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Archives: December 7, 2005

JP Morgan outsourcing office jobs to India

President Bush stands up for American workers


Flyin' high

JOSHUA FRANK: Bird-Dogging Hillary Clinton --The Antiwar Movement Steps Up

Fred & Ethel, drug-plan shills

"I Am Sullied"

War Crimes made easy: Asia Times

If it's Not Torture, Then it's OK To Use it on Cheney

My LTTE - Don't "DeLay" Start Of '06 Legislative Session!

Doves could destroy Hillary's '08 hopes

With new legislation, Ohio Republicans plan holiday burial for American De

Did TIME Burn a Source?

House Dems' Staggering Work of Incomprehensible Stupidity



US author lauds suicide bombers

Watching Human Rights Watch - Open Letter to Kenneth Roth,

House Dems' Staggering Work of Incomprehensible Stupidity- Sirota

(Bloomberg) Wolfowitz's New Job Turning Him Into Iraq War's Invisible Man

Bush is turning out to be a bad liar: Paul Mulshine

Democrats Fear Backlash at Polls for Antiwar Remarks

Bush AWOL on war on X-mas

A Photo Editorial of "War is Kind"

Dowd pegs Rice as weasel, sycophant, liar, loser.


MOGAMBO GURU: 'America; A Nation Of Morons!'

Harold Pinter's Nobel acceptance speech: video and text

20 questions about impeaching a vice president

Michael Reagan: Dean 'Should Be Hung'

Consumer borrowing way down.

Mogambo Guru: "We are Doomed"

YUCCA MOUNTAIN: DOE doubles rural rail cost estimate

Ozone Hole May Persist Two Decades Longer Than Projected - LA Times

2005 Likely Stormiest, Hottest And Costliest Year On Record - SMH

Whoop-dee-fucking-doo - US Agrees To "Clean Coal" Prototype Power Plant

What wax do you use for grass?, Yukon skiers ask

James Hansen - Maybe Ten Years Left For Last Chance To Reduce Emissions

Romney is said to plan limits on polluter funds (Pollute but pay fee)

US Rejects Watered-Down Proposal To Even Discuss Post-Kyoto Plan

Earth Approaching Limits Of Arable Land

Florida professor acquitted on key count of aiding Islamic Jihad

Jihad slams PA for arresting members

No action taken on W. Bank outposts

Hamas West Bank chief urges all factions to hold their fire

Militant group vows to avenge Gaza killing of senior leader

Dispute keeps Security Council from condemning Netanya attack

Last-ditch bid to clear obstacle to Israel joining Red Cross-Haaretz

The IDF rules in the hospitals, too

Take a look at this demolition video.. the building remains standing..

Village Voice cover story: 9/11 questions including demolition, WTC7

Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - So remember this:

911: Col. Nelson, Nila Sagadevan, and E. Hufschmidt talk about the 911 lie

 9/11 Special -  Dutch Television  Documentary

Village Voice cover story: serious questions remain about 9/11

Congress to investigate Able Danger

C-130's wing survives hitting building

Heir spending fortune on 9/11 theory

63 versus 11

80% of Military Voted or Tried To -(Simpler Absentee Balloting)

Bradblog: Potential securities fraud class action lawsuit against Diebold

Humboldt Sentinel-Doubt cast on security of local elections (GAO/GuvWurld)

Judge allows lawsuit challenging adequacy of Ohio election system

Mary Pallant for Congress

Guv hospitalized for several hours

State GOP calling Arnie on the carpet!!

Quick Legal Question

Native or no?

This weeks Civic Skinny 12/.07/.05

Vilsack going after cigarette tax again

William Weld -- what's the story?

Minnesota Grandmothers 'enlist' to protest 'an evil war'

Greg Hanson's new page. Pawlenty unplugged.

Security and Beer Roundtable

can anyone recommend a viable two way firewall

Help! My mom's machine needs to be rebooted

Firefox 1.5 and MS Wireless keyboard Zoom slider

Help please, how do I find out where a message came from (ISP?)

Sherrod Brown on MSNBC on the war--see the video

Democrat sets up legal defense fund in Hagan lawsuit against GOP

Senator Max Cleland to endorse Charlie Wilson for the 6th Ohio

Anonymous anti-Strickland letter

ODP chair race is really getting ugly

Is Vilma Luna running for district court?

DART Nazis arrest father for... JAYWALKING! - Observer

In the weird file: Dealey Plaza, streets closed after device found

Garland, TX Ford Dealer Jerry Reynods: Pushed Ford over Bigotry cliff

Winter Weather!

So, are there any thoughts out there on TDP chair candidates?

Is there a support group for SBC customers?

Do You Think Socialism Would Work In the U.S.?

Do You Think Socialism Would Work In the U.S.?

Well, Foxnews Hit A New Low Today

Couple of facts about the War on Terror and Al Queda...

NBC Brian Williams:Bush admin has right to buy media coverage

Anyone here over 50 who remembers the song "Happy Holidays?"

Are you a yankee or a rebel-take the test.

Preserve the right to Habeas Corpus, Stop the Graham Levin amendment now!!

Walmart parody - pretty funny

Storm Aid excludes casinos, liquor stores, golf courses, racetracks

Spokane Mayor Recalled

Bush Lights the Merry Christmas Candles, Is Dazzled by the LIght --->>>

(Bloomberg) Wolfowitz's New Job Turning Him Into Iraq War's Invisible Man

Nuclear Weapons? I will get creamated for this, GOP paper

Another GOP Closet Gay Hypocrite Bites the Dust!

This jerkoff Colbert ain't on our side

Definition of victory in Iraq won't matter unless we insist on one now

Does anybody here how the Sandanistas

film students and filmmakers....i have a question

What's a C130 doing in the Iranian army????

Why would some of the rw celebrate the recent Canadian

OMG Did I really miss Glover Norquist

today's toles

Is Janeane Garofalo still filming "The West Wing?"

Heterosexuals have rights too

Wayne Madsen? Whats the deal?

Where does Michael Savage get off being called Dr. Savage by his callers?

Is there a place on the web to find out military deployments?

Here's a link to Dean's interview in San Antonio the other day.

Can Saddam hold up the trial by refusing to go to court?

RE:Rigoberto Alpizar, Was The Shooting Justified Or Was It Over Agressive?

Bush Vows to Liberate Arab Dictatorships, Pick Up Pointers

Everythingsxen is making matzoh ball soup for me

Honor? The bushes like so much to talk about "honor" which they pair with

Is America a Fascist State?

when every last Iraqi is dead, is that Victory?

Lee Hamilton: maybe I misunderstood or maybe he misspoke

Honor? The bushes like so much to talk about "honor" which they pair with

9-11 report card -- new toon 12/7/05

Hey Bush.... CHRISTMAS IN IRAQ is waiting for you...go sit your pompous

Question About Bush's Iraqi Intentions.

Mother Jones Magazine Criticizes America’s Charitable Habits

A question/observation about war brides in Iraq.

what's * been doing lately?making video with his be on CBS this

Saudi justice - an eye for an eye

Many in Europe think that Condi Rice is a damn torturing liar

"50 Years After Bus Boycott, MLK's Path Not Yet Taken"

"Greatest Generation? Here’s Our Chance to Rise to the Occasion"

Tens of thousands mistakenly put on terrorist watch lists.

"Another Bright Shining Lie"

I Think This Repuke "VICTORY IN IRAQ" Message Will Backfire on Them....

Orange County results.

apparently the American Revolution was all in vain.

the Henry Jackson Society (british version)

Neil Cavuto: bigger pervert than O'Reilly?

Breaking new****** termites have been discovered crawling

"Ministers Discuss Crisis Facing Muslims" No, really. Sad, sad little California

"Don Ho Recovering From Stem Cell Procedure"

Too funny! :^D "Brand X"

c-span2 repeating katrina victims testimony. n/t

Scientists discover new element...

German sues ex-director Tenet of CIA for kidnap and torture

"Al Sharpton wants his own sitcom"

"If it's Not Torture, Then it's OK To Use it on Cheney"

Bush Administration and the GOP - Hypocrites!

WP: Rove's "liberal elite" lawyer, Robert Luskin

Does Bush wear shoe lifts?

missing girl's convicted kidnapper has throat cut in prison breakfast line

Democratic "Disarray" - Part 3 (WaPo goes after Democrats)

My oh my

"Food Crisis Feared as Fertile Land Runs Out"

Is your child resoundingly average?

