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Archives: December 25, 2005

Great letter in the Mpls Star Tribune

"Wall St. Bets on Gambling on the Web"/ NYT's (Mutual Fund Investing)

A Chilling Departure From the Capitol

Taps, lies and presidential snoops Bush's eavesdropping fibs catch up with

"It's A Wonderful Life"--revisited

Analysis: U.S. Preparing for Iraq Exit

Sandra Dee, Gidget Doesn't Live Here Anymore! NYT's FEATURE Story!

Impeaching Presidents and Messengers: Bush, The NY Times & the Patriot Act

Ex-Powell Aide Moves From Insider to Apostate

Q&A: Europe's Galileo project

The Simulacran Republic

In 1914, Christmas Carols stopped a World War.

chi.trib s.chapman x-mas'05 Beyond the imperial presidency

Speculations over US attack against Iran

"Condoleezza Rice’s star rising"

IDF reinforces southern base struck by Qassams from Gaza

Athletes' widows express relief that film honors their husbands (Munich)

Israel predicts PA collapse

Bethlehem bishop: End the injustice

AIPAC slams Bush's Iran policy

Catholic patriarch calls for dismantling of Israel's security wall

Palestinians, left-wing activists rebuild 'outpost' in village of Bil'in

One of the more puzzling mysteries of 9-11

Truth Alliance Meeting in San Fran, January 5?

((Must See)) Capturing Osama - The Casting from Popol Vuh in gdp

Ray McGovern, July 22nd, 2005

Holiday Poem for (Election Reform) Activists

How to Count Thousands of Paper Ballots by Hand

Happy Birthday DUer BamaLefty--Champion of Election Integrity

At least my nephews know how I think

Happy Christmas MN DU'ers

question - recording streaming audio

List of Ohio casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan(oh yeah,happy holydays)

The Great Christmas Truce

Merry Christmas to all ya'll here in the Texas forum!

What's With This Doyle BS? What About Mark Green & Abramoff?

Rome ask EU to help serve warrants of arrest on Milan

Yet another Bumpersticker...

(CA) Press Enterprise: Happy Holy Days

Merry Christmas from George Bush

Fourth Estate Radio show Replay at 1am ET

To those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas!

Power Play - Did Bush Roll Past the Legal Stop Signs? - WaPo

Hope All are having a Wonderful Christmas Eve and

Pope Benedict XVI delivers his first Christmas message to the world.

South Pole explorer Vaughan dies at 100

(heartbreaking photo of Swedes)Tsunami Survivors Honor Victims In Thailand

Is FAKE the best word to use for the Bushitler administration?

Happy Holidays.

Lawmakers Reverse Medicare Oxygen Ruling (tried to limit paying for it)

BREAKING: Santa's been spotted in Seattle! Heading toward Alaska!

from bradblog

Bellsouth has not heard from 49,000 customers since Katrina

The New Medicare "benefit" is a sham

E-tracking, coming to a DMV near you

Bush Should Be Impeached NOW

Mr. Potter is a repug and George Bailey is a dem!

Rummy: Nice outfit (photo)

Merry Christmas - Happy Hanukkah - Kwanzaa - to all DU

What would Mohammad say?

The phrase, "Civil Liberties", got caught in Frank Luntz's throat

Are US corporate and economic terrorists exempt from NSA domestic spying?

Joyeux Noël from France Everyone

Anyone watch CBS Early Show this AM? Segment on customer loyalty

frank "lunkhead" luntz on Wash. Journal today!


Beyond the Imperial Presidency/Chicago Tribune

If George W Bush is not called to account for this domestic spying....?

Is This Some Sick Joke? They've got to be kidding!! (re: Prisons in Iraq)

Peace: We Hope, Wish, Pray.....Better to WORK for it...Opportunity is

Anything & everything that you need to know about Spygate/Wiretap scandal

Bombs, protests as Iraq election mood sour


"you don't sit around....and say, many people are going to die


Remind them

Same sex marriage on television.

"Good Morning, I'm Governor Howard Dean (Xmas Radio Address)

I just have to share -

WSJ: In Hoc Anno Domini

My LTTE re: "War on Christmas" published TODAY in Jackson Clarion Ledger!

One of the more puzzling mysteries of 9-11

Mother of Slain Gay Army Private Wants Pentagon Anti-Harassment Plan

Part of the Conspiracy? Scott Horton (Weekend Interview Show) out at RBN!

More counties want to build jails...

