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Archives: December 3, 2005

What is the solution to the problem???

St Pete Times: "Racial Profiling Feared At Wal-Mart"

Bush's 'Great Leap Forward' - neocon madness and machinations

Ray McGovern: A Clear Strategy – for Disaster

Book links Mafia and plot against Castro to JFK killing

IRAQ: Strategic City Stabilization Initiative (SCSI)

The propaganda "Recovery channel" and FEMA--CNN

Jane Smiley: Twenty-Five Years a Sucker

US press echoes consensus in ruling elite to continue slaughter in Iraq

Latin American elections will change political landscape (good news)

Intelligence chief: U.S. safer since 9/11

asia times : How (not) to withdraw from Iraq

Unintended Consequences

"How Bush Created a Theocracy in Iraq" By Juan Cole

"Broken, Worn Out" and "Living Hand to Mouth"Revolt of the Generals

America slowly confronts the truth '(The old media dog sniffed the air..)

'Democrats Need More Will Rogers, Less Michael Moore'

Pharmacists can’t say no to contraception

NYT: Intelligent Design Might Be Meeting Its Maker

Operational IEDs


KR---if say something critical of WH--you are out!

Yahoo - Is George Bush the Worst President - Ever?

Splash of Cold: Germany 1933

Have US oil companies matched the Venezuelan fuel oil price reduction?

e-mail cspan about the economy

NOAA ISSUES FINAL 2005-2006 U.S. WINTER OUTLOOK: warmer in general

How does US air quality laws compare with other countries?

What planet are you on, Mr Bush? (and do you care, Mr Blair?)

On Climate Change, a Change of Thinking

The CLEVER: Compact Low Emission Vehicle...

Post-Peak Oil urban areas, what will they be like?

America slowly confronts the truth

Fareed Zakaria interview w/ Hind Khoury (PBS)

Pentagon-- the need for Steel re-rod, or expansion joints during original

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Elevated tritium levels at WTC

calling young DU writers -- 9/11 book project seeking contributors

"And the nose came out on the north side".... Guy Tozzoli

I'm now officially MIHOP on 9/11

Remember when Fahrenheit 9/11 Came Out?

Keith on Delay - canofun wave file

Today's daily thread still needs one more vote for the "greatest."

CA: Uncertainty clouds future of e-vote tests

Was the leak of Justice staff rejection of Texas redistricting an MLH?

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News for Saturday, December 3, 2005

Diebold image

Canadians swiftly hand-count their 13 million ballots

In order to understand the process I have my first set of questions

Venezuelan opposition boycotts elections, citing fraud

The biggest problem with voting machines is......

Dr. Dean, get some guts...

BradBlog: Demand Ca. HACK TEST Diebold - Sign Bowen's Petition

Susan Kennedy

Save Tookie Williams!!!!!

URGENT: Californian's what are we going to do about the republican...

The Official Los Angeles DU Gathering Thread!!!!

Is there an office for citizens to complain about banks?

The GOP attack on pensions. H.R. 2830

Alexa keeps turning up like a bad penny.

Digital camera question

How Do I Reduce Sig Line Pic?

iPod many iPods can

Jim Petro's ad for Governor

DFW-I can't find McLaughlin Report on KERA tomorrow morning

I'm hearing of South Tex stealth-GOP candidate running for judge as a Dem.

South Texas Chisme

Oh no, we're on Nancy Grace's radar screen

Wonder how that Iraqi army is coming along?

It's not just Murtha. 3 Star General, former NSA chief says withdraw

Christmas is not under attack damnit

Book Club: January Runoff Poll

Text-messaging driver accused of hitting, killing cyclist

Watched Homecoming on Showtime

some interesting Christmas facts

UN detects farming near hazardous Iraqi arms site

U.S. checking reports of Russian missile deal

VCO for Avian Flu - Oil that fights HIV may work for bird flu - DU read !

Bush is sacrificing lives for Politics and Politics alone.

The return of Sol Invictus is under attack!

Breaking: A new, new, new top Al Queda leader possibly, maybe killed.

Operation DoveCraft! Paper ornaments with our best wishes for the troops

Look what utter corruption can do to a handsome face over the years...

Grandmother Charged in Baby Jesus Theft

Iran and Russia sittin' in a tree...

Stripes letter: Use of white phosphorus

Louisiana SoS wants Feb election postponed (video link)

Congress solving more of those 'real' problems

PHOTOS: "I weep and mourn every troop death," he once said.

Military making monsters

Records show FEMA was set up for Florida before storms struck (In 2004)


Confederation Paysanne's bank accounts seized by Monsanto

Bushes will host *26* White House Christmas Parties for 9000 guests

showtime--what a good movie!!!

i tried, really i did


Anyone have a link to Ann Coulter's "Liberals want to rape me" comment?

Who else here is in a relationship with their political opposite?

Freeptard's latest mind numbing craptacular brain fart

Which of these topic threads are you tired of seeing on DU?

Move America Forward (RW Wackos) Planning Attack Against Murtha

Someone please explain to me how China can hurt our economy

I want to apologize to the Moderators of GD for that post just before

New Orleans: How many are still missing?

HOT DAMN !-----Niger forgery case reopened again too.

I need some help understanding the US Constitution

I've had the most deliciously appropriate idea for a trick on the fundies

DU donors: Don't you think its time for moderated comments?

Stow all detainees in the overhead compartments... new toon 12/3

BALANCED journalism? Is it just about Marketing?

...on the DU Front Page - Must Read (long but so well worth it)...

Terrorist attacks in Israel down since Iraq war

British Army pays £1m to Iraqi families

typed in google: nazis "we just got on with life" and what did I get ?

The Christmas wars are all MY fault. I've been ATTACKING CHRISTMAS!

