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Archives: November 8, 2005

WP Blair Failed In Dealing With Bush, Book Says

President Cheney: His office really does run national security.

New Political Comic at The Hollywood Liberal

Why Bush's Case For Iraq Was Different (And False)

Torture, Shaming Us All (Cohen WP)

Enemy of the State

So Iraq Was About the Oil .... Robert Parry

Unions declare war on Delphi

Where is Ansel Adams When We Need Him?

Today in history: The Carpenter Elser Versus the Führer Hitler

Dubya-Cheney ties frayed by scandal

Why are they not in front of their cameras calling Bush a butcher?

Congress and the Culture of CRUELTY Who would Jesus starve?

Mainstream American Military, Foreign Service and Intelligence say no

Circulation of U.S. weekday newspapers takes 2.6% hit

The Tamiflu Tug of War (Rumsfeld cashing in on flu vaccine)

The media are minimising US and British war crimes in Iraq

Mr. Chalabi comes to Washington

Unqualified Successes of George W. Bush's Two Terms in Office (So Far).

Dumb & Dumber: Bush/Cheney Play Mute!

It's Not up to the Court - Howard Zinn

Rumsfeld Taps 92,000 GIs for Iraq Rotation

Iraq Plans & Theme Parks for Tourism Boom

US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah

Wag the Damascus?

The Blame Game..(Who will be blamed for Iraq?)

Viggo Mortensen Interview

Karl Rove enters the world of Reality TV today


Racial Divide Evident in the Military

Scheer: Lying with Intelligence

Lawsuit Threatened Over Wilson Affair (How Freerepublic used by GOP Liars)

Molly Ivins:Bush administration gives management a bad name (on "Brownie")

Do Free Traders Think the American Public is Stupid? by David Sirota

A Year Later: Remembering Fallujah

What to Make of the Riots in France Rioting

Radical Tax Reform for Full Employment

So how many "alternative fuel" vehicles are there in the US?

Satellite Survey Shows Growth Of Greenland Ice Sheet Interior

Audubon Society Sues Over Spotted Owl

Idiotic LTTE: Recycling is bad for the environment

China may finance floating Russian nuclear power stations.

Device may revolutionize trucking industry

Jet Fuel sulfur in the air

Poll: Half of public thinks joining Oslo process was the right move

Iranian student apologizes to Israel

You be calm, we'll build

Strengthening Israeli ties (Hillary Clinton trip)

Anyone want to help me out here. It's kind of a downer but it's

Another interesting "election" thread

does anyone have links or info on howard DEAN speaking to the issue of

Related to Elections a bit: My post on Wash Post keeping torture secret

Akron,Ohio woman accused of election fraud in 2004 election

Scrap the "secret" ballot - Return to Open Voting (Lynn Landes)

Two-sided ballot! Fill out both sides!

Multiple reports of voter intimidation Brockton, Mass. mayor's race

THEFT ALERT!!! NJ, VA, CA, Exit Polls Will NOT be done Today!

What to send to an election judge? please add to my list...

FYI - OHIO reporting problems already

Thread for Autorank in case Kaine (D) wins VA Gov's race!

Remind me. How are DIEBOLD and ES&S related?

The ballot I used made it very easy to vote.

Gov. Schwarzenegger runs into problem voting in special election


Remember Californians: Request a paper ballot.

Sacramento relief mission to Louisiana chronicled in local magazine

DFC blog for CA voters!

Steve Francis for mayor write-in campaign!

I Voted!

any other ppl find odd changes in polling places?

Help! How do I find my polling place?

No rain anywhere in the state of California today. Get out the VOTE !

Carol Migden quits Cal Senate's No. 2 post

Odd Vote Democratic! flyer

Any election results yet?

Ya voté

Jeebus H. Cripes on a trailer hitch, finding my polling place

How are provisional ballots counted?

SF voters show up, but they aren't smiling

"God damn Arnold for making me vote on this crap this morning".

Looking to meet DU-ers in San Jose and environs

Link for results to votes...

Did you ask for a paper ballot today?

Another candidate for Governor

Vandals cause $100,000 damage at cemetery

Culver shines up tarnished image for race - WCF Courier

Does anyone here hunt?

Online Gubernatorial Poll

Grassley Staffer is Beaten with a Baseball Bat

Looks like Mason City's getting a repug mayor.

BREAKING: Tigers dominate again, 52-20

Eastern Iowa election results...


Study of charitable giving: Massachusetts is generous after all

Multiple reports of voter intimidation across Brockton during mayoral race

MA Drive to Put Antiwar Initiative on 11/06 Ballot--Sigs Needed

"Another Bullshit Night in Suck City" A memoir from South Shore author


BVAR is back in town

If you have any problems voting call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

i know it's early, but any numbers for mpls/st. paul in yet?

Found this while moving... WOW

Rybak just moved up to 62 percent with 79% reporting! Whoo-hoo!

Link to election returns for mayors' races, etc.

Sad news: Scotty Mortensen withdrawals candidacy for CD6.

two Republican endorsed City Council candidates in Bloomington losing...

First Incumbent St. Paul Mayor to Get Beat Since 1974


New worm targets Linux systems

Looking for software

Easy way to increase font size of text on screen

Just voted in OH: "You need ID cos you're 'flagged' "

Congratulations Cincinnati, Ohio!!

Voter turnout just below seven percent in Cuyahoga County

I just voted on a DIEBOLD voting machine in Zanesville....

Computers in Kettering!!!!

a good link explaining Issue 1

DeWine Dirty Campaign Ploy: Manipulating Media

Bexar Co. polling locations website - server too busy

Houston Peace and Justice Center Dinner with speakers

curious-WHO does Jeb Henserling represent? Which area?

Fun Politics (huh)

Just A Reminder--Election Day Is TODAY 11/08/05 n/t

VOTED! When I voted, 520 people had voted in that voting

My problem with Reverse Mortgages (prop 7)

Ugh, ugh, UGHH!!!!

The name change of White Settlement failed

Does anyone have confidence in eslate voting system?

Come see the UWSP College Republicans making asses out of themselves!

J.B. Van Hollen Attorney General wanna be

How many UW students does it take to change a light bulb?

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Ship Blockaded in Campaign to Save Lapland Forests

Where the fuck are the embedded war reporters now?

U.S. Should Repay Millions to Iraq, a U.N. Audit Finds

Emergency Broadcast System been testing in your area?

Yahoo Photos: Pentagon Releases Coffin Photos

Republicans and the Ten commandments

How much did Bush want to be a war President?

Finally a candidate that we can all

Cheney must go.

"Soup to Nutz" for Tuesday. . . I love that strip

Can a president be impeached for lying to Congress ?

anyone know the political leanings of Denzel Washington?

the Park Service is out of line

Senator Inhofe, the environment, evangelicals: You gotta see this!

We are on our 5th year of Bushit & CO

Countdown talking of pre-war lies right now.

Does anybody have a link to the Obama interview on Daily Show?

Fox News US doesn't have a monopoly on bad behaviour -

Bush and Train Tickets - How should I responds to this e-mail sent to me?

United Auto Workers Prez calls for National Health Plan

White Phosphorus my ass

"Dick Cheney will Destroy us All" From the Rude One(not too rude)

An avowed liberal reconsiders the efficacy of torture.....

Michael Savage is the funniest person on radio if you let him be...

Two Weeks ago US Deaths in Iraq hit 2000. Today it is 2056 DEAD.....

mnsbc now-' WH lead the media, the people, the Congress into war'

I hate them for what they've done to America.

Check out this cool new site - beyond DeLay the 13 most corrupt

Has anyone examined

(TOON) Rowson: The Great Debate

I'm sitting here watching "Dave"

"We Won't get Fooled again"....or will we?

US launches offensive on Fallujah insurgent base

Any potential DU callers to Washington Jounal today?

Can someone tell me....when do the Oil Co. Execs

Sad that a U.S. president actually has to say, "We Don't Torture"

I've not voted since 71 but I had to vote against Kilgore :)

Grizzly Discovery in Pond; Tornado Death Toll Rises

Lawrence Korb: Worked for reagan, smacking down * !

Help stop the public land grab

bush's Christian Conservative base: a minor annoyance or real danger?

"Blair blames France for Iraq war in reply to diplomat's claims"

Korb, former Reagan person, on WJ CSPAN now.

Let's not let Bird flu Scare be another natural occurrence to aid Shrub...

US 'uses incendiary arms' in Iraq on civilians

ImpeachPAC Raises Over $20,000 in First Weekend

Worse? Saddam gassing Iraqis or Bush burning Iraqis up alive with napalm?

Is the rioting in France really that ha-ha funny?

Stop the presses! Walter Pincus: Wider Scope in Prewar Probe

Lynne Cheney's "Sisters," Scooter's bestiality book...Guiliani's trashy

The media are minimising US and British War Crimes in Iraq

Let's throw private corporations out of this country by

Libby 'filth' novel hot item after indictment - Voyeurism, bestiality,

Phil Donahue: "Two things doubled last month.

The Blame Game: buck stops at the Oval Office.

I want to introduce a new DUer

Semantics? "Wounded" versus "injured".

Los Angeles entrepreneurs to market wine as "Jesus Juice"

mr. bush, i STILL DARE YOU to appear before a random crowd

Who are the 5 people who have made the most difference

active debate about whether "regime change" should be a US goal (w/ Syria)

Mr Hypocrisy strikes (Indiana repuke hostettler)

The world is falling apart (just another day) and The Today Show is

How come we dont hear the inane refrain -

Yet another question....

Did Bush campaign for Kilgore yesterday?

I'm waiting on-hold to speak to Stephanie Miller! n/t

"Compassionate Conservatives" Choose Energy Friends Over Poor, Elderly

L.A. Times completes it's swing rightward - endorses Arnie's propositions

major ski resort threatens wild national forest area

GOP Doesn't Want Justices Who "Legislate." Then Why Support Alito?

Specter/Leahy Judicial Com hearing on CSPAN3 Saudis and

I just noticed a trend in the Iraq casualties

Ordering Pizza--1984 style

Choosing Causes With Caution

Imus removes endorsement of Corzine. Will he do same with Giuliani?

