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Archives: December 5, 2005

Ex U.S. ambassador wants inquiry into Pakistan assassination

I'm concerned about the military: John Murtha speaks for me.

Laws force universities to discriminate(don't ask/don't tell)

WaPo: D.C.'s New Gilded Age

Fixing the Game - NYTimes

Seattle PI: Mr. Bush, have I got an exit strategy for you

LAT: A Wave of Activism in States May Signal a Surge Nationwide

Democrats Find Iraq Alternative Is Elusive- - Party's Elite Differ

Will Durst - FAQ: Plan For Victory

Student loan interest policy 'unduly punitive'

Who are the owners of the war?

U.S. given 'more F's than A's' on terror preparation

Neil Bush Meets the Messiah

Fixing the Game (NY Times ED calls GOP action like the "Bolsheviks")

Mission Accomplished: Big Oil's Occupation of Iraq

The Horrible House of Walton

Unemployment: Our Greatest Enemy

(Bush's) Foul Play (LTTE in the New York Times Book Review, 12/4/05

Pelosi is headed for bigger things


Does the FBI have the authority to regulate software?

Did Big Oil participate in planning invasion of Iraq?

The "Strategy for Victory" was for Victory over that American Public..

White House problems stick to the 'Velcro veep'

JAMES KUNSTLER: Uncharted Territory

Neil Bush Traveling Through Asia With Rev Moon

Hidden in Plane Sight: US Media Dodging Air War in Iraq

Defending Hussein, Clark Seeks to Set Historical Record Straight

JOSHUA FRANK: Changing Courses? John Murtha is no Knight in Shining Armor

COUNTERPUNCH: What did the Democrats Know before Iraq War?

Congress's $70 Billion Tax Cut Pits Rich Against Super-Rich

Bush to Delay Major Push for Tax Overhaul, People Familiar Say

US To Push For Continued Methyl Bromide Use Through 2007, Ozone Be Damned

World Economic Forum - Humanity Scoring 2/10 In Efforts To Protect Planet

ChimpCo Distorts Air Pollution Study - Congressional Research Service

Climate Breakdown Effects Sweeping Across Canada, Officials Report

National parks need more stable funding to survive, advocates say

Six Western Governors Oppose Plans For Sale Of Miniing Land

Hummingbird Spotted In Aleutians; Arctic Natives Petition Climate Meeting

DiCaprio to Produce Environment Film

Oil: Wells tapped out?

Drought Causing Record Forest Destruction in U.S. Southwest

Poison gas 'caused' great dying

Climate Indymedia is born:

NHC - "Hurricane Epsilon Refuses To Weaken - Future Intensity Uncertain"

TNR: Long live GOP-Kadima friendship!

At least five killed in suicide bombing at Netanya mall

At least five killed in suicide bombing at Netanya mall

Defense Ministry probes 'Iraq affair'

Why does Sharon need Peres?

IDF prepares for wide-scale raid in northern Gaza Strip

Analysis: Closure on Gaza breaches PM's promise to Rice

Netanyahu: Pre-emptive Strike on Iran (if elected) Israel

Attacks are so frequent that new shop signs are the only memorials

Did Big Oil participate in planning invasion of Iraq?, Thomas Eley, WSWS

Israel hints at military action against Iran

Suicide bomber just hit an Israeli mall

A Muslim In A Jewish Land

PAF Chaklala Personnel Attempt to Assassinate General Musharraf

FOX News 40 want to know your response on LC2E

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY 12/05/05

It's the best we can do - DU it!

NY -- Now there's a whole Vapor DRE!

KPIX's Doug Murphy dead

Thee Gropenator in action!

Arnold's Awful Announcement: New "Reform" Plan Keeps Youth Prisons Open

Dec 14: Duncan Hunter's office: rally to bring troops home! (MoveOn)

Confirmed: Willard Jenkins is no more!

Vilsack's Communication Director on board with Blouin

Top concerns for Iowans

MA PDA meeting - 12/8/05. 6pm - 8pm

Vote for Rowley in Feingold's Progressive Patriot Poll!

sen. primary question

NE Ohio Repub operatives get in fistfight

Judge Upholds Some Charges Against Delay

johncoby was on ed shultz!

My Filing Statement, December 5, 2005

Progressive Patriot Award - Vote for John Courage -URGENT

Barbara Boxer is going to be on Wisconsin Public Radio.....

After further review.

C-SPAN 2: Chomsky & Dershowitz debate Israeli/Palestinian issue.

January 7: National Day of Town Hall Forums on Ending the War

Today's Toles

College divide threatens to keep poor in poverty

University cancels creationism class

What does Michael Reagan do except be Ronald Reagan's son?

Suspended star ballplayers wrote of setting teacher on fire.

Behold.. Flying Spaghetti Monster has begat himself a baby son

Let's face it. While I'm sure Bush doesn't "want" another 9/11...

An answer for those who are crying about Christmas being stolen


an open question for Howard Dean

Why can I no longer post Mike Thompson toons?

Who of you has heard from your STATE senators on Iraq war?

Major Battle Set to Rage in the War

Lying soldiers into early graves is a special kind of sin all it's own

Scott Ritter givin' em hell

The past that might have been (new post)

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Tune into Democracy Now-talking about real CIA torture scandals

I have a report out. Read "The American Taliban AKA The Network" today

Peter E Haas Snr., ex-president of Levi Strauss, has died at 86

U.S. GATHERS ALLIES FOR IRAN SANCTIONS (Iran's bourse worries rich guys)

"BOGUS" Drudge lifts Out-of-Context Nuclear Iran Claims

Rice defends tactics of torturing detainees

Survey: Many Surf Web While on the Throne

The War on "the war on Christmas" (new post)

Rumsfeld on Cspan live right now

Damn it!! US aggression will not end until a DRAFT with no loopholes is

Terrorism Testing Our Resolve….and Bush Blinked

Was Cheney's Energy Task Force involved in California's Energy Crisis?

TVNL Radio Today - Bill Press - Repubs Monopoly on Religion

Dreaming of a Very White Xmas....

Think Caribbean—Do the Republican Corruption Limbo—How Low Can They Go

More US Citizens Believe In Santa Claus Than In Bush Iraq Victory Plan

KO is going to have some story on that pig rove tonight...

David Corn joins on with Cliff May, Michael Ledeen in New Blog...Sell Out!

Liz Vargas & Bob Woodruff to co-anchor-World News Tonight

Still bitching?

My DU is running slow with DSL even though the rest of the internets

"... never a knee-jerk Republican."

I'd be thrilled never to have Christmas shoved down my throat ever again

Is the gullibility of Americans a National Security concern?

Gratuitous plug: Jonathan Tasini for Senate, NY (bye bye Hillary)

BBC NEWS: Dog cameras to combat gun crime

U.S. mocking world law over secret jails - Amnesty

Altering words with definitions, too cool

Montana counties show common sense, reject Bush giveaway

What's the matter, Condi? ---pix->>>

NPR wonders why Dems do sex scandals and Repukes just do money

Moderate & Liberal States REJECTING National Conservatism

Historians rate, and remark about, The Bush Record

How Bush Created a Theocracy in Iraq (Juan Cole)

Deb Davis update, Please Read. Thanks.