Farewell George Best

What I wish someone on the "media" or even some ballsy Dem's would bring up

Anyone know if the Arabic word for "Number three official"

either live like Jesus or stop using his name and pretending

Do you think Arnold will pardon tookie?

FBI Is Taking Another Look at Forged Prewar Intelligence, Reopens Case

Former Canadian Min. Of Defence Wants Hearings on Alien ET Civilizations

Why have we not heard of any captured American Soldiers?

What is the solution to the problem???

Pool shark

Janis Karpinski demoted for half empty bottle of skin lotion

Trophy video part 2:

great discussion of AIDS and therapy on cspan WSJ right now.

“Pacified” Fallujah - (Dahr Jamail )

Don't mess with a car full of senior citizens

Company Blocks Ads Critical of Ohio Rep. Jean Schmidt

Caller to C-SPAN supports torture but wants others to stop using Lord's ..

40th anniversary of Rubber Soul

9/11 Panel Gives Gov't Poor Marks on Reform

Rove still knee deep in it & his lawyer is trying to spin the media.

y' hear that sound george? we're comin' to get you punk

11 Soldier Killed in Iraq

Blog for America "family reunion"

Repub Catholic Politicians Death Penality, Guns. Tookie inspired thread.

Yet another Al-Qaida Number-3 Killed

OMG, you okay? Can you move? Great! Here's your ticket...

Schieffer on Bush's Iraq Lies: "I still give them the benefit of the doubt"

New doc today at Fitzgerald's site:

Who is the biggest diva in the Bush cabinet? "Definitely Rummy."

Insurgents kill 11 Iraqi soldiers in ambush -police

This day in history, looks like there is going to be a special on the

A good person to hang on the next Repug prez. candidate

Interesting LTTE, lie detector for SCOTUS nominees

Here's what I think The Almighty might say if we really asked

Poppies! Poppies! Poppies!

US civil rights group (ACLU) to sue CIA

for 4 yrs. we've been looking at airliners as terrorist targets....why?

Ignorant forward from my dad about 'taking away Christmas' and my response

HEY MODS--why'd you lock the nicknames threads??

Simple Question

AOL poll: couric to replace Dan Rather at CBS news....

SCOTUS will hear arguments Tues: Rummy's case about campus recruiting

Lliberal-oriented film club is to inspire social action

Howard Dean unofficially endorses 5-10% 08 delegates=gay/lesbian

Neil Bush Travels With (Rev.) Moon As "Peace Leader"

Gulf war veterans watch and worry.... quotes from '91 vets....

Something is fundementally wrong when...

We need to be connected as much as the RW is

Message on marquee in front of Kalamazoo Christian High School:

Western governors rip public land giveaway

Nations public lands may soon be up for sale

Sorry, dupe

OK, where's my presents??

FBI probe on White House's link to forged papers on Iraq reopens

Just one of the 10

ICANN kills .xxx porn domain

Jew Baiting in America

It's my Birthday

Fox News: In-Focus:

State Dept using ideological litmus tests to screen speakers

Torture still widespread in China, says UN investigator

Is it anti-American to be anti-Republican, anti-war, and anti-greed?

If * was a fan of Janis Joplin, he misinterpreted the lyrics...

Those who say there is a War on Christmas are anti-semitic

Is there a problem with the internet this morning?

Breaking News...Faux reports that Christmas was attacked 3 hours ago

Cartoons, anyone?!

Buried in APs "Democrats Lack Unified Position on Iraq" hit piece is This.

War on Christmas update

Wash. Post - Rove Team Cites Warning From Reporter.

Nice anti-War, anti-Bush Edit (Clift/Newsweek)Who’s Fooling Whom?

Homecoming's Joe Dante blasts "toe[ing] the FREEPER line" in interview!

What Muslim leaders/groups have condemned terrorism?

The Right’s New Strategy: Anti-Alito = Anti-God

Conrad Black, the lesser known person indicted by Fitzgerald, is a RW'er

I know the Republicans Archilles heel, I just don't know how to attack it

I have tried to map out the VRWC

Sargent Brigg's War, pic and link.

Is down?

Milwaukee's Voucher Program: a Success Story

I think planting stories in the Iraqi press was an OK idea

The New Media Offensive: Democratic "Disarray"

Failing at its "No. 1 goal" (expose' of Washington Journal)

Libya “jammed” media satellites: report

Breaking Story on Fox News!!!!

Bush's 'victory strategy' does not sell

I found Jeff Gannon in my inbox

Update from Markos re:DKos being down=actual physical problem

This just in---Christmas gone missing in Aruba

Sen Allard (R-CO), Protests Criticism of Bush

John Stossel's Hit Piece on American Apparel (20/20 last night)


i got a speeding ticket yesterday. i was driving behind a sheriff

Rupert Murdoch's War on Christmas

Can't get into Kos this morning....anyone else?

Santa Display Drawing Attention (okla.Santa dead at a Crime Scene)w/poll

Letter to O'Reilly

In a new WaPo:Rove Team Cites Warning From Reporter

Firedoglake: Sources are saying that Woodward may testify before GJ

Der Speigel Publishes Kidnapping Guide!

FBI Plants Fake Candidate in W.Va. Race

You know Bush is in trouble as gas nears the high $1.00+ range

Christmas is nothing but a credit-driven potlatch with pagan trimmings--

Police Tase man having a seizure (6 times!)

My Analysis of The American Economy (I Invite All Comments.)

Love is love, your special other being a Dem or Repub shouldn't matter

same, lame excuses why osama's still out there free, 4 years later

Which statement is the biggest lie?

US backed Timor invasion

Sober Worm Wreaking Havoc

Police: 2-Year-Old Shows Up At Daycare With Cocaine In Pocket

NSA documents were released yesterday that proved the Gulf Of Tonkin

Happy Holidays DUers!

