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Archives: December 4, 2005

The war on Halloween!

NYT: This Season's War Cry: Commercialize Christmas, or Else

Bullet Points Over Baghdad (Paul Krugman)

LAT:Private Security Guards in Iraq Operate With Little Supervision

Treating Anorexia: No One To Blame

NYT on Franken: "Guy Walks Into a War"

Has 'War' become a leading brand for United States?

The Long Struggle of Leonard Peltier

For Gulf,The Beast Has Long Been Dead

Imagining a Doomsday Scenario for the Supreme Court

Paging Frank Rich! GAO confirms - 2004 Election Was Stolen

The Putsch at Public Broadcasting

A Wake Up Call for Peaceniks ("useful idiots")

Iraq's enemy within

Freeperland on "Homecoming" we are "sinking deeper into the

Money and sex, sex and money

Congress is turning into a sandbox — and Republicans have the most to lose

The Summit: Pentagon Propaganda Operations

NYT Frank Rich: "All the President's Flacks" - Woodward & gaming the Press

Kill Raghead for Jesus (I'm not makin this shit up)

LAT: Private Security Guards in Iraq Operate With Little Supervision

"The Joyless Economy" (Paul Krugman, NYT, 12/05/2005)

Zombies Attack George Bush: Joe Dante's brilliant anti-war horror show.

Energy in the 21st century

Don't Fly Over Cheney, Weekend Pilots

Bill O'Reilly and his "War on Christmas"

Lieberman op ed: We Must Help Iraq Overcome Terrorists


Goshutes' fight over exclusion continues (Utah nuke storage)

War on climate change targets flatulent cows

Denver may end ethanol program because air is cleaner

Predictably, Venice is swamped by high seas...

Hurricane Epsilon defies explanation

C-SPAN 2: Chomsky & Dershowitz debate Israeli/Palestinian issue.

Why Netanyahu bluffs on Iran

Aggressive and arbitrary conduct

More Palestinians OK'd to enter Israel

Peres can pick any job, Sharon says

Southern Poverty Law Center writes about Stillwell article. Follow-up

A shot in the foot

Netanyahu urges bold Israeli action on Iran nukes

David Duke in Damascus to express solidarity with Syria

Israel and Palestine After Disengagement

Damage to Israel-Turkey relations feared

Spielberg says his new film 'Munich' is a 'prayer for peace'

why wasn't White House anti-aircraft battery or Blackhawk used for Fl 77?

So, I'm I to believe

Have the flight 93 flight map, ETA, & F plan changes been explained on DU?

Blast fails to topple tallest S.D. Building

LIHOP or MIHOP question and who hit us.'s Hilarious Pentagon Debunk Attempt

Have you seen this thread in GD /P: Open letter to Howard Dean

Switzerland: Old-fashioned direct democracy

Anyone have transcript of DeGregorio saying he'd extend HAVA deadline

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News for Sunday, December 4, 2005

Nussle Quote

Energy Savings tips from the Iowa Energy Center

Key adviser to Pawlenty steps down

Fox News Experiments with Journalism

Minnesota's ties to corruption

Al Franken's in town today...

How can MN gas prices be higher than Wisconsin's?!

Looking to buy my daughter a laptop.

I have a question regarding A drive on an XP Dell computer

Autopsies Confirm Bodies As Slain Siblings

Sherrod Brown kicks off Senate race with this speech in Mansfield, Ohio

David Van Os AG Candidate filing Monday 12/5 10:30 a.m.

Drinking Liberally - Waxahachie has moved for the winter

Retired Soldier Reports for Duty

If you don't have a digital tuner for your TV, get one now.

What,no Bear's still suck posts?!

email your representative

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Meeting At Dinger's House This Thursday (12-8-05):

FOX NEWS: "Is the "war on Christmas" hurting your portfolio?"

Does Bush* know that he has ever failed?

Conyers: Investigate Bush Shutdown of 2002 Abramoff Case!

Will the Death Squads the USA is training make the Iraqis love us?

I don't hate Christmas

Why Is God So Weak? What The Hell Happened?

Disabled Afghans storm UN event sending delegates fleeing

My Shrine to the Christmas Hating Heroes

Al Franken is on Book TV (C-SPAN 2) Now

RW blog campaign: Sending Christmas card to the ACLU

Hey can we send planed parenthood pledges to fundies

Wal-Mart's War Room Strategies leaked!

BUSH "Victory" document author is a pollster! (NYT)

I Just Took The "X" Out Of "X-mas"

One in five U.S. combat soldiers : Acute post-traumatic stress syndrome.

I attend church and no one here has attacked me for going.

If a person tells me my religion is WRONG

What is the most powerful weapon used in a war?

The counter-revolution will be by email...

Todd Rundgren (Liv Tyler's step-dad) on all this God stuff

Shi'ites pelt Bush's pick for Iraq prime minister with rocks and shoes

Anatomy of a CIA 'rendition' gone wrong

Private Security Guards in Iraq Operate With Little Supervision

Liberals controlled congress for forty years and we still have Christmas


Who killed Zia — Mossad?

Would I be arrested if I went to China to sell them technology?

Why does slave labor in China anger so many? That how US started

VIDEO-Allawi pelted by shoes, makes getaway

European Bible Study More Fun Than American

I felt like I was on another planet.

No one is obligated to follow wrong policies and misguided leaders....

Goodbye Jean Schmidt?

Ya really is a Christmas tree

Was Jesus a myth a great person or the actual son of God?

Blast fails to topple tallest S.D. Building

Nate Clay - LIVE streaming liberal radio NOW -- link

Merle HAGGARD Is the CRONKITE Moment

Who does this paragraph refer to?

This latest Christmas flak...

Has 'War' become a leading brand for United States?

A little perspective for everyone in the form of a Pale Blue Dot

Stephen Hadley on George Steph's show >

Yo! Shrub! Dude! You're gonna f**k up the guitar holding it that way!

