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Archives: December 18, 2005

NYT: Louisiana's Deadly Storm Took Strong as Well as the Helpless

Bolivia’s Elections on Sunday – What to Watch For

Washington Post: Testing The Limits Of Wartime Powers (12/18)

Thousands of Scholarships Lift Saudi Enrollments in U.S.

The New World Economy (Wal-Mart is not to blame)

TARZAN CHEESEBURGER: Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Editorial: Good news in Iraq / Success of voting gives the U.S. reason to

This Call May Be Monitored ...

Why US frets over Bolivia

(Bush's) U.S. Ideals Meet Reality in Yemen

Eskow: The Spy Story: Five Questions for the New York Times

Presidential Pipeline: Bush's top fund-raisers see spoils of victory

Torture's Long Shadow

Fwm. Sen Bob Graham speaks of 'congressional "briefings"--says no

The Decline of the American Empire

Can Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., save the Times—and himself?

Editorial: Big Brother Bush / The president took a step toward a police st

George Bush is no Teddy Roosevelt

Bushback Mountain!

The Business of Voting

Bush's Fumbles Spur New Talk of Oversight on Hill--WaPo

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act 1978 (FISA)---what many are

Dr. Filth - Frist AIDS Charity

Spy Scandal Far Bigger Than Just the NSA

Spying on Americans--WaPo Editorial

Homeland Security - Disaster Inc. (remember this-jr has not made us safe)

Scooter Libby, Neocon Martyr // By Justin Raimondo

a little lessen -for ALL to remember.

Hilzoy on Bush and the separation of powers:--and MR. YOO

Great LTTE in today's Mpls Star Tribune

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Spying and Lying

Don't Be Fooled by Bush Polls, Democratic Council Warns--WaPo

Front page of St. Petersburg Times "Faith and Consequences:

The Price of Oil

Suburb in complete lockdown - Sydney Morning Herald - 12/18/2005

Indian tigers could be wiped out in 10 years

Solatec to franchise solar-assist flexible PVs for hybrids.

Santee Cooper announces plans to build a new nuclear plant

Oil Shale: Energy Source, Or 2 For The Price Of 1 Global Warming Machine?

US DA study on Ethanol Energy Balance: 1.67 : 1 energy balance

An interesting point on the price of oil in today's NYT magazine.

Natural Gas, the Stealth Energy Crisis

sharon has a stroke and palestinians are celebrating, giving out

Solana: Hamas victory may imperil EU aid to PA

Israeli aircraft pound Gaza

Abbas threatens to quit over Fatah crisis

Sharon Taken to Jerusalem Hospital

Background / Who would take over from Ariel Sharon?

Iran tells West to be tolerant of Holocaust views

EU threat to axe Palestinian aid

U.S. Congress' call to ban Hamas slammed by senior Fatah official

Dramatic Split in Fatah Blamed on Arafat'S 'Follied' Leadership

Ariel Sharon taken to a Jerusalem hospital

Arab MK: Israel ‘robbery of century’

A Lesson in 9/11 Research.

Indira Singh: 9/11 Survivor, P-Tech Truthteller.

Observing the truth is the only way to wake people up, let's build a

Voting devices under scrutiny

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 12/18/05

While the NYT was telling us there was "no story" in 2004

Warren CO NC GOP - Don't buy from Diebold

Election Fraud 2fer AAR Today! Kennedy Interview & Ion Sancho/MC Miller

BradBlog - NY TIMES: 'Counting of Votes is a Public Trust'

Media That Matters seeking election related short film entries.

We want the politicians to speak out on election fraud, but which....

2000 Florida Election may have been hacked!

How Can We Verify What Happened in Cleveland on Election Day 2004?

Ion Sancho on Air America THIS HOUR w/Laura Flanders

Question - What, in everyone's opinion, caused the big delay with HAVA?

Happy Anniversary to the "Daily Thread"

Poll in Muscy Journal regarding Iraq - final tally

ATTN: Left-wing extremists! Call Mark Kennedy @ 651-644-2506

I have a page size problem

Which antivirus/firewall program do you use, and do you like it?

Bobby Eberle running for vice chair of Texas GOP

Fitzmas Carols

DFW DU'ers: Glenn Mitchell memorial Christmas Blockbuster on now.

Who's going to the Meyerland Democrats party?

Democrats vying to take back Texas (good mention of Van Os)

DFA supports Kinky?

Barbara Radnofsky blogad to be released at midnight

Whoa... Judge in Scooter Libby, Sibel Edmonds Cases Is Redacted In Action

Would someone please volunteer to take one for the team and become Bush's..

Santas Go on Rampage in New Zealand

Is K-Mart better than Wall-Mart?

Will Bush give up power in 2009?

Who is watching Sound of Music Now on ABC? Here come the Nazis.

It's colder in Alabama than in Reykjavik and parts of Alaska.

Once again, for your GOP relatives who still believe in "Bad Intel"

Favorite Christmas Song...

Doonesbury nails it

Just received THIS steaming pile in my inbox

Beaverton, OR resident's Profane Political Holiday Message (PHOTO)

THIS is what happens to journalists who DO THEIR JOBS!!

Powell in UK interview says U.S. "unaware of Iraq war doubts" (!)

Nate Clay's talking ILLEGAL wiretaps -- LIVE liberal radio -- stream

Dear Big Brother: Please wire tap me so I can till you to Fuck Off.

"As long as I am President...." OK Congress canfix that! n/t

Bush's abuse of the US Constitution puts new light on one of his quotes:

Flashback to 92 Dem Convention

It Was CHENEY Who 'Briefed' Congressional Leaders On NSA Eavesdropping !!!

It's still called "empire" matter which party says it.

Analysts: Crackdown Won't Halt Immigration

Writer Suspended for Taking Story Payments From Abramoff

PHOTO: I think I'm going to be seriously ill

Just as long as I'm the dicktator

Lawyers Want to Question Vatican Official

You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.

Write Your Congress Person- Impeach Bush

New Trailers for "Da Vinci Code","V for Vendetta"

Government "unsure" the poor will get prescription drugs under new plan

Let me get this straight

Is Bush's deliberate spying on Americans really an impeachable offense?

A Christmas Poem.

Something to think about when you hear "injured" or dead soldier

Big Business on the "War on Christmas"

Wal-Mart's presence spurs growth

Biggest Investor in Alternative Energy is Big Oil

Time to review the Constitutional authority granted the Presidency

If you'd like to check in with the New York Times Publisher

The Talk Shows... (today's guests to be interviewed)

shopping for christmas without christmas carols .... is just not christmas

Lover gives stranger $15,000 ring

Christmas or Happy Holidays.. where do you stand???

Bush defends secret wiretapping of Americans (Times of London)

They say Democrats need to win over moderates to win elections...

Fresh Faces Revisit Postelection Iraq- Smaller Units to Cover Larger Area

People, we need a Dem legislature FAST. The Rs will not

if Ford had not pardoned Nixon what would have happened ?

Colin Powell on Cheney, Rummy and

Let's start taxing religious institutions in this country

Mort Sahl on Colin Powell

Does anyone else see the bizzarre irony (War on Christmas)

WWNYTD? What will New York Times Do?

