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Archives: December 10, 2005

NYT: A Republican Tom DeLay Problem

Rumsfeld Lies About Pre-War Predictions: “You Can Take That To The Bank”

Leopold: For Rove, New Testimony, New Problems

Sacred Terror, By Chris Floyd

Sirota - Right-Wing Spin In the House Democratic Caucus

WaPo: Holiday Spirit: From the Heart, Not the Mall

We can't help New Orleans? God help us

House drops the ball on tax package

Eyewitnesses refute official story in fatal shooting of passenger at Miami

Moonie Times: White flags on the road to 'peace'

My first political editorial! Curing the extreme Right wing cancer

How planespotters turned into the scourge of the CIA (The Guardian)

U.S. Foreign Money Addiction Means Trouble

The Man Behind the Curtain - all DU'ers need to read this!!

(Murtha) Flays Commander-in-Chief's Claims

Cut the crap and run like hell!

Maryland's Shame: On Seeing Wesley Baker Die

Observer: MI6 and CIA 'sent student to Morocco to be tortured'

The Torture Administration--Anthony Lewis--The Nation

TAP: Don't worry about Dems having a message

Forcing fuel efficiency

WaPo: clueless on Europeans

It is Not Acceptable to be a Republican Anymore

The Conservative Farm System, the Federalist Society.

The US has used torture for is the openness...(Guardian)

U.S. Housing Still Overvalued (but dropping)

Sellers chop asking prices (High end housing dropping fast in boston area)

Israel denies Gaza siege plan

O "Imprisoned" Little Town of Bethlehem

New WTC 7 flyer

The interesting money trail. A must read post by lanlady

question - plane crash in chicago and pentagon plane

Ellen Mariani on Scarborough Country (transcript)

USA v. Usama bin Laden et al trial - Official Court Documents

AA11: Three hijackers in the back of the plane during crash??

19 crazy stripper lovin fanatics couldn't imagine they would do this

Help with The New Pearl Harbor - Changes in FAA regulations pre 9/11?

Touch-screen voting lets others see choices

Election Fraud, Reform, News & Related Events for Saturday, 12-10-05

Next week on "Ring of Fire" - Wasserman On Stolen Election 2004!

Pennsylvania ALERT - our good VVPR bill on agenda with BAD bill Tuesday!

9 Reasons you need to update your Election Truth CD-ROM

Mel Gibson for Governor?

CA - 11, Pombo beatable - NY Times article: "Pombo Time" (10/30/05)

Congratulations to the UNI Panthers!

Be still my heart . . .

Menino fires back at critics over issues of faith, politics

Justices to decide Ek's ballot eligibility (St. Cloud residency suit)

Does anyone have problems with Firefox on a Dell computer?

State senator Dann releases tax records, blasts GOP smear tactics

Great blogger interview with Sherrod Brown

Democrats boycott vote to forward revised election-law plan

Be a Texas Charter Member of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy!

"Makes school finance look like a minor issue"(public hearing on football)

Dallas/Fort Worth DU Holiday Gathering

The ticking bomb of translation

Kerry's last two E-mails...

Stop trying to make me believe the lies !!

I don't know that Tookie's sentence can be commuted to life without parole

Okay - it's late but I need to get this off

I try to practice tolerance but I hate pedophiles.

ARNOLD vants a picture made mit de CHRISTMAS tree!!

Just saw this SNL clip on Conan O'Brien.

Has Crooks and Liars been down all day?

Skinner, I included a hyperlink to DU on my blog. . .I hope this is okay

You know the best thing about owning a blog, deleting Freep TOW

MUST SEE Steven Gaghan on Charlie Rose

The Death Penalty: progressive?

Merry Christmas or else

Let's not stoop down to the level of FReepers. re: death penalty

Bluebear is okay

Wikipedia's featured article for December 10 is...

Shameless plug: Do you hate creditors?

Fighting CHICKENS!

Stripes letter: Cheney also never served (Thanks Rep. Murtha!)

Media Matters has audio up of Michael Reagan's threat to Dean.

Mike Webb: Dr. Justin Frank, author of book on Bush as a drunk

Just sent to Bill Oreilly

Check this out. Anyone have a link for this?

... about that "goddamned piece of paper"

My generation in danger

The do you deserve to die Test

*** PLEASE *** contact Gov. Schwarzenegger in support of clemency:

NYT: Lieberman's Iraq Stance Brings Widening Split With His Party

Someone Please Help me...

Lieberman makes me ill

This Divided State

Supporting clemency for Death Row killers makes one feel LIKE SHIT

A great Clinton video!

Should children have a multicultural holiday education?

coming up @ 4am est/ 1am pst ambasador joe wilson

It's good that differences are being hashed out here...

Home for the holidays--another Bush Christmas

Having looked at a few freeper posts;

What to do about New Orleans?

what do you think is behind Bush's ratings gaining a few points?

over a barrel -- new toon 12/10/05

When is racism OK for you?

Question about the "would-be-but-wasn't" bomber...

DEMOCRATS ONLY call-in on c-span on joe lieberman. n/t

Mathews on NBC NOW!

Att DU mods (ANY Mod)

Salon: What the Democrats who voted for the war are saying now.

Cooperate Punishment...

When is Bill Maher coming back on HBO?

My theory on the Miami sky marshall shooting

"We undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril,"

According to this mornings news on the radio,

Why doesn't the UN start investigating who is doing all the bombs in Iraq?

Do you think reducing greenhouse-gas emissions to fight global warming wou

Well deserved: El Baradei and IAEA wins Nobel Peace Prize.

My new theory on the sky marshall shooting

Can we make lemonade out of this lemon?

Paul Wolfowitz --- Quit Whining it could be worse.

sometimes, reading DU makes my head hurt . . .

"He wasn't saying anything. He was just running." Air Marshalls lie...

Rewriting history.

