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Archives: November 6, 2005

The Threat of Hope in Latin America

San Diego Union Tribune

Pssst... Nobody Loves a Torturer (Newsweek)

US says 'real progress' made at Americas summit (Bush, then Hadley)

Juan Cole: Sunni Constitution Drafter Killed

'We are not scum'

Senator Urges Bush to 'Come Clean' on Leak

Blogs and the tireless new reality they have created

Keep Fitzgerald's door open (Pitts Trib Rev)

voices in Ohio capital say president's in trouble(David Brodor;hold nose)

Toughguy stuff Bush's No. 2 gives no quarter and plays for all the marbles

Secrets and Shame

Defending Imperial Nudity

State Battles Likely if Roe Overturned {I thought I had prepared myself

What Do You Know -- Bogus Intel Got Us Into Another War

Drone's controllers scan war that's hell

Did Harry Reid Hit Bill Frist This Week With The "Smoking Gun"?

2 columns re: liberal v Conservative in Academia

sorry...wrong forum..

Is America Still Red Vs. Blue, or Purpler?

Conservative Crackup

How much longer before the rubber binder snaps?

Hiaasen: Adventures of Jack Abramoff -- an ugly story

Newsday: Don't cry for Rove when time comes


Where is Italia Federici? (Abramoff/Gail Norton/CREA/Payola)

Fuzzy and Harriet (Harriet's convoluted writing style)

Question now is how much longer can staff deflect inquiry

The West Wing's term of office at NBC open to debate (very bad ratings)

Wag The Gassed Dog (Who else remembers seeing this on cable TV?)

Hybrid Values and Payback Periods (,

President urged to use oil reserve

Calif. Vote May Reregulate Energy Market

Freeps blame 9/11 and Katrina on the "Roadmap"

'Unrest' in Iran Arabic province' - BBC

Need a new acronym. MIHOP too weak. How about NUSGOP?

Does anybody know the plane that flew Clinton back on 9/11

What led you to be most suspicious of the official story?

Virginia had touch screen switching in 2004; and lots of other problems

Heads Up Election Reform Movement!

1 year ago today, 5 years ago today...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 11/06/05

King County tells voters not to worry about notification (WA)

Most 'lost voters' from Latino districts (MA)

Join the Midnight Fraud Squad for CA Special Election This Tuesday!

Question about ES&S Scanners.

Why they went after Kevin Shelley and what it means for CA elections

Ohio Has Gone Diebold With VVPT (allegedly) - Election Tues - WATCH NEEDED

Any suggestions on good election reform documentaries? Besides...

Damn, Paul Hackett still clueless about computer fraud in Ohio!

Arizona ID rule may deny U.S. citizens right to vote

Look what Vickiss did...again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drug industry gives $450,000 payday to Willie Brown

Beatty crashes governor's party; Union leaders join Hollywood Democrat...

Calif. GOP Seeks Religious Push...

Repuke Plants in Web Forums

I wish they would stop calling.

Have you been push-polled?

Anyone else in Cedar Rapids? Any details re who are the Dems running

Jefferson/Jackson dinner...

Have you seen Good Night, and Good Luck ?

Fox 25 News at 10 doing story tonight on the gay marriage pettition fraud

In case anyone was still wondering about the blimps over the Twin Cities

2006 Minnesota Gubenatorial and Senate Candidate Websites

Just how did Randy Kelly save businesses?

Tim Pawlenty silences internal debate at the DNR,

Can't stay logged in to DU

In The Columbus Disgrace: 44 Counties Will Break In New Voting Machines

Reform Ohio Now needs people who will make calls / donations

Rep Pryce gets a serious challenge from County Commish

From a Bama boy to Texas ladies

Pics from the KKK rally? Anyone?

God has endorsed Prop 2

(Newport Beach) Daily Pilot: Writer: U.S. should send aid not troops

Something to do with poor response of Katrina?

Daily show clips on

CBC's current take on the present state and future of NOLA -- video link

I LOVE Warren Beatty!

Is Aleksander Boyd Venezuela's Achmed Chalabi?

Nate Clay is streaming LIVE now. What happened to the 'Listen Live' link?

Who would jesus torture?

Bill Maher, Pissing Off The Freepers.

What's the deal with Bill Wattenburg on KGO radio?

"Who would Jesus Torture?"

Remember the Eminem video about Bush? Anyone have a copy?

Britain marks 400 years since Gunpowder Plot

Think Progress Compares Bush's Summit of the Americas Trip to Clinton's

Where is the Outrage over Iraq? Jesus

Really great pictures from Daily Kos - Bush, Reid, Hillary, Cheney , etc.

Korea Herald: Eight-year-old physics genius enters university

High School Hoops Team Loses 112-2 (should they have kept playing?)

FEMA's Brown Resigned In Disgrace. His E-Mails Help Explain Why

Iraqi Doctors Beaten and Arrested in Haditha Hospital

'Jewish terrorist' serving 20-year sentence killed in U.S. jail

Blowback from the Iraq war . . .

LTTE “On Rice’s rights folly” Anniston Star, Alabama

Retired Nasa chimps enjoy the wild life

it's good to be white in amerika - kill two black children, drive off,

Here's a headline you won't see--Bush/Cheney Resigning

Iraq veterans at high school near me using BS propaganda on the kids

Question the War magnets and stickers. Nice idea! Check it out.

Pentagon says its only counting suicides of soldiers who die in theater

U.S.-Led Forces Attack al-Qaida in Iraq (uu... I have not seen

Killer Go Away

Nut on C-Span: Russians and French hauled out the WMDs

Juan Cole: Criminal for Bush to be quoting this "information"

WP, pg1: Rage of French Youth Is a Fight for Recognition

Cheney's Secert Jails

Intelligent Design?

Why didn't the Right give Harriet Miers an up or down vote??

