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Archives: November 15, 2005

CIA 'covered up' evidence of torture

A Reminder of How Debate Over Prewar Intelligence Continues to Shadow Bush

Chalabi to New York Times: I am Iran's Candidate for Iraqi Premiership

Scott Ritter Tells the Complete Story Why We're in Iraq

Nursing home keeps spirits up with own pub (great idea)

Baghdad VIPs Don't Get the Grand Tour

The start of "Operation Successor 2008"

Scrapping civil liberty in guise of patriotism (Patriot Act )

Torture’s out. Now they call it abuse

Bush walks tightrope on 4-nation Asian visit

The End of News?

Alito - Abortion

The Devolution of Intelligent Design

A Revised Declaration of Independence, in Deference to Paine's Spirit

Daily Show book takes top U.S. humour prize

Attorney General Phill Kline, Bush's Kind of Guy

Japan Reacts to Bush Visit. Photos>

I knew I always liked John Cusack for a reason.

Bush's magnificent deception By Thomas Oliphant

Why Bush’s Case On Iraq Was Different From Clinton’s

Medium Lobster: Guilty Until Proven Dead

Bush, Cheney, and Tortured Words - today's political cartoon

Republicans do eat their own, from the Clockwork Orange

What Bush Isn't Addressing on Iraq

E.J.Dionne: Another Set of Scare Tactics

Carter: This Isn't the Real America

Kurt Nimmo: Grand Daddy Neocon Shoots Messenger

Massive labour protests against harsh new laws in Australia

"Republicans Cut and Run from Iraq and Bush" (Jim Lobe)

Rummy Backing off from Iraq?

Blair should stop playing fall guy in Rumsfeld's war games

No Wonder Anti-Free Traders are Angry

Fallujah Revisited- Dahr Jamail

Molly Ivins: Stupid or lying?

Another Pat-thetic statement

Mexican Woman battles Coke, wins

Best TIME cover ever

Stephen Pizzo: "It's Obstruction Time" (* not trainable, time to stop him)

Put a New TV News Network on the Air -- plan unveiled for IWT

Yellowcake to 'Plamegate'

Opti-Bob, Republican Economist, beats the house

The Republican dream: Would total elimination of taxes actually help?

'Intersex' Fish Found Off Calif. Coast

Gunmen attack PA election HQ over next year's vote

Rice: Israel and PA clinch deal on Gaza-Egypt border

'Confirmed kill' case: Full acquittal

Jordan Hotels Blitz Was An Inside Job

MSNBC refuses to show footage of bldg 7 in Prof. Jones Interview

Arab Perpetuation of the "Big Lie"

Tucker Carlson promotes wacky 9/11 conspiracy theory...

Molten steel found at base of WTC!!!

I'm Not Quite Sure What To Do With This... Please Advise !!!

Questioning What Happened On 911

Bow-tie give short shrift to 9/11 explosives theory

The first 9/11 lie..."That's one bad pilot"

Professor Jones Exposes Controlled Demoltion of WTC on MSNBC

Marines Quiet About Brutal New Weapon

I'm sorry, but the WTC came down from the aircraft strike and fire.

MSNBC : Did planes really bring down the World Trade Center?

Did anybody ever get arrested for 9/11 insider trading?

OCTA's sign in here for your daily blue pill---->

Has any person on this board ever seen actual evidence of Al Qaeda

Tall buildings do not topple like trees.

And no election reforms have occurred for 06 elctions yet?

What Do Y'All Know About FairVote?

NC: Company seeks clarity on voting machine rules (proprietary software)

CA: Notice of Diebold Hearing (& Changes to the VSP)

Hacking DU and MCM: Salon's Manjoo cites Hertsgaard, bashes DU

Dropping my LAT subscription today-Int w/Robert Scheer/LINK

Please help this beautiful kitty find a home.

LA Times Readers/Subscribers to Picket Outside Times Building

Gilchrist will boycott forum

Conan vs. the Kindergarden Cop

Cedar Valley Democrats Meetup: Big turnout

Grassley gets wacked by Kunstler about comments on oil

Soldier from Brockton dies in Iraq

Logan Airport shortchanged on federal security help

Vote could bring Bay State Guard home

John Bonifaz for Massachusetts Secretary of State

Join Anti-Wal-Mart protests in Massachusetts

Police Discover Crystal Meth Lab In South Boston

3.2 beer

Anyone getting this storm yet?

Tom Daschle backing Amy for senate

Twin Citians to oppose Republican budget cuts Wednesday

Ford Bell for senate -- on Wendy Wilde's show 11/15/05

Becky Lourey Announces Bid for MN Governor

My entire inbox got deleted, Comcast. Anyone else have a similar

Major Paul Hackett DU group anyone?

Petro Commercials

Getting Votes in the South

Houston Runoff Election - Dec 10th, suggestions?

Democrats in DeLay's dist challenge Republicans to debate on Iraq War

Roe v. Wade as a Radical Republican Trojan Horse

One of the greatest works of political theater in the last century.

Caption: Mayor Mike is now Cowboy Mike...PICS>>>>

Former Iraqi detainees allege torture by US troops: report

Whoa: Senate *Republicans* Push Plan to End Iraq War

Gene Simmons claims carnal knowledge of 4,600 women


Robert Fisk on with Tavis Smiley -- Leftcoast alert

I Say Again... How Dare They !!!

Explosive used in Jordan Attacks = |RDX| Stolen from Iraq on OUR WATCH!

Iraqi Chalabi meets Cheney, Rumsfeld

So what should be the Democratic Vision presented by Dean in 06'?

The US used chemical weapons in Iraq - and then lied about it

There needs to be a Turkey Dinner Hillary

Buried in the Budget bill: one of the biggest land grabs in history.

Little Lord Pissypants: "Why didn't the democrats protect me from myself?"

UN decries brutal conditions and absence of justice in Iraqi-run jails

I started a blog.

Good points about Saddam tonight on Malloy

For those who can't see the fraud in Ohio...

Nightline: torture victims speak! On ABC now CST.

Amuse me and listen to this song , it addresses war, oil, lies, power

Ward has a live one right now

FDA approves stem cells for heart study

BUSH INC Blew it

U.S. atomic expert doubts report of Iran weapons

Jon Stewart wins Thurber Prize for humour usatoday

Caller on bush's speeches

Does anyone know of any journalist that has told the truth, the whole

Spotting the Losers:

Gulf Coast Slaves (Halliburton story)

Well nighti will try to get some sleep now

Gawd!! Nicolle Wallace is a fucking liar.

Christmas-yet-to-be? New toon 11/15/05

Ray Taliaferro is taking down a freeper.

Do Republicans secretly believe Hitler was a good guy?

What are the odds that Kara Burton and her 20 year old boyfriend

Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq

I JUST SIMPLY HATE THE BUSHES that is all there is to it.

Who on DU wants to be on O'Reilly's ENEMIES LIST with me??

Milosevic's Serbian genocide squads hired in Iraq - US$8000 a month

Bin Laden's Half Brother in French Court

Call me Irresponsible mr. bush.

A question which must be asked (about the PA parent-killing teens)...

Toon: "I didn't mislead. You followed."

Was Bill Press serious?? I was able to listen to a portion

First bird flu death reported in Anaheim, CA. - Nation Stunned

I just assume that bush lied about Osama and 9-11 as well

Chris Floyd, BCCI, didn't know he was this sharp.

No, not only that, the other shoe is about to drop

AP: Jon Stewart Wins Thurber Prize for Humor

"The Traitorous Democrats have Amassed Weapons of Mass Destruction"

Guardian: Spanish police expose more CIA links to secret flights of detain

Is anyone listening to Taliaferro's disc. this Repug memo?

Jocie Iszler letter: Benefits of E85 more than mileage

Anybody hear Bob Kerrey

EU urged to probe 'CIA prisons'

Alito admits being an activist judge (not kidding)

bush lied us into a needless war, therefore, we should finish the job?

everybody in the whole world thought there were WMD'S...Bullshit

Can someone please change the picture of bush on the fund drive meter?

Caption * and ^...

Alito: "I do think he was sincere in what he said, "Sen. Feinstein D (sic)

UN Report : 30,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed Since War Began

Thank You Dems / Rawstory /Bipartisan effort in House

Spain investigates alleged CIA detainee flights

so what I got out of Frist is

Iraqis Say Troops Caged Them With Lions

Jocie Iszler letter: Benefits of E85 more than mileage

Delbert McClinton on Imus

Why doesn't Kerry's camp make his Vet. Day speech avail. on the net via


British bishop defends police shoot-to-kill policy

Mommy! Daddy! The democrats are trying to take away my war! WAAHH!!!!!

JUST IN: IMPORTANT: Known Bird Flu Symptoms

Ever wonder where croissants came from?

