurgency (note, not war) in the name of Christ against hunger and

What bothers me about McCain's and Lieberman's

John Lennon Tribute concert on BBC via Sirius Channel 18

Lieberman Eyed For Rummy's Job!!

Larissa Alexandrova of Raw Story on Thom Hatrmann next!

What "medicine" doc, what medicine cures this? NONE.

LTTE re: Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas brouhaha....

here we go... house repubs about to rush-thru tax-cut resolution on c-span

Is it time to revisit the first disaster that occurred during Bush's term?

Bipolar? Not so fast....

As I celebrate the music of John Lennon today

Who Is the Better Kisser? McCain or Lieberman?

The Perfect Gift

Rep. Barbara Lee: Time for Democracy in Action

Does anybody else suspect we haven't had a president...

What happend to the Internet Monitoring Bill

Study: People feel politically empowered by internet

Shooting unarmed civilians, imprisoning Americans on no charges, ....

30-Something Work Group on the House Floor NOW

2008 Candidate preference poll

'Huggy' Teacher Accused Of Molesting Students

saturn return chart - where can I get a free one?

Rumsfeld Retires, LIEberman replaces him. no really

Canada to outlaw handguns - if libs re-elected

30something house dems time - CSPAN

CNN Poll about Ann Coulter - vote now

Briefly, About Mr. Lieberman,(R)

Yesterday's airplane shooting in light of the recent GAO report.

Franken on Armed Forces Radio

cia leak-discussion coming up next on Hardball.

VIDEO- Pelosi on the Iraq War and Democratic Diversity

Is Leiberman jumping ship?

Rep. John Duncan (R-TN) asserts "conservative" case against the war

"Give Peace a Chance" Remembering John Lennon

Since I suck at this...

Did O'Rielly's comments about Stewart seem anti Semitic to you?

Read Nancy Pelosi's entire resolution here,,,it's incredible

Top 10 of * Administrations most egregious scandals of 2005

Another Missing Girl Report.....But Where Is..??

Bored teens who beat homeless man to death face life in prison

An example of bias at CNN?

Want to order pizza? . . .

Duke's Loot ---pix->>>

Some bad news for VHEMT Crowd

Blindfolded Santa Hanging From Noose At Home Upsets Neighborhood

"We wish you a happy Honda-days" controversy on local radio

Mass. Changes Hospital Contraception Rules - This is good!

LETTER From Harry Reid: Dems believe the government works for people

Henry Waxman is everything John McCain pretends to be...

NJ Senate '06 Menendez has 38-34 percent edge over Kean

Jeb won't run in '08, but I don't rule out he will be the VP nominee

VIDEO- REPUBLICAN Speaks Out Against the Iraq War (Duncan-TN)

Whatever happened to that Flowers for Mutha thing the other day?

THE NATION: Special Issue-Conspiracy to Torture

I just love Yahoo's caption for this George and Laura photo!

2 reasons why I want Lieberman to become SoD.

The Definition of "Victory" and the Definition of "Winning"

There are far more important battle sto wage then over Christmas!!!

Are all Freeper callers the same person?

U.S. Execs Clamping Down on Environment

The Anchorage hostage has apparently been killed...

We are at "war"...

Merry, Happy, Rejoice, Whatever -a modest list of holy & seasonal days.

Why is there a war on Christmas?! Liberals! Stay on task!

civil war history: Who here remembers what happened between...

If the Bird Flu is such a problem

Katrina evacuees, local kids in Houston melee

WorldNutDaily: Fundie Defends Date Rape

The Congressional Black Caucus announced it opposes Alito

I wonder if this would have any effect

What kind of pie would be appropriate to throw at (M)ann Coulter ?

Please, please, no more "War on Christmas" threads!

Wolfowitz"Iraq War Might Not Have Occurred if US Knew Hussein Had No WMD"

Tracking Influence's Money Trail

Who were the 3 Dems who voted with the Rs on that Privileged Resolution?

Who thinks "Herding Cat's" Strategy is GOOD for Dems? I DO! I Do!

The Corporate War on Christmas

The so called Liberal War On Christmas

For those watch television: Is Morely Safer still active?

AOL Poll: on Patriot Act

A certifiable way for older workers to (re)enter IT

Lou Dobbs just said the State Dept. confirmed that the american hostage

"Tire Giant Firestone Hit with Lawsuit over Slave-Like Conditions"

Study: IT outsourcing services multiply

Bill O'Reilly might want to add this guy to his enemy list....

What would you put in a counter-Bush library?

babybush toys for x-mas/LINK

"Scientists: Greenland Glaciers Retreating"

It's time to play the offense! DU ACTIVISTS UNITE!

A coworker said this of government work, do you agree?

Let Joe Know - Sign the Letter!

We (DU) are front and center on Michelle Malkin

My John Lennon and John Kerry moniker says it all . . .

DFA Newsletter - Let Joe Know: Sign the Letter

Does anyone know what this bush hand gesture means???

Congressman Conyers: Patriot Act Update

VIDEO: Cindy Sheehan, in London, talks with BBC Newsnight

I know we don't negotiate with terrorists, but can we beg and whimper?

Jesus and the south

Soooooo. Osama's back in the news, eh?

You guys and ladies are ok with me,

Republicans want an Iraq exactly like Germany during the 50s-90s

Reminder: There are people being murdered in Darfur

Niger Yellowcake Forgeries- ITALIAN Investigation Reopened

Wal-Mart Critics: Where Would Jesus Shop?

"When Does Free Speech Become Treason?" puke alert

Oh, he cannot win here (W),

Video: Bush, ``I don't think you can win it' (3:40 into video)

Maybe it's just me, but I see more posts lamenting Tookiemania than...

KIDAN May Get PLEA DEAL & Testify Against Abramoff & Pals

The DU Poets Against the War Poetry Slam

"I hope someday you'll join us....."

The liberals are being "Giftboated"" by the hard right.

Brian Ross of ABC just crushed O'Reilly.

Freeper defending Man Hands Ann on Randi!

Who is the easiest to make fun of?

Hey, it's Ann Coulter's birthday!

Has TSA *EVER* found a bomb at a security checkpoint?

Hey, Clinton! Since you hate video game violence so much, I got a query.

So, why do they put our baggage and our body cracks through security

Racist Cops: Please Help DU This Poll

US finally admits it denied Red Cross acess to detainees

How much are the utilities charging for natural gas now?