Democratic leaders in House will seek to block party vote on Iraq war

Anyone see" Law and Order" last nite? They hammered the torture issue

Walmart DVD is mind-blowing. Bravo to Robert Greenwald! MUST SEE.

Two days in a red state

Why aren't the Iraquis doing more to help U.S. soldiers?

They had better kill Saddam or move him out of Iraq

They had better kill Saddam or move him out of Iraq

"Paul has been part of the chorus claiming Joe Wilson lied. Paul should ..

What the HELL happened to CSpan? Brent Bozell works for them?

Iraq/9-11 connection e-mail being sent around by the fundies-

British Wal-Marts selling greeting cards for civil-unioned gay couples?

it's become almost pointless to watch Wash. Journal in the morning

Bill O'Reilly's BIO

Hadley: Pentagon Propaganda In Iraq Continues

Dean: US Won't Win in Iraq.....

CBC Radio right now: ROASTING Bush and OPEC on their policy re Chavez

One for the Xenophobes to learn from. This has and will again

Ghost flights over Canada (cia)

CSPAN-Obey & Frank discussing how Rs corrupt Congressional

Bush Push to Shill Fabulous US Economy. Yeah. Right.

PEOPLE - shopping malls or housing might be going up on public land!

Someone says these went up on the freeway this a.m. hehehehehe

Mondale says Condoleezza Rice is restoring balance to the White House

Time for FOX & 1 of its “Military” Analysts to come clean (Larry Johnson)

Why are they hunting black bears in NJ?

SF Chronicle/Tookie Williams: "Measure of a Man's Life as a Criminal"

All I can say is, Bush is a VERY lucky man.

Very Sad News About Christmas

To avenge Cunningham's fall, RW in San Diego targets Filner for smear.

Anybody remember a few weeks ago a cat ended up flying to France

STATEMENT BY KERRY Asks Bush to Replace Rumsfeld


Israel slams Russia for selling anti-missile system to Iran

Who said it? O'Reilly ... or Matthews?


9/11 panel: ‘More F’s than A’s’ on U.S. security

What, No Tutu? ---pix->>>

Gold shines @ $509!!!

9/11 panel: ‘More F’s than A’s’ on U.S. security

DNC and Dean Take Note on CA48 Election tomorrow...

Anyone see Richard Reeves Column?

Oh damn! Shrub is promoting his tax cuts AGAIN!!!!

Why I don't mind celebrating Christmas.

"...those on the outskirts of Congress"???

OH NO!! He's within 50 miles of me!!!HELP!!

Caption Condi

HE'S BAAAAAAACK! (Mike Malloy)

Democrat Elitists Clueless on Iraq

US soldier killed in Baghdad, 2 Helicopters shot down in Afghanistan

Maybe Bush never wanted to BE president himself,

Is the Media one big happy family? Is Monica related to Candy?

Katrina Chronicles (From someone who was in the quarter)

OH MY GOD"Today one in every twelve jobs in NC is exported by....(pause)

the lady jewel thief clandestinely had her jewels stolen at the hotel.

* the lying bastard is on cnn live, cutting taxes

Tom Delay shut Democrats out of this scandal....

Barbara Boxer is on Wisconsin Public Radio, now

Bill Press on TvNewsLIES Radio at Noon Today!!!

"Mr. Bush, have I got an exit stragedy for you."

So that's why I'm gonna do nothing

sucking up big time to the 3 bushes:

If Bill Clinton was a Republican...

Ford to close more than 8 plants: paper

Hillary Clinton Gets Democratic ANTI-WAR Challenger in NY

A Christmas tale of suits and boycotts

OMG! From whence did dis ting issue? Puke!

Did Media Fall for False Claims About Death of Alleged Al-Qaeda Leader?

listening to Nixon's "Iraq speech" on Springer

CSPAN now has Freeper Monday too with Steve presiding.

FLUSTERED JENNA LOSES WALLET-fleeing from a would-be suitor

"Syriana" film....It's all about the oil

"Here, just put your head in here real far for a second, Mr. President."

The Counter to "Tax Cuts"

So someone tell me how "Sleeper Cell" the Showtime show was..

I'll soon have access to my safe deposit box!

Does Iraq's new Constitution say anything about Search Warrants?

Found White Power propaganda on my driveway yesterday

Neil Bush is Touring with Rev. Sun Myung MOON --->>>

Ah, geez I'm stupid...

Jason Leopold of Rawstory: Rove may be indicted by the end of the year

The future of news media: Cannonfire, Rawstory, Bradblog

Wrongful Imprisonment: Anatomy of a CIA Mistake

Day 8. 12/5/05 DRUMBEAT TO PEACE. letter writing


did you know that Lincoln slept in the same bed with a guy for 4 years?

Bumiller: "I am here to tell you (Bush) reads the newspapers"

Rummy: leaving Iraq now is not an option would only embolden Osama

Holy crap! That coke-jaw is getting worse!

Limbaugh: Murtha "biggest morale booster for enemy in Iraq"

Gossip: WH asked trustees of the Kennedy Center not to come to ceremony...

How to win the war on Christmas.

Forest fears

What brings people to support the GOP?

Bush, True to Form….Receives a Grade of "F"

Who doesn't buy the Bush assassination attempt in Georgia?

McCain about to jump off sinking ship

Cheney to speak at Delay Fundraiser - Which is Worse?

Bless the AP..the goofy pics continue

I am speechless that people can believe what Bush says re: economy.

Limbaugh is full of shit

Don't pollute the organic market

Can you imagine what would happen if Atheists or GLBT people...

What's the alternative to Walmart & Target?

Training of Iraq Forces Suffers 'Setback'

please delete

Should movies with smoking be "R" rated?

Paul Begala on CNN: 'Replace Rumsfeld with Lieberman'...WTF?

Kansas State University Instructor Says Early Exposure to Diversity Good

What would be the difference when you replace Rummy with Lieberman...

Merry Christmas, World

BUSH-O-NOMICS on CNN!! With Photos....What a FARCE!

Ford confirms pulling ads to appease anti-gay religious right bigots;

OK, Condi, if the US doesn't torture, why the SECRET landings?

* is a giant among mere mortals

PHYSICAL PROOF: There is NO "War on Christmas"

Conspiracy chartes against DeLay dismissed! Money laundering charges

Even if DeLay walks, he's damaged goods and will not have the power he

Serious question about opponents to equal rights marriage:

Okay, here's a revealing tidbit from Wolf Blitzer --

Odem on Chris matthews. good discussion.

Wanna see what the RW calls the "moonbat official plan for war on terror?"

AP Shocker: Iraq VP Disputes Bush on Training of Forces

Important info on Alito's record!

The 9/11 panel disappointed us, but it just broadsided Bush...

Raising introverted children can prove challenging

Gas prices sinking to help Bush's sinking numbers. It wasn't necessary

Bush says there are 3 different Iraq insurgent groups. More like 100

Apparently, Ted Kennedy's favorite lefty bloggers are

this stupid war is NOT a damn football game to be won or lost

C'mon! If Lieberman was smart enough to turn BushCo down in Dec '04

DCCC Bulletin: DeLay is "Finished"

sign the 'Anti Soldier Desecration' Petition

Hey United States people - I need some names of Republicans who...

