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Archives: December 22, 2005

Senate extends Patriot Act, stalls Arctic oil drilling effort (KR wrap up)

File the Bin Laden Phone Leak Under 'Urban Myths'

The Miscreant Dynasty

Quindlen: Frankincense in Aisle Five!

Aaron Freeman, Spy on Me. Make my Day!

What I Want For Christmas

My Letter to Editor in Joliet Herald

Secularist reign of terror ... vs ID

Absolut Bush- "I Swear to Upturn and Rear End the Constitution..."

The ultimate quagmire

The Swiss charged with investigating the CIA

$1.3 Trillion of American Companies Sold to Foreign Corps

Raising the Issue of Impeachment--John Nichols

NYC Transit Strike Hailed As Battle For Nation-Wide Labor Movement By Pens

Note to Mr. Bush: The U.S. is not a monarchy

Have you seen the latest GM adds?

Sen DeWine:environmentalists view abortion as a form of population control

Widening ozone hole is as big as Europe

NYT: Study -- Pollution May Slow Warming -- Misleading headline?

Wow. Iowa leapfrogs in wind power.

Double-Mouthed Fish Pulled From Neb. Lake

EPA Invents Battery-Less Hybrid System

Insulin Production by Human Embryonic Stem Cells (Technion and Rambam)

Norway: Parliament shuns Israeli products

UNDP to Clear Rubble from Demolished Colonies in Gaza Strip

Bethlehem becoming a giant prison: Latin Patriarch

'Human shield' Israeli jailed

The death wish of the left

Phila. newspaper blog: "Black boxes," re-open 9/11 probe

Mel Goodman, afternoon remarks, July 22nd, 2005.

Has anyone seen this?

Did the US Government practice demolition prior to 9/11?

Chemtrails in the Sky

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 12/22/05

Diebold Pulls out of North Carolina!

HAVA: The Endgame, Part 3 - For a host of reasons, states will miss...mark

Holy Democracy, Batman! - Election Justice News

Less than 1 day to stop TORTURE amendment in house.

RSVP for San Fran Town Hall Meeting with Nancy on Sat 1/14

2005 Wrap-up, Looking Toward Victory in 2006 (CA Dem Party email)

3 California Reps don't bother to vote on Cheney Tie breaker.

Walmart gets it's butt kicked twice in one week.........................

Blouin re-re-clarifies his position....kind of

Any of our congress critters criticize the House adjourning til 1/31/06

Holy smokes this state forum is hot anymore

Iowa makes gains in wind power


Need website address

Fraud taints (Massachusetts) antigay measure

MN-Sen: Rasmussen Poll. Klobuchar and Wetterling lead Kennedy.

svchost errors...

Power outages & my poor PC.

Windows Vista (Build 5270)

Tom DeLay on Congressional Ethics:

I spy a Democrat? RE: DeLay and the spy ring. Damning!

Plano ISD: School PTA treasurer linked to missing $58,000

Nueces county sheriff's race shake up?

Feingold listening sessions January 2 , 2006 in Wausau Area

Read this insane letter...

When Will The Senate Come Back In January? nt

Regarding Bushco spying...

Do you know how judges get onto the FISA court?

Diebold Hack Hints at Wider Flaws

New York Police Covertly Join In at Protest Rallies

NYT: White House Door Opens for Some Black Critics

I Can't Wait for the LEFT to Gain the Power these Nazis Had

Possible end to NYC transit strike?

Improvised Erectile Device

Anyone know if Deborah Taylor Tate is a wing nut?

One-liners from the Florida Democratic convention in Orlando...

New Jersey needs a new state tourist slogan. Any suggestions?

"Who killed Christmas?"....fascinating read from Britain

Oregon Political Profanity in Holiday Lights (PHOTO in Oregon newspaper!)

When is Hanukkah this year? Happy Holidays!

Fighting the monster

RW legal scholar thinks Congress should require Bush to get its permission

New York Police Covertly Join In at Protest Rallies

WOW! Luttig denies Bushists' move to dump Padilla into civilian custody

Dear 2008 Candidate

Gary Hart Speaks

Fact Check: Clinton/Carter Did Not Authorize Warrantless Searches


HUGE: Federal judges are revolting (no pun intended)!!! (WAPO)

Courtesy of Michael Ramirez, commentary on the NSA spying scandal

Grenade used in TX road rage case

Just because Limbaugh and the "dittoheads" agree with Bush....

GW is such an embarrassment! He out does Nixon and Reagan!

Right wingers are Liars! They don't promote fiscal responsibility!

George W. Bush or Dumbya, you decide.

John Edwards and his family have joined the War on Christmas

An Honest question here, Why do rank and file repubs continually

While MSNBC asks about Impeachment, CNN asks about..

Guess the content of Kerry email titled "Big Oil: Mission Accomplished?"

"Indian Removal Act"

Let's Revive the old mantra: RULE OF LAW--RULE OF LAW--RULE OF LAW

Rude Pundit's "Loyal Citizen's Contract With the American Government"

Norway raises whaling kill quota

I guess it's official now;

Why is CSPAN having a pity party for Stevens today on WJ?

i'm surprised more people haven't realized that bush is not well

CBS Morning News: Hannah Storm & Gloria Borger used the I-word!

A song in honor of all the union supporters on DU

NBC Today--Pat Buchanan total PRICK

FEINGOLD STATEMENT: "Today is a victory for the American people"

bush's Bin Laden Cell phone story turns out to be a big fucking lie

IMHO, it is pretty simple, NO ONE is ABOVE THE LAW.

Can DU file a FOIA to see if it has been listed?

Germany Releases Hezbollah Hijacker Wanted by US

WWJW - What would Jesus wear?

Ice Age Footprints Said Found in Australia

David Letterman Fights Restraining Order

just checked out "Mock Tender" music that is on the home page

Abramoff Nears Terms on Plea Deal-he feels comfortable pleading guilty

So How Long Before ...

Posting Pet Peeves

We need some billboards at really good locations with

now here`s a troop withdraw plan

alberto gonzalez, bush's AG, looks so rattled and wrinkled up lately

On NPR this morning: The old one room school house

this bullshit war on xmas could actually come to bloodshed

TWU vs MTA standoff

Anyone listening to this Maya MaGuineas on WJ now?

What would YOU do if it meant jobs would come back to us?

Iraqi elections create "2 new Talibans"

Santiago Times: Bush = Pinochet

Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the state income tax is unconstitutiona

yay! only 3 more years of bush to go! (oh god no--say it ain't so!)

Why are we just talking impeachment? - Wanted for war crimes

MSNBC - nutjob central this morning

ANWR oil: not going anywhere, not perishable

John Mercurio - Irritating Little Basturd On C-Span

Favorite John Lennon Song?

"I want to thank Scotty for saying & he paused for effect. . . .Nothing"

Calls routed through Canada to circumvent the law (Dem's calls)

& the Lord said, 'celebrate my birthday every winter & buy many gifts'

Just In Case You Missed the House Judic. Dems Report, A MUST Read...

How do we declare an End to War/Eternal War?

Rummy arrives in Bagdad

Why Do We Let Bush Go ON

if it meant winning, the repubs would drop w like a red hot rock

Stop Global Terrorism

I'm planning to watch "Dogma" on Christmas eve.

I fought the law and the law's pissed!

Breaking on CNN: Tony Dungy's son found dead.

French Parliament OKs Anti-Terror Measures

Your audience.

Fox News, Murdoch media using scabs and calling for union-busting

The RW could sure use John Wayne right now

Is this the real reason for the war and the crack-down on dissent?

Thank you Mr. O'reilley for your "War on Christmas"

Stephanie Miller is on

Larisa A. (of RawStory) article at GD: I spy a Democrat

Some Iraq Sunnis, Shiites Threaten Boycott

Aaron Freeman: Spy on me

A Time to Impeach, Ah, Memories: Doug Ireland takes us back...

Caption this * picture from press conference........

When Rove is indicted after Xmas, is it still Fitzmas?

Heads up! Amazon Phishing Scam!

they finally let the nun go who put her blood on a missile silo in protest

So 215,000 jobs were created in November

How does "intelligent design" account for the existence of Republicans?

