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Archives: December 2, 2005

"Sombrero Loophole" Plan

New Statesman: Panic in Whitehall - Inside The Bush/Blair Govt. Iraq Leaks

Live Free And Die--thought provoking article....

It's propaganda (shock, horror)!

CBS: Lead Gov't Tobacco Lawyer Quits Over Lack of Govt Support

The quotes Bush left out of his war speech

The USAF Guide to Spotting Terrorists--Funny!

Have Bush, First Lady, and the RNC joined "War on Christmas?"

"Cut & Run" or "Stay & Die"

Don't Make Mommy Mad!!!

When Will We Fight the New Shiite Army We're Building in Iraq?

Expand the pro-choice dialogue

The man behind pay-for-play propaganda press in Iraq: Rendon

Dr. James Dobson Meets With John Bolton To Set UN Policy

NewsMax: Dems Back Saddam Hussein in New Poll

How Presidents Use the Term "Democracy" as a Marketing Tool

A culture of bribery in Congress

Ode to Natsios---

Lt. Gen. Odom on NPR: US Iraq Presence Fuels Al Queda

Silencing the Violence of War

How the lying media fosters fights between Democrats

David Sirota: Wal-Mart & "Liberals" Who Spit Back Right-Wing PR

In Iraq, fears of a civil war

Clift: Who’s Fooling Whom?(*'s Speech like Nixon's in Nov '69)

Fox's Gibson: Christians tolerate those who are "following the wrong relig

Bombshell on gay seminary teachers: Vatican letter prompts fears of purge

DOL jobs says ave earnings dropped 0.1%, UE(6) at 8.7%, jobs increased

US "Big 3" automakers still lead all others in sales

States to move on cutting emissions (without Mass.)

Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

UK Environment Minister Downplays Expectations For Montreal - Guardian

21 Years Later, Hundreds Of Thousands Still Sick From Bhopal Leak

Chinese Environmental Chief Quits Over Harbin Spill - BBC

Cross-Post // LAT: ""Thousands of Firms Could Stop Reporting Emissions"

EU Will Meet Kyoto Carbon Targets Two Years Early - Reuters

From the "WTF??" dept: Epsilon a hurricane

Climate Change Report Prepared for *

Nuclear waste STILL the big problem - what has changed?

Sacramento Solar Train

Palestinian children protest against checkpoints

Two Earthquakes (Uri Avnery)

Focus On The Family: Jews should play nice with fundies OR ELSE!

Navy to get 2 more Dolphin subs

Sharon 'sees wall as Israel's new border'

US Jews support Israel, don't speak up

IDF battles Qassams with informants


Is it possible al qaeda planted bombs in the towers?

Three Things I learned Today from DU


Two Attas evidence for Sep. 9 (thanks to John Doe2)

Voter Verified Paper Ballots Verify NOTHING Unless...

Flavia Colgan at HuffPo: "make Clean Elections reform part of the Dem ..."

Digby: "If a partisan impeachment, unprecedented recall elections, bogus

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 12/2/05

Aren't we "Whistling Past the Graveyard" ignoring "Election Reform?" update, MCM video, Beginner's Guide, more...

Diebold hires former Dem State Senator as Lobbyist against VR Activists!

Diebolding NC - the timeline,cronies, ties to NC corruption investigation

My thoughts on "election fraud."

Wanted: Cosponsors for S.1975. Punish deceptive practices in Fed Elections

(Newport Beach, CA) Daily Pilot: Democrat charges uphill

Air America Radio coming to Eureka/Arcata (Humboldt County) & N. Coast!!

LAT music critic robert hilburn leaving the paper: buyout package

John Kerry's brother is running for Massachussettes Sec of State

Is there some reason I cant stream AAR using Windows media player?

I just got a new system at work

ROBO CALL from MEAN JEAN, Protest anyone?

A message from a friend in Ohio

Blackwell/Petro/Montgomery running mates - start checking

Mean Jean Billboards Censored

Dallas Peace Center - 19th Annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner (PIX)

Houstonians, how many notices have you gotten about

Justice Staff Saw Texas Districting As Illegal

VIDEO-DeLay segment on Countdown about redistricting

Hundreds to protest Cheney/DeLay fundraiser in Houston

Last night, at the Stones concert in Houston

Another TX House resignation - Pete Laney decides not to run

Any challengers in TX-23 (Bonilla's district)?

CapTimesEd: Marriage ban called threat to non-gays

Refresh my memory

Surprise! Scott Walker confirms he is on the side of hateful bigots.

Capital Times: Unlike Chicago, Madison eateries like kids

AG Lautenschlager seeks authority to sue FDA over Plan B delays

If a murderer "accepted Christ" while on death row, what would the RWers

Rick Santorum redefines "chutzpah".

kidnapped peace activist

LTTE: "I thank God John Kerry lost"

Bush War Plan Clearly Written In Crayon

Krugman: "...administration is trying, yet again, to deceive the public."

Is it a war crime to give Iraq's OIL contracts to our oil companies?

Death Mask: The Deliberate Disintegration of Iraq

Bernie Ward's talking "HOLIDAY CARDS" from the White House -- stream

One more XM deal for Christmas... Roady2 $19.06 SHIPPED w/free activation

Why Why Why - An Excellent Question for Bushco

Fossil "Footprints" Stir Debate About Earliest Americans

How I hate what my country is doing right now! (warning: TRAGIC photo)

Is this new on google regarding Bush and Cheney???

Laura sings a lullaby to Bush

Bird flu found in California and North Carolina (links)

Hey, I got a response on my blog. . .my first response from a FREEPER!!!

The Iraqi Troops are Stepping Up

Bush must be a strong leader. Notice how the terrorists were

Boxer, Cantwell want OIL EXECS UNDER OATH

O.K. the dumbing down of America must stop!

Charlie Rose's guest John Hope Franklin a must see

"Profusion of Rebel Groups Helps Them Survive in Iraq"

GOP Wants to Create Secretive Gov't Agency

I love this guy's blog. I wish I could contact him.

Bush Plan would deny residents info on toxic releases, group says

Former covert Israeli forces 'training Kurds in Iraq'

when WE Finally Stand Up...bush will stand down

US will withdraw from Iraq when it is buggered (cartoon)

Rumsfel'ds, "EPIPHANY"

TOON: public reaction to Bush speech

The Irony - Banning Violent Video Games but Pursuing War

CNN adopts GOP "cut and run" line to describe Democratic proposals

Lets screw with O'Lielly

Why can't the Iraqis just accept our superior American moral values?

Where's My Press Briefing?

God's Interns: religion or mental illness?

Because John Gibson Is Selling A Book Too, That's Why.

Maimed soldiers retaining to serve in another foreign field

America Loses War on Terror, bush seen as Crippled Loser

Bush Called for Jury Duty in Texas

Place Saddam back in power and tell him, 'It's your problem now, dude'

I like to listen to Bill Press on the radio in the morning.

So, now can we call "Fall Festival" Halloween again?


About four years ago Poindexter was brought into the Administration

Iraqi insurgents stage show of strength on city's streets

need help translating junior's babbling?

racism: alive and well in america...and wal-mart.


i met two peace corps workers yesterday

now brian lamb's dragging-out the "scandal sheet"

Teflon? Cast iron? Aluminum?

Allies Consider Iraq Pullouts

City schools show gains in math, less progress in reading

funny how the most publicly pious pols turn out to be the most corrupt

We Really, Really, Really need to watch “O’Really?”

Former president of Unocal sets up company funded by Carlyle.

"lying' is a strong term--Imus show by Sen. shumer who is on now.

What the hell happened to the Iraq casualties today?

Are corporations poisoning you? Soon, you may not be able to find out.

A post from the health insurance trenches

All aboard the ClusterFuck Express Straight to Hell---!

Reminder - Showtime "Free" this weekend on most Cable/DirecTV

14 dead, 11 injured in Iraq & MSNBC has a picture of a dog

Republican Economic Bullsh*t Indicators.