Who do Repubs love more, Bush or Jesus?

"Tokin' on a number and diggin' on the radio" An Amazing Transformation

Bye Bye BlackBerry?

George W. Bush was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Ohio Dems to Protest Rejection of Schmidt Billboards

Christmas Tree Fire Statistics, 1999-2002

After hearing all day yesterday how great this economy is going

Advice needed, please! I got screwed :(

Focus on Family dumps bank (too pro-gay)

Target compared to Wal-Mart

Geez, I'm glad we didn't give an exit timetable so the insurgents

(VIDEO) Christopher Hitchens and the "War on Christmas"

***Bushists offer $1 billion in grants to anyone anywhere who can FIX IRAQ

When is the "Guy James Show" coming back on the air?

Freeps using Amazon reviews section to beat on Cindy

Does anyone know if there are any gallup, abc,nbc or other polls that will

The Repubs won't need Karl Rove Next Time, They have us

Any Liberal Streaming Radio Out There?

When will Americans wake up and smell the coffee of Plutocracy?

12/3 ** URGENT**10 Days to STOP the EXECUTION! Clemency=Life w/out Parole

Eco: God isn't big enough for some people

Socialists: Profit-driven Medicare D drug plan stirs confusion and anger

America slowly confronts the truth

White House says U.S. is world leader on human rights

It's December 3, and 16 US Soldiers have been killed in Iraq this month

Rummy on Iraq: We know for a fact that it's a violent country

Tax Credit for Political Contributions

Nationalize defense contractors when the country goes to war

JUAN COLE (love him) IRAQ both Witches’ Brew & Pressure Cooker

CNN doing good story of FEMA--and its problems.

Is It Cynical to Wonder…Was the Economic News Bush Announced Developed By

Stripes letter: (Army Sec. Harvey's) Platitudes are not enough

2129 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Delay's Reign May End -- article in WaPo

How good are "good news from the East"?

Stupid Republican Sound Byte

Can somebody explain the logic of AAR

JFK and Soviet Union secretly negotiated to end Vietnam War

Anybody Have a Stream for Guy James?

UPDATE: Fox News loves Christmas & Chanuka!

Please DU this poll

What's Chimpy saying to Santa in this photo?

PANDERING ALERT. . .Texas Congressman on the BCS

Anyone ever hear what happened to mexicoexpat ?

Breaking Fox News: Security cam catches Christmas killer

Republicans renaming the party! It's now the VAMPIRE party!

Respect is a rational process. This is why "superior strength" will fail.

Must-see parody of freeperland!!

Sleep tight -- don't let the bedbugs bite

Suggested oft-heard phrase for this year's 'holiday' mixed(left/right)...

I'm now officially MIHOP on 9/11

Spring Hill officials find word `sexy' too lewd for salon's sign - Tells the War on Xmas people in thier place..

Anyone subscribe to the "New Yorker?" Is this real?

Just saw a commercial encouraging ppl to shop locally & save a job.

Bush's lowest moment in office and Swift Boating Ali

Warning: Goons at work. ACLU to sue the CIA for illegal detention.

Osama confesses: I bombed Daily Kos

I'm now officially IHOP on 9/11

Robert Kennedy Jr to be on Air America at 5pm EST - Helen Thomas

Urgent Dispatch From From Lines: Winger Insurgents And Bushbots On The Run

Video of ambush that killed 10 U.S.Marines on Thursday

The War on Al Jazeera

Okay. The media has access to footage of al Qaeda

2fer We're "Bug-out Left" not FAR LEFT &Fauxer Calls Faux Hosts DEMAGOGUES

Freepers: What Do Chickenhawks & Crackwhores Have In Common?


Check out this web site!

I haven't heard a WORD out of the hypocrites at Fox Snooze...

Repukes don't need Rove, us or Dibolicold next time. They have the Press!

The 'War on Christmas' is now a global conflict....

Haven't wrote a poem in a while so be kind

Operation Rescue to take Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Netherlands!

If anyone is wondering where my post went on the greatest page

Kyoto protocol should embrace polluting jet-setters: France

Which reporter are you more disgusted with?

AOL Poll: Katie Couric is considering CBS Nightly News to replace Rather

What's going on with the photos of prisoner abuse in Iraq?

Grimm discovery of plot to kill Christmas... Seven held for questioning...

Another Controversial Video - Moral quandaries -

Can you picture Bush doing this?

Dr. DEAN: Immigrants are the new Republican scapegoat

Stripes: Trauma surgeon deals with horrors of IEDs injuries

With Minutes Left to Play: Go USC!!!


The war on Halloween!

The odd thing about this whole Christmas debate is....

Has Michelle Malkin caught onto Project X?

Poisonings From a Popular Pain Reliever Are Rising (Tylenol Alert)

The Repukes don't need Rove OR us next time. They have Diebold

How Bush Caught the 'Feaver' in Big Iraq Speech This Week

Osama lama ding dong... You put the eww mouw mouw...ooh ooh ooh

Recommend this post, I can't for the life in me, let it slide.

The Great Cat told me to destroy Christmas

Something to keep in mind about rabid * supporters

More proof of the war on Christmas. When is America going to wake up?

Joan Swirsky, NYT writer--her site..Dems TRAITORS (Murtha, Clark, more)

"They" were right ..... Breakning news .... Photos of attacks on Christmas

Rep. Meehan Has NO Fear About the Word Manipulated in his Iraq TH Meeting!

Face transplant

Cunningham, Wilkes, and the Poway Mafia

TIME POLL:60% want next president 'completely different' from Bush

2008 Democratic presidential cattle call

NEXT on FAUX (6:40pm EST) - Why Has The LIBERAL MEDIA Taken CHRIST Out Of

Attack On Marines in Fallujah Aired on Al-J Now on Yahoo in Video Grab...

