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Archives: December 17, 2005

Hot Monkey Love

Living in the Enron Dream World By JOSEPH NOCERA--NYTimes

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: America's anti-torture tradition

The US is now rediscovering the pitfalls of aspirational imperialism

A Half-Century of Spying on U.S. Citizens

Shocking The Conscience Of America: Bush And Cheney Call For ...... Shocking The Conscience Of America: Bush And Cheney Call For

Killer Santa // Nick Turse Offers the Seasonal Shopping List from Hell

Maureen Dowd's editorial from today's NYT anyone?

Does anyone have Molly Dowd's editorial from today?

Teacher Fired for Talking About Peace?

Radio Address by the President to the Nation (televised also)

The expansion of Presidental power/authority (news analysis)

Cynthia Tucker: Campaign for religious state is no blessing

Reflections in the Evening Land

Molly Ivins: Another Mission Accomplished

President Takes Responsibility for Wrongheaded Invasion of Iraq!

Louisiana's Storm Took Strong As Well as Helpless (NYT) (Heartbreaking!)

$210 Billion Down the Hole

Bad timing for Bush on eavesdropping claims

Seniors jailed for selling meds to drug addicts

The Struggle Against Ourselves

Oregon governor wants marine sanctuary for whole coast

Regulators Said "Go Easy On FL Panhandle Polluters", DEP Staff Say

World is at its hottest since prehistory, say scientists

Israeli man killed, two wounded in West Bank shooting attack

Egyptian-Israeli trade expected to rise 130 percent this year

Iranian leader's Shoah slur is music to Meshal's ears

Saudi envoy: Arabs 'made peace' with establishment of Israel

Israel shells Gaza, imposes closure in wake of rocket fire

Israeli consul general takes jab at Muslims

British UN worker unlawfully shot

Former IDF chief sued in U.S. for Kafr Kana shelling

Israel: Hamas win would be disastrous

The Disappointing Trajectory of Amir Peretz

Do Peace and Justice demand Music, not just Truth?

As We Learn More And More Of What This Administration Is Capable Of

Diebold sued by four law firms.

Well...Well.. ViNovak's husband Dem for the Federal Elections Commission??

CA SoS Announces Creation of Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 12/17/05

GuvWurld Roundup: A Tumultuous Week For Election News

Orange -- for the ticked off!

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr on Theft of Election 2004 - Ring of Fire/AAR, Today!

dkos: voter suppression expert nominated to the FEC! Who are the others?

Thought you Californians might get a kick out of this

Rep Doolittle Targeted

"Feinstein is a "Marxist leftie""

Calling All CA Duers! Help Defeat SOS McPherson's Plan to Bring Diebold...

Come to All is Fair

December 18th Solstice at Coldwater Spring

Sat's Strib Bloghouse section

Town Hall Meeting on Iraq with MN Rep. Martin Sabo - Jan. 3rd

Ohio UAW does a heckuva job

Texas Gubernatorial Poll

DU Poll on the Texas Governor's Race

Judge deals DeLay a setback (more Merry Earlemas)

If you are a Democrat and want to vote for Kinky....

Russ will be on “Good Morning America

5th District People: Hit Sensenbrenner Hard

I'm thinking about running for alder-person in Wausau

Who has gotten latest gas bill?

Eavesdropping Scandal-Freeper calls for Impeachment

Hymen surgery- NOT A JOKE!

So do we know if the Grand Jury actually met today?

You know, if it REALLY is "Our Money", why can't we just decide

Graffiti from Pompeii

David (winkin' blinkin' and nod) Frum was on CTV with Mike Duffy again

A new JibJab!

Rove Carols Song Book - Treason's greetings!!!!!!!

My opinions on Air America Radio

Sciavo, War, Abortion, and the Death Penalty....

First Schiavo, now Xmas, do Xtians need something to do? They

Has Liebermann weighed in on the spying by dimson & co.?

Not One Veto

Another frivolous lawsuit -- Trent Lott's

Israeli consul general takes jab at Muslims

Emotionally draining politics 'debate' with a friend...

War on Christmas story

US Detainee Debate Complicated by Elusive Definition of Torture

On this administration's watch, the following have occurred:

US Army officer charged in Iraq fraud scam

c-span2 replaying katrina testimony with ray nagin. n/t

Bush to use radio address today (SAT)--to urge Congress to renew

Washington Journal CSPAN Kendrick Meek is on. Let's support

Must be Conservatives that Read The C-Span Site According to this poll:

Levee Aid Tied to Arctic Drilling Debate

Dubin on CBS talking of Patriot Act

BBC's Allies on Trial

Is it too much for the House to actually define "victory" in Iraq...

Lover gets deal in FBI spy case - Lover was a Republican fundraiser too

Rasmussen CA Poll Has Steroid Arnie Trailing 2 Democrats

C-SPAN up now- Internet governance

How do you declare war on a movement?

Does anyone have the full text of Kucinich's speech yesterday?

Death sought for teen accused of killing girlfriend's parents

What do Atheists believe in during the current affront to humanity?

They (Bush Regime) Can't Win -- We (Legitimate US) Have a Shot

The most pro-Republican companies hate Christmas the most

The lying bastard is on msnbc

McCain-Bush “anti-torture” measure gives legal cover for continued abuse

Today He'll Spy On You - Tomorrow?

Feingold on CNN: "What Bush is doing is ILLEGAL"

WTF! The Commander in Chief breaks the law and spies on American Citizens

Prisoners Left to Die in New Orleans- Does Anyone Care?

Hate Howard Stern or love'em,he's given us a priceless audio clearinghouse

The War on Christmas.....

So Bush PERSONALLY Approved Spying On U.S. Citizens

Bob Novak on his way to Fox News - for real

Filibuster looming over ANWR shenanigans

"We live in a different world."

Honestly, if anyone attempts to defend this action of B*'s, I'm going

My Texas Gubernatorial poll

Help me understand please, Whats in it for Lieberman?

Faux Snoooze lies

Blood for Oil - the irony is stunning (check this out....)

Short take on Novak going to Faux.....

Soldier Christmas Greetings for Bush

It`s time for impeachment.