Probe into Iraq (buying positive stories) coverage widens

Mostly off DU this week - the Dean comment on Iraq questions

The Weirdest CEO Moments of 2005

Seymour Hersh- The Secret Air War in Iraq

Has the * crime family bought out Google?

I read this yesterday, it sums it all up, IMO.

Amazon needs a few DU reviews of the "Republicans In Hollywood" DVD

Tookie Poll

U2 honoured with human rights award

Steroids=Campaign contributions.

Who gives a flying fuck about Lieberman???

Bush's popularity among Iowans sinks to all-time low

I saw the Johnny Cash movie tonight.

Thousands Of Casino Workers To Lose Pay, Benefits

Pre$$titutes Salivating Over Bush's 'Rising' Poll Numbers

Fundamentalism rises in Egypt and Bush's double standard on Saudi Arabia

No Justice at Justice Dept.

Are these latest rounds of executions proof .....?

If only H.W. Bush had used a condem ......

Religious right pushing story of children coming out of the closet

The Republicans provided the money, Chalabi Buys the Votes

best biz news stories overlooked in '05 (a little humor...)

Going to see"The Chronicles of Narnia" tonight

How to end all wars:

Post your candidates for the Death Penalty here.

One could even say Democrats have “terrorized” the Republicans

"Republicans Sinking In Sleaze"

Quandry! Christmas or Holiday cards

Iraq Declaration of Independence Signed by Major Parties, Chalabi

Bill Clinton: Rebuild New Orleans Green

Who is dumber than Bush* that GOP can put up for President?

Clinton made a brilliant political move today

It is a FACT that the death penalty is wrong, NOT an OPINION. Here's why.

Did Rove FORGE the Email To Hadley Re: His Conversation W/ Cooper?

Great Anti-War Cartoon on TCM Now


How PLANESPOTTERS turned into the SCOURGE of the CIA

Impeach Bush Mix (song by Nine Inch Nails remixed by DU'er)

Lieberman: Backlash against him shows lack of civility in Washington...

Trying to find Vietnam Quotes and Iraq Quotes side by side. Can you help?

The troops worthy of a fucking box!

"I demand that Bush order his soldiers to stop killing journalists."

For those who don't think a corporation would help steal an election

Supposedly people feel if we left Iraq the Iraqis would come over here

America becoming a Police State?

Review of Santorim's book, It Takes A Family..."Excremental"!

Same story, same poll, entirely different headlines spin

We glamorize killing by imposing the death penalty.

"Merry Christmas" or not - a nice diversion

CIA "torture express" aircraft used Polish airport: report

Man cleared of charges after 24 years in jail

Open Letter to Bill O'Reilly: It's Bill of Rights, Not Bill's Rights!

Local gym holding raffle to help employee injured on the job.

c-span showing dnc rules and by-laws meeting... setting the rules for 2006

Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness

Did anyone watch Stephen Gaghan on Charlie Rose...

US Bible-thumping approaches thunderous roar

Here's an Idea, How About We Table Where We Disagree...

What do China, Iran, Viet Nam and the USA have in common?

USA v. Usama bin Laden et al trial - Official Court Documents

An Eminent Domain High Tide

Anyone on an airplane is a suspect these days

Thank you America, thank you, for Yoga Booty Ballet

George W Bush is a great leader like....

Can you stand one more? - pontificating on the Death Penalty

Lesbian motorcycle brigade to get 'Dykes on Bikes' trademark

Reed: Bush Fails to Outline Iraq Strategy

* is F**cken Delusional, NYT

Potential home HIV test ("OraQuick") turns up 25% false positives in SF

I guess Howard Stern loves lesbians more than he loves Bill O'Reilly

I don't want to kill anyone so I oppose the death penalty.

DP is perhaps one of the more sensitive issues for American liberals

Church banner: To HELL with the word "Holiday"

Hold the Limo: The Prom's Canceled as Decadent

The whining over Christmas

Lets forget about the dead, dying and injured for a moment

Blah3 Flash: 'Blood'

Cindy Sheehan Joins Peace Activists in Britain

Biopiracy and GMOs: Fate of Iraq's agriculture

I am all for free speech but...

BRAD BLOG: Bush Administration Guts 40 Year Old 'Voting Rights Act'!

BRAD BLOG: Hunger Strike in Ohio Over New Anti-Democratic GOP Legislation!

What is the best response to right wing Christmas Conspiracy story?

A post on DU worthy of FOX news. How sad. I thought "we" were better

Say it or I'll break every bone in your fucking body

This too shall pass?

Norm Coleman posts remind us that he is a monster flip-flopper...

Katrina Destroys Once Great Wine Cellar

Lets make Lieberman the Randy Kelly of Conneticut!

Bush being Bush..... Have you guys seen this video before?

"Civilians" turn over "insurgents". . . . the big question....

Plea Deal Near With 2nd Abramoff Associate


Question re: (false) War on Christmas

They should call it "The war on different opinions"

Proof that torture works!

Katrina Chronicles II

Push to nix gay nuptials begins in Colorado

Do you believe the repukes are actively trying to destroy our democracy?

Will the Sunnis follow our example?

How many Christians have the nerve to see

Tax Payer $$$ Goes to Development of Violent Video Game & Recruiting Tool

How the Bush Admin. Plotted to Stop Kyoto Deal

How planespotters turned into the scourge of the CIA

War on Christmas

Comcast And Time Warner May Cave To FCC On Family Programming

I always thought "Happy Holidays" referred to Xmas and New Year's.


Dem Radio Adress: Mr. Pres-Where IS the Victory Stragegy for Iraq?

Lieberman Is Being Set Up To Be The Fall Guy

Man Tries To Rob Bank By Phone

Pacifiers lower risk of SIDS, study says

Jesus Christ was a big proponent of exclusivity.