Death & Destruction for 2005

Rest easy, Arlan Sphincter is going to investigate Bush's spying.

The Democratic Party: We won't spy on YOU!

Islamic Army in Iraq Issues a Statement on Iraqi Elections

My God, CSPAN has reached a new low! (Not to mention the country)

Bill Moyers: In the Kingdom of the Half-Blind

Good People Beget Good People

Just heard some crazed right-winger

My Paranoid Fantasy That Seems Suddenly Relevant (Internet Honey Pot)

Soldier Christmas Greetings for Bush

I listened to two ministers on a radio talk program advocate scabs if

What do you DUers do to keep your head from exploding on a daily basis?

Drunken Santas riot in New Zealand

Lots of activity in Rove indictment futures

Bush's Fumbles Spur New Talk of Oversight on Hill

So how many Dems have knowledge of government / Bush crimes?

Opus -- Darned Liberal Media :)

From a different message board...(no, not "the other board")

So, just who is Christian Bailey? (Lincoln Group)

EDMONDS,PLAME/LIBBY - Same judge(Walton) hiding $ records

O'Reilly: If you want to defend traditional values, come with me to Darfur

Someone update me

The lies about unemployment rate

Hill to Cheney: Go to Iraq - Cheney: Okay*

How NOT to act at a concert

Lance Armstrong faces trial for criminal defamation

LOL !!! - I Didn't Know That Gannon Was Subpoenaed By Fitzgerald !!!

Fourth Estate Radio show Replay at 1am ET

mcCain on George S. show abc

Jane Smiley on Huffpo. Bush is not making mistakes.

Is Condoleeza Rice a lawyer?

ha-ha. Tennessee too redneck for Central Fla. redneck.

Hillary Clinton sat on the board of WalMart for 6 years, and still gets $

Powell 'never told' of doubts

even George Will seems to be saying Bush broke law --abc now

"He thought of the telescreen with its never-sleeping ear"

what else will alienate these fictional "moderate" voters

9-11 Is Bush's Reichstag Fire

cpan starting right now-about Bush domestic spying

"Wingnuts"Purposely misquoting FISA to defend the Bush Administration

There's this ridiculously large church in my area...

Interview with Sam Harris on c-span this morning

Are the 'allies' guilty of war crimes? Video

Pale Fire: The White Death of Fallujah

Has anyone been to Panama?

whites have always had the liberty to label THEMSELVES as they see fit

I wonder how Lieberman feels today?

Somebody "killed" the "Can't be all you can be if you're dead tree."

What will happen when we find out * spied on domestic/political enemies?

ACLU to file Freedom of Info Act Request: WHO WAS SPIED ON?

Carl Levin coming up on Meet the Press

"symmetry" That's the spin for Bush's speech tonight. "symmetry"

I can't believe those who screamed "Rule of Law" seven years ago

Will speech be more about resubmitting the Patriot Act than about Iraq?

Salvation Army Santas

Tax forms: Frist's AIDS charity paid pals

It's Time for Some Common Sense in Airline Searches.

Now we all can see why they impeached Clinton over a trivial matter

Democratic Leaders who refuse to call Bush on his crimes

"Preserve, Protect, and Defend the COTUS"

Nominate Sibel Edmonds for 2006 Profile in Courage award !

THE candidate for President needs to be Russ Feingold

Was There a Grand Conspiracy to Undermined Clinton

Dick in Iraq ---pix->>>

Do NOT Call For Impeachment NOW

The Decline of the American Empire

VIDEO-Rice and Levin on the Iraqi Constitution

Is Syriana about the Saudis and Iraq?

Late edition poll:Should Congress extend the Patriot Act permanently?

What do you know about John Yoo?

CAPTION... Hey, how ya doin? I had other priorities..

I Hope I am On Rove's List

9/11 9/11 9/11 I am SICK of hearing 9/11

Talon Database. Talon News. A Connection?

"We Are A Nation At War" Reality Check

Wow...Wolf Blitzer admits that he screwed up and cites Media Matters

An alternative to Iraq delusions

One of the more interesting Photoshop jobs I've had... (dial up warning)

Denial of early trial hurts DeLay hopes of regaining House post

DECLARATION: I will not let America's enemies steal my Christmas spirit

Does the US Constitution give aid to Terrorists?

What's next in Iraq? When do we bring them home

McCain a "maverick"?- defending DimSon on ABC

Howard Kurtz is a hack

Torture/patriot act/domestic spying - what impact on Alito's nomination?

Bush has incredible balls....

All this domestic spying hoopla sure has deflected Novak's

My Repug friend Tom e-mailed me.

Lindsey Graham slams Chimpy's illegal wiretaps

MTP: Condi seems as nervous as a whore in church with a bastard on each

Just found one of the best sites on the entire web...

That Whack Job Duncan Hunter : Put A Wall up on the US Canadian Border

George, stop spying on me, you silly thing!

If Der Fuhrer Bush's spying on Americans on American Soil

About RepubliCONS and lying--I'll make this easy

Wire Taps Legal or Illegal?


Bush fund-raisers cash in by giving — then receiving

Its Really All About The Rule Of Law

What if we woke up tomorrow and Bush was gone?

I saw it as "Cheney Visits Iraq; Attacks (and) Kills 19..." while in

Bush needs to be impeached NOW!

Today a week away from Christmas

Who Were The 500 People Who Were Spied On?

I would love to see Washington DC but until the cancer in the WH....

Patrick Fitzgerald must be named as a Special Prosecutor

VIDEO- Rice on Bush and Iraq War MTP

Jonathan Turley on MSNBC says "President committed Crime"

GFY cheney is so brave

good interview now abc with Vet who will run for Congress.

Condi Rice - what a liar. But she did leave the cat out of the bag.

A sign of the times

Do you believe YOU were spied on?

self delete

Request: Will There Be A Bingo Card For Tonight's "Speech"?

Playing "follow the leader".

The Reagan Doctrine comes back to harm America again

VIDEO-Rice on MTP about Bush SPYING on Americans

Do we have a list of Repukes and Dems that have spoken out against

Ever notice Mercans trample each other and Furriners stampede each other?

Heads-up, CSPAN junkies, Sunday sessions of Congress

So what is the fundamental problem in spying?

Heads up. Murtha on CNN with Wolfie. Next.

***Time Names Its Persons of the Year---The Gates, Bono***

Document details aggressive surveillance of Security Council members

Reid Seeks Probe of Bush Domestic Spying

Caption this photo of Condi

I just lost my last bit of respect for John McCain ...

Bush and the US media has lied about everything for over 5 years straight

as usual, Congress was complicit....

Bush not only broke the law

All 2002 FISA Court requests for wire taps were approved

anti extremism muslim speakers held at airport

Let's drop the big one

Henry Reid on Fox news Chris Wallace right now.

Headline: Cheney surfaces in Iraq

DU This Poll - 'Give' WH authority to authorize spying on YOU?

I don't remember seeing Powell hugging and kissing on a Baghdad ayatollah


I'm six chapters into Bush's Brain

Terry Jones' war on the War On Terror

Intelligent-Design Debate Reveals Limits of Religion and Science

What if Clinton had spied on Americans?