DU puts the ads front and center :-)

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

McCain and Lieberman Both Bragged About Iraq's "Free" Press

From Sunday's NYTimes: Commercialize Christmas, Or Else (Hello, Target)

Tony Blankley...McLaughlin Group...Calls Military "Cowards"

Mahablog: Why We Fight (Alito) EXCELLENT (abortion here, foreign, methods)

DNA Test with No Body? Key al-Qaida Leader Killed in Pakistan -

I just learned that the son of a former co-worker was killed in Iraq

Want to put a big dent in Wal-Mart Greenwald? MAKE YOUR MOVIE IN SPANISH!

"solved the Not-So-Great Mystery of the Second Novak--at least in part:"

Karen Hughes PR program said to have "White List", not "Black List"

DAY 6. 12/3/05 DRUMBEAT to PEACE. Write or call now.

Blood on the Snow - "Et tu, Blitzen?" Attack on Christmas

'If God keeps hanging out with politicians it's gonna hurt his reputation'

Good Economy... Why?

Happy DONSA!

H.Dean"Our party is party that believes we're all in this together,"

Merry Fitzmas and a Happy Blue Year!!!!

The Great Distraction of 2005

They are talking sh** about GD in the lounge.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah, 36 dead presidents can't be wrong!



Somebody has to say it, Fox News = ANTI-SEMITIC

Why are DU'ers upset about "Touch Screen Voting? I just don't get it....

Can't find thread. suspicious deaths

Rumored: Bush To Name New Secretary Of Defense Soon?

Faux News Poll: 1 in 5 believe there are still wmds in Iraq!

Should DU have a Holiday Fundraiser?

Little Surprise at Redistricting Document From Democrats

Pelosi made a mistake with Murtha

Ohio Democrats to Protest Lamar Advertising's Rejection of DNC Jean Schmid

In the grocery store, a woman bitching about Christ being taken out of

War Crimes: The Posse Gathers1

Mythbusters" fans; Jamie and Adam make the cover of "Skeptic" Magazine

Louisville narcotics detectives used forged search warrants

Why THIS Atheist / Socialist LOVES Christmas!

VIDEO: FOX 40 local's 'Loose Change' report part 2

Diebold Gets Free Passes In Both California And North Carolina?

Who else is tired of US companies carping about having to pay living wages

Moderators - How about an Iraq War Group?

Right-Wing e-mail I just recieved targeting Target!

NYT SUNDAY: Frank Rich Compares Woodward & Miller

Alito supported police shooting & killing unarmed 15-yr-old who stole $10

Is Fox News taking this 'War on Christmas' thing too far?

PETA Victory: J.Crew Ends All Fur Sales Following Intense Campaign

the Illusion that there's nothing we can do to stop the neocons

Failing at its "No. 1 goal"Lack of balance at C-SPAN’s Wash Journal

95 per cent US dailies ignored report on torture of Iraqi prisoners

You scratch my... (Election related)

Sunday Talk Shows

Is Fox News Taking "Christ" Out of Christmas?

MIT Study: TinFoil Hats found to increase, not decrease govt mind control

Dean intends to focus on 5 issues in Phoenix this week-end.

DEBATE: Stanley "Tookie" Williams: Redemption or Revenge?

Jim Sagel is right. People; they really ARE resembling the Reich.

Cross//Post: TruthDig: "Inventing Sin: Religion and Homosexuality"

Advisory: Mary Mapes on C-span 8 EST...for 1 hour n/t

Is it too late to prevent an American Hiroshima?

I have actually mapped out the Liberal Media!

On January 19, 2005, Karl Rove said the following about Junior

Remember Kerry's goose-hunting "photo-op"?

Hillary changes her tune

Is it possible to have rules in war?

I personally declare War on Christmas

The most important article on what is happening in the US

"The Press: The Enemy Within" - Michael Massing, NYRB, 12/15/2005

Why we call it "The Holiday Season"

"Attack on Christmas" question: Has anyone on DU actually had people

they lied like hell about the war but we're to believe them about 9-11?

Ruling elite, political parties, and media want Iraq War to go on and on

Need help fast - confronting a young thief.

Snared in the Web of a Wikipedia Liar

Neil Bush Travels with Rev. MOON as 'Peace Leader'

4 members of the Christian Peacemaking Team held hostage in Iraq

My Rant on America's Blood Ritual- After Tookie Who's Next?

I think Gov Warner is the one who could give Hillary a run for the money

Do you get most of your news from places like Democratic Underground?

BOMBSHELL MEMOS released: Blanco BEGGED Bush for Katrina help!

They have finally identified the Marines we lost in Iraq on Thursday

Truly Bazaar - "Bush Supports Cross-Hating Movement..."

Offensive Xenophobic E-mail

Need a new microwave... Recommendations?

Does anyone here make glutch?

Does anyone have a recipe for Pumpkin Soup?

I need some help pls. Can you freeze mozzarella cheese

Chicken Dijon (Viva La France)

White House CIA leak investigation still ongoing, prosecutor hints (AFP)

Epsilon becomes 14th Hurricane of Atlantic season (Reuters)

UAE will hold direct elections

LA Times: '84 Alito Memo Backed Police Who Shot Unarmed Suspect

Need Medicaid? Prove it upfront.

Bush adopts British colonial model for Iraq

Al Qaeda commander killed in Pakistan: daily (Reuters)

Fla. Investigators: KKK Behind 1951 Blast

Mall Resurrects Display of Hurricane Town

Abramoff prober had ties to lobbyist...

Lobbyist helped draft Harkin letters to Interior...

