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Archives: November 14, 2005

When Affirmative Action Was White: (book review)

a classic struggle for the president's ear.

James Kunstler: True Blue

"Reflections on Guantanamo" a minister's personal experience: COMPELLING!

STEPHEN EDWARD SEADLER: Armistice Day 2005 (Profoundly Interesting Read)


Robert Scheer joins

RNC Chair Ken Mehlman, now with twice the lying power!(Josh Marshall)

Fish Numbers Plummet in Warming Pacific

What Makes Someone French?

Article on "The Rendon Group"

CNet: Security Watch: Congress loves identity thieves

Ambassador de Sade--Another Bush Appointee

Newsdissector: Tell The Truth Goes to Amsterdam

TIME: Cheney's Presence More Scarce at White House

No Recess--WaPo: Bush Plan to stuff Election Commision

The invisible enemy in Iraq

Justice detained at Guantanamo- vote for Bingaman's amendment

David Corn: Bush Rewrites History To Criticize His Anti-war Critics

Senator Joe's Conn. job

John Cleese: Declaration of Revocation

This isn't the real America (LAT)

The Christian Paradox

Krugman: Health Economics 101 (damning stuff!)

Carl Hiaasen on hurricane preparedness in FL

Ad Pushes Digital TV - But Doesn't Tell The Whole Story (taxpayer pays)

Bush's Reverse Slam Dunk

The Democrats' own Contract With America

Mr. Bush, Meet Mr. Taft

Cheney's Presence More Scarce at WH

Neil Lisst Crossword Puzzle

Lease: Cheney on the couch

Blunt Trauma

Iron Fisted America

Editorial against Bush torture policy mentions Neil Lisst comic!!

Jimmy Carter: This Isn't the Real America

Rewriting history or telling the truth? (Minneapolis Star-Trib)

Judith Miller, Right-Wing Hero

James Fallows: What Bush Isn't Addressing on Iraq

Final Salute: A Fallen Marine Comes Home

Tunisians find a productive alternative to violence - it's education

Rumsfeld was focused on one kind of war, got another

The US used chemical weapons in Iraq - and then lied about it (Guardian)

WP: The Ginsburg Fallacy (Republican spin doesn't square with History)

Rendition's Revenge. (Spain investigates CIA's handling of terrorists).

Losing Habeas Corpus - "A More Dangerous Engine of Arbitrary Government"

'We Do Not Torture' and Other Funny Stories (Rich)

Americans are running out of patience with their war president

Sad and Ironic Missing Dog Story

Blair "Indistinguishable" From Bush On Climate Change - WWF

White House guns for grizzlies that are too good at survival

Helheim Glacier, Greenland - 130-foot Thinning, 4.5-Mile Retreat 2001-05

The New Battle Of New Orleans - Residents Vs. Mold - LA Times

Looks like Gamma is (almost) here

Elsewhere on this site: A dissent in the land of biofuel nirvana.

There is a partner

Clinton, Peres salute Rabin's legacy

Sen. Clinton: I support W. Bank fence, PA must fight terrorism

Palestinian film acclaimed in Spain

Sharon’s son to plead guilty

Knesset Speaker: Rabin's killing does not reinforce his views

BYU physics professor Steven E. Jones covered by KUTV

is anybody listening to charles goyette

9/11: Attack or Godsend?

9/11 was an attack perpetrated by CONSERVATIVES - Discuss

?: latest on Rodriguez v bush/ Berg

More on Brigham Young Univ. Professor

where are the passengers

Hartmann: Did Brewster-Jennings stop shipment of VX gas in Turkey?

New Mexico: Election Officials Try to Block Machine Inspections

Today We Have Two Choices: Fix the System, or Don't Bother to Vote

Can ya'll help me out here? Thanks.

White Voters (& DoJ) in Mississippi Allege Voting Discrimination (NPR)

SHOULDA COULDA WOULDA; Why Election Fraud Naysayers R W-r-o-n-g---------

How to STEAL an Election -- for real!

UnderstandingLife's MAJOR new DU publication ... "We the People...."

Will any Repukes challenge Ahnuld for governor

Letter to publisher of LA Times on Firing Robert Scheer

Any truth to rumors that LA Times is slowly filling jobs with Republicans?

Arnold proposes massive state bond...$50 billion plus

Who watched Meet the Press?

Info Flyer on SF 351 for you to download & print

Vilsack for Terry

Braley fundraising artice in QC Times

Jim Nussle is emerging as the anti-women candidate of the season

CF Tigers headed to the Championship round against West Des Moines Valley

I'm speaking in Hingham on Tuesday

Wednesday in St. Paul: stop the reverse Robin Hood budget

Schwarzenegger is stealing Timmy the Tool's thunder

Target must be boycotted over pharmacists' malfeasance

LOL, Pawlenty is upstaged by Arnold

from the Strib, via MSNBC!

Capri Cafaro spotted in the 13th district now

OH Legislators to Endorse Strickland

Join the Ohio Protection Project today

So I was at a function where Roger Williams

Todd Baxter's new job - as a lobbyist (gasp!)

Bob Gammage for governor?

FYI - New DPW 1st Vice Chair

Got your snow shovel handy?

Has A Senator Ever Called On The House To Impeach?

What do the terrorists want?


I Know It's Capitol Hill Blue... But Did Anybody Out There Catch This ???

Stripes letter: U.S. shouldn’t fund chaplains

Next thing Capitol Hill Blue will tell us is that Elenore Roosevelt was a

Crosswords and Politics! It's original!

CIA Article Sidebar: A Story of Deja Vu

O’Reilly Should Be Worried

As of Today, the US government may be tracking you at DU!!!

What percent of Wal-mart's goods come from China? Anyone have a link

Alito faces criticism from alma mater

Sony BMG faces digital-rights seige

"They Want Four More Years Of Hell!"

Ben Affleck or George Clooney?

"Crazed homosexual" killed coworker=widespread intimidation of Christians

Your desired change to today's corporate capitalism (if any)

Looks like the spin on *'s

Christian Terrorists on E- Ring this week

Senate vote to cut Guantánamo Bay prisoner rights faces challenge

Should Nations Ever Negotiate With Terrorists?

Is Bruce Willis funding terrorism?


I met a man this weekend whose son caught Pat Tillman when he fell

Blackwater USA, Red Cross - Hurricane Relief Fundraiser (Bremer guest)


TIME Magazine 'Buys' Andrew Sullivan's Blog

Economic apartheid: Americans losing ground FAST. What should be done?

MAC Video technical question- what file formats can MACs read?

I was standing in line at the grocery store and...

One more tropical depression

The Iraqi woman bomber and questions...

Where the hell is Bush?

"Intelligent design is nothing more than creationism" - Dr Bill Wattenberg

Did the PNAC scrub their website?

Big Drug Makers See Sales Decline With Their Image

Ray McGovern to be on CSpan this morning

Hey Liberals! Let's Re-Write bush's History for the next 3 years!

Anybody Listning To Ray Taliaferro?

PNAC should be renamed.

aclu and abu ghraib pictures... what's happening?

Did anyone see the Fox news Global Warming special?

george w. bush: Used War Salesman

anyone watching Karen Hughes on c-span?

Criticizing the war is Treason--but Lying us into war, that's o.k.

US man seeks movie plotline patent

Akzo Nobel developing human H5N1 vaccine

Is YOUR governor going to China?

HISTORY LESSON The belief Saddam had WMD might have been an honest mistake

"We Torture People so YOU don't have to"

How to find out about legal rights to use a name?

Jordanian Bomber may have been in US prison in Iraq

Love the Minus Signs

77% think Libby lied or accidently misled...

Breakfast social study discussion?

Doing Unto Others as They Did Unto Us (NYT Op-ed)

Bush tried to lie to me, and I didn't buy it for a second

Dems "go about other things" while GOP's Progress for America never stops

It doesn't matter who thought Sadaam was dangerous....The issue was WAR

Torture is easy. Deciding not to torture is also easy.

Alito rejected abortion as a right

Control the Internet? A Futile Pursuit, Some Say

Debunking Katrina Propaganda

Keith Olbermann puts 'Fox News Watch' in the top 10 shows worth watching

I believe in God and Divine Intervention

I lost my Future wife Stephanie Miller

Jeez you bleedin' heart Liberals sure make a big deal about torture

you shouldn't say 'bush lied', what message does that send the troops?