Ariel Sharon has been taken to hospital after suffering a minor stroke

Where are the Dems today in the House? I see

Attention...Looking for a Suductress Democrat Female

Bush said that spying on US citizens is legal. How does he explain that?

My LTTE regarding Congressional oversight and impeachment.

Why was the Help America Vote Act Delayed?

Sharon has had a minor stroke reports wolf Blitzer just now.

DU - MSNBC Poll: Do you agree with Bush's Surveillance of Americans?

Gonzales LIED: Claimed Bush Did Not Authorize Actions…

1758 FISA wiretaps applications in 2004

Lynne Cheney: "We are on the side of right and good."

Featured Program BOOKTV NOW - The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and ...

Why do they keep showing reruns of *'s speech?

REMINDER! Don't forget to watch RANDI RHODES on C-SPAN'S Q & A

Can someone fill me in on this Michael Crook kid?

The Disease Behind Bush's Dynasty

On DVD Dec. 27th: A&E Bio's "Bill Clinton: Hope, Charisma & Controversy"

My new blog and latest rant: the Blog of Shame

Who do you fear most?

Tenet Approved Spying on Citizens & Got A Medal of FREEDOM?

Twas the nightmare before Christmas

Write Your Congressmen! Make sure our voices are heard!

For Olbermann fans: a rare Sunday appearance!

Before this, did you think the Intelligence Community spied on Americans?

Leading Bolivian Pres. Candidate campaigns to be a "US nightmare."

Do Any Of Us Have To Obey The Law Anymore?

will christians boycott BEASTIALITY movie - King Kong?

Condi: I am not a crook! Sorry, I meant: I am not a lawyer!

What really pisses me off...Bush* says he will continue spying....

Cheney drops in on Iraq: VP makes surprise visit; blasts kill 19

Ariel Sharon has been taken to the hospital

Bush hates us for our Freedoms!

Bush defends spying, claims it's legal to do so.

Bush generations have enrich themselves while impoverishing the presidency

The difference between Nixon and Bush

Terror Profiteer Giuliani Sales Pitch: "U.S. in Peril without Patriot Act"

The Forgotten Anthrax Attacks of 2001

It's so he could spy on anyone he felt like- stupid. Dems just say that.

What's next? U.S. Muslim internment camps to "protect" the general public?

VIDEO-McGovern on Martial Law (rule of the Senate)DEMS SPEAKING OUT

So, I own these domains....

Heads Up - Peter Werbe News

Want to wage a war on Christmas? . Don't shop!

Has the time come for every good man and woman to come to the aid of

We want to reform the schools of Saudi Arabia, while we dismantle

Bush has finally crossed the Rubicon...

What's next? U.S. Muslim internment camps to "protect" the general public?

What is wrong with Lieberman? He talks/acts like a puke...

Republican looking for date. Can you help?

How long with this spying story stay front page?

David Sirota asks the important questions re: domestic spying

Who wouldn't FISA have rubber stamped? The law even provides

Meet John McCain, a.k.a. Bush Apologist

Would you support this "War" if Cheney promised to STAY THERE

How much would it cost to get Linda Tripp to call Starr about Gannon's

Web Sites Let Folks Send E-Mail to Future

I can't believe anyone thinks this President is protecting us

Nicholas Kristof / Bill O'Reilly Feud Heats Up

In a show of Iraqi support, Bush & Cheney to walk across Iraq with nothing

Safety or Privacy

Feingold's prescient questioning of Alberto Gonzales

Condi was telling the truth

Please email/fax this to WH/Congress: Amendment IV states:

NSA Spying - The Next Step

Christ Almighty. FreepersThink Polar Bear Drownings News is Funny

"Halliburtons' Top Salesman Wins Year-End Awards Trip to Iraq"

Write to Sen. Feingold: Thank him for standing up to Bush

Narcicism destroying this country?

Interesting freep smackdown...not too hard, though.

LTR to Duckworth, Iraq War vet running for Henry Hyde's seat

She's not person of the year but it is a nice write up

Randi Rhodes on Cspan tonight

Is The Rendon Group Involved in The Domestic Spying Scandal?

My response to John McCain’s comments today.

Was Bush's order for the NSA spying legal because of the Patriot Act?

One Good Thing to Come Out of Iraqi Elections

As A Nation Addicted To WalMart

Another DUer posted this blogspot earlier. . .I'm going to repost it

They HATE it when Hitler Comparison is used....

"Sharon in Hospital After Mild Stroke"

Photo: Iraqi boy peers through bullet-riddled gate

So. Are the "Free Iraqis" thowing flowers at Cheney today? Dancing? Etc.

Drunken Santas on the rampage (It's "Santarchy"!)

If a nuke goes off it'll burn the constitution along with everything else

A nation of whores...

I am happy - Bush DID NOT get TIME person of the year!

You're gonna love this! Dingell's HOLIDAY Jingle for O'Reilly

Republican slogan for 2008: Vote Republican, Return to the womb!

There's a guy on Cspan2 saying most crime is in the RED states!

It's never too late to become the country we once thought we were

Condi on Faux can't explain why court approval

Condi on Fox news Sunday talking of Jr spying. Reid to follow on show.

Lets take a step back and look at the Gestapo... Some of us

Did anyone hear slobber mouth matthews last night

Just finished watching "Revenge of the Sith" on DVD...

OMG! Check out Bush's 2001 inauguration web site!

Heads up, Senate sunday session, CSPAN2 now

My letter to my Congressman

"Sir, what are the benefits of all this work to get Iraq on its feet?

I guess some DUers will give us the whole play by play of the Bush speech

Condi is Pathetic on MTP: "Tim, I am not a lawyer."

It's time to boycott the N.Y. Times

The Monitor up at 6 Central: Ann Wright on Peace. EPIC on Privacy.

CBS Evening "news" talking about Bush and 2005

BIG BROTHER BUSH:The president took a step toward a police state

OK, Condi, if that's true let's just SEARCH THE WHOLE CONTRY!

Don't forget Moragn Freeman on 60 Minutes tonight

Thank you Skinner,Mods and all DU Members...oh shit!

I heard that W got a new suit for tonight's address

I saw a man at the corner banging two garbage pail lids together...

Impeach and prosecute and then to the Hague! Now!!!

It's going to be tough keeping Top 10 Conservative Idiots to 10 this week

VIDEO-Out of the Past-"Torture Pimp" Gonzales hearing with Durbin

DIEBOLD ia almost an angram for DIABLO

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" is nothing new in politics.

What will you do?

Nausiating Football Moment Redskins beat Cowboys but Rep ahs

Here's a chilling thought, what if Congress passed a secret law allowing

Septuagenarian Canadian snowbirds can't evade vigilant U.S. border cops

Why do Republicans get away with EVERYTHING?

My God, we're no better than Pinochet. We have our own 'desaparecidos'

Americans are assholes.

What will the next distraction be, and WHEN?

We NEED Republicans! BADLY!

Thank God for Jimmy Carter

The fish rots from the head down (Culture of Corruption)


PLEASE!!! Someone give Bush a BJ!