Ohio: "It's lucky (Bush's) not on the ballot this year."

Barf Bag Time: JC Watts chimes in...

Heads Up -- Teddy Kennedy on Meet the Press

Sorry if this has been posted

Is there sometime of day or night that the Archives will be available?

LAT: The Road to Profit, Paved With Panties (Sorry -- couldn't resist!)

Bush Gets Booed at Nine Inch Nails Concert

I'm very disturbed that only 53% of Americans want Bush impeached if

NYT: France Has an Underclass, but Its Roots Are Still Shallow

Sunday Morning Blather about to begin

White New Orleans is coming back; Black New Orleans is moving out.

Who said Dems don't have solutions?

Treasonous republican flip-flop #122.

Treasonous republican flip-flop #123.

Gingrich blaming Dems in Congress for spending on 'This Week'

Treasonous republican flip-flop #124.

Wage Slaves Unite!! Great Profits are made off of Your Life.

Craig Ferguson: George Bush on Larry King , ifilm video

Armageddon ancient-early Christian church found in Israeli jail

Stephanopoulos Repeats Pro-GOP Memes, Panelist Calls John Kerry "Sick"

Ah, Xmas...

George Carlin

Thank you Nina Totenberg -- Shoots down Russert/GOP lie about justices

Spy Chief Accidentally Leaked CIA's Intelligence Budget

Kucinich: Dems, Don't Ignore the War, time for a true opposition party

Is there silence at Freeperville regarding the Scanlon Memo?

CNN Bush* & Da Silva giving joint statement. Live Now.

Chris Wallace "schooled" about FOX NEWS on FNS- BY HIS DAD!!!!!

Wasn't Dubya born in New Haven CT? Sam Donaldson just got it wrong.

Bush just said that Brazil needed to "convince its people"

Sen. Rockefeller on Wolf Blitzer, discussing "intelligence" matters

Wolf opens with NY Times article

Who'd you rather have a beer with - Bush/Blair/Howard or Hugo/Fidel/Lula

Anyone have info on the San Diego rally tomorrow with Cindy???

As much as I like Jimmy Carter, HE was the first mainstream politician

Frank Rich: The Mysterious Death of Pat Tillman

U.S. intelligence-pretty good idea info was false as early as 2002

The FBI Is Spying On You And Me

Democrats in the Senate and House should be SCREAMING MAD

OK, all you highly educated types.....

Bring the boys back home.

OK post what you REALLY think about the NYT!

Who can you trust?

duplicate - please remove

Dearest Senator Biden: BITE ME

Wolf Blitzer just read the Downing Street Memo to the UK Secy of Defense

Republicans have no Morals

Anyone watching the Fox pregame show?

We need a link for the Thom Hartman show.

You down with OPP?

In Brazil: "bush, Come Back To Hell!"

Responses to climate change threaten animals!

Does any company offer insurance against Republicans?

Is Jimmy Massey telling the truth about Iraq?

Democrats on the left corporation on the right.

What will * do for his own "Checkers Speech?"

The Forgotten of Africa, Wasting Away in Jails w/o Trial (PIC)

Frist urges germ spies (Action alert contacts here)

Roe v. Wade & Republican controlled Supreme Court

The Virginia GOP's Dirty Money - Follow the money from illegal immigration

15 dead, more than 150 injured in overnight Tri-State tornado

I love McCain...

Commentary from Bob Schieffer with a lot more depth

Jon Corzine's ex-wife got $100 million from their divorce --

U.S. Military Wants to Own the Weather (drive hurricanes)

Paul Krugman is a hoot!!!! Defending Imperial Nudity

Was/Is Vietnam Taught In Your High School History Classes?

Apparently Brazilians Have No Problem Comparing bush To Hitler!

FRONTLINE on Tuesday: "The Last Abortion Clinic"

Anyone watching the Author Call-in on CSPAN2?

Does anyone know where the link is

"Good Night and Good Luck" is still not playing in my city.

What lies beyond Thunderdome?

McDonalds not safe from Muslims' wrath around Paris

The "Tell Agent Mike Your Thoughts" so it can be used against you thread:

Senate passes five-year deficit-reduction bill

How did NYT get info re: Al-Libi

Corporations have to make really tough choices.

Is anyone following the S. Indiana tornado tragedy?

"FEC Research" - A Push-Poll org?

wouldn't it be interesting if the rest of the world embargoed the US

The France travel warning is not on the State Department website

2047 Reasons why the DSM is Important

NEVER back down from a Republican. No decorum results.

Wise Ass: It’s the Information Age

Christ-mas is on its way. Got that sinking feeling?

When is the Dem. party gonna define a strong agenda?

Why does Randi feel the need to bash.....

Why do billboards of 50 cent have to come down and pictures of

Fox News Sunday: Utter comedy!

Judy Miller and Pajamas Media (Kos)

Pharmacists denying Birth Control

About this GOP move to take citizenship rights away

Just saw Good Night & Good Luck-A Commentary

OMG! Laughable new right wing talking point!

CNN late edition Transcript:Wolf brings up Downing Street Memo

Blue Shield of CA HMO outsourcing medical care to Mexico -

oil profits and Iraq War "failure"

The Clenis, the root (pun intended) of all evil

"They blew up their poster boy''...Patrick Tillman quoted by Frank Rich

AP: Democrats press on for prewar Iraq report

An Anti-Suburb being built in Colorado

Open Letter to Fitzpatrick points to Bush Family Saudi Involvement

Corporate Radio - Bring on Christmas!!

"Quadriplegic Ellison Eyes State Senate"

Rockefeller to Wolf: Bush Admin stovepiped the intelligence.

What Will It Take For The Rest of the World to Call Bullshit on the USA?

Right Wingers Make Me Angry

Global warming is changing the Alps

Can someone help me out with this question!