Reid Seeks to Keep Caucus on Same Page/ Dean's comments called a miscue

Saw K. Harris on C-Span today. Does she realize she has blood on her

Firedoglake: Viveca Novak tried "like hell" to avoid testifying under oath

how many people watch The Daily Show?

New military radio system battles garage-door openers

Who is watching Congress on CSPAN?

Howard Stern defends Howard Dean

rummy on newshour... lehrer puts on "bullshit protector". n/t

Duncan,( R) rep from Tn just spoke out against the war.

DNA tests clear Georgia inmate of rape charges

A role-playing exercise...

Wouldn't It Be Precious If Hillary....

Empires Never Benefit the Citizens of the Empire

Asia Times: China eroding US dominance

If only the rest of the Dems could be as clear as the Black Caucus

Pat Robertson attacks Walgreens over IL pharmacist suspensions

Baby Bush Toys....for that mediocre baby in your family!

Imagine - John Lennon

Sit Genome!

A tragic day in history

MSNBC, David Schuster: Rover indulged in "ROLLING DISCLOSURE"

what kind of person blames the families of the mentally ill

really funny steve bell cartoon...pulling out

Coulter seemed drugged out on Hannity last night

BOTH SIDES Are Jumping To Conclusions About Rigoberto Alpizar Too Quickly

The last word on "Happy Holidays!"

Well, how should we protect an airplane?

Kerry Assails Iranian Pres Unacceptable Comments on Israel

Has This Risen To The Level Of "Marshal Wars" Yet?

You could be a racist if...

O'Reilly didn't quite get another trifecta today, but he came close

One of THE Best John Lennon Photos Ever.....

Bush had trouble filling the room:desperate plea for human props

Could an Independent with a specific agenda win the next election?

What Happened To The Iraq Prison Pictures

Merry Christmas, Rich People!!!

Breaking News...Olivia Newton Johns.......

RSS Feed for Votes-All Members of Congress

Has anyone noticed all of the undercover Repubicans...

Stern dresses O'Reilly down about O'Reilly merchandise

The Age of Autism: 'A pretty big secret'

WTF does, "the Iraqi people", mean?

They say the Iraqi troops aren't ready. Our troops need to stay . . .

A Big Name Dem needs to call Bush a miserable scoundrel on M$M.

For Anyone So Dense That They Have Not Clued In Yet...

"DeLay Seeks to Split Remaining Charges"

Colbert is on fire !!! n/t

Passengers please, may I have your attention...

Lynne Cheney's "purple fingers for freedom" lesson plan

CNN Live: Southwest jet skids off runway in Chicago -nt

It's Colombia, not Columbia

John Lennon - taken from us 25 years ago

The Lost John Lennon Interview (1971)

Is the 'war on Christmas' backfiring on Fakes News People?

JOHNNY’S AN ANGEL by Aztec Two Step

What are Kerry's daughters up to?

If you could reverse any election besides 2000 or 2004

Which word best sums up Bush?

Unconfirmedsources say WH denies Barbara Bush is gay.

A Veteran's plea for HELP!


MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Group Hug

The Air Marshal did the wrong thing. I am not sorry for saying so.

Does Bill O'Really need meds or something?

Hey Freeps, here's how to REALLY support the troops

Should we have a conservative idiot Hall of Fame?

"Democrats are only using the Iraq war to get at Bush"

"Anti-creationism prof quits department chair"

Lennon was a Brit, not an American

I Just Returned from a Rally............

Boy Testifies About Foster Home With Cages


Bill O'Reilly just said it. "The leaders of the ACLU are traitors."

Rumsfeld to Leave....Lieberman to Take His Place?

I Oppose the Death Penalty. But, I Do Not Support "Tookie" Williams.

What Holiday Present Should We Send To O'Reilly?

Clooney challenges O'Reilly to debate: Bill declines

To Lurkers who are caught up in the "War Against Christmas" stuff

If Iraq were divided up into three countries after their civil war....

Drudge:GOP to launch White Flag Dem Attack

Wal-Mart critics ask: Where would Jesus shop?

Other than being a shameful Bush boot licker, what qualifications do

Please sign petition: Release Kidnapped Peacemakers in Iraq!!

Republicans Aim to Link Democrats to Abramoff

Synchonicity: a little yule-tide story

I'm sorry, but the Air Mashal did the right thing.

Give me just one reason why we should stay in Iraq.

San Francisco: More offending videos -- this time it's police officers.

Check out Newsmap, visual landscape of the Google news aggregator...

School boards for -fifteen- states flunk science standards

Please explain to me why the air marshals would have executed that man?

I hate this crap!

People are Rejoicing!

FL Gov. Jeb Bush picks major Republican donor to oversee state elections

UPI's "NewsTrack" is re-editing News stories for anti-Democrat news/agenda


Iraq and the Democrats

Do you believe Rigoberto Alpizar told the feds he had a bomb?

Why would Lieberman not want "digging around" about pre-war stuff.

YES!!! Helen Thomas points the finger at PNAC!!

VIDEO-Pelosi- Privileged Resolution on the Culture of Corruption

Who does the WH Holiday Card go out to?

Is Yale the center of all things evil?

DNC Fact Check: President Bush Said We Can't Win (Caught in another lie)

'The Bracelet Lady And The War On Christmas'

27 are arrested in the latest incident between Katrina evacuees and local

WOMEN'S BROTHEL: This stud's for you (insanity break)

Kerry's CFR speech text: Win WOT thru war of ideas...End empire of oil

So now mental illness is punishable by death


United Peace Relief establishes volunteer base camp in Slidell, LA

has anyone been watching the new showtime special called

Irrespective of the recent shooting:

Woohoo! O'Reilly just called us Nazis!

I think the guy on the plane probably had a death wish

"Stars and Stripes" headline (a "you've got to be effing kidding" moment)

Bush as Saddam on Trial for torture: Toles in Wash Post. NICE! :

Third US Official Charged with stealing Iraqi Reconstruction money

Nice Digs "Duke" Cunningham Sells His Home- Palatial Picture

"Miss. Gov. Blames Feds for Stalled Recovery"


Tell Sen. Joe Lieberman: Debate Is Patriotic (Please sign this)

I'm beginning to think Al Gore is best person to unite the Democrats...

