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Archives: November 10, 2005

Dissent, Disloyalty, & Double Standards

Any Soldier Will Do for the Pentagon + Photo Cartoon

Ol' Maureen Needs to Realize Two Things...

The Kashmir earthquake: Failures on the road to disaster

They lied

Rolling Stone: Welcome to FEMAville

Republicans Blame Schwarzenegger

Reviving Faith in Role of Government (yes--if greed is left at the door).

JM's letter to the Convent Readers

NPR: Education Programs Proposed for Cuts

Unethical Revenge By Rove Would Not Surprise His Poli-Sci Prof

The White House Family Circus

An Army Ready to Snap

URGENT: Govt. threatening major cuts in vital basic medical research!

Cnn reported Rpugs say they don't have the votes to pass budget!

Did Chalabi’s Visit Compromise the FBI Investigation?(Leahy, Kennedy,et al

Sick But True

Editor&Publisher: Should George W. Bush Take a Cue from Judy Miller?

Common Ground with Pat Buchanan

Bush - how he sees himself versus how the world sees him

Bush should endorse ban on torture

Is Kaine Win Allen’s Loss?

Calling Out the Clintons (at Hofstra University)

The Woman Behind Arnold's Defeat

Bush tanks: three more years of running on empty

Bill O'Reilly is a Bloviating Scumbag

Lobbyist (Abramoff) Sought $9 Million to Set Bush Meeting

WSJ: WSJ: GOP Wake-Up Call

Molly Ivins: Some kind of manly (on torture)

Marx's Vision of Sustainable Human Development

The Council on Foreign Relations power elites still rule the White House

Friday Nights Not the Same (Violence at Football HS Games)

Feel the Burn, Girlyman

A Democrat of Faith Turns Tables

Bob Herbert: An Army Ready to Snap (Soldiers don't win)

Hrm.... Homer.... (Mmmmm.)

Utah takes nuclear waste issue to court

U.S. Will Remove 200 Tons of Uranium from Weapons Stockpile

Plant loses nuke fuel

Nanotech Lithium batteries shipping (in power tools.)

Plug in Prius modification from the UK 135 MPG

So, what do you think of nuclear power?

Radioactive legacy a threat in Iraq

Sign this pettition comdemning Iran's vow to wipe Israel off the map

U.N. wants Israeli peacekeepers

No truth to report of Israeli evacuations before Amman bombs

Blast bloodies wedding reception

Palestinian Spy Chief Killed in Amman Blast, Israelis evacuated hours befo

Curt Weldon calls for criminal investigation on Able Danger

Being an elections observer in King County, WA tomorrow on theft of OH referendum

Fitrakis & Wasserman: What John Kerry said about 2004 stolen election...

Will OHIO election Documentary be useful tool for next time?

PA: Once a UniLect County, Beaver sure seems to be against Paper ballots!

Robert Koehler: A Crime Without a Name

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 11/10/05

A report on pre-entered "default" options in Snohomish County, WA

Touch Screen vote switching (again) leads to VA recount in AG race

Fallujah: Why Kerry conceded

Diebold Election Systems Touch-Screen Deployment Described as Great Succes

New group forming in Vermont

Which voting equipment has wireless communication capability?

SoCal man wins school board seat _ while in prison

Michael Zucchet acquitted on most counts

Walmart film screening with the producer in Studio City 11/13

How to E-Mail LA Times Publisher Jeff Johnson, Save Scheer

Arnold, Cut Out the Peking Pork

Hey L.A. DUers! Time for a meetup don't you think?

Orange county - the only one to vote for all of Arnold's and for 73

Vilsack Bridges DLC/Labor Divide (from Hotline on call)

It's official - Vernon Weems is running for Governor

Here's an idea for Grassley - build an ANWR in Coralville

I reached 1000 posts...woo hoo!

Robert B. Reich: A Covenant With America

Anti-gay candidate gets 8th place out of 8- Article 8 Alliance whines...

Any good protests in Massachusetts on Friday? n/t

Town Hall Meeting on the Iraq War - Barney Frank and John Bonifaz

Minnesota, It's time to turn up the heat!

Why are environmental groups pissing away money on love letters to Norm?

Minnesota senate race round up??

I didn't know Ron Schara's dog Raven died!

DU this WCCO poll on amendment banning gay marriage

Special election, state senate seat in St. Cloud. Can pick up a seat.

I'm screwed...

Diebold machines cause Montgomery Co. to count all night.

Ohio election GOTV effort may be on Sundance schedule.

In Politics:Role of Voter Registration Purging/Fraud in Kerry's loss of Oh tops 1000 visitors 2 days in a row!

Here's why Prop 2 went down in flames:

Dane Dems Love Peg Lautenschlager!

Criticizing Bush policies aids terrorists( LTTE)

In case you missed it, Joe Wineke's invitation to the chimp

Is this correct? Snotty said that yesterdays' election show how out

CIA Torture Planes...

House rejects drilling in alaska to save budget.

Article Singing the Praises of Keith Olbermann . . .

watching the democracy now special on

For a good time and a hearty laugh, visit Free Republic and check out

Kansas ID dumbasses, TX marriage- nullifying dumbasses...

There Are Atheists in Foxholes!

A Message from Randi...

Shrub going to Phila on Fri, and Santorum says "He has a luncheon

Failure of a system...

Arnold Terminates Himself. (Kudos to CA folks)

New Political Comic at The Hollywood Liberal

Arabic Language Network Backed By U.S. Under Investigation

Looking for a link!

Third night in a row: KQKE is dead air instead of Mike Malloy!

I believe they should start hiding the Football from *bush

US military sets laser PHASRs to stun

Robert D. Novak: ‘Keep away from Bush’ may be GOP’s best election strategy

Maureen Dowd interviewed on "Fresh Air" today (Talked about Judy!)

33 more dead in the new, free Iraq

TOON: God's punishment

CDC shipping the recreatted 1918 flu around

hahaha love these Arnie headlines from the Media

fascinating and informaive issue of Rolling Stone . . .

Look at the eyes, nothing human is in there

Bernie Ward talking about economic benefits of tuition-free colleges

Mother Goose and Grimm on Wolfie :)

Who's life is it anyway?

We DO Torture mr. bush, so stop lying to the world about it, we DO Torture

House GOP makes concession on Arctic drilling


If F-16's, M-1 Abraham's tanks, and B-1 bombers were available to everyone

Cspan this morning: Torture & Interrogations, this oughta be good

DU Military Vets Check-in for Veterans Day

[Salon] Stories from Abu Grahib. (Interview with Rummys Scapegoat)

isn't it time for us Democrats to start calling a spade a spade? . . .

Iraqi WMDs found:

Anybody know where the latest Helen Thomas story

Feinstein is leading the cavalry.....You go girl.

God damn, folks. Bush's main allies are falling apart

This Board Has Undergone a Wee Li'l Character Change...

So Judith Miller is retiring?

Could a good story ensnare Bush in the web of deceit?

New slogan for having your pic taken with Bush

Listen to Nancy Skinner AM on the web

RW caller just told Susan on WJ that she was a female Dorian Gray

Gen. Wes Clark has claimed that US

WhooHoo! I was on Wash. Journal!

has mr. bush seen the Abu Ghraib photos-videos that we CAN'T see?, any legitimacy? >> "GOP memo touts new terror attack"

Clinton's November 5 speech online

Senator Seeks to Defer Probe of CIA Prison Leak-WAPO

DOD Briefing of Dec. 2004 on Taking Fallujah - with slideshow

Judith Miller's Farewell

Brownie off the payroll - finally

Dump DeLay. A picture worth a thousand posts.

Fox News poll: 77 percent of Americans believe in Global Warming

So has Bush even bothered to make a statement about the attack

Was Franken already on Imus?

Real Pro-Growth Progressives

The "Cornered Animal" Syndrome, you never know what they'll do

Since when did Dana Rohrabacher become concerned

People don't want to vote for repukes anymore, whether

Fundie Explanation of Extreme Weather

Intelligence Probe Takes Shape/WP/Walter Pincus

MUST READ Friedman

Using the 15 minute rule, how many minutes does Judy Miller have left?

Shouldn't someone be organizing a right wing 3rd party about now?

Can you refresh my memory of one of Bush's speeches to Virginia? Military

With the Plamegate scandal, I almost forgot that the CIA hasn't really

C-SPAN Torture discussion

McCain to give major speech on Irag today (reporting on msnbc now)

& after the 2nd Terror Attack on U.S. soil, bush's ratings SOARED!

The fall of the Repugs on Long Island...

Tuesday apparently scared the crap out of the GOP

The people calling WJ are friggin' robots

WSJ poll contains LOTS of good news for Dems, bad news for GOPs

Say, Where is Laura Bush These Days?

so when does the time come for us Democrats to call a spade . . .

Camp Casey 1 ("the ditch") folks - I need a memory jog

Kent State Iraq Vet being Expelled

Senator Seeks to Defer Probe of CIA Prison Leak

Mr President, isn't it time to resign now - greatest trade deficit ever!

