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Archives: November 12, 2005

Alan Keyes' site sez * war criminal: Bush's War of Terror, WMD's (Part 11)

America's New Enemy

News outlets failed to note recent Pre-war intel revelations.

Playing With Fire (NYT on torture and the Geneva Conventions)

A Warning From Iran For George W. Bush

Bush and Third World America

Larisa Alexandrovna: Is Treason Passé?

Jay Bookman: Bush and Co. Pulled Wool Over Own Eyes

The Arab League to the Rescue

Martial Law in the US?

"Slim sacrifice Veterans and 'Yellow Ribbon Patriotism"-Grand Forks Herald

Robert Scheer to Leave LA Times

The Cancer Has Spread

Changing New Orleans

The Bush reconstruction company -- A weak record (Hightower)

Novak: Unhappy w

God's bad influence

Op-Ed by John Edwards: I was Wrong

Neil Lisst and the Bush cast of characters

Straight-talking McCain reveals himself as a leader in waiting

WP: Wrestling With History (Rummy)

Power Über Alles -Paul Craig Roberts

The Worst Speech of Bush's Presidency

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse decline

Revealed: the real story behind the great Iraq Museum thefts

The Right Way in Iraq (John Edwards)

The Dark Heart of Dick Cheney

Krugman: The Deadly Doughnut

Mr. Bush, Veterans Day is Over

Fallujah:The Flame of Atrocity (Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque)

Robert Scheer On Leaving the LA Times

"I voted for the resolution. It was a mistake." -Fmr Sen John Edwards

AP: Strategists: Bush comeback will be tough

Buying pleasure: Will it be a Hemi or a hybrid?, Patrick Bedard

Here's a thought on the "logging rights" issue

Alaska communities turning to wind farms to cut diesel bills

Clinton Library offers 'green' tours of environmental features

Nissan Wind Farm Spins Into Action (UK)

Recycled waste being dumped as landfill (Scotland)

Abandoning wetlands will multiply disaster

Worms use scraps from dorms to make food (Ann Arbor)

Biodiesel and Urban Life

Recognising Israel to follow birth of Palestinian state, says Musharraf

Abbas questions Israel's desire for peace

NY rally marks infamous UN resolution

Arabs hurl firebombs at home in Pisgat Ze'ev, near Jerusalem

Don't count on America

Hope Flows From Boy's Death (Washington Post)

Bil'in demonstrators: 14-year-old hit in the head by rubber bullet

Broken Bones And Broken Hopes

Halutz: Assassinations an Ongoing Israeli Policy, Not Response

See the trailer for Spielberg's 'Munich'

Peretz threatens to topple Sharon government

Israeli victim had `amazing ambition'

Weekly report on Israeli human rights violations

Police officer may face charges in shooting death {edit}

Iraq shot down airplanes on 9/10/2001?

Why not Bushco incompetence on top of 9/11 being an inside job?

Mr President! Your time is up- We know what happened on 9/11!!!

9/11 Eyewitness-- must see DVD for demonstration of WTC demolition

Worst part of NIST report

Y. professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

Ohio's Rep. Chair:'I just noticed our 2004 criminal campaign cash'

Digital voting undermines democracy

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 11/12/05

Federal investigators identify local figures as ‘conduits’ of Noe-Bush $$$

New Minnesota voting legislation: electronic optiscans and security

Fitrakis & Wasserman discuss Ohio's referendum electronic "defeats"

BradBlog: Plaintiffs Suddenly Blocked in New Mexico '04 Election Lawsuit

Mother Jones magazine lets Hertsgaard hack on democracy and elections

If a 14 year old kid runs away and stops going to school - are the parents

Hey, have you folks seen this?

TOON: Arnold floored

Statewide PDA Meeting - Saturday Nov. 19, 2005 in Worcester - ALL INVITED

11/12 conversations with Rep. Tierney



Tornado watches in November?

Sounds like Bush may be in town next month

I need help, my neighbor inadvertently downloaded Starware toolbar

When I changed to DSL, I kept my old yahoo address and added a

We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan

Bush gets cold reception at ROTC event in Houston

Austin Dems alert for Tuesday the 15th 6 PM organizing meeting

Pete Sessions will have an opponent!

Cornyn Corruption Watch

AP: Heatable Bra Is A Hot Fashion Statement

PHOTO: Bush wants to attend Christian services in China during his visit.

Freeper response to Bush poll...oh its good.

Here's A Good One To Stop Freepers In Their Tracks - ID

One more BIG THANKS to every veteran!!!

Uhhh, is there any reason Nancy Pelosi wouldn't make a kick-ass

Examples of "Current TV" videos

Remember Margarite- the GOD WARRIOR? check out this EBAY listing

Are DU'rs getting old?

Walmart Movie - Nov 19

Wasn't Around The T.V. Much Today, But I Wonder

Alan Keyes' site sez * war criminal: Bush's War of Terror, WMD's (Part 11)

Hahaha! It seems that Rummy is VERY stressed out.

All this wal-mart talk and I've never been to one

Let's Come Up With Some Protest Ideas!

Hey! The new icons just changed! Fisher-Price stuff is gone!!!!!

Check this sh*t out

Based on your feedback, I made a few more changes to the icons.

Hey all Video editors! Lets have an impromptu Video Editing contest!

Have any media conglomerates tried to get to televise Libby's trial?

War Must End in the Human Heart

System of a Down - MTV Europe Music Awards - civilization qoute . . .

Anybody see the * speech? When the soldiers "clapped," it was obvious

Please Help Fix New Orleans TONITE!! We Need You! Together We Can Do This!

Bernie Ward: "Dr. Bill Wattenberg is a fraud" ---streaming now

To the Fallen &The Brave

Did you know they tested nuclear weapons in Mississippi?

Fox News Channel is the new 700 Club.

Some bright spots

Bill Clinton Decries His Impeachment In Speech At Hofstra

We need to run a SOUTHERN DEM' GOVERNOR in 08'.

Huge Boost for Pakistan Emergency Aid (Action Against Hunger)

Greta Van Susteren says don't ask silly questions just keep sending money

Burt Bacharach joins the forces, and rocks the boat

Husband and wife suicide bombers in Jordan?

When Did Bush "Jump the Shark"

It's time: Bill O'Reilly needs the SINCLAIR TREATMENT

A suggestion for those who think that Wal*Mart protest, leaving carts....

Bill O'Reilly puts them liberals in their place...

What day exactly will Ed Schultz be broadcasting some balance on AFR?

