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Archives: December 14, 2005

Mike Green: Pansy Politicians

Alberto R. Gonzales: Reauthorize the Patriot Act

Peak Oil Related - The Rainwater Prophecy

What if there really was a Liberal Bias in the Press?

Cheney Sidesteps Travel Disclosure Rules

High court observers see redistricting case as pivotal

NYT: Democrat (Dorgan) Returns Contributions from Abramoff Tribal Clients

WaPo "Quacking About Climate"

Getting a war lecture from Dick Cheney is like getting dating advice from

More on Dan Froomkin

"If Democrats Only Had Some Courage" - Helen Thomas

Huffington is on Plamegate like Delay is on dirty money

AP: US Worker's names withheld

Iraq votes. Then what?

Tom Hayden) The myth of the super-predator (how to end gang problem)

The Froomkin Effect

Maureen Dowd: " W Won't Read This"

Gene Lyons on Torture

The Year of Living Stupidly

1914- True story of "the war ON Christmas"

MOGAMBO GURU: 'Remember That Somebody Has To Get Screwed'

The Endless Looting of Iraq

Republican Jesus

A cop's letter that should shame every Albany politician

Too few of us care that Bush keeps on lying

Bob the Builder goes eco-friendly

Despite global treaty, toxic pesticide still in widespread use in Calif.

DuPont Fined More Than $10M Over Teflon

PUC May Energize Governor's Solar Plan(CA's gas power plants to go solar?)

What is the energy content of nuclear weapons?

Arctic Oil Gets an Administration Gusher

Post's Caroline Glick wins two awards

Israel to strike Iran's nuclear objects in spring 2006

The sickness bequeathed by the west to the Muslim world

Ahmadinejad denies Holocaust, again

Stand Up to Tehran's Lying Tyrant!

An anti-Semitic atmosphere

Hypocrisy alive and well at the UN

MSNBC: Were the levees bombed in New Orleans?

The power generator oddity at the Pentagon

Criminal Mastermind: Donald Rumsfeld (Rules on Hijack changed)

EAC Adopts 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines

Presentation materials available from CA "Voting System Testing Summit"

AZ: Senators Call on County Attorney to Approve Release of Ballots

High court observers see (Texas) redistricting case as pivotal

Leon Country, FL bans Diebold for life.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 12/14/05

Has anyone read Campbell's "Deliver the Vote" ? Rated it?

Hey Elections Forum, Give yourselves and others a hand.

"Leon County dumps Diebold!!! BBV Breaking News!!!" story isn't accurrate.

Secretary of State Kevin Shelley banned problematic Diebold touch-screen

1.1 for Elections. TIA, Even "Plainer" English. Law of Large Numbers,etc

OK, DU sleuths, I need help -- Have at it on ES & S, please!

SAN JOSE Mayor censured over garbage contract

So. Cali. DUers: Two rabbits w/ new hutches free to good home (PHOTOS)

Barbara Boxer comes to SoCal this weekend on her book tour

Duncan Hunter: the next Ca repuke to fall?

Good morning, Iowa. Have we had enough snow yet?

Blouin gets SEIU endorsement

CNN Headline News : Romney WILL NOT be a candidate for reelection

Vote for Tim Walz in Feingold's Progressive Patriot Fund

Nat'l Council of Churches Urge Congress to Reject Republican Budget

Only in Minnesota

Is Google Going to the Opera?

Strickland gets endorsement of the govt employees union

Ben Konop to run for Lucas County Commissioner

Kenny's piggy bank

My LTTE (re: Schmidt) is published in the Portsmouth Daily Times

Question - were there pictures in the local papers from the KKK

Ohio's top Dem. U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur weighing run for governor

Excellent new Paul Hackett ad - Bring The Troops Home

Contribute to Strickland by the end of December & take $50 off your taxes

Randi Rhodes C-Span this Sunday's Q&A Guest Dec. 18

The “Patriot Act” vs. the People of Texas

Richard Raymond out of CD-28 race

Could Hensarling get away with this in Texas?

Kinky Friedman Campaign Gear: Talking Action Figure

Speaking of snow, the city isn't good about plowing here

O'Reilly says people in Madison are communing with Satan

I'm in a jovial kind of I'm thinking of giving y'all either a

Not in my name: Tookie's sins are also "Ours".

Regarding Bush Speech on Monday.

"Bush says he does not live in a bubble "

Anyone watch the Brian Williams "Day with * ? "

The Pentagon Breaks the Islam Taboo,by Investigating Islam Itself.

Pentagon Plans Massive $300 MILLION Propaganda Campaign

Where's the Diebold story?

UPDATE: Plano ISD: O'Reilly "McCarthyism", "yellow journalism"

Ken Lay Begs Former Enron Employees Not to Tell On Him...

Arrests made in scheme to steal fuel from Miami airport

12/12/04 - Shrub awards Tenet Medal of Freedom, come help

Coming soon to a mass transit facility near you

Cunningham scandal meet DeLay scandal (wch met Abramoff wch met Coingate)

UPDATE! NBC: Pentagon spying on Americans who oppose war?

Carlyle Group Possible Buyer of Knight-Ridder

Is it fascism yet?

Heterosexual man makes mockery of marriage, may get 50 years in jail

$50 bil to Pentagon, another $100 bil for wars, 1/2 trillion total for war

Caption this.

Why the Pentagon Propaganda Plan has already devestated the U.S.'s image

Student Wins Battle To Wear Anti-Bush T-Shirt At School

War on Christmas? Not where I live.


AOL poll: Only 20% think Iraq war was worth it. DU this poll

People don't get the "war on Christmas" rhetoric and why it's being spewed

Guidelines Designed to Ensure Vote Accuracy

Things are Quiet…as Iraqis Prepare to Give Bush Third Finger

Are There Any Doctors Refusing Fundies Medical Care For Any Reason?

What do you think of this: Closed Curriculum Discussions in Public Schools

IRAQ: NGO calls for accurate civilian death toll

Iraq on lockdown for days to keep peace during polling

if it wasn't for the blogs, who would know about diebold ceo resigning

Right Wing raises army of lawyers to fight 'war on Christmas'

St. Patrick Fitzgerald Bumper Sticker!

I Dig Howard Fineman!

How bout once a week we have a "No Negative Threads Day"?

Torture for Dummies: Exploding the "ticking bomb" argument

self delete


In the scheme of things, our country is a baby--a little over 200 years

"It's just a goddamned piece of paper"

Conservatives have been sending me anti-Bush jokes-- an amazing turnabout

Brian Williams and the media are in a bubble...

Be prepared for Divide & Conquer politics in 2006

Has anyone heard anything recently about that group camped

Kucinich by the numbers on C-span

National Review: ROVE's Supporters Getting Nervous

FAA Says LAX Tower Is Severely Understaffed

National Review: ROVE's Supporters Getting Nervous

Humpday TOONfest

Did Nazi Germany torture It's POWs?

41 Democrat Senators-Letter to Bush (Notably Absent Lieberman)

Potential scenario with China next year and your thoughts about it

Nazi occupation not inhumane - Le Pen

Secret Document: Administration Ties Abstinence To AIDS Funding

"Kids not Allowed to Utter Words with 'X' in Them"

Recruiting Rates Up Militarywide; Army Targets New Veterans


How can an election held under an occupation by a hostile invader be fair?

Democrats trying to avoid filibuster of Patriot Act

Oh how could she do it? How do PEOPLE LIKE THIS get away with it?

Zogby Year-End Poll: Democratic Prospects Brighten

Colombia's Indians bank on coca drink becoming the real thing

Joe Bageant is alive and well, still kicking ass and writing a book!!

Blinky is on TV declaring Iraq the central front on his war on terra

OMG - He's going BACKWARDS!

A Question For The World From Distressed American

Mental Health of Children Most Harmed Before Divorce

500-Pound Man Accused Of Fast-Food Scam

How to Ignore Your Constituents:

Local Teens Attack Recruiting Office

Trade Deficit Soars: Surprises Economists


"We Will Prevail" = "Ill law preview" (Truth in Anagrams)

Bush took responsibility for intelligence failures

War on Christmas? Please

Good article on the Dem's and Iraq

Fixing what went wrong

Too Stupid To Be *resident is on TV...and I THINK he just compared

The HILL IS BUZZING over weird incident: Frist's Chief of Staff Flips Out!

"Stay the Course"....Anyone remember Monty Python's "The Holy Grail"?