Remember the NO Bridge... The original web page (B4 redaction)

My thesis on optimism -- Would anyone vote for this man for anything?

Dying? Go to Switzerland

why were coky roberts and sam donaldson on the panel with george turncoat

Can we call on the UN for help? America is in a world of hurt.

Anybody see this little tidbit in the Washington Post

I need some support tonite.

Bush's assertion that NYT's outing his illegal spying hurts us is evil.

Dick Is Starting to Remind Me of Somebody ---pix->>>

wHAT TIME IS "liar George" on?? Is he on all 4 stations?

WHO did they spy on?

Arghhh!!!! My Dish service has taken off MSNBC & replaced it with faux!

Last week in Congress

I Think The Time Has Come For Impeach Wear...

Wisdom of the Founding Fathers

It's hard missing all my Republican Friends for years this year...


Randi Rhodes on C-SPAN at 8PM

Big Brothers: Orwell & Hitchens.

First U.S. civil-union couple calls it quits

DU this MSN poll: Surveillance on Americans: Do you agree with Bush?

Bob Graham says he was not briefed on domestic spying-as Jr said

Opposite man

We are so being punked. Hello, 1984.

Ok I Have Ate.....

Fox News @ 10:00 PM tonight ...... Liberals hate Jesus Show.

Bush to adress the nation: What do you think he'll say?

The NSA, now a "kinder and gentler" Geheime Staatspolizei

"Guest Worker"? Yes or No?

Wolf Blitzer making up news again

Minnesota National Guard troops get a realistic taste of war

official chimpy speech thread? - use the other thread, n/m this one

VIDEO-Feingold about Bush Spying and Patriot Act from today

UFPJ will no longer work with ANSWER on a national level

I'm sure Randi on cspan has been posted, but I can't find it.

Bush's speech: Predictions?

Why does twit* look tired and worn out? Indeed,

Can he actually make it to the podium without looking stupid? nt

Smirk Smirk......

What Time Is Bush's Speech Tonight?

The spying was done by the NSA...

Reno TV news poll

Who choreographed Bush's hand job? I want his name so I can hire

F*** this. Bullshit oozing out of the speaker. Going out for ice cream.

Hes happy to tout that Iraq has a constitution while he wipes his ass with

VIDEO-Talking Heads on This Week About Bush Spying on American Citizens

Dr. D is back in the USA! (From Bangalore, India)


My take on Bushit's spying

George Bush has declared WAR on all Americans!


"Stuck his finger up my ass and said this is a thorn in the brown eye of

Who choreographed the shell game type hand movements?

Terror, terror, terror, terrorist, terror, terror, terror, 9/11, terror


Watch Black Bush Instead

Big Brother Bush ~ president took a step toward a police state...


US embraces Iraqi insurgents ~

Howard Dean is right, and his views have been proven accurate ->

If you are going to watch *, at least watch Olbermann!

Good People of DU. Save yourselves the heartburn. Turn the idiot OFF.

Great. Iraq is a democracy, they want us out, now. So when do we leave?

Just saw that lying, thieving, murdering, coke-sniffing scumbag on TV...

that was bush's "dinner table" speech

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

Pres BUSH blocking out Family Guy,,,, TO HELL WITH YOU!!!!

Do you hear what I hear?

"still the same raging tyrant -- only now without a throne" ---pix->>>

Local Fox Station cuts in on Bush speech. Anyone else see it?

I HATE it when DU glitches

My family, and I ,love the Simpsons. Now, their Christmas special,

The second time Bush said the U.S. would stay in Iraq until

Damn Bush! He pre-empted Family guy!!!!

Cheney Fields Tough Questions From Troops ~

Joe Biden , you blew it again!

Hilarious Xtian "Review" Of Brokeback Mountain

Never have I seen DU go down during a time like's been

The part of the "speech" where I lost it: "...As your president..."

In case you missed it at the end: We celebrate Christmas and Chaunukkah

Is tonight's speech going to be another rerun?

Bush to America: Please impeach me!

Get your numbers here-Terrorist is #1 by a long ways, WMD comes in second

It's not a "war on terror"'s a...

Transcript via WaPost-Mr.bush's rantings tonight on Iraq

Watch for this re: Bush spying


Why do I get the impression that at any moment, he's going to say

Anybody notice Bush's "live" speech skipping?

Who choreographed the shell game like hand movements?

That warmonger with blood-stained hands just said "Peace on Earth"

Check out 60 min. NOW!

Dear Andy Rooney, please recycle

Tin foil, blackmail and Joe Biden

Protesters Demand That Wal-Mart Exploit Christmas

CNN sit room with woof....

good website on privacy issues

Pundit Wrap up: What did the pundits you heard have to say

Forget Joe Biden. I wanna hear Howard Dean's reponse!

Edward R. Murrow

One minute into it and I'm throwing things at the TV

We are witnessing a historic moment, not a political moment

The address to the nation he SHOULD have given

A democratic t-shirt will get you expelled from a Bush public speech


Bush called the war a 'noble cause' tonight. yes he did.

Maybe we should just start calling him President Nixon.

Outside Looking in

So did the supersecret NSA eavesdropping gear get overtaxed

George's Desk Is WAY Too Big For Him - Don't They Have A Booster Seat?

Who else saw shades of the Nixon Checkers speech tonight.

Bowtie cretin slapped down by Barney Frank. Must see TV.

The Kurds want autonomy;...

Randi Rhodes coming up on CSPAN!!!! n/t

Caption Cheney

Why does Joe Biden have a purple finger?

For the critics of the war, we have only two options :

least of these (graphic)

Why couldn't I log on to DU for about 2 hours? Very odd. I

Is this LIVE? It looks pre-recorded with audio glitches

WHERE is the Democratic Response ?

VIDEO- Was Bush's speech pre-recorded?

Capitol Hill Blue's Doug Thompson sorry he ever worked for Republicans.

Is anyone else having

anyone else having trouble getting Head On Radio to stream?

How was his speech slurring tonight?

It may be just me but I would never vote for a man

OK, here's something from Kansas you can belittle all you want

NYTimes says it has learned hard way that Bush cannot be trusted

What's with all the yelling on MSNBC?

OK Everyone--Heads up.

Justice, mercy, hope....

Bush speech hand gestures to be used in torture rooms.

My Question: WHY Did Bush Go Around the Law?

Baptist Church sign: "Honk if you're not afraid to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Did Bush talk about anything that he is doing for the United States?

Oh Well, "senator lieberman said there's a plan and it is working"

"cute" little freeper email I just rec' stupid are these ppl anyway?

Hunter S. Thompson. Here is something he wrote before his tragic suicide.

How would having paper receipts w/voting machines help?

It's Propoganda Day on The HIstory Channel

Sobriety Check Shows Even a Drink or Two Affects Driving

okay - i admit a weak stomach. i can't watch * speak....

A simple plea: When all this is over, spare real conservatives the...

Dear God,thank you for the Gift of Your Son Jesus Christ over two thousand

Who will invade us and overthrow our tyrannical dictator?