I cannot believe DU members are pushing Bill Richardson for President has over 600,000 signatures - sign HERE

Physics professor entertains "controlled demolition" in all 3

Can I get a "we were wrong" , from the voting machine crowd?

Ted Koppel On Letterman Talking About Good Night & Good Luck

What simple phrase do you think sums up the whole Bush presidency?

Target v. Wal Mart? Any opinions?


Regarding vets: the next time you encounter some crazy camo-wearing

Is everyone Afraid of g.w. bush? it sure seems like it sometimes

Wal-Mart has bought so much flu vaccine that doctors and

DC Confidential -Meyer goes for BLIAR

Lobbyist plan fundraiser for DeLay. Imagine that.

must we Torture bush to make him understand his war SUCKS?

I hate bush's war therefore I'm Unpatriotic & I'm harming the troops

Question: If the Mid-Term Elections were Held Today...............

Peak Oil nears, world's 2nd largest field declines

Same speech, different day - wonder why the MSM doesn't report

stand by your pResident? new toon 11/12/05

c-span Washington Journal - live discussion of Shrub's speech

French rap sheds light on riots, violence

More tax cuts for billionaires while cutting food stamps for poor kids?

lawsuit says government has failed to protect spotted owl

Colorado left behind in critical lynx habitat

c-span talking of Patriot ACT (liberal guest on).

If SCOTUS was doing it's job, there wouldn't be a swing vote.

Protect your children from the nation's best experts- MSNBC tonight

Hey, Look Up! ^ New Icons!

Bush & the US media: Chavez is a demagogue. Right or wrong?

cnn report on * speech alternates paragraphs - bush/dems/bush/facts/ Wow!

Medicaid patient, apparently stranded, dies at his home

Jordan attack indicates spread of Iraq violence

The War on Critics of the War on Terror---bring it on bush!

Watch out Chavez - Natalee sighting

Feds' Net-wiretap order set to kick in (VOIP can be tapped by 2007)

Did anyone else think that Bush sounded drunk during his speech?

What part of the RW Platform do you find the stupidest?

The Simplest Proof of Bush Lying to the Public

Pickles tells us about W's secret perversions (real audio flash)

Pretend we've just been attacked again: What WILL bush do?

What did we learn today in Integrity Class, students?

Viet Nam at Peace; Agent Orange: "Collateral Damage" in Viet Nam

Bush children not serving in military gives aid and comfort to the enemy

Washington Journal caller this a.m.: "If we search the homes

what are the true motives of the rabid RW leadership?

Baghdad = The Last 15 Minutes of 'Saving Private Ryan'

Anybody know anything about this website?

How fitting. Local FOX affiliate is playing "Starship Troopers" now.

Bush Cabinet Threatened with Subpoenas (Katrina response)

So did they ever figure out "what went right" in the Katrina response?

Why doesn't Congress just cut off the funding for the Iraq war right now?

Real Leadership implies a TRUST by the People for Doing Whats Best

Why we can't win the War on Terror

Effective Wal-Mart action

Pope fails to specifically mention Iraq in remarks to new US ambassador

Why I think Bush & Cheney still have so many followers - do you agree?

Freeper woman I saw yesterday

New Newsweek 36% * approval

Instead of leaving shopping carts at WalMart

Am I wrong to judge this guy?

A picture of * never needed a caption and/or photoshop more than this one

Still angry about Bushes

Al Qaida and Zarqawi, a little history and reality check

To Cart Walmart or not to Cart Walmart? That is the Question.

6 million died for Clinton's lie:

Asking Fox to Fire O'Reilly???

Great site of an ecomomic blog.....gotta read it then weep

You are being video taped while you "Cart Wal-Mart"

anyone know of a list of people who have left this administration

Libby Testimony Is Key To Rove Inquiry (Rove still in Fitzgerald's sights)

Time to dust this off again: "What I Heard About Iraq"

Repukes always screaming about Monica

Cart-leavers - would you go so far as to shit on the floor?

Jarhead: HBO First Look on now

My daughter sent me Cindy Sheehan's signature!!

2063 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Why are there fifty threads about a store we supposedly hate...

Do you use self checkouts at big box stores?

Trick post: Who wrote this

There was a great Arlington West report on CNN just now.

bush's clothing faux pas

Please Vote on this msnbc poll

What the hell is Bush wearing today?

If we are still in Iraq in 2008 Wes Clark should be on the ticket

What's the difference between being 'in the know' and 'unable to do jack'?

If Roe v. Wade were overturned, what states would outlaw abortion?

52 year old grandfather called back to active service

I think I know why W's #'s are dropping

Who else believes that any attack on Wall-Mart smells like elitist Dems

AQaeda member: Investigators asked me to give fake testimony against Syria

Several media outlets have used the same headline

FBI looking at B. Noe (lady who got fired from Lucas County BOE)

Please DU this local poll. Needs Serious Help!

Okay, I have been out of media coverage for 4 days what did I miss

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows (Dean on MTP, Warner on FTN)

YES I HATE! My Pure WHITE-HOT Hate For The Religious Right Is ALL Inside

The President's Secret Breakdown - Bwahaha!

My drugs I ordered from overseas got confiscated by the FDA

Zell Miller (D, Insane) says the Wilsons set up the Bush Administration

Need proof that extremist religious operate the same way, no matter

I heard Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the Nation on a Freeper station

"There are a lot of evil people out there." Asking Fox to fire O'Reilly???



Hey, San Francisco! Here's a thought. Pass a law against Fox

Miller Defends Libby ID and WMD Reporting on NPR

Hellp Get Us On The News - All It Takes Is One Email

Did we ever hear back from MexiPat after Wilma slammed Yucatan?

Paul Wellstone's Senate Speech against Iraq War

LBJ vs. the Chimp--Who would win?

Shrub doesn't have the votes to bomb another country!

Oh, for God's sake; DU this, please.

Water builds the heat in Europe

Great night last night.

When will Bush be implicated with Abramoff? Checkers speech anybody?

At least there is hope that some RW religious might reconsider. FOX:

Just What Does U.S. Get as Consequence of Torture? (excellent summary)

DU this poll

Getty musem returns 'looted' treasure to Italy

Investment set to rise as Saudi Arabia joins WTO

If it was about WMDs what about this?

Another sign of the media shifting to the other side

Doesn't bush AT LEAST Qualify for Impeachment?

Well, well if it isn't

What would be the items in the Dick Cheney Deluxe Torture Kit?

It's time for the daily "What has Bush done right?" question.

Bush supporters believed we found WMD in Iraq. Until yesterday.