Investigators: KKK Behind 1951 Blast

11 Soldier Killed in Iraq

Intelligence chief (Negroponte): U.S. safer since 9/11: rejects criticism

NYT: Democrats Sense Chances in Ohio for 2006 Vote

NYT: Military Admits Planting News in Iraq

Bush's 'victory strategy' does not sell

Bye Bye BlackBerry?

ICANN kills .xxx porn domain

Wal-Mart Accused Of Racism (Target in the end Wins :)

Officials: CIA missile strike kills al-Qaida No. 3

Protest to Libya after satellites jammed

Al (Sharpton) in the family, on the television, as himself

Records show FEMA was set up for Florida before storms struck (In 2004)

New Poll Says Iraq is Defining How Arabs View US, Rest of World

Blunt urged to return 'tainted' money

Blanco defends actions in storm

Billboard company rejects anti-Schmidt ads

Miller: Bush, Cheney emerge as 'liars'

US backed Timor invasion

U.S. Goals for Iraqi Forces Meet Success and Challenges in Najaf

La. Gov Sends Hurricane Docs to Congress

McCartney boycotts China over fur (CNN)

Faulty (or cooked?) intel. may have led America into Vietnam

Oil company execs pumped for answers

Mall Resurrects Display of Hurricane Town

NYT: Yes, the Military Needs Bodies. But Hold the Bodywork. (No tattoos)

Democrats Seek Probe of Redistricting Plan

Bush asks for jury service delay

WP/AP: 11 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Attack

FBI plants sham candidate in W.Va. race

Anyone subscribe to the "New Yorker?" Is this real?

One of First Christmas Cards Auctioned

Rove Team Cites Warning From Reporter (shows Rove didn't lie?)

Hundreds of Birds Found Dead in Ukraine, Officials Suspect Bird Flu

President Putin hails election in Chechnya as victory for stability

Fire guts a US Embassy office

Boom Blunder (Sioux Falls implosion fails) (KELO-TV)

(H.) Clinton Tells Ky. Dems Bush Mismanaged War

NYT: Details Emerge on Brazen Escape in Afghanistan (more serious breach)

DNA Test with No Body? Key al-Qaida Leader Killed in Pakistan -

America slowly confronts the truth '(The old media dog sniffed the air..)

Aid group makes plea for Western hostages in Iraq

New Iraq 'trophy videos' raise fears on civilian deaths (9 more posted)

Rep. (Katherine) Harris to donate contributions linked to Cunningham($51k)

US Army admits Iraqis outnumber foreign fighters

Montreal the focus of global warming protests

NYT: Intelligent Design Might Be Meeting Its Maker

New Orleans Mayor Wants Residents To Come Back

Iran Moves Closer to Blocking Inspections

US military plans surprise inspections of suspect Iraqi prisons

CIA scandal highlights split between Europeans/Americans on war on terror

Kazakhstan chooses new president (BBC News)

State Department using ideological litmus tests to screen speakers

NYT: Health Coverage of Young Widens With States' Aid

US General Won't Predict When Iraqi Forces Will Take Lead

Ford's secret deal (to save, expand Atlanta auto plant)

Amnesty demands crackdown on police death squads in Brazil

UPI: Feds probe SAM fired at airliner report

Rice rejects EU protests over secret terror prisons

NYT: Wearying Wait for Federal Aid in New Orleans

IE Bug Lets Hackers Phish With Google Desktop

Court to Release Tape of Gay Policy Debate

Report Finds Cover-Up in an F.B.I. Terror Case

Al Jazeera airs video showing Fallujah attack

Target locked: IAF aims for Mirage 4000 (not F-16)

Doctor accuses drugs giant (P&G) of 'unethical' secrecy (The Observer)

Single mother tortured by Pinochet set for presidency

CIA flew 'hundreds' of secret flights

Sex lessons planned for all (UK) children (The Observer)

Bush Caught the 'Feaver,' Computer Detectives Find, in Big Speech on Iraq

Howard Dean in the Valley shaping Dems

NBC: Al-Qaida No. 3 leader killed in Pakistan, U.S. and Pakistani official

CNN: Marines killed in Iraq identified

Newsweek: The Vet Strategy (New Breed of Macho Democrats: War Veterans)

Documents Show Katrina's Political Storm

Dean: GOP Will Use Immigration to Divide

Americans Want Different Type of President Next Time, Poll Says (3/5 ppl)

CNN: "Body is missing" (Body of Al-Qaeda leader "killed")

Israel: We prefer Assad (in comments to the US) (JTA)

Powell acknowledges mistakes (but important to "stay the course")

NYT: Sales of Impotence Drugs Fall, Defying Expectations

Lott chastises Bush

LA Times: FBI reopens Niger forgery case.

Anti-War Demonstrators Interrupt Hillary Clinton (Chicago)

Is it my imagination, or is their a hell of a lot of religion threads....

Hey Radio_Lady!

Relatively new PayPal spoof (e.g., I got it)

Lads: Mock this thread. Please!

Trilogy of Terror

People are idiots... and I feel sorry for the pooch.

Well, I found out all those crash test ratings on Chevy Equinoxs are true.

Have you ever had an unexpected celebrity biting?

The Steve Gordon Trio--you read it here first...

My son told me something that got my blood boiling, today.

Is this the bitching forum? If not moderators please move me

My vision in my "good eye" has improved :)

I can't wait for NightHawks:

Some punk kids just threw two snowballs at my cabin

Junior Miss Skanky Ho...... MTV and E combine....

what the hell is wrong with me?

'Night everybody

I am baking cininamommon raisin bread - please pray for me

Cat help! Oh-My-God!

What is wrong with me? What is what I need? What do I think I think?

Where is the thread about National Geo 9/11 documentary?

You know, being alone does suck.....

goodnight folks!

why did the music have to die?

Apologies to Wetzelbill

Are you only having one drink?