So...this domestic spying is just going to evaporate into the ether?

Santa's List: Which Dem Senators are "Naughty" and "Nice"

Once More, George, With Feeling ---pix->>>

Bush tries to spank the NYT, they smack him back

Jesus: Prince of Peace or Prince of War?

What really is the Iraq body count?

Most C-Span Callers Did Not Support W's Speech n/t

We're not defeatist just because we don't think we've won anything

2000 Florida Election may have been hacked! (Video included)

Lackluster sales greet retailers

Regardless of chances for success, IMPEACHMENT must be called for!


Benjamin Franklin slaps the shit out of Trent Lott

What is the best way to lose?

Latest "Facts" From Alternate Universe Of Conservative Talk Radio

It's time the Dems boycotted the House of Representatives!

hey pink tutus- want redemption?

HGTV has a christmas decoration show......

Spying? How many Americans did Bush render to Egypt for torture?

Do the defenders of Bush ever ask themselves....

Saw Sound of Music Last night, what's esleuse?

I didn't know Bush hated tourists that much.

I Wouldn't Kick Him Out of Embed (from PR Watch)

I Got Asked to Leave Wal-Mart This AM....sort of

Talon Database - a new and improved "Operation Tips"

Republican 12 Days of Christmas

Congressional documents pertaining to Intelligence oversight.

We are NOT at WAR

David Brooks says that immigrants come into America with a culture of

Santa's comment after seeing the speech

Let’s Review -> Fascism, FASCISM, F-A-S-C-I-S-M!!

Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist

Is everybody aware of this?.... 1,052 subpoenas for Clinton......

So whatever happened to the Phase 2 probe into Iraq intel?

Soldiers not real thrilled w/ Cheney (Q&A session)

CNN poll on * speech

Know what's amazing? 2 mothers were the tipping point.

BRAD BLOG: Jeb Concerned About Elections in Light of Leon County Hack Test

Does DIEBOLD Tend to ATM Machines?

Peter King, R-Rep, NY, is laying out the entire republican strategy...

Did Ashcroft ask for wiretap expansion, was rejected & they still did it

Not a damn thing about Katrina Families

Radical Militant Librarians and Other Dire Threats

If there are no impeachment proceedings, there is but one response...

How likely did we think it was for the Patriot Act to go down a month ago?

Do you think the public is ready for an open call for impeachment?

Genetic Modification? For or against?

How Can We Verify What Happened in Cleveland on Election Day 2004?

Duers. have their head up their but on this impeachment issue.

I am not drunk. Please hear me out.

Would calling for impeachment make you vote for a candidate?

West Wing VP Predictions

How Soon Until DU is at Level 4

Not Person of the Year, but.....

Dear Gov. Dean -- No One Is Above The Law In America

The real, gigantic story being missed , especially by the media

What is your Socio-Economic Position?

I call you out, New York Times.

POLL: Did lack of a position on VIETNAM hurt Dems? Could it with IRAQ???

Secret Service 9/11 Coverup

The freepers are losing it

"Is this power and freedom or a post-feminist backslide?"

OMG this is fabulous! Everyone should see this! I collapsed in tears!

Viewer Email -- Drum beat begins: Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment

"A Christmas Story" dinner is on for today

Please suggest a veggie dish with my meal

Pizza crust

WTF??? Tories and NDP working together????

Israel’s Sharon hospitalized after fainting

Drunken Santas on the rampage (It's "Santarchy"!)

Soldier calls Afghanistan prisoner abuse probe (political) 'witch hunt'

Morales leads Bolivian election: 1st result

Report Asks if Some Poor May Lose Coverage

Cheney Fields Tough Questions From Troops

Senator Graham on NSA leak and Bush's responsibility

Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist

Bush signs stop-gap spending bill to Dec 31

Bush: Pull Out Would Hand Iraq to Enemies

Rice defends Bush decision on eavesdropping in US

Lawmakers Call for Domestic Spying Probe

GOP Leaders OK $41.6B in Deficit Cuts

Group Claims U.S. Torture in Afghan Prison

Google blamed for jump in high-tech pay

Did Bush talk about anything that he is doing for the United States?

(AP) Bush Asserts U.S. Is Winning Iraq War (do not...despair..give up).

Cheney backs torture ban but warns of complacency

Socialist Claims Victory in Bolivia

Police raid Beijing gay festival

Analysis: Bush Drops Rosy Iraq Scenarios

Swiss first to allow assisted suicide in hospital

ANWR face-off looms

House GOP Drops Campaign Finance Measure

Oranges are not the safest fruit - they all exceed pesticide limits

(SC) Unemployment Reaches 7.1 Percent

Israel fears it is Zarqawi's next target (Israel less safe due to Iraq)

NYT: Louisiana's Deadly Storm Took Strong as Well as the Helpless

Columnist Resigns His Post, Admitting Lobbyist Paid Him (NYT)

Smoking ban would shift risk to children at home

Analysts: Crackdown Won't Halt Immigration

Write Your Congress Person- Impeach Bush

Wal-Mart's presence spurs growth

WTO Draft Sets Deadline to End Subsidies

The Talk Shows... (today's guests to be interviewed)

DeLay dealt setback in bid to regain post

Suburb in complete lockdown

President Forcefully Defends Wiretap Policy - Says Lawmakers Were Briefed

President Acknowledges Approving Secretive Eavesdropping

Cheney to visit allies in terror war

Domestic Spying Issue Inflames Debate Over Patriot Act Renewal...

Frist's charity raises question$

East FW residents resent redistricting

Security incidents in Iraq, Dec. 18

(AP) Bush Defends Secret Spying in the U.S.

Reid seeks probe of Bush domestic spying

Deadly violence returns to Iraq

Criminal probes entangle numerous Bush fund-raisers

Ruling in Cuyahoga could gut Ohio ban on same-sex nuptial

German TV Says Hostage in Iraq Is Freed

Iraq vote complaints top 200 : U.S.-election fair, parties-results suspect

White House never told of pre-Iraq war intelligence doubts: Powell

Justices Are Urged to Dismiss Padilla Case - NYT

U.S. Navy Sailor Rescued in Arabian Gulf

Australians receive (Chinese) inmate organs

Cheney makes surprise visit to Iraq

Bush to cite Iraq progress in key address

Swiss open [criminal] investigation into CIA flights

(Sydney) Suburb in complete lockdown

U.S. Muslims Discuss Combating Extremism (and fall prey to profiling)

Senator Says Bush Is Acting Like 'King George' (Feingold)

Eavesdropping Effort Began Soon After Sept. 11 Attacks (New York Times)

Sen. Reid calls US Congress 'most corrupt in history'

Marine dies from non-hostile gunshot wound (# 2155 )

For Leaders of Venezuela and Colombia, Common Ground

AP: Petition by death row inmate, 75, rejected

'Super Size Me' filmmaker plans film on conservatives, science

GIs in Iraq Choosing to Re-Up

Vermont could be in Venezeula's cheap-oil pipeline

U.S. firm paid $20M for Iraq propaganda(Lincoln Group)

U.S. studying wall along Canadian border

Colombian President to U.S.: Stop Meddling

Cheney says Sept 11 attacks could have been averted with wiretaps

Time Persons of 2005: Bill and Melinda Gates, Bono

I am NOT - I repeat, I am NOT -

And now... Music!