Boom!!! You guys seen this from Raw Story yet?

Roe v. Wade Attorney Leaning Against Alito

Spain, London, Austrailia (attempted) and now Jordan

WTF? Iraqis bury dead civilians in aftermath of Marine offensive

"The explosion happened the moment we entered the wedding hall."

Rasmussen has officially lost it

Anyone fear that W is MORE likely to attack Syria b/c of falling poll #s?

so I guess ALL nations are given a free pass to torture prisoners now huh?

Will Judith Miller be taking calls on Larry King tonight?

Does this sound stupid to you or is it just me?

Here's a great laugh!

VIDEO-Is Bush a Drunk? Compilation from the other day

Google "Failure" .... hit "I'm feeling lucky" and see what comes up...

Question about Reid Vs Daschle Tactics

Oil CEOS --Would you have made greater profits without the hurricanes?

Huh? Bombers spoke in Iraqi accents, bombers were Al Qaeda

Jesus of the Week

In 3 sentences or less; What is wrong in America and how to fix it.

Part 2-If you're gonna watch or listen, RECORD IT

Democrats to ask for CHALABI to be supoenaed today!

Poll Shows Americans Catching On To Bush's Failed Presidency

Film about Ohio 2004 claims Bush campaign run by pros, Kerry's by amateurs

"Am I my brother's keeper ?" Dems embody this more than R's

Only half see press as fair to Bush (Pew survey via Moonie Times)

What we need is a good old fashioned indictment tomorrow

Top aide seen looking at Cheney’s paper during pop quiz (satire)

Activist Posts Anti-Wal-Mart Ad Online (compares to corrupt Rethugs)

T. Kennedy on CSPAN2 right now talking about - Tune in Now!!!!!

The MSM wasn't duped, they were just too lazy to do their jobs.

Clooney's two movies

Eat That Pat Robertson...

Santorum Continues Distancing Himself From Bush

Santa Monica -- Friday, Saturday events -- help needed

Sean Hannity question....weird remark....

Abramoff Charged $9 MILLION to set up a meeting with Bush! >>>

DUers from Kansas need your help.

This tool on CSPAN is really grinding my gears

Alfred Hitchcock Born Again (Bird Flu: How many times can they fool us?)

Don't let them run away from Bush !

Imus/ MSNBC: I know ya hate him, but Al Franken's coming up. nt

Can someone explain WHY Cheney wants so badly to torture people?

Phase 2 to Be Finished by Next Year

"Red Flag" Warning for NC mountains (new one on me).

Karen Hughes--on the hot seat?--c-span.

Awesome blog post on Tom Coburn!

House Chairman May Subpoena Katrina Papers

Let's raise 9 Million To Purchase a Meeting With Mister Prezzydent!

Western Shoshone lose bid to protect Yucca Mt.

How to avert an asteroid disaster? Just give it a tow

Plea to UN: Help us remove Bush. . .

Why did Judy "retire?" After all, she was proved fuckin' right!

Who else just heard Bush with the President of Yemen?

GOP Sen. Roberts Tells Sen. Frist To “Respectfully” Back Off On Calls For

Just what does one have to do to get the "Presidential Medal of Freedom"?

DELETED (was Help on new Texas Marriage law)

Can civil or criminal complaints be filed against "Heckuva Job" Brownie...

Why Can't I Own a Canadian?

"Episcopal Bishop Criticizes Pope on Gays"

Website Makes It Easy For Teens To Post Personal Info, Risque Photos

a screwup with paper ballots/optical scanners:

a question about Chalabi and Iraqi Freedom Fighters

Shocking News from the Supreme Court: Thomas Speaks!

Any word on Snotty's next performance for today??

Good interview right now on Democracynow

Hitchens claims Chalabi may have broken US code on his own. Experts LOL.

Malkin's husband: "Don't fuck with me, or I'm going to kill you!"

How many people does a weapon need to be designed to kill

Kerry delivering amendment on CSPAN2: demanding disclosure on black sites

Democrats Focus on 2002 Alito Case

Some good news from Kansas - for a change

Has anyone heard....

I can't hear aything Karen Hughes says

Do you worry that the division may deteriorate into a disaster .....?


AP: Chalabi Offers to Be Questioned by Senate

Clinton (Bill) conference begins at Hofstra

Rush supports CIA black sites leak investigation

What would happen if EVERYBODY requested/submitted an absentee ballot?

GOP Looks for Its Lost Edge in Va.

FITZ: Openly Skeptical of Rove as Absent -Minded -Professor

the Arctic Refuge wins!!!!!!!!

Why do so many cats have an extra toe?

The Repukes are worried. That's why they let go of drilling in the ANWR.

jon stewart show last night. good clip for repugs to see

"There's too much confusion...I can't get no relief..."

Interesting Poll Question On MSNBC:

"Where is Osama Bin Laden"? the T.V. lady asks

Karen Hughes--"It's not an occupation, we're supporting the

Republicans want the government to take away parenting

Will illegal immigration be the 'gay marriage' of 2006?

Bush is tanking on purpose in order to set up Hillary in 2008

Lou Dobb's news music

VIDEO- Torture Yoo Cole Selected bits

Heat Still On Rove:Fitz Trying to Convince Grand Jury

Evolution and the Electorate

Will the Bombings of American Hotels/Jordon bring Bush's Poll Numbers Up?

Do you think you name is on this list?

Racial vs. racist: interesting concept I came across

Aren't we willing to kill innocent people too? Don't we defile a great

Have any of you heard media question the validity of Zarqawi?

How are others handling continuing bits of good news?

Melting the skin off of children - we used chemical weapons in Fallujah

jon stewart watchers. edited interview with repug flake.... am i seeing

I refuse to believe that Abu Al-Zarkawi (sp?) is such a fan of Bush

Who wants to take bets how long I can stay on FR....

Juliet Huddy and FNC know more about French riots than the French do

New Poll: Casey tops Santorum 54-34 percent

Here's Why Arnold Got His Ass Kicked

Forget politics: Who has the FDR type capability to actually fix this

It's 2pm EST here and there is no sign yet that Snotty is coming out to

George Bush Chats with the Dalai Lama ---pix->>>

Chimp is going to China next week....

Now that the constitutional ban on gay marriage raised its ugly head again

What Senate seats can we honestly take in 2006?

The Woman Behind Arnold's Defeat

Is Scottie at Harriet's ethics courses today or is he

Bush giving speech tomorrow?

Hillary/Kerry didn't support the Iraq invasion. Stop being a rePUKE tool.

Looking to the next election: House CA-48th, December 6th

(VIDEO) Back In Black: Walmart

Limbaugh claims his comments on Abu Ghraib are "typical leftist speech"

What a mother thinks (Daily Kos Diary)

LA Daily News: Intellectual property hot for economy

I think I'm going to start a "Save the Pretty White Girl" foundation

Jordan and the fundies

Attention Radio Fans: KGO ALL STARS DEBATE AND BROADCAST tonight

Let's DU this poll

Rep. Hinchey (NY) Demands to see SOTU Drafts on Africa Lie!

Question?? Just Watched Movie "Amistad" & Want To Research Info...

Is the news covering ANY of our Democratic press conferences? Picture.

the woman who defeated Arnold

I see Dorgan's efforts on war-profiteering were killed off again

Indecency Complaints Increase at FCC

-URGENT- radical public lands mining law to be voted on

Hoekstra on CSPAN now live press conference. What's up?

Breaking: Joe Biden caught in sex scandel!

Intelligent Design coming to Oklahoma? NOOOOOOoooo... .. .

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning

Ben Stein: Fitzgerald is a Thug

Is Bush's foreign policy any different than those of past administrations?

Bird flu man in charge (Germ boys and yes men)

Parents: Find Registered Sex Offenders near you

Republicans Are Scared To Death Of Mark Warner

United States Post Office Monopoly

Can there be TWO different people using the SAME user name?

Security guard who saw ghosts eligible for unemployment benefits

Binary testing the waters for '08 poll

Question regarding the 'Gitmo' prisoners.

Happy 230th Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

Press Briefing at 3pm sharp!

Ted Stevens--playground bully.

Eliminating joint hearings is an insult to Veterans

"I vill go over de legislature's head und go directly to za PEOPLE!"

Need to add to the glossary forum

What US Gov says about using napalm and WP on it's "misinformation" site:


Latest state polls for US Senate Races in 2006--encouraging

What will freepers do if Democrats win in '06?

DU THIS POLL: "In God We Trust" posters in GA public schools

Chimpy to visit Japan: Hide your Prime Ministers!!!

What document tells us most about the Far Right?

A primer on oil industry dynamics and energy costs (or why we get robbed)

Muhammad Ali--still an American hero...

The Gropenfuher will be having a press conference in a few minutes

TX neocon: "Gee whiz, our divorce rate's higher than New York,"

KENNEDY Statements on Admin's Efforts to Exaggerate Threats

Some cases I have to support the Death Penalty, like this one

GOP issues a "hypocracy letter" to Dems

Does anyone have the details about the lines ...