Canadian sing- along! If you should ask any girl from the parrish around!

I wanna beat another DU'er

Some of you pervs are people!

Some of you people are pervs!

Just broke up with the greatest bf I ever had all because of ...

Is it a coincidence?

I don't have anybody on 'ignore'


Nighthawks 47 (dial-up warning)

I got the power!

dont you hate it when you write a nice post in blog and it crashes

OMG!!!!! Holy Crap!!!!

Man I feel old

Is anybody else having trouble

Sometime you just have to break the rules

I'm just gonna blurt this out, k?

Am I the only one having a drink...

It is official... Boulder woman are much sexier than Denver girls..

What would have to change for you to be a Satanist?

HeLP!! STUPID question!! How do I use a font?

Farewell George Best

Are there any harmonica players among us?

Who was president before you were born?

Disaster preparedness??? Clue me in.

how come every time i pop into the lounge i get stuck for hours?

Rachel Maddow's Height

What the hell is wrong with you?



Saturday morning earworms.

A cool photo of a valley in Ecuador

Good Saturday Morning, Everyone!

Why does Mark Warner remind me of Casper Van Diemm?

bite me asshat


I think a lot of people have me on ignore.

Oh God I can't believe I'm asking this. What is the best dating site

How ethical is it

Single Black Female

Are you an Asspie?

Erin found a warm place to crash.

Anyone seen Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire yet?


DU Experts: What should I look for in a roofer?

Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Brad Pitt is seeking to adopt Angelina Jolie's children. How cute is that?

anyone else having trouble loading Daily Kos?

I don't care how much you've had to drink tonight - if you aren't bleeding

Help me find Peace Sign jewelry

Froogle is the best invention EVER!

OMG! This is HUGH!!!! Britney tossed Kevin out on his butt.

Why is it when my spouse loses something

Good morning from sunny Ticino!

Good Morning, DU. What are you listening to right now?

I absolutely have to do some Christmas shopping today and I'm stymied

Funniest person in the Lounge

It's that time of year again!

They are out in full force - The Jesus people are coming!

Anyone else not into the Christmas season yet?

2pm NY time (7pm UK) broadcast of 1970 Lennon 'Rolling Stone' interview

Why Isn't Whole Wheat Bread Whole Grain?

We have two crazed cats in here.

12 posts to go til I hit 7777

Santa Display Drawing Attention (okla.Santa dead at a Crime Scene)w/poll

december 3 and it is 78 freaking degrees outside at noon.

What is Bush's favorite Crayon color?

Am I right in thinking

What makes Rudolph's nose shine?

I can't feel my gums anymore....

Excessive Shipping charges on eBay

All soldiers in the War on Christmas check in here

I am a cliche

Yea, I finally made it. 1000+ post =) n/t


Time to sing!

The Republican's favorite Christmas song

I just heard the new version of Lowdown by Boz Scaggs. It's good.

What exactly is a "pipe dream"?

Dear Sugar Smack,

LOL!!! Our neighbor is an old codger with boundary issues.

When is the last time a cashier said "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas"

It's true. I stole Christmas.

I am happy. Today I found a DVD of my favorite Christmas special.

Very Funny..... Condi..... (pic)

USC - UCLA poll. Who will win?

19 inches of snow overnight. Huskies went nuts.

Should I call back an old acquaintance?

Wishing you a Merry Corkmas :)

Let's settle this Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays stuff right now

Okay. All dmaaged children come here!

I don't care about the Holiday/Christmas Wars or...

OK, what is this music?

News From the ‘Right’: Household Swearing – The Hidden Danger to Children

Do you enjoy Christmas shopping, and why not?

My pictures from Spain (dial up warning)

What I'd like to see a store do for the Holiday Season

What's your anti-Christmas activism going to be?

This just in---Christmas gone missing in Aruba

Who won the epicurious recipe contest?

Athletes & Former Athletes: How do you jump rope boxer/boxing style?

proof that boys are stupid

40th anniversary of Rubber Soul

"Great Performances" on PBS tonight

What things do I avoid not to look like a cityslicker in Podunk Arkansas?

Bears Vs. Packers.

what happened to the bookmark icon?

Christmas House

Doggy Debris:

Movie for the week: Beheaded 1000

Movie trivia quiz: What movie has the longest screenplay?

Ever wonder what test kitchen developed the "Better Than Sex Cake" recipe?


One of First Christmas Cards Auctioned

Does it bother you when food tastes different?

Here's your present! A Bananabunker!

That way cool Xmas lights video ... where can I get it again?

Junior Miss Pageants - Worthwhile or Gratuitous Stage Mothering

Ok. All the children come here. I have something to tell you ......

I am terrified to use the drying machine in my house

Aeon Flux?

Mo Paul's Blues Band, tonight in Kansas City, Mo.!!!

Why does GD look exactly like the lounge right now?

Army-Navy game today.


Brad Pitt to adopt Angelina Jolie’s children

A Snake Bit Dog

why is it such a pain in the ass for my computer to open up PDF docs?

calling young DU writers -- 9/11 book project looking for contributors

Freepers: What Do Chickenhawks & Crackwhores Have In Common?

Breaking Fox News: Security cam catches Christmas killer

Has there ever been a mainstream movie without a musical score?

I just watched "Raging Bull" for the first time today, answer me this....

Goin' barhopping tonight, what's a good strong partyin', dancin' drink?

May I have a moment of political hysterics here?

USC - UCLA thread.

I'm bored.

Oh. My. Gawd. This will be the best Rose Bowl EVER!

Miniature marshmallow fight, anyone?

"The Wizard of Oz" is on TNT right now.

15 Vehicles to Change Our World - My Evaluation

Would any of you do this:

Breaking News...Faux reports that Christmas was attacked 3 hours ago

What does Cheney eat for breakfast?