Republicans using race in Maryland Senate Race

Barbara Boxer will be on Fox News Sunday after

Worse President Ever: Now in sterling silver on the Home Shopping Network

McCain On MTP: Indictments - Lot's Of 'Em . . This Town Is So Corrupt

Bush, Cheney "back problems" to avoid Vietnam, big yellow streak down back

Caption this photo of * and mrs. *

Kerry on Face the Nation:

Crowd pelts Allawi at shrine, hurling shoes, stones & tomatoes

WSJ "Journal Editorial Report" leaving PBS & going to Fox. Finally!

national forest/park garage sale hits stiff resistance

Former BLM director trashes Pombo's public land garage sale

IMO every Congressperson that voted for IWR broke their oath of office

CriminalTrial Against Reliant Energy To Soon Begin In CA:

If you're gonna watch anyway, consider audio/video clipping

New Time Poll - Bush and friends on a roll


The media sure can manipulate the public

Local Politics and Audio/Video Podcasts- SUGGESTION

The "war on Christmas" is bullshit

gop in jeopardy

How Much of the 'Good' Economic Data is Linked to Hurricane Rebuilding?

>>We've given our exact location so we won't get hit

Iraqi Linux users group for you techies....

Iraqi Linux users group for you techies....

Christmas Carols for the RW'ers

Obama and Lugar team up for common sense legislation

Why do they lie?

AP: Wal-Mart sales don't back polls

Talking to mothers of soldiers

Waiting for the "christians" to freakout & fulminate about Brokeback Mtn.

I saw Syriana tonight - anyone else see this movie?

What planet are you on, Mr Bush? (The Independent-UK)

Best day of my Father's life was his 23rd birthday

NEXT on our evil lihbrul agenda: Take the Bunny out of Easter!

Heads Up: Franken on C-Span at 9:00 ET talking about his latest book.

San Diego Union Tribune: Court favors doctors in lesbian's suit

Is the pentagon covering up US military deaths?

Is the Al-Qaeda #4 guy still on the loose?

For Those That Have Questioned My Calling Out Freeps For Their Lies...

NYT:Bush at the Door:metaphor for a man who can't hide anymore

I agree with McCain on Lobbying reform.


Should government own land and what would be a proper percentage?

How many people here are limiting to, or cutting out DU time the closer it

It simply feeds perception of US as inept&hypocritical puppetmaster

George went away for the weekend. ---pix->>>

There'll be no victory or success in Iraq, despite what some say they want

I am putting the "Ground hog" back in ground hogs day! Dammnit!

FEMA Pulls Out of Lower 9th-Calls for Troops-Threats of Violence

VIDEO-Paid Propaganda Joke from Conan

Press the Meat: McCain: "our troops are serving a noble cause".

Liberals, Leftists and Progressives: Respecting those of Faith

Say "Win Quickly" instead of "Pullout"

Collective excess....

Bill O'Reilly and his "War on Christmas"

Whenever a Republican says anything we should ask

VIDEO-Robert Reich on Bush's Lack of Credibility and the Duke U Pollster

These Republicans need to cut the crap with this "Rejectionists" label...

A "Conspiracy Theory" and a "Theory of a Conspiracy" are different.

on the lighter side this A.M. - Grandmother Charged In Baby Jesus Theft

some clear eyed thinking here:

GM to raise India workforce by 30%

She did not “act traumatized”

Have you ever nominated a thread to pump up or diss a candidate

VIDEO-Murtha on Who Decides

AAR to add Buffalo and Orlando affiliates, negotiating to enter Tampa Bay

Wolf Blitzer is annoyed that Iraqis haven't thanked us for invading.

Interesting discussion with Howard Zinn

Tainted PBS show that got Tomlinson booted winds up on FOX

Republicans not eager for DeLay to come back. (Let the baby eating begin)

Report Finds Cover-Up in an F.B.I. Terror Case

Is it the NBA, NFL, or......?

Yes, Dick, You Are a Liar

Details Emerge on a Brazen Escape in Afghanistan

Yet another 'oops' and coverup by the brilliant goons in the CIA.

UK forces 'destabilising Basra'

The little things that show how much religion is all about war.

Bush's "total victory" plan written by Duke Political Science Professor

repug plan: take away christianity, the flag, america, family and now

"Greenspan: US deficit may hurt global economy"

Yet another tentacle of the overall strategy to incorporate our

U.S. "interrogated" the wrong guy in Afghanistan for 5 months on a hunch

VIDEO-Blitzer on why Occupied and Invaded Iraq isn't DAMN appreciative

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! n/t

Error in Listen Live

Can McCain run for President? Born in Panama!

Hello Kitty Euros Go On Sale Monday. Who should we put on the dollar?

delete for now

AAR in St. Louis?

Kidnapped Man Thanks Al Jazeera (only station that aired his family's appe

I killed the Number 3 guy because i didn't want him to get promoted

Friendly with Rove, Donna Brazile now cozies up to Santorum

Do you think the hurricane victims in Mississippi...

Time to GET OUT! My Lai changed the course of V'nam-this must change Iraq

Put the 'Christ' back in Christianity!

Fat cats milked Ground Zero

What ever happened to...

Bush failure: Iraqi Kurds Will Proclaim Independence in Case of Civil War

Who really practices a culture of fear?

Is there a video of Kerry on Face The Nation?

Women of Al Qaeda

"God help us if we have another attack"...i thought we were safer!

They're playing us again- so begins more divisiveness.

"We've given our exact location so we won't get hit"

VIDEO-White House Press Conf Dec 2 SEVERELY Edited

NYT Maureen Dowd column BLASTS Bush Lies: "W.'s Head in the Sand"

Anybody who thinks * would appoint Lieberman

It occured to me...Bush IS what he warned us about Saddam

Ski Season opens in Dubai Desert's Mall of the Emirates

Bush Will Delay Tax Reform Push

Video - FOX: Hadley defends Cheney's 'last throes' comment

Why the Stonewalling If the Repubs Have Nothing to Hide on Pre-war Intell

If I was a believer in say, astrology or tarot cards...

FALSE WITNESS How true are "facts" online?..(wikipedia)

Yahoo's five most popular stories

Bruce Vilanch, RuPaul & Harvey Fierstein


"Newsview: Bush, Security Team Out of Synch"

"Remains of 37 Bodies Exhumed in Lebanon"

"Democrats Seek Texas Redistricting Probe"

On Chris Matthews: Sullivan 'Liberman will be asked to be Sec of Defense"

"Bird Flu Hype Infecting Biotech Industry"

"Activists Demand Action on Global Warming"

Why are WE to blame for America's holiday economic problem? (must read)

McCain: "If we lose in Iraq it would be a disaster."

