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Archives: November 9, 2005

TX Observer: Bill Moyers speech online. (Read It !)

Leonard Pitts: E-mail from clueless@FEMA

Bush Gambles, Loses Campaigning

Sudden death overtime: from the NFL to Iraq

WP, Milbank: Tough Times for the 'Sissy 6' (Senate Select Comm. on Intel)

French Fry

Louisiana's swamped economy (CSM)

Robert Scheer in the news

Wal-Mart's Tax On Us ... (subsidized by taxpayers)

China To Spend 180 Billion Dollars To Boost Renewable Energy Use

Gene Lyons on Dowd

You're doin' a Heck of a Job, Cheney

Dick Cheney: Sabotaging America

Hiltzik - Arnold Agonistes

Central Torture Agency?

Radioactive Bush

Outing a liar: Hero Marine gets caught pulling a John Kerry (MT News)

Learning from Fallujah’s agony

White House Apprentice ... coming to a comic near you

High Court To Hear Case On War Powers

Labour MPs have acquired a new taste for rebellion

Cheney and the Con Man

History Lesson: It’s not 1994 that Democrats should be looking to as a ...

House of Commons, 4:56PM: The moment Tony Blair lost his authority

The Won't Be Bullied Pulpit - Rev. George Regas, All Saints Church

Judith Miller's Farewell, by Judith Miller

Cheney on trial: questions he might be asked, under oath, in Libby's case.

WSWS: Why US big business is pleased with Alito’s nomination to the SC

Anna Quindlen - Bedroom v. Courtroom

Falluja: A name that lives in infamy

Seeking a return to Republican virtue...

Aussie geothermal may start simmering soon.

Hilarious Hyperbolic FUD in UK anti-wind leafleting campaign.

Opinions on heating stoves? W ood, pellet, corn, etc.

October 2005: Second Warmest October on Record

Fat wanted for speed record bid...

Lebanese poll: Disarm Palestinians

Mofaz hopes for Rafah checkpoint deal

Mofaz adviser quits amid claims he assisted illegal outposts

Israel greets proposed Red Cross symbol

In defense of the suicide bomber...the legacy in jordan

A Is for Ancient, Describing an Alphabet Found Near Jerusalem

911 GAS

Atta on sept. 9th

Help! NJ Dems!!! - Elections Robbed in Monmouth Co.

Crime Report: Conny at it Again

Ohio Jobs issue OK'd; but election reform measures fail

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 11/09/05

Lionel comes out for paper!

Question regarding voting procedure - Sequoia activation card

Cross-post: Diebold in North Carolina

We need a comprehensive post-election poll in Ohio NOW

Okay, I'm ready to be thoroughly educated.

Election problems? Report them here- important

Largest Nashville TV station (NBC) begins major voting integrity series

DU Researchers: Help On Ohio

Remember how Bush "won" in 2004 because of "family values"?

Check out Lucas County from this OH SOS site:

Update on purging of > 100 K voters from Cuyahoga Co. voter roles

74 just flipped to NO! n/t

In a nutshell, can someone explain the Props (73-80) and what y/n means?

Think the party at The Biltmore is open to the public?

It's over, not even that close for Arnold's Props

Take a look at these numbers!

75 JUST FLIPPED - All Propositions are now FAILING n/t

Looks like the "No's" have it!

I'm watching one of the most effective lobbies for MY best interests...

San Francisco seems like the only county that voted the same as I

Congratulations on defeating 73

and the best news of all.....the ads are gone.

Where's Security When You Need It? (Ahnold vs. Beatty) Funny.

Success and failure of special election

(GOP)Rep Cunningham bribed? Secret military spending gets little oversight

Anyone notice that Maria has been absent from Arnie's side...?

FU John McCain

Question: When will Arnold drop out of 2006 race?

So, what were the props Arnie needed/wanted to pass?


It's all about turnout

PHOTO: Arnold after election

Official "EAT SHIT AND DIE, AH-NOLD!" Thread.

I want to put up a sign in my window in honor of sane California:

$pecial Price Tag thanks to aunuld...

Was California's teacher tenure ballot measure all that bad?

Alpine County (almost) votes Like San Francisco! Strange!!


Congratulations to us, Calif, next we terminate 'the terminator'...

FRESNO ....the freepers headquarters.. huge!1111


Union leaders want apology; governor silent after election defeat

Should Arnold resign?

San Diego still backwards

So who do we like for the next Gubernatorial race?

Gov. Davis ..... what a classy man

Call Leach re: arctic drilling

Too much Christmas music in CR!

Nussle ad hits airwaves (No name recognition in Western Iowa?)

This week's Civic Skinny 11-09-05

Anyone want to give Nussle a call....

400 jobs leaving Red Oak IA pop. 6000

BREAKING: Gubernatorial candidate involved in fatal crash

Poll shows open race for governor

Sam Yoon, a DFA lister, wins seat on the Boston City Council.

Election a test of efforts to get more minorities to the polls

New Bedford mayor beaten by political newcomer

Mayoral Race Roundup

Article 8 Alliance anti-gay fundie bigot stuff again...

Uncle of new anti drunk driving'Melanie's Law' girl arrested for DUI

Jass Stewart will use his momentum to create a movement

Former Senate candidate Steven Miles in excellent article on torture

RT Rybak crowd surfing (my GD Politics Post)

Separation of church and state?

I just came across this article

Special election likely in St. Cloud, chance to pick up state senate seat

Official Liberated Saint Paul Gloat Thread

My LTTE in the Strib on Bush's Torture Hypocrisy

Tim Walz is having a Veterans Day event with Max Cleland in Mpls

Touch Screen voting for Minnesota?

Okay, how's this for a Meetup proposal? 11/26 at the Liffey in

CD Burning Question

Internet Explorer is dangerous

How's Paul Hackett doing? n/t

Portsmouth will have story on machine irregularities

if only issues 2 & 5 were on the ballot, would they have passed ?

RIP: Ohio Election Reform - It's OUR Fault.

Clermont County Shenanigans... not again!!!

Governor Taft wants to keep scandal secrets,Ohio top court to decide

Note on Repuke Mayor Don Robart, Cuyahoga Falls - starts 20th year

Elections Over -- Time to Get to Work

An observation in Akron - Akron schools levy loss credited to "low

We cannot expect to take big steps forward and win

possible election irregularities in portsmouth area

Sugar Land, Texas switches to electronic voting

Let's talk to Joe Barton!

Can anybody tell me about San Antonio; thinking of relocating there

Well...the Texas Fundies Have Declared Themselves Official Juggernauts

Do you think we got Diebolded?

Hey Texans!

My WTF moment at the Voting precinct

Jimmy Carter in West Bend, Thursday

Pretty Windy out there eh?

73 is getting closer!!!

Ii'm thinking about all the relatives and 'friends' I kissed off,

Why did the Bush Crime Family recall Chalabi from Iraq?

Call to Stop Arctic Drilling (momentum among House Republican moderates)

2 months without adventures of confessions of saint augustine bear

How the Bush administration and the NYT lied America into war

Looks like ONLY the union strong North Coast from Santa Cruz to Eureka is

Question - How Many Rep's Will Want Bush Stumping For Them in '06???...

p 74 - Teacher Tenure tightened --- now even... c'mon 75! Catch up! NT

Bill Bolling, VA Lt. Gov. (R) what's up with that?

What's Whistle-Ass whistling out his ass tonight?

CA: Early Returns Show 2 of 4 Key Initiatives Failing

NYC Question: How come in an 80 percent Dem city, a Dem candidate can't

Whatever happened to Charles Grodin?

Conservatives falsely claimed W. House and Congress saw "same intelligence"

Is anybody else watching CSPAN?

One thing to remember about blocking a pardon (re: Libby)

Why isn't my avatar and quote showing up????

Prop 74 Just went NO!!

Prop 73 just went "no"!

Bahahaha! George Jones sung about hard drinking and hard living...

Go 75! Barring any 4:00 in the morning manipulations-It should be a sweep!

California Elections Thread 3

KCBS Says All Will Go NOOOOOO!!!!!

Bush Gambles, Loses on Virginia Governor's Race

Donna Frye down by 14 points, 30% of precints reporting.

What do Bush & Hitler have in common?

Prop 73 FLIPPED to NO!!

Ironic: "284 restaurants in NOLA open" but free food to shut down tomorrow

Anyone have vid clip of -.- drunk at the Rethug rally?

How Did THIS Guy Do? ---pix->>>

Let's not forget that other vote happening today

College Not Combat winning in San Francisco. Military out of Schools!

Arnie is live on FOX right now.

Looks Like Girlie Men 4 Arnold 0

c'mon 75,FLIP already!

The smart growth Proposition in Prescott, Arizona won.

Prop 73 just went NO!

Donne Frye is not going to win

New official California election thread

How strange is it that, at 12:20pm CT we're on Defcon 3!

Thank you, Mr. President

In effect, California is telling Schwarzenegger "Hasta la vista, baby."

You cod am peoples vote JA!!!!! Vat's WRONG mit you?

Why is Virginia a 'Commonwealth'?

Roberts: Prisoners should think they'll be tortured

If R's lose big, will they start insisting on verified paper trail voting?

So if all the Special Props in CA are defeated, will the Gov reimburse

You do understand what just happened in Ohio, right?

NJ/VA Voters Reject Bush in Electing Democrat Governors

Is it too soon for me to gleefully declare the B**h Era over? (1981-2005)

75, is almost there, its come from way, way behind...can it be?

California Special Election Thred 4

I noticed that Anderson Cooper on 360 neglected to mention

How Can We Eliminate Gerrymandering?

Looks like VALUES VOTERS came out in force to defeat rePUKES today

Stephen Colbert put the black hole at the center of the Universe on notice

So I just watched the big celebration at the

Arnold's votes counted TWICE??

So let's do a little preliminary overview of the night, shall we?

McSweeneys: Unqualified Successes of George W. Bush's Two Terms in Office

So i was thinking....

Hey chimp ! We're coming to take our country back!

Have fun predicting the exact time the CA Prop 75 flips to "NO"!

CA Prop 75 just switched directions - think Diebold got a phone call?


And just a year ago, pundits were consigning the Democrats to the "dustbin

Schwarzenegger's political career passed away at 11:03 p.m. PST, 11/8/05

After wasting $70-$80 Mil now he wants to work with the legistration...

California election thread 5

75 Just FliPPED!!

california election tread six


DUers. . .let's have some fun. ALL OF US!!!


Even Mike Bloomberg only got 58%!

California. . .knows how to party! VA, NJ knows how to Rock!

Time for republicans to regroup..and they will before 2006...

This is why I trust the State website over a news website

NO NO NO NO NO Arnold...