Republicans are Reliving the Glory Days of Watergate

Bush bubble burst by troubled 2005 (BBC) "Bush has become "bubble boy",

Caption Condi

"An Act Of Vengeance" by Isabel Allende

Please express your opinion on this poll!

Bechtel Buys Atlantic Ocean- Access Fees Seen By Summer

Anyone see Tavis Smiley's Katrina photo montage last pm?

Strikes Over!!!!

Protest fascist domestic spying: Drop your corporate ISP find a progressiv

Senator silenced by old law

Why was Marc Maron fired from Air America? Ridiculous!

When will Gallup and Zogby follow MSNBC's lead?

What about SpyWare?

New York transit strike 'over'

Alistair Cooke's 'bones stolen': body parts trading ring suspected

Merry Christmas from Pope Benedict

Census Bureau State Population Estimates for 2005

On December 25th, let's all celebrate the birth of Mithra

MSNBC says Dem's wanted Patriot Act to expire; Repugs saved it....

Ex-Director of Md. GOP Testified on Ties to Abramoff (second local link)

Cal Thomas is a douche - here's my response.

Here's a quote for ya

Corporations paying top executives personal income taxes

Sweet: Ted Steven's Acting Debut as Grinch, Godfather, and Eeyore!

Swifties Linked to LINCOLN GROUP (Pentagon Iraq "Happy News" contractors)

Iran's victory revealed in Iraq election ...... Mission Accomplished

If Stevens retires, who becomes prez pro tempore?

Message to the Fundie Army

Scottish teen wears kilt to school dance, told to change

Guess what LINDA TRIPP is doing these days!!!!

Do you feel like you have lost your freedom?

New Fiore: Get Smarter!

US lawsuit could dent global war-contractor boom,

Tsunami was God's revenge for your wicked ways, women told

Ted Stevens and the fall of the republican party

Courts unlikely to hear wiretap cases, legal scholars say

Why hasn't a self admitted felon yet been arested? What do I tell my kid's

You might have seen this poll already, but it's worth keeping track of

Oh Gawd. Another Christian battle: Chaplain hunger-strike at capitol.

Portland (ME) Press Herald obtains e-mail from Sen Stevens threatening

Abramoff to Turn State's Evidence??

Alberto Gonzales - Now There's An Attorney General For You

Watching the re-air of Stevens speeches today and I have to say

Clean Air Speeds Global Warming say Government Scientists. No, really

Bush may have tainted investigations/convictions by not going to FISA!

Y'all might want to DU this MSNBC live question of the day that asks...

America has to ___ _____ ____ or we'll be attacked by terrorists!

Explain this bumper sticker to me

King George and Lady Laura pose for their Holiday Portrait ---pix-->>>

A tale of a changing attitude towards Christmas

Appeals panel says Bush played them to keep Padilla in custody

The American nightmare

White House Press Briefing - anything scheduled for today?

Conservatives still hopping mad at American Girl dolls

Chemtrails in the Sky

Daily Fascist

GOP Pollster: A Bad Year For Bush

Pombo deemed biggest anti-conservation goon in congress

Will bu$h go to Iraq for xmas? Plastic Ham to be served?

It wasn't Cheney's vote that passed the cuts in the needed programs...

Saddam: "that those in the White House are the biggest liars"

The GOP's Insecurity Card- Reprising the strategy that kept them in power

Hey, College Students! GOP is convinced you don't vote.

WSJ: Latest Twist in Corporate Pay: Tax-Free Income for Executives

This should shut the 'stealing Christmas' asshats up for good.

ROGER TOUSSAINT: "We are not thugs"

The Big On-Line Polls

Why does US cut Sadaam's audio feed whenever he rails against us?

Pro-war Propaganda in the foreign press (not merely Iraq)?

King George Bush = KGB. n.t

Corporate Concentration Continues to Rise

Isn't about time for Snotty today?

Chem---trails increased

VIDEO-Extension of the Patriot Act -Bush's Fear Mongering and Divisive

"Best of Al Franken Show" - Laura Bush used expletive?

It's Less Than a Wonderful Life...

TP Nails Moonie Times : " Wash. Times Pushes Surveillance Myths As “News”

Time to get ready for Abramoffukkah!

Abortion is the greatest terrorism

Rape David Brooks To Save America (The Rude Pundit)

There will be NO impeachment.

Am I being spied on or am I paranoid?

The most PC holiday greeting ever...

Dick Cheney flies over from Saudi just in time to dick everyone...

Get Your NSA phone card! Get free minutes!

Send your "American Girl" stuff back. Mattel caved to the nut-jobs.

Think Progress debunks Chicago Tribune Bush apologist's lies

Were Cheney and Rumsfeld ever part of the PNAC?

John Conyers, what have you done?!?!

Neocon optimism on Iraq

McCarthyism, or J. Edger Hooverism?

How is it that Clinton was impeached over lying about a BJ....

Bush (In 2004): "A Wiretap Requires A Court Order"

So, has this poll showing 87% want Chimpy impeached

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime

Bill O'Reilly wants NYC cabdrivers shot dead!

Did Cheney just break the vote on the Budget

N.C. sex toy company gets business of year award

KENNEDY:"THE PRESIDENT is not above the law; he is not King George"

* really is a "uniter" >> "Iraq Sunni, Shiite groups threaten boycott"

I would like to say thank you to all who keep me informed

Drum:Bush treats terrorism as handy partisan club to make Dems look weak

Actual Christmas Card from Gun-owner's Lobby

TX principal: Muslim students allowed to pray only OUTside building

MSNBC Is KILLING Me this Morning

Hagel Unloads on Cheney and Bush

Blood For Oil

Transit Workers back to work per MSNBC

Draft Principles for a New Organic Label That Will Include Fair Trade/Fair

it's getting easier to make freepers heads explode these days ain't it?

I attended a senior citizens christmas dinner last night

Oh, I'm Just Joking Around, of course but....

Kerry Drought Relief bill passes after 3yrs. Wanna bet Bush held it up so

How Can One Support Bush Wire-Tapping American Citizens?

Health tip for the holidays.

war on x-mas. my ass. my husband and i are trying to find a

Home Depot Rant

Good Search, a way to surf and help people in need

PRELUDE TO DISASTER : 5 Pages (WAPO) Re: Dept of Homeland Security

Clinton For UN Secretary-General!

HEY-Would a WARNER/HAGEL Ticket Win?

VIDEO-Tom Ridge on Patriot Act and BUSH SPYING

Is Randi a re-run today or is this live?

Falsehood Alert - CNN re: Katrina euthanisizing....

Abramoff is gonna plead GUILTY - possible 5-7 years, new NYT article 12/22

This should be good

US halts Arabic magazine meant to boost US image

Syndicate Says There's Less Payola Risk if Columnists Have Journalism Back

VIDEO-Borowitz & Stewart "War on Christmas"

'E's not the Messiah!

Hillary calls the Republican budget bill "Grinchlike"

2160 Reason Why the DSM is Important

The Ann Coulter Photo /w Patch Over Her Eye.....

I'd be ashamed to call Ted Stevens my Senator.

everyone thank these 43 brave Patriots

The Democratic Party Loyalty Oath

Did your senator vote no on the cloture motion re; ANWAR?

I saw the post about us being on MissHell Malkins' page, and I wonder:

Damn, I guess I'm not interesting enough, but some of us are..

What Would the Roman Empire Do?

man o man i'd really love to debate some of those fox news pricks

Curtain Call: Robert Novak's will speak with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer 1/23/05

FU Bloomberg

Pelosi to Speaker Hastert: Democrats Will Fight Immoral Republican Budget

For the first time ever, Brazil extracts more oil than it consumes

Yes, only $2.98 but I will complain about it

What about Diwali?

Fwee Wepubwik Down: Fweepers Devastated! (Excessive Naughtiness?)

Are you willing to give up your privacy to - MSNBC Vote

CNN - Situation Room: "Patriot Act Cliffhanger" - Press conference soon...