Shocking Videos Expose US Chemical Weapons use on Civilians

VIDEO-Gropinator -Like a Movie

Find Screenings to Wal_Mart - The High Cost of Low Price

Why was Chalabi in D.C. yesterday?

Randi has a freeper on the line

Wall Street Journal: Voters prefer Dems in congress now

Why Corzine must pick Bruce Springsteen to replace him

ShrubCo liquidates Amtrack CEO. NYT calls firing "disgraceful."

Anybody watching Sen. Grahm on CSPAN?

Is this "God" guy Pat Robertson's Enforcer?

Does anyone have that Time mag cover with "Bush Resigns" on it???

Supersize me

Rather strange debate in the Netherlands.....

They got Terry McAuliffe on with Wolfie...

Rather strange debate in the Netherlands.....

Blitzer says everyone wants to read Scooters book coming up.n/t

DU Military Vets Check-in for Veterans Day (#2)

Mary Mapes standing by live in the Situation Room

If Joe Biden really does run, the Democratic debates will be

How could California have elected a "caricature" as their governor?

Rep Hinchey -- H. Res. to obtain all 2003 SOTU drafts re: "16 words"

Did the WH today admit that the war in Iraq was a mistake?

Novak Says Bush is Radioactive

Parent's depressed about WP and Fallujah should read this...

Cheney's daughter in charge of "democracy promotion" in the ME

Google Santorum. n/t

In '06, every incumbent Republican can be attacked

This Soldier Did Not Survive Today. 2060 DEAD for LIES. *graphic*

Springer really frustrates me

whoop de DOO....Judy Miller on Larry King tonight! what's the phone #?

If Libby's book gets reprinted i'm going to send one to

Indiana Creates First Gender Studies Ph.D.

ShrubCo fires successful Amtrak CEO

If You Sign Up to Fight Bush's War, He'll Make You a U.S. Citizen -pix->>>

Dean and Mehlman on Meet the press Sunday.

David Airhart, an Iraq vet being expeled for a "Kent State 4 peace" banner


Arnold in Press Conference

Someone please give me compelling evidence that al Zarqawi exists

Deconstructing Cheney (Important read on the monster)

Durbin: "Chalabi's visit may be a Neocon reunion..."

Pat Robertson's at it again - Dover PA - expect the worse

A small note on the etymlogy of Willie Pete...

That Gandhi Quote

No truth to report of Israeli evacuations before Amman bombs

LTTE idea.... offer not valid in Va and NJ.....

looking for good route for Earthquake relief

Terry Bradshaw to buy New Orleans Saints??

Biden: "I'm Running"

Please tell - what is Randi talking about?

I'm glad to see DUers supporting GLBTs after the Texas amendment.

Rove to speak out tonight on Wolfie

USAF - 1971 - 1975

Pelosi (Leaders Press Conference-CSPAN) Rs behind closed

Remember Hersh on Chalabi/Iraq lies in 2003 - The Stovepipe Police: Runaway held as sex slave (Phoenix, AZ)

Why haven't we caught Bin Laden?

I just found out that I have a cousin in Iraq! He's 56 years old and has

Only condition under which I would accept the fundamentalists' god.

Why "Free Republic" if they don't want Others to be free?

U.S. tells North Korea to stop reactor now

Regardless of evidence, the two things most Americans will never question:

Vote on Graham's amendment to strip Habeus Corpus (CSPAN2)

FALWELL on the WARPATH with Sen. Specter

Happy Birthday Marines!

The Real Cost of the Iraq War to American Taxpayers

Fox News has a new low for Bush -- 36%

Did Lou Dobbs just say Cheney has "all but disappeared" and WH...

I hate Chalabi but------

Florida School does away with religious holidays after Muslim group

It's Thursday November 10th

Rose Ann Demoro nom'd for Opi's Peace Prize...She busted Arnie

Am I blind? Can't find video Randi advertzied. The hoola-jaw, new

Frequent flier program raises privacy, security questions

Anyone have email address for Lou Dobbs?

Does anyone have a direct link to Pat Robertson email?

If a blastocyst IS human...

Principal Ridicules Innocent Child, Parades Her Around School

We shouldn't use sugarcoated terms like "white phosphorus"

oh gawd! david frum on hardball regarding chalabi...

Will Santorum protect Dover, PA from the latest "Patwah"?

"Rice Defends U.S. Treatment of Detainees"

Jimmy Carter to sign his book " Our Endangered Values" at Walmart!!

"Judge Throws Out Charge in Gay Attack"

"ACLU, NAACP Ask House to Redo Voter Law"

"Republicans Blame Schwarzenegger"

The "military industrial complex"

Bookmakers odds on Rove resignation

anyone have the website address for the 30somethingdems?

"Poll: Libby Indictment Hits Major Nerve"

Who is Bob Williams, and why is he on TV talking about Hurricane Katrina?

Dobbs/Henry: "Alito recused himself on Vanguard"

Jane Mayer made an interesting comment on Tweety's show...

Arnie had a press conference today - photos

Randie Rhodes quoting a Tom Flocco article

Fox news Brittany Hume misquoted Andrea Mitchell in Plame Case

Imagine if he was Muslim

Any Nightly News Reports On The Iraqi Children KILLED By US Air Strikes?

Bloomberg News Accused of taking confidential Memo

Car shopping hints.....

CBS Evening News: No White Phosphorus, but somebody got their dog back

"The Graham Amendment is a last minute sneak attack"

Kerry on CSpan2 - Will submit his Iraq withdrawal plan as a BILL.

WTF is happening to our rights??

A co-worker just said: The rioting in France proves Bush was right!

"Flu shots cancelled - shortage of vaccine"

Whatever happened to the "Arnold for President" movement?

Arnold: "If I was to make another Terminator movie......"

Send Judy Miller a farewell or a fare-ill note...........

So, this isn't a CNN Rove interview but showing him at the Federalist Soc?

"The Weather Channel Brings in Lewis Black"

Security Guard Fired For Seeing Ghosts

C-Span now....Rove at Federalist Society Convention

Majority Report: Janeane's on!

Bill Maher/HBO survey

NYT claims that anonymous people in the CIA leak say Bush didn't know

The Media Cavalry is On the Way!

Dick Cheney Fan Club thread

Vote to Disclose CIA Secret Prison Sites and Costs On Cspan2

A Gay Mafia in the Republican Party?

On CNN's homepage: "Karl Rove on CIA leak. Live now." Huh???

Bungling meant leak letter leaked to Drudge

Just So You Know, Rove Will Be A Dissappointment.

About Rove....Keep this in mind ...HE OUTED A U.S. SECRET AGENT

Dean is on The Situation Room this hour.

Ol' Maureen Needs to Realize Two Things...

It takes 12 vehicles to cart Cheney around on his hunting trip --->>>

Photo of * from today

"fighting them there so we don't fight them here" didn't work for Jordan..

Rove to speak at 7 p.m. est.

Want to know where we went wrong? - then consult 15 yr-old Iraquis!

Unreal. Bush apparently thinks it's funny that people get killed

Rove to be "keynote speaker" CSpan - any minute

I'm so jealous! I am 43 years old

German Man Who Had Four Children With Sister Jailed

Mary Mapes is going on OReilly?

Wow.. Carl Rove is one arrogant S.O.B.

I can't believe they demolished an Underground Railroad House!

From the DAV - Representative Steve Buyer (R-IN) Scraps Vets Org Meeting.

Whatever happened to the new Abu Ghraib Prison Photos?

What the FUck is going on ?

Randi Rhodes on Hardball tonight?

Transcript of Rove's Statements:

Good News DUers! Michelle Malkin on Washington Journal tomorrow!

Does anyone here know what video games the French rioters play?

Tweety - Boycotted by Democrats or just plain ignored

Bill Bennett identifies troubling new phenomenon: "Gangsta Islam"

Iraqi orphans... and what is being done to help them

Why not take a walk down memory lane with Russert and Cheney

In My MALL: It's "Bebe" against "Victoria's Secret for Laciviousness....

is gw drunk again ?


?To RNC Chair "Do you think Satan has taken over the country?"

Karl Rove actually has a son!

Organic Diets Lower Children's Exposure to Pesticides

New World Record in "With Feet" division

Sorry Dupe

VIDEO-Bush/Ali at the Medal of Honor Ceremony

McCain urges Bush to kill more Iraqis in less time with more troops

Why don't Dems simply reframe issues as "freedom" issues? For example,

Ha Ha! Newshound has a great summary of Dean and Hemmer on Fox.

BWAH! Trent Lott is basically telling Cheney to STFU

DU, Los Angeles Needs Your Help: Keep Scheer Letter Campaign

Childrens' Playgrounds in Iraq are Chemical Disasters!

Where are the 87 Abu Ghraib photographs?

Marching with Veterans for Peace tomorrow! Yeah Veterans for Peace!

"Comedian Al Franken gets serious about politics"

Keith Olbermann to discuss WH re-writing Scotty transcripts tonight

SC Justices on C-Span

Please DU This - (on video) Congress Discussing Republican Corruption...

What George Bush thinks he looks like v. reality ...