I am listening to the new Santana

You do know it is...

I'm taking Christmas out to the woodshed.

Admit it

USA Channel: Bruce Almighty

Ten steps to becoming a Republican

Ah, Fuck, my poker game is cancelled

What Possession Do You Wish You COULD Get Rid Of?

If I only had a brain...

I'll be right back folks. I gotta go take a

Republican says finds our selection of leader "deeply flawed"

I'd like to recommend this old Christmas album:

Favourite comic book character?

Why don't you people CARE about my issue?!?!?


A conversation with my mother

Who was president when you were born?

I am a clique

HELP!--hip hop music recommendations please

Laura * is using test tubes

What role will you play in the war against Christmas?

AARRGGHHH! why do people bring their 10yo boys to the adult store?

My car was just attacked by a car wash!

Spine correlations to parts of body

My mom has no tact

Who do you want to be president when you die? I pick...

Proof that girls are evil

The Curse of Debbie Does Dallas is on Sundance at midnite EST

A System that Lets Air Guitarists Hear Themselves Play

Grimm discovery of plot to kill Christmas... Seven held for questioning...

iTunes - I don't get it

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/3/05)

Terrorist Has No Idea What To Do With All This Plutonium


Republican Party Seal

Are you an asshole?

Are you getting enough Sleep?

Admit it: If you are a vegetarian, but wearing leather shoes, you are not

Advice needed, please! I got screwed :(

USC Sucks, Texas couldn't find an offence with two hands and a map...

How much pent up sexual tension is there in the lounge?

Rename Christmas

My Daughter's High School football team won their Championship today

What's up for you tomorrow (Sunday)????

Any electronic techs here? I have a question.

Do you remember anyone being OFFENDED by Happy Holidays before this year?

Who wants to join me for a drink?

I just took a chocolate cake out of the oven.

I'm now officially a Card-Carrying Member of the ACLU

Elf's Lament - Watch out Santa They want to start a union

i got a speeding ticket yesterday. i was driving behind a sheriff

The official Crazy Guggenheim Appreciation Thread!

Brand new pics...the moon, the sky, the sea......dial-up warning!

Question about Comcast

Did I accidentally stumble upon a pic of BigMcLargehuge?

Official NCAA Womens Volleyball Thread

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Testosterone overload!!!

I bet I'm the only 26-year-old with Burl Ives cranked loud enough

*******MILESTONES******* 12/3

I lasted about 15 seconds...

700 club, finally....(nt)

A Bush Christmas Carol

At what point would you walk out on your job?

Does anyone else love old Rankin/Bass holiday shows?

The First Poll: USC or Texas in the Rose Bowl

A Credit Check Question

Any Ministers or priests of a major religion on DU?

What is your favorite David Bowie album?

Need help identifying some "young people's" music :^P

Warning: Don't try to make a joke in GD.

I know what's wrong with Kansas...

anyone who is a pro at searching for obscure recordings, help!

Ticketmaster fees.

Is White Christmas (the movie) on anytime soon?

I just attacked my fish with a stevedore! Ask me nothing

His name is Boots, and we found his owners today...

I'm listening to t.A.T.u. What's wrong with me?

What am I getting from you?

So, if your friend ever says to you

I wanna meet another DU'er

Does anyone else spend half their life in Wikipedia?

I did it! The cord is cut and there's no turning back. I told the cable

Any Oldie 80's Music Fans Left here in the Lounge?

What's the difference between religion and cult?

Are you an Aspie?

What possession of yours do you wish you never got rid of?

Giant. Fucking. Sewer rat.


Last chance: Get a great Christmas present, and help DU as well!

My first ever Post A PIC thread!

Will an intelligent designer please explain my tailbone please....

Liberals, Leftists and Progressives: Respecting those of Faith

Those who say there is a War on Christmas are anti-semitic

Cross//Post: TruthDig: "Inventing Sin: Religion and Homosexuality"

Pharmacists can’t say no to contraception

VCO for Avian Flu - Oil that fights HIV may work for bird flu - DU read !

Skyscraper that may cause earthquakes

NORAD kicks off 50th anniversary of tracking Santa

Large Aquifers on Early Mars

Scientist blames Vatican dogma for AIDS pandemic

Ukrainian salt mines reinvented as a haven for asthma sufferers

Intelligent Design supporter has me stumped. Help!

AIDS activist slain in Jamaica

Frank Lambastes Republican Views

Ex-priest predicts exodus of gay clergy from Catholic Church

Read & Discuss: TruthDig: "Inventing Sin: Religion and Homosexuality"

Jaguar, Land Rover ads halted in gay media, Ford confirms

Pharmacists can’t say no to contraception

Muslim group condemns gay decision

Good Lord! Croatia and Slovakia are playing the Davis Cup final this

Who looked more impressive today, USC or Texas?

Texas or Colorado?


No Michael Irvin on ESPN this week

Texas vs. USC

#1-Alex Smith, #250-Ryan Fitzpatrick starting Sunday: Wonderlics 40 & 50

I think UCLA can beat USC

I believe my Tar Heels are ready to kick butt a year earlier ...

Please throw some bones to Smokey

foster greyhound arriving on Wednesday

I just reported backyard breeders selling puppies to the police


Here's Lego helping me post at DU

E-mail C-span about homeless and jobless vets...

Favorable Kerry Post (compared to Hillary) at Huffington

Kerry bashing alert on GD

Remember that Voting related bill Kerry cosponsored with Obama?

US News offers this tidbit

TayTay has the West Coast card. (Thanks Ginny!)

Weather in Boston: Ahm, well good news and bad

Has anyone heard from F.Gordon?

Could anybody recommend a good compact tripod for a digital camera?

OT - Rotten News, and a Prayer Request

DNC blog has good coverage by folks at the Phoenix meeting.

