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Archives: December 20, 2005

CDC dispatch: Confirmation of HIV Antibody Tests (re: False Positives)

Good old constitutional crsis


Terror reborn in Falluja ruins (reporter enters without coalition escort)

Internet is a Marxist utopia - Production is in the hands of the masses

Salon: Bush's illegal spying(* defies major Supreme Cout ruling)

Bush's OK of Domestic Secret Spying is a Flagrant Abuse of Power

JASON MILLER: Closed-Captioned for The Hearing- (and Thinking-) Impaired

GOP shoots the messenger!

The Foulest Media Performances of the Year

Spying on Americans is Clearly Un-American

Shiite religious bloc winning big, Sunni predicts "disaster"

JAMES KUNSTLER: Call off the Dawgs?

Barry: Congress has been AWOL on Iraq

Imperial Assumptions--WaPo's Robinson on the Restoration of the US Emporer

The mountain undermined - Derrick Jackson - Boston Globe

U.S. Team Will Test Live-Virus Bird Flu Vaccine

AP: Donors Fund Luxury Lifestyle for Delay

Tristam: "Trifler, Fibber, Sophist, Spy"

JOSHUA FRANK: Taking the Antiwar Oath

Central Asia, Washington and Beijing Energy Geo-politics

Kristen Breitweise on Huffington Post: The King's Red Herring

Op-Ed: Schizophrenic Administration Heightens U.S. Isolation

Detroit Free Press: "The War President"

The King's Red Herring by Kristen Breitweiser on HuffPost

Iraq's election result: a divided nation

Neocon "War on Christmas" - distracting evangelicals from Bush failures.

Chi Tribune Smacks King George: "Surveillance vs. the law"

Bush must be held accountable

Ledeen: The Truth About Tenet

Heads roll at Veterans Administration (Depleated Uraniun)

Kerry backers still feel sting of losing 2004 presidential contest

Four enviromental groups join fight against Alito

Hong Kong Shipowners Admit Dumping 40 Tons Of Toxic Sludge, Coverup

Permafrost may nearly disappear by 2100

How much oil in Alaska? About 5 percent of U.S. use for a few years.

Proposal calls for 30 power-producing wind turbines in W. Maine

Congress Abandons Accelerated Shale-Oil Plan - Denver Post

American GHG Releases Up 2% In 2004 To 7.12 Million Metric Tons - WP

Hybrid Car Sales In US More Than Double In 2005 - AFP

LBN: Public Data Show Chemicals in Tap Water

The scale of US renewable energy production, broken down by type.

Syria said to consider ceding Shaba Farms to Lebanon

Israel's Arab schoolkids get first booklet explaining Palestinian history

Abbas to hold talks in Cairo on delaying PA elections

Palestinians fire five Qassam rockets at targets in Israel

The pied piper of Israel —Uri Avnery

CounterPunch: FBI has 9/11 black boxes!

It Appears the FBI has the Black Boxes

So you think a 757 hit the Pentagon?

any on here not yet understand 9/11 was inside job?

Something that really bothers me......

Board will reconsider new voting machines--NC

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 12/20/05

Diebold (DBD) sued yet again (12/19/2005)

Here we go again...

Election reformer's view of ODP Vote for Chair

Akron Beacon Journal: Choice of optical scanners sells Summit voters short

Anybody see the anti pombo add on TV?

A question about education requirements

Boy Grassley sure is slow with a response.

Why is Ted Kennedy's approval only at 60%?

Republican response to veterans' needs

More on St. Cloud Election mess

Sue's mom tries to take her place

Judge strikes down tobacco fee

Firefox, Smiley Xtra 4 and DU

Department of Defense spied on locals, Akron group says

Yea.... I just got my Christmas Card from Gov Bob Taft....

Lawyer says fund-raiser touted jobs from Petro

Great News HB3 ...... is dead for now!

Brown is backed by rank-and-file union members

DeLay collecst signtures for 7 months. Gets less than 1000!!!!

Eight House Republicans still need challengers.

Censure motion introduced in House over Iraq, torture

Chronicle Editorial:DeLay deserves chance to be swiftly judged not guilty

Need a laugh? DeLay to announce re-election bid today

CD28 just got more crowded

I wrote this today...

"Wisconsin Nice"

Republican primary for Gov

One man's protest.

VIDEO-Jerks and Smirks # 15-Because I like to Laff at Herr Dictator

Treasury Secretary Goes Christmas Shopping

Caption Cheney and Lieberman

"democracies don't war?' "NASA is doing oversight?"

Sen Barbara Boxer (D-CA) on the Tavis Smiley PBS show tonight

Our nation has been bilked by lying cons. Isn't that enough?

NYT: The Fog of False Choices

IMPEACH - psst, pass it on

What Would You Recommend a New Orleanian do?

So Constitution includes UNWRITTEN RIGHTS for President?

F.B.I. Watched Activist Groups, New Files Show

Poll It is being freeped

BUSH SPIED! : New political humor from GrandTheftElectionOhio

Bill O'Reilly helped me to be a better person

Bernie Ward's losing it -- What a rant! -- listen link

Finding NEW powers for Pres? Where r the STRICT CONSTRUCTIONISTS??

feingold/levin/reed press conf. repalying on cspan2 now

Boxer/John Dean's Statement on Bush's Wiretaps

Who Is This Knob on the Peter Werbe Show?

I just saw a snippet of * being pampered by Jim Lehrer.

Conversation with a RWer today.

A good question posed on Bernie Ward's show

Definition Of "Dictatorship"

"Do you mean that, as president, you have power to do whatever you wish?"

Cheney on Nightline NOW...

So How many Democrats have Been Spied on?????????????? n/t

Has any serious pollster ever contacted you?

Since Soldiers Are Dying For Nothing - Bring Them Home Now

Domestic Spying: Dems and news commentators need to point out the obvious.

What the wing nuts hear when shrub speaks

Who understands? Why are gas prices going up in Iraq?

Put a fork in it....

Ahhhnold to hometown: REMOOF my name from your stadium!

USA Today: Bush poll #'s plummet & he sings "It's hard to be humble"

The Scott Ritter/Christopher Hitchens Iraq Debate Should Be A Barn Burner

Invitation to my company's Christmas Party...

Sorry, NO COMMENT! (Beware the spies...)

got another poll that needs the DU treatment...

Caption Bush

How did NYT find out about the illegal NSA wiretaps?

Bernie Ward is s excited to be on the air tonight

Is Rumsfeld the epitome of a FASCIST,...or what?


Ownership Society...

Bush Mixes Up Bogeymen -- Osama? -- Saddam?

Generic probably stupid wire-tapping question:

Report Calls 1898 N.C. Riot an Insurrection

Post I saw on another board that proves RWer's racism:

Was Rather eviscerated as a threat to the NYT to prevent the

Crunks '05: The Year in Media Errors and Corrections

Didn't someone give B* a book about A. Lincoln after 9/11?

Randi Rhodes and Brian Lamb---I think this interview was a new

If they used HS to track dem flights over Texas during the

Bolton's intercepts and domestic spying

FBI watched array of environmental, animal, and poverty groups

Afghanistan parliament meets after 30 years

FED Judge Has Ruled "Intell Design" CANNOT be Mentioned in Biology

Judge in I.D. case calls some members of Dover School Baord liars

The price of freedom... sometimes you have to walk.

it's up to us to turn America around, but are we up to the task?

The *worst* Christmas commercials ever?

NSA statement to Senate Select Committee on Intlelligence (2002)

The NOOB PRESIDENT.... George W Bush...Rookie Level from Day ONE

FREEREPUBLIC wants new members from DU

When "Torture Warrant" Dershowitz jumps ship, you know Bush is in trouble!

Student Gets Homeland Security Visit After Checking Out Book By Mao --

Taft to Sign Gestapo Into State Law

Bank heists get bigger, bolder--just like movies

The Alito SCOTUS will codify Bush's illegal spying.

The World Can't Wait Drive Out the Bush Regime! /Did you get your email?

Is Democratic blanket support for unions a good thing?

When One Man Can Make Law

Line in the sand: Any candidate who does not denounce spying on Americans

Why Not Call Anyone Supporting Domestic Spying UNAMERICAN & UNPATRIOTIC

FBI Papers Show Terror Inquiries Into PETA; Other Groups Tracked

My frustration is rooted in experience. How do we know where to

I believe bush is smart for being considered stupid

I just had to turn off Good Morning America.

We sick an' tired of-a your ism-skism game....

The right is scarier all the time.

Washington Journal, C-SPAN...WSJ Editorial, "Thank You for Wiretapping"

I just hate seeing Bill O'Reilly's face on the DU main page.

Dear Ms. Barbara Ann Radnofsky,

Here is the Impeachment bald faced truth......

Anybody wonder what this admission and true confession session is hiding?

Are we headed for a civil war?

The America bush is creating is not worth saving...

Plausible Denial: Young Republican * Disavows Abramoff Money & Influence

Osama Bin Laden and the Leak That Wasn't (Chimpy lies again)

I suggest we all call / email our reps and ask them to find out

WOW-More Hot News: GWB has FBI spying on us too!!

even if * is impeached, how do we get the rest of bfee?

Say. I wonder if Chris Hitchens is on Abramoff's pay role.

Stalin's Human/Ape Mutant Breeding Plan

Here's our problem...

Iran bans Western music (is this next on *'s todo list?)

why hasn't that evil Osama attacked us again? is he just too afraid of w?

Why is everyone all atwitter about impeachment?

Even with higher turnout, Sunnis may lose political ground

So what is the real issue here on Spygate

How will we all get through the holidays with our freeper in-laws, etc.???

With all of this 'war on Christmas' stuff...

"catch the falling flag", henry hyde regarding Clinton's ____ job

msnbc saying nyt had story "before" election! n/t

Phones for my Senators: Clinton and Schumer have been too busy

Richmond Va. New Sheriff can't get inside the jail-City sues

There is now in this country, and insidious WAR ON FREEDOM

Chinese inmates' organs for sale to Britons

Arctic Drill Proposal Tied to Defense Bill - Call your Senators

Are you "Anti-Empire"? and/or "Anti-Capitalist"?