My mother is stopping by the Christian Broadcasting Network

Appeals court just told Delay to fuck off

if Pres. Clinton wiretaps citizens, will the g.o.p. give her a pass?

heres an idea, a seperate bill for Katrina, LIHEAP, Defense, ANWR

Nashville Metro Council Endorses Jesus & Xmas Trees

Question Re Digital Content Security Act, banning analog to digital device

Got hassled by a Neocon Christian for saying "Happy Holidays!" today.

Impeach Bush: Bush’s Slippery Slope Leads To A Police State

So - we have Kennedy, Conyers and Slaugher requesting docs...

summary of brief House section

What are the troops really fighting for ?

Buses running by tonight subways up by Friday morning

A few days late, but great news regardless;

!!!Sensenbrenner REJECTS Patriot deal- CALLS FOR 1 MONTH EXTENSION!!!

Can you just imagine the conversation in the * household

"Local Leaders in the Dark on Air Pollution"

"Arms Center to Give Biothreats New Focus"

Caption this photo

Unease Rises Over Domestic Spying - Prosecutions May Be Tainted

A plug for Joe Conason - The Raw Deal

Robert Novak to Interview with Wolf Tomorrow

journal Science on Thursday proclaimed evolution the breakthrough of 2005

When was the last time there was a real filibuster?

How the Grinch Stole Freedom

DU Makes Michelle Malkin's Front Page Again

Ralph Reed's Spokesperson Peddles Internet Smut

there is NOTHING bush can do to regain his post 9-11 glory, nothing

If you have FSTV.. a MUST see 1:00 PM PST ..Dead in the Water

The VP says…Keeping America Safe had nothing to do with Domestic Spying

Spirituality and a road map

Parole Board Denies Ailing Kevorkian

that crazy red head toensing on the situation room LYING HER ASS OFF!

Dec 21 BBC Newsnight covers Peak Oil (video)

Kentucky Supreme Court rules Dem candidate wins seat in Frankfort

David Obey might be filibustering

CNN: Bush trying to improve race relations

Senator Ted Kennedy, meanwhile, has written a letter to President Bush

Ann Coulter Wants 'Torture As a Televised Spectator Sport'

DU this CapitalNews Poll

I wonder what % of Americans suspect that bushco did nine eleven?

This is despicable!...

The Pentagon Breaks the Law & "WANTS TO DO IT MORE"

Raw Story's reply to our Merry Christmas wishes.

Victoria Toesing can kiss my Constitution loving Ass

With all the spying, it's time to bring up RFID chips aka SPYCHIPS again

A few weeks ago a person I have known for over 20 years

Here's another poll that needs some du love

"Growing Population Shifts Political Power"

dupe delete

these record heating bills - how much does deregulation play a factor?

rolling stone honors cindy sheehan, murtha, others in year-end issue

Jeff Gannon and WH prostitution ring in 80's (Franklin Cover-up)

In all the hubub about "Merry Christmas" vs "Happy Holidays"

Health care plan for workers worries mayor

Who the #!$#% is this idiot Judge Posner on Hardball?

Homes Of The Billionaires 2005

New York Police Are Disguising Themselves as Protesters

Photoessay... keep Kleenex close by

DU this Rolling Stone Poll!

French Parliament passes Amendment Legalizing Online File Trading

Justice Department makes a legal argument to the Senate

Appeals court denies Delay "Fast Track".... poor mistreated bugman.

My response to a Freeper on the War On Christmas

A RWer's favorite Christmas song:

PATRIOT ACT Extended to February 3, 2006 Without Debate

DOJ speaks out in support of Chimp-in-Chief's illegal wiretapping

So 9/11 Means it's OK to Spy on Americans? By Molly Ivins

Terror From The White House

How comfotable were they when Nixon did it?

Hey Senate (Bill Frist included) SensorASSHOLE just said you SUCK

Rob Boston is driving Fox's John Gibson over the deep end.

Times Best Photos of 2005-vote for your favorite.

Support GLBT people: DU this poll!

If a corporation has only one customer (the federal government), then why

So for my 1000th post, all I can come up with is

BREAKING: CNN says House is blocking Patriot Act Deal..

House approves one month extrension...

Blasted Reality, great site

Rejection of Bush's ploy on Padilla shows carte blanche of AUMF in doubt

Access Hollywood's Billy Bush

Boxer Provision-Mental Health Task Force for US Troops Incld in Def. Bill

VIDEO-Mark McKinnon on why Bush can ignore the Constitution

Which To Watch Tonight - Daily Show or Olberman?

VIDEO-Sensenwhiner nasally gripes about the Pat Act and the Senate

Do you guys really think Bush went rogue?

In the spirit of these holidays & goodwill towards all people - we

Fox News S. Carolina affiliate PLUGGING white supremacist website

Can a company really do that to me?

Jury awards $207 million to Wal-Mart workers denied lunch breaks

My strike story. I've had to walk 9.5 miles in two days

When the goin' gets tough, (photo)

Letter to Kerry on oil gnats and elephants

For shill o'lielly and faux news...a quick one question quiz.

Is Rep John Spratt-D South Carolina as sharp as he appears to be?

The United States of AmeriKKKa

Re-framing the voting issue.. No more "outsourcing" of elections.

Can't keep a bad man unindited;

FindLaw's 1st Substantial Paper-SPYGATE: "Tyranny's Engines Raring to Go"

HAGEL"My Oath is to Constitution, NOT VP, President or Political Party"

Manitoba’s King James Bible May Be King James’s Bible

Happy Birthday, Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald!!!

30 minute delay to allow "court officials" to censor Saddam trial

Avoid annoying computers that answer your calls,heres the cheat sheet!

Actually, I think we'd be better off if Bush ISN'T impeached

Dick Cheney Rushes Home to Save America!

Blatant crimes vs Republican PR ?

How the Local Radio Talkshow Wingnut Dismisses Shrub's Illegalities

Face It, A Large Percentage of Americans Want A Fascist Government

Bush Says This PM That September 2001 Resolution Gave Him Authority To Spy

Chimp-monster looking raggedy. Evil taking its toll.

NOLA Housing is finally on it's way??

rumsfeld: 'leaving Iraq would mean the u.s. would be attacked again

The House in now in session....C-SPAN 1.

DOJ's response to NSA program.

I wonder what toxic shit has been dumped into Holmes lake

Luckovich: My favorite carTOONist --> TOON within

Sensenbernner (R-WA) Holding Up Patriot Act Extention

Daniel Pipes Loses Control of His Facilities (James Wolcott)

DU this lou dobbs poll

There's not a shovel big enough to clean up after all these bullshitters..

Man, Thom Hartmann just took that right-wing clown apart so smoothly...

Just my thought of the day...

I've never thought that stupidity could be contagious

Remember, when you are busy mistrusting gays/muslims/abortionists/

Terror case challengesWH strategy of unlimited power through AUMF

New Orleans Night Before Christmas

Is it me, or do Gonazeles and Chertoff look like the odd couple?

Countdown opening flashed "Get a Brain Moran" photo!

SEVEN (7) Terrorist Attacks ON U.S. Soil SINCE 9/11 (Feeling Safer Now?)

What the hell is an "islamofascist"?

The Senate is in session n/t C-SPAN

Worth another read: E.L.Doctorow on Bush & his war. please read!

Lott (R-MS) is quoted: "The leader has to be prepared to roll people"


Thanks!! For moving down the ad with the Pirate O'Reilly!!!!

bush: "It's been a good year for the American people" he really said it

Evil Alliance - Council for National Policy and Canada's Leader of the RW

Orlando Sentinel finally printing my letter

VIDEO-Schuster on Domestic Spying

Former Roy Moore supporter reveals chilling prophecy

Bill O'Reilly "slams" Olbermann on ratings

Senate agrees to 5 week Patriot Act extension

You must go to Raw Story and watch the Fox video if you haven't already.