Democrats attempt to create a vision: E.J. DIONNE/Edit/Wapo

Why Am I Not Surprised?

People that say that people shouldn't vote because elections are fixed

So Bush doesn't think vaccines are important?

I'm sick to my stomach, nerves on edge over todays elections

Effort aims to bridge the political divide

The cast of characters in the CIA leak case. In depth.

Ensign (R-Nev) CPAN2 now linking 9/11 and Saddam


Tomlinson Resigns

did Bush ride on illegally made national forest trails?

Did any of you see that guy on Tucker's show that said Franken is a liar?

Anyone else feel like ripping the mouse out of their computer and throwing

Anarctic Iceberg Splits Into Three More Parts!

Bush on Kilgore

Chalabi's Sordid History ... guess what, he might meet with Cheney today

GOP are up to their rear ends in alligators

Women & Children and Depleted Uranium and Mortuary Services in Fallujah.

VIDEO-Barak Obama on TDS (The Daily Show)

WSJ: Street's Weather: Bonus Showers

Ohio vote yes on issues 2, 3, 4, & 5 today

Is the Big Dick (Cheney) into torture for fun and profit?

British DUers, has Rupert Murdoch damaged your media

*Did I miss something??*

The National Insurance Crime Bureau's latest "Most-stolen Cars" List

Election fraud in TX small town? Paper ballots, not Diebold.

Does anyone have a link that's covering the Ohio elections?

France riots

How do we do in Today's Governors Races?

Fundies Preach Politics Night And Day. A Liberal Church Opposes The War

The Situation with fuckface

You can choose paper or electronic voting in our VA polling place

Field Poll: Absentee clout on the rise-gop losing edge in California

How can the VICE PRESIDENT of our USA lobby FOR TORTURE?

I have a question. I read something here on DU and I would like to share

Bush Voted 'Weaseliest Individual' in Poll

Check out State forums for Virginia, California, and Ohio

So far: Looks like the MSM will defend white phosphorus use in Fallujah..

Drudge in a dither over gay cowboy movie that could be Oscar-worthy

California voters - have you voted? Have you seen the machines?

The Republican political game in Virginia...

Message to all voters: DO NOT USE TOUCHSCREENS

Lets Get FAUX News!

VIDEO-Michael Ratner on the McCain/Torture Amendment

On a lighter note -this is what would have happened if GWB attended Rosa

Iraq War Veteran runs for Congress as Democrat in TX.

The 3 most severe scandals (Dem v. Rep)

Kennedy on CSpan2 now re Treatment of detainees...eom

Reality Check... What do you remember?

We're taking nominations for the January non-fiction book title

Calvin and Hobbes: The Last Great Comic Strip

Mrs Ex-CORZINE, Give Back the $100 Mil----THEN You Can Talk n/t

Why is the NYT trying to convince me that Reagan won the Cold War?

Any Info On Corzine

Murdoch plans on giving local Fox affiliates the Fox News treatment.

Debunking an email that is circulating the net:: Did you know?

God's own RW lawyer

FINALLY! A RW'er responds to the Scanlon Memo!

commentary: proprietary software on voting machines....

Three U.S. soldiers put on `wanted' list (Spain)

Xzibit was on Tavis Smiley last night

What makes a car a preferred target for the rioters in France?

ORMET Aluminum Rolling Mill Closes Doors--striking workers S.O.L.

College football star running for Congress as Democrat in N.C.

MSNBC: Ethics training for gov't officials: Will it make a difference?

Is there any actual evidence to support the ABSURD claim that

John Warner....GAACKK! * has satisfied him that we don't torture

*: "The thing I like about this fellow is he grew up on a farm"

Anyone else sick of all this haggling over time in the House and Senate?

What would make your day?

I associate election night with nausea.

VIDEO Kennedy on the Levin Torture Amendment (Independent Investigation)

Has anyone archived the video

Extremely credible and interesting reporting from TBRNews

Political parties as defined by donuts...

Democrats should not read too much into results of today's elections...

What to do if precinct has Diebold in California?

(VIDEO) West Wing debate - Universal Health Care

Who sings this song? (heard it yesterday on Randi Rhodes)

wow an awesome article on global warming from the coastal post

Canada to up gun regulations & laws. Let us hope the NRA does

"Speaking of the Vice President, let's talk about torture"

Miers' Ethics Lesson Plan

Pentagon: Detainees Must Be Treated Well

America's poltical and military leaders are savages

I don't subscribe/pay for the NY Times, and never will. Are you

I just saw Anderson Cooper for a sec. So I really cannot judge. But

Close poll on Capital News!

Snottie's Back today.

Just voted to terminate Aunald's agenda. How about you?

Grassley aide beaten with bat outside her home. Abramoff connex?

White House "enemies list" with 10,000 names

VIDEO-TDS (The Daily Show) on Ethics

It's the God-squad vs. freedom

Savvy Republicans distance themselves from Bush.

LOL!! Harkin told Warner he did not recognize who Hannity is.

Shwartznegger bills may pass - WAY TO GO, DIEBOLD & CNN!

Who speaks better Spanish? Bush or Peggy Hill?

Will riots in France push Western Europe to the Right?

VIDEO-Dorgan on the Harkin Amendment (Armed Forces Radio)

Why act? Why act now? Why do anything? here's why...

Something not factored into today's elections - The Cult of Bush

With all this talk of dossiers

"Another Lawyer in Saddam Trial Gunned Down"

I've heard that Bush can speak Spanish.

Would someone please let me know when the NYT admits Bush is a War Criminal

From Salon regarding the enemies list

STRONGLY recommended to watch today's Democracynow (link) show

Did Laura Bush get Botox? (Charles & Camilla photo op)

Does Scotty McMuffin get an extra bonus for each time he mentions 9/11?

New Political Comics at The Hollywood Liberal

Waiting On The Short Bus To Ethics School. "Hey Kid! Got Lunch Money?"

Rush say's Democrats and CIA working together against Bush

Binka, Ben and Miss America...

McCain on The Daily show tonight, Catherine Crier on The Colbert Report

Ted Stevens taking fashion pointers from Tucker Carlson (CSPAN2 now)

Why are they holding the vote open?

HOORAY! Linking Arctic drilling to budget may backfire

Robot Reporters

Brilliant Harper's piece - 'Revision Thing'

OK, who's "April"?

VIDEO-Harkin on the Harkin Amendment (Armed Forces Radio)

Making Congress an offer they can't refuse

We were told about the US's use of napalm in Fallujah a year ago.

Denver Post Editoral - Make Stem Cells A priority.

Dumb question-Texans, what are you voting on today?

Does ANY website have ANYthing 4 WILMA RELIEF!?!?!? (WARNING: I'M P.O.ed!)

Gary Hart "It's whistle messages"

Who gave order to wait until after the 2004 election to attack Fallujah?

MSNBC discussing White Phosphorus and Italian Report right now....

Democrats plan an assault on GOP’s push for budget vote

Wasserman-Schultz up on House floor now.

Refresh my memory re Saddam Hussein's s trial and Chalabi family

How did Maria vote?

Just saw a clip of Helen Thomas giving Scotty Hell on CNN

Coal Barons sack W. Va. (size of Delaware)

Lately in the VA races, the Repubs have been running ads

Just Voted in Virginia (8:00 am est) Looks like a big turn out

Talk show host kills wife with anti-freeze

Case (D-Hawaii) We don't trust you (Rs) with the books.

Who could be the GOP's poster child?

How right-wing bloggers would have covered Watts riots

Ahnuld the Dictator

Was it Lao Tzu who said

Chemical weapons washing up on to american shores

What's the difference...

Anyone watching Harkin on C-Span 2?

A Few Months On, Who Is Watching Current?

Is there any truth to the statement that the difference between

Bush's photo is printed on Disc 4 of the new Live8 DVD set, next to CHIRAC

LAT: Santa Paula Roots for Another Arnold

"I Have Tourette's but Tourette's Doesn't Have Me" ~ Oprah today.

"I'm glad I won't live to see it."

Looks like Al Gore is an icon

Fox News hit with sexual harassment lawsuit

Got a letter from Bill Frist today.

C-Span Now: Sen. James Inhofe : "Rush doesnt get enough air time on radio

Anyone see Spitzer on The Colbert Report last night?

"GWB as CEO" discussion coming up on CNBC

I'd like to break a slide whistle over Franken's head.

Reuters >>> Italian report: U.S. forces burned Iraqi civilians (hits MSM)

From CNN front page.... I like this Ca Guy :) :) :)

For Andy Stephenson

there is one thing to be said for all the cars destroyed in:

Breaking News MSNBC Senate Democratic Leaders Hold News Conference...


Paper Ballot, black felt marker, and Diebold tabulator??? WTF??

Come on folks .... Most people don’t care about the leak scandal ....

NASA announces the name of the 4th planet will be changed to Wars

Sent my message to Ahnold via the ballot box.

Anyone from Jersey vote today?

US soldier in Italian Documentary being trashed on his own blog

Rove under cloud of suspicion but still privy to top-secret data

White House keeps dossiers on political enemies

Alison Stewart and her Peabody (Distraction thread)

Criminals outing Criminals


Right-wing Backhanded Support for Hillary Clinton...

UN votes 182-4 against US embargo on Cuba.

My sister saw Bill Clinton speak in Minneapolis on Saturday

Bloomington, IN-Group protests gays with flag burning, songs

If an Army Private or a Cleaning lady were suspected of leaking

4 in 5 Say Libby Indictment Important. More than thought a BJ was important

I Found Out The Other Day A Woman Who Works At My Store Is Homeless

The leaking senator is Pat Roberts.

43% now say U.S. and British leaders were mostly lying about Iraq WMDs

BRAD BLOG: Wingnuts Declare War on CIA to Defend against TreasonGate!

looks like bush/nero is on the bottle dont lie

Look who got glitched! Schwarzenegger Hits Snag at Polling Place

Democrats doing Wal-Mart's dirty work

Cornyn: "Americans could face the human toll of the September 11 attacks"

The voting machines STILL have "proprietary" software that is

Awright...Who's gonna win the Daily Show couch?