Jordan Hotels Blitz Was An Inside Job

New concept in family transportation.

Democracy Now has an interview w/a former Army interrogator,

Update on ACLU lawsuit against Rumsfeld

"We really mean business, Iraqis, get on with it."

Arianna sits down for dinner with Ahmad Chalabi. No really.

Letter from "Perplexed in DC" (Bush** asks for help w/ his problems)

CSPAN WJ---Mantra of the day from callers appears

Rude Advice To Democrats: Resistance Is an Agenda:

So, isn't the update on Phase II Prewar Intelligence due about now?

Our Agenda should be...

On a score from 1 to 10...

I heard on C-Span the Hotline guy say

Quotes from The American Taliban (Wear hip boots)

A Stinking Ape has Disrupted the Grand Old Party, call Security!

Has America Hit Bottom? or is the bottom dead ahead?

Bin Reilly announces new terrorism strategies to use on San Fransisco.

Can you tell that Rove is back at work?

So I see this guy demonstrating this device that identifies suicide bombers

My Night with W*M: High cost of low prices.

Fox News claims Bush never said that Iraq and Al Qaeda were linked

Rumsfeld, Chalabi discuss need for better intelligence

How will Bush embarrass us on his Asian trip?

Put RW'ers in a Hierarchy

How to uncut a tree

Why is all the Bush Group OUT of the Country ???

Bush's Destruction of America: By Incompetence or Design?

What is feeding the insurgency is US detention, torture, and bombings.

Public land sale vote could come today

China to vaccinate 14bn poultry

Bush lied?

Would Bush Be So Vitriolic If He Had Nothing to Hide?

Bernancke's nomination hearing, any one?

Off to the Races or Where's Bush's Bottom?

Woman robs banks while on cell phone. She's just gotta be a Bush relative.

Democrats need to scream it: BUSH* LIED AND HE'S STILL LYING.

what would it take to fracture dubya's 35% of immovable supporters?

Chalabi connection to the Douglas Feith, Micheal Leeden and Lawrence Frank

So what are we going to do about the 2005 Ohio election ?

"Do you feel any loyalty to Rs who vote with you--ones up for reelection?"

Top Ten Web Moments that Changed the World

Senate GOP finally wants answers from Bush

Lieberman on the floor asking for less partisanship re Iraq

Miscellany: Aaron, CHEENEE, Ahhhnuld, JFK, Aaron, & Anderson

Correction: Please take Equifax off of bin Lielly's Sponsor list!

Give Dubya one more week

Is Cindy Sheehan Camping in Crawford over Thanksgiving?

Boxer on C-SPAN2 (nt)

"This Land"-- Hilarious video

If you're gonna WATCH Cspan today, consider RECORDING

Bushbots desperate for WMD proof, cite long discredited intel

Yellowcake to 'Plamegate':"Something Weird" about those docs

Joe Lieberman cannot admit he was wrong...

you are with me, or you are against me

Tempur-Pedic, another O'lielly sponser accused of stock fraud

Remind me again... what did John Roberts say in his confirmation hearings?

Does all strains of flu start in one valley in china

Son of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has pleaded guilty

DU this poll please!

BREAKING: bush's approval numbers now equal his I.Q.---!!!

Satire and hate speech: this is a satirist

Has any person on this board ever seen actual evidence of Al Qaeda

C&L clip: Falafel Boy defends his "satirical riff with a serious point"

Judge has sympathy for local addict; none for Rush Limbaugh

John Cusack posts his thoughts to the huffington post

George in Japan ---pix->>>

Hypocrisy? RNC Releases Video: "Dems: Dishonest on Iraq"

"Stop The War" Yelled While Cheney Gives Speech!

I'll use my B&N birthday gift certificate to buy

Liberal Net a Non-Starter, Says NBC Universal President

The first 9/11 lie..."That's one bad pilot"

Conservatives could win Canadian election.

Bipartisan Petition: "Drawdown of Iraq Troops to Begin in Nov 06"

Limiting Classified Information -2001

The Fact is ,Today the Democrats......

VIDEO- McGovern on Bush's speech-OUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT

How to remove Bush without changing the corrupt, exploitative system?

Repubs steal Dem exit strategy, remove parts, and put their name on it

AUDIO- Reid/Durbin/Levin Press Conf from yesterday on Iraq Strategy

Spain probes 'secret CIA flights'

PHOTO: add to the "Bush loves BALD GUYS" collection

Speculation on Libby's motives in leak

Were the Democrats Bush* attacked on Veterans day Veterans themselves?

Regime - the prequel to Left Behind....LaHaye on ABC's GMA

Lieberman selling out LIVE on CSpan2...

Vice President Condoleezza Rice

MSNBC : Did planes really bring down the World Trade Center?

THEY call it 'cut and run', I call it common sense

I need advice. How do you handle overt hate?

I'm sorry, but the WTC came down from the aircraft strike and fire.

9/11 was an attack perpetrated by CONSERVATIVES - Discuss

Clinton tells Gulf Arabs to spread the oil wealth

Kerry: WH should spend same amount of time working as it does bragging

Did Arnold & Maria travel with Poppy & Junior to Asia?

What is happening in the US Senate? Iraq?

OCTA's sign in here for your daily blue pill---->

Iraqis Say Troops Caged Them With Lions

LA Times responds to readers re. Robert Scheer's firing

Martin Scorsese to abandon feature films

"Frist no longer has support to simply keep a lid on everything"

The MIT foil hat study

Japanese woman's reaction to * ->

DU this AOL poll: What's your position on withdrawing U.S. troops from Ir

Does a CiC Usually Bad-mouth the Opposition Party to the Troops?

Anyone with any experience with the Segway human transporter

The New Iraq "some had their skin peeled off various parts of their bodies"

Oh Lordy I don't even know how to reply to this photo in my email

BBC: Iraq detainees 'found starving'

My freeper brother....

Spotting the Losers:

Did Ohio make it easy to hack?

DNC has events TODAY all over the country, find one near you

FRONT PAGE msnbc: Grizzlies to be taken off endangered list

George W, The Son King

Dumbest anti-choice bumper stickers

Students rebuffing military recruiters - 5000+ in Mass. alone

From the globe and bush's history when in trouble

Dems, media, and Rope-a-dope.

Mr. Burns gets heckled in Tennessee today.

Any word on Dengue creeping into the US?

Who's this Kool-Aid drinker filling in for Limbaugh today.


O'Rielly and Tempurpedic

Is anyone else having trouble w/ the net today ?

VIDEO-Arlen Specter on the Graham (no due process) Amendment

so did the Senate Vote go against bush, or did it support his IRAQ POLICY?

So Why Has Georgie Bush Gone To Japan And China?

The Senate speaks on Iraq

Bush's magnificent deception By Thomas Oliphant

Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets

Iraq dilemma

Unembedded: Independent Photojournalists on the War in Iraq (images)

Raw Story: Obtains CENTCOM Slide-Info #s of Iraqi Detainees

Put a New TV News Network on the Air -- plan unveiled for IWT

Call your Congressperson and tell him/her-PODCASTS for speeches

A quick note on O'Reilly threat and other "smear sites."

Things must be dire for Rush -- now he's exploiting the troops

"Prickly City" in a league with "Doonesbury?"

Have you found Jesus? vs. Have you found Athena?

Could a Bush-tied defense firm buy Knight Ridder?

Google bomb worked. Type in "terrorist sympathizer" and see what you get

Rummy taking questions from the press now.

Why can Corporations contribute unlimited amounts?

AAR says Cheney was heckled today

Have you ever changed religion?

Come on, everyone thought Saddam had WMDs. Reminds me of a story....

Brainwash: Notice how comfortable a lot of people feel with current gas

George Galloway cuddles up to the dictator of Syria

Yes, the US has used chemical weapons in Iraq

What's the difference between natural gas & LP?

"Cheney's war is swallowing Bush's presidency."

US: From highest wages/longest hours to lowest wages/longest hours

Has anyone told Tim Russert

VIDEO- Alien or Death at Bush's Wilkes Barre PA TERRORRRRRR speech

Giving aid & comfort to our enemy = outing a CIA agent's identity!

Sauerkraut may cure Bird Flu.

From ACLU: "Autopsy reports reveal homicides of detainees in U.S. custody"

A Ltr to the Editor Regarding the Minutemen Sneaking into South Texas

Got a Reply From Clearchannel on O'Reilly Comments

Senate Dems question Rove's security clearance

Bush, feeling the pressure of public opinion, runs to Mommies

2069 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Terror Attack Simulated in sacramento today!

Does a Supreme Court justice "owe anything" to the President who nominated

Why not a Democratic National Convention for 2006?

My Analysis of O'Lielly's Actions - What do you Think?