For those in SOUTHERN CA... Let's talk about the sweetest part...

I haf a plan for Caleeefawnya....

California Prop 75 Just Flipped!!!!

75 is NO by about 40,000 votes right now. 69% reporting.

Sequoia machines..My husband pushed NO..and YES came up 3 times

Okay. . .How big was tonight?

now will the mainstream news media whore MORE or LESS...

what a roller coaster night this has been in CA-- my congratulations...

Has Orange County come in yet?

Who wants redistricting?

Whats up with Imperial County? It voted for both of the RX Props.

Special Califironia Election thread 6

Someone please start a rousing round of "O Happy Day." I'm feelin' it.

Can we now stop this crap about changing the Constitution for Ahnold?

How long before Republicans start complaining about election fraud?

Too bad Donna didn't Frye Colonel Sanders, but she was outspent by GOP

Let's all roast marshmallows over the Repuke's smoking, sputtering heads

"Tear em up Tuesdays" a line from Countdown with KO tonight

Maybe Schwarzenegger's next movie should be "Titanic" or even

30something and metalhead DUers: Is it me, or...

This is a victory for organized labor, especially public employees.

Whatever happened to the beheading videos?

Prop 75 with 81.9% of the vote counted. Going down by 170,000 votes.

So, how much did this election in CA cost the CA taxpayers?

So, you say you want a revolution


Is Robert Reich a true liberal?

San Francisco Handgun Ban Wins

I just woke up, did I miss anything?

special cali election thread seven

Need H2OMan's Blog link - Anyone have it handy?

How will we handle the upcoming lawayer shortage?

As a public school teacher in California... thank you.

Everybody's Hitler

Thanks for playing Arnold. Care to play again?

Ah ray tal will be FUN

FREEPERS reactions to Ahnolds IMPLOSION!

CIA/Republicans Jump on Prison Leak

any Czech or Polish DUers? (or anyone familiar with the languages?)

Batshit crazy freeper response to election.

Did Virginia and Jersey reject classic Rove tactics tonight?

My opinion about Texas' gay marriage ban

Lexicon Update - Phrase for the day: Electorus Interruptus

Gray Davis must be smilling tonight

MSNBC still reporting that Ahnold may win one of the prop votes.

and Nightline opens with......wait for it..wait for it...Chalie Chaplin

So what will you do now, Ah-nold?

(TOON) Rowson on the Chinese President's visit

Laura still zonked; has no idea what happened tonight. ->

A president who is a fake and a fraud and a shill and a sham

Official Congratulations to all you Democratic candidates who won

(FIORE) Indictment Circus

Didn't Trent Lott leak classified information to CNN today?

Watched Frontline last night. Anyone else get sick to their. . .

How were the voter turnout numbers in an off year election?

How were the voter turnout numbers in an off year election?

Soledad O.Brian is positively giddy on CNN this morning,

The Race to Distance one's self from the embarrassing president

Asheville NC City Gov. finally tips progressive!

Is It Still The Grand Oil Party? (The politics of oil) - Business Week

If last week was Fitzmas, this week is New Year's

Defeat of California 73 is huge....parental notification of abortion:

The biggest issue that the fundies are missing when invoking

I am donating $11.08 to the DNC to honor the day's results eom

Humpday TOONfest

I refused to put on the morning talk shows today.


So, what Tricky Rick Santorum think about the major loss in Dover, PA

Battle Hymn of the Republicans:

Mary Mapes on GMA today. Anybody got her book "Truth and Duty"?

Not surprising: Freepers think "Colbert Report" is a real news show

Does the Democrats' Big Night Mean More Success to Come?

EVERY Day Is Fitzmas Day! wooohoooo!!


OMG I found Mrs. Moran

I just don't believe that Ohio election reform lost legitimately.

How are they proposing to "teach" ID in schools?

o.k. students, you can believe in science OR mythology, it's up to you!

This Veterans Day, make your voice heard!

Republican politician Oberweis abuses and gets rich from illegal labor

All together shout it now, there's no one who can doubt it now,

Looks like we kicked some major ass yesterday at the polls

How you can tell the Freepers have been utterly defeated

How long before Corzine picks his successor in the Senate?

how bout' a t.v. reality show where they torture prisoners of war live?

I have watched "24" since day one and like the sitting at the edge of


California is a DEMOCRATIC STATE! Freepers, Fundies, & Arnie SLAPPED DOWN!

Bill Frist writes op-ed: Drawing the line in the sand! Chicago Trib

my bornagain, 2 time bush votin' brother has turned on gee dubya

Did you just hear the R Congressman? Repugs are realizing

special election thread eight

NYT: Report Warned on C.I.A.'s Tactics in Interrogation

Did we ever determine Judith Miller's party affiliation?

Kansas O.K.'s Anti-Evolution teachings

An Open Letter to Rep. Tom Tancredo

Why aren't we hearing about this? Liberia has 1st election since Taylor.

I see dead Republicans....

Tell me the truth son, did you Torture people in Iraq?

lands could reopen to logging in new Bush plan

A fiery Kerry works the crowd -- Democrat says GOP twists religion

Tonight, my in-laws are TOTALLY freaking out. They live in Virginia.

Another page from the 1984 playbook

Damn! What is the matter with Kansas?

Maine's Vote: EVERY New England State Now Has A Secure Gay Rights Law

The Front page of my local paper today

Hey Bush**, How about spendin some more of that Political Capital..

Maybe atheist kids could be Tortured into believing in Creationism

Torturing folks in other lands takes away the sin of it

There's a simple reason why the fundies want big government to fund them

Is Dana Kagan the woman dating Rush Limbaugh?

A question about intelligent design

C-Span 3 - Senate hearings on oil profits...

Meet the next President of the United States:

FYI: WaPo having a live election chat this AM at 11ET (+vote highlights)

Suffolk County New York is BLUE!!!!!

Thank you Carol Costello for this brilliant tidbit of understanding

Bush is the Republicans Kryptonite...

remember all those "Halo" pictures of Bush?

CA Peace officer to Ahnold: "Tomorrow starts Round 2."


Arianna: Ahmad Does D.C.: An Alternative Chalabi Itinerary

Mary Landrieu on the Senate floor...givin' 'em hell AGAIN! C-SPAN 2.

Must listen! Dick Durbin on Senate Floor and talking about Chalabi!

New Yorkers: Arrest Ahmad Chalabi on Friday?-The Wash Note

Anyone just catch that phone call with the army recruiter on CSPAN?

we should have a c-span forum

A note on DU... here we are all sharing the joy and sorrow

Business rewards CAFTA 15 (Dem Sellouts)

Republican anecdotes falling flat...

Info on Grassleys Staffer attack.. he is working on providing 'Generic'

Those Oil Execs are not "testifying"!

Dems Retain Governorships, As NJ, VA Voters Reject Rove-Inspired Spin

I don't think that the oil industry should be subjected to a windfall tax

Election 2005 four-word analysis: "Bush has albatross coattails!"

Torture and War “Hell Yeah"

CNN's O'Brien tries to get Jay Rockefeller to discuss classified info

Cheney to go soon? maybe? rumor?

CNN's Miles O'Brian say we now have a "leakgate" in Washington

Sen. Roberts re: torture - "Fear of the Unknown"

Toll in Russian Alcohol Poisonings at 33

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- The Democrats cleaned house at City Hall...

Seymour Hersh will be at the University of Arkansas Nov. 28!

CSAPN WJ: Rep. Radanovich (R-CA) on drilling: If not ANWAR, then where?

What are your best Democratic ideas?

Powell the liar

Proposed Social Contract on the use of "Prick" to describe a man.

(VIDEO) Daily Show : Interro-gate

There Was No News On Last Night's Cable News Shows

Randi Rhodes

Hey Arnold... You Are TERMINATED! LOL!

Seeking a Return to Republican Virtue (before you scoff automatically...)

Kissimmee Bans Children From Playing In Streets

A teacher finds a colleague working in a brothel. She is suspended. He kee

We ousted the Dover school board, Rick Santorum is next

Where's Dick? He's on Vacation, Hunting Pheasant. ---pix->>>

Barbara Boxer vs Big Oil

Are the Senate Oil Hearings being broadcast on Television or Web?

Visualize 2006 and Democratic victories across the board.

On January 16th 1993 I was married in Dallas, Texas.

Fineman: Bush is "a homebody by nature"

In NYC VERY low voter turnout

On Tucker's Situation, author Skorski falsely attacks Al Franken

MOGAMBO GURU: 'We're Morons With Nuclear Weapons!'

Free advice to any political consultants or candidates here:

Oil Execs stonewalling Cantwell

Dover, PA school board ousted (intelligent design)

Buy CITGO Products!

There's a bear market for bullshit.

Whatever happened to

The sound of thunder

Does anyone here actually sit and watch Imus?

Long Island Democrat oust 8 term, 30 year Republican D.A.

Do yesterday's results restore your faith in the election process?

Mary Mapes (fmr '60 Minutes' AWOL producer) will be on Larry King tonight

Rove Aide Appears Before Fitz...AGAIN

Kansas ID Fallout

If Texas was the 19th state to outlaw "gay marriage"...?

Wal-Mart wants to expand into Banking!!

bush pic comparison!!!

The Truth behind the 'christian' Right "Ban it" Solutions

Aussies rip Chimp a new one

CNN Poll: Enough to reduce dependence on oil?

National Recall Election to boot Bush out

I missed something....DID Sen. Lott really say it was a Republican

Capital News- Some Dems to push for NOLA as 2008 Convention site

MSNBC Now!! Energy Price Hike Investigation off to a

WP, Milbank: Tough Times for the 'Sissy 6' (p.o.'d Roberts disses Jay)

Will anyone here be tuning in to the Rushbore Sleeze Fest today?

WTF? CNN's AM headline: "Oil executives under fire"

Roberts is using a trick to stall investigation for up to a year

White Settlement rejects name change

"Would you guys just shut up and let * win the war on terra!"

Report: Bloomberg to reveal Rove, Libby gave false testimony

Acceptance speeches

help protect Montana's Island Ranges

Racial divide evident in military

My thoughts exactly on the Avian Flu Scare:

Classified Report Warned on C.I.A.'s Tactics in Interrogation

Sen. Wyden (OR) is going for the jugular at Oil Hearings

The Tectonic Plates are moving....Can You Feel It?

Speaking of Torture.

Must Watch!! Scott McClellan getting ripped a new one!

OK people!!!! Listen up!!!

Afghan Poet Nadia Anjuman Beaten to Death

I'm going to tune in to Rush at 12:05pm today.

*, McCLELLAN, and the rest must stop using THE AMERICAN PEOPLE's

Ahnold pissed away $300 million dollars on a worthless election?