"GOP Pushing for Spending and Tax Cuts"

Why is every post that is "the Latest" General Discussion? What's wrong?

"Bush Aide: Troop Reduction May Come in '06"

Helen Thomas on AAR rerun right now: 3:38 CST

Interesting Article about Bob Ney...

"Adviser Says Rice to Address Prison Issue"

"FBI Plants Fake Candidate in W.Va. Race"

Right-Wing Group Declares War on Americans

Name a company that no longer deserves our tax dollars for their subsidies

"DeLay: Victory in Iraq Is 'Our Choice'"

so the 9/11 report commission totally trashes Bush on terror

"Paying Iraqi Newspapers Troubles Bush"

Homecoming. How can we get Showtime to ...

The death penalty and "vengeance"

Associated Press spins, spins, spins on Blanco's document release

Want to fight terrorism and protect human rights? Legalize drugs.

Do you like my new protest sign? -->

My "Man of the Year." The Forgotten American!

A look at actual Persecution of Christians in America

Join us, and DESTROY Christmas!!!

my bornagain sister in law wants my niece to join the army in 'god's war'

Why do they hate us.... link. Hint: It's not for our freedom.

Stupid white men

My view on the Katrina rebuild of NO levies.

LOL -- What's going on in Arkansas?

A message from Cindy Sheehan

BTC News: Does the Cunningham case reach into the CIA?

"White House: Death Penalty Deters Crime"

Which State Has The Best Public Radio?

Millions and millions and millions and millions of surveillance

The beginning of the end. May 1, 2003 - Fallujah

Contact and demand a retraction for...

Canadians DUers:I just learned that an anti abortion moron was...

Done Xmas shopping lots of parking spaces at the mall and Target

Who Is This Brent Bozell Clown?

Coulter Criticized for Bad 'Netiquette'

"Future of the Republican Party" on C-Span right now.

cheney condones torture, anyone have a link?

How Bush tried to take military contol of LA.

67-year-old prisoner dies at U.S. military facility in Iraq

Interesting pattern spotted by Old Fashioned Patriot (blog)

" FBI Is Taking Another Look at Forged Prewar Intelligence"

Fun quiz courtesy of Media Matters: "O'Reilly...or Matthews?"

What planet am I seeing just to the West of the crescent moon

"treasure of baghdad" has made it to the usa

You know I think gays should be barred from the military

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Get your 2006 GOP calendar now!

Is there a bustle in Condi's hedgerow?

Do other countries such as Canada,

Who was this Little Girl?

Playing with our food

Support anti-war musicians--just listen!

A sobering visit last night to the Toys R' Us in Times Square, Manhattan

Please DU this poll

How the Bush Administration will change Pizza Delivery forever:

When Will We Fight the New Shiite Army We're Building in Iraq?

Ayatollah Sistani urges pro-religious/pro-Iranian vote in Iraq

Have hope: America is a self-correcting system!

Why is it un-American to be a peacenik?

Petition to STOP McPherson's rushed certification of Diebolds (Calif.)

Day 7. 12/4/05 DRUMBEAT for PEACE. I need some suggestions

i need a free proxy server to run on my laptop......

Noam Chomsky "Manufacturing Consent " DL

DU help requested re: reliable link

Caption the Chimp......

Bush worst President ever?

I'm sorry, but we DO need to shop for Christmas!

Our 'Wars' always produce more Enemies

George W. Bush has Noble Goals in Iraq

I'm Shocked, Shocked

Somebody is late to the party. A RW'er believes in a Saddam-9/11 Link

At a loss for Christmas present ideas?

Here Is A Nightmare Scenario With Which to Start the Week.

Scott Ritter: Iraq war ‘deliberate deception'

West Wing drought over!

looks like the site is gone. This was where Iraq casulties

Conyers: Investigate 2002 Bush Shutdown of (Abramhoff)

great photo

Former Sen. Bob Graham: Bush officials withheld key information on Iraq

Focus on the Family ditches Wells Fargo over support for gay rights org

All Things Reconsidered By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

Please help again - DU this poll

Pastor Punched at Altar

does Meet the Press repeat?

Breaking!!! Bush caught by reporter drinking alcoholic beverage!!

Looks like 'Heck of a Job" Brownie is still part of Bush's inner circle

U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris ready to dump more than $51,000 tied to Duke

we've come full circle, we need another revolution against king george

Anyone watching A&E?

Does the Cunningham Case Reach Into The CIA?

Here is some new 'good' words and definitions

Who listens to Bill Bennett, you ask?

Device stops speeders from inside car

Little Green Army Men Campaign

Caption Twiddle Dum and Twiddle Dee

We have fired Hellfire missiles at guys before "on a hunch" and were wrong

Arrogance in the Ozarks [Church and State Blog]

Pro-death-penalty Christians and hypocrisy - conversation with my stepmom

Is it me or do the employees at Costco just seem genuinely happy

Something rotten in Denmark....

War on Christmas Email...

It has to be done: your New Year's Resolutions here:

Who's nutty idea was it anyway to take

If Dems win back the House or Senate, what should be first thing on agenda

Bill Bennett: color your finger to show solidarity with Iraqis

A RW'ers idea on how to run America

Some are wondering why not many Xmas decorations. Try electric bills

Fox News goes into overdrive in "War on Christmas"

Just got this crap from a distant relative

Camel Club

we can't pull out now, our elected officials will lose BILLIONS!

I figured out why the fundies are so worried about Christmas

On no, my eyes - Condi with Robert Redford

Former 9/11 Commissioners: U.S. at Risk

Bush should be impeached for Katrina response (or lack thereof)

Fake or real Christmas Trees which one is better for the environment?

DEBATE: Race plays a role in death penalty implementation. BAN the DP!

Need help finding a Christmas vs. holidays link

If we legalized marijuana

BRAD BLOG: O'Reilly Trumps Up ' Xmas War' w/ Year Old 'Daily Show' Clip!