Feeding tubes get pulled quite often

Dowd Trashes Condi & Hillary & Mentions Bill (NYT)

Ford to cut 10 more plants, fire 25-35,000 workers

Kansas religious professor beaten after mocking Christian 'fundies'

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Indecent Proposal (Ted Stevens gets it good)

US presses Russia on Iran missile deal - Russia hits back at US criticism

Carper supports gradual withdrawal.


Stephanie Miller mentioned DU today (and just had me on the air)

How Can Saddam Be Tried for Torture if Cheney Wants Authority To Do It???

Wingnut talk show host calls Katrina

WTO Trade Reform Promises Broken, ‘Development Round’ Turned on Its head

Should Alcatraz be re-opened?

Just another reason why NOT to buy a Ford!

SAN FRANCISCO: Global warming action today-Pelosi, Supes, giant redwoods!

Streisand refuses Kennedy Center honors while Shrub squatter-rights in WH

You Bet Your Life - The Corporate Crime Quiz

"Clean Election violators face $50,000 penalty"

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! n/t

"More of Third World Fit for Wind Power: UN Study"

"Military Kids See The Nutcracker With Bush"

Flyin' high

Wal-Mart founder and Poppy Bu$h

How many members of the Bush Administration are needed?

Clark's NYT Op-ed

The R House is back in session and they've all been imbibing happy juice

Compassionate Conservative

Fitzmas: Is Ralston still at the White House?

Will Delay and Duke share the same cell ?

I just want to say I support Howard Dean, End the War Now!

I'm having a peaceful Christmas.

Great morning show - regularly makes fun on O'Liely in... Salt Lake City!!

springer just called the race between mccain and clinton

Why does Bush hate Christmas? Wingnuts Respond to WH Xmas Card!

Luskin used conversation with Ms. Novak as a tool in defense strategy

Any guesses? What's Fitz up to today in front of the Grand Jury?

Quote of the Day: "Put Christ back into the war planning!"

We're in a war DU - fighting this battle on a daily basis - Lets blast em

Is it because I hate him so much

Little Lord PissyPants joined the War on Christmas! Happy Holidays card

What Iraq is REALLY Like - from a Marine Corporal

This whole "War on Christmas" thing...

Happy Sparkle Season question for Pittsburgh

Village Voice cover story: serious questions remain about 9/11

"Ford Motor Company" = "Mormon Pod Factory" (Truth in Anagrams)

Did * take Howard Dean's bait on Iraq?

"...A "coherent " plan from such an "incoherent" policy?

Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - So remember this:

Hmm... Al Qeada #2 calls for attacks on oil sites... crude goes up $0.66..

if bush wants to convince the american people, why not appear before them?

House Dems now regret their ‘yes’ votes on Iraq

Philippine News Reporting that Susan Ralston Has Left the WH


India doesn't need long range strategic bombers for Pakistan. WTF?

*'s speech - photos

Anyone want to help me argue against "the surplus never existed"?

When you break something in a store . . .

Simple question about the politics of speaking out against the war

Why did the Republicans discard the Powell Doctrine

Business Etiquette question: Is it OK to fax...

haven't heard from Bin Laden

MSNBC: Should the White House card say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christma

December 7, 1941, A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Could we have fought WWII with an all-volunteer Army ?


Iran Plans Atomic Reactor in Restive Oil State---

Franken will be talking to Becky Lourey today

If we couldn't wake the Bush supporters up by now, isn't it futile to try?

Enough of this love-in: Bush was a compassionate conservative too - UK

"Ignore Africa at Your Peril, Think Tank Warns Bush"

new al qaeda tape just released!

Bill Bennett scolds the public for their flagging war support

Howard Dean's murky record on the flag burning amendment

Housing Slowdown May Claim 800,000 Jobs

Isn't it about time for one of those RawStories breaking hard?

I was warned that the commies would take over this country.

Universal Health Care should include wellness

Chickenhawk Cheney Hands Out the Purple Hearts ---pix->>>

Scoobie Davis: Exclusive: Bill O'Reilly Confronted about "War on Xmas"

Chris Matthews Positively Gushes over McCain and it Makes me Sick

Confusion over possible Canadian plane crash

streaming AAR listeners

Faldwell and Robertson got some 'splainin' to do

Barbour's relatives secured no-bid contracts awarded in Katrina's wake

Expect *'s approval #'s to be in the single digits, why because of the WOC

are YOU a registered Dem?

I've hit Scandal Overload today-the other day I saw a post by

Time to try out a new political trick I'm working on (The Reverse Scanlon)

GOP: "Neither Iraq nor the scandals are a problem for 2006"

RAW STORY gets Vanity Fair piece on JUDY MILLER

All Who Say We Must "Stay the Course" In IRAQ Must Go to Iraq

Anyone hear about a plane crash in Canada??? (Toronto Star)

Since when is TIME magazine a subscription only?

Revote at Hardblogger - Kerry 74% President AWOL 26%

BREAKING: FORD agreed to pull support for GLBT events

Have we been scammed?

Former Congressman's Bribes Put on Display (Cunningham)

Why don't most people care about the criminal OIL motive for the Iraq War?

Finally Lieberman criticizes the President

Did Bush just tacitly admit that Iraq IS another Vietnam?

New Poll: Should Christmas be returned to the president's holiday greeting

like members of some religions who refuse to see the need for medical

AUDIO:Interview with Sander Hicks, 'The Big Wedding'. (O. Diamondback)

The Chimperor Speaks

Life is TOUGH, so raise your kids to be TOUGH.

What's with the blank page at Dailykos??

Jack Reed: "Complete victory's a nice slogan, but what does it mean..."

CHENEY: Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day

Former President Carter Doubts U.S. Military Will Ever Leave Iraq

San Antonio's WOAI says Dean interview being heard around the world.

Murtha Live on MSNBC Currently

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing coming (it's now 12:26 eastern)

Why I would vote for Hillary.

I bet the country is getting "Bush fatigue" after so many speeches of

Has Bush made a speech about rebuilding New Orleans?

AF Pilots on CNN-how we support our troops

How long?

Are the energy companies pricing themselves out of the market?

"House Calls" on Link TV.. a must see..

Plutonian Over Miami (Moon Over Miami)

You're FUBAR, George ---pix->>>

bush is a shitty salesman with a shitty product that no one wants

Newsweek: Bush's claim to candor is a casualty of the Iraq war

Omar Shariff calls a valet at a restaurant a "Stupid Mexican"

If the thugs steal the '06 election, would you leave the country?

My first pathetic attempt...

Where's Karl Rove?

Bin Laden--"Icon of Al-Qaeda"--Goure of the Lexington Inst.????

DeLay tactic? Does the HOUSE usually take the month of January off?

Gibson Plans Holocaust Miniseries....He better be VERY careful with this,

About that MSM.

When will it be OK to declare an uprising against the Right?

Did any of you guys see Bob Beckel's slap down

CNN BREAKING NEWS! Air Marshal fires weapon on a plane

One of these things is not like the others ---pix->>>

Ford and GM have declared war on Christmas

Dec. 7th- Pearl Harbor Day

The Katrina hearings let out some good information about Fed procurement

What is the so-called "Homosexual Agenda"?

I would like to ask a general favor of everyone

Michal Reagan death threats Howard Dean("Dean should be 'taken out'")

Bummed... James Bummed... INTERNATIONAL TOP-SECRET

Dr. Phil is being sued for fraud.

Michael Schiavo joins the fray

I can't watch or listen, Chimpy talking about NoJoe's mojoe

"FITZ taking new evidence:Bob Novak Can't Commit to Anything"

GALLOP: Journalists Still Better Than Lawyers

Just as I suspected. Nothing about the Katrina hearing today.

Murtha is speaking live now.....spanking the neo-cons

Who is dividing the Democratic Party more : Lieberman or Dean?

Alert! Critical Day for Bauen Hotel Workers

German Official Told of Abduction in '04

Bush speech today: Najaf? Mosul? We did a halfass job and we're proud.


Is the momentum fading again?

Michael Schiavo comming up on Ed Schultz

'Tis the Season....

Breaking Sports News: Oregon rejects Holiday Bowl bid

Colorado senators to fight Pombo's public land garage sale

6 Republican Congressmen not tied to Delay / Abramoff Scandal

The Power of 2857 (the bus that Rosa Parks rode into history)

Most Voters Want a Democratic Congress...

Fundies go nuts over lack of 'Christmas' on White House Holiday Card

Pay off your school loans...the govt can now take your SS checks-

American Airlines flight 924 from Columbia...gun fired..plane landed

Senator Ben Nelson is stabbing Murtha in the back!!!

An Urgent...Must...

I have a question regarding the whole "War on Christmas" dilema....