Shouldn't someone arrest the police in this story?

question - plane crash in chicago and pentagon plane

CNN just did a spot on an Iraqi man who's family was killed by US Army

This is how conservatives "love America" and "support the troops":

As the Northwest passage opens due to global warming,

Thanks to all who recommended "Homecoming"

RWers are SOOO stoopid - Happy Holidays has been said for centuries...

FBI put PEACEFUL PROTESTORS in terrorism files!!!

FACTS that are missing from the Iraq debate

The battle within, won or lost, at what price, at what cost?


Please Forgive My Total Ignorance

When shrub gave his famous and manly megaphone speech in

Rumsfeld: Terrorists Can Win Only in U.S., Media

Southwest Airlines Chicago 'Mishap' And the Media Coverage.....

Who knows the origin of the pretzel?

Is Racism tied to mental illness?

Bloody U.N. siege on Cité Soleil

It's time to stop arguing and let's save the world from the RW'ers already

Idaho senator joins opposition to mining law change

Montana Governor calls Pombo's plan "a skunk in the shower"


New Secretary of State for Florida

Is there a link of Clinton's approval at this time in his presidency?

Did anyone know it is International Human Rights Day today?

Big Dog and * photos - caption

45% of the electorate identified themselves as moderate in '04

Poland Orders Probe Into Alleged CIA Jails

ROVE: Aware of PLAMES Covert ID-AND-Took part in Outing Her to Media

Auction benefit People for Am Way - $2,025 for airtime on Majority Report

Bird Flue Drill

So if the North Pole moves to Siberia over the next 50 years

Toledo gearing up for Nazi protest...

I'm overreacting again, aren't I?

ANother plane crash

Phony Front Companies Cycle Millions Back to GOP

I need help re: aid for Pakistan. Which org can get the biggest...

Union of Concerned Scientists Report on Biopharm Crops

Extraordinary rendition - "come fly with me" (cartoon)

ElBaradei accepts Nobel Peace Prize.

Iraqis placed in cage with lions story is untrue?

Should governments offer to pay a ransom for the release of hostages?

E-voting Dispute Hits North Carolina Courts

AMAZING new story from the NYTimes on Pentagon propaganda

Can you help me with my argument on pre-war intelligence?

Do we Love to Hate Bush?

A&E playing a show about Syriana and global oil NOW! n/t

Democrats need broader message, N.M. governor says

Rolling Stones and "morals"

Christmas will be a day off for some big local churches

What can we do to make sure the next election is not stolen?

Socially Conscious Online Shopping Site: ALONOVO.COM

"Minutemen" going after the employers???

Why Dean is Perfection.

Is OxyBoy Limbaugh still scamming his fans with the Adopt-A-Soldier thing?

So, I was looking for something all of GD can agree on...

What are you more afraid of?

How good is the DLC for the Democratic party?

Nancy Pelosi Quote on Party Unity

Poland Orders Probe Into Alleged CIA Jails

Chimpy's 42% approval source! FAUX NEWS!!!

Texas Congressman: "Al Qaeda Terrorist caught in Texas!!!!"

Evangelical schools are suing the University of California

Hans Blix Interview on the Niger Forgeries

Anyone notice in Syriania the relationship between the fathers and sons

Bush Outrages His Base by Inclusiveness

I almost never hear "Peace on earth, good will toward men" any more.

CNN and FOX News Boadcasting Exact Same Headline

Richard Pryor and Eugene McCarthy, and racism and war

Screaming.. Earth to America !!!! ..Earth to DU!!!!

Bush releases easy-to-understand diagram of his plan for Iraq

Frank Rich: 'It takes a Potemkin village'

Credit Card Offers Stacking Up at Homes of the Newly Bankrupt

On AAR Now! Katrina Victims speak out - about missing, dead,

The US has used torture for decades. All that's new is the openness

Zogby poll on 08 candidates I just did.

'Integrity' Tops Web Dictionary's Lookups - No. 10 on list is "inept" LOL

Who here has done Candidate Signature Checking?

2006 Blue Awards - Looking for Advice

What kind of democrat are you?

For the James Dobson Fans On DU

AP: U.N. climate talks end with pivotal deal

Drug testing in schools

How does Bush maintain support amidst such colossal failures?

2142 soldiers killed in Iraq. Let's learn more about them. 52% under 25

"Bush model: politics over expertise and/or law." (TPM)

help - I'm not very skilled with the search function

Supporting Death Penality makes us no better than rogue terrorist nations

Something is amiss

Former senator Eugene McCarthy has died.

Am I just paranoid ?

the opposite of likeable

Pinter Blasts Bush, Blair

Ahnuld granted clemency ??

Yahoo and HuffingtonPost quote CapitolHillBlues

Question.. what does the jesus fish mean?

Delay, Abramoff, and The Sopranos

DLC Think Tank - Progressive Policy Institute (PPI)

Guardian Unlimited: The world can breathe again

Some General on CNN said that we're losing a brigade a day

Your most humble servant, Robert Cooper, is now a donor to DU...

Salon: Antiwar hero

I knew it would be high--but natural gas bill still has me ticked.

Murtha on FOX now....

Does anyone have information on the

Kathy Griffin blasts Bush and company.

Iraq War: Here's what it's all about.

Help with The New Pearl Harbor - Changes in FAA regulations pre 9/11?

George Bush, George Bailey ... Happy Holidays!

Want to see a truly humble man named Bush?

Great toon in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Three reasons there's a WAR ON HANUKKAH!!!!

DU this msnbc poll: do you believe there is a war on Christmas?

I am almost afraid to bring this up

Court Rules Against Mom in Download Suit

I still have my McCarthy in 1968 button. Think I will wear it Sunday.

Hi, I'm calling from the National Democratic party

Cynthia McKinney on AAR now! (Sat. 8:15 pm - midwest time)

Sunnis seek political power in next election to legislate kicking us out

the Holiday issue is Hollow Propaganda to pin 'Godless' on Democrats

Need Graphics Help!! Merh & JJ'ss Great Idea to help Katrina Survivors

My 1000th Post. My Message: You Are All Perfect Just The Way You Are

Check out these fireworks in the war on Christmas

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm! Hosts from two continents...