Specter Calls Emergency Meeting With Alito

Homeland Security worker allegedly stole from 1,300 immigration detainees

most americans see bush as clueless idiot...article

EXECUTIVE WANTS TO CHARGE FOR WEB SPEED(The big boys want in on the action

Mission Accomplished before Path To Victory

Scandals, war shadow GOP governors

Oh NO!!! O’Reilly and Foul-Well is going to kick Bush & Republicans Arse

Does Texas allow convicted criminals like Bush to sit on a jury?

Bush the Uniter: Sunnis, Shiites Protest Police Raids

maybe the NEXT speech will convince us all that the war is cool

Justice staff said TX GOP remapping illegal : Overruled by "Sr. Officials"

did anyone else catch miles o'brien mocking john kerry?

Steve Bell: How the camel got it's hump (Bush speech)

OMFG!! IMUS: Terry Bradshaw is on deciding which Lesbian he could turn

Tactics not of a free society but of tyrants such as Bush (Globe)

Why are they dying? Why are we dying? Why are we in Iraq?

'Nightline' had a Bushco like townhall meeting in Baghdad

Bush, not my President, not a Legitimate Leader

Study confirms cup of joe can perk up the brain

EXCLUSIVE: IRAQI "KILL PILL" drug makes rebels fearless

OK West Coasters watching Daily,, are White Stripes..

Pentagaon Paying to Plant Pleasant Pulp Fiction in Iraqi Publications

So last night I met--and shook hands with--the big guy himself!

Is it just me, or is this sorriest looking national Christmas Tree ever?

King Kong Kicks bush's Ass...& other celebrities too, (comedy site)

Venezuela oil offer already generating heat in USA

Hehe, that’s for gynecologists to practice their love for women.

Jewish schools ban Internet

Judge not a man by the answers he gives, but...

I admit.... I use to think I could romance a Lesbian into a relationship.

I seem to recall people saying "We can't just leave"

I need a list of Failed Republics

Conservatives Offer Unqualified Praise for Pentagon Propaganda Operations

Get Your War On - page 51 is up

What are these 200,000 jobs/mo being created? per Bennett (R-UT)

Greenspan, in speech, warns again about impact of budget deficit.

what are we doing wrong?

The things that can kill a Republic or even a Democracy

From White - the spoof site:

"Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord" Has the death penalty stopped or cut

Mona Charen says the CIA should be investigated

Picture of Bush with Jeff Gannon....

NC executed the 1,000th prisoner in the US last night

President excused from jury duty

It's these guy's fault--Babs

how many scandals is one president allowed before he's punished?

Pentagon Iraq Propagandamiester Bailey is Trying To Erase His Repuke Past!

Iran and Russia sign $1 bln defence deal - reports

Should I sign up for a free Rush letter subscription?

It sure is a strange coincidence that both Kerry and Bush* get jury duty

I Have Questions About The Happy Holidays Nonsense

Russian military accuses US of hypocrisy

RPT-Arab nations deeply suspicious of US motives -poll

Oh No You Did Not! ---pix->>>

"Ann Under Attack" !"Whore War" ! (Coulter On O'Reilly)

A small rant: Bush is a coward!

CNN Breaking >> Ten U.S. Marines killed in action Thursday

I know someone who got fired from Iraq

Report: Ford May Close 5 N. American Plants

48% Say U.S. Winning War on Terror

I'm very sad tonight -I feel that a life has been wrongly taken

My wife decided to send some books to Iraq for the troops

Does * still meet with families of those who died in Iraq?

Does Someone Recall Bush Firing Anyone For Incompetence?

Dobson Boasts of Hour-Long Meeting with Bolton to Talk UN Policy

it's perfectly legitimate to compare bush's gang to the nazis

TV vs. Real Life..."Law & Order" episode raises some scary thoughts

Watch this video. flame me if you must, but watch this video.

They got the fire down below...... ahhhh, I just love the smell of

This Week in Anagrams: December 2 Edition

What should we attack next to keep O'Lielly Busy?

Penna. is prepared in case of avian flu outbreak (from past experience)

High Noon - Do you know where Snotty is? I can tell you where he isn't...

BBC: Judy Miller admits additional sources on Plame

Cindy Sheehan - Remarks at Dallas Peace Center Peacemaker Awards

If Franken makes that dumb Dallas assasination joke again...

Unhappy with 'Holiday': Religious groups decry wording as war on Christmas

Should the White House cancel its holiday parties?

Maybe political corruption should be a capital offense?

10 more Marines killed and 11 wounded in another roadside

10 Marines reported killed in Falluja - where's this story?????

Brunch With Bernie Sanders on Thom Hartman now!

Sen Warner To Hold Hearings Today: Paid Propaganda In Iraq Media

When are we going to stop playing the GOP's game on religious issues?

Just in CNN: 10 marines killed, 11 wounded in Falluja...

The quotes Bush left out of his war speech (Bush's cut and paste job)

finally a number that even impacts our media

Here's another donation option for Katrina and FEMA victims:

The Value of Air America Radio

Where Iraq is concerned, two-plus-two equals four, not five like Bush says

Bush' War on the Press

Great Cartoon

Our problem with terrorism is over

Duke Cunningham, a yacht, pj bottoms, Tneck, champagne, lava lamp, ladies

Ethics Group Calls on Members of Congress to Return Funds from Cunningham

Groups rallying to kill public lands garage sale

If you're upset about your local corp. megastore saying "Happy Holidays"

“Phase II is dead,” Sen Intel Committee stalling pre-war intel report

The "free-markets" at work


No Child Left Behind is a Miserable Failure!

The mommy of the knuckle-dragger-in-chief is pissed off.

FBI's Sham Candidate Crawled Under W.Va.'s Political Rock

Bush touting creation of 250,000 in November

Iran and Russia sign $1 billion defense deal

GOP Governors Brace for 2006 Election Fight

Threads on DLC: Yes, this does make me mad! AND I AM ALLOWED TO BE SO!

Alito suggests to Specter he would not support overturning Roe v Wade

Murtha loves bombers, spy satellites, & $60 Billion fighter plane projects

Stay the course: 10 Marines Killed in attack

For Two Days, I Suffered With Conservative Talk Radio

Masked insurgents mount show of force in Ramadi after Bush speech

Did anyone else notice gas prices dropping

Did anybody see the report on the execution in Singapore?

What, if anything, is the Democratic party doing in order to prevent

Woman says border agent humiliated her

CIA Saudis and French knew that key witnesses in UN report were unreliable

Those guys should have found someplace elese to eat...

Wrote a song about Iraq...

Play dress up with Bush - SUCH A FUNNY site - Friday fun

Three Things I learned Today from DU

(VIDEO) Eisenhower's Farewell Speech - That's a Republican?!

Press Gaggle Ends: Scotty Flies Out the Door, Press; "Oh my god"

Ads rejected by Lamar in TX, SD, and WI: Choice, the war, and mercury.

Anybody hear the screams on Imus show this morning....

'St. Pete Times' Reacts to Landing on Bill O'Reilly's 'Enemies List'

"Victory means exit strategy,


Was that a drive-by * speech just now? What was that?

** The Final Word on the "Attack on Christmas" **

Iraq the board game! - "Battle to Baghdad: The Fight for Freedom"

Soaring Gold Prices: BushCo Is Indeed Catastrophic

katrina (louisiana only) death toll update

Fox News Poll: Not Fooled by Bill O'Reilly's fake Christmas war

Retail sales aren't looking so bright. Wal-Mart did OK.

The Pentagon telling false stories through the press? Really?

No comments from Lieberthug on Iraq today, huh.

Screwed by the IRS....

Joe Conason's plan for Iraq

An Open Letter To Bill O'Reilly About The War On Christmas

I need advice....My friend is ruining her life

NPR Radio the other day...need help

"Bad News"

With 10 More Today, This is Too sad

A map of some of Abramoff's connections

Buchanan: Soldiers have right to good news; even if it's planted.

I'm Sorry DU,...

I'm glad Coast to Coast with Ron Reagan is being cancelled...

