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Archives: December 12, 2005

Bush treading a torturous path (and past)

Biopiracy and GMOs: The Fate of Iraq's Agriculture

LIEberman Cartoon

a column submitted to my website

Alpizar and Menenzes: Two victims of state “anti-terror" killings

Cornered by the truth

Neva Chonin's great article on commercializing CS Lewis' book

South Florida family sues FBI for early morning raid without warrant

House to Take Up Stricter Immigration Measure

Low Prices, Widespread Torture-Our new system of global production

French Told CIA of Bogus Intelligence (asked by CIA in 2001 - told in 2001

What Viveca Novak Told Fitzgerald

HORNER'S DIRTY TACTICS: -posed as journalist from Wash Times!

PItts: Bush sending mixed messages

Bush Abandons Tax Reform, Washington Gets Uglier (Bloomberg)

Hillary's pathetic ploy

Time Reporter May Have Tipped Rove's Lawyer to Leak

Black Contracts

Bill O'Reilly: Please Add Me To Your Media Blacklist

Christian Science Monitor: In Iraq, security trumps women's rights

Hillary Clinton Crafts Centrist Stance on War

The New Rich-Rich Gap (Robert Reich)

Local Control Over Land Use Threatened by WTO

Military's Info War is Vast and Often Secretive/NYT/Link to full art.

LAT: Shooting Illustrates Air Safety Conflict

The Burden of Medicaid Cuts

aol whoring for Bush

Helen Thomas on Torture

An American Nightmare - Part 1

Can Amtrak survive three more years of Bush?

Drop in black marriages hurts families

Fox's Chris Wallace wants to commit Mike Wallace

How was it for you?:Top US commentators deliver their verdicts on Bush.

The Society of the Spectacle

Bogle: Capitalism has suffered 'pathological mutation'

Lease: Getting a handle on the scandals

Vonnegut: Your guess is as good as mine

His Search For A New Groove (Bush needs ideas for SOTU)

10 stoner ideas for bringing peace to Iraq

Next hot topic: Porn in schools

It Just Keeps Getting Worse -- from Jim Hightower

In wartime, this lawyer has got Bush's back

Alito's Remarks on Roe May Not Be Fighting Words (Dems won't filibuster?)

Biopiracy and GMOs: The Fate of Iraq's Agriculture

WHO: Ecosystem Imbalance Is Threat to Human Health

Killer whales have highest man-made toxin levels in Arctic, study says

British Oil Installation continues to burn.

SAAB 9-5 2.0 Lt BioPower 20% more power on Ethanol 85 than gasoline

Peak oil? Hardly.

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

Israel LA envoy criticizes new Spielberg film 'Munich'

Why US Jews should not read Jewish papers - instead read Arab Newspapers

Palestinians export first crops grown in settlers' Gaza greenhouses

Survey: Leftists prefer Palestinians to settlers

Hillary Calls Israel a 'Beacon' of Democracy

Just watched "Loose Change" - I'm officially MIHOP!

Able Danger: What do you think we are going to learn?

Dec 12-13 Emergency Action Letter: Save Democracy, Save Ohio

OH Sen. Rules Cmtte. Approves Anti-Democratic Bill

STOP OH POLL TAX! Email from Homeless Advocate:

US: Bush Pal O'Dell Resigns As Diebold CEO, Chairman

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 12/12/05

You Can Help Restore Democracy by January 2007 by ...

CA Dem registrants decline by 2% , Rep stay flat, decline to state


Best website I've ever seen on voting system company sleaziness...

Dear Gov. Dean -- Let’s take Wally O’Dell at his word …

Wally O'Dell, Diebold CEO, resigns!

By the numbers - CA-48 sepcial election

Air America

LA/SD & Central Valley CA DU Meetup???

The DNC Commission on the nominating calendar made its recommendation

Bruce Braley diary over at Daily Kos

Iowa likely to lose House seat in 2010 - DM Register

Senator Sprinkle/Coleperson's newsletter

Bush tells supporter prayers for him are "working"

HELP! recomend good VHS to DVD player/recorder?

Free "trial" download **XP 64 **?

Cle PD takes strong position against HB3, the vote-suppression bill

State program turns out 1 certified person (Perry a miserable failure)

From bush_eats_beef, Enron employees win suit!

Will y'all hep me DU a poll, plaze?

Supreme Court to Review Texas Redistricting (FU Tom DeLay!)

Mess with your fundie-hugging legislator this holiday season

MJS editorial - Still the straw man arguments (over vote fraud)

Eau Claire

Amazing And Sad Discussion On New Orleans On Today's Meet The Press

My "The Modern Day Cynic" Blog is getting Freeped.

Plamegate: Interesting theory that ViNovak got Corleone'd by Bushies.

I Would Like to Talk About the Sixties

Stop Being a Passive Political Consumer- Do Something

Family: Michigan soldier wounded in Iraq last month dies

Did Christians influence the PG rating for "The Passion of the Aslan"?

Bush treading a torturous path (and past)

Why we may never know actual Katrina deaths--states get to decide #

WSJ:In Iraq, Bush Pushed For Deadline Democracy

Do American's care more about Money than Freedom?

Dogs get drug that's stockpiled for people

Guaranteed antibiotics supply wanted in case of bird flu

New Orleanians will take care of New Orleans

Stunning Photo Tribute to JK Found on the DU JK Group

Corporatism: Rumsfeld will profit from sale of Bird flu medication

Captain Lee, exonerated Guantamo chaplain, on Erin Hart Show

Children of mixed marriages protest official discrimination (In Iraq)

Merry Xmas perfesser. Professor beaten and demoted.

For the "Dean Must Go" crowd: A suggested replacement...

Apparently Faux pressures its affiliates

Abuse Cited In 2nd Jail Operated by Iraqi Ministry

Remember the face of satan in the WTC smoke??

Answer me this...Why does Tookie get the DP, when Charlie Manson did not?

Go McCain!!!

Conservatives idea of "free market" should be questioned

really easy way to protest renewal of whole Patriot Act:

CO-OPTING Merry Christmas by the BAH HUMBUG Party!

Relax, O Democrats!

Drowned city cuts its poor adrift

So, any of you Americans following Canada's election?

Obama says Republicans practice "Social Darwinism"

Independent World News Television and Able Danger

submitted for your approval or critique

The Bushes 41 and 43 and their families' Christmas wishes to America

One way DLC may be right about their ''electable'' candidates

Does Pickles always looked stoned or stupid in her pictures?

The man who's really behind the war on Christmas (picture)

British Law v American Law

Democrats need good mottos!

Abuse Cited In 2nd Jail Operated by Iraqi Ministry

A prayer against the death penalty

In case you missed it a tool for political wonks...

Democratic vs. Republican Christmas movies

Isn't it odd how Texas and Florida...up UNTIL Junior and Jethro got their

Lieberman Hypocrisy on Criticizing Bush (not sure if dupe)

We've already LOST the war in Iraq

Letter to International Criminal Court. Investigate Shrub.

% Iraqis Who Oppose US Presence has Spiked 51 to 65% (ABC Poll)

Bush to compare Iraqis to America's founders

When pundits are asked about Bush's "jump" in the polls,...

In case you missed it a tool for political wonks...

Can Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., save the Times—and himself?

WAPO-GREAT GRAPHIC Showing $$$ Flowing From Abramoff to Congress

Ah! The true meaning of Christmas!

Jury Hung in First Federal Vioxx Trial

Republican definition of compromise

What happened with Deb Davis?

Corporate Heroes- IKEA: "Low Prices, But Not at Any Price"

SUPREME COURT Agrees to Review Texas Redistricting

WP's Abramoff scandal graphic paints bipartisan picture

What are you doing to Fix and Better your Public School?