When did "Saddamist" become a word?

The cult of W: Now, giant W's on the wall behind him while he speaks

Who knew that the lady who questioned * on 9-11 and Iraq...

Please talk to me about my White Rose archives?

This speech is the rough equivalent of Gen. Westmoreland's comments..

A Religious Protest Largely From the Left

I stoped a Republican Chain Letter cold and humiliated the guy who sent.

How did * get invited to this?

John Bolton reverts to type at UN, calls it "a target-rich environment."

Did * just quote a poem found in a soldiers pocket, who was killed in Iraq

Am I the only one watching the House debate the Patriot Act ?

Fitzmas set to Correspond with Christmas

Bush's poorly stifled booze belch, at the end of his speech...

Bush really believes he is a strong leader...

I WANT LLOYD DOGGETT TO BE MY HOUSE REP-oh, sorry for shouting

Bush: It is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong >>>

Liberal 9th Circuit Judge Rules Celebration of Xmas Unconstitutional!

Bush: "Free Nations are peaceful nations"

"...George W. Bush, known as 'caganer' defecator in Catalan..."


Meet the New Boss (a report on Friday's election in Iraq)

New talking point emerges: "Would still go to war, knowing what we know"


NOOOO! My DP research thread is sinking! Vote it up, hurry!

I wonder how Poppy * feels about his son systematically blaming the CIA

Splinter the GOP and shift the public debate to progressive "wedge issues"

Rachel Maddow filling in for Franken

Woman Suspected in Several Ecoterror Cases

Congressional Katrina Hearing on Now!

I am looking for the link where I can get that Calender that Skinner

Praying for the ACLU

let's play make believe...

I didn't know James Buchanan was a closeted homosexual.

Question about FEMA

Gota Love Homepage >> Bush: 'I am responsible'

Bush is lying again! "We did not choose to go to war, Saddam did."

Request To Follow-up On The Pentagon Surveillance Story I Just Sent.


University To Student: No More Bible Studies

Lyrics to "Stand By Your DINO" by me

Fundie Hate Fest.... listen online to Bob Dutko at

Did Condi Bite Her Lip This morning?

No Christmas For You

Someone used a British term referring to Obama being easy on Bush re lying

"Ex-gay" says movie is "anti-family": "Don't be fooled by Golden Globes!"

* making faces - photos

The Saddam trial by Riverbend

Macabre Christmas Display Makes Statement

Could media distort this: " Bush betrayed troops by lying us into war...

Petition Opposing the New Patriot Act! --------Please Sign!

Is there any way to watch the Katrina House Committee questioning Blanco?

Ken Lay to give his defense speech to business executives today

It's time to launch a campaign to fight the Far Right

Hollywood asks China to cut piracy before Olympics

Republican Says Totalitarian Regime a Danger (

Rampant piracy lands China on 'watch list'

Great One liners on Iraq - Bushco... Letterman, O'Brian, Leno..... Recent.

72 hours before his execution. How do you think HE felt?

NATO in a Spin Over Afghan Expansion--BBC (scaling back)

US Iraq Policy: Domino theory in reverse?


John Walter Rendon Jr. the man behind the Iraq War

An extraordinary meeting

Will the DP suffice for the 100,000+ dead Iraqis who never threatened us?

"Yes, Iraq DID have WMDs!"

I wrote an essay against the death penalty when I was 17.

The Pentagon is spying on American citizens.

Is the Pentagon spying on Americans?

Once Again An Internal Conflict Rages…

Leftcoaster alert: Abramoff, Ney, St.Andrews on ABC Nightline

Anyone else get the idea that Bush wants us to focus on racism right now?

And... did anyone watch the porno show that was advertised on

dumb question...

"God less you."

George W Bush: if you are strong on national security, end offshoring now.

The AFA is boycotting companies that are Pro-GLBT...

THIS Time I'm Not Lying. Honest! ---pix->>>

Want To Get The Youth To Pay Attention To The Alito Nomination?

Act Now: Congress Making Crucial Budget Decisions This Week

Cindy in Vanity Fair's for the best

Schwarzenegger shunned in his native country Austria.

Roy Moore Loses Support Of Christian Talk Show Host

Swiss senator: US illegally held detainees, shipped out when word leaked

Would someone tell Rice the Lice that

Republicans are the party split on Iraq.....

Repetitive daily scandal theory ?

Are others tired of Face Transplant Stories?

On ABC news now

media corrections of the year! Hilarity!

Republicans are advising Iraqis on the art of stealing elections

Condi, women in America want to keep their rights too.

Perhaps BP (since they benefit from what has gone down in Iraq)

Student Wins Anti-Bush Shirt Clash

A funny story about Bush bashing - at work the other day...

ABC's Commander in Chief...WHY The Heck

So close to 20,000,000 posts on DU.

Poll: U.S. can win war, but won't

U.S. trial flawed without Saudi torture evidence - Amnesty

How about Bush put the US military in charge of running our elections too?

Patriot Act and "Narco-terrorism".....War on Drugs now terrorism?

Does Biden really believe that * has really changed his mind

The FEMA approach - Buzzword of the day

When a mod makes a bigoted, prejudicial post, do you call them on it?

The Truck with the Fake Ballots

Republicans are advising Iraqis on the art of stealing elections

I am so GD tired of reading about how the "Conservatives" are wasting

This is a proposition that will probably go nowhere

Neil Cavuto can kiss my ass

Miles O'Brien Does Iran Warmongering for the White House on CNN

Bush - Constitution 'Just A Goddamned Piece Of Paper'

Why Does O'Leilly Continue To Lie So Blatantly About the WoXmas?

Boortz: Execution will cause looting by rappers & NBA players

There's a pretty easy way to get rid of the Patriot Act

“Please, Sir, I Want Some More”

MSNBC: Were the levees bombed in New Orleans?

VIDEO Global Warming: Earth to America - Will Ferrell - HILARIOUS!

Who Picks These Pics??? ---->>>

John Bolton Actively Sabotaging Condoleezza Rice

Pentagon has one-upped McCain, and simply rewritten the manual

Karen Hughes on MSNBC

Bob Dylan... Songwriter, Musician, Poet... DeeJay? Yup.

Race riots shame Australia

You had to be a DUer just now on Wash. Journal!

Its my birthday... Wish I could say that I was happy with...

Dowd: "Never ask a guy who's in a bubble if he's in a bubble. He can't ...

lol..Oliphant cartoon today

So what do you do when you run into a Repuke supporter???

Is it possible to be friends with a Freeper?

The saddest thing about Liberals in the US

Katrina people living in barns, tents in broken houses, etc.

Dammit! Missed Scotty again! Anyone catch the WH briefing?

While you blinked...

The reason why the U.S.A ambassador interfered in Canada's election!

Ethics questions dog another congressman... Developing

Air Marshals on trains and buses?

Pelosi and conyers on c-span now--talking of Patriot Act--want delay

Where is Dick Cheney? Testifying in front of a Fitzgerald Grand Jury...


Bush on CNN's front page:" I am responsible"

Raw Milk Advocates - Read this. E. coli outbreak in Oregon

Novak: bush knows the leaker

has anyone seen this?

Canada shrugs off U.S. warnings to Canadian politicians

A senior and wanting to save money on drugs?

Power,Responsibility and freedom

I really want to slap this hack on C-Span

Christmas is sacred, unless it's on a Sunday

Can we impeach? Bush can settle CIA leak riddle, Novak says

Vanity Fair article about Cindy Sheehan

Non Christians stand up and be counted! Shout your faith, or lack of it!!

Diebold And The Not-So Beautiful

So * is saying that the 2k+ KIA, 15k injured,100k Iraqi's killed was worth

Rachel Maddow, I LOVE YOU....

Katrina victims get screwed again. This time by a Florida prep school.

If Defeat comes wrapped in tinfoil, then Fascism is served in the Kool Aid

Vanity Fair article about Cindy Sheehan

Patriot Act discussion on CNN

EU must act against US on rights and using white phosphorous - North Korea

Where's Judith Miller? On a cruise to Chile.

Activist Judge Cancels Christmas

The sickness bequeathed by the west to the Muslim world

Sen. Dayton eulogizes the late Sen. McCarthy

Student Wins Battle To Wear Anti-Bush T-Shirt At School

AFA Action Against Washington State Democratic Party

Scott Ritter vs Christopher Hitchens -Iraq War debate @ The Music Hall

A funny story about Bush bashing - at work the other day...