Fox's John Gibson: "Bill O'Reilly's remarks taken out of context."

The Hypocrisy that is the Far Right

Were Explosives Used in Jordan from the Unguarded al-Qaqaa Dump?

Does any DUer have a subscription? I need an article

Can We start a petition drive to remove this lying lilly livered bastard

I may have found a CLUE to it all

I would like to request daily urine / drug test results on the POTUS.

A Question : Did White House withhold intelligence from Senators?

*Need help playing CanoFun vids!*

Uh Oh! More Potests for bushler** in South Korea!

Excellent rant, ca 1973

C-Span. Third report of 9-11 Commission. n/t

Bush Slump May Hobble World Role. AP

'Wash Post' Story Rejects Bush Claims on Pre-War Intel

Weather Underground documentary - have you seen it?

It became clear to me why many Bushbots still support him...

"Please Don’t Support My Troop"

Venezuela Taxes TV Channel for Free Anti-Chavez Ads

Funny our media never mentions where the RDX plastic explosives came from?

Analysis: Bush Slump May Hobble World Role

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Good list of doubts about Iraq intelligence that Bush kept hidden . . . .

Effects Of Bush "I Am Not A Liar" Speech In: Rasmussen -3 Point Drop

Fill in the blank

A big Pharma give away?

Examining the Exchange Rate of an Erg of Hatred.

Isn't there some rule about not criticising the Prez while he's out

Question about those Abooga... Reff photos

Schwarzenegger out sources popularity

Condi has a liberal cousin... I think her name is Candice Rice...

Russert's Republican Talking Points (Er, Questions), Part II

Bush going to ballet classes? (Pic)

Was Bush Mislead by Cheney & Company

Mark Crispin Miller coming up on Hartmann

E-mail from fundies. Fear tactics used again.

TVNL Radio Live: The Case for Impeachment! Tune in Now!

What happened to the "Skeleton Closet" website? Does anyone know?

This Is the type of stories I like to hear!

Has anyone seen Anarchy around?

Who the hell dressed this guy on C-span?

EMERGENCY! Please Call Your Senators!

The Kool-Aid Award

Senators Reid, Obama, and Biden in Dallas - Nov. 13 (PIX)

Wal-Mart has successfully invaded China

"School of the America's" The Training ground for torture!

The truth hurts. The White House tries to push back at WAPO

So, What's Karl up to these days?

Bush lied opinion piece..

Are terrorists less deserving of due process than serial killers?

You gotta be kidding me: We tortured Iraqis with SEAL training

righties make a lot of jokes about sending liberals to concentration camps

Anyone else wonder about this Iraqi suicide bomber captured in Jordan?

"Longing for the strong arm of Tom Delay" Robert Novak

DNC: The Misplaced Priorities of the Party in Power

History is going to look at this President and....

are there transcripts for yesterday's meet the press?

I am in a real funk today regarding the war.

Denver station drops O'Reilly

Obstructionists of America, Unite! (Long, but worth it)

Fleeing Iraqis arrive in Jordan only to find their old oppressors there

Amb. Joseph Wilson Interview NOW

Interesting reply from a friend who is in Iraq right now...

Shrub admits that war in Iraq is just a waste of time/money

I mind the hell out of the Book of Mormon being in Marriott hotel rooms.

Bush - The Chimperor in Images

Retired General Hoar makes Democratic Radio Address: Critizes Bush on Vets

A look back at the last time Chimpie was at an Asian summit...

Memo to Bush: You've Spent Your Political Capital

Ex-CIA Ray Mc Govern tellin' it like it is on C-SPAN

polls of Iraqi opinion

Ronald loves the CIA Kessler opened his mouth on Wash. Journal

Here comes Tropical Storm Gamma

White House smears Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Are there usually this many posts about the location...

Missouri Senate is looking good for Dem's '06

Judy Miller reminds me of the movie "Citizen Kane"

ARGH! Sent My Mother A B&N Gift Card for her Birthday and She Bought..

Special Tuesday Broadcast of the HOTTEST SOUNDS @ 4PM ET Today!!!!

So when * is out of the country is Cheney our de facto President?

I so like this opening paragraph by Bev Conover on Judith Miller

"You cannot add yourself to your buddy list."

Newsom urges Democrats to return to the base

CHB gives it to the President: "Burn in Hell, Mr. President"

Did Bush VIOLATE the Iraq War Resolution?

McCAIN: Next MSM Turkey Stuffed Down Our Gullet

Will Bush be DRUNK ON ARRIVAL in Alaska? Asia?

Poll: Kerry would be front runner for '08 if Hillary doesn't move

I hope George W. Bush lives to be at LEAST 150 years old

CDC Alert

"The Worst Speech of Bush's Presidency" & "How Bush Defiled Veterans Day"

Just a funny thought: If Hillary ran and won in '08...

Karen Hughes' Mission 'Rude,' 'Insensitive,' 'Tactless'

Bush Has Borrowed More Than All Previous Presidents Combined

Please DU this fun AP-IPSOS NY Post Poll

is anyone having trouble leaving the site and coming back

Nothing Hip in 'Boondocks' N-Word

Court nominee proud of work to show no constitutional right to abortion

Anyone think that when we retake the house/senate in '06....

Cut loose the minions

Bermuda based company to replace TX state workers

Top ten signs that you are in Hell....

The God Warrior Lady

David Corn: Bush Rewrites History To Criticize His Anti-war Critics

What are the chances that Dems can stop Alito?

MIke Malloy's Monday blog entry: you gotta read this one

We liberals have been "Borked." And it happened before Bork came along.

Last nite in NYC it was 65 degrees and the Grinch was on

Condi Does the Middle East ---pix->>>

What wars do you support?

Big Dick Cheney is across the street at the Hyatt right now --->>>

This isn't the real America/Jimmy Carter OpEd in LA Times today

Don't let the GOP say that Katrina was the tipping point of Bush!!!!!!!!!!

Given the results of the

From the desk of Tammy Bruce: It's Dr. Gap's (Rice) birthday

Shrub to visit Arizona on Nov. 28th

Shrub to visit Arizona on Nov. 28th

Do you remember hearing * in Corp-Media outlets saying "I have not decided

2067 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Poll: Giuliani, Rice and McCain lead GOP field for '08

GWB is dropping down into my beautiful city today

How many Democrats voted for "authorization" for war in Iraq because...?

Bush crony appointed security chief at Newark airport: a heck of a job!

Teacher on Ed Shultz was fired due to her suggestion of support for peace

Feingold is up now

Ideology Over Science: Your theocracy at work

Court nominee proud of work to show no constitutional right to abortion

"Democrats Also Believed That Saddam Hussein Had WMD"

OCA debates OTA on Organic Standards

Caption this * pic....

Good Bye, and Good Riddance! ---pix->>>

Kerry up on CSPAN2, RE: Vets Day speech, etc. nt

Just on sundance west channel ''Bush's Brain''

"this Christian president daily seeks the guidance of God for direction.."

Why are these Bush "supporters" all wearing ID tags? ---pix->

O'Donnell:Many Democrats who say 'Bush lied' originally supported Iraq war

Ken Mehlman is a LYING LIAR ---->>>

Has any other so-called president ...

Ed Schultz just said the Senate Dems just called a press conference

Caskets being recovered in fishing nets

can someone explain the free trade agreement?


Uh-oh -- Wolf says he's got new Bush poll numbers. How low can Shrub go?

PHOTO: Toodle-oo, you POS.

So are the DSMs the "silver bullet" establishing "Fixed" "Intelligence"?

What to do wwith the psychopaths

9/11 commissioners fault Bush administration

Support Charlie Rangel's anti-torture petition

As Of Today Big Brother Is Definetly Watching DU

msnbc poll: are war critics "irresponsible" for saying intell manipulated?

You've Got To Love MSNBC's 'Question Of The Day'

President's ratings hit new low in poll, USA Today

"Anti-life" liberals afraid to discuss abortion: It's a LOOSER!!!

Neocon logic: Are US kids poor because they have only 2 TVs?

As far as pop culture goes, the place to find what is "in", is Ebay

CNN New Poll Numbers Show bush TANKING!

Bush admits US in Iraq aids terrorists.

New Gallup poll: Bush 37% approval, 60% disapproval

O’Reilly Responds: “What I Said Needed to Be Said."

Cheney is on Chris Matthews plate today (right now-msnbc).