BBC: Bush admits he authorised spying (and blasts the NYT)

No Exception Given For The President


Repubs join HJ Res 55

Bring It On Conyers: Say it NOW -- I-M-P-E-A-C-H-M-E-N-T !

Iraqi Vets Return Home - To Run As Dems For Congress

How to stop the NSA from spying on Americans in 30 seconds.

Cheney taking off to visit Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc... next week?

Ask Your Congressperson Who In Your State Was Spied On

Put Political Buttons on! Mine says Jan.20,2009 Hang in there America

Is the Pentagon spying on Americans?

The Repugs are defending this NSA crap!

This is it people. Free or not free?

An E-Mail From A Soldier

All of this government spying on it's own citizens,

Primary beneficiaries of the Iraqi elections? It may be the Iranians.

Columnist Resigns His Post, Admitting Lobbyist Paid Him

Another Paid Conservative Propagandist?

On Hill, Anger and Calls for Hearings Greet News of Stateside Surveillance

Speaking styles and psychology:

mundane legal question: is a lawyer needed for a will?

"They hate us for our freedom, therefore, they'll love us if we've none."

Taleban shoot teacher in Afghanistan (continued to teach despite threats)

So now that the president admits that he allowed spying on the American

bush on cspan NOW

Democratic members Senate Select Committee Intelligence

The Elected Dictator.

After KATRINA Everything Changed.....

The sneaky frat boy took to the air today to tattle on his critics

MSNBC Live Poll: Was President Bush Right To Authorize NSA ...

If we needed the patriot act to 'protect' us- why did Bush let it expire?

Sunday Talk Shows

I've just canceled my NY times subscription

Are any Dem leaders supporting Feingold?

We should start calling him the Emperor.

Hillary Clinton said that Bush Mismanaged the that a criticism

CounterPunch: Did Karl Rove Hide or Destroy Evidence in Plame Case?

you can't establish democracy in iraq unless you have a dictatorship here.

What exclusives did NYT get for keeping this story quiet?

Can we call him HITLER yet? Is it FASCISM yet? "Bush Demands....

I already know the Sunday Talk shows are going to turn my stomach

If OxyRush thinks its ok for gov't to spy, shouldn't he drop his lawsuit

VIDEO-Letterman Bush Jokes

Is Little Lord Pissypants delusional?

Shouldn't the New York Times be facing a HUGE class-action lawsuit?

Impeachment is way past due. In this Season of giving, let's not forget...

Civil Liberties or Less Safe

I'm afraid! I just saw a known Quaker on the street!

Congress in Saturday Sessions 

Its Not "Eavesdropping" Its Spying

Russell Feingold Kicks Shrub's Lying Ass

Great article - the role of 'faith' in the USA vs other developed nations

Urban Outfitters: Don't go in there in the first place.

China outraged over `Geisha'

Message to Righties we are coming for your guns

If the President can take the law into his own hands…

Hopefully the NSA didn't take phone tap lessons from the FBI

WTO PHOTO'S... All hell broke loose!

T’was The Fight Before Christmas

We can win the war on Christmas. . .

The new pledge:

"They think I'm a hottie" ...

The Senate has voted against the "Patriot" Act renewal, will LIHOP occur?

Should Nancy Pelosi be LEADing the House of Representatives?

I'm going to be one pretty POed citizen...

there is an Ode to Richard Pryor at the Black Commentator

Agents' visit chills UMass Dartmouth senior

I want to know WHO was spied on.

No, King George....YOU put our citizens at risk....

Anyone else having trouble getting to sites? I can't resolve Google,

"Americans don't want to lose the war"--this is what Bush has going for

Who was the brain trust who claimed this would be a mild winter?

Hydrogen misconceptions, once and for all, we need to know

If they say liberals are namby pamby wimps who are out to protect everyone

Mr.bush's speech, rewritten for accuracy

CBS News: Reed's Greed

To Americans who after 9/11 said they'd trade civil liberty for security.

Two WWII Vets Spearhead Anti-Iraq Campaign

Who should a Democratic president spy on?

homeland security....old style.

Caption this... ->

2 polls in 1, both being freeped

Jack Anderson died

Two more conservative columnists on the take

Sheehan is selected as "Best Stand"

Barney Frank on cspan the Hourse right now doing good.

A wee bit o' desperation in bush's speech today, perhaps?

The Holidays are Here and We're Still at War

Chimpy's war against the NYT--

Smirk said that revealing classified info is ILLEGAL....

Hey, freepers...

'Tis the Season for Love, Peace and Political Activism!

My Bill of Rights

Janeane Garafalo's dad on "Left of the dial"

I am afraid the only way the neo-Nazi cabal can save itself

Limbaugh the propagandist is brainwashing my friends and countrymen

My letter to Senator Murkowski

Jean Schmidt: "They think I'm a hottie!"

W iretap - One Nation Under Surveillance


On December 18, 2000...we thought Junior might have said this in jest

Hypocrisy, thy name is still Fox! "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" from Fox Sports

We need to change our House of Representatives to a

Question: Do the party leaders in Congress hold positions on commitees?

Can someone in Congress finally have the guts to bring up charges

How I expect Bush may attempt to recover from revelation of his crime

My Christian Beliefs

Well i never!!!!


Robert Novak Joins Fox News: Darth Vader deeply disappointed

DU This aol poll domestic spying 62% no eavesdropping 62% no

The New York Times' excuses for its behavior are laughable

Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation of Southwest Flight

President Forcefully Defends Wiretap Policy

Hugo Chavez. What's going to happen when

So if I make a post to another member who does not live in the USA

New Years Resolution(s)

Jean Schmidt- Which turns your stomach more?

Romper, Stomper, Bomper, Boooosh...and you....

HC told Cheney it would be a positive experience to see the troops

Next time some Ahole tells you "leave the country if you don't like it"

In 2007 when Bush is impeached, can he be impeached on more than 1 crime?

Reponse to Robert Cooper and Don1

Bush is a moral relativist on war, torture, spying, etc.

Did anyone watch the Brooks and Shields debate on NewsHour

I'm traveling next week to Arizona

Response to kliljedahl......