TV Special: A Very Bushy Christmas, with George & Dr. Phil ---pix->>>

I am starting to smell a rat. Another assassination in Lebanon

Why Silverstein Needed the WTC to Be Destroyed - TVNL Radio 12/12/05

Protest in Egypt against "rigged" elections - Democracy can be messy

Sen. Feingold blogging about The Patriot Act at TPMCafe

No Charges: Woman Wouldn't Show ID On Bus

Everytime the Iraqis vote bush makes a big deal about it as though...

Would Jesus Pull the Switch?

Murtha (Sunday) Replay on C-Span2

Study: Eight million new immigrants enter U.S. since 2000

Dear France, please buy us! .... (New Orleans)

Family Upset Over Marine's Body Arriving As Freight

Bush's final address in the series is planned for Wednesday

WTF!!! A news website for the blind!!!

Centers for Disease Control using video games for disaster training

UK Co. introduces text messages that 'self destruct' after 40 seconds

The C-Span bus just went by my house.

Coward alert.

OK, the ad for the show on porn has finally gotten on my nerves.

President Clinton, CIA and drug smuggling

NBC Brian Williams-On Imus Last Week- On Katrina.

What? No Backdrop? ---pix->>>

Any attorneys on board? I badly need advice on an ongoing matter

IF our gov't had stated the purpose of the Iraq War/Invasion

House of Blues in New Orleans Reopens Today

Not a Happy Camper ---pix->>>

Does Blinky ever mention that the US has to approve all Iraqi candidates?

Is it just me, or is this place getting nastier?

Video shows Iraq jail torture

Must Read: The Torture Papers: The Road to Abu Ghraib

Feingold writes he'll be busy on the Senate floor after Wednesday

Experts Urge Less Focus on Antioxidants

If bush is taking the fight to everyone who attacks us then dosen't he ...

Rachel Maddow hosting the Al Franken show the rest of the week

Google Maps helped me and my near-estranged brother bond. (pic heavy)

Does the DNC support the death penalty?

Abuse Cited In 2nd Jail Operated by Iraqi Ministry

ACLU HUNTS BUSH MEMOS Authorizing CIA Prisons & Torture

SIRIUS Satellite Radio Launches Christian Talk Channel

tweety was asked about bush complaining about propaganda of terroist..

Diplomacy: Good or Bad

Did He... Did He.. Did..He Just Take Questions?

the Chronicles Movie

katrina trailer camps

Seymour Hersh (CSpan2): Confidential Sources

The chimp is a fucking asshole....

Now that's funny!

CNN >> Bush: 30,000 Iraqis dead (Subliminal message?)

My Mistake. Of COURSE There Was a Backdrop! ---pix->>>

Limbaugh Logic 101

At least one pastor does not agree with Christmas=Sacred

Do Baby Boomers Ever Die?

Novak trying to show Harris the door

Bush is an intellectual? (Heard on the news)

I heard Murtha would have a response to Bush's speech. When is it?

Bush Is Strange & Scary - A Short Rant

BREAKING: Rumsfeld caught dining with Kissinger

Alan Patten...pick up the remains of Alan's nineteen-year-old son(pic)

Do Hillary and pro-war Dems support oil hegemony?

LMAO !! Fundies screaming because public "holiday" celebration dumps them

Bush says some 30,000 Iraqis killed since war start

With Bush Administration, Staying On Message Means MoreThan Telling Truth

New Talking Point Emerges: Iraqi people are suffering because of Bin Laden

Has anyone ever challenged corporate personhood before Supreme Court?

Overall feelings right now: Some Democrats need to go

"Secretary Lieberman" = "It's merely aberrance"!?

VIDEO- Bush Speech today- how many Iraqis killed?

Anyone know if John Murtha's speech will be carried?

Is it just me or are there a bunch of 1000+ posters that sound....

later this hour, will hear excerpts on CNN: Murtha's speech

Seattle PI: Many refuse to pay 'war tax' on phone bill

Bush You Are a LIAR!

Bush says he DECIDED that Saddam was a threat


Do you REALLY think things will change, regardless of what we say?

I don't know what to do anymore...A Whiney Sob Story looking for advice

Freepers are buying into the phony "war on Christmas"... hilarious!

Lousy job protecting Iraqis Bush. Why would anyone want our 'protection'?

"The Penguin Wars" They'll twist anything

Neo-cons will never vote for Hillary. I hope she realizes that.

MSRNC biased? Nah!!!

Fox 'changed' reports for Saudi Prince

Murtha reaction to *'s speech on now!

Has anyone received their new social security award letter yet?

Bush: "And knowing what I know today, I'd make the decision again."

An e-mail I just received about a protest being planned in DC

Frist on C-span fumbling on about prospect of Democratic fillibuster

Members of family that lost 27 members in Jonestown place flowers on grave

Rove must be distracted: Bush took questions from the audience...

Are there books re: the South winning the Civil War or seceding for good?

Minnesota Marine, killed in Iraq, laid to rest....

Should you chose to e-mail CNN and C-SPAN Re: no Murtha..

Byrd on the Senate floor NOW CSPAN2 talking about fillibusters

Evidence of Political Manipulation at the Justice Department (Findlaw)

Bush - Constitution 'Just A Goddamned Piece of Paper '

Need help: Debating a FReeper who says this country was founded on God

What Next, Lord Pissypants? ---pix->>>

I just love DU!

Michael Ware: Rebuttal to Bush Claim that Press Turns a Blind Eye

This land might not be your land

I just got my anti-Bush calendars that Skinner was plugging

Tookie Williams is the wrong "poster boy" for DP activism.

N. Security Archive: Pre-9/11 Warning to Saudis / Tenet's "We're At War"

What can be said when the number of dead American soldiers

Monsanto Sneaking GM Trait into So-Called 'Healthier' Soybeans

TIME's Photos of the Year. #18 is my pick "Heading Home'

Randi Rhodes is going to be on Book Notes on CSPAN!

By God - The Line Has Been Drawn

Custody Battle Is Waged Over Comatose Girl

Illinois residents -- your governor sounds kick-ass.

Texas Voting Map Challenged, U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Case

Man is an amazing animal, by David Coats

Congress should strike public land grab from bill

Randi about Bush : he uses "pretzel-logic"

Christian group fasts outside Gitmo

Arnold: Will he or won't he commute Tookie's death sentence

Syriana was an excellent movie

Murtha in "rapid response" mode. I like that. n/t

Scooter Libby and David Duke Vacation Link?

My fellow Atheists can be such idiots sometimes...

Was This (1 of) The Reason For Going Into Iraq?

randi's got a (smart-sounding) freeper.

Another sound alike Freeper on Randi.

Freep AOL poll, things better in Iraq....

FYI: The "Ad"

The 'War For Christmas' Is Really A Conditional Surrender

Tookie is, DON'T kill him

Calling all Georgia Progressives

Chinks in the GOP Armor:the imperfections are increasingly visible

CNN's headline RE: Williams

I just watched the dumbest fucking anti pot commerical

HOLIDAY gift idea! Jerry Falwell's "FASTING CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!"

Yeah Randi Rhodes!

LAST DAY to Bring the Troops Out of Iraq petition

LIES ---pix->>>

I have a question about Tookie Williams

I think it's time to start a group called LOTA

Pelosi on Bush's Speech: "Why aren't our troops on their way home?

Scooter Libby and David Duke Vacation Link?

For my 500th post-because i want to

Bush in Denial ---pix->>>

Can we PLEASE have a Tookie-free zone?!

Here's Why A Big Deal Was Made About Tookie.

A comprehensive shredding of the Rep/Dem reasons to continue the war

Dean 08. Just maybe it is a good idea ......

"Bet on Iraq" ads only appear on RW websites. Ya ever notice?

Santa has a giant gift for all Americans!

A guy building houses in NOLA told me the inevitable plan for the 9th Ward

Pictures of * from his speech today

US healthcare co. to send thousands of patients to India

Which is more important

Those tits on the left are all about unbridled capitalism.

How did Randi do with the freeper on? I missed it. She says he will be

This is just sad....

This is just sad....

This is just sad....

Liberals Reveal Long-Awaited Plot To Off Santa

What is the cause of Bush's love of war?