Bush 'parting shot':Democrats send MIXED SIGNALS to our troops & the enemy

Fewer than 1/10 would prefer a candidate who is a repub and agrees with *

Abramoff Indictment Makes Bush Regime a Fat Target

Should Capitol Hill Blue be censored on DU?

I just received a call from an Army recruiter

Can We Just Keep Him In There? ---pix->>>

Re: Michelle Malkin's new book...SO vain to put herself on the cover

Yeah Randi!:: Bushies We all believe in Forgiveness!

If recruiters are calling you, what's your age?

Husband is in Mississippi. Ground zero, he calls it.

Pay no attention to O'Reilly. Ignore him. He's playing games.

If the Dems win back the House & Senate in 06 Bush is impeached

Should DU censor right wingnuts who post on DU?

warning flame bait

Breaking: 7.2-magnitude earthquake off coast of Japan

Ethics Committee ends leak investigation of Sen. Shelby

Seriously - how long until the * "mean drunk" persona emerges in public?

Russ Baker: Miller is a symptom of everything wrong with US journalism

So is Bush screwed or not? Did Raw Story provide the evidence

Claim: U.S. Created al-Zarqawi Myth

So Bush left for Japan today didn't he?

Tweety's letting this GOP only lineup say what they want uncontested

Don't you think that the 2006 elections will be the most important

Ehrlich bristles at Oreo skeptics

Bush gone for holidays? concentrate on Libby, Delay, Abramoff indictments

"Bush Unpopular, But He Accomplishes Mission..."

Insanity, jumps out of moving car because of profanity

Bush Bumper Stickers - Buck County, PA - Shitloads Of Them

Bush Rewrites History To Criticize His Anti-war Critics - The Nation

Please read today's Rude Pundit entry.

December 3, 2005: International Day of Action to Stop Global Warming

Conservative Movement Reacts to Dean's appearance on MTP:

Smirky, I am reminded of another song from the 1960's

Dear Bob....I challenge you to a debate! Signed, Little Ricky

Oooohhh! "Bush to Fire Parting Shot at Iraq Critics" --->>>

What is the "Weather Modification" law?

Iraq: Looking Back, Looking Forward (Sen. Feingold's message on mydd)

Do you think Clinton truly thought in his mind he was lying when he said

Failed GOP candidate blames BUSH for his loss

Anybody read Capitol Hill Blue today? Anybody still want to "censor" it?

Oh, breathless heart be still... MSM has finally said it!

VIDEO-Schuster-Who's Telling the Truth?

J. C. Watts on Tweety talking about *'s tanking poll numbers

Me Think the Earth Doth Protest Too Much

Unilateral use of nuclear weapons on Iran.

You know Bush is in trouble when gas prices fall this quickly

I just met Al Franken!

Our Utility Bills have Doubled in 5 years, Mister Energy Prezzydent.

President Eisenhower Quotes

Has DU's George's Perp Walk (at top) doubled his progress today?

If bird flu is a biiiiiiiiiiig scare in China, WHY IS BUSH GOING THERE?

Oh No! George is going to call us "irresponsible" in his AK speech --->>>

I don't mean to pick on old people, but this is nuts!!!!

NBC did a good overview of the pre-war intel issue.

Double Standard Thought Experiment: Torture vs. Universal Health Care

CNN Lou Dobbs talks to Tim Roemer about ABLE DANGER - Coming up

Bush Cheney, Inc's top 10 reasons to invade Iran

O'Reilly called co-host Wiehl a "good-looking girl," suggested she...

Bush: "Let me give you quotes from three senior Democrats..."

"30 hours of brain surgery"

Is the Patrick J. Fitzgerald website for real?????

2 South African mercenaries reported killed in Iraq suicide blast

Caption this...

British troops could leave Iraq next year, Blair says

God is a Republican.

"Rediscovered" testimony from CIA Director: Intel Manipulated!

Well, at least Schwarzenegger did prove that old adage...

Come on folks, DU this poll....

A public service announcement -- from AllHatNoCattle :)

Does Laura have a Meg Ryan moment? (graphic, slightly adult)

No Right To Abortion, Alito Wrote...

Dolly Parton and 60s antiwar song album

Anyone here think Nicole called the wrong guy a liar?

Bush has full power and control. Why isn't he happy?

How do you know if a Republican is lying? ...

So calling the Dems by petty. Kerry lost the election

2068 Reasons why the DSM is Important


New theme song for the little campaigner

PHOTO: Coulter visits grave of her hero, Sen. Joseph McCarthy

GOA Report: 2004 Election Theft!

The Christian Paradox

Are republicans disenchanted with BushCo going to change ideologies? Or

The Little Cowboy speaks!

Do you believe in Karma?

INCUMBENT Santorum challenges his CHALLENGER to debates!

the End of Bushism?

Will the Fundamentalist Christian movement burn itself out?

This point must be driven home

Women whose sons, fathers, husbands, brothers have been killed by

WH and Bush getting vicious in their desperation. Unravelling as we watch

Another Day, Another Chance For Santorum To Distance Himself From Bush

How does having a Support The Troops sticker on your car help the troops?

Pickles......"See, I can coordinated my own clothing...I'm a good dresser"

"Clap loudly or you'll be in IRAQ within a few months"

Ldotters on 37yr old woman molesting 15 yr old boy

HA!! Update On My Conservative 'Friend' At The Office "2006 Is All Yours"

"Unembedded" - Photos from Iraq

ALias' for #2 man in San Francisco's Al-Qaeda cell: Bill Osama O'reilly

Bush has no right to make this speech!!!!

IS Dean a Disaster for the DNC? The media want us to think so.

Creepiest Bush photo ever?

Could someone provide me with a list or link to a list that would

Capital Hill Blue. Rag or Reputable?

VIDEO- Chalabi Meets Secretly with Cheney-Hardball

ReddHedd at firedoglake: "Every single Senator who voted for Lindsey ...

Powell, 2-24-01: No significant WMD capability, PROOF OF LIES...

It's like the nation is being raped & we're just walking by & ignoring it

The US used chemical weapons in Iraq - and then lied about it

Editorial on leadership on PBS Newshour.

Nicolle Wallace -- WH Comm. Director on Tweety

Rush last week did not believe WH, Cheney etc support torture

He began to piss in the snow just in front of the deer’s nostrils.”

O'Reilly responds to SF controversy. Fascism and money. What a jerk.

CIA under investigation in Europe

Review the latest screed from Michelle "Malkin" over at Amazon!

Reid continues attack on Bush's war policies

Oh Jesus he's so defensive- selling it all over again

Do you believe in shwarma?


Bush is in serious trouble and he knows it.

One thing about the FIFTH Terror speech Bush is doing in Alaska

McCain is a prevaricator and

Priest to judge DeLay trial, DeLay seeks change of venue

Mission Accomplished ~ Al-Qaeda tightens its grip in Iraq...

Shrub's response to Kerry and other Dems from AF1

Bush now speaking live on CNN... Says Dems believed his spin

Dolly Parton's version of "Imagine"

John Fund just said we are killing 2,000 insurgents/mo. Wow!

Did * really say this?

We need to pay more attention to Chalabi

Rediscovered testimony given by CIA director in 2001

What the hell is this all about. No MSM reporting either.

Neocon Or Theocon...What would you classify Bush as?

Rover still has little black cloud over his head and may for long time.

Check out Countdown

Bombers in Jordan - its becoming clear why they have to be Iraqi -

Is anyone watching Keith Oberman?

The Dems seem AWOL since Bush has started his "Counterattack" campaign

Question about investment advisers and the SEC.

FDR's four sons and Eisenhower's son served in WWII with

Please join me in wishing our president

Target's response to my email

Are corporations the "new government?"

Catholic Cardinal rejects "intelligent design".

Poppy Bush's thoughts on his son (hearsay)

Has anyone tried to get Tamiflu lately? If so, what was your experience?

serious question... only 6% hate Bush?

Newspaper ad?

the bottom line reason why WE MUST FILIBUSTER ALITO

Did mexicoexpat ever check in?

Does Bush still chew tobacco? One of his professors said he attended clas

re Pat Robertson attacking voters in Dover PA

That face on RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman when Russert shows him...

CanOFun-What a Weekend! The "Is Bush Drunk" clip is POPULAR

sfexpat2000 check your PM's! (nt)

Just released symptoms of the Bird Flu....