Oh dear Lord; doing a google image search of a misspelled "home alone":

OK, who's coming over to cook me for dinner?

My dream to hear? "Mr., you've got pretty good taste in music"

Anybody like wine?

Late-night earworm:

I'm tired, so I'm just generically ranting about stuff

Denis Leary's Merry Fuckin' Christmas Special

Favorite Christmas Song...

this just in ever christmas cookies

The saddest John Lennon photo (pic may be upsetting to some)

dupe delete

Well. I'm tired and have to get to bed.

I'll give the Soviets one thing...

I can't get it up tonight.

I'm wearing a Patty Hearst T-shirt...

Has anyone seen "School of Rock"?

So who is going to be VP now that Leo has passed away?

I am so excited!!! I go on vacation tomorrow and I can't sleep!

Christmas is actually Pagan.

oh, man, i just saw laura bush on tv

You know what would really piss the Republicans off?

Good night all.

Live and let live, baby

A hymn of peace ( Freepers note the chorus)

Whose got the funny?

Well, that's settled!

Christmas is actually Pagan.

Gomer and Sgt Carter...were their girlfriends...uh...working girls?

Does anybody else ever fall asleep while reading?

GAH!!!!!! Please comfort me in my time of desperate need!

Remember POW bracelets?

If you've got a blacklist I want to be on it

Question for those who have Sirius radio

So How Was Your Office Holiday Party

Good Sunday Morning, Everybody!

George, stop spying on me, you silly thing!

I just got a haircut

Wonder how Scooter's enjoying his Holiday season

Sunday morning earworm. The State Rock song of Ohio.

We went out for Thai tonight!

Shameless Plug for My GD Topic--"TIME Picks Its PotY"

Give * a Flu Shot - Somewhat cathartic ad on AAR

Brokedown Ministration

Animal oddities of 2005

Threesomes - just to top crazy's thread- anyone?.

Anyone have a spare floatilla?

Spill the wine and take that pearl

Ironic car-license plate pairing of the day

Pray, what does this portend?

One of my feline overlords has fleas again

Did you know that 1:00 and :60 on a microwave will

The Joys of Adopting an Older Rescue

Is it possible to be allergic to a Christmas tree?

Mrs. Sniffa and I are tripping face....ask us nothing

Any of you folks remember when dishwashing liquid, e.g., "Joy "

Hey it just started snowing can i go out and write enlist

To take a Nap...finish some work...or wrap presents...., that is the

What's more fun to have?

Really funny: Bush's Year 205 Round-up from JibJab

Drunken Santas riot in New Zealand

I made a mess in GD

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

Robotic Bartender - Joke

It's only 7 pm here and I've opened the wine. Damaged my friend's

***BOYCOTT FuzzySlippers' Christmas thread here***

Has anyone noticed that "licking lips" smiley has the tongue on the


Who is the sexiest Mr. Darcy?

Republican looking for date. Can you help?

Stupid joke of the day :-)

Pediatrician rant... I've had enough.


Today I would be Mozart if I could

"And I've met the leaders of leaders. I've met them all."

Bay Area DU'ers: Severe Thunderstorm Warning SF, SM and Marin

Holy cow I think I killed the lounge

Caption this please

8 posts until 1000, So I guess.....ask me anything

If I ever meet a toy designer from Tonka

The Wizard of Oz is on tonight in my area

Music genres you KNOW we need

Oh my Niners...why do thee suck so badly???


WOW! My cholesterol is down to 169!!!!

So is el pretzeldente going to speak on EVERY network tonight?

Why Santa does not come to Cheney's in Wyoming

Okay folks, it's time to play "Top the retort!"

Cowboys vs Redskins NOW!!

My four year old daughter said this as she was brushing our dog:

It dropped TWO degrees in ONE hour.

So is O'Reilly going to attack NFL on Fox tomorrow? Their scoreboard

Anyone know where I can find size 20 mens socks?

Did King Kong deserve execution?

What would you like me to get you for Christmas?

Does true love exist?

Did you know there was a difference between Country AND Western?

Looks like Cheney decided to tunnel his way to Iraq from one of his

I have SUCH a *#(%&*# headache this morning. (*#&$*&#.


Rum ball recipe???

I'm beginning to think that the doctor messed up.

Morgan Freeman coming up on 60 Minutes.

CHUD has just released it's Top 10 Worst Movies of 2005...

The local WB station is airing 'The Wizard of Oz'

Simpsons is hilarious tonight! (no spoilers)

Bush Bingo

I like to say "the" in front of every noun.

How come people in personals ads CLAIM they want someone different?

When you know that your kids truly understand the reason for the season

'The War at Home' HILARIOUS tonight!

How come all those baby diaper commercials use blue liquid to test with?



Dr. D is back in the USA! (From Bangalore, India)

Dammit! My single-bulb kitchen light fixture just burned out.

Bill Cosby on raising kids


Anybody want to listen to Moran's Address? Lounge style.

DUers - please do my Christmas shopping for me. (not really)

Family Guy 'thread'

From Family Guy tonight... if you could have seen it

Is Randi Rhodes the greatest thing since sliced bread?

cuteness overload

Icy, icy hiking pix from today. (dial-up warning)

That preemptive sonofabitch. Damn, what a slap in the face.

Journalist Jack Anderson died today. He was 83.

Don't forget this link when DU glitches

Air America is coming to Orlando!!!!!

New Xmas song from Kevin Bloody Wilson

is this holiday season better or worse for you than last year?

You need this drug. You just don't know why. Yet.

It's Kitchenwitch vs. Finnfan in the DU Fantasy Football Super Bowl!!!

Help! I messed with some some proceses in task manager & my desktop shrunk

Sometimes it don't pay to get out of bed! (Rant)

YES! I've got a star again!

Here's hoping 2006 is better than 2005.

My family is driving me crazy

Is Clint Eastwood a republican, or not?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/18/05)

I almost ran over two nuns. Ask me anything.

Bad Santa is just starting on Encore East.

What A Great Weekend :-)

Cathy! Heathcliff! Cathy! Heathcliff! Cathy! Heathcliff!

Doonesbury does it again - great Intelligent Design Sunday Comic!!

Second hand smoke kills...

I just got the best Christmas card, ever.

Official Status Report Thread

So I go into the bathroom to, well you know....

Is there anything more hilariously absurd than Elvis's "Ol' MacDonald"?

OMG, I just checked the rain gauge.

I just saw a Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Really awesome Americana photos from the 40's

Is there anything more hilariously absurd than 'Ol Elvis McDonald?

Christmas In India - A Serious Question


DU women with SO's... sick hubby question

Is it just me - or does Sen. Lindsey Graham hit anyone else's Gaydar?

Would someone please ask Skinner to unplug the Holiday lights?

Went for a casting call in a low-budget movie yesterday.....

*******MILESTONES******* 12/18

Homerpalooza - Peter Frampton appreciation thread

Check out my new website:

Puffins being wiped out as shrub chokes nesting sites

That loud sound you all heard was my head just exploding!

