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Archives: December 29, 2005

The Fast Rise and Steep Fall of Jack Abramoff

New York Transit Deal Shows Union's Success on Many Fronts

Most Valuable Progressives of 2005

Mississippi's Invisible Coast

Gene Lyons on the Politics of Fear

A Short History of FBI COINTELPRO

Journalists Should Expose Secrets, Not Keep Them

British, US Spying Draws Us Closer to Orwell's Big Brother

Google hates Christmas and has a liberal agenda.

Some Call It Freedom But It Smells Like Death

Molly Ivins: Big Brother Bush

Are we seeing the end of serendipity?

Cleaning up elections in Connecticut

NSA Places Illegal Cookies On Computers

Molly Ivins: Stupidity, survived

Letter To a Spook - But You Don't Know Me

Ghosts in the Voting Machines

Brokebudget Mountain Cartoon

Top 10 Antiwar Stories of 2005

MANUEL VALENZUELA: America’s Tomorrow

Most Valuable Progressives of 2005

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: The Season of the Middle Finger

NYT: A Hyphenated-American Dream

Summary of a few things Bush/Congress did/plans to do when it returns.

300 million Chinese drink unsafe water , according to their own government

Xcel finally moves: promises 775MW more wind by 07

Drought, Salt Water Intrusion Threaten S. China Water Supply - AFP

Erosion Accelerating Across China - More Than 1/3 Of Land Affected -Xinhua

As Ice Caps Retreat, US Icebreaker Fleet Not Up ToThe Job - CSM

Small Glaciers In Canadian Rockies Likely To Disappear In Coming Decades

Record drought a factor in the grass fires.

Climate change driving pika to extinction

Major storms likely in '06, experts say

Texas opens its first E85 (ethanol fueled) gas station.

Concern Grows With Study of Alaskan Permafrost Loss - ADN

Mt ST Helens: 15-month eruption still producing lava at astonishing rate

RWVER-2006 Toyota Solara, 331 miles, 32 MPG @ 60 MPH

IDF officer, 2 Palestinians killed in West Bank suicide bombing

At least four killed in suicide bombing at West Bank checkpoint

It's not all in the details

Israeli Arab journalist banned from leaving state

IDF: Hizbullah uses Russian rockets

Al Qaeda Establishing Base in Gaza

Israel Ex-commandos Training Kurds in North Iraq

US warns Israel of escalation

Suicide bomber planned attack at children's party

'C'mon, America! Israel does it!!'

40 + Jewish & Palestinian organisations defy EU secrecy

Let's Stop a US / Israeli War on Iran

Olmert: No limitations in Sharon's war on Qassams

If you still have ANY doubts about 9/11

What do the French know?

A "Best of 9/11 Truth Media, 2005" Compilation

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 12/29/05

Jon Stewart skit on Diebold and e-voting

My County Goes Down, But We Are Not Out.

Previously Certified Diebold Machines Approved Erroneously

Why is Hans von Spakovsky so hell-bent on Jan. 1, ‘06 “HAVA compliance”?

City of Compton Touts Successful ‘Gifts For Guns’ Campaign

Check out this Nussle quote from 1998

Congressman Sabo December Newsletter

Special DU Gathering Planning Thread!

CinePlayer 2.3.1 installation problem

Security questions

Help...please...I have windows xp...and cox high speed service

So I think I need a new computer.

Merit Bonuses Irk Ohio House Staffers

Explosive damage at golf course

Discussing Texas redistricting case on C-Span now! n/t

DVO, John Courage, and Kuffner on Agonist Radio tonight

Meanwhile, just up the road from Tulia

Texans: Please recommend the thread "24th Congressional District"

24th Congressional District - Marchant vs. Page

Don't set up the crock pot the night before

Warning: Do not take any advice from H2S for a couple of days...

I *am* the hostess with the mostest.

stuffed salmon from Costco....

Bananas, This is interesting.

Finally got my last Christmas present


Next baby seal slaughter is rapidly approaching

Pot proponents go for state ballot in Colorado

Mass eviction to Mexico in 1930s spurs apology


Elderly abuse explodes in Michigan

Iraq's micro parties could play key role (CS Monitor)

Mixed loyalties divide Iraqi army

Iraq Sunnis, Secular Groups Demand Review

Trojan alert over unpatched Windows flaw

Gunmen kill 11 members of same Iraqi Shi'ite family

Yemen landslide kills 30 people 12/29/2005

EPA seeks improved fuel mileage standards

Justices agree to consider hearing DeLay's money laundering case

Audit cites Homeland Security management issues (fraud, waste, abuse)

NYSun: Analysts See Democrats Gaining in 2006 Races

2005 extended by one second

US welcomes end to Hong Kong beef ban

Major storms likely in '06, experts say

Iraq government talks resume in Kurdish mountains

China announces third human bird flu death, seventh case

Phone giants mum on spying

Austrian outrage over sex poster

Causey's plea wrecks havoc for Lay, Skilling

Iran: 'American Plots' Make Budget List

(Marine) Corps pays $100K for retooled jeep (Unarmored-You buy kit $7500)

Gunmen shoot near Abbas home in Gaza

Al Qaeda Establishing Base in Gaza

Proof that the British Government is happy to torture...

Hate crimes jump in Florida

Iran: Plug Pulled on Moderate Satellite TV

12 male Iraqi Shias abducted and killed (Can we say civil war?)

US army aims to clean up Iraqi police

Massacre in Iraqi 'triangle of death' -14 Shiite men/women gunned downed

UK back operation considered for Saddam (in 1975)

Senate Minority Leader Plans Tour of "Red" States

Pentagon Calls Its Pro-U.S. Websites Legal ("covert propaganda")

Iraq al Qaeda claims missile attack on Israel

Wicker predicts rebound for Bush, Republicans

Another primary challenge for DeLay

Iraqi defense officials deny influence of Kurdish militia leaders

International assesment team to review Iraqi election

FEMA blue - The Color of Money?