Turn on Randi. Iraqi prisoners threatened with being fed to lions.

So Condi pulls off an agreement to help pull up Bush's numbers.

Radio stations that carry O'Reilly - thanks to Daily Koss

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Gasoline Prices

Feingold issues statements on Senate vote

DU Lawyers: Could a class action suit be filed against O'Reilly and Fox

PHOTOS: "Few protestors are expected in Japan, friendly turf for Bush"

As we approach the not so far 06 elections- any election reforms happening

WTF is this in the audience at the shrubs V-Day speech?

Did gas prices begin to drop right after the hearings?

Does get the job done mean...

Bill O'Reilly is not a pussie (from Salon post)

The majority of the dems in congress better oppose alito

Why would anyone listen to Michael Savage?

What's the best blog?

Bill O'Reilly is making an Enemies List. Seriously, not kidding.

A trip down Memory Lane--Gas Mileage in Yesteryear's Cars

Where oh where is Osama?

I like to advertise for Freep-O'Reilly-Mart!

MIT students study tin foil helmets - haha

Federal Court now shafting American Indians out of their share

Sony's stealthy anti-piracy software contains pirated software code!

Hilarious Freeper Link Du Jour: Lib-rul Media Trix With Condi Pix!

How did you like Rush's replacement today?


Safe Deposit Boxes - The next Katrina Victim

The Message of the Georgia Guidestones (aka American Stonehenge)

"Bush was right" campaign to launch (wtf?)

Local gas stations busted for price gouging -- fines $1,000 and up

News from the permanent tinhat throng

Is that stupid RW email going around still

O'Reilly unveils the rough draft of his "Enemies List"...

Just purchased 4 'Meet the F*ckers' Tshirts for X-mass gifts..

Brad Blog: "Death of a Thousand Cuts ..."

AP: Harvesting dead trees divides timber industry and ecologists

To any Democratic Senator or Representative (or staff) reading this!

For all of you that still find O'Reilly's comment funny, think about the

Judy Miller is on this week's On The Media on NPR

Tinfoil Hat Post!!

Have YOU replaced your thermostat with a smart thermostat?

Phone Call received at work

PHOTO: The Commander-in-Chief trashing Democrats to our troops

" "Democrats Push Republicans Into Full Retreat . . . "

I found this great picture of a FReeper

" Interview with God" - What Surprises you most about Mankind?

11 Jordanian officials resign: Now that's accountability Mr. Bush*

So Reid and company finally decided to make a

HERE ARE THE LIONS, still alive

Laura Bush and Condi 08?

Born after 1950? Forget about SS

May be getting a funny LTTE published in the PSU Collegian

I'm not too political savvy -- Is Bush's administration the most corrupt?

I can't work with the Repugs....

PHOTO: Feinstein meets with Alito today

We have a lot to learn...


The Iraqi government started punishing provinces...

James Doohan ashes to be launched next year with notes

“Last night came the winter.” A climber's update on Kashmir Quake

Murder/Kidnap teens David Ludwig and Kara Borden authored Christian blogs

Japan Reacts to Bush Visit. Photos>

Are we getting to Bill O'Reilly?

"Playing Politics" is pressuring Congress for war in Election Season

Rummy Backing off from Iraq?

step right up! see gop senators sell-out middle america...

Conference & Interfaith Service

Sen. John Cornyn talking on Senate floor.

Tornado in southern indiana

Iraq vote says it's Bush's way or the highway

Bill O'Reilly reminds me of a kid I went to school with

Hard hitting Letters to Editor:

My name is Eeyore, and I'm addicted to gasoline.

Clinton/Bush-the Regime Change argument

Randi just talked to meh

He didn't mislead (wink wink)

Billy O'Reilly (to the tune of The Who's Baba O'Reilly)

Rude Pundit i a must read. Sorry if dupe.

Okay jr. let's say everybody was with you on this Iraq war deal.

Text of prop 1 indicates how much of a filthy damned liar O'Reilly is

FEMA wouldn't release sex offender info to TX : " privacy laws "

Molten steel found at base of WTC!!!

Report Says Ex-Chief of Public TV Violated Federal Law

VIDEO- Durbin on the impropriety of Bush's Terror speech on Veteran's Day

Congressman Conyers: Chalabi, Syria, and Iran: Cambodia Redux?

Proposing an "opt out" system.

Grizzlies Near Yellowstone May Lose Status

Can anyone confirm or deny this?!

See this? Liberal Channel a Non-Starter, Says Wright

Dubya's been gone 24 hours..

Phase II Report Being Stonewalled, Senators Charge

Bush in the bunker: Reduces access, rarely speaks to father

Has anyone seen Laura Ingraham lately? She looks different...

Cindy Sheehan goes back to Crawford (Wed. Court Appearance)

Florida Senate: two new polls (bad news for Cruella)

Its clinton's fault...

Update: The Big Casino

Y. professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

Boycotting Wal-Mart over wages, benefits = BAD; over Christmas = GOOD?!?

VIDEO-Durbin on Republicans Cut and Paste of the Dem amendment

Read CHUCK HAGEL's Latest Speech

Tucker Carlson promotes wacky 9/11 conspiracy theory...

Should America's tax dollars be divided in a Progressive or Regressive way

Taking nominations for January non-fiction book club title here:

Tornados hitting Western KY, and Southern IN right now...

Anyone else wanna demonize Muslims for 9/11?

VIDEO-Durbin on Chalabi

FEMA will stop paying for Katrina evacuee hotel rooms December 1

DU this POLL! Do you favor Rep or Dem approach on Iraq

Anyone involved in Salon's ongoing debate re. Manjoo's article?

Bwaahahahaha! Thanks, "W".

Senate GOP Blocks Dems on Iraq Timetable

Conservative group files FEC complaint against Sean "Diddy" Combs

*Snopes Alert* Did You Know This?

Former PBS chair violated law

How exactly is the RW able to get the media to suppress/ignore scandals?

Two reasons Bush and the Republicans are in trouble.

VIDEO-Who is Official A?

LAT: Church in IRS probe receives moral support

Has there EVER been a better textbook description of "minions" assembled?

Bush/repubs/dems "selling" your grandchildren's future to China!


Violent Protests in S. Korea--Is Bush there?

My health insurance takes another 20% hike! Sheesh...

(Didn't Know I Was) UnAmerican

Tempurpedic Chicken-Shit Response to O'Reilly Advertising

WMD Rumsfeld calls the lion accusation by the two Iraqi men "far-fetched"

Web Site to Blend Journalism With Blogs

US FLIP FLOPS on Use of white phosphorus in Iraq - CHEMICAL WEAPON???

Bush will be reintarnated as an ignoranus with a lot of glibido

If you had 500 million dollars in your possession (legally)

Bush lies! Get your Bush lies here! Official record!

I just got back from the future, Nov. 2006, the day after election day..

I don't usually watch Lou Dobbs, but I think he just mentioned "Able

Operation hoarse whisperer set to start in Dec to get bin Laden.

Easy way to speed Iraq withdrawal

All you people in the Tornado Zone.. Take heart......Rick has come to


"searching for a way out of Irag"--whow--pbs Lehrer News Hour now.

What is your biggest Enviornmental Concern?

Warner Blames the Iraqi's

Did anyone ever find out who the Ghoul was

Nicole Richie on Larry King tonight

So what do you think Bush staffers got out of Harriet Miers' ethics class?


Amy Goodman's Interview With Recently Fired Columnist Robert Scheer Here:

Why Democrats Thought They Would Get Away With It

something about you ~ level 42

Dumb Internet Question.....

Only Tuesday and we're more than 1/2 way there!

Opinions Please...A Vegetarian Hot Dog Fast Food Place...Would it fly?

VIDEO-Durbin on the Intelligence Congress Knew (Refutes Bush)

MEME: Killing people and stealing their oil is not an energy policy

True Blue - Senator Grassley of Iowa

Hardball-Biden speaks out against torture/secret prisons-then WHY

Caught the last bit of Biden on tweety- pissed...

Mr. "cuckoo bananas" episode of Simpsons just re-ran locally.

vote of "NO confidence"--says Reid--regard: staying the course in Irag.

More proof that the "Wackos" are being used by Far Right interests

Two negatives = a positive- Keep Bashing Kerry. It brings new

little w

Looking For A Hero/Heroine? Rigoberta Menchu - Maya Human Rights Activist

GOP Economic Interests Are Responsible...

Congress cuts NY 9/11 aid.... Photo opportunties evidently all done

Which left or objective media source has the most power Dems can tap into?

CNN just had Lion Story on the Situation room

"An outrage" (RE: Marines charged with rape in the Philippines)

Does God dislike Country Music?

Caption this...

Biden on CNN now

Anyone else getting nervous?

Getting back to Precinct Captains

Isn't he dreamy?