Remember to enter the iPod giveaway contest!


this is the worst 'famiLy guy' episode ever!!

Apple. iTunes. Visualizer.


I just adopted a new Chihuahua. Long-haired...he's got that doggie

Lubinski had nothing to do with the Hucklebuck.

With John Spencer gone, what will West Wing do now?

"I won't be able to buy my son the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip!"

Gatorade Poll

Cincinnati Bengals, 2005 AFC North division Champs

My first picture post on DU...My children.

So...Have you seen "Chronicals of Narnia" ...How is it?

The Pale Fountains

Universist Jokes

Just Saw King Kong. Wow!

Since the GD people all ignored me, maybe you will all like my poem...

DU women: I could really use some advice.

Gretna Louisiana. A day that will live in infamy.

Post your Desktop Part 2

Ok. Who wants to get married? I'm available.

Nighthawks 51 (dial-up warning)

I just finished re-readin' 'Salem's Lot...the NEW illustrated edition....

evlbstrd's Job Interview Makeover!

Do you know someone who became suddenly wealthy?

WTF? I have no words to describe the fuckedupedness.


WOW... Can the Chargers beat the Colts?!

The reason behind Christmas presents...

I want to get married for political purposes:

I just did Jennifer Granholm

Anyone heard of the Kolbrin Bible?

Anyone else have abusive older siblings while growing up?

Science Journal: Wikipedia Pretty Accurate

breaking : Scientists rebuild part of mammoth’s genome

Clay found on Mars; evidence of past water

Professor savages homeopathy

Evolution... Genetic Modification... a moral dilemma?

Brokeback Begins Its Breakthrough Bid

Economic realities lift gay rights

Elton John: Gays Need Global Equal Rights

"Paradise Lost," Article in Washington Post Magazine

Brokeback Mountain Week 2: Weekend Gross Up 330%

Opinion's of outsiders on Ron Artest

Tiki, Tiki, say it ain't so!

All these people saying the Colts should rest their starters

The Upcoming Bush Bowl

Grossman coming into the game???

Bolts beat Colts!

'Skins BreakBack of Cowboys...

Congrats To The Colts and Their Fans

Congrats Chargers fans!

Spoil your kitty!

The Joys of Adopting an Older Rescue

A break from the madding crowd: Awwwwwwwwwwww......

Remarkable Days

Would anyone like to join me

New poetry up at poetsfor

The miscreant dynasty

Kerry on the Patriot Act and other subjects

OT I posted this in GD it is one of the most powerful and touching things

Clarification RE: Stories and Pictures

Anyone know the Senate schedule for tonight?

The power of stories. Share JK stories here.

Quotation that describes Bsh to a tee ...from Shakespeare, of course.

OMG THIS IS HUGH!!!11!!! (Have you SEEN this?!)

More Kerry in Esquire


The Frozen Falls of Minnehaha

Canon A610. Anyone have any experience?

Photoshop gurus...

Talk to me about megapixels.

Presidential Speech KOEB!

While we impatiently await the 2nd day of Fitzmas

Does anyone else....

So who's going to be around tonight?


president makes definitive pronouncement about ongoing criminal case

House of Reps Love Extreme Legislation

Embedded Journalists' Credentials Pulled After Publishing War Photo

Iraq vets making a run for Congress

House Chairman Admits GOP Congress Not Sufficiently Investigating Bush

"I'm terribly sorry to tell you your family member has no brain activity"

Politics, shame & the truth

Health Care for All, Just a (Big) Step Away

Action Needed/Campaign on Bush spying....

Merry Fitzmas? Rove indictment?

Latin America Looks Leftward Again

The Politics of Bush Monetary Policies

Jonathan Turley, prof. of law at G.Washington U, also claims

Wake Up America!

Since BUSH is spying on us.........

Bobby Eberle running for vice chair of Texas GOP

This is not about spying and terrorists.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette : Front page about Bush** cronies getting

Don't forget 1hr of Randi on C-Span 1 at 8pm. nt

The Big Stall: How Bush gamed the media to get re-elected in 2004

Presidential Pipeline: Bush's top fund-raisers see spoils of victory

As Bolivians go to polls, U.S. (BUSH)watches, worries

Go Senator Levin!

Matthews predicts 50K troops will remain in Iraq beyond 08

I will not be watching the bitch Rice lie on MTP, I will tune in to see

Rice on MTP: "the President's wiretapping was within his authority"

WaPo: "VA...first state systematically to look through (convictions)

Sydney Police Seize Weapons Amid Beach Unrest Fears, NY Times 12/17/05

The "Story" at

I have a new word to propose: Bushi'ites.

Need help. United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court?

"Lieberman meets with Bush for obedience training"

Co-conspirators Bush and leaders of congress?

The White Death of Fallujah (Chris Floyd) War Crimes

It's beginning to look alot like Fitzmas. Everywere you go...

Spin, Spin, Spin.

Remembering the First Quagmire at Christmastime (Florida)

Gannon the Ho bad mouths Ron Reagan

US Holding Children in Prison Camps as POW's

I Keep Hearing That Polls Indicate That The American People....

Just what is the duty of a free press ?

Rove might be indicted next week! Great holiday present if true.

Is there a procedure for conducting a national referendum?

Patrick Kennedy's response to the WaPost

C&L Vid Clip: "Bob Barr: The president violated the law"

Bob Casey leads Santorum in PA ... or does he?

We must ask : Are these people qualified to be US Senators ?

Time Magazine Persons of the Year: Bono, Bill & Melinda Gates

Bush: silent on illegal outing of agent, says illegal spying leak illegal

Should Democrats start using couriers to communicate?

Campaign donations will skyrocket for all who seek to prosecute *bush.

If Bush were to declare martial law tonight

"Cheney looked at Clinton but didn't respond to her remark"

"U.S. business leaders paid Bush over $75 million...he's paid dividends"

The legal gynamistics of GW Bush considering "international calls"

DUers! Meet Tammy Duckworth today on THIS WEEK. . .don't prejudge her!

MISNOMER: The Patriot Act

We need to find some people who have been spied on, get them on CNN, etc.

Cheney In Iraq - * To Make Address Tonight - Is Something Else Going On?..

Cheney finally visits Iraq for 1st time since before invasion

Let's look at "The 500"....

Bill O'Reilly edited Dingell poem to characterize it as a Fox News attack

What would you hope to hear from Bush tonight???

Oklahoma Lawmaker Proposes 'Unborn Child Ultrasound Imaging Act'

Arlen Specter: "Let's not use this as an occasion to attack the president"

The Coronation of King George

Sen Lindsay Graham is bending GWB over his knee and whopping his ass on

Bush's Fumbles Spur New Talk of Oversight on Hill

Anyone have the list of e-mail addresses for our esteemed

Super-Patriotic Dick Chickenhawk Cheney Surprise Iraq Visit Photo Album

Ex-FBI translator's case may reveal Plame's crucial CIA role

Behold our Christmas King.

sharon has a stroke and palestinians are celebrating, giving out

It would be interesting

Why do the Iraqis only get Imaginary guns?