She Found Her Master's Degree In A Trash Can

And you thought firing smokers was bad - check this out

In this time of (no) Peace on Earth and (little) Goodwill to Man

Rumsfeld: It will be Iraqi soldiers kicking in doors instead of Americans

Hehehe... Yahoo search the two words: Stupid Motherfuckers

VIDEO-Mehlman "I respectfully disagree"-Countdown's Oddball

"Asset dumping" and republicans

All Hardball Watchers TUNE IT...ANDREA IS ON! Rips Holes in Repugs!@

Aol Poll :Did He Win This Year, Rate the President

Ha! Charles Barkley just now on TNT: "I like to piss the Republicans off"

BRAD BLOG: Amidst Intense Drama, St. Louis County Rejects Diebold!

Can someone please explain to me Sensenbrenner's move today?

Can someone post a good overview of the new Fed. cuts?

bwah-ha-ha! Tucker Carlson calls Bush a "Bad Prez", criticizes spying

DU Females & Males Check out Hardball with Andrea Mitchell at 7:00 p.m.

Strange Talking Point: The End of the Democrat Party?

VIDEO-Bush "Ah'm Lookin' Forward" -Countdown's Oddball

Anybody see the start of Countdown?

Funniest ID'er statement:

The O'Grinch Factor

Anyone else think the holidays are slightly sexist?

Why do I care.....

Whenever I forget why I prefer animals to most humans,

King George arrested?

Rightwingers are a great source of laughs...

Some hilarious bumper stickers for your repug "friends"

Anybody remember "Jam Echelon Day"?

Where The Hell Is Ralph Nader???

Bill Keller's e-mail response to readers questioning timing of spy story

Josh Marshall asked a very interesting question

The frame Game - RE: "La, la, la - Iraq is doing great..."

VIDEO-Mitchell, Day 2, Smacks Down Republican Bill Owen

VIDEO-Political Oddball-this is REALLY funny

Conyers & House members introduce resolution demanding surveillance probe

Holly Mackerel! Daniel Schorr now posting on Huffington!

How much power do individuals have to effect change in the world?

In 1984, Winston Smith lives in London...

AOL Poll: WOW! Bush gets failing grades in 7 out of 7 categories!

Iraq: Game Over- The last hope for peace in Iraq was stomped to death

The End of the Period

NEWS: Sensenbrenner to block six-month extension of the Patriot Act

"GET A BRAIN MORANS" dude was on intro to KO!

It is so great for us PC people that fundies don't get offended

I don't know how good of an idea Hillary "bashing" is

I discovered I'm on Pretzelboy's enemies list and all I got was:

Iraqis Protest Gov't Decision to Hike Fuel Prices--Azzaman, Iraq

Nadler on Hannity and Colmes just said that he requested a

India, China Win Joint Bid to Buy Stake in Syrian Oil Fields

Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story: Rove WILL BE indicted.

You know what?? It would be so much easier if we all were rethuglicans.

Help...Anyone have link to Mayer's "They Thought they Would Be Free"


Teaser from TWN re: Al-Jazeera Bombing Topic: Blair Benefited?

The DOJ argument is BULLSHIT, here's why:


Now is the time to resurect this video: Truman on Spying on Americans.

Home Depot Rant


President's power is so vast that it even includes this law-breaking power

Va. Governor Pardons Two Men Cleared by DNA

Maybe Bush Can Send Out Another $500 Tax Refund

Is anyone paying attention to me?

Merriam-Webster's #1 Word of the Year 2005 (based on online lookups) is..

Are we scrimping on soldiers' camouflage now?

Do the "purple finger" people know what is happening in Iraq?

Is Global Warming Killing the Polar Bears?

NSA Spying - FOIA Req. - Which agency is best targeted by a FOIA letter?

Dear Gov. Dean -- The rabid dogs are cornered …

My modest suggestion for a party poster for next year

What does liberty mean to you?

Hubble finds new moons, rings around Uranus

rush was in fine form today...

Do log cabin republicans actually exist?

In celebration of a holiday about unconditional love and giving,...

Stars & Stripes letter: We ARE at war based on a lie

My fantasy for the State of the Union Address

Nun Who Defaced Nuclear Missile Silo In 2002 Released From Prison

Get down on your knees and thank unions #2

CRYBABY John Gibson: The "War on Christmas" people are smearing my book...

Turn on MSRNC!!! Abrams report on Bush spying

Senate Vote on Torture Bill: C-SPAN 2 Watch Thread

Can you tell the difference?

'When will King George decide he's Jesus Christ?'

How do you kill E-Commerce ? Tax it.

Helen Thomas has a question.

Constitutional Scholars See Bush's Actions as Unconstitutional &Illegal

***URGENT! CALL HOUR HOUSE REPS!!! TORTURE BILL up for final vote!!!!

ain't it odd that republicans have no fucking sense of humor?

'Impeachment' Talk, Appears in the Media at Last

The IMPEACH Guerilla Marketing Campaign has left the station!

Creepy Freepies: Spying on Quakers is A-OK!

Happy Holidays to All !!! Even Bush, but ONLY on Christmas Day.

Anyone seen Denis Leary's Merry F@!%$ing Christmas on CC yet?

Former NSA Intelligence Analyst & Action Officer - wants to talk

John Walker Lindh never got a trial.

Question for people who understand statistics (and polls)

Aha ! ----- Found this......No wonder Specter is so pissed.

Somewhere At A Big Desk In Washington A Funny Little Man Sits And Works

FBI Offers Reward in Ohio Mosque Bombing

How to turn domestic calls into international calls.

Please, Please, Can Someone Explain the Iraqi Election to Me?


George Is Leaving For Vacation Now ---pix->>>

like it or not, revolution and upheaval are coming


Bono: " least favorite John Lennon song? Imagine."

Mega-dump on John (let's spy and torture) Yoo in the NYTimes ...

UK to monitor every journey by every car-"Every trip you take..."

Bush FINALLY gets recognition he so richly deserves

Hubby's cool coworker got an invitation from the DOD. To Iraq.

Defending the rule of law is more important than politics (Agree or Dis?)

The "War on Christmas" in my own neighborhood

MSNBC Poll: Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?

The constitution calls for IMPEACHMENT NOT CENSURE

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down ~LIVE~

What I Want For Christmas

4th Circuit in Padilla case complains about Bush admin. media manipulation

Former NSA Intelligence Analyst & Action Officer - wants to talk

Is A MIHOP Being Planned At Camp David Right Now

The miscreant dynasty

Dr King was surveilled in the name of national security

Caption this picture

Chimp's speaking, he's got slobber on his chin!

Rep Louise Slaughter: Time for Bush to ...

Impeach Bush = President Cheney

Why Is It Assumed The E-Spying Was Phone and E-Mail?

Mexico admits anti-immigrant stance

Why do so many love Bill and dislike Hillary?

Just saw the Walmart movie-I will NEVER step foot in a Walmart again

71 yrs old, and can't stand to look at him.

should the president be allowed to authorize - Poll

Comedy video --> "Is Bush drunk?"

Okay, why isn't 400 lbs. of missing plastic explosives huge news?

Looks like the strike may be over


Maureen Dowd - Like or Not

Volunteers from Amish to 60's-style hippies fill the gap as FEMA Fails

Election Fraud New Year's Resolution: Vow with Me!!!

I don't want to start a fight with anyone, but...

Anyone else had their company bank account closed due to Patriot Act?

Democrats biggest mistake: NOT CHALLENGING "The War on Terror"

Where to begin? I received an e-mail

Diebold has pulled out of North Carolina!

Bush. Is. Toast.

Should Kerry say something about NYT withholding spy story b4 election?

Political Predictions for 2006---

A Time to Impeach

Here is all the SMACKDOWN you need for RW'ers on the Bush spygate thing...

The West's infatuation with Muslim women and their rights!

Long Article on the Man who is Kos

1/31, on the night of Bush’s State of the Union address: In large cities..

For those who missed it. Decorate YOUR own Fitzmas Tree, Interactive Flash

Larisa Alexandrovna - I Spy A Democrat?

For all our anger why wont we picket right wing churches?

How many people complaining about the TWU would trade jobs with them?