Making her an offer she can't refuse

Sherrod Brown blew it. (About Plagiarized Letter Story)

I've been kicked out of my Dem Club at school

If he were so darn great......

I give up! I'm gonna be a republican......

It WAS Just A Few Bad Apples That Were Responsible For Abu Ghraib Abuse

Woop! Conyers, Hinchey, Judiciary Dems demand meeting with Chalabi

Trouble in Virginia>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Polls in VA close in under 3 hours. Please go vote. n/t

Did anyone else see Homeland security's "feel good"

Yada, yada, yada

Cafferty's asking what we think about ethics classes in the White House...


Freepers gripe about Supreme Court overtime ruling

San Diego DUers...any word on how the mayoral vote is going.

Dateline's Catching a Predator

I just got a letter from Senator McCain regarding the Ca. Special election

If the Republicans aren't asking for Fitzgerald to investigate this...

VIDEO-Tom Allen on the budget -YOUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT

Pew Research Poll: Bush Ratings Fall Further (36% Approval)

284 restaurants opened in the New Orleans Area

Curt Weldon just on Cspan - Able Danger could have prevented 9/11

Scottie claims that we've bought 'killers' to justice in these secret

If the Dem nomination came down to .... (very hypothetical)

All day on NPR: no mention of Reform Ohio

Is it true that Rethugs will investigate "leak" of secret CIA prisons?

VIDEO-Capps on Offshore Drilling

Should underground storm shelters be mandatory for trailer parks?

The fix must be in....


"China orders bosses down mines"

Harkin amendment voting NOW (CSPAN2)

DN! on the use of Napalm-Like White Phosphorus Bombs

I don't want to ever hear from another wealthy person requesting

Why are they not in front of their cameras calling Bush a butcher?

Election fraud in SE Virginia?

It's no longer Bush's War; It's **Our** Invasion of Iraq

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rightwing Radio has officially jumped the shark

Senator Inhofe "I talk to people serving, the like Armed services Radio"

Democrats, liberal groups shift Alito pressure away from Capitol Hill

Riots Spread Into Rebellion

What is the best source of Diebold Information?

Bad News for Gov. Arnold. People are voting...

A great site for nature lovers - Pombo's In their pocket

Frist and McCain will be running for Pres in 08

CONNECT THE DOTS! Cheney, GOP meeting, McCain?


Cheerful predictions from the other side...

I'm hesitant to consult a fundy, creationist ear, nose & throat doc.

FEMA *DENIES* funds for New Hampshire's 500-year flood

Listening to Randi Rhodes....

Hilarious - and salutary - Brownie self-absorption

Is bush afraid to fire Cheney

Scotty @ Gaggle: "April, look, you can keep showboating for the cameras"

VIDEO-White House Press Briefing-Torture and Ethics Edition

My LTE to the New York Times

Are the 'thuggies gonna "swift boat" McCain on leaking the gulag info??

Keeping Secrets at the Wash. Post (Do our movers and shakers tremble?)

VIDEO- DeLauro on the budget - DEMS FOR OUR VALUES

VIDEO-Moore on the Budget

Fox News: “Why All The Fuss About Torturing People?”

Lott seems to take much glee in undermining Bush

B*SH Approval Rating 33% in Maryland!

Petition toStop Factory Dairies from Using Organic Label

I'll be 50 and have $$$ for education. What field should I pursue?

Californians: No on Props 73-78

Name one thing that government regulation ruined

John Gibson, FauxNews: I'm against torture, but don't outlaw it.

VIDEO-Schakoswky on the Budget-particularly good

If the torturers did what they do to a dog, they'd be imprisoned.

VIDEO- Schwartz on the Budget

"He asked if they should f**k the deer." (GRAPHIC)

Alabama governor: BOYCOTT ARUBA!

Tweet just called Cheney Bush's boss!!! then corrected himself

How do you measure skin color?

"World simply can't afford an American government this bad" for 3 years.


FOX news V.P. sued for sex harrassment!

Song Parody - Don't Fear the Freepers

US issues new torture safeguards

Is Aruba the only country that an American white woman has been killed in?

Why not boycot travel to Saudi Arabia...

Ahmad Chalabi IS in Washington DC today??? To meet with Conde Rice

Would you be able to support Hillary if she allies herself with Murdoch?

I have this song Randi's playing

Ted Olson behind defense fund for Scooter: Tucker Carlson.

Is the media trying to portray the Congressional Repugs as moderate...


from Drudge to Dean and beyond.... the Webbies

I'm going to follow Cowbell's lead on a song parody.

What about Arresting Ahmed Chalabi Tomorrow at 2 p.m.?

Who thinks Rove is telling Lott, Frist, McCain and others what to say?

Meese just said

question - FEMA billed Louisiana for services, what about Miss &

Slave labor in China is a good thing

Durbin on Chalabi this a.m., per HuffPost:

"Not that Wilson has shot straight. I thought he's missed a couple of..."

omg--Frist is starting to back down on new leak investigation!!

LOL! CNN: Frist says didn't officially sign letter for investigation

CNN on-air: CIA refers leak of classified secret prison info to DOJ

So no exit polls in VA and NJ. Is there at least any....

Holiday gift idea from my power company

So when did government become run by referendum?

Serious about impeachment? Here's a PAC ( alliance)

George Bush is a domestic enemy.


Can anyone post the results of the exit polls,

Lou Dobbs looking for disaffected voters for a third party

Does anyone else get all choked up when you vote?

You cannot trust Republicans on national security issues

Help me out, guys. What am I missing? (re: leak, torture & cia)

Haliburton/KBR Job Fairs!

email from my Dem friend in VA------

UPDATE: Frist has signed letter asking for Cong. investigation --

Is there a Randi/Al feud going on?

PHOTO: Portrait of a right wing talk show murder suspect

Bill Bennett has been pushing the "new leak scandal"

Official Reveals Budget for U.S. Intelligence

It would be ironic if the Repub. inquiry into leak to WaPo backfired

Delete. It's the Anti Mcheal Moore guy on Lou Dobb's CNN

The grand poobah Freep speaks out on the french's our fault.

Leaking info about secret European CIA prisons hurts national security

Ahhnold should have to reimburse the state

I am off to Dem headquarters to get the raw results

Rasmussen Reports - Final Prediction on NJ & VA Governor Races

I'm going to spend an "Evening with Garrison Keillor" at the

Schools can have more rights than parents...

What's the "Evian Flu"??

OMG, I came home and they have the 30 something workgroup on

New Republican Motto : Who Would Jesus Napalm?

***Official VA Voting Thread - Live VA Results Here *****

Remember these?

Puffy McMoon face has a rough morning. Anyone see him almost lose it?

For all future presidential democratic canidates

Anybody seen the ACLU series on the SCOTUS?

"Arnold Counts the Votes" Hilarious Flash Animation by Symbolman

Results should be quick this year with the low voter turn out and

Trent Lott Is Getting His REVENGE Baby!

Lest we forget what is wrong with Diebold Voting: "DIEB-THROAT"

I'm thinking maybe...Tequila...or Xanax...or Tequila AND Xanax

Better yet, Remember these?

2057 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Ripe for parody: White House ethics class starts today

Lou Dobbs poll: Would you consider being a member of a

Voted in NJ today....

"Praetorian Guard" - vast CIA conspiracy GOP meme

Virginia results starting to come in!

"Retinal scan, completed - initiative received."

Sierra Club Mutual Funds IRA

Find a Wal-Mart movie screening near you

Helping Earthquake victims would be nice way to fight terrorism!

Silly question the birds have been going nuts all day

Want to hear a scumbag liar? Listen to Lt. Col. Boylan....

Californian's this is it! The final 3 hour push to vote NO on Arnold's

How can America stop terrorism?

Check in if you feel like you're going to puke

Is there a website that will update the election results?

Kansas School Board Adopts Geocentric Model of the Universe

Fucker Carlson on Hardball acting like he knew about the lack of a

MSNBC: 70% of Bush voters thought they HAD found WMD's in Iraq

"It's Hillary's cult." Freepers re: CIA leaks. So Sorry! Had to post.

A great succinct letter in the NYT. Re: South American trip by Bush.

Ron Christie on Hardball is an idiot

Why the disparity in votes between Governor and Lt. Gov?

Voting problems in Detroit

Colleague is a self-described "bad Republican"

Why are the Republicans so eager to investigate the new CIA leak?

New voting machines in Lucas county, OH cause late start

Abu Gharib a "college prank"

These Are the People in my Neighborhood

Let's GO California!

Ohio Results Rolling In Slowly

Addington: eliminate torture language from the Geneva Conventions

Freepers unaware of who leaked about the black sites

SURPRISE! Manhattan firms STIFFED by Federal 9/11 loans

Californians: NO on 73,74,75,76,77,78....YES on 79 and 80.

Voting Complaint

VIDEO-Michael Ratner on Gitmo Bay Assisted Feeding

AAAhHHHHH....Marsha Blackburn up on CSPAN WJ....AAAAAhhh.

It looks like Kaine is going to win in Virginia. He is up by 7% now

Chemical Weapons & "Target Illumination"

It's not bad that we HAVE hidden CIA jails, it's just bad we got caught...

Should this church retain its tax-exempt status?

A Post-Katrina Expulsion of 4 Black Students

Brown's Alito letter lifted from blogger

I assume that fundies are not worried about bird flu.

Could you live with yourself after dropping fire on women and children?

Do you have any royalty-free classical music recordings I could have?

New Yorkers, vote Bloomberg out today! Please!

hilarious -Scot M and Helen Thomas going at in on Countdown.

Puffy on KO

What does it take to get rid of these hypocrite, evil men?

Universities today and the peace movement

In lieu of today's events I have made some popcorn for y'all

Finally the morality of it all is being addressed.

Ohio voting experiences Election 2005

How crazy would things get if a G.I. were filmed being tortured?

White House Ethics Class Puppet Theatre!

Election day Scotty Bingo!

Response to my RW Grandmother’s email

State Dept. Sets Up Site To Publish Material For DU To Argue About

Election night distraction-Geraldo has a new talk show

If you're in CA - please vote NO on 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78; YES on 79 & 80

I voted thread


Self delete, found link....