Torture Act Bogus

Boy, boy, crazy boy, stay loose, boy... Freeze it, buzz it, easy does it..

Great talking point from Russ Feingold on Patriot Act (MP3)

Blame Clinton

Why a 9:00PM start time for the speech?

another example of neocon cunning and deceit - a la Bill Kristol

Pushing the Limits Of Wartime Powers

Are you going to watch *W's* speech tonite?

He was right. So what?

Occam's Razor and Illegal Wire Tapping by BushCo

FYI the senate is in session C-SPAN2

From My 14 Yr Old Son:"I am NOT proud to be an American!"

Can someone help me understand...

DU Psychics: Will Bush show more visible signs of anger tonight

McCain is like CHARLIE BROWN and BushCo is Lucy holding the football

CNN frontpage SHOCKER: Tonight's speech will discuss "staying the course."

Unfreep This "Bush Spy Approval" Poll, S'il vous plait!

This is why * thinks he can spy on you disregarding the Constitution:

Randi Rhodes on C-Span (Sunday 8pm est)

Sen. Reid Calls US Congress 'Most Corrupt in History'

Big Brother Bush

Gen. Clark on Fox News Sunday 12/18 11:15 AM ET

We create terrorists by killing the innocent! n/t

Bigger Brother

Prez says PLEASE let me torture, bomb, and fight in Iraq

HIs speech tonight if you want to read it.

So, if Bush decides that Laura is getting on his nerves and, thus is

Congrats DC protestors! You made NBC news.

Give 'em hell Barney.

He's on now....

Randi Rhodes on C-Span now n/t

Gen. Pace: we have obligation to stop torture;Rumsfeld was perplexed.

what's worse: NYT revelation on spying on Americans or keeping it secret?

The miscreant dynasty (the Bush family)

Look how much it took to bring Bush to his knees.

Is Florida getting redder due to the flow of Cuban refugees?

McCain on "This Week" WTF is he talking about??


FYI the house is in session C-SPAN

Jeb Bush questions the reliability of Florida's electronic voting system

My bumper sticker idea

Taking Back the House - dKos

Santa's List: Which Dem Senators are "Naughty" and "Nice"

More John Kerry Tells Esquire What He’s Learned Benefit the Rebuild the Coast Fund

He lies and lies and lies and lies.... And then he comes clean.

anybody have a link

Is This The Most Textbook FASCIST Post Ever On FR?

my latest neocon battle...a little help?

ThinkProgress: WH Lied About Having Briefed Congress About Domestic Spying

Donaldson Great Today

There will be no impeachment hearings unless Democrats are in charge

If Bush broke the law, he must be impeached!

The End of Faith - Sam Harris C-Span today.

ACTION! Operation Flabbergasted: Let's Watergate Bush

Australia's Dangerous Fantasy

I went caroling at KKKarl Rove's house last night! Really!

Start up the shredders boys !

Bush "Spiked" bin Laden investigations prior to 9-11-01

Am I misunderstanding? DLC saying we fought to spread Democracy?

Questions for the DLC (and everyone else who wishes to participate)

Big Brother Bush

Bush, NSA & Wiretaps - Hot Off The Biased, Leaky Press

The Left's New Majority

The Blame Game (Re: Racism, Hurricane Katrina)

Italian tycoon: Treasury offer to Bibi was joke

Former state senator killed in traffic accident

Alternative holiday party /"Alive In Baghdad" fundraiser, Cambridge, 12/28

Going to the big ODP Holiday Party? COL OH Mon Nite 12-19-05!


saving lives with illegal spying...bullshit...

Kill them all for peace on earth?

Why do the MSM and pResident....

Histroy Channel NOW! Duke Cunningham in Vietnam

Will We Hear From Murtha...............

Senator Frist AIDS Charity Paid Consultants- Paying Off Evangelical Groups

Gov. Bush Calls For Further Review Of Voting Machines

Sleeper Cell

Two views of Fallujah--the irony in the second is...well, so typical....

"Time's Person of the Year" on CNN!

Sen. Graham (R-SC) rewrites history on CNN: War Powers Act

Doober urges his opponents not to despair

"Humor is Dead"

Bush's talking point "Defeatism" is aimed at making Dems NOT speak truth.

Does this Sound Familiar....Bushspew tonight

Which story will get more press tomorrow: Bush's speech or Bush's spying?

Molly Ivins: "Dammit, when will they quit LYING?"

Neil Bush spotted in Asia with Sun Myung Moon & exiled Russian billionaire

The House just came back to debate the defense appropriations bill.

C-Span "Live" in the at 12 MN..Whats Up?

Right too busy now to fight gay cowboys

Once again, it's Residuncial poll time! How much of his horseshit did you

"Not The Main Story Of The Day"

Bring them Home Now George-

Photo of Bush joining some of his roommates

That sonofabitch, ending his blabbering by invoking God.

Randi Rhodes tonight on CSPAN was great, and here's why.


How can illegal wiretaps be used as evidence against an American?

PHOTO: "We're nummmer one HIC!!!! Ish my finger purple? BURRP!"

Who said "What luck for the rulers that men do not think" ?

Now THAT Was Some Great News From President Bush Tonight!

New Vocabulary Word: Now We Have Terrorists, Saddamists & DEFEATISTS >>

Ever wonder what 2000 looks like? This is gut wrenching.


What I wish Bush had said :

Lately there's been a HUGH increase in spelling errors on DU

Is CIA helping the GOP subvert the Constitution and rip-off taxpayers?

Long after the tsunami's deluge, 1.5m homeless still battle to survive

Reuters- US defends decision on domestic eavesdropping (now Cheney)

U.S. Is Winning the War in Iraq, Bush Declares (IHT/NYT)

Dead men voted in poll, claim Iraq parties

Kristof challenges O'Reilly to visit Darfur with him

WP: Pentagon's Intelligence Authority Widens

Reid pleased with first year leading Senate Democrats

How was the Simpsons tonight? Worth seeing?

The Boondocks is really good tonight


Has anyone else used these Crest Whitestrips?

"Your reality, sir, is lies and balderdash

Hmm, is there a PC "task manager" processes bible of good/

Hey ladies who bash howard Stern...

Anyone watching (or WATCHED) "America's Tsunami" on the Discovery

You have GOT to see this. You have REALLY got to see THIS!!!

would you fly halfway across country just to meet someone for coffee?

This is the way the Chicago Bears play football

Biblical analogy?

why is the homeopathy topic still open?

Male Bengal cat available for adoption!

Next thing you know, he'll have Harry Reid over for dinner....

"his first address from the Oval Office since he announced the..."

Bush manipulation: wait til after the elections, confess, say US must stay

"Weapons of Mass Destruction-Related Program Activities"

Sen. Graham: “I Don’t Know Of Any Legal Basis” For Bush’s Secret Spying

So what do we do if Bush's massive PR campaign works?

Faith & Consequences: What Terri's Law cost the Republicans in Congress.

WH press party pics---dig "rabbit ears" over Karl Rove's noggin...


Considering running for office toward decade's end - where to start?

"I will continue to do what I think is right."