A question for the tinfoilers:

Keith Olberman is on the Dan Patrick show.....

So what would a rw victory look like in the "War On Christmas?"

Romney is out of here

Seen At A Local Mall

DUNCAN HUNTER tied to contractors, bribery co-conspirators

Activist Judge Cancels Christmas

In an attempt to end the so-called "War on Christmas"...

Question for Gonzales re: Patriot Act

VIDEO-Bush's Imperialism disguised as Democracy

bye bye * - photo

Pentagon Rolls Out Stealth PR

Why do the Republicans hate our way of life?

WSJ: Million-Dollar Baby: World's Most Expensive Car

Please DU this poll where CNN asks if Bush's 4 Iraq speeches...

seen this? -- A Pan-Iraqi Pact on Muqtada Al-Sadr's Initiative

The Police State Is Now A Reality

U.S. Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High in October

Is anybody following this story too

WH Daily briefing on CSPAN now

Anybody seen any statistics on how many fulltime workers work what shfts?

Bush to Ease Public Access to Information

Paul Hackett released an incredible ad, and a message from Suzi --->

Is the Democratic Party keeping its powder dry re: New Orleans funding?


My new years resolution no more fox news or right wing radio crap

Oh geeze. Here we go....Check out this email I received:

Ethics Committee Chair breaks pledge to investigate DeLay....naturally

Re: GJ meeting today. I am confused, Shuster just said no meeting today

Tweety on Fitz: "and then he goes for the vice president or someone else."

Like to jam a stick through the spokes of the corporate media whores?

There's a big flaw in the death penalty system.

Moratorium on Executions in California Proposed

Fineman gives a little insight why Bushco picked Philly for Mondays speech

MSNBC: Navy wife finds a new man-neqin

Under Pressure From KKK, Ford Pulls Ads From Black Media

AP: More Blacks Live With Pollution

Did * admit to an utterly different rationale for the

Who's behind the Froomkin fuss? WaPo reporters or RNC operatives?

WAR CRIMINALS ---pix->>>

ummm why do we need missle defense?

We need to start emailing Nbc, abc and cbs about...

Bill O'Reilly™ Distance Dating Kit

The Great Alito Carol-Off From 2 Senators

Did I just hear that the UAW gave into it's corporate masters?

All of these "Christians" that voted for * are going to HELL, period.

Pentagon Database, are you listed as a threat?

Have you ever been to Steve & Barry's University Sportswear?

You know how children stick out their tongue when they try to concentrate?

To DU Lawyers: Can US citizens file class action suit against the US


Bush: "The American people and the world is better off"

Tell me this is a joke...


UChicago == PNAC is a Rockefeller institution

Hey Jenna!!! Your Coke dealer has your left it at his place!

As price for Iraq war nears 1/2 TRILLION dollars, remember MISSING money!

Bush defends Iraq war, says he will attack another nation if necessary >>>

If You, or I made it big with a "Scheme" like Ken Lay...would we become

If Doober attacks another country without valid reason, we stop trade.

Cspan2 - Mary Landrieu telling the Senate not to go home

Bush lies, again, to the Tune of $350,000,000.00


Public Service Announcement

Ok, list some bad stuff about the Patriot act

help? wh claim that terrorists are financing criticism of war?

Spitzer well ahead in Quinnipac poll

McCaskill's ex-husband is found murdered

R Liberals vulnerable on the "wedge issue" separation of Church and State

Absurd Rightwing Hallucination Of The Day

Foreclosure begun on 2 of minister's churches

Torture as a tradition

Culture clash as American school bans kilt

"A chance to move up fast in an economy growing at 7 or 8 % a year"

Clarence Ray Allen Asks Governor (Schwarzenegger) for Clemency

OK so white supremacists vote for * and say the same thing the Iran

Bill O Reilly distance dating kit....& other diversions from the GOP mart.

Will Ferrell plays Bush

Anyone watching Showtime's new series 'Sleeper Cell' ?

A poll that doesn't need to be DUed!!

Yahoo finally puts up the Bob Novak Story with Schumer comments

Vatican opposes torture as tool to fight terrorism

CIOs: Christmas is no holiday

Something from Maureen Dowd's column about Bubbble Boy

God damned fundies!

How can America repair her World Image? Charge, Try, Convict and Punish

It's 5 PM (CST). Do I feel like an hour of Scott Peterson/Natalie or

Ford clarifies advertising position -- AFA COMPLETELY WRONG!

Carl Sagan's BS detector

WT Blankley compares Dean's Iraq withdrawal to slaveholders.

Ok..all you hetero types...what's up with this stuff?

Cal Thomas: War on Christmas crusaders "more objectionable"

Independent World Television's .

Very impressed with Michael Schiavo....his interview at MyDD.

I missed the "War on Christmas Stuff." I must be a Nerd or something's

VIDEO-Jess Sessions and Tweety-Selected Comments

VIDEO-Murtha-We don't go to war to start democracies in other countries

WLS radio host, Don Wade, this morning he accused democrats

NOW Russ is up (C-SPAN 2)

Novakula knows Bush knows hwo leaked Valerie Plame's name?

The Merlin Project/Link

Anyone know where I can find..

Has anybody been reading Boondocks this week?

NBC-Wall St. Journal poll finds a SLIGHT uptick 38 to 39% (OH BOY!!!)

Meet the newest member of the punditocracy

Creating a Network to Fight the Far Right

Missed the News on the Peace Hostages - What ever happened to them?

John Bolton Actively Sabotaging Condoleezza Rice

Would You Support a Moratorium On Presents?

Check out this Nutjob website


Tweety is surprising me...

Wow - Ford backed down

Bush's Poll Numbers Improve at NBC, by A Point

Allawi gave the go ahead for the incineration of parts of

Canada is a christian country for white people -

O'Reilly on Madison WI and "those people communing with Satan"

New dollar coins of presidents due out in 2007

If Dems refused to talk about Iraq WMD, terrorism, democracy and ...

The Freepers new EVIL PLAN..... bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

help with family Thanksgiving fall-out

The Perils of Indifference, by Elie Wiesel ...

Why is Bill O'Reilley so Important to DU'ers that they have to quote him..

My Crass Attempt to Have Post #2,000,000

Pelosi = Tom Delay?

Boom! 20,000,0003

My Crass Attempt to Have Post #20,000,000

The 'liberal' Media did not report on the Scanlon Memo

at this point i don't know what makes my blood pressure (which is usually

Where there's smoke, there's ire

more X-mas "war" idiocy

VIDEO-Novak, Schumer on Bush

VIDEO-Tweets-Why do Dems Dick Around? Why Don't They Tell Bush He's Nuts?

The War Profiteer and the $10 million Bat Mitzvah

WTF? Can someone define "complete victory" for me, please?

A timely repost: Blaming the CIA for "WMD" lies. What total BULLSHIT.

Re: Pentagon aims propaganda at foreign media

"faulty intelligence" is and always has been a smoke screen....

HAH! Tweety just asked EJ Dion why the Dems just Dick around!

The Pope says Harry Potter is corrupting Christian faith and souls!

*'s Speech today, something that makes it all so hallow

Who saw christians being arrested on NBC

Monty Python could do 'Bush Iraq Victory' speeches

a sack of coal

Quit Dreaming. We Will NEVER Leave Iraq. Because Bush Appeased Bin Laden

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World Dec 14 05

Why is a thread about the New Orleans Levees in the September11 Forum?

NBC's Brian Williams asked almost no follow-up questions of Bush

About Novak saying Bush knew who leaked.

Does anyone wonder how many Christians (even RW!) actually buy this 'war'?

This purple finger thing is really burning my ass!

House Panel Subpoenas Rumsfeld on Katrina

OMG this picture of barbara is reaL!

Tweety Made a Good Point. Why Aren't Dems Calling the bush ME Plan Insane?

King Kong = Insulting to Blondes?

60% of Iraqis want U.S. to stay until situation is "more stable"

On Fresh Air tonight, the author of "Misquoting Jesus" was on and . . .

Macabre Christmas Display Makes Statement

A Poll to DU

Bush takes responsibility for faulty intelligence....

What exactly is the Republican take on Christianity?

Low Income Home Energy Assitance Program or War on Christmas?

OK, George, make with the friendly bombs

Sorry, But This Is Too GODDAMN FUNNY!

To All The Fine People In Madison...What's Satan Been Up To?