So did Bush give a speech tonight or not?

World's best dressed protesters

MSNBC Question of the Day

KO questioning how woman could watch husband without getting

Should private armies be legal? Thinking of Blackwater.

Should we get out of Iraq immediately or gradually?

Elite Women Made Beer in Pre-Incan Culture

Hannity said today that we are in WWIII and we should just face it

Olberman is the best...hazmat team had to be called in to clean coulter's

"Hey! Stretch...uh...Stretch 1 and 2 ..Good to See Ya! I served in Nam!"

BlackwaterUSA,Red Cross-Hurricane Relief Fundraiser(Keynote SpeakerBremer)

DNC says over 1000 organizing events and still counting. Not too late.

OK, so TV is not the place to learn about government

Building Bipartisan Coalitions is Just Really Hard " Werk"

WSJ challenging Fitzgerald's secrecy order

This is what the fight is all about. RESEARCH INFO!!!!

Russ Feingold Posts on Kos: "Iraq: Looking Back, Looking Forward"


What is happening with Current TV, Gore's network?

AOL poll: Battle over Iraq (clips from speeches included)

VIDEO- On the Defensive Bush

Teens Sought in Pa. Killings Found

What started the idea that Dems want to take everybody's guns away?

Is Avian flu expert just toeing the BushCo line?

The main reason I'm happy about Bush's disapproval ratings

Do You Agree With The Following, Or Is It Totally Off Base?

Those "Dirty tricks" that were done to McCain in 2000?

When the Democrats regain power in DC, what should be the first priority?

John McCain: Wrong For Dem's To Call Bush A Liar

Sludge: Senate Republicans Push for Plan on Ending War

WTF? I can't take another month of this crap!

"When I Am Feeling Down, I Just Pick Up The Guitar And Sing Chimp Tunes!"

Yes....look long into the face of stupid...

Here Is One Of My Problems With Both Hillary Clinton And George Bush

Has Bush handed the terrorists everything they ever wanted?

put a caption on this pic of dumbya

I think Gov. Mark Warner of VA will be on the Democratic ticket in '08

Talking about grief (Kashmir Earthquake survivors traumatized)

So I went out and go the Globe

in the year 9595

Could riots like in France happen here?!

Hey, look whose got a little boner tonight

Pat Robertson is a temper-tantrum throwing child who exploits God

My RW neighbor is very nervous tonight. Works for Georgia Pacific

Are we supposed to feel sorry for *?

Cspan 11:10 EST- the Dems and their Accountability in Iraq

Do not drink a hot beverage while reading this

He's 15, she's 37; they're married

Malloy just said something that deeply offends my beliefs

Are you getting tired of the "how can Bush come back?" stories?

Pearly Gates Real Estate

SSCI Phase I Report - What you NEED TO KNOW

Dobson, Focus on the Family in "Happy Meals" for Kids!!!!!

Little Lord Pissypants covered in the FILTHY STENCH of DESPERATION

WHOA! A Freeper Actually Mentions "Bush Breakdown"

* DRUNK video clip link

A Great Reawakening and the Breaking of Fear's Sway

So I just got up and walked out of a lecture.

the History Channel's 'Crescent & the Cross' on the Crusades was revealing

WH tries to "counter" the WP's "Asterisks Dot White House's Iraq Argument"

I've been saving this picture but decided to share it with y'all

Bush disliked by 73% in Canada, but 68% like Americans.

Quick! Take a look before they Zot me...

LOL: Massive earthquake hits Japan on eve of Bush's Visit!!! Pat? Jerry?

Americans right to Transparent Elections trumped by "Warranty"

The words is LIE . . . who is going to use it?

LAT op-ed: "This isn't the real America" by Jimmy Carter

"Bush May Soon Order Aerial Attacks on Syria" ("would bolster popularity")

Should We Create a List of War Profiteers?

Anyone See Andrea Mitchell's Report

Who's drinking more these days?

Now I believe it. I truly believe it.

John Cusack on Letterman tonight.

Bush Is GONE For The Rest Of The Year?

Ahnolds position on chopping down 1 to 3 thousand year old Giant Sequoias?

White House in Freefall

"Jesus Christ's approval ratings were not very good either."

Who has seen "Good Night and Good Luck"?

VIDEO: Finally got around to editing video from Sept 24 D.C. Rally ======>

Does anyone have a link to Kerry's speech today that was on C-SPAN?

Something wicked this way Ohio 2005

Mexico, Venezuela withdraw ambassadors

New Video Of Bin Reilly's Threats Against San Francisco Released.

Questions To Ask Of Bush, Republicans - No More Accusations!!!

Pombo's latest joke

Bill O'Lielly makes new threat on Radio & Television today

3,000 years from now, Aliens will land on Earth


MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shin Dig

Karl Behind Bars

Judge this the smoking gun?

Latest torture/Abu Ghraib pics today??

Help Rep Conyers: Stop the Expansion of the U.S.A. Patriot Act

Wal Mart Movie Reviewed by Ebert & Roeper

Rediscovered testimony given by CIA director in 2001 suggests manipulation

Holiday gift idea from our "Now I've Seen It All Department"

PHOTO: Pickle's excellent adventure in Asia

What's Bush going to do?

The Supreme Court doesn't just decide abortion cases

Maher quote, in case you missed it!

Outrage! Bush attacks Rockefeller, Reid, Levin, to cheers from our troops!

Emailed to Harry Reid....

"Capitol Hill Blue supports the Free Republic web site..."

Ben Takes Miss Americas Crown

A right-wing commentator invited terrorist group to attack American city.


America's 5 Best Governors (according to Time)

In Honor of Vine Deloria, Jr.

If you paid Taxes you bought the Thumbscrews.

Rachel Maddow is moving to a "prominent morning drive-time spot" on AAR.

Are you going to see "Brokeback Mountain"?

Which Fictional Evil Force does the Far Right remind of you the most?

Bush rediscovered his 1974 Alaska roots today! Did he really 'live' there?

Let's raise the Fund Drive goal to 1,500.

The Staggeringly Impossible Results of Ohio's '05 Election - HuffPo

Babs should have swallowed! (protest sign idea for protest GHWB dec 1st

How to contact Ed Schultz about his spin on Dean's fundraising.

In this Nation of nearly 300 million how many regularly watch c-span

So why is this woman still wearing explosives?

Blessing the Poor

If they Lied to us to start a war, what ELSE might they have Lied about?

Kerry on C-SPAN right now.....HAMMERING BUSH.

AOL Poll: IW Misled Deliberately? Important? Media or Gov't fair coverage?

Ed Schultz is an intellectual lightweight! Dean didn't do well on MTP?

Was it really necessary to bomb Nagasaki? Hiroshima?

DU Challenge... Give Me 25 Names..I'll Donate For Them

The republicans have to lie and deny the origins of their Iraq war

Mark Warner? - not quite yet (a Virginia perspective) (long)

For Bill O'Reilly, I only have two words: Flight 93

O'Reilly Staff Claims we Are Sliming Him

For my 8000th post, on my 1 yr anniversary at DU and ...

Most PATHETIC Bush Photo-Ops - Post them here

The fatal flaw of Pacifism

teen couple with murdered parents were home schooled

So, uh, I'm in charge of dessert for Thanksgiving.

got a Foley Food Mill at the thrift store today and an "Eggstractor"

The Thermometer Oath

Fellow Soviet Canuckistanis: Which federal party will get your vote?

"Green Green Water", a documentary on Manitoba Hydro

Washington Times: Alito rejected abortion as a right

Sen. Clinton: I support W. Bank fence, PA must fight terrorism

Senate vote to cut Guantánamo Bay prisoner rights faces challenge

"Palestinians will seek UN probe into Arafat’s death"

U.S. Inquiry Over Afghan Bodies Completed

U.S. Warns of Possible China Terror Threat

NYT,pg1: Heavy Hand of the Secret Police Impeding Reform in Arab World

Blast hits gate to 'green zone' in Baghdad: police

U.S. Had Iraqi With Same Name As Bomber (Amman)

A:P: U.S. operation near Syria kills 37

Russians held in China spy probe

Analysis: Bush Slump May Hobble World Role

Saudi jailed for discussing the Bible

Iran lends support to Syria over U.S. pressure

NYT: Groups Propose Alternative to E.P.A. Rules on Mercury

Bush fires parting shot at Iraq critics

Downing Street blocked with tonnes of coal (in protest)

Bush backer fears terrorism becoming Iraq's big export (Pat Roberts)

Physicians' role in interrogation debated

Liberal Net a Non-Starter, Says Wright (NBC Prez to Tucker Carlson)

'Wash Post' Story Rejects Bush Claims on Pre-War Intel

Multiple Issues to Greet Bush on Asia Trip

WP: CIA Article Sidebar: A Story of Deja Vu (Dana Priest, WP under attack)

Four dead in suicide attacks on NATO troops in Afghanistan

Rice: Deal near on freedom of movement for Gazans

US on sidelines as Latin American voters prepare to redraw continent

Under Pressure, Knight Ridder Explores Sale

Secrecy Is Infectious: Bill Would Shield Biomedical Research (from FOIA)

U.S. Had Iraqi With Same Name As Bomber

Is this the first person in the world to cure himself of HIV?