Tornado Watch - Southeast Michigan - Until Midnight EST

"Bush Was Right" the video on KO!!!!!


O'LOOFAH Sez We Are FAR Left, Guttersnipe, Smear Sites

Poll: American attitudes on Iraq similar to Vietnam era

Why doesn't the Bush bastard just TRY and get

cool map on weather underground go look!

Bush "Reclusive", "Feels Betrayed" - only talks to four people

This PATHETIC "Bush was Right" video playing on Countdown

Evil has visited my blog in the guise of a kitten lover


VIDEO-Worst Person in the World

Reagan-Crowley being replaced by Povich-Chung

BBC FINALLY reporting on White Phosphorous...

2072 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Keith v O'reilly up next on Olbermann

VIDEO-Bush was Right- from Countdown

Pentagon ADMITS use of white phosporus but 'not against civilians'

Caption the Big Chimp Head in South Korea!!

On The Levin Amendment... Do You See A Pattern Here ???

Cheney heckled by anti-war protesters in Knoxville TN

Gena Davis for President (or at least her character on Commander in Chief)

Failed Iraqi bomber lady had three of her brothers killed by U.S. forces

Cheney Get's Heckled

Phase II Report Being Stonewalled, Senators Charge

Ya know what we get when we contribute to DU?

Commander In Chief is on 9pm Eastern

When They Take The People's Representatives Out Of The Over-Sight Process,

Sam Sedar

Yahoo News Front Page: "Pentagon Used White Phosphorous in Iraq "

Why isn't this caption funny?

New Republican Talking Point (via Ed Gillespie): uncooperative Democrats

A man on Countdown tonight that made over 25K complaints to

Have you heard my song?

Lindsey Graham Getting Testy With Alan Colmes On H&C

If you had the power to turn 1 Conservative into a Liberal...

Powerslime in desperate whirling dervish spin mode over Iraq war debacle

Caption our national embarrassment:

I'm Sick Of Waiting - One More Second Of * Is Too Much

Fundies should remove seatbelts from their kids cars...

Has anyone heard about H. R. 4127? IT's a Repub Personal Information

Who is the Judge who stopped the Sequioa Logging Project?

Instead of calling them "Pro Life"

If Pol Pot thought that Iraq was a bad idea would you vote for him over...

Tried to post this earlier, I imagine everyone's already seen it

Smell that? It's the Republican Medicare Drug turd stinkin up the joint

Stampede.........the GOP are heading for the hills

Next Wed Youth Night on Mike Malloy

Latest RNC emailing

Check out and answer a question for me

Speaking of online publications here's a GOOD one!

Thirty Something Dems - live on C-SPAN

Everybody seen this?

Now even Rumsfeld is abondoning and blaming *? And I thougth the blood

My letter and response to Tempurpedic

Are you ready to see the Pinnacle of Freeper Freeperness?

hahahahaaaaaaa! Rob Corddry is a sex offender!


Bipartisan Iraq amendment: "Republicans walking away from the president"

Bush likes the word "Irresponsible". Must be focus grouping well Mr. Luntz

Security Watch: Congress loves identity thieves

Is Commander in Chief on right now ?

I got a response from Equifax Re. Bin O'Reilly...Have any of you yet?

Anyone see the video of Cheney being heckled

Sicko Freepers Get Off On The Idea Of Using White Phospherous

Chuck Hagel vs. Hillary Clinton '08

"Who's Your Supplier, FEMA???"

Holy fuckin' shit - MSNBC bimbo doing Holloway story AGAIN!! New info..ooh

Stupid or Lying?

Need help refuting Church & State LTTE

Distribute widely: Official report on 237 lies told by Bush administration

Will Bush Rebound In Time For Next Year's Election?

Mexico leftist election favorite likened to Chavez

Chinese copper dealer vanishes

An Open Letter to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: RE Jimmy Massey

Wed's NYT: Lawyers Reveal Libby's Defense Stragegy

O'Reilly will never apologize for ANYTHING. One word answer:

wow chuck hagel (R) just reamed bush a new one...... any idea why?

CNN/Cooper: US put Iraqi prisoner put in cage with a lion

Senate Strips Earmarks from "Bridge to Nowhere" (Sierra Club PR)

Falwell cancels speech: his personal aircraft broke

IPod porn??? MSM's latest non-story!

Reid Emergency Petition: George Bush, Do Not Pardon Scooter Libby

The birds have flown - BUSH and other TOP leaders out of the country

Pure speculation about Chalabi

Wow! Whatta Rant!

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President...

If mankind doesn't slow down population growth. Isn't disease our only hope

Find screenings of Wal Mart busting film near you

Rush Limbaugh today's "Worst Person in the World"

Very Disturbing story about Bush's state of mind in the Wash Times :

The Bin Reilly Factor For Terrorists: San Francisco Edition! In Store NOW!

Let's suppose Schwarzenegger goesto Asia...

Haiti: Two Killed, Fifteen Wounded During UN Assault in Cite Soleil

Porn i-pods in class..hoo boy.. teachers are gonna have trouble

Was the ACLU Torture Photo Case suppose to

How many BushBots does it take to screw in a light bulb?

My name is Dave - and I think Bill O'Reilly is bad for America.

From "The Right Brothers" web site: Check the song list.

Congressman Adam Smith demands WHIG be investigated

NBC giving John Lennon's killer a Voice.


former green party candidates son blown up in iraq

Anyone know about Research forum?

My response to a freeper family member's email

Three Cheers For China! China may save the world from pandemic.

Mandatory Mike Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Good advice, RE: credit cards

"We'd Put the Prisoner in a Shipping Container.We Would Bring In the Dogs"

Does anyone know where I can see the video of John Kerry's speach

Children: The Future Of This Country

Do you think * will bring large #s of troops home before the 06 elections?

Darwin's Manuscripts Going on Display

Ever wonder about the "Homosexual Agenda"? Get the book by fundies

Time for Dems to connect the dots!

I nominate the following to be the first casualties and examples of

Have y'all seen "Operation Yellow Elephant"?

"ACTION ALERT". New poll by Bill O'Reilly

Latest Kerry email: "20000 home" campaign billboards

So I just got off the phone with a Dell technician in Panama... Wow!!!

Maureen Dowd - Useless Hack, or not?

Pigboy Limbaugh wants you to send U.S. soldiers paid subs to his Web Site

NYT: Iraq to Investigate Alleged Abuse of 173 Detainees

Tornado in Kentucky

holy unwanted email, batman! anti-aclu sludge sent by my neighbor.

Al Qaeda- direct descendants of the Nazis.

Rep Steven LaTourette (R-OH) making sense on CSPAN RE: Amtrak

TOONS: "Fibby McLibby" edition (dial-up warning)

Florida Senate Race: Nelson 53% Harris 36%

Does * breaks the law every time he uses the troops as a backdrop.

Great "new" anti-* bumper-stickers! Well they're new to me, but still...

Why the Medicare Prescription is so bad. "The Deadly Doughnut"

Bill O'Reilly today on The Radio Factor

SUX NEWS ALERT: BREAKING Bin Reilly Threatens San Francisco

The repukes keep saying Bill Clinton would have gone to war

How free trade keeps the poor poor

PHOTO: AHA!!! I KNEW something was strange about him!


BBC: GOOD news for a change: potential BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF MALARIA

On or about June 12, 2003 - the day Cheney was pushed over the edge

will dubya 'Bounce Back' like some are suggesting?

Rove pal Tomlinson who tried to turn Public Broadcasting conservo: BUSTED!

Reid's Statement Following Senate's Vote on Iraqi Amendments

VIDEO-O'Reilly Offensive from Countdown

Was Kerry losing a good thing?

Is Bush losing it ??????? .... Very disturbing if true

Income, Lack of Education and the Bush Voter

French Cnadian parti québéquois members made me proud tonight

THIS IS A BOMBSHELL !!......Look what I found. .... EVERYBODY READ THIS.

The Bad News Bushes go to Japan! PHOTOS!!!!

A very long, very personal rant (or: Sunday with the Repuke Family)

You neoconsters and corporacrats should be sent to death row!!!

SVU is now a right wing slime show.

How effective was Kerry's speech? it turned my repub dad around!

Okay, I talked to my mom about the new drug plan

PHOTOS: Japan welcomes Bush. "Are you brave enough to go to Iraq?"

Music Class : should hymns and gospel be part of a music class?

TOONS -- Happy Tuesday - Take a break!

Patrick Fitzgerald makes $140,300 a year. Is that all?!?!

Should the number Representatives in each state be reduced by the number

Which U.S. wars were "justified?"

Sen. Biden says like edwards, He made a mistake voting.....

Domestic Press finally reporting use of White Phosphorous

Sometimes this places confuses and frustrates me.