What happens when the 2,750th US soldier dies in Iraq?

Is Viagra the Democrat's secret weapon

happy hollydaze! 2u,Du

America is a religion

When I See George Bush Talk About NSA Spying on TV, I Hear THIS:

Right Wing Christmas Card

hey george...are you listening?...well listen to this pal...

Love, Peace and the Bush Dynasty Blues

SF Chron: After tsunami, Islamic religious police gain power in Aceh

Why the Surveillance Is A Big Deal

If you were sending Bill O'Reilly or John Gibson greetings,

My Christmas Wish; I want to be a senator. It doesn't Matter what State.

Al Queda has traditionally used

US Won't Hand Over Iraqi Jails Until "they meet our Standards"!!

Castro calls Rice ‘mad’, US diplomat ‘little gangster’

Talk of plea by lobbyist has Capitol Hill on edge as not to offend the softer fantasies

A Freeper Lashes Out ....... English as a 2nd language?

Privatization and Neo-feudalism

Telecommunications Must Answer For Their Part

A Lawyer in the Military said "This war is IMPEACHABLE"

how do we NOT know many unsuspecting Americans haven't had

My new years resolution this year is to do everything I can to get the

Will Bush's domestic spying spawn internal terrorist attacks?

my pet died suddenly this morning

Christmas Light Dance - Merry Christmas DU!

Frank full of crap Luntz was on W.J. this a.m. - he's on every xmas

President Bush Makes Holiday Calls To Military Personnel

Torture victim on CSPAN2 now...

The MSM implies Powell supports what bush did

Newsweek, Cindy Sheehan- Short Interview

A reminder about the DU Military family group

In 1914, Christmas Carols stopped World War I

Merry Christmas from the West Coast

"Why Mommy is a Democrat" and the counter

Bush Pardons Moonshiners, Bank Robber

"Believe it or not, I didn't realize it was Christmas until last night,"

the TBR guy may be a nutcase, but he nailed it on Thursday . . .

"Fundamentalist": a misnomer?

Koppel on Timmy's show.

Here's why Barron cares-US spying on corporations for contract info

"The Take" filmmaker advocates buying directly from "producers"...

I'm sorry to post this filth on Christmas day.....

Is the US State Department still keeping April Glaspie under wraps?

Iraq: Game Over

A Yule Greet From Colorado

A matter of perspective

Colin Powell Covers His Ass

A Great Miracle Happened There

British Columbia seeks apology for 1884 lynching by U.S. vigilantes

Sign this petition if you are against the war in Iraq

Ok. Ok.

What I want for Christmas

My LTTE actually got printed in the Dallas Morning News

A practical question for you, regarding Bush...

My Christmas Card to DU

The DLC and PNAC share the same origin

Fearmongering Moneygrubbing Republican

Students to Bear Big Burden Under the Final Budget Bill

Did I lose credibility?

"In September I go to Eye-Rack"

Great LTTE from a Republican

Merry Christmas DUers! Love you all and prayers for peace and impeachment

I heard this on Ring on Fire today. It was part of the highlights of this

HolyDay! Kerry & Conyers on AAR Now! - *Live* - Xmas

Freeps celebrate their "savior's" birthday.

Free advertising from Freeptard at the NY Mets forum!

I was gonna say Merry Christmas, but I see I was taken over by

1..2..3..Hurl...Condoleezza Rice’s star rising MSM

An interesting revelation RE new fiber optic lines in Dallas

Merry Christmas... 2 U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad

Rumsfeld doubts Osama in position to command al-Qaeda

Day before Christmas Wal-Mart story

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST (Live)

Miss Suzie and Mr Josh from Pearlington, Miss get married

comments from family at Christmas eve get-together

10 of the top stories of 2005

The FESTIVUS for the REST OF US ! ....

HEY! Sandra Dee wasn't a "Sports Star" but her life Deserves Recognition!

Matt PUDGE Is Claiming He Warned the World abt the Tsunami

As Christmas 2005 comes to a close...

Christians vs Torture....Jan 13-15 conference at Princeton

WTF! I've tried 3 times to log onto Air America Radio, and NOTHING!

New idea to grow support for impeachment..

My Brothers Comments about Bush Last night.

My Right Wing Brother Bush/Reagan Supporter is having questions....

When the RW demonizes the word "Progressive" what will you call yourself

DU newbie offering constructive criticism of Cindy and the word "liberal"

Who is one person you would vote for if the only other choice was Bush?