If I wanted to be a Dictator of America

one year later, it's time to ask-- was John Kerry the best...

Cspan-Chavez Speech coming up

Have you noticed how everytime Bush meets with some leader in this country

Have you ever been threatened for not supporting Bush?

PBS needs a major ovehaul .. Where is the new programming?

If you knew that a meteor was going to hit the earth would your

This Is Why bush Was Pouting in Argentina! No naps, lunch and late to bed!

Videos-two comments I found irritating this morning

Roe v. Wade: Right wing myth shot to hell!

Blame The Democrats For Iraq

"Law enforcement can be fun!"---Farenheit 451 on TCM NOW!

Ohio was recounted last year, right??

Wow--Didn't Realize How Far Back This Thinking Goes.

More Proof BushCo Fixed the Facts + Cartoon "The Hard Facts"

Update: HMO agrees to pay for ill boy to visit specialist

Should Supermajority Rules Apply to SCOTUS Decisions

Freepers Freak At Hagel's Anti-Torture Stance

"Astronauts Want Asteroid Collision Plan"

"Bush Backing Still Sought in Close Races"

CIA Pressure

Cheney Lies! ThinkProgress has the proof.

Chavez, Castro undemocratic: Bush

Is this true? cell phone numbers will be released to telemarketing cos

Interesting comment I found on a website about "young" GWB

Roberts: An investigation means we have no confidence in The Troops

Please DU this poll

Need funny Bush pics for daughter's school project

wanna see what's happening to america?

60 Minutes tonight:

Here's a map from The Ctr for Reproductive Rights

Why do soo many RW gov't employees laud the private sector?

Fantastic BBC Documentary! The Power of Nightmares.

ACLU National Survey on Freedom, Tolerance and Equality - has

My daughter learned a lesson today! Good going church lady!

This country is out of control. Is this McCarthy Era Phase II?

Rove's Security Clearance Widely Questioned

Holy Crap. Local Fox affiliate is advertising tonights big story . . .

OK So my mom calls and says that the end of the world will come when

Ok, all you are the reasons you're HELLBOUND!!

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

Shrub compared to a man out driving with his wife

Will Iraq or any of the Arab world adopt "Western" ways ?

"Is America Still Red Vs. Blue, or Purpler?"

Bush admin roadless plan a fraud, denies Oregons input

The FBI's Secret Scrutiny

We Americans are like recovering addicts after a four-year bender

Has Any Polling Service Asked This Question ???

2 US soldiers, 13 civilians die in Iraq - Monday, November 07, 2005

By 18 Points, America Wants a Democratic Congress

Dick Morris a natural for the GOP: he's a bloody coward (audio)

Reform Ohio Now! Keep Kicked!

Gov. Mark Warner is on Cspan Q&A tonight.

Charles and Camilla head to northern California, and go all-out organic --

Is this Legit? Marine who confessed to abuses lied to gain celebrity

GOP Sen Coburn: My party is guilty of Spending Kids Futures Away

Bush is in Brazil. Does he plan to stay there maybe to escape prosecution?

New White House Initiative - OPERATION INFINITE PURITY

If DNA has resulted in the release of perhaps hundreds of

I thought West Wing ratings were way down?

This Dream Theater song sums up what I don't like about Red 'Murica

VIDEO-Tom Coburn -Patriot Act Takes Away Freedoms

NCFR bailing on Bush

The FBI's Secret Scrutiny (creepy article)

Wanna see something REALLY SICK? Beware.

OH OH - does anyone know what church DeLay attends? I think his

WestCoasters/West Wing debate to be live at 8pm...

Vinick vs. Bush -- who gets your vote?

Sorry dumb question. I don't get why, to the Republicans, sex=politics. ?

Diablo, where are you?

Your prediction -- how will the unrest in France play out?

Damage Reports From Our Viewers and Users (Indiana tornado) link

This Delphi situation could lead to a national strike. Could be huge!

Judy Miller threatens to return to work!!!

Move along

CBS/Charles Osgood Sunday AM/ If you are over 50 you are Dead

20 Questions About Impeaching a Vice President

Anyone wondering what Asscroft is up to these days?

Watching "Desparate Housewives" right now!

Witness testifies he was tortured in El Salvador

LINK: To the West Wing debate poll by Zogby through MSNBC:

VIDEO- Corzine/Forrester Debate- Forrester's Sleezy Commercial

Head Start doesn't work..... ohhhhhhhhhh

Damned Nascar!!! Making West Wing late!

The West Wing debate is a fantasy and nothing more

FEMA is billing Louisiana?..How much has Florida repaid?

Remember our real enemies

The Real Rosa Parks

The West Wing's Live Smits-Alda Debate stunt, 8 PM. Who's watching?

Iraqi Politicians Condemn US offensive

All Things Reconsidered By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

Bush Warns Latin Americans Against a Drift Back to Authoritarian Rule

I listened to Senator Jay Rockefeller this morning, thought about it,...

That's it, I'm becoming a REPUBLICAN! (watch video to learn how)

My new stove arrives tomorrow....A vintage 1955 Chambers...

What did everyone here think of "The Fog of War"?

French riots, American Imperialism, Hogs at the trough. Could it

Just saw Good Night and Good Luck with early 30's aged friends

Is this letter appropriate?

Combating Catastrophic Terror, A Security Strategy for the Nation

Family Guy just nailed Bush on Vietnam and Coke snorting.

Finally revealed!! Republicans CANT make chicken soup out of chicken SHIT


Environmental evangelicals

Texas death row inmate captured in Louisiana

Help! Is this true?

How much longer before the rubber binder snaps?

Any lawyers here? First Amendment question...

PHOTO: Bush interrupts Panamanian Independence Day....

Do you think Roberts will try to force his 4 day report ?

Vote for Santos or Vinick now!

sending a package to Iraq

Anyone watching the live West Wing debate?