Can someone help me find the list of Founding Fathers seperation

Why is Rove on CNN?

Unofficial liveoaktx Appreciation Thread.

Who was the best president of US from 1961 onward?

Does anyone have the link to the cam for the Tomb of the Unknown?

Operatives say CIA exemption on torture a mistake

Standing O and cheers for Rove. I am ashamed to be a lawyer.

Check out "Bush's" profile on myspace....

CNN's Ed Henry confirms RawStory: budget "yanked' from House floor.

Student loans to be cut $5.5 billion. Isn't that about a month in Iraq?

Heads up - Judith Miller on Larry King Live right now

David Frum says that Chalibi's Goal is Wealth/He will Make Iraqi's Rich

So has the religious right given up on Adam and Eve and Noah's Arc?

Let's all hope that tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. there are strong

Should Spanish classes be mandatory for all elementary students

Edwards on Hillary: "Did she really say that?"

DU this Poll on Pat Robertson's Doomsday warning to Dover, PA

Prosecutors push to speak with Limbaugh doctors

Where is Congressional oversight of the Republican Administration?

Is This Any Way to Treat Those Who Fought for Their Country?

Rather strange debate in the Netherlands.....

Could anyone pls. tell me, what the fuck is wrong w/Scarborough?

Frist concerned more about leaks than secret prisons

What the hell? Why isn't the White Phosphorous story all over the news??

Pat Robertson to Dover, PA. "Don't turn to God if you need help"

McCain and Graham grabbing media today - where's w?

My impression is that the day of extended votes and arm-twisting

Breaking on CNN: Rove to talk during 7pm hour! nt

Does the Lindsay Graham amendment on Terror Suspects

YES! The "Rude One" has it right

Hey Pat Robertson

DUers from Kansas need your help.

I wrote this on the eve of the Iraq invasion

70 % of Americans think it's time for third major political party

A Veterans Day poem

A rebroadcast of my favorite Hottest Sounds... Listen here!

KGO All-Stars Debate begins at 7PM/10PM -- LISTEN LIVE!

Is there a "Stepahnie Miller Show" archive?

Franken is interviewing the guy who gave Bush that guitar after Katrina

If globalization WAS about improving the world, rather than greed,

Juba the Sniper... this is very disturbing..

For fellow Vets: Reflections on my '91 deployment to Iraq.

Chalabi plans to visit Walter Reed

VIDEO-Countdown on the transcription alteration

Give CNN your thoughts:

"Hello?..this is Zarqawi. I claim responsibility for the bombings O.K."?

Yesterday's message from California to the freeper fundies

In referring Pat Robertson or Karl Rove as "Little Pricks," am I a sexist?

Pssss...student loans, who cares

Please DU this Newsday Poll

The Inviolable right of Property and Taxation

So is Dean 1-0 since becoming Chair of the DNC?

On Alito, John Edwards says:

CNN on-air: Sen. Specter says Alito, Vanguard may "spiral out of control"

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Shout Out

Newsweek reports on new document that was given to Sen Levin(D)


*** Hard numbers on bushCo's tax plan ***

No truth to report of Israeli evacuations before Amman bombs

Rasmussen: Casey 54% Santorum 34%

Durbin invites everyone to offer questions for WMD investigation

Cnn reported Rpugs say they don't have the votes to pass budget!

Son, if they start in on Creationism, you may leave the room O.K.?

I'll betcha Alito withdraws his nomination within 24 hours...any takers?

Andrea Mitchell: I 'Misspoke' on Plame ID (LOL. Back up the truck, Andea)

Irony Alert - FDA puts warning out on Birth Control Patch

how come DU Lounge and States are no longer visable in latest page?

Please DU this poll re banning gay marriage

What should be done with Amtrak?

Pat Buchanan slams Chimpy

Lou Dobbs on Citizenship-Remind him ROVE+CHERTOFF have DUAL CITIZENSHIP

I count 9 hula jaws on the shrub. How many do you count?

Frist Hesitates to Investigate "CIABlack Sites" Leak if from a Repub

Here are the so-called "Dem" Senators who voted with Graham today.


Oregon Girl Missing in Brazil Found Safe

Who was the best US President between 1897 and 1961?

the oil companies prove that the time has come to nationalize.

Why is it that the only time I get many replies to a post on DU

What happened to looted Iraqi nuclear material? --->>>

We know HE'S ours, but what's bush's Worst Nightmare in the next 3 years?

MEMO to lazy-ass so-called mainstream 'journalists':

A Demoralized FreeRepublic (Freakers singing Kum Baya??)

A few things I think we need to do when we get this shit stain for brains

TOONs for Thursday

Is Morning Sedition still on?

DU and FR...who's on first?

I was never, ever fooled in any way by bush, & I'm not that bright

White house hits the Orwellian Trifecta with this little gem! >>>

Pat Robem$ome has put himself into a perjury trap

after Evolution, will they demand Intel. Design in Math, History, English?

So, do we have anything like this?

If We Want To Win, Leave Iraq

O'Lielly: If Al-Qaeda blows up San what?

CNN's Crowley lied when she compared Reagan's approval rating to Clinton's

Pat Roberston at it again - Watch out Dover, PA!

Now TX repukes want to repeal no-fault divorce in the state.

Grab your pitchforks and torches DU Christians Meet me in VA Beach

Media missing the point on Alitoto lying to the Senate Judiciary Committe.

Revolutionary Voting Idea that could change the history of the world!!!!

Nora O'Donnell just said that Clinton's approval rating was equal to

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study

Wanna see a purty picher?

I am so outraged at this moment I could explode!

Meditation on A Veteran’s Day: Survivor’s Guilt

HAH...McCain voted NO on Kerry's CIA prison amend. and then changed to AYE

Today I learned how to spot terrorists at my local grocery store

While You Freeps Are Watching The French Riots Remember This.

Another DU Liberality Pulse-Feeler

Libby's THE APPRENTICE: If You Buy It, I Will Review It

In California, I want to say THANK YOU to the nurses, teachers,


PAT ROBERTSON responds officially to his Dover, PA comments

Senator Kennedy: The President Should Be Held Accountable

I thought hell froze over with CNN headline about Frist

Hillary is NOT pro-war for crying out loud!!!

When honesty is a vice: casualties of the BFEE

be honest non smokers, how often does smoke interfer in your life

Muhammad Ali was hilarious without saying a word....

Conyers Calls For Changes In Patriot Act

Lying piece of crap article about stem cell research and PD.

I totally lost it today and went bugshit insane.

Newsweek: "caveats raised by intelligence....were withheld from Powell"

Chris Mathews...was it good tonight?

Blowback.... State Dept Misinfo Site Catches Itself Lying 'Bout Fallujah

Anyone hear Bruce Willis make a fool of himself on Rita "-roida" Cosby?

DUer Needs Help in Concession Thank You

Is Stephanie Miller a rerun?


You might be a terrorist if...... you drop thousands of tons of

Pat Robertson: Pa. Voters Rejected God...

Joe Wilson is Ready to Take a Fox News Anaylst to Court

McCain urges changes in Bush's Iraq strategy and praises Bush (?)

Dean kicked ass on Wolf's Situation Room

"Texas just conducted the world’s first 'mass divorce.'" - Awesome essay

The Muhammad Ali episode at the WH made the MSM...

Message from Ted Kennedy. Please sign the petition and kick!

Edwards Calls Iraq Vote "A Mistake"

Petition to Demand that Evolution be taught in Sunday School---!!!

Three Cheers for "Class Warfare"

Veterans Day Outrage: Conservatives End 55-Year-Old Practice of Hearings.

"Become Republican" cartoon?

I am HEARTBROKEN over the Washington State Smoking Ban -- A RANT

My God...the genius of that (or, on the Jordan bombings)


Should there be a stop Hillary movement?

"Abramoff remains the Republican Party's most dangerous problem."

I believe the Death Penalty says more about "us" than it does "them."

Project for the Old American Century has a great visual on this

Happy 60th birthday, "Shakey", long may you run!

The Mobile Presidency.

"The Nation" Will Only Support Candidate That Calls for End to Iraq War

We have a new forum: The Research Forum

Ketchup on eggs

10 lbs of dried blueberries and a crock pot

Need your help please... I'm making a second Thanksgiving Dinner

So I inheritted a used rice cooker

Are stove grates dishwasher safe?

Could anyone suggest a recipe for black bean soup?

In dramatic vote, Peretz named new Labor chair

Pelosi Urges Attorney General to Secure Voting Rights for All

FBI called in on Hill...