Dems press conference on CSpan

How the Liberals Stole Christmas (or, a Visit from St Dick)

Another media WTF!!!

MSNBC Poll: do you think there's a war on Christmas? 51% no so far.

Anyone else sick of seeing porn news stories and dating sites

This is just sad....

"Staying the course" is clearly a nonsensical phrase.

Merry Christmas to all you guys,

Quotes from the Vietnam Era that will purely break your heart.

Hey-All You Bush-Haters!

Can we "execute" multiple threads on the same subject by the same DUers...

Help keep the Constitution on line

Oh ladies (and gay guys) ....

Bush Lets the Cat out of the Bag Today. He's forced to cede Iraq to Iran.

Christian Coalition candidate sends condolences & asks for votes

Help keep the US Constitution online

Bush continues to link al-Qaeda and Iraq in his speech. Slick. Works too.

Do we have a moral obligation since we broke Iraq?

CNN New Poll Numbers Up-BUT More Critics than Supporters

So * says he would invade and occupy Iraq even knowing what we know now

The correct response to GOP trying to turn Abramoff scandal on Dems...

Torture (The Real War On Christmas)

I Sound Like A Broken Record: What's Up W/ The Abu Ghraib Photos/Videos?!

A Chart That Shows How and Where Jack Abramoff Spread the Wealth

SSS radio ads - why the sudden flurry?

Byrd/Frist smackdown NOW on C-SPAN 2

Randi is doing some great stuff on Tookie...

Lets cut them off at the pass with 7.1 bill Bird Flu bill


Caption *

BRAD BLOG: Conyers Registers Downing Street & Iraq Report Domain Names!

Retreat & Defeat

Anyone want to see a freeper thrashing?

Is there a Murtha response??

West Wing Taking a jab at the Kerry Campaign??

Lynne Cheney: Offensive to even ask about prisoner abuse.

What does "Breaking News" mean to you?

Support Wednesday’s FEMA protest in DC!

No Word on Fate of Four Kidnapped Peace Activists - Sign Petitions

Hasta la vista, Tookie...

DeLay May Still Face Conspiracy Charge After All

Do You Feel Guilty That Iraqis Have Been Killed With Your Tax Money?

Has anyone been having a problem with their airamerica signal?

Confusion Sets In: "it's ok to kill the guy who now does good, but BAD to

Dems are a pro corporate party, don't like it, start your own party

DU Lou Dobbs poll!

MSNBC: "Rita Cosby will be one of the media witnesses to the execution"

Tentacles of Corruption,Political Payoff and the Fillip of a Mob Hit

How does the death penalty deter murders?

What is the ENTIRE US troop death toll ?

Can we at least agree the haircut needs to die?

This week on The Daily Show

A suggestion to all those offended by the MSNBC ad, based on DU experience

Where are our basic services bush,New Orleans and other cities...

Did Bush really say this?

Why are many here so happy.......

Song lyrics that resonate

Anyone have a list of radio markets where Rush is hurting?

How come when someone is put to death it's done at midnight?

You Can Help Save New Orleans Music

To All DP Supporters and Opponents, Just A Simple Question

I posted this on free reuublic.

Does any other western, industrialized nation still have the death penalty

Air America declares "war on christmas" (VIDEO)

VIDEO-Bush's Speech-why what he says gives me the crawlies

The FEEL GOOD Story of the Night!! (Trust Me!)

We lost a lot more soldiers in WW2.

Can we PLEASE have a neon titty-free zone?!

Need ammo for "discussion" with a bushbot!

Alan Colmes, Ken Starr, Eleanor Clift and a giant rat. Really. See this.

The New Jersey GOP has gone insane

Pat Robertson: A:We've won the war already. B:Criticizing Bush is treason

Porn, porn, porn, porn

Mice Created With Human Brain Cells (this gives me pause)

Grandmother tasered 5 times in Ohio.

Hi, from a "sky marshall"'s DU Mommy :)

What is with Mitt Romney's HAIR?

Sunni and Shi’a Death Squads Operating at Night

What was Rove's big mistake?

Calling Ex-COn DUERS: Did prison suck ? Wouldn't death be a relief versus

How much ya wanna bet that Bush's ratings are artificially raised in 4 wks

To all DP Supporters and Opposition - A question

Death Penalty OPPONENTS: What are you going to DO tomorrow...

"Freep Arnold" Freerep attempt to kill "Tookie"

I can't wait to read how people's lives have improved after tonight!, Highlight Bush's "30,000 Dead" #; Buries It

A death penalty question

Press Release:25 US Christians Reach Guantanamo for Anti-Torture Vigil

SEDER: Xmas has nuclear weapons, ties with terrorists & is Imminent threat

Do you think that SpongeBob SquarePants could beat John McCain in 2008?

The chimperor** Protested in Philly Today! WooHoo!

Iraq; Ballet, school, soccer, though this never existed before

Tookie Williams, CIA, Brent Wilkes, and Gary Webb

The Crash at Gander - 20 years ago today

Take a picture, go to jail. Patriot Act 2 being a schizophrenic bloatfest.

Words of wisdom from the Muslim faith...

Somebody HAS to ask Bush this question.

Saudi prince gives Sharon 'benefit of doubt' (... and CHANGES FOX NEWS!)

A suggestion to all those offended by the MSNBC ad, based on DU experience

Right Wingers DO NOT Support The Troops.

how do i post a photo from my hd? tia eom

Enron Employee Committee Wins Suit to Recover $20 Million in Bonuses

Walmart the Movie - free screenings across US - link here

We don't need to demonize folks that don't agree with us.

Has Christmas been hit with a Google Bomb?

a couple of toons . . .

Looks like there will be no Christmas

VIDEO-Bush Speech today-Why Do You Keep Linking 911 and Iraq?

Execution as Spectacle can only poison the soul of our nation n/t

New Cook Political Report/RT Strategies national poll-Mixed

So how many Iraqis have been killed? Blinky: Oh, about 30,000. Heh, heh...

Campaign Underground 2006 - DU's front page?

help needed on college paper - editing for grammar and apa style

Christmas Chickenhawk Songs!

New web blog for Freeway Bloggers here:

Hurry up, the new topical trendy topic o' the week.

SECRECY NEWS, FAS Project - Vol. 2005, Issue No. 113

Man do I long for a day when we are no longer at war and the state

THAT was the quickest one I've EVER had...lasted about 25 seconds!!

R-E-V-O-L-T ... N-O-W!!! Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!!

Pig-boy Rush catches a break in court.

Is anyone watching Williams/Bush interview on Olberman?

What the fuck was with Arnold getting Tookie's hopes up?

Murtha: "Iraqis are not against Democracy, they're against our occupation"

Comedy Central's Last Laugh 2005

Bush's EPA approves testing poison on children

TOONS to start the week

If Americans don't care about killing innocent people, god help the guilty

A Socialist Single Mother Will Become Chile's First Female President

What are "ear squats"?

Mice grow human brain cells after stem cell injections

Yet another death penalty poll

Tell me about Lindsay Graham

It's a DU Civil War - No wonder we can't win an election!

Reliable News Sources

Mike Farrell to Dennis Prager: YOU DISGUST ME.

Project 911 ruled "fraudulent and improperly preferential" (Enron)

Would I be a christmas war criminal if

The Belt Way Boys on Fox News. Who are these dried up

Slavery didn't go away.... it hides in plain sight, complete with

Have you seen the threads rocketing to the top of the Greatest Page?

Forgiving Josef Mengele

Is it a "safe" assumption to think that anyone who is against the DP is

Fuck you chimpass**!! Here is your better Iraq! *graphic*

All you Bush scab and sores watchers

Arnold is going to regret not commuting Williams'

and what if this IS true?

The Purple Finger Song

Remember this: Jesus didn't need to kill before he found himself.

Bush, the phony prophet, the invader of riches...

Damn! My light bulb just blew! Dark in here! Creepy.

Richard, for better or worse, you made me laugh.