Who takes a bipolar man who's off his meds onto an airplane?

Good evening, right wing and FReeper lurkers, a bit of history.

So, what would've been the reaction if there HAD been a bomb...

Canada's PM contemplating banning all hand guns.


Who is your favorite President?

Tweety blurted a media truth - no media cameras for Kerry's CFR speech

The majority of this country doesn't give a shit that our country

Did any civilians view the actual shooting at the Miami airport?

If he was running thru the AP screaming he had a bomb(as some DUers said)

on CNN they are finally admitting Bird Flu will shut down entire country.

What would you like to give Ann Coulter for Christmas?

Buried Nugget: Fitzgerald deposed Luskin last Friday!!

When did it become OK to shoot someone who MIGHT have a gun

Dear Gov Dean -- Talk about extreme hiking …

Bad looters, turnstyle jumping bulky jackets, and screaming I have a bomb.

memo calls into question repeated assertions: WE DO NOT TORTURE

South Park on AA and 12 step programs

Is there a way to donate items and goods to help the Iraqi civilians?

Nobel Laureate Says Blair and * Should be Arraigned at the Hague

Art, Truth and Politics

My HS senior daughter's recruitment letter from the Nat'l Guard.

Free the Christian Peacemaker Team - Please Sign Petition

Claim that Americans are harvesting dead Iraqis' organs? Harpers Mag.

The House is in an uproar. Pelosi has a Privilege Resolution up

I can't believe the "Tookiemania" that has taken over this forum

Howard Dean's Track Record on Iraq (Ignore Him at Your Peril)

It's not a "gay cowboy" movie. It's a love story.

We need volunteers to help with Campaign Underground 2006!

Help me dupe this soup

I made chili last night for tonight.

Artisan bread from scratch

My spouse put my Calphalon One pan in the DISHWASHER

If you are shipping cookies..a handy tip

So, the Chocolate Spritz cookies...

with cumin

Egg nog time!

Poll suggests Liberals ahead of the pack

Harper's commercials...

Sexual history no longer taken for morning after pill

Arizona suing 42 drug companies over "inflated" prices

Corzine to name Menendez to serve out his Senate term

Former U.S. president Carter doubts U.S. military will ever leave Iraq

American anti-war activists march in Cuba

Appeals court upholds North Dakota law restricting telemarketers

Stripes: ‘Ed Schultz Show’ finally hits AFR airwaves daily (w/caveat)

German Says He Questioned CIA Action (Otto Schily)

San Francisco woman convicted of threating Michael Schiavo, judge

House passes Bahrain free trade deal

Japan's Cabinet extends military mission to Iraq

Discipline of Pharmacists Spark Complaint

Ukrainian university asks UN to 'close' Israel

Perry's camp takes poke at Strayhorn

Frits Philips, who helped save Jews during WWII, dies at 100

Iraq Bus Bomber Kills 12

Likud chairman defects to Sharon party

Bush names former ambassador Sue Cobb as secretary of state

Suicide bomber kills 13 on Baghdad bus: police

Microsoft loses antitrust case in Korea

WP: In Cities Bush Cited, Progress Is Relative

Poor not buying new drug benefit yet

Analysts say shaky security situation hampering efforts to rebuild Iraq

Analysts: Iraq Security Needs Improvement (before economic recovery)

Calif. GOP seeks explanation from gov

Anti-War Congressman Still Making News

Bangor Man On Trial For Jamming Democratic Party Lines

Ann Coulter to audience: "You're stupider than I am"

'Meathead' Is at It Again

Rice faces NATO questions on terror policies

Rice allays CIA prison row fears

AP: Prof. Critical of Creationism Resigns Post

Rummy exit rumored; Lieberman eyed for job

Skelton rejects quick exit from Iraq, Stance reflects Democrats’ split

Texas Vote Flap Fuels Gerrymander Charge

Experts want to shrink drug-free school zones

BBC: MP rebuked for Tory cocaine slur

Miami Herald: Second Cuban senator elates Miami friends

Havana on the offensive as Castro lashes out at 'fat little brother' Bush

Schwarzenegger to hear last appeal on gang leader

Is Leiberman jumping ship?

Bush Daughter is Not Engaged (despite wearing ring on her third finger)

Top court bans "torture evidence" from UK hearings

Energy Advisory Firm CERA Sees No Oil-Supply Peak by 2020

Fans pay tribute to John Lennon

DeLay wants January trial date

Task Force Baghdad Soldier killed (#2133)

US anti-war campaigner Cindy Sheehan to lobby (Scottish) parliament

Donor network has right to refuse organs from homosexuals

New York Daily News Reports: "Rummy exit rumored; Lieberman eyed for job"

U.S. Resists New Targets for Curbing Emissions (NYT)

U.S. looking to thwart $1 billion Israel-South Korea arms deal

NATO agrees to expand Afghan role

Iraq Bomber Strikes on Bus; Up to 30 Dead ( One US troop dies also)

Conservatives look at ending birthright citizenship for immigrants

Rice scolds Russia over plan

CNN Poll about Ann Coulter - vote now

15 top Pakistani leaders have links with Osama

Bipartisan group of senators to oppose Patriot Act revision

Iraq Insurgents Claim to Kill U.S. Hostage

Democrats to use newspapers, mobile displays for anti-Schmidt campaign

U.S. Soldier in Iraq Charged With Murder (fragging)

Iran's president questions Holocaust

House, Senate Reach Deal on Patriot Act

Inuit sue US over climate policy

Coca farmer turned saviour of the left promises wind of change in Bolivia

Racist Cops: Please Help DU This Poll

At 87, Wallace still tells it like it is

Portland (ME) school board adopts policy to limit military recruiters

Threatened by warming, Arctic people file suit against US

(WH) Officials Say Air Marshals Did Right Thing

Obama: Iraqi vote will help set U.S. course

NYT: House Speaker Suggests Ethics Refresher

Concern Grows over Iraqi 'Honor Killings'

Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

seasonally adjusted initial unemployment claims last week at 320,000

House Passes Tax Cut Retaining Lower Rates (they have no shame)

Official blamed for Chinese toxic spill is found hanged

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 8 December

N.H. seen as willing to defy national Democrats

12/8 DOL-seasonally adjusted initial unemployment claims at 327,000

U.S. general says Bin Laden is alive

Powell: Military's job not done in Iraq


ABC EXCLUSIVE: Shoe Bomber Alert Preceded Airport Shooting

Rumsfeld says 'I have no plans to retire'