Many Americans Still Believe Hussein Had Links to al Qaeda

US says Hezbollah complicit in attacks - update on Al Qaeda rocket claim

Lawsuit OK'd against fundraising companies in girl's assault

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 29 December

Insurgent sniper shoots at two US soldiers west of Baghdad

ICH: CIA renditions began under Clinton: agent

U.S. to Probe Contractor's Web Tracking

U.N. calls on U.S. to settle dispute over no-bid Iraq contract (KBR)

City of Compton Touts Successful ‘Gifts For Guns’ Campaign

Leahy wants to know about Pentagon spying on protests

Abramoff plea could bring everyone down according to attorney

U.S. to Probe Contractor's Web Tracking (WH web site)

Bush's Domestic Wiretaps May Complicate Criminal Prosecutions

US frees Aussie from the hell of Abu Ghraib (held w/o charge for 2 years)

Bosnia lab to test Katrina bodies


In New National Ad, ACLU Calls for Investigation... Illegal Surveillance

WSJ: Many Americans Still Believe Hussein Had Links to al Qaeda

Nevada tanning salon gets 9/11 loan: SBA Audit

Menorah vandalized in Latvian capital, investigation launched

US to spend £30million on Iraq prisons to hold insurgents

Russia corners Ukraine in gas dispute

(Seattle) radio talk show host Mike Webb fired

Aid agencies predicted winter disaster - now it is reality for Kashmir

Free Saddam to end woes in Iraq, lawyer tells Bush

Skilling Request to Drop Charges Denied

China Says 300M Drink Unsafe Water

(CNN) Poll: First lady embraced, president not

ALJAZEERA: Israel Rules Out Strike on Iran - For Now

U.S. to Intensify Army Oversight of Iraqi Police

WP: Palestinians in Iraq Pay the Cost of Being 'Saddam's People'

Death threats cut Iraq oil flow

US reports increase in Guantanamo hunger strike

FEMA spent nearly $274,000 to store relief ice in Portland (Maine)

The Fast Rise and Steep Fall of Jack Abramoff (Wash. Post)

Pace: U.S. to launch phased Iraq pullout

Houston oil companies return to Libya in venture

WP: SBA Finds 9/11 Loan Recipients Ineligible

U.S. forces aim to bring Iraq police under control

CIA couple outed by 5-year-old son (Plame/Wilson)

Top Russian and Cuban military huddle in Havana

Attackers Exploit New Zero-Day Windows Bug (Extremely CRITICAL flaw!)

(Immigration) Bill could prohibit churches from helping immigrants

Snow urges Congress to raise debt limit (almost in default!)

Bible Guide For Public Schools Gets Jewish Okay

'Massive problems' tracking Iraq oil

WSJ: Laura Bush Takes a Larger Role (Admin hopes to get lift from Pickles)

President Bush‘s "Brownie" quote wins award

US fighter jets kill 10 in northern Iraq

Women closing the internet gender gap

Abu Ghraib figure (Lynndie) England burned in prison mishap

Hackers Rebel Against Spy Cams

AP: U.S. Teen Runs Off to Iraq by Himself

Federal judge upholds ban on prayer in Indiana House of Representatives

This is HUGH!! -Ex-UK envoy to Uzbekistan goes public on TORTURE!!!

Suit alleges anti-white bias in Miss. (allegations towards Dem Party)

Schools use novel ways to boost attendance

Leahy wants to know about Pentagon spying on protests

U. of Michigan kicks Coke out.

Hey are there any websites or numbers where you can get a fax sent to

Update on swallowed cell phone story


How about those...

I think I scarred my daughter for life this X-mas

Okay kids, I'm going to bed.

Ever park next to a Freeper corporate vehicle and have odd things happen

CaliforniaPeggy called me nefarious!

CaliforniaPeggy is a FREEPER infiltrator

I can understand the Earth Wind &Fire did a target commercial to make some

My kitten has a mane

It's a dream come true....I actually got a post with 300+ responses

Pimp My Nutcracker

Where is that survivor thread from the holidays with Repuglican family?

Done, I'm DONE

20 Questions: Which historical figure am I?

Etiquette question

I'm tired and going to bed.

A "Rude" thread .........

A "Nude" Thread

I Am A Golden God

I reviewed two CDs for Hardcore Ink Magazine

Thursday morning earworm.

Family Wants To Open Do-It-Yourself Funeral Site

Poster Shows Queen Elizabeth II / George W. Bush Having Sex

MatcomNews Update: Oprah's Jet Did NOT Hit Bird Afterall

Man On Tractor Chases Police - Tasered

Why are people saying "King Kong" is a great movie?

Kids: Scared of Santa

Donald Trump And Penis Patch Top 2005 Spam List

Meat Bandit Caught Fleeing In Stolen Golf Cart

Report: Comedian (Mitch Hedberg) died of overdose

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

"Maxim" magazine: pure crap

Graden variety "nuisance beaver" is DEAD!

Family's Pet Bear Attacks Sheriff's Car

2006? You'll have to wait a second

dupe delete

Carl (mynotoriouslygayneighbor) is baby-sitting world's meanest cat.....

PlayStation Ads, Disguised As Graffiti, Ignite Controversy

Good morning

Why my favorite TV character thinks jerry falwell is gay....

World Champion Liar Crowned In Wisconsin

My whole body hurts

who wants some of this . . .?

What is wrong with DU?

Aw, matcom, Kelly Brook is getting married

For once, I'd rather have "smooth jazz"

Hey, Kick-Ass-Bob!!!

My perfect job: wielding the baseball bat when Rachel Ray says "Yummo"


Name your favorite DUers!! Hahahaha!

Look Brazilians have been the butt of jokes here all year....

In 2006, I resolve to....

I'm eating all my son's dark chocolate Hershey kisses... ask me anything

I may have tomorrow off!! Woohoo! Plus Monday!! Woohoo!!

When are others "getting the day off" for New Years? Friday or Monday?


OK...I had BIG plans for my 14,000 post.....but due to the nefarious

Do not rain on my parade!

Come in here if you need your ego stroked!!

Which Du'er Would You Like To Go On A Date With

Flip flops and sandals

But mousie...

Drunken toddler found, babysitter charged

Call out to lionesspriyanka

Need advice on DVD+/-R//+/-RW drive medium etiquette

I think it's time for a cat thread!!!!!!

Woman Calls Fire Department After Cat Locks Her Out Of Car

Ya'll have pissed me off. My Birthday and only six

Circuit breaker buzzes when I run space heater.