While I'm waiting on the election results, I'll be playing with this:

The Incredible Shrinking Recovery


About to start on PBS's Frontline: "The Last Abortion Clinic"

Netflix chairman gives up to $730,000 to arnold's prop 77....

NJ Gov race.....Forrester (r) 51% Corzine (d) 47%

"Tear em up Tuesdays"

Be careful of predicting a Kaine or Corzine win

Will The Scotty Freak Show From Today Replay? (PLEASE : )

An Open Letter to Tom Tancredo

I Was Only Person At Precinct In CA That Requested Paper Ballot.

my state reduced me to vote AGAINST tradition marriage, today

Judith Miller affair reveals lack of integrity in the Bush administration

What is the point of insurance? Home, health, etc? I'm confused

Turned around in N.J.

Rasmussen Reports?



Annan, Bolton clash on Syrian cooperation with UN

Shammity coming up. Might be a good night to watch him whine.

projected winner Kaine WDBJ

White House Press Briefing In Full - November 8, 2005

After the "election" will we get to hear how those damn Dems just

"Three die playing catch with grenade"

AUDIO- Phil Donahue MP3

***Official VA Voting Thread 2 - Live VA Results Here *****

California:How many electronic voting machine were allowed in after Arnold

Get over it. Kaine won, people!

Corzine latest...


Funny Drudge headline for NJ race:

Okay, okay. Obligatory FR thread re: Kaine win


Virginia DUers: What Do You Think About Gov Warner?

Apparently Kilgore getting ready to CONCEDE on my local news (eom)

What about Corzine?

Dumb question about the Iraq war

Commander in Chief is on in the east eom

Why is Jennifer Anniston on CNN, instead of Tim Kaine???


Ohhh I can't wait. Tomorrow the MSM will use Toxic Bush as a reason...

It seems both dems govs are winning

I promised myself I wouldn't do this but...

The 50 state strategy works!!!!!

I can only get DU on the "internets"...

AP calls race for Corzine

AP projecting Corzine!

¿Cómo Se Dice 'Spin'?

Frontline: The Last Abortion Clinic on PBS (EST)

I Can Stay In The Country At Least Another Year....

It's great to see so many following the VA election

I am feeling REAL GOOD about 2006 right now!

Where is the Natalie Holloway thread ?


CNN reports Kaine 51 - Kilgore 47

Hannity just had to call VA for Kaine, and NJ for Corzine.

Stop "_____ NOW!" threads NOW! Real action NOW!

If tonight does not give you motivation for 2006, nothing will.

FEMA to help Louisiana with election information

Lyrics for Tim Kaine..."The night they drove ole Dubya down"

So let me get this straight. Kilgore was leading most of the way

PHOTO: Bush urges Virginians to vote today!

California election result link

Heh. "Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi," the fraudulent WMD source...

I am really worried about the New Jersey and Virginia elections

Kansas Board of Education devolves today

A local Paper LTTE!


Kaine/Corzine -- not so fast!

CIA warned techniques violated International conventions-NYT

BREAKING CNN : Democrat John Corzine will win the New Jersey governor's race over Repub...


even this has to make us smile tonight hahaha

PBS Frontline - "The Last Abortion Clinic" NOT being shown where I live

My (political) Christmas list

Lose | Lose

So many happy DU posts..... Let's make it a rehersal for 06.

Another victory for our side in Minnesota!


PREDICTION: Mark Warner will be a major player in '08 Dem primaries

Scottie is getting the crap pounded out of him by Helen Thomas, et al.

CNN: Ohio Voters Decisively Vote Against Proper Counting Of Their Votes

Republicans will now beg Bush not to campaign for them

Cograts NJ and VA DU'ers from a nervous Californian

Here is what the RW Drudge report just posted regarding the election wire

I feel so good

in CA my father got to vote in his CAR!!!!!.....

Boston Legal on, man strays from wife with cow.n/t

Here's what I'm saying: If the ONLY two things that the Repukes

McCain on The View today...I'd give him a D on his history test

Do Topless Protestors Deserve Free Speech? I say Yes!

VIDEO-Demanding Answers (Olbermann)

***Official NJ Voting Thread - Live NJ Results HERE***

Jerry Kilgore = pussy

I just checked CNN, FOX, MSNBC, nada on elections.

So what happens to Corzine's Senate seat?

Finally! A Guide to this Mess!

Roy Moore thread from the Alabama forum

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing coming (it's now 12:47 est)

okay, where's the "official california election" thread?

Damn, I fell asleep

Is the Daily Show going to be post-results tonight?

Well, 30 minutes to go before the polls close in California.

What was it, 55% of people wanting Dems in control of Congress,

Is there a video available of Bush* 's visit to the Kilgore

Dems gain Missouri House seat in suburban St. Louis!

Are there going to be ANY cable chanels that have election results

Whoa Repube obtains court order to impound voting machines

We made it to the polls!

Kilgore Concession speech on News Channel 8 in DC Now. (nt)

Can you picture what this place will be like NEXT Nov?

"Beisbol ben berry guut to me"

Do any of you have the same feeling that I am having?


80,072 DU user registrations. How many "regular" unregistered lurkers?


CNN Anderson Cooper 10pm lead: The effects of divorce on children

Those "20 days" are long over; so WHERE ARE THE DAMN ABU GHRAIB PICS???

Kerry campaign bullied local activists & party and blew it in Ohio

We won in a fundamentalist stronghold, after a W fly-in: is Rover over?

Give me 100 percent verified paper ballot voting....or give me death!!

Alan Skorski is a big fat liar - Al Franken Slander book is a bomb.

Both Kilgore and Forrester ran Rovian TV ads that must have backfired --

Forrester on now!

I wonder what would happen

You know, Kaine and Kilgore were in a dead heat before Bush came to VA

WTF Scarborough?

Looks like the Dover PA school board might get the smackdown.

Vernon Robinson Defeat Watch: He's going DOWN!!!

WH press briefing bingo-Get your words here!

Buh bye Mr. Randy Kelly

why can't NYC elect a dem mayor?

Corzine coming on in a minute!

Fairfax County, VA just isn't Republican territory anymore.

Smoking Bans and why Republicans get elected

Tonight on FRONTLINE (PBS) "The Last Abortion Clinic" 9:00pm

A message to our two new Democratic governors:

***Official VA Voting Thread 3 - Live VA Results Here *****

Posting an email I received, re: Fallujah

Full Spectrum Domination

Colbert Report... What do you think?

Chances for a Bush impeachment just shot way up

To the 320,000 people who stood up to the marriage amendment in TX

Voted Today - First Time Ever Using LOW Tech....Old Folks, Have Your Laugh

Get your CA Special Election Results here

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Rendezvous

No surprise - great election results for us, and CNN 360 open with...

A Message For My Republican Friends

Gay Rights Ban Is Losing In Maine!

AP projecting Kaine winner in VA

BIG UPSET: Dick Black defeated in Loudoun County VA!!


VIDEO-Schuster's Report on Cheney

I think people who have a conscience have spoken tonight.

uh oh = Kan. School Board OKs Evolution Language...

The gloves are off !!! - NYT Lead Editorial

Anybody watch KO and the pedophile sting? What the hell?

From Vietnam to Fallujah: tactics guaranteed to produce atrocities

Face Up To It, DU: It Really *IS* Bill Clinton's Fault!!!

AP: Corzine winner


And...Surprise Surprise...Ohio is the night's dark spot...


Will todays elections be hijacked?

Scotter Libby likes animals just a liiiiitle too much...

Is it my imagination or did someone alter this Hitler painting....


Wining feels pretty good, eh?

Bush/Nixonian IRS Targets Liberal Christian Sermon/Message...

I want to make vacation plans for Aruba now

BREAKING: Trent Lott thinks a GOP Senator is guilty of Hastert's leak

So What Happened To Diebold in '05?

Independent Poll: Venezuelans Say Their Govt is "Totally Democratic"

"Frist, Hastert Call for Leak Probe"

Supreme International Crimes, The Unthinkable Becomes Normal

Democratic traitor mayor from Minnesota gets stomped out of office

US used white phosphorus (Yahoo News) Rate it up

I live in So. Cal and I told the women at the polling place when

I guess we'll all just sit back & watch as they destroy America

Raw Story - We'll return for your sister's body,


My husband is running for mayor of our hometown -- election today

White House Keeps Dossiers On More Than 10,000 'Political Enemies'

Losses by the Dem Party this Election could be PROOF of stolen elections

Suppose I buy oil co. stock--I really don't quite get it why that would be

The Italian Video Documentary on Fallajuh that needs to be seen.

AP: Religion Central to Tim Kaine

ALERT!! I know the vote returns have your attention but this needs you >>

Give me your BIG ideas to make healthcare affordable

Rep Miller: Madam Speaker, somebody ought to call the cops. --> Chalabi

housing market - look what $175,000 gets you in Seattle

Freeper explanation for Dem victories: "Rumors" about White house

I need moral support. Okay, maybe physical support, too.

Two losers!!

FU*k Texas, Breaking: Texas Passes Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage

The physical manifestation of hypocrisy: Progress for America commercial!

Beautiful Blistering Anti * Blog @ Huffington Post

Tuesday TOONarama

CNN: Alabama Governor calls for travel boycott of Aruba

34% reporting: MAINE voting to protect gay citizens from discrimination!

Oooo! I just got my new XM radio.

"we do not torture".... (ummm, yeah right....)


Fitz makes fat cats

I'm a Troop and I don't want to listen to Rush!!!!

It's Tribunal time in the United States of America.

“Spineless Dems do nothing!" Oh, really? II

Help me to understand...Why would Bloomberg win in NYC?

Holy crapola. Brazilian Real at its highest value since April 2001.

Today is my ONE YEAR anniversary at DU

The more the MSM is seen as propaganda, the more DU and the other blogs...

From Max's Opera House in San Francisco

I need potluck dish suggestions...

need help from you Stock-perts

Liberals are back ahead...