Don't Let the Negativity That Will Hit DU Soon

Oil Execs arrogance. Dems should refuse any more money from

Rove’s right-hand man/woman to appear AGAIN before Fitz

Will you watch the World Trade Center movie by Stone?

WH Fighting Back? "Kurds Say Thank You" on Faux via Freaker RepubliKKK

Do you have faith in the election system in Ohio????

Credit where credit is due

Would we be so hard on the Iraq deception if not for the Clinton Witchhunt

Duh...what's the difference between Plame and the Black Site leaks?

Is US planning an Iraq-style 'regime change' in Syria?

John Dingell's (D-MI) email reply to a request for CIA leak investigation

Just in case you thought otherwise

I am going to smash my computer - someone please help me!!!

Dorgan on the war profiteering, CSPAN2 Now

Thom Hartman

Miller At Gates, Negotiating Exit With Sulzberger

Which of the men below is NOT a Nobel Prize recipient?

What is the worst (Most problematic, most slanderous) Far Right Group?

Powell 'expressed reticence on pre-war Iraq intelligence to senator'...

"The Night they drove G Dubya Down" (Apologies to the Band)

How many voters had the paper ballot option yesterday?

COOKING UP A STORM - Mardi Gras Parade Theme

Real story is the margins of the victories

Ben Stein on CNN last night called Fitzgerald a bully.

About Harriet Miers leading "ethics" briefings ...


Heh. Just took a smoke break with Repuke co-worker

LA Times article on why Arnold's measures failed

Weather terror 2: Russia and the rogues

What a difference a year makes... ->

Dover voters reject 'intelligent design' board

Dorgan, on the floor, had a pic of a guy w/bricks of cash...

Winger, praising Frist warning on filibuster, says Alito deserves his vote


Any word on the HR505 debate/vote today yet?

I feel pretty good today about the elections.........

House Committee votes against WHIG investigation (by 2 votes)


Democrats did really well last night

Bush, Chalabi, Saudi Prince.

Holloway and Twitty families in Alabama: Republican donors/DOD contractor

More on ID


Ha! Rush's first caller sticking it to him....

CHALABI News Flash-Call for Him to be Subpoenaed

Extreme Makeover, Spy Edition

our soldiers don't have to fight - it's the law

Natl. Wild Turkey Fed. teaches the blind to shoot turkeys (really) lots of data here. Addictive and Disturbing.

Anybody see Scott McClellan get hammered on Keith Olberman

Blair Suffers Major Defeat on Terror Bill

Who here is up for a DemocraticUnderground trip to Aruba?

Until it is proven that ** is not guilty of crimes against this nation....

Bend teen vanishes in Brazil

New Trial upheld for Andrea Yates by Texas highest Criminal court

Oil execs, you can lie if you want to .... Ted Stevens says no reason to

Should Dana Priest be forced to name her source?

Bwahahaha! Bush boy embarrassed by press corps AGAIN!

Hartmann right now talking with expert of parallels wiht


Strange coincidence

I wonder if I can still get my money?

Can you tell where the republicans are in California

Hey Guys, help this Canadian put all these votes in Context

I have a letter for you to sign that denounces Chalabi

Local right wing hack radio hosts having a boohoo day

Biggest lie of all time from oil companies: Regulations stand in the way

Ensign (R-Nev) runs into the Senate and says he'll investigate Halliburton

The flawed logic of a "Permanent Republican Majority".

Is the MSM you watch giving only token coverage to yesterday's election?

"My CIA Operative Wife"

The Democrats For Bush Campaign Travel Fund

Does Lockheed Martin run the United States?

Quilting break: Okay, anyone tracking the

Question about use of 50 caliber ammo on people

R C Deeds, DEM for AG in VA may pull a come back - above 0.1% with 23 pre

Arnold's lunch ->

US teen killed in Iraq -- Politicians ban US citizens from visiting Iraq

Scotty's on C-SPAN n/t

My registered mail arrived

Great idea! Bwahaha! If Cheney's for torture, why not use it on Scooter?

good grief! the ftc commissioner is advocating FOR oil companies...

Chimp Puppet

Tonight Boston Legal Character says "The Nation's # 1 Clown"

Media stunt: big smiles and cheers for Arnold even as he loses big time ->

Chalabi at the American Interprise Institute today?!!!?

Fossil Fuel Subsidies: A Taxpayer Perspective

Arnold: "It's time to put the special election behind us!"

Repairing Journalism

The Bible, minus the Bullsh*t.

Hey, did anybody arrest Chalabi yet? Citizen's arrest maybe?

Capitol News: Alabama Gov. praises "Brownie" for FEMA work

Will Cheney blame Amman, Jordan explosions on our elections?

"Seen Enough Yet?" -Just got a DNC letter with this printed on the outside

Bleeding Heart Conservatives

The FBI Need Jordanian Permission Before They Can Investigate Bombing

God Fox did story on Bin Laden Silence

wow! repubs fighting each other over patriot act...

Listening to Ed Schultz today

MataHori Judy GONE from the Times ...YIPPEEEEE

Happy Birthday to Dr. Carl Sagan, Anne Sexton & Spiro T. Agnew

Is Bush*t giving a speech on Friday?

Say it Randi!! Kicks Media Ass!

Latest RNC talking points sheet

Question for solar/wind pros...

Out of curiousity, what happened to Sherrod Brown's ads?

18-year-old write-in candidate elected Hillsdale mayor

Lets play Predict-a-Pundit: what will the talking heads say tonight?

The Chimp Looks TERRIBLE ---pix->>>

I Think That The Windfall Profits Oil Tax Is Bullshit. It Is A Scam.

Frist & Hastert shouldn't throw stones in glass houses.

I wonder if they'll blackout the '06 elections if the Dems win?

Arnold, NO match for nurses, teachers & firefighters. Humiliating defeats!

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERZARQAWI !!!

With this attack inside Jordan, the militant extreme Islamist have lost.

'Sputniked' again! China plans moon landing for 2017

Evolution and Avian Flu...a test of faith (my 1,000th post)

Did anyone tune into Rush today to see what he is saying

Last week there was a thread about

Emergency Action Today! Stop the Senate Stealth Amendment on Detainees!

scotty mcclellan replay on c-span 2 now!

DUer Loses Close Local Election

Poll: Libby Indictment Hits Major Nerve

Portsmouth, Ohio's A1 headline today: ‘Election chaos' Diebold blamed

After Elections, Freepers Obsession With France Gets Psychopathic!

Chalabi: ' He is also likely to meet with Vice President Dick Cheney'

New Dem Strategy=The Wedge Strategy: Newsweek/Fineman

A mad Freeper or wing nut on another blog ..... seems a little on edge.

NYDailyNews: NYT Editor "got snowed by Wolfowitz" in private meetings

Church faces IRS probe after anti-war sermon in 2004

Students for an Orwellian Society

Bill Bennett and Byron York discussed their CIA leak

NYT plans story on documentary: USA used incendiary weapon

When is jr going to blame the hair ball he consulted about Iraq?

“Mr. Secretary, tell them what you know,” Biden said,"

MSNBC said the Israeli tourists were warned by Jordan

Thanks NPR for making not one mention of Ohio reform

Before we celebrate too much....

Stop Talking about "2008 Presidency" !!!!!!

School Board, Evolution Slate Outpolls Rivals.

Does it seem like the terrorist are playing with bush...

Has the AKC finally come to their senses? They support the PAWS statute?

The Pigman sent Tom Harkin a "Club Gitmo" t-shirt

Faux: Hotel Popular with people travelling to and from Iraq

Does the sheer "badness" of all this ever get to you?

Bill Olielly on Yesterdays election

JORDAN BOMBED: Is the US War in Iraq to Blame?

RNC defends Dick Cheney from "out of touch" Harry Reid

OMG!! Is the US Military using "New" Weapons involving Gamma or Microwave?

lou dobbs just featured able danger.

We Can't Defeat Terrorism When George Bush is Hated More Than bin Laden


If you aren't listening... You are missing a great show tonight!

condi's bud Chalabi Leaving her office today...ALL SMILES...

So what's the latest with Texas?

Who will force the hand of marrige annulment in Texas

Now, do I have this straight?

The Republican spin has started......the Iraq war is a good thing


Gay cowboys threaten Wyoming

The Anti-Gay Referendum in Texas

The Dalai Lama just had a secret meeting with Bush --->>>

Men do have a say in choice

The Look Good ... Feel Better Program: But at What Risk?

why the brits wear those orange/red lapel pins.

War without end: A revisionist's history

I want to say a "GREAT BIG FUCK YOU" to all the OIL COMPANIES CEO'S

Does Gov-elect Kaine have one blue and one brown eye?

Stop the eviction of the ’Welcome Home’ Kitchen in New Orleans

What are people's opinions on Farm Subsidies?

How many Vegas wedding chapels are preparing for a big Texan rush?

Blair Suffers Major Defeat on Terror Bill

Bush Borrowed More Than All Previous Presidents Combined, Group Says

I have prepared a report on yet another Iraq invasion lie


Jordanian Government Tortures Muslim Detainees For The USA?

Action Alert on military tribunals

I bet anything that the majority of people that voted for * in either


Look Who's Enjoying the Medal of Freedom Ceremony ---pix->>>

That Zarqawi guy is one powerful Mo Fo, to single-handedly,...

Get a load at Judy's excuse for "retiring" from the NYT....

Army admits to using white phosporus...Field Artillery Magazine

Oh ICK!!! Chimp with Ali ---pix->>>

Did Rove forge his email to Hadley about Cooper?

Democrats win big in elections, US hotels bombed in Jordan.

Right-wingers are making the French riots about radical Islam

Anyone got a link to DITSUM No. 044-02?

Dem Lucy Baxley might be the next governor of Alabama

Beleaguered president tries to take a break from the current events

Why in The HELL Does Tweety STILL have Gen. Downing, US Traitor on??

Loveable Bernie Kerik sez: Jordan attacks "probably, definetely" Zarqawi

Tweety seems to hate hearing the TRUTH from this CIA guy,

Another jaw dropping post from our friends at FR.

FReeper logic.

Does anybody believe that Zarqawi is alive?

Chalabi invited by John Snow, but John Snow is in India

Dem tide in northern VA: canary in coal mine for GOP one-party rule?

WH has tampered with the transcript of the Oct. 31 press briefing

Able danger discussion coming up on Dobbs--worse than Water-gate

News Flash: Your Government lies to you...(white phosphorous)

Egyptians vote, Mubarak's party expected to win as usual

75 now a NO by 51% to 48%, with 83% reporting, it's over.

What does it feel like to win for a change?

If a hundred random people who voted for Kaine posted on DU...