Talking Points? (Spying, Wiretapping, etc...)

Response to Sen. Cornyn

Spooks React:"You do weird shit. But you don't fuck with your own people"

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses..."

If your a Muslim and own a phone - you were spied on.

Jeff Gannon: Ron Reagan is a "twinkle toes" and a "Nancy's Boy"

USA is now the new Cuba?

If you post on DU, you were probably spied on

sorry Jesus, I can't turn my cheek any longer, I've run out of cheeks

TVNL Radio - Analysis of the September 11th Attack

Juan Cole: Fundamentalist Shiites Will Dominate New Iraqi Parliament

If the government takes our freedoms, the terrorists have won.

Lieberman starting to show some spine?

Excellent Buzzflash Analysis of NSA Spy Crime - Must Read

U.S. air power strikes Iraq targets daily - Just in time for Christmas

Penny Crone of Fox NY is a real piece of shit. (and so is the rest of Fox)

If Bush continues, who will be left??

Let's ask the Freepers

Hanes Johnson on AAR right now!

If you are a ham radio DXer you were probably spied on

Survey of Tuesday's newspaper front pages

Call/write Reid and Dems; tell them to SHUT IT DOWN if

Canada described as 'retarded cousin' by U.S. pundit

Why the revelations about the FBI spying on domestic groups?

House of Representatives votes on December 19, 2005

We need a quote for AMERICA.

fed up with the 'nothing we can do' flu, something, anything must be done

Georgia GOP works fervently to help poor get IDs needed for voting

What if Bushco is hoping that the Patriot Act will fail? Check this

Bush is on an anti-leak rampage and the press finds no disconnect

The right wing is a group of nothing more than COWARDS!

It should have been unforgettable

Shouldn't Bolton be suspected of using NSA intercepts from Joe Wilson?

AZ Republic: Spooky Snooping

Bush will NOT get impeached. BE REAL.

Call Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Tell him to stand with

how are we going to pre-empt the leadership vaccuum if bushco is finally

Mayor Bloomberg, NY: "The tourists will have a great time...

Judge Expels 'Intelligent Design'

Who can provide a detailed list of books that fall on the "Watch List"?

RE Pres. Spying: Has anyone asked the question...

Senate is in Session - Frist is on the floor....

Conyers: "We have enough evidence for Articles of Censure..."

"How Nero Got His Groove Back"

GOP may use "nuke option" on ANWR

To any Republicans reading these posts...

Oh, you're gonna love this!

Canada described as 'retarded cousin' by U.S. pundit

19 of 20 dead in Seaplane crash

War was NEVER declared!!!

CNN -- Bush's approval ratings do not appear to have changed

Union Members: Show your solidarity here!

Obstruction: The NYT, Warrantless Searches and Able Danger

"Gone Fishing," How the President Got a Life

Caption this * pic....

Bush: A "two-minute phone conversation" could result in "loss of 1000's"

"Researchers Find Barbie is Often Mutilated" (AP News)

I just got bit by a mosquito !

How about all us baby boomers just commit mass suicide

Even George Will says it's wrong -" Why Didn't He Ask Congress?"

Sen Cornyn (TX):Civil liberties don’t matter much ‘after you’re dead,’

How can any Democrat not support the TWU strike?

Here's my ideal scenario for fallout from the wiretap exposure...

Antitrust Suit : Exxon & BP in collusion to drive up natural gas prices !

Has John Conyers thought about taking a run for the presidency?

Impeach Pat Roberts of Kansas

Judge's opinion in Dover ID case.

Pres should order police to escort transit workers to their post

Chimp's Poll #'s are "soo high" they "touch the sky!". ~please!

What's po'ing me most about the state of the nation now is that

These R the Terrorists? NYT has evidence FBI spied on Environmental Groups

BabyDoc Bush Performs First "Constitutional Bypass" :

My letter to Congressman McIntyre

So Whats Next Sen Conyers......Poor Timing....

This is the end result to years of division and propaganda...

WSJ Tuesday editorial...usual shit...but 1st paragraph makes heads explode

"Pomeroy doesn't speak for all Dems" a rant from a ND paper. Powerful.

A Contract for the Holidays

All we need is a hint the NSA intercepts involved the Wilsons, Sheehan

So how soon will Robertson issue a 'Fatwa' against Judge J. Jones

I Got To Say Something About The Infernal Music on AAR.....

my texas republican ex-husband, even before the nsa story-

working on this LTTE:

Unwarranted Wiretaps are for Criminals. Real Presidents Abide By the Law

Iraqi Resistance Offers Cease-Fire

Scotty on-Cspan

Wall Street Journal to GW: "Thank You for Wiretapping" . Series! O.M.G.

Solidarity, TWU! We Walk With You! ---pix->>>

The DU front page is becoming to sensational.

I am taking this moment to say I was WRONG about Capitol Hill Blue

When the furor says ....

I know it is a repeat but I love the Al Franken mocking O'Reilly show.

Gas prices have gone up about 20 cents/gal in our area over

As predicted, freeper types whine about "judicial activism" in ID ruling

bush has called us Defeatists, & in a sense, we are

Delia Gallagher, CNN's Faith and Values Correspondent...

Teen in maximum sec.prison under wrong name threatens Bush to get out

Woodward Said Novak's Source "Was Not in the White House"

NY Daily News >> I'm no dictator, Bush insists

There's a word I sometimes have trouble with when using it on this forum

Companies Restrict Gas Flow to Drive Up Prices, Alaska Sues

Ride 'Em Brush Cutter!

Anyone watching Scotty melt down?

When is rove getting indicted? And will bush fire him then?

Any DU'ers major in finance or work in the finance field?

Remind me again why the "Democrats" are against the First Amendment?

Yes, we are at war...

I've Never Heard Ray Talafierro Sound So Serious As Tonight

".... but I was not a trade unionist, so I did not speak up."

Can a president be removed from office if he is a sociopath?

So, What Changed? Why all the outrage? The ACLU has been...

"Dr. Germ" released from custody...who wants an egg?


The New Madness of King George

Can someone explain to me why the Patriot Act even matters to Bush, if...


Governor Fears Calls Monitored

Is/was there really an Agent Mike watching DU?

Eternal Vigilance

What would be the best intro college course to take

Scotty said it again, "it was used to detect and prevent"

IMPEACH - pass it on

If the Republican Senate fails to extend the Patriot Act-Look for

New Documents Show FBI Targeting Environmental and Animal Rights Groups

An open letter to Agent Mike (and his FBI/CIA/NSA colleagues)

lots of talk, no walk

BushCo's favorite Barbie-doll, Kyra Phillips, defends the company...

US hopes of secular Iraqi state fade away

In countries where the death penalty is banned, murder rate is what

The Constitution in Crisis: Censure and Investigate Possible Impeachment

I do not understand how a person can be "progressive" and anti-union.

Anti-terror investigators labeled gay law school groups "credible threat"

Does Scotty McC have an E-Mail Address

Scotty, Did the president meet with the New York Times . . . ?

Cite the laws broken by Bush when talking about this

When and where did Bush say U.S. Constitution was "just a piece of paper"?


Anyone else ever watched MIchael Collins?

Franken Show ripping O'Lielly several new ones today.

Did you sign Slaughter's petition demand hearings in House on * spying?

Bush Money Network Rooted in Florida, Texas

Judge Expels 'Intelligent Design'

What would happen if BushCo was banned from invoking 9/11 for 1 day?

Anybody watching Stevens melt down on C-Span?

RW'ers say the US was founded as a Christian Nation...

Will the Supreme Court side with Bush*?

Scotty is having a MELTDOWN!

who's on senate floor? Very powerful re: deficit bill

Plame outing big joke at "freerepublick"

Why the f**k is Congress still in session FIVE DAYS before Christmas?

Well this is turning into a very nice day...

"Comeback Kids ?"

This is ridiculous! It's Time for Articles of Impeachment against Bush

just sent this LTTE on spying revelations

Caption the liars (photo)

Does anyone remember voting for "a king" in the last election??

Have the Terrorists won, and what is the biggest indicator that they have?

Freepers worried about government spying, only it's during the Clinton adm

(Unofficial) -- Top Democratic Heroes of the Year. Please list yours here.

People are missing the point between wiretaps and illegal wiretaps. n/t

Did Congressman Conyers make his announcement yet?

Glad we chose to go to the Caribbean instead of NYC for the Christmas w/e

Greed + Fear + Fundamentalists + Microattention Spans =

Does anyone have a link to Bev Harris' claims about Florida

Go to the Best Schools. Get a Good Education. Become a War Criminal

A Whiter Shade of Christmas

Alaska Files Suit Against BP, Exxon Mobil

Surprise of the day: Cornyn says yes to hearings.

Harrisberg, Pennsylvania judge socks it to ID.

Forget the pipe dreams about impeachment.

Blog 'Confession' Prompts Guilty Plea In Manslaughter Case

"19,000 Warrants Issued by FISA Court"

Online "christian" radio talk show.. Bush "morally and legally right"

Convince me you can get an investigation first and then I may believe...

Paul Harvey repeated "Ronald Reagan's Ghost" urban legend today...

I finally turned off Cspan for fear my head might explode

Why have terrorist attacks tripled over the past year?

Condi on Saddam:"after 17 resolutions... it was time to take care of him."

LaRouche is a freaking idiot

How Long Till Fitzgerald Digs Into Bush on Spygate?

Read the Kuala Lumpur Initiative to Criminalise War

Can someone explain to me why the Patriot Act even matters to Bush, if...

DUers, this is the battle plan for 2006. Who is with me?

I just emailed Drudge with my Plame photo caption.

Federal court rules against teaching intelligent design in biology class.

Call these Republican members of the Rules Committee now!