The invisible enemy in Iraq

Bill would add therapists to Medicare

Man, Child Killed in Kabul Suicide Attacks

Australia terror suspects 'were stopped near nuclear plant'

Suicide Attacks Target Afghan Peacekeepers


Foreign contractors killed as US pursues offensive

Shrub to visit Arizona on Nov. 28th

9/11 Commissioners Fault Administration

Australian terror suspects were arrested near 'nuclear target'

Morning After Pill Decision "Unusual"

France Clears Way to Prolong Emergency Powers

U.S. calls medics to Iraq police detention center

CIA Accused of Using Airport in Mallorca

Wal-Mart Memo Shows more Expansion in U.S.

Get a Load of This! N.J. Seeks New Slogan (real AP headline)

Democrats urge Bush administration to change policy in Iraq (press conf.)

Bush Takes Fresh Shot at Iraq War Critics

Ugandan opposition leader Besigye arrested, charged with treason

Iraq wants pull-out even later (Talabani: UK "step by step" exit in 2007)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 14 November

LAT: Massive (CA) State Bond Possible (Arnie now wants to be a Pat Brown)

Court sidesteps 'In God We Trust' dispute

French cabinet to extend emergency powers though unrest subsiding

Candidate Says Bush Troubles Became His (NJ Governor race)

UN: US detains Iraqis in mass arrests

Rediscovered testimony given by CIA director in 2001 suggests manipulation

No evidence Iran supporting Iraqi insurgents: Chalabi

Yes....look long into the face of stupid...

'Labor Priest' Msgr. (Charles Owen) Rice dies at 96

Congressional Budget Chief to Quit

Teens Sought in Pa. Killings Found

Fresh report paints dark picture of Iraq(UN: ~ 30k Iraqi civilians killed)

Rift appears in GOP over cutting taxes and spending

Panel suggests Hurricane Katrina be Time's Person of the Year

World's Largest Aquarium Set to Open

Senate approves more flood, nuclear arms funds

BREAKING: Chalabi Meets with Cheney & Rumsfeld; White House Bans Photos ..

(UK) Reid accused of mixed signals over troop deployment

9/11 Panel Gives WH Mixed Review (addresses terror suspect standards)

U.S. plans no more delay in Hicks Guantanamo trial

Jordanians disavow Zarqawi but anti-US feeling high

Watchdog group urges UN to keep oil-for-food data

Boy calls for McDonald's boycott (re trade dispute)

Consumers Sue Over Alleged Medicare Computer Flaw (seniors w/out drugs?)

BlackwaterUSA,Red Cross-Hurricane Relief Fundraiser(Keynote SpeakerBremer)

Hollywood writers protest over product placement in films

US asks for more European help in Iraq

Bush Escalates Bitter Iraq War Debate

Time person of the Year: Mother Nature?

WP: U.S. Widens Offensive In Far Western Iraq

Senate Cuts Spending for Nev. Nuclear Dump

Rumsfeld meets with Iraq's Chalabi (meets with Cheney too)

US condemns Uzbek terror verdicts

Poll Says Bolivia Presidential Race Tied

White Voters (& DoJ) in Mississippi Allege Voting Discrimination (NPR)

Doctors must stand firm against human rights abuses, BMA

Wetlands defender kills self in protest

Unions protest rise in TV product placement

A compound in Texas becomes a focal point as Arizona officials say the lea

CNN/AP: China fans mob Schwarzenegger ("bedlam")

President's ratings hit new low in poll (Gallup Poll - 37%)

(NY) State GOP Divided by Ideology, Rivalry (some may support Spitzer)


CIA Accused of Using Airport in Mallorca

Senators Reach Gitmo Detainees Compromise

US sweep of arrests after Iraq invasion leads to few convictions

China Must Cut Farming Population, Says OECD

EXCLUSIVE: Former Iraqi Detainees Allege Torture by U.S. Troops

Secrecy order in CIA leak case challenged by media

(DCCC Chairman) Emanuel courting vet for Congress

LAT: L.A.'s the Capital of Dirty Air Again

Venezuela, Mexico Recall Their Ambassadors

Senate Weighs Measures Urging Bush Set Limits in Iraq

Court lets stand law denying felons a vote

US faulted on handling nuclear threat, detainees (9/11 Commission Update)

US GAO: FDA review on Barr contraceptive 'unusual'

Bush Fires Parting Shot at Iraq Critics

Smut Spike All PTC's Doing (23,542 out of 23,547 complaints)

Spain opens inquiry into CIA operation

School district pulls slave-era folk song from concert

NYT: (SC) Justices Hand Down Ruling on Special-Education Disputes

Liberals hand out tax gifts ahead of looming Christmas election

PM Taken to Task Over Global Warming (Downing St. Blocked by Dumped Coal)

Poll: New York Democrats Look Strong

Proof tin-foil hats do not work

Oh dear god take the keyboard away from me

Introducing a new car to an older car?

Introducing a new cat to an older car?

The Shatner Twilight Zone episode is on now!

Another "request thread" for my overnight show

Mike Tice had his MCL sprained today at the Vikings vs Giants game

I'm turning in early. G'night!

Let's turn Intelligent Design on its head

Yes We Can Can

Good Night, John-Boy

Oh. My. God.

Good night everyone...

Screw birthday cake

Anonymous calls lead to restaurant workers being strip-searched

Who decided there was something edible inside an artichoke?

Say what you will but Rome is a good TV series.

Strategery question regarding football

Where's John Kleeb?

I feel old

Good Morning everybody

Jellyfish Cause Caviar Crisis

Reward Offered For Return Of 6-Foot Giraffe Statue

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Ok guys, help me out

James Bond Movies. When did they Jump the Shark?

Drug side effects by Steve Martin.

I watched the new Willie Wonka last night.

Man Has 200,000 Pieces In His Porn Collection (PIC TOO!)

Drunk Mom Smothered Baby While Breastfeeding

*WHEW* Just A Fundraising PM

How about some Monday morning.......HOOK 'EM!

My dog tried to bring a squirrel inside yesterday!

Woohoo! They just took my Wilma yard waste!

First look at Ghostrider

Today's Doonesbury--he's doing the White House "Ethics Classes"!!

What happens in the U.P. stays in the U.P.

"De plane! De plane!"

saw "4 Brothers" at the 1$ theater.

I nearly got pulled in by some Southern Baptists

B5 (Boy Band) Concert Sparks Girl Frenzy At Shopping Mall

High school yearbook copyright question

Zoo Keepers Desperately Seeking Mate For Horny Giraffe

Shouldn't it be "DUnate"?

We saw Trans Siberian Orchestra tonight!

Who among us was not fucked by this Dick?

Cat Challenge describe your cats as best as you can without posting a pic

DU need not worry about sex threads anymore.

I think my computer got a virus from the lounge last night.

High School Condom Club (12 Free Condoms A Week)

Cat Show Plans Memorial Service for Dog

Madonna's new album comes out tomorrow!!

Late breaking news

"I am by your side

A fine good evening and howdy, folks!

For post number 5000

Dear, ASIA- please keep Prez. Bush.

Nothing like a buffalo chicken cheesesteak at 11:30 in the morning

Baby Squirrel who thinks it's a Puppy-Warning! Extremely Adorable

If you're interested in experimental music/mash-ups...

"It's just that, well, it makes you look like a dildo."

Acckkkk!!! Retch gag puke!

Does what happens in Vegas really stay in Vegas? ;-) or should I ask?

I tried to watch Office Space this weekend...