"Earth, Wind, and Fire" Tribute on Ice. Stupendous!!! TV NOW!!

Bill O'Reilly: Catholic Church ignores Christmas and sex abuse victims

Either we, the American people, agree that the Constitution is a viable

Have you purchased a gun (or thought about it) cause of Bush?

V for Vendetta (another right film at the right time?)

WTF? Bush calls Iranian president "an odd guy"

Benjamin Constant: "An usurpers sole resource is uninterrupted war."

Fired reporter who refused to go to Iraq wins claim against ABC

ABC/NBC turn on President: He could be out of office in "48 to 72 hours."

Patriot Act WTF

In times of universal deceit......

Child Abuse .... Warning Graphic Photos. Please sit down first.

Coming up at 5PM on the History Channel: Iran - The Next Iraq?

Who is the DCCC?

Bill Clinton tickets sold out in 24 hours!

We should start calling him the Emperor.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If it gives you poo...

IMHO, the events of the past few days have boosted my opinon of...

Ralph Reed: You're going down!

shenanigans in the Senate - NOW

The single best reason I can give for support of the DP for some crimes

Refute: Those in power must hate us for our freedoms, else they would not says Drudge + Most News Media Leans LEFT - HA!

Ummm.....Need your opinions on this blog I just wrote

Brits Tortured Nazis in Secret Camps AFTER World War II

I hear freeps calling for civil war and I admit, sometimes I salivate.

Fourth Amendment reference material thread

December 17, 1999: Clinton admits to authorizing spying on Americans

Dispatches: Kidnap and Torture American Style - New UK documentary

Speculation Builds Over Why 'NYT' Put off Bush Spying Scoop

bush appointing Viveca Novak's hubby to FEC.....WTF?

Any Big Names out there?

Alyssa in St. Bernard Parish Has lost Everything Over and Over Again. wtf?

Torture Is In

Thanks to GW, the Terrorists Have Officially Won

Just When I Thought I Knew all the BushCo Monsters

Global Warming Protest turns violent .... The world is sick of bush. PIX

Holiday day is only a week away.

Open Question As To: Bush Defends Secret Spy Orders...

* now claims DeLay isn't innocent. Can you say flip-flop?

Kill the messenger.

As long as I am president!

Jeff Sessions (R-Dork), the twang of democracy Photoshop idea

World Can't Wait March on DC for Bush State of the Union Speech.

The thing that is wrong with our minimum wage stance,

"visible anger" in Bush during speech today abc news now.

Gov. Jeb Bush says he supports reviewing voting machines after tests

You were all right, and I

Is there really a "War On Terrorism" or was 9/11 an isolated incident?

Kristof challenges O'Reilly to visit Darfur with him (Sunday NY Times)

i wonder if it bothers freeper types

A March On Washington - The Congress - Is Needed In January

Sen. Jeff Sessions

King George to America: "Fuck all of you!"

This graph from Bush's address

Die Abteilung der Heimat-Sicherheit

Who's on the List of potential American Terrorists, pray tell.

christ's personal executioner

Jack Anderson died today.

Wounded vet says war was 'mistake' - Running for Rep. Henry Hyde's seat

They use to deny the mistakes, or ignore, or not comment and bully!

Austrian Boy Hero Lights Vatican Tree

Do Congressional Repugs now realize the havoc created by voting in virtual

Bush has never been punished for illegal deeds, so why start now?

OMG Look at this response I found in cyberspace

Coming soon to a theater near you: "The Republican War on Science"

Revolution against King George; where have I heard this before.

"Moron Error"

Serial Killer Confesses to 30,000 Murders; Receives Applause

VIDEOS-Abercrombie and Kucinich on US Policy in Iraq

Yesterday they couldn't confirm story-Today Bush Admits He's a Criminal

Here Are The Main Reasons Stupid AmeriKans Think We Should Stay in Iraq...

Nadler on Flanders now.

He is a president not a can we as individuals bring charges

Christmas magic show sparks outrage

Watching tape of Bush's speech about terrorism

Remember the mother who died when her baby was cut out of her last year?

BartCop "Amazon Annie Issue" a Fun Read

Hitler had his people's support all the way to the bunker.

FreedomAngel82!! YOU HIT THE NAIL on the head!!

1,003 days. 1,003 questions...

An iteresting Law and Order at 8 tonight. Warning spoiler (repeat)

A discussion on USSID 18. Everyone please read this!

Man... I Didn't Think This Song Could Resonate Any Stronger, But Today...

Let's start a new website asking George to spy on us! Help name it!

Phony "war on Christmas"

VIDEO-Bush admits this morning he spied


1992 Inquiry Report of Missing Anthrax at Fort Detrick (2002 item)

My LTTE of the NYT

``We have a president, not a king" (More Feingold on CNN)

President Bush was quite articulate in the Jim Lehrer interview (link)

Bush Spin On Pre-War Intelligence Disputed

Harvard-educated business elite or indigenous Aymara Indian?

If Bush is above the law, then EVERYBODY is above the law

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

Bush now claims he never said Iraq and 9/11 were connected

Chimp's speech: he wanted to crow about Iraqi elections tomorrow BUT

Congressman Dingell Pushes the Landmark fifty years.

Morford: Fun Bits About American Torture

Congressional reaction- Let's hope they follow through on their fine words

Why won't Dems stand up to Bush's spying policy? Oh wait, they ARE!

Heads up for a good TV documentary- "The Oil Factor"

Folks, you need a sense of humor in hard times, and mine


"that this nation...shall have a new birth of freedom"

Lott is connected not only to the CCC, but to ABRAMOFF

POLL: Did the New York Times release the MONKEY SPY story

"Revealing Classified Information is Illegal" Who said this today???

CNN just promoting Operation Just Say Christmas

NEJM: Glimpses of Guantanamo - Medical Ethics and the War on Terror

everybody now, repeat after me......

A Rove indictment would just about do it for the chimp...

Why is MSM still so timid,so absent?

PHOTOS: Don't expect a citizenry who condones THIS>>>>>

A juicy tidbit for DUers. The "randy" Bu$h brother is gay (or bi-)!