What would you do?

I just tried to get Tamiflu from my doctor and was told no...

Action Alert: NBC Chief - Liberals Don't Watch TV

I think outsourcing is a red herring.

Consider yourselves warned

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

Boisclair wins PQ leadership on first ballot

Bush's vision fails to win over Middle East

Infantry Officer Faces New Murder Charges

Iraq reconciliation talks in Cairo

Senate Republicans Pushing for a Plan on Ending the War in Iraq

New York police double graffiti arrests

FEMA agrees to help fix Laguna slide area

Speculation on Libby's motives in leak

Suspected bomber in Jordan detained, released by U.S. forces in '04

Blast Outside KFC in Pakistan Kills Three

Iraqi Official Probes Torture Allegations

US Senate to demand regular reports on Iraq

Report Details F.D.A. Rejection of Next-Day Pill (Irregularities?)

Iraqis Say Troops Caged Them With Lions

Rumsfeld visit terror alert(Australia)

Chalabi to New York Times: I am Iran's Candidate for Iraqi Premiership

Iraq attacks kill nine policemen

US federal judge suspends Hicks trial

Ex-U.S. Attorney Denies Secret Donations

AP: Jon Stewart Wins Thurber Prize for Humor

Coalition warns Medicare glitches could hurt seniors

Official Seeks Data on Abramoff Probe (David Safavian)

U.S.-Led Forces Continue Fight Near Syria

Tsunami Warning for Japan.

Iraq is seen as training ground for wider violence

Bush Will Be on Friendly Terrain in Japan

WP,pg1: Senators Agree on Detainee Rights (bipartisan compromise)

Senate Repubs Pushing for a Plan on Ending the War in Iraq

Dow Jones (WSJ publisher) Seeks Access To (Fitz's) Documents In Libby Case

Libya delays 'HIV medics' verdict

US 'failing to stem terror risk'

US judge delays Moussaoui death penalty trial

China to vaccinate 14bn poultry

Auditors refuse to sign off EU accounts

Mexico leftist election favorite likened to Chavez

AP: Housing voucher limits undermining Katrina evacuees

AP: U.S. death-row population on the decline

NYT/AP: Retail Sales Excluding Autos Post Better-Than-Expected Gains

Report: China pays better than India

Iraq detainees 'found starving' in Interior Ministry Building

Senate steps up pressure on Iraq

NYT: Democratic Effort to Set Iraq Timetable Is Easily Defeated

Senate rejects timetable for Iraq withdrawal - MSNBC

House votes to allow sale of syringes

Spain probes 'secret CIA flights'


Fourth American dies from Jordan blast wounds

Senate Republicans Block Iraq Timetable

Pension Agency Reports $22.8B Shortfall

Failed bomber lost three brothers in Iraq

U.S.-led forces meet resistance near Syria

WP: Shareholder Pressure Leads Knight Ridder to Announce Sale

National Guard Soldiers Arrested in Looting (Liquor from NOLA home)

Report Says Ex-Chief of Public TV Violated Federal Law

Senate seeks speedier Iraq handover

Feds Urge Us to Pay Our Taxes Online

Iraq: Resistance Ready To Talk -- But Only With The U.S.

Common Viral Promoter in GE Foods May Pose Human Health Risks

Injured Pakistani quake survivors finally get help (TIME RUNNING OUT!)

U.S. to lift safety net for Yellowstone grizzlies

American dynastic diplomacy (Poppy's in China right now helping dimson!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 15 November

Poll: American attitudes on Iraq similar to Vietnam era

Alaska oil-drilling measure may return

US raid finds 200 victims in secret Iraqi 'torture' jail

Conservative So. Baptist leader Adrian Rogers dies

Pentagon: US used white phosphorus in Fallujah

Landmark Report Calls for End of Commercial Seal Hunt on Ethical Grounds

Conservative group files FEC complaint against Sean "Diddy" Combs

Japan links Tamiflu to 2 teen suicides

Conservative Group Files FEC Complaint Against 'Diddy'

Republican pharmacist to run for Congress in 7th District

Greenspan says US deficit cannot grow forever

Syria Opposes U.N. Bid for Beirut Queries

US Senate Passes Guantanamo Rights Compromise 84-14

New Crawford law enacted to keep Cindy away

NYT: Natural Gas: Big Worry This Winter


Some Apparently Tortured Detainees Found

Pentagon Used White Phosphorous in Iraq

Some Apparently Tortured Detainees Found

'Saudi Arabia Has Capacity to Boost Oil Output' --IEA (AFP)

Lawmaker who claimed immunity sentenced for DUI (R.)

Group files FEC complaint against Diddy

Republicans fight to get tax cuts through

Souvernist Party new leader just got elected.

Bolton says UN in a time warp, may have to be replaced

Sen. Biden says like edwards, He made a mistake voting.....

GOP Likes Chafee As Best Chance in R.I.

Chinese copper dealer vanishes

Hagel Defends Criticisms of Iraq Policy (WaPo)

Rumsfeld quotes Clinton officials in justifying decision to invade Iraq

NYT: (more) Journalists Said to Figure in (Libby) Strategy in Leak Case

Judge Halts Calif. Sequioa Logging Project

Bush signs legislation urging World Bank reforms

More Than 1,000 Katrina Children Still Missing

First-Class Stamp to Rise To 39 Cents

Federal storm prediction center issues rare prediction

Libby lawyers to seek 'First Amendment' defense

DeLay attorneys ask judge to rush prosecutors

U.S. Envoy Denies Venezuela Plots

Brawl Erupts in Ukrainian Parliament

Congressman sends letter to IRS over Pasadena church probe

Bird flu confusion as parrot is cleared and finches are blamed

Ambassador Bolton Catalogues U.N. Problems

Bush Admin. At War With Unions Over Gay Support

John Cusack and Arianna dine with Achmed Chalabi

Raw Story: More than 13,000 being held by coalition in Iraqi prisons

Former U.S. Army interrogator speaks out

Sony to pull controversial CDs, offer swap

(Eleven) Top Jordanian Officials Resign Following Hotel Attacks

Three US Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb (2070, 2071, 2072)

Public broadcasting ex-chief targeted in report

Schwarzenegger, Shriver travel separate paths in China, special election

Russia and Uzbekistan join efforts to repulse external aggression from USA

Iraq: Failed Woman Suicide Bomber's Family Disowns Her

WP: Problems Cited in Medicare Drug Benefit Sign-Up: On 1st Day...

Senator from New Port Richey proposes pink DUI plates

Vice president heckled by anti-war protesters in Tenn

(MS Republican county supervisor) Chappell: Unaware alcohol in office.

FASB Votes to Revise Pension Rules (This may be the big kahuna)

White House: Senate Iraq vote is positive (*: "Won't Impede His Strategy")

Kennedy voices concern after meeting Supreme Court nominee Alito

'Promise Broken': N.Y. to Lose 9/11 Aid

Alito Downplays 1985 Abortion Statement

US distances soldiers from secret Baghdad prison

'I treated people who had their skin melted'

Vine Deloria, Sioux Activist, Dead at 72

Senate Republicans Block Iraq Timetable

Carbon Dioxide Storage a Success

NATO Aircraft Are Warning Syria

Investigators allege Kerik took money from mob-linked contractors

Iraqi PM: Detainees Apparently Tortured (by Iraqi's)

Sony Rootkit Allegedly Contains LGPL Software (Copyright infringe by Sony

Sheehan plans to resume war protest near Bush ranch next week(Thanksgiving

(16) Ex-intelligence officials want Rove's security clearance suspended

Bush Urges China to Grant More Freedoms

Mass. House Defeats Death Penalty Bill

Sharon's Son Pleads Guilty to Corruption

Birthday bash for Darwin's 175-year old turtle

GOP senator hits Bush for attacking war critics; Hints Congress endorsing

Gulf Coast slaves: Halliburton hired undocumented Latino workers to clean

MSN Money/Reuters: Target woes spark holiday season worries

White House Backs Dividing Appeals Court

A 'fiscal hurricane' on the horizon

FEMA to Stop Funding Hotel Rooms Dec. 1

BBC: US used white phosphorus in Iraq (as an anti-personnel weapon)

Big-box retailer Wal-Mart takes issue with small documentary

Senate panel votes to end Big Oil tax break

What happens when we get to 1000 donations this time?

Akers... poor guy...

I just donated!

anyone familiar with the Potatoes Not Prozac book?

I had my kid in stitches tonight

Christmas is coming. Time to go shopping.

11 year old Cocker Spaniel had a seizure

I am going to go take a shower in sulfuric acid


For a guy who only slept about two hours you'd think I'd be tired.....

All you lot will soon tremble before me.

Just to show diversity I've talked to a tall girl a few times this month..

I just put five people on my Christmas list. Should I feel guilty?