Japan Goes High-Tech to Catch Gropers

Unitarians Oppose Alito Confirmation

Forget the war on Christmas. The RW'ers are waging a war on Intelligence

FEMA's trailer 'boneyard' blasted: Taylor blows up about Bechtel

Is Skinner gonna give away cool DU stuff for the 20 Millionth post

Hey what's wit the boxes? Red box, blue box, gray box? Smiley table?


Author of "Misquoting Jesus" radio interview on "Fresh Air" now (3:00pm)

Why Doesn't Fitz Just Put Shrub On The Stand?

Put bushitler in a

Watch Frontline...

Anyone have a link to the "pro-Alito" (Alito saved Christmas) ad?

Forget Tomorrows Elections Meet Iraq's New Gov't

Culture of Life: Pull the plug on conscious patients - W's law.

Insane moments in punditry as posted by freepers

I attended the Florida Dem State Convention this week

Ford will again advertise in gay publications!!

Great news for "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT" fans!!

Hey DUers, I need a source for how many insurgents are iraqi nationals

Clergyman Tried for Heresy by Diocese

AFA now targeting Progressive Insurance for donating to ACLU

I just heard Peggy on Majority Report....

Journal Nature: Wikipedia Is Accurate

Pentagon is watching you....

Independant World Television news video clip - MUST SEE!

Question about countries labor is outsourced to...

Law and Order tonight!

anyone listen to hannity today? I started to listen to a Vietnam vet smac

Rita Cosby is like saltpeter.

POLL: Are there times when it's acceptable to torture terrorism suspects?

Witness Against Torture, vigil outside of Guantanamo (link)

Pentagon loses responsibility for rebuilding Iraq

2008: John McCain vs Wesley Clark. What do you think?

VIDEO (BBC Special) WAR CRIMES: GUILTY? Cross examination debate (60 min)

Who/What do RW'ers hate the most?

Cunningham Plea Sparks Pension Questions

A good site for those who oppose the Death Penalty

PHOTOS: A ****CHRISTMAS**** tale of two cities

"The Lord told me it was going to be A, a disaster, and B, messy" (Iraq)

GWB Must Resign. Now.

AP via MSNBC - Study: 100,000 Iraqis died in war, aftermath - Oct. 28, 2004

Prediction re: Iran

So, for Christmas, my Republican brother has asked for...

Dead soldiers shipped back home as "freight" on commercial airliners

"Under Pressure From KKK, Ford Pulls Ads From Black Media"

Stop Tax Breaks for Drive-Through Killing

Stand by your DINO (Is your DINO on this list? Should they be?)


BREAKING!! U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals outlaws Christmas

Bush is Making Nice With Dems Now 'Cuz Rove Will Be Indicted.

When will Fitzmas II come?

Kerry on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN now

weird spontaneous defense of Bush at health food restaurant

Imagine if the $500 billion went to developing alternative energy instead?

Why "Saddamist", Not Baathist?

I need the list of all the things Bushco can be indicted for.

Stop tax breaks for shooting animals in fenced enclosures

39% approval rating is a "boost"???

rate this story

Patriot Act

to all RWers: Do the ends really justify the means???

Bubble Boy new toon 12/14/05

PLEASE DU this poll!!!!!

Bush: Rumsfeld doing "heck of a job" as SecDef

Help porn beat right wing conservatism - Vote and Kick

N.Y. Adopts Code to Monitor Diabetics

What's an Uzbek?

Can there be any greater outrage? -- and other lines of defense

US Treasury says Cuba can't send players to World Baseball Classic

O'Liely's in a new movie!!!

FEMA Breaks Promises- Cities Stuck With Apt. Rental Costs

Go Viggo! I love this guy!

Dear Gov. Dean -- "Accumulated evil of the whole"

USMC Vet's Anti-War Website!!!

hey! i missed my 1000th post! what do i do for my belated celebration?

We vote, then we throw you out

Today's the day: DU hits 20,000,000 posts today!

I think the world is a slightly worse place without Tookie, and Karla Faye

There is another execution scheduled for Thursday.

Tipping guidelines (if you can afford it)

Doug Feith: what else should I know about him?

Does anyone notice how when Repugs are on C-span...

What list is Randi Rhodes reading?

Harry Putter, Milquetoast Prince

Mills-McCartney and Baldwin Shock TV Viewers with PETA Video

MANY have spoken up against the Death Penalty. PLEASE find an


Despite global treaty, toxic pesticide still is in widespread use in Calif

kids these days...

LTTR TO SEN: Reveal and reject real reasons for Iraq War

Bush just saud something true!!!!!!

DUers Lead the Charge on Election Fraud--The Big Event!!!

This "war on Christmas" thing started out much like the Swift Boaters

Freepers winning. DU this poll that's giving Jean Schmidt an 'A'

Exclusive: REID to Vote AGAINST Patriot Act & SUPPORT Feingold Filibuster

John Nixon

'Twas the night Abu Ghraib photos escaped the White House

I Have NEVER Seen Anything So Fucking Stupid!

Jesus Christ! NUTJOB freeper blog.

DU Two Polls....

Has Jenna been a naughty girl?

CAPTION this freudian masterpiece

Wal-Mart does not need to be perfect to be loved like COSTCO.

Emminent Domain -Is this the wave of the future?

Father Andrew Greeley: Let's Give the Holidays Back to the Pagans

Does anyone ever ask shrub or Rove how Rove is coming along with

Conservative Christians Say Fighting Poverty Programs Cuts Not a Priority

Denial of the 2004 Election Theft – An Astonishing Example

I Rather Liked Christmas Until It Became An Annual Political Football.

why are so many DUer's ready to buy into the 'official' story?

National Debt increasing exponentially- can't go on much longer

Gov. Warner Orders DNA Testing of Old Cases to Determine and Free...


Rents too high for low incomes

44 DINO's who voted for USA PATRIOT and Terrorism Prevention Reauth Act

A Jewish history month?


for people who are "giving up" because of election fraud, please wait

I'm pissed AGAIN! AZ DMV screwed up D BUSH personal plate!

Randi Rhodes C-Span this Sunday's Q&A Guest Dec. 18

War on Christmas Fraud Exposed: The Silent Night “Rewrite” That Wasn’t

Debating Christmas on the House floor NOW No Freakin Kidding!!

So the truth doesn't matter, but then it never did for churchgoers.

DU; I HAVE A Proposal for the site; PLEASE READ & respond..

King Kong = Racist?

M3 will no longer be reported by the Fed.

Poll: Should we revive FDR's SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS???

Do you love your refrigerator, and why?

HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE / THE DESSERT BAR(Sweets to make them swoon

Help!!!! I'm having a senior moment

Interesting Link to the Origins and History of Foods....

Anyone have a good recipe for English pasties?

care and feeding of stainless steel pans?

Is this yum, or is this dumb?

Fess up! Have you ever refused to share a Recipe?


Shirley Douglas....

RAWSTORY: Fitzgerald seen to press for Rove's indictment

Analysis: After election, no quick end to US role in Iraq

Hayes, Limbaugh falsely cited 1998 bin Laden indictment

Nightline: Did a Powerful Congressman Receive Favors in...Scheme?

Why did Diebold's CEO quit?

House Prepares to Renew Patriot Act

Israel to strike Iran's nuclear objects in spring 2006

Knight Ridder: U.S. statistics on cocaine fight challenged

Earle probes DeLay tie to California donor

(Pakistan) Quake survivor amazes doctors

Internet Ads Back Alito on Strip-Search Case

Reuters: EU court upholds ban on GE-Honeywell deal

Tough Border Security Bill Nears Passage in the House

Death Penalty Moratorium on the Table in California

Republicans are advising Iraqis on the art of stealing elections

Georgia woman says teen groom wooed her

London mayor's hearing for 'Nazi' jibe to Jewish journalist to resume Wedn

US takes war on terror into Sahara

China Moves to No. 4 in GDP Rankings--(leapfrogs Italy, France, UK)

USA Today: List of potential terror targets is late

Rice says world not supporting Saddam prosecution

Al-Jazeera remarks anger Iraqi Shiites

Cuba plays key role in Pakistan quake aid

AP: Farmers Clash with Police at WTO Meeting in Hong Kong

High court observers see redistricting case as pivotal

Plasma engine passes initial test

War hero may run for 6th Congressional District

Iraq border chief denies forged ballots seized

Delegates to conference on aging upset about changes(Chicken George)

To Halt Abuses, U.S. Will Inspect Jails Run by Iraq

500-Pound Man Accused Of Fast-Food Scam

Is the Pentagon spying on Americans?