Sunday Talk Shows

Do Americans think gas chambers and crematory ovens for Iraqis are OK?

Michael Reagan: "Dean should be "arrested and hung for treason" (video)

Neo-Nazi rally comes off with no major violence

If CNN is so darn liberal...

Well, we went and viewed Syriana this afternoon...

Does anyone know if/when the movie "Reds" will be put on DVD?

Sunday a.m. guests on news (?) programs

What's next quote song and go to jail?

"Where'd you get these pictures of my mother?"

Since when was Norm Coleman ever "a former left-wing radical"?

When Do You Get Access??

"Many academics have been killed in Iraq since the American occupation..."

'Integrity' Tops Web Dictionary's Lookups

Are any of you aware of a "war tax" on your phone bills?

Is there a correlation between RW Homophobic Speech and Hate Crimes?

I don't understand this photo

Tale of two dogs aims to boost Bush's popularity

Move the $ sign around

is it worth 1,000 tookies being spared execution if...

North Carolina Sued for Illegally Certifying Voting Equipment

Bush Threatens U.N. Over Clinton Climate Speech

In defense of Capitol Hill Blue

DU hijacked by freepers? Worse yet FBI net-police? Dissent Trackers?

What is being said about the upcoming Iraqi Elecitons

Cunningham allowed access to national secrets while under investigation

So Angry - Tell me again why gays can't adopt?

Here's some more Fiore gems:

Zogby Poll...........lets chat about

What's your favorite level of government?

Merry Hypocritical Christmas....

Brace Yourself for Dean Bashing on Sunday Talk Shows

Shot fired by 11-year-old kills neighbor, officers say

Richard Pryor is dead.

Bill O'Reilly needs your help

Limbaugh "leftist feel-good hand-wringers are shown reality."

What's Iraq war good for? Fundraising, Bush shows

Holiday Torture Songs ---> TOON

Here Comes the "Iron Fist of Jesus" from the Christo-Fascists

Two Poems by Eugene McCarthy

Globalized Factory Farms a Major Threat to Public Health & Environment

I have to admit this was my first time EVER watching Fox News....

anyone ever heard of

A Christmass story! About a real Christmas wish that came true!

Which are you?

Why Torture Doesn't Work - By Brig. Gen. David R. Irvine

Scandal, Jealousy, Strife, Sadness & Backbiting in the World

The Democrats ARE NOT DIVIDED as depicted daily by the PUBs

Fun find 'o the day.. Complete history of New orleans & surrounding area

CNN lady: But some people quit smoking to keep their jobs. Isn't that good?

SAN DIEGO "Family Upset Over Marine's Body Arriving As Freight"

Duke scandal = piece of a much larger GOP money web

When all else fails, make dogs your spokesmen. It worked for Nixon.

Tookie deserves to die

Would you die for your country?

20,000 Troops Hospitalized from Anthrax Vaccination

Eugene McCarthy dies

Yep... "It's Not Your Parent's Marijuana!" - ROFLMAO!!!

A note of appreciation from the rich

The Deep Spiritual Wisdom of Mahatma Condi!

Vote NO in "War on Christmas" poll

Richard Pryor (1940 - 2005)

If * was not from a wealthy family, what kind of job would he have now?

Saudi Billionaire Boasts of Manipulating Fox News Coverage

How did **'s Presidential Ambitions originate

I spoke with an new army enlistee today, just arrived to Germany, 22 y.o.

WTF is the problem tonight?

Dear Gov. Dean -- On Passing the "Nuremberg chalice" …

As We Ponder the Death Penalty

DLC supports Lieberman Iraq War statement on their website

In the US the Death Penalty is inherently unfair, hypocritical and racist

Help me tear this freep a new one!

Who watches Fox News? This is who...

Mmmmm....animals taste good!

I saw Syriana tonight. It was great. (No spoiler here) I think

I would like to start a Valerie Plame Wilson appreciation thread...

Do some of you honestly think you are superior specimens of humanity

Frank Rich. It Takes Potemkin Village. Must Read!!!

What are the qualifications to be a "sky-marshall"?

Elementary Teacher Accused Of Tying Kids To Chairs With Computer Cords

Caption this photo:

H20Man: A Riveting Analysis Of Cheney

FEAR FACTOR: Does it justify homicide? Transcend the Constitution?

Do y'all realize that a 77-yr-old man is to be executed next week, too?

Bill O'Reilly caller refused to tip waitress because she said Happy

The Significance of the Death of Raymond Lemme to the 2004 Election

NYT: Live Tracking of Mobile Phones Prompts Court Fights on Privacy

Keith Olberman at perhaps his worst- Kennedy assassination


Throw a brick at the Clinton's and Hillary throws a concrete block back

Pot Roast with Guinness Gravy

Sparkly Panettone

I made Sparkly and Sparkly Jr cry last night

Pie crusts; the purist caved!

I'm in a cooking mood today

OK - I'm officially baffled by this OXO mandoline

anyone have a recipe for foolproof toffee that tastes great

What do you see as the Liberal's campaigning strategy?