I sure hope the Lounge enjoys my buzz tonight!

Life Rule #359: Don't Handle Julius Peppers Then Rub Your Eye.

What if you encounter a genie, and you were granted three wishes...

I think we may have just been adopted by another cat....

I want to annihilate the Microsoft Assistant

Dana Carvey on Jay Leno

Holy shit

Ok, so now I better go to sleep.....

I want some of what KitchenWitch is taking.....

It is hat time again

How's this for an ethical dilemma?

Holy Schlitz!

The MIT foil hat study

Nobody's talking to me so damn your eyes, and

"Wise Up"- Aimee Mann

Life Rule #259: Don't Handle Jalapeno Peppers Then Rub Your Eye.

Holy Tit

Snoring ain't easy

What did your caveman ancestors contribute to civilization?

July 6th, before 2003. What does that mean? And all you

4-Month-Old Puppy To Get Prosthetic Leg

Good Morning...It's fucking early and I'm up...

Adults could learn a lot from children

Happy 175th birthday Harriet

Somebody make me stop

Judge has sympathy for local addict; none for Rush Limbaugh

The Sony debacle doesn't stop: Don’t Use Sony’s Web-based XCP Uninstaller

What do your "kids" do when you've got a tasty snack?

School Choir Pulls Cotton-Picking Song From Concert

Gene Simmons claims carnal knowledge of 4,600 women

Need a computer geek!

Anybody who says that money doesn't matter is ________

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

I gave Sniffa my cold...

FUNNIEST Thing you will read all day!!!!

Chocolate hat

Pour some sugar on me!

Sparrow Flies Into World Record Domino Attempt Knocking Over 23,000 Domino

This man should be the next "American Idol"! He's amazing.

Man dies in freak broken plate accident

Found muffin: what would you do?

Please do not let DU get to level 1 today!!!

Ok, who are the goody two shoes who have never had

Turbo Tap-BEER 4 times faster!!!

Police scoop up Trevi 'coin gang'

So, how do you stop a 5 yr old from proselytizing?

Is it time for a Nude Photo Thread? I think so!'s mine

Ooops - Lost a garbage barge

Geez, Texas isn't that bad - we have some AMAZING DUers from there

Hey NYC DUers - what was the name of the bar we had our last party?

Paris Hilton's new pet monkey goes crazy while Lingerie shopping

Good Morning, Undergrounders!

Turn on Faux!!

I can chose

When I read technol. posts/blogs.I instantly assume the author's a guy. I

BREAKING! Dean resigns; Joe Liberal-man elected Democrat Party Chair

Interview with an honest boss

This morning Male and Cat-Trina got into a fight

Is it OK to rejoice over the tombstoning of someone who flamed you?

From the MatcomNews Austin bureau: Area 'Fight Club' Busted by Cops!

The TRUE spirit of the season (hysterically funny pic)


I'm listening to the new Madonna....

Ever fail a class in elementary/middle/high school?

What makes you smile?

Favorite Survivor song?

Alright which one of you did it?

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

What's for dinner tonight?

Back to detox yesterday

Zoo holds 175th birthday bash for tortoise

Ever take your kids hunting for buried treasure?

Wanna hear some bullshit? Click here.

do you think its ok for pandas to cry?

Would you drink this?


Hey - be glad. I almost kicked that joke - yes THAT joke

It's Snowing ugggggggh

Cosplay has come along way baby!

Is it unsettling when horned lizards cry?

Do you understand 401(k) plans? If so, please help . . .

GQ Magazine Names Jennifer Anniston 'Man Of The Year'

Any of you have Nintendo cereal?

I feel mysterious today

I think it is cool when a girl has a pet Zuni

Anyone know anything about TrimSpa?

Land Sharks.

And now, a decapitated fire ant.

Shellshocked by Katrina, which should merh, SwampRat, and I obsess about?

Are the Hooters girls outfits outdated?

I am the eye in the sky, looking at you

Is it okay for men to cry when women are annoying?

Bride testifies about wedding night carjack

dolo amber just called me "weird."


Who'd a thunk it?

Drunk President Transporting Bullshit On Borrowed Bicycle Crashes Into Cop

I think it is cool when a girl has a pet monkey

The Lounge: three days ahead of LBN

Dungeness crab season opened today...How many will you eat?

Oh Lordy I don't even know how to reply to this photo in my email

Zuni is too filling. I'm holding out for Zuni Light

Virtual sticky notes..make your own message

do you find it annoying when doves cry?

I started a blog.

Anyone with any experience with the Seth Brundle human transporter?

Remember, a Zuni is for life

Parenting question

I'm having trouble when watching videos

Earworm: "You’re in the sky and with the sky, You make men cry, you lie"

The panda's pic should be next to the word "cute" in Webster's... discuss.

GrovelBot has stolen my avatar

I turned down my promotion!

*ahem*. ...... (takes sip of water) ... ... HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!?!?!?

Do you find it annoying when doves cry?

Australia throws party for 175-year old turtle

LowerManhattanite, Farmbo and Walt Starr...15 months ago...


So I did it - I finally bought my MP3 player

my coworker just dropped off a printout at my desk.she used to be a repuke

Interviewer loses it on tv..giggles like a loon

The greatest Yahoo slideshow you will ever see!

My co-workers are stunned to learn

I'm driving in your car. You turn on the radio.

Should I start a poll? star expired

Better late than never. VIDEO from Sept 24 D.C. Rally

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week.

who were your co-conspirators!!?

WTF???? Dr. Phil thinks Natalee Holloway is a sex slave in Venezuela?

self delete

Why WXPN rocks: LIVE Hooters (the band) broadcast tomorrow night!



Uh Oh....There May be a Tornado Coming

what's your catch phrase.

So, if you're using a blow dryer on your hair...

It's 3:33 PM and

Can someone please come over and rip all the teeth out of my mouth

what does the Lounge have against puppies?

It's 3:33 AM and I'm headin to bed...

My snack just didn't hit the spot!!

Assholes broke into my car last night and stole the stereo and CDs!!

Quick question: Is this sentence grammatically correct:

If you have something to say, say it to my face!!

Has he lost his mind?

Grovelbot stole my star!

Grovelbot posed as Angelina Jolie in my dream last night!

Gang of Four "What We All Want" Dandy Warhols Remix (free DL)

Are humans really designed to be message board posters?

this is a thread

Grovelbot stole my beer!

Taxloss invented a new DU term today: "LaTourette's Syndrome"

i got a job!

Fred Basset...British comic strip?

Grovelbot smoked my bowl!

Is it okay for a man to cry because of a hangover?

Bono or Santorum?

Grovelbot Stole my soul!

Post here if you're on Bill O'Qaeda's List of Enemies

This is a needle

I am so psyched, one of the local malls is getting an asian imports store

Remember that spoof trailer for "The Shining" that was going around?

Anyone here on myspace?

Help! I've got a letter to write

look, I know we have half naked Angelina and stuff...

Who has seen The Skeleton Key?

It is time for everyone to stretch now!

Has anyone wandered over to the Research Forum lately?

Why is it that some people seem to take great joy in being a-holes?

Need advice about Cockatiels....

It is BLACK outside and it's just 4:15!! Damn thunderstorms.

Fuck Bill O'Reilly's enemies list...what about his posse?

Thai Transvestites Rob Tourists After Drugging Them During Kiss

Grovelbot stole the election!

I Love Tammy Wynette

Goodnight, you lot!

Worst NFL Division NFC North or AFC East

I want my star back, want to be able to do stuff it lets me do.

Who should be Time Magazine's Person of the Year?

Any McRib fans out there?

Actress Brooke Burns broke her neck

I hate the phrase

So grovelbot is a klepto? Who knew?

Supporting or film-stealing performances that you love

Legal Defense Fund Website - Need links



10 CC is the greatest band that ever existed. Discuss.

Some people just should not own firearms (my neighbor is insane).

Grovelbot ripped my flesh

Is this SO wrong? (Graphic warning.. not a sex thread)

So if you were going to hang a LARGE sign on a local landmark

Need advice about ....

Anyone with any experience with the Segway human transporter

tjwmason is back

What is a good Human Resources department supposed to do?

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS: Adopt-A-Soldier through Rush Limbaugh


You should drop $15 on Genesis' "The Video Show"

Pissed! No one looked at this after I fixed it in GD. So here...

Thank God (or Goddess) for the DU Lounge

What kind of pets do you have?

Do you like your family?

wind is trying to blow my house down again

Warning! Grovelbot on rampage! Headed towards The Lounge!

JUST IN: IMPORTANT: Known Bird Flu Symptoms

Hi everyone!

Coolest Rolling Stone - past or present

Bush LOVES Bald Heads!

Rock and Roll is coming back baby!!