ABC LBN: Fla. Parents Acquitted in Raw-Foods Death

Radio talk show host in Missouri charged with murdering his wife

Court Could Tip to Catholic Majority

Scooter Libby novel becomes hot online item

US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah

U.S., China reach trade spat deal

DoD Announces Next Operation Iraqi Freedom Troop Rotation(92,000)

Former Serb Red Berets in Iraq

Church: Anti-war sermon imperils tax status

U.S. Criticizes Azerbaijani Elections

5 Cases of Polio in Amish Group Raise New Fears

US 'uses incendiary arms' in Iraq

Manila issues rape case subpoenas for U.S. troops

NYT: Optimism on Wall Street Over Size of Bonuses

In GOP e-mail: (Gov) Fletcher (R-KY) should quit

WP/AP: Audubon Society Sues Over (endangered) Spotted Owl

Saddam lawyer killed

Troop levels in Iraq could be reduced by one-third in 2006

WP: The Cost of Insurance: Firms Warn of Steep Increases After Hurricanes

Race for (San Diego) Mayor Tightens Up at End

India's foreign minister shown the door (Oil For Food Scandal)

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning

Americans want voting practices to change, poll reveals

Shwartznegger bills may pass - WAY TO GO, DIEBOLD & CNN!

China offers bird flu insurance

New DeLay judge sets date for his first hearing

Wider Scope in Prewar Probe Sought

Intel Probe: The Yellowcake Mystery

Chilean judge denies provisional freedom for former Peru president

Video of 'downed US chopper' shown

Kennedy on CSpan2 now re Treatment of detainees...eom

Al-Qaeda to launch 'offensive' in Iraq to counter US operation

Unions declare war on Delphi

WP/Reuters: NBC, CBS to offer shows on demand for 99 cents

NYT: Official Reveals (classified) Budget for US Intelligence (in speech)

U.N.: Quake survivors will freeze (unusually harsh winter coming)

US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah

Pentagon bans dogs in interrogations

LAT: 2 Protesters Arrested (in Sacramento) After Going Topless

De Beers to reverse apartheid legacy

Holy war on Australia

Iran says it’s not afraid of Security Council

Tech honoree denied entry into country

Pelosi: House Must Vote Today to Oppose Torture

U.N. extends mandate fpr Int'l force in Iraq for another year

Pentagon Issues New Rules on Detainees

Iraqi forces 'ready to take control next year' (President Jalal Talabani)

First Roberts court rulings unanimous

Letter calls for inquiry into Washington Post story on CIA jails ...

German[-Canadian] neo-Nazi goes on trial for denying Holocaust

Senators (pushed by Dems) to set Iraq inquiry timetable

WP: GOP Budget Cuts Face Varied Opposition (D: "day of reckoning coming")

Bloggers who urged rioters investigated

White House Staff Begins Ethics Classes

Iraqi officers weigh rejoining Army

US issues new torture safeguards

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 8 November

LOL! CNN: Frist says didn't officially sign letter for investigation

CNN on-air: CIA refers leak of classified secret prison info to DOJ

Scooter Libby novel becomes hot online item

Kansas board to vote on science standards (ID vs Evolution)

Voters choosing governors, mayors (MSNBC)

Euro Hits Two-Year Low Against Dollar

Grassley: no Social Security reform now (off table til next prez election)

(Reuters)-Congress may probe leaks in CIA prisons story (Lotty story also)

Kansas School Board approves science standards casting doubt on evolution

The Weather Channel Brings in Lewis Black (I'm not kidding)

Japan's whaling fleet sets sail

Annan: Iraq's insurgency 'foreseeable'

Pilot injured after plane crashes into Wal-Mart

Pelosi Statement on Hastert and Frist Calling for Investigation Into Leak

CNN reports Kaine 51 - Kilgore 47

PM blamed for increased terrorism risk(Australia and Iraq)

Libby setting up defense fund, solicits friends and GOP donors

Peruvians push for Chile to hand over Fujimori

Saddam Trial Lawyers Shot

So does MSNBC!

Annual budget for US intelligence totals $44 bln

NY DAILY NEWS: Dubya-Cheney ties frayed by scandal


Canadian charged in U.S. soldier's death [Guantanamo]

White House Keeps Dossiers On More Than 10,000 'Political Enemies'

AP, FoxNews,MSNBC: Kaine projected winner!!

NJ.COM calls it for CORZINE!!!!!! We win ! WHOHAAA!!!

Jon's Victory dance (Speech) Live feed NJN Forrester Conceded -


Bush administration defends treatment of detainees

The Hill. "FBI called in on Hill"

Lucas County voting begins with problems at the polls--Ohio, again!

Sen. Grassley aims for $60 billion in tax cuts

U.S. denies using white phosphorus on Iraqi civilians

U.S. severs most contacts with Syria/Washington debate over 'regime change

CIA was warned that treatment techniques violated international convention

'No' votes ahead in early tallies in gay rights repeal (Maine)

Gov. Schwarzenegger Runs Into Problem Voting In Special Election

AP: Corzine winner in NJ

Ney forms legal fund to defend ties to indicted lobbyist

Senators say Alito respects Roe decision (Lieberman)

Mugabe Tells U.S. Diplomat to 'Go to Hell'

State constitutional ban on same-sex marriage wins approval in Texas.

Congressman's office takes back plagiarism acknowledgment

Death Toll in Asian Quake Surpasses 87,000 (freezing temperatures coming)

Democratic senators call on Bush to pledge he won't pardon Libby

CNN breaking on-air: Lott says Republican leaked prison info

Oversight Overlooks the Obvious -La Repubblica: Italian Nigergate hearings

Virginia Democrat wins governor's race

Tehran Backing Chalabi as Iraq's Next PM

Pentagon Plans Tighter Control of Interrogation

Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Coming Down from Hilltops--(Also politics)

Rove Resurfaces (speak to Federalist Society), Libby's Defense Trust Set

Dover, PA School Board Results (ID controversy)

Trial collapses over claim judge was linked to Bush

Poll: Libby indictment hits major nerve (79% - important to the nation)

Outside, governor gets chilly reception (Arnold's visit to Chico, CA)

Pro-Bush Democratic mayor falls out of favor in St. Paul

Bloomberg wins second term

Dean Statement on the Resounding Democratic Victories Across the Country

CIA Moves Toward Probe of Prisons Story (in addtion to Congress invest)

'Nine lives' Chalabi resurfaces in Washington

Fired CBS News Producer Unrepentant

Under fire from Democrats, Cheney pushes back

Trouble with voting Machines in Virginia

BREAKING: Formal Leak probe to be set up by GOP leaders.-(Not Libbygate)

LAT: Conservatives Also Irked by IRS Probe of Churches

France declares state of emergency

Fox News: Bad Language Isn't Illegal (downplays sexual harassment)

UN casts record vote against U.S. embargo on Cuba

As Knight Ridder Goes, So May (print) News Industry (circulation down)

Three said hurt in Tenn. school shooting

Kansas School Board OKs Science Standards (Intelligent Design)

Fulton (Atlanta) Reports Poll Problems

Do you pay others to gap rifts?

Pay me or I'll slap Biff.

Have you ever, like, thought you were friends

If Kilgore steals the election tomorrow, Virginia is fucked

Damn, Jon Stewart's batting 1000 tonight!

Beautiful Ape.

I've decided I don't want to do geology anymore.

Resistance is Futile

Me love you long time.

Tonight's 80's Earworm: Sleeping with the Enemy

you like animal pictures?

Did anyone DVR or tape the WW debate last night?

Who remembers the DUer Yang?



A promise:

Self Delete

How many songs are there about the FCC?

For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside

Some pics from when I went to Provincetown

how do you make an apple bong?

Wanna know how Eagles fans feel about Owens? Check out the poll

Good Morning

Incredible short Anime

This thing keeps staring at me

Jokes for the day

Oh. This is great!

KGs computer question of the week.

Woman Arrested For Stealing Rare Parrot - In Her Bra

Love .........

MatcomNews Update: Trial Delayed For 'Penis-Pump' Judge

Spokeswoman: Alcohol, sex and cheerleaders are ingredients for a hot story

You, too, can increase your Cialis size and shock friends!

Did anyone else see Dana Carvey and Steve Irwin on Leno?

Where is Clintmax and his Good morning thread

Rate your DU habit here

A petition to the Management of MatcomNews Inc.

Leaving work early

Thoughts about the movie "Jarhead" (((spoilers possibly)))

Cat Lovers Against the Bomb

Anyone else getting an error at the bottom of their screen?

I need to change my avatar

I Can't Dance (LARGE VIDEO)

And now for your moment of Awwww....

These new DU features are AWESOME!

Plane Crashes Into Wal-Mart

So, turns out I'm allergic to hypocritical faux-Christian fascist shitbags

LBN!-Pictures of NFL Carolina Panthers Lesbian Cheerleaders Hit the Web

Tom Cruise Hires New Publicist To Replace Sister

Y*** L** threads that will not be started by me

Deflowering my virgin wife

This Panther Cheerleader incident only proves one thing - ...

Pizza Invention Keeps Pepperoni In Place During Delivery

Aarrrrrgggg, Media Player's Shuffle has delivered the nastiest of earworms

Man Gets Naked In Shopping Mall Photo Store For Mug Shots - Arrested

ARRRGH yee maties Pirates are afoot ARRRGGGH!

Woman lives in nest

It's unpleasantly like being drunk.


Richard Simmons is FREAKING HILARIOUS!

What, if any team, will beat the colts this year?

Anymore T.O. deodorant commercials?

Soothsayer orders new capital

Why women don't laugh at the Three Stooges

The "dissing another nationality over something silly" thread

Garage doors work after mystery signal vanishes

A salute to....MATCOM!

Welcome to all the new people

Ordering Pizza--1984 style

Paaarr -harrrr-TAAAY! Happy 30th Birthday Tara Reid


Peyote....tell us about your experiences.

I Voted

Hooch (Video file)

Just heard on Imus that Connie Chung and Maury Povich (ugh)

Internet Advertising

know a really bad parker?

Mega-Churchgoer Hopes To Appear Devout On Jumbotron- The Onion

Has anyone heard from alCIAda since Katrina?

This Californian told Ahnold to go fuck himself

who was the best president over the course of your lifetime.