Tale of two dogs aims to boost Bush's popularity

Bulgaria to withdraw troops from Iraq/establish US military bases

Poland named as main base for secret CIA terror interrogations

How planespotters turned into the scourge of the CIA (The Guardian)

Texas GOP wonders about DeLay's future (AP)

Probe into Iraq (buying positive stories) coverage widens

Even a flat housing market could cut growth

CIA "torture" plane entered Swiss airspace

Veteran Labour politician Tony Benn condemns conflict in Iraq

150 Nations Agree to Future Climate Talks

Democratic senator says Bush fails to outline clear Iraq strategy (Reed)

FBI heads probe of missing U.S. Bank funds

Lesbian motorcycle brigade to get 'Dykes on Bikes' trademark

Iraq vet pleads guilty in death of daughter, 2

U.S. Stands Alone at U.N. Climate Conference ('hissy fit' not working)

WP: Poland Links Bid For U.S. Aid to Presence in Iraq

Bush urges Senate, House to renew Patriot Act

Katrina Destroys Once Great Wine Cellar

CNN/AP: ElBaradei accepts Nobel Peace Prize

UN conference breathes life into Kyoto Protocol

Katrina victims fight eviction from damaged properties

No word on other hostages as Egyptian killed in Iraq

BMI (Bank Melli Iran) to establish branch in Baghdad by yearend

U.S. soldier dies on guard duty in Iraq

Push to nix gay nuptials begins in Colorado

WP: Deflecting Heat (gas utilities say not to blame for huge bills)

Democrats need broader message, N.M. governor says

UAW announces tentative deal with Ford on health care costs

Staff Opinions Banned In Voting Rights Cases

Lapse into Spanish earns suspension, then apology

(UK) Ex-Iraq envoy questions war's worth

N.Korea says US envoy remark damages nuclear talks

BP may face criminal charges

WP/AP: Report: 56 Die in Nigerian Plane Crash

US Bail Denied to Cuban Warlords

Iraqis pray for daytime births

Protestors arrested as N.J. bear hunt comes to a close

A Spitzer Target Gets Even by Supporting an Opponent (NY Governor's Race)

Democrats jump early on key '06 House races in North Carolina

Idaho Supreme Court hears appeal of Ten Commandments initiative

Iraq, U.S. Release 238 Detainees Ahead of December 15 Elections

U.S. Foreign Money Addiction Means Trouble

Hold the Limo: The Prom's Canceled as Decadent

Richard Pryor dead

Labor supporters take to streets

Political Appointees at Justice Draw Heat

School Officials Propose Ban of Whole Milk

Britain 'trying to stall $1.3bn theft inquiry that could hurt Allawi

Some General on CNN said that we're losing a brigade a day

Four U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Violence

I am all for free speech but...

Bush Likens Iraqi Action to Transition in '40's Japan

Report Slams Medical Response to Katrina

White House conducts drill to test bird flu preparedness

A Helping Hand, Not Handout ("provincial reconstruction teams" in Iraq)

Democrat Chris Bell sees school funding as path to Texas governor's seat

Richard Pryor has died

Irish public march against ‘cheap’ immigrant labour

Independent: Climate campaigners claim greatest ever success at Montreal

Staff Opinions Banned In Voting Rights Cases (WP)

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq ( # 2142 )

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq-military (2142)

Haiti sacks Supreme Court judges --BBC World News

Bolivia MAS Warns Oil Transnationals

Democrats recommend adding some diverse states early in presidential votin

Katrina victims demand 'right to return'

Haiti sacks Supreme Court judges

Iran's supreme ruler supports anti-Israel comments made by hardline presid

Allawi's party headquarters in Najaf mortared, two wounded

Al Qaeda link fuels fears for hostages

Insurgents Attack Afghan Police Station, Killing 6 Officers

WP: Panel Offers "Incremental" Changes to '08 Democratic Calendar

Jury sides with white fire captains in Mobile, AL discrimination suit

Zawahri praised attacks on US troops in audio tape

Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive (Inside Propaganda)

LAT: Military Wants Santa Rosa Island (in CA Channel Islands Natl. Park)

EU concealed deal with US to allow 'rendition' flights

Most Americans Say Bush Has No Plan for Iraq

WP: Judges Exclude 26% of Ballots in Va. Recount (setback to Dem Deeds)

Gen.: Iraqis will take over when ready

Former Oklahoma congressman urges GOP to focus more on minorities

Dean fires back at GOP on Iraq (says Dems stand for 'moral values')

Iraqis Want Coalition Vocabulary Change ("Saddamists" is in)

Former Minnesota Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy has died ... More to come.

Hunt continues for 1,300 children lost during Katrina

WP: In Iraq, Bush Pushed For Deadline Democracy

CNN: Richard Pryor has died.

Surveillance Video Shows Alpizar Hours Before Shooting

Streetside mail on way out (Post Office phasing out home delivery)

A Record Amazon Drought, and Fear of Wider Ills

10News (San Deigo) Family Upset Over Marine's Body Arriving As Freight

Bush’s approval rating rises to 42 percent

Company demands workers give up smoking to keep jobs

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

Iran orders “agents” to rig Iraq’s elections - report

Many refuse to pay 'war tax' on phone bill

Higher learning, turn left. Conservatives get shut out, senator says.

GD gets better with Everclear

Did anyone watch that movie on Showtime?


GD goes better with red blood


It was me on the grassy knoll!

My son made me proud tonite!

I am the Alpha and the Omega!

Hey Honey, wanna see egg nog come out of my nose?

Mmmmmmm... peaches.....

"Masters of Horror" on Showtime. Now on West Coast.

Kill 'em all!

Best Amy Grant Song Evar!

So, I'm moving back to Vancouver - thank god

GD is Outrageous!!!

I really, really loathe obnoxious people.

I know she really loves me, but DAYUM she hurt me tonight


heyh guys uh err

It's time to break out the big sized marshmallows tonight.

Hot off the Press: NEW pics from Huskerlaw and GOPisEvil's visit!

Bye, yawl.

Well, I did it. Yeah, that's right...I effing did it!! from today's Boston College's "Rally for GLBT Equality"

Visions of Tookie, "Christmas" trees, & the mentally ill danced in my head

Why do women like bad guys?

Why is the Lounge trying to imitate GD

Test — I gotta see if this is as funny as I think

I'm Having Single Malt Whiskey in My Tea. Heresy?

A holiday question

Oh. Rachel Ray. Perfect .........

American Woman - Lenny Kravitz cover

Y'know what blows about weekends?

Some one hose me off

A Christmas groaner...