I love Sid Hartman...but in this case he is dead wrong...

"Cluck Cluck"

Copycat: NSMA says she 'accidentally' placed cookies

I love Mary Hartman...but in this case she is dead wrong...

If you want your crap a certain way- Give me the f'in resources!!!

In the interest of Lounge harmony, I propose a cease fire to the

My best friend from high school, the "attorney," is in federal prison.

Will you brush my hair?

Kitty survives being pitched into icy river

Family Cat Thrown Off Bridge With 16-Pound Rock Attached To Cage - Rescued

One day at a time.

Interesting find at Barnes & Noble the other day.

Man Found Tied To Bed, His Bank Account Plundered

Teacher Standing Naked In The Snow Claims He Is Jesus Christ


Where is KitchenWitch?

My Northwest Brazillian ferret only eats chicken and watches Fat Actress

Man Dies After Being Pulled Into Wood Chipper

Horror fans.....anyone seen Hostel yet?

Since yesterday was Matthew's day, today is DS1 appreciation day!!

My name is Lara...... and I'm addicted to body lotion.

Just Heard on TV: "Forget EVERYTHING you know about Slip Covers!"

I Am A Golden God

Good News At The Bank!

Tom Cruise Voted Most Irritating Star Of All Time AND Greatest

I love Gunnery Sgt Hartman, but in this case he's dead wrong...

Dogs used for surveillance by NSA

85 Y.O. Life Saved By Random Telemarketer Call

Oodles of baby pandas

In This World

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

NSA installing peepholes into motel bedrooms

Jesus freaks, out in the street, handing tickets out for God.

Nothing better than being sick for your birthday!!

Holy balls I need a hobby!

Does anyone Know where I can download a Power of Attorney

Be a Grabowski!

Will I get in trouble if I post about my giant rooster?

Funniest sportscast ever

freaky girl with pizza (my sister's birthday painting)

I'll never swallow ocean water again

He's gone, and he's not coming back.....

Does your cat ever lick the monitor?

"Eat my fuck" - I love it

Would you work for a company that said "Work 1st, everything else 2nd"?

Finally, a place for those of us with uni-brows to congregate

I Have Found THE FUNNIEST Thread Of ALL Of 2005!

I got Sirius radio today

Its time to make the donuts guy died...

I must call out Lochloosa.....

Dumb Yankees - the "north of the mason dixon line kind"

Woman Locked Out Of Car By Cat (Mork) - something to lighten your day

Dumb Hicks - the "south of the matcom's dick's-on line kind"

Hey,I finally bought a DVD+/-R//+/-RW drive. What are movies recorded on?

I think there's only one L in "Brazilian"

Oh, matcom!!!! My UrineGone just arrived!!!!

My name is Lostinva, and I'm addicted to Listerine breath strips

Did you get any of those tacky Xmas newsletters from friends or relatives?

2005 FUNNIEST Lounge threads of the Year 2005 edition

The definition of pain:

Don't know about funniest, but I (immodestly) vote this the STRANGEST

What would YOU do? My challenging dilemma


Post your favorite song here.

Face it. You know it to be true.

Spam that actually made me laugh

I got the most beautiful holiday card today...

I'm getting my dog spayed next week (advice?)

What do you suppose w*'s favorite ice cream flavor is?

Hey, where's arwalden, these days?

Since We Are Reliving CLASSIC & FUNNY Threads, I Give You The Following:

Worst earworm of 2005?

Why do the staff at Subways have so much attitude?

Big day at my house, everyone!

I watched War of the Worlds last night

Add "Between the Sheets" to anything Shell Beau tells you

Am getting DISH tv installed Saturday -- anything I need to know?

American Music Treasures

Sigur Ros

Is Jon Stewart divorcing?

Ten jokes, one of them funny. You tell me which one:


Do anyone really like shirts with loads of decals and patches?

Matcom may have found 2005's funniest thread, but I still say that THIS

If RL can do poems, I can do lyrics.

Why do local newscasts do this?

I just wore a tie

I made some killer spaghetti sauce

I'm out!! Keep matcom and kick-ass-bob under control while I am gone!

Did you ever sit around and think, "this is the best that humans could ...

I am a Windows software developer

Come in here if you love exclamation points!!!!!!!

Sigh. Sometimes I want both me and my wife to quit working

What DU'er would you eat crackers with?

I have had a headache for a week! Whine!

OMG! Check Out!!

Everybody's talkin...all this STUFF about me...why don't they just

What are some good places to visit that aren't all commercialized?

who do think is the hottest celebrity ever?

happy week after jesus' birth..... NO MORE HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Being talked dirty to?

Get Ready.....AWW

I love Phil Hartman....but in this case, he's dead.

What has gotten into everybody? Is it a full moon?


If you saw your dad on TV robbing a bank, would you turn him in?

When the baby Jesus points to 0, your cookies are done

I have no voice today.

Bye DU

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/29/05)

I just got back my NMR and mass spec.

I've been alive forever, And I wrote the very first song!!!!

I just got this thingy that plugs into your car's lighter...

How *bush REALLY "clears brush" on his pig farm (pic)

Exactly WHAT did Billy Joe throw off the Tallahachee Bridge?

No work tomorrow or Monday, I'll be away from DU again!!

Goodnight y'all

The best Cat Picture EVER posted on DU


Interview with God

Anyone else's holiday season seem never-ending?



Trump Nation

So, it'sDecember 29. I just played a round of golf. In shorts.

I just spilled green tea all over myself - ask me anything

Martika! "Toy Soldiers" of my favorite 80's songs EVER!

Honor Blackman!



Just because I know how to use a computer...


This is great!



I wonder if they can see themself now

just listened to my first tune on my iPod - what was your first?

On January 24th, the legendary Pete Schweddy comes to DVD

It has been pointed out to me (forcefully)



De nada

My apartment building got evacuated...



Should I go see Syriana tonight?

Check out this site!

Have to change my nic for obvious reasons and need advice!

Just when I think my Repuke boss can't go any lower

My mom is watching CarlySimon live on PBS and is talking to the TV.. she

Where's the best place to meet someone?

This is funny....

Did you hear about Uppityperson?


Absolution!! Get your shiny new absolution here!!!