Is Allen Alda a Dem? (in real life -I assume he is the Repuke in

Clinton invades Iraq December 9, 2000 using PNAC plan ....

VIDEO-Pat Roberts-Questioning the Pres Emboldens the Terrorists

My 4 New Bumper Stickers of the Week...

One more chance for Hillary, Lieberman, Schumer, et al?

How did you first hear about DU?

BOONDOCKS cartoon show starts in 4 minutes (Eastern)

Bravo, Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits!

Copernicus remains found in Poland

Is Repubulicanism genetic?

If Martha went to "Camp Cupcake," then BushCo should go to "Camp ________"

Newsday does 9-11

Santos for President! (nt)

More Freeper Madness

Is a foreign country backing the cabal?????

Sorry if dupe, but this is BIG. Cheney's office, detainee abuse

Kerry this, Kerry that! I want to know this: What did Bush...

ATTTENTION!! A New TV News Network is on the way !!!!

Are Democrats losing the debate on War in Iraq?

WP: Cheney Fights for Detainee Policy

Terry IDIOT!!!!

Why is Republican politics so blatantly and historically corrupt?

Mother of 11 pushed to get sainthood. - usa today.

The loneliest appliance in my house the T.V.

World media television/radio/press/web resources?

Robert F. Kennedy's health?

Comedy relief: "Landover Baptist Church":

Ed Schultz's old boss goes to AAR , shuts down Democracy Radio.

Biden: Alito should get up-or-down vote

Re: the Scanlon memo -

Predictions for the West Wing live debate

"Displaced Persons Compound" in Iraq. What Did The Nazis Call Them?

Should the term "catfight" be retired?

Daily Show: Has Gay Marriage Ruined Massachusetts?

Vote for who won TheWest Wing debate

Looks like more than 2047 deaths to me

The History Channel is rewriting history tonight

Senator tells outsourced flight attendant to "stay home & be a mother"

Investigation of "Oil" profits will end up like the Enron trials and no

"Red KKKarl Rover is a (shit ) stain on the White House."

Libby the PNAC Connection to WHIG

"Category 7: The End of the World" - Making a very real problem silly...

"Wow, Brazil is big"

Give 'Em Hell Harry

Let us recap what right wingers want.. (In their perfect world)

VIDEO- West Wing- Liberal

Is the growing controversy over 2004 election fraud . . . . .

Randi Rhodes getting dropped in Austin!!!!!

Has anybody ever read the Confederate Constitution?

Holy shit, Chavez is a radical...

Does it seem like Bush is slurring his words more than usual?

In Reid's war room, the battle rages on

Is CNN trying to keep American public from knowing Bush is alienating them

Operation "Iron Fist" on Syrian Border. Same thing Hitler called it

Bridge to Nowhere. Please explain.

Baghdad Burning ........ What happened to the dream of a democratic Iraq?

Sincere question about Target vs Wal-Mart

You know what? I'm GLAD to be a teenager right now!

What should the Bush era be called?

It's Simple- They Want to Rule the World

Reagan was an informant and turned actors names over to McCarthy.

My take on the French riots.

Really creepy Sunday morning

Powerful, feisty, successful ... maybe that's why Dowd can't get a date

Question(s) regarding Wilson/Plame

What do you do when a family member starts trashing liberals or democrats?

Leopold: Vice President Lied As White House Sought To Defuse Leak Inquiry

Bush knew, and document proves it!

9/11 was bush's meal ticket. Without it, we would have discovered

Remember the teacher who made a kid take off his halloween costume?

Laura Bush Admires Eva Peron's Dress ---pix->>>

McGovern bill to end the war. "End the War in Iraq Act of 2005"

If Abortion is criminalized, I will become an abortionist.

Breaking! Hastert is added to the Abramoff scandal

Dowd: Men Are In Over Their Heads

Last week someone asked what constituted a Mc Mansion.. Have a look

Coyotes living in urban areas, thankfully

The nearly flawless Kerry...

I'm on my Republican Congressman Youth Advisory council and I need DU Help

AIPAC Defense Doesn't Rest (Wake Up People!!!! This is the story to watch)

Know your BFEE: Bush and bin Laden Clans Together in Bed

NO, we do NOT need a better candidate than Kerry

Full-Time Motherhood? How Selfish

anyone have any luck slow-cooking oatmeal in a crockpot...?

Need bread/roll recipes for Thanksgiving

Does anyone know how to thicken up lowfat yogurt?

Newly Released Data Undercut Prewar Claims

Panicky Bush slinks away from Chavez

Toughguy stuff Bush's No. 2 gives no quarter and plays for all the marbles

US should refund Iraq for Halliburton work: UN watchdog

Police arrest dozens as French urban violence flares again (AFP)

(UN) Audit says US should repay Iraq ($280 Million) (BBC News)

Where is Italia Federici? (Abramoff/Gail Norton/CREA/Payola)

Mich. Democrats Blast Nominating Process

U.S.-Led Forces Attack al-Qaida in Iraq (uu... I have not seen

Juan Cole: Sunni Constitution Drafter Killed

Iran offers to expedite Iraq pipeline

Iran Offers to Expedite Iraq Pipeline

(Bill) Clinton urges better foreign relations

Residents Flee on Second Day of Iraq Fight

China revives dreams of Kampot mega-dam

UN envoy urges probe into secret US prison allegations

White House Letter: In Latin America, messy foray for Bush

Hagel: Torture exemption would be mistake

Senate passes five-year deficit-reduction bill

‘I got bombs, he got bombs. I got more bombs than he got’

Taliban chief calls for unity against US (Jihad)

Bush rebuked by the hand of God --(Señor Peligro (Mr Danger) )

Agents 'shielded' from torture charges

Prospects Appear Dim for Initiatives In California

Bush speech in Brazil to promote democracy

Cripes! Tornados in Southern Indiana

Republicans differ on Bush response to CIA leak inquiry

Six Syrian Officers Summoned in Hariri Probe

The Niger connection - the same shady Italian intelligence broker

Intel Probe: The Yellowcake Mystery (FBI did NOT interview Martino)

Road to riches? Hualapai, English cowboy in showdown over whether to pave

Is America Still Red Vs. Blue, or Purpler?