Navy introduces ‘coinless’ slots at some base casinos

How much longer will MSM milk the Air Marshall shooting story?

Another Poll to DU for Dean on Freeper site - lets rock em

Freepers, I am going to tell you why I don't like your version of the US:

Can someone help decipher this story re. Rove and his atty, V Novak, TIME?

Lets have a very right wing Christmas.

Microsoft Access (puke) question

Dealey Plaza, streets closed after device found ( rat in an exercise ball)

What's the Joke, Turdblossom? ---pix->>>

Laura Ingraham re: Katrina hearing witness: "Will she be at the Oscars?"

Rove sighting

Michael Reagan: Dean 'Should Be Hung'

Climate of corruption spreads to even Barney

I Wish

Susan Ralston quit Rove's office, went to Commerce >>>

Let's Out-Christmas the Christians!

Murtha: Another $100 billion for Iraq War (transcript)

The Gun Industry, By the Judges's Number's

did bush really almost say September 11 during a Dec 7 speech?

Murtha on the difference between terrorism and insurgency

What the hell is wrong with Sam Johnson?

What are the odds the Cable News Whores Have The Plane Shooting All Wrong?

TPM: Cillizza reveals how WaPo editors' "balance" bug is a kind of bias

Caption Laura

If not Murtha then who?

Bwahahaha...George Bush leading the war on Christmas.....

Plame investigation costs 4 minutes and 27 seconds

I'm interested in buying a portable DVD player, so what should ...

So has B*sh given us the order yet to not look at the shooting in Miami

Are Progressive Issues More Complex than Conservative Issues?

"Become Republican" - Hilarious

Ford and Target not hatefull enough toward Gays to suit fundies.

jerkoff O'Reilly ain't on our side

MERRY CHRISTMAS? (email i just received)

Bald faced liars and corporate sell-outs.

Graffiti Hackers use Text-message projectors, Paintball printers.

Put Christ Back Into Our War Planning,

I need yall to do something for me

thank you Europe

you can burn a flag but you can't torture a terrorist, what a country

How will the airlines view today's events from a business standpoint?

Doesn't The Holidays Include The New Year As Well, Not Just Christmas

CNN tried hard to link Air Marshall shooting suspect to terror groups.

Will there be a full video of the Murtha speech?

Take the Cash out of Christmas, and you have

Some Megachurches Closing for Christmas

$225 billion and counting for Iraq . . . Could your town use that money?

Bernie Kerrick says the shooting was completely justified.

So we lost the Special Congressional Election in the CA 48th district

Why is it ok to kill killers, but not ok to torture torturers?

Scotty explains what "victory" is:

Hmmm. CNN is fascinated with video of a carry-on bag exploding.

Russ Feingold ON RANDI NOW

Cindy Shehan;

Rice Compares Work to Love

Hooray for Randi....she took up for Dean, called out the others.

Contact Info for Rep Murtha...let him know we support him

secret abduction and rendition : old nazi technique

Jellyfish terrorists?

RE: There have been no attacks SINCE 9/11 claim

MSM at it again. wall-to-wall coverage of stupid airline shooting. n/t

CSpan3: Katrina hearings re-broadcast. Second panel will be coming up.


Self-Righteous People Shoving Crap Down Our Throats Are Dumber Study Shows

Over The Hedge Movie, a story about the bush years?

Hooray for the rapid response to Bush from the Dems today!!

Show the bag, show the bag, show the bag being blown up. Please

So this is what the M$M has been reduced to?

Assume for the moment that Osama Bin Laden is an Islamic

Is ALL the lugguge going to be blown up? msnbc

How Many Times Can They Replay Blowing up a Suitcase Full of Underwear?

Louisiana's 'Islenos' Torn Apart by Katrina

Racism cost lives, N.O. evacuees say

Important question on H.R. 550 and paper trails. I've got a concern.

Just saw this post on another board to which I post re theocracy in the US

Photo of Murtha from his news conference today.

McClellan: Oil money not for rebuild

is Randi's final hour always freeper hour?

Tom Tommorow nails it again!

So are we killing ourselves here

You know really...aren't you sick of PANIC TV! Why do we need blow by

Darling of the Reichwing anti-Academics is a FRAUD!!!

The United States... of India.

Christian Peacemaking Team members still held hostage

News Hour tonite: Lying POS James Kunder, USAID...

Please define "markedly"

Former Boy Scout executive sentenced to eight years in child porn case

US military continues Iraq media propaganda operation despite probe

A thought on turning the world into the USA way of life.

The Thing I don’t understand about the shooting in Miami

WAPO: Rep. Murtha Holds a News Conference (transcript)

WTF is the news on Murtha's News Conference? I can't find it

Kos reporting that Corzine will select Rep. Menendez as his successor

Terminator Faces GOP Revolt & Mel Gibson?

world news tonight - all about the goodness of our wars - did * pay them

Karl Rove Politicizes Hurricane Katrina Response

DNC: Texans Don't Trust DeLay; 49% would vote for an unnamed Democrat

My plan to save U.S. industry

Oh, brother...

My anti-Lieberman LTTE gets published in a Repub newspaper in CT

Ken Mehlman's email re: Alito

Is dailyKos site down? It's not working for me. eom

Is Karl Rove the Lucky Winner of an Indictment? (TPM)

Has Anne Coulter said anything about the Christmas thing?

Brigades' Deployment May Be Canceled: "early step toward drawdown"?

Good god! Where's Amnesty international?! Hussein getting bad smokes

Why I'm a Democrat: anyone remember BEOG?

Wesley Clark supports a flag-burning amendment

Family Guy and Our President

CBS News Poll: Kerry would defeat Bush if election were held today

Saddam trial: Tinfoil hat corner

Does anyone know how the Colbert Report is doing?

CBS changes poll headline from Bush ratings "Jump" to "Bump" up

Bush approval rating 40% BWAAAAAAAAHAHAH

Watching the clip of the * and Lieberman kiss reminds me of The Godfather

Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

Christmas Wish Thread

Bush is pining for national unity like when Pearl Harbor & 9-11 happened.

No global warming: We're in a "cycle"

I'm so proud...

The Crucifixion. would THAT qualify as torture?

Ever get the feeling that RW'ers are out of control?

Jellyfish terrorists?

Republican (Schiavo) launches PAC to fight Republicans

Lawrence O'Donnell: Rove’s Lawyer an on-the-Record Liar

Corporate reputation survey results are in

Wise words from a man named Lotayef

Iraqi Surgeon-'During Operations, Doctors Were Shot at by US Soldiers'

Bush approval rating up to 40% in new CBS News poll

Juan Cole rips "looney left"


Watching FALX NEWS, No wonder they watch it...

You ever notice that it is the Freaky Fundies that threaten the Rethugs

Letting my mind wondering around today, I came to the...

This a.m. on AAR heard that Paddy back in front of G.J. today, why nothing

Did anyone hear Bush tapping his foot during his speech today?

Where Did This: "John Kerry Calls US Soldiers Terrorists"...

(TOON) Mr Lieberman, the donkey would like a word

This story kind of flew under the radar today >> U.S. aware of Iraqi abuse

Howard Stern defends Howard Dean (AUDIO) +AAAAAA

Come on! Part 2 of Couric/Stern on KO. This sucks

'the democrats don't have a plan for victory'

the treasure of baghdad is having quite a time in nyc

White House Christmas Decorations

Robert Scheer: Republicans have lost high moral ground

Newsweek: Air Safety: Cockpit Smoke Concerns

Why They Are Hypocrites. My Favorite Passage From The Bible

OMG. Literally.

I'll bet you $100 that "shooting in Miami" = "shooting in London."

The 4 Headed Monkey Wrench: Why the WH Has Lost Its Media Lockdown

LA Daily News: Gay film a test for industry

My friend's daughter stuck in Iraq

My, my,my...Annie Coulter really is a beyatch!

Rush "Ass Cyst" Limbaugh Attacks Vietnam Vet

Bushes' 'holiday' cards... Christian conservatives wage war !!!

No Love for Frist

I saw some anti-war protesters today.

Why DO liberals hate Christmas, freedom, the flag...

Mark Warner calls for win in Iraq...wants Bush to lay out milestones.

Notice the new gop talking point: jr's poll numbers are UP!

Dear "Protectors of Christmas"

Bush pet McCain Rove-ly attacks Murtha's mind and age

"Suit Decries New Secrecy in Government"

I Detest Poppy-loving Gloria ESTEVAN n/t

Great idea from Planned Parenthood

Charge to cell phone-Mobilemessager Trivia: I can't get it off my bill

BLM plans to triple annual herbicide use in western states!