ACLJ files EEOC complaint over disciplined Walgreen pharmacists

Report Says States Aim Low in Science Classes (NYT)

Cunningham Figure Gave to Gov.,(Arnold) Got 2 Board Seats

Britain 'trying to stall £1.3bn theft inquiry

US Military Continues Iraq Media Propaganda Operation Despite Probe

Diebold execs gave to GOP despite ban

Union Supporters Picket White House

Sign (#of dead) stirs up controversy next army recruitment center

Bill Clinton to speak at climate conference (U.N. climate conference)

Democrats: GOP puts tax cuts ahead of education

Sources: Rumsfeld will quit in 2006

No climate for change as America snubs talks

SDF Mission in Iraq Extended; June Exit Planned--Japan Times

Gunmen storm Allawi's office

(Diego Garcia) Indian Ocean Islanders Take On a Superpower

Gov. Bush's card also omits Christmas

Virginia's Warner wows S.C. Democrats

Annan demands immediate release of hostages held in Iraq

Former Green vice presidential candidate runs for governor of Maine

Boy Testifies About Foster Home With Cages

Energy Secretary: Gulf oil, natural gas won't recover until summer

Troop Levels in Iraq May Drop, Rumsfeld Says

Locking Uncle Sam out of Asia (not invited to summit).

Kansas City Election Board chooses Diebold.

US terror watchlist 80,000 names long

Saudi Ambassador: Iraq Invasion Helped Spread Terrorism

House, Senate Agree to Extend Patriot Act

MSNBC Breaking: Iraq group says it has killed U.S. contractor. Details to

GOP to begin White (flag) Dem this anywhere else?

AP Poll: Lawmaker standing falls, corruption serious problem (* 42%)

Ohio wants court OK to control abortion pill (RU-486)

US blocks ICRC access to suspects

Murderer wins right to Wiccan religious items behind bars

House, Senate Agree on Patriot Act

Rumsfeld says Americans will be coming home (back to 137k level)

Blair named Statesman of the Decade

WP: Tulane Laying Off 230 Faculty Members

CBC: Canadian hostages not shown in video

Dean defends statement predicting loss in Iraq ("little out of context")

NYT,pg1: Rift Emerges at A.C.L.U. on 2 Big Issues

Clinton, in surprise, to speak at climate conference

General gave OK for Able Danger (confirms al-Qaida mission prior to 9/11)

Wisconsin Gov. Doyle approves morning-after pill lawsuit against the FDA

BBC: US blocks ICRC access to suspects

W.House: Marshals acted consistent with training

Iraq casualties sign will stay up near Duluth recruiting office

Homeland Nominee Questioned Over Deletion

(GOP)-NRSC plans multi-state attack tying Democrats to Abramoff

Iran's Ahmadinejad casts doubt on Holocaust

Bush seeks more money to help poor heat homes

Report: Half of N. Carolina families with children don't make ends meet

Heckling causes Coulter to cut UConn speech short

ABC Poll: Most in Afghanistan say life is better now than under Taliban

AP: Time Reporter Interviewed in CIA Case

NC Board of Election sued over Diebold certifcation

WWII Internment of Alaska Aleuts Recounted

Jetliner reportedly slides off runway at Chicago's Midway Airport

New England Journal of Medicine Says Key Vioxx Study Left Out Data

Iraq Set to Pump Less Oil Than Last Year

Romney Changes Hospital Contraception Rules

Great Lakes near ecological breakdown: scientists

Kansas City election board selects Diebold system

Catholic bishops equate health care to a 'moral right'

WP: Democrats Consider Changes in Primaries

House passes $56 billion tax cut package

(FL) Felon helps draft grouper rules

Testing for college students? (NCLB extended to Universites??)

Kerry assails comments by Iran president questioning the Holocaust

Diebold execs gave to GOP despite ban

(FL Fed Appeals) Court reviewing dispute over state's system of voting

Bush's Attention Wanders From Katrina as Reconstruction Lags

Eyewitness: "I Never Heard the Word 'Bomb'"

Red Cross approves new emblem, allowing Israel to join

Venezuela lawmakers denounce CIA anti-Chavez plot

Kerry says U.S. needs terror war allies

Feingold says he'll filibuster Patriot Act (Raw Story)

Pomeroy to Howard Dean: Shut up

We need volunteers to help with Campaign Underground 2006!

My sig picture is making want to cry

Unexpected moments on TV

Why would people want to smell dog paws in the first place?

Why is Bill O'Reilly...

Conan O'Brien just did a bit on the Bush Holiday card!

Half past twelve


Size, or how you use it?

Dictionary of Republicanisms (Compliments of "The Nation")


How do you encourage a shy, and lonely, person to meet people?

GAA! It's the attack of the She-Male Stick Whore!

My innocence is last

My assonance is lost

My pissiness is lost

Quick vocabulary question


pop tart anyone?

Do not get me started

My assonance is grassonance

Can life get any sweeter?

Caption this photo

elshiva love thread

One Knight stands

My cinnamon is toast

top part anyone?

Good night DU, I'm going to bed.

Anybody going out for snarks?

I apologize to the Lounge - I ran out of funny!

Anybody going out for snacks?

Where were you when John Lennon died.

Thank you, Lounge.

Quote of the week--by Ann Coulter: Admits she's stupid!

I just found a 1942 Wheat penny

Bible people. I noticed something. In The New Testament

My dissonance is lost

brazilian love thread

I took my dog to an animal communicator

Well, lookie here

Golly it's cold out this morning!!! 3 degrees here on the lakefront. I

Thursday morning earworm, for this winter day.

Do yourself a big favor.

Terrible injury suffered by George Clooney

One night stand

82 Y.O. Woman Found Guilty Of Attempted Assault On Cop (With Her Cane)

Scientists enter the brain's 'Matrix'

Truck Crashes Into Woman's House - Car Follows Behind & Crashes Too

I just spent 30 minutes outside in nothing more than Pj bottoms...

Only $6 to play with YOUR child for an hour or so

MS Is Flaring Up, Again!

Happy Birthday, Lizard King...Jim Morrison, born 62 years ago today

Do I bore you?

Hey! matcom!!! This is REAL.....