Landslides triggered by aftershock in Pakistan (urgent aid needed!)

Democrats Seek Report on Prewar Iraq Intel

House-to-house fighting reported during major U-S-led offensive in

NYT: If He Has to Lose, Ferrer Wants to Lose With Dignity

Bush Remarks Seen as Jab At Chavez

NFL Cheerleader(s) Arrested; Caught Having Sex in Restroom

March demands accountability of Gretna police action.

Sen. Roberts rational on opposing the Senate Torture Ban

Putin Praises Unity as Nationalists Rally ("like 1930's Germany")

180 terrorists escape to Syria at start of Operation Steel Curtain

French Muslim group issues fatwa against rioting

NYT: When Cleaner Air Is a Biblical Obligation

U.S. Reports Sharp Rise in Iraq Roadside Bombings

Moroccans protest al Qaeda's threat to kill hostages

CNN: GOP senator criticizes White House torture stance

Escaped death row inmate captured

Before Rearming Iraq, He Sold Shoes, Flowers (U.S. oversight questioned)

Rage of French Youth Is a Fight for Recognition

Terrified Residents Flee Iraq Fighting

Darkening Mood Overtakes Baghdad Bookstore

Rasmussen: Kaine 49% Kilgore 46%

Blair "seduced" by US before Iraq war - ex-diplomat

Biden: Alito Filibuster Seems Unlikely

Police Find Bomb-Making Factory in Paris

FBI Patriot Act Plan Concerns Lawmakers

CNN/AP: Immigrant (Hispanic) workers stiffed for Katrina work (very sad)

Bush Backing Still Sought in Close Races

Medicare drug plan a medical maze

WP: Site May Be 3rd-Century Place of Christian Worship

Bush takes shot at Venezuelan leader on trade

NYT/IHT: Sen.(Roberts)Hints No Wrongdoing on Prewar Intel(report this wk)

Cheney in the Bunker

UPDATE 4-Indiana tornado kills 23, injures at least 220

Sam Donaldson: Cheney knew what Lewis Libby was doing with reporters

Source of impeachment banner remains unknown

Calif. GOP Seeks Religious Push (churches campaigning for Arnold)

Pneumonia hits earthquake zone...

TIME: A White House Without Rove? (the news here: not "if," but "when")

In Reid's war room, the battle rages on

Daschle argues Bush presidency 'essentially over'

Arab Fighters Trouble Innocent Outsiders

French rioters open fire on police, 10 hurt

Is Jimmy Massey telling the truth about Iraq? (Marine atrocities made up?)

I am forming a DU antipasto department....

For Women Only. Severe hot flashes.

I am forming a DU apathetic department....

Women: a question

I made a musical find that saved me $290.00!! And got a Christmas

I just saw the movie "Crash"

Men: Squeaky clean poll

Good night

Mr. Vice President

Help me finish my beer....

My dog just farted right in my face.

Looking back on the criticism SW: EP 3 got for it's political content,

HEY Loungers...what's up with never hitting the "Recomend" button?


A big Trojan.

..Beware of the jagerbull...

Where is the Nighthawks thread Heidi????

I have a true story that will creep you out.

I'm tired, pissed off , fed up and going to bed.

Hey, I found a picture of your mother.

Ok nappy poo time back when the light shines in the window

What rolls down stairs

I'm not tired, happy, and not going to bed...


I'm so old, I just referenced Mad Dog.

I'm tired, goofy and going to...

I've been a *bad* lounge girl tonight, so I'm putting myself to bed!

Susan Tedeschi and Jackie Greene!

I expect your prayers for Kaine and Corzine this Tuesday

Any other vietnam vet's children out there who can't get over it?

Finance quote of the week

Long Island Iced Tea + Jagerbull = AWESOME!

Simpsons Halloween special is tonight! Ask FOX Network anything!

Stomach Flu, great way to clean your body....

At the Pizza Parlor tonight....

My headache is finally gone!

Google, Wow

The Doobie Brothers on "What's Happening!"---Cheesily awesome.

LMAO! Amazon Reviews Of Scooter Libby's "Novel"

My "republican treason" posts:

This not the enemy. (song lyrics)

"the why" of "the look"

Reid's Wardrobe Malfunction

Oklahoma School loses basketball game 112-2 !

Retired Nasa chimps enjoy the wild life

My *5047th* post -- What the hell's wrong with my Firefox.... CPU hog!

I think a cat just adopted me.

It's 8:45 am. I am craving PIZZA!

Just bought one of these grills:

"We saw a pteradactyl at the museum but it didn't have a jet pack."

Going out to the bar last night has turned my brain into mush

Anyone watching the Fox pregame show?

Bud E. Luv ........... The Greatest Lounge Lizard.

Good Sunday Morning, Everybody!

My house got broken into...

Help!!!! If you ever took Anatomy & Physiology..

Due to work I have been off DU for two weeks, I am so happy to be back.

Clean up GLBT.

Frist urges germ spies

I think a cat just castrated me.

Intelligent Design and Project Steve.

Someone took a really lousy senior picture...

My cats are having a time today....

"The good thing about an ex-husband is...."

Where does the term "Moonbat" come from?

Vikings! Raping and Pillaging on the History Channel!

anyone do tarot or psychic readings here??

I have 4 songs on my computer that start with the word "Boogie"

Only 49,352 more words till I make the 50k novel race....