Iraq could lose us races in 06' folks...we need to be realistic and smart.

Pets Needing Help

New post at Dear Leader's Daily Thought...

Not to beat a dead horse---re; 9/11

Steve Bell:" No More Punch and Judy"

Two in the head, Christmas is dead...

How does "Plan for Victory" come AFTER "Mission Accomplished"

Skinny Fascist

Gettin' High Off the Fumes of Bullshit-From the Rude Pundit

I am going to become an active supporter of the Counter-Recruiters

* is speaking thru an exciter. No doubt. Besides the foot taps

Yo, Deaniacs. I was told that Dean had a way of getting himself on CNN

House Dems slamming Repukes on CSPAN

Well, just when I thought I'd start flying again

Rice assures Europe that, with respect to torture, the adminstration

Harry Reid is about to receive a lot of negative calls (GOP email alert)

If Fitzgerald didn't think he had a case would he still present to a new

Pearl Harbor

What's missing from the White House Christmas card? Christmas.

Kissinger: U.S. Should Stay in Iraq for Now

Free market Milton Friedman was full of BS. -have ya seen this?

Freeper Racism on Display on My Blog

Viveca Novak to give sworn deposition to FITZ tomorrow

AshKKKroft Goes To Las Vegas!

Frightened for my son who is flying home on the holidays

I had a panic attack on a Plane and bolted before take off. I'd be dead

Media Fell Short in Covering 9/11 'Report Card' --- E & P

Who is the worst Traitor in American History?

White Trash Christmas

Hey, Lieberman!

The guy that got shot on the plane... mentally ill, I gather.

Left Coaster Latest Bombshell:WMDgate: Fixing Intell Around Policy

Would you put a GPS chip in your child?

Republican fesses up to blog ID raid

How bright does your hatred burn?

Don Ho Recovering From Stem Cell Procedure

Which is Saddam Hussein's first name, Saddam or Hussein?

What makes this incident even sadder for Rigoberto's wife

Anyone watch Law & Order (Criminal Intent) tonight? It was full of

Any friends of Bill W. here at DU?

Bi-Polar Guy Shot Dead On Airplane/ Innocent Brit Shot Dead In Tube

Harold Pinter wins Nobel Prize - Criticizes Bush and Blair

'TOONS for Wednesday... ENJOY!

Bizarre Winger Theory: Movie tix slumped because Hollywood is too left!

BBC: "US says N Korea 'criminal regime' "- new US ambassador to S. Korea's

Want proof Wikipedia is crazy? Have you seen the DU page?

Anyone know any good websites about being a surrogate

The cultural creative class makes up about 30% of the US economy

Lighting Up May Dumb Smokers Down

VIDEO-US Does Not Do Torture or Rendition (El-Masri)

Farm workers' poor driving skills threaten road safety

Question for those who track network/cable news,

Fox Guest Says ABC News Is “Killing American Soldiers”

Microsoft to invest $1.7 billion in India

Need Advice -- Considering Rejoining the Army as an Officer

Wife of man killed at Miami airport says he was bipolar

The Male Face of Journalism

Interesting Village Voice cover story

FITZY: He's Baaaaack before grand jury today with lots of briefcases

Where/ when did Murtha speak today (response to Chimpy's speech)?

Why Must the PUGS always YELL!!!!!!

Plastic "gift cards" aren't perfect gifts ... except to the sellers

Who put this crap Barney/Beazley tape together

The Miss Beasley video challenge.

Fundamentalists mad at Bush for wording of holiday card

Looking for work? You might try in your area!

Consumer Borrowing Down in Oct. by $7.2B - must read!


Michael Schiavo starts PAC to combat fundie Pukes

"How the ACLU Didn't Steal Christmas"

Christmas Light Display Shut Down

Read a profound sentence in the book Fury by Salman Rushdie

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION MEME: connect it to core GOP ideology

Washington State smoking ban begins tomorrow

The 'Conspiracy' Art of Mark Lombardi

People knowledgeable about animals. Found a feather-like thing

While I don't believe she's a man, she really does have an Adam's Apple.

Hastert delays 06 Session of House to Help Delay Return to Leadership

War against Humanity -- who owns it?

AIPAC Blasts Bush on Handling of Iran

Donor network has right to refuse organs from homosexuals

Billboard in WV: "Anti-God is Anti-American. Anti-American is Treason."

Study finds hundreds of toxic chemicals in umbilical cords of newborns

Jr making speech on cspan right now

Election Fraud News Summary -- Hot items from Raw Story & BradBlog

if you could wave a magic wand and replace Bush with...

Conservatives miffed by Bush `holiday' card

Murtha responds to Lieberman - ALLRIGHT!!!!

Getting rid of income, tax payroll tax and replace with sales tax?

Shooting People On Airplanes

Not merely 'Merry' or 'Happy' - my wish for all of us ...

New Witness in DeLay-Abramoff Scandal (Dailykos)

You people need to learn the phrase "Reject the Premise"

Give 'em Hell, John Murtha! ----pix->>>

Could Christian Peacemaker Team Hostage Taking Be A Black Flag Op?

Amazingly moronic email I got today

Brutal comic by Pat Oliphant today

Marksmen boycott Target for not advertising a specific target


Ohio Republicans plan holiday burial for American Democracy

Dear Gov Dean -- Bush knows he's lying ...

"Gates: Microsoft to Invest $1.7B in India"

DNC: Republicans are cherry picking Governor Dean's words

Since when is banning smoking a liberal thing to do?

Since when is smoking a liberal thing to do?

HOWARD STERN on with Bill O'Really tonight -- Faux News

IT'S HAPPENING !!! ------- Diebold being sued in CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!!

"Merry fuckin' Christmas. Happy?"

Carnival of the Liberals #1 is here

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Hoe Down

Junior has created a monster that's coming to eat him. (ROTFLMAO!)

I almost got hit by tonnes of burning sulphur today.

NYS Green Party SUPPORTS Optical Scan Voting?!

She-Bitch Coulter crying about being shouted down at rally somewhere

12/7 *** DEBATE *** Clemency hearing tomorrow; For or Against DP?

I am looking for a that picture of George Sr and Barbara at the ballgame

Well, well, well...the DLC had their own conference same time as DNC

This whole thing about Christmas is getting out of hand

Judy Miller sleeps with the fish, err Aspin...

What's going on with's website?!

Check out this article I had to read for my Holocaust class.

MUST READ ARTICLE: David Cross to Larry the Cable Guy

DU Group Suggestion: Ban Everything Group

BREAKING: Military Will Request $100B For Iraq Next Yr Murtha Reveals

American Democracy – Is it real, or Orwellian?

Wes Clark answered bloggers questions is what he said.

I need suggestions for a campaign fundraiser; home buffet.

Which animals are OK to hunt?

Let me guess, they shot the bipolar man and found NO bomb...

Bush/Cheney/PNAC wars and chaos are a no "WIN" for anyone.

Our next president should be:

It happened again, this time with a bell ringer. War on Christmas

Are you seeing more homeless people ..`

"Able Danger" as Public Service - P.2

Where are the lefty bloggers when the chairman gets death threats?

Revote at Hardblogger poll - Kerry 74% President AWOL 26%

OMG everyone NEEDS to watch this!! Zombie GIs, stolen election...

Thanks for the Memories

Pulitzer's Legacy : The Decline of Print in America

Nobel Prize Winner Harold Pinter Brands Bush & Blair "War Criminals"

Invasion of Iraq, was an act of terrorism by US - Pinter

For the Holidays-XM radio deals

Nobelist blasts USA in Stockholm

Attacking Christmas. . .hehehe

Anyone have any advice about Anonymizer?

Buttermilk biscuit attempt #27.

Silly mashed potato question:

Flavoring large cuts of lamb

I need to make food gifts for all the shifts I work with, and need HELP

I need suggestions for a campaign fundraiser; home buffet.

Well-its time for fruit cakes again

Rick Mercer will give election runner-up a free X-Box!