For my 1000th post I give you....

how about a war on christmas MUSIC?

How many people could this guy put out of work if he started talking?

So, uh, why DO they always do executions at midnight?

Bush says he does not live in a bubble

I stand with the NAACP to save Tookie

Dr. D is very ill in Bangalore, India.

What did Frank Rich mean by the cover-up of the Marines deaths?

Bush says 30,000 Iraqis killed (liberated) since war began

Keith Olberman doesn't have a drivers license???

Crowds capture al-Qaida 'Butcher' (Ramadi)

"Bushback Mountain": A Sizzlin' Texas-Sized Gay Love Story

San Diego Union Tribune: Holidays are open season on military wallets

Just ONCE, could we ACTUALLY PROVE we are human rights',...

Isn't this the fifth anniversary...

How do Fundies justify breaking one of the Ten Commandments?

Violence against innocent people is wrong

Let's face facts folks, OBL is dead

Remember when Christmas meant peace on earth and not war?

Yeee-haaaa! Judge Allows Subpoenas of Limbaugh Doctors

I just thought I would start a thread that isn't about Tookie Williams.

Attention WalMart shoppers

do you believe that condemned murderers CAN be rehabilitated?

Fear Not Catholics; Walmart is Okay

What are they getting away with while we all debate Tookie?

So, how will the neocons thwart the Dem 06 election victory?

A small change in DP rules.

Anyone watch Byrd/Frist Debates over Fillibuster on C-Span!

Does being pro death penalty mean you CELEBRATE the death of the murderer?

Young Turks (liberal radio show) is streaming Live Video tonight

Why don't we let the family of the victims kill Tookie?

I've got to say that this is just really messed up.

"Strong military" = meaningless phrase

Would Tookie have converted against gangs if he never got caught?

"Finally, a WASP riot ..."

My Husband is at the Gates of Gitmo

In Case Ya Wanna See What LAT Readers Think Re: Tookie !!!

Are Republicans getting ready to slop the hogs again?

Tookie apparently is able to show more class on the night of his death

Bush to Brian Williams: "I'm very aware of what's going on."

Remember, some think liberals should get the death penalty too.

Why were there only 2 posts on DU about the execution of Kenneth Lee

Live coverage from San Quentin on Pacifica

A Caucasian White Collar Criminal would be pardoned quickly

Good Bye Columbus. Stacking the deck for Republicans in Ohio


the right to bear children

Former Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. to take on Leiberman?

These executions are surely the most heinous murders of all....

Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

How will the fundies react when they find out that Narnia stars...

Anderson Cooper is in Iraq - First Article 'War is Hell'

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Melee

War ?

Weird Question: Calif is liberal. DU is liberal. Why does CA have the DP?

Journalism: A question for DUers ......

Swarzenegger denies clemency

I find Tookies execution a Sad event

Question: Tookie...yes I know...another one!

Tookie Williams is completely and totally beside the point

"Hillary Clinton would fare better vs. GOP than Kerry, poll finds"

Anyone feel like apologizing?

Is it really against the law to be a communist? Was it during the 50s?

rita crosby Gloating and Looking Forward To Seeing Someone Murdered

Tonight... Around Midnight, A Sharp Little Schism Will Be Widened...

Police: Elderly sell pain pills for cash

Bush says we have to fight all of the ones who attacked us so dosen't ...

Other than DU, what is the coolest Progressive Group?

You're a failing American auto giant. What do you do?

WooHoo...that "prone Chickie" on DU "between Forums Hot!

Would people still be upset if the porn image were a Botticelli nude?

Where are Arnold's Bishops? Deny him communion

Real or false dilemma? Abortion and the death penalty

Darkness cannot drive out darkness

What is With all of these "Save Tookie People/Posts"

The New IMPROVED Official State Religion List!

One Year Ago December 14, I Posted This Piece

Do you think Hillary Clinton could beat John McCain in '08?

So, when Tookie dies, will there be a celebration on DU?

To DLC Demos: Why should we compromise?

Official: Diebold CEO O'Dell resigns

We are the only industrialized nation with a death penalty!

Google Bomb Project on 'The War on Christmas'

"War is the Health of the State"

Where have we seen those strange hand gestures, before?

Did anyone else hear the report that Al-qaeda called for destruction

Mysterious sweet smell returns to Manhattan, without explanation

Huffington Post: A Conversation With Mark Crispin Miller

I'm sorry (Not Really) but you are a Racist Mr. Bush...

Republican 12 Days of Christmas

Why is MSNBC advertising "Porn" at DU NOW???

Oh, shit. I was afraid of this. "Took die, the city fry."

BREAKING: Arnold says no to Tookie (AP Link)

how long does it take mercury to leave the body, or not?

A little note from DU admin Skinner y'all should read...

Amazing how truly divided DUers are over the Tookie issue

Brokeback SAME AS Passion of the Christ

The Wizard of Oil - A MUST SEE!

nancy grace deathwatch: she just can't wait.

Sign this petition......Senator Kennedy demanding PDB's.....URGENT!!

A monster will die tonight

When evil raises it's ugly head again, what form should it take?

Mike Farrell rocks


Two simple reasons I'm against the death penalty

Are people required to carry ID in Europe?

The DP Country Club - of which the US is a proud member

Moby says Eminem has blood on his hands

Why did Arnold deny Tookie clemency?

Bush's friends talk about "a sort of Zen-like quality that he has."

WaPo has a new Rove stenographer; Froomkin responds to her.

"Beware of 'Brokeback Mountain' says Former Homosexual and Wife" !!!

CNN Poll: 74% say Schwarzenegger was right not to grant clemency

Request for Katrina Images and links to video clips

Here's a great idea: Hospital Credit Cards!

One murderer dies at midnight as another sleeps soundly in the White House

War on 'Bless you" after sneezing? You decide.

My last word...

Conyers is up to something

If you feel like celebrating the denial of clemency...

The mother-and-child reunion - photo

VIDEO-Williams on Bush bubble-snippett

Should CEO's who knowingly cause 8,000 deaths be on death row? Bhopal

'Daily Show' halts production following suicide

What would you eat for your last meal? And do they really give you what

"If you hire illegal workers, we'll put your picture on the Internet,"

How Many Of You Have Been Accused Of Serious Crimes...

DIEBOLD CEO RESIGNS after reports of alleged securities fraud!!!

What is your holiday mood?

Quick! Give me your stereotype of a "typical Republican."

How many Americans are POWs in Iraq?

* speech starting now on C-Span2

Should Democrats respond to "culture of corruption" with CLEAN MONEY

WYFP with Capitol Hill Blue?

Dean must go!

This isn't about Tookie Willliams--it's about the death penalty.

Kids in Katrina zone:"How will Santa find me? I'm not in my house any more

Holy SHIT This is scary

Send these soldiers in Iraq a Holiday Card

Carlyle Group BUYS 1/3 of DUNKIN DONUTS!!!!

Why is there such an aversion to having to carry ID

It seems like the RNC likes to doctor pictures, to mislead the public....

Hillary and Lieberman are weighing down the Democratic message.

Decorate YOUR FITZMAS TREE - an Interactive Animation, my Best Yet!

Has anyone ever done poll of how many DU'ers are Female?

What should I do with my chicken?

white beans with lamb....

Ack! Rafe Mair voting Green?!

Mike Duffy: Canada's Own Right Wing Talking Point.