La Danian Thomlinson has FOUR TD's in todays game so far!


"Say your ABC's backwards, skip a letter."

An amazing, uplifting story of coincidence I HAVE to share with you:

He who makes a beast out of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man

Admit it: You are a closet Bush fan

Anyone else considering going to church this morning?

It's 2:45 pm. I am craving PIZZA! ......So I got some.

It's 4:20 on the east coast...

Baby Panda is being very cute right now!

Anyone ever used one of these?

I just watched a show on the History Channel about the Vikings

Sweet Victory. Kansas finally beats Nebraska after a 36 yr losing streak.

*I* am the one who impregnated matcom! And I am his daughter.

Billy Bob Thornton

Eagles fans, you've got your own version of Randy Moss...

Dwight Yoakam should never take his hat off

I'm Bender Bending Rodrigez and I hate you all !

Paris Hilton's boyfriend offers homeless man $100 to dump soda on himself

Advance apology to MrsGrumpy

I ask for some advice

Why do we adore cheesey songs?

Ladies, would you wear these?

Which movie should I go see this afternoon??

The man is huge... He is going to get some penetration.....


Bomb Squad Robot Rescues Pet Bird

Khephra's kitty namesake; if only every homeless pet were so lucky!

I have decided not to TiVo the fundie nutcase episode of Trading Spouses

Just Ordered A Chateaubriand Roast From Omaha Steaks

George Bush falling

Hey! I know where I've seen * before!!!

Whose cellmate would you most hate to be?

Try not to laugh...

What is your favorite cheese?

This Just in!!! LynneSin needs a life!!!!

5 hours in honolulu

So, I'm 19 now

Is it worse to be a Packers fan or a Democrat?

Argh- I think I just broke my car stereo...

The polls are closed and once again a new alltime low has been reached....

Anyone watching the Extreme Home Make Over? I've been crying

These days we really need humor

So I just spent the entire weekend uploading my CDs to my computer

Almost there, 79,951 user registrations .

TV Alert: Family Guy.

Any geocachers out there?

ROCK CHAULK JAY-HAWK!! Kansas beats Nebraska IN FOOTBALL!!

Hmmm. 19 year old 5 oclock shadow on McDonalds discussing a burger

Time To Start Another Kitty Kat Picture Thread


Who will win the Heisman?

My sisters shed just blew away in the wind.

I changed the channel from Faux to CNN at the YMCA


Any DUers drink Pomegranate Bellinis?

So help me, tonight's SIMPSONS episode is extremely funny!

what are the best & worst movies you have seen in the last month

Somebody please send me a ham & pineapple pizza w/ a coke.

For movies, who do you trust more: Critics or People of the Norm?

Our President, Fluffy Chuckle Fanny

Video from DU data center

Family Guy time!

The greatest day of the year: The Simpson's Tree House of Horror XVI

Find me the funniest smiley ever!

Is anyone watching "West Wing" RIGHT NOW?

Shonen Knife Drummer Killed In New Jersey Auto Accident

Any resemblances?

My diet of today consisted solely of milk and

Pssst...Matcom is PREGNANT! Don't tell anyone, K.

Stonunkened... Ask me anything.

An anonymous person mailed me a bunch of ties, underwear, and a g-string

Good Night

I declare that all posts must start with "At the beginning of the day"

The latest from Joey Dauben

Do any other DU women like the "Healing Garden" products?

My niece is back from Camp Phoenix in Baton Rouge.

I'M !@!$%^^&* DRUNK!


I disagreed with a Republican friend that was bragging today

And then they all died... Movies that end badly.

My *200th* post--Ask me anything!

Can Asthma keep you out of the Army?

"To Be Continued"s are tired, cheesy copouts. Discuss.

Its coming. Its Coming, ITS COMING !!!!

I took a Pain Pill and am in a Chatty Mood...ask me something.

I am so grateful!

What's up with CBS? Category 7 - The End of the World??

"A good woman is just like a McGriddles..."

What is your favorite Neil Young cd?

(Very pic-heavy, 56K alert) Funny and cute pictures for a Sunday night

Everybody, say goodnight to my daughter. She's going to bed now....

DC Natives: Ever been "Under The Turtle"?

Boondocks debut on Cartoon Network tonight.

So I just saw Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith

Watching "Desparate Housewives" right now!

Ouch, this was a bad break-up

The hell with it, I'm watching "West Wing" tonight...

Small towns are sooo friendly

60 Minutes Hottie?

Going to Sonic for breakfast. Anybody want anything?

Would you date this person?

Live Debate on "The West Wing" tonight is going out Live to Both Coasts.

Heading out the the NE Ohio DU meet up.....

my mother in law has esophageal cancer

My new stove arrives tomorrow....A vintage 1955 Chambers...

NFL Cheerleader(s) Arrested; Caught Having Sex in Restroom

anyone who suffers from anxiety or panic disorder...please send me a pm...

Nighthawks XXXII (dial-up warning)

I'm kinda at loose ends for Thanksgiving

What SPORTS myths, notions, and clichés annoy you to death?


You either support Matt Santos, or the terrorists have won. (nt)

So when does "Harry Potter and the Curse of Puberty" come out?

Grannie says adios

remember that stereotype about cheerleaders being highly sexed??

I'm getting very sick of hearing, "At the end of the day..." Are you?

Working on my resume: is it a bad idea to put 'Dark Lord of the Sith'

When someone is undeclared gender.....

Before posting something, ask yourself, "Who cares?"

Who-Dey Bitches!! Bengals are 7-2 going into the bye week!

Argh!!!!!!!!! My FEMAnsion for a fly swatter!!!

Boston Meet-up Pictures?

Shall we start a betting pool on when the French riots will stop?

OK...Since when does Hugh and Huge mean the same thing?

Are we there yet?

Anyone have an Indian curry chicken recipe to share?