Harper gets it right

Repuke spokane mayor RECALLED! too bad we cant do the chimp

Branson reveals frequent-flyer space plan

Clemency bid to include claims of errors in trial

Man sues CIA over torture claims

8 times, Al-Arian hears 'Not guilty' (Ashcroft fails again)

Don Ho Recovering From Stem Cell Procedure

Pgh P-G: Casey faults Santorum over (Virginia based AJS) ads

US Senate urges Govt to join global warming talks

Losing the Battle for European Hearts and Minds

Al-Jazeera admits Bin Laden error

Maduro announces legislation for Chávez' rule until 2030

House Won't Consider Guest Worker Program

House Bill Likely to Contain Torture Ban

CIA 'emptied secret jails' before Rice Europe trip

NYT/AP: Pulitzer Rules to Allow More Online Entries

8 times, Al-Arian hears 'Not guilty' (51 counts, zero convictions)

UK cannot meet Iraq kidnappers' demands: Straw

Oxfam warns big power trade plans could harm poor

Killing the Messenger? (St. Dept. site surveying US policy coverage dead)

LAT: Republican Tops Border Activist (Minuteman) in O.C. (CA) Election

(Royal) Marines injured by friendly fire (in 2003)

Ford's fix-it plan (Up to 30,000 layoffs; at least 10 plants to close)

Bushes' 'holiday' cards ring hollow for some

WP: 80% of Military Voted or Tried To (in 2004)

Saddam refuses to appear at his trial

US rules out inhumane treatment of prisoners abroad

(luxury) Articles From (Cunningham) Graft Case to Be Auctioned (by feds)

Has Bush made a speech about rebuilding New Orleans?

WP: Mortgage Stress Seen for '06

NYT: Lines Are Drawn for Big Suit Over Sodas

NYT: (Mississippi) Governor's Relative Is Big (Katrina) Contract Winner

Al-Qaida No. 2 urges attacks on oil plants (Zawahri )

Bush to Focus on Economic Progress in Iraq

Murtha Live on MSNBC Currently

Bin Laden alive claim is from old video (al-Jazeera: broadcast by mistake)

Bush Cites `Amazing Progress' in Building Iraqi Democracy

U.S. Housing Market Seen Declining in 2006

South Africa plunges into political crisis

Oil prices climb after Al-Qaeda call for attacks on oil facilities

Shots Fired On Board American Airlines Aircraft

Angst on right over Frist

Terror suspect's Iraq kidnap plea

CIA leak prosecutor again goes before grand jury (Today!)

Shooting Is Reported on Plane at Miami Airport - NYTimes/AP

Daughter of US hostage in Iraq appeals for his life (and rebuts Rush)

Approval of Israel's Red Cross membership delayed again

Dispute keeps Security Council from condemning Netanya attack

Two given Purple Hearts

They killed him, the guy on the AA flight in Miami

Supreme Court Rules on Student Loan Case

Wolfowitz, Former U.S. Official, Says Iraq War Was Justified


Spokane Mayor recalled in Election (another rightie bites the dust)

Fitzgerald Back Before CIA Leak Grand Jury


Refrain Rises (from leaders of poor, black areas) to Call Off Mardi Gras

AP Miss. Gov. (Haley Barbour) Blames Feds for Stalled Recovery

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 7 December

Iraqi oil industry in crisis (Botched reconstruction)

Rumsfeld questions policy on preventing Iraqi abuse of detainees

Documents Shed Light on Guatemala's Past

Stripes: Ramstein officials mum about alleged CIA flights

Merkel under pressure after Rice debacle

Bush agrees mistakes made in Iraq (also cites Lieberman)

US Navy admiral investigates planted Iraq stories

State of WA to go smoke-free as of 12:01 am Dec 8

CIA leak prosecutor again goes before grand jury

House Republicans Accept McCain's Torture Ban, Officials Say

Bush speech gets cold shoulder from Pelosi

Smoking ban OKd by Chicago City Council

Judge Blocks Drilling Plan in Mich. Forest

White House's Card Denies Treasury Rumor (replacing Secretary John Snow)

Former U.S. Presidents visit New Orleans to award grants

US 'shifts' position on torture

Cherry-vanilla water buffalo ice cream (FDA pondering new ice cream rules)

Pregnant Iraqi women fearful of Baghdad's dangerous roads

(Condi) Rice compares work to love

Teen says his web company unknowingly hosted al-Qaeda videos

US military continues Iraq propaganda operation despite probe

U.S. comes under pressure at climate talks

Memo Shows Reports of Iraqi Troops' Abuse (DoD knew early this year)

Iraqi Kidnappers Extend Deadline Two Days

No "insurgents" to be found in Bush speech

New York Democrats who voted for Iraq war now seek to end it

UAW negotiator: Delphi strike "appears more likely than not"

Son of Saddam judge's bodyguard kidnapped (8 years old)

Iraq minus ‘another town’ (Hasiba destroyed, now a 'ghost city')

More U.S. SEC book-cooking actions hit Fortune 500

(Saudi King) Abdullah: Extremists Have Hijacked Islam

Congressional Black Caucus to Oppose Alito

Microsoft to hire 3,000 in India

Pinter Demands War Crimes Trial for Blair

U.N. Says Ban on Torture Becoming Casualty

Is Ralston still at the White House? (Rove’s deputy)

(UK) SAS Flight Downed By Rebels (Hercules C-130 on 1/30/05)

U.S. Treasury's Snow predicts uptick in deficit

What wax do you use for grass?, Yukon skiers ask

Sources: Units' Deployment May Be Canceled

British subjects become criminals for opposing war!

Schwarzenegger Faces Revolt in GOP (Mel Gibson for governor)

AP Rob Reiner to Stay Out of Calif. Gov Race

FEMA chief was given dire warning in 2004

Poll: Most Americans say torture OK at times

WP: Rice Acts To Clarify Policy on Prisoners

Hostage Held in Iraq Is Former Marine

Sources: Units' Deployment May Be Canceled

WP,pg1: In Dog Genome, Scientists See Man's Best Hope

Rice Clarifies U.S. Interrogation Policy

The Guardian: Court says Iraq protest is a crime

Schwarzenegger praises his old nemesis Gray Davis

AP: Michael Schiavo launches PAC

Israelis to be allowed euthanasia by machine

USA Today: Family, better jobs pull Mexicans to USA

Housing Slowdown May Claim 800,000 Jobs

Pact Signed for Prototype of Coal Plant

LABOR: Web site asks autoworkers' testimony (17 House Dems seek input)

BREAKING - UK/US/Canadian/NZ Iraq Hostage Death Deadline Extended To Sat.

NYT/AP: Consumer Borrowing Falls by Record Amount

Florida House rejects amendment to require lawmakers report gifts

Kissinger: U.S. Should Stay in Iraq for Now

(Rep. Robert ) Wexler asks court to ensure manual recounts in close races

Ex-president doubts U-S military will ever leave Iraq (Jimmy Carter)

Newsroom layoffs stifle US journalism-lobbying group (MoveOn)


Wolfowitz suggests knowing Iraq had no WMD might have put off invasion

Miss. Gov. Blames Feds for Stalled Recovery

Abuse 'widespread' in Iraqi prisons (Army Major speaks out)

Firefighting helicopters heading to Iraq in 2006 (Colorado National Guard)

Bush lacks credibility on Iraq, Murtha says

FEMA chief (Michael Brown) was given dire warning in 2004

US attacks UN official on 'jails' (BBC News)

GOP confident of an '06 mandate despite liabilities

(Tom) Ridge to FEMA critics: 'Stop whining'

New Yorkers Rally For Tookie Williams as Clemency Deadline Nears

Schwarzenegger back at work after experiencing rapid heartbeat

Debate Over Tax Cuts Centers on the Rich

Gannett to Take a Look at Knight Ridder

WP/AP: Voting Machines Under Scrutiny

Poll: Bush's Ratings Bottom Out

Court Rules Social Security Can Be Seized To Pay Student Loans

LAT: Schwarzenegger Faces Revolt in GOP (some move to draft Mel Gibson)

CNN Breaking: Shots fired on an American Airlines plane - Miami

CNN: Margaret Thatcher Hospitalized

CNN: Sources: Menendez tapped for U.S. Senate seat (New Jersey)

Iraq war was 'blatant state terrorism': Nobel laureate Pinter

How America plotted to stop Kyoto deal

Chinese police 'shoot protesters'

I missed the Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas concert

Oily Dog was rescued!!! This little victim of Katrina is safe and sound!!!

I'm a pro-crastinator is anybody else an

That's it I am pissed tonight so here is some flamebait for you

OMG, this popcorn is SPICY

Trading bubbles for corn

LMAO - the Cupcake episode of the Golden Girls is on!

I drew a picture of Heidi.

What's your favorite late night snack ?

I'm going out for snacks! Whadda-ya-wan'??

Man it takes a long time to load a new mp3 player!

in 'n out (best hamburgers, part 2)

This is what happens when the Pink Floyd Generation

If you consider me a fiend, please read this!



Would you like to read a crazy book?

Anyone Know This Dog & Where He Is?



Have you ever been mistaken for another city?