Intelligent Design s/b taught in science class

Iraqi troops not allowed weapons in the Big Dick's presence

An invitation to all DUers: Spend the day as I did

Tom Coburn is really getting on my nerves.

Check out this poll

LIAR ------pix--->>>

Sgt. McCain of the Pork Police is up now looking for pork that's not

Semi-occassional presidential primary poll.

Cheney to critics: "there's a backlash pending"

I must say... I'm impressed with Russ Feingold.

AFP: For years, Bush said court orders required for spying >>>

Nixon had his "I am not a crook!" speech.....

'A WH contradiction (2004 speech where Bush said need court order) just

I love this fundie. He is so funny!

What does "loving America" mean to Republicans?

what exactly is "censure"

There are more leaks in this admin than a Swiss Cheese Dam!

Sen Dorgan (D) speaking now - CSPAN2

Please, someone remove that picture Of Bilge O'Lielly from DU homepage

Question about the DNC

Christmas Gifts and Obligation - OR - It's not all about money & buying.

I'm a bit ashamed to admit, I just learned about Hoxie, AR..last night

Repugs can talk about cutting PORK, but the biggest PORK of all is IRAQ

bush is DARING us to stop him cause he thinks we can't. is he right?

Question Answered: "before the 2004 pres. election" - NYT held spy story

What if America wasn't America

Is Chimpeachment ever going to happen?

Are some news orgs really really stupid????

About the Research Forum

Sen. Byrd coming up in the Senate...

My letter to my Senators

Victims of Creeping Fascism

OK, Listen, People, You need Education on Patriot Act vs NSA Spying

Does Bush think Terrorists are calling abroad with their secret plans?

Killer Evades Execution Because Jury Consulted Bible

Can we buy a copy of the new report by Conyers? Anyone know?

Rumsfeld: War Can Be Lost Only in U.S.

stephanie miller show unavailable

I'll just say it: Feingold-Lee 2008!

Im Filing a Lawsuit against Butterball Turkey

SwiftBoating Conyers.....


For Bush - Would you say the wiretap leak is more, less, or equally

The government thinks THIS organization presents a threat?

"Anytime you hear the United States government talk about a wiretap

Priest Accused Of Groping Boy During 'King Kong'

I'm disappointed with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell

I Heart Barbara Boxer. Just heard her on Big Ed's Show.

Steve Greenfield?

You Talking to ME, Dick? ---pix->>>

chertoff on msnbc tape giving boost to presidents actions

Clinton illegally wire tapped?

Volunteers needed to flush toilets at Cajundome

I just called Congresswoman Judy Biggert's office

Cheney's Quote - is this foreshadowing!?

Electronic Surveillance under the law (Grounds for lawsuit against Bush)

I've always said Repubs just want to take guns away last

Just HOW much of this bullshit can we take I wonder?

Feinstein, Bipartisan Group of Senators Seek Inquiry into Domestic Spying

Want a good laugh ..... Local RW radio station's face is red.

Remember Delay using the FAA to track the Texas Dem's flight??

Senator Mark Dayton doesn't agree with Boxer's "Impeachment"

Look what your President has done, America

LAT: State Dept. Considers Mandatory Iraq Tours

I've got this Activist Judge/ Strict Constructionist Judge thing figured o

Bush just gave Rove, Libby, et al, a Death Sentence With His Speech Today

any on here not yet understand 9/11 was inside job?

Wiretap Mystery:... Spooks React .."you don't fuck with your own people."

Can pissypants get away with anything?

Frontline is rebroadcasting "The Secret History of the Credit Card" tonigh

Big Dog sends wedding greeting to Elton John

TOON: Rudolph the Red-State Reindeer (DERF)

Left Leaning Media


Hillary speaking now. C-SPAN2 n/t

Real simple: Do you support the transportation workers strike in NYC?

Rove Speaks (Sort Of) & They Say They Don't Listen To Polls (Jeeeez)

PA "ID" Judge: "Ironic these religious people lie."

The "Strict Constructionists" condone UNCONSTITUTIONAL Spying

So Malloy apparently played my MP3 clip of Bush on the air?

Entrepreneurs abandon attempt to trademark "Jesus Juice" wine

So, When Will rove be Held ACCOUBTABLE?

Bush Caught on Tape: “A Wiretap Requires A Court Order. Nothing Has Change

Senators seek probe of Bush's spying orders!!! - THIS IS HUGH!!11 -Enjoy!

My reply to a stupid letter from Jim Davis' campaign.

How's xmas sales doing?


The Fed Judge who struck down ID is a Repub & a Bush appointee.

Resurgence Of Religious Right Among Top Concerns


yesterday's crash killed over 1/2 of 1% of bimini's residents

Happy holidays NSA!

Boxer coming up on CNN, per Wolfie. 3:30pmCT nt

Another Independent Poll Confirms Ford Puts Tennessee Senate Race In Play

He has no respect for Democracy or the Office of the Presidency

CNN Mentions the "I" Word (Its the Cafferty ? of the Day!!!)

Wash Post Toles: ILLEGAL Domestic Spying by Bush

MSNBC web site blows ID headline

The check's in the mail Tommy

This Bush video compilation is both funny & scary @ the same time

Could we please refrain from putting "gate" on the end of this scandal?

Job Tracker Exposes 60,000 Companies Undermining Workers' Rights

Send to media contacts! Bush lying about spying in 2004!

OMFG, Freeper idiot asshole is telling Ed Schultz THE LAW DOES NOT MATTER!

This is how those fools use their powers to snoop!

Well, I'm getting pretty close to cancelling The Washington Post - again

Do you support the strike/use New York public transit?

WillPitt: Tell Mike to start breathing normally and 'effing read (DU)

Another screw up by gwb yesterday, NOT in the official transcript.

If Conyers is successful at Censuring Bush & Cheney

John Dean: "Bush is the first president in history to publically admit..."

A revealing (racist) exchange with GOP friend


Harold Ford, Jr. is competitive in new poll for '06 Senate race in TN


Skin ulcers plague men from N.C. unit


Cunningham redux: Delay's luxury lifestyle at golf resorts, Palmas del Mar

The guy with the AWESOME light display got himself a Miller commercial

The Constitution & The Country Are Bigger Than buscho

Against all enemies both foreign and domestic...Give Me Liberty or...

I'm calling the f'ing show, the line is f'ing busy

Current head of EPA advocated testing pesticides on humans?

Did Congress approve that "war on Christmas" thing? ShrubCo

Well, I see that Senator Stevens is wearing his "Hulk" tie again...

Fitzgerald indicted people for storing rat-infested food warehouse!

I am your Commander in Chief which more than a President

Ted Stevens back on the Floor - C-Span 2

Question for Labor Law buffs Re: NY Transit Strike

Will someone go to DailyKos & Post this for me?

Kerry up on C-SPAN 2

VIDEO-Barbara Boxer about Bush Spying

Howard Dean just released a video response to the spy program!

Survey USA Newest Rankings of State Governors

Caption this photo

Sentinel Friday Forum - need a little help with my LTTE

What do you think we would learn if the wire taps were placed

What is Jay Rockefeller doing now in the Senate?

I Have to Agree with Mike Malloy

MSNBC Breaking >> AP: Shooting reported at a Wal-Mart in New Mexico.

I think I may have been spied on today

BRAD BLOG: Conyers Pre-War Intel Report, Censures for Bush/Cheney & More!

CounterPunch: FBI has 9/11 black boxes!

Cheney Hints at Challenge to War Powers Act

Let's get rid of some freedoms so they don't hate us so much.

Variety: "Brokeback" tries red-state breakout

My letter to Richard Morin (Wash. Post) re: impeachment polling question

Fun wiretapping debate on MSNBC

Bin Laden still priority, Rummy says

Man Accidentally Kills Self Practicing Cowboy Action Shooting

'Active Denial System' Sought for Iraq (This is scary stuff!!!)

Will Pitt: Mike Malloy says.............

Barbara Boxer on the floor - C-SPAN 2 n/t


Attention Howard Dean....What Is........

Which is the worst Bush Administration Scandal?

What do the "F.N." initials stand for in Will Pitt's name?

Would * fall on his sword for his corporate masters' (PNAC) protection?

"Everything you need to carry out a bloodbath," - Bay of Pigs 2

Watch for a resurgence of right wing anarchist groups in light of ...

The Democrats need to get to it. Embrace their freaks (Firedoglake)

"Hang-em All and Let God Sort it Out"

The Agenda of a Doomed Man | The Duty of a Wounded Nation

Empathy Supersedes Patriotism

Why did Bolton in the State Dept, need NSA intercepts of conversations

Pennsylvania is on a roll...congrats are in order!

Did Clinton use the NSA to spy on calls? Warning, Newsmax article.

Dean On Bush’s Conflicting Statements on Secret Wiretap Program

Pelosi wants her NSA letter declassified to 'shed light on her concerns'

Bush wanted Saddam to prove a negative so

"It is a shameful act..."

Judge rules against ‘intelligent design’

Nostalgia: Pat Buchanan on now comparing spy leak to Bay of Pigs

so lets just pass the "FBI talk to CIA Act" and move on

Its 7:06 ET, and time for HEAD ON with Bob Kincaid!

Tuesday's Mike Malloy- Randi' Rhodes Truthseekers check in

Jack Cafferty suggests Diebold for the Iraqi elections!

Hmm I wonder why?

High flying hypothetical: Homeland security agent to Senator

I believe cabinet officers can be impeached, can they not?

I'm going to go out on a limb and support Bush's spying........

some emails sent to CNN re:wiretapping

WaPo Polling Editor mad about requests for impeachment poll

I I I dddoooon't testify...i mean I'd be happy to talk meet with em

Are not some of these "spinmeisters" particularly the elected ones

Laugh break time... let's take a moment or two to laugh out loud

Are Gonzo, Asscroft, and Miers involved in Spygate, too?

I'm worried that the Dems

It is starting to be difficult to figure out what is okay to do anymore

Unions can go too far

Does "PayPal" discriminate against Liberal Websites?