Working Assets: BUY A FLOWER FOR MURTHA..This is TERRIFIC! If interested

"Let God Speak for Himself"

Teen driver accused of text messaging charged with misdemeanor

"Pace: Message of Iraq Progress Stymied"

Gary Hart's E-mail -- " Slowly, the wheel is turning in Iraq" ...

You can have free speech at the court house if you have $500,000 insurance

Please Sign the 'Able Danger' Petition.

Waste Deep in the Big Muddy ..... seems like the song fits Iraq now.

Senate (letter to Tricky Ricky)

Caption this * pic...

Are you burnt out from all that's going on in Iraq?

Sandburg's "Grass" revisited. Verse for today. Please read.

Was Iraq worth the life of even ONE US Serviceman?

Diebold's audit in 24 hours???

Club sandwiches not baby seals...

"'Sleeper Cell' Explores the Islamic War"

Ms. Lynne Cheney, concerning your 'defense' of your husband:

Got postal mail from Harry Reid...

US skewed evidence of 1964 Tonkin attack: document

Is Rove moving Cheney off the chessboard?

Great retort to "Everyone in the world thought there were WMDs!"

Coulter on O'Reilly's Show: "little Nazi block watcher" (Media Matters)

Cindy Sheehan - Remarks from Dallas Peace Center awards dinner (12/1)

"Just a bottle rocket, keep Christmas shopping"

"Electronic Voting Examined; Deadline Nears"

In light of past couple of years, what was Bush's responsibility for 9/11?

BREAKING!! Top Ten New President Bush Strategies For Victory in Iraq

Please Help Me...rewrite some history.

"Hard Evidence of U.S. Torturing Prisoners to Death Ignored by Corporate

Froomkin: The al-Jazeera Dodge

2123 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Should Euthanasia be legalized?

CNN's RW political cartoon page...where's the LW cartoons? (and Novak too)

* knew about 10 marines killed before his "the economy rocks" gaggle

Chimp's people: Jury summons got "lost in the mail" at the ranch

Your opinion: Is this blog Betty Bowers-style parody, or for real?

I have to Rant on this or I'll explode...

How many soldiers have died in the past two days?

Disagreements remain on what place prayer has in sport

The Today Show Blatant Bush Backer of the Day

What is wrong with this country and our apathy?

Confused about Gas prices??

DU OATH: Looking Toward Change in 2006

Prayer thread for the 4 kidnapped Peace Activists in Iraq

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Shin Dig

Is This Some New Republican Decorating Scheme?

I suspect that there is a common denominator among Republicans,

"Venezuela Touts Cheap Fuel to US as Bush Takes Heat"

Con man claiming divine guidance gets 7 years in investment scam

There Is One Name Missing, When Will He Appear?

Radar sees ice deep below Mars

Gonzales On TX Redistricting: "It’s Senate’s Fault"

'Stay the course' on stem cell research- >> Discuss "Holidays" at the White House

C-Span Poll: What Was This Week's Most Important Story In Washington?

Illegals: Problem solved (new toon 12/2)

New campaign to END CORRUPTION! AFatherWeeps....

a spike in killing of endangered species

What is your biggest problem with Intelligent Design?

DLC Idea of the Week: Opening Up Primaries

It's December 2, and 14 US soldiers have been reported killed in Iraq

Randi's monologue re: Couric and O'Lielly was priceless!

Doing my shopping this year at Target.

Where is the coverage of our soldiers' deaths? What are their names?

Does O'Reilly does more and more shrill and desperate now

Jon Stewart didn't tell the half of it! *'s "heckuva jobbed" >20 people!

Someone needs another vacation ---pix->>>

2127 Reasons why the DSM is Important

"Judge OKs Police Subway Searches in NYC"

"Sexy" Hair Products - City tells Hair stylist she must remove her sign

"Abortion Becoming Election Issue in Italy"

The War on Al Jazeera

The Top 10 Dumbest Things Bush said in 2005

I like Chris Matthews and Hardball .....

TOONS: Full Speed Ahead Edition

Is anyone watching this Homecoming show on Showtime? offical thread

Christ never asked us to have Christmas in remembrance of him.

$300 Freakin Million Dollars???

I just saw a touching montage on Fox's Hannity & Colmes.


Has anybody seen that Cindy story ?

So this is what Democratic Party democracy looks like?

Bush Knew Marines Had Died Prior To Rose Garden Remarks, Didn’t Mention It

California: initiative signature gatherers pimping for next year..

America's "West Bank"

Career Lawyers in DOJ Overruled on Delay Redistricting


A unit of 19yr olds being led by a 23yr old.

Great Randi Rhodes show today...Putting the lying crazy asshole O'Reilly

LAT: "Thousands of Firms Could Stop Reporting Emissions" TOXIC PROFITS!

When AREN'T Democrats "in disarray?"

VIDEO- George Clooney part 2

White House defends human rights record

"White House Defends Human Rights Record"

Police Searches Of Bags In Subway Is Constitutional

The Bush Legacy of Disaster Continues-A reminder for younger DU readers

New Orleans Elections May Be Postponed

R. John Warner: sometimes we have to Lie to 'get the truth out' shit

Freepers can't be too happy about these warm Bush/Jackson Jr. photos. . .

ANY lie, theft, atrocity, sin, or crime can be justified & made acceptable

Stop the public land clearance sale!

Hillary Clinton: "The war was worth it just to remove Saddam Hussein..."

"Dutch Politicans Seek Marijuana Rules"

Dead soldiers rise from the grave. 2nite!

Israel Urges U.S. Not To Attack Syria

The Coca-Cola Killings of Union Activists

(Southern Accent) The pecker knows no bias....

Archaeologist claims to have found King David's Palace

Bush Knew 10 Marines Died Prior To Rose Garden Remarks, Didn’t Mention It

Baby Bush Toys: Simple Products for Simple Minds

How Do We Take a Shower?

Withdrawal from Iraq...

Ah, y'all suck.

The imagined war to distract from the real war

Rice to warn Europe to back off over detainees


"Pussy John Warner Eats It Today"

A Huffington: "Dems' Template for Success: Follow John Murtha... and

Want to laugh? You have got to hear this.

"deeply irresponsible"

Shi´ite leader urges US pullout

Brad is on the air now.

let your voice be heard on rejection of ad: "Shame on you Jean Schmidt"

Israelis to BushCo'transformation of the MiddleEast' wingnuts:Please chill

Wonder if Chimpy already new about the dead soldiers when he came out...

Camp Casey made a difference

* War on the Press: Infiltrating, Manufacturing, Bribing, Lying, Gutting

BBC ... 10 more dead in Iraq

The newspaper is dead.

White House Christmas card

Blue Cross and their idea of "Merry Christmas" ($30 monthly increase)

Was anyone listening to Randi Rhodes about a half hour ago?

Here's what they use to create those backdrops ----->>

Bush administration backs prayer services at library

Breaking: Another Civilian Contractor was under investigation for Homicide

Coming to a School near You: Tax-funded Christian Rock

Jackass on Tweety just said that Iraqi's are better now than before

Please,Can Someone Explain How Lieberman and McCain Can Kiss W's Ass.....

GW's terrorists, some start out civilian, some start out young, either

surely if we torture enough Iraqis to DEATH they'll just love the U.S.

Delay's redistricting plan was illegal - Texas Memogate

Diebold up to old tricks with new twist! Hires former Dem Senator to Lobby

Falwell: Rev Barry Lynn 'as reverand as an oak tree'

Administration response to Falluja dead -- "saddened," "tough day."

John Kerry to be on Face The Nation this Sunday...

I would like to say thank you....

RichardClarke was on Charlie Rose discussing

I'm confused, didnt Kerry lose to the worst president in history?

Barack Obama isn't black?

Day 5. December 2, 2005. BRING THEM HOME!! your ideas please

I heard this from a reputable source.

I can spew Bullshit with the best of them.. how can I get a radio gig for

Quick poll: Is the term Euthanasia offensive?

Now O'Reilly Says he Will NOT Name Names

VIDEO-My take on Bush's Press Conf today

Why I will never (probably) buy a hybrid vehicle:

Question:my nephew said in Iraq they guarded "Iranian terrorists"..

it's just so sad that bush has wasted so many young lives for nothing

Bush credits good economic news to "restrained government spending."