Bill Would Allow Arrests For No Reason In Public Place

I feel like i hit the lottery

Conventional vs. convection ovens

And Another Thing - Homemade Egg Nog

The Gallery of Regrettable Food

Man, MacLean's sucks now

Liberal Negative ads supposedly leaked to Conservatives

PM plays into Bloc's hands

The Sabotage of Canada

Russian parliament passes controversial NGO law

ACLU Calls on Gonzales to Appoint Special Counsel, i.e. Spying

Lieberman calls for probe into handling of Iranian threat

Brownback giving away funds from tribes, defense contractor

NYC Transit Union Hints at Pension Deal

Israel claims Iran has new missiles

Colombia, rebels are moving toward timetable for peace

Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey

French lawsuit over CIA flights

Former NSA Intelligence Analyst Claims Unlawful Conduct by NSA

Italy probes US marine for murder over Iraq death

Katrina investigation focuses on more than one person (deaths)

DNO finds oil in north Iraq well (Kurdish region)

Iraq rebels 'intensify violence'

Abramoff mostly paid Republicans

Feds Say Computer Surveillance Hindered Without Patriot Act

Texas expands spyware lawsuit against Sony BMG

Coleman votes in favor of debating ANWR provision in defense bill

Blair makes surprise Iraq visit

A step back in time (20,000 yr old footprints found in Australia)

Rummy arrives in Bagdad

Senate approves cuts (the evil Grinch Cheney cast tie breaker vote)

Tie-breaking Cheney vote saves deficit cuts

Canadian court lifts ban on 'swingers' clubs

Abramoff plea deal would put heat on Ney

Major Sunnis, Shiites call Iraq vote 'fraudulent

Pirro quits NY Senate Race to run for Atty General

Judge Rules Caging Ohio Children Was Abuse

oops - delete duplicate

French Parliament OKs Anti-Terror Measures

UAW-backed Hackett shifts ride to union-friendly pickup

Berlusconi defends Fascist salute by Lazio footballer

NYT: Police Infiltrate Protests, Videotapes Show (** image download **)

Advocates of 'Intelligent Design' Vow to Continue Despite Ruling

Bush pardons Denver attorney: was sentenced in '84 cocaine case

Santorum now critical of Dover case

Hagel seeks hearings on domestic spying

Senate Votes to Extend Patriot Act for 6 Months

Bush Applauds Senate Vote To Extend Patriot Act

Republicans fear lobbyist's plea bargain

India, China pin down $573m Syria deal

Sunnis, Secular Shiites Threaten Boycott

Senators Vote to Kill Trade Law - Byrd Amendment Illegal, WTO Says

Japanese foreign minister calls China's military a threat

CNBC Wall Street Reporter - "NY Transit Strike Over" nt

Iraq's election result: a divided nation (UK Independent)

House rejects a six-month extension to the Patriot Act passed

Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 22 December

MAJOR Symantec Anti-Virus Vulnerability!

Sensenbernner (R-WA) Holding Up Patriot Act Extention

Court overturns $14.8 million fine against RJR

US halts Arabic magazine meant to boost US image

Indonesia's Christians dig bomb pits to prep for terrorist assaults

Democrats keep up legal fight against Indiana voter ID law

Murtha rips administration 'dishonesty'

"Armed and dangerous: Taliban gear up" (scary new intelligence)

Congress has sent President Bush a one-month extension of Patriot Act

Bodysnatchers took Cooke's bones to sell for transplants

Iraq war has had a crippling effect on Iraq's orange growers

Row over Malaysian family laws (Subjugating women to men)

Nadler Demands Appointment of Special Counsel to Investigate Illegal Eaves

SKorea’s Hwang faked at least nine of 11 stem-cell lines, university says

Gay Unions In Australia? Never, Says Prime Minister

BAE signs landmark Eurofighter contract with Saudis

Saddam accuses White House of lying

CENTCOM: Task Force Baghdad Soldier Killed (2159)

Money to help US poor pay winter bills runs low

(NYPD) Police challenge report detailing surveillance tactics

CNN: Judge: Caged kids were abused

Kennedy Seeks Alito Docs on Princeton Case

Saddam's Lawyers Say Ramsey Clark at Risk

CNN: Katrina investigation focuses on more than one person (Euthanasia)

Lobbyist Nears Terms on Plea Deal 5-7 Years and will testify!

Reform Jews slams passage of budget cuts harming low-income Americans

Bush Approves Presidental Dollar Coins

NYT: Untested Aide Laid Legal Basis For White House Terror Policies

Japanese minister calls China a threat

White House Basks in Recent Economic Data

Union Says NYC Transit Strike Is Over

US lawsuit could dent global war-contractor boom

Military and civilian deaths in Iraq - Reuters 12/22/05

Republicans target teacher benefits in 2006

DHS undermined from very start , DHS in 'turmoil'

US says case closed in shooting of Italian agent

Fox News affiliate quietly promotes white supremacist website

House passes a one-month extension of the Patriot Act

Party support in Senate erodes around Frist


Sen. Smith's stands rile both left, right

Key House Republican balks at Patriot Act

Daschle: Congress Denied Bush War Powers in U.S. (unf***ing believable)

TWU, Union Agree To Talks (NYC Transit Strike)

Conservative leader Harper asserts Canada's Arctic claims

Spy court judge often ripped post-Sept. 11 detentions

Tsunami was God's revenge for your wicked ways, women told

France Lawmakers Endorse File-Sharing

Judge Agrees to Block New Video Game Law

Jews for Jesus sues Google over blog

House passes $453.3 billion defense bill

File the Bin Laden Phone Leak Under 'Urban Myths'

Appeals Court Won't Speed Up DeLay Appeal

Bolton threatens U.S. funding for U.N.

Chalabi’s defeat puts U.S. friends in quandary (Got only 0.36% votes)

Colts coach Dungy's son found dead

Breaking on CNN: Judge fines Walmart 200+Million for workplace...

Bush administration defends spying program (new letter to Congress)

Brotherhood chief: Holocaust a myth (Egypt)

What is a "dive"?

What happened to Santa?

Thanks Peter Werbe for putting us to sleep

i love watching mexican drug trafficker movies

The good news is, I just installed Suse Linux 10

question about google

Nice little toy

"We have meat ze BUILDING!!!!"


Live from the sickbed: Forrest sings the holiday blues!

Let's kill them with kindness

Happy Festivus, Homies!


A Crock o' (Blip!) Now

Was just thinking about Scott Lowery..

I got the cabin fever, cold toes, dont give a crap about xmas blues.

"Get Smarter" The latest from Mark Fiore!

Good Night, Lounge-People!

I touched Wes Clark's crotch

What city does Christmas music remind you of?

Now That Oprah Was on Letterman, How About Richard Simmons?

Hey, Lounge. Check out Radio_Lady's post in GD.

The Tide is High

so we had 54 new people sign up since yesterday

Don't miss these free songs!!!

Ann Coulters responds to liberals having babies


Guess what?

Sim Alla Bim

Roly row! Thelma growed up!

The house is so empty.....

Who wants some motherfucking chocolate milk?

Most disturbing scene from Nip/Tuck finale

It is time for the Kraftwerk and Chris Rhea conjunction

Which Golden Ticket Holder Are You?

Members of PETA and Greenpeace may be interested in knowing this.

a partridge in a pear tree.

GREAT post in GD. A MUST READ!!!


I blew my mind

Congressional Band to entertain troops (What, wasn't Brittney available?)

Ain't it just like the night to play tricks

Posting Pet Peeves

Whatever happened to...

Kaddish for Naomi Ginsberg, 1894-1956

Couldn't pass this one up, hope you enjoy.

Merry Critter Christmas - Hail Satan!

I am a forty year old virgin!!

I want to kick that damn egotistical map from Dora the Explorer.

Homeland Security FAILURE! U.S. Gov't / Santa Reach Open Skies Agreement

It's only 9:00 and I want a nap

Merry Festivus

I hate those damn Old Navy commercials with Kristen Chenoweth.

Why, when a plane has landing-gear problems, do they circle the departure

I need 5 minutes of everyone's time!! Re: Arlen Specter & wiretaps

LORIEN: An update on Ashiki, the Bengal/Serval mix?

Little Blue Pill

Which direction are you supposed to set your ceiling fan in the winter?

Two more ignore question for the old hands.