The National Security Archive

Do Republicans lack the moral courage to denounce Pat Robertson?

Yahoo has an interesting news article.

DU this poll too! Giuliani for President?

The Chattanoogan: President Snubs Veterans

Nearly 260 Weeks and Every Single Week There Are More Questions.

GOP consultant accused of forging signatures to get names on ballots

Everything Is In the Name

Which of my fall photos should I enter? (Dial up warning!)

Howard Dean & Ken Mehlman on Meet the Press this week


WaPO basically brands Bush a Liar and that his pants are on fire

even if the 'fight them over there' lie were true, how are we any safer?

LA Times Hires "Liberal Fascism" Author, Fires War Critic Robert Scheer

On the Wal*Mart cart "protest", why it would be ineffective and cruel...

Rice enters Iraq under heavy security, secrecy

What's out of place in this photo?

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline

UN environment minister declined to comment on depleted uranium in Iraq

A Tear Comes to the Eye- General Judith Miller Signing Out (Photo)

Capital Hill Blue And The Inquirer At Bullshit Sources.

The new Christian Science Textbook.

Support the Argentinian Workers Movement - Petition

Iran is the heart of the 'islamic' Right

Documentary Explores Dangers of Genetically Engineered Trees

WSU student claims discrimination because of conservative views

Retired General Urges Better Vets Benefits

So, why hasn't Jeff Gannon come out with his "tell-all" book yet?

Howard Dean: not anti-war when anti-war wasn't cool.

Two Thousand VERY BIG Sins

Peace Will Come

Here's a way to expose how toolish the Wal*Mart cart prank is.

More Wal*Mart dialogue

(Rant) This really burns my ass.

A Post That May Save Your Life....

Chimp Makes Front of GLOBE: Secret Breakdown

Who were the first to support **** necons or theocons?

Maureen Dowd will be on Larry King Live tonight.

What has happened to

Tony Blair is Branded For Life! (Photo)

An eternal life warning for ID backers

Bush "Counterattack" on Fri. is likely a stump speech. Not the first time

Truth teller...

Anybody read Boxer's novel?

NEWBIES!! (and those who forgot) 'DIDN'T KNOW I WAS UNAMERICAN' Video!

God, I hate it when I see weather warnings on CNN....

Alaska's Republican governor orders plush jet over public outcry

The Demise of DU's "Mr. Snoozy" & Reality of Change in America Today

2,000+ soldiers dead? No big deal to the Freepers. Check this out.

Bush Goes on Drinking Binge After Breakdown!!!!

Robertson threatens PA town; O'Reilly threatens San Fran...

Wont last long but.....

"The Heat is On...." Fox News on Global Warming: Bobby Kennedy Jr!

Reminder: Marc Maron coming up on Ring of Fire (AAR)

A challenge for the cart protesters...

Does the Cartooning of Leaders lessen their debacles to the general public

The silence is deafening from the Republicans today....

Were the Amman, Jordan bombings an assassination of Iraqi Oil Ministers?

If I lived in Virginia Beach, I'd be worried about the weather

Bush's Veterans Day Speech: Spin and Straw Men

Rap Stars (Flash Video)

I thought we Impeached lying asshole presidents...oh, that's right,

Bush should be REALLY pissed at Rummy

Freepers Show Real Agenda: Advocate Suicide Bombers in San Fran

DU this AOL poll: Did Bush Mislead us into War?

NYT,pg1: In First for Africa, Woman Wins Election as President of Liberia

I totally agree with William Kristol's column today. It is a disgrace.

JFK just started on FX

I think we just need to resurrect the DSM.

Amy Goodman, Friend or Foe ?

The Third Act - cartoon commentary

Senate Approves Limiting Rights of Detainees, (w/ Churchill quote)

bush talks tough cause he's SCARED SHITLESS

Caption the Chimp!

Obvious question on CNN: If the N. Korean exclusive is "exclusive"

From Kos: Why bush shouldn't be impeached

Can't We Hit O'Reilly Up For Violating The Patriot Act?

Carter 'Disturbed' by Direction of U.S.


Iraq War Resolution vote was before weapons inspectors went in

Help Me with this Republican Tax-cut Conundrum

John Edwards: I was wrong and the right way in Iraq

Animal/White House on Iraq - You F'd Up!

It's all just a coincidence...

Green fuel replaces gas – gallon for gallon (Bob Fitrakis)

Odd encounter today..

Bush Takes Aim At Iraq Critics - the stench of rove over & over & over...

Guy James Show update information-please keep kicked till 6pm

Closely-guarded GOP memo says it all: They WANT more attacks on the US

So, What's Up With Rove(Traitor)Gate?

OK, who was it that claimed "Wilson's wife was fair game"?

Managing Fallujah news at the BBC

How do we like our new "Enough is enough" bumperstickers, people?

Shallow Throat...

So I wonder if the Freepers will find stores owned by Democrats, and

Strategists: Bush Comeback Will Be Tough

I think banning Capitol Hill Blue deserves a place on DU to be banned

I think Capitol Hill Blue should be banned from DU

Bush's 2063 US Iraq War DEAD and he Wants More!

Why is Torie Clark hosting CNN's "On the Story"

US Air Strikes KILL 54 More Civilians aka: Insurgents

Yet MORE proof * lied the other day...Congressman Hoeffel (Pa.) - 2004

Warner vs. Giuliani in '08: My fantasy race

Latest Chomsky interview- Social Change Today

If Carter gave us 'malaise', then Bush is giving us......

Evidence of Tom Flocco as a Freeper?

"Card, Rove out; Gergen New Chief" (parody from the Weekly Standard)

Remember Bush had a chance to get Zarqawi, but instead invaded Iraq

Bill Clinton's long history of sexual violence against women

Out of the 296 votes for war in congress, how many were Dem?

Good points from Rapid Response on the DNC fundraising stuff.

Mass, mass media contacts with one email - does anyone know?

Reminder:How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence -NY Times

HELP finding quote of * saying he had secret sources he couldn't share

Favorite Bushco Monikers....

quick, I want to post...someone tell me how to insert a photo : The most visited website in the world!

Maureen Dowd on Larry King now, 8:20pm CT. nt

Bill Clinton Defends His Legacy - as well he is able to do so...

"NEWS": Cheney's new chief of staff likes his boss!

O’Reilly: “What I Said Isn’t Controversial. What I Said Needed to

Whats Chalabi doing in Washington? Lining up a coup.

What con game were the R-Wers pulling when they supported State's Rights?