Best Band Name

Crook of the Day

Britney "wants to try right away" for baby No. 2..."the sooner the better"

I thought we agreed I wasn't gonna have to kick your ass.

Okay, okay, okay... Col Plumb, with the candelabra, in the Pantry

I'm tired of winter

Who are worse "musicians" - people who sing, or brass players?

Tonight, I played until my fingers bled!

Okay, so King Kong was pretty good.

Dard! A four day weekend and I got a code

Dropped in GD: Billboard of Bush Having Sex in Austria Removed

How many DUers have ever been called a cab ?

I'm Better Than You Are

How do you tell a friend that

Revolutionary_Acts04 NOW!!

Hmmm... Whale song sets my dachshund off...

Post resurrection thread: What was your last post of 2004?

A couple of good ones from Snopes.

Mr. Scorpio, in the Lounge, with a bigass microphone.

Hottest Sounds rebroacast tonite @ 11pm ET


What would you like to see in 2006?

You Won't Believe Town's Obscene Name!

I don't know why...Why? Why do I love Ween?????

The Adoption Day Dress Tears and Fears Turn to Happiness

anyone check out the that's advertised on the DU...

Poll: I want to cause trouble in the Lounge....

just ordered a pizza on line - ask me anything

Can I get a few hugs?

"Glue the lozenge to the lolly....

How many DUers have ever driven Taxi?

Bean Soup Recipe?

Favorite love song?

Recipe huntin': I'm starting to cook dinner again

Rabrrrrrr with a flair on ya window

How big is your wee-wee?


Check out what the fundies are saying about Brokeback Mountain...

Goddamn Futurama!!!!111 4

Pangaea, Laurasia, or Gondwanaland??

He just ate a whole raw squirrel, but he still doesn't look happy.

Horse feathers. THIS is the funniest DU thread of all time.

Okay, fess up, who missed me?

What DUer wants to have a torrid affair with you?

Had enough holidays yet?


GLBTQ DUers: I'm looking for a good lesbian or GLBTQ message board.

...dragged through a knot hole backwards....


If you are not going to reply to this post, please post that you won't

Horn Blasters

Thread for words that make you sound drunk when you say them

Shell Beau is as pure as fresh fallen snow.

Lets have another thread where everyone can provide vague answers

Favortie Candy Bar

"The Silent Twins"- June & Jennifer Gibbons

Who shops at Food Lion?

Well, my posts just suck, so be brutal and tell me why, so I can

What brightens your day

I finally saw Goblet of Fire this afternoon - loved it!!

Has any soap opera ever had any gay characters?

I'm going to the Dogfish head pub. Who wants a pint?

"I am the only one in my house that can ------- properly."

I recently came up with this bit. Let me know what you think:

Every time you post the Brazilian joke, God kills a kitten

'scuse me....while I kiss the sky....

I need some help please

Time to take stock of 2005. Are you better or worse off than year ago?

My dog again...

Let's gang up on Khashka night is officially over

Where are you spending New Year's Eve?

Need advice on handling a former psycho friend

Jimmy Jazz Just Called - She Wants To Pose NAKED On My Scooter!!

Tragedies you are thankful for -- or at least, thankful for what you

Which is your LEAST favorite "Harry Potter" movie?

Free Association Thread

predictions for 2006 thread

DU Etiquette Forum. The topic: When does self-kicking become obnoxious?

Do you Believe in Staying in the Now?

Pediatric Oncologists Should Help With Difficult Decisions

Hey you! Yes, you! You may save somebody's life

A different Universe by Robert Laughlin -any one read it? - Any opinions?

Anti-gay group targets new NBC drama

Bullied Kansas teen wins cash settlement

Frank Chastises Army Chief Over Attack On Gay Soldier

Minnesota Anti-Gay Amendment Faces new Challenge

State senator has a lot more on his plate than most

Reports of hate crimes increase in Florida

Know of any good gay message boards?

"Brokeback Mountain" a quiet box office boon

New Push Begins For Gay Civil Rights Law In Washington State

Report points to "gay generation gap"

Tracking a genetic link to sexuality

Who thinks Michigan got hosed?

Watch'n the Holiday Bowl. Here is the Oklahoma fight song:

Here we go Steelers here we go.............

In honor of the NFC North champion Chicago Bears...

The Saints 2006 opponents have been identified

Always a problem ......its for me, not for them*

A dream.

Space Weather ... astrological significance of new moon?

2006 forecast question: Is it safe to travel after a full moon?

Abramoff's Data?

Past life regression - anyone else try it?

Here's something interesting

Island Blue's Second Movie Premier

Our precious pets

Is there something wrong with the upload page?

Here it is!-- my New Year's greeting

Interesting from Barney Frank on Kerry '08

A colossal jerk

Anyone post at MyDD?



I just downloaded a free trial of PaintShop Pro X

For your reading pleasure...In Rita We Trust

KOEB -- 12/29/05: Shall we?


After the war crimes trial

VIDEO-Yoo Who?

VIDEO-Turley on Legality of Evidence Obtained Illegally

Doctor accused of torturing children in Chilean "commune" (Pinochet ties)

I say add a special suite in a federal pen so these

PFAW Foundation calls for investigations ( wiretapping)

Watching the Nuremberg Trial program on Cspan

Iraq. Pulling the trigger. Who, when and why?

VIDEO-Carter on Bush's Pre-emptive Strike Policy

In the final analysis, it is up to the American people....

Dear DU'ers, can you please help us take Texas Back?

It's a different world after 9/11

The Onion 10-Top Stories of 2005


When are we going to know the names of those who were illegally wiretapped

Firing smokers

On C-SPAN Now -- Benjamin Ferencz .. Chief Prosecutor at Nuremburg...

If you still have ANY doubts about 9/11

AP: "'Brokeback' A Box Office Success" & A DUer's Review

in the 20th century, it was easy and legal to impeach a president.

Now is this guy the cat's pajamas or what?