I am considering not decorating for the holidays at all


Frank Rich: Reporters w/out Top-Level Access Who Got The Iraq Story Right

Send Letters of Support to US Prisoner of Conscience Sgt. Kevin Benderman

My right-wing convert sister from Florida

Bush didn't know that Sunni and Shiite Muslims existed before the war...

MSNBC Calls Out Coulter for Posting BRAD BLOGGER's Private Info!

New Hugo Chavez scaldal: Bastardogate

Sharpton Works on CBS sitcom pilot: 'Al in the Family'


Hugh!!11!! Wait til you see this story on Cunningham bribe Octopus


I have had it with our goddamn representatives

Why are some of you so giddy over John McCain?

John Kerry on Face the Nation said that the "lies" were "intentional"...

Has anyone run across any anti-Bush holiday (yes, HOLIDAY) greeting cards?


"Rove is in serious legal jeopardy" (reposted w/ correct link)

Peak Oil is a NASA discovery shows ABIOTIC SOURCE

Dean- Keep troops in Iraq for at least 2 years.

Denver Puts the Christ in "Christmas".

Do you see the Corruption Issue as a GOP mess or as Bipartisan?

Bogus right wing e-mail strikes again

Facts about the words Xmas and Holiday

Al Qaeda doesn't hate America. They hate BUSH!

If you hate Jerry Falwell now, watch the movie The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Blitzer "no appreciation for Americans" video at canofun like nails....

Famous Logic that REGIME CHANGE won't work in Iraq

The Revolt of the Generals

Fmr Seattle Police Chief: Legalize It, All of It

New GOP Talking Point: Bush is Actually SMART (Behind Closed Doors) ---->

To Those Who Wrongly Believe the Death Penalty is Arbitrarily Assigned

Should minimum wage be set by municipalities?

Vandals Burn Giant Swedish Christmas Goat For 22nd Time…

Video of Iraqi children attacking US soldiers

I thought Kerry was a dissapointment on Face The Nation

Don't Let It Bring You Down

Which of these Conspiracy Theories is Most Important to You

So some inbred yahoo motherfucker threw or left this beautiful puppy off

Like It or Not, You’re Funding Right-Wing Rock


DU approaching 20 million posts-what to give the board that has everything

Are you ashamed to be an American ??

What Strategy Would've Countered Swiftboaters? Say You're Kerry's Adviser-

Wise up: nothing else matters if this isn't dealt with

Would you divulge your credit score or history for a college class?

I don't use marijuana...because

Tests Show Boys Even More Dumbed Down Than Girls

John Lennon....25 Years Later

another reason to hate garth frigging brooks

Very poignant Time photo. Not to be missed.

What children lack today is hope.

An Open Letter at Christmas to President Bush

One of the funniest things a Freeptard did was when I was truck driver

I got an OXO mandoline today

Wutcha makin' fer Christmas?

What can you use chili sauce for?

the last turkey soup this thanksgiving....

Jean Lapierre: Duceppe's comments about Liberals "nazi-like"

With 59 minutes left in the game,Harper pulls the goalie....

The 'Get Sheila Tax'

95 per cent US dailies ignored report on torture of Iraqi prisoners

Russia to sell 29 air defense systems to Iran

No Bush veto on anti-torture bill (now seeking compromise with Congress)

Women of Al Qaeda

Wrongful Imprisonment: Anatomy of a CIA Mistake

Govs. Fear Sale of Public Lands for Mining

FBI mishandled Florida terror investigation: NYT

La. Governor releases Katrina records

Thousands join climate change protest

Women's rights groups lead fight to overturn Latin America's abortion laws

War on climate change targets flatulent cows

Criminal trial related to California energy crisis may start soon

More Palestinians OK'd to enter Israel

Sadr representative gunned down in Baghdad

Heads Up: Franken on C-Span at 9:00 ET talking about his latest book.

Elections Chief to Be Fired, U.N. Official Says

Newly-elected Afghan MP killed

In Euphrates towns, Iraq's Shi'ites weigh choices(looking @Allawi &Sadr)

Rice rejects EU protests over secret terror prisons

Israel, US disagree on post-Assad Syria

Rice Rejects EU Protests Over Secret Terror Prisons (Says "Back Off")

Militant group says kills 10 U.S. Marines - Web

Alabama deck stacked against new black federal judges?

Judge rules teen filed false report in rape case

NYT/AP: Alito Critics Cite Inconsistencies ("credibility gap")

Fired nuns speak out (sexism in the Catholic church)

WP/AP: China Arrests 16 in Smuggling of Babies

Democrats Urge Backing for Science, Tech

Aso, Rumsfeld discuss base realignment (Japan)

Death penalty foes urge review of racial study

Western primary sought. Dems: Regional issues would gain.

Wis. Governor Vetoes Malpractice Suit Bill

Angry Shi'ites pelt Iraq ex-PM Allawi

Bush seeking compromise on CIA torture ban: aide

Tens of thousands march for full democracy in Hong Kong

US told Germany CIA imprisonment of a german was a "mistake": report

UK forces 'destabilising Basra'

Contractor 'knew how to grease the wheels' (Duke Cunningham)

US Army admits Iraqis outnumber foreign fighters as its main enemy

UN expresses deep concern over Saddam trial

Europe won't pick fight with Rice on CIA tactics

Web site errors add to Medicare confusion

Syria forces tackle 'terrorists'

Fat cats milked Ground Zero

U.S. Helicopters Make Emergency Landings (Afghanistan)

Bush seeking compromise on CIA torture ban: aide (Reuters)

AP: Report: U.S. admits illegal kidnapping

DeLay: Victory in Iraq Is 'Our Choice'

Canada headed for another minority government: polls

Suicide Bomber in Kandahar Kills Civilian

LAT: Private Security Guards in Iraq Operate With Little Supervision

LAT: On Their Own in New Orleans(reconstruction private not public,no net)

Boston Globe: Oversight of war spending is faulted

Autopsies Confirm Bodies As Slain Siblings

US does not send suspects abroad for torture: Hadley (AFP)

Few Democrats willing to stand up for statewide races (in Texas)

NRA snag for Nicolas Cage as arms curbs icon

Aide says Bush seeking compromise on CIA torture ban

Saddam's minder in our midst ( Australia)

US military says video not of deadly Iraq ambush

Passions on both sides of the war at Meehan forum (Lifelong Pub now Dem)

Bush's national security adviser won't confirm death of al-Qaida leader

US policy on Iran called ineffective

Colliding cultures: Law schools fight the military over gay rights

U.S. Missile, al-Qaida Death May Be Linked ( Marked: US )

Major Hong Kong Protest (for voting rights)

Iraq's enemy within

Israel and Palestine After Disengagement

Who was this Little Girl?