Oh, crap. Here comes that song

Good Saturday Morning, Everybody!

Bad Sex in Fiction Awards

Do you live in a fly in community?

I'm in the middle of a GD debate

What do you do when you get weary of politics?

Tonite, Letterman said, "New Yorkers love it when Dick Cheney visits

LeftyMom is a schweetheart

WHo's drunk?

This morning, Mrs. XNASA said those "three little words" to me.

Mic Test, 1,2, 3....

Possible future NARNIA related questions by fundy kids - Join the fun

a propos of gd

Going to see"The Chronicles of Narnia" tonight

What I want for Xmas: For everyone at DU to AGREE with

Done with my college semester!

Should the next person who tells the Brazilian joke get the Death Penalty?

Anyone watch LOST? Theories about the Island and the Monster

Mike Malloy keeps me sane! Thank you, Mike!


How about a Haiku thread?

Can this smilie be added to the main list?

Can bread kill you?

Attention Seal Fans!!(THE SINGER)

Audio geeks - My old crew at NASA

turn around, look at what you see

What could go wrong when a Ferrari and a Viper race around Deadmans Road?

Wow, reading through GD sure makes me glad I'm not white

is this too old for my 4 yr old??

What new terms have you learned recently? Mine: Schoolies & Toolies

Oh Tannenbomb, Oh Tannenbomb

Saturday earworm

a little cheney humor on a saturday morning.

I have a puppy sleeping in my lap

So, Dick Cheney is going to greet troops returning from Iraq

Fafblog Interviews: Condoleeza Rice!

Breaking, GWB awarded Nobel Peace Prize.... it appears that

Is it just me, or does anyone else get jerky vibes from Vince Vaughn.

Have you ever, or do you know anyone who bought a car

Blech I hate green christmas (holiday) candy

Spent 7 hours waiting in the local Emergency Room yesterday...

the window of joy is now open

Milk is junk food, Cheetos is not?

The "window of joy" is a Cult...

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

A simple concept, explained precisely (pic)

Woo-Hoo! Guess what I did yesterday?

I need a new digital camera. Suggestions?

1 hour and 40 minutes until the ZW/GOPisEvil Convergence!

When banks retract overdraft fees, do they show the credit to the acct?

Just listened to Aerial, ask me anything.

Do YOU miss this smilie?

Happy Fucking Holidays!

AHHHHHH Make it Stop . . . Sundance Channel is showing . . . .

Question: Does Skinner have another username?

Post funny or weird things that happened at Disneyland or Disney World

"MrsGrumpy" is a Cult...

Sing along with me! "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer...

Happy holidays agent Mike

Hello, Lizards! How have you been?

So, apparently I pulled an Ass-cheek muscle while shoveling last night

Anyone seen movie "New Rose Hotel"? (1998)

What does this picture suggest to you?

Ok, what rock salt HASN'T sold out?

I just got back from "Syriana", question away

The window of melancholy is wide open

The window of indifference is open...not sure for how long, though.

Why the hell would you put a 53 year old in a belly shirt and shrug?

Hallucinogenic "In Dub" ! Any other CD's along these lines?

Update on the Brad/Angelina rumors in Sarasota

Woot, I can't believe what I won yesterday.


DS1 is a club.

So, my kid got a Deficiency Report in the mail today. She is

Sundog is a cult.

Richard Pryor AND Eugene McCarthy die


"C" from a Bronx Tale F'ed up


There's curling on TV right now!

needing advice on repairing vs. dumping this laptop

I'm going home in Five Days!

How many gifts are left on your list?

Oh crap. Richard Pryor died.

Made it out alive - Survived my morning of errands and holiday shopping.

How can a 35 year old TV show remain so refreshing and engaging?

Time to name another film star. Warning: Once again, very hot.

What's more irritating?

Inspired left over creation...3 day old black beans & rice tossed in

Best. GD. Post. Since...

Sony BMG repents over CD debacle

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/10/05)

Who else is tired of the guy with the Dukes of Hazzard song on his cell?

Anybody out there like Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes?

love it when Karma strikes

Busy day around the Maestro household. Little Maestro is 4.

Karma Chameleon/Where Da Hood At?

National Enquirer: Michael Jackson ODs in Bahrain, in critical condition

Famous High School and Elementary School Dropouts.

a red "x" thread

the official DONT post a picture thread

I got the new Family Guy DVD set...Ask me anything!

"Vitamins have never been shown to do anything."

What TV shows do you watch on a regular basis?

I was having a burger in Berkeley yesterday when John began singing

Heisman presentation in 15 minutes. Who will get it?



"It's a Wonderful Life" is on

baby wants to post

Bah Humbug! Just can't get into the spirit!

How screwed are you if your piston blows & the engine falls out?

Post-Thanksgiving Turkey EMERGENCY. Help!!!

vicodin 1 kidney stones 0. ask me anything


Dog owners- do you break up fights or let them happen?

Dogs CAN Speak! You may not believe this...

Am I the only one who

Just to make things even MORE fun, thought I'd try cutting off my thumb!

Some nice motorist paid my toll on the Bay Bridge today.

I slept in till 7pm today- a new record

The life and career of Richard Pryor

Favorite Sade Lyrics

Sad day - my cat, Buddy has died

Mr. and Mrs. Maestro have their anniversary today!

I've got 100 species for Trinity County!

SUV Trapped on Ice - In a Parking Lot

SHIT! I just found out

Is it ok to use the word 'blowhard' in scholarly writing?

Has anyone seen the movie Three Dollars?

Another saturday night, and I ain't got nobody

I've encountered some vandalism of Wikipedia.

Spooky thumping sounds in the Roberdel community in NC

Is there a DU cell phone wallpaper?

What do Scarlett Johanson and The Five Satins have in common?

Getting my Christmas tree today. My daughter and her boyfriend are

One of my favorite websites. (link) What's yours?