I don't like being told that we CAN'T

The Abramoff Galaxy (WaPo)

in bushamerica, any of us could qualify as an 'Enemy of the State'

Question David Gregory could conceivably ask at an upcoming

Abramhoff & Norquist mentioned in the same sentence on WJ CSPAN


C-SPAN now - Clinton on his Presidency at Hofstra Univ

4 Years, 3 Months, & 18 days without a Pearl Harbor Type Event--!!

I don't like being told that we CAN'T impeach the asshole

Sewall-Am Textbook Council Dir. on CSPAN WJ--What do we tell

The Gopher King and the gopher kingdom

If the GOP turns their back on Bush and supports his impeachment

hey bush, step down now & we might not prosecute you for war crimes

Will the next promised terror attack help or hurt president cheney?

Every Right wing policy is a reactionary reflection of a Left wing one.

bush has gone from superhero to scared little boy in one year

The post impeachment administration: Powell-Gore?

Help with a celebratory proposal / Coast Guard

I wonder if Blinky and company ran any intercepts on Fitzgerald's office?

I am both retired and handicapped at 53...

Iraq al Qaeda claims missile attack on Israel-Web

A New Year's toast to the DU hellraisers: here's to a better year!

Iraq al Qaeda claims missile attack on Israel

When will reporters learn that Republicans lie?

Marine jeep contract under fire(lack of armor cited)

Ok DU'er's I got a question for you all. Its about SS and SSDI payments.

don't act nervous at the airport, they're using the 'Israeli Model'

Freedom of Information Act;

If It Wasn't For 9/11 Would Bush Still Be President?

Price of gas went up $.20 a gallon at corner gas station after delivery

U.S. Says It Did Not Target Muslims

On C-SPAN Now -- Karl Rove...

Spy agency put 'cookies' on visitors' computers

Pakistan army operation - very graphic photos

Just finished reading Conyer's investigation

Paris Hilton 35%, Shrub 33% would be voted off the Survivor island

Thank God for CSpan, thank God for George Bush

Dunkin Donuts gets BushCo SBA $$$...Carlyle Groups buys Dunkin Donuts

Benedict Lieberman Is Ready For His Close-Up

Moonie Times: Bush, Cheney said still close

I find this very funny;

Is there a more fascist talk-show host than Michael Savage?

International Advisory Board: Iraq Oil Money Has Been Poorly Monitored

But mousie...

more bush cronyism

Just Now on Jerry Springer

CNN Bush Suck: Republican leadership in Congress tried to keep Terri alive

Free Saddam to end woes in Iraq, lawyer tells Bush

How should the Clinton presidency be covered in the history books?

When is Karl getting indicted?

Many Americans STILL Believe Hussein Had Links to al Qaeda (Harris Poll)

Have you seen this ACLU Ad? ACLU Ad: No President Is Above the Law!

ScAlito: A Courtier in King George's Court?

Clark and Gevorkian on Illarionov's resignation

"Iraq Is The Totality Of The Bush Legacy”…(WaPo)

Hoax or Lie? (monitoring Mosques for radiation)

GOP disillusionment with Bush grows

'Wash Post' Picks Top Quotes of 2005

Proof that the British Government is happy to torture...

The moderators moved a post and most probably...

Iranian Gov to set aside funds to prevent "American Plots"

Let's all do the propaganda rag....(a little ditty I just came up with)

U.S. Forces to Wrap Themselves Around Iraqi Force to Curb Militias

Is NYC Transit Strike Contract a Setback? Was Hillary "neutral" on strike?

Immigration Awaiting To Deport Gilboa Teen

Patriot Act allows searches of your medical records.

Big Brother Bush-Molly Ivins

Stuffing the Box. What a joke --- they have no shame!

Advocacy Reporting Making a Return

Hey wingnut trolls, do you surf the porn sites?

How long will the MSM ignore the civil war in Iraq?

Congressman Jack Murtha said WH is inviting Bloggers to go to Iraq

NBC Baghdad Blog: U.S. troops will still be here in three years

New Navy Secretary and Old Sec. are Former Lockheed Chiefs

Dick Cheney Had His Limousines Flown to Jackson Hole, Wyoming >>>

Pls help by giving your feedback on this LTTE!

Regarding Cops, Guns, Knives and Wallets

ABMN Amro is NOT screwing me

Air rifle pellet killed mother.

Sizeable Minorities Still Believe Saddam Hussein Helped Plan 9/11, Had WMD

Free Saddam!!! Yeah, right.

the 'Clinton ruined America' crowd are getting more delusional by the day

What is your “favorite” Bush/Corporate Media exchange?

What's your #1 wish for 2006? (A South Florida poll that needs to be DUed)

Help me DU a poll in our local repuke rag

Well THIS is how to thank a customer properly

Bush is like a Weeble, and it's making me batsh*t crazy mad

President Nancy Pelosi?

This is a hoot.

VIDEO-Cheney's House not on Google Maps

Saline County Uses U.S. Patriot Act to Bust Meth Users

Is impeachment of George W. Bush and/or Richard Cheney realistic

Woman Locked Out Of Car By Cat (Mork) - something to lighten your day

The journey back to Texas.......(& other diversions)

Dumbf**k America Report: 22% still believe Saddam involved in 911

Perhaps I'm becoming too cynical, but something doesn't feel right.....

NSA Web site puts 'cookies' on computers

Not all soldier's Iraq blogs are mouthpieces in support of occupation

Yesterday I admitted I own a corporation.....

NSA says it "accidentally" placed cookies

Chicago Trib readers: Your opinion, please!

McCain Belief In Intelligent Design Evolving ... Away From Religious Right

Russia threatens to cut off Ukraine's gas - I bet China will buy any excess

Anyone ever listen to the Phillips Phile? (Orlando and XM radio)

Why were the Brits able to identify the tube bombers yet

Can Organic Agriculture Feed the World?

John Yoo's" Torture on a Half Shell - compliments of Crooks and Liars

Ping Pong Padilla

How do you respond when someone says....

It's a shame Cons don't know what

Smokin' Gun Sends 'Valerie Flame' Hot Sauce to MSM and Politicians

Your opinion of new residents who try change community/neighborhood...

"If he wants to listen in to my calls, it's OK. I'm all for it."

BBC: Argentine workers take control

The Political Battle Over the “Patriotism” Label

No one wants to take me up on my bet?

I know how to end our involvement in the Iraqi war. It isn't even hard.

Phone Giants "mum" on Spying

"The separation of church and state is just a myth" How do you respond?