Breaking CNN- Delay Conspiracy charges out - money laundering still in


Someone explain to me what the problem is with health savings accts.

you got the cash you get the vote.....

CNN: Lou Dobbs looks to be good....

Question about WTO

Los Angeles DU gathering this Sunday!!!!!!

2005 Weblog Awards: Vote for the "Best Liberal Blog" and more

Hillary Opposes Flag Burning Amendment

Ignoring a prior article, NYT reports Bush never tried to blame Louisiana

Why do so many people support the "conservative ideology?"

Flashback: "Please Sen. Clinton, Vote NO on this War!"

When Bush* is done being pResident what will he do next?

Russ Feingold: Pick a Progressive Patriot

Caption THIS Bush Photo-Op! ---pix->>>

Photos of Neil Bush with Sun Myung Moon

Merry Christmas. You're all fired!

Randi + Freeper = Oh Yeah!

Why isn't Saddam being tried for the attempted murder of Poppy Bush?

Monday Head-On Listener's Thread!

If there is Persecution of Christians in this country...

Why is scumbag Cheney fundraising for scumbag Delay?

are there absolutely NO liberal pundits on the t.v. machine anymore?

Don't worry about being killed! Keep Christmas shopping and spending money

Venezuelan pipeline bombed with C4 - did they check for taggants ?

Fortunate America, a country with no problems!

Rice to EU: if you want our help, shut up! Yeah, like we helped London?

Rice to EU: if you want our help, shut up! Yeah, like we helped London?

AP: Anti-gay group scolds bank

Have we defeated the 'RW Revolution'?

This week on The Daily Show

"America & the world are safer with Saddam behind bars"...BULLSHIT

Money laundering CONSPIRACY charge against Delay was NOT dismissed

Help me out here.

RW'ers ARE Hip and Cool!

Breaking....really...CNN coming out with BAD poll numbers for DeLay.

Lou Dobbs poll: Do you think Congress & Bush have made the US safer?

who are the bastards suppressing all the good news out of iraq?

Seniors seeking Medicare Information get sex line

This Season's War Cry: Commercialize Christmas, or Else

AOL Poll: on the media and the war coverage

Possible universal, all purpose response

435 Congressional Districts....435 Blogs!

Dissident Voice, link.

COOL Congressional Vote Database

"I'm a red-state governor, who failed at a couple of businesses"

Sad...Our Dems Like Dean don't have "Clout" to come to Red States

A Tale of Two Wal-Mart Movies

So....why does the US keep those secrt CIA prisons secret?

Anyone have a link to the survey that Murtha and Kerry quoted last week

Will we ever have a non-corporatist government?

Republican congressman for OK demands Christmas tree be killed.

Masters of Horror.........spoiler

I have made my own Bush Poem

Just out: Court rejects stay of execution for Wesley Baker.

Paper ballots NOW!!! n/t

Heads up Tweety..... KO had Sheila Jackson Lee on and she

Need someone from Central Florida to write a counter LTTE

Pentagon logs finds masked political requests from Republican Senate staff

Veiled ode to George Bush deleted from Pakistani textbooks

VIDEO-Iraq-help wanted and Halliburton paying 45 cents an hour

Hidden Open Source Code In XCP Designed To Make CDs Work With iPods?

Smirky's Day in Photos

VIDEO-Paper Trail for Blanco/Hurricane Katrina

Olbermann going with the Viveca Novak/exonerates Rove slant tonight.

URGENT: Call for Hostages Release!

Are Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart our last hopes?

DOWN GOES DELAY-Motion to Dismiss Rejected!!!

Affordable real estate is still available ($259,900 ...40 ACRE estate)

Is there a President who is currently WORSE than **?

Poll on Lou Dobbs. Do you trust this Congress.....

DeLay's Trial Is Going To Be A Lot Of Fun! I'm Looking Forward To It!

Did you hear the Halliburton story on Olberman?

Michael Ware on CNN, Refutting Rummys rosy picture of Iraq.

"Success in Iraq, is NOT the absence of terrorism"..-Rumsfeld

Sign of discontent in a red state.

Bush has unlimited future opportunities..No Habitat for Humanity for Him

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World

Will the US 'Aljazeera' Michael Ware?

If I were a parent of a soldier killed in Iraq, I would be really pissed

I have absolutely no problem with flag burning

Hand counts NOW!!! n/t

Bush: Companies should keep promises to workers. (say ENRON) n/t

In light of the assault on Mirecki

Pfffffttttt.... According to Duncan Hunter

Bah Humbug! Tree Decorated by Okla. Students Removed

A Must Read...

Letters Show FEMA Knew Response 'Broken'

The RW'ers are on thin ice with me

The single biggest drag on the American economy

EXCELLENT site for e vote fraud issues: Vote Trust USA ->

Ok. Say You Got A Puppy A While Back. All It Did Was Pee On Your Carpet is down, anyone having trouble linking to it?

Something to ponder this holiday season

Is it okay to waterboard Santa?

Freepers freeping over Fox "News" - Judge in Texas tosses DeLay charges?

A "Time" cover we all would love to see

if I use the name 'george bush' & 9-11 in the same sentence repeatedly..

The Photo-Op Attendees Had to Sit Behind a Barricade ---pix->>

Mark Lyle 'The Human Vacuum" is 5th in Nation of Competative Eaters

Can we start a draft Sean Hannity pettition?

Growing opposition frowns on Wal-Mart

Should our State Dem Parties "Outsource" Fundraising Calls?

Time's "Person of the Year" nominees. You've gotta be effin' KIDDING me.

Did the AP photoshop this picture to make it look like Bush is that much

Veiled ode to George Bush deleted from Pakistani textbooks

God Lord I Have Become A Believer in Conspiracy

G#d Dammit Kerry! Words Matter!!!

4 yrs after 9/11, don't you feel safer?

Outrage at Saddam

Can someone explain to me why the economy is so good?

All candidates have to be approved by the USA to run in the Iraq elections

Can someone DU AOL's current poll...

Funny AOL Poll on Rating B*'s propaganda Slogans. People are not fooled...

The senior aide behind Condi's "rock star image"

What are you doing to defend yourself?

DeLay and family - Hurry to get away from protesters? (photos)

LOOK! -> take the "california subject exam for teachers" free ->

So Gov Blanco had time for Oprah but not Maxine Waters?

CNN:Kyra Phillips crying about being called a right wing hack on wikipedia

DNC Schmidt billboard denial is getting good coverage in media.

Is It Time That We Stop Awarding Political Office to Legacies?

Right-Wing Bias at C-Span

"My son told us 2 weeks before he died that war was not worth it"

What dog breed tore the face off the transplant lady? Pit bull? Rottweiler?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shout Out

Would you consider running for an elected office?


Hey didn't Ann Coulter commit a crime by accusing DU of Rape

I have a solution to the whole "War on Christmas" mess.

"Nigergate, French spymaster debunks Sismi version"

The MSM has the nerve to ask "Are we prepared for another attack?"

how many of you pot smokers out there have NOT killed anyone?

Confused about burning ettiquite

Air America's Al Franken on Armed Forces Radio

Is Ed Schultz or Al Franken being heard by soldiers via AFN Radio?