Focus people! Remember Scooter

“Leave A Fart” Campaign At Wal-Mart

Big Brother will be happy to pick your songs:

Lo and behold, I have found Tucker Carlson's true identity!

Lots more great info about Marc Maron and Morning Sedition here.

Does anybody remember when DeLay and other Republicans...

Good news on cancer? Not for everyone (The American Taliban Strike)

Hate the oil companies? You'll REALLY hate the coal companies after this.

Radio bumper music?

Bernie (9/11 Profiteer) Kerik is an adviser to Jordan's King Abdullah

Is Chimpy really the Antichrist?

"I Have Tourette's But It Doesn't Have Me." Anyone catch the documentary?

What is an insulting, derogatory term to call people who shop at Wal-Mart?

Poll Question: Can Wal*Mart be stopped?

Are We Going to Hold the Bush Administration Accountable or Not?

21 yr old daughter wants beginners book on politics-Please Help

Sunday Talk Shows

This crap for sale at the Republican Store.....

Sen. Sanitarium: "Bush and media to blame for war unpopularity"

Even my Grandma is now doubting Bush!

My ex-boyfriend, just back from Iraq, has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis

Can someone explain Chalabi/Iran/neocon connection?

How do Repubs reconcile their religion with their politics ?

Nazism Never Dies, It Survives Within Our Shadows

"God punishes evil leaders "

Mark Warner and a Senate run in 2006

Schoolboy voted in as America's youngest mayor

Ellsberg Warns Iraq Is Similar to Vietnam

I am looking forward to the Dean / Mehlman match up tomorrow on MTP!

OK that BEAST Ann Coulter is coming to my school.

Scott McClellan

I'm going to give away an award!

Here's another way the Wal*Mart prank could end up killing people.

companies that use outsourced Indian call centers and programmers

"Jersey GOP" names Condoleezza Rice "Babe of the week"

I believe Capitol Hill Blue deserves a place on DU but should be

Save Marc Maron and Morning Sedition!!

My attitude toward unions changed when I became politically aware

"Scotty's lies should be tolerated because he has a mortgage to pay"

Is bill o'lielly the most watched journalist in the world?

Stripes letters--Army Sec's rationale incomplete/When will the war end?

Something Chalabi said got me thinking...

The United Terrorist States Of America

Why did we hate the Evil Empire?

Ok now, let's try NOT to forget the accomplishments of our great leader *


Two 'Bush Cheney yard signs lie against the wall of a ruined home -pix->

Bud Light "torture" commercial. Bad taste, or am I being too sensitive?

Why is it never mentioned that it is the job of Congress to declare war?


very strange...tornado Minnesota...on Nov. 12?

Wal*Mart cart prank - effective action or vanity?

Intelligent Design--So it *IS* all about God!

The Ghosts of Viet Nam Haunt a President

Question: Is there a non-white nation that the US/UK/Israel has NOT

WARNING: Tin foil hats don't work anymore!!!

Planning on buying a dell computer?

For everyone who has never worked in retail...

It's back to reading DU for me.

I've had it!

It's time to stop bashing Democrats over the head about Bush's crime

Bush Pulls Security Clearances From 92 Senators

TPM: "What a sorry, sorry, unfortunate president -- caught in his lies ...

My 2006 Senate Races Analysis CHECK IT OUT AND GET STARTED!

(FLASH) Rush Limbaugh: "I'm a Nazi" 2005 edition

Frank Rich, again, in this Sunday's NY Times: Brilliant.

Let me tell you something about working at Wal*Mart- I worked there.

GOP Dirty Work - Hard Evidence *Ralph Reed *John Cornyn *Abramoff *Scanlon

Do some bloggers/writers not link to DU because we're to extreme?

Peak Oil closer, world's 2nd largest field production drops 30%


Are you a cook, or a baker?

Question about cooking stuffed pork chops

Just created a really good, quick mushroom soup

Osso Buco

Make Ahead Turkey for the Holidays

Teflon testing

"I told Stephen if he wanted a rise in the polls he should take viagra

Who will win the next Canadian election?

He died when only 21.

Venezuela's Chavez Calls Mexican President a “Puppy of US Empire”

Larisa Alexandrovna: Is Treason Passé?

Three Iraqi oil officials killed in Amman's attacks

Murdoch newspaper admits Kojo Annan claims untrue

Guantanamo detainees lose right to appeal

Bush spars with critics of Iraq war

Donors Offer Michigan Town's Students College Tuition

Syria proposes venues for Hariri probe interviews

Asterisks Dot White House's Iraq Argument (WP calls chimpy a liar

Fox News displays a green side (global warming report w/ RFK jr.)

Prize-Winning Cuban Scientist Denied Visa

Ohio GOP chief says he alerted justices(this month to 2004 dirty Noe $$$)

Schoolboy voted in as America's youngest mayor

Strategists: Bush Comeback Will Be Tough

(AFP) Embattled Bush defends case for Iraq war

UPI: Democrats want to know role of lobbyist

CNN/AP: Moussaoui's life depends on what U.S. knew before 9/11

Inaccuracies in Bush's defense of lead-up to war (Congress had less info)

McCain Urges More US Forces for Iraq

Federal investigators identify local figures as ‘conduits’ of Noe-Bush $$$

Embattled Bush defends case for Iraq war

NYT,pg1: In First for Africa, Woman Wins Election as President of Liberia

LAT: Fox News displays a green side (will air global warming documentary)

Police are called upon for help as hurricane victims grow angry - So FL

Straight-talking McCain reveals himself as a leader in waiting

AP: Retired general accused administration of not caring for vets

Libby Testimony Is Key To Rove Inquiry (Rove still in Fitzgerald's sights)

NYT/Reuters: Car Bomb Hits Market as Annan Visits Iraq

Newsweek: Autumn Of Discontent

UN refugee agency moves Iranian Kurds in central Iraq to safer area in N.

(Kansas Gov.) Sebelius criticizes State Board of Education's move

U.S. envoy urges Vatican on biotech crops

New Jersey Republicans Face an Uphill Fight, the Party Chairman Says

Pope speaks about ethics in politics (no specific mention of Iraq)

McCain urges changes in Bush's Iraq Strategy

WP: At Peace With Its Purpose: Quaker Group Takes Aim at War

U.S.-Backed Meeting of Muslim Nations Ends in Discord

Iran rejects compromise nuclear deal

Abortion Dominates Debates on Nominees

Mideast Democracy Summit Marred By Disagreement

Fernley truck top company announces layoffs

Strategists: Bush Comeback Will Be Tough

High Ct. Looks Abroad: Cong. Backs Bush For. Policy, Justices Voice Qualms

Newsview: Bush Revisits Campaign Playbook

Jordan attack indicates spread of Iraq violence

Wild horse advocates fear plan would reduce Nevada herd

WARNING: Tin foil hats don't work anymore!!!