Seasons Bleatings. The new Betty Bowers newsletter is here!

Which member of Bushco is the best bullshitter?

Since the corporate elite choose to see us rot, freeze, and starve...

Should abortion be talked about in front of kids

Schwarzenegger praises Botox-maker for helping state's economy

New Queen of the presstitutes...

I had a though about Mr. Kerry's Vietnam question...

I finally tagged him:

KO's Worst Person in the World (spoiler):

Why "College Republicans" have no integrity whatsoever

The Cold War was respectable

VIDEO-Richard Wolfe of Newsweek talks with Olb about CIA Leak

FEMA still doing a heck of a job.

$1.7 Billion is all it will cost US taxpayers to rebuild Iraq....

Scotty McCellen aka Puffy McMoon Face aka Inspector Renault

JFK Would NEVER Have Fallen for Phony INTEL!

Cripes! Air America Grows MORE....

Death threat made against Eric Alterman

The Real Debate America Must Have In '08 - Iraq and Beyond

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing on NOW (it's now 12:17est)

Coulter: "Liberals are Nazi block watchers"

It's 2,127 now??? WTF??

I hereby resign in favor of....

The Tookie Williams saga is getting WAY too much airtime on DU

Help! the 'Put Christ back in Christmas' pigs are at my door!

The 1st 20 minutes of Olbermann were so depressing

Please Help me test my server and listen to some REAL liberal media???

Is our death penalty a form of legal ethnic cleansing? n/t

I'm confused

converted or born again religious types seem the most extreme

Will You Spend More on Gifts This Year? (this article is da'bomb)

Bob Franken on CNN: Said something about Rove's lawyer giving testimony

Another Brilliant Column by Michael Kinsely:Corruption as Usual

What would you do if this were your child?

Outrageous Antiwar Show Aims to ANGER the Rightwing - SHOWTIME tonight!!!

DLC slanders Murtha/Pelosi as "surrendering" on Iraq

Dean Accuses Bush of 'Giving Lip Service' on Equal Rights

"Confession to liberals"

What the world needs now - 1971

Who are the most powerful U.S. Senators?

you liberals anquish over every damn dead soldier and Iraqi

Anyone up for lampooning a racist, ignorant college "columnist"?

Fox News dropped 21%

O'Reilly's head is going to explode when he sees this...

VIDEO-Schuster on the CIA Leak Dec 2

This Thread Should Be SEEN BY EVERYONE

No need to watch the Sunday news shows.

O'Leilly "Congressman Murtha ia afraid to appear on this program"

148+ of 2000/ 2004 Bush donors (23 percent) involved in scandals

Is Christmas the wingers most Sacred Cow or Pledge of Allegiance?

Dazed & Confused - Bush greets news of 10 deaths with smiles (PHOTOS)

THE COOL THING ABOUT BEING REPUBLICAN (saw this on yahoo boards)

College Atheist Group exchanges bibles for porn magazines-LOL..

DRUM BEAT to PEACE. I need help from at least 50 people

Do YOU feel your Vote will Count? If Not then what have you done?

" Is For Republicans-Starbucks gave every single frothy dime to

Paul Harvey just admitted in backhanded way that Bush* LIED us into war

Missing. 600 pounds of Plutonium

Bush admin gives advertising rights to national park property

Ok -- break it down for me. Why are these damn lies?

The Iraq Plan In Action. Reality For Rummies (And Georges And Dickies).

Did anyone hear Bush's press conference about the economy today?

Just got my power bill - was up 65% for the month

New DLC Outrage: Smear Pelosi and Murtha as "offering surrender" in Iraq

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World Dec 2 05

Colbert is better than Stewart....there, I said it.

Are you ok with the Shiite majority govt. using its army to kill Sunnis?

Just one more family whose holiday has been ruined...

Bush has nothing in common with vets

War on Christmas? Under the ultra religious Puritans, it was illegal.

"Bush lights Christmas tree, doesn't name Christ"

Karen Kwiatkowski on Mark Warner, how the truth is suppressed, etc.

12/2 ** URGENT**11 Days to STOP the EXECUTION! Clemency=Life w/out Parole

A $29 late fee for a late $11 credit card payment

My mom passed away yesterday.

Announcing the NEW Hurricane Victims Group has been created!

Debate: Stan Tookie Williams' Clemency (Life w/o Parole) v Execution

Bush Abruptly Ended Abramoff Investigation in 2002! (must-see!!)

Costco CEO Finds Decency Is Compatible With Profitability

Oil company execs pumped for answers

Keith's Horrible Boss to Be Canned at MSRNC - Oh & COURIC to CBS?

More evidence that * is a classless slob:

Send a flower to Murtha today. Just $3 to show your support.

Why aren't more people supporting Bill Richardson in 2008?

Planned Parenthood Protest Rally against Target/Sarasota

Okay, where in the world is Patrick Fitzgerald?

Does Christmas have a Navy?

The Rachel Maddow Show doubles soon! Proof that there is a god!

Dowd on Letterman: All you need to know is two words: "Cheney's Guilty"

Leo Strauss and His Adherents in the Bush Administration

Ever seen the rules at Falwell's Liberty "University"?

Holiday Gift Idea: Pretty Cool 2006 Anti-Bush Calendar (Shameless Plug)


"Fitzgerald made a mistake" rumor is pure bullshit." (Firedoglake)

If Saddam Was Behind 9/11, Then Why Isn't He Being Charged With It

Don't you love it when

FEMA to break promise on 100,000 HOUSTON Katrina leases. Merry Holiday!

Wow. We can't win in Iraq.

Seriously, you are all elitists right?

Free Republic's John Robinson posts on banning at FR on Liberty

Alabama's Taliban

BREAKING: Kent detainee removed from PA prison sent ???

"Sippiana Hericane" . . . Dr. John's homage to New Orleans . . .

So whatever happened to the guy Rosa Parks refused to get up for?

Schools asking employees to help pay utility bills

A Short List Of The Stupid Untruths That Freepers Believe About Me.

I'm expecting ALOT of bad news reports about Democrats the next few months

you can ignore Christ's teachings, but don't call his birthday a holiday

solution compromise on abortion: make them illegal, but make RU86 free and

Send a Message to Lamar Advertising Re: DNC Billboard *URGENT*

I said I would never do it, but.... I have a date with a * voter tonight.

Dubai's new indoor Alpine ski resort...Money Can buy you most anything

was I too harsh???my fundy sister sent me a tape from her revival at churc

PlameGate Is A Smokescreen - "Unanswered Questions" Author MalcontentX

15 Vehicles to Change Our World

Racist holiday music playing on Southern radio stations

Atheists Sue Over Road Crosses For Troopers Killed In Line Of Duty


Folks in my area are buying into the "War on Christmas" stupidity.

Homecoming - Friday night on Showtime after Fahrenheit 9/11

Skepticism cannot build, only destroy

McManus:Don't let corpo raiders liquidate the 4th estate (KnightRidder)

Fighting Anorexia: No One to Blame

BRAD BLOG: Bush DoJ Overrules Voting Rights Act Again! Conyers Release!

6-Year-Old Faces Expulsion For Touching Classmate's Rear

Is The Iraq War Going Just as BushCo Planned?

My own thoughts on this *booming* economy

Wise up, people...


More information in the "Tookie" Williams case. (very long)

An Open Letter to Congress From a Vet & Military Dad (Stan Goff)

Okay, if the culprit was someone in here.....

Homemade multi grain granola.

Religious Right is invading Canada

U. of Fla. trustees to vote on providing health care to domestic partners

After Memo, Democrats Are Taking Firmer Stance Against Alito Nomination

‘Taliban’ note on jet forces emergency landing

Paper: CIA flights made stopovers in France

Report: Two CIA Flights Stopped in France

Iraqi Sunnis, Shiites Protest Police Raids

Pressure Mounts to Extend Deadline for Drug Benefit (WH & RePugs

Scandals, war shadow GOP governors (36 gov races in '06)

Analysis Casts Doubt on Vietnam War Claims

Pentagon quizzed on Iraq propaganda program

Mayor vows in crackdown to snatch snitchin’ shirts

U.N. Investigator: China Abuse Widespread

‘Nightline’ hosts town hall meeting in Iraq (no anti-American talk heard)

Campbell is back?