The saddest bit of all about the criminal acts by Bush

The "madness" behind Chimpy's "method"

Anyone else wonder why...

Bill Frist Talking Hanukkah!

Hold your Nose and DU this poll: "Unions - Harmful or Helpful"

"House Republicans made a last-minute attempt Saturday

You MUST see this picture!

For You Has This Year Been A Year Of

VIDEO-Tom Brokaw Shills for Bush Spy-on Americans

Just look on the bright side...

Does a knowledge of "real" history promote progressivism?

A legal challenge to * is a must if we are to survive as a free country

You know, wiretaping is what J.Edgar Hoover used to use to blackmail

the WH spin machine must be getting desperate...

Bush Picks New Nominee For FEC-(He's Also V. Novaks Husband?)

Left to Die

Overseas call centers may not save much

Wal-Mart Confronted on 'Happy Holidays'

Rove could be charged next week, Fitz met with GJ for several hours Friday

AOL Poll: Are His Wiretaps Acceptable?

Bush's unchecked Executive power v. the Founding principles of the U.S.

best benefit of using VOIP phone service....

Lying is Fine, as long as it's for a good cause

Sunday Morning Talk Lineup (Murtha, Reid, Feingold, and...zzzz)

Heres a thought Do you think Bush tapped Fitzgeralds phones

CNN Poll: Should the gov. been given authority to spy on us? going on now

Why so many deaths all of a sudden?

Just a reminder to visit They are with us.

Iran's Ahmedinejad - the Neocons' new Saddam?

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan...

Do you like flying monkeys? Looking for a date?

What are the 5 most important things happening in the world today?

Rep. Jean Schmidt(R) Says That She's "A Hottie"

More financial shenanigans by Frist

What do you say to people who believe....

Write to Senator Reid and DEMAND the Democrats stand up to this tyranny!

Powell defends rendition, says practice is not new

Feds visit student over communist book

Bush attacks New York Times for jeopardizing national security

Caroling at Karl Rove's House!

Senate saturday session starting now - CSPAN2

Moral Ethical Pillars My Ass - The Greed Of Ralph Reed...

Has Bush brought about the end of America

They Thought They Were Free, by Milton Mayer

To the apologists: "If you aren't doing anything wrong, why worry

Anyone Know Why Randi Rhodes Avoids Talking About Israel?

Republican Ticket in 2008: Giuliani/Lieberman

WP: At the NY Times, Eavesdropping Scoop Deferred

Bob Graham: "I was not informed of a domestic surveillance program."

When will they start reanming everything for GWB?

What will Bush do?

Benjamin Franklin Said it Best

Of sexual abuse and terrorism

Persian Fire - Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque

David Corn. Can liberals/progressives really trust him?

How long did the NY Times sit on the spying story?

Mainline Protestant Statement on the Federal Budget

document details American plan to bug phones of Security Council members

I wonder...

The Secret Government

DU CNN poll: Was the New York Times right to publish details of a secret..

A recommendation for liveoaktx !

graph of troop deaths in Iraq- We are NOT making progress!

Name the domestic spy scandal.

"Bush knows what's best for us. 9/11 changed everything."

A FOX News Stooged Event? -- The Iraqi "Go to Hell" Granny

TV Blackout movement for 9pm (EST)-12 midnight tomorrow!!!!

My Letter to the Editor about Bush's spying

PPublic Relations Strategy of bush's speech today

George W. Bush has come full circle.

Does ANYBODY at the NSA know how to disobey an illegal order ?

Quickest way to shut up a freeper when it comes to Saddam's brutality

Never forget.

Chimp appoints Viveca Novaks husband to FEC

VIDEO: Outrageous! QUEEN ELIZABETH'S airfield used for CIA torture flights

Did anybody ever read the list of grievances against King George?

Just returned from a republican Christmas Party

I'm baffled. Why are all these churchs closing on Christmas day?

This Year I'm a Christian Gone Bad. No Baby Jesus and my Creche!

The "War on Christmas" and American Values

Sometimes the Chinese have the right idea

It's amazing that the president of the U.S. got on national television,

DU gender poll.

THAT'S it!!! I'm really ticked off

Hey! Bush! Fuck you! Spy on me you prick! You'll find out I never

Class and Classism: Do you care?

The crimes are so huge and so bold, the American people cannot grasp them

BOOK TV Schedule December 17-19

Very General Poll #1 - Are Things Getting Better Or Not?

This Ain't your Mom and Pop's DU for sure...nor your Grannies DU

"Within the law..." eh Bush okay'd Spying on Americans - Without Warrants

For those of you who think the 2004 election wasn't stolen - if they will

VIDEO-Kucinich Comments on Bush Spying

This really, really scares me.

Inspired Video! "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Benefit Hurricane Survivors

Bob Barr on illegal spying: "the Constitution is the Constitution"

10,000 files collected for Bush's enemy's list: Wilson, Moore, Boxer, Kos

does anyone think al quaeda is really a threat?

Why spying is wrong: "Its the Secrecy, Stupid"


War on Christmas? BAH

Check out

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance - US Code. Worth knowing.

Republicans are planning to steal the 2008 election.

Why not just get warrants? That's the question.

Bush confessed to crimes on National Radio -- Mirandize and book him.

Interesting encounter in a bookstore (RE pornography)

Every damned one of us, write your Rep on W spying, post here!!!

TOONS: Bush & The Constitution === >

2 egg whites = 1 egg right?

In the bizarre dept - the infamous Jet Powered Beer Cooler

Great Turkey Dressing recipe for the holidays. rest, or not to rest?

Do you remember caramel marshmallows?

Let the baking begin

Any lexan food safety issues?

Caption This...

Grrrr... Canadian Immigration system bureaucracy

Experts cautious in assessing Iraq election

Pressure mounts on Fazio to quit

Casino Partner Pleads Guilty in Fraud Case

MP calls for ban on 'unsafe' sweetener (aspartame)

PETA CAUGHT killing animals after "rescuing" them from local shelters.