Sen. Kit Bond R-Missouri on CSPAN2 (Presidential Power)

Why does Bush suddenly have diarrhea of the mouth?

Dammit, people, campaigning and voting in LOCKSTEP is the answer.

We're now living in a dictatorship. So what are we going to do about it?

Must be one of ours?

Repukes keep saying the Senate already passed ANWR?

Fatso limbaugh: great role model for young substance abusers

So what mechanism exists right this moment to shut down

OH Mike Malloy is going off on Gore/Kerry concessions!!

Can we use the "C" word yet?

Isn't it amazing how many republicans are quoting Clinton

Who Would be the Nation's Top Spy if Something Happened to John Negroponte

The Twelve Days of Bushmas

Time for Dems to Fight/Frame Church and State! Example:

Men Sought For Torturing, Dragging Protected 12-Foot Crocodile To Death

Lawmakers protest suspicious flights over Iranian cities

Times Debated Running Spying Story Before Election

Mr. Gates, the NSA and your privacy..... read 'em and weep.

impasse declared

Terrorism ~ The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

Zogby: McCain would defeat Hillary 52-37 percent

The Bush Family Christmas ......... pics

An actual Dictatorship is right around the corner.

Clinton Spied Myth Debunked Totaly

Cheney Says President Has Spying Authority

April 2004: Bush tells audiences Wiretaps Require a Court Order

Clark on Iraq: "We need to do it right..but I'm not optimistic"

O'Lielly retreats! Says phrase 'Happy Holidays' is fine!

"You Can't Fool All of the People All the Time"

I just called my representative and senator re: spygate. Called yours yet?

I received this new "Bush Toy" link in my email...

DId I just see that Congress has adjourned for 2005? Bye-Bye Patriot-Act?

Arlen Specter is a shill, not an investigator.

This is a busy time to post, isn't??

When the US Intervenes why do we always set up a "Parliamentary Govt.

Not "another" Iran...just a BIGGER Iran

Hartmann is giving *props* to Congressman Conyers...

What is jr. going to do when the election comes out "wrong"?

100 replies and only 34 recommendations

White House website says court orders are required for all wiretaps!

It slices, it dices, it authorizes wiretapping when YOU need it most!

Where should sex offenders live?

This quote just popped into my head...

Folks, if we want to win 2006, Timing is Critical

They Say Cheney Left To Go Vote But I Say He Left Cause He Was...

The Bev Harris Florida tape

Start Watching For White Vans

"You've stretched this resolution for war into giving you carte blanche"

Instead of Roses, let's spend our money wisely: $12.19 to Boxer's PAC

OH Election Reform Victory! House Rejects HB3! - Message from PFAW

Republican "moderates" live up to their name, for once.

Someone With NYTimes Select Please

Wow. . .Malloy is on fire!!!

WHAT IS THE NSA UP TO?.... TPM -Washington Monthly

"breathtaking inanity" ~ Judge Expels Intelligent Design...

AP: Bush Adviser Says Iraq Voting No Surprise

Psephologists predictions were way off in Iraq election. Sunnis cry fraud.

When last we saw Johnny HART

Shake this Virtual Snowglobe (Pretend it's full of freepers). It's fun!

'We reject' Sunni bloc rejects Baghdad vote

It Appears the FBI has the Black Boxes

Watching republican after republican get up and say

What the Republican House tried to hide.

Impact of Congress’ budget and tax reconciliation bills in your state

Hmmm - new RW talking point (via Drudge) Clinton did same on searches

The old neocon "I don't have to PROVE it, I just have to SAY it" backfires


Former Senator Graham's Questions for the Bush Administration

I hope everyone here has strong encryption on their wireless routers

Thom Hartmann gets it

Tell me one or two good things Hillary has done for this country

Fasten your seatbelts .. we have another circling plane

Homeland Security Interrogates College Student Regarding Library Book

Entrepreneurs abandon attempt to trademark "Michael Jackson" wine

Brooks & Dunn opening for the Rolling Stones...

Wash Post polling editor is mad at questions about impeachment

New York Law Firm Annouces DIEBOLD INQUIRY

China Lays Down Gauntlet in Energy War (US loses leverage in Eurasia)

War on Christmas

Hokay. Am I missing a step here? (re: Malloy)

Please do this ANWR poll on

From the owner of my local moms (Yahoo) group

What's The Scoop On Air America Place ???

Here's one for the wingnuts...

Up the ante...NATIONWIDE STRIKE and MARCH ON DC on January 31th

Keep DUing this poll!

I don't want my Life defended at the expense of my Freedom

Can someone explain why this thread is not showing on the Latest Threads

Tony Blair to be knighted by the Queen

"The president needs unimpaired powers to protect the nation..."

The US people don't see that they/we are the enemy in the "War on Terra"

Chew on this: if NYT had released SPY story 1 yr ago, Kerry would be Pres

They Love George Bush More Than They Love America

Dear Mr. President

Prediction: Shi’a Government will tell US to Remove Troops Before March 06

Iran hooked on TV show that highlights their sociopolitical difficulties

Malloy is hyperventilating over Conyers' CENSURE.

Impeachment WILL Reach the Floor of Congress

i went to have my nails done today and my nail tech who also

Iraq is going to be in a Civil War...just like we said it would

IIIIIIII'm off to the see the Barbara .....

Is Intelligent Design fundamentally racist?

Countdown on MSNBC: Interview with Barbara Boxer coming up

It's 2009

Why is this Question Not ASKED!!!!! For fucksakes - pardon my language

Times gets Bush again: NSA officials say domestic calls were tapped, too

What Democrats Stand For

The "Babe" Theory of Political Movements: Left lost it's Curves! Must Read

Tweety felt "sensitive" with Bush, he reminds him of Santa Claus

VIDEO-Cafferty File on Impeachment (with email)

LIAR!!! Bush speech, April 20, 2004:"A wiretap requires a court order"

well fuck, they put Katrina funding in the defense bill

Bush himself says warrants are constitutionally necessary


Kerry: White House spying unconstitutional, Bush excuse `lame'

Mexico objects to border wall

MSNBC Survey: Should * have the right to order wiretaps without a warrant?

The Total Information Awareness program was never abandoned

Ok who knows what shrubs latest poll numbers are

Mike Malloy- Peter Werbe fans & truthseekers check in

I just spent 3 hours at a FEMA/SBA disaster help site...

DU this Houston Chronicle poll re: domestic spying by Bush

Have you signed Conyer's letter advising president of censure

Lying repuke senators saying ANWR drilling will drop price of oil

Barbara Boxer, 44th President of the United States


Maybe A Stupid Idea - Maybe Not

Sometimes I forget how real it all is

A week after Tookie's execution and no riots?

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Needs our help!

BYRD:Who is responsible for this dangerous & unconstitutional policy?

VIDEO-April 2004 Bush Court Orders Versus Dictator/King

Senator Byrd coming up after Specter n/t

3 Quit Gym Over Fetus Christmas Tree

Will "F-ing" Pitt

Tip Of the Iceberg - Cheney's Auschwitz Parka Comes In Handy Once Again

Kucinich: The Soul of the Worker and the American Restoration

New York DUers - Support The TWU

You are not going tobelieve the Christmas card I got from my RW

Have we finally become the dumbest mofos on the planet?

Have you seen this video clip?

Bev Harris is A Republican Operative WAKE up People.

Bill Would Allow Arrests For No Reason In Public Place

Someone please... get that "f*cker's" face off the discussion board

Is Bartcop down?

Bush 04: We only wiretap with warrants

Was the booga booga booga CSpan caller


Just because the illegitimate Cheney believes in it, US is more fascist

ABRAMOFF TURNS AGAINST CONGRESS-said to discuss plea deal

OK, it's Jan. 2007...

I would like to give senator Specter a high 5 for his courage.

Scumbag Sludge misleads about Clinton ordering warrantless wiretaps

Kucinich on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Gwich'in tribe

Articles of Impeachment.. A First Draft..

Tin Foil Time . . . Explosives Stolen in New Mexico

Conservative Scholars Argue Bush’s Wiretapping Is An Impeachable Offense

Another thought as to why Bush doesn't seek FISA warrants

DO IT FOR DEAN & US!!! Add Your Name to Freedom of Info Act Request

Beware, Barbie! Kids Find Torturing Fun- Study shows girls mutilate Barbie

Why do the Repukes say that we're a Republic and not a Democracy?

Just spoke with a buddy...

Pre-emptive strike didn't work for Japan, why did Bush think

Have you ever heard of Citizen Corps or Freedom Corps?

Is there a Heaven?

Prisoners of Bullshit

TWO US Army Supply Convoys Attacked and Burned in Baghdad. Story Buried

I called Senator Pat Roberts today.

I have some music about torture - water torture

Censure and Investigate Possible Impeachment by Congressman John Conyers


So Bush was lying again in 2004 when he spoke about gettin warrants

I wrote a book.

Don't just ask whether it was illegal, ask why he didn't get a warrant.

March on DC!!!! Here's your Chance! The World Can't Wait/ Drive OUT Bush!!

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake..

Reid, Rockefeller, Leahy letter to President Bush:

NOTE TO REPORTERS: Do the math! Domestic Spying + ???? = Stolen Election

I think this is a big LBN story. Why hasn't it gotten more responses?

Can we run Barbara Boxer instead of Hillary in 2008?

When Will The State Of The Union Address Really Take Place?

Conyers: Censure and Investigate Possible Impeachment

Rep Slaughter: Help Me Demand Hearings for Domestic Spying ...

Demand Censure for Bush-Cheney Misconduct Investigate Impeachable Offenses

What they don't want you know about Santa & your letters... (Video)

"Court Fines NYC Transit Strikers $1M a Day " ......CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?

a little love for Malloy.

Do you support Impeachment Talk by Democrats?

support New York Transit Workers-- hits the streets

So, if Bush hadn't broke the law there wouldn't have been a leak?