Couple Try To Market 'Jesus Juice' After Michael Jackson Trial

"Do I have a large frog in my hair?"

Two Drunken Moose Invade Home For Elderly

I let my 16-year-old go to Manhattan last night

Anyone up for a chess game at yahoo?

I'm buying a house in DC (Should I B&B the guest suite?)

A furry followed me to where I work!

I got a great idea for a new TV show - starring T.O.!!!!!

Wow... Sela Ward

what political affiliation is Denzel Washington? nt

for the love of God, where can I buy blank CD-R's in PCM Audio mode?

Christian Organization Invaded By Condom-Wearing Protesters

Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders Booted After Arrest


So....You won't spend 99 Cents for an episode of an old Sitcom...

What's the startup program called?

How badly has TO screwed up his life? He was even dissed by the pizza guy

Folks, I'd like to sing a song about the American Dream

New Windows-compatible Apache install

how can a Movie about the life of Johnny Cash....


Blog name: Sandy Underpants... a DUer?? if not, should be

$1,200 Spent On Wedding For Two Pug Dogs


OMG!! That thing! WHo saw that?!!!?? Now who's yer DADDY?!

It's time for another exciting round of NAME...THAT...ROCK STAR!

Did Matcom get Milk Duds again?

Time to dust off the "I voted" avatar. Anyone else?

Superballs in San Francisco

We are deep frying our topless arrested cheerleader for having sex in the

Student Facing Charges & Court For Streaking In Black Thong During Game


I made it to 3000 posts

I'm on break from poll worker duty

Not a very good day (need hugs)

I Got Lei-d Last Week

Happy 44th Birthday Leif Garrett: Confess - you had a crush on him!!

To anyone who thinks a "dog eat dog" establishment is a good thing.

Report from the Ninth Circle....

I Got Laid Last Week.

We are deep frying our turkey this Thanksgiving!!!

Has BigMcLargehuge been cookin' with a hot chef?

My nephew gave me a black eye

Karamari Damacy!

I'm thinking of becoming an ex-straight

Three elderly men are at the doctor's office for a memory test.

never done this -- 25th anniversary - ask away...

Doctor Quincy was the original Gil Grissom

Allow me to crow!

Ever have an experience with the paranormal?

I hope you haven't heard this joke before...

You know what really gets me?

So, what's the wife of the best man supposed to do at a wedding?

Eat Hamburgers, Get Asthma...

Toilet seat man has made same claim before.......

I just switched to Thunderbird mail client

Calvin and Hobbes: The Last Great Comic Strip

Yeah!!!! It's Clementine Season - YUMMY!!!!

2 Protesters Arrested After Going Topless

I'm thinking of becoming less ambiguous.

Wow...Dilemma time.

I'm NAKED!!!!!!

Look what video game I found...

Lame post

Best way to smoke ribs? Oak chips or Cherry chips?

soon you will meet the undead

Look.... Listen.... Hey, you now what? Well, to be honest with you...

calling billyskank!

Covering Teen Wolf: One Coach's Guide

Where is mutley_r_us?

What is all this "naked" talk?

Just curious, would we be excited if it was 2 Carolina Football Players...

The evil monkey is still staring at me!!!!

Home made Smoked Goose Breast! From German-American Chicago

I found a replacement for Zuni's Crack Smilie

Hey Shell Beau....

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

I hate working with incompetent yet inexplicably successful people.

Can't we all get along?

Anyone here interested in DU Radio?

you might see the jellyfish jammin with the salmon

Who's a masseuse?

The *OFFICIAL* Redding pride thread!

Woo Hoo!! Just won a bid for Gap cords on E-Bay

Fat bottomed or fat topped gals?

The *OFFICIAL* Noel Redding pride thread!

T.O apologizes, but Eagles say no way

I'm thinking of becoming an ex-gay

Does Drew Rosenhaus really love Terrell Owens

Gap Cords are waayyyy overrrated!

Ever *accidentally* put someone on ignore?

TWO Republican crushes in a row! WTF is wrong with me???

I'm having hummus! Who's with me?

Apple Cider: THIS IS HUGH!!!!!!!!!11111!

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself

Porn industry. Sleazy and detrimental, or purposeserving.

Star Trek Voyager: Strangest DVD Box ever. In a sense even the coolest.

Remember Californians to Vote and vote NO on Arnold's lying props!

wow Randi said something semi nice about Ed Shultz

Self Delete - Dupe.

Shell Beau got a SEX post locked

Dear person who outbid me on the Gap cords on E-Bay,

Art Institute of Chicago...

Weird Football Trivia Question.

New Medicare Choices on Drug Plans: You and your Drug Company

Betrayed by Clorox

Techies - a question

President George W. Bush - A Portrait (pic)

$340 Million Powerball Winners On CNN Right Now

Philly Online Poll: 68% don't want Terrell Owens back

"I'm gonna have some fun with this tonight". From my son with a can of

Today's Cheerleader profile-Molly Shattuck 38 yrs. old Ravens cheeerleader

I think Heath Bars suck

Need link to a poem that was a rebuttal to a school prayer email

Since when is the word "chews" a noun?

BREAKING NEWS: Oasis still sucks

Is there anyone cooler than these guys?

Folks, I'm going to the Gap to buy me some Cords

This is a socks post...

I am on pins and needles!

Let me know what you think of this shot I took at the beach today

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside that trunk

Ever get off the Internet for the day and log back on

Have Gun, Will Travel!

Isn't he cute?

View from my front porch (Pics)----

Election Day Poll about Election Day

Goodnight y'all

This is number 10,000 (and every one a gem of...

While we await election returns: NHL fights!

This is HUGH!!1!!!!1

Is there any real difference between Rob Lowe and Homer Simpson?


How do you go about finding someone?

HEY UNDERPANTS!!! 'Monkey Washing A Cat' Was On THE DAILY SHOW Tonight!!

Most annoying 60's era bubblegum song

A goodnight from afar, DUers.

Question on Electric Razors (Disability related)

Cat survives traffic, 70-foot fall from bridge, 600-foot swim

good brownies do not need chocolate chips

Who's hotter Seven of Nine (voyager) or Number Six (BSG)

Just home for the polls (Ohio)

"You're either on the bus, or off it." (pic)

So, how should I distract myself after I lose the election?

You can tell it's November TV Sweeps period.


It's still staring at me

damn . . . I missed the montana testicle festival


Now I'm the king of the swingers


King of the Hill--Bush has a limp handshake!

I Got Laid Off Last Week.

"Commander In Chief"...what do you think?

Question about Anti-virus protection

I just saw a specimen in the lab,

Ray Davies to Release Solo Album, EP

The BEST Sherlock Holmes EVER.

dolo amber is ignoring me!

Does anyone else love public television?

Alan Skorski's book on Al Franken - Ramblings of a Right Wing Loser

I just had some trouble with the Van Buren Boys.....

If NYG WR Plaxico Burris were from Brazil


"Report suspicious terror activity"


A cool piece of political memorabilia from 1990



"Report suspicious terror activity"

Had a great political conversation with the 14 year old boy today!

Well, in honour of the Democratic win in New Jersey...

Bed Time

Depressed Ohio is losing

What should I do?

Boston Legal on, man strays from wife with cow.n/t

love them hate them whatever...

I'm frying chicken livers!


Why is the cowbell sketch on SNL so funny?

Favorite George Constanza Moments

Well at least Issue 1 passed in Ohio

It's my 50th birthday on Saturday

Okay, I voted

I know this isn't politically correct, but I was watching Conan O'Brien

I heard a woman telling someone on a cell phone to get their ass out

I've never known anyone going thru a Divorce - is that weird?

Steely Dan Fans...Is "Time out of Mind" about what I think it is?

I am GOING to have the love children of Boston Legal's writer.

I say we do a DU vacation in Aruba!! It'll be US Fundie Free

Guiness extra stout is my favorite beverage

Have you now, or have you ever

Oregon couples win $340 million lottery

Is there any real difference between Lowe's and Home Depot?

If Owens is really sorry he needs to fire that dumbass agent Rosenhaus

Happy Birthday LibDemAlways!

Help me pick out a used car

Breaking: Mr Sulu is STILL gay

I always forget this guy when we have "Underrated Actor" threads

My computer at work is making me homicidal.

Drinks all around!

Need help with my pro-Clinton Christmas Cards.Can ANYONE help me?

Is there any new slang an old fart should know?

Working on my free-hand computer drawing skills

My Mother-in-law is up for re-election. THE SUSPENSE IS MADDENING!

......sixteen days after and my neighbors and friends on my

I'm hesitant to consult a fundy, creationist ear, nose & throat doc.

how do you soothe your sore throat?

This is a rocks post

"You killed him in a rit of fealous jage!"

Do you pay others to wrap gifts...?

Fat bottomed girls

Did you ever have any fight club experiences?

(AOL's) This Day in History for November 8

Anyone here a fan of Terrence McKenna?

Favorite "Elaine" Moments

My 15 year old niece has been missing for 24 hours. I need support!

Why are we at level 2...

Ask A Slaughterhouse Killing-Floor Worker

My skin is too thin

Actual email sent out by the UW-Stevens Point College Repukes

So what reading material do you have in your bathroom

So it turns out I'm allergic to chocolate.

Pink Floyd Pulse finally comes to DVD!

Check out the cool illusion

There was a giant cockroach in my history class today...

Netflix subscribers!Have you experienced a drastic slowdown in

Wouldn't it be funny if TO had to play Arena League ball?

DC area folk music fans...

I took an Ambien last night...holy crap!

Sad News longtime DUers....I was running a search on something,

New England sports fans - is the Big Ride over?

I didn't vote today!!!!


Schwarzenegger Street (funny!)

Is the guy who hates Stephen Colbert for real???

I don't ever think I've seen a customer like this

I've changed my mind -- I've decided to become more gay

The Floogeldy Man Will Clean Your Clock

For Southlandshari

"In Your Time"

Is anybody here sensitive to weather changes??

12 oz. Mouse

Who'll be in Chicago Nov 25-26?

Got fired today

We just inherited a chinchilla. Ask me anything.