Remembrance: The reason why * is popular with mainstream Americans. #42:

2058 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

I'm Starting To Feel Sorry For Scott McClellan

CNN - I just heard "Washington to send a FBI team

Picture from a regressive right site .... A DEAD ELEPHANT

IA organizes Wal-Mart Commercial (into union set)

Can anyone find a link to a group called "Second Amendment Democrats"?

My nickname for Cheney...

"I don't give a damn if I did vote to authorize the use of force!"

Jordan would be safer if Saddam still in power - Matthews' guests agree.

I've been driving around Sacramento today...

At the houses of Parliment, everybody's talking 'bout the President

A reminder about Zarqawi...before the invasion

"69% polled said that President Bush is not governing as a conservative"

NY Times and White Phosphorous in Falluja-Paper of Record Propaganda

Larry Johnson: "Trying to Smear Joe Wilson"

Are there pics of the "White Phosphorus" victims?

The Nine Senators who voted for torture: Who were they?

With Anthrax mole still on the loose, US plans to circulate Spanish flu...

Brownie is now off the government tit.


Ask Dennis Hastert: Who Would Jesus Torture?

CNN's Cafferty: "Jordan attacks on 11/9 which is 9/11 reversed!"

Howard Fineman "this presidency is the bullhorn presidency"

Ever feel like you're losing your mind?

oh boy. sen shelby discussing natalie holloway & aruba on senate floor...

US was warned about refugee problem resulting from invasion of Iraq


Judith Miller is retiring, effective IMMEDIATELY!!!

What will happen when Kansas kids try to get into an out of state College?

Can you see why I write about my optimism now?


Lintball dukes it out with a caller over last night's victories...

AT LAST! An easy guaranteed solution to Voter Verified Paper Ballots

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Chalabi protest photos

We Had One Night To Celebrate And That's Plenty

Story of Marines using "Shake 'n' bake" (White phosphorus)

Freudian slip by Chalabi? "The fact that I deliberatly misled the America

11/9 WH Press Briefing by Scott McClellan

Is it just a coincidence that gas prices went back up after Election Day?

Roberts will not conduct invest. on Prison Leak--just heard it on Lou Dobb

BBC: Has Bush become election liability?

Turkish Hackers = Terrorism or political expression?

Psychodrama Called America

Still partyin' hard with the Scanlon memo - was trying to find which TX

morning sedition

VIDEO-Bush's Low Poll Numbers

VIDEO-Checkered Chalabi

Help for the cluless, please, re: cheney's wanting ban exceptions for CIA

I just had this f@#@ed up thought...

Sorry Hillary I love ya, but Mark Warner is my guy in 2008

HELP! My husband is coping with an "email storm" and he is --

Does SOMEONE have a link to "DU Group" Israeli/Palestinian Forum?

Chalabi says his lies are just an "urban myth"

Ari Fleischer far from off the hook

22 House Republicans lead revolt against Arctic drilling

Okay. . .what's with all these lapel pins?

Larry King just did his 1000th favor for his dear Bush family friends.

My LTTE published today in Greenville, SC (2 anti-war LTTEs today!)

Who is this guy named Rand Beers?

Voting fraud conspiracy theorists are destroying the Democratic Party

Who is actively planning a move to a bluer and/or more sustainable town?

Hayulp! Streaming problems with Majority Report.

Bush at brand new lows..... 35% approve 57% delibertly mislead

Walmart boycott from Catholic League!

Are We On New Servers?

Oil execs not sworn in to testify today.

Ode To Amy Goodman

my trip to the grocery store

aljazeera: Bush to be impeached soon

New Political Comic at The HL

Current Rush, Hanity and Oreilly rating?

So, the Repubs are planning to hit back at the Dems hard?

The Catholic League is to "Catholic" as GW Bush is to "Christian"

So where was the diebold effect

Don't Blame Reagan For Today's Court

PHOTO: Arnold SchwarzenLOSER after his "special" election

It is time to hit the economics

DU Must listen to RNC Conference call pranks

So, If We Lose, Diebold Stole It, But If We Win, Diebold Tried But Failed?

Mary Mapes on Larry King now -- discussing Bush National Guard story.

Olberman is on fire: NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll results!

Uh-Oh DU Teachers: The Freepers Are Plotting A War Against You

Opus the Penguin takes on Harriet Miers! (new Opus cartoonie)

VIDEO-Jimmy Carter on the Fundies

Tell the FUNDIES: Del Mar, CA using birth control for squirrel population!

fat,toothless,crazy bitch on trading spouses

Sooo....Downing Street Memo, anyone?

Bush, GOP mired in political quicksand; NBC/WSJ Poll

I Have A Moral Dilemma

Jessica Simpson's publicist puts Billy Bush in his place

War the Oldest racket..

VIDEO-Olbermann on the Dover PA election

George Bush has a 42% approval rating...

Abramoff inquiry has broadened beyond allegations that he defrauded Indian

I guess the GOP should drop Grand since it's the GREEDY OLD PARTY n/t

The number killed in Jordan is 1/40th of slaughtered US soldiers

Is thew newest "CIA prison leak" a dirty trick to get rid of a Republican?

VOTE THIS UP: Voter Verified Paper Ballots in EVERY state

New FLASH... Prevailed

"Please don't kill me" Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation

C-SPAN "Thirtysomething" Dems on now

Fineman: Democrats take a page from a GOP playbook...

all marriage is now illegal in Texas? because of screw-up in anti-gay

"Did Chalabi’s Visit Compromise the FBI Investigation? "

Freeper Racism to the 10th Power

Reporters say Miller got 'high six figure' severance; Miller scoops Times

VOTE THIS UP FOR ANDY!!: Voter Verified Paper Ballots in EVERY state

Call to Vets....

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) KICKS ASS !

OK, I'll say it.....

Why is France Burning?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Roll Call

Powell Tells Senator He Knew Iraq Bogus--before he left office.

"Kansas Education Board declared legally insane."

If you STILL stand with BUSH / You WILL fall with BUSH

ID is an insult to christians

New Blood

The discussions on the SF handgun ban beg to ask: Show me the news stories

Liberal Talk Show Ratings

Bush is the "Luckiest SOB" Alive. Everytime he falls on Ass...Some Event

Zarqawi!!!!! BOOO

Help! (Seriously) Any civil rights lawyers in the house?


lately just mentioning bush gets the wildest responses

MSM Has Pre- Picked Hillary: Who Emerges Now As The Populist Alternative?

Woohooo! Monica Conyers, wife of John, has won herself a seat on the City

Rove Wanted Rather's Scalp for Trophy and CBS Was in His Way!

What happened to that story from summer? "CIA knows Bin Laden whereabouts"

BREAKING: Deadly Deer Crashes on Paula Zahn tonight!

POLL: Who will be the next GOP puppet governor of CA after Arnold?

Can anyone tell me about San Antonio, Tx? I am thinking of moving there

US Army Admits USE of white phosphorus as weapon

U.S. Plans to Leave its Equipment with the Iraqi Army

Okay, why do Boeing and Lockheed-Martin run TV commercials?

In other election news, 10 Commandments candidate BRANDI SWINDELL loses

Larry Kudlow Quote Today....

I haven't met anyone willing to call me unAmerican in person until now.

In Celebration Today It's "American Idiot" all day long.

Republican Victory parties all over the place

US fired phosphorus in Iraq, TV reports (military admits MK77s, denies WP)

For Chalabi and his White House Minions the Ends Justify the Means

Why didn't Diebold steal yesterday's elections?

That fundy is coming on Channel 4 at 9pm. I don't want to be mean

White Phosphorus

Cities vie for Bush library and Laura Bush "literacy center"

Were you aware that the NYPD has assigned detectives to 8 cities

Holy Shit!! Jack Abramoff asked for $9 million in 2003 from the presiden

Over 80,000!

BREAKING: White House wants to fight us!

OK here's the plan. Gay and Lesbians should marry each other

"White Phosphorus as Weapon" What does it do?

The NEW holocaust.....NEWT goes into the toilet.....

Argh, both LA area newspapers are pissing me off.

"Intelligent" Design Gets Ass Kicked in Dover

Just saw a great documentary on HBO called 'Paper Clips'

I have a tough question to ask about the defeated Ohio reform initiatives

Republicans getting that sinking feeling

Helen Thomas: "McClellan's Answers Leave Much To Be Desired"

32 months, 2,000 deaths: MSM's First Published U.S. Fatality Of The War?

A DU Experiment: FITZGERALD!

Fr a friend, heard Judy Miller OUT at NYT (on their site) any

Who likes Tom Daschle for POTUS

Veterans Day

Give me the most outrageous Republican Comments !!!!!

UConn students object to Ann Coulter appearance at Jorgensen Center

Commander-in-Chief - Who watched President Geena last night?

White Phosophorous... Wheres the outrage!!!!

AOL Poll: Bigger Trouble? B* or Gropinator; Stronger Party? Pukes or Dems?

Evolution is Bad. Torture is Good. War is Good. bush is a Godly man.

If you're looking for an '06 candidate to get behind, I have one for you

In case you have been following "GOD WARRIOR"...conclusion tonight

Listening to Randi Rhodes guest re: White Phosphorus

any news on who attacked the Justice Dept worker with a bat, i cant find

It began, "I met your sons, Alejandro and Juan, today ..."

John Kerry: "Reality 2, Bush 0"

Bush Better Come Up With Something SOON. Iraq Is Drowning Him.

A winning ticket for 2008


Why doesn't Colin Powell just blow the roof off the Admin?

ORMET closed their Hannibal Ohio rolling mill

Radical anti-environmentalist Pombo may get his ass handed to him

Why wasn't VA rigged?

Parks- how useful are they?

NORM: Magazine looks into Miller's past

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Dubya.

The precise point where the wheels came off the Bush Administration

I threw a rock

Air America Radio steadily gains audience

Texas did NOT nullify all marriage

What the....?? Gas prices just shot up $0.17 today!

"Concerned Women" warn Maine on 'counterfeit' gay marriage

Political Rorschach Test....... I know...., I know,

The Freepers on Ali getting the Medal of Freedom today. Interesting.

Chumpy aka * intentionally bankrupting this country. How else

Did anyone watch Frontline last night re: abortion? Shocking!

Finally! A handy guide to the mess!

.50 caliber being use!

Powell told senator he'd reveal details about case for war in Iraq after b

Just why exactly is Natalee Holloway still news?

Don't listen to them. Turn them off. All the right-wing propagandists.

"Scientific proof of creationism"

"this would seem more of a smoking gun than possibly even forged memos"

DU Researchers: Help On Ohio

Just saw this photo posted at Americablog : look at Blair's forehead

Freeps That STILL Support Bushco Are Twisted Immoral Freaks. Torture.