Red card for Arnie

Lawmakers Still Working as Holidays Near

39 die in Chinese hospital fire

House calls for details on overseas detentions

Poll: Bush continues to get poor marks in Michigan

5th Circuit rejects the late appeal by inmate with low IQ

Columnist Resigns His Post, Admitting Lobbyist (Abramoff) Paid Him

Senate Rejects Extension of Patriot Act (stunning defeat for Bush)

Jet evacuated after bomb remarks

US calls for sacking of Iraq's interior minister over Sunni prisoner abuse

Repubs join HJ Res 55

Atlanta Journal--Texas county attorney weighs Reed inquiry

WP: At the NY Times, Eavesdropping Scoop Deferred

Iraq’s election a victory for Iran

Body found, bringing Katrina toll to 1,321

Poll: Many Oppose Immediate Iraq Exit (57% & 36% immediate exit)

Magazine says CIA received German file on German captive

Many rail against Stevens, ANWR

French company proposes natural-gas port 10 miles off Ft Lauderdale coast

Vote nears on drilling in refuge

HILL TO VP (Chickenhawk Chain-Knee): GO TO IRAQ

'Exploited' maids form trade union

Revealed: MI5 ruled London bombers were not a threat

Gitmo detainee attempts suicide again

A sour note for choir at Wal-Mart

Bush Raps Senators on Blocking Patriot Act

(FL Senator Bill) Nelson Decries Spying in U.S.

Big changes loom for captives' rights (may lose even more legal rights)

Australians warned of terrorist threats - Bangkok Post

(Gov. Mark) Warner Protects Gays in Va. Hiring

Nigerian women riot over 'indecent' bikes ban

AP: Frist AIDS Charity Paid Consultants

Bush: Eavesdropping Helps Save U.S. Lives

Spies warned of Tube attack

Bush Defends Eavesdropping...

Polar bears drown as ice shelf melts

Two WWII Vets Spearhead Anti-Iraq Campaign

WTO states reach deal: Indian minister

Austin, TX agrees to oppose Minutemen

DeLay's request for speedy trial on hold

Gov. Bush calls for further review of voting machines

Columnist Admits Lobbyist (Jack Abramoff ) Paid Him

WP: Bush Includes Congress in New Iraq Tack

Sheehan Leads War Protest in Spain

Democrats: Health care, job creation, defense key (radio address)

Columnist Jack Anderson Dies At 83

UN investigator confident Syria behind Lebanese PM's killing

CNN: U.S. troops fire at armed civilians in Kuwait

White House 'never told' of WMD doubts:Powell

Santas run riot in Auckland

Overseas call centers may not save much

House OKs bill to build fences along border

Protestors break through barriers at World Trade talks

Reuters--HK police tear gas WTO protesters, detain 900

Louisiana's Storm Took Strong As Well as Helpless (NYT) (Heartbreaking!)

House Votes to Toughen Laws on Immigration

Protest over 'prisoner flights'(Scottish airports)

Oregon governor wants marine sanctuary for whole coast

WP: In New Orleans, No Easy Work for Willing Latinos

Later-baby mothers earn 10% more

Judge orders jail for man who ran porn site with war dead photos

Lieberman says Bush turned corner on Iraq

MI5 colluded with CIA over suspect sent to torture jails

New law means not all babies born here will be citizens (New Zealand)

Taliban executes teacher in front of his pupils for educating girls

Report: Britain ran secret prison in Germany after end of WWII

PM's (John Howard) call to save Christmas

Powell defends rendition, says practice is not new

TV: Bandits Kill Iranian President's Guard

Volusia to replace voting machines (a 2nd FL county dumps Diebold)

Pulitzer - Winning Columnist (Jack) Anderson Dies

Pennsylvania can disarm domestic abuse defendants

Powell: U.S. will stay in Iraq for years

Torture ban does not affect U.S. military, says Rumsfeld

Bush Picks Controversial Nominees for FEC

Bush's Fumbles Spur New Talk of Oversight on Hill

AP: Frist AIDS Charity Paid Consultants

U.S. military continues to feed articles to Iraqi press, denies wrongdoing

DeLay Fails in Bid to Get Quick Answer From Judge in Texas Case

Leftist set to be Bolivia's first Indian president

Allawi camp alleges Iraq vote fraud

Bush Acknowledges Approving Eavesdropping (televised radio address)

CNN: Bush attacks paper for jeopardizing national security

Appeals court ruling favors grandparents (gives them visitation rights)

Sen. Accuses (New York) Times of Endangering U.S. (Cornyn)

Federal Agents visit U.M senior for his research paper on Fascism/Totalit.

Pelosi Statement on President Bush's Authorization of National Security...

Sen. Lott Weighing Re-Election Campaign

Castro's 'miracle' cures the poor of blindness

Hey, there's a Jon Stewart for President t-shirt at Evolve Fish.

I am feeling sad really cool neighbor is moving away......

My good neighbor was working on his front porch dressed as an

Today was a good day

Graffiti from Pompeii

Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas...

Heard a terrific comeback to a "traitor" accusation today.

Good Evening

Q: If the doors in the fence are to keep Kong in, why are they big enough

Willy Wonka (2005) I tried to hate it... I really did...

If you don't have a song

Hey, yall!

Vanilla Rum and Diet A&W

Poll: Does Crazy Guggenheim have a burr in his britches?

I am making popcorn, anyone want any?

I can't find the rule

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies

Anthrax attacker had to be a freeper.

Someone please help me find my funny!

Mind your own damn business!

Anyone else NOT give a shit about Howard Sterns last day on the job?

This is for MiniMandaRuth's friend!

Nighthawks 50 (dial-up warning)

Saturday morning earworm (spreading the joy,

Poor Hermie :(

Is anyone else having problems watching Daily Show clips off the website?

I've never started a fire wile cooking until 20 minutes past

I'm listening to Willie Nelson singing Frosty the Snowman. Nice cut.

What does St. Nick suffer from if he's stuck in a chimney?

When online dating goes bad

Huge sculpture stolen

Phil Spector is insane

"Good Will to Men" Cartoon on TCM now (anti-war cartoon)

Not enough cuteness in your life?