Mexico Demands Explanation for Chavez Remarks From Venezuelan Ambassador

AP: "Schwarzenegger Is Cut Down To Size"

Jordanians suspect hand of Zarqawi

A Democrat of Faith Turns Tables

Mich. Attorney General Acknowledges Affair

US calls for North Korea to close reactor

Groups to Congress: Undo Part of Voter Law

7 Police Killed in New Afghan Violence

China denies US embassy report of planned hotel attacks

Syrian Leader Lashes Out at West Criticism

Al-Qaida in Iraq, Local Insurgents Battle Over Tactics, Money

New poll finds Bush's approval hit new low

Aussie London bomb victim slams tabloid (Murdoch's The Sun )

The Kashmir earthquake: Failures on the road to disaster

FT: Chalabi received by top Bush officials

Two Suicide Bombers Kill 33 in Iraq

Democrats Focus on 2002 Alito Case

CNN: (Indonesian) Police: Terror head (Bali bombings) kills himself Police: Runaway held as sex slave (Phoenix, AZ)

Democrats Press Court Designee Over Mutual Fund Case

Friday Nights Not the Same (Violence at Football HS Games)

Ukraine to withdraw soldiers from Iraq before December 30

Soviet Spy Chief Is Back -- on a Pedestal (bust of secret police head)

Initial Unemployment claims increase to 326,000 for latest week

Taliban behead two civilians, kill seven Afghan police

Democrats to ask for CHALABI to be supoenaed today!

Only half see press as fair to Bush (Pew survey via Moonie Times)

At Least One American Among Dead in Jordan

Iraqi troops find 27 bodies near Iran border

LAT: Cameras Could Get Rolling on High Court Sessions (televised SC)

Frist Hesitates to Investigate "CIABlack Sites" Leak if from a Repub

Syria must do more to control its borders: Straw (UK Foreign Secretary)


LAT/AP: French Violence Falls Sharply Overnight

Private Capital may seek Knight Ridder board seats

Florida offshore drilling proposal scuttled (stripped from budget bill)

One U.S. Soldier Died, Another Wounded in Attack with a Car Bomb North of

WP: Judge Approves Riggs Settlement

Poll: Republican advantage is eroding

GOP Tax Plans Meet Obstacles in Senate

Marines move into Karabila; Iraqis bury dead (24 dead from US Air Strikes)

Interrogation broke UN pact, CIA report warned

Judge throws out charge against gay man who stabbed attacker

First Sony virus found; lawsuit filed

Blaming schedule, Santorum will miss Bush's visit to Pa.

NYPD Beefs Up Hotel Security After Jordan Bombings

Leaks about CIA prisons overseas spark fury

WP/AP: Publisher to Reissue I. Lewis Libby's Novel

Greenpeace activist beaten in Philippines anti-coal protest

AP: Rumsfeld can authorize exceptions to new "humane" interrogation direct

Republican Tax Plans Hit Snag in Senate

Drudge: ABC nears sale of radio network...

Zarqawi Widens Appeal in Europe: German Spy Chief

Court rules against homeowners in Papillion Wal-Mart case

Congress won't charge Palmeiro with perjury

Zarqawi group claims Jordan attacks

U.S. Trade Deficit Soars to Record Levels in September

Raw Story: Rove aide called back to testify

Rice Defends U.S. Treatment of Detainees

US Iraq presence fuels radicals - French official

Tribe's challenge dismissed: Lawsuit tried to halt nuclear waste dump

Veterans Day Outrage: Conservatives End 55-Year-Old Practice of Hearings f

RAWSTORY: Rove aide called back to testify


Newsweek: Al-Libi’s Tall Tales ("caveats....were withheld from Powell")

Time is one thing quake victims no longer have

Chinese sound a pre-Bush warning

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 10 November

VA Cancels Review of Vets' Stress Claims

(Texas) Gay marriage foes tackle divorce next

McCain urges changes in Bush's Iraq strategy (commit more troops)

Iraqi VP sees 'terrorists' shifting to other states (weakened in Iraq)

Senate Democrats seek GOP stand on Iraq

Televangelist Robertson warns town of God's wrath (Penn. town rejects ID)

Computer Glitch Delays Norwalk Election Results (CT)

Frist concerned more about leaks than secret prisons

Senator Seeks to Defer Probe of CIA Prison Leak

House not to proceed on Budget "reconciliation" bill today...

U.S. trade deficit hits all-time high

U.S., EU Ready to Accept Iran Nuke Program

Activist who released Mink gets two years

Diplomat Says ‘The Press Was Set Up’ (Joe Wilson)

Nationwide Protests to Break the Chains

Iraq's Qaeda claims Amman blasts

State Dept. Dismisses Syria Offer

Rove to speak at 7 p.m. est.

Spy chief killed in hotel blasts

New York bids to keep Sept. 11 aid some in Washington want back

AP: Kaiser cited in death after medicine error

Official: (Curt Weldon) Attack on Cole foreseen (ABLE DANGER)

AP: House move to split 9th Circuit opposed

On CNN's homepage: "Karl Rove on CIA leak. Live now." Huh???

Blair says MPs are out of touch

Liberia's 'Iron lady' claims win

WP: Intelligence Probe ("phase two" committee of six) Takes Shape

Arrests made in Jordan after hotel bombings (several Iraqis)

Oregon Girl Missing in Brazil Found Safe

House to Probe CIA Prisons Leak

LAT: Results Unsettle (Arnie's) Supporters (Maria interviewing new staff)

Suburbs: Violence Moves Back, Repression Intensifies (France)

Sedition Divides the Parliament--Australia (threat to free expression)

The President, the dictator and a $9m demand for Oval Office chat

Televangelist Robertson warns town of God's wrath

Frist worried about leak, not prisons

House GOP Leaders Scuttle Budget-Cut Vote

Is This Any Way to Treat Those Who Fought for Their Country?

Republicans and Democrats blast Bush over bird flu

[AP] House GOP Leaders Scuttle Budget-Cut Vote ("major setback")

The Kashmir earthquake: Failures on the road to disaster

Al-Qaida in Iraq Explains Jordan Bombings

Warning Issued for Birth - Control Patch

Botswana: Bushman Woman Found Dead in Reserve

Eskimos Try New Explosive in Whale Kill

Specter urges Alito to avoid possible controversy

House to probe CIA prisons leak(but not request for pre-war intel inquiry)

FOX Poll: President Bush's Ratings Continue to Suffer

U.S. Links al-Qaida to Jordan Attacks

Schwarzenegger Takes the Blame in Vote

Washington refuses to back Aruba boycott

Republicans Blame Schwarzenegger (hahahahaha)

China Quarantines 116 People Following Two Bird Flu Outbreaks

Scientists reveal prehistoric terror

Foreign policy 'spurs Muslim extremism'

Activist who freed mink gets 2 years

Senate Votes No Terror Suspects in Courts

IHT: Halliburton violated pension laws

Alito: No Vanguard conflict of interest: failure to recuse "oversight"

Republicans In Scuffle After Election Results Arrive

Stun Gun Death Ruled Homicide; No Charges Filed

Veterans Lash Out at Loss of Voice on Capitol Hill ... (Outrageous)

New Hummingbird Discovered

Rove, in Rare Appearance, Blasts Judicial Activism

LAT/AP: Angry Jordanians Rally to Protest Bombings

Bush Says Jordan Bombings Show Terrorists as Ruthless

House Could Alter 19th Century Mining Law

Feds Plan Criminal Probe on N.O. Levees

Israeli Arab among 57 killed in Amman triple suicide bombing (Al-Qaida)

Poll: US Elderly Hesitate Over Medicare Drug Plan

Damn I'm on a roll tonight!!

uh-oh.... I think it's an alien spaceship and they're coming (fast)!

Sayings from Dove Chocolate wrappers.

Anyone else watching "What Dreams May Come" on AMC?

Time once again for NAME THAT BASTARD!!!!

Was it you WCGreen, who broke DU this time?

Does anyone use StarOffice or OpenOffice? I loovvvvveee it!

What would you rather do have lunch with * or go out of town on a prior


Am I a drama Queen?

Vast Indifference of Heaven, by Warren Zevon

I haven't seen this before with Ahnold! LOL.

Mr. Perfect vs. the Blue Blazer at Wrestlemania 5 in 1989........

I'm heading out

ok, (for WCGreen) I'm off like a prom dress.....

Graphics warning. Intense.


Good night, all!

Brits at DU thread

Check this out free destiny card reading

Heidi is not a dork.

I have cramps. The meds and Phish Food aren't helping. Be nice to me.

Do not read this if you involving yourself with food soon...

Name some really good westerns tv or movie shows

New Hampshire Store Clerk Caught Sleeping With Marijuana

Lounge Education Level Poll

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

High School Student Elected Mayor

The email time capsule

Group Holds Medicaid Bake Sale

78 Y.O. Priest Runs Police Barrier To Make It To Mass On Time - Arrested

LynneSin-uh! I'muh gonnuh getcha!

Okay... now that's confusing...

Rush (the band) enthusiasts/musicians: Rush songs in the key of G?

Worst season ever for allergies

DU Veterans Check in time

So I have decided to coin two new terms...


Total cute overload...

Why do they call it "Wrath of God?"

my boss just sent me this....

Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Green Puppy, Owners Name Him "Wasabi"

Ever try Biscotti's dunked in coffee?

Do you guys wear poppy pins on Vet's day?

I'm going to Biloxi for 3 weeks with the Red Cross and need some info.

Police Seize 24 Tons Of Illegal Cheese


Brazil leader watched pirate DVD

Runaway Ostrich Attacks Mercedes

DAMN, that was a good breakfast...