Canada drafts proposals to shield personal data from U.S. anti-terror law

Sopranos actor shot in NYPD killing

At least 4 dead in Beirut explosion; police: blast likely car blast

Bomb explodes in Athens' main square

Afghanistan blocks free speech

U.S. Gov't Consultant Found Dead in Guyana

Pope: Christmas Polluted by Consumerism

Frist predicts 'deal' on anti-torture plan

New Hariri report 'blames Syria'

Voting begins at Iraq's prisons, hospitals (purple finger pic with story)

Syria denounces Beirut bombing (says its was meant as a smear Syria)

Bush Picks Historic Site to Tout Iraq Vote

Boys of Baghdad College Vie for Prime Minister

Al-Qaida rejects Iraq polls

EU concealed deal with US to allow 'rendition' flights (Telegraph)

NYT,pg1: Military Officer Tied to (protester) Killings Is Held by China

Shi'ite militiamen see Allawi as Iraq election foe

Poll: Broad Optimism in Iraq, But Also Deep Divisions Among Groups

LAT: Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina Resettle Along a Racial Divide

Israel denies it plans to attack Iran

Breaking: USSC to review Republican-friendly Texas congressional map

American soldier killed in Ramadi

Bush to compare Iraqis to America's founders

Abuse Cited In 2nd Jail Operated by Iraqi Ministry ('Severe Torture')

Bush picks historic site to tout Iraqi vote (Philly)

Bush's final address in the series is planned for Wednesday

CNN/AP: Second night of violence in Sydney

Vioxx court case ends in mistrial

Christian families evicted (Pakistan)

Democrats test themes of community, purpose for '06 and '08

WaPo/AP: Supreme Court to Review Texas Redistricting

Judge declares mistrial in Vioxx case

Arabs in Australia Retaliate for Violence (AP)

US rejects Qaeda claim that bin Laden still leading

US to lift ban on beef imports from Japan

Iraqi Panel Finds Voter Registration `Violations'

Ahmadinejad defends anti-Israel tirade

Poll: Most Iraqis Oppose Troops' Presence

Additional emblem for the Int. Red Cross and Red Crescent Movmts.

Quran, other volumes looted from Pakistan library for heat

Pentagon May Weigh Iraq Troop Reduction

Federal judge orders one-month extension of FEMA hotel program

Straw: 'No record' of CIA flights

LAT: Wal-Mart Hopes WTO Will Help It Open a Door

Bush Says Iraq's Path to Democracy Like That of US

Rumor of levee dynamite persists

Military releases recruitment goal numbers

Bush - Constitution 'Just A Goddamned Piece of Paper '

Soldier dies of bomb wounds- Mich. native hit in Iraq last month

Culture war pits Univ. of California vs. Christian way of teaching

Custody Battle Is Waged Over Comatose Girl

Ohio considers special license plates for sex offenders

Protesters turn out for Bush (@ Philly speech)

Uncounted deaths: Katrina tally doesn't include all victims

U.S. Activists Fast Outside Guantanamo

i can't read DU at work with the goddam MSNBC porn on the left margin

Hughes intent on improving U.S. image in the Muslim world

Bush denounces abuses in Iraqi jails

Wisconsin driver strikes and kills stray kangaroo

San Diego Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Being Raided!

Brazil's First Black TV Channel on the Air

Democrats seek classified briefing with Rice

U.S. prodding Argentina on political tilt to the left

Brazil and Mercosur Partners Officially Take In Venezuela

White House pushes Congress to ok Alaska drilling

White House Plays Down New Abuse Case

Bush: U.S. will not allow Iran to dominate Iraq

N.Y. GOP Leaders Tell Pirro to Drop Out (NY Senate race)

Killer's lawyers file last-ditch appeal

Arctic orcas highly contaminated

Maine governor calls for gradual normalization of relations with Cuba

Documents Reveal Worries of Blanco's Staff

Ford to meet with gay, human rights groups

State Dept. rules out guarantee on Iran (of not attacking)

Judge Allows Subpoenas of Limbaugh Doctors

Democrats seek energy independence by 2020

Noted black political leader Henry Kirksey dies

Supreme Court to Review Texas Redistricting

Bush urged to use WTO to break up OPEC oil cartel (Reuters)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 12 December

US planes carrying prisoners were allowed to land in Britain, says Straw

U.S. cable firms to create 'family friendly' packages

More than 750 insurgents killed in western Iraq: general

Coroners, police try to solve mystery of Katrina's violent deaths

Byrd Warns Frist Against ‘Nuclear Option‘


Family Gets Soldier's Christmas Card Hours Before Death News

Alito snubs CBC's request for a meeting

Fired CEOs face big 'golden parachutes'

Bush would go into Iraq again (knowing what he knows today)

'Daily Show' halts production following suicide (25 yr old staffer)

Neo-Nazis blamed for Sydney riots

Middle ground sought on morning-after pill (in Pennsylvania)

Moderates Want Iraq Rhetoric Toned Down

Prosecutors Appeal Dismissed DeLay Charge

Ex-Enron traders must pay back bonuses to fired employees

Iraq troop pull-out to begin in months

President Bush says about 30,000 Iraqis have been killed

BREAKING: Supreme Court turns down Tookie appeal

I don't live in a bubble, says Bush (from Brian Williams i-view)

Murtha, Also In Town, Blasts Bush On Iraq

Authorities raid 13 San Diego area marijuana dispensaries

Blanco postpones New Orleans elections indefinitely

Car bomb kills anti-Syrian MP Tueni in Beirut

U.S. Supreme Court to review Republican-friendly Texas congressional map

BREAKING-Schwarzenegger denies Williams' plea for clemency - MSNBC 1238pm

Family seeks the right to grow hemp

Bush: Race Not Factor in Katrina Response (Don't call me a racist)

Dunkin' Donuts Reportedly Sold (to Carlyle Group)

Rumsfeld caught dining with Kissinger

Arlo Guthrie Rides 'City Of New Orleans' For Katrina Victims

Officials Puzzled by Okla. Gas Geysers

Challengers target (Hillary) Clinton on Iraq issue

So I just got back from my Christmas party...

Momma said knock you out!

Hey LSK, looks like you and I are ON for next week!

A Peaceful Good Night, Folks!

Where's Desperate Housewives???

Open your mouth and say...

Holiday feel good thread

Conflict gems

GodDAMN is [adult swim] original programming sucky

Gentlemen, a toast...

It's been over three months, and I'm still sick!

I know everything!! So kiss my ass!!

Corey Maye capital punishment outrage story

Tis the season for many people on this planet in the north.

I'm thinking of writing a dumb ass Christmas song to make $$$: Ideas?

People who have too many children

Could someone wake me...

I just started a thread in GD

need advice re: TiVo and Linux users

People who have too many rats.

The bunnies and I are going to bed

People who have too many gats

What movies have titles that tell you NOTHING about the movie?

Should I change my avatar?

Need help finding a commercial.

If the twin towers(LoRs) are part of myths and conscious of our psyche

Why can't ordinary people have entries on wikipedia?

I have decided to become an NFL official

People who have too many tats

Proof Of Global Warming...

I just started a post in GD.

Missing Kitty: Serious ju-ju needed!!

Kos is having a nationwide convention....why not DU?

Okay, DU kitchen masters: Favorite references for holiday cookies?

So the weekend is over again

Where's Clintmax?

Which is your favorite imported bear?

Should George pardon Tookie?

The Bunnies and I are going to bed

People who have too many cats

The Bunnies and I are going to bed


Please correct me on this movie title...


Researcher's Push For New Sex Symbol - The Wombat

This guy - do you like 'im or hate 'im:

Have pity, I'm watching the Buffy story "Teacher's Pet"


Man Handcuffed For Selling Subway Token To Passenger

I am going on the Kettle Chip diet

Supreme Court Upholds Kite Ban - Flying Kites Too Deadly

My Christmas (I mean Holiday) Card poem. Political & Funny.

Merlin is too fat to climb the "decoration"..formerly known as the Christ-

Okay...Who took arwalden, and what did you do with him????

I know it is wrong to laugh, but....

Wal-mart vs. Target:: Target has anti-Bush birthday cards.

Dear Jesus, For your 2,006th Birthday *I* want......

I *love* Cy Twombly!

rawstory has a different porn picture up on their site

Anyone see "Cinderella Man"?

I want white conservatives voting Democratic

I have a tingly feeling on this one spot of my head

Today on a very special "Blossom".....she turns 30!!!!