Holiday diversion: Beat Bill O'Reilly up with some falafels

Russia deploys new nuclear missiles

Sounds Like Karel Is Live On KGO Tonight

A plea to my fellow Democrats...Let's drop "liberal" already.

Google Hates Christmas

Truthseekers: anyone hear Malloy read 10 points from the Dalai Lama?

Any DUers that are police officers, I need some advice

*A MUST SEE VIDEO* - More proof of Bush/Cheney lies...

"Why rebuild a ghetto?" My RW aunt says tonight.

A Beary Christmas to all of DU

Does George Bush Have Nightmares? --->>>

Rove Implicated In Santa Identity Leak (The Onion)

Medic Iraq Vet Kills Wife Using a "Failure Drill".

Yet another disgusting comment @ Xmas

The war against "the war against Chrismas" --

Thank you, Skinner, for the ongoing gift of DU and the my DU

Heir to the Holocaust - by John Loftus

The Freepers are simply..sick.

Interesting quotes about money

proposal for MSM New Year's Resolution: BE HONEST, BE TRUTHFUL, BE FACT

I can say one think about w bush*

Is Santa a conservative because he wears Red?

I Don't Mind Telling You That I'm Happy About Bush's Survellance..........

Did others find something from in your stocking?

Big Brother is watching

"Happy Holidays" to all who voted for Bush. I have a question for you

Over 1000 Throw RCBishop's Hatred Back in His Face Xmas Eve!

Why is Bush* breaking this law any more important than other laws

Caption This Picture:

The NSA is now big brother thanks to bush

Silent Nights on the Gulf Coast

1984 Plus One Score 1 (PIC heavy) - - - - -> - - - - ->

Media Matters excellent research debunking the media's excuses re: Spying

TalkLeft has a treat up for everyone. Just go watch.

CAPTION...............Powell loves Dubya!

Bizarre Crime at Sikh Temple in Bakersfield

I got a political sermon in Christmas mass. ARRRRGHH!

War on Iran Imminent

Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem by Maya Angelou

FDA Moves To Decrease Lead In Candy

A Very Wanker Christmas -- John Gibson unveiled

What would happen (would you do) If Bush used a Nuke?

Condoleeza Rice HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NSA!!!!!!

Shocked some fundie relatives at our Christmas dinner today.

Al Gore won the 2000 election

George W Bush war crimes

United for Peace and Justice's statement on why they dropped ANSWER

Miller Lite commercial tonight - Christmas wars? Toast to our side/reason?

strib: Berlin's 'White Christmas' paved way

Iraq: Depleted Uranium aka Baghdad Boils?! (cover up)

I got a copy of Franken's new book from my DH as a present

Cross another RW family member off the list!

"If a dictator ever took over" the NSA could impose total tyranny

So what political label do you use to describe yourself ?

Christian Evangel. Minister Lambasts Christian Right – Jesus Was a Liberal

AOL poll needs du love.

Dear Gov. Dean -- It’s no longer baseball …

Tear down that 'Old Rugged Cross' says der Bush

My son says get ready to invade Iran


Merry Christmas to all you grand, grand people ......

Help! - Need gravy advice

This figures; our pepper mill broke today.

Fruitcake Lovers and those that need convincing.

I need advice on making a fully cooked, boneless, smoked ham, tomorrow.

Parties counting pennies

Officers find guns, ammo wrapped as gifts in Boca Raton, FL

A Lone G.O.P. Senator, Unknown, Holds Up an Intelligence Bill

Large turnout expected for "illicit" Mass in St. Louis

In Iraq, 425 Foreigners Estimated Kidnapped Since 2003

Venezuela could help Del.'s poor stay warm

Ex-Peruvian president gets family visit in Chilean jail

Sugar farmers win budget tug of war

Donors funding DeLay's jet-setting, luxury travel

Libyan court scraps nurses' HIV death sentences

Barron’s: Congress Should Consider Impeacment…

U.S. ups pressure for Nour release

Group Claims to Halt Japanese Whaling Hunt

Iraq weapons experts face arrest

Car bombs wound soldiers, police

Two Afghan top officials sacked for spying: Karzai

Israel attacks Spielberg over 'Munich', his movie on '72 Olympics massacre

Post-9/11 Rush Mixed Politics With Security(Rep. Hal Rogers R-Ky)

Bethlehem bishop: End the injustice

Castro calls Rice ‘mad’, US diplomat ‘little gangster’