In the winter I'm a Buddhist

SYS 64738

If you could sit down


Where is fiziwig?

So I've been searching the archives for two nights..

Poll: Acid? Or Alkali?

Everythingsxen is making matzoh ball soup for me

Do you like my new sig line?

Some sad news

Let the puppies roam free

Whoo-hoo! My boss got fired!

Wednesday morning earworm

Show me mine...

Study: Marriage Makes People Sick

So how do they collect the $5 bucks?

I have a star! I have a star! On Nikolaus-day I got a star! Thank you

Student Drops Cell Phone In Toilet - Get's Hand Stuck - Rescued

Voice of God Revealed To Be Cheney on Intercom

i'm stressed....can i vent?

Wow, and after only 6 months!

Budding rap artist in Ohio kills self with pen gun

75 - 80 % of the Lounge will appreciate this pic - no caption needed!

Reach deep into your souls & psyches...

"Dirty Negro" Not Necessarily Racist Remark - Italian Court

I'm hearing all this stuff about the marketing of Narnia and a new contest

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone!

I'm amazed at how many people are dumbasses.

Help needed ... to reach the 6000

Okay it's official ------- 'TIS the season now

Have you ever been mistaken for another ethnicity?

Talk about underestimating my frailties....

Congratulations MissHoneychurch - 6000

How many members of the Bush Administration are needed?

So I saw "Land of the Dead" last night. (maybe spoilers)

Man Tries To Pay For Pizza With Deliveryman's Stolen VISA - Arrested

Things to AVOID buying for James Moore of Rutherford, NJ!

I had a crazy aunt who was half black and half Japanese

How do you deal with a boss that treats you as if you don't exist?

Bertinelli Divorcing Rocker Eddie Van Halen

dupe delete

PLEASE somebody...tell me to take my Ambien and Go to

Happy 49th Birthday to Larry Bird!

Happy 49th Birthday to Larry Bird!

In just 10 short days, I will be the owner of

Would you be offended if you received a Chia Pet for Christmas?

what should senators do to make watching c-span more interesting

Applegate and Husband File for Divorce

What does it mean when somebody posts just "..."? nt

Voice of God in Oval Office was Cheney on Intercom (

Happy 58th Birthday to Johnny Bench!

I know his is gonna be controversial

OH! The JOY! Look at what store is in one of the local malls: PERFECT GIFT

terrya made the BABY JESUS cry!

Is anyone looking for a change of career? What about buying a porn studio?

Gregg Hoffman,producer of the "Saw" movies has died at 42 years of age.

Quote thread!!

Would the world be better or worse with no Aerosmith

there is a small window of joy still open in the lounge

Strange dog behavior

Weirdest Bush yard accessory

These are the times that try men's souls

Well, that's ONE way to get the point across (pic)

So, Jennifer Aniston is suing over her boobs.

Santa Accused Of Dropping His Pants In Shopping Mall

What Constitutional amendments will the GOP push as a distraction?

Reggie and Veronica were Repubs. Archie and Betty Democrats

I just spilt clam chowder on my shirt!

I just spilt ham powder on my shirt

H.R. Pufnstuf...WTF???

What was up with the name John-John anyway?

Uncanny Parallels between Jesus and Elvis

Baby Bush Toys

For the holidays....a list of humane charities

dupe please delete

Is classic rock popular with today's Teens and Preteens?

free association

"Wellll it's a well-run campaign: broom, midget and whatnot."

what does an dyslexic agnostic insomniac do?


The E Street Channel on Sirius

If you insist on having a live person answer the phone...

Post your neglected smileys here:

Japanese Monk Busted For Growing Marijuana

Damn you Sniffa, it's all your fault!!

New drug....Comatin

School Secretary Cuts Kindergartner's Hair Without Permission (Ohio)

Ok I've got lovin in the Oven!

The idiots at Fox call it "Eerie County,New York."

Truth is stranger than fiction:

fuck fuck fuck

My first pathetic attempt...

"Amma God warrior"

17 post from 900 hundred. ask me anything

Holiday Inns boycotted by Christian Taliban.

I'm boycotting Falwell's perverted version of christmas


It's the end of the world! - Bertinelli Divorcing Rocker Eddie Van Halen

David Cross OWNS "Larry The Cable Guy" (Long Read, but worth it)

are you right or left handed?

when Warthogs attack

K-Fed's middle name is

OK - my biomechanical drawing is almost done. Here 'tis.

What's a girl like you

A Christmas card I received yesterday ===> pic ===>

Anyone here drive a Camaro?

I have a problem, it is a happy one, I think.

Find the Man

I don't feel like cooking tonight! Anyone want to volunteer?

Anybody ever been to the "Crazyboards" website?

I love "O Holy Night" b/c of all of the high notes!!

Hey you cool cats, I've got a music theory question. I can't find my books

Here's a Riddle...can you solve it?

Grammy nominations out today...has anyone heard the results?

Life is TOUGH, so raise your kids to be TOUGH.

Christian Coaliltion declares war on Holiday Inn!

It's colder than a witches tit!

Let it be KNOWN, I am now referring to everything outside NYC as the

So, college students....

So, I wanted to wish Anna a happy birthday, but I can't find when it is

i'm depressed...

Anyone have any advice about Anonymizer?

Have you seen A Christmas Carrol this year?

Anyone else give their doggies table scraps?

SD Padres trade All Star 2nd baseman for backup catcher.Loretta/Mirabelli

My daughter's American Girl doll came today!

It's colder than a Republican's heart...

Onion: Voice of God Revealed to Be Cheney

Twins Fans: Frank Thomas at DH?

Boobs on TV (Janet Jackson, Howard Stern, etc)

Breaking Sports News: Oregon rejects Holiday Bowl bid

Game Time!! Vent your frustrations!! Try it!

Sundog! (big pic--dial-up warning)

MatcomNews Update: Photographer Claims Topless Aniston Photos Were Mistake

Doc recalls fight to save Lennon

Now THIS is a funny bumper sticker...

Attention!!! - I would like to give each and every DU'er a gift this year

What is the oddest/funniest/interesting last name you've ever heard?

I have a theory/question I'd like input on...

Friday is my Quitting Day.

were you ever accused of something you didn't do?


Merkin Muffley

Which is more pathetic?

DAMMIT LSK got me again!

I whistle trained my wife's cat......


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/7/05)

This kid is funny. link to comm. on yourtube.

Hey! I Passed the 2000 Post Mark and Didn't Realize It!

I have a new kitty friend in the neighborhood


Holy shit. Cream Reunion Concert on tonight

How does your dog let you know he's hungry?

look: a witches tit

How cold EXACTLY is a witches tit?

Man sells Mary, Jesus Funyuns on eBay

For those interested; an update on my family's situation.

Disgusting ad.

Macs are the worst computers ever made.

The Two-Peckered Goat paradigm

I gave blood today.

No hay abuso de autoridad que no tenga por lo menos un idiota

I'm trying it again! Quitting Smoking! Let the games begin!

Discovery: Play Chipmunks Xmas cd just loud enough for

So what's hanging from your car's undercarriage? If anything.

For Christmas Procrastinators: Gift Idea!!!!

Mail Order Gift Ideas: For Loved Ones Far Away Or Looking For The Unusual

The #%$@ing pilot light keeps blowing out on the #%$@ing furnace

The New Evening RetroLounge Erotic Poem Thread

That new disco Target ad with the cute triplets?

Anyone here a grad student?

The box is wider

anybody interested in starting a PC Game Group..?? I'm stuck in Halo

How does your dog let you know he's horny?

Bertinelli and Van Halen to Divorce due to irreconcilable differences

Name this band and I will give you a hotdog.

HELP! Best place to buy a laptop online?

Hey, does anyone have the brazillion joke?

Things I said today subbing in high school art...

Who here can guess what my screen name refers to?

Alright ladies, give me your real opinion about tidy whiteys.

My now-destroyed 1929 house.(dial-up warning)

Yummy Ipratopium Bromide

Caption this!

Who here can guess what I'm holding in my hand?

My Christmas present to the Lounge: Jon Stewart on CrossFire

Coke to launch coffee-infused Coke Blak

Do any of you know a GOOD website to do computer virus scans online?

America's Next Top Model

I think DU is making me more argumentative

Project Runway 2 starts tonight! Yay!!!!!

I'm having "comfort food" tonight - starting with pot stickers

"F" Word Usage -- Worth a Laugh or Two.

would this be blasphemous?

if you were a superhero what would your power be?

How do you keep your pride and 'cool' in a hostile work environment?

Has anyone used one of those free IPod services?