Fox News/AP: Driver Questioned in U.K. Fuel Fire Probe

Dam Breaks in Southeast Missouri, People Missing

Group proposes bill to strengthen whistleblower protections

BBC News - Sniper target laser 'fell on man' (Iain Hook)

Iraq: Al-Zarqawi Announces Election Eve Offensive

Revisions of Mining Law Put On Hold

US air marshals to deploy on ground transit

Evans and Russia's oil patch

U.K. government rejects London bombing inquiry

Colombian Indians create soda from coca

McCain, White House at impasse over detainee treatment

Bright Spot on Gulf as Casinos Rush to Rebuild

Bush set to give final speech before Iraq vote ( Dem's say where's plan?)

Coalition Wants to Delay Patriot Act Vote (bipartisan coalition)

NY Times: To Halt Abuses, US Will Inspect Jails Run by Iraqis

NBC: Democrats giddy about chances in 2006

2 pacts prohibit diversion of Great Lakes water

US Security Teams to Patrol Train, Bus, Subway Stations

Don't dictate to me, Canada's Martin tells

Report of planned Iraq military purge (removal of Kurd military officers)

Iranian President Ahmadinejad again says Holocaust is a myth

Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) to reverse stance on hate crimes against gays

Senate Democrats again want oil execs investigated

Rumsfeld mulls cut in military personnel

Plan could shrink New Orleans footprint

Juror in (GOP) phone-jamming trial admitted to hospital

Frist aides rebuke press over HCA stock-sale questions

41 Senators tell Bush: Be frank on Iraq (40 Dems & 1 Independent)

Iraqis in Iran show support for Shiites

No White House Bailout for New Orleans Utility

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 14 December

Mich. Affirmative Action Still in Limbo.

Food Stamp Program Cuts Would Hurt Oregonians

House Seeks Pentagon Katrina Docs (subpoena)

Leon Country, FL bans Diebold for life.

U.S. counts on Iraqis to rebuff Iran 'meddling'

Air marshals to patrol land, sea transport

Bush to Ease Public Access to Information

USA TODAY: Pentagon Rolls out "Stealth" PR campaign

Bob Novak Says President Knows Leak Source

Shiite protesters burn Allawi's offices

N Korea wants US envoy expelled

Civil Rights Groups, AFL-CIO Oppose Alito

Hawk protester: Paula Zahn caused `false' arrest

Immigrant tuition law challenged in California

Re: Pentagon aims propaganda at foreign media

Pentagon erred in domestic security database-official

Some may face choice: Whether to heat or eat

Indianapolis gay rights plan stands chance of passing this time

DuPont Fined More Than $10M Over Teflon

Herseth Will Talk To Bush About Iraq War

Ohio House rejects changes in election bill (stalls it until '06)

DOD >> Bush: Leaving Iraq Too Soon Would Endanger America

Indiana appealing federal prayer ban

Top US diplomat hid spy meetings

Reservoir breach in S.E. Missouri prompts evacuation, washes away homes

U.S. Trade Deficit Reaches All-Time High

Iraqi Officials Deny Forged Ballots Seized at Border

U.S. Trade Deficit Widened to a Record $68.9 Billion in October

UN urges Iraq, US to address human rights abuses

O'Liely's in a new movie!!!

Congressman's bribery plea sparks call to deny pensions

Source says Romney won't seek re-election in '06

House Panel Subpoenas Rumsfeld on Katrina

Bills to protect unborn planned in Hawaii

Denver Archbishop says anti-Christian sentiment growing

Houston to stop issuing rent & utilities vouchers to Katrina evacuees

Envoy: 120 Abuse Cases at Iraqi Detention Centers

Religious leaders decry planned budget cuts for social services

WP: U.S. Envoy Calls Torture at Two Iraqi Prisons Severe, Extensive


A Religious Protest Largely From the Left

Don't dictate to me, Canada's PM tells U.S.

Bush puts Rice in charge of post-conflict strategy

Zogby: Democratic Prospects Brighten Heading Into 2006 - GOP Lags

Sen. Clinton seeks 'conservative' budget policy

EPA Would Ease Pollution Reporting Rules

House panel will not immediately subpoena White House for Katrina document

California regulators unveil solar power plan

U.S. Appeals Court rejects gay Zimbabwe man's appeal for asylum

Ethics questions dog Ca. congressman; Owned cabin with A F Secretary

Protesters against U.S. budget cuts arrested (Religious Activists)

Enemies of the state?

House backs anti-torture amendment

Bush Asked to Protect Chaplains' Rights

Blanco: New Orleans deserves same reconstruction aid that federal governme

Bono Dines With Jesse Helms

Bush defends Iraq war, says he will attack another nation if necessary

Ford will continue to advertise in gay publications

Now churches are targeted (Aussie Lebanese Churches attacked)

President Bush today accepted responsibility for decision to go to war CNN

Premature birth rates soaring, with babies' long-term outlook poor

Husband Pleads Guilty to Sex Assault of Child

Sex offender challenges ban; ordinance bars man from parks

'Sexual' school clubs decried (move to ban Gay-Straight Alliances in FL)

Bush says Iran a 'real threat' (has objective to "end tyranny")

Bush Backs Rumsfeld, DeLay in Interview ("heck of a good job")

$6.50 a pack for cigarettes if tax passes (California)

Ohio Senate Requires ID For Voters

Breaking MSNBC: Dam fails in MO. People reported missing.

War Costs Poised To Reach $500B (1/2-a-Trillion!)

Lieberman In A Political Crossfire

Report: Millions of Children Exploited

Wal-Mart Fires Manager Who Called Police On Black Customer

Bush can settle CIA leak riddle, Novak says

After Williams, a new dilemma for governor - Gravely ill and blind man, 75

Cubans barred from traveling to accept EU prize

More evidence of the War on Christmas

Idea for Bush Christmas Lawn Decoration

Okay, I just depressed myself before bed

I found a cool little Mac widget for Air America...

I will say this.

OK, I need an answer to a question: Why won't KitchenWitch talk to me?

Does anyone else miss that neon-outlined babe?

Is anyone else so turned off to commercials?

In case anyone is interested in coast to coast radio

You know looking at these pictures makes me think...

cool---west coast pop art experimental band`s -part 1

Is anyone watching Moral Orel?

Dammit, I did it again!

I give you: Homer Slockenheimer!

So the Neon Naked lady really tells us something about MSNBC

DU is under 16,000 posts from 20 Mil.

Good night, Lounge!

Ok, so a nose shower isn't the most dignified thing

white russians on a weeknight

We can't any longer make vengeance and anger discribe us

See ya!

Howard Stern on the Daily Show (video)

Ya know what I am missing?

Which shows should Nick At Nite and TVLand pick up?

DU cat lovers, _unite_ now to stop this abuse! (dial-up warning)

Special Gifts for Special Conservatives.

So i finally got around to seeing "Seven Samurais" tonight

OMG - SHE is soooo popular!

Austria Green Party wants to strip Arh-nuld of his Austria Citizenship

The guy sat next to me at work is asleep!

19,986,300 posts When do you think we'll hit 20,000,000

Board of Directors crap!!!

Bigamist Busted After Girlfriend's Sister Sees Him On 'Dr. Phil' Show

Court Pardons Bra Burglar

Man In Traction Flees Hospital

Errant Tank Round Hits Monastery At Base Of Mount Olympus

I find it ironic that my flirtatious post has 69 replies

Cop Loses Finger In Catfight

LMFAO-Have you seen the Lehigh U bankrobber story?

Damn I want to see you people...

Ok, worst 80's band!

Have you ever hurt so much inside that you could'nt even cry ?

I don't understand what folks in GD/GDP have against DINO?

To all Europeans and Americans in Europe

Japan Going High Tech To Catch Gropers

School Bus Driver Duct-Taped 5 Year Old's Mouth Shut

Slasher Santa Display In Front Of Mansion Getting Attention (Bloody Santa)

*hysterical laughter*

you know what is scary?

That part in "The Grinch....", when he gets stuck in the chimney?

Damn I want to see you people!

"A White Woman Explains Why She Prefers Black Men"

OK, the ad for the homophobic bastard has finally gotten on my nerves.