Woman Gives Birth To 14 Pound Baby

Thursday morning earworm; last for a while,

Let's talk alcohol. Share your favorite holiday drink recipes!

Rainbow Trout With Two Mouths Pulled From Lake (Pic)

Talk to me now

Why is this so offensive?

2005....your rear end review

The night before Christmas (DON'T OPEN!)

Don’t You Agree That this is the Puppy You Want From Santa?

I am watching the Polar Express at work!

Somebody on DU is having a birthday today.

WOO HOO 20 more posts to 5000

Good night.

When the hell are they going to release the other Beatles films on DVD?

So Why is Bush out after the Catholic Worker House?

Son of Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy Is Dead

Holiday Eating Tips and motto to live by

You HAVE to admit it: Madonna's "Hung Up On You" video is soo waaaaaay

New immigration laws introduced so non-US models can work in the US

"how WE can win elections"

Can you help this woman find the fairie sculture she's looking for?

What Has Happened to Michael Moore?

don't you just love word art and a ms comic sans font

Which Kong is truly King?

Bechtel Buys Atlantic Ocean- Access Fees Seen By Summer

its the most wonderful time of the year....

"If you wash down your vitamins with a can of beer.........


Christmas rush as French cash machine issues free money

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/22/05)


We watched "Crash" last night

"how married are you?"

CNN Breaking: Dihydrogen Monoxide in New York City:

I have to board one of my dogs while I am gone for the holidays.

I have to bore one of my dogs while I am gone for the holidays.

Ok, it's definately not carpal tunnel

A tale of a changing attitude towards Christmas

What do you get when you mix Viagra with Rogaine?


I have to club someone's dog while she goes on vacation

Embezzled Church Money Used To Buy Breast Implants

My jaw is hurting


Silly question

Game: Be an airport baggage screener. How many threats can you ID?

Do you Doogle?

Double-Mouthed Fish Pulled From Neb. Lake

Eminem sure is pouty

Why is my 10 year old stealing my cologne?

Very cute Christmas animation

I'm going out for breakfast!! ....... Whadda-ya-wan'?

Bang! Bang!

I think I will celebrate tonight!

URGENT URGENT DU THIS POLL (now updated to include

Shaved or Unshaved....

The XM holiday channel rawks!

Another Freeper Joke

OW! MY ELBOW! . . . What are YOUR Owies right now?

Tasteless holiday joke thread: Q:What was first case of PMS in the bible?

HELP!! Cold weather is killing my face!!

Happy Holidays

My feet are cold...

There's fudge in the kitchen

No one is at work today, so why the hell am I?

Need Advice re Debt Collection Dispute

A DU tribute to Joe Strummer (passed away 3 years ago today)

Seasonal Wishes

Are you hot?

Stolen penguin's time runs out

A MUST see... this is EltonJohn's dog walker

I got great news, i gotta share it

Happy Festivus: Today we will have the "FEATS OF STRENGTH"

Today's dilbert rocks.

I want to see photos of Oberon for my DU Xmas present

We have way too much spare time at my office today

Vigilante Electronics

Every 24th of December it's the same damn thing

Would someone please post the link to the video

Why is Ryan Seacrest a star? I'm not kidding here.

Happy holiday our christmas card to DU

Merry Christmas around the world!! (foreign language thread)

East Bay Area DUers: Anyone Know the legend of the White Witch of Niles?

I hate disabled user profiles

I just had my first locked thread, ask me anything!

I have found the greatest Christmas internet radio sation EVER.

ATTN: Everyone RE: Festivus

I need 4,000 more posts before the end of the day - ask me anything.

When you're lost in the rain in Juarez

Jesus And Christians

Kenny Chesney is a FRAUD!

If anyone has shopping to finish up, here's an idea

TWU is negotiating, so back to real issues will Kyle be quarterback

Pro Activ: Does anyone use it?

Accusation: Letterman used code words to marry woman, train her as co-host

I'm eating chocolate cake

In honour of Bono:

WOOHOO! I got an A- in my grad class!

Let's get real about wire taps...

I will be leaving work soon so MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!

Appliance question from a dummie!

So I finally updated my myspace account- who wants to be my friend?

I love "Bringing Down the House"


This is what shopping does for me...

Oh lovely, Rupert Murdoch is coming to Delaware

Health tip for the holidays.

I have never asked for DU's help before but I need it now :(

I give up.

How many times will you watch "A Christmas Story" on TNT's marathon?

Is it wrong to know what you're getting for Christmas ahead of time?

Why does my dog eat the cat puke?

Living In Buffalo NY (or wherever the snow falls too much)

Shameful Self-Promotion

Oasis is not participating in the war on Christmas.

Since I am so bored, I have a task for y'all!

Merry Christmas to all! I'm outta here!

What famous person do you resemble most? (face recognition website)

I'm an addict and I need intervention - please help me

HOLIDAY SPECIAL--Underwear in DU Lounge is 75% OFF! -- Limited Time Only!

I think I took too many painkillers.

Excuse me. This is the SUMMER solstice.

Would or have you had your son circumcised?

so I go to Best Buy and Im told they dont sell old James Bond movies

I give y'all the rest of the day off! Go home!

I haven't smoked in 4!

I may have another job!

The Virgin Mary must be an attention whore -- now she's showing up


Is the Hallelujah Chorus really Christmas music?

Tell me, Clarice - have the lambs stopped screaming?

My Dog has Got No Nose!!!!!

WOOOHOOO, just got a bottle of good French champagne as a

How many internet forums do you post on?


To SouthlandShari:

FReeper: Santa is Republican

What happens when you give a Christmas tree beer instead of water?

CIA Chief Admits To Torture ....

who has the most posts on DU?

Anyone have the Red Roomba? You like it?

My Bosses got me a circumcision for Christmas after shaving me.

Here is where I'll be during Spring break, 2006....................

Jillian Barberie - Hot or Not?

I'm outta here!! Everyone have a safe and joyous holiday!

Dogs with Careers

Says Linda Tripp - "Hey, mister, wanna buy a weiner?"

I confess. I've been circumscribed.

They found more rings around Uranus...

Who serves the best ice cream?

I feel so old.

Do you have any local ghost stories around you?

I'm planning to watch "Dogma" on Christmas eve.

I photoshopped Pickles. Check it out!

Can anyone recommend a good web hosting site?

DU Help

Eggnog and __________________???

Grandparent names

Porn company good corporate citizen

OMG I think I almost passed out laughing

Boobs we need more boobs

DU tech savvy people....

My first magazine cover! I been published!!!

Woo Hoo done with my Christmas shopping

Married DU Ladies - Abandon feminism and meet your true calling!

Has anyone ever hired a piano mover?

Favorite John Lennon Song?

Do you buy things for yourself as you do your holiday shopping?

Oh my GAWD!!! It's SCUT FARKUS!!

Prince Albert in a can....

Would it be responsible to get a 2 1/2 year old a Guinea Pig?

Santa is a Democrat


Well damn, it's a good thing I can always fall back on my enormous

I need help/noxious fumes frm painting

Become insane in 3 easy steps!

I'm so fucking SICK of the "Resiliency of New Yorkers"

what have jenna and barbara bush been doing

DS1 wants to share a special moment, but he's shy...

I just got a card from Dad, that never happens

Oh LaraMN....I think I have something of yours...BWAHAHAHAHA

Hmmmmm I think I've trumped your p-shop effort, DS1....

Yep, that sounds about right..

Here's why all of the South is full of racists....

Does Eugene Levy take every role offered to him?

Why would a G-rated cable package include Telemundo?

Heat Pump Advice

What a bunch of friggin' pigs!

Very cool website

when buildings could fly

"Andy, for the last time, I DON'T want your giant box of pornography!"

greyfields, labelscars, and other things

My Bosses got me an iPod nano for Christmas.

Christmas in So Cal.. 90 degrees and then there's THIS too

San Diego: Winter, and Big Waves, Arrive

I passed my Comp Exam...thank gawd!!!

How late does UPS deliver?

Austrian Sentenced for Hitler Voice Mail

Holiday traffic makes Baby Jesus cry!