Nicole Richie on Larry King tonight

I'm Leaving For Turks/Caicos on Thursday (10 Days)

Heading to SoCal for Thanksgiving - Question

Yeah, Its A Music Video. Fuck It. Watch It. DEAL With It

Don't lick the pump handle!

Requesting some advice on a family issue

Fuck the Caps, fuck 'em.

A must read...Perscpription recall!

Somebody tell ESPN cardplayin' ain't sports! n/t

you know, I think of Suicide quite frequently

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader tryouts on CMT right now EST

Why are Tuesdays so fucking boring......

I lost ten pounds without doing much EXCEPT

A rant.

For the Record Barilla Pasta is an italian company founded in Parma in1877

Shooting the moon

My b-day present to myself! My 2000th post on DU!!!!

Whoever donated in my name

New Look, Need Feedback...

What's the expected lifespan of a DVD?

It's 3:33

something about you ~ level 42

Wow! Have You Seen The Moon Tonight? (Tuesday, 15 Nov 05)

Does God dislike Country Music?

I just renewed my donation to DU,,,,,,,,,,


I sooooo love being the parent of teenagers!

a question about tipping

Do you watch the Country Music Awards?

Anyone with any experience with the Orgasmatron?

Fire Ants

Bush Orders Mass Bald Eagle Slaughter To Stop Spread Of Bird Flu

How far can you run before your legs give out?

How many of you have had your threads diluted??

You know that plane that crashed in milwaukee?

I wonder what brand of hair dye the Rollling Stones use?

Crazy Guggenheim has made his first mistake!

Credit card fraud (discuss)'s coming!!!!!

Indigo Children...what's up with this. Was on CNN. I would like more info.

BOSE acoustic wave radio

DU Phishheads:

Has anyone heard Miles Davis's version of Crosby's "Guinnevere?"

Nov. 15. 5:23 p.m. 68 degrees.

Vickie Guerrero speaks on Eddie's autopsy report


My wife is Gumby!

I got a new avatar! Guess who it is...

I was drinkin all night

Going to Europe for two weeks

OK, so what should I do with the poor little freepers?

Drunk Driver Transporting Keg On Stolen Golf Cart Crashes Into Cop Car

Why didn't anyone tell me about SuperGlue glue sticks?

This sucks! Two of my friends just got kicked out of my dorm!

Do we get to see the blade cut off his head

BORED - Taking Custom avatar requests

Why do movie stars date other movie stars?

Should I change my sig picture?

Fucking Law & Order:SVU

Warning graphic photo - violence and predation by a female


GREAT Bruce Springsteen Interview today (available on-line) from...

what meat shouLd i cook and eat next?

do you find it annoying when women cry?

Madonna's new album is AWESOME!!

I Want You

Apparently, I own Google (and I am mean to Hilary Duff)

"I'm From Detroit"

Any fans of Boston Legal?

Great new way to find and listen to cool music!

FIRST paycheck in over 3 months!!!

Just how transparent and obvious can someone be?

O'Reilly unveils the rough draft of his "Enemies List"...

Chicago coffeeshop owner who makes kids behave = x3 business increase

Confess!!! Songs that everyone hates but you actually love!!!

Wow, the new Charlotte's Web movie looks awesome

Groan! I just found out my inlaws may be staying with us for

So I'm on Creamette Pasta Company 's Sh!t List...

Freeper wedding cake?

Where oh where has my little Sundoggy gone, oh where, oh where...

ok lets get some love for this one....

you know, I think of Suicide Girls quite frequently

Should I call the police on myself? I did something really dumb.

That's what I like about YOU!

Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays...?

For all the Pastafarians out there:

Topless 35 year old


What should I buy my father -in law for Christmas?

My letter to Dr. Phil

$8,400 I don't have to pay. (Or: See, renting is not all that bad.)

Here's a picture of my Office Assistant, Chloe


Sad....sadder....SADDEST story of the day

Oprah promo: "America, you are wearing the wrong bra."

How often do women leave their husbands for other women?

do you think its ok for men to cry?

We are under a tornado watch

Diagnosis: early periodontitis, 10 fillings, three root canals

Who remembers the Hufu story from Daily Show - the human flesh alternative

I have horns today.

Howard Stern and Oprah Winfrey

You should have at least one of these artist's albums

Terrell Owens is a dip-shit, and why is Jesse Jackson behind him?

What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? What would you like to do?

It's the showdown you've been waiting for all year!! MrsGrumpy Vs LynneSin

I have the most beautiful new nephew

Disposable Utility Thread Intended For Compiling Links For Use On My Show

If you're not having turkey for Thanksgiving--what are you having?

Who wants some Chili?

Listen to the entire System of a Down album online (Good anti-war stuff)

Holy Shit!

Opinions Please...A Vegetarian Hot Dog Fast Food Place...Would it fly?

List your favorite DU taboo topics here.....

I would like to be the air that inhabits you...

Better than magic! You MUST see this amazing video.

Are humans really designed to be meat eaters?

Rant about my job - apparently I am 'slow' - WTF?!

Cellphone Upgrade Time: Which to Buy?

HawkerHurricane's NFL Power Ratings, Week 9 (or 10)

Angelina Jolie is a goddess among women thread

16 Tons of Support Our Troops Ribbons Shipped to Iraq for Veteran's Day


What music are you listening to today?

I cold-bloodedly murdered an innocent woodland creature today,

Moral dilemma re: buying food for food bank

Harry Potter Goblet of Fire countdown!

My 2200th Post. A Poll About PIZZA!

Jesus Jesus Jesus-....-....-.... Please stop...

Has anyone seen a Intelligent Design Syllabus or Curriculum

Have you found Jesus? vs. Have you found Athena?

Starting a liberal Christian directory or portal?

These guys were on TV yesterday

What it's like to be an Atheist.

Have you ever changed religion?

Would a single health claims processing system help the health system???

BBC: GOOD news for a change: potential BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF MALARIA

Indian girl born with heart in hand fights to live

Cannabis drug available in the UK

Male fish with eggs in sewage off California coast

Louisiana's Marshes Fight for Their Lives

Anthropologists uncover jawbone of another ancient "Hobbit" on Indonesian

Mysterious Runaway Star Stymies Scientists

The Republican War on Science

Wedded Bliss for All or None

I just thought this was funny....

Shouldn't Las Vegas be the place for gay marriage to be legal? With all

Gay Campus Group Disbands Under Pressure

Catholic Bishop (Rochester, NY) supports gay priests

Bush Admin. At War With Unions Over Gay Support

Celebs Contribute To AIDS Day Auction

Ads More Likely To Sway Gays Than Straights Study Says

Today Dr. Adrian Rogers Entered Hell!

Human Rghts Campaign Declares War on Santorum

Nobel Laurate Archbishop Tutu calls on Anglicans to accept gay bishop

Any Michigan State Spartans fans out there?

Baseball Steroids Agreement


McNabb has a new favorite receiver!

Albert Pujols wins NL MVP award

Appreciate the love, Eagles. Thanks for nothing....

Another cat peeing/spraying problem..

Please help Susie find a home.

GSD adopts Baby owl.. in London.

Shapeshifting in dream(s)?


Green tourmaline. Fun stone.

Now Hiring: Secular Students Campus Organizer

Wow! Senator Kerry is on Fire!

Mp3 File of Kerry's speech -

Nice Kerry piece from the Boston Globe

Kudos to this thread

Vote of the Warner amendment


This should bring a smile to everyone here!

Contacting International Media Re: Kerry Speech

some on DU would rather vote for right wing Hagel than Kerry

How many in here believe Kerry deserves a second chance at the title?

Oliphant gets it again "Bush's magnificent deception"

Kos Continues To Do Rove’s Work For Him

Emotional post here

I love this! I love it, love it, love it.

Video Link to JK's speech yesterday

This group is growing by leaps and bounds! HELLOOOO NEWBIES!

How about an Infared Challenge?

Okay, here's a question for you people that know stuff...

I've been lurking in this forum for a while, and I just got my first

"Fall" photogroup contest SUBMISSION thread...

"Fall" photogroup contest COMMENTS thread...

KOEB 11/15/05 -- "MJ Puppet Theater, please?!?" Edition

Hilarious VIDEO - Keith talks about ROBOTS and wants his own maid robot

Countdown Newsletter 11/15/05 -- Getting Out

Why Scooty is screwed, in plain English (from firedoglake) with pictures.

George Miller on Chalabi

You can respect someone's right to believe...

JUST THOUGHT OF new "Elephant" bullet point.

"Repubs up for re-election who want to distance themselves from the W.H."

DLC and Iraq War Exit Plan

George Washington thought...

The GOP Piefight: GOP caves in on Guantanamo; FR furious.

Is there any video of Kerry's senate speech 11/14/05 ?