So what did everyone do for Guy Fawkes Day this year?

I'm Gonna Play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - I Need Some Relief!


I go back to work tomorrow...

Song Parody - Don't Fear the Freepers (crossposted from GD)

Enjoying Lyrics Thread Every Day

Nighthawks XXXIII (dial-up warning)

Theism isn't a belief system, religion, or faith either.

Obtaining pre-certification for hospital admission. What are the rules?

Mad Cow disease in Milk

Peyote Won't Rot Your Brain

Study: Natural Selection Has Strongly Influenced Recent Human Evolution

Looking for research/info on Syrian goddess Atargatis

Mystery of jar burial in Iran's Gohar Tepe

Hormones make women safer drivers

Nanodevices Can 'Hear' Cancer

Einstein key stops hacks

Now *this* kind of "science" we do NOT need ...

VIDEO: Too funny! Ed Helms on TDS asks "Has gay marriage ruined Mass.?"

As seen on "The Daily Show"- Brian Camneker of anti-gay Article 8 Alliance

Noel Coward Partner Graham Payn Dies

'Holy Anus' stirs up unholy row

Del Shores's Southern Baptist Sissies headed for the big screen

Gay Catholics to mark offered money

Indianapolis Mayor Issues Order Protecting Transgender City Workers

Anyone remember Queer Nation? (back in to 1990's)

One man, one woman, many votes

Very sad news indeed!

Baylor Gay Purge Extends To Grads

Gay-bashing turns deadly, attacker slain

Congrats to the Colts (from a Pats fan)

Where do you all think TO will play next year?

Urbina charged with attempted murder

Prediction: The Saints will NOT lose this week!

Great weekend of SEC football...

Egads. Ugueth Urbina arrested for attempted murder (machete attack)

Very sad and need some advice

The notion of the intrinsic vs. the extrinsic theism.

Gah! I'm going freaking crazy at my weekend job! (A rant)

Photo journalism about Iraq

what is that crap on O'Neill's head ?

Some Kerry press

Kerry: Administration Showing Little Progress in Helping Gulf Coast Small

Whither the West Coast Card?

Army Captain Ian Fishback: The John Kerry of 2005

Reposting, to make sure everyone sees this

Kerry NJ email

Diebold, Diebold, Diebold -- Arrgh, Arrgh, Arrgh!!!!

The Big 'D'

Horrible! I am so UPSET! NH Mayor Baines seems to have lost

Hey, did anyone see the Senate vote last night?

I'm a happy camper

Damn, my neighbors ROCK!!!

St. Paul Mayor who endorsed * in '04 loses BIG!

Here is Kerry's editorial in Spanish about Latin America

Site for Va. results

help help help

A Stronger America--An Empowerment Thread

Attention all users of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and other

Trying this again...fall entry

I know that may not scream Fall to everyone

The local wildlife

Finding the perfect pumpkin

Hi kids, checking in.

Off-year Election Night Thread - KOEB 11/8

Testosterone DU er hungry for Alison Stewart snark ... be gentle please

Look at Time's headline stories over last few years on Rove-.

Many great timelines/analysis of Plamegate. Anything similar for Abramoff

"One Nation Under God Action Center" Massive coalition says Theocracy Now


Right Wing Sites Refuse to break Faux News sex harrassment

DU this poll

Has anyone heard about bogus calls made pretending to be Va. Dem. Kaine?

Rockerfeller vs Roberts -how they want to proceed with investigation.

Just wondering. Why are some Dems calling for Troups home by end of '06?

Voting in northern Virginia - paper or electronic, your choice

Newsweek: Big Guys Win Again. This Is Tax Reform?

I talked to a NY Republican biz man the other day...

Karma is a bitch for Indiana's John Hostetler (R-08)

Will Corzine Pull This One Out???

Yesterday CNN, MSNBC And Faux All Said * Was On His Last Leg....

Fight Back, Mr. President

Impeach PAC: 549 Contributors, $24,189 (link)

It's votin' day, and dammit, I'M VOTIN'!

Degree to which you feel protected as the result of Bush's protection

Election day: Corzine (D) +5 , Kaine (D) +3 --- Rasmussen Report

Fox: Bush "Back to Business at Home" Before Asia Trip (it's HARD WORK!)

Some Question Whether Rove Should Retain Security Clearance

Repubs vote to cut food stamps but turn their heads on windfall profits...

I'm worried: non-voters in CA, evangelicals in VA, weak Corzine in NJ

Video: Obama on TDS? GREAT response to "what would Dems do diff. in Iraq?"

Is there any downside to an "Undeclared" party affiliation?

DFC blog: info for California voters!

Just an observation from my Virginia polling place

Sheila Jackson-Lee kicking ass on CSPAN1

R. Rep. Marsha hair in her face Blackburn wins award for

Ambassador de Sade

MSNBC Says "True Liberals" Support Union Busting Ca. Props

Ralph Reed = God's Bad Alter Boy

Tim Russert just made the STUPIDEST comment....

On This Election Day, Send Some Good Thoughts To Maine!

Kilgore-Kaine is now a referendum of sorts on Bush

What's the matter with New York? Worth askin' again.

Bush's IRS to threaten the Pope?

Let us be judged by the fruit of our Christian Nation's labor

New Political Comic at The Hollywood Liberal

What election machines are used in VA and NJ? Will RNC hack the vote?

White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'

From MoveOn to Movement-Building having great discussion on haves and have mores

NJ GOP off to a good start (in suppressing turnout)--from Mercer County

I, LynneSin, am one of the few DUers with an excuse to not Vote today

Another Saddam Co-Defendant's Lawyer Slain

I got an Email from the Greenies to vote No on 80?!?!?!

The Atypical Ambassador

Red Hot XM Deal (if you can't get AAR locally) is now INCANDESCENT

Please DU The Situation Room/Cafferty

How many soldiers died in Iraq yesterday?

2 Faced repugs in Congress; "We need to find out who leaked the fact

where to find transcript of today's press meeting with Scott?

DeLay turns political woes into financial boon

Every time *** opens his mouth I get angrier. Now its time, per

New Orleans: Stop the eviction of the 'welcome home' kitchen

The Media Saying "Votes Will Indicate Bush's Popularity"

How 'bout we give purple fingers to Americans who vote on...

Let's play DU Democratic Strategists for a day. What would you say?

Repubs and Dems agree on Iraq.

Right now the Senate is voting on the Limbaugh Protection Act

Vote Along Party Lines or Die!

GOP Senator sticks foot in mouth in New Orleans

Observation: Clinton's tenure was a 'presidency', B*sh's is a 'regime'

DailyKos reporting election irregularities in Virginia

Purple Middle Finger = A Vote Against Der Governator's Initiatives!

Ummm GOP there is a diff between a whistleblower and a leaker


Heavy Turnout In My Polling Place! (No Hollywood, CA)

To the free people in VA.

Why in the HELL does it have to be this way? Voting...

What are we going to do

How sad is this

Voters report problems with voting machines in Roanoke Co.

ANOTHER poll has Bush in the mid-30s (Pew, 36% approval).

The war drags on

Somebody please explain the Senate's "armed forces radio vote"

I just voted in NW Va.

Inhofe: My office has never received complaint about AF Radio content

Are they doing exit polls today? I read yesterday that three states


Okay, I guess what's needed is to smash these damned machines.

ACLU: Stop the Patriot Act from becoming permanent

What time do your polls close today?

I voted on a PAPER BALLOT today (PA)

NJ election

Well, dammit, I VOTED! Yeah - that's RIGHT!

Republicans fear Bush address before election

Call CNN and Express Your Outrage on their PRO-GOP stance

I Voted - Did YOU?

The Repug Machine is sneaky but this won't work (CIA Leak)

GOP Meme today - Bush has not lost popularity. Russert et all. Insist,

So which GOPer leaked the info on the CIA prisons?

Does anyone have links to the election tally sites for NJ and VA yet?

Voters choosing governors, mayors (MSNBC)

The DNC site seems tampered. Is it just me?

LOL!! Abrupt End To Freep Outrage Over Prison Leak...

US Republicans: A teeeeeeny tiny minority in the world

Should hurricane-prone areas share insurance costs with those...

I know thee's a lot of loyal Dems here....but....

Polling Places at churches - can the IRS be called?

IF YOU HAVE ANY VOTING PROBLEMS, here's where to report them!

Will the turnout be bad today, after 2004, since zero has changed

New Orleans HELLP Documentary. Police Brutality and apathy.

Who is Howard Ahmanson? Of Intelligent Design and Voting Machines...

Here's how the New World Order works.

Current U.S. politics suck.

Are there exit polls in NJ?? Huff Post has an AP story up saying

What's all this fuss about CIA Leak probes?!?


Lou Dobbs Has An Interesting Question Tonight....

I think I just witnessed one portion of the set up.

I hate election day..

CAlifornia get out the vote today, no rain anywhere, no excuse. VOTE NO!

Oh I just had a scary thought about 2005 elections.

i just voted

The Government Who Cried Wolf!

Does anyone feel the Repuke plan is to "sink elections in the bathtup"

Boiler Room Data from the Hotline on the Virginia race...

proud2Blib, are you out there tonight???

CNN Voting Coverage

Republicans go back to playbook in New Jersey

Kaine 54% Kilgore 42% - VA Results

ACLU Television: The Freedom Files starts Thursday

Okay -- why no returns from Virginia?

Dems are going to have to fund our own exit polls - this is unacceptable!

CBS Poll: One Year Later, KERRY Would Beat BUSH

Democracy Now is playing the Italian video on the use of white phosphorus

Machiavellian vs. Moron

Do we have results threads for all the states having elections today?

If Kilgore wins in VA, citizens should storm the polling places and stage

Does anyone have a link to NJ results?

Why colleges are not involved in the peace movement

A lot of repukes who were to run next year--might be scared off this year

Early Virginia Results

Just on Olbermann...should I bring some popcorn? ...And...

Can someone PUL-LEASE post me some New Jersey numbers

Regarding Bush and Cheney's Defense of Torture.....

VA returns

"NewsMeat" ...Who the rich and famous have donated to..