Happy Birthday Kim Bassinger AND Terri Hatcher

Do you think Hitler wore a toupee?

WOW ... I didn't know that

For the GDers opining on the Air Marshal shooting -

Why do people start threads and then not answer.

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

Iron Hymen

I just got a very sweet compliment from a friend of mine

There seems to be a lot of death and

Iron City brewery bankrupt due to water and sewer bills

Lost was a freakin' repeat last night!

Does your town get picked on?

So...what's playing on "i-Pod One"


Michael Bolton singing White Christmas on the radio!

Strange graphic discovered on random web site

Cop Tasers His Partner In Argument Over Soft Drink

Someone needs to neuter Donald Trump before he breeds more kids!!

Do you think StoptheMorans wears a toupee?

Saint Clinton and How To Piss Off Your Fundie Friends

Lennon in 2005

Do your dreams and real life sometimes overlap?

So, does anyone know that John Lennon died 25 years ago today?

Why do people on the internet boards feel comfortable pulling stuff out of

If you could travel in time, but had no guarantee you could ever

DUer LOVE Thread!

the 'LittLe things' Love thread

In "Oddly Enough" news...

Nicole Richie, Fiance Call Off Engagement

Man Arrested For Stealing Car Three Minutes After Release From Jail

Get your Anti-GOP stuff here!

Ahnold’s accent MUST be an affectation.

May I say that I DETEST asking for a loan? Who's with me?

asthmaticeog told me I should start a thread on Dimebag Darrel

Deer Jump To Their Deaths From Top Of Five-Story Parking Garage

"Requiem for a Dream" Director will direct an episode of "Lost"

Today's *FLAME* thread has started

Check if you DO NOT wish to use emotion icons in your message

Idiom pet peeve "If and when"

I don't know much...but I know I LOVE You...and that may be...all I

Why is StopTheMorans calling everyone Hitler?

Gratuitous beers pic - I'm series!!!

Is there a blogroll at DU?

This was kind of a 'wtf' moment last night.

Can we keep a running total on the Lennon threads today?

Can we keep a running total on the Lemon threads today?

I'm sick of all this love shit!

Who says the Photography Group lacks creativity

The rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated

Greetings from Dubai...

What's with all these commies today going on and on about Lenin?

I confess! I started the Zuni death rumor....

Boy does Christmas suck when you're unemployed, or what?

Bush Daughter is Not Engaged (despite wearing ring on her third finger)

John Lemon

Is this the best ever Daily Show line?

My innocence is lost.

It's mothereffin' cold here!

Xmas gift ideas for the financially challenged

Remembering John Lennon 1940-1980

i fear my gay card will be repossessed (warning: sad story)

Ann Coulter to audience: You're stupider than I am

Post an image of your parka.


Anyone heard of the singer Feist?

Are your shorts too long?

"Look, Mother, it's my own life, okay,

Future Corpses of America

Windows Media Player Question

Grammys announced: WOOHOO Robert Plant nominated twice!!!

Oooh, the Xmas present shipments begin to arrive....

Fans pay tribute to John Lennon

I'm declaring Pre-emptive war on St. Patrick's day

AGGGHHHHH!!! Look what is next in line for a remake...

MOST PLAYFUL CAT? The results are in . . . the winner is

Wow, they sealed off most of the inner city

Oday ouyay eakspay igpay atinlay

The RevCheeseHead Luv Thread

the window of joy is now open

Need *actual* advice /consent on COUNTER TOP MIXER

Why is everyone complaining about how cold it is? 1 degree?

Who's more liberal, The Lounge or GD?

My poor cat.

Post an image of your pork-ah!

anyone else getting into the pre holiday spirit with music by -

Nicole won Top Model!

The RetroLounge Daily Porn Thread (Thu 12/8/05)

"Glistening Snow" candles from Glade (hehehe) ????

If I run around the lounge saying "I have a sex-thread" will it be locked?

Wow, Ann Coulter's really let herself go.

Someone else who has fallen off the deep end...

**----Greatest Gift EVER---** (no not the eggstractor)

Clinton in Nigeria (can you imagine * in such a setting?)

I don't know about you, but in my line of work it's important to be Hep


Is this Banner Ad sexist?

Disturbing Trend Regarding The Use Of The Word: "FAB"

What crazy things have happened to you?

Ladies rejoice! your dateless nights are over! I'm awake!

Howard Stern on O'Reilly video

Anyone have any "White Elephant" gift ideas for this year.

My favorite joke

Brothers killed in separate car accidents minutes apart

I know this is equestrian, but help me think of movies about horses

For you gamers out there

Baby Bush Toys- presents for your little underachiever.

Let's put our differences aside and remember John Lennon.

There's a "vaccine causes autism" thread in GD

Where were you when you heard Liam Gallagher was a snot?

what is the opposite of pacifism?

Three glorious weeks.

I just saw 2 Pugs doing it in the front seat of a Jeep Cherokee! Woo-hoo!


Get your very own Weather report just for your pets

A Bit Of Doggerel From The Mess granddaughter is going to be so upset..darn dog

Favorite Brown Sugar

Liebermann on CSPAN2, "We are not there to defeat the


DS1 makes me LOL in GD

Mele kalikimaka

previously unpublished photograph taken month before John Lennon killed

Anybody here ever been to the Great Pyramids in Egypt?

kick-ass-bob has been kicking my threads today!

Now I've heard everything!!

Why does Mary Maitilin say "Iraqis on the ground"? Are some of

At last!

"War-ri-ors, come out to play-ay..."

Ray has gone bye-bye, Egon. What have you got left?

What, no John Lennon threads?

13 inches.


May 4, 1970 shootings at Kent State University

a Giant Lobster is about to eat NYC

My bosses aren't here - should I just go home?

Post here if a pregnant model said if you are IN or if you are OUT.

I don't know how you do it, making love... out of nothing at all

Post your favorite breasteses here...

I'm sorry I ate your chocolate squirrel, Champ...

Has the lounge corrupted me?

Someone has to do it...

Dictator Shower Gel: "East German Erich's Shower Gel" Hits Store Shelves

Playing a Gig's for John.

Never Never Never...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/8/05)

So, anyone here visited GD today?

I trimmed my fingernails now I cant pick my nose!

Thank you Yoko!

Anyone want some fruitcake?

My nephew has AIDS

BTW, I just realized that today is Abbott's second anniversary!!!