AP: In e-mails, consultant claims link to Cornyn

Activist says leaders without family in Iraq have no personal stake

Britain's Blair admits he facing "very rough ride"

Protesters take to streets in Kolkata against Indo-US Air Force exercise

Bodies found in Iraq town after US offensive-doctor (civilians)

Marchers Protest Inmate Death, Urge End to Use of Stun Guns

Al-Qaeda calls Queen an ‘enemy of Islam’

Zuma indicted in S Africa court

Revealed: UK Wartime Torture Camp (Guardian)

WP: Wrestling With History (Rummy)

The Right Way in Iraq (John Edwards)

WP: Fractured GOP Moves on Divergent Paths

Virginia AG: Deeds down by only 410 votes

Foreign Aid Chief Pledges Reforms

Bruce Willis Offers Million Dollar Bounty for Osama or Zarqawi

Blair faces new inquiry into Iraq war

Jordanian soldiers seduced by Al-Qaeda ‘aided’ suicide attacks

Carter Criticizes Bush Administration

Huge Meteorite Found Underground in Kansas

AP: GM workers OK health cuts

Decade after murder, thousands mourn Rabin: Clinton: Take up his work

Bush urges seniors to enroll in drug plan (half don't think it will help)

GOP's Legislative Agenda Losing Steam

Democracy Summit Ends In Dispute

Militants attack mosque in bid to reignite French riots

LAT: Cut Off Their BlackBerrys? Feds Give It Thumbs Down

Vietnam war critic warns of similarities with Iraq conflict (Ellsberg)

Bush Carries to China A Delicate Diplomacy

WP: Moderates Unhappy but Sticking With GOP for Now

Texas unity dissolves over LBJ

Sniper hunts 2 US soldiers west of Baghdad

Reid rejects Bush's remarks

CNN/AP: Paris on lockdown to prevent unrest: Net, text message threats

(Clarence) Thomas: Federal Judiciary 'Held Hostage' By Abortion Issue

Mich. AG Releases Voicemail Tied to Claim (Fieger/Cox info)

Report: Electric bills set to shock

Relying on Computer, U.S. Seeks to Prove Iran's Nuclear Aims

Thousands Sign Up for Teflon Health Test

As Time Passes in Leak Probe, Rove is Seen as Less Vulnerable (WSJ)

Al-Qaida names Queen major enemy of Islam

NYT: Guantánamo Tour Focuses on Medical Ethics

Democrats Provided Edge on Detainee Vote

WP: Civil Rights Focus Shift Roils Staff At Justice

Reuters: Taliban attacks kill 3 Afghan police

Hundreds of FEMA trailers sit empty (FL)

Bottled Water Giant Becomes Target

WP: Group Trains Air Force Cadets to Proselytize (lawsuit filed)

Revealed: UK wartime torture camp

Lyon Burns as Riots Hit City Centre (France)

Tamiflu Linked to Death of 2 Teens

TV host should be fired for comments about city, Daly says

Bill would open public land

Dammit to hell I think I have another ear infection!

Where's Crazy Guggenheim?

Should I change my avatar image?

"Tarantula legs taste like french-fries."--Unwanted knowledge

Is that Karl Rove in the "My Posts" icon?

My mind is in the gutter tonight

I want to thank the lounge for cheering me up earlier today.

Green Day Bullet in a Bible - soon to be released DVD

Cat Question- trainning a kitty to stay inside.

Broken Social Scene rules

My Friday night movie: Fargo.

Fjord ponies with a cat

Is it me or do the icons keep changing?

Based on your feedback, I made a few more changes to the icons.

ROFL "I am a God Warrior" bobblehead offered on EBAY

I made Oyster Stew tonight - yum

Nighthawks XXXV (dial-up warning)

Why is the new "Logout" icon a banana-hammock?

Get a room! Part Four!

OK, I confess......I like the BEE GEE's

Anyone else going to see the Johnny Cash movie.....

Who had the best triumph?

You people have corrupted me!

The movie Strategic Air Command is on.


Has anyone noticed that the profile and add user icons have changed like

i waited this late in my life to finally see "The Wedding Singer"

People who don't like my popcorn smilie think I'm a vegan and hate vegans!

Any Minutemen Fans?

I like Johnny Cash and

My prophylactic storage device was hacked into

Well, Lounge, I'm Downhill To A Thousand

We are all going to die, for real, soon.....

I daresay I have been almost naughty enough for one night - ZZZ

Wierd crap I secretly want- but won't get- for Christmas.

Swear Word! Hardcover complete Calvin and Hobbes available!

So I'm watching a terrible Steven Seagal movie

hey! I'm 41 and just saw Alien and Aliens for the 1st time. They kicked!

Johnny Cash was punk before punk existed

test post. do not respond

Just Got Back From Bright Eyes Show

If you had the power to change one thing--what would it be?

Anyone listen to the "Drive-By Truckers"

Look at this cock!

symptoms of bird flu


Hey! Lets go to the mall!

Help! We're cut-outs!

I dont give a Frick about the following news items.....

Talked to a friend tonight that's 'concerned' about my spiritual

"so welcome back baby to the poor side of town..."

A Driving Mystery ~ Why must you pull in front of me at 65 MPH ...

"God Warrior" mix.

How many songs do you have in your iTunes/Media Player/Whatever?

Ever been in a mood when you just want to pick a fight with someone?

We Might Be On To Something Here.

Good Saturday Morning, Everybody!

Has anyone see the movie "Latter Days"?

Huge Meteorite Found Underground in Kansas

I have turned my sig line



This was on another board I go to

I Want My "Peace Keeper" Doll. Where Did It Go?

Need Vancouver HELP!!!

For some reason

Cardboard Box Added to Toy Hall of Fame

Who recalls a hilarious,detailed Amazon review of a kids book posted here?

Calendar Girl widow marries vicar

What are YOU doing this fine Saturday morning??

doughnut poll

I've been doing some further thinking about the God Warrior

Arial or Helvetica?

My chihuahua often takes a piece of food out of her bowl.... and

Shitcan the duck?

CNN is about to make me sick, very sick

Post the name of your cat here

Duck Hunt in flash....

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong (SARCASM!)