AIPAC slams Bush's Iran policy

US soldiers kill three Iraqis north of Baghdad

Reuters: Iraq Qaeda says it kills 4 working for US

Reds offer tactical alliance to topple Arroyo (Philippines)

Rumsfeld Serves Up Grub to Troops in Iraq

(Sri Lankan) MP's killing heightens fears of civil war

Catholic patriarch calls for dismantling of Israel's security wall

Security incidents in Iraq, Dec 25 (US tank in flames in Baghdad)

Motive behind SunCruz affair: good old greed (Abramoff Scandal)

Lawsuit claims Florida personnel data was sent overseas to save money

Medic back from Iraq charged in wife’s death

Liberal Groups Gear Up to Oppose Confirmation of Alito

Americans won't hand over jails to Iraqis

Pro-Rebel Legislator Killed in Sri Lanka (At Midnight Mass)

Possibility of US military presence raises fears in Paraguay

Official: Drug Cos. Lack Vaccine Incentive(AIDS....

White House denies Bush actions contradict earlier remarks

Effort to speed executions stalls in Senate

'Mother of All Bombs' Designer Dies at 67

(Front Page Miami) Congress may prevail on war power (impeachable offense)

U.S., Citing Abuse in Iraqi Prisons, Holds Detainees

WP: Scholar Stands by Earlier Writings Sanctioning Torture, Eavesdropping

US eyes big Pakistan, India arms sales

Top commander admits Iraqis want US out 'as soon as possible'

Abramoff's old eatery stirs the pot

Bush job approval at all-time low (first time in Montana under 50%)

Powell Backs Eavesdropping to Stop Terror

Democrats to woo voters on (minimum) wage issue

Castro calls Rice 'mad woman' (now, with working link)

U.S. Spying Is Much Wider, Some Suspect (LAT)

Father in Pakistan Kills His 4 Daughters

Australian Jews worry they could be next

For Agency's `Rendering' Teams, A Lavish Overseas Lifestyle

Just in case you have missed the "Mouse and Cat on Google"...

I'm wore out. Good night, everybody!


President Joker!

I'm mixing next week's show right now...

Why did I buy such heavy presents?

help with Cox DVR???

Yo Skinner!

Woodland Critter Christmas on South Park now. West Coast.

leftofthedial is a bad, bad person with a funny ass

Donald Rumsfeld is giving....

Santa Claus vs. The Martians is the greatest movie ever!

Jeez man

Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla

And the Bad, Old Science Fiction movie tonight

What are your favorite Christmas Movies?

Last night, eggnog ice cream. Tonight, egg roll.

Here Comes Santa Claus

O vegan members of DU!

So what besides praying all day, do we have to look forward to?

I'm all set for Christmas

Here is what I got on the 1st Christmas I remember...

The Shortest Thread Ever!

Off to work!

Queer Yiddish political cabaret Hanukkah party

Heppy Chkwanzukahmas!

Beware! Even as you sleep, the devil is in your chimney!!!!

Fireworks question

Looks like Santa brought me insomnia for Christmas. :(

You're wishing others Merry Christmas ...

Merry Christmas DU! Here's a new ornament for your tree.

Holy shit!! I just heard something on my roof!

Mary Crispness.

Merry Christmas and a most joyous Fitzmas to all!

Merry Christmas

It's not us, it's the republicans who wage war on Christmas

He started the War on Christmas

Merry Badgermas!

have a holly jolly x-mas - Woman Swallows Cell Phone After Argument...

i'm awake and no one else is.

Santa brought me Al Frankens' new book

Merry Christmas and Good Sunday Morning, Everybody!

bread baking question

Yay! I have an early Hannukah present!

Christmas heads up: March of the Wooden Soldiers is on right now

Time to Begin a New Art Project

Okay, folks, 'fess up...

Pope Benedict XVI delivers his first Christmas message to the world.

Christmas is a good time to get together with neighbors

Damn, Who else made out like a bandit today?!

Has anyone seen "The Boondocks" on adult swim?



Help! I just put a brisket in the oven at 325 degrees.........

I wish I had a boyfriend...

It's midnight, Eastern time...I get to say it first. Merry Christmas.

Basement flood! Help!

Okay, WTF is a Tech-Evangelist? Some "it" nerd with stock options whose

A holiday reminder from Dickens

An old Christmas story of mine...

Happy Holidays from Krispy Kreme

Merry Christmas from the Ortega Family!