You may need ID to vote (Ohio Legislature's solution to vote fraud)

(Chicago Mayor) Daley tells his stand on Iraq ('Can't just leave')

Update:White House wants answers on planted Iraq stories (Reuters)

Woman Says 'Merci' After Face Transplant

Opposition leader survives Madrid helicopter crash

U.S. Executes 1,000th Person Since 1977 (ABC, CBS)

Gov.'s Aide Raises Ire in the GOP

GOP Wants to Create Secretive Gov't Agency

New Statesman: Panic in Whitehall - Inside The Bush/Blair Govt. Iraq Leaks

Pakistan closes Afghan border crossing after spat

AP: British panel recommends increase in retirement age

Churches call on McDonald's to pay more to tomato pickers

Two U.S. Allies Pulling Out of Iraq

Iraqi insurgents stage show of strength on city's streets

Journalist shot dead in the Philippines

NYT: Experts Doubt (human) Bird Flu Tallies From China and Elsewhere

Baghdad's Haifa Still No Easy Street

Army Officer Charged in Iraq Investigation(smuggling stolen $$$)

Unhappy with 'Holiday': Religious groups decry wording as war on Christmas

LAT: Thousands of Firms Could Stop Reporting Emissions (new Bush policy)

Atheist group wants memorial crosses removed

The quotes Bush left out of his war speech

Janet Reno issues call to action to improve lives of children

U.S., Iraqi Troops Launch Ramadi Operation

Ten marines are killed by bomb (from NYT)

Guard entices ranks to recruit

Army Officer Charged in Iraq Investigation

Drill plan in military's way (Rumsfeld opposes oil drilling in E Gulf)

Anthrax inoculation appealed for military

KBR workers in Iraq paid 50 cents an hour

WP: Democratic Lawmakers Splinter on Iraq

(Former Sen. Fritz) Hollings: U.S. failed in Iraq (made UBL into hero)

NYT/Krugman: Bullets Points over Baghdad

Iraqi police officer at (hush, hush)training camp disappears(mole?)

O'Reilly's head is going to explode when he sees this...

Ex-President Bush: Iraq will be key to vote (2006 elections)

Romania to sign US military bases deal next week

Report: Ford likely to close five North American plants

Texas congressmen to get rid of 'dirty money' (from Cunningham)

Sheehan, war protesters demonstrate in Dallas (Sen. Hutchison's office)

Gov may nudge Pirro out of (NY Senate) race

Air-travel screening to change Dec. 22

National Guard dismantles unit accused of spying on protesters

GOP Wants to Create Secretive Gov't Agency

Wal-Mart hired security guards to spy on Quebec employees

Iraq: Own Troops Have 'A Long Way to Go' (internal Iraqi report)

GM's sales fall by 11% despite discounts

US Jews support Israel, don't speak up

Gonzales Defends Call on Texas Plan


Iraqi journalists condemn US military media tactics

Bangladesh faces 'national crisis' after serial bomb blasts

Iran Signs Deal With Russia on Tactical Surface-to-Air Missiles Purchase

NYT: In C.I.A. Leak, More Talks With Journalists

Florida unveils changes to keep felons from voting

Cherokee court takes same sex-marriage case under advisement

Costco CEO Finds Decency Is Compatible With Profitability

Sheehan, war protesters demonstrate in Dallas

Reduce judicial power, Gallagher suggests (GOP candidate for FL governor)

Congress Researchers Fault EPA Studies

Australian (Capital) Territory To Permit Civil Unions

Analysis Casts Doubt on Vietnam War Claims

Pentagon Describes Iraq Propaganda Plan

OC Register: Judge: Gay student may sue principal

GAO to HUD: Answer the Phone

World Health Organization stops hiring smokers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 2 December

Administration "saddened" by losses in Fallujah bombing

LAT/AP: 9/11 Panel: U.S. Failing on Security Reform

Judge clears way to proceed with phone-jamming trial

Delaware Supreme Court asked to hear lesbian child custody case

TV Report: Wal-Mart security guards spied on union sympathizers

Judge OKs random searches on NYC subway

Fallujah bomb kills 10 Marines, wounds 11

Lesbian Student Can Sue School, Judge Says

Kidnappers threaten to kill peace activists unless demands met by Thursday

2 U.S. allies to leave Iraq; others may follow

(Brock:) No Major al-Qaida Ability Seen in U.S.

Judge OKs Police Subway Searches in NYC

French paedophile ring case turns into judicial fiasco

Climate change: time for action

Arab nations deeply suspicious of US motives: poll

Rice to warn Europe to back off over detainees

White House: Gas prices still too high

Court Strikes Down Illinois Video Game Law

Gay Univ. of Florida employees gain health insurance for partners

Military Explains News Propaganda In Iraq

In C.I.A. Leak, More Talks With Journalists (NYT: Rove in legal jeopardy )

SeattlePI: Rep. Smith says vote in favor of war a mistake

U.S. Stands Alone in U.N. Budget Demand

Poll shows mistrust of US From: Agence France-Presse

Evolution foes seek changes in Missouri

MediaNews will manage El Paso Times (the media consolidation continues)

Lawmaker Calls Hearing on 'Flawed' BCS

Articles intended to counter enemy propaganda, U.S. military says


White House: death penalty deters crime

Judge keeps NYC suit against gun makers alive

Bodies tested in probe of possible mercy killings (at N.O. hospitals)

Arab nations deeply suspicious of US motives -poll

Poland Says Iraq Mission Strains Budget

General: Military Losing PR War

Greenspan warns of possible ‘painful adjustments’ for the global economy

Governor Jeb Bush revives group to preserve policies

CNN "just in" on air: 10 Marines killed yesterday in Falluja

Bush administration backs prayer services at library

Venezuela begins low-cost heating oil deliveries; tribes continue talks

Intelligence chief: U.S. safer since 9/11 (Negroponte)

White House on jobless figures: "The economy is cooking along"

Officials Defend Pentagon's Iraq Propaganda Campaign (Warner & Pace)

Military troop carriers seized on Hwy. 407 (Canada)

Bayh says vote for Iraq war would be different under new facts

CBS tries to lure Couric from NBC's 'Today'-report

Bono, McCartney press Canada PM on aid, seal hunts

Company Blocks Ads Critical of Ohio Rep.

Senate Intelligence committee stalling pre-war intelligence report, aides

U.S. Denies Chavez Claims on Vote Boycott

Michigan Supreme Court bans affirmative action for juries

US backed East Timor invasion


Leak Ruling Has Mystery, 8 Blank Pages

US civil rights group to sue CIA

U.S. religious right enters electoral fray (Ralph Reed invades Canada)

WP: Lab Animal Violations Decried

Death of Kazakhstan Opposition Leader raises eyebrows

AP: FBI Plants Sham (Democratic) Candidate in W.Va. Race

U.S. Urges Continuation Of U.N. Probe (Bolton knew that key witness lied!)

Rice to warn Europe to back off over detainees

Racial profiling feared at Wal-Mart

LAT: Only 8% of Eligible Seniors Approved for Medicare Drug Program

State Department using ideological litmus tests to screen speakers

GOP Wants to Create Secretive Gov't Agency

Ads for Private Group, Santorum Alike

Atheist group wants memorial crosses removed

Alito assures Specter on abortion views

Depeche Mode fans...

How many girls would let me massage them....

Could this cat BE more pissed??

ATTACK OF THE CUTE KITTENS!!!! (Dialup warning)

So I'm taking a bath in a watermelon and singing "Oooh wa oooh..."

Music fans - Lady Sovereign rules it!

does your cat take out the trash?

Minnie is at this very moment drinking water!!!!

bigwillq put Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party" into my head

Christmas Ear Worm - Snoopy and the Red Baron

If you were approached by a nudist--would you pose artfully...?

If you were approached by an arsonist, would you combust?