Remembering John Rice

JFK on FX Now

tell asclepius i owe him a cock

How do you pronounce this letter in portuguese?

Katie Holmes wears loud humming device to theater, pisses off movie-goers

Fountain pens 'too risky for under-14s'

Australians told to forget Skippy and put a 'roo on the barbie'

Thank you Bill O'Reilly

men are not pigs

Did you ever think Hip-Hop and the harmonica could go together?

Make love--not _______?

What's The "Mark" Icon Do? And Why Are the Icons Next To Threads Sometimes

Check out these clips of Bobby Knight, the choking coach.

fuck the duck

Ho ho ho, 'tis the season.


IT'S HERE!! Matcom's Annual Fall Rant Is HERE!!


Saturday Morning Special Edition: ZombyCoffee!

The scary stuff about Limewire

Ask your doctor...

"Crash" Worth a pay-per-view?

Green Day fans...MTV2 is running a good concert

I want...

I know I'm a little poll-happy....

Okay, we need a post the name of your dog thread.

If you have loyalty for an employer, check up on how the employer...

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog....

Tucson TV KVOA investigative report - internet predators.

Why are women (generally) better at handwringing than men?

i miss communists

Bow down before me, for I have regenerated my star!

HELP! - I have the GOD Warrior Ebay auction that has been pulled

I would rather

How pretty are the new poll graph bars?

Which avatar should I use?

Did the icons just change or is it just me?

I miss the old Icons and color scheme

The most beautiful woman on this world>

Moment of Awe at the Grocery Store

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

Does the "My Post" icon look like a shooting target silhouette to you?

Milliondollar homepage... guy selling pixels/links to raise money....

Cops take on orgasm case (woman sues her partner)

The Bubble Project

Bruce Willis is a Republican donor... and manages a Wal-Mart in Nashville

Li'l Kim/Scooter Libby...the parallels are eerie....

Tim & Jeff Buckley are so underrated.

My mind is blown now

Having a whole house with tile is not a good idea today

Texas v Kansas, 2nd half 52-7

It's a Pinot Grigo Weekend!

Goddamit! I will not go to Costco anymore!

YEs, haven't been to my favourite bar in a year and a half!

i've had this song on repeat

Hellp Get Us On The News - All It Takes Is One Email

Hellp New Orleans

everything is still gooey

Holy crap! It's raining Hoss!

What would you say is the best site for anti-W stickers and such?

Anyone out here with VOIP experience... I just signed up...

I find I lack the moral authority to make fun of

Who knew? My bottle of water has an expiration date.


Basement clean-up today. What's your most dreaded big household job?

I just got new glasses today

I just came back from IKEA... bought lots of stuff!

Favorite underrated band.........

Who is this "Omarosa" woman? And what kind of fucking name is that?

I just found a fairly decent joke on the Bush/conservative board

For my 700th post, I'd like to say....


what the fuck?

Music Choice - Free to Comcast Members

Is the new log out icon a shoehorn?

My dog can kick your honor student cat's ass! (GRAPHIC.. as in a picture)

Don't complain about the new color scheme! KKKarl Rove might hear you!

Goodnight all!

Dayum. Helluva game Longhorns. That was a smackdown.

Politics is full of pants

Gotta love those cocks! (Lounge NCAA football thread)

Where's the Mary Hartmann, Mary Hartmann DVD box ?

The blue goose flies at midnight.

Does anyone else notice a vocal resemblance betw. Brad Friedman

a poster for GW

matcom and I had lunch together yesterday

I am partying like a rock star!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proposal: DU Quotes page

I LOVE the Research Forum!

My roomate is driving me much MTV can a grown man watch

The next person who picks my nose is gonna get

Want a 2005 retro Camero?

Why, in a group of 23 people, will two usually share a birthday?

The Lounge is like a breath of fresh air

Does Doggie Hate W?

We didn't invade and overtake Ontario because we needed anything,

Wow - now this is a storm!

Am I the only one who thinks

Skip is the bomb-diggity. All Hail my Husband.

How did I lose my scroll bar in Firefox?

What should I make for dinner tonight? Go nuts.

what is this "HUGH" all about?

" I like them french fried potaters, mmm hmm.."

I have much to do tonight, but I'm so tired I can hardly stay awake....

Can a video featuring Hitler be funny?

Does anyone speak Kurdish?

Fourth Estate Radio Debut Show!

Appropriate gift for an infant's Baptism (Catholic ceremony)

Wow, anyone watch that Toronto/Montreal game?

Prank call to The 700 Club

Well, Southlandshari has turned the Lounge into sex thread city

May I have everyone's attention please. Thank you

Jesus Of Suburbia - Yeah It ROCKS


Watching "Saving Private Ryan" here...

The Rest of Canada should gang up and invade Ontario

North Dakota State beats South Dakota State 41-17 for the Dakota Marker!!!

LSU beat 'Bama - The Apocalypse is upon us

“Leave A Fart” Campaign At Wal-Mart

Why can't anyone put out any good original new music?

"My Gay Boyfriend" music video CUTE!! (Dial up warning)

John Wayne Was A Nazi

This has been bothering me for quite some time:

This stew is the bomb-diggity. All Hail the Olla Podrida!

So did Notre Dame beat Navy?

Hey, who did the version of "Dancing in the Moonlight" that you hear

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet?

So did Joe Jackson Beat Crazy?

What one personal quality do you wish you possessed?

Anyone see Jarhead? Can we bring my 12 year old?

They just KNOW you'll love this song....

"Snap!" - Someone please explain that to me.

And if you ever need self-validation, just meet me in the alley

My wife is an amazing stripper!



Does anyone else like "My Name is Earl"?

Paging bliss_eternal..

What's your favorite college football team?

Lounge NCAA College Football thread

Why do lovely parts of the country vote Republican?

I'm such a hypochondriac...

What sort of climate do you like? Cold? Hot? Mild?

Should I have had my daughter chastised? (nt)

Computer question

What are some quirky things about your pets?

How many times have you moved?

The Sony rootkit debacle just got even funnier

Praise the God Warrior and hope I win this auction

Just watched the Family Guy Movie: Stewie the Untold Story...

Need advice on an MP3 player/IPod purchase

What a sad day in Michigan.

I'm Sotally Tober. Ask me anything.

Why would anyone use email to communicate?

Six posts from 3000 - please give your favorite nickname for O'Reilly

The Lounge is like being shot in the gut.

If the Lounge were a physical place what would it look like?

I'm hopelessly un-hip

Cute babe holding some dick

Which of my fall photos should I enter? (Dial up warning!)