In all the hubub about "Merry Christmas" vs "Happy Holidays"

Boots. We need more boots.

Tony Dungy's 18 year old son found dead


I'm enjoying the best of communism!


Do I have a sexy vaice?

Okay I need courage now

Gambling Resort for Christmas: Good idea?

Uncyclopedia on John Seigenthaler (the Wikipedia controversy guy)

Lite beer....

i know it is pedestrian

i know it is a pedestrian

Skating with the Ramones

This is the Oddest E-Mail Forward I've Seen In a Long Time...

I'm building my DU harem - who wants to join?

Cesarean Sections & Virgin Births.... Could it happen in ID?

Hehehe... Yahoo search the two words: Stupid Motherfuckers

SmileyBoy needs volunteers to serve as

Do I have a sexy vase?

Goooooood Evenin' Kids!

Damn I just inadvertently gave away what I was giving for Christmas

OK ipod users I have a question

I think there needs to be an Earl Hickey Society.

I teach high school and my break just started. Ask me anything.

ANDY P where are you? We miss you on DU!!!!!

Shaved or Unshaved....

Share your "Christmas Finery" items here:

Wild video

What a nice pair of boobies

Noobs we need more noobs!

They found more rings around Uranus!

Help Me! Pick my music for the evening that is...

Great article by Len Pasquarelli on Tony Dungy and the death of his son.

So how long has Charlie Daniels been a freepin', freep o rama?

New Jersey: Land Without Sarcasm

What would happen if Jesus had been born today....

A BRAND NEW Hottest Sounds Tonight @ 11PM ET - Check THIS out!

I've been going thru my Photobucket, and I wanna show you a couple pics:

Is it possible to live in Tijuana and work or go to college in San Diego?

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

New Hooters calender for 2006

Come on,anybody else have a sibling that's just a moody fucking lunatic?

Do you have a sexy voice?

What are you listening to right NOW!

Am I a cheapskate secret Santa?

hey evlbstrd!!

Need some advice..

Hey, kids! Grade W!

Do you moisturize?

My boyfriend is sleeping on the couch and I hate that!

OK everybody, gather 'round for the Airing of Greivances...

Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. Take a guess who opened this Museum


I think Nicole Kidman is extremely hot. My friends think I'm crazy.

Please post your favorite holiday SNL skits...!

How much of a nerd are you?

Nicknames for Ann Coulter


Cardboard doors and plywood floors, warm budweiser and

Can I get some DU hugs?

I'm going to say it now and I'm going to say it proud......

Paging Zuni -- most evil anti-poor FR post in a LONG time

WEEEE STAR TREK TOYS!!! Want one for Christmas?

We haven't had a post your picture thread in a while.

Forgive me, but I must vent.

Putting one's hand through a window hurts.

I have decided to honor Michael Moore with my 5000th post

How awesome is this?

I'm going to watch an old NX episode at noon today

LaraMN just went bye-bye

Do you find this odd? (School lunch trading with teacher)

Has anybody found out why Tony Dungy's son died yet?

Talk about a PINEAPPLE Express


Anybody here understand Latin or ancient Greek?

Do you have any estranged family members?

A broke Courtney Love wants to sell Nirvana song catalog for $100 million

This asphyxiation sex thing. How prevalent is it? Just saw another

Once again it's time for Post Here and I'll give you your own XMAS Smilie

Con forums you've been banned from

Circumcision are/aren't prefer/don't

Okay, Andrew Lloyd Weber never topped Jesus Christ Superstar...

Did everyone see "The Chronic of Narnia Rap" -- pretty damn funny!

Because ShellBeau found a "pacifier" I made this

"...and a most lovely lavender tie..."

A Christmas Card For You All.....and Merry Christmas!


Video of George Bush Drunk. LOL

Apparently, the Religious Hardrighties aren't happy with the

Mormonism and Islam. Peas of the same pod?

Globe & Mail: Creating first synthetic life

On December 25th, let's all celebrate the birth of Mithra

APHA: U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Up for First Time in Four Decades

Mercury/dental amalgam is a common cause of Alzheimer's/dementia

Singer Don Ho Says [Stem Cell] Procedure Saved Him

Occupational exposure to mercury affects dentists & dental assistants

Utah emergency crews will administer synthetic blood

Tamiflu found ineffective in bird flu treatment

Creating first synthetic life form

Life's ingredients circle Sun-like star

Gay rights supporters outspend opponents by 3 to 1

Under the Mithras-toe

Fraud taints antigay measure

Gay Teen Inmates Unfairly Treated Trial Told

Gay men vent aggression through verbals, not violence – new study

Gay Unions In Australia? Never, Says Prime Minister

Homo holidays (Tips on surviving holidays with straight families)

Army blasted over gay-bashing case

MCC-SF shares the spirit

Gay television reporter has seen it all

Is there a Gay Canon, both fiction and non-fiction?

GOP Candidate Using Homophobia To Raise Cash

Torn between two countries

Openly gay police commissioner begins his term

Holiday shopping for the ‘children’

Reuben Zellman to be first transgendered rabbi

'Queercaster' shares SF stories with worldwide audience

Fraud taints (Massachusetts) antigay measure

Study: Gay generation gap disrupts communication

LOL! On Letterman tonight Nathan Lane did . . .

TV: Too Sexy For Your Couch?

Priest's book addresses sexual orientation

Tony Dungy's Son Found Dead in Florida (18 Years Old-James)

The Pro Bowl.....

A new stadium, but no team for us.....

Who would drop a 16 year old dog off at the pound?

Recalled dog & cat food: possible aflatoxin poisoning

The First Week's the Worst (Remembering Manny...)

Attention: Leap Second will be added Dec. case you're interested.

This group is almost to 15,000 posts!

Romantic relationships: How does one end them "correctly"?

Is there a term for what my daughter and I seem to possess?

Sorry to tax everyone's psychic skills, but--one of my cats is missing.

Do you ever have themes that re-occur in dreams?

Don't thank me for my service

Kerry: Take heart, better times ahead

The Outrageous Silence of George W. Bush By Teresa Heinz Kerry

What also happened this week - S.967 (VNR - Fake News) reported out

Wow. This is creepy.

I finally did it.

OMG! Romney wishes he had run in Michigan. (So do I)

Guilty Pleasures-- Fun With Mittens (and Joe Klein...)

Congress passes Kerry's Small Business Drought Relief Act

How to be pissed off

Someones' star is up soon

I invite you to caption this picture:

A blast from the past (okay, from last year)

Meet my new Senator

Rethugs trying to derail Sen. Intel bill cuz of Kerry/Kennedy amendments

Some new-agey, *rocky* actually, thoughts I've had about Our Senator.

Nancy Grace was just talking about Sen Kerry

Pic thread, cuz, I'm tired and need a pic thread

Need advice from a professional about photos being

This would've been my Christmas Lights entry

I just like water in motion.

800 Billion Flies Can't Be Wrong.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

KOEB 12/22/05: Best of Oddball; tomorrow's: Favorite Things 2005


Keith Gets a Book Deal!

Finkelstein and Jesus

CA's Rethug SoS is trying to get Diebold machines certified by Feds!!!

US BILL up this week would ALLOW TORTURE for evidence, long-term holding

DU Folding@Home team

bin Laden satellite phone tracking leak is an urban myth?!

The Cheney Dictatorship

Forget election in Iraq - forget Saddam's trial - there's only one story

Gay rights supporters outspend opponents by 3 to 1

Did we win on Torture, ANWAR, and Patriot Act, and lose on budget deal?

Orwell Estate suing Bush: Satire

AP: Gerrymandering Texas (how DeLay and the GOP took control )

Dear Arlen: You've been the whipping boy of the Repuke party...

America’s Republican problem

"Happy New Year?" for Neocons - I think not!

Whatchoo talkin about, DU? Patriot Act = HUGE win for Dems!

Dont know if this has been posted but...

Question about latest senate activity and nuke option

Intelligent Design Spanked by NYT

Has Anybody Else Thought That The Reason The Dems Did So Well....

Is Taft still the governor of Ohio? If so, why?