How the hell did Ah-nold become Governor anyway?

US Army Admits Use of White Phosphorus as Weapon

SANTORUM snubbing Bush in Veteran's Day appearance (!)

Calling all lawyers. Can the anti-homosexual "christian" clan be guilty

Excellent Pictures of Camp Casey.

Andrea Yates getting a new trial

National Front Party in France

Remember, Bush is LYING when he claims everyone had the same intelligence

TEXAS, best damn state in the union.....

Diebold up to no good in NC

About those "selfish" college women who are planning to stay home

There Are Atheists in Foxholes!

A Phillipne Spy in Cheney's office??? & now Sue Ralston

Hypothetical Occupation of America

I was only kidding.

Saddam may NOT have gassed the Kurds (yet another SOTU lie?)

So, Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching.

Fried chicken... How?

Stan Rogers was a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Statements by RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman on Election 2005 Outcomes

Bush Gambles, Loses Campaigning

The smart growth Proposition in Prescott, Arizona won.

Strengthening Israeli ties (Hillary Clinton trip)

Stripes: Army secretary: Can’t compare soldiers with contractors

Report Warned on C.I.A.'s Tactics in Interrogation

BIG UPSET: Dick Black defeated in Loudoun County VA!!

I noticed that Anderson Cooper on 360 neglected to mention

Ney forms legal fund to defend ties to indicted lobbyist

duplicate -please delete

It's full speed ahead for DeLay's legal strategy

Advocacy Group Questions Air Force Suit

Arnold's Reforms Terminated (ALL of them)

Voters Choose Black Mayor for Cincinnati

Hatch testifies in trial of former state GOP chairman

CNN/AP: Iraq killings raise Saddam trial doubts

NYT: Big Builder Sees Slower Home Sales

WP,pg1: A Triumph For Warner, And a Guide For His Party

LI Dems have banner night

WP: North Korea Rushes To Finish Reactor

BREAKING: CNN = Saddam's Defense Cuts Off Dealings with Court

WP, Milbank: Tough Times for the 'Sissy 6' (Senate Select Comm. on Intel)

AL Franken Gets Serious About US Politics (to win back Wellstone's seat)

Voters take stand against "intelligent design" policy (Dover Pa)

LAT: Chinese Dissident Tells of Abuse in Asylum

China 'warns of hotel attacks

Privatizing aid to needy worrisome to workers

Senate rejects 9/11 style commission to review prison abuse

Gay cowboys threaten Wyoming

Iraqi parliament speaker's brother kidnapped

Gunmen kill Sudanese diplomat in Baghdad

(PA) Muller the new sheriff (32 VOTES) in town; Adamik to remain treasurer

Pentagon interrogation rules allow exceptions (no torture -except)

Tehran Supports Nominating Al Chalabi for Heading the Coming Iraqi Governm

Sticky toilet suit gets stickier

(PA) Teen wins Linesville mayor race

Toll in Russian Alcohol Poisonings at 33

U.S. Rep. Brady pleads no contest to DUI charge

Equal rights watchdog sues Fox News for harassing women

Cuba Calls U.N. Vote Against U.S. Trade Embargo a "political Blow"

New battle plan urged for hospital "superbug" (probiotics/yogurt)

Saddam prays all day in prison - lawyer

Blair defeated over terror laws

Top Rove aide ‘critical’ in CIA probe(scheduled to appear again with Fitz)

For winner, it's easy being Green in Gettysburg

Internet Services Crucial, Microsoft Memos (obtained by NYT) Say

Secret military spending gets little oversight

DA: New trial for Andrea Yates

Neo-Nazis plan return to Toledo

Yahoo! News/Reuters: Senate asks Pentagon to probe Feith role on Iraq

NORM: Magazine looks into Miller's past

Oil Company Execs Defend Huge Profits

Jackson to push voter registration, efforts to help poor

Chalabi Tries to Rehab His Image

Chalabi Meets Rice in Washington

Reid new Utah ally on nukes

Blair defeated on terror bill

'We hate France and France hates us'- Rioters vent anger at Gov.(Guardian)

France to expel foreign rioters (Reuters)

Seeking a return to Republican virtue...

Security incidents in Iraq, Nov. 9 ( US Air Strikes kill 5 Civilians)

Pakistanis in U.S. Helping Quake Victims (insufficient awareness)

Reid puts GOP senators on defensive

(PA) Democrats elected mayors in Pittsburgh, Erie, Allentown, Scranton

DOD says Ed Schultz's talk show will air on AFR network

Senate Asks Pentagon to Probe Feith Role on Iraq

Ensign backs Bush on Iraq: Senator says history will show U.S. was right

In heated hearings, oil bosses defend big profits

Baltimore Firm Part of Probe Of Poison Gas"

Lawmakers Discuss Military's Role

Bombers hit 3 Amman hotels

Buffalo Elects First Black Mayor! Has Huge Mandate. Overwhelming Victory

Detroit mayor Kilpatrick re-elected

Blair defeated over terror laws

Bush and Corporate CEOs Launch South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund

Sherwood, Ore settle beating suit (Repub settles w/Mistress)

WP: Baltimore Firm Part of Probe Of (Saddam's) Poison Gas

Bombs in Iraq getting more sophisticated (possible Iran connections)

Bush aides can help pay Libby's legal defense bills

For first time, Pa. voters oust a Supreme Court justice

Senior House Democrats Urge President to Terminate Michael Brown's Consult

(NY Times story) Times and Reporter Reach Agreement on Her Departure

KFC to have bird flu commercials on the ready

CDC May Distribute 1918 Killer Flu

Church faces IRS probe after anti-war sermon in 2004

Republican defeats a good omen for Democrats in coming election races

(Rep. J.D.) Hayworth doesn’t want Bush campaign help (2006 elections)

IRAQ: Braving threats, shrinking handful of professionals stay in country

Blair Suffers Major Defeat on Terror Bill

Bush to honor Ali, Greenspan and others

Ala, governor praises former FEMA chief (Brownie)

Jordan would be safer if Saddam still in power - Matthews' guests agree.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 7 November

Judge puts end to court's role in desegregation of city schools

NYT,pg1: Mountains of Corn and a Sea of Farm Subsidies (corn pile photo)

(Judy) Miller At Gates, Negotiating Exit With Sulzberger

WP: Bush Nominates FCC Commissioners (Republican and Democrat)

Judith Miller is retiring, effective IMMEDIATELY!!!

Jury acquits mafia defendant who vanished

Explosion Hits Hotel in Amman, Jordan

US says cleared western Iraq town of insurgents

Feds accuse men in scheme to smuggle missiles into U.S.

Roe attorney says she's leaning against Alito confirmation

FTC subpoenas Big Oil firms in U.S. gasoline probe

LAT: Study: TV Content Gets Increasingly Sexual

NRA sues to overtun SF gun ban

BBC: Has Bush become election liability?

Republicans were out in field while Democrats were neutral in Ohio

AP- Some Democrats touting New Orleans for 2008

Cheney on trial: questions he might be asked, under oath, in Libby's case.

Rumsfeld can authorize exceptions to new "humane" interrogation directive

Just recieved this email about ANWR. Help me respond.

Pentagon probes treatment of 'Able Danger' officer

High Court hears 'wrongful life' claim (Australia)

Arctic Drilling May Fall From House Budget

57% of Americans say Bush deliberately misled the nation into war,

Chairman Threatens Subpoenas on Katrina

Halliburton's KBR Gets $15M to Repair Houses In Florida

UK 'Losing Authority' On Global Warming As Emissions Rise


Abramoff inquiry broadens

U.S. donations after earthquake way below tsunami...

Sarkozy orders deportation of foreign rioters

Durbin, Miller -- Call on Intelligence Committees to Subpoena Chalabi

Schumer: Amtrak President to Be Fired

Voters reject Schwarzenegger reform proposals

Chavez calls Bush the loser of summit

Moderate Republicans balk at refuge drilling

Powell told senator he'd reveal details about case for war in Iraq after b

Senate Republican Working on Proposal to Bar Terror Suspects From U.S.

White House: U.S. will pursue Jordan case

U.S.-Cuba diplomatic team reshuffled; some see tighter sanctions

Mayor Bill White wins over 90 percent of vote (Houston Dem)

Blow for Bush in regional polls

Azahari killed in police raid (the Bali bomber)

Abortion Fetus Pain Bill Passed in Wis.

White house to "hit back" at dems....

White House Stands by 'Not Accurate' Quote in Dispute

(AP) Democrats cleaned up big in off-year elections from New Jersey to Cal

Sheehan Prepares To Protest Powell Visit

Loophole in US 'torture' policy

Small cars staging a big comeback

Times and Reporter (Miller) Reach Agreement on Her Departure

Complaint: 'Narnia' reading contest forces Christian message on students

Senate Judiciary Dems Take Aim at Alito

School Board Reinstates Christian, Jewish Holidays In Fla. County

Army reaches low, fills ranks: 12% of recruits in Oct. had lowest scores

Michigan Attorney General Admits Affair, Accuses Fieger of Blackmail

Bush meets Dalai Lama (at WH), ignoring China's objections (Reuters)

AP: Congress may cut Patriot Act powers

NYT/AP: Chalabi Offers to Be Questioned by Senate

Election Wins Show Democratic Weakness, White House Says

Lobbyist Sought $9 Million to Set Bush Meeting (Abramoff)

House GOP leaders to drop Arctic oil drilling proposal from Budget Bill

Bush, GOP mired in political quicksand (NBC/WSJ poll)

Appeals court clears way for Andrea Yates retrial

Roche: Enough Tamiflu for 55M This Year

US plans to leave equipment with Iraq army ("thousands of trucks...")

3 enter not-guilty pleas in 2001 murder of Gus Boulis...

(Wisc. Dem) Chair Invites Bush to Campaign in Wisconsin Next November

WP: Down Syndrome Now Detectable In 1st Trimester

FBI and CIA Identified as Helping Plan Venezuelan Prosecutor's Murder

Former FEMA chief Brown off payroll

Candidate for Governor of Iowa Involved in Fatal Car Crash

Kane elected governor of Virginia!

Six Chattanooga Football Players Charged With Gang Rape

Is Dr. House sexy?

Home Depot Toilet Seat Glue Victim has "history" of being glued to toilet

I feel I had a Seinfeldesque moment today.

Should my friend Steve's mom give me two snowballs tonight?

I just got home to good news

One, Two; Here we go with the Attitiude...

Hi! I'm still dead!

Geez, I loathe Fiends

This is a lox post

Flip 75, Flip!

WHOO-HOO! Got out of jury duty!

Name some really good fucking albums.

All of us non Cali types - lets put our minds together to defeat Ahnolds

75 just flipped


This is a socks post

Anyone want an anime-based sig picture?