There is a small bird in my house.

Hey everybody!! It's Ohio State/Michigan week!!

Damn damn damn


Grandma's bragging rights: Photo of my little grandson.

Why do women (generally) have better handwriting than males?

Has anyone here tried real Kava Kava before?

Who here has been to England?

My cell phone suddenly can't send text msgs/email. Why not?

Screw it. Off to reverse-polarize Tom Cruise's synapses with a tire iron,

Should I have had my daughter baptized?

Good bye Busch stadium

My 5 year old son and Rita Cosby

God-Warrior - the animated gif (DU sized too)

baby smirk.

it's business in the front

The Saturday Shot thread. Ask a question and you take a shot

Quantum Physics and the Psyche -- Bunk or Truth?

DVD Recommendation - The God Who Wasn't There

I need some advice

Doctors Suffer Flu Shot Shortage

Patent issued for anti-gravity device

Pope Benedict endorses "Intelligent Design."

Shard of pottery supports Bible account of David and Goliath

Gay activists claim victory in 3 city council elections

Proposed Anti-Gay Amendment Divides Onetime Allies

Utah Law Does Not Bar Same-Sex Benefits Court Told


Kinky Gay Marriage Backer Runs For Texas Governor

MA Gov Romney rips MA Supreme Judicial Court justices . . .

I should know better than to click any post about Coulter by now.

(OK... To be filed under "WOW!") Iran's transexual revolution

How do the fundies explain homosexuality in terms of "intelligent design?"

Gays push to recast marriage on morals

I just finished reading Dan Savage's new book "The Committment"

I think Texas can beat USC.

Fresno State Football fans

this week's BCS rankings?

I need some advice

I need cat advice!


Wanted: New home for Tarot print


Fuck Christmas

Troubling trend of homeless veterans

Protesters at funeral offend vets (WBC)

John Kerry letter thanks and congratulates NJ and VA.

Just posted JK's response to Bush's speech today on Kos

About 2008 polls and what they represent

Good article about the * speech and Kerry's response.

The Shadow President - A photo essay!

Will it ever end?

I know it's OT, but it's SOOOOO much fun

Edwards endorses Kerry's plan

Also OT but fun (saw this in GD earlier)

BG about Bush's speech, Kerry and Kennedy's answer and ...

I know that we are not suppose to make references to other threads

Call to Action: Let's ask that John Kerry's Iraq Plan be covered on PBS!

Veterans Day video

ANOTHER UPDATE (Boston, Dec. 11th)

Anyone registered at HuffPo?

I saw a Kerry/Edwards yard sign today.

Who suggested I try NPH?

Hi everyone! What wonderful photos of fall are collected here!

A walk in the snow

So where's the contest? Where do I post a picture for the contest?

More Napa Valley autumn

My first roll of film from my new Canon K2 Rebel

National Peanut Festival

You guys (and gals) better never let me run a contest...

Oh, no! It's regnaD kciN's "help pick my entry" poll! (Dial-up warning)

did anyone catch the commentary by the VA sec about how

Lobbyists rally for DeLay

Did David Letterman have a

The People Of Jordan Have Only * To Blame For The Bombing....

John Cusack is right, if Dems don't get us out of Iraq first ...

This from Tony Perkins (Family Research Council). Good Heavens!

TWO different Impeachment petitions - sign both here !!!

Going For the Jugular by David Sirota

while lying seems to take no effort at all, and the bushiites seem to lie

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline

post of the day

Bush's actions created Zarqawi ..... Once again thank you Mr. President

W loves torture - flash movie

Laura Rozen links to Murray Waas' latest on Karl Rove, Plame investigation

Has Bush taken credit for Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri's death yet?

two headlines tell you all you need to know

Santorum blames media, White House for war's unpopularity

Fitrakis & Wasserman discuss Ohio referendum electronic "defeats"

Is Chalabi Responsible For The Jordan Bombings? This And Other ?'s.....

Junior's Radio Address is all about Medicare...what about freedom?

Bush blasts critics of war

Meet the Press Sunday: Howard Dean v. Ken "TP Robot" Mehlman

He's sleepy!

They did the same smear against Dean in June of this year..Media Matters.

Prez Relies On Forged Letter (OMG, * cited the fake Zawahiri letter!)

Buzzflash: Does Bush Lie Because He's Too Lazy to Tell the Truth?

The Patriot Act - How far in advance was it written?

Mr. Bush, Veterans Day is Over

Bu$h and his Veteran's Day Speech

If we ended the war today, would it matter to you that Bush lied an got

Pope speaks about ethics in politics

bush invited to campaign in Wisconsin BY DEMOCRATS

Falwell: Many Americans Re-examining Public Schools

I support the troops, not Bush

Digital voting undermines democracy (+ post)

Has anyone heard about this?

Here comes the "War critics demoralize the troops" line again

Just Suppose That You Were The President...

Just read on AOL

What are we doing here? Two questions:

The adversaries our military was designed to oppose must be almost...

What happend to the American Steel Industry?

Katrina aid in a stall amid GOP infighting

The Republican Base is Cracking...New Newsweek Poll

"Deep-rooted Voting Irregularities Persist, Watchdogs Say", a good read

Will Rove hubris antagonize Fitz?

Mr President! Your time is up- We know what happened on 9/11!!!

Sign & circulate these 2 impeachment petitions - nominate this

Y. professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC

Has this been on DU? Was just sent to me and I loved it!

What would you say if you were writing the State of the Union

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: 2006 Ohio JESUS vs. BLACKWELL, Who Wins?

Is Al Zarqawi just a myth?

How exactly does the dissent this country was founded upon

Milbank nd Pincus FORCEFULLY attack

Lord Bunnypants at 36% approval, B_E_B 100% thrilled...howzabout YOU?

RAPID RESPONSE: Saturday 11/12/05

Pre-election polls or exit polls compared to actual results for 05

Bush's little black dress - excerpt from "The Truth, with lies" -

George Will to discuss Feingold's presidential aspirations in Sun column.

Senate Passes Amendment to End Habeas for Detainees

Abortion Dominates Debates on Nominees

Group rallies against gay marriage. Hundreds of FEMA trailers sit empty

Please kick & recommend: Election reform news for Saturday, 11-12-05

White House Admits "Denial and Deception"....

Please stop using anti in your promotions.

Question for Clarkies (non-Clarkies welcome, too) + question re Edwards

Dean's "enough is enough" fundraising letter: no mention of Iraq

Chimp "Re-Writes History," claims Congress voted to "remove Saddam."