More warning signs of Fascism

Don't eat that

Did Chimpo give a speech today?

If Saddam was in on 9-11, why isn't he being charged with it?

$70 million on Ken Starr investigating Clinton


Sorry Hillary, but you can't kiss enough RW ass to make them vote for you.

Fixing the Game (The NYT is waking up!!)

Friend or Foe: A Perspective

What's happening with - Atrios, Americablog, firedoglake ....

So The Freeps Know I Am Still Here.

DNC: DoD's Propaganda Company Founded by Major Republican Donor

No George, No!

Did you hear this on NPR? "Rove in charge of PR campaign against Blanco"

Do they really dare Diebold 2006?

FUNDRAISER ---pix->>>

A video that arnie (the gropenator) doesn't want his base to see

any writers or english teachers here??? I need some help with a thesis

Would someone tell this Crowley woman


The Economy is in Trouble (Read This to See Why)

NC Board of Elections helps Diebold subvert the law

WSJ: States' Food-Stamp Fight Intensifies

Kansas Professor disputing intelligent design beaten

LA Daily News: UCLA uncovers autism defect

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! n/t

Jackie Mason (star of "Caddyshack II") lambastes "UCLA types"

Omigod, Cantbeleeva Rice is on CSPan lying her @ss off

Rummy was just on CBS with Schiffer- What the hell did he say?

MBNA: The biggest pricks in the credit world?


Mob robs New York city after September 11

Where can I buy the DVD - "The Revolution will not be televised" ?

Newsflash: You're allowed to say Merry Christmas

Online Encyclopedia Tightens Rules (Wikipedia)

Violence in video games

Dean says war in Iraq cant be won.

TOONS: We Wish You A Merry Whatever Edition

13 year old racist twins (Nazis)

Woolcott: Opiate of the Dummies (Conservative cat fight on ID)

Just Saw "Darwin's Nightmare" Today -- HOLY S**T

What is with the Propaganda on CNN about Saddam Hussein?

Gradual withdrawal is dangerous for our troops. A quick exit is safer.

I am so f*^ing tired of hearing "they want to attack us"

America has never been "safe", nor can it ever BE "safe"

Surreal Telephone polling call I just received

MSNBC/NEWSWEEK refuses to print Chris Floyd's Headline in blog roundup

I cried my way into work today.

USMC Vet's Anti-War Website

JK email: Don't let Cheney bail out DeLay

Public land garage sale also includes national monument land

What's wrong with military recruiters on college campuses?

The evil fuck isn't smiling now, is he?

Hillary backs 'ban' on flag-burning

ABC/Chicago: A Hit-Piece on an Entire Generation

9/11 footage showing Muslims dancing in streets was FAKE!

AP Shocker: Iraq VP Disputes Bush on Training of Forces

There is nothing more American than the right to burn the flag

Call Ford and ask why they market to African-Americans -- but not to gays

Drilling in the Wyoming range?

Why are Americans so selfish? Why is it so acceptable in American society?


Stumbled upon Hannity and John O'Neill bashing Kerry, Murtha, and Dean.

Anderson Cooper - Story on Katrina families returning finding dead bodies

Proposal of the Physicians' Working Group for Single-Payer National Health

DUer needs your help...

Did Big Oil participate in planning invasion of Iraq?

I figured out why the right hates Harry Potter

'X-Treme' Motivational Speaker Faces Child Porn Charges/Michael Fortino

Please vote in this poll about clemency for Stanley 'Tookie' Williams

CNN (AP): Homeschooled boy wins national science contest

How do I add chocolate to a spritz cookie recipe?

12 dozen choc chip cookies, 16 loaves of zucchini bread,

Holy Winnipeg, Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where in Canada does $4.80 a day make a dent in child care costs?

Opinions on end of days, 'Illuminati' get man fired

Netanyahu urges bold Israeli action on Iran nukes

UAE says foreign forces should leave Iraq

Israel hints at military action against Iran

Damage to Israel-Turkey relations feared

US facing pressure to sign up to future climate protocols

Veiled ode to George Bush deleted from Pakistani textbooks

Iraqi Police: French Engineer Kidnapped

(Updated) Saddam lawyers walk out of court

Suicide bomber just hit an Israeli mall

Growing opposition frowns on Wal-Mart

Kennedy rules out closer links with Conservatives

Charlize Theron is new Bond girl

At least five killed in suicide bombing at Netanya mall

LAT: A Wave of Activism in States May Signal a Surge Nationwide

"Nigergate, French spymaster debunks Sismi version"


Britain to review Basra policing to weed out militia

German Ex-Minister Under Fire Over CIA Abduction

UN human rights chief: America 'abusing' mandate in Iraq

British gay couples register for first civil partnerships

They had better kill Saddam or move him out of Iraq

Army investigating Newport (IN) facility (site of VX destruction)

WP: Washington Post's Response to DOJ Patriot Act Letter

Kentucky Gov. Withheld Records, Court Rules (Re:Cheney's visit expense)

Dean: US Won't Win in Iraq

USA: 800 secret CIA flights into and out of Europe

Dean: US Won't Win in Iraq

Bush Policy Rules Out a Deal on Zarqawi

Bush Seeks to Bolster Economic Outlook

Sunni Candidates in Iraq Face Enemies on All Sides

Democratic leaders in House will seek to block party vote on Iraq war

Saddam-era Iraqi prime minister dies in U.S. custody

Oil: Wells tapped out?

Kerry asks Bush to replace Rumsfeld (Rumor, Lieberman could be tapped)

Ford to close more than 8 plants: paper

Catholic diocese 'compensates child-sex victim'

A Christmas tale of suits and boycotts

KPIX (SF-CBS) anchor Doug Murphy dies in house fire

Diebold/North Carolina, this is posted on the State Board of Elections

Strong earthquake hits East Africa: USGS

New Orleans evacuees in Memphis plead for housing

El Baradei: Iran only months away from a bomb

AP: Training of Iraq Forces Suffer 'Setback'

DeLay case holds future of GOP leadership

Drought Causing Record Forest Destruction in U.S. Southwest

Rumsfeld assails U.S. news coverage from Iraq (Iraq like Iwo Jima)

California congressional hopeful taps border fears

Kansas State University Instructor Says Early Exposure to Diversity Good

Citing Job Statistics, Bush Defends His Economic Policies

Training of Iraq Forces Suffer 'Setback'

Social Security Reform Stalls As Retirement Age Moves Up

Federal cutbacks threaten poor

Lawyers say US "renditions" on shaky legal ground

Breaking: Delay Case-Judge throws out conspiracy charge..

Italian govt denies involvement in "Nigergate"

U.S. gasoline price dips; Bush seeks more supply ($0.24 higher than '04)

(Former Gov. Lowell) Weicker targets Bush, Lieberman and Iraq war

Bush Says Tax Cuts Are Fueling U.S. Economic Growth

U.S. expands effort to counter Iraqi rebel bombs

British general faces Iraq war charge (murder coverup)

WWL radio invites Rush Limbaugh to New Orleans so he'll know what he's...

Online Encyclopedia Tightens Rules (Wikipedia)

Poison gas 'caused' great dying

White House problems stick to the 'Velcro veep' (slime is sticky).