This is one funny story!

DU looks GREAT! Props!

Where were you when you heard BuckWheat was shot?

hairball time: what would the hairball say? (WWTHBS)

F**k !*$$ %$^^)#@@$)($$%^$$@!!#

Official Bok Choy Thread

I'm sorry I ate your Crunchy Frog...

What was your best New Years Eve?

Name one food that you couldn't live without.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Do You Have Trouble Taking People Who Are Younger Than You Seriously?

I know this is pedestrian, but help me think of movies about families

I can believe it. I'm in GD for 10 seconds and I get stampeded

Could you please respond to my other posts please!

Lurking Freepers: Need Christmas Gift Ideas for your Kids?

So, 20 posts until I hit 5000. This is a shameless attempt

I've got 6 posts to 7000. Ask me ANYTHING!

john lennon work doodle

Studios rush scripts with role where hated Paris Hilton can die brutally


At what age do you stop telling your kid to hit pedestrians?

Hey, Shelly


You'd think someone could bring you a loaf of bread....

Origin of phrase "brain salad surgery"?

(not quite real) Berlusconi upstages King Kong - who is king of apes?

I can't believe it. I'm in GD for 5 seconds and I hit a fucking moron.

Chinese delivery, pizza delivery . . .

Uh-oh. Bad Mom award, please....

Can't Post !!

Look at this beautiful picture of Stevie Nicks.

The Fab Five

For those of you that actually CARE, I have another concert tonight.



Buddah's Hand, I love it!

A poem

The Professionalism is Amazing - Reno 911

University of Colorado coach FINALLY fired!


In memory of John Lennon, I've lit a candle. Post what John means to you.

Sure, the girls are in the tropics, but it's RAINING there...!

What the bloody hell is Blue, Red and Gray box?

Dreamboat Annie or Sista Nancy?

Paris Hilton

A tale of amazing resilience.

Arrested are the cheese-sniffers

Maybe Texans are not as tough as they say they are

My esurience is lost

I found something hilarious

And the funniest post of the day goes to (drumroll please).....

Calling all men!

Can any Dutch Duers shed some light on this for me?

Has anyone been to see Bareback Mountain yet?

New smilie we need at DU

How many dishes are in your sink RIGHT NOW?

Braggin' time! My 7 yo impressed his 2nd grade teacher by being

A church's street sign reads "Life is short. Choose eternity."

Go ahead and SHOOT ME!!! I've GOT A BOMB!!!

I just saw Harry Potter. Ask me anything in the universe.

Ham Tyler for president!

Somone tell me why I still read this old fuckwit's Column...

At what age do you stop taking your kid to the pediatrician?

Thanks to all who gave me good thoughts/vibes/prayers, etc.. update

Copycat brag..

My bad

Sex segregated workplace holiday event that I don't want to do

Hypothetical only

(WWE) Wrestler's death linked to heart disease, autopsy shows

Spot the hidden gem in my sig picture!

Get a Room!

A guy I thought was an ex-friend mailed me an Xmas card, WTF?

Well, show me the way To the next whiskey bar

Need gift help!

When someone tells you to, "Bite me."

The new King Kong: astonishing

What are some good HOLIDAY songs

One of our elected officials said this about gay marriage...

Anyone see the movie version of "Rent" yet?

2 More Days

Lennon Video

Eight people were laid off from work

Bring it on aliens! We'll kill you or blow up the planet trying!

dfilm therapy

I have nine inches.

Cold people! Here comes the sun!

Anyone else shovel their driveway

This would be the place to vacation to right now!

Ever wonder what its like to climb the north face of the Eiger in winter?

Lemon Bread Thread.

When Rumsfeld says *my goodness* ...

What great musicans have yet to put out a box set, and should?

So John Lennon weds Yoko and Ringo weds Barbara Bach...

Cheer me up, please!

Are you a yankee or a dixie?

Project X update

Lennon memorial thread.

Okey doke. I think I really will stay out of GD for a good while...

I think I'll go see "Walk the Line" tomorrow evening


I am off to make Holiday cookies like these with my boys

Osama's Homo-bortion Pot and Commie Jizzporium

I am being discriminated against as an American in Canada!!11!1!!11!!!!!!!

Lindor Truffles

My favorite movie/TV impressions - Who are yours?

so, this guys stumbles into a lounge and says ...

Favorite John Lennon story?

I am now a Shorthair whaddayah think

how did zuni die anyway?

The Hottest Sounds on in one HOUR. Please check it out!

I think Jim Carrey should be the next Dem. President's Press Sec.

Mary's father has five daughters:

My Christmas card poem. In honor of Dr. Seuss. Political!!

No, Underpants -- HERE is the Greatest Xmas Gift -- EVAH!!!

Where were you when you heard John Lennon was shot?

Xenoglossy! Can you translate this: Cabiche no he oso

So, what have I missed the last couple of days?

I turned 40 on the 4rth


Ladies rejoice! Your dateless nights are over--Dr. Phil has a new book out

my sister just jumped on and knocked over the stuffed angel...

Nice post, Hitler

Alert! Medical scam!

For matcom (dial-up warning.)

Nothing special.


Photo of a wet, soapy kitty cat, I'd laugh, but it looks so sad. Caption?

"There will, of course, be a significant salary increase."

Black Ice Sucks!

OK It's time to NAME ...THAT.... BEAGLE PUP!!

Where are we on Project X, people?

A video game every man should have.


For your listening pleasure....

Am I being too paranoid?

I'm getting 7" tonight!

I Will Marry the First Girl who...

Can anybody name this film star? Warning: Very hot. Classy hot, but hot

Kitchenwitch love thread

I don't know how you people with kids do it

What should GOPIsEvil and ZombyWoof do in San Diego?

Post a pic that makes you say Yowza!!!

ARRRGGGH!!! Any other Home clothing makers that might commiserate.

BREAKING NEWS ON GNN! They caught them! And what rebels they are...

Looking for FREE weather websites with hourly precipitation predictions

I'm broke.

We have no hot water in our house

Want to order pizza?

WOW. . . . . .WOW. . . . .and,uhm.. . . . . .WOW ! ! !

Mel Gibson Plans TV Miniseries on Holocaust

The Air Marshall should shoot Tookie Williams

People say I'm the life of the party

We need volunteers to help with Campaign Underground 2006!