What's your favorite book that came out in 2005?

zomby's quick afternoon hello thread

Hey, all you Lounge Lizards! Wish me luck for my band concert!

Oh my lord . . . Spanish Chocolate, namely Delaviuda is the BEST

Who would you vote for? (regarding today's shocking ft. page LAT article)

Pipes just burst across the hall...Neighbors lost all their stuff...

Kittynglish - I love my cat

What's for supper tonight?

Yogurt Pretzels

It's December, and my white azalea is still blooming in our front yard.

F*%$#! Up Family Circus

Hey, where southlandshari at tonight?

North Texas is shutting down.

I have my windows open. There's a delightful breeze.

Most poetic song lyrics

Favourite season?

I hate looking for poems on the internet.

Tonight, I ate my steaks the way they should be eaten

Captured- a great pic of a freeper at a protest rally

Progmom JimmyJazz Revcheesehead Love Thread

Has anyone else had a bad cold? How did it start? How long did it last?

Is there another purpose in life, apart from making money?

While I don't believe she's a man, she really does have an Adam's Apple.

Cops, lesson learned......

It took me FOREVER to get home

Tonight of all nights I run out of heating oil.

So what's hanging from your car's rear view mirror?? if anything.

One man bands

Well, I called my friend back... got his voicemail so I left my info.

The "It's colder here" contest, Dec. 7, 2005:

anyone else tried this?

Another reverse extreme photography contest, level 1

May I have your attention, please?

Who else hated/hates their college roommates? What should I do?

What do you use to heat your home?

I watched Cinderella Man last night

Mother of God, who would do this to a puppy???

I've been feeling sick about something I need to post in another forum.

Dear California...

Santa, Don't be a douche, what would Jesus do? (VIDEO)

I am steamed. A little boy (we're talking tiny kindergartner) had

I just wrote a 20 page paper in 15 hours...

Two 7 month old Collies

Parent question: What would you do if you were me??????

Weather forecasting enthusiasts: will I have a snow day on Friday?

Hi! What do you smoke?

My dreary day and saddest news

A Catsmas Tree Photos staring Pad Thai

Favorite John Lennon Song?

Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey (chimpy)

Do you know what I yearn for?

Lost another work colleague

What Book Are You Currently Reading And Would You Recommend It?

If you were on Charles Manson's parole board, what would you ask him?

Anyone watching Trading Spouses?

Do you use electric space heaters in the winter?

Anyone out there know what the average toe length is?

I watched Easy Rider for the first time! WTF???


?Alguien quiere hablar en espanol?

Scientific Study: Men With Big Brains Have Tiny Testicles

I have my fly open. There's a delightful breeze.

My brother was in an accident

*******MILESTONES******* 12-7

William Shatner's Greatest Role.

whos your celebrity crush?

Why do dog paws smell like Fritos?

Has anyone seen DU'er "Q" Lately? They haven't been posting...

Ok, I am tentatively planning to take the written portion of the driver's

That's "bless you" not "gesundheit", you librul atheist scum!

Furbaby needs loving thoughts tonight.

One night stands

What day of the week were you born?

Who here remembers the "old mall"?

Thanks for your help, but I lost the recipe contest.

What is the best proof that there is a God?

Battleground God - a test of rational consistency

Define your God!

What Do You Really Know About the Bible? - FFRF quiz

Jesus- the Prince of Peace and Goodwill?

MA Gov may let Catholic hospitals deny morning-after pill to rape victims

New treatment for pancreatic cancer allows life-saving surgery

Dust storms on moon

It's called Apophis. It's 390m wide. And it could hit Earth in 31 years

Perfect example why to out a Gay politician

Church takes aim at same-sex adoptions

Wal-Mart Unit Hears Gay Wedding Bells

Antigay Conservatives Threaten Major Corporations

Church takes aim at same-sex adoptions

Sweeping D.P. law passes first D.C. vote, though Congress could veto

Wisconsin Senate Passes Anti-Gay Amendment

Man dies hours after his gay wedding

Gay Poet Walt Whitman's Landmark Work Celebrated

2nd anti-gay attack spurs new call for change

Gay Men Claim Driver Ousted Them From Cab

Breaking news: FORD agreed to pull all support for gay events

Why isn't Oregon in a BCS game?

Good news for ND basketball fans!

Marlins deal Pierre to Cubs

E-bay auction: Buy My Loyalty

Which Marlins firesale is worse?

my fridge is the most fascinating place EVER...

What do I do with a cat who opens closet doors?

Sterling seeing snow for the first time

dont know if theres much alternative medicine discussion

Army Wants Vets Back

Honesty is not their policy

"DU" this poll!

This and that: just comments that don't fit anywhere else

Holy Crap - found this nugget on Yahoo News: IS GWB WORST PREZ EVER?


Question! Why do you think no Dems have come out to back

Final planning stuff for Boston weekend

Anyone know of any lightweight collapsible stands for us shorties?

Hello folks!

The EDV's son ...... KOEB meeting 12/7/05 Happy winter

Countdown Newsletter -- 12/07/05: Christmas Chutzpah

Old habits die hard.

Michael Reagan fantasizes about Dean's manhood...

Lowering the bar on Victory

Just Read the Article on Delay's Plan to Take Over The Government...

Awwww, Condi...wassamatta? You look so SAD. Show us that winning smile!

Betrayed Jeanine Pirro ripe for conversion to double-agent?

McCain on Imus: "After we leave, they'll consolidate and come after us"

How is this administration not institutionalized terrorism?

Election panel clears Issa in bankrolling of Davis recall drive

Stupid, stupid email, part two

If you must listen to Dubya's speech

I've Been Thinking - Dean Crazy Like a Fox With Statement?

Does anyone have an audio clip of Dean's radio interview?

White House defends banning Christmas from 'holiday' cards

Michael Schiavo taking on Bible Thumpers

Fitzgerald meets Grand Jury TODAY - AGAIN!!

Anybody hear about closed-door repug congress meeting today?

Break with Reality

SADAAMISTS?! Again that word.

Hold a defeat Joe Liebermann party!

Amid Cheers for Clinton, Ire Over War

Bush's speech on Iraq economy will blowback in his face

If Iraq is now the central front on the war on terror, doesnt

the duo of Reps. Harman and King

Judith Miller and her men (Vanity Fair)

I just decided to buy a shitload of stuff at Lands' End

Bush Faces a $30 B Quandary (AMT) After Delay of Tax Overhaul Until 2007

Today's Non Sequitur: No Comment....

Romney is said to plan limits on polluter funds(more pollution w/new fee)

Hillary Clinton wore white after Labor Day!

Lest we forget: Hillary voted FOR the USA PATRIOT Act

Wes Clark media appearances today: 11:40 CST on FAUX if

Al Hubbard, NEC Director: "Bush tax cuts helped create 4.4 million jobs"


No, Hillary Clinton did not refuse to see any Gold Star Mothers

Another poll to DU

Is Bush inadvertently directing the insurgents?

On-Message on Iraq -- Except for Baghdad (military training going badly)

Republican Tops GOP Border Activist in O.C. Election

Don't Legalize same-sex marriage.

Has Gore been asked about Lieberman?

To Democratic surrogates worried about Dean's comments:

What will DU policy be in a Lieberman-Weicker-GOPer three-way race?

Final results of CA-48 special elections

I have a great idea for Bush


"the dumb blonde of American journalism" termite Woodward


All about the double standard

John Edwards op-ed in NYT: Moscow's Empty Red Square

Adjust and Adapt vs. Stay the Course

i just heard on MSNBC that bush 1 and clinton have raised

DeLay Point - If Dems practiced Repug tactics....

My tiny hope for Utah - Matheson has strong approval ratings

House push(s) tax agenda (but no hurricane relief for massage parlors)

Murtha on CNN now. re:chimpy's speech

GOP Bill Ignores Bush's Guest-Worker Plan

First, Tuskegee; Now Foster Children...Why Blacks Mistrust Medical Studies

State GOP (California) Demands Talk w/ Arnie

HE'S HOWARD THE COWARD "retreat and defeat strategy"

White House and McCain Are Near Deal on Torture Bill

Poll, please DU early and often...On Bush timetable for Iraq?

How DeLay & the Corporations bought our Government - check

Freepers respond to Murtha's comments - check out the insanity!!

What if, in 2008, the voting machines...

CNN and Daryn Kagen take advantage of ignorance

Some goodies about Tom Delay

Cable TV broadcasting entire Bush speech

Goals and the Iraq War

Three Hour Session In Front of the Grand Jury Today--Fitzy!!!

Three Hour Session In Front of the Grand Jury Today--Fitzy!!!