Romney flew with health execs on corporate jet to GOP meetings

Poll: Arab distrust of US growing

FRAMING: Not "hawk/dove" on are BULLISH/BEARISH

dirty politics - why?

Why are 10 Marines walking down the streets of Fallujah in daytime?

Another "Near Miss"

Texas redistricting plan violated the Voting Rights Act

Most corruption in our lifetime...

Neo-Crazies Already Planning Beyond Iran

Environmental Groups Urge Soil Cleanup in New Orleans, EPA is in Denial

Scandals unveil the seamier side of Washington politics...

When does the persecution of Christians Begin?

Bush Radio: "We must stop people from crossing the border illegally"

How Thirty Miles Can Seem Like a Million:

smirk lied about Tal Afar

Need some help people.. Anyone have a resource for this?

Neil ho user Bush travels with Moon as "peace leader,"

JetBlue on the Buy Blue list

Connecting the dots--black sites +


Republican sex scandals

Congress finally tackles an important issue ----- college football

Campus autonomy flunking slew of political tests

The best statement in Homecoming on Showtime. Brilliant.

Dead Heat between Bush and John Kerry if election held today despite low

Are we even looking for Osama anymore?

OK, how many "third most senior Al Qaeda leaders" have we killed so far?


Chimpy "speaks out of both sides of his mouth."

E-mail c-span

Bush is the best ever

Dild O'Reilly and other terms of endearment

anti dlc'ers- put your money where your mouth is.

Anyone know what Happened to the 9/11 Video post?

Can a campaign have an auction or a raffle for fund raising?

Russia is going to sell anti-aircraft missiles to Iran....

Bush decries terrorism, but doesn't care that a U.S. city is destroyed

How far into the sand can Condi

If BushCo want the "forged Niger dox" investigation reopened

Which one word best describes the IRAQI war?

question for DU

OMG - Truth is All has his own website

CNN Shows Osama As They Report "Senior alQueda Killed

* gets a BJ?

Anyone know what happened

So, should we just assume that NC is forever lost in Diebold hell?

Top Selling Christmas Gift for 2005!

Dare we say, "fascism"?

Yahoo changes headline

Bloomberg: Americans Want Different Type of President Next Time, Poll Says

"Considerable discontent" among effing GOP cowards regarding DeLay

Kentucky Democratic Fund Raiser

Bush Republican "Support the troops" logic applied to other situations

Rewriting Liz Sidoti: "Democrats Lack Unified Position on Iraq"

O’Reilly Claims He Is Personally Responsible For Lower Gas Prices »

Iran and Iraq Shiites

"...Theocracy In Iraq"

America repeats the Gilded Age ...greed abounds ...

PSAs - will Democrats dare to call it imperialism?

Somebody help - best reply to - "better to fight them there, than here"...

Neil Lisst political cartoon - the entire week's comics

A new perspective on the Red state / Blue state map....

With A Democratic President...

Oldie, But Goodie?

Why do you think the press always blame the dems ...

I can hear Chris Matthews smacking his lips and saying

CT Sen. Lieberman is being challenged from an old foe!

Canadian election: Conservatives' calls show as originating at U.S. Senate

Why vote in a rigged election?

Smear Pattern (The Wilsons weren't the only victims)

I'm Noticing a Lot of Hillary Clinton Shilling here..

Massively important article explains how US is/is becoming fascist

I'm Noticing A Lot of Anti-Hillary Sentiment Here On DU. I Hope...

Save Tookie Williams!!!!!

Cunningham Friends Baffled By His Blunder Into Bribery

W.'s Head in the Sand By Maureen Dowd

Are you getting enough Sleep?

Admit it: If you are a vegetarian, but wearing leather shoes, you are not

Is the "Latest" page not loading for anybody else?

"Home in Post-Katrina New Orleans"...heartbreaker from DFA staffer.

Liberals - Bunch of Tough Guys and Jerks

Bush and the Art of Misdirection.

Has anyheard any freeper reaction to 'Homecoming'???

Jewish group "FED UP" with the WAR being waged against Christmas!

Poor Pathetic Bush hopes for lift from "upbeat" economic reports

SNL Is Doing the Attack-on-Xmas Thing

New Look, New Feel... Critiques?

French have a low key Christmas. Lets have a gaudy Christmas.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...Hurricane Epsilon!

Frank Rich: All the President's Flacks

Barbara Bush is allegedly TICKED off at Dick Cheney,

Misc cooking tips (feel free to add to the collection!)

Snared in the Web of a Wikipedia Liar

On Climate Change, a Change of Thinking

Iraq Sun: Mohammed demands gradual pull out of foreign forces from Iraq

WP:Blanco Releases Katrina Records-La. Gov Seeks to Set the Record Straigh

Officials: CIA missile strike kills al-Qaida No. 3

A song for asthmaticeog.

What a crappy collection of games today.

An excellent piece of advertising (15 seconds of your time)...

Is a little brandy poured in a beer called anything & is it acceptable?

How drunk is Brent Musberger tonight

Fun, free turn-based strategy game for all the warmongering pacifists. ;)

What are your favorite blogs?

Here's an off the wall question

I'm not at war with Christmas, but if that fat red-suited bastard

Jeebus, now we have the Hurricane Frat parties

Did you all see this thread over in GD?

Why is it

What was the first World city to surpass the 1 million mark in population?

Who is this dude on SNL and why is he going on for so long??


Important news for DU Vegans.

As much as we complain about health care, it's not as bad as it used to be


Oh look... I'm standing under some mistletoe

Alan Parsons Project: "Eye in the Sky" is a beautiful song

Why Is God So Weak? What The Hell Happened?

Neil Cavuto's advice to those who criticize our current economy: "Shut up"