TOM CRUISE’S SISTER REPLACES ROVE Bush Seen Jumping on Oprah’s Couch

Man Looking For Fat People To Fuel His Boat

Man hangs out at IKEA store for seven days to win $1,500 gift card

Jailed Man Wins California School Board Election

Cop-Donut Photo Quest Lands Man On Scavenger Hunt In Jail

Rotting rat found in crisps

CNN Entertainment's "Outside the Box, Inside Your Head" controversy

Late Night Song Dedication

I know nobody on DU has or likes cats.....

Ever tell Republicans you're sorry?

Ever tell Republicans you're sorry?

Marriage Lowers The Male Sex Drive

Ok, who ISN'T going to bed??

OK so I'm watching Raging Bull for the first time.

My newspaper column for this week: Texas weddings and illegal water

So I did a George Bush-esque drunken face plant last night


What makes a foreign film a foreign film?

Chris Carpenter for the NL Cy Young award!

Brazil Now Offers Degree In 'Chi Studies'

Happy One-Month Anniversary, Cathyclysmic!!!

WP: California poised to ream Sony up the ass over virus-laden CDs

All-time favorite fake band name.

How many of you are going to post "In Flander's Fields" tommorow?

Lost a best friend last night

Family sedan buyers take note

Mike Tyson Accused Of Assaulting TV Cameraman

I got married this morning

Honey, we've won $340m... better start spending it now

We're getting new Linux installed in our house, ask me anything!!

Ring Ding Dong.. Ringa ding ding ding dong - Keep their heads ringin'


Mother goes on trial for stoning sons....

Karen Hughes is on CSPAN right now.

Ok, so maybe I need more than a 1GB MP3 Player

best bananas for making banana bread?

All of this art talk, Do you like Andy Warhol?

I'm Very Interested In Hearing Some Half-Baked Theories

Toe-Sucking Burglar Strikes Again

China Now Offers Degree In 'Bra Studies'

For that Freeper on your Xmas list

Toe-Sucking Burglar Strikes Again


The NEW Catholicism (pic)

Flock Of Birds Shuts Down Airport's Radar System (St. Louis)

I was eating dead rats when i found a crisp vegetable in them

Now that it is over: What defines November 9th?

I was eating crisps when i found a dead rat in them

Really need a good rain-producing ritual.

Evil Pope Pic

Glowing, you DO see it glowing don't you? Please GOD tell me...

DAMMIT I've only got ninetoes

This should probably be in LBN, but I wanted you guys to see it.

i forgot who i'm not on speaking terms with

I live in the Bible Belt, but I've never encountered ANYONE like...

WAKE ME UP!!!!!!!

Terry Bradshaw to buy the New Orleans Saints?

Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD Collection 8 released

did you guys hear about the Toe-Sucking burglar?

I stay up all night to read 6 chapters of my textbook for today's test...

Happy Birthday to my mom, and the US Marine Corps.

51 weeks, 4 days

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

Who else is a fan of "America's Next Top Model Car"

Malkin: Ironically Unhinged

Art relief: The world of David Shrigley

I think I am going to have to seriously hurt ET Awful!!!

Don't you hate it when you have to leave right after you post a thread?

I just had 2 big bowls of Okra and stewed tomatos for lunch!!!

I have this incredible desire to re-read some of the Beat Writers....any

That research forum link screwed me up

I'm feeling down today

This ART is super special ART it can go outside and this ART fetches

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter denies engagement to actress Bai Ling

I can't think of anything to post

just shoot me. go ahead. let me go home.

Does anyone else hear a ringing?

Let's say you are pushing 60

What did you have for lunch today?

"The Desert Megaphone"...any DUer's in the area?

Who else is a fan of "America's Next Top Model"

What's your worst nightmare?

Kiss me, I just got a writing job

Who else is a fan of "America's Next Top Yokel"

Is it just me, or are salesmen getting more argumentative?

Is MrsMatt Mrs. Matcom?

I finished two paintings today...

Yet another movie post: Dazed and Confused

Here's a fun test.

Ugh. Take this job and shove it.

I've been in GD -- someone hose me off

The election people forgot !!!

I know what the problem is with 'God Warrior'

Does Anyone use Homestead for their Online Business?

Sacramento Kings used anti Detroit pics at a game?

What do like on your food that other people think is disgusting?

Smoking Gun has a "Mug Shot" of the Home Depot Crazy-Glued Gluteus Maximus

For a shining moment, Gordon Lightfoot was more popular than the Beatles.

Do hospitals give out personal information?

Oops, this post was meant for another thread.

Cat Show Plans Memorial Service for Dog

How do water chestnuts stay so crunchy?

God I love Vancouver

Your new weatherman: Lewis Black

Who else is a fan of "America's Next Top Yodel"

Can there be TWO different people using the SAME user name?

So, I get a Bumper Sticker with "I'm Not With Stupid"...

Why you always want to hire English-speaking workmen

White House Ethics Class Notes smuggled out!!!

Stereotypes of Russians?

OK, I think I REALLY need to STFU.

Who remembers "wilding"

I am the Warrior!

Andy Griffith's Finest - Salvage 1

1943 Guide to Hiring Women: (HA-HA-HA)

You know you are getting old when........

Trans Siberian Orchestra---Tonight!!!

~\ 100 Days /~ POKE FREE!!!!

Funniest Post of the Day "I just want to be able to live that long"

Why do so many cats have an extra toe?

Why is "Hula Jaw" called Hula Jaw?

It's Opening Night, and I'm sick!

When can I dispose of my renter's stuff?

Goodnight lounge

Dogs are getting no respect in the lounge today!!!!

Are there any fans of reggae music here today?

fuck shoehorns, i just scratched my back

I love trash

Dale Gribble and Robert Patrick...

This call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes.

Today I really don't like anyone who lives in my house

Pit Bull killed with shoehorn after cat eats songbird during Oasis concert

I think I could build a whole

Are you a good kisser? Take the quiz and tell us all about it.

post your favorite shoehorn story here

Attn Southern DU Chefs and Cooks - Gumbo question

Good Magazine Subscriptions

Senility test!

Why is my Revenge of the Sith DVD labeled "CHARLOTTE_DISC1"?

Terry Bradshaw to buy New Orleans Saints??

Terry Bradshaw to buy New Orleans Saints??

Um, what's the deal with the "shoehorn" threads?

Please DU my Urban Dictionary deffinitions and give them a "thumbs-up!"

A 7 yr old's view on love

I am sofa king tired of doing the TPS reports!

Terrell Owens Finds a Friend in Ralph Nader

Did you all see the new Research Forum?

So my mom called the city

Repubs who won't vote for the budget deal

Husbands - A Rant by KitchenWitch

Bloody star is GONE!

Lying about the leaks

Quiet Thread.

Terry Bradshaw to buy New Orleans Saints??

politics aside, were Dick Durbin and Tom Tancredo separated at birth?

A true lives of SHOEHORNs story for you

Are the hot/cold faucets in your house properly labeled?

What do you guys think of Kathleen Edwards?

Crude, party animal, young male bachelors ain't getting respect here....

The official "LOST" thread featuring strange things about "LOST"

terrya said I should post this in the Lounge...

30 years ago today, at 7:10 p.m. Eastern time,

Are wide receivers jerks in general?

DU 101 - What's the best way to attach a picture with a message?

A simple solution to beating Wal-Mart:

Is it morally okay to go to a store and warn others about product quality?

11/10/1975 In Memoriam

Bareback Jesse Malkin

I've got a fire going, listening to pig-man, and browsing du...

Newsflash to the lounge lizards: Rove to speak at 7PM tonight.

Okay, this woman at work didn't know who Dick Cheney,


My dog isn't invited to Thanksgiving this year

Here's San Diego's baby panda, Su Lin!

I love Pat Robertson

German Man Who Had Four Children With Sister Jailed

What's your favorite Sirius music channel?


~\ 100 Days /~ SMOKE FREE!!!!

Security Guard Fired For Seeing Ghosts

4 away from 4000, ask me anything

Any Oz fans out there?

Wild Pack of Dogs Kills Crocodile (Caution, Gruesome Pic)

Never trust a woman when she types BRB!

Well it finally happened, this Atheist got Saved the other day!

Mike Love is a crybaby. He's on O'Liely boo hoo hooin

The two best lines from last Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher.

Bouncy don't bounce no mo...whaaa happened?

I'm On A Roll - Aerosmith Sucks Ass

Happy Birthday to me.

WTF? Commentator about Paris riots, James Dobson?

I am sofa king tired of cleaning snake terrariums.

Something Awful Review: The Colbert Report

230 years ago, "a Corps of Marines" was authorized

Heard about that new X-Box game?

I refuse to acknowledge the royal titles of celebrities

The new Cybermen - and series 1 DVD set to be released in Canada!

I got off for the next two days

Sure wish I was sitting poolside being served by cabana boys

Post a pic

Anesthesia question.

Would you consider people like this 'dangerous'?

I've had a very rough day

Set up a Non-Profit for pet owners?