DeLay: Iraq pullout a 'death warrant'

US official in talks with Iraqi insurgents: report (Khalilzad)

CIA-linked plane landed in The Sault, logs show(Canada)

Democrats Find Iraq Alternative Is Elusive

Pink pound boom as companies cash in on gay weddings (in Britain)

US said to use a litmus test to block American speakers

WP: In a Season of Scandals, Ethics Panels Are Sidelined

(Dukestir bribe:)......Contractor 'knew how to grease the wheels'

Human Rights Watch Chides US over Egypt's Polls--

Bush motorcade involved in accident

Debate centers on pharmacists’ rights, state laws

After years of loss, Florida Democrats think tide is turning

Bush's motorcade has minor accident

Navy to Expand Fleet With New Enemies in Mind

WP:Documents Highlight Bush-Blanco Standoff(Vitter carried Rove's message)

Arkansas Man Scales White House Fence:AP news

Venezuela 'landslide' for Chavez

Law center fights battles of faith (Tom Monaghan is baack!)

Democrat says Bush moving towards early withdrawal of US troops in Iraq

McCain Won't Compromise on Torture Ban

BBC News: Nine die in Russia pool accident (Roof collapse)

U.S. not 'well-prepared' for terrorism (Bush and Congress Blamed)

Dean Hammers Bush On War, Immigration

US official in talks with Iraqi insurgents

UK 'Breaking Law' Over CIA Secret Flights

Indiana Gov. Daniels backs Bush guest worker proposal

Voters head to polls in Venezuela

Global warming protest stretches around world

Teen stands up for right to sit during pledge

Nigerian Church Puts Texans Love for Their Neighbours to the Test

NYT/Reuters: Gay Couples Prepare to Tie the Knot (in Britain)

Saddam trial judge steps down (recusal)

Bloomberg: McCain Says Abramoff Probe Will Lead to More Indictments

US detentions abuse Iraq mandate: UN ("More terrorists are being created")

GOP Pushing for Spending and Tax Cuts

Many Iraqi voters want Americans to go home

Allawi Claims Assassination Attempt

NYT/AP: Tens of Thousands Turn Out for Pro-Democracy March in Hong Kong

Rice faces growing anger over claims of CIA abductions

U.S. Command Declares Global Strike Capability

Chavez' Allies Win 89 Pct of Congress Votes - Tally

Reuters: Angry Shi'ites pelt Iraq ex-PM Allawi - police

Focus on the Family dropping Wells Fargo over gay issues

Katrina Rebuild Hinges on Who Will Pay (AP)

Frist's Votes Found to Favor HCA Interests

9/11 Commission: "Another Attack Will Occur"

Pakistan censors poetic salute to Bush

WP,pg1: Automakers Are Lining Up Aid, But Just Don't Call It a Bailout

Truth comes out about professor's background (Repuke with fake medals)

So my roommates thought it'd be a good prank...

What is your favorite Cat Stevens album?

Take a look at my new sig line ("War on Christmas" parody)


I didn't even get my happy hour receipts today! No 2-for-1s. :(

"I'm losing my edge"

A Serious question for all you DU musicians

What should I watch, a dvd of the Simpsons or "The Ref"?

Nighty nite.

WTF?!? I just recieved a text message in German

Feliz Navidad...

Monopoly cards we'd like to see

brazilian joke here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Yes!!! My friend Rob is finally coming over!

Elect Squat & Bupkus, 2008

On tomorrow's shopping list after church... bubble gum.

Iraq and Katrina bookends on eBay

i'm feeding my baby boy.

Eminem on Showtime

We just went to hear mopaul's band!

Which is your favorite number?


Your favorite YU-GI-OH card

"So put a quarter in your ass cause you played yourself"

Anyone watching Masters of Horror? Unbelievable!

Damn, I almost kissed my DU adversary !

Are there any Trans Siberian Orchestra Fans

Do you or don't you?

I'm going out for snacks! Whadda-ya-wan'??

Question for the Canadians

What rank should I be in the War on Christmas?

The Sweet One,The Adorable One, The Serious Rebel and totally SCARY FREAK!

I have this pain in my ass...


Is it just me or does Meg White (White Stripes) kind of suck at drumming?

Christmas gift I would like to give to KitchenWitch

Hey Everyone!!

I wanna eat another DUer.

Posts to DU devoted to my Calvin cat...

I'm Batman!

OK, southlandshari, is there a 'non-public' forum?

So did we ever get a picture of Err???


I accidentally napped for 5 hours

What expressions do you use that make other people look at you funny?

G'night folks!

What up?

Now let's have some good clean fun and raise our morals! Please!

Yeah, I was finally in a thread that was locked!

The dude singing on SNL is about the lamest thing.....

Join the Earthwide musical cultural revolution!

Christmas Carols for the RW'ers

NEXT on our evil lihbrul agenda: Take the Bunny out of Easter!

Email I sent to Tweety

Pat question

Good Sunday Morning, Everybody!

wooo! I might be able to buy-back my truck!

Holy crap it snowed last night!

I'm not putting a Christmas tree up this year.....

What Do I Do?

How could I have missed out on this?!

I need idea's on Xmas presents

Would you ask your boss this question?

Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas

Santa Claus & His Old Lady ~ Cheech & Chong

Okay, we've all heard 'manboobs'...

May I vent?

How normal is it to have 5 people on an internet dating forum...

I'm Fatman!

The new way to burn fat - set yourself on fire

I am putting the "Ground hog" back in ground hogs day! Dammnit!