"Everybody's an Expert" - loungeworthy crosspost from "Editorials"

Does anyone really know when jesus was born??

"Murky" financial dealings of Vatican Bank haunt JP2 beatification process

Food Channel "Secret Life of...Christmas" tells TRUE pagan history

Let's nullify the fact that there is just enough religion to hate

It's time to demand that Christmas be dropped...

Michael Fox, Parkinson's, and Aspartame

Nicholas Kristof: The Hubris of the Humanities.

I have a physics problem for you...

Teen Who Attacked 2 Gays In N.M. To Be Sentenced As Adult

Alabama Lawmaker Introduces Hate Crime Bill

Women abuse survivors challenge Rome, O'Malley

Appeal Being Prepared In Lesbian Baby Case

Gay Poet Walt Whitman's Landmark Work Celebrated

King County (Washington) Bar backs same-sex marriage

AFA got to another one (GD link)

Pigs have flown in Los Altos

Allegations of voter petition fraud re MA anti-same-sex marriage

High School Field Trip To 'Rent' Too Gay For Parents

Focus on the Family Takes Issue w/ Charlize Theron Gay 'Marriage' Comments

Homosexuality is not a choice (Ellen Goodman column)

I wrote Ford, and their related auto entities, and got this reply -

Ford: Advertisers Embrace the Power That Gospel Music Has to Offer

Appeals Court Upholds Ruling On Bullied Gay Student

I just passed over buying a Ford car

Question about "choosing" to be gay

Transsexual Cannot Become Crisis Center Councilor Court Rules

Sox send Renteria to Braves for Marte

No Arbitration for Clemens

Some people get millions for fucking up royally.

Borderline Racist

foster dog arrived wednesday

Astrologers, help.

Other Tarot Interpretations

Snow in Boston on Friday.

Last 15 minutes of Morning Sedition -

John Kerry Lays Out Plan for Iraq Pullout (NPR)

Kerrey was not very supportive of Kerry on Imus

Kerry on NPR "All Things Considered" This afternoon

Kerry: Reduce U.S. force in Iraq by at least 100,000 by end of next year

My JK and JL moniker says it all . . .

From rollcall via kos :Reid Seeks to Keep Caucus on Same Page

Same to ya, Mr. Miller

Good stuff! Kerry and the Democrats

"John Kerry can't even get a camera in the room." - TWEETY!

Safe travels to everyone traveling tomorrow

John Kerry beanie bear

John Kerry Terrorist

CFR Speech - John Kerry: Real Security in the Post 9/11 World

Any recommendations for digital camera for teens?

Speaking of extreme processing...

Free RAW Processing Software from Corel.

Great Bay Air Pictures

KOEB Meeting -- 12/8/05: The "Imagine" Edition

Love baby pandas? Here's my suggestion...

I probably won't be around again tonight

Maybe we need to change the field trip to Vegas.

Conrad Burns: "I wouldn't know Jack Abramoff if he walked in the room,"

PRODDING THE INSANE TIGER - BBC: "US says N Korea 'criminal regime' "

Diebold stockholder lawsuit is imminent?

good quote from DailyKOS

Posting the full audio of Dean's San Antonio interview....

Dean coming up on CNN American Morning

How LIBERAL are you? (Poll)

Chris Matthews brother running for office in Penn. Matthews gives air tim

British Nobel Laureate excoriates Bush & Blair in acceptance speech.


Rummy exit rumored; Lieberman eyed for job

GOP touts fundraiser, perpetuating "moran" humor

Daily Whip 08 Dec 2005

Republicans try out a new attack on Murtha

Bush Administration Seeks To Gut Environmental Right-To-Know Law


I see what Hillary is doing (re: video games)

LAT: Election as Immigration Bellwether

Rep. Jack Kingston of GA on C-SPAN this AM....

VOTE.COM is created and weighted WAY RIGHT. Do we ignore it

gold stars to Rep. Hinchey and Rep. Becerra who were on W.J. this a.m.

Dems to Address Legislative Priorities in Coordinated Speeches Today

Andrea Mitchell on Imus giddy over Bush's 40% approval rating

Quotes from the American Taliban

Juan Cole will appear on Franken Show (AAR) from 1PM-2PM EST

We have only one choice: Fight them on every issue !

Wolfowitz says Iraq no longer my problem

What is the real reason we are in Iraq ?

Anyone see the hardhitting coverage on O'Really last night?

Since Bill O'Reilly wants a fight....

AFP reporter's lens captures something large in Bush's left nostril

The Republican "taxcuts" will never be rolled back....

Tonto's revenge

Truth has no party

Will VNak & Fitzt be ignored due to 24-hr Rigoberto Alpizar coverage?

If the separation of Church and State is a Myth

Michael Moore owns Haliburton Stock!!!

NRSC plans multi-state attack tying Democrats to Abramoff

Rummy exit rumored; Lieberman eyed for job

"the biggest heist in the history of the planet,"

OK, give me a decent running mate for a Llowel Weicker ticket

Pombo(R Ca) also getting caught up in Abramoff scandel. Whopee!

Refusing To Be Bush's Political Backdrop

"Corzine Is Said to Have Picked a Replacement "

Bullshit letter from Mallard (R-Thug-CO) about Alito


If we're not gonna' get a Universal or Single Payer Health Care System...

The 2008 election and people born between 1986 and 1990

House approves Bush Tax Cuts for wealthy, Pelosi reacts

Just caught a few moments of Dean on CNN. Didn't like what I heard.

Has anyone noticed...

Che and Chavez

Can the Democratic Party Survive Middle-of-the-Road Politics Today?

Brokeback Mountain

To seize back the agenda, Bush grabs the bullhorn (Russ Feingold

The Pentagon's Hispanic Panic

Mark Warner, taking VA would be nice.

Today I am reminded of a quote by Winston Churchill.

Lieberman Eyed For Rummy's Job

Russ Feingold Fans, Great NPR audio story from today!

NRSC plans multi-state attack tying Democrats to Abramoff

DNC Research: Bush's Lack of a Plan Stands in Contrast to Roosevelt's ...

Corruption seen as deep-rooted; public view of GOP-led Congress at risk

Kerry's Face the Nation comments revisited

Email from Moveon/Atlantic Monthly - If America Left Iraq (immediately)

"The Emperor Has No...Audience"

So, which Rethugs voted for Corruption, voted to continue the

Nancy Pelosi's statement on "resolution of privilege" excerpts:

The propaganda presidency of George W. Bush

Kerry's Speech at CFR: Real Security in the Post 9/11 World

How long will it take to clean up the Republican mess ?