Oeditpus Rex stole my smilie

I'm totally convinced

When is it time for that last trip to the vet?

An evil earworm for Wednesday morning.

John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane" Just Played...

Happy National Monkey Day!

Activist Judge Cancels Christmas

Panda Fans - The Onion's Baby Panda Names!

I'm sleepy! Help wake me up!

I think Duran Duran was the greatest band of the 80's!

Missing Jogger's Body Found on Sesame Street Actor's Land (Big Bird)

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

You lot have earwormed me with the "Quincy" theme now!

speaking of the panda`

Man, Pope Bennnie is an ugly motherfucker, isn't he?

Benedict XVI with pretzel and beer has replaced the naked neon lady

Oh, honey.....

On Racially Insensitive Sports Mascots - The Onion

I am hungry!

Man Tries To Rob Mexican Restaurant But Employees Don't Speak English

Incredibly dumb question about wireless cell phone internet service.

HERE IT IS, nearly four years in the making.

Town Out Of Burial Space - Might Soon Be Illegal To Die There

Kevin Federline's Pity Party: "She just wants as a little house husband"

A funny site.

How much of your favorite caffeinated drink would it take to kill you?

For those who loved Olbermann's robot rant last night

another day and my propane has not gone out

Ever notice this (when you have a stuffed nose)

General Discussion has been sighted at sea by our spotter plane

I Just Got A Promotion!!

Threads that validate my decisions.

Since photography will soon be a form of terrorism, what should I move to?

House was good last night!

YEAH BUSH* way to keep our freedoms...

The bigger your hips, the healthier your heart (Danish study)

I put this disclaimer at the end of my holiday letter, I couldn't resist..

I have a little tradition with my Repub Dad

The Cat came back!

Listen to "The Firesign Theatre" live on BBC radio now

Just saw Brad PItt in Starbucks and snapped this super lame candid....

Rumor - Arrested Development goes to Showtime

"I'll have the Roast Duck...with the Mango Salsa..."


Things you do NOT want to be "Extra Crispy"

Today's -Awkward photograph- poll

*Super* ^Happy^ Funtime BABY PICTURE!!!!

Motoring...What's your price for flight? In finding mister right...

Something that's been bugging me...does anyone remember a

They want a second interview!!!

Baby Panda Names

I just got back from our office Xmas (holiday?) Party

(Almost) Ice-fishing weather!

Why will my computer not turn on?

I need repuke Birthday gift ideas, please...

Check this out

ate mexican food at lunch today, now my stomach is playing games on me

GOT BACK HAIR - GET THIS!! It's all the rage for Xmas 2k5

I'm leaving work in an hour! Nah nah na boo boo!!


Activist Judge Cancels Christmas

Chappelle's Show - Season Three

Drug Dealer Sues Police Dog For Illegal Drug Search

So another execution. But today it is in Mississippi at 6:00 pm.

Who's the best flugelhorn player?

What do you call a Democratic-Republican who agrees with the Federalists?

The Twelve Thank-you Notes. This is hysterical....

Don't Tell Southlandshari!! Pat Robertson Says Pie Is NOT Delicious!

How much would you pay

Freeper plan "send the ACLU Xmas cards"

NC is going to have an ice storm tonight. I need to go to the store.

Showtime may rescue 'Arrested Development' (NEW!)

Question: Are RWers less likely to be creatively gifted?

Received this from a fundie this morning and almost lost it

where do these motherfuckers get off...

Company Holiday Gift baskets from Vendors

I read eeyore's post on enraged_ape's post about "Brokeback Mountain" and

Shell Beau and Southlandshari are string cheese and moon pie eatin...

String cheese!! Mmmm!

Hey sourpussed bitch on the 38 Geary Bus!

Arbitron Numbers - How do I get 'em?

Cry Everybody!

I Read Enraged_Ape's post on "Brokeback Mountain", and it turned me gay

Post here if you still have Lips like Sugar.

Pre paid calling cards. Who has the best deal?

If they come out with a Love Boat movie I'm seriesly gonna lose it!

This snow is going to be here until goddamn July

Happy Birthday Nostradamus (12/14/1503)! Guess your gifts, SHOW-OFF!

Speakin' of TACOS.....

WoooHoooo for doggies

The most sweetest tv show ever (eww) :)

I don't care what your mutha says...

Thigh everybody!

Just announced-Opening late at 10 tomorrow

"I know it doesn't make any sense, just do it!"

when really good cd's go missing

DU, please check in here today.

I almost freaked out! If I'm lying, I'm dying....

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song

Email busy today--this is funny though--Hangover Ratings

tell me if this is ridiculous

I made the playoffs in my Fantasy Football League.

I just saw the trailer for "Brokeback Mountain", and it turned me bi

How the war on Christmas started

When did the new smilies get here?


Goodnight y'all

ain't it the truth...

I read the story "Brokeback Mountain" and it turned me into a gay man

Animation....too funny ...not meant to offend anyone :)

Bloody Santa

What kind of dumbass rides a bike with no lights in a snowstorm at 6 am?

Freepers: Have Yourselves a Very Fascist Christmas & sing

almost to 20 million posts on DU, 19,998,000 and counting n/t

What holiday traditions do you refuse to do?

ARRRRGH - I want to go out and tell off this fundie loon outside my office

Baby panda's triggering *cute* overload right now!

Ewww! Nancy Grace has commercials on AAR!!!

How do you convince a new boss you're worthwhile?

Question time!

Follow up on my *#(&$($% computer

is mailing out new debt cars official an official bank function?


Irony n 1: witty language used to convey insults or scorn

That's SIR Jimmy Page to all of you peons!!! WOOHOO!!

Holiday baking poll

UGH! Bertie Bott's every flavor beans!!!

The Gay Agenda

Boom! 20,000,0003

My Crass Attempt to Have Post #20,000,000

Anyone seen the video for "Muscle Car" by Mylo?

Well, we made it 20,000,000 posts!!

I'm being laid off

Remember that extreme Christmas Lights video?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/14/05)

What was that idiotic thing Bush said?

Would you wear a kilt to work in the US?

20,000,000th WILL be on this thread

I got a temp job!

Post a part of your personals ad!

I had brussel sprouts and a baked yam for supper

Lion's Fans! (yes both of you) take a look!

I have been too broke to contribute to DU but someone must have

Can we please have a matcom photo thread?

Which is more lamb?

HR 587 on CSPAN - the Ultimate WTF

Doing laundry at the hotel...

Lyrics to "Stand By Your DINO"

A friend of mine found a cat 5 about months ago...

OMG I think we are getting Thundersnow!

Please PLEASE pray for me tomorrow

573 posts until 20,000,000. How will you celebrate?

Spielberg's new film "Munich"

Which is more lame

Another "einstein" walking his dog in the dark with black clothes on

My open Christmas letter to freepers, republicans, and other unfaithfuls:

Hey what's wit the boxes? Red box, blue box, gray box? Smiley table?

Scary Experience: I almost lost DU overnight =8-{


Woo hoo! David Horowitz is mad at me!

I have become a thread-killer.

People in Madison WI commune with Satan

Early 80s synth-drum and synth-trumpet machines

Look what I got.

The REAL reason the mid-east is in so much trouble (pic)

We're supposed to get sleet and freezing rain tonight


I just got off the phone with my sister...

I found a pic of a naked, younger Dick Cheney...

Hey my post got put into a

If Ann Coulter was in the bunker instead of Eva Braun...

Pancreatitis: Good times and rapid weight loss!

Our cat finally caught the mouse

(Pssst. Guys. I'm whispering because I don't want them to hear me...

Good night everybody....I give you the smiley show of how my night went!

What's this guy doing, anyway?

LOST colorbars Jin, Sun, Jack, Kate and Driveshaft *DIALUP ALERT*

Why do conservatives love to mock college professors?

Most evil Xmas gift ever...

Little bit of a Christmas problem here...

We had to take the Christmas trees down at school today

WHOA!!! When did John Paul Jones become such a hottie?

Most hated alternative pronunciation (other than nucular-- be creative)

My brother says go see King Kong!

Linguistics question: the formal "you" in Europe.

AH, the lounge

WHOS baby is this?

Do you know where the states are? (Yes - it's a test)

Good name for a new kitten?


I betcha ten bucks this is getting them all weepy over in Freeperland...

Worst 1980's Rock Band

What if Henry A. Wallace won the VP nomination in 1944?

An update on the returned, previously lost cat.