For my 10,000th post, I want to say...

Italian truffle sold for $112,000

This is a SEX thread; with a picture!

Japanense toilet MP3

My cat is in heat. Does it make a cat more

Jolie used black magic to snare Pitt?

Do you use makeup that is animal friendly, as in not tested on them?

I've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle

for all the DUers who lost a loved fur friend this past year

Talk about a tear-jerker ...... Madame X w/ Lana Turner

vote in this poll for me please

Paging Niraj from Atlanta


electric ladyland vs. electric larryland

Jacko writes thank-you song for fans who stood by during molestation trial

I nearly got knocked out by some Southern Comfort

How is "Diebold" pronounced?

i've met the love of my life.

a question


About this picture...

Crosswords and political commentary ...

We saw "Good night and good luck" this weekend.

If your cat had a radio show, what would it be called?

Arrrghh. Can't take a day off without work calling me.

What "presents" (ie, tribute) does your cat bring to you

I don't want to be lounge scum anymore: Ask Me anything!

It's "Newb," you bOOb!!!!

Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen?

True or false: Everyone not in the 5-digit club is scum.

Stoopit Computer Question: Wireless modem and my printer

I'm sick...

This is a GREAT story. Wiah it were true and could happen.

I believe in ID (Idiotic Design)

I am an ignoramus.

Man Busted For Pot After Calling Police About Possible Break-In

Stomach flu rocks!

what should senators do to make c-span more entertaining?

"PUNCHLINES ONLY" thread! (it's been awhile since we did this old fave)

Holy Hell...if this isn't a sign I am needing to change jobs, nothing is..

Anyway, you know what?

cabover or conventional?

Study: Men From Rural Areas Often Use Condoms Incorrectly

Note to China- Keep Bush

To pTen Questions On The Carolina Panthers Cheerleading Application

Largest crowds in the History of Mankind.

lurleen lumpkin songs

I sold an MGA to a buyer in another state...

Heidi, stop calling Call Me Wesley a n00b!

Guess the celebrities

Nursing Home Keeps Elderly Happy By Having Its Own Pub

Strippers for Jesus

I must insulate two large windows, 8 feet by five feet

What's for lunch?

Top ten signs that you are in Hell....

press your hand to your monitor and I'll read your palm

Even old New York was once New Amsterdam...

CDC Alert


So, my resume is like one and a third of a page.......

I've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle

Special Tuesday Broadcast of the HOTTEST SOUNDS @ 4PM ET Today!!!!

Democratic Underground is Worth $1.2 Million!

YES!! Sweet Jesus, yes!! The GOD WARRIOR bobble head has MUSIC!

What happens at allergy testing?

What's your boggle?

To which military religious order does God Warrior belong?

10,000 is a lot of posts.

I just added 15 people to my Buddy List. Should I feel content?

Awwww. I Cannot add myself to my Buddy List....

Fundraising time, round two.

How should I cook my chicken for supper?

How Many Bush Cronies Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Okay, people. Tune in tomorrow for Fundraising time, part three.

Fundraising time. First person without a star to guess what

His hump, his hump . . .

Kale as comfort food

Configuring Linux?

"You cannot add yourself to your buddy list."

As requested, first picture of Paddington the Chinchilla ...

Sweeping generalizations set my teeth on edge.

The belief that money doesn't matter is bourgeois

Are you going to heaven?

Missed it by *that* much

It's that time for "Let's make up words!"

Tinfoil Hat Research at MIT

I should have been an accounting major

You wanna see "WONDER SHOWZEN" on MTV2!

Anybody here who has had back surgery?

You wanna see "WONDER SHOWZEN" on MTV2!

Well I don't care about the alphabet

Who remembers "the Casinos"?

In flush of excitement I must tell you


I'm 17 posts away from 11084. Ask me anything.

Family Seating Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Taking screenshots of video files in windows media player...


What should I do today?

SeattleGirl is NOT having a good workday!

Reggae: "Stir it up, little darling...."

Plural of 'Virus'

This Thanksgiving, I am most thankful.......

Alright, who did it?

OK, so how do you put a picture file in your sig?

Okay, here's a travel question; which major geographic lines

Is anybody familiar with "Waldorf schools"?

My first ever MP3 Download-GOD WARRIOR!!!

Who has my Tony Hawk Underground info?

Nooooooooooo! (Or 'Missed opportunities suck')

Well, you can't say Silver and Coulter don't deserve each other

Introducing a new cat to an older cat?

What was it Nader said about destroying the country?

Ideas on what to say to the following

Introducing what could be Hurricane GAMMA


What next? the Hulk gets gout? Aquaman drowns in a bathtub?

Well, my day just got flushed down the can


Exclusive: Photo of a secret meeting of the Repub Inner Circle

Has anybody got this West Virginia snow storm e-mail?

Why does God hate Iowa? Tornado's everywhere, must be a big

An oldie, but a goodie!

I'm taking a 1 month "road trip" vacation in CA, OR and NV soon.

Goodnight lounge!

Who's the DUer whose DU name starts with an "R" that moved out of the

While waiting for my new check card, I'm going nuts! I can't SHOP!!


Woot! 500 posts!


who here has ever taken echinacea for a cold?

Michigan vs. Ohio State

How can itunes offer a promotion "while supplies last"?!


What part of your apparel (clothes) can you do without today?

I am a bad influence on people!

Anyone watching the Cowboys/Eagles pregame on ESPN?

I'm changing my sig line to "signature lines are currently turned off due

Bush & Co.

Does anyone remember the SNL "Jingleheimer Junction" sketch?

Tornado Tears Through Iowa Town - Video

Anyone heard of a nasty horror film coming out called "Hostel"?

Katie Holmes to give up acting...

%$&$% Gallup!

I am more accurate than Doppler Radar

Help with Latin

Eduardo Gory Guerrero RIP

Not Ready For GD thread.... Political, but somewhat off color humor.

Does James Woods bug anyone else?

Who has the most posts on DU?


It must be the drugs...Coyote Ugly Appreciation Thread

Borowitz Report: Theory of Dumb Design may Explain Pat Robertson

All my warranties must have run out yesterday!

If I put everyone on ignore, it will get really boring here. Right?

Kazakhstan threatens "Borat" with court

thank you very mucha mr. groveL-botto

Hey! Where the hoes at?

I feel so guilty. I just ordered Chicken Fried Steak. For delivery.

I've been in an Ab-Fab mood these past few days, sweetie-darlings!

Should I permanently go back to the GD, GD Politics & UK Forum

Monday night earworm thread

Poll question: Please choose some Z names for tropical storms and hurrican

"Good news! Good news!"

Oh goody! Sig lines are back up! So tell me, is mine too morbid?

5 people just put me on their "Ignore" list. Should they feel guilty?

When I lose my job, I will be unable to move back home...

Tell me about Berkeley CA. Is it worth spending a week there on vacation?

A big thanx to all the Lounge Lizards!

Just released symptoms of the Bird Flu....

There it is, deal with it

There is no God in this buttery frogstep!

Post inspirational graffiti / street art / randomly-seen protest art.

Mustang was the Boss in muscle car era

Woo Hoo! College Basketball is back!!!!

Which DUers do you have a burning desire to meet (NOT DUers you are

Grandma's Recipes

Another dog question...

Try to identify the objects on my piano

"Workers of the World Unite!" or "Underemployed College Grads Unite!"

i'm a cLass act


Skinner loves me!

The brown fox has bolted the door.

Woman Shell Shocked After Finding Turtle In Coffee

Morrisey of the Smiths: Wimp or great artist?

CNN tonight! Should you spank your children?

Why would someone adverise an apartment and then not return calls??

Family Seating Protocols in the American Automobile.

Necessito apprendir Espanol....

It's that time again...Who's happy? Who's not?

awww, man. WWE RAW tonight is eddie guerriero night


It's Happy Hour!

Best PR announcement ever. (DCers especially)

15 posts away from 500 ask me anything

Tweety dead of bird flu

Drama queens, check in here

Philadelphia or Dallas?

And the nominees for "Parent of the Year" are.....

Just pretend the Penguin is Bush

When connecting two wires to a double bladed AC plug ...

What was with those pointy bras of the 50s?

Take a pain pill or don't take a pain pill

Describe the shirt you are wearing

FYI: Pride and Prejudice (biography channel)

Olberman is showing tornado videos. NO FREAKING WAY

Man dies in freak dinner plate accident


And then my glasses broke.