I'm going gift shopping. Don't do anything funny* while I'm gone

Nick and Jessica: short, short version...

Guilty pleasure NetFlix recommendation

I Need A Lover

I like Big Butts and I can't deny

I see faces in the oddest places

Wasn't it just last night I was wishing for a cat? One found me tonight

Question about Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo

No matter where you have your party, people end up in the kitchen.

Weird kitty behavior - should my friend be worried?

Mall Santas and capitalism tee hee

Just bought me a new git-tar

Have you been Naughty or Nice this year?

Figure Skating fans

I'm doing my part in the War on Christmas. Are you?


On Comedy Central now.

I got a Dyson

How to figure out miles per gallon that I am getting in my car????

Bob Boudelang's Xmas Wish...

Sick people! Check in here and join me in my misery...

Student sells dead relative's morphine--to buy an iPod

let the wild rumpus start!

WoooHooo for kitchen gadgets :P

re: PLAN X

So this is Christmas

Sam Kennison appreciation thread

if bushie owned a funeral parlor, no one would die.

Am finally in the holiday mood - here is what happened...

How low is your headset right now?

woo-hoo, killing an evergreen for baby jesus!

I hate being wanted

progmom on the air 12-2pm - post your jazz requests here

How many of you have seen this video? (Wizards in Winter)

How low is your heart set right now?

ooohhhh my aching brain

Creflo Dollar ministries will help you experience sexual ecstasy!

Wanna have some fun with a dumbass con?

Whew! Nothing makes you feel at home like a nice bowl of chicken rice soup

Who else hasn't started xmas shopping yet?

"Is there a reason why you're naked?" Little Britain.. THE FUNNIEST

An acquaintance is coming back from Iraq...

Shhh!! Don't look now, but the Patriots are dominating people again...

Full Length trailer now out for The DaVinci Code

"The West Wing" and Janeane Garofalo

"Toy-ture" LMAO

I've seen my first valentines display in a store.

Laminate floor question

"Earth, Wind, and Fire" Tribute on Ice. Stupendous!!! TV NOW!!

"Goodness makes the badness go away........"

There goes my day... DAMMIT!!!! &*^%!!!!

Just DON'T, okay? (pic)

Now, watch this thread stink

That's it! I'm sure the Apocolypse is coming!

Professional tilers, my hat is off to you all.

Why would my parents sound concerned during their last phone call?

I made pregnant woman cry...on a walmart argument

I made 2 litres of eggnog. Ask me anything.

Do people realize who sang the sports arena song "Rock and Roll"?

Karaoke Revolution for PS2 - it's addicting!

Should Red Bull be sold in 2 liter bottles?

If I Had It To Do All Over Again, I'll Do It All Over You

WTF? McDonalds' very phallus looking sign

So, hypothetically, which is worse?

Question for the fashion police

Something to make you feel really good

Which of these three things do you take to GD?

Does this guy have too much time on his hands?

Management company sent very religious Xmas card: What to do?

She is a hottie, dammit

Two malls, Costco, and a World Market later...

Anyone else watch Nip/Tuck?

'Tis the Season for Love, Peace, Music and Political Activism!

Tips on what to get those hard-to-please

Now, watch this thread sink. n/t

+5 out, down to -5 tonight. Where should I go?

When is the state of the union speech ?

At this time next week

The Daily Show's America: The Book: The Audiobook is hilarious!

Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum('Tis the season)

OK, Mr & Ms Fix-its, you can probably relate...

The UK Sun - so scary it is satire

If you see a guy with an eagle and swastika tattoo on his head...

Anyone here play Civ III?

I Got A Woman

Now, the weather liars are saying it's raining and it's

What is this device that needs batteries?

Found elsewhere

Thanks to DU Loungers for being here for me during my time of emotional

The Daily RetroLounge Poetry Thread (Sat 12/17/05)

Can I get an AMEN!!! My Holiday Shopping is done!!

I'm hungry for the first time since Tuesday night

Toast: To wives and sweethearts....

Can anyone give me info on satellite tv service? Is it still possible

I miss riding my motorcycle.

Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas

Will Americans buy Anything?

Someone please explain the meaning of the word TOUCHE`

What are you getting for those impossible to please

Blue-Jay is out of town. Let the havoc begin!

Tonight for our work party, we got a limo and went to a swank

And now a random fact about Chuck Norris...

Doing my end of year donations, what are your favorite charities/non prof?

Child Abuse .... Warning Graphic Photos. Please sit down first.

Enough of this frickin' COLD! Bring back the rain to the Northwest!

Now I know what happens when metal gets too close to an MRI machine

the black gestapo

Shhhhh....Sniffa is sleeping

Okay, I'm getting ready to go out to the first holiday party....

Selling lifestyles or selling cars?

I talked to a soldier in the 155th, which is returning piecemeal from Iraq

Police whack giant snow penis

I'm naked

Don't tell my kids but here is what they are getting for Christmas

OK, who's coming over to cook me dinner?

Anyone else ever read the obituaries in your local paper?

Lou .........

I just heard a commercial for absinthe!

Broncos and Bills about to kick off

Santas run riot in Auckland

Kittenwar: May the cutest kitten win.

What do you want on your Tombstone?

O boy, am I in trouble...

My stomach shrank

Have a question about being a bone marrow donor

Laura Nyro, J. J. Cale, Van Morrison

Source to buy original "Flight of the Phoenix" movie?

It is at times like this when I wish I were tall.

Ding dong! The witch is dead! The ex is GONE!!!!

Its Snowing Here

Good God. This season makes people more dumb than usual(Shopping rant)...

Great Turkey Dressing recipe for the holidays.

Happy Holidays from Xultar and the kids... (Pix heavy)

Three men and a microwave.......... a rant.

Thanks to Rachel Maddow I have a New Online Song Toy

Hey, 180-- ever fart in your wet suit?

A "Must-See" video...

Husband's work party tonight.

There's a store called "BJ's"?

I'm officially old: Kids I used to babysit now have kids...

Baby loves playtime! pics (dial-up warning)


You don't love a woman because she's beautiful. She's beautiful because

What words do you want to have carved on your gravestone?