Netanyahu: Pre-emptive Strike on Iran (if elected) Israel

Rice Defends U.S. Terrorism Policy

Democrats Say Nation's Security At Risk

Fuel efficient cars hard to get

AP: Anti-gay group scolds bank

Bush may delay push for major tax overhaul

The senior aide behind Condi's "rock star image"

Russia Confirms Sale of Missiles to Iran

Pirro's Hubby a Louse Spouse (trying to wreck her NY Senate bid)

Iraq VP: Setback in Training of Forces (Ghazi al-Yawer disputes Bush)

GOP watching Calif. 'Minuteman' election (USA Today)

DeLay conspiracy charge tossed out

Whistleblowers Get No Help from Bush Administration

Study Suggests Caffeine Can Help Liver

U.S. Interrogations Are Saving European Lives, Rice Says

Protesters greet Cheney at DeLay fundraiser

Rumsfeld Cites Contractor in Planting of Reports in Iraqi Media

Democratic Party files ethics complaint citing Romney use of jet

Democratic Leaders in House Will Seek to Block Party Vote on Iraq War

Civil rights groups protest sex segregation in (Iraq) schools

Rice defends detainee tactics before trip to Europe

'X-Treme' Motivational Speaker Faces Child Porn Charges/Michael Fortino

National parks need more stable funding to survive, advocates say

Drones over N.M.'s border not on radar

Gallup: Journalists, Politicians, Still Far Down in 'Ethical' Standings

Convicted of felony, lose shot at school money

US bird flu plan looks to communities, business

Britain's role in war on terror revealed

Venezuelan oil pipeline bombed with C4

Cheney and DeLay: A Scandal-Plagued Reunion, Says DNC

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 5 December

Cuban musicians pay Afro-Cuba jazz tribute to Hurricane Katrina victims

Beaver County(PA) soldier's death in Iraq called homicide(Nov 05)

House ethics panel silent on scandals

Army Drops Charges in Killing of Iraqis

Gunmen snatch reporter in Pakistan

NOLA Free Wi-fi Prompts BellSouth to Withdraw Donation

After Scathing 9/11 Report, White House Points Fingers

Bush urges business to protect pensions

Cardiologist Accuses Merck Cardiologist Accuses MerckOf Vioxx 'Misconduct'

White House problems stick to the 'Velcro veep'

U.K. denies direct contact with kidnappers (hostages in Iraq)

( U.S. Treasury Secretary John) Snow foresees pickup in wages

Pyongyang Demands US Troop Pullout From South Korea

Watergate Reporters Argue for Anonymity

(SCOTUS) Court to review law limiting insanity defense (Reuters)

Judge dismisses one felony indictment but upholds another (Delay)

Poll: DeLay faces political woes at home (CNN/Gallup)

Some oil executives worry prices may fall

Iraqis more worried about level of public services than violence

Report: Tamiflu is 'useless' for avian flu

U.S.: Rice Miscasts Policy on Torture (Human Rights Watch)

Former Bush campaign official's phone jamming trial begins

Saddam: 'I Am Not Afraid of Execution'

Rumsfeld Offers Optimistic View of Iraq (do not worry about the deaths

Open Season Starts on Black Bears in N.J.

Earlier Down syndrome test raises ethics debate.

Sources Tell ABC News Top Al Qaeda Figures Held in Secret CIA Prisons

Westin hotel chain to ban smoking indoors (Violators Charged $200)

Letters Show FEMA Knew Response 'Broken' (Expected Rioting Mississippi)

Child porn a growing problem online, federal officials say

Rumsfeld warns of Islamic superstate if U.S. leaves Iraq too soon

Venezuelans 'lost faith in polls' (US )

CNNMoney: Insurance Institute: Top 10 safest cars

Nothing more cowardly than a god that wont identify themself

Life's too short to recite bad poetry

A&E is running a special on "Syriana"

Iaido trains rapid response time, among other things

Which of the Seven Dwarves is dwarviest?

If you became a very wealthy person, what would you do with the money?

Which of the Seven Deadlies is deadliest?

My husband gave me

African Jungle, Big City Street?

Ode to Mr.bush, taken from a Pakistani schoolbook. Can you do better?

Tonight's episode of The Boondocks was the best thing I've ever seen on TV

Nighthawks 48 (dial-up warning)

Somebody PM me

Hooray for Pleasantville!

Anyone used GIS?

People from SoCal - answer a question for me

I like beer...

Hey, Skinner and co are making another lounge!

First pics of Beast and Angel from X-Men 3

As I turn in for the night - I leave you with this

Lyrical Bush-bash from the Gorillaz

Did you know that the three wise men were from Iraq? n/t

This is your Brain

I am here posting from my new laptop

Lacy things my wife is missing


Behold.. Flying Spaghetti Monster has begat himself a baby son

what's the deal with the new, 'free' Rhapsody' music service?

MISSING !:....Have you seen these drapes? ..

delete please


Naked pictures!

Poetry, anyone?

Would you rather be rich or famous?

Trucker Drives Off With Missile Launchers

Remember when "FREE RADICALS" was a rallying cry ...

Marilyn Manson Got Married

Al Sharpton In Talks With CBS To Star In New Sitcom


Flustered Jenna Bush loses Wallet at local watering hole

My IKEA catalog is in Chinese. How did I not notice this before?

Vandals Burn Swedish Christmas Goat - Again

Curb Your Enthusiasm sucked tonight

Riot at the Day Care!! Riot at the Day Care!!!

Roller coaster parks!

If those kids Brittney & Kevin can't make a marriage work....

Survey: More People Surfing The Web While Sitting On The Toilet

Good morning

Saddam's "command voice"

Survey: Many Surf Web While on the Throne

Favorite smiley from the DU

It's 250 degrees outside

A riddle

Hey, all you XM Satellite Radio owners...

how do I put an animated gif in my signature line?

I am sorry, but I think Ron Jeremy has pumped so damn much collagen

Anthrax Scare At Lambeau Field

Okay, so it's snowing. That means the kids will be home

Look at this idiot

Who has a "conservative lifestyle"? That is "good wholesome living".

Mandatory reading for all poster's on DU

Mayor Nagin's accent--Anybody besides me like his accent?

Rule for webmasters: think again before you register your domain

Angelina Jolie's father was the Pope?

Didn't DU just have a fundraiser?

I'm feeling exceptionally Horney this morning!

dupe delete

Is this what they mean by the War on Christmas?

Man Steals Hot Air Balloon - Forces Family To Feed Him

Bob Woodruff, not Bob Woodward. I nearly had a heart attack!

Oh my, is the guy on the right for real?!?!?!?!?!?

Explain to me again how the Ducks who finished the season 10-1 ...

It is time to END frivolous lawsuits against Anna Nicole Smith!!!!

I am watching "Super Size Me"....

Illuminated Jesus, Manger Stolen From Woman's Front Yard (WAR ON XMAS)!!11

I am sorry, but I think Angelina Jolie has pumped so damn much collagen

Rain rain rain rain rain snowflake! rain rain rain

Federline to Britney: "Shrinks are for crazy people. Go by yourself."

Technopop Showdown. Who is/was the best Technopop band?

I'm Watching "Jackie Brown" On Starz Now.