Who else here is a huge fan of David Wenham?

Pandas tonight. Animal Planet 8:00 ET.

OK - What rock star is the ULTIMATE sell out?

The Brad & Angelina rumor from Sarasota FL

The window of procrastination is now not quite open

Can I vent for a minute?

"It's A Wonderful Life" is on right now - if anyone cares.

Scary HITCHCOCK Birds at My House

Howcome a digital picture looks one way on a mac, and another on a pc?

OMFG!! Former US senator McCarthy dies

osama contacted bush.

joey beltram

I'm flying out for a big job interview tomorrow

Any astronaut/space flight aficionados here that can help me?

Self Delete

Here's Me! (Fishing for Compliments Warning)

Saturday Art. (dial-up warning)

Does the pose of this chick in this picture bother you?

Check your PM's

Reggie Bush wins the Heisman!

this is a test concentrate on 6/2/1966 and 8/18/1968

Post a link to a website containing a picture that freaks you out!

This is when you know you have a great boyfriend in your life

Can I eat this thing I just caught?

Just a friendly reminder about the DU gathering in Los Angeles tomorrow

This is Actually pretty Cool (How to keep your Xmas Tree Green)

You know 'the season' is starting when

How screwed are you if your car's head gasket leaks?

CC on TV doesn't work!

Thank you all. Thank you. Thank you.

Any DUers make jewelry?

Your most humble servant, Robert Cooper, is now a donor to DU...

A Draconian Request

Why do people like to post pics of themselves?

LMAO, my cats are freakin geniuses.

It's art. It's political. It's for politically mature adults.

A moment of silence for the greatest. Rest in peace Richard Pryor.



Hour 10.

Oh God. I think the coyotes have my cat.

I'm totally unreasonably angry at the dictionary

I'm Gonna Be A Grandma!!!

Um, what did people like about Miami Vice...?

I have a new drawing I'd like for you to check out

Garsh darnit, how many posts do you need to recommend a thread?

I LOVE resale stores!! Don't YOU? ? ? ?

What TV show would Bush be a good character on and how?

A grown-up letter to Santa

Online test...How much do you know about our government?

How many of you own a gun?

It's time to post a picture of your computer's desktop!!

How do you feel about women changing their names after marriage?

Jingle bells jingle bells

Need some positive thoughts and prayers, please.

a photo of my mother, on the 31st anniversary of her death

ZombyWoof, GOPisEvil, and huskerlaw in SAN DIEGO!

Ok, what rock star HASN'T sold out?

It's that time again for The DU Lounge Cruise!!! Who's interested?

The "Fawlty Towers" appreciation thread.

I have watched Sponge Bob at least 10 times today

Sing-A-Long With ForrestGump!

Let's put the Cat back in Xmas!

Heaux Heaux Heaux....what's your favorite Xmas song?

Alternatively: post a pic of YOU that CREEPS other people out:

Your opinions of "Syriana".

I'm overreacting again, aren't I?

Post a picture of yourself that makes other people say "WTF?!!?"

THE FINAL TEN!!! “Extreme Processing” Photo Challenge

An Atheist Manifesto

Question.. what does the jesus fish mean?

Christians: Missing the point on a massive scale.


No tolerance from Christian bullies, so why tolerance toward them?

A study in contrasts, re "War on Christmas"

Just what is this "war on Christmas"?

School Officials Propose Ban of Whole Milk

Scientists: Fissure Could Become New Ocean

Psychiatry Ponders Whether Extreme Bias Can Be an Illness

Gay cowboys hit US screen, but no rings just yet

Sexist trans phobic gays

Ford, gay groups to discuss ad pullout


Jason Whitlock on why black coaches get more NFL jobs than College jobs

Why was Roy Jr. hugging BHOPS Nuts so tightly?

#1 Duke and #2 Texas to tip off shortly...

Go Lobos!

Maple Farm Sanctuary

Christmas poem

Next Full Moon on my Natal Moon EXACTLY

I need a blessing

Tough words from David Wade

Support Much Appreciated

A must-read article on Iraq (IMO, why Kerry's plan is best)

FINAL TEN "extreme processing" up in the Lounge


An old tintype

More shots from my trip down south - just for my Photo Groupies!

Rundown on hotel comparison

Is Clinton's Montreal speech going to be on C-Span?

Bush's popularity among Iowans sinks to all-time low

Listening to the Michael Moore speech at the Wellstone Memorial..

Is Joe Lieberman a traitor? Is it just because of his position on Iraq?

Texas GOP wonders about DeLay's future (AP)

I need help with LTTE - Cost of "average" AF-1 trips

Joe's little pity party..."Some Democrats said I was being a traitor"

Single Mother off to Iraq: (This parent is needed at home!!)--how insane

Joe Lieberman has a "plan"....

DNC Presidential Nomination Commission meeting - "official" DU thread

Revocation of Birthright Citizenship..........

If Bush really said this about our Constitution....then

We fight in Iraq so we don't have terrorists at home???

Great Ronald Reagan quote re: Separation of Church and State

Excellent News for Conservatives

Good letter to the editor on Democratic/citizen dissent

"Does the President have a taste tester to make sure the food is okay?"

Remember Deborah Davis?

Great Poster

GOP Rep. Shays: "My Leadership Doesn't Get It"...

Christmas row hits White House

W.J.'s phone-in for Dems.: for or against Lieberman

Go on offense on Iraq!

Anyone watching the DNC Presidential Nomination Commission on C-SPAN?

Coverage of Lieberman and Hagel comments illustrates imbalance in media

How's This For A New Conspiracy Theory?............

'Syriana' Used in Oil Conservation Calls

How the CIA Paid for Judy Miller's Stories

The Moral Hell of Condoleezza Rice

Preaching politics

Define victory. Another "Bush is skating" comment.

Democrats never did vote "for the Iraq War" - Talking Points

06 campaign just got a little uglier. Ehrlich hires Cleland swift-boater.