I received a _beautiful_ Christmas card in this morning's Post!

Help porn beat right wing conservatism - vote and kick

Any tips for my aunt on how to litter box train a kitten?

I'm makin' chicken with black bean sauce, who wants to come to dinner?

We found someone to check on the cats! (and is YOUR NAME? on this list?)

*******MILESTONES******* 12/14

They really should have called it "Bareback Mountin'",

Play the Christmas Maze Game!!

dude, I just made peanut brittle

Just saw Anna Kornikova in Starbucks & snapped a super lame candid...

DU; I HAVE A Proposal for the site; PLEASE READ & respond..(cross-posted)

OMG this picture of barbara is reaL!

hi everybody!

Speaking of babies: If you had another kid (or your first), what would

Here's my nephew:

Can we have a baby thread?

OMG, someone tell me this is a fake story about Tom Cruise - Fire Cure

Have I gone off the deep end?

Where can I pick up my "War on Christmas" fatigues and weapon?

Kazakhstan Shuts Down Cheeky Borat Web Site

I just saw King Kong

Wilco: Kicking Television. Best album of the year?

Bill O'Lielly was standing right next to me

So. Cali. DUers: Two rabbits w/ new hutches free to good home (PHOTOS)

Shiny, happy people thread!

College bookstore can bite my shiny metal ass!!!!!!!


Hey, it's after 9:11 in the evening (East Coast time);

Cyclist and bike commuters - Do you wear a helmet?

high everybody!

"Prayers for Bobby"

A co-worker is weeping because her favorite actor wasn't nominated for....

NYC-area DUers: how will you handle a MTA strike?

Do redneck women really say "Hell yeah"?

What's yer religion?

I just procured "White Heat" and "Angels With Dirty Faces"

WaPo reviews King Kong. "A Beauty of a Beast." Gonna see it?

Most unusual musical pairing?

Someone in Argentina has their priorites straight

Rob Thomas

Good read-aloud chapter books for a first grader?

Anyone in to bellydancing here? I need to know...

time for a kitten thread

DAMMIT I hate this commercial!

Saw "Brokeback Mountain" last night, and it turned me gay

Yaaaay! Baby Panda makes Debut at San Diego Zoo!!!

Home heating bill shocker. How high are your bills?

Great news for "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT" fans!!

What's your final exam rituals?

"Pull On My Penis and See Me Pee!"

Nighthawks 49 (dial-up warning)

Make a Chris -- um, holiday gift basket full of stuff from your region.


free association thread

I'm getting a facial.

I just saw Shaun of the Dead last night!

AMAZING THANKS to DU'ers who Recommended "Harold and Maude."

Crap. Ice and snow in the forecast

A week's worth of groceries for a family of 4 for $45?

These two poor dogs.

I just had a bowl of my pot-au-feu, made rabrrrrrr-style

Bands you like but no one else seems to know about....

I just went to confession


That's why it's called 'faith'.

Are Atheists very interested in books/movies like Narnia?

"DuPont Fined More Than $10M Over Teflon"

Cocaine use linked to increased risk of Parkinson's

Function Of (narwhal's) 8-foot Tooth Discovered

What makes scientists laugh?

Shocked scientists find tsunami legacy: a dead sea

Humans in England May Go Back 700,000 Years

The Simple Life Ain't So Simple

full warp : plasma engine passes initial test

Plasma engine passes initial test

Gay Activist To Head Maine Governor's Re-Election Bid

Nat'l groups plan next move with Ford; National boycott is not on table

Secret Document: Administration Ties Abstinence To AIDS Funding

Ford Motors tells gay leaders it's not antigay

Ford released a letter today reaffirming support for the LGBT community

Gay Moviegoers Tip Their Hats to a Love Story

AIM's Kincaid called for "Quit Gay Sex" campaign

Why not start an "Ex-Straights" movement and make the same claims?

Am I no fun or just having a bad night??

Brazilian city may require transvestite bathrooms

McNabb answers critical column from NAACP leader

Michelin opts to quit Formula One

So. Cali. DUers: Two rabbits w/ new hutches free to good home (PHOTOS)

my middle "child" has started a very strange quirk lately

A great big Charley/Pad Thai rolly polly thread -DIAL UP Warning

anyone have any predictions regarding Fitzgerald's latest indictments?

Normally I never do this, but...light and strength, please?

May I jump in?

Something is going on with Bush.

That's IT!!! I want MORE juicy details answered, NOW!

Excellent Post in GD - P on BBV and last year.

could I have the link to

Request for some support on Election fraud thread

OT Thanks everyone who jumped in on this Bev Harris post!

Great WaPo Article: Faith and budgets in DC

Two MA news items

John Kerry Condemns Iranian President’s Latest Disgusting Statement

Letter from Senator Feingold and others (including Kerry) to other

My two cents on Boston.

Awesome does not even begin to describe.

The coolest thing about all of you that went to see JK this past weekend..

41 Dem Senators Call on Bush to Exercise Leadership on Iraq (JK included)


PDA is at it again...misrepresenting Kerry's positions

Didn't WEL once say...

If I could stop time and live one moment forever...

Trying this again:

Just reading this on Yahoo: Mass. Gov. to Skip Re-Election Bid in 2006

General Questions about the Boston Trip (Please join in!)

Kerry on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN?

Ahm, about those pics

Two new images I dragged through photoshop.

Oh, my goodness! It's a Countdown Newsletter! 12/14/05

KOEB 12/14/05: Bug the President Edition

Time for Worst Person in the World nominees!

I'm not the only one making TV is KO!

New blog: pluggin' tonight's Oddball film fest

Here's another Repuke out on the streets.. (Western Slope DA in CO)

Woodville said in interview afterward she felt Bush ducked her question

Bush Comic

See this??? Canada shrugs off US warning to back off

Wes Clark on FOX Wednesday AM 8:40 ET, 7:40 CT, 6:40 MT, 5:40 PT

For the record, the new seasons (for Faux News) are as follows:

Schwarzenegger Clemency Denial Called Politically Safe

N.Y. Court: Defendant's Admissions Are Voluntary Despite IQ of 55

United For Peace & Justice dumps International ANSWER

If the votes in Iraq were counted today, after votes already cast ..?

Seattle Times: A defendants' guide to the GOP "revolution"

To everyone at DU... Happy Holy Days

repubs busy in DC before they go Home for the Holidays!

I could not escape Karen Hughes this morning

Bush's time warp: responds to Iranian pres comments 7 days late

Novak: "I'm Confident The President Knows" Who Leaked Plame's Identity

The mass murdering corporate war criminal is lying his ass off -again.

Bush making the same speech for the 3/4th time in 2 weeks.

Hartford Courant: Lieberman In A Political Crossfire

Its time Bill and Hillary...

Changing times: opportunism and Republicans switching parties (NJ)

O.K.- so what will we wage war on once the Holidays are over?

Tough Border Security Bill Nears Passage in the House

New Problems in Medicare Drug Benefit

Democrats to press for Iraq intelligence (there was no "sharing with Dems)

Maureen Dowd NY Times article about Bush in the bubble?

Democrat (Dorgan) on Panel Probing Abramoff to Return Tribal Donations

Think about this :

C-span reauthorization of the Patriot act!

Where can I read MoDo

Kucinich on the floor, CSPAN1 Now!

pardon me while I yawn at Duncan Hunter who was on W.J. this a.m.

The Alternative Reality of Scott McClellan (AKA Same BS, Different Day)

New Problems in Medicare Drug Benefit

U.S. Workers' Names Withheld (Bush secrecy on gov's civilian employyees?)

House Prepares to Renew Patriot Act

question about "free speech zones"...

Inept leadership?

Georgia Wage Fight Moves To Supreme Court (Illegals lowering wages)

Photo: LOOK at the steadfast, firm, jaw-grinding RESOLVE of this man.

Petition Opposing New Patriot Act! -----------------Please Sign!

Wes Clark stumps for Eric Massa (NY) in mass e-mail.

What to do with "DINO'S"...

Earle probes DeLay tie to California donor (and convicted Cunningham)

The Anti-Neocon theme song by Ray Davies

Let's say a viable 3rd party emerged...

Lyrics to "Stand By Your DINO"

Is anyone here connected with "American Family Voices?"