Will the Repubs in Virginia scream fraud if the Dem wins the .....

Schwarzenegger told he'd have to use provisional ballot

Don't they usually call and election with 75% of the vote counted?


Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! n/t

Kiane wins, congratulations to all freedom loving people in America

Were we worried about losing two already Democratic State Houses?

Kaine %50 Kilgore 47% with 74% reporting! MSNBC CALLING KAINE!

My Marine neighbor confirms white phosphorous used in Falluja

AP: Dems Lead In VA, NJ Gov Races

Hey, Kilgore! Take your fear-mongering, race-baiting, lying ass ...

One down, come on NJ, we need you

FOX NEWS: Hannity on with Vallely, and yes KAINE wins according

Will the evil MSM cover our big night?

When do the California polls close?

Fred Barnes is smiling through his tears

Damnit, I have to go to Fox News to get the fricking returns

freeper's analysis of why Kaine won.

AP just called Virginia for Kaine!

These are the times I want to throttle CNN and MSNBC. Arrgggghh.

You know, it's almost FUN to watch the news these days....

Texas Results...

AP calls NJ for Corzine...

Dem vs repug: You can almost tell by looking (NJ)

USA Today's Math On Bush Approval --- Help Me On This!

Why wouldn't locals do exit polling anyway?

Please be sure to thank all people who worked in VA and NJ

Kaine elected governor

VA returns - thread #2

I voted in Virginia today

How do we best capitalize on tonight's election results going into 06?

Hey, SCRUBDASHRUB and underpants, we did it!

Maine Gay Rights Proposal Results

Was perusing FR's election responses and came across this gut buster

Not to burst the bubble but in 2001 - we had the same exact returns

"It's neck-and-neck!"

Dover School Board - This is a major race because of Intelligent Design!!

88% in for Kaine and a 5% margin. It's a blowout!

What's with the Giuliani and Bloomberg syndrome?

Let's remember, * personally campaigned for Kilgore and Kilgore lost



Official New Jersey Results Thread

Kilgore conceding now (link provided)

AP, FoxNews,MSNBC: Kaine projected winner!!

Los Angeles KTLA News (Anti Arnold Union Rally)

CBS News: Democrats Sweep Governors' Races

Corzine's lead widening.

NewsCh 8 in DC reporting that Kilgore will concede any minute.

Sorry, dupe

On Tweety today, David Schuster reports that the relationship has cooled

A pardon in these circumstances...signals that this WH... is above the law

"Liberal Media" election night report.. Prime time (10:45 pm est)

Can Someone Give Me Hope for OH in '06?

Corzine wins folks, let us celebrate

Having hard time finding results on the cable news networks

Bangor TV calling It for NO on Prop 1!

People i am worried

Now, what do we do to keep Corzine's senate seat? What say, NJ?

Precinct Captain autorank taking a brief rest. Damn this is hard but fun.

Just heard on my local (Richmond, VA) news that Kilgore has

Ohio vote on issues 2, 3, 4, & 5 ...... Blackwell again

Why did Corzine Run For Governor Anyway?

Fallujah Massacre Video

Which elections are we watching?

Kaine is about to speak!

Mr. Chalabi Comes to Washington

Shout out to my friend the new mayor! leads with anti-gay ammendment passage in TX...

Please DU this poll: : Should S. Alito be confirmed?

Corzine - do the right thing and appoint Codey as your Senate replacement!

Can the entire GOP be placed on suicide watch? Bwahahahahaha

Mr. Vallely, I ask you to swear on the bible.

I wish Democrats nationally...

any links for the ST. Paul mayor's race?

And it's not over yet....there's still California!

Pardon me, sir and madam, but may I suggest, in light of tonight's wins...

Has any recent president recovered from a 60% disapproval rating?

Can you say "Speaker Pelosi"? I'd prefer President Pelosi

Offical California Results and Comments Here...damn it.

A question, Dems: Do you think that when Ohio's bizarre skewed results

Ok, Dems we are getting good news tonight, however....

California election result link

Forrester is on CN8 now conceding

They are going to steal VA!!!!! Here we go again

Larry Sabato: "Warners 2008 will skyrocket. Allens will fall."

My Partner and I were unable to vote this morning

It's Official!!............Ohio is the most screwed up state in the union.

So, Dick Phucked the Bush, according to DeFrank?

Dems Retain Governorships, As NJ, VA Voters Reject Rove-Inspired Spin

Limbaugh said today these little off year elections mean nothing

Wait, how did Kaine win?

Who do you think will replace cheney

Did they change or move your polling place in CA? Guess what....


I'm stunned! Howard Dean is actually a Centrist!

You GO Catholic Democrats

Cheney's Secret Energy Meetings in 2001 {poll}

Cheney Lied - MSNBC

Virginia to George W. Bush: GO FUCK YOURSELF

"Arnold Counts the Votes" Hilarious Flash Animation by Symbolman

I stood in front of the voting machine in Texas and cried


Libby's sleazy book

Under fire from Democrats, Cheney pushes back (Reuters)

Ohio Election Returns Thread

US condemns Myanmar over secret trials

Commander In Chief Clark character

I won re-election tonite...

Links for election results in Virginia, California, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Is it time to talk about getting out in the streets re: rigged elections?

Goodbye, Kansas (creationists score)

Ethically Challenged

Neoconservative Disinformation Creates a Democracy Gap

Bush's Tortured Logic

Heads up... VA Attorney General race.


Arnie gets Orange County Absentee Votes

I can't stand another minute of waiting to know what is going on!

Everyone be careful tonight and tomorrow

Randy Kelly lost, 70 percent to 30 percent

Publisher help needed, please

Ohio get your sledge hammers out! You've been "diebolded" AGAIN!

any guesses why issues 2,3,4,5 failed ?

Three DFA listers win seats on the Columbus City Council.

Cleveland Mayor - 54% Jackson 45% Campbell, 99% of precincts reporting.

Voted today in Hardin County on a Diebold touchscreen

Score: KKK - 1, Texas GLBTs - 0

Rundown of Results Thread-what passed? What failed? State/City

Warner speaking at Kaine's victory party

How are the Freepers' taking tonight?

I am GOING to have the love children of Boston Legal's writer.

Good link for California election results

So far Maine says NO to bigotry

New name for O'Lielly: O'Nazi....

What's the matter with Ohio?

It is on to 2006 from here!

republicans - the Iraq war and Social Security change party.

Imus withdrew his endorsement for Corzine this morning. Corzine won

The Bush Factor?

Daily Show tonight just outspoken on torture.

I Dick Cheney insane?

Local News station said Ahnold's props are expected to FAIL

I heard Amb. Joe Wilson speak in Michigan tonight. Inspiring.

This new push not to give citizenship to people who are born here?

Tonight's great victories will probably cause some terror alerts!

These propositions not looking good

How does it work when you have a Dem Gov and a Pub Lt. Gov?

I was one of 552 people in my TX county of nearly 50,000 to vote no on 2

Nothing motivates hateful bigots more than hate and bigotry.

Stop all the complaining...this administration has done so much

79 & 80 don't mean much, both parties voted NO-Arnold's five, 74 though 78

Yee Haw! DU this poll!

Ben Stein calling Fitz a thug on Tucker's show...

Nightline will discuss the election results in NJ and Va after

Anyone hear the last freeper on Malloy just now??!

hell with it, I'm hoisting a few beers in Kaine and Corzine's honor...

Up to date CA results from KNX news radio Los Angeles - >

My contribution to the Libby defense fund

Ashes of democracy blown away in Ohio

As a Christian, I hope you don't mind my saying this...

That's it.....I'm done with politics!!!!!.....

McCain coming up on Daily Show

Proposed Social Contract on the use of "Bitch" to describe a woman.

Hey, Frank Mag fans!

Massey Lectures

Goodbye, Kansas (creationists score)

The Swiftboating of Patrick Fitzgerald

WP: Alito Signals Reluctance To Reverse 'Roe' Ruling

Dover CARES sweeps school dir. seats (Dover, PA evolution fight)

Voters soundly reject election changes in Ohio

US Senate panel to examine decency (on television) issues Nov. 29

California Ballot Propositions - Results

Ohio Election Results - State Issues 2-5 - Election Reform

US criticised for use of phosphorous in Fallujah raids

US anti-terrorism trial a 'political case': lawyer

AP Calls Maine Gay Rights Initiative w/56% of precincts reporting - a cool site I just came upon

Quick question...

Sorry, Horny DU men: it doesn't sound like the cheerleaders of your dreams

Latest picture that screams, "Freeper!"

hey SANTA...

I'm a little stunned about all the torture humour tonight

The fucking lead story on the 8:00 news in L.A. is the LOTTERY!!

Anyone watch Law and Order SVU?

Note to self: Pots have a handle for a reason

Why isn't "Aqua Teens" on anymore on Adult Swim?

Tonight is a night for America!

Drunk or sober, I'm equally ranty, vicious, and vindictive; BUT,

What has happened today...big in the thow us into Defcon3?


(Poll) If you knew the identity of a person who had received MREs...

For all who voted!

Hey everybody, say hello to my friend and new DUer, AnnieWretch.

WOHOO! Voted for Kaine in Va and he won!

Patty Loveless

Geez, I loathe Friends

My South Park avatar

Local station in KC reporting that Priest Holmes' career is over

***VIDEO from 11/8 COUNTDOWN - Secret prisons, Reid's statement, more!***

Senator John McCain on "The Daily Show" tonight!!! And the topic of...

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Morality Fatigue"

Rick's new cuddly side

All Dems have to do in 2006 is talk about their position on the issues,

Good news to come on CA Props:SF &LA Counties not reporting ANY precincts

Woa! Two Dems knocked off incumbent Repubs for Tucson City Council...

The Swiftboating of Patrick Fitzgerald

Discuss: Does this mean Bush will be a campaign pariah for '06?

I worked the polls in Columbus, Ohio. Ask me anything

Guys, please, I need your help a lot!!! Iraq War GDP question.....

Senator John McCain on "The Daily Show" tonight!!! And the topic of...

La Repubblica: Martino a bad forger, but fools international spy agencies?

Looks like we won the Dover School Board!!!