I know, I know, Halloween is over but look at this

Should I shave Kick-Ass-Bob's Goatee?

Gibson for Governor? Does California have no other Republicans out there?

Should I shave my goat?

Why do magazines

Presents for people who have or can afford just about anything


Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

The singing mounted buck

Today on a very special Bosom.....Jennifer Connelly's turn 35!!!!

Nice buns

Is there another website like Hoovers for company information?


A candy-colored clown they call the Sandman...

GD is offended

Is it always this quiet on Sundays?

Lion Bites Woman Who Climbed Zoo Fence To Pick Flowers

Anyone else read newspapers and magazines backwards?

I need advice right away. Pawn shop or jeweler?

POLL: What kind of Democrat are you?

Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon!! Great Duo.

Shh... don't look now, but here come the Patriots....

Finally some bigfoot proof?

The fundies prove that they understand the REAL reason of CHRISTmas

Urgent: Please read and remember

Thieves Make Snow Angels, Police Say- Yahoo News

When did you last wash your hands?

What's more fun that x-mas shopping in a crowded store?

I just got my second thread from GD on the Greatest page in a week!

Madeline Albright on MTP

How much are you planning to spend on Christmas this year?

My new roomba rocks!!!!!!

Out of the mouths of babes...

My Birthday, too! #53.


Loosers are EVERYWHERE!

seen on a stoop in NoHo

Should I lave my groat?

Hip Hip--Hooray!

HEY! Who shaved my Skippy McScapegoat?

What does it mean, when you resign and you boss....

Should I shave my goatee?

Translating the Bulgarian Soccer Sex Scandal

Women of DU, HypnoToad shall give you a migrain.....

Gearing up for a great, but long couple of weeks!

New Book on 9-11 Describes Civilian Heroes

for people who prefer JUDGE SMAILS as a partner

I know why Michael's is out of craft glitter.....

If porn were like a thorn in corn

When will DU get its 20 millionth post?

I needs some advice and consent people!

Any piano-players?

Okay so did hear the one about..

Teri Rialto: Please welcome the owner of Season's Eatings - Pete Schweddy.

Anyone else having trouble with their gmail?

I WON A PONY FROM SKINNER!! Ask me anything.

Damnit but I love them Bugles

Hermann Zapf, inventor of the Palatino font, dead at 87

It's all about the O.

Did the MSNBC ad get more graphic today?

HELP! Nightmare that Santorum was re-elected!

Visiting parents in Cali...any sightseeing musts?

Happy Birthday to me

The Government sucks. Oh yes. It does. It's one big, huge, collective

Pickup truck in a Carchase on CNN !

I took a "personal day" off of work today

Damnit but I love them Buggles


One of my top ten most insidious eraworms,

For people who prefer WOMEN as partners...

The hills are alive with the sound of...

Whatever you do, don't tell the freepers that secret Plan DOC-11232...

Billy, don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life...

Alone again, naturally...

Holy crap. My officemate is going ballistic at his Realtor on the phone.

Chris Rock "pissed off the wrong people," will not host Oscars

I'm afraid to visit DU at work because of titties all up on here.

Goddammit! The locker room is flooded here at work!


in honor of terrya....

I've heard a lot of strange tribute albums, but this one is the weirdest.

did kick-ass-bob make his own personal porn sign so everyone would...

What is the significance of the 5 year vestment at work?

Have you ever sent a PM to the wrong person?

Mesquite Smoked Pork Loin with Stubbs rub and moppin sauce

did kick-ass-bob do his own personal goatee thread so everyone would say

Just thought I'd mention that Ah-nold has denied Clemency for Tookie.

How many posts do you currently have hidden?

Stay out of this thread if you're happy it's almost Christmas

Boy Choirs - love 'em? hate 'em? indifferent?

Link, he come to town

If I am not the greatest uncle in the World after Xmas...

Rant: the Target employment test

Gather 'round for a Christmas time tale

Should I visit my first GF from High School?

I have the worst heartburn...

is zuni dead again?

Psssst. Over here.

Who here is "High Maintenance?"

Florida's Highway Signs are Sexist...

For all of you avid cyclists

What if your home was run by George W. Bush?

Your favorite snark (not a poll)

West Wing fans: If the Republican wins the upcoming election...

XTC fans check in please

Breaking News: Santa assasinated in guerilla war on X-mas, Mrs. Claus...

I have 2 Swiffer WetJets

"Fear and Loathing" v. "Where the Buffalo Roam"

What Mona Lisa Does When She Is Alone

Alternate route from DC to Mamaroneck, avoiding GW bridge

things you mistake for thunder

Someone buy matcom's dancing taco a pole!

The end of "Requiem for a Dream" made me have violent thoughts.

Why does SouthlandShari dislike popcorn yet

Neighbor's car just got towed out of the fire lane. Those fuckers are FAST

Jools Holland & Friends, Honouring New Orleans Delta Music......!

Wisconsin driver strikes and kills stray kangaroo

I just took the Jung Personality Type test as part of a job hiring process

What are you celebrating this year?

after reading what i've just read in GD, i can longer in good conscience

In other news, workplace productivity jumped 3% nationwide this week

Hey Lions Fans, how are you holding up?

Hey DS1, re: kitty pic

I'm leaving for my California road trip in the morning. Tuesday.

Haven't had one of these in a while...goodnight lounge.

Your favorite shark

The RetroLounge Daily Poem THread (Mon 12/12/05)

I wonder what the neon girlie will look like tomorrow.

I've started tivo'ing "Ellen". She is really funny.

Rudolph the rednosed reindeer

DVD packaging / Nuclear Waste Storage

Done with DU

i can't read DU at work with the goddam MSNBC porn on the left margin

We had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun...

For people who prefer MEN as partners...

WIMR Here, Reporting On the Hotheads (Myself Included) in GD...

I'm getting my big ass lawn signs tonight! Yah!

Men of DU, I shall hypnotise you..................

Sniffa is at it again...

British Airways passengers join the mile high club

57 degrees here in sunny Fla. this morning--mini pin and yorkie mix are

Snow Globe...

"Welcome to Porn Valley" where unfortunate Females "hump horns."

'The Daily Show' halts production following suicide


niño y pistola...

Gigapxl Project...

Geez. Talk about tight-assed.

"Like Webster's Dictionary, we're Morocco bound."

The worst movie you never saw

Hey gang! Let's all play "Dramatic Good-bye!"

i have a dilemma

RIGHT NOW, DON'T LIE, DON'T CHEAT - What song are you listening to?

Ever think that someone else thinks that you did something bad,

What is with Mitt Romney's HAIR?

They are running this John Denver thing on PBS

I got a dog recently...

Sinatra's birthday

Holidays Poll

help needed - english editing and apa style correction on my college paper

I just had a dream about Matcom!

Oh no! They've outsourced Santa!

Please explain why I have these horrible visions

I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that Porn is freely available

Presidential "grave" facts

I've got the strongest lips in my county.

"A Christmas Story" in 30 seconds!

help needed on college paper - editing for grammar and apa style

Something you probably didn't consider about the Tookie issue...

Do you need digital cable to use TIVO?


What is your all time favorite holiday food?

Someone help me, Dave Chapelle, Went Nuts? 3rd Season of Show?

Can we get a moon pie smiley?

well, I'M staying out of L.A. Tonight!

I just threatened GD with the Brazillion Joke

My sister says I'm a cheapskate

I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.

What a creepy looking man.

Anybody watching the Elton John concert?

Is the lounge becoming snobbier?

Let's face facts foLks, ODB is dead

Need advise from you Business majors...

I just threatened Brazil with the GD folk

Do you ever sneeze so hard that your contacts slide around

Sommersby made me cry!

all that she wants is another baby

My local college station is weirdly fascinated with Amon Düül

My parents are the most impossible people to shop for

No Nativity Scene in Washington this Christmas

Snow Flake...

An early Xmas present for Beatles fans - mp3's of their Christmas records

FUCK--- I can't fit into my nice dress slacks


Pardon me, but I have to say this. (dial up users beware)

So...did you hear about the Brazilian

Pictures from our European tour!