I may not be the world's most brilliant strategist, but I can read a map

Those were the days: House Republican statements on Clinton's impeachment

Why I'm still a libertarian

With the spying case, the Democrats are now poised to kick some ass

Election Results in Iraq are Anti-American

AmProg"The Truth About Bush's Warrantless Spying" (& Gonzo planned to LIE)

I Stand With The New York Transit Workers (STRIKE) !!!

Goss asked Ankara to be ready for a possible US AIR OPERATION!!!!

the media whores were quick to talk about impeaching Clinton

The Breaking Strain

Toast I Say, Toast

Date of Bush's State of the Union address announced: Tuesday, January 31

Knowing what we know now, lets reconsider bush & the 9-11 'official story'

Hail to the Defeatist-In-Chief

Kyl on C-SPAN2: "Pass USA PATRIOT, then we'll make changes afterward"

Eating the Afterlife: Why the GOP is desperate for you to be Christian

What do I do to support unions? Walk 140 blocks! Go brothers & sisters!

"My faith in the Constitution is whole,it is complete, it is total"

Will we find out *who* Bush wiretapped? Unrelated to terrorist activities?

Something tells me that Will Pitt just made an enemy.

NYT Published Wiretap Story Because of a Reporter's New Book

Are we going to see another attack in this country early next year?

Preferred date for IMPEACH NOW March on Washington

Deny smokers repeat heart ops: expert

I am currently being attacked by a crazy person

Send Bush message ala Ben Franklin: DON'T TREAD ON ME = NO KING GEORGE

Howard Dean launches FOIA for information on Bush's illegal spying

screw the TWU

Would you like to join me in wishing Raw Story a Merry Christmas ?

Get down on your knees and thank unions

Infant Mortality Rate Rises in U.S. for First Time in More Than 40 Years

New LAT op/ed from JOHN YOO, the legal enabler of the IMPERIAL BUSH

Malloy is sick of the Democrats. You may be too. Are you a precinct chair?

Putting it all in perspective --> PNAC 101 - RISE OF THE NEOCONS

Want to roast some almonds. What temp should I set the oven?

Day 1: I roasted an enormous chicken in a citrus sauce, over squash.


is there a difference between shoyu sauce & soy sauce?

Name a pair of 'affinity foods' .... just for fun

Sugared nut mix

Mr Ketchup wants Mac and Cheese tonight with his pork chops

WTO Talks Close with Partial Trade Agreement, Over 900 Protesters Arrested

Stronach's 'Canadaville' opens in Louisiana

Reid: I was briefed on wiretaps once, three years after it began

(NYC) Transit Union Calls for Strike in Divided Vote (2:31am EST)

WP - U.S. Plans Downsizing in Iraq, Afghanistan

CNN NYC Transit workers on strike. nt.

Murder rate in small cities jumps 13%

NYC Transit System Shuts Down After Talks Break Off

ACLU files brief on Arkansas gay foster care ban

Sen. Craig: Civil liberties more important than Patriot Act provisions

US Senate overruled: Visa hike spiked

Three Women Quit Gym over Fetus Tree

Maine Ballot Initiative on Water Tax Fails

Religious Groups Take Early Lead in Iraqi Ballots (those who us out)

Cheney May Be Tiebreaker on Budget Cuts (cheney on his way home)

Department of Defense spied on locals, Akron group says

Iraq Official Rejects Sunni Call for Poll Rerun

Sunnis Call Election Results Fraudulent

Record fine levied against former GOP candidate

Bush's agenda hinges on result of 2006 congressional election

China's Economy, Larger Than Thought, May Reach No. 4

DeLay to announce re-election bid today

U.S. Air Power Strikes Iraq Targets Daily

Toyota, Honda Expect Record U.S. Sales Next Year

Democrats Say They Never OK'd Wiretapping

Report Calls 1898 N.C. Riot an Insurrection

Wall Street duo join forces to take on Spitzer

Army allows Reserve officers to leave rather than go to war

'J-U-N-K' is how Fitch spells Ford

Afghanistan parliament meets after 30 years

Chocolate May Improve Health of Smokers' Arteries

Permafrost may nearly disappear by 2100

Bank heists get bigger, bolder--just like movies

Negative Attitudes on Iraq Prove Hard to Change (Chimp at 41%) (GALLUP)

Osama Bin Laden and the Leak That Wasn't

Sununu takes heat from Bush

Ukraine Pulling Remaining Troops in Iraq

'L.A. Times': Sources Say Pending Book Did Help Push 'N.Y. Times' to Publi

Allawi's coalition rejects partial results of Iraq's poll

Public Data Show Chemicals in Tap Water

Republicans deny penning Strickland attack letter

House GOP drops plan to split 9th Circuit

Castro wants Pope to visit Cuba: cardinal

Cheney May Be Tiebreaker on Spending Cuts (Skips trip...comes home)

Arctic Drill Proposal Tied to Defense Bill - Call your Senators

Final results in Iraqi election delayed (until January!)

8 [Bush] Pioneers and Rangers face wide range of allegations

Judges rules in Pennsylvania that children will not be taught ID

Breaking:A federal judge has ruled "intelligent design" cannot

Cantwell vows Senate fight to stop oil drilling

Cheney Defends Presidential Powers

TWA Hijacker (killed US Navy diver) Released from German Prison


Cocaine plants to be legalised by the first home-grown President

'Pittsburgh Tribune-Review' Drops Payola Pundit Doug Bandow (Abramoff)


Senator gives away lobbyist-linked cash (Abramoff)

judge in pa shoots down...

BBC LBN: Families lose Iraq inquiry appeal (inquiry - legal basis for war)

Censure Bush.

Judge: Intelligent Design Doesn't Belong In Science Class

Diebold thrown out of Florida by hacker (results easily altered in test)

Hoekstra defends spying policy (necessary to "fight the bad guys.")

Yukon school group found on U.S. threat list

Google Earth asked to back off (Sat Photos Security Risk?)

Student volunteers clear out flooded synagogue in New Orleans

China revises 2004 GDP up by 16.8 percent (AFP)

OPEDNews breaking: Conyers Introduces Censure and Select Committee

U.S. envoy to Iraq warns against sectarianism (Khalilzad)

Troops find torture victims in Fallujah

Venezuela gives Exxon ultimatum

U.S. Convenes Anti-Castro Panel

(Limbaugh) Prosecutor tapped to be judge (by Gov Jeb Bush)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 20 December

Ariz.'s Other Senator Tries to Step Out

Bush acknowledges anti-poverty grants have been "too slow" in coming

Sources Say Transit Strike Is On; Annoucement Expected Shortly (New York)

Bush gets key backing on spy policy (Kansas City Star)

Judge Rules Against Pa. Biology Curriculum

Lawyer says fund-raiser touted jobs from Ohio Attorney General

U.S. senator revives 9/11 myth about Canada (more Canada bashing)

LAT: Critics Question Timing of Surveillance Story (NYT Story)

Senate Republicans may change rules to pass Arctic drilling

Fake court to try Sharon, Bush, Blair

Iraq's Sunni Arabs Demand Election Inquiry

Senators members seek spying probe (Reuters)

House Voting More Often in the Wee Hours

EEOC sues Ryan's over civil rights claims (display of noose)

Budget Plan May Hike Health Costs for Poor

Cheney says 9/11 changed the rules (IHT/NYT)

Family: Alabama marine shot to death sleeping in Iraq barracks

For Stevens, ANWR drilling is debt unpaid

DeLay charges likely caught up in appeals process for months

Nelson says he'll vote no on budget bill (Dem-Ne)

Woodward Said Novak's Source "Was Not in the White House"

Former Qwest CEO indicted, bond set at $2 million

Congressmen seek to oppose India nuclear deal

White House man rejects Putin's offer of oil firm job (Bush's friend)

Senators seek probe of Bush's spying orders (Bipartisan Committee )

ANWR Drilling Foes Dispute Decision

Abramoff said to discuss plea deal - Look at what kpete put in GD -

Court orders anti-affirmative action proposal on ballot (Michigan)

Cheney Defends Presidential Powers

NY Times Nails Bush again: NSA officials say domestic calls were tapped

Fox News Tops Bush-Speech Ratings (CNN second & MSNBC third)

Diabetic wins IRS discrimination suit

Reuters: Seven US States Sign CO2 Plan in Break with Bush

NYC Transit Workers Face $1M-A-Day Fine

Midwest Air plane (Boeing 717) lands safely in Boston (Reuters)

Democrats question vote results (tabulation, machine reliability doubted)

F.B.I. Watched Activist Groups, New Files Show

KR:Bush: I have power to order spying in U.S.-legal experts-prez broke law

In Mississippi, Canvas Cities Rise Amid Hurricane's Rubble

AP: Lawmaker Wants Bush and Cheney Censured

Bush to Sharon: Exercise, diet and work less hours

(NY) State official busted for buying crack. (Former Pataki Spokesperson)

Kerry: White House spying unconstitutional, Bush excuse `lame'

Religious parties deal blow to US hopes for Iraq (The Guardian)

Alaska Files Suit Against BP, Exxon Mobil

US hopes of secular Iraqi state fade away

4 GOP Senators Hold Firm Against Patriot Act Renewal

Donors Underwrite DeLay's Luxury Lifestyle

U.S. Army Digs Up Weapons Cache in Iraq

Maghar brothers confess to killing sister in name of family honor

AJC poll indicates that 70% of U.S. Jews oppose the war in Iraq

Congress adjourns without buyout bill vote (for NOLA)

NYT: Lobbyist Is Said to Discuss Plea and Testimony

Judge bars school from mentioning 'intelligent design'

Woodward Said Novak's Source "Was Not in the White House"

Former UK oil adviser warns against early exit from Iraq

Civil Liberties Don’t Matter Much ‘after you’re dead,’ Cornyn Says On Spy

U.S. funds for Armenia come with a warning (IHT/NYT)

Royal, the Socialist, is Tipped as France's First Female President

Quaker Organization Calls for End to Government Spying;("new McCarthyism,"

Bolivia's Morales brands Bush a "terrorist"

Hillary Clinton says GOP deficit bill will increase abortions

Pain Ray Headed to Iraq?