Philosophy Q.: Does might make right?

Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head

This penis is 'CONdemned'

The Hooters.

look at these HOOTERS!!


Question for muscians playing by ear - or howcome I can't read music

Awful Plastic Surgery: Oh no, not Janine Turner

My favorite Christmas song.

Okay, who watched Letterman tonight?

post here if you are NOT asleep

Nighthawks 46 (dialup warning)

Alas, friends, I must away

Here's the problem with Agressive Fems: I can't wear lycra Sweater

A warning for Limewire users

Shoot, I just went past 1K posts

Guardian's Bell on staying the course in Iraq

delete. dupe

Former Creed Singer Gets Into Fight With Rival Band In Baltimore Hotel

For those feeling a little insufficient today

Bar Robbed For 81st Time

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/2/05)

Watch Bush and Blair go at it---on real video, yet! (hilarious!)

In the spirit of another thread...Best "traditional" Christmas song?

Which Christmas songs make you want to beat someone with a shovel?


How Old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?

I'm very sad tonight -I feel that a life has been wrongly taken

I am outta here

A Santa Question For DU Parents.

Today's the DAY!!! Set Your Tivo!!! Dr. Noah Drake returns to GH!!!

Teflon? Cast iron? Aluminum?


Paging MrsG.... Pick up the fuchsia courtesy phone

"_________________showed no emotion when the verdict was read"

Foil helmets enhance government's invasive abilities

What's the worst thing you eat when your spouse is away?

"S" user name people!

Comic book geeks:

Something I think about

City In Tennesse Bars Woman From Advertising "Sexy Hair Concepts" Sex=Bad

What are you wearing today?

Chick or Monster? Wow!!

It would be so nice to be at this place...

Does WinXP out of the box come with a postscript reader?

1160 years in prison + 28 million dollar fine

Is this wrong or what? *PIC HEAVY*

Is it just me, or is this sorriest looking national Christmas Tree ever?

Having 24 people for dinner-so my wife decides to redo the bathroom!

Dubai to ban skiing in traditional Arab clothes

Check out this letter that someone posted on my local newspaper's website

Arrested Development fans


Stowaway Wisconsin cat flies home in style

Christmas Tree or Holiday Tree?

pie in the sky

Why not in the lounge?

Maybe Logic: The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson

in the spirit of the WAR ON CHRISTMAS

Let's Do The FRIDAY Dance!!!!

Someone just did something so nice for me

according to Colbert

may I please say . . . SHIT! SHIT! OH, FACKING SHITSHITSHIT!!

Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

Ever had your watch freeze?

Women sacked 'for not baring breasts to gorilla'

I drive reeeeeeeeeeaaaallly slow on the freeway...

McDonalds bleach powder French fries burns 3 year old

What is this about?

I am going to flash the next person who calls me "sir."

Seattle Man Pleads Guilty in Horse-Sex Case

are you down with OPP?

I am your Lizardman Overlord from the center of the Earth, ask me anything

Question for the Southpaws

Britney Spears Looks To The Occult To Save Her Marriage

Vaughn / Anniston Pulled Over For Sobriety Test

Could someone help me with uploading a gif image for my avatar??

Russian Squirrel pack "kills dog"

I'm eating bacon

Anchors Aweigh, DU, Anchors Aweigh!

The World is Not Enough

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

Self Delete

I know someone who really did get coal for xmas one year

Baby Bush Toys

It's almost time for a war with Canada, those imperialist land grabbing

Friday earworm

How Old were you when you stopped believing in the Lounge?

Is there a movie that belongs to Christmas for you?

Check out these artist renderings of the surface of Titan...


Random. Some guy just came to my door wanting work.

Isn't this the prettiest mutt you have ever seen?

I just flew in from the "latest" page --

WOW! Christmas Came Early For Me!!!

what does "no profile" suggest to you?

High School: How hard was it for you?

Look what's for sale for $3.00!

Happy Birthday Senator Harry Reid!!!

Hey! Has anyone heard about the Russian squirrels killing a dog?

My shoulders hurt, damn it!

What is your greatest achievement?

Whatever happened to handwritten letters?

I wanted to wish everyone a merry "Generic Happy Time"

Man-Bashing Punching Bag

stupid things you've heard today?

Where were you 10 years ago today?

How many girls would let a gay guy gull massage them?

There is one song i want to buy on itunes but

How to double the responses to your posts....

Just don't respond to this post.

What's your favorite comfort food?

Are these "home remedies with household items" true?

I'm having a Passion Party tonight; ask me Anything!

Check out these cocks

Need a present for your religious friends? How about a bible calendar?

Kee-rist! I almost ran over some dumb bastard at lunch!

Who else here is buying their SO a new Lexus for Christmas..

Man O Man! There was something important I was going to write about!

Do you dread your work Christmas parties or enjoy them?

It was only a Matter of Time...

3 Things I Have Learned About DU MenThis Week:

You know, I wish that I had Jessie's girl!

I need advice....My friend is ruining her life

Any other High End Audiophiles out there in DU land?

Lemon-lime Jolly Ranchers taste like lemon furniture polish

Dammit, all this talk of massages makes me want one NOW!

Is anyone else having trouble with pages refreshing after posting?

Timer without a beep or alarm?

Who are your celeb matches?

so how will Rick Springfields 22 years absense be explained on GH?

The coolest home Christmas lights EVER


To b-ballgurl

Has anyone here flown Hooters Air?

One thing I've learned about DU women this week

Toilet paper.

Totally silly pics of me!


Need your thoughts: tricky career question

I need and the holidays

mecca-lecca hi, mecca hiney ho

Describe the best day of your life up to this point.

What do you hope is under your tree?

OMG! OMG! Ohmy GOD only 21 minutes to Randi Rhodes

Let me end the massage flamewar by paraphrasing Dylan.

You know, I thought the "Timecube" was totally wacked...

BREAKING!! Top Ten New President Bush Strategies For Victory in Iraq

Bush and jury duty: Is it me...

A Michigan drive to work (caution dialups **weighs a ton)

They're gonna be parents.


Texasgal thinks I'm a pig


Esteban on GEICO commercial!

It is official...Texasgal sews smelly socks

In honor of the winter season, I give you . . . .

Ann Coulter thinks we Liberal men fantasize about raping her. Do you?

Yes, I want to thank you......

Can someone please explain ringtones to me?

My 44 year old autistic brother is going into a nursing home

OMG! OMG! Ohmy GOD only 21 minutes to Rick Springfield

Hubble is still sending back some gorgeous pictures

Emily is back home!

I killed the baby panda while smoking during a smoking ban

This is my pissed off look!

I am buying an American Girl doll for my daughter for Xmas

Hal Lindsey is throwing a tantrum...

Something I learned today:

Hot liquid hell - AIM has created "AIMBots"

Had FAUX News On For The Last Hour & It is FANTASTIC!!

Whoa. I just noticed somebody renewed my star for me!!

Sniffa, Bi_baby and mine's song...

I'm sick of commercials

The Official _bushwentawol_ Appreciation Thread!

Are those cool Christmas lights turning into the new Brazilian posts?

Green Jelly (Three Little Pigs)

A proud day for nursing women everywhere--train 'em young.

maybe mods should allow 1 sexthread

Magazines with perfume samples oughta be outlawed!

My work here is done, see y'all Monday!

And the annual Literary Review award for Bad Sex in Fiction goes to...

Post here if you'd like this to be a sex thread even though it can't be 1.

Ladies and Gentlemen...I bring you....

Which Love Boat Character Do You Think Is Hottest?

What's your ringtone?

Wow; my "Ignore Threads" button is getting a lot of work at GD.

Get your Jell-O shots here

Sing Our Own Song by UB40

Comparison for Twins Fans.........Castillo v. Soriano

I want your sex

I'm interested in learning common Yiddish words. What's a "shameil"?

what i've learned on the internet

*******MILESTONES******* 12/2

Are we sure there really is a Mrs.Matcom?

I want your Chex

3 posts from 5000 ask me anything!

Please Help me test my server and listen to some REAL liberal media???

Is it time for us to slow clap for Texasgal, or what?