Attention South park fans (10:00pm EST)

So the Bush Crime Family & Co. is about to cost us two major cities

I am sleepy

Hey Forrest, let me know when you score

Scientology satire on "South Park."

Which website should I redesign first?

South Park is ridiculously funny


YIKES!! I just saw Basil Fawlty in my bedroom!

Narnia 9 minute trailer

Best Christmas Cookies Ever

If i find the person who ripped out the bunchgrass i planted yesterday

Haunted A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk

The answer is '31'.

I had absolutely NO idea they were directional!!! (pic)

Johnny Bravo is on Cartoon Network, the Scooby Doo crossover!

How many of you own a dildo?

Lol: I'm totally hormonal, crying over West Wing, unplug my phone, please.

Never mind.

OK, who here has their Birthday on the same week or day of Chrismas...

I want my pager to go off so I will be up all night

Early this morning the water main on my block broke

CaliforniaPeggy & I think a Feb. DU Meetup would be fun!

self del

DU Christmas card you enclose a personal note in your

Did I hear correctly? Republicans are getting to slop the hogs

YIKES! I just saw Ann Coulter in my bedroom!

I just called work and left a message I will be late.....

One final down, two more tests to go....

My bed just blew up.

Patton Oswalt's "The Johnny Lawrence Story:" A must-read!

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Best doubly-named musical act?

YIKES! I just saw a mouse in my bedroom!

Damn! My light bulb just blew! Dark in here! Creepy.

Trying to figure out whether I should report this to HR - advice needed

that "Democratic Dates" girl in that DU advertisement is cute.....

Pictures from today's L.A. DUer gathering!

When did CS Lewis write a book about gay cowboys?

Do you think that SpongeBob SquarePants could beat John McCain in 2008?

If you like horror films, seek out "Three...Extremes"

Xanax Saved Me Today

What do you think clothes say about a person?

I just dropped out of college.


OK, everybody......I just told Will Pitt to f*ck off.......

Holy jeebus god! I'm staying the hell out of GD tooooo-night!!!

OK, I am running a contest that will test your weird creativity

Hey, You, You New Yorker! How do you recommend getting in from LaGuardia?

Once again it's time for "Tell me something I don't already know"...

For my 1000th post I give you....

My cat wants to start a flamewar with you

Funny little game, I killed the bartender twice with my concoctions...

going to Vegas, what must I see?

My doctor said... (humor)

The s.o. just gave cheesecake to one of the cats.

My father is going for eye surgery in the morning

OK, the ad for the show on porn has finally gotten on my nerves.

*******MILESTONES******* 12/12

Couple arrested for 'sex rage' on board airliner

The big secret is out about BigMcLargehuge: He's a Milli Vanilli fan

"Bushback Mountain": A Sizzlin' Texas-Sized Gay Love Story

The squirrel is back in town! (the squirrel is back in town)

How About Favorite Lines From Christmas (Or Holiday) Movies?

Should card counters be banned from casinos?

Those MSNBC outlines really have nice ones.

Updated Firefox, now "home" and "end" keys don't work

I just ate a sandwhich I packed last friday...will I get sick

The Death Penalty. Would you make an exception?

Don't know if you've been watching the moon and Mars tonight...

So, what kind of a sense of humor do you have?

Why does SouthlandShari dislike cop porn yet

I sent someone to jail today. How was YOUR workday?

Lions at Packers: Or Love Grumpy Style...

How long do you wear pants before you change them?

How many DUers have travelled to London? (Seeking info)

Help Needed - Cats Locked In

Finals week, and I'm sick... ask me anything

Photos of Portland Maine in December

Who is the best Piano Player?

I have a top 10 all-time favorite bands list - do you? What's yours?

Draw your house and see what it says about you

I'm going on the Lindsay Lohan/Nicole Richie diet.

How many times have you been in love?

Omigod! Barry Manilow!!

What are your latest musical discoveries?

A possible tactic in the "War on Christmas" - taking it to the enemy

Christian families evicted (Pakistan)

OTC or herbal muscle relaxers? OR exercise ideas?

Colds 'may trigger child cancers'

New Health Plan Faulted

Anti-creationism professor: Resignation was forced

Exploring the "machinery" of earthquakes

Brains or Brawn but not both

Ovarian cancer risk lower in tea drinkers - study

Bees can recognize human faces, study finds

First "snapshot" of Dark Matter?

Hah! Fundi's are slowly learning.

Michigan Triangle Foundation posts online petition for Ford ...

USA Network is showing "In & Out" tonight with Kevin Kline.

Mainline Protestants must speak up for gays

Catholics Protest Gay Priest Ban

Europe's Catholics Ignoring Vatican Gay Priest Ban

Threatened Gay Marriage Repeal Heats Up Canadian Election

GD thread to watch.

White House Accidentally Screens 'Brokeback Mountain'

LGBT Affinity Survey

Angelina Jolie's ex-girlfriend says Pitt and Jolie won't last . . .

Can some Trans folk be homophobic, or at least not "queer"?

Awards Continue To Pile Up For Gay Cowboy Film

Texans hire Dan Reeves as "consultant"....

Riley replaces Van Gundy as Heat coach

University of Colorado athletes face racist e-mail charge

Who here got an invite to TO's Atlantic City Party?.....

Tuxedo cat - terrible cold, won't eat

Psycho Kitty...

Tell me .....they won't get too distressed from being separated will they?

Our little Theo died Friday

Just for fun: Astrological lore.

The Vertex

dream or partial dream

What's with Quackwatch and other entities...?

Oops! Posted new thread by mistake -- please colonize for whatever!

First update from Boston

Let me break this down in pieces of a whole story. The Orchids

New here

Forum at the Democratic Daily

First things first: The Birthday Card!

I think this group can appreciate this ...

12/12/05 Chickens comming home to roost & KOEB Meeting

Guess what I'm getting for Christmas.

Rita gets to watch Tookie die!

OK, who else is officially disgusted?

I Was Listening To A Radio Talkshow Yesterday Called Beyond The Beltway...

Tookie Williams is set to die Monday night, how many dems are for death...

Fatigued Texas Lawmakers Leaving Over Partisan Battles (Dems & Repubs)

WSJ: Bill Strains Republicans' Ties

Nobel Laureate’s New Play “Peace Mom” Based On Cindy Sheehan…

Email from a repug: caution: not for the weak-stomached, but funny

WaPo: Frist threatens nuclear option on Alito even though Dems don't plan

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

TPM cafe has the transcript of Dean's San Antonio interview.

Frist threatens nuclear option? I say good, go for it Bill

NYT: After Success as Gov in GOP Stronghold, Warner Seeks Natl. Identity

Karl Rove's OTHER JOB is to compose cable news crawler copy

"Good advise from good advisors!"

Pirro expected to drop bid against Hillary

When talking with freepers. Ask them why - when the Rove WH & the

Lets agree as a united Democrat party ...

Democrats test themes of community, purpose for '06 and '08

Inhofe is the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Comm. ??

MSNBC: Bush speech will compare Iraqis to American Founding Fathers

Republicans tell Iraqis to get votes in hospitals and prisons....

With Bush, Staying "On Message" More Important Than Telling Truth

Oh Godm Ted Stevens is chairing another Indecency hearing, CPSAN1 now has some good economic charts

Murtha should start off by saying: "I wonder when was the last time

Bush Compares Iraqis to Founding Fathers - Maybe he can tell us

Everytime bush get ready to make a speech the pundits say...

Your congressional delegation won't be home for Christmas

The Abramoff primer, one sad episode for American democracy

Saudi prince brags: "I picked up the phone and called Murdoch"...

Vote for Randi Rhodes on this poll

Sen. Craig Thomas just started speaking on CSPAN2 and I had to shut...

Call Your Senators: Stop the Patriot Act Vote!

At what time will the Republican Governor kill another person?