Man Burns Himself While Trying To Extract Methamphetamine From His Urine

Swimming ain't doin' NOTHIN'!

Mr Angry & Mrs Calm

Apparently, my eyes are getting some much needed exercise.

I want these for Christmas! (May be NSFW)

Anyone with holiday ringtones -*raise your hand!*

Gotta love this Minnesota weather!

Colts...the streak ends on Sunday

As &%$#@ bad as the Packers are this season...

OMG -we are going home early!! 2PM!!!!

an anarchist organizer (assignment book) and other Ironies

Only 12 more days til my ex moves out!!

War On Christmas: A Plan for Victory

If you are depressed, don't be. It WILL affect you physically.

I am going to blow up the Earth

Do your eyes water when you chop onions?

I'm beginning to think we're haunted

post something CRAZY!!!

I am going to save the Earth

life's little mysteries

Woohoo.....Keith O doesn't blame Brett for the Packers dismal

Have you ever traveled to another country?

At least it wasn't snowing

A DUer requested a wallpaper version of my sig. So... here

Well I listen to the weather, and he's changed his tone of voice

I just stuck my foot in my mouth. I'm too old for this.

This has Matcom written all over it!

Only 13 more days before I move in with Vash the Stampede

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Oh no, it's the Baseball Furies . . . RUN!

Police Catch Sunday School Teacher, 70, Stealing Baby Jesus

So I ate a grilled chicken sandwich from mcdonalds yesterday...


Don't ever test the admins!! They will always win!

"The Bill O'Reilly Story" is finally out on DVD!

There's nothing you can do that can't be done.

Only 12 more days until I move out!!


Charlize Theron is new Blond girl

Also for you guys: Two smart, good-looking women

Charlize Theron is new Band geek

German youth group designs calendar using erotic images from the Bible

dress and style

I coming up on 14000 posts. Done! Thanks everyone!!

For the gents-two blonde, athletic, fit women

I'm God. Ask Me anything.

Charlize Theron is new Bond girl

I just bought a roomba!!!

Proper anatomical words (video)

Snowman nativity

what is the best thing ever?

are there any FREE music download services out there?

the Holst - Brook Green Suite was eh, 'holsty'; the Bartók...

I have 4 vacation days left still

Had my interview with Portland OR

Can anyone recommend a tech-dork gift for under $100?

Duck Season or Rabbit Season?

Freepers: Steelers suckage connected to Murtha

are you a post whore?

Actual headline from local paper Sunday:

How to win the war on Christmas.

matcom! Where the hell are you?

I've decided I'm not shaving until after finals...

Must not be hard to get a job at Faux News

Please. Calm yourselves. I'm back.


Is there a ForrestGump in building?

I'm feeling exceptionally Horny this morning!

Dumb question for the parents at DU

Scew Bond...bring back MATT HELM!

I'm thinking of pumping Collagen into the Democratic Party

Any craft ideas for 4 year olds?

So, Celine Dion walks into a bar.....

DU without ForrestGump would be like an ice cream sundae without...

Ha! VH1 broke up my friend's band

Elvis has left the building!!!

I am flying all of the lounge lizards to Mississippi for a gathering!

I love Desperate Housewives

Does DU have a secret handshake?

Holy Crap!!!! I just woke up......

So if someone uses the ;) thingy in emails are they

I just ate the deformed tortilla chip...

I watched the Princess Bride last night. It's been a long time since


Who is getting snow tomorrow??

CONFESS!!! Newyawker99 just how do you find all the new folks


Please help me settle this:

How Can I Get A Charity To Stop Calling Asking For Money?

Marc Maron gone from Air America

What the . . . just got an e-mail from AAR talking about their new morning

Nothing is better luck than getting to the bakery right when

Skinner and Ann Coulter sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

It's snowing tonight in Philly and Eagles are playing at home

Only Pay for Channels You Plan to Watch?

"Where is he?" "He's DRT."

Don't you hate when you have to pee....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/5/05)

It's getting into the 10's at night.

Bill O'Reilly tells us why libruls are trying to get rid of Christmas

Did God take the picture?

afro celt sound system ~ seed

NEED ADVICE.. . . . . . PLEASE!!!! at wit's end.

I just ate fried chicken with Michael Brown.

Rock, the Ocean and Foam. Dial-up warning.

Hiding smiley: behind a wall or in a well?

Does anyone else enjoy clever t-shirts, but could never wear them?

Best lyrics ever in a Bocephus song. "The American Dream"

OMG! Put on the History Channel!

For the ladies-two dark, athletic, muscular guys


Wickedest eyes, Alex Witt? I mean that in a nice way.

M. R. DUCKS....

If you have TiVo and want to be put on the priority list for the new

Packer GM Ted Thompson: Favre is playing "playing as well as ever".

So now there is a polaroid Camera phone...check it out on Engadget!

Who hasn't started their holiday/Xmas shopping?

I'm making a pumpkin sour cream cake


Hey! I'm wireless at the DFW airport!

The stupid things stupid people do....and how it affects others....

I may be an awkward white boy, but "Funk bomb" by James Brown is my new

What's your favorite Weathercaster assumed name?

Let's take a break and have a cigar!

*geeks* Design your own keyboard

I am done with my Christanzaayulakkah shopping!

It's getting into the 30s at night

It's getting dark when the sun goes down.

It's getting late at night

Let's Lift The Lid And See What A $5,000 Toilet Gets You!

Who's A True Blue American? Post your fave!

I saw the coolest way to put Christmas lights on a Palm tree.

COLD CLIMATE AMERICANS: How much you pay for heat?

This is probably my last message

Now that Snow Skiing season is here, the "Skiers Code of Conduct"

The sun will come out tomorrow.

For a mere $300


83 yo Grandmother + A Beer Bong= Awesome!!

Has anybody here ordered tamales on line?

Am I wrong for likin' this song?

Anyone see Masters of Horror?

Owwwwww.... Hands Hurt! Too F%^)$% Much Piano!

I'm sorry, but nips are totally gross!

I want to start planning for my next 2 vacations

Someone sent me this and it's delicious

An iPod accessory that will give you a REAL buzz

Someone PLEASE kick Hannity in the taco!

How is everyone this evenning?

Damnit, where is this "Cat 2" Snowstorm that is suppose to hit

Voting in George Bush's America

Just got "Arrested Development" Season 1 on DVD

I have my flame suit on


Roll Call! LA DU gathering this Sunday...

Does anyone have a link for the streaming of the Seahawks game?

Nixon Emerges From Spaceship in San Diego

9.75 inches or 24.76 cm

Is there a cure for the satire impaired?

Scarlett Johansson sighting . . .

Give me some interesting "_____ of the month" clubs.

Say it ain't so: Britney kicks out Federline

Another crazy video- Lizard versus Japanese girls.

Jesus on the half shell!

Ouch! I got stitches and tetnis shot! now I'm all achey stupid am I?

It's getting dark at night

How do TV and radio commercials mostly affect you?

I don't care what Shell Beau says. I'm testing the ADMINS.

"Dubya, the spoiled, rich frat boy ..."

These Christmas Lights always crack me up

I just posted a Harry Potter thread in GD!

Vintage designer til you drop

Woo Hoo Smiley: How many people try to nail him with the cursor?

how traumatized were you when you 'found out' about santa claus?