Is anyone else having problems streaming AAR?

Bi_ Baby is Wasted...and I feel partly responsible...

my run-in with girlscout mom

Bush is taking credit for low gas prices....

Santa Claus . . . Yes or No

Seasons Bleatings. The new Betty Bowers newsletter is here!

Family Guy Question

Minnesota Twins pick up Luis Castillo...

I feel like a PM...


Ashlee Simpson sinks to a new low...and yes, it IS possible...

What's the most double entendre laden internet site that you use regularly

People who go out of their way to be rude (semi-long retail rant)

Men of DU - would you ever fax your dossier?

If you could change one grammar or punctuation rule, what would it be?

My local newspaper yesterday... warning XXX-rated....

Oh joy! I have double pneumonia.

The dog is hiding in here under my chair

Tis the season for boneheads and I've got a good one

DU guys... Would you date a woman who could crush you like a bug?

Question for the old hands:

I'm home after being evacuated.....

Favorite seasonal ales?

Is this the best face EVER?

Going to my favorite Jazz club tonite what should I drink?

Are your office holiday parties crazy & debaucherous or just boring & sad?

All Right... I know what I am missing.. The key to success as an

Paul, you is a whur-wilf!!!!!!!!!!!!!(MST3K)

This is my 9,000th post:

I Besmirch you !

for you procrastinators out there...

Will we ever see this on the Washington Monument?

how many girls would let ME massage them....?

Holiday Wishes from the Neo-Con wind bags.

I know I am a lonely voice with my MN Twins talk...but

Relationship-types: would not being able to bear children kill the deal?

idea for a new lounge game - will it sink or swim?

What does this picture mean to you?


So how the hell did I miss this? "Lesley Gore comes out"

We got DSL!

What can I put in Jell-O shots to make them glow under a blacklight?

Who wants a massage by me?

Does Congress have nothing better to do...

I just voted for Bush

Keith Olberman will be showing more NOLA pet reunions

Symptoms of the Bird Flue

No need for Human beings any more

What would have to change for you to be a pedestrian?

Creative Writing

LOST Actress - DUI

I had 2 red bulls today and am exhausted. What can I do to re-energize?

Enjoy mindless killing with an angry swarm accompanied by a waltz?

Before Rosa Parks there was this lady.

I'm drinking Jones cream soda

Complete: "That which does not destroy us, makes us ___"...

Do you look weird to yourself on video?

Goddamn! Accuweather's realfeel has Boston at 8 degrees!

I understand that matcom...

Would a thread about sex with a banned DUer be OK?

This is possibly the Sickest. Game. Ever.

I have 2 red balls today and am exhausted. What can I do to re-energize?

"Stacie Beluga in the deep blue sea...swims so wild, swims so free!"

Anyone tried the at-home Micro Dermabrasion Kits?

"I don't need to drink to have a good time."

You know Lounge Lizards, it's time to get serious....

What game are you playing?

Pie or Cake?

Ringing in the ears people: Ever accidentaly pushed down a mobile phone...

Your favorite band, your favorite band that no one has heard of

Just saw Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

I give girls massages all the time. What's the big deal?

Moses supposes his toses are roses

Rabbit gets aggressive with a crow (video)

Awkward Holiday Dinner Table Conversations with Family....

I came back after a wee hiatus to find some of my posts deleted

I've heard a rumor that TCM is going away.

Mods MOCK this thread!

Calvin the Cat: 1993-2005

I stopped responding to a personal ad conversation

What, no update on radwriter0555's ass?

Would you date this man?

Spank me!

Name the face you want for your transplant

"My top-end is unlimited!"

Men of DU - would you ever wax your torso?

Athiest group offers free porn in exchange for bibles

How did I miss this? "Nature Boy" Ric Flair road rage arrest

offer your favorite fantasy episode of "I let someone have it today!"

Sharp Cheddar or Mild?????

A week ago, it was +20...

Tell me, what herbs and spices to I put in a bottle of olive oil?

Nnngh!!! No Showtime at college = No watching Homecoming tonight!!!

Anybody else here adopted?

_Very_ cool photo montage by DU's own

how many girls would let THIS guy massage them....

My wife informs me that a stray cat has "adopted us"

Down at the end, round by the corner


Now that's a front page!

OK...who are the DU Female pigs?

there's nothing better

"You Won't Change Me"

40 posts from 10,000, and it's my birthday - ask me anything

A liberal organization that supports the troops in Iraq?

DU men of PIG-DOM....

Mrs R just made this for dinner:

Let's compile a list of "Fair Trade" companies for the holiday season

Calling all Ebayers...

Name That Game...

Holy crap! The temp just dropped 15 degrees in 5 minutes, the sky turned

Bush War Plan Clearly Written In Crayon

Where can I get a turntable?

Any cross country skiiers here?

Damn, time for a drink...

Some vacation pictures.

Forgive me, I have too much time on my hands...

NORAD kicks off 50th anniversary of tracking Santa

What things do I avoid to not look like a hay-seed in NYC?

What are your favorite lesser known/obscure/covered holiday songs/carols?

Watching Singing In The Rain. Sigh.

a couple of sunset pictures ......enjoy !

Forbes Magazine: The 15 Richest Fictional Characters.

Of these choices, your favorite TV show?

Mods ROCK this thread!

Doesn't Mr. Scorpio operate his bar annymore?

Phrases you don't hear often enough anymore....

What is your religious orientation?

Help Me Find a Legitimate Hurricane Katrina Fund for Christmas.

Nothing says Christmas... (pic)

I think I've lost one of my nephew's cats

Most hauntingly nihilistic movie ending:

Have you ever had an unexpected celebrity sighting?

My Mom and Dad's wedding day

It is official... Older woman are much sexier than younger girls..

Why are lefties attracted to New Age religions?

what kinda of car do you drive?

Favorite girls name?

What movies were filmed near you...?

Jack White is a much better guitarist than Zappa, Townshend

What do you want for Christmas?

I shut up the religious right today - with help from my DU family.

US Jews support Israel, don't speak up

Limbo in Limbo

A cross is a symbol of ...?

I don't want to fight the Christmas war...

A "Happy Holidays" chuckle - go to and type

Why not use "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All" as holiday greetings?

Happy Holidays, UPS!

Kiplinger, Happy Holidays!

Will the righties boycott NewsForge because of "Happy Holidays"

Happy Holidays - USA TODAY???

Happy Holidays!

Will boycott themselves?

So, will the righties boycott the National Neighbourhood Watch Assoc.?

So let's turn the tables - re: The Christmas War

Another thought on the "Happy Holidays"/"Merry Christmas" war

Swedish HIV vaccine revives hopes for DNA path

Treating Anorexia: No One To Blame

Skyscraper that may cause earthquakes

Russian researchers discover giants' graves in Syria

Biotech Brain Drain

Fallen Volcanic Shelf Exposes Lava River

No Safe Ground For Life To Stand On During World's Largest Mass Extinction

Yale Scientists Decipher 'wiring Pattern' Of Cell Signaling Networks

The News from Titan.

Face Transplant surgery

Fighting Anorexia: No One to Blame


Second moon spotted circling cigar-shaped world

Why does the Moon always show the same face to the Earth?

Courts In Two States Asked To Affirm Gay Parenting Rights

Marriage Amendment Passes Subcommittee, Moves to Judiciary Committee

TV Commercials Press Transgender Rights

Judge Rejects School Claim It Could 'Out' Gay Students To Parents

Gay Priest Ban Even More Restrictive Than First Thought

Accusations Fly On N.H. Gay Marriage Committee

It's time for a new dating thread

why gay Republicans are idiots

Australian Territory To Permit Civil Unions

Why the hell does Saphh bother?

My perspective on gay marriage

What % of same-sex marriages end in divorce, and how does this compare

So Patricia Cornwell is a self-loathing, Jodie-stalking lesbian Bushbot?

BOXING : Place Your Bets!!!


Vote for Hank !

Calvin the Cat has entered a Beautiful Land

Fire agate. Interesting stuff.

Anyone hungry?