Norman Solomon: Journalists Should Expose Secrets, Not Keep Them

Bloomberg China's economy will never surpass the US

NSA Web Site Places 'Cookies' on Computers

Neo-Con Toilet Tissue (or Poopie Parchment)


Here it comes...they're starting the "horse race" analogies...

Bush I.Q. higher than Kerry's?

Phelps' website is beyond belief

Support the troops! NOT the war!

Cash pours in for student with $1 million Web idea

THE END OF IRAQ?....Well, this is bad news

The Republican Crack-Up

GOP Spin alert re: Bush's illegal wiretapping

the Medicare drug "benefit" is the scam of the millennium . . .

Good book about the NSA

Secredy Act Muffled UK Torture Docs Sent to DU'er - HERE

Torture czar (Cambone) moves up in the Pentagon

Yahoo News: DHS Performing Poorly, audit reveals

My letter to my rep re: The delay for DeLay

MSNBC absolutely GRILLED spokesperson ..WOW!

"Groove on the Rubble" my new BLOG, Please Visit - the gloves are OFF!!

December 29, 1890, Massacre at Wounded Knee:

We Should of Had Him-by:Larry C. Johnson

Reverse psychology of opinion polls...

Are we safer since 911? Any definative studies?

Mississippi's Invisible Coast

VIDEO-Bush's Approvability Rating at an All Time Low-heh

Update -- Supporting the Troops at Walter Reed, In Honor of Jack Murtha

Was the west better off when the USSR was subsidizing eastern Europe?

Biggest Non-story of the year

Goodbye mini bar, hello mini room

Rename Jack Abramoff's Signature's Restaraunt!! On their website

Mark Crispin Miller is on with Mike on Randi's show Now

CIA couple outed by son- "My daddy's famous, my mommy's a secret spy"

A theory about why Bush would skirt the FISA court

Boy I sure do miss those daily articles on the home page...

Grounds For Impeachment? - Watch This Video...

Hey, GW, give us a head's up, will ya?

Feingold's letter to the editor re the illegal wiretapping in today's WSJ

President Bush's "Brownie" quote wins award

Democrats should work on dividing the Republican Party...

Those who forget 'Uncle Remus' are doomed to repeat it.

Try spell check on "Wolfowitz".......

The Fast Rise and Steep Fall of Jack Abramoff [Repub quotes extracted]

Only ONE Medal of Honor Awarded in Afghan & Iraq Wars...

wolves still face hostility

If we can't beat 'em ... Let's "outsource" the U.S. government

This damn thing isn't even armor plated

Why dont we become the major shareholders?

Iran to help Afghanistan with electricity

$1.3 TRILLION of American Corps Sold To Foreign Corps in Last Decade

2006: A Call to Action

Aid workers 'stole $200,000 Katrina cash' (Red Cross) 49 thiefs

Analogy for the technical degree with which Bush should talk about spying

Protest ... where is George Soros when we need him?

If you read the signs impeachment is not only close at hand.....

Baby Noor and MSM

Republican Presidents

My Bush "Smooth Criminal" movie

The Republican Party is a criminal enterprise at this point? (article)

DOD ordered troops to write LTTE? Capital Hills Blue

Mike Malloy is on for Randi and Mark Crispin Miller is on later

"Why haven't the Democrats been able to capitalize on Bush's misfortune?"

ICH: CIA renditions began under Clinton: agent

MO Governor Matt Blunt temporarily shuts down TCP plant because...

Bus Tours of Devastation in New Orleans...insensitive??

I've never seen the mortgage business this slow

Why not run Gore again in '08?

"You measure democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not by

dear MSM this is bush's track record ... the one you cannot spin and

Univision reports that Bush has bought land in Iraq

So, how is Bushco fighting terrorism? By making it worse overseas?

GOP disillusionment with Bush grows...

CNN Poll: He's Stupid and He's Ugly and Nobody Likes Him

Falwell called to testify before grand jury investing Lynchburg mayor

I know a mercenary

Remembering ALI - the Compassionate Conservative Poster Child - Graphic

A Shameful Year - By Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Bush will only be impeached and removed if and when......

Norah O'Donnell are YOU a Republican?

My wife sent this LTTE today...

about that Aug.6 2001 PDB... did any other DU-er see these

Rate the year 2005 for you, the country and the World:

What's the latest on the Abu Ghraib photos and videos?

This is great!

VIDEO- Did your kids go visit the NSA site?

Shiite family of 11 killed. This is just a sample of what is to come....

I just got my "The God Who Wasn't There" DVD

Harboring Germs and Illusions....

(TOON) Belated Steve Bell: Blair in Basra

Bush's Domestic Wiretaps May Complicate Criminal Prosecutions

On CNN NOW -- NSA put cookies on visiting computers...

New NBC series angers conservative watchdog group

Organic apparel breaks out of its niche

Has bush* said anything about the fires?

Clinton's Peace & Prosperity vs Bush's War & Recession

Norah O'Donnell at it again (torture at Gitmo not really torture)

Hackers Rebel Against Spy Cams (Civil LIberties Activists!)

Larissa sticks it to right-winger Andrew Sully

Accuvote 2004 & 2006 Monitoring?

Any Live Streaming Out There?

Police Taser knife man (Sun Headline... Makes you think)

Deadline in 2009 Is Set For Digital-TV Switch

Billboards of Bush, Chirac, and Queen in risque poses taken down, Austria

Unbeknownst to the Bush administration (Does this guy know anything?)

I don't want to drive the speed limit, I have to get somewhere FAST

VIDEO- Inside White House Strategery-Bush in FreeFall

Is DU really Democratic? At 60,000, should we elect representatives?

whats your ake on larry king's show on psychics

Who else hates Safeco?

So Iraq al Qaeda posted a message on the al Qeada website?

Great Washington Post Aricle On the Abramoff Scandal.

Poll Stats: How is it Republicans own the abortion issue?

Call it the year of lame excuses - MSNBC

bumpersticker: Jesus loves you; everybody else thinks ur an asshole

Impeachment awareness starting to spread

Why Rush Limbaugh is an inspiration to me

Abramoff's attorney: Some in Congress "are going to be taken down"

Did you ever wonder what 2000 looks like?

Toddler Found Drunk

'C'mon, America! Israel does it!!'