Who's up for a DU singalong? (Could become photo intensive)

For Heidi - who I now have a full-fledged mega crush on....

You!Bisten Luster! Stop sitting your hister!!

I NEED a joke...or a about a right on?

MAN, I HATE it when we have high traffic. Ignore feature doesn't work.

Good night.

BREAKING NEWS: Schwarzenegger Storms Capital building

Would you like to pet my monkey?

ALLLLLright. That is it.

I am going to turn in for the night!

Stick a fohk in Ahnold

One year coming, we deserved this day

To Heidi - did you face your weekly horror already

Just got home from the hotel

If Project X existed, it would be kicking in big time tonight!

Congratulations DU, I see we broke 80,000 Registrations!

5000!1!!! This is HUGH!1!

Is anyone elses blood pressure up tonight?

Luther, 89 year old mail person in the Ohio House of reps....

Why don't you take a wort shalk on a pong lier?

My dear SeattleGirl

'Desperate Housewives' Actor Fired For Improper Conduct (Man In Basement)

eBay Bully Terrorizes Online Users

Isn't it almost time for Matcom News?

Headline: Christians Focus on Crossbreeding

Look out any window...

And here it is again!!!!

how often did you visit last november?

I gotta pad up my Netflix queue

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone!

Happy Birthday...... NICK LACHEY!!!

My kids school is in lockdown and I'm freaking out a little.

Today's Cheerleader profile- in pictures

Outraged! I found my Driver's License online....

Is there anyone out there who has contact with the importation of...

Can we get a Lounge .... .... HELL YEAH!!! (?)

I just had a mini-explosion over in GD....

Victim's finger severed in snatching of purse

radio air checks

With regard to that newly codified *bad* word

It's snowing

Sozzled elks hound old folks home

"Incontinent airborne gang" of pigeons bombing pedestrians in San Jose

the israelite

MICR Repository

Goats help boy cope with ADHD

unusual money

Thousands Show Up In Thailand For Panda Wedding

Australians Just Want More Sex

Give me coffee, please

Good Morning everybody

The Christmas commercials...have already...begun...

Chinese Company Closed For Selling Land On The Moon

The most disturbing animated .gif I have ever seen. ever

Madonna rant...

I'm having to put H.323 software to work. Please hug me.

milestones in credit card history

Kirstie Alley No Longer A 'Fat Actress'

Woman Calls Police Demanding They Track Down Her STD

Heated bra aims to save the world

Bees kill S African crash victim

Couple driven nuts by car problem

Kolchak the Nightstalker on sci fi all day

I got park place should I keep it?

The word for today: "Bozone".

UPDATE! Attorney For NFL Cheerleader DENIES Sex Allegation

Marquee this morning in Austin. Tx.

Someone is going to get it

Ghostly Car Ad

Dick and George get married.

Is your dog a stud?

He looked a lot like Che Guevara, drove a diesel van


Are you, Jay Leno and a monkey bathing a clown?

The Best of

Can Somebody Get Rid of the Che Guevara Avatar??

NEWS UPDATE: Man glued to toilet may have history

G. Gordon Liddy's Penis of Ultimate Justice!

how to be a good progressive

Catholic Magazine Apologizes For Advertisement With Naked Ass

They're showing the Anti-Wal-Mart movie at my university!

Baby Gorillas - they're just the cutest things!!!

Could someone get rid of the Dylan avatar? He sang about murder.

Ok. Who here likes John Sandford/John Camp?


Is anyone here familiar with a possible genetic condition in cats

Death by Powerpoint.

Yoko calls truce with McCartney....

From the WP: After Release, Novak Looking For New Home

Rush having hallucinations; says gas was $1.29 last April...

Anything interesting happening today?

I think I had major anxiety attack last night.

I just microwaved a Milky Way bar...mmm, mmm, yum!

My local radio station is already doing Christmas Music 24/7.

How many times have you been glued to a toilet?

UPDATE: Ex-cheerleaders get offer to pose from Penthouse (VIDEO)

Has Gay Marriage Ruined Massachusetts?

Cruise spins GOOD. He spins REAL good. He's like Scotty or somethin'...

Dear Miss Etiquette: Is It Okay To Send Holiday Greeting Cards...

I fully intend to put all of you on "ignore"...

Survey to find your self in the great big political spectrum.

Yes! My Health Care Policy test has been postponed!

Oak Island for sale

Flying Spaghetti Monster book next year!

Everybody's Hitler

Martha Reeves...Detroit City Councilwoman...this is somehow the

I'm sure this has been posted, but it's worth a repost

I'm very proud and happy to be a Californian this morning


Oye, what a terrible night - HEyHEY had salmonella poisoning

Paris Hilton's boyfriend crashes her $200K Bentley into a parked truck

Is it normal to have a chigger bite that itches

Breaking News! Repug Morans Losses are HUGH!!!

CinC was screwed up here last night, how about where you live?

Will StopTheMorons get rid of that fucking freak in his avatar?

swastikas in weird places


Which medieval vocation are you?

JVS' fatwa update for the lounge faithful.

Bank Robber Arrested After Trying To Return Cash

Funny Video Clip: Road Rage Granny

I'm looking Hurricane Katrina webpage made by Media Matters

It's a Soap Opera Christmas!

Female Rapist Sentenced (Oral Sex On Sleeping Man)

DAMN! I am sooooo BROKE!

what's your catch phrase

Say your good-bys to the hippopotamus on earth, forever? Extinction!

OK, I confess. I like Lisa Presley's video.

My registered mail arrived

Who needs a painting? I got this for $80 million

Unlike Shell Beau...

So I got the flu shot a few days ago ...

I got knock-off Shell Beau "originals" going cheap!

*sigh* Life after the Empire

Randi on Intelligent Design:Hell, I can't figure it out. It must be magic!

Who wants to buy MY painting for $22 million?

Golden retriever gives birth to green puppy named Wasabi

Ten posts ago, this was my 7000th post!

I could be in serious trouble for something I didn't do! Hug me, please!!

Why engineers don't write cook books....

How many cruise missiles will a Rothko paining buy?

What time does the balloon go up?

Any other Desperate Housewives fans think this season sucks so far?

Goodnight DU!

Heard of a short story called "The Porcupine Whose Name Didn't Matter?"

Hope this is legit

To celebrate tonight's big wins...more stupid Bush pics!

One jawbreaker left

Without evolution in Kansas, what will people chant at Kansas B-ball games

If you like to look at old pics..Bremerhaven & area circa 50's & 60's

Kate Bush returns after 12 years

I have a ponytail headache!!

Why isn't my avatar and quote showing up????

i have the power

Sarah Silverman & Maureen Dowd on NPR today.

If my MLIS application deadline is Feb 1 - when should I take the GRE?

UK Government Loses Vote on Anti-Terror Bill in House of Commons!

Why the frig are xmas commercials out so early?

I'm in VA. Should I change my signature line?

Any Tofu folks here? I bought some Tofu....and other than one recipe

My Boston Terrier has a sexual addiction

think i'm gonna cry, $20 plus shipping for liplast

Hahahaha! I passed 4000 posts and didn't even realize it!

Whats a good Free music download site?

Aaaaaggghhhh....all weather all the time

4 Days

(___________) doesn't like me


Okay peepsicles... time for beddy-byes...

I wouldn't say it was windy today around here...

Once Upon a Time in Mexico...

What are you listening to today?

House---Who saw it last night?

Today we celebrated the Collapse of the Berlin Wall At School

A little hard to relax and let it happen (pic)

I need some food and wine help

Gogo Para Presidente


you'll kill me for this...

unexplained insect behavior??

What's the deal with global warming?

Woohoo, CA Dems defeat the Governator!!

Click here if you are a MS Excel expert

Forget the Panda-cam; it's Clam-cam!!

Cooking question

Sticky toilet suit gets stickier

Has Ladies Home Journal always been wacky or is this new?

Outdoors Enthusiasts: Snowshoes

Diedre Hall in her most compelling roll - Electra Woman

Nothing like a little light racism to help out your eBay auction...

A little lesson in politics...

My partner just bought a gay bar in NYC...


This winter, microwave your bra!

George W Bush LIES!!!

How long does an operation to remove 4 wisdom teeth take?

An hour to go until I board my plane home.

One of those big birds that was eyeing up my pooch... pic,

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Anyone ever play Sudoku??

Ballpark cost estimate for replacing Mother Jones?

ugh too much Adderall

Caption Maria Shriver.....ha

redwitch is livin' the high life tonight

Don't forget to watch the GOD WARRIOR tonight

Yum. I made pasta primavera for lunch today. What did you have?

Another important movie "MUST SEE" Syriana

Yes, a sympathy thread

Who likes to wake board?

EA Sports NCAA Football 2006 covers

It's a great day to be a Californian!!!

Thinking of switching primary care doctors..

A Rani

Um the Threadkiller post needs a dialup warning

Charlie Daniels on "Emeril Live"?!?!

Whoa, Boone was hot, and now we have Michelle Rodriguez.

I am done with DU. For how long, I am not sure.

Please pass the Pocky!

Tonight's "LOST"! (No Spoilers)

Any Anoushka Shankar fans?

My neighbors are real party animals (Pics)......

I have a confession!

Right place, wrong time

I love The Godfather 2, The Godfather--not so much

Fall photos from Ticino, Switzerland. (Dial-up warning.)

Is there a new "LOST" on tonight?

Post graffiti here.

Just two words to say: Go Timberwolves!

Vote in the Name That Baby Poll

my hoLy spirit taLks to me

A Rant

Best three pieces of advice I have given my brother.

Ballpark cost estimate for replacing motherhood?

OMG, I'm f##ing tired of OMG. What else can anyone suggest

My Newest Hero-Richard Proenneke

Coming up 8 CST: Steve Martin gets the Mark Twain Award.

Time for a vote: Sawyer, from Lost

It's official. Kate Bush's new record 'Aerial' is f***ing good!!!!

My coat. The finished product.

Jessica Simpson's publicist puts Billy Bush in his place

Would you spend $27.00 on shampoo?

That's it I'm done with DU and here's why

Oh my god

This thread (or at least the OP) is certified ______ free!

Halley's birthday

Quaker owners; how do you deal with a snotty baby?

A friend of mine is lurking - any ideas to get him to join?

I am a God WARRIOR!!

The eternal question: Pie? Pi? Or . . . (poll)

How will the Bush Administration punish California for this election?

What song takes you away to that magical Calgon moment in the clouds?

Garrison wants to post.


My grandma was brought into the hospital today.

A tragic ending to a Freeper


Am I wrong for liking John McCain?

some great art in the chicago area, come on by.

Come on a walk with me tonight in beautiful Big Sky - 15 PICS (beware!!)