Fewer African-Americans enlisting in the military

Argentina to sell more bonds to Venezuela

Houston pastor Osteen, family kicked off flight (runs largest US church)

Man Accidentally Kills Self Practicing Cowboy Action Shooting

Most annoying Christmas song genre?

did you ever feel like you were going thru a transition in life

I should be sleeping....

ok you nutcases, i am back at my PC, what have you guys done?

Lounge Challenge: Find thePicture of Al Gore on the Cover of Rolling Stone

I am over here.

Show me

I'm right here.

Anyone else watching the TV Funhouse marathon?

Being a true master of delayed reactions, I have to ask:

I'm off to bed

Maybe some of you technoids will enjoy this too: Our Daily L33t prayer:

Okay, I admit it... I'm getting addicted to "Battlefield 2"

Battle Hymn of the Republicans - stop me if you've heard it

WOTW question

Hey Sniffa and's MY turn...


Hah. I made the Finals in my Fantasy Football League.

Cool Clock

How soon before Bush is wearing a crown?

I want to get unmarried for practical purposes:

Next quiz. Are you liberal or conservative?

It's a tropical heat wave!

Lounge history question...

Battlestar Galactica season two on scifi channel today

Which actor are you?

Supervisor is driving me crazy with his guilt

MrsGrumpy confesses....

Doctor Who fans - new series DVD set coming out in February - don't buy it

Britney Sues 'US' Magazine For $20 Million Over Reported Sex Tape


it came upon a midnight clear...

Love is a snowmobile

Here she comes, just like an angel

Tuesday morning earworm.

I'm seriously exasperated right now - ask me anything

A wise man was telling stories to me

All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is see you eyes

Good Tuesday Morning, Everybody!

What are your favest links?... the ones that just own you... Mine are

Dueling Banjos

Post here if you caught the president peeking at you through a window.

Forty Drunken Santa's Go On Rampage

You can do anything at

The song came and went

Office Rats Thread

Pad Thai the cat made Bartcop!

I have dishydrosis, ask me anything! nt.

We sick an' tired of-a your ism-skism game....

What is your inseam?

Tis the season...

Baseball Collector, Yankees Partner Dies


Any Poli-Sci Teachers Here? Attention Poli-Sci Teachers!

Is it me or is the smell of burning flesh getting thick?

Updating "Tivo" with a cell-phone? Is it possible?

Up On The Housetop

Good news about our dog...

when a man is speaking of his special one, what message does

I have the legal authority to kick in your door.....

How old is "too" old?

With apologies to matcom and DS1...

why does it say this ? Does it say it in yours?


Man Builds 16-Foot 'Snowzilla' (Giant Snowman)

Can I ask you whippersnappers about "System of a Down"?

More Children Mutilating and Torturing Barbie (Barbie Makes Kids Violent)

My nomination for "Giant Manure Fire" of 2005

who else is tired of those 15-20 second video clips

Space Cadets taken in by TV hoax

About the inflatable Christmas/Holiday yard thingies

freezing shower!

Question from Bushfan this morning leads to cruel response

Im cold, stuffed up, and tired already...ask me anything

Freakin' Coffee Stealing Cat of Mine (pix)

Do women really care if they're real or fake?

How happy am I...

So instead of studying for my 2:45 final last night...

If you don't like surprises...

The God Warrior & Paris Hilton go Vegas

My dog ate all the Christmas cookies! Grrrr....

Homeless Man Fined $112 For Dancing On Minneapolis City Street

Big Fish is one of the best movies

When was the last time you embarrassed yourself?

Girls often 'torture' Barbies, researchers say

Christmas Gifts and Obligation

I've been grooving to this all morning...

The Final Showdown: Who will rule the Universe?

I need a hug/advice!

I got some great news last night!

How about some nominations for Song, Movie, TVShow, Book & Dem of the year

ATTN: Longhorn Fans

post something that makes you go WTF

Describe a M/F co-worker you lust after...

I blew my tranny.

Ok, so, why do my eyebrows itch?

What Type of Air America Radio Liberal Are You?

Couple finds stoned owl in Christmas tree

What's your alignment (ie in role-playing games)?

Paperboy Has Delivered Papers, 365 Days/Year - For 28 Years

I feel like being goofy today

My next tattoo...

Would our pets love us if we didn't have opposable thumbs

What is Australus?

tech help needed for DSL-handheld phone feedback problem

sittin at work watching Charlie Brown Christmas!!

My Marine son is coming home from Japan today.

Dead Man w/ Johnny Depp is a weird movie

Rejected iPod Engravings....Is this old news?

Kansas City Penguins?

Next time matcom has a BBQ, I'm bringing my own table

My sister sends the coolest gifts from around the world

Good Morning said the chicken to the rooster

I just heard Snoopy and The Red Baron. Its now Christmas!!!

Santa Curses At, Pretends To Shoot Crying Children

So, I'm at my neighbor's Christmas party this past weekend.

The Future of the Green Bay Packers

When you put up a personal ad, how long before you get a response?

I got my cable bill yesterday.... (grrrr)

A Britney Spaniel

Lounge people: you're GOT to see THIS!

"Yeah, I'm here to pick up my Pu Pu platter and Kung Po, extra spicy...?"

Eels are eerie

Perfect gifts for people who "have everything"

6 minutes until school ends for WINTER break.... can i make it?

Okay - remember the neon boobie silhouette?


HELP! Texasgal problem!!

More sea animal pics

I want to cry...

If Benny Hill had directed "The Passion of the Christ"- video, NSF fundies

***And NOW its time to "HOOP the Kittys!!!"***(Graphics)

Yay!! We may get a few flurries tonight!


Come all you good workers,

Does anyone ever read Michael Connelly's books?

101 days until the first of April

Just saw this...had to share.... Hot Sauce anyone??

A Britney Spears

This woman at work got bit in the face by her own dog.

Does this look like a reasonably comfortable fit?

This time of year, it just can't be said enough...

I wish I had my car

So, there I was driving this fantastic and beautiful

I think the car rental guy just tried to pick me up!

My eyelids are so heavy! I am so pooped!

THAT's IT! I'm outta here....

I'm stuck in Queens and need to get to Newark Itnt'l-- goddamn MTA strike

I need to clean out my closet...

My, I have a big blue ball (two, actually).

There is a town in north Ontario,

Im Filing a Lawsuit against Butterball Turkey

**Hey, Freezing NYC Commuters--Transit Strike Just Ruled Illegal**

Post pics of scary sea creatures

What days do you get off for the holidays?

My husband just returned from his department's holiday luncheon...

Commercial artists/collectors - can you help me find an artist? from 1952?

Yay!! We may get a few furries tonight!

i like you a lot

Q: What are you doing?

New BushWord: slong

I blew my fanny.

The guy with the AWESOME light display got himself a Miller commercial

Either you support George Bush, or you support the terrorists.

* billyskank has disconnected from the server

Something to make a forlorn moon pie girl feel better


I just stole some AWESOME Pirelli tires!

Barbara Walters Interviews Heaven

No! No! Nyet! I have a flat tire!

10 Points to who can tell me who this is

Flea Taxi left me a pre-christmas gift under my pillow!

Remembering Jon Stewart vs. Tucker Carlson on Crossfire

Latest installment in the ongoing "lets string John along

my feet smell like feet

Bush 'triple dog dares' Americans to impeach him.

anybody else like electric wizard?

I bagged one! I bagged one!

Anyone ever been to Cuba?

Have a good night everybody!! Have to head downstairs to the PF party.

BattleRoyal: WilliamPitt vs Mike Malloy

Given the way the world is going, should I bother?

Don't leave a case of Diet Pepsi in your trunk in sub-freezing temps

update on Sniffa car situation...

* ForrestGump has disconnected from reality

Wow, what a day for my Mrs. NewJeffCT

Three cases of Mountain Dew and a quart of Listerine Mouthwash.

Careers Kissing Dogs of the same gender (when you're straight.)

To all you Moran fans...

Don't leave a case of Diet Pepsi in your trunks in sub-freezing temps

I'm bored as hell, guess where I am right now (here's a pic as a clue)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/20/05)

Beer sales banned(!) at the Pats/Jets game this weekend

Just got back from Narnia.

What is all this talk of Hillary 08

Remember the old PSA commercial with Chicken Little?

Boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing

My mouse has a giant red ball.

Make me happy, give this thread a pity response.

Does your dog's feet smell like popcorn?

What's the cheesiest, old school, tackiest hotel/casino in Reno?

"Right Here" ~ staind

DirectTV folks: Collective Soul concert on now Ch 124!

How in the heck do we get to the greatest page now?

Who hasn't wanted to do this to their local GAP store? (QT video)

What's the best way to show your girlfriend that you love her?

Nip/Tuck: TONIGHT!!

Ever have chitlins?

Bow DOWN Before DS1 & Myself For We Have A HUGE Accomplishment!

Looks like it's divorce for Arh-nuld and Graz, Austria

I can't believe I'm saying this but Alright Kelly Clarkson!!

Do you believe in Santa Claus?


This is truly the ugliest web animation ever.

goodbye du

Photos - sleeping animals (very cute)

Is there such a thing as bulk-order wholesale food web sites?

What the HELL is going on in here?!

question for parents...

Someone help me with some movie info, pretty please

Megachurch's pastor's wife ejected from flight to Vail.

What's your favorite Christmas dinner?

Update on a Work-in-progress drawing

Legwarmers- yes or no?

I've been sucked into Deviant Art

No, I am only studying... I am very studious...

Anyone else having trouble getting

Brooks & Dunn opening for the Rolling Stones...

Is it just me or is the site slow tonight? n/t

I just slashed some assholes Pirelli tires... the nerve

6:00 here on the West Coast, what ya drinking?

Donald Robert Traill- 11 to 36

Are your parents still married to each other??

If you like Pina Coladas

Accident follies part 2...