Who remembers "opera gloves".. (I'm so old, I probably still have some)

By the power vested in me by scotch, I hereby banish pants from the Lounge

Which is worse: crack cocaine or crystal methamphetamine?

OK, call me crazy, but I think my house is haunted.

Someone help me Please, with iOffer website

Panic attacks suck

Fellow band geeks... is this you?

*******MILESTONES******* 12-5

I'm thinking about getting collagen pumped into my lips.

GOPisEvil Invades California THIS Weekend!

I Got a Job Today!

Man Hit By Car Issued Jaywalking Ticket

BCS system or old Bowl system?

Holy crap, but it's cold outside!!

OMG - I sound like Rita Cosby!!

How ugly is she?

oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please God,

What's the creepiest, most leacherous, most stalker-like love song to you?

What do I have in common with Bo Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor?

Still Life With Woodpecker

Would you ever want to live here?

Brand new for tonight: Sunset, moon, sky, sea! Dial-up warning

wow! My 8 week old daughter has said her first word!

de-icing this morning was rough... then I got some good news.

So what's the scoop with Narnia, keep reading how fundies are crazy for it

What temp do you set your thermostat in the winter?

Anyone else ever have a near death experience?


Just saw an anti Wal Mart ad on channel 4

Thread titles that will get you banned from DU!

I can't believe what I saw when driving to work today

Decorate the snowman and then watch him dance.

The Lioness needs a LOT of Sympathy and Love ....

I declare LOTR die-hards (Tolkien purists) the biggest whiners in fandom

Info please

the writing I promised to post

Who will be the NCAA Womens Vollyball champ??

free association

POST # 2500! Obscure Movies You LOVE!

'Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion'

Please stop calling me a liar (or, why atheism is not a religion)!

OK, you wanna know why it seems tough to work with atheists?

If you believe, as I do, that all people serve their own perceived best

You may own guns, you may own're gonna have to serve somebody

If there is Persecution of Christians in this country...

Remaining awake through a great revolution

Nigerian church puts Texans' love for their neighbours to the test

Bisphenol A Used In Food Containers Disrupts Brain Development

High-fructose corn syrup fueling obesity epidemic, doctors say

du women - anyone tried the nuvo-ring contraceptive?

Chemical Used In Food Containers Disrupts Brain Development

'New mammal' seen in Borneo woods

Wisconsin Gay Marriage Amendment Moves To Senate Vote

Pressure Mounting On Exxon To Provide Gay Worker Protections

Homophobia and heterosexism strike again ...

Suit Against Condoleezza Rice on Behalf of Man Denied Job For HIV Status

The easy way out for the Supreme Court on "don't ask, don't tell."

Ask Ford what they'd do if the KKK told them not to advertise to blacks

GW professor researching effects of gay adoption

Jury deliberates fate of Georgia teen charged with murder

Anti Gay Marriage Rep Has Trouble in San Francisco

School Board chair admits Web post

Ford Pulls Gay Ads But Reasons Unclear


Support Brokeback Mountain!!

Calif. Gay Marriage Foes Said Unlikely To Get Prop On June Ballot

My God, do the Eagles SUCK or what?

Dark horses for 2006

2005-06 Bowl Schedule

Miami won, or Buffalo choked?

I hate this Tim Mcgraw Shit !!!!!

Tom Brady is SI's Sportsman of the Year. Comments?

Report: 41 percent of bowl-bound schools miss academic standard

Oh boy, took my Rottie to her vet today for a grooming.

Cat Arlo has problems with crystals in lower UT. Better now but I was

Pics of 3 legged Jake and his sis, Annie

Katrina pets are up for adoption

Prayers Requested

Ok folks this is a real vivid dream

Serious question about entity/poltergeist?

Liberal Oasis gives Kerry a

Kerry v.s. McCain: no contest!

Kerry asks Bush to replace Rumsfeld

Some thoughts that made me think of k0s and his klowns

I am SOOOOO Happy. I FOUND this link I'd saved. Save it too!

New JK Email: Don't let Cheney bail out DeLay

Latest RW smear: "John Kerry Calls American Troops Terrorists"

Do you see this cute story from The Mercury News? (12/4)

Opinions? I just realized something about the IWR vote.

Dec 5th Vanity Post - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

Not Extreme Processing (one might appear to be) but a poll and

Frost flowers

KOEB - 12/5 Anti-flag burning edition

New Monica Blog!

I've been AWOL

VIDEO - Keith blasts extreme right rock group - propaganda for KIDS

I'm lovin' this article about the Couric-to-CBS rumors!

If we had what republicans have...

Kurdish Move in Iraq Leads to Fear of Civil War

Even the church counts their paper ballots by hand

Chavez sweeps congressional elections. No fraud seen

Move America Foward, Liberal hating group writes this to me:

David Horsey cartoon from the Seattle PI---check out his others ROFLOL

CNN last night

LAT: A Wave of Activism in States May Signal a Surge Nationwide

LAT: O.C. Race a Border Skirmish

Challenger to Lieberman Steps Over

Private security contractors in Iraq face little accountability if they sh

10 yrs of Frist Senate votes show pattern aiding HCA's business interests

Bush appoints religious zealot to key USAID post: Bonicelli

more from Dobson's bedroom in the White House

Newsmax (RW): 1st Bush term increases twice that of Clinton's 2 terms.

Walmart DVD is mind-blowing. Bravo to Robert Greenwald! MUST SEE.

What Did the Democrats Know and When Did they Know It?

Urgent Please sign this petition to release the 4 Cpt workers in Iraq

Please help!! A shit head is trying to turn untouched land into a

US said to use a litmus test to block American speakers

Democratic leaders in House will seek to block party vote on Iraq war

My email to my revolting Senator - Orrin Hatch re: Cunningham's Scam

Grindy McCokejaw live on MSNBC, howlin' about the great economy

Bush: "I want everyone who wants to work to be able to find work"

Obama Mouths Mush on War

Yes Republicans, there is no Santa Clause

Question for O'Reilly?


FocusontheFamily cuts ties with Wells Fargo

Right Wing sping of WMD continues to evolve

Smirking Chimp, Pickles, & Evil Dick at the Kennedy Center Honors

Rumsfeld: "A lie moves around the world at the speed of light"

Running for Public Office??? Come, we go look How to WIN....

Can The U.S. Spin Insurgents? The Pentagon Is Trying

Oh My God! Bush Appoints Religious Zealot To Key USAID Post

If you're a fan of James Kroeger's "Republican Nemesis"...

Anyone familiary with Medicare budget?

Why Isn't Sean Hannity Talking About THIS Column?

Why Have Fundies Become a Force in Politics?

Articles intended to counter enemy propaganda, U.S. military says

State Department using ideological litmus tests to screen speakers

Can our democracy be saved from Republican corruption?

A conservative lied about his military record - can you believe it?

Rice defends US treatment of terror suspects

Michael Moore: "Meet & Greet Dick Cheney in Houston on Monday"

New Grand Theft Election: "The Bugman Cometh" re Tom Delay

Bob Schieffer "still gives benefit of the doubt" to Bush Admin WMD claims

Repeat after me: Republicans hate black voters

In a Season of Scandals, Ethics Panels Are on Sidelines

Poll Numbers on DeLay

Tweety just asked F**ker Carlson if 2 more years in Iraq is a good idea

And you thought argueing w/ Republicans was frustrating.