Stevie Nicks----Yay or Nae?

DVR question

I'm Ahmed Chalabi, ask me anything.

Hokay, since were doing so many cat-pic threads...

This is is my thread. There are many like it, but this one is MINE.

The bank down the street got robbed tonight.

awright.... who here can do this?

Hey, is next week a new episode of Lost??

Might as well Most.

Ok - so who else watched the conclusion to the 'God-Warrior' woman

A new walmart opened up near where I work

The show ER depressed me tonight

favorite style of shoehorn

I'm a Coronation Street widower.

Meat strapped to foreheads of girls vs The Lizard!

So, now that my battle with Salmonellator is over - anyone know how I can-

I'm so jealous! I am 43 years old

Please go recommend a thread in the MN forum!

Maynard from TOOL on the Majority Report.

Interestingly, when you buy bags of fake dog poo in bulk..

I thought 'Office Space' pretty much sucked.

I'm gonna see my smiling face on the cover of the Rolling Stones

Someone stole my Debit Card number...

The Church Bells rang 29 times

Alright amateur psychologists, tell me what this dream means.

My husband was fired by e-mail today

Might as well post

Are there any other women here my age who used to love "Seventeen"


So now we're "PROGRESSIVES"? Not me - I'm proud to be LIBERAL!!

Who were the better musicians?

It's getting hot in here

It is a drop-dead gorgeous day in the NC mountains!

Think I needs me this

Our own A-Schwarzenegger has the best thread ever in GD right now

Students sleeping in class

I'm drinking beer and listening to Color Me Badd - life is good

John Denver wouldn't want you to call his death an "accident".

This little bird.... lives in this rolled up shade on my porch, he/she

Some of you may remember this cat, lost 9 weeks ago.

We're getting new windows installed in our house, ask me anything!!

My beach photos (DIALUP WARNING)


New State Nursing Home Queen Crowned

Man Tosses Mother's Dog Out Of 5th Floor Window To Get Back At Her

You know what is addictive?

More Art: My favorite exhibit EVER:

Volume poll. What would you rather be LOUD or quiet?

Vote in Catster/Dogster's "World's Coolest" Show (vote for my Petey?)

Would you look at this God damned, lazy assed, sprawled out, frikkin huge

a child's view...

oooh, a new wrist band - the hero band.

today's my one year DU anniversary! ask me anything!

Happy birthday my fellow Marines!

I'd like one of those little gold stars...I've already donated money

Every human emotion doesn't have to be expressed in

Fetch me a sloe gin fizz and a toy rocket, you incorrigible harlot!

Do people consistently assume you are older or younger than you really are

Workplace Ennui in cartoon form:


One of the coolest actors EVER!


Philly DUers! Come see me play at Maddie's in Frazer, PA on Fri. (11/11)!

Have you ever told someone, "Take ME!"

Hello, Lounge Lizards! Radio_Lady is back and better than ever!

To any DUers in the Lynchburg area

The Official SeattleGirl Appreciation Thread.


Not ready for Breaking News: Green Puppy Born to Golden Retriever!

Apparently Terrell Owens is not such a bad guy

Husbands haven't been getting enough respect in the Lounge today.

I'm gonna be the John Grisham of Office Temp work.

I finally ate a Gagga!

Songs about nuclear war

This is my 1,000th post. I dedicate it to my beloved wife.

Best cartoon of the day

Post pictures comparing your kitty from kitten to adult:

What is your favorite painting?

post sappy fucking love songs here

I love the French.

Do you know why British and Canadians wear poppies on Nov 11?

Nighthawks XXXIV (dial-up warning)

Want to hear my first professional short fiction sale?

Metal Council Convenes To Discuss 'Metal Hand Sign' Abuse

NYC DU Gathering - who wants one

A pictorial tribute to one of the funniest scenes in Office Space

I got a pretty good GWB joke in my email box:

There Are Atheists in Foxholes!

If they don't understand the 1st Amendment maybe their wallets will help.

Would it be unChristian to suggest that we make an example of Pat or Jerry

Lord's Resistance Army: Rise of Christian Terror

Radical Islam vs Radical Christianity

Avian Flu a Fascist Tool

DU Astronomers, Astrophysicists: Help Me Visualize Something

NASA Mars Spirit Rover "Everest" Panorama

Serbs line up for testicle shocks

Take OFF the tin foil hats....NOW!!!!

Scientists unearth earliest known Hebrew ABCs

Is there a better chart of temperature over the past billion years?

Penn State Denies 'Lesbian Baiting' Charge

'Politics of hate' a factor in upset?

Some encouragement to the GLBT communities in Texas...

Despite Texas Loss Anti-Gay Vote Tide May Be Changing

O'Flaherty: It's time to move beyond marriage debate

Gay Foes Accuse Boston Cops Of Bias

Judge Throws Out Charge In Gay Attack Killing

A Methodist call to action against homophobia

Choir Director Accuses U. of North Dakota of Anti-Gay Bias

Baylor Dismisses Gay Alumnus From Advisory Board

Indiana Creates First Gender Studies Ph.D.

Gay Foes Accuse Boston Cops Of Bias

George Takei interview on Howard Stern (download)

Memo to fundies ...

Anti-gay candidate gets 8th place out of 8- Article 8 Alliance whines...

Kansas senator leads push for gay marriage ban

Councilman who fought DP registry loses seat to gay candidate

Gay candidates win some tough races

Have you ever had a "straight" person make a pass or suggest it?

More Parishes Flee Episcopal Church Over Gay Bishop

Why do so many believe being gay is a choice?

ESPN has prepared an EPIC steriods-in-baseball report. Historic.

Former Steelers Lineman Courson Dies

Nobody loves TO like TO loves TO (Sally Jenkins, WaPo)

Palmeiro won't be charged with perjury.

Portis Fined $20,000 for Violating Uniform Rules

WaPo: Eagles Not Ready to Surrender Just Yet

Pics of my Foster pup

The Age of Uranus?? Can any of you decipher this?

I signed up for a Tarot Meetup group in my area!

DU astrologers, please don't laugh: is there any significance to...

Some encouraging news

Anyone else having trouble sleeping?

"Faith Healer Loses Patient During Routine Miracle"

One Big THANK YOU to all Vets

VA will NOT review PTSD claims

Why does support for Warner make me sad

Did you guys hear that ANWR drilling got dropped out of the House bill?

Reich - a covenant for America

I think Warner just said the senator from Mass...

When is Romney up for Re-election?

What the other Senator from Massachusetts said today

Kerry Introduces “Strategy for Success in Iraq Act”

Research forum would be great place to store that Kerry research

Senate Passes Kerry Amendment Demanding Accountability on Secret Prisons

I'm celebrating!

Iraq Bill Bottomline

Sometimes this place can give me whiplash.

Alert = Rove is going to be on CNN

I hate my senators! McCain vs Kerry

Did you see this on GD? Tin-Foil Hats Study at MIT

Iraq speech on now!

Kerry on the GOP Failure to Ram ANWR Drilling through House

West Of the Mississippi Birthday Card has arrived at Saracat's!

Kerry on Amendment to Require Reports on Clandestine Detention Facilities

Kerry and McCain Get Into It

Romney and the KKK joke - I cant wait for this guy to leave the state

The Nikon International Small World Competition

Hi folks :-)

Oh hey dudes

Off topic, but... I'm going to Biloxi with the Red Cross for 3 weeks.

An autumn zen moment

2 more hours to nominate this thread....

KOEB 11/10

Countdown Newsletter 11/10/05: With Friends Like These

Impeachment research forum: give it a vote for Greatest.

Just in time for's being re-released!

Article singing the praises of Keith Olbermann

Will Vitali Klitschko be the next mayor of Kiev?

Republicans won the other two races in VA by a slim margin -*Diebold*

Stealing a phrase from kos: "Arnold, the One-term-inator"

Hey Freepers -- where's that gulag leak investigation you wanted?

Santorum Continues Distancing Himself From Bush

New Bush Comic at The H.L.

There is hope for OHIO!!!

AP: "Schwarzenegger Is Cut Down To Size"

Russert trashes Dems in bad Bush poll clip

Thursday News Conference to Kick-Off Drive to Mid-Term Elections

Political Theater for Republicans, Real Challenges for the American

Awsome polling news for 2006! Dems vs Repubs

Blood on our hands...

Chalabi + Repukes = Love

House Drops Arctic Drilling From Budget Bill

Wes Clark in 2008

Beautiful Bumper Sticker Sighting this AM

When will '06 candidates start distancing themselves from BushCo?

Question about tie in Senate and Bernie Sanders.....

Radical Islam vs Radical Christianity

Lugar's retribution for Reid's closing the Senate - Nov 1

Arabic Language Network Backed By U.S. Under Investigation

Imagine a film about Ohio, 2004...

"Americans do not join the CIA to commit torture,":

Republicans turn on the oil industry as petrol prices soar

Republicans give to America

Novakula to GOP: "Keep as far away from President Bush as possible"

Scotty-Roasts not televised these days?