Job Opportunity - catch is they play Fox-News all day long

Republicans getting kookier

Austrian Billboard of Bush and other leaders having sex removed

Once upon a time our leaders lived in a fairytale world....

liberals take most top spots in book sales for year

Was Poppy Shrub pulling strings during Carter's presidency?

For lurking freepers--there is more than one definition of "mercenary"

With 1 Trading Day Left, Still No Holiday Rally

Peter Werbe in for Mike Malloy check in

What I keep saying to righties

Mike Malloy has Bill Clinton on air now (nt)

Snow: $8.18 TRILLION Debt Limit Not Enough! Spending Ends In Feb

Pakistani Man Slays Four Daughters For 'Family Honor'

ALERT *** PETITION to Stop the Dousing of Wilderness Areas with Pesticides

More dead bodies being found by loved ones returning home to N.O.

Neocons persecute innocents, celebrate real criminals

OK-I thought I was in the clear...I never visited the NSA website

Babysitter gets 2 year old charge drunk- this is just WAY too much

Over 5 Million Hours Served!

New Year's Resolution: Get Repug neighbors to admit that B*'s

Okay. I'm ready to handle it. Just how bad was our CIA in the 70s?

I have to say something about all this illegal spying or anything

Truthseeker Peter Werbe on Air for Malloy

Just about everyone in Iraq on 'tranquilizers'

Carnival of the Liberals #3 Fast Approaching

look . . . just look . . .

Have you seen the Nixon/Bush ad from the ACLU

Bush, Hillary Most Admired Americans

What do you think is the most embarassing Bush sound byte ever?

FEMA trucked ice 1500 miles then spent $274,000 to store it.

Feinstein’s comments re: Intelligence Committee - Phase II

Gary Bernsten on CNN: "I called for ground support at Tora Bora"

So Which Of You Lurking Freeps Wants To Defend Circumventing FISA?

Large Numbers Of Americans Remain Ignorant On Iraq, Al Qaeda And 9/11

Stars & Stripes: New 'Pentagon Papers'? ("Constitution in Crisis")

Ticked at the Post? Fond of English? Read this

The White House is ILLEGALLY tracking people on their site, too

Bill Frist: Time to act on Iran’s nuclear ambitions

NSA Web Site Plants 'Cookies' on Computers

Important info for residents of Philly, D.C., Frisco, Baltimore and Cincy

Omaha is Not Nebraska (Check out this mistaken headline on Yahoo News)

alQuaeda in Iraq Aims at Israel?

They didn't want warrants because they never planned to go to court.

Don't you think with Bu$h it's the drinking.

I know how to stop all gun ownership in America

He broke the law.

Has this been a dull week for news?

Bestselling Indian author paints grim view of outsourcing jobs

NSA - Just one of many federal agencies Spying on Americans

CRITICAL THINKING ...Why we have it, and they don't

Any one heard of the rapper Immortal Technique?

I have a dilemma

Death squads in Iraq?

red Kansas turning purple???

NSA Spying on Journalists- Operation 'Firstfruits'

U.S. outsourcing patent examination to Korea

Gov. Jeb Bush still trying to kill the smaller class-size amendment

Anyone catching Roy Moore on CNN right now?

Drink Dunkin Donuts coffee, bomb an Iraqi child

Corporate Crime without Conviction

Sibel Edmonds Calls for NSA Officials to Step Forward as Whistleblowers

any way to find out if plants cookies in vistors computers?

*** Thursday TOONs: More Spying ***

Fiiiiiitzyyyyyyyy, where arrrrrre youuuuuuuuuuuuu?

Founder of the Church of Reality now listed on TSA terrorist suspect list!

What's the first thing a Democratic Congress should do?

Okay lefties, all together now! One, two, three, STAB!

Agent Mike, why haven't you arrested Bush yet?

I believe Bush* plans to PRINT MONEY to cover spending. Hyperinflation!!!

****Great cartoon***** -- would make a great bumper sticker!

GRAPHIC: This Man (Nixon) Wasn't Above The Law -- Neither Is This One (W)

Re-Name Jack Abramoff's Restaurant --->>>


How to protect yourself against the Widows Metadata vulnerability

The Most Outrageous Statements of 2005...

Conyers Talks Impeachment

I just had a light bulb moment about Jimmy Carter.

Fort Lauderdale teen runs off to Iraq to see 'struggle between good ...

We don't love freedom, we love comfort

Yesterday my wife went to lunch with a freeper...

Rant: I think my RW friend is right, none of it matters anymore.

Checks And Balances For Freeps And Other Dummies

What's the Fuss About? My Parents Retired Great/ Medicare and the Rest

ENRON Trial Set to Start: Will Feds Set up an "Oliver North" ?

Who just about passed out when they got their utility bill this month?

How can DLC be neutered without short term damage to Dems?

They are not "Pro-life," they are "Anti-freedom"

Reid plans tour of 'red states' to discuss Republican scandals

CNN: in last 2 mths - approval ratings for Congress Dems down, up for Reps

Loser of the Year ---pix->>>

Why is it that Ms. Green had to be found nearly four months later by her

Wesley Clark: No case for war

Dancing in the snow

Larry Johnson: We Should of Had Him (you know, OBL ...)

Landmine Abolition? Womens Rights? Stalling on Human Trafficking

If "Poppy Bush" was really soooooo....Unhappy with his Evil Spawn.....

Why are they messing with all this technology for predicting earth

BRAD BLOG: 'All is Well' Says CA Sec. of State About ES&S Voting Machines

Your New Year's political summation & solution in two (2) sentences

Dear Gov. Dean -- Coleen Rowley speaks truth to Bush's liars-for-hire …

An 11th graders response to an opposing view

UK Secrecy Act Muffled Torture Docs Sent to DU'er - HERE

Why don't whistle blowers post at DU?

What the HELL is wrong with the fire protection service in OK & TX?

It's not about class? When it comes to inequality, America has no equals

Female genital mutilation is a custom practiced by indigenous peoples.

Next Baby Seal Slaughter is Rapidly Approaching - Sign Petition

What does "clearing brush" actually mean?