Kerry asks Bush to replace Rumsfeld (Rumor, Lieberman could be tapped)

Conspiracy charges dropped on Delay?

Delay is going down!

Honor and dignity in FUBAR ...

Evil Dick Cheney, busted for DWI in Wyoming, 1962 & 1963

"A family of four making 60,000 or more will have their taxes go up 50%"

Family wedding gathering so liberal, RWinger host leaves room!

Jeopardy: What do you call it when you strap someone to ...

self delete - dupe

Arnold, Arnold, are you gonna deny THIS? (MUST SEE TV)

Please help New Orleanians Get Rid of Rush

Keith O. having fun with Hillary's anti-flag-burning law,

Contractor 'knew how to grease the wheels'

Re: Lincoln Group......

US political families

More New CIA Dirt (Cunningham)?

Another marathon reading of 'War and Peace' protests our latest quagmire

Rice will tell European allies to "back off" over issue. (secret prisons)

"Why we went into Iraq is not a debate anymore." Bow-tie boy on Tweety.


Secret CIA planes?

The Delay - Duke Cunningham link, culled from Daily Kos

DU This Poll!!!!!!!!

Bush @ the John Deere Factory Photo Op: Monkey + Wrench

Touting more tax cuts, President ignores bitter situation for most America

Brits Slam Rice-Talk

Voters in Tom DeLay's District would NOT vote for him again..


Hatch silencing Republican corruption stories - I smell conspiracy!

435 Congressional Districts....435 Blogs!

Warner is one funny guy.

Clinton's Dem Challenger To Push On Labor & Iraq

General Wes Clark will be a guest on Big Ed Schultz in a few minutes...

FRESH OFF THE WIRE: One charge against Delay dropped...

Hillary Clinton raises $600,000 at Louisville fundraiser in red Kentucky

Who is the next Dean?

The military curbs troop's freedom of speech. Is this right or wrong?

it finally hit me: The republican elite is like in the OMEN or Rosemary's

Hey Katherine! You getting a right-off for this donation?

Ann Coulter's Address

Bigger than Downing Street, MUCH bigger than Watergate

Tues. Nov. 9, 2006: Dem Underground will cease to exist!

Images like this make me cringe.

" the anguish of trying to define a Democratic alternative."

I expect all those outraged over Hillary's support of the flag burning law

cartoon: Democrats Still Waiting For Just the Right Moment to Have an idea

Here's what Tom Tancredo's opponent has to say

Some Dude raising HELL on CNN....

Lieberman on cspan3 tomorrow - could he really be replacing Rummy?!

A Sex Scandal in Washington about to break?

Dems Fight 3rd Party Provisions inCampaign Reform Proposal

What should I think about John McCain?

NC DEMS Using Minnesota PHONE BANKS to Solicit Funds! Disgusting!!!

is anyone sick of Corp. media saying people tired of BOTH parties?

Kerry is NOT pushing for Lieberman to be Sec. of Defense

John Edwards comments on Bush's visit to NC today

Statistic query re: bush supporters

Here's the story Hatch tried to kill - spread the word!!!

Another reason whatever "Hillary" does matters more


Excuse me, would you prefer a "Christmas tree" or a "Holiday tree" ....

Bush is saying this economy is better than the Clinton economy....

I wonder if the typical American associates Ramsey Clark w/the Dem Party?

If your bored take this test...

You are running for the Dem nomination. What is YOUR platform?

Progressive Primary Challenge to Hilary Launched

Joe Lieberman must STAY IN THE SENATE.

Hillary Clinton making Flag Burning a CRIME !

Hatch tried to kill this story - so let's spread it ALL OVER THE WEB!!!

Cannonfire's got a HUGE story!!!

Has Bush Botched the war? Vote

Where They Hide the Cash

Ten ways to argue about the war

Domestic Military Intelligence is Back

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 12/06/05

take the "California teachers subject exam" for free at your home!

The AP Picked Up Part of Our Story on Scott Walker!

Jimmy Carter coming up on The Daily Show (nt)

Anyone else ever have a near death experience?

Focus on Family quits business w/Wells Fargo banks.

EXCLUSIVE:CIA move prisoners-Europe to North Africa before Rice visit

Leno on USC-UCLA game: (spoiler)

ImpeachPAC...because they lied!

Maureen Dowd is going to be on The Colbert Report tonight!!

I just heard about five minutes of the insane Michael Savage.

How do you tell someone why you are MIHOP?

Will the religious right extremists back this up in the USA? Doubt it.

education - let's talk.

EXPOSED.... Dubya's new hobby

The era of democratic pacifism needs to end

Jon Stewart is on FIRE

NYT op-ed: "The Next Iraq Offensive," by Wesley K. Clark

300 protest Cheney's fundraiser for DeLay.

The Next Iraq Offensive: By WESLEY K. CLARK (NYT)

Most of what goes into the American salad bowl was picked by illegal immig

Prediction: American civil war within ten years.


Rosemary-Cheese Spritz Cookies

Bah Humbug! Tree Decorated by Okla. Students Removed

WP: FBI Bungled Florida Terrorism Investigation, Justice Department Finds

LAT: Plame Is Set to Leave the CIA

NYT: WH Tries to Trim Military Cost (awareness that nation cannot afford)

WP,pg1: CIA Ruse Is Said to Have Damaged Milan Probe (Italy Misled by CIA)

Thousands Flee Volcano Threat in Vanuatu

KU Prof Beaten for Remarks on Intelligent Design

Sen. Clinton co-sponsors anti-flag burning law

Carter on Daily show.

Oh my dear, KitchenWitch!

My dear lounge Lizards...


Did anyone else hear Jerry Springer play the "Bengals Growl" today?

A good post in GD.

Popcorn smilie....

Bad News: MNF is a lopsided game tonight Good News: IT'S SNOWING!!

do you know any millionaires?

You know what drove me nuts about Archie comics?

I tipped over a half-frozen bucket of water in the backyard today.

Okay, so who knows how to give a good hunger strike?

Is it just me or does President Carter seem like a genuine warm person?

EXPOSED.... what Dumbya does on weekends!

Did you hear about the lady who was madly in love with her priest? (joke)

the best thing about this cold weather is -fill in the blank-

What song makes you sentimental and why?

Panties, Panties, Panties!!!!

Here's more on the CunningScam from Cannonfire (which is now up)...

Urgent: Ford Motor Co. slams the "gay agenda"; pulls ads. Bigots.

Former President Jimmy Carter on The Daily Show Tonight!!!

Al Franken needs to learn more about PNAC

Working From the Top Down

CBS News trying to raise our Iraq war morale...

9/11 Commish sez we're not safer. BUT ..........

Recent Gallup Poll for TX-22: Delay 36%, Unnamed Democrat 49%

Name the Cunningham-ADCS-Wilkes Corp.-Group W scandal

Pass the buck:Rumsfeld Cites Contractor in Planting Reports in Iraqi Media

Would JFK Have Been Bashed Here As A DNC DINO?

Jimmy Carter is a National Treasure