(cA) Ballot measures will likely resurface

Like the looters in a bad Ayn Rand adaptation, the 'in-charge' GOP...

Do you think this scenario might happen?

DU this AOL poll: Do you feel you were misled on the war?

Contradiction? Spin? Ohio's issues 2,3,4,5 vs. the new Medicare plans

What punishment is fit for women who have abortions

NY Times op ed piece calls bush a liar for his statements on intel

Chalabi meets with Cheney and Rummy

LTTE: Make Libby go first (Minn Star Trib) hee-hee!

bush keeps lying and our troops keep dying

The President used a few quotes yesterday...

Polling expert mystified by "spectacularly inaccurate" Dispatch Issue poll

Fox-Chávez spat erupts after Summit of Americas

Katie Couric to Frist....

"The Democrats are playing politics with this issue.."

Big Business could be deeply splintered if Bush pushes sweeping tax reform

Circus of hypocrites

The $720 Billion Medicare Plan D -a history you've heard before

Religious freedom or illegal discrimination?

RAPID RESPONSE: Monday 11/14/05

Who will resign first? Cheney or Rummy?

Time to name The Pre-War Intelligence Scandal: "Iraq-gate"

Photo: Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bush! By the're a MURDERER.

Hey Joe Lieberman - only an a**hole would support the Graham amendment

"Burn in hell, Mr. President" by Doug Thompson

Your pet cause

70% of the 6l7,000 disenfranchised Florida felons are white???...

Getting Votes in the South

All the intelligence agencies around the world thought Saddam had WMDs...

Senate Repubs block Iraq Timetable. WTF?

Great article by Steve Pizzo "It's Obstruction Time"

Hadley is giving WH Press Briefings now? Has Scotty hung himself?

Graham and Bingaman on now

Gore/Lieberman in 2000

Newsweek Poll: If elections today, Dem or Rep?

Power Line's Johnson Falsely Claimed Panel Found ANG Documents Were Forged

CNN/Gallop: Only 9% would support a candidate like Bush

Newsmax: Clarence Thomas blasts confirmation process, pubic hairs in coke

"Is ignoring history the same as rewriting it?"

Dems' exit plans are now dead - what should they do now???

The two questions I would ask Alito, were I on judiciary committee...

The American kids who will die in the sands of Iraq later this week

Bush did his photo-ops ...

FEMA Hasn't Honored Pledge To Re-Bid Katrina Contracts

i believe it is time for us to make Lieberman switch

Former CIA Agent Larry Johnson on Big Eddie Schultz...

DU this MSNBC poll (should a timetable be set for Iraq withdrawal?)

Do you think the people in the red states...

I just got a call from the Florida Police Benevelent Asso

City's rules let not-so-needy get affordable units

Rice being trumped up in the Press for mideast border agreement.

Lieberman again on Senate floor decrying "partisanship", voting with R's!

Help restore habeus corpus Senator Bingaman's amendment(S.AMDT.2517)

Physicist says BOMBS brought down WTC, not planes!!!!

Republican: "We have to win the PR battle."

Because We Don't Want the Smoking Gun to Take the Shape of a Falafel Cloud

Are Bush and the Repubs Afraid of John Kerry?

Conservative Group Files FEC Complaint Against 'Diddy'

When classes are out, religious clubs increasingly are in

Voting Group Leery of State Contractor. "Keith Long"

RNC talking point of the week: Telling the truth about Iraq is treason!!!

Are any of you attending an organizing event tonight? Tell me everything.

Kerry's focus 2005-2006

Should we torture if it will lead to world peace? Are the polls silly?


Ha! ! Cheney heckled in Tennessee, Rumsfield riled at a press

sign Reid's emergency petition!

What the Hell is this????

Questioning What Happened On 911

Bush, Cheney, and Tortured Words

When is that next plane home?

Dick Cheney has positive job approval ratings in three states!


Bush's fatwa to China: "The people want to worship without state control"

Line Item Veto.

Former US Army Interrogator speaks out on Democracy Now!

Bush in the Bunker, Speaks Only to His 4 Mommies

White phosphorous story up on Yahoo news

Rove: Back in the saddle, plotting GOP’s ’06 comeback

Isn't O'Reilly lying about that resolution in San Francisco

California DUers: Send Diebold packing! Make your voices heard.

GOP Likes Chafee As Best Chance in R.I.

Kerry Responds to Bush Attacks: text and audio file.

The 5 Democratic Senators who voted "NAY" on the Levin Amendment

Lawmaker's Kin Win $108M FEMA Contract

Who really benefits from an Iraq exit time line?

Carol Burnett: Medal of Freedom recipient pimping Medicare Plan

Notice how everytime something goes wrong ...

A twist on Blizter's question: How can Kerry win your trust back?

What's wrong with Bob Woodward?

Jimmy Carter in '08

Russ Feingold in '08

Biden on with Tweety talking about he, a 33 year Congressman, had to get p

Kurt Weldon (R) vs. Tim Roemer (D) re: Able Danger

Shrub is Worst pResident Ever! Who is your pick for Runner up?

HOw many in here believe Kery deserves a second chance at the title?

Help - Take Action to Save Millions of Acres of Public Lands

Jordanians say Karen Hughes was 'Rude,' 'Insensitive,' 'Tactless'

All this Election Fraud ammo.... WHAT NOW? HUH? (rant)

Move over, Ann Coulter. Here comes Jessalyn Bailey

Kerry Responds to Bush Attacks: VIDEO

How many in here believe Kerry deserves a second chance at the title?

Lindsey Graham, "Saddam kicked the inspectors out", and False Memory.

Draft Kennedy/Clinton for '08

Some Californians are still upset about the rejection of Prop. 73

A year ahead the DSCC and the DCCC are clearing the races...


Finances Bleak at Pension Agency - Washington Post 11/16/2005

Our Hitler

Germ Boys and Yes Men

Appropriations Committee drops "Bridge to nowhere"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 11/16/05

Will the Dems have any chance to regain U.S house seats?

Bush Orders Mass Bald Eagle Slaughter To Stop Spread Of Bird Flu

Frist/HCA: another dot to connect? (pension fund sues HCA)

Separating Mixed-up Issues (Illegal Immigration vs Racism)

What it's like to be an Atheist.

Josh Marshall says: Stay up....big news brewing

Have you seen Google Earth? It's completely amazing...

Today was the deadline. Where are the new pictures?

I am registering a Democrat in Battleground MO tomorrow!

Suit seeks to extend Bible tax break to all spiritual books

Bush has my vote for President

Auction! Donate to DU for a rare pristine unread copy of J Edgar Hoover's

Caption this...

Please post the ugliest freeper pictures here. I want to make a collage.

Al Sharpton is coming up on The Colbert Report

The repubs are sneaking two social security bills in tomorrow

Is it just me or has the WH been using Dan Bartlett more often?

Life stories behind Hurricane Katrina's victims

ABC World News led with a piece on the coming pension crisis

TDS.... Jon is rockin' tonite!

Mass. home prices moderate amid growing glut of properties

"Voting rights sought for non-citizens".... WTF?

We should demand that Junior has his head shaved

Lawmakers Weigh Preventing Drugmaker Suits

Lawmakers back one-year windfall tax on oil companies

Woodward Was Told of Plame More Than Two Years Ago

Canada Introduces Eavesdropping Bill

Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force

WP: Tide Turning in GOP Senators' War View

NYT: Journalists Said to Figure in Strategy in Leak Case

Rumsfeld: No lions were used on detainees

Japanese princess quits palace to marry commoner

WP (A01): Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force

Woodward Was Told of Plame More Than Two Years Ago

CNN/AP: C-sections in U.S. reach all-time high

Tomorrow I get to attend a reception with Wolfowitz

I never realized just how good carrot cake is until tonight...

I have a question n/t

Robertson: Home schools need metal detectors

I had no idea whatsoever that The Wiggles loved *

My yellow star vanished

Must. Have. Heroin.

Remember the Cool Days?

Mmmm... french fries.

Trying to get an auction going for DU. I'm giving a pristine copy of

I need a lover that won't drive me crazy...

Wow...check out this Honda ad.

Sad but intriguing: Kinkajou attacks elderly woman.

Americans seem to have an idea that Canada is "Utopia"

You better look at this as it works this time!

New Pics: These date from 2002, when we went up the Saint Lawrence

Codfish cakes... possibly the best food ever fried

Why do people assume that if you don't believe in God, you also

If I were on a road trip, what Gay Meccas should I not miss?

Why I am NOT donating to DU during the current fund raising event

Kerry interview on NPR

Made it!

Jon Stewart snarks on Rita Cosby!!

Pentagon admits that the US uses terror as a weapon!

Every cloud has a silver

WTF? What happened to '30 Something Live' on C-Span