Democracy Summit Ends In Dispute - maybe Rice just can't get it right...

Can't wait to see the rest of Frank Rich's article in tomorrow's NYTimes

Chimp blames Dems for his troubles!! LOL!!!

Imbecility is the Key to all Ages

Local leaders unleash vitriol at O'Reilly- TV host should be fired

Can we get "None of the Above" put on all voting machines in the US??

Red State White Phosphorus

Sen. Kyl (Oct. 3, 2002) More evidence on disputes about intelligence ???

Warner taking trip to N.H. Governor says little about next week's visit,

Kojo Annan was smeared! Wins settlement in his libel case against the

"O'Reilly responds"

Strategists: Bush Comeback Will Be Tough

Newsweek: Republican strategists say Bush has time to overcome setbacks

Please DU Lyn Woolsey 's Iraq War Poll

Despite "Doublespeak", * actually tells the truth:

Santorum: White House stumbling in war of words

"Bald Ego"...

American Enterprise Institute?

British Troops Could Be Out of Iraq in '07

Junior and the Hornet: A Fable by Ace Opp on Bush's War

Sign Impeachment petition here !

Senator Ron Wyden: A Democratic Plan for Tax Reform

OKAY we tried the PNAC approach....

White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'

GOP's Legislative Agenda Losing Steam

I adore Howard Dean, he speaks for me. I never get sick of Dean

Uh-Oh, Chimp! Newsweek Poll: 36% Chimpy Approval, 68% Wrong Direction

Lou Dubose: "Stepping on his d**k: Why Karl Rove should go, why he won't"

DU this Newsweek Poll! (who would you vote for: dem or repuke?)

Iraq policy debated on the Senate floor next week.

2006: What close races will be on your ballot?

Are there any Democrats we haven't bashed here lately?

Democrat's Fault I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conservatives want lies, Liberals want truth

you guys will like this photo

Conservative Icon Calls for IMPEACHMENT Petition--Over Internet

O'Reily Blasts San Francisco Firemen

Novakula: Bush FURIOUS at 10 p.m. Buenos Aires dinner (after his bedtime)

cartoon "GOP in Jeopardy"

Newsweek Poll - Bush: Politcal Trouble and DU Poll

Right wing talk show hosts melt down

Does anyone believe that because bush...

Let's play: Fantasy Cabinet

Heads Up: Mark Warner and McCain on Face The Nation Tomorrow AM

Utah : Hatch vs. Hatch

How Low Will Chimpy's Poll Numbers Go After His Speech?

I just can't get over this Exec Order by * giving Halliburton Iraqi oil

NAACP Supports Congressional Black Caucus Hurricane Relief Legislation

Jerry Doyle says he's considering run for White Houese with Col David Hunt

Why Bush Felt He Had To Give Yesterday's "I Am Not A Liar" Speech

We know bush is toast...

Reminder: the Impeachment Research Forum is open for business.

Compilation of Bush Screw-Ups

If Bush actually believed in Saddams' astonishingly threatening WMD

"In Texas we call it walking."

RW Veterans Arrested defacing memorial to fallen soldiers

WaPo: * had access to Iraqi intel that wasn't shared with congress

Wes Clark on Fox this morning - Transcript re Bush speech yesterday

Photos, today: "Bush waves to reporters as he leaves for a bike ride"

John Edwards: The Right Way in Iraq

Just out of curiousity, who did you vote for in the 2004 Primaries?

That Virginia attorney general race is getting tighter and tighter

I am so sick of Howard Dean......

NM '04 Election Lawsuit discovery blocked: voting machines show vote shift

Cheney-Rove - a separate conspiracy?

San Diego Union Tribune: Bush's ethics class too late, too little

Avi Rubin was on NPR Friday and where did I hear about it?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 11/13/05

Fans Jump Onto Stage at Concert in Brookdale Mall in Brooklyn Center, MN

AP: Airbus makes landing in Asia

What's happened to Can't go there...(if a repeat, sorry mods)

Inmate wins seat on school board (in CA)

AP: Hybrids try to make it in NYC

SNL spoofing Tweety.

Bob Novak is alive and he's attacking scrubbie

Press-Enterprise (CA): Working on tattoos

The incrdeible waste of life was his worst failure.

Suspicious package contained brain in jar (in CA)

It just hit me...I'm a victim of Wal*Mart an example of that high cost....

I need some help with this ridiculous email taken from the Patriot

Ah, Memories, When Shrub Used the Inflammatory Word "Crusade"

One last Wal Mart poll for the late nighters

Dover, PA and San Francisco, CA Got a Bad Rap This Week

Question dealing with Stephanie Miller

What can you get for half a million, the median price for an L.A. home?

Let's pass a law requiring English teachers to teach Klingon.

My letter to John Kasich re: Aruba boycott

Katrina Has Brought Grief To My Home

AP: Calif. May Build Tunnel in Quake Region

Cindy Sheehan, Max Clellan, Harry Reid, Joe Wilson, DU

"Who's killing the great bears of Montana?"

Will U.S.troops be home before the '08 elections?

Bush said malfeance three times. See....

I am SICK of all these idiotic Wal Mart crap posts.

Tony Blair May Soon Be Impeached

HEADSUP: important new development in the NM '04 ELECTION FRAUD SUIT

John Edwards on Iraq vote: "I was wrong" - WaPo editorial

O'Reilly...Patently Offensive. Do a FCC complaint. And Kick this.

Name your apple of choice.

Confusion Rife About Drug Plan as Sign-Up Nears (PhD says too complicated)

AP: Iowa towns put themselves off-limits to sex offenders

Libby May Have Tried to Mask Cheney's Role

Kuwaits Biggest Field Starts to Run Out of Oil (World's 2nd Largest)

"4 days in September" Damn! A great movie about US hegemony in Latin Ameri

damn, it's too late

Did you see that????????

Alright, get back in there and turn off those lights!


there really wasn't much room on that wagon.

Republicans shut their drapes

what happened to "subcultures?"

"We've gotta keep our heads until this peace craze blows over."

Has anyone here tried the Avada Kedavra before?

If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History

Should I have my daughter chromed?

You're a Tool.

My Guinness is finshed

SNL Sucks.....

What's your biggest guilty pleasure band, group, or musical artist?

Will I get lucky in England?

New Wave perfection:

what else is the lounge like?

Make _____, not war.

The Lounge is like being in 7th grade.

Bush restricted congressional intel

Is this the man to put the Democrats back in the White House