Is it possible for a dog to be gay?

Unusual cat snacks

"I Can Only Imagine"


DU compared to Freeperville..

Rant. So I was coming onto Farmer Jack this afternoon,

"They Paid Me to Read This Stuff"


Brilliant minds of DU: Please help!

Question RE: Revenge of the Sith & Palpatine

Who are you in the Final Fantasy universe?

Wanna read a poem by yours truly?!

How about I give all seven cats some catnip

So, iff your only son has four more years in prison,

Kissing someone of the same gender (when you're straight.)

What's your most favorite t-shirt?

Almost heaven, West Virginia

Fucking Borders.

Now I've seen it all: a Trogdor Dildo Cozy.

Rant. So I was coming out of Farmer Jack this afternoon,

My daughter asked Santa for something I didn't get her

What days do you get off

Considering the fact that Bush is spying on us, shouldn't we

que onda guey!


I just found some ground beef in the freezer, sell by 9/24/04

* sigh *

i'm listening to red sovine . . . ask me anything

I'm off for the holidays tomorrow... Holiday wishes for DU.

I do not find my job to be spiritually fulfilling.

*******MILESTONES******* 12/20

Shouldn't have eaten dinner during a Bones cannibalism episode

Interactive Christmas card. This one is for animal lovers.

If you like the game Grow, here is a Christmas version.

It hurts when I swallow, but it's not a sore throat... What is it?

My dog is funny...

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?

I got some terrible news tonight

Guess what the nurse said when I called to ask "am I taking too much

Cat F'ing Woman!

Naughty or Nice?

Is DU slow tonight

It feels like I got punched in the nose

Money you find in pockets doing laundry: Keep it as a tip or give it back?

"My Humps"

Just shot mistletoe off a post oak with a 12-gauge

Entrepreneurs abandon attempt to trademark "Michael Jackson" wine

Pig Ears


OMFG - I almost wet myself laughing at this flash movie

The Christmas card letters annoy me to no end.

Do married women cheat? Or will they play games if they sense attraction?

How Do I Download Songs Off Limewire To My iPod?

Erie's eely!

NEW sunset pictures! Hot off the press tonight.....

What are the least smelly breeds of dogs ?

lord of the rings in aol speak,leet-speak,or 1337 speak.

High blood pressure, chest x-rays and bloodwork.

I Am ------------Today (pix)

I just made the best Christmas cookies of my LIFE!

For those planning to buy a digital camera for Christmas, though

quick - name christmas goodies known to all!

Just saw the trailer for Mel Gibson's Apocalypto....

How About Your Favorite Gangster/Mob Movies?

A recommended video, especially for this time of year.

Careers with Dogs

Brett Favre should retire

Please post here and I will flirt with you.

Remembrance Thread: Who will you miss especially over the holidays?

NIP/TUCK Tonight Is The Night (Possible Spoilers)

HELP! Cat problem!!

You get to throw a party for any 9 people past or present.

Be honest: How do you view women in the context of your faith?

What does Julius Caesar have to do with Jesus Christ?

Jesus birthdate not known. Almost certainly not Dec.25.

Oxygen Deprivation May Contribute to Autism

Truly Bizarre Risk From Eating Hamburgers: what do you think?

Chocolate May Improve Health of Smokers' Arteries

Science on a lighter note: offbeat tales of 2005

'Intelligent Design' Loses

Civilisation has left its mark on our genes

NYT: "Cowboys - Just Like In The Movie"

SoCal university denies charter to Christian group

Scottish Gays Say 'I Do'

San Jose Ordered To End Benefits For Married Gays

St. Joseph passes law banning funeral protests (Phelps)

Administration accused of spying on gay groups

AIDS Drug Sold In Clubs With Viagra, Ecstasy

Which are you?

Immigration Bill Could Destroy Binational Gay Couples

I can't believe it.

Red Sox sign free-agent reliever - Seanez

Wayne Gretzky's mother dead at 64

Pics of my new babies

NSA chart

Strength, light, hope, please

Daily intuitive and metaphoric insights thread.

Have you ever gone through "the dark night of the soul"?

Leading the Charge to Protect ANWR

Deleted dupe! n/t

Tomorrow in the Senate

Mass catnip: Grudge Match with video. (Romney, Kerry)

JK Demands Full Explanation of Bush's Contradictory Wiretapping Statements

A good Kos thread to defend Kerry

Kerry soon on Cpan 2

Kerry, Isakson Push for Tougher Penalties for Child Internet Pornography

A pox on the New York Times! They knew about the spying before election

Kerry on C-SPAN2 (nt)

Question about Boxer and her email.

C-SPAN yields TREASURE TROVE of Kerry Love!

Kerry: White House spying unconstitutional, Bush excuse `lame'

Blog entry: Pentagon Contractors Attacked Kerry

JK's full Senate statement, from Congressional Record (LONG)

Great Pic site!

Toledo Blade on Bush Campaign Favors

Kerry on The Bill Press Show, Wednesday Morning

OMG! MoveOn sent out a pro-Kerry email

More Holiday Lights

ASTB Barbara Boxer edition - 12/20


Franken's rerun show has KO on right now

No KO, but a Newsletter -- 12/20/05: Constitutional Authority to Spy?

Pity poor Keith as he does his Christmas shopping (hope it IS online!)

I am so fucking sick of Hillary bashing at DU

* announces DoNotWiretap (a la DoNotCall)

* has had his "I am not a dictator" moment...

Funny how he calls the FISA leak "shameful"...

FTCR: Approx. $16 Mil In Drug Stocks lock 42 Senators Out Of Vaccine Vote

Someday a movie will be made of W and his Gang and How They Came to Rape

It's Time for a New Civil Rights March on Washington...

Meet the new Jeff Gannon

Bush's agenda hinges on result of 2006 congressional election

Civil Disobedience for a Moral Budget

Best Time To Indict Rove ........

And if you needed another reason to vote democratic in 2006...

Leading the Charge to Protect ANWR

Scott Ritter Telling it like it is: (video)

Are we "at War" or not??

A Time to Impeach

Possible Onion * Piece About His Valuing of The Constitution......

Bush's agenda hinges on result of 2006 congressional election

New National Journal Presidential Insiders Poll -not what you're expecting

Bush claims that what he did was legal - "You can't impeach me."

Yes, Virginia Republicans do eavesdrop (Va. in 2002)

Loose Change - anyone see it???

5 years of lies and more lies. Bush's rating is probably under 30%

Didn't Delay misuse Dept. of Homeland Security in the gerrymander?

Is Bush preparing a case for invading the US?

ABC full of shit as usual?

Experts ponder Bush's rationale (expediency four years after 9/11 is BS)

The Patriot Act

This thread is posted in GD but it is Politically Appropriate for here:

Let's see, who else? Jackson -- Action Jackson. Got him a new job...

How could Cheney make such a statement about wiretaps might have

URGENT: They're trying to SNEAK Alaska Oil Drilling into the Defense Bill

CNN Vid Clip via C&L...Alan Dershowitz: Bush broke the law

The succession of power as a result of impeachment

Draft James Webb for VA Senate 2006

It's not wiretapping, it's John Poindexter's TIA

Sen Durbin burning a trail in the Senate.

If Congress had a backbone, they'd immediately pass a resolution

Harriet Miers Nomination makes perfect sense now

Best Time To Indict Rove ........

Good ole Constitutional Crisis (Ivins)

I'm not voting for Tom Carper, Delaware DLC democrat up for re-election...

Freep-holes ruminate upon "life over an infintesimal decrease in liberty"

So, is Bush telling us that they have identified THOUSANDS

I'm waiting for the whistleblower to come forth with names and dates...

'The Patriot Act OK'S wire tapping saying a friend of mine in the Army

The issue is not about eavesdropping. It's warrantless eavesdropping.

Fox poll shows Alito support just's a MANDATE!

WaPo polling editor taking questions online today

11/04/04 Déjà Vu: Sunnis cry foul over Iraq vote, Meet the new boss

Special election to be held in the Dover School Board - Faulty Machines

Question for those defending Bush's abuse of power:

As we ponder impeachment, let's make sure we get it right

Is it time for a Right to Privacy amendment?


John Conyers now on Stephanie Miller......nt

Campaign '06 dagger: Harry Reid's "we killed the Patriot Act"

What Is Up With The Today Show?

Bush's "Absolutely Excusable" List

The difference between Liberty and Freedom

Toobin: Bush on 'questionable legal footing

"A Republic, If You Can Keep It " Ben Franklin

I wonder if Judge Alito would find Bush's wiretapping constitutional?

Who The Hell Does Cheney Think He Is? .......

AP/Reuters wire report discussing democracy shows RW bias

Freeps don't play well over "Intelligent Design".

FISA Secret Court Rebuffs Ashcroft in August 2002

Judges decision in PA Intelligent Design case

Breaking news in Dover PA, Intelligent design ruled unconstitutional

Bipartisan Group of Sens. Seek Joint Judiciary-Intell Inquiry into Spying

Turn on Steph Miller ... John Conyers is dropping bombs

Unfreep this poll

Could Fitzpatrick extend his investigation ?

GOP in for very hard landing in 2006

How long has the Times reporter, James Risen, known about the spying?

FAIR: "C-SPAN Slanting Right"

Calling For the Full Restoration of Our Rights - 25 Years Stolen From US

Rockefeller wrote letter to Cheney two years ago about NSA spying

We need to ask "Why the Patriot Act"...

DU this LATimes Poll - Spying justified?

Conyers Takes Step Toward Impeachment

John McCain: Political Chameleon

DU this poll!

What does the "Motion to Censure" mean exactly other than

Repeal FISA ! Give unlimited power to the President !

Who's "...the Senator from Los Angeles..." * was yelling about today?

Senator Feinstein says Rockefeller would not talk to her about the spying

Take the Power Back!

You know, we just might retake Congress in 2006.

just got this from barbara boxer in my inbox

! Federalist Society Bigwig: "Bush ... Clear and Present Danger"


Which GOP media outlet will be the first to run the next logical poll?