1000 bottles of champagne, 400 private security guards, $2.7 billion bride

Hahahaha. My 3-mo.-old weimaraner puppy just fell off the couch.

Our greatest Humans apparently had one thing in common:

Keep Drunk George from tipping over...

I'm Scatman!

Pot question

What should I ask for for Christmas?


Remember me asking for opinions on my Xmas tree? Well, I did it.

One way to pack them in the pews...

I'm puttin up my tree today. What are you doing?

Can you name the traitor?

I didn't know Charlton Heston had a pet hamster

XPost: Mac users - I have a few VPN questions

Bong water haiku..... here's mine, what's yours?

live cream ~ politician, ode to joe

Take the Erie Test .

Logic 101

It's peanut butter jelly time!

80 yd touchdown pass in the opening drive for the Vikings!

Who wants to explain video game consoles to me like I'm a six year old?



Klingons for Christ?

Somebody please PM me and tell me the ending of the new Pride and

Blixa Bargeld stars in commercials for a German "Home Depot" equivalent

No sex threads!

We are thinking of doing a Taco bar for Christmas dinner.

A picture of me, in church this morning:

whatever become of

a collection of some of my favourite tits:

a collection of some of my favorite hits:

What's the true meaning of Xmas

Hines Ward just made one of the most ridiculous catches I've ever seen

I have an idea! Let's all post marginally offensive threads...

He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny...

Question for you football fans:

Does anyone have the text from Feingolds first withdrawal speech?

oh hey, books

Vikings fans, is it me or does Michael Bennett have no moves at all?

Hello Kitty Euros for sale tomorrow. What should we put on the dollar?

It's thundering and and threatening to storm here in my town

Damn! I almost missed my 1 year DU-versary!

If hypersensitive Mac advocates controlled the breakfast cereal industry

What do you think is the most dangerous "alternative" medical practice?

Why am I so keen on wanting to go back to church?

Carolina Panthers: 24 Atlanta Falcons: 6

I Just Took The "X" Out Of "X-mas"

Did The Titans Even Show up for the Game??

I'm on myspace! WHEEE!! Another useless thing to add to my empty life.

ADMINS/MODS: i have an idea about polls....

deleted post

Santa = Satan!!

Excellent...I got the Bengals/Steelers game!

What's on your Christmas shopping list? Here's mine:

Friggin' A! I thought of a cool ribbon idea, but somebody else got to it!

What fun does your family have?

Is there a dust-free brand of kleenex?

Going to mexico for questions...

Any use an Ionic Breeze Bathroom filter?

I opened the door on my birds cage

Have you thought about your New Year's Resolution yet?

HEyHEY the flasher

Yooha News.

Looking in my fridge, what should I have for dinner?

don't hate the playa, hate the game

I just came back from seeing "Good Night and Good Luck"

there's nothing wrong

Browns and Jax thread

I only have time for a QUICKIE

What is on your Christmas list for Maddy McCall?


BREAKING!! #2 Insurgent in War on Christmas Captured!

Sax thread O' the day

They're showing the fake Morgan Stanley ad on SNL - AGAIN!!

Can you do me a favor?

anyone know where I can get recipes for the Easy Bake Oven?

the future isn't what it used to be

Deep inside the forest

Bears vs Packers Thread

Six thread O' the day

I'm making pumpkin bread

What band do you wish would make a comeback?

If Santos can't turn things around this week, I think Vinnick will win

Join us, and DESTROY Christmas!!!

What were you put on earth to do? Or, what are you doing with yourself?

Funny story about sex

How hard is it to connect a PS2 to a wireless network?

Tell us someone elses' secret!

Create your own Bush speech!

83 year old granny does 3-story beer bong

anyone know where I can get pot brownie recipes for the Easy Bake Oven?

If you were leaving the U.S. to become

Coffee maker question.........

Anyone going to watch the thing on JPII tonight on CBS?

It's Snowing! I'm drivin' to Dunkin' Donuts. Can I bring you anything?

This is juvenile, tasteless and pathetic... but bloody hysterical!!!

this site is broken....

Has anyone heard from goodboy?

Do you look forward more to West Wing or LOST?

Ahhh my beloved Dolphins. .

Anyone use the HP Photosmart P1100 printer?

This picture needs a better caption

Howard Stern on "60 Minutes" tonight

A woman is sixty seconds

My M.I.L. died Monday....Then, Saturday, my best friend's 21 yr old son...

The West Wing on NOW!


So, are there really 200, 000 dustmites living on my pillow? And if so,

How do I search to see how many locked threads I have been in

Interview tommorrow . . . wish me luck

The War on Couscous

Just watched Inherit the Wind. God bless Clarence Darrow.

So I was at the DNC/YDA/YDAz fall conferences this weekend and

I'm editing bad poetry...what are you doing?

A special broadcast of My radio show @ 9PM ET - Come on by

My first house, which survived Camille.

Hey DU - I'm in a suit again!!

It's December 4th, and I'm so sunburned.


'read the patent number, bitch!'

i need a free proxy server to run on my laptop......

Has anyone else seen racing fuel being sold by their local gas station?

winter storm watch

"Why do birds suddenly appear....

Shhhhhh . . . Desperate Housewives Time

How many does it take?

Cat lovers, I need your help!!!!

I just joined Amnesty International and the ACLU!

Wish me luck: I'm BBQ'ing a corned beef brisket (in the rain).

Gun shots in my neighborhood today!

Feline Ad Infinitum

Gross! It's an old guy with a fag in his mouth!

A picture you should see....

Who else lives in an area with restrictive blue laws?

anyone going to watch

Is it just me or does John Lithgow look creepy...

The last thing I want is a stoat through the head

"I need T.V. for my bongo!"

If you were a football player named Cody Fagg

I am a barbarian, and I wield a philatelist

Detroit fans are cheering for the Vikings.


I've finally tracked down a copy of my favorite music video from the 1980s

Heard a song on the radio... guessing late 70s or early 80s...

I've fired up my pipe - a nice, strong, full-flavored tobacco

What "old fart-ish" things do you find yourself saying?

Sudoku junkies, here's another puzzle: kakuro

You Don't Love God If You Don't Love Your Neighbor

What do you celebrate during the Holidays?