Favourite line from "A christmas story"?

my pet died suddenly this morning

In 1914, Christmas Carols stopped World War I !

I Am Very Drunk

Xena Warrior Princess *Dial Up Warning*

Chestnuts roasting

CONFESS!!! Who here bought/received a Lexus for/as a gift this year?

Mad libs are fun.

Welcome to Oncology

Vivaldi for a Christmas afternoon

Ray Rayner, Garfield Goose and Bozo

A proper Christmas gift for Matcom, to make up for Will Bowden's thread.


I think I screwed up my mailing to anysoldier. :(

So, what do YOU have engraved on your iPod?

Tennyson's great-grandson murdered

What did the zen master say to the hotdog vender?

Merry Bramas!

I got a new baby cousin for Christmas!!

I haven't actually 'met' any of you,

Happy Holidays to everyone on DU....

In honor of Hanukkah: Burnt Latkes, a spud gun site


Because of gift cards, January can be more important than December...

NORAD targets Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer destroyed

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my DU friends

EEK! I spotted the first white hair on my head!

Simon Sez Santa

Sunday night earmorm (EXTREMELY topical).

I saw Syriana today

man, just a few more hours

I can't believe how busy it was at work today!

Dalai Lama' year end message: Karma + seasons greetings from IChing

Do you have a white Christmas?

I unwrapped the Christmas tree Pickle ornament!!

I need ipod accessory help

HypnoOddBall Movie Recommendation for the week of 26 December 2005:

Happy Happy Hannukah to all our Hannukah celebrating sisters and brothers!

The FESTIVUS for the REST OF US ! ....

"Empire of Dreams" on A & E

Which tapestry should I get? POLL

"Twas the Day After Christmas..."

Chappy Chanukah!

Melly Cristmas, everyone!!

Jewish home cooking. It ain't diet food

Just when you thought you've heard every Christmas song...

Edit: Let's let it go.

A fine merry christmas to you and yours my friends

MERRY CHRISTMAS from BattyDem ... and her poodle! ;-)

Let's Have Festivus In The Lounge

What did you get?

Merry Christmas everyone!

I have a question about the ABC show "Lost"...???

Somebody Gave Me a Huge Ham

Only 364 shopping days left until Christmas!

The Parents have Voted - "George" as a name is becoming less popular

I'm finding this very upsetting

Oh damn ... I just burnt my bagel!

Send me your christmas cheer!!!

This tin of fudge I bought for my friend is in serious danger

I had a wonderful Christmas...

Spoken Like A True Chicagoan

I just received the most hilarious mp3 ever....

I think rene russo looks like a drag queen

"I hope you get everything you wanted and nothing you needed." - source?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Xmas Day 2005)

So this is Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone from me, Norman & Crook

Xmas at evlbstrd's (pics)

I think I ate too much .......

Happy Propanakuh

What are your favorite secular Christmas songs?

My fellow won't believe this:


a little down tonight...

Anyone seen "Munich"?

Lot of us jabbering here on DU.


All your camera are belong to us (pic)

I only want one thing this Christmas...

What is the nicest gift you ever gave anyone?


Instead of prime rib, I accidentally roasted a human boy child for supper.

Merry Christmas - Seasons Greetings to all my DU friends.

Flame War about to begin

What'd you give?

Nighthawks 53, Christmas Edition (dial-up warning)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my Brothers and Sisters

Saw King King --a few thoughts. Like why does the black guy always die.

Entertainment Only!... What was the BEST and WORST stuff of 2005???

Vash the Stampede on today's Packers-Bears game.

I Got the BEST Present EVER

Exclusively engraved iPod!

I have everything I ever needed or wanted this Christmas

When homosexuals convert heteros, we get toasters...

What does your holiday feast consist of?

Christmas pictures! ........My favorite ornaments..........

So who got Sudoku puzzles


He cried alone unwanted. A Christmas story.

There is a guy selling bootleg DVD's where I work

Two Services Done, One to Go...

it is a quiet night here in the neighborhood tonight.

A special Holiday wish for Matcom!

Ho-ho-HO! Jolly man on Channel 23 (cable) TV this morning! (PHOTO)

It's liquor time

I just saw "Fun with Dick & Jane"................ LOL!

My BESTEST Christmas Present was book of "GET FUZZY" CARTOONS!

4:30 a.m. That's when my kids woke up this morning.

As we prepare to light the menorah tonight, I want to

My Brothers 6 Viszla's. (Hungarian hunting dogs)


iTunes question - is there a limit on my how many times

I Put a Lump of Coal in My Stepson's Stocking

Best MP3 sites???? Are there still legal free ones?