What State do you Hate the Most???

Hee! 17 year-old's paper assignment: Reagan vs. Nixon!

whats' your favorite toast?

your favorite phrase from among those listed

Tell me what state you live in, and I'll give you my opinion about it!

Watch this magic trick by Copperfield.

Top Ten Signs Pat Robertson Has Lost His Mind

Any dog whisperers out there?

lirty dies time

Damn, My neighbor

AAAAGH! It's beguan, the Christmas buying madness season!

I've just put 5 people on my "Ignore" list. Should I feel guilty?

OK! A slightly more contemplative picture than you are used to

Driving from San Diego to SanFransisco...what should I be sure...

'WWE Smackdown!' Star Guerrero Dies

Try to identify the figures and things above my computer.

"strong like bull smart like tractor" and other funny phrases

Would someone please ask Heidi to stop calling me 'n00b'?


Does CaliforniaPeggy drop the 'F-Bomb' at home

Is "Nanaca" Japanese for Neocon Hummer H2 driver?

Grrrrrrr. An expensive day here at White Rose!

Send me positive vibes, please.

My lower eyelid is twitching and it is driving me batty!

Dog question....


If I hosted a DU Potluck Dinner, what dish would you bring for us to enjoy

How many states have you been to? I've been to 23 (and DC)

Best Anti-Bush Slogan Yet!

Is it time for a new photo thread? I think so! *Dial-up warning*

does everyone here have a cat?

Nighthawks XXXVI (dial-up warning)

Can someone translate this from Latin please?

New iMac G5 for $1,299? Good deal or not?

My cat's name was Cody.

Frogs for Christmas... Anyone?

This is a SEX THREAD, and Skinner can't lock it!

I confess. I'm a habitual hot-linker

has anyone dated someone they met on here?

Post your favorite DU quote.

So, I have 2 job interviews tomorrow

I've decided to be more judgmental, and less patient and understanding

I have an inexplicable urge to shit on the windshields of Hummers.

What do you do for jetlag?

Music lovers, have I found a treat for you

What is your favorite song? Choose ONE. ANY genre, any era.

Rick Warren At Time Global Health Summit

Classic circular illogic from ID proponent in debate on Scott Adams blog

socialism evil for fundamentalists?

A disturbing point about the "God warrior" from Trading Spouses

I mind the hell out of the Book of Mormon being in Marriott hotel rooms.

Question - didn't the Health Dept. say that travel to Asia was restricted

Physicians' role in interrogation debated

Any guys here ever tried Nasutra?

Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head

Huge meteorite discovered underground in Kansas

Brit Govt bemoans lack of cadavers

Italian chemist uses science to explain paranormal events

Link 'lost' with asteroid robot

Nasal reaction to changes in whole body temperature

Taller ape existed alongside humans 100,000 years ago

Iran Reportedly Executes Two More Gay Men

Bishops Meet Behind Closed Doors On Gay Issues

Librarians On Front Lines To Protect Gay Literature From Censorship

University of Virginia hires gay and lesbian advocate

Utah Hate Crime Bill Drops Categories To Avoid Naming Gays

Public schools and Universities see hiring more gays as way to save money

Star & Buc Wild Show Gets Queer

Don't Allow Religious Right To Control Moral High Ground Gays Told

Forbidden Territory (Newsweek on "Brokeback Mountain")

Iowa Schools Criticized For Not Protecting Gay Students

We need to be prepared to bolt from antigay Democrats

Who sucks worse than the Chiefs?

The Official Alex "MVP" Rodriguez is still a putz thread!

ESPN spread BS story of Steeler fans throwing Garbage on Maddox Lawn

BCS: Week 12

MVP Watch...fingers crossed for Ortiz


Saints did not lose yesterday and the door is open for the Eagles

Orioles dumping Palmeiro, Sosa

Here's a mug shot of a famous athlete--3 guesses and no cheating!

Sorry Bungles, Your 15 Minutes Are Up

Dolly has a home. Thanks for all of DU that helped me. Someone provided

Cat suddenly peeing outside box in Dining Room on carpeting

Remembering Poppy - Thanks for indulging me

Solstice celebration

Destiny vs. Free Will …

OMG! I just got the Leo / Aquarius thing

FSM heresy

Retired general: Bush shortchanging vets

Haven't seen PeteNYC around at DU in almost a year.

Does anyone have a link to Kerry fighting new Mercury guidelines

Tracking the Iraq War bill

Iraq War debate in the Senate

David Corn on IWR

O/T, but a sort of corollary to my last thread.

Kerry Takes Bush to Task on his Veteran’s Day Speech

Bush's Brain on Sundance Channel Now n/t

Clip from JK's speech on KO tonight.

May want to watch this site:

Too bad this got left out of the Veteran's Day stuff

C-SPAN Alert: Kerry to Respond to Bush Attacks - NOW!

Sen. Kerry speaks for me!

Hearings this week:

Here are a few Fall Photos. I would like to enter one. Which do you like?

26 things

a fall macro

How much is too much?

Hi Sharon, can I get you something?

11/14 -- KOEB

Countdown Newsletter -- 11/14/05: Cheney's Role; Bush to Summit

New Blog: Ten television shows worth watching

Cheney, lies and the media....

Reform Party National Convention was in town this weekend.

Tuesday 11/15 is the DNC's National Organizing Kickoff

'We Will, In Fact, Be Greeted As Liberators' - Cheney

Robert Scheer is on Democracy Now today

Now does a double lie make it better? i.e. the Iraqi War

Democrats on the Offensive

So does a double lie make it better? i.e. the Iraqi War

Evan Thomas, Newsweek, on Bush ratings: "Well, if we get attacked again"..

Ray McGovern, former CIA-analyst, now on C-Span at 9:30AM, EST.

All the Democrats Fault

Ken Mehlman Update: "Saddam Harbored and Supported Terrorists"

Clinton Family Visits Jordan: Significant coverage by NY Times

Can-O-Fun is back;Jack Cafferty

No elected official who voted for authorization to invade Iraq


College Democrat sees no conflict in his activism, Iraq deployment

What's with the immigrants on Wash. Journal on C-Span?

So the Female Suicide Bomber arrested in Jordan

DUers! Fight the righties who have targeted American Girl dolls

Anytime Bush tries to say his critics are trying to revise history...

The Battle for the Exurbs

This Newsweek "Bush at 36%" stuff is NOT TRUE

Exercise for Bill O'Reilly "fans" especially lawyers and technoids

Full Agenda Awaits Bush in Asia. Not a HALF agenda, Stretch...a FULL 'un!

America needs a regime change.

Isn't today the day the preliminary Senate report on the White House

Repugnik McCain says "wrong to say President Lied"

Another Day, Another Chance For Santorum To Distance Himself From Bush

Did Congress Have Same Pre-War Intelligence? Fight the Spin

One of my hopes

Interesting comparison between the two Bushes

Sen. Pat "Stonewall"Roberts: Time to turn in your homework. Where is it?

Photos: More "No Bush" Asian Protests, "Improved Image" prospects DIM.

Abstinence or cancer cure - Guess which one conservatives choose

Scalito - "I'm a life long republican & no one has a right to an abortion"

Who is this Ronald Kessler and why is he on my computer screen?

Bush Rewrites History To Criticize His Anti-war Critics

The Bush DoJ: A Peculiar Institution

Bob Koehler: "Concern" about election fraud useless without guts & anger

For your listening pleasure!

Shouldn't that report be released today?

Chavez pricks Fox, Fox in a snit wants apology, smirk smirks

The world knew the intelligence was wrong before the war!

So what was the media consensus on Bush's big Vet's Day speech?

Wow!! That New GLOBE Mag Cover With GWB's Breakdown...

Senate Debate on Iraq War Benchmarks C-Span 2

Ethics Committee ends leak investigation of Sen. Shelby

Bush's bipolar face

Paul Hackett (OH) on the Iraq War

Czech-Off Programs

Why is Bush going to Asia ?

9/11 Commissioners Fault Bush Administration

"Not Your Soldier" Day of Action.

Questions to Ask of Bush, Republicans - No More Accusations!!!

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline

Sen Dodd on CSpan now talking about exit strategy !

Full text of Sen. Lautenberg's call to remove Rove's security clearance

Rep. Tim Ryan - A man of his word.