The General Discussion forum is going to change over the weekend

Where is the outrage over the House's plan to delay returning from

*sings* If You're A Freeper On DU, Click Right Here (click, click, click)

The 10 Worst Spins of 2005

Maine's delayed gay rights law takes effect

Current WH media strategy: Bush is Ike Turner, American people are Tina

Racial bias in housing discovered in Alameda County, CA

In the Nixon impeachment, we had Woodward and Bernstein to keep hammering

Beyond the imperial presidency

Washington religious leaders rally for gay rights

Tony Blair and Jack Straw have lied about their awareness of torture

Elitisim - The Republicans & Private Schools

Local attorney holding fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

I sent this letter to the White House on my way to work

Let's Stop a US / Israeli War on Iran

visit NSA website - get a cookie

Start showing the body bags.

Israel Ex-commandos Training Kurds in North Iraq

how poppa bush got rich: screwing poor farmers and ranchers out of

Texans call in to C-span about redistricting

Paul Hackett Group

Most Valuable Progressives of 2005

Had Harriet Been Confirmed . . .

gold star to the caller on W.J. that got to read his impeachment poem

Check out this freeper email to Schumer on

NYSun: Analysts See Democrats Gaining in 2006 Races

Pentagon Shifts Focus from Military Expertise to Political Allies

I just wrote this for the editorial page of local paper

Did you ever read Eminem lyrics to the song "MOSH" (slams Bush bad)

Where is the truth seekers' thread ------ Mike Melloy is on FIRE!!!

Malloy convinces me--Impeach now!!--No investigation needed.

"Groove on the Rubble" my new BLOG, Please Visit - the gloves are OFF!!

Renditions usually since 1995

Medea Benjamin - doing a little imagining of her own

Bush's "Made in the USA" quote

Ex-Burns, Abramoff staffer pleads guilty in poaching case

The UK Government Has Been Quick To Deny That We Practice

Enron -- Judge rejects Skilling's request to drop charges

Is Enron the "snowball" that causes an avalanche ?

the "loony lefties" - what the hell are they up to now?

Potential VP's in 2008... What about Sen. Rockefeller?

Yay!!! The STL Post-Dispatch Printed My LTTE!!

Congresswoman Melissa Hart Mortared in Iraq (Bushbot from PA)

Olbermann: "Bush's free-fall may not be over..."

Bush does NOT want to live without Osama, here is why:

The Week following the Libby indictment - cartoons

Image problems hamper US on goals abroad

Andrew Sully and Moore Disorder (Larisa Alexandrovna, "HuffPuff")

New Harris Poll: Sizeable Minority of Americans Still Idiots

"Iraq is the totality of their legacy" -- They Wish

Go watch this anti-war anti-GWB video. It's a MUST see.

Unbeknown to WH, outside contractor tracking visitors to WH Web site

After 25 Years of Work, Conservatives Demand Their Justices

Adam Smith believed in progressive taxation

Judge Alito and Executive Power

Term limits

If You Had A Chance To Save America

A thought on the "majority" okaying the elimination of rights

Mark Crispin Miller on with Malloy now discussing electro-fraud voting

DIVISA ET IMPERA (Divide and Conquer)

Dear King George:

just one stinking crime. . .'scuse me, but there are countless others

The U.S. saves Baby Noor, whilst bombing healthy babies by the scores

"Band of Brothers" a new Dem PAC for veterans running for Congress

What if they're spying on Bush ??

* Over Reached So We Must Impeach ........ Seen On Bumper Sticker....

They'll smear your spouse!

Saddest Part About Iraq

Bush visits to V.A. Hospitals?

Must read: Molly Ivins' "Undermining our Country to Save It"

Cartoon fun with TV game shows, Bush and Rove

Feingold and Warner would be a match made in heaven. Agree?

What is your #1 political wish for 2006?

What Role Did Missouri Republicans Play In The New Hampshire Phone Jamming

NYT: "Frustration on the Left Over Iraq Unlikely to Trouble Clinton"

Here's a new outgoing answering machine message for everyone to record..

Bull Moose defends Bush on domestic spying...blasts ACLU Nixon/Bush ad.

Rep. Duncan Hunter: Ethical Issues Raised

Nation-Wide Democratic Ad: What Would You Choose? (Brain-storming)

"Mirage" (great Oliphant 'toon)

No bench at Air America Radio? Anyone else sick of reruns of old

Two Women, Two Cancers, Two Health-Care Systems

San Francisco living... best areas?

MN Democrats Eating Their Own

Death threats cut Iraq oil flow

Rice welcomes outside review of Iraq election results

Bolivian president-elect starts global tour in Cuba

Consumers say they wouldn't buy car made by bankrupt company

Mercury News:UCSC chief alleges spying (on campus protest)

i just discovered pretty damn cool

what is bertha katzenengel doing right now - besides posting a poll?

I have something terrible to admit.

Pizza Lovers Poll: What would you rather have?

So I'm watching 'Shallow Hal'

Who knew so much crap could come out of one nose?

Does this pic make my cat look fat and lazy?

Ok, time for bed - JimmyJazz has left the building

OK! New and improved sunset and sea pictures.......dial-up warning...

Another bad customer service rant (sorry)

From LynnTheDem in GD:

I missed last weekend's... and will probably miss this weekend's...SO ---

Help (gulp!)

Anybody for a KOEB commando raid on MSNBC world ...

How big is your wee-wee?

VIDEO- Web Privacy Violated-NSA's Cookies

What Really Counts

Did anyone see Anderson Cooper today and the Katrina son

Has Bush been to a single soldier's funeral?


Liberals Will Die In The Rapture

Blogs Help Foil UK Censorship-Can bloggers really bring a government down?

Feingold and Religion: Democrats look for inspiration

Iraqi fuel prices skyrocket

If we applied the War on Terror to 40,000 traffic deaths

Leaked documents the UK Government are trying to block under Secrets Act

Just one U.S. valor medal given in 4 years

Casey's Mom: "I made the Nation Magazine's Most Valuable Progressive List"

Cookies: The insidious mysteries revealed

WSJ on Sensenbrenner illegal immigration bill

From Rep. Conyers blog today:

Murtha to speak at Moran's town hall Jan. 5

Paul Krugman: Heck of a Job, Bushie:

Conundrum: FISA allows 15 days- not 72 hrs, in time of war


Do You Feel Personally Hunted By The Religious Right?