Help! Do you happen to know a country music video that I heard today?

Anybody like John Denver?

Post your favorite healthy recipes please...

*******MILESTONES******* 12/17

How low is your heat set right now?

Okay, my wife and I are looking for a good Christmas movie to watch

I should have been in my nice warm bed 2 hours ago.

Parents: Recent cute/funny thing your kid/s said?

I'm leaving DU.


Caption this picture

Soldier Christmas Greetings for Bush

Calling California Peggy!!

How do you define evil?

What is a "belief"?

A poem about Intelligent Design

My Christian Beliefs

Internet Dating Fun.

Gov. Warner (D) gives gays protection in state hiring / posted in GD:P

Romney announces he won't run for re-election. Both Republicans pro-gay

Looking for a fairly high-volume messageboard

The Pats just embarrassed the Bucs

So who will win - The Giants or The Chiefs?

Kennel Cough -- any advice?

Just lost my wonderful cat, Teddy.

Rove's chart revisited

Astrology and the karmic wheel

Does anyone else read Kryon's channellings

Dupe, self delete.

Young Democrats run (not Kerry-related, but an inspiring story from Ohio)

Because I love you, Kerrycrats - The many moods of John Kerry

I found a cool site--John F. Kennedy v.s. Richard Nixon

Get Kerry goodness on iTunes!

THIS is what happens to journalists who DO THEIR JOBS!!

WTF? Bush calls Iranian president "an odd guy"

I love reading "step away from the kool-aid" smackdowns (letter to editor)

THAT'S it!!! I'm really ticked off

John Kerry speaks at Baldacci fundraiser

Some past comments on Kerry (Albright and Biden)

Interest Poll About 2008--Without Hillary

ANWR in the defense Bill - it seems it may pass as Democrats refuse

The power of pictures...

Waveland Mississippi, after Katrina (low quality)

So I got this printer and .....,..... (color management for free)

Sunrise over Turnagain Arm

A Practical Proposal for the KOEB Clubhouse: Bay Airs

'Tis the Season for Love, Peace and Political Activism!

Bush sound so coherent....

MSNBC Poll: 70% say Bush-authorized "eavesdropping" unconstitutional

Thought you might like to hear Rod Smith's speech at Florida convention.

Help me out here...

John Rothman on KGO just said maybe a reason for impeachment

Oh, the IRONY: "Ask The White House" about The Patriot Act (12/16/05)

Bush doesn't agree with Sept. 11 Commission on post-9/11 failures

Sunday night, Bush "will talk about the importance of our mission"

Wanna Win the War?

Russ Feingold has a blog on the Table for One

Why is everyone so anxious to have Fitz indict Rove "for Christmas"?

Impeachable Offense

C&L "Must-See TV" Vid Clip: Scotty gets hammered over Bush-Delay comments

I think it is GREAT that the Iraqis voted--I really do!

British spy operated at heart of Sinn Fein for more than 20 years

White House Web Site Photo Essay: (Lack Of) Hurricane Relief 2005

CRS Report Concludes Congress Didn't Have Access to Full Access to Prewar

In survey of ten US presidents, Bush fares badly (Duh!)

Why was the intelligence so bad? (Elephant in room.)

Photo: Yes, I must agree, he looks like a man who "did the right thing"

Anybody have a link to the vid with Sununu and Hannity from last night?

I Refuse to Be Scared or Intimidated

Bush - mocking everything our fallen soldiers fought for.

Time for a change

Giuliani lies about the "wall" returning if Patriot Act not renewed

What happened to all the stories about * calling the Constitution a

Freak Republic Is Only Concerned That Bush Got CAUGHT Spying

Democrat Rally Cry...

It really isn't about DLC vs. progressives

"Appearing angry at times during his eight-minute address...

Bush is winding up for a Fall

LOL Faux hires Novak

Suddenly, all the Republicans are returning Abramoff money. Has Bush?

DU Delusion or chickens coming home to roost? Bush & Co. in Death Spiral?

What races in your area do you think will be competitive in 2006?

DU the CapitalNews poll

Burns not giving money . . . wait . . . yes, Burns IS giving money back

Is America ready to elect a Mormon as its President?

Bush claiming responsibility for the war in Iraq was just

did bush really say: "We were welcomed as liberators....

Wait a minute! We were fighting over there so we wouldn't have to fight

Warner Signs Executive Order Protecting Gays In Hiring

Jean Schmidt: "They think I'm a hottie" (3 recent marriage proposals)

Frist AIDS funds paid for his political aides! Another indictment?

Look at the TRAITORS talking at FreakRepublic!

When "datadumps" go bad!!!

And where are the names that were spied upon ?

you get what you pay for

Please Support Impeachment Advertisment for : ImpeachPac.

Sen. Patrick Leahy: "Bush Admin. seems to believe it is above the law"

Frist compares Patriot Act defeat to "retreat and defeat" policy for Iraq

The U.S.’s actions do not create trust

More Hot Water for Frist: Charity Records Raise Questions

anybody know when the GJ is supposed to meet again?

Feingold deserves serious consideration for the Presidency.

Permission slip for dictatorship?

Bush nominating Viveca Novak's husband to FEC

General Discussion: Politics has become just like the Lounge

Bush: Warrantless spying is "exactly what I will continue to do"

Timing of paper’s report on domestic surveillance questioned

NY Times: "One Principle as Bush Pushes Prerogatives" (Claim it's legal!)

US House votes to wall up Mexico border (700 miles)

Wait 'til John McCain finds out he was on Bush's "spy" list ...

Oh...wait a minute...I thought that headline referred to Bush. My mistake.

'If the president does it, it is not illegal'

Paul Hackett's new TV ad

Huffington Post: "More Trouble For Frist"

Is Bush ASKING for an impeachment? He knows it would NEVER

PATRIOT Act in Limbo Amid New Spying Flap

"A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier..." Truth in jest!

The difference between Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Bush?

W.H. Transcript / Video Clip of this morning's Presidential Temper Tantrum

Sun Myung, Boris and Neil Bush

What will be in Bush's speech tommorrow night?