Republicans seize on Hillary Clinton's planned fundraising visit

Let's help Christians out when it comes to defining Marriage

Magazine ranks Sebelius (Dem KS) among best governors

W.H. "doesn't pay attention to poll numbers, figures do not affect policy"

deleted by user

The Cafferty File - today's questions:

ACK!!! Make it go away!!! Already seeing 2008 presidental bumperstickers

CNN-Gallup Poll: Worst Chimp Numbers Yet: 37% Approve (-2 points)

Doug Forrester whines

Ron Wyden

So, Bush is going to Mongolia. Is that geographically as far from D.C.

Doug Forrester BLAMES BUSH for his loss in NJ Governor's race

Independent in 2008 seems formidable

AFP photo of Bush on Air Force One as he "unleashes his attack"

US had 'bomber' in their hands

Does the sound of "BUSH 44" scare you? Here's what you can do to stop it.

Strike while the iron is hot! DSM and election fraud in NM and OH

I resisted writing this for the past 24 hrs, Dean was NOT strong on MTP

Bradblog: The Staggeringly Impossible Results of Ohio's '05 Election

M$M: "The Democrats have no ideas"

Re Levin Amendment - Will * create a success plan for Iraq

The Italian Job: July 7, 2000 was a Friday, not a Wednesday!

Russert's Republican Talking Points (Er, Questions), Part II

Debunk this: WH says Iraqi soldiers sent their paychecks to NOLA victims!

HELP we need a large list of BLogs--- THE BLOGO LIST PROJECT

So Alito says Roe V Wade is settled law.....Read this.

Is Impeachment better than letting Bush flail for 3 more years?

WP: DNC: A Look at Sept. Spending (follow-up to DNC fundraising article)

Yep! Just what I thought! They stole this election too!!!

Chalabi Comes To Town

We weren't misled--We were lied to. Dems don't be nice to Dumya --and

Are the Dems raising Hell about this?

DU this AOL poll - were you misled on the war?

Wow...more local wins in Ohio than I thought. From the DNC blog.

Just wondering: Is there any Gephart legacy at all??

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! n/t

Thanks to the literary crowd at

LAT op-ed: Boomer generation's division has paralyzed American politics

DU this poll!

Have all your bush supporting neighbors joined the Army?

There are "Some" who no longer believe our System of Govt. can Function...

If you are in D.C. area tomorrow and want to meet Clark and/or Pelosi...

When repubs claim "We're fighting them over there" ask them this:

Is that their strategy, "The Dems Agreed" - is that what Chumpy

Revoke the "Courtesy and Respect" extended to this pResident

Call Senators TODAY RE: Habeas Corpus

Do you ever leave your country...even when it has gone mad?

its time to push for impeachment

Can you filibuster a city council meeting?

Casey unveils ethics plan; Santorum calls for debates

Lame Duck Bush Flies to Asia (DNC Release)

Congress AUTHORIZED the war - it did not ORDER * to declare war

DU this MSNBC poll! (are war critics "irresponsible" ?)

compare and contrast dean and's striking

The Raw Truth--National Security Archive

The REAL Imminent threat: No WMD would be found

Hiding Behind President Clinton. GWB is officially desperate.

Photo Op: Troops, check. Flag, check. Kids, check. Costume, check...

JOSHUA FRANK: Off She Goes -- Hillary Clinton’s Big Jaunt to Israel

Lieberman on the floor not regretting his vote on the IWR.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean's Week Ahead

John Dean says Cheney may be next to be indicted

McCain is a PIG!

Mewsmax says right favors Condie: Will their Southern Racist Base revolt?

I don't believe the "failed bomber" woman was involved at all...

My RW brother is up to his old, lame tricks again

"Bush Lied"

Dean was great on MTP "'s because of my moral values that

"Campaigner in Chief" that's what * is - did you hear Kerry's

Sens. Reid & Levin News Conf at 1:30 today on C-Span

"The President is a liar..."

Good grief, have you seen this Ted Rall comic?

USA Today Gallup Poll: Clinton Trusted More than Bush

If democracy is so great

MSNBC Hardball Promo: "Tonight, Chris STOPS the spin in the Iraq War!"

GOP caught in a "Don't think about an elephant" cycle. I LOVE IT!

C-SPAN Alert: Kerry to Respond to Bush Attacks - *Coming Up Next!*

Does "Communist" China still apply? Aren't they capitalist now?

Gov. Mark Warner launches National PAC. Forward Together PAC!!!

Bush and Poppy Split: Drudge

Two men on elevator fall 12 floors...

Desperate DeWine Labels Hackett "insurgent"

Feeling the heat? (Josh Marshall is getting excited)

Feingold for President !

"I am the commander, see? I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."

Okay I'll ask-IF it is Hillary vs. Condie where does the South go?

Wolf Blitzer asks, "How can Bush win back your trust?"

Fuck Scalito and his "pride" in anti-abortion work. Really, just FUCK him.

Texas Gubernatorial Race May Heat Up

Are "Strict Judicial Contstructionists" anti-American?

Kerry Just Made the Speech of his Entire Career

Race Relations in the South: Taboo Subject?

Woman weds under-age boy and is charged with molestation

Gun Control, the one issue we have to lose.

Ads to be released by RNC show Dems seemingly agreeing with Iraq war....

What are your top 3 DOMESTIC issues?

Kerry Takes Bush to Task on his Veteran’s Day Speech

Conason: Libby's Secret Defense Fund

NYT Editorial: Decoding Mr. Bush's Denials

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 11/15/05

Sen Barbara Boxer at Books & Co. - Dayton

Houston RW talkshow host distances himself from W

People like fighters.

Shawano Co. Dems To Add Meetings On Western Side Of County . . .

Does anyone know of a good grant-writer?

$300,000 Federal Grant going to a religious University in my town.

Is Anybody Watching Letterman? He's Not Holding Back . . . At All

Major Paul Hackett DU group anyone?

NY Times Rag or Reputable?

NYT: 3,000 of Bush's Exectutive Staff Warned About Insider Trading

OMG! I just went to! What a HOOT!

Chucklenuts, new way to call our der fuehrer... cute

Bob Kerrey on "Colbert Report" now.

Check out CNN's homepage photo of Bush --

OMG, Avery allegedly had evidence of torture on his computer.

Bush's Veteran's Day Diatribe: Who was the creepy shy-guy thing?

Dover Residents Unfazed By Robertson's Remark - The Patriot News

song about picking cotton pulled from school program

A historical question re **...

A proposed plan to stop the war.

Unpatriotic, embattled Republicans to ask Bush for Iraq plan

Bush's vision fails to win over Middle East

"Mother quietly protests war as son clings to life"

Bush is a "Christian, Godly man!" year later

O'Lielley's choice of words- "Coit Tower" not "Transamerica Building"

Whenever you hear the phrase "Aid & Comfort to the Enemy" pay attention:

Tornado Watch for South Central Kentucky

What's This Shit About A "Nuclear Device At Kennedy Airport" On CBS?

Teen killer in PA had a blog

Tin Foil Hats

I hate the freakshow called Sean Hannity.

Will you shop at Wal-mart this Christmas?

Larry Johnson: "Like a passenger who just leaped from the Titanic into

The US used chemical weapons in Iraq - and then lied about it (Guardian)

NYT: Voters Showed Less Appetite for Tax Cuts (rejected in 3 states)

NYT: Wal-Mart Forecasts Big Season

Roche rules out links between Tamiflu, teenager deaths

Chirac Admits Riots Reveal French Malaise

UK tries to form coalition to fight in Afghanistan

NYT: Pentagon's Fuel Deal Is Lesson in Risks of Graft-Prone Regions

Its a great cause, shelters for dogs that are tied outside 24/7 rain,

What is with those pointy codpieces of the 16th century?

Hey Pastafarians! Get your own plush FSM and support a good cause!

Chocolate Milk

Letterman is smoking tonight!!!

its time for the Colbert Report

So, Dobri Vecher guys, I so neglect you all in the lounge

I am waxing nostalgic

So when a person has 599 people on ignore, does that mean

Most schmaltzy?

the lathe of heaven

Tonight on Jay Leno: Neil Diamond Performs With Brian Wilson

I got a ticket! I got a ticket!

I {electric slide} got a job! I {electric slide} got a job!

Scotch & Minerals

Who is this Lew Rockwell fellow?

Bush confusing baseless with free basing

check out this photo