This just breaks my heart to see.

GDers are talking about why they don't smoke weed.

Kids say the darndest things..

All right, this is out of hand with the "reality" shows

What rights do tenants have after a fire?

Larry David=Woody Allen


Any Manwoman fans?

'Lewd rubbing' shuts Paris statue (BBC with pic)

What planet am I seeing just to the West of the crescent moon


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/4/05)

I don't give a damn what you liberals say!

Anyone have a trick for finding something you've recently misplaced?

The White Shadow is now on DVD

Dammit, the most exciting game ending basket in years...and I missed it!

I am a Homo

Time, Newsweek or U.S. News & World Report?

Have an ATV? Got God? Well this club's 4 U.

Since when are 80's tunes "oldies?"

John Lennon imagine movie starting on hbo 2 now

Best fake names to try to get read on TV?

Jingle bells, Batman smells

I AM happy .. I think! I'm gonna be a grandma... sadness too though..

Psst....HEyHEY is a boxers guy

The Effect of Microwaving on a Potato's Weight

Favorite Christmas Carol?

I just sampled 3 out 5 flavors of the Jones Soda Holiday Pack...

There are 75 bands visually represented in this picture...

Tropical paradise or Midtown Manhattan? If you had to spend a year

Arnold gets buck wild in Rio (in his younger days-see video)


The Mo Paul Blues Band, ladies and gentlemen. (Caution: pictures.)

I'm going to the Chargers - Raiders game tonight! I'd better dress warmly.

Is it really a breach in etiquette if you triple dog dare someone before.

And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Haderack!

How the hell is American Dad still on??

I'm going to see X tonight,.... ask me anything.

now... don't shoot me, but... here are only TWO of my vacation pics...

*******MILESTONES******* 12/4

Fav "modern" Christmas song?

there is a pack of wild dogs running around my back yard

Has anyone here used 'RosettaStone' language software?

What are your pet names for your pet(s)?

Are You Yankee Or Dixie?

Question about pic threads — mostly for the wimmens

Where do you keep your "B-list" underwear?

Pet question!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday.

"Mr. Ripley" the cat has been adopted

What is your favorite candle scent?

my first attempt at "crafts" whadda ya think? (dialup warning)

What's the oddest first name for a kid you've run into?

Name something positive about your life!

What are you listening to?

If you consider me a friend, please read this!

West Wing tonight!

I'm not sure whether I post Jerry Falwell's Sunday Morning

The little things that show how much religion is all about war.

If a person tells me my religion is WRONG

Put the 'Christ' back in Christianity!

Fired nuns speak out (sexism in the Catholic church)

Would Jesus Want a War Over His Birthday?

European Bible Study More Fun Than American

Was Jesus a myth a great person or the actual son of God?

Doctor accuses drugs giant of 'unethical' secrecy

Gay Couples Face Uncertain Legal Landscape

Reno man weds his 30-year male partner (in Canada)

Doctors Win Lesbian Insemination Case (religion)

Gay Marriage Opponents Have 'Leave It To Beaver Mentality'

LGBT people should think of a way to hold America hostage.

UK civil partnerships will enable immigration of non-EU-citizen partners

Question from straight guy about gay pride parade...

Will The Colts Go Undefeated?

What no Love for the Dolphins Here??

Penn State vs FSU; West Virginia vs Georgia; Notre Dame vs. OSU;

who should the Jets pick

Texas = Oklahoma versus USC?

College Football Playoffs

Congrats, you Vikings. Lions played tough. So what. They suck.

Cinncinnati and New York both won--which win was more important

Wait--so FSU, at 8-4 gets a BCS bowl?

Prediction: Bears will school GB

MUTV--anyone else watches it?


Notre Dame automatic bid to the BCS

Question about my emotions lately

Attention DUers: Sunday is moonbat day!

More of the same...

A bit of a different take from Kos' "Bogarting the Limelight"

No 'Red' or 'Blue' in the Green Room

Boston Globe editorial on primaries reshuffle

Reminder: Kerry to "Face the Nation"


All politicians are corrupt

This time next week ...

Snow and Ice!

A modest proposal for the December contest...

Here's one way too get KO to meet with us!

Nigergate, French Spymaster Debunks SISMI Version

AP: 12% raise is in store for most (CA) lawmakers

I believe we have to fight them over there, so they don't come over here!

Decline In Support For War Worries GOP (Even the south is sick of it)

The Man Who Sold the War.

chk out 'International Connection'

Cable Movie Satirizes Ann Coulter

Success in Iraq

New Meme: Bush Has Failed Militarily In Iraq

CNN: Stephen Hadley can NOT CONFIRM that Al-Qaeda's Rabia is dead

In your opinion, what Democrat best embodies what a Dem should be?

Condi goes on offensive over secret CIA jails

Open Letter to Howard Dean, Re: "Election Fraud"

Democrats recruit Iraq war vets in the battle for votes


Hillary, straw in the wind of an Iraq deal

The Senate Race to Watch: Steele vs Mfume

Fitzgerald: secrecy to protect witnesses/ subjects from ridicule

Dems speaking with many voices = healthy + politically ineffective

Republicans giving away all the "hot" money connected to Cunningham...

Our service economy......with low wages

Nine Veterans running for Office ~ EIGHT of them are Democrats!

My somewhat new opinion of the death penalty.

"But the Dems voted for war too..." and other nonsense...

Banner on bottom of screen during "This Week's" Round Table:

Govt offer $1 billion grant for ideas on how to defeat insurgents

Did * not know?

Do You Know Who Brian Schweitzer Is?

Remember that fake story of the Bush/Cheney sign ripped from...

Imagine if Henry Waxman were chair of the House Government Reform Committe

More from Dobson's bedroom at the W. H.

NEW Grand Theft Election: DIEBOLD's Immaculate Certificate-Conception

i just saw "late edition" with wolf blitzer. he had some generals

Do we really need (this much) representative government anymore?

The Revolt of the Generals

Don't Fly Over Cheney, Weekend Pilots (a first)

Paul Hackett in D.C. on 12/6

Chimp using troops as props: Could it finally backfire?

IRAQ, the Democrats, and your opinion please....