Good news out of Minnesota. Klobuchar and Wetterling lead Kennedy.

Casey says Santorum changing intelligent design stance

Can the UN help the American people?

Warner plans a return trip to New Hampshire

I knew it was only a matter of time...

is the GOP plan to starve the poor part of forcing them into the jobs

A Christmas Message From The Republicans

FISA Court SHOULD resign as worse than useless

Abramoff mostly paid Republicans

We can't point fingers about spying--because Dems broke Constitution too

Reuters: Democrats post wins as Congress nears close

Start pushing this point - Why do we need the Patriot Act renewed when

Ohio Patriot Act: This may be a repost

Conyers Email: "Demand Accountability for Bush Cheney Misconduct"

IMO, NSA story will come down to lowering 'probable cause'

Sign Conyers Censure Resolution...I don't think this is a dupe..

FISC judges want to know why Bush believed secret spying was legal

I'll tell you whats wrong with Democrats

My Friends, Don't Despair the RushHannityOrielly Media Spin - Inspiration

Bush appears to have Harry in his sights

Iraqi parties threaten boycott

Is politics and government mostly about the management of insecurity?

Senator Santorum: No Free Weather Reports for You

This holiday, have your RW friends prove their loyalty ...

Go to the Google page and click on the google icon. They, have gone

Maybe We Should Just Pull Out of Iraq

"...a dangerous group of people that want to do harm to Americans..."

Guess there is a war by us liberals on Christmas

Think this is the way we should always view GW

Repukes would lie when the truth would serve them better

oh my- "Articles of Impeachment" uttered in debate on NBC Today Show

Good Question For Alito

(Daily Howler) Where Does Disinformation Come From?

Ted Stevens throws a hissy fit

Whats your opinion of Barry Goldwater?

Impeach to save America's reputation?

More ammo to counter the right wing lies and spin

The Shi'ites Are Coming... The Shi'ites Are Coming... Or Are They??

hmmmm... MSM VERY quiet on Iraq election results & analysis

UAW-backed Hackett shifts ride to union-friendly pickup

Clash Is Latest Chapter in Bush Effort to Widen Executive Power

Salon: "What's missing is the political will to impeach him"

Video: The award for Drama Queen goes to...Ted Stevens! Ted, take a bow!

I read this on DailyKos and I know why I'm fighting for a Dem majority

Sign John Conyers Resolution to Censure Bush & Cheney!!

Constitution Vigils

Santorum is all tied up in knots over the ID issue. He is flip-flopping

Santorum intends to withdraw his affiliation w/ Christian Values Law firm

Cantwell vs. Stevens Smackdown: Who are you betting your money on?

Bill Would Allow Arrests For No Reason In Public Place

A holiday card from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Anyone know if Fitz met with the GJ last week?

Open letter to my Congresscritter.

Out of Control Republican Crackedheads: Blame Hillary

wow, pitiful to learn that folks on this site don't hold Dems accountable

W. H. Photos: Junior's poll-boostin' photo op at Bethesda Med Ctr bedsides

Could Bush's Warrantless Surveillance Taint Current Cases?

Q- What do Katrina and 9/11 have in common?

Will the rightwing echo chamber EVER get tired of lying?

For some who missed it - Decorate your own Fitzmas Tree, Interactive Flash

"Until it's announced, the government's decision hasn't been announced."

Media desperately trying to make Bush's case? IBD: Unwarranted Flak

Has Bill Clinton commented on Bush spying?

GOP Blocks Action on Senate Intelligence Authorization Bill

Get down on your Camp David knees, George.

It does not matter if rules of evidence...

Socialist tide soars in US backyard

top ABC news headline: "What's on Cheney's iPod?"

Your thoughts on Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-RI)

Even if Bush's warrantless taps are legal

Should Democrats call for an immediate Amendment to the FISA law..?

Any day that is Stevens' "saddest day" of his life

And the Failure of the Year award goes to:

A Plea to the American Liberal Media...

Do we have a foreign policy beyond Iraq?

DU this poll

Maureen Dowd on Hardball next!

Plea deal: 5 to 7 years. Selling out your former associates: PRICELESS.

WH Photos: "...en route to Camp David, where he will enjoy Christmas..."

Maureen Dowd coming up next on Hardball. Heard she did good.

Diebold Pulls Out Of North Carolina

According to Raw Story...

SurveyUSA poll for December & New Electoral Map

FISA judge says court might be disbanded


20 (lawmakers) may be under scrutiny--"parallels drawn to 1992 scandal"

Is domestic spying a black or white issue or are there exceptions?

Will the GOP ever give up on ANWAR? What part of no do they not understand

Former NSA Intelligence Analyst Claims Unlawful Conduct by NSA

DU This Lou Dobbs Poll - Patriot Act = Should it be extended?

What would you do differently if you were in the US Senate.....?

What an effing moron: Bush sees good 2005, warns of terrorism threat

Drudge is Blaming Clinton for Wiretaps

People, Hear Me! Hear Me Now!

FISA Judges Want Answers On Bush's Surveillance Program

My theory on Republicans

Pelosi: "Congress Adjourning Without Addressing Urgent Needs of Americans"

C-Span Slanting Right : action allert from FAIR

FOXSC story gets better...

IMPEACH BUSH PDF availaible for download. Print and distribute

From 50's bogey (Commun-ism) to 00's bogey (Terra-ism)

Opinion on RW charge that "Clinton spied illegally also"

Can someone explain to me the meaning of the Bolivian election?

Limousine Liberals and Country Club Democrats

A DU FIRST: Why the New York Times HID the Wire Tap Story

Surveillance UK: why this revolution is only the start

Al Qaeda must be making a lot of phone calls from the US

Analysis: Democrats Win Some Fights

St. Louis County Rejects Diebold!"

Michele Bachmann draws 70% of campaign $$$ from outside her district

War Against Reason "The Intelligent Design Scam"

Phrases we'll be hearing more and more in the years ahead

*ucker Carlson - encapsulation of everything that's wrong with the right

ABC's Nightline, 10:35pmCT, somethin' about wiretapping. nt

Bush's Legacy

David Letterman bashes Bush over wiretaps...

Spying. That explains a lot.


Has Bush named himself "King" yet?

How to turn domestic calls into international calls.

How in the hell was Syriana allowed to be produced and shown in US?

Absolutely MINDBENDING "Syriana" info...Really! REALLY!

Peggy Noonan on with Steve Colbert.

Would you support denying

Tax forms: Frist's AIDS charity paid pals

coulter's crying for attention is getting really sad...and nobody cares

The CRUCIAL question - - Why did chimp-fucker break the law?!

Police States with Dictatorial Powers Aren't Stronger, They're Weaker

Look at what I saw at Target tonight

Kurt Vonnegut is an odd duck...

National debt should be called deferred taxes.

Christmas cookie emergency

Harper pledges larger Arctic military presence

Ramos warns Arroyo on no-election plan (scrap '07 elections)

Congress Extends Patriot Act for One Month (Senate just went with House)

WP: GOP Blocks Action on Senate Intelligence Authorization Bill

WP: Department's Mission Was Undermined From Start (Homeland Security)

Okla. Congressman Donating Abramoff Money

Federal Judge Rules Chinese Gitmo Detainees Can be Held Indefinitely

Remember Tomorrow it's Festivus for the rest of us

The War on Ganesh

should I get head?

does anyone have any idea if it would be safe to drink this?

Look what I bought my niece for xmas

New! 100% Effective, Completely Humanitarian RatTrapTM roomate invited his girlfriend to move in without even asking me

Really need advice..caring for parents (pls, I need it)

Need a gift idea for my 13 yr old niece

Do you masticate?

Important cat question!!

Favorite microbrew?

Happy Festivus to All

Washington Monthly on Kos


Explain how it could be possible that the domestic spying is lawful?

Has everyone done this aol poll?

Daschle: Congress Denied Bush War Powers in U.S. (Bush dead in the water)

Bush's "Strong" economy: Housing affordability has hit a 14-year low

A fun question to ask your favorite wingnut

Letterman bashes Bush over wire taps..

Which state do you think has the worst pair of senators?