So.... what'd you get??? :-D

If you could only have one ~ Which one would you pick?

Are Catholic Bishops in the UK educated differently than Bishops in the US

"Acquire the Fire" and "Teen Mania" events.

Happy Christ's birthday,

Poll says U.S. majority believes in God (82% believe)

Large turnout expected for "illicit" Mass in St. Louis

AIDS expert has theory on vaccine's delay

Why Brokeback Freaks Out The Religious Right

I have a few things to say this night

That's the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears ™

Can I be selfish and ask for a prayer today?

Need Spiritual Help Re My Cat

Wanted to share: Motherpeace Tarot with you ...

The Bushes are coming, the Bushes are coming

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Season's Greetings!

Happy Holidays, Kerrycrats!

"Happy whatever you celebrate!"

Can anyone guess what I got for Christmas?

Apparently, Google has Botany on his Wheel again...

Merry Christmas to Everyone on the KOEB

constructive criticism for the show

George Puts on Military Costume to Call the Troops from His Living Room >>

Blabbing on DU doesn't do much good

DLC think tanker supports Bush's warrantless domestic spying

I don't see the computer help forum, I have a question.

Donors funding DeLay's jet-setting, luxury travel

Taking Terrorism Seriously

The true NeoCon agenda..Oil is only a small part and a distraction

Great column - ChiTrib by Steve Chapman "Imperial Presidency"

Good Holiday For Democrats (And Great News For Schweitzer Fans)

Both the DNC and RNC homepages say "Happy Holidays."

i'm not surprised that a lot of republicans are upset over bush's lawless

Sign the Antiwar Election Oath Petition!

Do you think he would be man enough to actually do it?

12 Midnight on the East Coast. Happy Christmas.

Maher to Dear Leader: Game Over

"Alive" Chimpanzee — So Real, It's Unreal! Hollywood "F/X" animatronics.

Gun Control and abuse of Presidential powers

The Iraq War-a Christmas poem

Activists to Place Toy Soldiers Under Christmas Trees in front of W.H.

(Snark Warning) NORAD can "track Santa" but not track & scramble on 9/11?

US Labor Against War

Clinton had balls and went Christmas shopping,, Bush is too afraid.......

Troop reductions are in preparation for next PNAC attack-IRAN

In 1914, Christmas Carols stopped World War I !

Cindy Sheehan... is she helping us?

((Must See)) Capturing Osama - The Casting

What Republicans want you to believe...

Should people be able to beat up Bill O'Reilly with falafals?

When will we begin walking the walk?

Bush will never leave office peacefully

LAT: U.S. Spying Is Much Wider, Some Suspect (snaring Aunt Molly)

Happy Holidays and other seasonal cartoons

How is it that Bush's massive spy network didn't catch GOP crooks?

Ed Asner slams Bush, doesn't like Hillary (From WorldNut Daily via email)

Dog Waters Bush

Ex-Enron Exec May Be Considering Plea Deal

Getting bullied in God's name

It really is amazing what happened to Zell Miller

Help spread the good news! American soldier in Iraq sign generator 2005

Soldier loses an eye, gets sent back to Iraq

Air America Phoenix replaced by Christian Broadcasting Group

D.I.N.O.s and 2006: Are we going to enable them or shut them down?

SurveyUSA state by state approval ratings for senators

This guy beat Jimmy Carter in '66 for governor of GA...incredible

Dems need to knock McCain out of the puke primaries

The F scale see where you score. (The Authoritarian Personality)

(((((((((((((((((Merry Christmas Everyone)))))))))))))))))))))

Political painting- can you ID the artist?

Dyckman: Innocent deserve more (re: DNA evidence)

I Believe Only In The Power Of The People by Evo Morales

I just came up with this one...

latest from "treasure of baghdad" most excellent trip to the usa

Republican 12 Days of Christmas

Flashback: Amnesty report on Iraq the year before the attack (2002).

At the U.S. Border, Love Knows No Boundary

Sen. Bond: Constitution gives president authority to protect us

Bush Presses Editors on Security

Check this out

need help identifying a Christmas song

Angelina Jolie is a terrible piano player


What does it mean when...



How is the sanctity of everyone's marriage this holiday season?

Well, I did get one Christmas present today...

Check THIS out

Choice for VP?

Video: Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) & that lip-smackin' Gitmo chow