Censure Bush.

Bush had 8 months to stop 9/11. Dems need to bring this up everytime...

aahhh - those black boxes

Just wondering has Holy Joe Lieberman said anything about the wire taps?

If Impeachment ever does happen, how big a deal will Roberts as CJ be?

8 [Bush] Pioneers and Rangers face wide range of allegations

If you impeach Bush

Kerry calls Bush excuse "lame"

Court orders for wire tapping were quick and easy, why didn't Bush

Video Page of Bush Speaking About Court Order for Wiretaps Up...

Former (Republican) Orange County (Florida) Commissioner Arrested

Senator Byrd is again speaking eloquently on the Senate floor about


John Nichols: Conyers raising the issue of impeachment of Bush and Cheney

If you see an internet poll that doesn't ACCURATELY reflect

From People for the American Way

Exception for War (Bush Spying)

Outgoing vs. incoming monitoring of international calls? Laws?

MSNBC Bush Polls Up/ CNN Bush Polls Same

Looking for a picture

If a Congressman calls for censure, but no one in the MSM reports on it...

Another Independent Poll Confirms Ford Puts Tennessee Senate Race In Play

Conyers is on a roll, so let's give him ANOTHER ISSUE to force the GOP to

Jack Cafferty asks "Did Bush commit an impeachable offense?"

It appears to me that the 5 p.m. version of CNN's "Situation

Instead of the wisdom of Sun Tzu we get platitudes from clowns:

Bush the Uniter

Nuclear code briefcases went with Cheney to Kabul??

Diebold thrown out of Florida by hacker (results easily altered in test)

Seriously. Cheney said this?

Howard Dean e-mail: sign FOIA requesting relevant info on spying

CSPAN2: Durban speaking

Freepers are devouring each other over the ID decision. Check it out.

Cheney: wiretap program has "saved thousands of lives."

From DKos: Bush's "Lewinsky" moment on wiretapping, from a 2004 speech

On Tweety (Andrea Mitchell filling in): David Gergen

DNC: Senator Stevens Wants Special Christmas Gifts for Naughty Special ..

Secretary Albright Headlines DNC Podcast

A new poll that needs help

What will Joe Lieberman say when the anti-Israel & pro-Iranian Shiite

Repeat after me: It's the paper trail, Stupid!

Three FREEPER thread that will make you LOL!

At least Nixon had a brain in his head.

Is anybody watching Barbara Boxer go off on C-SPAN 2?

Bob Woodward is such an a**hole apologist and enemy of democracy

Bush Press Conference Monday - Cartoon

Couric takes up the banner against public debate - on Media Matters

FBI spied on Enviro grps, PETA, Catholic Wrkrs' Movement, Dartmouth Studnt

Freeper claims "Clinton spied too." Help debunk it.

BREAKING!: Cheney declares martial law - Bush in seclusion!

vote this story up on yahoo

Boxer to be on Countdown

Countdown opens with Boxer's call for impeachment. Boo-yah.

Uh, didn't * swear (on a bible!) that he would UPHOLD, not

Violence Against Women Act passed. Controversy?

Gergen: "The most damaging thing to Bush will be Iraq elections.

Forget these BS polls...Bush's new problem

Survival of Defeatist

Rude Pundit Live Vodka Shot Bloggin' of the President's Press Conference:

EarlG, here's a Repub Senator speaking on Clinton impeachment:

Did Bush eavesdrop on Kerry campaign in 2004?

Support Conyers: Write your Rep!

Nicknames I've Collected for Republicans


1984 has arrived, and the terrors that haunted Europe have returned

Kerry on The Bill Press Show, Wednesday Morning

Kerry, Isakson Push for Tougher Penalties for Child Internet Pornography

Maybe we will add Rove's indictment to this mess, anyone know?

Just when Bush's falling numbers MAY be levelling off, he screws it up.

What will be the outcome of the W game of chicken with Patriot Act?

Did my old ears (and eyes) deceive me?

Bill Schneider's Play of the Week

Blitzer says White House will just wait out this scandal

What is this obsession with 2008?

Barbara Boxer on CNN talking about IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!

Hey Now!! How about a senate seat pickup in TENNESSEE!!!

Check out this research tool

U.S. Dept. of Justice Press Release: Bush Grants Pardons to 11 Individuals

Bush ignored FISA


Andrea Mitchell & Diane Feinstein -- ECHELON?

They don't recognize laws, they will not stand for impeachment

We need 15 Congressional Seats for majority - where are we getting them?

After watching the budget debate on Cspan 2

John Kerry Demands Full Explanation of Contradictory Wiretapping Statement

TOONS !#@!@

CNN's Pilgrim: Opposition to Bush "a fairly risky move"...could be attacks

Little Lord Pissypants is screwing with us bigtime! Lookie here!!!

Wire Taps/Clinton -- Carter

They cant believe the vote in Iraq wont go Bushs way.

Where is the outrage at the New York Times?

NYT: Abramoff flipped; discussing plea deal (bye bye crooks)

Ariz.'s Other Senator Tries to Step Out

Tinfoil Hat Time ..... Who thinks * used the NSA to spy on Kerry?

Cegelis DID NOT have a lock on the 6th CD nomination before Duckworth

RNC spokeswoman says Conyers isn't "a credible voice in the war on terror"

And now a word from Hermann Goering, Nazi Reichmarshall & Luftwaffe-Chief:

Digby (Hullabaloo) Fans.....He could use some help .. And Give to DU while

If you have mature-aged kids are they staunch Democrats/Liberals like you?

Tweety "felt sensitive" with Bush, compares him to Santa Claus. Seriously.

Who else gets unwanted Hillary junk mail? What an ego trip she is on!

BWAH HA HA!!!! GOPer off MN Ballot, You will not believe this saga

old and tired Victoria Toensing sat across the table from Bamford

This is why I still believe Joe Lieberman is a democrat!!

Candidate Round-Up 2008 -- Why I pick Gore/Feingold or Gore/Landrieu

Someone tell me, where are the young people during all this? They

The Best Present, We Could Give The Iraqis

For those who missed his speech, my rant in honor of Harold Pinter


Who Makes the Stronger Democratic Prez Candidate? Feinstein or Clinton?

Bull Moose Marshall Wittmann sounding very Republican today.

Clinton's "inherent Authority" to wire tap in `94.

In Final Hours, M.T.A. Took a Big Risk on Pensions

CA Secretary of State asks for more testing of Diebold machines

Awww, Osteen family had a change of plans! Victoria testy?

Texas Priest Accused of Groping Teen

Donald Robert Traill- 11 to 36

How Republicans view Bush vs. how Democrats view him:

Progressive Springfield Group Focusing on the Family

With all the amazing news, let's

Killer Evades Execution Because Jury Consulted Bible

Tucker on msnbc and Rachel talking of Barbara Boxer and impeachment.

Does Impeachment Fever Slow DU down?

Fla. Professor Develops Anthrax Vaccine From Tobacco Plants

drats, we --I jsut missed the Dem press conf on c-span

Doctor Charged for Giving Weed Killer

Is DU running very slow

Graphic profiles fundraising of House Majority Leader Tom Delay since 1995

Would some Canadian please kick Bow Tie boy's ass?

Lott helps woo Dems in last-ditch attempt to pass ANWR

the I word (Impeachment)--Keith Olberman to do on show tomorrow

On Nightline NOW -- Bush's Spy Tactics Investigated...

Donald Rumsfeld is suffering from dementia. I mean this.

Forgotten: US Suffers Terrorist WMD Attack— Republicans Do Nothing.

Proof of an Intelligent Designer is proof of HIS Intelligent Designer

That judge who did the Dover ID Smackdown: BUSH APPOINTEE

Whats up with Bartcop tonight?

anti-terror investigators: Gay law school groups a "credible threat"

Do You Really Want To Sign This? (on behalf of Badgerpup)

Economy may slow next year (hiring will slow too)

Ask your Congress Member to support these efforts!

What states can we turn blue?

Signals intelligence and human rights: the ECHELON report

Iraq's election result: a divided nation (UK Independent)

How would you define the golden rule?

If you have not already read this Diary on Daily Kos you must read it.

I've been counting the cards and PNAC still has an ace up their sleeve


Thoughts on breadmakers

AP--Cheney Says President Has Spying Authority

WP: Spy Court Judge Quits In Protest

News Corp to stand trial for contract breaches

Frist, Hastert Aid Vaccine Companies

Bin Laden may be unable to command: Rumsfeld

Schwarzenegger faces 'Tookie' backlash in Austria (Revoke Citizenship)

FISA Judge Quits in Protest

Cuba launches verbal assault on top US diplomat (Reuters)

And another thing, I posted in LBN, something that I thought was hugh,

I know I'm early, but Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!


Did DU just kinda shit the bed for a while there...

Yankees Sign Johnny Damon

I have about had it with du

What works better?

Serenity at last! I've found it and it feels good! Ahhhhhh...

I'm putting Kitchen ELVES on my xmas list again this year

My cockatiel laid an egg!

If, as Master Yoda sez, "Size matters not"...

I feel like I've reached a new nadir of self respect

Who else loves yanking out ear hair that's 1 inch long?

Got to tell you about the best purchase I ever made

Advanced studies show that 6 out of 7 cats like catnip (PHOTO WARNING)

LEAST favourite Christmas food - what is it?

DU, I'm in the 700 club. Ask me anything so I can GET OUT!

here`s is a very interesting article i found at aljazeera


What did I just read on another thread...

E-mailed my Republican Congressman about Bush spying on Americans

Impeachment. Intel Design Killed. Domestic Spying ..... and on the news??

PSYOPS, Lincoln Group, Iraqex

Newsday: Who needs the Patriot Act? President Run-amok would ignore it

Gallatin County (MT) Republicans post "essay" supporting I.D.


What Bush really meant to say in recent statements (MP3)

My friend had the CIA coming back from Italy to London , tagged her bag.