"The Bush warriors are so deluded, they're even faking their fakery. "

Don't leave the DNC off of your Christmas List. Give generously.

The Trial should be at the Hague

"You dirty rat. You killed my brother."

Did anyone hear Tweety just define the Murtha plan??

Switzerland: Old-fashioned direct democracy

Gas prices went up .10 over night in Dover PA

I used to work with a very pro-Bush veteran...

Is it ok to use DU to advocate withholding support from the DNC?

Comment on Bush's economy in Dominos commercial?

We won't beat Repubs until we're better than they are at campaigning

Why Has No Journalist Asked GOP Chair Mehlman If He's Gay?

Lieberman replacing Rummy as Bush's Secretary of Defense????

Tucker Carlson has NEVER been right about anything !!!

who really wrote the shiny “Our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq”"

Anyone watching C-Span?

An International Peace Movement Building

For those of you who have seen "Homecoming":

Reality 101 & The Bush Economy: Family-owned market closes after 93 years

could it be time for Ah-nold to switch parties?

Did anyone hear something on CNN against "military victory"?

DUers: how many of you have seen Rush Holt's HR 550 letter?

Yahoo News: Former 911 Commissioners: U.S. At Risk

Air America in St. Louis: ever gonna happen?

Bob Fitrakis For Governor!

Copout line #1: In every war, mistakes are made...

Ann Coulter's Christmas Presents

Murder by perjury?

Gen. Freakley is grateful for Dick Cheney's visit

WP: In a Season of Scandals, Ethics Panels Are Sidelined

GAO Report= Election Was Stolen

Frist's Votes Found to Favor HCA Interests (No surprise)

GOP Pushing for Spending and Tax Cuts

Democrats Find Iraq Alternative Is Elusive

Virginians can nip this George in the bud.

Documents Highlight Bush-Blanco Standoff

Instruction Manual teaches against the law to use white phoshorus

And what do you want for Christmas, Little Georgie....

Who's the lunatic: Bush or me?

Repubs say, 'You're against the war just because you hate Bush.."

Not just the border: Illegals spreading out across the country

People who make the antiwar movement look stupid.

Preparatory measures taken to sell oil in euros

That 10 MIL $ story about Brooks' daughter's Party Fell Flat....No Legs?

69 U.S. soldiers committed suicide because of Iraq (Dallas Morning News)

Win a tailgating party with Toby Keith

The White House feels no remorse over the aftermath of Katrina.

Dear Arnold: If you're not going to commute Williams then plz retire

The liberal media lie needs to be debunked.

What kind of big, giant party will YOU have when Bush gets tossed out?

Government creates 215,000 jobs but 144,000--are in domestic services.

If Repubs make next election about their "conservative" vs our "liberal"

"An upswing in violence sure indicates that the insurgents are giving up"

Help Bushie - name his occupation when he's tossed out.

Sign up for emails from "Independent World Televison"

Condoleezza Rice flies into row over 'rendition'

I just heard a Republican on C-Span say: 60,000 more votes in VA

Tucker Carlson says GOP will win in '08.

David Broder: a pox on both parties

Go Jimmy! Carter's book #1 on non-fiction list

Hey you DU Alabamians!

Anyone gonna miss Morning Sedition?

Abramoff Investigation Republicans AND Dems are "nervous" - Smoke Screen??

The DNC is doing a lot, more from the meeting, and yes, Dean reads forums.

Could we have a Jewish candidate in 2008...Senator Russ Feingold maybe?

Thinking of running for Michigan State House - advice is welcomed

Minimum wage.

The 2006 Blue Awards

"Bush floated the idea of bombing Al Jazeera's international headquarters"

CatWoman's post of the day

January 7: National Day of Town Hall Forums on Ending the War

Slashdot; Condi threatens EU over Internet control.

Krugman's NYT: Why American's Aren't Thrilled with "Bush Boom: Front Page Photos

The 'war on' the Red Cross (?)

What's the Power behind the Anti-Choice Crowd?

CNN poll: Is US government doing enough to prevent terror?

Rove Running Out of Answers, Time - t r u t h o u t

How come we don't protest the anti choicers?

Is anyone else sick of those "Mom, I want to join the Army" commercials?

A "war on Christmas" *is* being waged.

Most ridiculous lie by the radical right?

Now THIS really pisses me off!!

Is there a holiday to reflect on The Flying Spaghetti Monster?

WP:Documents Highlight Bush-Blanco Standoff(Vitter carried Rove's message)

Indonesians Ask Why Muslims Turn to Bombs

Mohammed for withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq

CNN/Reuters: Mexican 'FBI' investigates 1,500 agents

WP: (US climate negotiator's) Work Is Questioned (he's oil industry pal)

WP,pg1: Red Cross Bolsters Role of Minorities

WP,pg1: 'Great Pipeline Race' in Canada: Would Transform Pristine Land

NYT: Talk of Changes in White House Staff Turns to Its Chief (Card)

Only 10% of Candidates Withdrew from Venezuelan Elections

NYT: For Republicans, New Medicare Drug Plan Is Test at Home

I got my Christmas Tree lights on today....

Hey Seattle Girl those Jello Shots hit the spot.

Hey! Did you know there's a DU gathering in L.A. next Sunday?

I'm watching A Christmas Carol for the second time tonight.

Who else had a good weekend?

No Mistletoe Belt threads, please

I can't find my wife. Have you seen her?

Wikipedia says there are states which have procedures for duelling.

The Bolts are whipping those sorry Raiders

Grateful Dead Fans?

I've spent entirely too much time on DU today.

What unusual job or business have you had?

It pains me to say this - but Brett Favre has a lot of class

LOL! My sister told my mom she wants to join the NG tonight

for southlandshari and anyone who appreciates good music

Goodnight, lounge. Has this been as disappointing for you as for me?

Scarlett Johansson: Talented, Babe, or Phony?

Taiwan Skyscraper Causing Quakes?

Britain’s gay marriage scheme is “sexual apartheid” say human rights group

T@P Netroots activists are liberal firebrands? Tell that to Sherrod Brown.

A reminder, in this holiday season...

An eagle in a tree...

Failing ocean current raises fears of mini ice age (Global Warming)