All I want for Christmas is a new senator

can somone tell me where to find a link to quotes

Self-Admitted Traitor Invited to the White House and Hugged by Bush

LAT: Governor Faces Revolt in GOP

Mr. Walk Amok

Where/ when did Murtha speak today (response to the CHIMP's speech)?

sad measure of how badly Bush admin. has damaged its moral standing...

Playing Army: Who's "tough" and who's a "coward?"

e-mail C-span to have a show on homelessness in America...

URGENT: This Poll Needs Our HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

The Politics of Flag HC is screwing herself

Congressional Black Caucus to Oppose Alito

Jesus breaks with the Religious Right over Iraq War....

Connecticut DFA Poll: Is action needed?

Check out this Freeper Ford Dealer who started the AFA melee

Sherrod Brown and Bernie Sanders are freedom fighters...

Defense Budget in 2009? ZERO Dollars, nothing!!!

PLAN: Hunger Strikes to get new Sec. Defense.

Hilary has one thing up on Holy Joe Lie-berman...

i got an e-mail from yesterday asking that i call my

Where have all the good Clintons gone?

Several groups oppose Cross-Border Trade in Services under CAFTA asserting

OK where are our calls for MORE HL security?


Repugs on the defensive - good luck, morans!

Bush issues impassioned fatwa: "We will not tolerate fraud"

Bush speaks about Lieberman

Remember when Bush kissed Lieberman? C&L's the vid clip

Cartoon: the Independent voter wakes up just in time ...

Political parodies of a few Christmas tunes ( I couldn't resist : )

Purple finger fever -- catch it!

this week's two propaganda speeches, one from Bush and one from al Qaeda

The 14-Year Presidential Rule (Jonathan Rausch)

Democrats Fear Backlash at Polls for Antiwar Remarks (The Post)

MA Gov may let Catholic hospitals deny morning-after pill to rape victims

LTTE: Some Christians are liberals

Today's howling monkey pic, at another "NO QUESTIONS" speech

HOT HOT HOT stock tip .......

John Kerry's statement on Face the Nation

BREAKING: Evangelicals flock to nearby stables to observe real Christmas

House Republicans quietly pushing for new leadership

Why do Corporations love the Republicans so much?

Bush is praising Lieberman....

Bye-bye NJ senate seat.

GOPers Desperate to Defend Cheney's Lies (in my local paper)

"Professional Sceptics" target Europe

Wolfowitz: they should ``move forward,'' and not dwell on the war

Why did GWB help bin Laden?

The Justice Dept. and Judicial Nominations Question

Mark Warner raises $2.5 million at Tysons Corner fundraiser

Was Dean removed from consideration in 04 by the DLC

Oh great ... CBS/NYT poll to show Bush's ratings up "markedly"

bush must be a member of free republic

A MODEST PROPOSAL. The end of copyright law as we know it.

Joe Lieberman: he's got a $3,594,524 head start on his 06 opponents

It's possible I've lost my mind, but

CBS: Junior's 5 pt. poll bump from "men, conservatives, and 18 to 29 Y.O."

George Clooney for president - Democrat 2008

It's now semi-official - Worst. President. Ever.

Interesting article: Will Dems offer voters clear Iraq choice? (msnbc)

AUDIO:Interview with Daniel Hopsicker re:Jack Abramoff and casino murder

Kucinich on Fox speaking to Cavuto about Airline incident

I just shook hands with Bill Clinton!

to the U.S. "...There is such a thing as a global conscience."

sound familiar? fate of Iraqi oil being decided behind closed doors

What's your "hot button" political issue? Mine is political corruption...

What are we actually DOING to ensure we take Congress in '06?

Question about Christopher Hitchens.

How about we Revolt/March against the US Government..?

What is the single MOST important issue for President elect?

Why is it taking so long for the Abramoff scandal to develop?

Hillary's anti-flag burning bill: A solution in search of a problem?

We need a good '08 Presidential candidate, but I don't like any of them.

Holy Joe's staff trying to influence on-line poll--let's hit back!

The DLC....don't fireball me please....

Clark answering blogger questions online -- LIVE right now

My olive branch to supporters of Hillary

Bush Branded: PRESIDENT LOSER!!!

Who did you support for DNC chair?

Nobel Prize Winner: 'Bush & Blair Arraigned Before Inter' Criminal Court'

Hillary's bill attempts to equate flag-burning with cross-burning

Several Democrats joined President Bush yesterday in rebuking Howard Dean

Clinton / Lieberman 2008! That’s the Winning Ticket!

Who's stance on flag-burning do you prefer?

Is your party ready for '06?

Put War Deaths into Perspective

EVERYBODY’S AN EXPERT-Putting Predictions to the Test (Menand,New Yorker)

Forests Paying the Price for Biofuels

Mount Rainier Beer National Park?

S. Blumenthal: Condi's trail of lies

Scientists: Greenland glaciers retreating

Inuits' petition blames Washington for global warming

Lottery will now let you 'ban' yourself

Group Hopes to Use Images in Prisons Probe

Letter From Congressman Ford to Ed Bryant

dupe deleted post

I'm watching a replay of Bush's speech on CSPAN

BBC: Lennon fans mark Beatle's death

Nightline has the Natsios interview (4/23/03) for $30. Do I buy?

Schultz/Franken may NOT be heard by all the military (Stars & Stripes)

Donor Network Right to Refuse Organs from Homosexual, Says Christian Doc

Jon Stewart just pulled a Edward R. Murrow on Bill O'Reilly

John Murtha supports the draft. Do you?

Jay Leno just alluded to the "war on Christmas"

Barbara prepares "Fat Little Brother" Jeb's favorite childhood dessert

My son is a 14 y/o with autism, 6 feet tall, many fears

jeb's okay corral.

knights of the south bronx - this is such a great movie on A&E

How much would you tip a Skycap if the airline charges $2 a bag?

A Must-See: Mark Crispin Miller discussing fraud on Canadian business TV

Randi Rhodes Returning to C-SPAN

Did you hear about the prison unrest on the east coast???!!!! OMG!

Jon Stewart is on fire tonight!!

(VIDEO) The Daily Show and the War on Xmas (Must-see!)

'Deeply flawed' Congress calls hearing on Football Championship Series

Bush vs. Jesus, the campaign poster (dialup-warning)

Time to herd the cats and bring

It's time to ban alcohol in bars!

I posted a thread on christmas about a month ago

"How Dare You Presume I'm Christian"

Get rid of the Air Marshal Program?

While You Were Sleeping- House Bill 3

Folks, before we start bashing each other yet again

Hecklers Cause (Ann) Coulter to Cut UConn Speech

House Republicans quietly pushing for new leadership

Mount Rainier Beer National Park?

Scientists: Greenland glaciers retreating

Oil industry targets to derail EU climate policy

Terri Schiavo's widower takes aim at politicians

Lottery will now let you 'ban' yourself

Michigan group seeks petition drive targeting abortion

Alabama legislator pushes adding sexual orientation to hate crime bill

New 39-Cent Stamp on Sale Thursday

New study gives Alabama "F" in science, cites evolution stance

WP: New Grand Jury in CIA Leak Case Hears From Prosecutor

Jon Stewart owes me a new keyboard!

So, who hear tears up when they see certain Xmas specials

Has anyone else been humming this Thatcher tribute today?

hey, progmom, Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father!

I can't bear the guilt anymore!

hey, progmom, "Rosebud" is Kane's sled, from when he was a kid.

California pictures to warm your soul

hey, progmom, HEyHEY isn't in Penticton

hey, progmom, Kaiser Szosay escapes.

Anyone else hate Shrub?

For those who tried - here's the answer to the REVERSE Challenge

Why do Fritos smell like dog paws?

Elvis didn't do no drugs!

I finished my paper!!! EXACTLY 2,000 words!!!

hey, progmom, the chick in "The Crying Game" is really a guy.

Wow, so I heard 29 Palms for the first time by Robert Plant

OKAY, I live in a state with idjits!

We got 8" of snow today and it isn't supposed to stop for 12-16 hrs.Pics!

Hello, I'm Jeffrey Lee Pierce, and I need a rhyme for "hell".

What a difference a year can make...

Hey Progmom Canuckamok isn't amok at all

Southlandshari love thread

Which of the 2 versions of this drawing do you prefer and why?

Ford Avoids Pressure Group Boycott But At What Cost?

OMFG, remember sandnsea's joke from a little while ago?

get your red hot liars software

Bill O'Lielly is blaming Jon Stewart and The Daily Show for war on X-mas!

What ever happened to...