Escaped Pit Bulls Attack Six in Illinois

what is the strangest political event/occurence that you recall?

Vote for WORST NFL Uniforms

Remember when I told you guys about my College and National Coming Out Day

Watch Big McLargehuge win a martial arts tournament!

Ian McDiarmid is fucking PERFECT as the Emperor!

1 Gallon of Milk cost $4.50 in DownEast Maine today. How much in you area?

If Alito Is Confirmed, Does This Mean That DU Women....

Home Depot's fault?

Phil Collins says open to Genesis reunion. THis is HUGH!!!!11!!!11!!

what is the difference between an ipod and a tivo

How long will it take the Admins to correct this mistake? "unavailble"

Vin Diesel has two speeds: walk and kill. (And other fun Vin Diesel facts)

going in for my Peace Corps interview this week...any advice??

What was (or is) your life's goal?

Hallmark Channel - Direct TV 312 - one hour "World of faith and values"

What percent of Christians claim belief because they fear the dark side of

Oh, the ironing!! (Gotta love that "Christian" ignorance)

Why did Jesus die again? And was His death worth it in the end?

Out of the closet, out of the pulpit (op-ed piece by defrocked minister)

there seems to be a bunch of Gay TV stations around

Straightening out distinctions between gay, lesbian

Tonight on Fox News- anti-gay pettition fraud caught on tape

Why do Christians beat up on Gays? How about divorcees?

Palm Springs Gay Pride Parade bigger this year

Question about the NBA Talent Level

Muhammad Ali will receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Boxing: Klitschko/Rahman off!

Does Dick Vermeil Have To Cry After Every Game

joepa-terno we ARE penn state n/t

Todays Jets game proves 1 thing

Any one else watch UFC last night?

TO apparently also brawled with an Eagles player in the training room

So how dangerous is this?

Pet planning & trusts

An amazing, uplifting story of coincidence I HAVE to share with you:

My strange dream

Tay Tay - What's up with the NY Times article tomorrow?

Time for a shot of positive attitude

Self Delete

Okay, more good news.

Please recommend this thread. (Vote Anyway)


Interesting thread about Ed Schultz

Great article about Senator Kerry in the ::choke:: Union Leader

Interesting article in the Globe today

Did anyone notice this person doesn't have a star?

wisteria, if you're on, look out!

Anyone know the answer to this? (IWR / inspectors timing)

Finally got the JK photos from NH rally...

Good thread here! Someone else gets it.

John Kerry Meetups Starting in Lowell, MA

EuropeGirl, check in sweetie!

Kerry Pictures

Kerry bashing alert: This week

A little stolen election rebuttal

It looks like things are cooling down

I'm tired of elections


Boston Visit Thread: (Cuz the other one is too big for dial-up)

Ahm, guys, we need to talk.

I wonder if I can use this as my fall entry

Can you tell the difference between film and digital?

Some of my latest shots from the garden.

Would you buy an extended warranty for a digital camera?

Found a source for pink plastic handcuffs...

Former DeLay Aide Calls Christian Activists "Wackos." Will They Notice?

Is Aleksander Boyd Venezuela's Achmed Chalabi?


Disagreement on the Iraq War

Heck of a thought... for photoshoppers.

Iraq War Based on Lies Obtained Through Torture

State Battles Likely if Roe Overturned A/P Article...interesting

Question..... How come Iraq has to borrow money to

55%-37% Democrats over Republicans for Congress

Russert brought up the NYT article re: bogus info!

53% of Americans Support Chimpeachment;

Bill Bennett Lectures the Left on Morals

Bush Tax Reform Panel recommendations "an unsalable hash, a dog"....

John and Elizabeth Edwards' upcoming schedule:

Al Franken Book

Tim Kaine on Capital Sunday (Leon Harris' Show) right now

Storm ahead for Blair, could add woes for Bush.

Reagan's FAA Security Chief Blasts Plan To Allow Small Knives On Planes

UN ignored corruption findings, claims Bolton

Missing wife undermines Governator

If you have missed Dood Abides or Bood Abides and his posts....

Steven Johnson of Heritage opened his mouth on smirk/Chavez

Do you think Bush still believes God is talking to him?

Why does D.U. and the left "eat it's own"?

Sam Donaldson falsely sez, Dubya "Born in West Texas". Email Tweety!

McGlauglin Group: Clift & Page vs Buchanan & Zuckerman

LA hurricane clean up may take a little longer than expected.

Top White House staff ordered to take ethics refresher course

Will GW BUSH play the part of SPICCOLI in Meirs led Ethics Class 101?

Lingering question about Rove and indictments

Spy story that has enmeshed Bush: Sunday Times

Call Jerry Kilgore; ask why they put out a fake voter guide

Alito Getting The Royal Pre$$titute Treatment

Commercial idea for an area where the Religious Reich is

Ever listen to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on NPR?

Alexander King: May this House be Safe from Tigers

Join the Midnight Fraud Squad for CA special election this Tuesday

God Bless Kennedy.

VA Governor's Race is Crucial - This Tuesday

W.J. asked why Chalabi was coming to D.C. to see Rice & Snow

Austin paper: Why some did not share fate of DeLay(indicted/not indicted)

Hillary special on msnbc right now

bushgang has in prison the only scientist that can stop plague

‘Gulag’ leak from CIA men

What was the defining moment?

I don't see how TORTURE can help us at all...

This Week: Stephanopoulos

ABC Poll: 2006 Favors the Dems in 2006

Panama angry over US weapons left along canal

My letter became an essay - What do you think?

One Picture. A Thousand Words.

Inside Washington


"You have to have a wristband to listen to the governor?" Bening asked...

Der Gropinator: A referendum on ME? NO, it's a referendum on YOU!

The Kind of Leadership America Desperately Needs Today-

If Roe is overturned imagine the warzone statehouses will become

Paul Hackett Shirtless

Impeachpac born on 11/04. Site now indicates $20,000

This Republican Talking Point Is DRIVING ME NUTS!

HAHAHAAAAAAA! Jeanine Pirro tries to raise money from Hillary!!

Bush Administration: Parade of lies (Bob Shrum)

Harry has a posse! image, grab it, use it!

A question re Robert's claim his committee was "planning" to meet.

Ah, so *this* is where the flowers were going to come from?

Agree or not? The longer * stays in office, the more he drags down the Rs.

John Edwards in Chicago; Will Keynote @ Chicago Coalition for the Homeless


Interesting to see who voted against his/her party on the budget bill

If the Supreme Court becomes right wing, we should weaken it

Okay - The word "STUNT" with google hits

Dear "Virginia".....2.2 Million

So now the idiot- in- chief speaks in Brazil and tells all

Dem Kaine Ahead in Polls - Does that mean he will lose, like Kerry?

From kos, Hastert is linked to Abramoff scandal.

Can Bush "rebuild his battered presidency without his Boy Genius?"

Repub Strategist: Plame repercussions will "fade in the next few weeks"

I know it is now some 11 hours after the fact, but....

Barbour praised Bush too quickly

Political talking point

Gore/Clinton 2008

Cheney Pushes senators for exemption to cia torture ban.

What is the one thing that bonds Republicans together? And that separates

Dean, Conyers, McKinney expected at March to Gretna on Monday.

Time to arrest Chalabi

Who's going to whore it up on today's talk shows?

Talking the issues...

Why is Honesty so hard to find?

McCain "doesn't know if that's a reason to" remove Rove security clearance

Cheney command adds a new roadblock (Dowd)

Warren Beatty blocked from entering Schwarzenegger campaign rally

"The economy is doing great and number of employed is at record highs"..

How do you like my Christmas Cards?

A message for the religious wackos -- from Tom Delay's group

Most Hurricanes and November Tornados Is...???

Joe Biden(D-Deleware): "Alito filibuster seems unlikely."

Bush's future in his own hands....

I was stuck at the airport watching CNN - conversation between

Reviving the Carol Mosley Braun run for President

No more available Republican hidey holes

Who was Bush's Second Choice for Vice-President ?

Parade Mag Front Page --- 200 Million dollar Bridge to Nowhere

Iowa 2008.

Democratic Presidential Candidates: "We wuz duped."

Nora Ephron: Is Bush medicated?

PROOF: Yes, conservatism is a mental disorder

Let's talk impeachment.

If you believe that the 2004 election was stolen, do you think it was

Nation article by ex-fed prosecutor builds case for impeachment.

Who has MSNBC Phone Number? It's not listed on web page

Election 2005: DUers, tell me how your close state/local races are playing

TIME: A White House Without Rove? (The road to departure being paved?)

"Desperate" Doug Forrestor

True or False : 9/11 changed everything.

Bush voters in the wild

WA Post: 55% polled want Dem Congress in 2006, 37% Repub (via C&L)

CNN's Dana Bash Lies about Chavez Speech

Will George W. Bush be impeached?

Mark Warner on CSPAN NOW! 8pm Eastern.

Paul Hackett v. Sherrod Brown

Right Wing Extremist Forums

Let's compile a list of talking points for the Dems in the 2006 elections.

Our Government has been taken over - who here thinks that this

JASON MILLER: Sweet Dreams For America's Ruling Elite...

David Boise/Gore 2000 Lawyer said Libby Plea less "injurious for Nation."

If their is some type of conflict with some country ...

Who remembers the political environment around McGovern in 1972?

"They Thought that They would Be Free! " (Nazi's /German Citizens...)

Why (misogynist) Krauthammer Doesn’t Get It - (Alito)

If Bush** had any dignity, he'd resign now and spare the nation the shame.

Bush blunders.. US media covers up on Free Trade, Argentina, Brazil

Bush's Wall of Shame

Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head

Palestinian boy shot by IDF dies

For DU'ers in Rep. Delahunt's district

Home Depot's fault?


How Britain failed to check Bush in the run up to war

The pragmatics of torture (TPMCafe)

"Fundies" go too far again as usual - this time at soldiers' funeral.

West Wing debate results as of 9PM PST

Would you defect to cuba if you were able to do so?

Rove linked to investigation of conservative broadcaster

Niger-gate, British version; France calls Pollari's assertion "scandalous"

ADL's Foxman warns of efforts to 'Christianize America'

Rove linked to investigation of conservative broadcaster

Is it possible that the 9/11 suicide pilots could have been 'forced'?

HAHA! Look! Which one of you did this?

NYT: Another Choice for Elderly: Charity or Medicare?

Archaeologists unveil ancient church in Israel

Bush: Latin America has "inaccurate picture" of US foreign policy

Goodbye California Sun, Hello Midwest (housing prices causing pop. shifts)

Best hair in the NFL.

Just saw the 2nd Zorro movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Debate - the vote

Family Guy was so funny I almost threw up watching it.....

Cleveland DU meetup pics-from tonight!

Just 39 more members until EIGHTY THOUSAND!! (nt)

Uh-oh...the Eagles lost again.

Okay....It's not always sunny at the beach: Here's how it looked today:

Holy Shit! CBS in NY has Live Doppler 2 Million.

A night with Bright Eyes (dial-up warning - pics)

How daring are your cats - do they dare eat off your plate?

Niger-gate, British version; France calls Pollari's assertion "scandalous"

I Simply Don't Understand...

Anyone have a compiled list of indicted politicians?

Latest "Time" Mag. Says Rove is so Weary...his only Child to College, etc

2 Year Old Dem Intel Committee Memo---Interesting Read

Breaking! Hastert is added to the Abramoff scandal

Bush: “Wow! Brazil is big!”