OK! Here we are: My Garden After the Storm:

Why can't I delete this file?

I'm siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

All I ever think about is food... I think I'm a food junkie.

What An INCREDIBLE Painting!

Chicago coffee shop bans noisy kids

Anyone want to bolster my fading day? I face surgery at 8:30 AM.

Paul Anka just told a fucking lie

Toe-Sucking Burglar Strikes Again

Ahhhnolds 'neighbourhood' a Celebration! FUNNY STUFF

I'm having a great day - I need an anti-hug.

Shout it out loud with me: I'M LIBERAL AND I'M PROUD

Ballpark cost estimate for replacing motherboard...?

Quote thread!!!

Cigarette butts are not exempt from littering social norms!!!

So, who's gonna buy The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

How do you get rid of persisting anger?

Is the new LOST on tonight?

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas Thread

hey DU, it's been a while...

I do not wish to be spanked by Southlandshari

It's snowing

So many movies I am dying to see...

Has anyone here ever heard of Elvis Pressly called a "racist?"

Does anyone here belong to AARP? It was suggested that I join

The few, the proud, the tail-high!

Name some really fucking good albums.

Eva Longoria Hunts Wild Pigs For Tamales

Has anyone finally grasped who Al Hedges really is yet?

Fun math: Chinese baby problem

I love my freaking city

Okay... that's it... done the 400... am REALLY off to bed now...

Joan Baez's A&M years?

a few away from 400 (woah big deal I hear)...

Who here has Tivo? I am thinking of getting Tivo. Like some advice.

I'm having a bad day and I need a hug

what kind of liberal scum are you?

Be a threadkiller! Last person to post wins!

What the hell? Progressives saying the mentally ill should be locked up

"classic" movies that were actually really, really crappy

Picture time .... I am in the mood for "Post a pic of yourself"

Pix o'me and my babies..... : )

Fundamentalism is another word for Bigotry

The Bible, minus the Bullsh*t.

School Board, Evolution Slate Outpolls Rivals.

Looking for streaming media liberal sermons, homilies and lectures from

Oxymoron par-excellance! Intelligent Design prooves "God" - and what the

Dateline NBC - Nov. 11, 2005 - The Birth of Jesus

Ever read Martin Bell? Specif., "The Porcupine Whose Name Didn't Matter?"

Sex sells Christian websites, too...

New battle plan urged for hospital "superbug" (probiotics/yogurt)

States take health care problem in own hands

Gigantic Apes Coexisted with Early Humans, Study Finds

Intestinal worms show their up side

Sputniked Again! The Chinese Space Program

Science and Religion Share Fascination in Things Unseen

Mirrors Can Trick The Brain Into Recovering From Persistent Pain

'Cannabis eases pain of arthritis'

Bangor firmly opposes repeal

Welcome to the NEW gay agenda, that you should have to live under the laws

Voter participation is 'bad, bad, bad'

Swedish pastor defends anti-gay sermon

New push to ban gay marriages heats up

Ex-Lesbian: WNBA Star's Coming Out Stems From Sex-Saturated Society

Provo Schools Adopt Policy On Gay Clubs

Malcolm Gladwell to address the 'tipping point' of marriage equality...

California Illegally Barring Gay Marriage Appeals Court Told

It's one year OUT - can we count you IN? Sign this pettition for The HRC!

Maine voters reject anti-gay ballot initiative

"Stella Groove" Author confronts gay ex-husband on Oprah

Swedish Pastor Defends Anti-Gay Sermon

Can you feel it?

What does "biaffectionate" mean, technically?

Thank you Texas for defending marriage today.

Indiana Church Burns Gay Flag

American interest in Liverpool

NFLPA to Eagles: Make TO a free agent now

Sacramento Kings need to fire their marketing director

Cox/Guillen Named Managers of the Year

Pays to be a High Priced Football Player

Is anyone here familiar with a possible genetic condition in cats

Kaine just said something about how we can all worship God together ... ?!

While discussing yesterdays...

How much do you love religion?

What's your "favourite" Bible verse?

Skeptic's Annotated Bible has done the Book of Mormon

anyone know what this letter is about (Kaine) ?

Hello, new to this board

Need help with my position here.

Any Californians?

Kerry-led Committee Helps Elect Democrats Across the Country

My support for Kerry: huge

Why Kaine's Victory, although great for Dems, makes me sad

Latest Kerry's email - Floor speech tomorrow

Anybody here read The New Yorker? Get it this week!

In Celebration of California's newly rediscovered soul

Here is my slideshow of Hurricane Wilma

Does anyone have video of all of last night's (11/8) show?

KOEB 11/9/2005 (The Future of News Edition)

Excellent Countdown Article!!

Anyone know the Texas election results

Here in Shasta County we have touch-screen voting


Some good local news from councils in Columbus and Pittsburgh

Victory Open Thread at the Kicking Ass blog tonight.

Kent County, Michigan, had some local wins.

ALL of Arnie's props are GOING DOWN, folks!

One of Arnold mouth piece is on Fox

"I feel good." James Brown ...... Ohio loss shows corruption and goes ...

GOP, While you were out, you received a message

Link to CA election results

Cold, hard proof of Freeper idiocy. LMAO!!!

Congrads to all

Make all races national......

Boise Idaho fought off a right winger fanatic...big time

In CA only 17% of San Fran county and 0% of LA county counted.

KTLA just showed 73 50-50 with 46% of the vote in....please hold my

Okay, here's a "weird" and stupid question about voting returns

Anyone got a feel for what's happening in CA? Did Arnold's

DEMS pick up seats in NJ Assembly

Can anyone post info. about the Dem wins, who, where, why and

Prop 74 has flipped - now NO - 73 TEETERING

Hey, the Democrat just took the lead in Virginia attorney general race!

E.J. Dionner Jr.: Democrats attempt to create a vision

Does this mean the Repubs aren't still going to try to make Arnold Prez?

73...75% vote in....No by 92,300 !

77% vote ....73 ...No by 102,716....

All props now losing in CA. 75 is now 50.5% no to 49.5 yes.

All props in CA losing except 75 which is 50% to 50%


Oh Mr. Governor, The Voters Would Like To Have A Word With You

Watch out CA: San Diego and Orange Ctys heavily favor Arnold's props

I have a BIG feeling now in the Golden State

LI Dems have banner night

70% of vote--73 No pulling away, now down 85,300 votes!

Phil Angelides for California Governor (endorsed by Boxer, Pelosi)

Who else was turned off by Majority Report tonight? Sam Seder...


Statements by RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman on Election 2005 Outcomes

Also in Kansas today.. they voted adding Intelligent Design to schools..

What's with all of the dead air on KQKE???

WHOA! 83% of the vote ...73...No leads by 160,350!!!!

Prediction - in about a year a few more repub switch to dem

General Wacko and General Crackpot

Voters in Pennsylvania get it right -- Toobad Kansas blew it

Democrats won: news on another channel

I am so proud of my state (Maine) this morning

Congrats VA and NJ, You not only beat them. You WHOMPED them.

An example of how to run a campaign -- Kaine in VA

60% of South Hampton believes Bush hurt the repug candidate!

I think Bush should endorse every Repub candidate!!!

The Incredible Shrinking Man(date)

I claim victory.........arnold failed .......we win

What It All Means - Repukes distancing themselves from Chimp-monster

School Board that forced Intelligent Design into the Schools: OUT!!!!!!!

WTF! I can't find any election coverage in freeperville!

LA Times with the Best Headline for today: No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No

FYI: WaPo having a live election chat this AM at 11ET (+vote highlights)

If the "union dues" Prop passes in CA, I am going to start demanding that

Huff Post: Bush makes Quayle look like a Rhodes Scholar

Give-Em-Hell Harry in 2008. Whaddya think?

Ballot tampering in New Jersey? Miss Coleman, demand an investigation!

GWB - Please come to stump in MT & "help" Conrad Burns in 06

It's full speed ahead for DeLay's legal strategy

I need links to inform a Democratic growing leader the dangers of DLC

Inquiries into 'secret CIA detention centres'

Incredibly cool - use your cursor as Bush plunges into infinity


Bush gambles, loses on Virginia governor’s race

Pew Poll: Chimp Approval: 36% (down 4 points): Disapproval: 55% Unsure: 9%

Holocaust denier goes on trial

Capital News Poll

Why did Kerry retract the truth and defame a noted author?

M. Moore Web Photo: "Yer doin' a heck of a job, Kilgie...heck of a job"

Action req'd: Tell CSPAN to cover Resolution of Inquiry Into WHIG

30% of Detroiters feel like the city's moving in the right direction. Um.

What went wrong in Ohio (again) - disgusting email from Bob Bennett

Keystone Kops - Frist can't keep his lies straight anymore

Downplaying Democratic Wins

Ambassador Joe Wilson for California Governor....

Salon: Team Libby solicits no-limit, anonymous legal defense donations

The "real" story on Ahmed Chalabi ?

Rep. J.D. Hayworth says he would not welcome Bush to campaign

Boston Globe reports on white phosphorous use by US in Iraq

Hey Republicans: You lost. GET OVER IT!

Do you get a sense that Saddam will somehow get out

How far would Hannity go in his ridiculous support for *?

Guest-Worker Proposals Prove Divisive

Fox news is so happy with Andrea Yates being granted a second trial

Secret military spending gets little oversight-(R)Rep Cunningham bribed?

Mrs. Conyers and Martha Reeves win bids for Detroit City Council

Who is the putz on Fox and Friends?

Clash on first day of 911 Intel meeting"2"(Lott wants no witnesses called)

Is there an OSP to destroy the US Economy?

"Right-Hand" Rove Aide Susan Ralston Appears Before Fitzgerald Again

Poor freepers

ABC News: "Bush Effort to Aid Republican Falls Short"

Today I'm VERY Proud Of My Adopted Home State. MAINE!

Proposed tax changes favor investment over pay

Sean Insanity: Kaine won as a 'Republican'. Me: Bloomberg = Democrat.

more fun(damentalism) with texas....

Announcement for Virginia, New Jersey: All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

Moderate Repubs might be swayed to save Arctic Refuge--call today

Univ. of Virginia Professor says that Bush brought more Dems to polls.

Non-DUable CNN poll ..

The BEST screensaver, especially today ................

Chalabi Meets Rice "in a faceoff seen as political rehabilitation"

Doonesbury: The withdrawn Meirs strips

Alan Sloan: Big Guys Win Again. This Is Tax Reform?