Anyone have this Murtha email link to donate to the DCCC?

Something up in the Senate. C-Span 2

Analysis: Legal Problems Add to GOP Woes

Neil Lisst cartoons: Weekend review - all 5 cartoons

Is America as we knew it lost forever?

Lindsey Graham (R-What Else) fearmongering now on C-SPAN 2.

Any reports yet on caroling at Karl Rove's house?

He sees you when you're sleeping - he knows when you're awake

Michael Moore's "7 words you can't say on television," 2005 Edition

Jack Cafferty

Should we re-name the Senate, "Planet Hollywood"?

bush on cspan 2now!

John Kerry speaks at Baldacci fundraiser

Has Sen. Lieberman reacted yet to Bush's eavesdropping admission?

Oprah's magazine touts Napolitano as president material

Frist corruption on Yahoo! now--vote it up!

More Bush Cronyism Instituted, This Time At The Federal Election

National Geographic gets it right.

my thoughts and the link to take action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...The Hammer won't be getting "votes through the House" for a while...

Just heard on ABC News that Jack Anderson has died

OH-Senate: UAW endorses Hackett for Senate.

OMG. tweety just gave a eulogy for eugene mccarthy. anyone

Now on C-SPAN: Debate over defense appropriations bill and attachments

Bush is going to give a speech tomorrow night and he will pretend...

Bush told "members" of the intelligence Committee?

Republicans push campaign finance bill to hamstring Democratic groups

DNC new ad about Bush not sharing intelligence with Congress

Iraq Election News Coverage: Complete - American Election News: Unreported

growing group of a dozen Iraq veterans running next year most as Democrats

Judith Miller witnessed alleged torture at the hands of Israeli's

Remember ECHELON? This is how they intercept communications

Russ Feingold on George "I Spy" Bush: "He's not King George Bush"

Does Bush really say "2-0-5"

My Republican's Friends comment - Troops are Republican

BUSH Is The One Who CUT AND RUN...On The Constitution!

Why Congress is angrier about phone snooping than false arrest and ...

Boycott Bush tomorrow.

Novak Leaving CNN to Join Faux News

The same old song from scrubbie

OMG! O'Reilly was right about the War on Christmas

We are SO getting to him.

NSA officers check in.

2008 Platform Proposal: A WEAKER EXECUTIVE

Novak/Plame/Rove: Two moral quandaries

Ron Paul on C-SPAN

Truth and Mainstream: Howard Dean

RW rags advocating that Bush should keep information from Congress

MSM networks told to carry Bush speech LIVE tomorrow night.

Fl. Elec. Dir. Now thinks 2000 election hacked

Jack Cafferty on CNN rips Bush a new one

Is there anything to prevent the Senate from scrapping the defense

National Journal Insiders Poll - 2008 Presidential (Hillary, Allen lead)

Potential Democratic challenger could kick Rep. King (R-NY) to the curb


World Bank employees paranoid about cabal cobbled together by Wolfowitz

Was Bush using the NSA to spy on DEMOCRATS?


Name who you think is the most fearless Democrat

Ben Stein: "Bush will go down in history as a great peacemaker"

George Galloway speech at

Kathy Dopp: ""ES&S is a Good voting machine company - NOT like Diebold"

Kucinich/Paul Resolution: let the Iraqi Gov't decide on occupation

Hey DUCKWORTH bashers. . .you got it wrong on her war views. . .LOL

In the footsteps of Che Guevara: Democracy in South America

Chomsky on Terror and Iraq

Holy Lemon -- Voting Machine : )

Re: * Radio Address... Does Anybody Know Which Congressional Leaders...

Pro-Freedom Quote of the Week

Britain ran torture camp after World War Two: paper

It is really important to remember at this special time of the year

Torture ban a powerful political statement but no guarantee: analysts

Influential congresswoman faults Bush on Iran

Frist's AIDS charity a front for cronyism? It seems so...


Will Chimpy and Pus Gut (Chinny) Serve Their Full Terms In The WH?

WP: Pushing the Limits Of Wartime Powers (A Must Read)

The director of Syriana just scared the shit out of me.

What Will You Do When/If bu$hCo. Goes Down?

I Dare Fitzgerald to......

Sunday talk shows... as usual with Biden.

More than 100 of them drowned. Sixteen died trapped in attics.

Bush Couldn't talk about NSA Spying because "were at war." then...

PHOTO: Christian activist tries to steer shoppers from Wal-Mart re: Xmas

I just figured out how God's plan got screwed up. Barbara

"Everything's Changed Since 9/11"...

Washington rumor flying

DU this poll- If it is the only poll you DU this year. Thanks Helderdheid!

How Dare You Question ME? I Am the Great OZ! ---pix->>>

Has anyone noticed the extremely dumb poll question on Fwee Wepubwik?

What if President Clinton had been caught spying -

Does anybody subscribe to Stephanie Miller's podcasts?

Going to spray paint my aunt's Christmas tree orange and set it

Why they hate US

Will Bush EVER have to pay for his crimes?

Orange hats, gloves, scarfs, sweaters for winter. Wear everyday.

So, how much eddykashun you got, Bozo?

Sears Employee said "Merry Christmas" to me and I was offended

Have you ever hesitated posting something here for fear of bushco snooping

Any Egulleter's here?

great quesadilla tortillas....

Analysis: Legal Problems Add to GOP Woes

World is at its hottest since prehistory, say scientists

Wal-Mart Confronted on 'Happy Holidays'

Wounded veteran: War 'a mistake' (L. Tammy Duckworth)

I saw u2 live the other night

Merry Xmas!

Government spies

Virtual Christmas Present for All Lounge Dwellers Thread

Just a heads up - Neil Young and Jack Black on SNL

Looking for a wintery sig pic?

I think I am going to bed. I am tired and I have been aching all

Did Jack Black just say "fuck" in his SNL monologue?

What Ever Happened To . . . . . .

What should an Atheist do???

Kerry in Esquire

Heads up in GD:

As We Learn More And More Of What This Administration Is Capable Of

"We call our stuff information and the enemy's propaganda"