MORE bad news for The hearing will be after Christmas

List of DINOS

Snarky (but heartfelt) Greetings to our Elected Reps

Bush approval increases *within the margin of error*

It's the Republicans who have no plan

Who are the neoliberals?

Bush Radio: "We can't afford to be w/o Patriot Act for a single moment"

So what exactly can we do about the diebold problem?

Bush Incompetence - WH tests bird flu readiness while Bush rides bike.

I just read about the "freight" and about the "anthrax" and I'm roaring ma

A great man, Eugene McCarthy, has died

Whitehouse flu pandemic readiness:

Letter I received from Ginny Brown-Waite Rep Fl

A plug for a fellow DU writer ...

Black Caucus on Alito is now being re-broadcast on C-Span. n/t

CSPAN-DNC meetings--anyone watching?


An observation: Studio 54 and Jeff Gannon - GOP SOPs

What is Lieberman's angle?

Republican Fesses Up to Blog ID Raid

A Confederacy of Dunces (The country cries out for an alternative to Bush)

Elections Could Tilt Latin America Further to the Left

The US has used torture for decades...

Too Governor Schwarzenegger

Who is responsible and why?

'Integrity' tops dictionary lookups for 2005

If you get rid of Dean, you LOSE.

Deja vu: Democrats Shouldn't Just "Do Better"

AP: Lieberman's Pro-War Views Concern Dems

Warner would beat Allen in Virginia in 2008.

You know, Al Gore did amazingly well in 2000, considering that..

OHIO Tea Party: If Ohio Doesnt Count Your Vote, Dont Pay Ohio Tax

Ending "One Party Rule" should be a consistent meme thru 2006.

Another RIP: Eugene McCarthy, 89

DU this msnbc poll: do you believe there is a war on Christmas?

Richard Pryor and Eugene McCarthy both passed on

Memo to scaredy cat Dems: a Majority of Americans oppose the Iraq War

"Joe Lieberman: Republican Posterboy"

Did anyone see Syrianna yet? I saw it last night. Good film

The problem for Dems pushing for Iraq withdrawal.

Tweety to Chaka Fattah (D-PA): "So what? You haven‘t been able to stop it"

Back During The Run Up To The '04 Pres Election I Asked A * Supporter....

Have ya seen Project Censored's "Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election"?

The. Biggest. Scandal. Ever! Phony Cos. Cycle Cash Back to GOP!

Why not have pres. primaries/caucuses on the same day???

Can I Vote Myself off This Island??

Don't forget the REAL DINOS

For Those Who Think It's Time To Stop Blaming Diebold

Who Has The "Aw Shucks" Likeability Factor For '08

Bush destroys the Voting Rights Act

Why is Dean excoriated for speaking the truth when * says

Clinton vs. Warner

Neil Lisst political cartoon - the whole week's cartoons here

Which of these is a "real Democrat"?

The Nachi (virus) worm compromised Diebold ATMS in 2003

DU Unofficial Poll - How many think Bush is really, truly insane?

Nixon prolonged the Viet Nam War by 4 years. Then he got re-elected.

If We Keep Blaming "Diebold" For Every Loss, We Learn Nothing

Who siad this?

Who are the DiNOs?

The root? of the Diebold wireless port story

I keep thinking things can't get any worse - then Bush does something.

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

Are we on or off for the LA gathering tomorrow?

Protesters arrested at "secretive U.S.-Australian intelligence base"

A very telling statistic - most looked-up word of the year:

Groaners.. from

NYT: "If a Meteorite Crashed Down on the White House Today"

Does anyone have latest poll numbers on * approval?

MSNBC Poll: Do you believe there is really a "war on Christmas"?

Der Gropinator and Mary Matalin do their part for the "war" on Christmas

Does anyone remember *this* kind of stuff?

This "war on Christmas" bs will be over in 2 weeks.

Air Force fighters destroy terrorist hideout

What was the big story on Fox News last year at about this time?

as a tribute to Richard Pryor, here's his SNL bit with Chevy Chase . . .

Seriously, do you think the US will leave Iraq in 10 years or less?

Veggies with no vitamins

"War on Christmas" turns at least 15

Pro-life action center HOPPING MAD at Denis Leary's war on Christmas

American Hunger- 11.9% Are "Food Insecure" & 14.7% Increase in one year

Time's Person (Entity) of the Year

READ THIS! Just got hit with PayPal "phishing" email from spoof address.

Who is this guy?

PARRY: Journalism's Shameful Anniversary -- R.I.P. Gary Webb

What is your most unpopular DU view?

Climate-change conference ends with key deals

ElBaradei: Don't bomb Iran's nuclear facilities

Man subdued on flight here (to Hawaii)

Man subdued on flight here

Beach erupts into violence (Sydney)

Winter Olympics under threat from 40,000 violent protesters

Thrust reversers failed in deadly jetliner skid

Drowned city cuts its poor adrift (The Observer)

It's been an interesting evening.

Is the LA DU gathering still on for tomorrow?

A "Crysmas" alternative!!

How do you feel about men changing their underwear after marriage?

Happy Rockin' Hollidays-Groove on Love and Peace

A sad pet story

Fun with Yahoo MSG boards, in the Investments Division

Are the terms "quid" and "pound" interchangeable?

How screwed are you if your cat's lead casket leaks?

I remember it like it was yesterday.....

So, um... are any of you DU guys out there North Korean?

"Deck us all..."

Richard Pryor memorial thread

Tonight my wife and I went to Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

Some (additional) much needed perspective

Do you ever call your pet

US retreats at climate change talks

A Sign that We are in the Darkest of Modern Times

Pretend we win the elections in 2006, will the Dem leadership change?

Ohio to outlaw recounts and shield Diebold

BBC interview with Wes Clark airing Sunday AM, 12/11 on

If you support Murtha please read this email and act on it

Lieberman:"We undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril"