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Archives: November 17, 2005

NYT: Disclosure (Woodward) Could prolong Inquiry

Woodward leak: No network coverage this morning!?!?

Phosphorus tale burns Pentagon

Grand Old Spenders (George Will)

Grassley (R- Iowa) fears for party's future

Second thoughts on Iraq (Boston Globe op-ed blasts *)

Orange County (CA) Register: Backsliding on the Patriot Act

A Star With Multiple Roles Now Faces Questions of Conflict Among Them

Kashmir’s earthquake: don’t care or don’t know?

I hope this isn't true, EPA to allow pesticide testing on kids

God - you Americans are crazy (Dkos)

A flawed policy wrapped in illusion...

Abortion: TV shows are where they were 30 years ago

Robert Fisk on C-Span2: What to Do About Iraq (Saturday, Nov 19th)

Muslims and the 5 Questions

Where did the WMDs go? (to Syria, of course)

Iraqi Refugees in Syria: Silent Exodus Leaves 500,000 in Need

Dirty Libby

Bush's troubles mount as Republican defections increase

Political Murder? Secret Service Critic Gunned Down

Ken Silversteen: Top CIA Official Met with Kadafi in Libya

David A. Mittell Jr.: Looking at Iraq through Vietnam

Kerry on Tavis Smiley last night-

My newspaper column for this week: Can't even trust your roommate

Reuters: Divided US wants clearer Iraq policy

Thursday Neil Lisst - White House ethics and other myths

Helen Thomas: Will president show the strength that Edwards has exhibited?

Republicans hide behind Democrats and Clinton to justify the Iraq War.

Clinton: The big mistake of the Iraq war

A Timetable for Mr. Bush .... NYT

(Riverbend) House of Horrors...

Guardian reader's editor finds in favor of Chomsky

"The Man Who Sold the War" (ROLLING STONE)

John Edwards' lame Iraq war mea culpa

GQ: How Sinclair Broadcast Group Bent the Rules

"Are they stupid, or are they lying"....Molly Ivins

Molly Ivins: Tootling merrily along (Cronyism still runs rampant)

LTTE: If U Don't Believe In ID, It's Because God Has Made You Stupid

British MP: US Army Is Defeated in Iraq

Bush excels at creating fiction; calls Reid "a liar"

"Bob and Me" (Will Bunch's experience of his hero Woodward's Fall)

Evolution, Ecology and "Malignant Design" - Noam Chomsky

NewsMax: New documents prove WMDs, ties to Al Qaeda

Princeton Professor Predicts loss of NJ coastal land this century.

Likud rebel MK Ratzon: We will win elections with or without Sharon

Israel wants US to pull out from Iraq

London mayor: Israel caused bloodshed

Israeli president visits Vatican

Russia to Supply Helicopters for Palestinian Leader Abbas

Abbas: Al-Qaida not in Gaza, West Bank

Palestine-Jordan Confederation?

What does everyone think of Peretz?

Muslims and the 5 Questions

PA official: Arafat died after toxin injected into his ear

Nixon Papers Show Worry Over Israel Nukes

Israelis, Palestinians reach deal on Gaza....and experiment for DU.....

Has anyone seen this site? What do you think?

Professor Jones stops giving interviews.

Question for LIHOP'ers

Paul Thompson - July 22nd, 2005

the truth about 9/11 is the ultimate time bomb . . .

Georgia: Criticism of Voting Law Was Overruled, WA Post

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 11/17/05

A Decreasingly Funny Joke

PA Voting Machine 'Fair' -What should I be looking for?

Allito opposed concept of one person, one vote

Bradblog: Bush appointee overrules rejection of GA's voter photo ID law

Why ATMs are Not Analogous to Voting Machines

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 11/18/05

Green Party Call: Put HEAT on Media to Cover GAO Report on Election Fraud

So.. Can somebody tell me what's being done about the Ohio vote?

Stumping outside the box

"There Oughta Be a Law" Contest

Rob Reiner's ballot initiative

LA Times has been changing, and I am looking for alternatives. Suggestion

McPherson seeks to retain state post in 2006 elections

It's about freakin' time!! Lockyer files suit against Sempra

Just got off the phone with a Blouin staff member

Grassley fears for party's future

Progressive Democrats of America meeting Sat. Nov. 19, 2005 Worcester, MA

Gay marriage opponent decides he won't seek another term

Where is Jay Severin? PLEASE don't tell me he's coming back!

our war president

Klobuchar's ad on front page

So if it's not bad enough I'm at home on my deathbed

Have you called your MN rep in Congress about the budget cuts?

Jesse Mortenson (Green Party) running for 64A seat (Entenza's seat)

Need help with virus protection

XP won't load, may have a virus, need some ideas.

I paid $1.97/gal for gas today

New Poll - Strickland leads Blackwell by 6%

Rural/Micropolitan/Suburban Elected Officials who are Democrats

Jeff Seemann 2006--Ohio's 16th District

Zack Space enters the race against Ney

Kearney takes Mallory's seat

Zurz picked to succeed Mallory

Defend me from Joe Barton!!!

McLennan County DUers:

Texas GOP Gets Caught - Decides to Stop Breaking the Law

DU NEWS FLASH: Pauline Dixon challenges Pete Sessions for Congress (TX-32)

Texans: How popular is Bush in your part of Texas?

OMG! Dick "Sneer" Cheney Does it Again.

Change of heart: Birmingham News now opposes death penalty

Is the Colbert Report excessively sardonic?

Fitz: "Libby was the first govt official KNOWN to have told a reporter"



HBO's air america documentary coming to dvd! (in feb)


Update on Primary changes....NH going to the mat. Good article.

Good rant....."Burn in hell, Mr. President"

On-line petition for HBO, Showtime etc to bring back "Firefly"

Before Gas Hike, Before "Election," Before the War - Compelling Op Ed...

Brewster Jennings

The Alternate Universe of Conservatives

American charged with Iraq bribes

I Wonder If A Soft Chuckle Can Be Heard At Nixon's Grave?

Bernie Ward show?

Need source for Al-Qaida increasing their operations...

Is the Baath party banned in Iraq?

the truth about 9/11 is the ultimate time bomb . . .

So when you come home and find Grandma stuck to the floor...

NEW RULE....President must have a press conference at least

i've changed my mind about torture,i'm now in favor of it.

John Hodgman on The Daily Show

well here we all are, the Irresponsible, Reprehensible, Liberals

Nuke Canada my Ass

sometimes you can just SEE Evil on a man's face.......

U.S. Businessman Charged in Iraq Scheme

Hoodwinked on the Alaska Bridge to nowhere

O'Reilly's radio ratings are terrible - show dropped in Denver

Author would like CEOs to have less pay, more ethics

Wow! What an article on the DU homepage (re: Mylroie and neocons)

Harris Poll - * down to 34%!!!

LOL! bush** STILL Doing His "I Am Not A Crook" Impression in South Korea!

Thinking on paper: What was the real cause of the Plame leak?

US Trained Commando Death Squads Stalk Iraq

Dish, TX - Town in Texas changes name for free satellite TV

how high does the stack of bible have to be -- new toon 11/17

Mom makes daughter stand on street with sign

Fitzgerald on People Magazine's Sexiest People Alive List

The healthy man does not torture others - generally it is the tortured who

US military completes probe of burning Taliban bodies

The Swagger has become The Slither

NOW, on C-SPAN's Washington Journal..NOLA Mayor, Ray Nagin.

Ray Nagin on now on CSPAN WJ! Caution! racist callers out in force today:

is it possible that the one thing that all of these very hateful people,

Was there ever a time in history when journalist have become the story?

'NY Times' Wonders If Cheney Is Key Woodward Source

Cheney on Bush Administration : "Reprehensible"

WalMart supports Communist regimes. Good bumper sticker?

This is a National Emergency now, the bush crew has GOT to go

"Democrats are becoming irrelevant!111"

Designer Donates Sneakers for Border Run

It's irresponsible to keep using the word "irresponsible" over and over

How will we be punished for not loving bush & his war?

Many Democrats Suffer From, "Everything's Going to be Alright" Mentality

Did anyone participate in the 30-Something Dems Town Hall session

Listen up! We are all being led away from the real point of Plame

DOJ Looking into Reep Voting Hanky Panky in DeLay's home countty. Uh oh.

#1 Media Whore Washington Post must retract its possition on Iraq like NYT

WTF? Bush rubs another head (pic) .

the world holds it's breath while bushco plans it's next big stunt.

Mogadishu on the Tigris: The Reality of Bush's Iraq (Chris Floyd)

Alito even opposes "one man, one vote."

Just Indict the entire Administration

Caption this . . .

Nuke Canada?

Gee George, torture is hard work

DeLay To Appoint His Personal Attorney to the Fed. Election Commission ?

Bush freudian slip: 'making war is serious business'

"The storm-tossed and rudderless Republican Party"-George Will

Please Join VHEMT (pronounced vehement)

My old NG unit volunteers to deploy, so MS guardsmen can stay.

Nancy Pelosi to Fox's Cavuto: O'Reilly's S.F. comments "irresponsible"

Time for the Democrats to change the subject!!!

hey big dick, we're coming to get your ass punk

Gold went up almost $10 an ounce yesterday...

What do you really think about all this bird flu scare stuff?

Hey dick, YOUR Insurgency is in its Final Throes

In just a year since the election 40,000,000 Americans no longer Approve *

What would happen if we abolished the Executive Branch

all this bad news must be sheer TORTURE for georgie porgie

Bush job approval falls to 34%

What part of Intelligent Design do these kids fit into? (!!GRAPHIC PIX!!)

53% of likely voters favor Dems in Congress

What Were Bush's Approval Number Last November?

Democrats need to revive the old Truman or Stevenson quote....

some great cartoons

Israel's Populist Hope

Woodward leak: No network coverage this morning!?!?

What would you say if I told you all a secret?

What statement best describes your view on torture?

yet another pic of * rubbing someone's head

Republican talking heads: FLAILING!

what about republicans against the war, are they also Reprehensible?

OMG - Who was the Dem who was just on Paula Zahn?

Anyone else having trouble streaming Stephanie Miller?

Repuke Coup in House Planned For January (led by NY Rep. Tom Reynolds)

The Senate's Sham Rebellion Against Tyranny and Torture (Chris Floyd)

Cheney, Saddam and AL Queda

Paint Chip Eating Republicans

Mr. Cheney: a) answer the questions, or, b) come clean

great stuff from Robert Sheer's latest column. . .

If you could create a team of Experts to fight the Right...

I remember being told that "Checks and Balances" keep our Govt. safe...



Political TV ads. A rant.

Prepare to puke...

New torture pics - Iraqi Detainees

Declassified: Expressions Cheney tested out before settling on the sneer.

Transcript of Cheney's Desperate Speech --->>>

What will America be like if nothing changes?

Criminal Activity Within the Bremer CPA

Kerik took Fifth when questioned about firms

Listening to Lizz Brown for the first

How Democrats Play Into Media Narratives, Part 2

Email making the rounds vilifying liberals, surprise, surprise!

Vote this propaganda down

Patriot Act extension nears passage

Catch "Doonesbury" today. It's another Trudeau masterpiece.

If you drive a car, D is for forward and R is for reverse...

US Must Withdraw From Iraq Immediately - says 37-yr vet Rep. Murtha

RE: Woodward's source, did he say specifically it is a CURRENT

'Safe cigarette' claimed to cut cancer by 90%

Reuters:Leading House Democrat urges withdrawal from Iraq

please delete

What's the difference between Bob Woodward and Monica Lewinsky?

Fuzzy Math Fallout By Allan Sloan

Ok. I can't stand Springer. What else is on at this time?

Memo exposes anti-democratic agenda of US Supreme Court nominee

Watching McCain & Dorgan grill Federici re: Abramoff. It's beautiful.

listening to the Senate thread re: windfall tax

R. Rep. Paul Ryan lives on a different planet then the rest of us

Finally. FINALLY! Democrats are punching back

I think we need to annul this pResidency

C-SPAN 3's tribal lobbying investigation just ended

Wow..check out this article

NYT Edit: Senate cast a vote of no confidence this week


Woodward's revelation disproves one of Fitz's claims? NO WAY JOSE

OMG...John Murtha....

Bring the Boys n Girls Back home!!!!!!

Why has no Democrat spoken out against Bush* disobeying Congressional

X Files Opened: The National Security Agency's UFO Investigations Unearthe

What can we possibly do to force a Downing Street memo investigation ?

Rolling Stone >> The Man Who Sold the War (Meet John Rendon)

McGovern Redux

Question about Wilson/Hadley/Woodward

What was the story that was supposed to be on every front page of

Will Canofun be carrying Murtha's speech later?

Is there a video of Murtha's announcement?

BeetleJuice to be King Bacchus at Mardi Gras this season

Did anyone see CNN's report "DidThey Lie?"

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT of Murtha's Speech NOW On His Website's 2005 Weasel Poll a "clean sweep" for Republicans

VIDEO- Murtha on immediately withdrawing from Iraq War

Great Pres. Clinton quote:

Kerry on Tavis Smiley now (DC metro area) n/t

Please sign Howard Dean's birthday card

Check out the picture of Dick on the front page of

Pardon me..............


Franken just called Woodward the bush admin's stenographer.

FBI names its most-wanted stolen works of art , $6bn-a-year

Have you heard this one about the Crow and Turtle?

AP story on Murtha's announcement

Shallow Throat?: "Cheney did not join the parade of denials."

Getting beeped at for DU

Where is Snotty? Isn't he our boy anymore???

Democrats are starting to get a bit too uppity so it is time for Anthrax

Jewelers of America Urges Congress to Strip Pombo's Land Grab

the U.S. has 83,000 people detained...are they ALL terrorists?

Barf Alert:He will go down in history as great president even if he lied

The Feeling is Universal ---pix->>>

Time Magazine MUST Read - Honor After They Fall

FANTASTIC new tactic for Fundie nuts on NYC Subway!

Republicans in Congress nix bird flu funding: will 'try next year'

Watching the "Donations" grid

War is Social Abortion. Pro-Life/Pro-War is, at minimum, VERY Confused,

Beware: Wag the Dog


Video - War Hawk Rep. Murtha (D-PA) Calls for Immediate Withdrawal

Iraq minister on torture: 'Nobody was beheaded'

Discovery Channel - Red and Blue

The problem with left-leaning media is that some DON'T PAY ATTENTION.

It's not so bad. No one was beheaded.

A tale of two wounded veterans

military is instructing non military people on the new Medicare (really)

A craaaaazy letter in today's Denver Post:

Is this Snotty's brother?

Text of Murtha's Speech:"The war in Iraq is not going as advertised..."

Sony copy protection debacle gets worse: Used to EXPLOIT "infected"....

VIDEO-Protesting Grandmas -one is 90 years old

MSNBC: Bob Woodward's silence: A mistake or the right thing to do...

Is this torture ??

Harry Reid up on C-Span2 attacking Bush/Cheney!

If Cheney is indicted will he flee prosecution?

Speculation: Could Woodword had been what Karl traded at the

TPM: The Counterattack is designed to give wingers ANYthing to say

Wouldn't you love to hear Carl Bernstein's opinion on Woodward?

Saudi Prince Gets Year In Vineyard Jail For DUI and Manslaughter

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement wants to wipe out human race...

Gen. Webster helping to catapault the propaganda by toeing the party line

And then along came Clinton's penis.

GOP leader fears backlash if Roe v. Wade is overturned

And we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons

Bill Clinton gets impeached, his approval rating jumped to 73%

Does anyone know when Plan of a Hack comes out?

PLEASE tell me he didn't RUB THEIR HEADS! (PHOTO)

Need to rebut a co-worker: what were Clinton's lowest ratings?

seriously, why is Congress conducting business in the middle of the

Recipe for "GOP Cookies" from 1966 cookbook...

How many in here believe Kerry deserves a second chance at the title?

Global warming & hurricanes..very interesting lecture

No reporter has an obligation to withhold information in an investigation

Murtha Speaks for ME! Thank You!

C-Span 2: Barack Obama ripping it up on the Senate Floor

NYT: "No matter how the White House chooses to spin it, the United States

I'm all grown up now and I get to do the presidenting my way

Interesting stuff from M Crispin MIller, John Dean on Kathleen Dunn show.

The transcript of Woodward on Larry King

Why in the HELL are the democrat poll numbers so low ?

Study Shows Climate Warming to Shrink Key Water Supplies around the World

"Irresponsible to Rewrite the History of How History Was Rewritten"WP

Hadley Woodward's Source - per Raw Story News Flash

“Able Danger” to testify publicly before Congress"

Full text of Harry Reid's remarks on the floor of the Senate Thursday:

bushco attacks it's critics, but now EVERYONE is a bush critic

Question: How come Woodward wasn't on the Secret Service visitors' list?

Very good local op ed piece on **'s visit to Anchorage:

"Riots Are A Class Act. . ."

google news: 2 hours ago they said oil was less than $50/barrel... But now

Howie Kurtz from inside the WP -- pretty good report re. Woodward mystery.

Has Fitz convened a new grand jury?

Dick Cheney: "Democrats, ...dishonest and reprehensible,"...WTF?

So many thousand years to wake, . . . Peter Russell ca. 1970s

DU This Poll

ok Dems in Congress, you are so close, the word is LIED

No house number 4?

Sixteen U.S. Soldiers Killed in Last Five Days -Yawn.

National Review: "If tough, non-effete guys like Murtha are willing to go

How would Rove spin an about-face withdrawal from Iraq?

If you're feeling down and want a pick me up re-watch this video

Propaganda nightmare of chemical hypocrisy (shake & bake)

Dems Show Spine & Gas Drops 25%

NASA helping U.S. to steal Afghan's Gas and Minerals -Remember Unacol?-

"Rapture Index" report

Tenet's "SLAM DUNK" Came in Garbage Time (Woodward exposed)

2082 Reasons why the DSM is Important


The White House defeats it's own arguement. How many have

Any further update on the Abu Ghraib pictures?

How come the only thing * polls well on is his handling of Terra ?

Why do the talking heads think Woodward's testimony hurts Fitz' case?

RNC Video >> Democrats: Dishonest on Iraq

Senator Grassley on Senate floor whining about Kennedy picking on Bush

Plame outed in retaliation for interception of Iraq-bound VX gas?

State the first word in your mind when you read this:

RightMarch "to counter Wal-Mart attack" (again, wtf?)

Why do senile Republicans like Grassley and Stevens whine like....

Murtha on C-Span NOW

Dodd on floor of Senate--says Katrina just an excuse for high oil prices.

raw story exclusive ~ bush to undergo lie detector test

What is Cheney's motivation?

Where's KKKarl?

Rebuilding Agriculture after Katrina

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel"

OMG! "Protesting Grandmas" at Canofun....I love these ladies.

CIA prison scandal = public outcry on European leaders

Desperate For Recruits -- Military Pop-ups on Youth Sites!!!

The Nation: No Iraq Exit Plan = No Support

REVOLT: Critical Spending Bill Goes Down In The House

Watch BBC newsnight NOW. They have in depth report on new prisoner abuse

Murtha's comments slamming Cheney up on canofun

"It's irresponsible to use politics in this war..."

If the Senate requested Bush and Cheney step down, who would...?

Jossip: Judy Miller to Fox News?

Ed Schultz going to town on Cheney....praising Murtha!!

Saddam Was a Threat to World Peace

Buchanan's Take On Woodward


Bipartisan group threatens to stall Patriot Act overhaul

Bush and Cheney want sympathy and understanding.....

If Socialists invaded America...

You are gonna love this!

OK, placing bets - what's the probablity this guy is a Republican?

Fitz is going to have a showdown tomorrow with the MSM re transcripts

Hastert needs to go on the Rumsfeld Diet.

Update on Cindy Sheehan

Could it be? A rant of pain.

Stephen Hadley Denies Report

Job Tracker Exposes 60,000 Companies that Undermine Workers’ Rights

The Online Poll I Want To See

Sleazer Hastert is "saddened" by Murtha's comments, continues the big LIE.

GM fears cast long shadow

"secret prison near Baghdad was used only for the worst criminals"

Hadley and the Yellowcake Forgeries. Smoke?

I love a parade, but Darth Cheney doesn't...

Will Bush plant WMDs?

"To those who followed Columbus and Cortez, the New World . . .

John Kerry on Wolf Coming up on the Situation Room

Murtha's speech

And Another Thing, You Donkey Heads! - Village Voice

15 Questions: To Bob Woodward from Arianna Huffington

THIS is why I wanted the dems to develop a backbone much earlier...

Does anyone wonder about the date of release of

Nice Shoes, Imelda ---pix->>>

We torture them over there so we don't have to torture them over here...

Feinstein amendment vote now for higher rate of taxes for those

Democratic Party: The Party of No

Another great Fiore cartoon

Dem sees chaos in House - spending bill goes down in flames (TNR)

Do you think Bushco will have the gall to attack Murtha?

A freeze warning on the Mississippi Gulf Coast tonight and

AOL Poll Was The Public Mislead Going to War

Murtha kicks ass on CNN

Always keep this in mind about Woodward:

Murtha should be the new face of the Democratic party --

Can anyone explain the rationale behind not setting a timetable

Lying, RFA on Randi Rhodes now!!!

Y'all better quit sayin' I "munipalated" facts about the war..


I need some input here


Kerry on CNN right this moment....4:00 CST

Tweety: "John McCain Plays"... Softball (on MSNBC now)

Help! I've been freeped! (Part II)

just when you think fitzgerald`s office can`t do anything more

CNN's Fact Check segment on WMD on now...

*: "This is serious business making – winning this war."

KERRY Calling For Impeachment?

Bush and Cheney have the gall to blame Dems for rewriting history!!??

Esquire mag names Clinton "The Most Influential Man in the World"

Digby recommends Hardball today re: Murtha

WoodWard In Layman's Terms

Folks, count the people.

Remember Wen-ho Lee? Related to a leak but not the Plame leak

Wash Post Internal Message Board Comments? Very Mysterious!

Riverbend post on white phosphorous and Falluja

Something that I don't understand...

Durbin petition: Demand The Truth About Iraq! Pls. Sign

Mehlman: Says Democrats Were in Favor of Iraq War When 'Popular Opinion...

White Woman "Slammed" by Black Police Officer at Airport gets $350,000

"a flawed policy wrapped in illusion," - Rep John Murtha

Murtha on CNN now...

What would America be like if it had some elements of a Sophocracy?

Is there a bill against torture in the US House,

Thank you Ronnie Earle..........

Helen Thomas on Edwards, the DLC, and the Downing Street memo

My answer to Dennis Prager

NAACP chief makes switch to GOP (Fucking Scumbag!)

Dorgan and McCain are *roasting* Italia Federici

Repub talking point "Trust in & believe in the integrity of the Admin."

VIDEO-Irresponsible (compilation)

Murtha, today, or.....

Bush and the Republicans have boobytrapped the White House...

What happened to the rumor of Scott McClellan resigning?

DU is TOO much fun!!! Please tell me to STOP!!!

Wow... caption this....

Wayne Simmons: If Dems take over, we'll have unabated 9/11's

There IS one republican AP photographer..must have taken this one

When oil exectutives lied to Congress last week, Cheney stayed quiet.

NJ Senate: Any chance that Bill Bradley would serve again?

hunters, anglers want roadless areas kept intact

Caption this photo!

Bush's current job approval rating stands at 34%

remember this? A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an

How long until Larry King has Woodward on for "the whole hour!"

Crisp, refreshing & yet, hot the presses: Bush Losing His Base

WP: A Prosecutor (Fitz!) Who Wins on (sexy!) Appeal

Serious ? - What happens when the permafrost melts fast due to GW?

Why aren't Dems talking about OIL motive for Iraq War?

I don;t think the Chinese really care about the Avian flu

More on the House Chaos

NZ student questioned as suspected terrorist

He's flat broke

Ahmanson, Scaife, takeover of Am. Protestantism, role of the Third World

"Sell us some more Hillbilly Heroin, we're runnin' low"

AOL Poll on Rep. Murtha's speech

Please DU This AOL Poll

Q: 'Do you agree w Hegel or w your VP?' *: '(hiccup) Vyshhh Preshhidinnnt'

Well, the B.C. Liberal party is FUCKED

I got this email from

Does anyone else here listen to Michael Savage . . .

Osama Bin Ladens new tape

Proud to be a Democrat today!

How low will he go? 34% (Harris) and falling.

GAO Blasts Pentagon Spending

Man found guilty in slaying of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia.

GOOGLE'S definition of "failure"

NBC News covering Woodward now.

The Dems are starting to get smart - do they have new advisors?

Newt Gingrich on Fox (Please help)

John Kerry was Amazing and Nuanced on with Tweety...But...

heard on ABC World News: "Here's Martha Raditz, our new WH correspondent"

If they repeal the inheritance tax permanently, will the meek still pay?

For Alito: The More Religion, The Better

Remember Jesus on a trailer hitch? Now he's Touchdown Jesus...

Folks you are living in a time when real leaders are stepping forward

Lou Dobbs Poll re: Able Danger - vote now

Best Mertha, Talking Point, "We have not made any progress"

Post-1974 Dems: "Fish-eyed sacks of loathsome bile & infamy"

mccain on hardball, kerry coming up. nt.

The Incredibly Evil Professor Yoo

More Evidence McCain Is a Jerk

PHOTO: JEB! visits Switzerland to collaborate with pharmaceutical industry

A Decreasingly Funny Joke

Question: Will Tom DeLay ever be incarcerated?

Murtha's speech transcript

DId I just hear Kerry Right? He Wants more "Benchmarks achieved" in Iraq?

A simple plan to save America

Statement: JUST IN from the White House re: Murtha

BREAKING, BUSH reacts: MURTHA playing the politics of Michael Moore

Bush just equated Murtha with Michael Moore

OMFG..."Murtha is Michael Moore." They're MELTING DOWN. LMAO

Got news for you rePUKES. MikeMoore now outpolls Little Lord Pissypants

David Shuster has really been doing a great job lately on Hardball.

Leaky Dick: My New Nickname for Cheney - Pass it Around!

I hope Murtha and Dems push the point: Focus on READYING Iraq

A great feeling, I wanted to share with the DU folks

Calls to Congress Needed TODAY: White House Hijacks Patriot Reform

Murtha's warned in 2002 - tremendous cost in terms of dollars and lives

WTF?!? Sen. Stevens said today that WMDs could still be hidden in Iraq?!?

Paul Bagala just said

All those supporting our troops!

We've got Top Ten Conservative Idiots

Specter/Harkin naming buildings after themselves

Time: The Autumn Dick Of Cheney, Long Hard

Tell CNN to suspend Novak

Red&Blue, discovery channel

murtha press conference being re-played on c-span n/t

An idea for Dan Rather and Bill Moyers:

Help defeat corrupt corporate $ and give Dean a B-day gift...

An "economic slowdown" next year would be devastating to the GOP

General Wesley Clark - Media Alert

Kerry Can Not Say The "L" Word! It Was A LIE John!

John Murtha for "08"?

Did Chimpy lie or was he misled?

AP/Yahoo: Murtha "voted for the war"

Freepers on Murtha: Traitor, "like the Japs," destroy anyone like him.

A double wall along the Mexico/US border - are you for or against?

Maureen Dowd Only Guest On C-Span Tomorrow Morning

Randi said CEO "Dan" thought Murtha was the first to speak out.

Happy Birthday Howard Dean!

FUCK the "bush bashing" meme. Try on "fighting for America"!!!

Trial of man accused in Bush plot goes to jury

Why didn't the repukes retort a long time ago?

Pentagon (Rumsfeld) agrees to probe Feith's role in Iraq intel

murtha on newshour now. n/t

Red and Blue, on Discovery now

All those smeared by this administration should stand on the steps of

MURTHA-Official WH Statement by the Press Secretary

Legislation Renewing Patriot Act Stalls

Just in case anyone forgot, Mike Moore's words from March 2003

CIA leak probe fallout unlikely to fade

CIA leak probe fallout unlikely to fade

senate voting on kennedy amend to give 1% of wealthy tax cuts to...

American Charged in Iraq Scheme an Ex-Con

The White House is "baffled"

Dick Cheney, Mad as Heck That He Got Caught ---pix->>>

U.S. Warns Iraq on 'Sectarian Control'- What did they expect to happen?

What would you do? -- Part II

Blitzer has Ensor on DEBUNKING the major GOP talking points

Miller's layer and Bill Bennett's brother Bob slamming Woodward

Post your feelings about Bob Woodward here. It's therapeutic.

Health Care experts, I need help

Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents - free PDF download

House 'wingers released from their cages to maul Murtha and Democrats.

If Cheney is Woodward's source -- what can/will happen?

Info needed: Big Oil, Defense Contractors, and Republicans

It's time for Buscho to acknowledge that it's not just Dems who are critic

Just having Fitzgerald identify the Washington media 'elite' is worth a lot

Tomorrow is the deadline for the WH to turn over all documents re:

Need More Help

Sign in here if you are dancing around the room re: Bush/Murtha/Moore

Sunday Times' leaked Iraq memo on 'heavy-handed' US tactics

Just in case it's not clear:

If I had "hairy back" talked like a "Soprano" and belched after meals and

Murtha plan - 6 months then deployed near Iraq. Kerry plan - 18 months to

In a public restroom today

"Christian" Activists: ACLU is this generation's Ku Klux Klan

Throw THESE words back at Dick Cheney:

If NOT Hadley, then .... ?

Anyone seen this?

Billion $$$$ Cheney

Prophetic Bumper sticker I saw in Chicago in late 2002

Conyers: Continuing Demise of the Rep. Party, Patriot Act Vote Imminent

Repugnicans Eating Their Own: George Ryan vs. Phil Gramm


Even Michael Savage agrees with Murtha....

Oh Lord, here's another one--"Elderly Man Arrested for Drug Trafficking"

If Woodward's source was so secret than why did he tell Pincus about it?

A fun exercise for tonight: Tell us how you'd fix a company

Want to hear some great music? Check out MY Show at 11pm ET

Have you guys seen this ACLU privacy thing: Pizza in 2010?

Is trying to link Saddam to 9/11 or to al Qaeda also a conspiracy theory?

Cheney's weight vs. Bush's poll numbers

Calls to serve met with anger ("Not Your Soldier Day of Action.")

Remember this image?

The House is in a Feud!!!

"The Rendon Group == Proof The Administration Manipulated Intelligence"

2083 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Woodward was totally dishonest concerning Plame.

Just the mere fact that Bush trusted Woodward and gave him so much access

Rumsfeld targeted by anti-war protesters


Tell me about the Disney Corporation...

It seems to me that the Fed. gov't ought to have its own DNA testing

Interesting re Able Danger From Media Channel email

Abramoff/ Gaming Scandal pulls in Senators Reid and Landrieu/Must Read

You Noticed The Freepers are Spewing........

is there an official du thread for links to contribute to dem candidates?

Which is worse Vegas Math or DC Math?

A Question For Christian DUers. Fill Me In.

Do You Remebr When The RePUKES Said...

they ought impeach bush and throw him in jail before NORIEGA goes out on

His Rudeness....On Dick!

FEMA--finally released some $$ to pay for DNA (321bodies in NO)

Scott McClellan's statement on Murtha pathetic is this...

Is something weird going on with AAR commercials tonite?

Did Clinton blame the Republicans for the "Blackhawk Down" incident in '93

Home Alone! They left D*ck running the show!

Audio up now of Howard Dean's conference call last night.

What do WP staffers think of Bob Woodward?

CNN's A. Cooper 360 now reporting on the FACT that Congress

Anybody read Joan Didion's new book?

BULLETIN TO SNOTTY SCOTTY! America believes Michael Moore was RIGHT!

John Kerry will not be my next president

Any of the Dems manage to bring up Downing Street Memo today?

WH is cornered : what will be next ? Syria, Iran, N.Korea ?

Why is Scooter on crutches?

Caption this * photo

LOL...a Republican Rep from Tennessee just cited ... "I got this email"

This is really interesting...W has a disease

CNN Prmetime Tonight poll on most interesting story

General Clark disarms Hannity

Katrina survivor speaking on CSPAN re budget

My neighbor inherited an original WWII Nazi flag (pics)

McCain said tonight we as Americans are confused

Moronic post that made me puke. Taken from another forum

How can we win in Iraq?

* said today that manufacturing jobs aren't possible and to get tech jobs

Woodward interviewed * to write his book...Could * be his (or one of his)

Please DU This AOL Poll on Troop Withdrawal!!!!

BYOL--Bring your own lawnchairs. Inspiring DNC diary about New Orleans

How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a lightbulb?

You know how sometimes we just aren't sure if he's got a snoot full?

Bush Bashing on DU ...... Why do we love it so?

Wilson wants Woodward probed

Awright, people!!! You have notice that, Project X,...

We're All Michael Moore Now

Bump Sticker I Saw Today:

Kerry On Hardball, Now!!!! GO PRESIDENT KERRY!

Tonight (Thurs) on Olbermann

16 minute mp3 of Murtha on PBS Newshour tonight -- link

Buget cuts to food stamps and student loans?

If Martha Stewart married John Murtha,

Mandatory Mike Malloy Thursday Truthseekers check in

* administration people who also served in Nixon's administration.

Nightline: Ted revisits Agent Orange, Vietnam's Lingering Mystery

John Murtha calls for immediate withdrawl, DCCC lists some quotes....

Had a bit of an argument with my boss today

Calling all photoshoppers

George Bush is Prince Humperdinck.

Looking for */Hitler/Teletubby cartoon

House is back live, CSPAN

That Howard Dean shill Kurovski has betrayed me!!!!!!!

DuPont Poisons Our Blood for 18 Years

Tortured language: the poetry of human rights

Ultra RW Christians expanding American Girl boycott: "indoctrinates girls"

Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!

hey bush, come back here and face the music you cowardly incompetent

NOW SHOWING..........MURTHA!!!!!

Murtha coming out against Iraq = John Wayne opposing Vietnam..

North Korea Exposed - CNN Special


"Plan of Attack"

A REAL man faces shows how to deal with adversity

A Message to Dick Cheney:

I will donate $10 to DU for every DUer who mails a phone book to bin Reill

OMG - ABC News 1st 9 minutes - Murtha's first-person relaying of all

Happy Fitzgiving!!!!!

Murthra on The Situation Room:

Help Senator Feingold oppose the USA PATRIOT Act!!

What Do Kids Think About Bush?

Honestly, I don't think that Bush lied

clinton and terrorism

I do not want Kerry to run for president again-he had his chance

Old story about Murtha and Kerry may open some eyes

Black Bodies Remain Still.....Part II

Do you think that Patrick Fitzgerald will issue more indictments?

DUers, Senator Levin says "You Need to Stand With Us Today"

Hey, Ambassador Wilson! SUE THE BASTARDS!

Conservative Peace Corp or Ali Babas?

Remarkable Interview: Iraq interrogator comes clean

Support this courageous GI. Will make statement today opposing war.

Check out what Rep. John Murtha had to say to Darth Cheney:

This Is What Everyone Gets Wrong About The American Economy

"Spineless Dems," eh?

Who is Conrad Black from Chicago?

What would a livable minimum wage be?

No FL student beaten unconscious twice - Home torched two days ago

Dear Mr. Conyers,

Liberal - What does that mean on Democratic Underground?

Historian Charged With Denying Holocaust

Does anyone have a list of corrupt WHITE mayors?

CIA Director Stansfield Turner calls Bush liar, Cheney "VP for torture"

I got scammed, but I learned something important.

"We're going to continue throwing their own words back at them." -Cheyney

Cindy Sheehan's letter to Barbara Bush

So....the Dem's win in 08......

Help! I've been freeped!

Senate Foreign Relations Committee: April 22, 1971

PHOTO: DESPERATE to salvage the Asia trip, GOP sends in the big guns

Proud to Be a Democrat Again? Proud of Our Team? I Thank Chairman Dean!

"84% of earth's "extra heat" is being "stored" in the oceans"..

Rep. Kay Granger: CHICKENHAWK of the DAY - Blasts VET Murtha....

AP/House Democrats Defeat Spending Bill (What a Headline!)

WP re: Woodward 100s of calls/e-mails- "none of them are positive"

VIDEO- Berry (AR) calls Putnam Howdy Doody

Compare your salary to your CEO's

What's the best way to buy gold and keep it

VIDEO- Muthra on CNN

A much needed reminder...

Views from Freeperland on Murtha.

This "the president feels betrayed" nonsense is nothing more than

Paul McCartney Comes to the Aid of American Kids...

POLL: troops in Iraq should be withdrawn?

50 years from now, what will be jr's most historical quote?

DuPont Covered up Teflon and Food Cancer Risks

CNN just ran a segment called "Fact Check," and it blasted the meme

Please contact Congressman John Murtha and thank him for his integrity.

Has it been posted that sfexpat2000 made SF Chronicle today?

Was Henry "Scoop" Jackson the father of the PNAC? * hiding info on him?

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong

John Kerry: "My regret is that I believed the president"

Can anyone explain the differences in Kerry and Murtha's withdrawal plans?

Pro-life Christians harrassed, arrested, and chased out of Connecticut

John Kerry Is Already Our President

"Fitzgerald To Present Evidence to New Grand Jury"-WSJ via ABC's The Note

Should teenagers be able to conceal carry guns to school?

Top 10 reasons why Woodward is the best thing that could have happened

BUSH: "Fight Them Over There So We Don't Have To Fight Them Here"

Wesley Clark said US Army will be destroyed in Iraq.

DU BREAKING NEWS: Congressman Pete Sessions faces Dem challenger in 2006

Carl Bernstein: The CIA and the Media / Rolling Stone 1977

Do you think an AK-47 assault rifle should be as easy to buy as a hammer?

PNAC 101 - The Rise of the Neocons (the public is DESPERATE for Truth!)

all us foodies should read this post in GD, it's important info....

Gah! My oven bulb has burnt out and it's stuck!

OK, kitchen gurus, I have a question about stoves. - funny recipe & comments

For OLL a Rugelach for you

Rick Mercer and PM Paul Martin visit Canadian Tire to buy window plastic

CBC: Conrad Black charged with eight counts of fraud

Voters don't want winter election: poll

CNN: Kerry, Gore adviser (Bob Shrum) to air views in book

Bernstein Says There's Too Much 'Piling On' Woodward

Good rant....."Burn in hell, Mr. President"

AP: Senate Passes Bill to Shore Up Pensions

US soldiers face court martial (Afghanistan prisoner abuse)

5 Marines die in sweep of house

US strike kills 3 al Qaeda fighters -Afghan governor

American Faces Charge of Graft for Work in Iraq

Hoeppner will not speak at Republican fundraiser

More Inquiries Into Frist Finances Sought

Pirro spokeswoman has history of slamming Clinton

Bush Lashes Out at Political Opponents Over Iraq Accusations

Memo exposes anti-democratic agenda of US Supreme Court nominee

(bribery middleman)Nate Gray gets 15 years in bribery scandal

A Star With Multiple Roles Now Faces Questions of Conflict Among Them

NYT: Curbs on Insurance for Military Are Urged

Poll: Most Residents Would Yield Rights

Taft aide asked Noe about job candidate

Did oil execs lie to Congress?

Kent St. U. won't discipline Marine Iraq veteran student over war protest

NYT: Special Education Ruling's Effects Unclear

WP: Shortfalls of Special Operations Command Are Cited

Alaska keeps bridge money (!!!!)

Three Danish soldiers injured in S. Iraq ("bomb inside their camp")

WP: Trial Lawyers Tie (pandemic) Vaccine Funding to Liability

Anti-war protesters target Rumsfeld ( Adelaide)

More Problems at Gitmo (Hunger Strikes)

Criticism of Voting Law Was Overruled (GA's voter ID law)

LAT: 1995 Suit May Be Focus in Milberg Weiss Probe

AFL-CIO affiliate launches database on companies(job exporting/safety/righ

New solutions in the pipeline for Iraq's crippled oilfields (bury them)

Torture ban has Washington scrambling

LAT: Trail of Abuse Leads to Seminary (St. John's, Camarillo, California)

Growing concern over CIA flights

Wal-Mart Girds for Battle on Md. Bill (better health care -or pay for ee's

Pinochet says God will forgive rights abuses

CENTCOM: Soldier Killed in Vehicle Accident (#2082)

Woodward CIA Leak Admission May Aid Libby

Bush adjusts strategy, begins 'hitting back'

WP: Wal-Mart Girds for Battle on Md. (benefits) Bill: Spurs Lobbying Force

NYT: Museums Under Fire on Ancient Artifacts

Iraq seeks Iran's help with Syria over insurgents

Documents Show Nixon Deception on Cambodia

Pa. Principal Resigns After Shaming Girl

Pirro takes Clinton to take over Byrd birthday party

Rep. Davis Warns of Backlash if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

Globe: GOP leader fears backlash if Roe v. Wade is overturned

Ford recalls some 235,000 pickups, vans, SUVs

Alito disagreed with court decisions on reapportionment

San Diego U-T: State sues Sempra, alleges vast electricity price rigging

US Congress moves to cut delays in death sentences

ON YAHOO: Cindy Sheehan Found Guilty of Misdemeanor

Afghanistan insurgence growing stronger

House Democrats Defeat Spending Bill (repubs go down in flames again)

President Bush’s Job Rating Falls Again, to 34 Percent Positive (Harris)

Poll suggests US world view shift

Six decades later, belongings unearthed in Nazi death camp

Climate Shift Tied To 150,000 Fatalities

Ohio near top of mass layoff list in 3Q

WaPo: Walter Pincus Held In Contempt of Court

LAT: Cash Surge Fills State's Budget Gap (California)

Prison Officials Doubt Killer's Redemption

Weldon seeks Defense testimony on al-Qaida

U.S. to Iraq: Curb Use of Shiite Militias

Plame's husband wants Post to probe Woodward

Gen Pinochet 'fit to stand trial'

Canadian firms call for action to stop global warming

Hawkish Democrat Calls for Iraq Pullout

'Conflict diamonds' keep fuelling Africa wars

British MP: US Army Is Defeated in Iraq

Reuters: Divided US wants clearer Iraq policy

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 17 November

(Conrad Black)Ex-Chief of Hollinger Is Indicted on Fraud Charges

Ney campaign fined for unreported consulting payments

AP: Future ability to track weather could be disrupted

House Republican Leaders Push Budget-Cut

Cindy Sheehan Found Guilty of Misdemeanor ($50.25 fine)

London Times: Church of England evil, say (evangelical) archbishops

FDA looks into (12 children's sudden) Tamiflu-related deaths

Bush Greets Koizumi On Segway (which are illegal on Japan streets)

U.S. tells Iraq it will not tolerate prisoner abuse

LAT: Power Shifting With Population (away from NO) in Post-Katrina La.

House Leaders Are Dealt a Rare Defeat on Spending Bill

Senators Threaten to Hold Up Patriot Act

Prototype $100 laptop unveiled

NYT: Citing of Polygamy as a Cause of French Riots Causes Uproar

Republicans block money for Bird Flu Vaccine

Petition exhorts Bush to protect chaplains

Poll: More Americans Want Domestic Focus

Governor (Jeb Bush) preparing plan to save vouchers (defying FL SupremeCt)

Cuban doctors to stay till needed, says minister (Pakistan quake relief)

Soldier (murdered unarmed Iraqis) says he lied to get lighter term

US airman in Japan gets suspended term for molesting girl

US 'should mind own business' (Pew Poll - 42% agree)

Chavez makes enemies to fire up supporters: US

Failed refugees to return to Iraq

CNN: Rep John Murtha to call for immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq!

White House Response to Murtha (Includes reference to Michael Moore!)

U.S. official: Venezuela democracy at risk

The Alito schism (1985 job application memo puts Senate at nuclear brink)

Two Charged over Leak of Blair-Bush Conversation... --UK (Tony disagreed)

Call for Govt to negotiate Iraq exit strategy with US(Australia)

Republican Abernathy to Leave FCC

WaPo: Official Accused of Rigging Iraq Contracts

NYT: New Housing Starts Fall, as Do Permits for Building

(Mass) Gay marriage opponent decides he won't seek another term

Strong earthquake rocks northern Chile and Bolivia

Cousin: Bombing suspect likely motivated by anger (from the war in Iraq)

Texas GOP agrees to stop some campaign practices ("deferred prosecution")

More Hoosiers are struggling

South Korea Plans Partial Iraq Pullout

Australian Dems want cost of Rumsfeld visit

Democratic Senator Argues Jordan Attacks Linked to Iraq War

Business leaders call for climate change action(Canada)

Washington Post urged to probe Woodward's role in CIA case (Joe Wilson)

White House slams Murtha defection on Iraq: "Not the time to surrender"

Small earthquake jolts Plymouth (Mass. Magnitude 2.5)

WP: Spending Bill Fails Amid GOP Discord

Iraq official defends 'torture' facility ("Nobody was beheaded or killed")

Hawkish Cheney renews attack but attracts only flak

LAT: Maya 'War Crimes Scene' Uncovered: Key to civilization's fall

WSJ: Speculation Over Woodward Source Draws Denials

AP >> Source: Cheney Isn't Woodward's Source

House Democrats Defeat Spending Bill

Nearly half of youth vote turned out in 2004

Senators Threaten to Hold Up Patriot Act (Bipartisan effort)

Esquire: Clinton is world's "most influential man"

Castro denies Parkinson's diagnosis

Torture photos fuel scandal of secret Iraqi jail

Bush to hit back on intelligence ("sustained attack" against Dems)

Bills would identify sex offenders by auto plates - Pink Tags...

Bush's Approval Rating Falls Again, Poll Shows

NYT: FEMA Broke Its Promise on Housing, Houston Mayor Says

Military's recruiting woes worse than previously realized

House Republicans Respond to Murtha(these people make me sick)

Faux News: Woodward Skewered by Bush Administration Opponents

Rove Discussed Programming With Public TV Chief, Konz Says

Iran in turmoil as president's purge deepens

NAACP chief makes switch to GOP

UPDATE 1-Venezuela's economy grows 9.8 pct in third quarter

Feingold commends Murtha's call for troop withdrawal

Conrad Black, Ex-Hollinger Chief, Is Indicted for Fraud in U.S.

Report: Immigrants may not hurt wages

Two charged 'over Iraq memo leak'

ACLU Says White House Usurps Patriot Act Reauthorization Process...(ACLU)

Abramoff tribes donated funds to lawmakers (Hastert rec'd 100K+)

Bid to punish judges has eye on state (war on judges getting really ugly)

Pentagon agrees to probe Feith's role in Iraq intel

Austria holds 'Holocaust denier'

Survey USA: President's Speech Not Helping His Approval Rating

The Man Who Sold the War: Meet John Rendon...

Protest Cuts Short Jerry Lewis Appearance

Friend of Abramoff Testifies on Their Ties (Italia Federici)

chicken wings

Is Robb a little poll-happy?

I bought both Rob Zombie films last week.

I seriously need sleep. Good Night.

eBay - Talking bobblehead nodder - GOD WARRIOR!

How do you put pics within a post?

Man, Direct TV now has XM radio, but not Air America

Do you love stuffed animals?

Ric Flair in North Korea

Do Debit cards ever just stop working - even with money in account?

Hasidic Reggae

Testing, testing

Wow! An old episode of "Mad About You"! What a great show -

Wednesday Evening ZOMBYLOVE

I can't sleep

Talk about lousy birthday presents

Time to play republican bingo!


Pastor Says Marriages for All or None

Should I cash my $2.50 check from MADD?

I'm so old....huh?

Holiday Etiquette Tips

Am I the only person who has never read a "Harry Potter" book?

I saw Harry Potter last night (NO spoiler)

Nastassja Kinski. Wonder why HBO is playing every B film she ever made...

Goodbye, cruel world! I must go grocery shopping.


What do 36 year old boys like?

It's almost 3:33. Is WCGreen still awake?

How come no one makes TV shows or shorts with monkeys/chimps?

Traveling trophies in college football


I had a gingerbread man this morning.

Where is Clintmax to wish us a good morning?

Gawd damn it! Some asshole set fire to my truck.

I have to brag-- I just got into a highly selective poetry workshop class

Declare Victory! Cheney Surrenders. Trapped In His Own Lies.

Dog Rescued After Being Trapped For 16 Days In Sinkhole

What do you do for baby jet lag?

Nighthawks XXXVII (dial-up warning)

Judge Held Court At Strip Club - Removed From Bench

Some Ann Coulter snarkage.....

9 degrees out in St Paul right now, what the frig?!

Student Exposed His Genitals At Career Fair - Claims It Was Art - Arrested

The Rotten Fruit

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

Happy Birthday Gordon Lightfoot and DAISY FUENTES!!!!!!!!!!

Are you fallacious?


Miss America Pageant Moving to Las Vegas BABY!

Computer jargon in Old English

Holy Cold Front Batman!

Call me Wesley, are you here?

School Magazine Featured Students In Their Underwear - Wins Award

One of life's great joys....

Marvin Gaye for a Thursday morning

Mother Makes Naughty Teen Stand On Street Corner Holding Sign

for all the green eyes

Did I miss Thursday poetry day?

Confession time- I am sleeping with Management

Groovy Girls dolls are cool.

Go Navy!

Glow-in-the-dark pork chops officially OK!

Anyone from Houston?

Green Bean Casserole: Essential Side Dish or Thanksgiving Travesty?

surgical consult this afternoon

silent night

My brother is in ICU right now.

Lyrics for today...Living is a gamble, baby

Do you know anyone you would describe as a "Pit Viper"?

Security Guard Fired For Seeing Ghosts Can Collect Unemployment

I have a Bose docking station for ipod

Seasonal depression may affect hamsters

i feel i have no place on this planet.

From: CDC....Subject: Symptoms of the Bird Flu

With Thanksgiving coming up

This has been fun,

Group wants to see humans extinct

Best commercial ever - Tanuki Balls

Need Advice: How do I apply for a new job while maintaining my old one?

Dirty Limericks anyone.....

The band-wagon. Do you seek it out and hop on, or run the other way?

I'm surrounded by psychos! (swear filled rant alert)

Using your child to cut in the restroom line? (mini-rant)

A bit of advice would be appreciated...

Thursday Joke (non-Brazilian type)....

Son of Beneath the Planet of "I Really Want A DU Star" Pledge

This is terrible! Yet I am ashamed at myself for giggling!!

13 Random Questions for a cold Thursday...

Doctor Walks Out In Middle Of Surgery To Give Lecture

If you use the radio as an alarm, did you wake up to Xmas music?

what character from Avenue Q are you most like

Student: "I have a friend who banged 'Cool Mom'"

Question.......does anyone have one of the new ipods with video?

Hydropolis. New underwater hotel in Dubai.

I'm having a panic attack...and I have to go to an!

What is your favorite song to Cha-Cha to?

My son's girlfriend sent him a "Dear John" ....

Mmmm.. chicken soup is tasty and filling!

Would you eat from a resturaunt next to an animal shelter or zoo?

I feel OLD

Three Liger Cubs Born in Russian Zoo

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing has started

Morning Poetry Thread: Lovesong

Test you knowledge!


I Just Got $226.80 from FEMA . . . What Should I Do With It?

Born 1971..debut album '92..lifetime achievement in '05?

Post here to tell it to me straight.

School Official Arrested For Putting Hidden Camera In Ladies Rest Room

Heidi Fleiss to open "stud farm"



March: 229. November: 199. Ask me anything.

Philly DUers: Come see me play TONIGHT!!! In the city!!! Free food!

Just who do you think you are?

Thursday morning LOST discussion (((yep, Spoilers)))

Security Guard Who Saw Ghosts Eligible For Unemployment

Bush joke that does not contain the word Brazillian

My star is back!!

Zuni should be punished for doing this to me!!!

for all the brown eyes

CSI: NY last night.....

Are you a lefty redneck?

Lol I googled failure than I hit I am feeling lucky.

what color are your eyes

Psychic tells Britney Spears that she'll be pregnant again within 6 months

Tonight's South Park took a huge stab at Scientology and it was hilarious!

This place it great!!! Many thanks to whoever donated for a star to me!

Flame me! I dare you!

If you are waiting for an elevator...

poll question: Are you magnanimous?

You know what is gross?

Wake me up when September ends as a tavern song.


Don't like certain bands because of overplay on the radio?

My only joke

a man walks into a bar...

Something good happened today!

DU Lounge, I apologize

This woman makes the God Warrior look like a normal person

I want to be happy

What a rotten day...

Suave! Goddamn, you're one suave fucker!

raw story exclusive ~ bush to undergo lie detector test

I'm DONE! I'm freakin' DONE!

Was Geritol a sex drug?

Tennessee Bird Dawgs

I hate everyone.

A question for Rome Total War players


A little Patriot Act humor

Woo hoo! Howard Stern on Letterman tonight!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Bird Flu symptoms

Time to say goodbye

Pictures of that poor woman whose eyes were eaten by ants *WARNING*

It is impossible to support the troops without supporting their mission!

I love my Rotisserie Oven!!

my laptop is making buzzing/humming sounds...what gives?

My Dad and I at the Hockey Game tonight.

I can't stop laughing!

I want to scream, ELO has sold out.

CHRISTMAS is here!! CHRISTMAS is here!!

A Plea to the Lounge - Be nice to the Wyoming forum

So..... give me some hope.

Fucking eBay! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I must leave for awhile...stay silly

New Strain of Bird flu

I just had some homemade beef vegetable soup for lunch...

Meat based?

"Superman Returns" teaser trailer on tonight's Smallville

Holiday Gift Giving Book Recommendation Thread:

11/15-"plane disappeared from radar"11/17-"was no plane"

Feathers in the wind


Zoo Menu Has Exotic Animal Meats For Dinner

Unscientific Job Survey

Is this spoiling my cat too much?

Didn't know this was moved from GD to the Lounge

Your favorite individual from Ancent Greece


Opthamologist vs. Neuro Opthamologist

Osama Bin Ladens new tape

I find myself in the unenviable position of needing not one, but two...

Would you buy this toy for your kid?

Please give me one reason that rich people meditate!

To my DU Lounge friends:

No wonder I hated Star Wars Episode 1....

"Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor... It's creazappy!"

(Joke) A guy is in big trouble when he forgets his wedding anniversary

I'm out of GD for a while.

Did someone buy me a STAR??

X-Rated text messages are making my life heaven/hell

Best place for cider? Dicken's fruit stand on Rt 9W.

Ok, this I don't understand - Handicapped Plates on a Hummer???

I didn't realize this until today but apparently I'm Evil Incarnate...

What is a good wine that don't cost an arm or leg for Thanksgiving dinner?

Every time you clap your hands, a gargoyle gets it's wings

Unusual note in my mailbox today,

"Expunge" is a funny word

Just posted my weekly newspaper column...

Yale bans masturbation in dorm showers.....(prank)

Did you go to your prom?

Cool! Zinc strips for roofs!

Any electricians in the house?

You know, once upon a time, I *liked* Led Zeppelin.

Who is in the mood...

Yale bans matriculation in dorms.

Principal Resigns After Shaming Girl Falsely Accused Of Stealing

I confess, I LOVE the President!

Well, my parents left for Parent Teacher confrences.

Did you know there have been 195 Lounge posts in the last 5 days...

Assemble your Led Zeppelin "dream album" - any 10 of their songs on 1 disc

Small aircraft and florida

Next up, DJ Mahatma Running Bear -

What's the most exotic animal you've eaten?

Crap, I passed 10,000 posts and didn't even notice!

Want to hear some great music? Check out MY Show at 11pm ET


8 more questions.

The Late Show - Tonight's Guests

Even Xmas cards are out 3 weeks early...

Woman Ordered to Spend Night in Woods for Abandoning Kittens

U2 owned my beloved Stones last night


A client was trying to con me with a stripped poker deck

This is a first - I have turned my ceiling fan off

I hereby declare that the wuss Zuni could never hope to beat me in combat

We need more Echo and the Bunnymen threads here


Fleiss Plans a Brothel to Serve Women


needed: great 50th anniversary gifts for a couple who have every

my grandmas - back then and now (pics)

My son passed the Bar!!!!


So how cheap can I buy a domain name these days and where????

I'll say it again - AOL has FUCKING dumb people

You guys are amazing

You know, quite honestly, I think Clapton lost his right to be in Cream

A girl from my MIDDLE SCHOOL is getting MARRIED.

In case anyone was looking to book Martin Short for their upcoming event..


To Mr Scorpio, I really enjoyed this infomercial last night.

Kleeb is running for Congress in Nebraska!

To date, I have added 105 of you to my buddy list due to the New Icons!!

To all My Lounge Friends, I have something important to say...

Wow...Salon gave the new Harry Potter a Great Review

Ha! I'm an asshole at work! (long)

Sad Wings of Destiny

Okay, I just popped the Ambien,

Favorite anti-war song?

You know, once upon a time, I *liked* Randomkoolzip.

Here's something stunning - I'm listening to Creed right now

Want to hear some great music? Check out MY Show at 11pm ET

If KitchenWitch made you fill yer pants with non-codebrown chicken pot pie

GRR! My water just exploded all over me!

How did "My Pet Goat" end?

Greatest Reggae song ever?

Ok, so I'm in Miami for the weekend........

Examples of musicians plagiarizing themselves?

Everything is fine.

Who is this Gretchen Wilson chick?

Three words. LaChoy Sweet and Sour Chicken...

Does a wild bear shit in the woods?!! maybe ...


What are you thankful for? (Be as offbeat or sentimental as you want)

today is my 50th birthday!!!

Matcom's SCOOTER update!!! Mileage: 322 Miles - FUEL Costs:......

I'm sorry but is this supposed to be a Sexy pose?

She calls me her Chia Pet. What am I to make of this?

Hey! I don't have a tumor in my ear!!!

Serious Question

Why is my Outlook only showing me new mail when I create a new message?

I live one degree longitude from my hometown. (PICS)

Hey, what's the deal with....

Manhattan Beach Sunset photos from last night.....Dialup warning.....

I'd like to publicly thank

Chicken Pot Pie

Slide Guitar OR setting Zombywoof on fire?

Click Here To See An Animation Of A Freeper Trying To Keep Up LOL!

Can you feeeeeeeeeeeeel the ZombyLoooove?

I am THIS CLOSE to tears....All of you incredible friends of mine.......

OK, so my best friend and I have it all figured out...

Why is the Lounge not showing up on my Latest page?

I feel like I'm gonna hurl...

We need more Lets Active threads here

Is your DU behavior more or less mature than in real life?

Hell Week is Over

If you could select one book ..

I have adored Led Zeppelin's music now for 30+ years!!!

TEN Random Things...Read about me...Post about you!

how long have you been marred?

What is the best album of the 80s?

has anyone seen DeposetheBoyKing lately???

Breaking Up is hard to do.

College Football Rivalry Weekend

Pictures Of Our Beloved Siblings

We need more Flock Of Seagulls threads here

It's Time For A Post Your Picture Thread!

Did KOS's DarkSyde have that title BEFORE the "God Warrior" Lady

Ahmanson, Scaife, takeover of Am. Protestantism, role of the Third World

Hitler on Religion

silly atheists

The Five Lights Club - an essay on atheism

London Times: Church of England evil, say (evangelical) archbishops

A Question For Christian DUers. Fill Me In.

I like our Spanish Jew Rambam's (Maimonides') letter of 1174 to Yemen

Dallasaurus turneri : the missing link ?

Chemtrails all over Las Vegas

Singing pillows: the latest military hardware

Group wants to see humans extinct

Mysterious Runaway Star Stymies Scientists

Kansas, Where "Ignorant" is the new "Educated"

Timid Mice Made Daring by Removing One Gene(OMG Scientist discovered this)

Heterosexual Child Molester Gets Slap on the Wrist

Broward sidesteps classroom discussion of homosexuality

Profs Denounce Gay Dean's Demotion

GOP formula for success? When in doubt, bash the gays

Ohio Anti-Gay Amendment Does Not Invalidate Parental Rights Court Told

Have a nice day...

Mass. Anti-Gay-Marriage Leader Not To Seek Re-Election

Anglican Bishops In Open Revolt Over Leader's Gay Stance

Anti-marriage voices seek input in fight for gay equality

War Slows Discharge Of Gay Linguists

'Brokeback' explores 'last frontier'

Gay Man In Coma After Hammer Attack

NFL TV Distribution Maps

NBA Fantasy League, anyone?

A few days later, props to the LSU Tigers

Michigan-Ohio State game being preempted by cartoons on the West Coast?

Lost his life saving his dog....

More bad news on GREENIES. Received this today.

BARk Magazine

Have you folks seen these postcards?

In case you missed it in Religion/Theology, the Dark Syde essay

Has the "Five Lights" essay ever been posted here?

Have some (more) irony, it's good for your blood...

My 4 yr old and I have already had our arguments about God.

Why do people freak out when their beliefs are challenged?

Word has it that Kerry will be on CNN w/Wolf Blitzer

Bush and Cheney Flip Flopped While War Critics Were Consistent

Arianna strikes again

Anyone else attend the DNC KickOff Housparties?

Superb Lead Editorial in the Boston Globe (& a Vennochi, sigh)

Daybook Stuff: Kerry meets with Alito

I just saw this on ADS

Sick of hearing and reading about the IWR

Teddy's talking about Iraq on the floor now

Great Amendment by DiFi & Kerry

Helen Thomas - How did she miss Kerry's attacks on Bush

Does anyone have a copy of a very funny parody about Bush confessing

Can someone please snag Kerry appearances tonight?

Kerry calling for impeachment???

McCain is talking on the Tweety Show now....

Everyone already read Cheney's latest attack?

Kerry Keeps Promises to Troops, Military Familes and Small Businesses

delete, dupe thread

Kerry and Richardson

Kerry on The Situation Room at 7:00 P.M.

Kerry/Gore or Gore/Kerry in '08!

Kerry and Alito - Talk about a biased report

Who is Rep. Murtha and why are people collapsing at his feet?

The broadcast archive of Sen. Kerry's appearance on Tavis Smiley

Kerry on Hardball

Kerry must've kicked ass today

Transcripts from Hardball and The Situation Room

Just an FYI, Anderson Cooper 360 got it wrong about Kerry and

turn on CNN - it's Kerry time

Kerrycrat and JK My President merchandise.


35mm SLRs. (film)...?

Cool digital camera website...

almost didn't make it. service has been down for a week...but look

We only need TWO MORE SHOTS

KOEB 11/17/05 (The Watch Your Words Edition)

What in the name of heaven is wrong with these journalists?

By what means will Neocons be removed from power?

Is it just me, or has Woodward become a Bush shill to quell the scandal?

If Neocons stay in power, how long 'till total economic collapse?

What the Repukes should push for right now

Cheney Joins GOP Criticism of Democrats

Bush Tries to Deceive Us About Deceiving Us

Cantwell, Senate Democrats Demand Oil Execs Testify Under Oath

Had enough of "Republicrats and Demopublicans"

FCC Alert! NBC just aired oral sex

Great Bush photo on CNN. All he needs is a tire swing and a banana.

A chat with an old friend yesterday

Dobson encouraged males to "shower naked" with their young sons

17 NOV 1973 - another great day in gop history

New post from Riverbend - Conventional Terror...

My LTTE to the LA Times on the first Jonah Goldberg column

Send any Bob Woodward book you have purchased back to The Washington Post!


Photo: Junior & Pickles sipping some "tea" in S. Korea (Long Island Iced?)

Can we arrest Cheney? He is clearly the enemy of America

Democrats need to respond to Bush and Cheney about the lies.

Lets close our eyes and imagine...

Quote From a Republican

Make it look big--Blame others

Who Is Bob Woodward's Source?

Why such animosity toward libertarians?

"The war in Iraq is not going as advertised. "

Smirk's involvement in torture

Republicans are putting lipstick on a hog called the Iraq War...

While seeking information regarding the Iraqi Interior ministry's...

Congress pulling the plug on Iraq would be the best outcome for Bush...

Hagel Defends Criticisms of Iraq Policy

Slap down neocon spinners on the 'all had same INTEL' lie

Is What Abramoff Did Basically Money Laundering?

Steve Young's controlled immigration proposal

So Alito is now admitting he lied in 1985 to further his job opportunities

Md's Steele's Oreo cookie houx

Alito's Roe v. Wade position now has some GOP pols scared.

GOP/Woodward Love/Hate Affair - Like a soap opera....

Rep Murtha is a Democrat and a War Hero - How Long will it take

Time Magazine MUST read - Honor After They Fall

2006: Rove's Waterloo

B*sh Legacy: Interim Assessment

The Long, Long Fall of Bob Woodward (the termite)

Is FR turning to its military heroes to counter Rep Murtha

"the utter uselessness of Bob Woodward"

How long before the GOP tries to claim MD Lt. Governor Steele was

25% approval

Maj. Gen. William Webster concerned about "lives lost in vain" in Iraq

B*sh will create Democrats with his "war critics are irresponsible"shtick

Congress Nears Deal to Renew Antiterror Law (ACLU/Conyers not happy)

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "The Mysteries of E Voting"

The Ultimate Iraqi Nightmare....... (NYTimes)

Boston Globe: GOP leader fears backlash if Roe v. Wade is overturned

Was it reprehensible and irresponsible to appose the Vietnam war?

why the bushgang hates Plame

Dem Leaders, WHO among you will stand with Murtha?

Iraqi official: Torture allegations exaggerated

Congress could vote TODAY to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act

Murtha speech on C-span now!

Pirro takes Clinton to take over Byrd birthday party

Heck of a job, D*ck!

WaPo national editor repeats lie that Fitz said Libby was first source

Why is it no one is speculating that Woodward's source might be Bush?

Bush America, where predatory companies blantantly steal from consumers.

Very disturbing story about Bush's state of mind in the Wash Times mag.

Let the GOP split commence........


Parrothead for Nelson & Kinky Friedman

``It is neither compassionate, conservative nor wise.'' (Spending Bill)

House Pukes were holding vote open again. Quit after about 1/2 hour....

Cut&Run - What the republicans are doing to the white house

shrub's heckuva moments:

What Murtha said to Cheney: (re: Cheney's tirade yesterday)

Bu$h walks off stage?

Feinstein - Eliminate Oil Drilling Tax Incentive Now!

"Treason, Torture, Terror and Trillions in debt"

I Think The Repubs Will now Work on Dividing The Country

Conservative's plans for a 17 year old in America Today

Perhaps a viewing of I, Claudius is in order...

John Kerry now being interviewed by Blitzer in THE SITUATION ROOM.

C-span 1 McCain flaying smart ass in charge of CREA

Senate voting on a excise tax of oil profits-to go to help with heating

Bill Frist's Positive Ratings at 23%!!!

When will cheney go fuck himself?

Odd thought watching Kerry on CNN: if justice were all, Gore/Kerry '08

John Murtha - Unpatriotic Liberal Pansy

Have the Democrats abandoned the Red States?

US uses WMDs in Iraq ?

Take this MSNBC Poll: Did Bush mislead the nation to go to war in Iraq?

What's Your Favorite Political Quote?

Have our troops crossed over into Syria yet ?

Bush** accusing Dems of "playing politics" is like:

If you don't like conservative Brent Bozell,

Kerry Keeps Promises to Troops, Military Familes and Small Businesses

Who will play woodward in the next movie

What a mess! U.S. policy toward Iraqi militias flip-flops AGAIN!!!

If he drops 5 more points, Junior will be tied with Nixon

Thursday Neil Lisst - White House ethics and other legends

How many Repubs voted against the IWR ?

I have a talking point for the Dems

Contact info for Rep. John Murtha

Bush: "People ought to be allowed to ask questions," agrees with Cheney

Arianna has 15 questions for Woodward.

How do we stop Cheney & Republicans greed from destroying all

Photos: The lower the poll numbers, the greater the arrogance

Which bad guy is Bush most like?

Bush is in Asia and he's making comments attacking Democrats??

Can someone put 2006 gubernatorial info in the research forum?

We're being sold out!

Here's how Kerry should respond to Blitzer

What have the Democrats done for me lately? 11/9 - 11/15

Scott's latest statement

Rep. Murtha (D-PA) story leads on NBC Nightly Mews.

My state slogan for Situation Room

McCain on Hardball: Bush's top priority is to rebut accusations

Happy 57th Birthday, Howard Dean.

Probing for weak spots? Got an interesting machine generated

Senate debating if Coburn can continue to be a doctor as well as a senator

dupe/ self- deleted

Democrats -- thank you.

As Dems Challenge Lobbyists' Power, D.C. Establishment Freaks Out

Bizarre: NAACP head in FL switches to become a Repug

Remember this Pic - Saddam and 9/11?

Video - War Hawk Rep. Murtha (D-PA) Calls for Immediate Withdrawal

newly released documents show eerie parallel between Nixon & Bush Admins.

Would you rather be a Senator, or a Representative?

Connress ready to renew entire Patriot Act

email from Carl Levin

Anyone watching CSPAN right now?

The Christian Right is behind these "cruel" budget cuts.......

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes (Kids Talk Bush)

Where is Richard Clark?

"have you no sense of decency?"

This Sunday Morning News Show topics

I just educated a repuke!

Karen Hughes uses "The 4 E's" to "take the American Story to the world"

Rep. Murtha vs. Chickenhawks....Mission Accomplished.

Hastert pitches a fit over Rep. Murtha's remarks - says Dems "cut and run"

The Spies Who Pushed for War

NO! not in a year - OUT NOW !!!

Word has it that Kerry will be on CNN w/Wolf Blitzer tomorrow

Bush's Wrecking Crew strikes again.

Must-See video re: Fallujah

Green Party Call: Put HEAT on Media to Cover GAO Report on Election Fraud

The Alternate Universe of Conservatives

I am a Democrat because...

Great fun tonight on CSPAN

John Kerry: Yet Another Reason Why You Lost....

Proof: Bush administration members on record connecting Saddam to 9/11

GOP MELTDOWN: First GOP vote loss since 1997?? Wow, this is HUGE!

Kerry on Hardball & The Situation Room

It would be TRULY AMAZING if Gore is our President in 2008

I am soo freakin' sick of the word mislead.

Campaign Underground 2006 - THE COMEBACK

"Critics are sending mixed signals to the troops. That is irresponsible."


Latest reason for war..."to support our troops"

Affirmative Action.

Clark on Hannity/Colmes right now!

I believe George W. Bush is mentally ill - I really do.

Is NPR shilling for the Bush administration now?

Armstrong (thief/whore) Williams on Paula Zahn..

New campaign slogan: Republicans Are Torture!

Fitz might as well just round up everyone.

Yikes! Really Baaaaad GOP Poll Nos. from The Hotline (Lowry)

Bush's face tightened and he answered sharply, "The vice president."

Defeat corrupt corporate $ and give Dean a B-day gift at the same time.

John In D.C. @ AmericaBlog isn't happy with Kerry

Republicans under Bush: The Rubberstamp Congress

Howard Dean is weaning the DNC off corporate money.

Someone tell Michael Moore to stay out of this fight-please!

Add your name to Bill O'Reilly's Enemies List

My letter to the editor: both versions.

What will BushCo use as a pretext for declaring martial law?

The Political Matrix. TAKE THIS TEST NOW and post your results.

Seems like Terry McCauliffe is doing Howard Dean's Job

Survey USA: Bush's 50 state approval ratings. post your state...

Ok, might as well get this out, I'm considering interning for John McCain

Democrats have ditched their appeasement and have gone to war

OMG! A rare photo of Libby and Rove when they were kids!! >>>>pic

McClellan: Murtha = Michael Moore (breaking from WH traveling in Asia)


Remember the Ukraine

Can I get a status report on I-10?


Bush - The Least Presidential President in American History

Become Republican ! (Animation)

Delay in IDing Katrina dead: Police & FEMA "negotiating over the price."

Richard Clark on The Daily tonight at 11 nt

Iran in turmoil as president's purge deepens

Complete Cheney smackdown on Daily Show!

Richard Clark is on TDS tonight! Don't forget!!! n/t

jon stewart kicks ass so far. if it is coming later, catch it

Go Team!

Huge diplomatic success for George in South Korea

Who even KNEW Australia had a 100 million dollar pea industry?

Join Oreilly's Blacklist

Mc Cllellan compares Murtha to Michael Moore

Veterans, familiar with White Phosphorous is it a "Chemical Weapon"?

Caption This ---pix->>>

Notice who owns the headlines, lately?

Laura Bush reads a book to Korean and American boys and girls - photos

Richard Clarke - On The daily show. Awesome!

do you think repubs have a gene missing or something?

Gene Taylor (D-Miss) for VP !!! (?)

Iraqi Gov't to Probe Detention Facilities


LAT: Heidi Fleiss Plans a Brothel to Serve Women

Murtha: Troops' pain, not politics, behind stance

Yum! Yuck! ---pix->>>

Check out these quotes from Fitzgerald:


Halloween's Michael Myers: prototype of the Islamist terrorist?!?

An important lesson for all our kids

Transcript of CNN's Ensor pointing out Dems did NOT have same intel as WH.

GOP "See and Say " pull string toy. Need your ideas

Bishops urge voters to petition against stem cell funding

W is For...

Extension of Patriot Act Faces Threat of Filibuster/Go Feingold

VIDEO: McGovern Interview about Discharge Petition and H.R. 4232

Rep. Gene Taylor of Miss. Tells It Like It Is. Give Him Credit.

"Michael Moore" really? Is that all this Administration has to say

Pat Robertson, Secret Agent Man.

Proof Bush is less then 6 feet tall

CIA leak probe fallout unlikely to fade

NYT/AP: Dana Reeve Responding Well to Cancer Treatment

WP: Army to Halt Call-Ups of Inactive Soldiers

Jordan turns its back on Zarqawi

Bob Dole awarded French Legion of Honor

Bush, Putin Seek Unity About Terror War

Accord on anti-terror law faces opposition

Winged Victory of Samothrace


A website not for the squeamish...

Off to sleepyland, Good night.

GD needs the lounge's help on this one:

44 days of Xmas ads left

Hello, Im actor Troy McClure...

Beep. It's from Hamlet. 2B? NT2B?=???

Fuck... I just saw the best hour of TV I have seen in years...

Hell yeah , I finished my philosophy paper in 3 hours!!

Who wants to guess what's in my new letter? (Psychics welcome.)

Personality Crisis

Howard Stern coming up on Letterman

So what are you drinking tonight?

How much sleep do normal teens need?

Has anyone here ever lost a LOT of weight?

Playing music can be good for your brain

DU sensitives, psychics and remote viewers...I have a new letter...

If anyone is still here, can we have a happy picture thread?

VIDEO - Howard Stern watches our Keith talking about Rush Limbaugh

The 3rd * Campaign

John Tanner of Tennessee had memorable line tonight...

McCain Is An Ass......

Must See "The Daily Show" tonight! Plus guest: Richard Clark

Three days that transformed America - UPI


Rep. John P. Murtha

Energy Industry Caught Lying, Hires P.R. Firm To Help Spin

Kerry mentions the Downing Street Minutes on Hardball tonight!

Dick Cheney: How many bills did he pass?

"Why did Woodward sit on this information...until late last month?"

"American politics experienced a kind of harmonic convergence of bullshit"