Horror, Zombie, political satire movie on Showtime tonight

One week to go thread: Boston stuff

Gov. Warner picking up where Kerry left off on fuel assistance

Kerry bashing alert on GD

Couldn't resist dig at Kos

Raw story about Kerry (By CNS)

"The Fix" handicaps John Kerry's possible 08 run

Joe Conason's view on Iraq -

The Lounge is vile, I'm staying in here.

Where is the Kerry of 1971?

The President: On Soma--or in a Coma?

Did anyone hear Randi toward the beginning of her show talking about JK?

TGIF Pic thread

Backyard Visitors

Whoops, posted this in the Lounge

KOEB 12/2/05 (Friday Night Party Time)

The Philadelphia Story

Be sure to tell me what you want ....

Some KOEB Help Please? A good thread is about to die .....

Granny Bee – War on Earth

Delightful holiday roast suckling pig photo on Huffington Post front page

Photo: "Bush joins country singer Cheryl White in a Christmas song"

What Cunningham's misdeeds illustrate about conservative Washington.

Franken's chapter on Scanlon, Abramoff, Delay

US military presence in Paraguay irks neighbors

Hack into a Diebold machine with a smart card.....

"Both parties are equally corrupt"

ON POWER: An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress From A Vet & Military Dad

CSPAN Video: "The Declining Bush Mandate"

Bush Gossip - Babs is on the offensive.

Murtha on NPR 12/1/05... I wish I had a transcript

Alan Simpson (R-WY) praises Bush: "You can stuff it if you don't like it"

The Case For A National Recall Election

Why should Chinese pay heed to Bush?

Diebold among winning bidders for N.C. voting equipment sales

All the talk in the MSM about the economy ignores these facts:

US executes 1,000th prisoner since 1976

Senators demand answers about propaganda in Iraq

Joint Resolution Authorizing Force in Iraq = Unconstitutional !

W's war has now cost us 2,113 lives

Midshipman react to bush's speech

How to really make political news

Keeping Katrina Survivors Visible: Up For Reelection? Post Names Here:

Bush says for Voting Rights Act, but refuses to enforce for TX GOP's sake

GOP governors: Cunningham scandal won't affect elections

(OC, CA) Daily Pilot: Democrat charges uphill

Winning Back Congress in 2006 - Run against Bush

Plan One from Bushes Face - Does This Guy Even Know What A Plan Is?

Landrieu & Lott together on Katrina?

OC Register: Political trash-talking gets literal for Texan

Steve Earle..... Rich Man's War......

I've got a question for YOU....about ethics?

More Bad News for New Orleans

A question on the economy: ?

Five as bad as Judy Miller (great read about presstitutes)

Specter: Alito's personal views won't drive rulings...

Republicans in Korea

Coleen Rowley: We can Make the Possible a Reality

Halliburton pays workers 50 cents/hr to feed US troops

02 DEC 1954 - Another great day in GOP History

Big news on the civil liberties front...

"Holiday Tree Lighting"

Just heard this

Body Count = Body Count + 10

Democratic Lawmakers Splinter on Iraq (MSM reports on schism)

Science faces 'dangerous times'--BBC News (climate change/ID/fundies)

If Free Republic Members get their way

MSNBC should resign itself to being last in the ratings.....

Political Compass Question of the Day #2.

An interview with Al Franken

Oil executives clarify task-force contacts

Gonzales -TX Redistricting:It's The Senate's Fault For Confirming Ashcroft

Finally got a letter from Frank Lautenberg - Re: Jeff Gannon !

MSNBC: Unidentified Repub dork discusses our "Rodney Dangerfield Economy"

Most of what goes into the American salad bowl was picked by illegals

14 Dead Americans in Iraq this month - the first two days of the month

Gotta love the press...

Is this person a liberal?

Could a state establish a Parliamentary system?

Negroponte - how did I miss this?

That sickening Santorum ad is on every damn local channel! They

NC vs. Diebold update

Should Congress REPEAL the authorization it granted in the IWR?

Is there a difference in the role"BIG MONEY" plays in Repug & Dem Politics

Voters dissatisfied with Bush (Alabama)

Faux News gives new meaning to military expression "fox holes"

If you repeat something again and again,

Keith Olberman just used the phrase CIVIL WAR for Iraq! WTG Keith.

Orange Punch blog (aka tinfoil blog): Maria in 2010?

More Evidence that there is no such thing as a "moderate" Republican.

RECOUNTS-- 100s of them- what happens next year- with new voting machines

Gas prices drop by nearly $1.00/gallon in Nov. and the economy improves.

A DLC spokesperson attacks Pelosi on her Iraq stance.

NeoCon-Artist Economic Delusions

Dean tells Marine a photo with Dean would be used against him. How sad.

How did the McMooney press briefing go today?

what does DU think of Ken Mehlman's letter and my comments?

Cunningham Called Clinton a tratior

Bush ignores shouted Iraq question while pimping "bright" economy

FUX Poll has Chimpy Job Approval at 42% (up 6 points)

Bush Fired Abramoff Prosecutor Black, Ended Investigation in 2002!!


Barbara Bush pissed off at Cheney?

WP blogger handicaps '08 candidates (Clark's a popular Dem "wildcard")

Cartoon: Republican Congress Persons remind me of ...

PA Bob Casey discloses plan for ethics reform at Abramoff's old restaurant

Bush will begin pulling troops/blame civil war on Dems....

Would you support splitting up Iraq? (ethnic self-determination)

What’s the deal with “No child Left Behind?”

since the Wright bros flew their plane has any VP required/demanded

History is doomed to repeat itself - The Press has been here before.

Democratic Senate- can we find the 6 seats we need to win

Kurdish Oil Deal Shocks Iraq's Political Leaders

Has W done anything good for the not rich people in the last 5 years?

Why it is stupid to talk about who will be our candidate in 2008.

Girl may suit school for telling mom she's gay...

I am not impressed with

Is it me, or does it seem like Chimpy has been prez

10 U.S. Marines killed in bombing near Fallujah

Peace Activists face death unless the U.S. meets demands

CA-48. What are our chances?

Marty Meehan "bring troops home from Iraq" mtgs Hudson & Concord Saturday

Which of these topic threads are you tired of seeing on DU?

"Musclehead Coalition to flood ACLU with Merry Christmas": Stop ACLU war!

Anybody Read "Rove Exposed-How Bush's Brain Fooled America By

Anyone seen anything from Dickless Cheney lately? I haven't heard of

On Christmas...

It's "hammer a freeper" time! Some help, please...

Dowd: "The Bush warriors are so deluded, they're even faking their fakery.

Jay Leno's nickname for Bush's Iraq strategy: (spoiler)

Anyone else here think that mankind is a mistake?

Alan Dershowitz VS Noam Chomsky (VIDEO) Israel-Palestine Debate

Another way WalMart, Big Box & Warehouse stores are ruining America...

Ok, I enjoyed Masters Of Horror, But Do You Think Non-Duer's Got It?

France investigates CIA flight stopover claims

Fitz To Plame Leak Court: Keep Some Grand Jury Records Sealed

LAT: MoveOn Protests LAT, Tribune Co. Job Reductions (petition link)

WP: Muted Support for GOP Change Grows (replacing DeLay)

WP: FEMA Pulls Out of Lower Ninth (Ward)

Yeah! 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' is on

The Christian Underground

Okay,okay, I'm PUI. Ask me anything...


I need 5 Lounge Lizards, under 30 years old, to make a commitment.

Creepiest. Movie. Ever

what would have to change for you to be a presbyterian?

For the record: Internet Explorer sucks ass

Anyone else post on DU to escape from reality?

Is this a tad rude or inconsiderate?

So, hands up. Who's voting NDP this election?

AU @ctivist :: Have Bush and RNC Joined 'War on Christmas'?

GLAD to contest anti-gay Massachusetts amemdment in court

What do you do when living single that you don't do otherwise?

I am going to defend the BCS

Here is how shrub can get out of hot water in 3 easy steps..

Ever watch a zombie movie before where you cheered for the

Anybody know the voting status of Katrina evacuees?


If you ran for President?