"I am responsible"

Lets pour gallons of water on Brit Hume and see if he feels tortured

41 Dem Senators Call on Bush to Exercise Leadership on Iraq

Republican nastiness in congress today

Term limits for congress

After Delay, Fitzgerald Apparently Preparing To Indict Rove

Letters to Lieberman delivered, statements by Jim Dean, Lowell Weicker.

Bush Acknowledges Faulty Iraq Intelligence but Insists “Stay the Course”

Just my confusion

Pentagon spying on Americans - WTF???

A few Yahoo Message Boards reactions to Junior's little Iraq pep talk

"The public stands with us on the war, not Republicans."

real patriots are not those who fall into line behind everything Bush says

(House) Panel May Subpoena Bush Aides on (Katrina) Storm


NBC: Democrats giddy about chances in 2006

Santa Claus Needs Our Support HO HO HO

CNN Headline News : Romney WILL NOT be a candidate for reelection

Doublespeak: Bush's Comments on Iraq

So which Democrat is gonna step up and hold Bush responsible?

just a little more rope....just a little more....

John Fogerty's Deja Vu.....

John Kerry Condemns Iranian President’s Latest Disgusting Statement

New Political Comic at The Hollywood Liberal

Marshals To Patrol Land, Sea Transport (a safety test of marshall's guns?)

How Frist's Chief of Staff responds to questions about Catkiller's stocks

Lovin' this Bush Photoshop: Warning Partial Nudity

Truck carrying corpses of 30 American soldiers over-turned last summer

The F.O.G. of Culture War

Limbaugh - Civil war in Iraq won't mean W's failure over there.

The defunct house ethics committee postpones Delay ethics probe.

On the first day of the war on Christmas, my true love gave to me

Bush can't help from attacking Democrats in his speech....

DUer gratuitous just gave me fricking goosebumps: Chairman Waxman!!!

Transcript: "Chris Matthews goes one-on-one with Karen Hughes on Hardball"

Republican arrogance on full display today

Cut in Minimum Tax Not Likely, Lawmaker Says

DNC to Join Ohio Democrats and Local Veterans in Unveiling New Ads

Condi and her staff don't like the food on Air Force 2

Karen Huge on MSNBC

DNC: GOP Congress to America's Middle Class: "Bah Humbug"

DNC Chairman Howard Dean Calls on Bush Administration to Honor Promises

Excellent new Paul Hackett ad - Bring The Troops Home

Why torture is necessary.

from Dowd's article: 'Don't upset him,' Condi said

US spends $300m to sway opinion

Taking a page from Rove's playbook .....

Is today's Democratic Party an effective political force?

Democrats apologize for Christian-fish parody

Looks like Romney is going run in 08

Update: MSNBC (Hardball) confirms Fitzgerald meeting grand jury

A hello the idiot still has a 38-42% approval rating

So who is going to make the 20,000,000th post?

Iraq gets another 50 billion from Washington while

Last minute shopping for that special conservative.

Is Novak's comment related to the grand jury not meeting??

If people don't agree with what I believe then they (and you) are a DINO!!

Jean Schmidt's first 100 days

Spitzer leads NY governor's poll; Golisano leads GOP

Texan pushes GOP to live up to fiscal promises

Supreme Court observers see Texas redistricting case as pivotal

Lieberman In A Political Crossfire

That sheep Andrew Sullivan is back on the bandwagon...

Conservative law professor crosses evolution battle lines, sides with ACLU

As an "ol' school" IEAmerica fan, can I just opine that

a new CNN poll:

How many bombs has the US dropped on Iraq??

New poll: NBC/Wall St. Jour.: Bush @ 39%; Congress @ 25%

Reframing....I'm not antiwar....I'm anti Quagmire.

I smell a former bug killer --- Houston HAD 24,000 empty apartments.

Why doesn't someone ask Bush, when he mentions WMD's, where...

DU this poll on Jean Schmidt!

Why are Dems always apologizing? Pukes NEVER do!

The Right Wing media is bringing out officers to talk about Iraq.......

44 House Dems voted today to pass the Tyranny Act (Patriot Act)

The Hillary Clinton cartoon you've been waiting for ...

Bob Novak Says President Knows Leak Source

MSNBC "analyst" Charlie Cook: "We've had good economic news all year"

Unbelievable. Lectures to and letters to Dean and RW vicious attacks...

Some help on this flyer on BBV

Tim Ryan for Leader / Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Whip

Bev Harris of BBV coming on Artbell show....on next!

I'll donate $500 to any senator who authors a companion to HR550

NPR ombudsman: Most think tank guests are right wingers

Truthout Used To Have Maureen Dowd's Columns.....

Bush said it is his job to build Democracies ...

WTF, CNN? "Poll: Fewer oppose U.S. presence in Iraq" (6% fewer)

George bush is a strong and decisive leader!

How many Russ Feingold 2008 supporters are here?

'08 Prediction: The Democratic Presidential Candidate will be...

Sen. Jeff Sessions on "Hardball"...what a beady-eyed little fuck.

sooo....IF we hold our nose and elect DLC candidates, then what comes

Is anyone else here a "Founding Father Democrat"?

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) is a not-for-profit-corporation.

What town will O'Reilly smear tonight? nt

The Bev Harris story for newbies and those who have forgotten

I'm so scared - what would happen if Reid & Pelosi had control!

It's time for a new Democratic whip NOW!

Bush: "Well, I'm talking to you. You're a person."

Sharon gets a new image

The winning '08 ticket? Edwards and OBama

My Opinion on Bev Harris & BBV (Warning: Harsh Language) (From 12/30/04)

Basra, a City of Heartbreaking Poverty, Despite Massive Oil Reserves

A defendants' guide to the GOP "revolution

Iraqis will vote to oust their foreign protectors

The Arsonist

WaPo: Speeches on Iraq Balance Resolve and Realism

Pack Your Shit & Get Ready = Mass Evictions From Limbo...


God is Big

Iran's Ahmadinejad says Holocaust a myth...

Australia:Two tribes go to war

Crafty Chalabi still player in Iraq politics

Astroturf vs Grassroots (Froomkin: Harris pretends RNC guy is "grassroots"

Question - When Bubble Boy spoke in Philadelphia this

Heads Up: O'Loofah calling out catholic clergy on War on Christmas

I hope the Iraqi election goes long as the people win

anyone ever hear this about the neocons vis-a-vis the DLC?

Question of liberality - Re: Lotteries, etc

Bob Grant Will Exit WOR, New York in Early January

War on Christmas” conspiracy rhetoric has a very nasty history

If Karl Rove is indicted, what impact will it have on Junior?

Check out the wingnut group the young Priest O`Reilly had on belongs to.

"War on Xmas" source:

Will they explode? Repubs caught paying themselves with TAXPAYER money

So, if Bush would make same decision knowing what he knows now,

Tom Brokaw is a military industry propagandist.

What Stephen Harper really thinks about Canada

Despite global treaty, toxic pesticide still in widespread use in Calif.

Texan pushes GOP to live up to fiscal promises

NYT: G.O.P. May Harness Arctic Drilling to Pentagon Budget

FDA advisers: Rotavirus vaccine OK

NYT: Federal Loans to Homeowners Along Gulf Lag

Anderson Cooper in Iraq, explosions going off

AP: U.S. Nixes Cuba for Baseball Classic

Senator Russ Feingold's statement/speech on the Patriot Act

Convicted Hitman, 77, Executed in Miss.

Staff Christmas party in the year 2005

Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys, free them...

i realize it's been done before but who thinks of these tag lines...

Which Family to Spend Christmas with

So... how does one write a press release?

Here's what I want for Christmas.

ladies...haggis anyone?

Do you consider

Where would you rather spend 4 years?

Woohoo!!!! It's gonna snow!!! Woohoo!!!

Finished my last final... Free at last! Free at last!!!

Pack Your Shit & Get Ready = Mass Evictions From Limbo...

Taking a Job as a Personal Advisor to 1 of the Wealthiest Men in the World

Pics of the first Beast Family Festivus Pole!

Another parenting failure for me: two year old in time-out.

Nip/Tuck Who's The Carver Poll

HuffPo Covers the "Great Ford Debate"

The Hill on Kerry-Reed press conference

Thank God, I wasn't in Boston.

Just write a check or give them cash....

Iraqis will vote to oust their foreign protectors

AP: Iraq War Vet to Challenge Northrup in Ky.

An Evening With Tim Johnson

So Warner Is Way Ahead Of The Curve On DNA Testing

Would You Vote For A Nominee Who Was Against You On Your Pet Issue?