DNC Chairman Dean, DGA Chairman Richardson to Hold News Conference

Blair Suffers Major Defeat on Terror Bill

New Orleans & the 2008 Democratic convention

WP:In the Suburbs, Backlash Against Republicans Hits Hard

Lil' Scottie comin' up LIVE in a few

Pre-Invasion Quotes regarding the lies for war

Complain to Chairman Roberts re Intelligence Investigation

CBS' Changing Headlines

The merger of Senator Max Baucus and Leo Giacometto:

Tough Times for the 'Sissy Six'

The Grubenator lost his mojo

Atlanta Radio report:Problems with TS machines, switched to Paper Ballots!

Isn't * saying something like this?

McClellan: Democrats' victories result of local issues, not a "trend"

Tonight's big winner I think is Gov. Warner

Bush, 5/25/02: "A leader must surround himself with honorable people"

Frist is a terrible politician

(PA) Teen wins Linesville mayor race

Ok I'm not a black helicopter type of person, but...

So where's your political capital now, fucker?

Good job by voters in NJ, VA, and CA

Harry Reid asking us to help Casey, Sanders, Pederson, and McCaskill so we

Cat Killer Frist and VOLPAC want YOUR comments on the Dems and Scalito

Frist want some feedback...

Is Lewis Libby "not a wealthy man"?

Curious: what happened to the WH's TERRA TERRA Alert Distraction Tactic?

Ok. Enough "predictions" of '08 candidates - I think it's unnecessary

It is said that, "The first casualty of war is truth." The WH killed it

Sherrod Brown Pulling Out?

TORPEDO ALITO---I was writing to a fellow DUer and came up with

Monica Crowley calls NJ and VA "imperfect predictors of what's to come"

War As Entertainment

Latin America visit a "disaster" - SA paper

Ballot Snafu for Arnie

Act now!

New Orleans to host 2008 Dem Convention??

Froomkin: WH Briefing | Must Read | An Important Indictment...

Intelligent Design Slate Loses in Pennsylvania

Anyone else notice the MSM blackout on the Maine election?

NYT: Bloomberg cruises, Corzine wins costly....

Bush's Medal ceremony upstaged by Jordan explosions on MSNBC

That’s Not Accurate: White House Alters Transcript of Press Briefing


Where Liberals and Evangelical Christians can unite.....

The Role of Voter Registration Purging/Fraud in Kerry's loss of Ohio

Map shows 2004 Dem vote county by county by percentages

NBA or NFL??? (This is a MUST read==short)

Maxi-Pad and Hiram Lewis declare war on Robert Byrd

I just emailed Senator Reid

Who Would Jesus Torture?

ImpeachPAC Raises $25,000 Join the Rapid-Response Network!

My LTTE: Anti-abortionists Fall Into Two Categories

Oswego, NY

UPDATED Was Ronald Reagan's administration the most corrupt in history

Condi: "That only goes to show what kind of war we're fighting..."

Can Justice Clarence Thomas be impeached...

Get ready for Michael Medved tomorrow: Good News re: Recruiting

Swift boat pukes begin smear attack on Bernie Sanders

Ala. governor praises former FEMA chief

Any more news about Lott's revelation regarding the CIA Prison leak?

I dont care what anyone says, obstructionism will not help us win in '06.

Calif. politician wants cheaper firewood from national forests

Reform Ohio Went Down, It was suppose to pass

Fitz squeezes Libby to get Cheney...

Right wing talking points about last night elections.

O'Reilly blames Soros & Lewis in advance for defeat of CA Prop 73

What did we actually win? Looks to me all we did is hold.

Was Diebold not used in Virginia?

Funny (NOT!) I tune into the MSM to find out election results and

Bush stumped for Kilgore, Arnie wouldn't get near Bush. Both lost.

Why can't someone convince Jerry Baliles to run against Allen in '06?

AP Photo of meeting of the RNC this morning ....... (graphic)'ve made me proud


The ads that lost.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean will appear on FOX and CNN today.

Dean comments on the DNC blog about the elections...

Our first election with Dean as DNC Chair....

Jim Morin nails it today! (Re: ed toon of Cheney & torture)

NJ- just got back from Corzines Victory party-1:11 am

California says NO NO NO NO NO NO to Arnie down the line

Can We Start Talking About Rampant *Republican Fatigue" Now?

Call to Stop Budget Bill/Anwar drilling. List of Fencesitting Repubs...

Most of all--energy prices killed Bush--people know they been had.

Cheney: Back to nature (that butthole is on vacation AGAIN)

The pukes say we shouldn't read anything into this election? Let's Review.

Get Yer GOP Talking Points - Seriously. Hotline has them.

Governors and Martial Law - Lately I have seen articles about

Minneapolis Mayor Rybak Taking a Dive (A Stage Dive)

Sherrod Brown Pulling Out?

Election maps?

Repub. Congressional Candidates Can't Run Away from Bush

Did I just hear Lou Dobbs Right?

Colin Powell: Enemy of Democracy

WAR CRIMES: Melting the skin off children in Fallujah

Oh, how I long for the day when a candidate is able to respond...

Senators Grill Oil Executives

NBC/WSJ Poll - 38% Approval...58% Disapproval of the Propagandist!

New Comic: Rebubs lose elections.... Now thats funny.

NBC Nightly News

Kerry Edwards...Sound Better to bumper sticker photos..

So where was the Diebold Effect?

Please look at impeachPAC,org

Bush and Blair humiliated on the same day.

Howard Fineman on Hardball: Bush no longer seen as honest or competent

On Long Island, Democrats Run Wild (MAJOR UPSETS)

The 2002 Gubernatorials: we did pretty well.

Saw RFK Jr. Tonight in OH

Bush stars in rock music video (in disguise)

Since when does the White House discuss partisan politics?

Just recieved this email about ANWR. Help me respond.

Arctic Drilling May Fall From House Budget

Look What Chuck Todd Says About VIRGINIA in 2008!!

Spin your asses off, boys. You can't change the facts.

Are the California referendum results der Gropenfuhrer's death knell?

Impeach Dick Cheney! Impeach him NOW! (-Billmon)

What the hell ever happened with that Bin Laden tape

You know, Brownie may have been more qualified to head up FEMA than......

Who will be the LAST of the media whores to pile on *?

So what happened to pro-monkey randy kelly?

Anybody see Mary Mapes on Larry King??

Why did we (Democrats) Win yesterday?

Just DO IT! Dump Cable/Satellite! Show them we won't stand for it!

Neocon-Artist Tax Cuts

texas....disappointing, but not surprising

I'm concerned that Prop 73 wasn't defeated by a wider margin.

We have turned the tide!

57% of Americans say * misled us to war - how many Americans

Diebold blamed for election delays (Scioto County, Ohio)

For my friends in Kansas - this, too, shall pass

The ask McClellan thread....

Sen. Graham Introduces Amendment to End Habeas for Detainees

"Cut and Run": the right policy that's been given a bad name

The New Covenant with America - Robert Reich

al-Zarqawi behind Jordanian bombings! NBC News reporting this

Does your Favorite 2008 Prez Candidate have a ......

Email the Senate against imprisoning people indefinitely.

Creationist school board FIRED

So folks - what happened in Ohio?

US fired phosphorus in Iraq, TV reports (military admits MK77s, denies WP)

Can the Presidency today be won Without Florida & Ohio?

So it looks like TX and KS are out as places to work/live

A Few Thoughts About Election '05 & Ramifications For '06!

WH trying to force changes to McLIEllan press conference transcript!

"Seen Enough Yet?" -Just got a DNC letter with this printed on the outside

Pictures of Dean's election night party at DNC and Richardson interview.

Poor Arnold - Cannot tell the difference between make believe and reality

Check out the Freepers grieving about the California results. In case

After seeing McCain yesterday with Jon Stewart

I voted Republican yesterday!

RIP: Ohio Election Reform - It's OUR Fault.

2008: Mark Warner v. George Allen - Who Would Win Virginia?

Folks, Warner is a winner!

DCCC vs. The Voters

Kerry-led Committee Helps Elect Democrats Across the Country

WP: Analysis - For GOP, 2006 Now Looms Much Larger

An amusing LTTE in today's NY Daily News

The Psychopathology of Work

Peres loses Israel Labour fight

Problems in NJ race (cross post)

Jammed Marlboro voting machine opened, votes for NJ Dems found.

Did Ohio really vote NO on election reform?

Anyone know how Young is doing in time for the OC race?

Anti-Gay MarriageAmmendment Summit held in Eden Prairie on Thurs 11/10

Why does someone detonate themself in the middle of a wedding?

Why, during Oil hearings today, did Mark Pryor ask why he was seated

O'Reilly calls for full body search on co-host, saying she "asked for it"

Incomplete Chronology: The Niger Uranium Deception and the "Plame Affair"

"If you think the American people are so smart, I know a Nigerian Banker

Zarqawi responsible for CIA torture prison leak.

Iran starts to lose faith in its hardline President--UK

PBS Documentary Names U.S. Torture Commanders

The First Numbers: TimesSelect Draws About 135,000 Paid Users

9/11 vs 11/9

VIDEOS- Some House Proceedings today on the Patriot Act

Gas is 15 cents a gallon in Caracas?

Sex sells Christian websites, too...

Tweety has funny Freudian slip

Nightline has Richard Clarke on now. ABC

Are we ready for 06?

This Will Blow Your Mind! (Flash Movie)

Possibly naive, but honest, question about Mann Coulter

Victories in Tucson City Council Congrats!!! Nina and Karin

Only the COMPETENT get fired by BushCo? Oh, yes, it happened again.

What Are They Telling W. About Why No One Wants Him Campaigning With Them?

* borrowed more than all 42 Presidents before him: FREEPS REACTION

Dumbasses in Kansas Approve Intelligent Design. New Dark Ages! - Humor

New York Times Editorial Board has truly 'taken the gloves off'

SAN FRANCISCO MEASURES: Voters take stand against guns, recruiting at sch

Reporters say Miller got 'high six figure' severance; Miller scoops Times

Great Murrow Quote

Who's watching TDS?

so how the hell do you download ringtones??!!

I'm too tired to get up and go to bed. Hug me.

Good Night all, Its been fun

I don't get the appeal of Sarah Silverman

Religion And Politics

Keira Knightly On The Daily Show

Goodnight Lounge! Please send prayers/good thoughts my way!

Favorite Foreign Film?

An Intelligent Design perspective from 24 years ago (Isaac Asimov)

Texas Gay Foes Savor Victory, Plot Next Move

Senate panel approves constitutional ban on gay marriage

Maine Conservatives Launch New Gay Threat

There Are Atheists in Foxholes!

My photography has been incorporated into a mural!

O'Reilly says if this had been mid-term election, Repubs would have lost

TV Smut doubles under Republicans

No, Kaine's win must not be called a win for the religious Democrats.

If your into the whole 'Trade Sports' thing....

Did Tweety stifle himself tonight?