It will be a Merry Christmas in free republic households this year

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR). "Fair Flat Tax Act of 2005"

When Tookie Dies: Will LA burn again?

Petition to turn over Intel. documents

Please vote in the Death Penalty poll...

Are we headed toward class warfare?

Pat Robertson calls criticism of Iraq War "treason"

Bush's "plan" is similar to Democrats' plans...

Newsweek: "B*sh in the Bubble"

anti-terrorist comedy based on "The Three Stooges." (Lincoln Group)

Has the US ever rejected any UN resolutions unilaterally ?

Air America back on PT 1350 in NEW ORLEANS!!

When and where well we be able to see Murtha's press release?

Shrub taking questions - this ought to be good

Taking Bets: Rove Indictment BEFORE or AFTER B*sh's State of the Union?

Who IS "Jerry Bremer?"

Congressional Candidate Calif on Air America live

Feingold to Fight Patriot Act Reauthorization

C-SPAN2: Replay Now "Confidential Sources" Sy Hersch on panel n/t

Darned Liberals unveil plan to Off Santa

Al Sistani issues a Fatwa for votes in Iraq

Cornered by the truth

Moron talking point may be coming to a paper near you

How many damned turning points will there be?

30,000 dead Iraqis 'more or less'

With what is delay blackmailing hastert?

Please, help me figure this out - and hold the smart aleck replies....

Sacramento Bee: People don't care about Plamegate

The Truth of Death Penalty Costs

Is there a draft Obama Effort?

Smirky is terrifying his handlers with the Q & A

Transcript of Bush speech ("We will fight this war without wavering")

My bleeding liberal heart takes a bath: Have Katrina victims followed GWB'

The Meaning of (the War Over) Christmas

A maiming of the soul (about Rice)

Freep-holes react to Junior's speech: "he is confindent"

Will Iraq REALLY be "the only constitutional democracy in the Arab world"?

smirk screamed: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

Family of five killed by US troops

POLL: Should Dems respond to "culture of corruption" with CLEAN MONEY?

Mitt Romney

Why do freepers think liberals are sympathetic with Islamists?

do you think bush is paying off certain Iraqis..

Goodbye, New Orleans: It’s Time We Stopped Pretending

help me answer this LTTE slamming Molly Ivins

Statement by Howard Dean on the Passing of Senator Eugene J. McCarthy

Anyone hear Stern talking about O'Reilly?

Full page pro-Santorum in my Sunday paper...

Tweety: "I LOVE polls. Giuliani is #1, McCain is #2 in your party."

A little insider info on Alito and Roberts...

Democrat Seeks a National Identity (Mark Warner)

Headline of the day

which bad boys got the Abramoff money???

Best website ever on just how sleazy voting system companies are...

Murtha? I have yet to see him on TV today and I have been

Washington Examiner: Poll Has Warner Flying High

video of Nov 2 "World Can't Wait"

Any one watching "Last Laugh 05" on Comedy Central? Bush and Right Wing

From Adlai To Gene To Dean

Jury gets N.H. Phone-Jamming Case (max 17-yr prison sentence if convicted)

DNC: Bush Fails Again With Latest Iraq Speech

Byrd Replay On C-Span 2 Now

"Let them eat cake"...OR, a snowman dessert made out of ice cream

DA must prove DeLay purposely avoided fund ban

Question for Shrub: when's your next visit to NOLA?

I am so proud of my college freshman Democrat....

The War on Kwanzaa: Part II, don't be hatin' Ludacrismas!

Time once again to check in with Maniac Mikey Moriarty...

Im beginning to think it will be McCain in 2008.

Anyone think they deliberately screwed up the Medicare Rx program?

Best Bush Nickname!

O'Dell Resigns As Diebold CEO, Chairman

Energy--Thanks Repukes for letting the market work its magic.

Jim Dean will deliver the letter to Lieberman tomorrow....

MSSunHerald:Time is slipping away (for Katrina relief package)

New Progressive Christian Site,

The root of the problem

WSJ:FEARFUL SENIORS loom over mid-term elections.

Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton vs. John McCain

Brown leads Hackett in OH-Sen. primary by large margin.

Despite G.O.P. Plea, Pirro Says She's in Senate Race

It’s no surprise to learn that Schwarzenegger is a chickenshit politician

* just said on NBC

Please DU this Alabama poll on Iraq

Busted!...GOP's new attack ads use phony soldier image (Slate)

Is Katrina Reconstruction Money Being Funneled into GOP Pacs by Karl Rove?

I dissed my boss pretty bad today

Sam Seder scores a confirmed kill in the War on Christmas

Do you support the Death Penalty?

Helen Thomas hits it out of the park! Again!

Large List of Celebrity Republicans

How can Bush continue to get away with this bald-faced LIE?

Bush king of the world ...

What Has America Come To?

WP: A Unit's Volatile Year at War

We Torture Prisoners, Don't We?

Helen Thomas: If Democrats only had some courage

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 12/13/05

Many ballots are redone before they're counted

Lol: I'm totally hormonal, crying over West Wing, unplug my phone, please.

Must see doc!! "Torture: The Dirty Business"

judge clears way for border fence in San Diego

So the FEMA trailers aren't needed

10:39pmCT, talking about Opus Dei on CNN. WTF?

Opus Dei discussion on CNN now! 11:40 PM

C-SPAN poll: Media on Iraq

"Twenty thousand leaks under the sea...Aye matey...The sqabs were

Election in Iraq. What the hell are they voting on?

Hands down, the best political commercial ever -

LOL! "Brokeback Mt."trailer at the "Narnia" screening tonight!

Arnold's full statement on Tookie

Opus Dei discussion on CNN now! 11:40 PM

Tookies execution watch is LIVE on KPFA - Pacifica Network.

Prisoners are aloud to vote in Iraq.

Iraq Body Count: Deserves a look

On the Death Penalty and one hundred years from now.

More from the trenches in the war on Christmas....

It's come to this: " Police: Elderly sell pain pills for cash"

Are Murders born evil? Or did something change them?

It's the Fifth Anniversary

The Army meets with Iraqis every weekend to compensate them for grievances

gawd it is sickening to see how bushwashed some people are

Is the death penalty ever justified?

Honestly, who has done more damage, Stanley Williams, or Ken Lay?

Here's one question I have about American torture...

Here war on. Christmas is coming, better watch out better not shout

Tuesday, December 12,2000. Five years gone. Thanks Supremes


Book that caused me to question my beliefs

A message from Cindy Sheehan

Judge Clears Way for Border Fence

BBC: Second night of riots hits Sydney (Target: Arabs, Mediterraneans)

ACLU Opposes Patriot Act Provision

Pick a theme song for another DUer

So, I'm thinking of becoming a man

This is the only date I could find for the neon lady.

I just made THE tastiest chicken burger EVER

who is this tookie of which people speak?

Thai Porn!

My Loving Tribute to MrsGrumpy

anybody know anything about hiking boots?

Combine two movies NOW! DO IT NOW!

Does anyone recall the inedible Xmas candy

I'm baseball challenged. Is the choice of two GM's by the Red Sox


So, I'm thinking of becoming a ladies man

Complete this line: Penn State _______.

I finally started my 'holiday' presents

Who has had a NY pizza and thought there was anything betta? Fungool!

My Turn...My Loving Tribute to ZombyWoof.....

Because you need it, Rabrrrrrr's Christmas Card etiquette

I am a DU Ninja.

What you missed: TayTayisms

Ya know what I would love from those of you that were there?

Do we have photos from Boston?

Anybody notice the new emoticons?

Finally! How we got the Chimp...

"New Book Suggests Mattel, Boeing, Google, Walgreens and Time Warner Are

GD Politics: Election Fraud News Alert--It's Diebold Day

Anybody else get this 'letter' from Walter Cronkite?

Wes Clark 12/11/05 on Fox Video, Audio Clips....also KTAR interview

Decorate YOUR FITZMAS TREE - an Interactive Animation, my Best Yet!