This Is Really Worth Checking Out... A Laugh Is Worth...

Karen Hughes silence

Voting Rights Group Files Suit Challenge NC's Certification of Diebold...

The Emperor has no audience

NY Times: "Europeans Welcome Rice's Reassurances on Torture" WHY???

I agree with the republicans

Maybe Silly... But Do You Remember Where You Where When

The Independent's short trip from waking up to voting: cartoon

Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) to Howard Dean: "Shut up"

It can't be both...

Make no mistake, Bush is going to withdraw the troops.....

How 'bout Rummy on the NewsHour w/Jim Lehrer right now?

Kind of hard to believe this was once the Republican Party

If Lennon were alive today

I just want to thank Joementum Lieberman for all he does. FUCK YOU Joe!

Religion = morality brought into question in social scientist's paper

It is unrealistic to expect Democrats to be "unanimous" on a plan for Iraq

remember steven vincent the american reporter murdered in iraq?

I got a nice email from Kucinich about my cartoon!

GOP group pledges to disempower far right (Kansas)

Fitzgerald Meets With New Grand Jury

Did anyone here watch the Black Caucus on Alito?

Emergency Petition to Filibuster PATRIOT Act!

Petition: Tell Joe Lieberman Debate is Patriotic!

What will we do when the Republicans magically retain control in 2006?

Feingold : Fierce Defender of our Constituion - He's going to Filibuster

Kerry: Reduce U.S. Force in Iraq by 100,000 by End of Next Year

WH Ethics Course Memo

Question for Lieberman bashers....

Gore/Ham Sandwich 2008

Are Democratic leaders just plain stupid or what? Why aren't they as tough

Cong Black Caucus to reject Alito based on bad Civil Rights Record

Harry Reid: Something exciting happened today

Best CNN Poll ever: Ann Coulter vs. Jeering UConn Students

Diebold Mind Blower: BradBlog--Diebold, the next ENRON

Now I'VE had it. I'm going to let cooler heads prevail.

POLL: Will Dick Cheney Resign in 2006?

Kleeb for Congress (Nebraska)

Mark Crispin Miller, Bob Fitrakis--NYC Dec 14th - HUGE EVENT!

Why is Mary Matalin saying Dean will not be party chair by mid-terms?

Drudge: GOP to launch "white flag" approach on Dems

Bush said its hard to rebuild a country after a dicatator has destroyed it

America: If you bought "Iraq", why didn't you buy "Social Security Reform"

Middle Democrats; Consider the Left or Lose

On Undermining the President At War:

This is a Christian Nation!

Kick Ann Coulter! Nominate for Top Three Conservative Idiots

"I Am Sullied": Suicide Before Dishonor in Occupied Iraq

PNAC Plan (our version)

Some thoughts on the Tookie Williams case

Will we be seeing nasty threads about these Democrats as well? I doubt it

Let's put together a test Dem party platform to see what we all agree on.

Back to the same old, same old. Guess enough Democrats got to Dean.

Video from CNN with Dean this morning....I feel less discouraged.

Condi Rice has become an absurd figure....

I'VE HAD IT!!! So called Democratic leaders can go to HELL

Wes Clark thread.

NPR: John Kerry Lays Out Plan for Iraq Pullout

DU Congressman Pomeroy and tell him to "Shut Up"

We need volunteers to help with Campaign Underground 2006!

LA Protest Vigil, Sat Dec 17, 6pm

Mr 2134,

Why is owning a small still illegal in America

Great slam on Condi - editorial from KC paper

I need some ammo

And Without a Number,,,(2134)

11:15 p.m. December 8, 1980. RIP John.

Who Will Toby Keith Vote For?

Hi Mr. O'Reilly

I miss Bluebear

Ogre to Slay? Outsource It to Chinese - NYT

US, UN condemn Iranian leader's Holocaust comments

Many of our Founding Fathers hated Christmas...Those rat bastards

Evidence that Barak Obama is a good person and good politician:

SFPD Officers Suspended - Videos

The government men in masks who terrorize Iraq

Have you seen the movie "Mississippi Burning"?

A little therapy with some filmmaking software, and a warped outlook

It's official: The credit card companies are getting desperate!

Getting the job you want: Volunteer

John and Yoko meet Pierre Trudeau, Dec 23, 1969

Pinter uses Nobel talk to accuse West of war crimes

BREAKING NEWS ON GNN! They caught them! And what rebels they are...

And now.....a note from Kansas

Eyewitness: " I NEVER heard the word BOMB"

Conyers: Patriot Act Update

Do you endorse strategic voting?

To seize back the agenda, Bush grabs the bullhorn (Russ Feingold

Some people get millions for fucking up royally.

NYT: Qaeda-Iraq Link U.S. Cited Is Tied to Coercion Claim

Commercial airplane rolled off the runway

Am I her bitch?

So I googled sugar cookies and found boobies instead

Well, here's a silly waste of time email I received today...

Who is this?

Has anyone ever been to New Guinea?

ME, in a monkey suit!

DU Lounge! Most cohesive gathering of Democrats anywhere!

Name the band (if you please)

So how much snow are you expecting, or have gotten with this storm?

Has anyone ever stolen your cart at a store?

For my birthday tommorrow I'm going to see "Syriana"

I am no longer stunned by incompetence

DS1 with the best damn thread of the day again!

Italian Lawmakers to Consider Porn Tax

Playmobile....good or bad?

Best Versions of Holiday Songs - What Are Your Favorites?

How many of you buy from Alchemy Gothic of England?

I got called a Lesbian today - was I supposed to be offended?

Name a movie that is definitely overrated.

Anyone ever goof around with a site called "dfilm"

Bush flip flops

obviously what Rice wanted people to hear

Coulter cut short a speech at UConn amid boos and jeers

Rice puts her big foot in her big mouth ...

Your opinion of Former Sen. Fritz Hollings?

Pelosi caves in again!

Ok, let's brainstorm a good DNC response ad to the "White Flag"

House passed $95 billion in tax cuts, while cutting programs to help poor

House Minority leader did good today in a bleak day for us all

Is the DLC desperate or just stupid?