Rove Probe -- From Rawstory

Kerry on the GOP Failure to Ram ANWR Drilling through House

Important talking point - Reid did NOT shut down the Senate last week.

Has Joe Wilson or anyone else ever revealed...

Need help ASAP with Salman Pak lies... Please...

Dem surges in northern VA, Long Island: "Emerging Democratic Majority"?

'Racist' Russian TV advert investigated

Please DU this poll, approve or disapprove of Bush

How many times did Bush turn down Pentagon to get Zarqawi BEFORE Iraq war?

A night the (CA) GOP would like to forget

Scott McClellan shines his little beacon of truth (11/9/05 transcript)

I will be disappointed if...

in Clinton's recent speech

NBC/WSJ Poll: Chimp approval 38% (-1 point) 57% disapprove 5% unsure

The GOPle are on the RUN... their philosophy of greed and Peterism

With the collapse of the Ayn Rand-Neo Con Dream of

LAT: Reluctant Warrior Bests Gov.

Bill Clinton to Deliver Major Policy Address at Hofstra (TODAY)

blow your mind with Judy's webmaster

An Interesting Concept on AOL

I don't want dems to win a majority in congress in 2006

That OTHER Losing George!

Frist was scared to investigate a fellow Repuke...that's why the confusion

The trouble with Bush* is -- from the Republican point of view --

The lesson from California: Beat the shit out of the GOP

i just got an email from nrdc that anwr drilling is dead.

What corporations donate to what candidate? Find out !

I am not a liar

Is talking about cuts in college aid an issue that will push Democrats?

Schwarzenegger to meet with legislators today

I just heard the Monkey railing about the evil terrists bombing a WEDDING

Kennedy speaking on Senate floor about Bush's rush to war, 10:25AM, EST

Anybody listening to this idiot Sessions on the floor?

Will the states of LA, MS, and AL vote Republican next election ??

Froomkin; Waxman helps WH ethics classes w/helpful questions..

Operation Truth asks us to print and give out this flier for Veterans' Day

Why are the governors of some of the bluest states in the land

In 1998, Bill Clinton thought Saddam had WMDs....

VIDEO-Hughes and Ron Paul on her budget

2006 Senate Outcome Prediction

Senator Kerry now speaking about Iraq on the Senate floor, 2:15PM, EST.

Should The Dems Start A Generic, National Campaign Now?

Nancy Pelosi speaking on CSPAN

Which weasle is this sitting in the big chair in the Senate?

I'm heavily involved in politics and I pay taxes

Arnold for paper trail

Phase II report not to be completed until next year, (Roberts said last

Clockwork Orange: HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!

Hastert and Rethugs have evidently pulled budget resolution bill!

Absolut Corruption

Calling Out the Clintons

Frist Worried About Leak, Not Prisons

New FOX News poll Bush at record low 36% approval

News Services Refuse to Alter transcript for White House.

If a vote is 15 minutes...

Lest we forget (as if ................):

DSCC Asking for input

Maureen Dowd on Air America, Al Franken right now.

McCain has sealed his political fate for ME. Pumping keeping troops

AP: California leaders to seek redistricting change despite 77 defeat

Hotline: "24 Hours of All 'Heck' for the GOP on Congress"

Media drooling over McCain's Stay a tougher course in Iraq speech today.

Panel weighs idea of 'super court' to handle federal employee appeals

Karen Hulk returns from her "listening tour" and is outraged

Bush to blame for Jordan's bombings and beyond...

House leaders pull spending cuts bill

Kerry on Amendment to Require Reports on Clandestine Detention Facilities

Al Qaeda in Iraq...Al Qaeda in Iraq...Al Qaeda in Iraq...Al Qaeda in Iraq.

WTF? Just when I thought I couldn't possibly get angrier...

NBC Reporting on Patwah!

Media darling McCain to have "one on one" with Anderson Cooper tonite.

Laura Rozen catches Sen. Roberts in another rethug LIE

Rep. Weldon Alleges Massive 'Cover-Up' Of Pre 911 Intel

My Neighbor is a National Guardsmen

Rep. Weldon Alleges Massive 'Cover-Up' Of Pre 911 Intel

Rep. Weldon Alleges Massive 'Cover-Up' Of Pre 911 Intel

I wonder where Cheney's stenographer, Ms. Miller, will work next?

Gov. Dean meets with Reverend Luis Cortes of Esperanza USA

Thank you Warren Beatty and Annette Benning!!!

Huffington on the divisions Iraq is creating in each party

To the Voters of Dover PA: If there is a disaster you can turn to us

Rove caught cheating in White House ethics class

National Geographic: Arlington Cemetary

Anyone know who the '24 moderate republicans' are? They were

Robert Koehler: A Crime Without a Name (+ post)

Dems and the War

One of the ex-Dover PA School Board members challenging the vote

Clark Sucks


So tell me about this Warner fellow

The Republicans are in trouble. Check out this new WSJ/NBC poll:

Raimondo vs. Chalabi

Pinch me--Is Repuke contract on America finally stalling out?

Noooooooo Chalabi to vist wounded vets at Walter Reed

Senate tells SCOTUS to go "Cheney"...denies detainees more rights

Republicans kill amendment to investigate Halliburton contract abuse...

Why isn't the IRS going after Robertson check out what he said about Dover

So, who is going to give Biden money for the 2008 race?

Bush Leaves GOP in Crisis - Pat Buchanan

Check out this KOS diary on the Democratic gains in suburban Philly

bird flu and evolution

David Frum, showin' a LOT of love for Chalabi on "Hardball"...


Are you interested in seeing Mark Warner as our nominee in '08?

ACLU Online: Breaking News -- Patriot Act Victory, Supreme Court and more

Should George W. Bush Take a Cue from Judy Miller?

Chose a vp running mate for General Clark

Fitz has a Blog? Is this for real??

"Daddy? I have an idea...."

Former FEMA Chief Brown Off Payroll

Hmmm...Josh Marshall says...

Fight GOP's Immoral Budget - Help Rescind Tax Cuts for RICH

Kerry's Bill on Iraq - Did they vote on it? Did it pass?

Kerry's amendment PASSED!

JASON MILLER: Our Moms (& Thomas Paine) Warned About Disciples of Strauss

The Torture Nine

Who is your favorite President? DU this Newsday poll (Clinton's at 37%)

What's Interesting About Robertson's "Patwah" on Dover, PA

Plesae Explain to me how any Republican can say that it wasn't a disaster

Deleted By Poster -

Petition - ExxonMobil

Why all the Fuss about Torturing People who Want Us Dead?

People Preaching Politics from the Pulpit - Where's the link to

Barbara Boxer on MSRNC w/ ScarboroUGH

Ridiculous suggestion of mine: Olympia Snowe as the Dem's running mate

Governor Dean on Meet the Press this Sunday

What are you registered as?

Video of Paul Hackett

A DEVELOPING STORY on CNN re: Alito! NOT!!!!!!!

Kerry Responds to Senator McCain’s Mischaracterization of His Iraq Plan

Acckkk! Judy Miller on Larry King - "wouldn't change a thing"

The McClellan statement change on Olbermann!

JOSHUA FRANK: The Liberals' Ridiculous Defense of President Bill Clinton

Rep. Weldon Alleges Massive 'Cover-Up' Of Pre 911 Intel

Iraq turning Iranian? The latest from Riverbend at Baghdad Burning

Warner-Clark 2008?

Okay I'll Say It... Zarqawi IS A LUNATIC!!

I Am SICK Of Ds Being Warned That Their Strategies "May Backfire"

Graham is quite the demagog! Why is he pushing "habeas corpus" amendment?

Alito is Toast

Al From today speaks of FDR's New Deal as a thing of the past.

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline

Freeper Fight!!! Freeper Fight!!! Freeper Fight!!!

Kerry Introduces “Strategy for Success in Iraq Act”

The Democratic Message: Put the American People First

Senate Passes Kerry Amendment Demanding Accountability on Secret Prisons

Freeper Friday heads up - Michelle Malkin

How the U.S. Helped Create Zarqawi and the Terror Financing Network

Who are you leaning towards for '08?

If Bush** had any dignity at all, he'd resign now and...

Driving on the Bones of God- Joe Bageant

NYT: Rove Is More His Old Self at the White House

At Newspapers That Backed Bush in 04: New Worries...Few Regrets (For Now)

How do you rationalize fossil fuels? How do you feel about them?

Essex Cnty Task Force loses 6 month fight, Cnty picks Sequoia Advantage

AOL Poll on McCain and Iraq troop levels

Anyone else think Rove writes Bush's speeches? After hearing Rove

Even Faux news thinks * Stinks

Sleeper cells

Who said "She's fair game." and to whom? n/t

10 Years Ago: Ken Saro-Wiwa Killed by Big Oil

On AC 360: McCain says people killed during interrogation because

Rove Is More His Old Self at the White House

FYI -- Cokie Roberts on The Colbert Report

***Please post your thoughts/opinions on the Rove Debacle tonight!***


I hate to be a worry-wart, but...

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline

Hey Look! It's Cheney - photo

US economy in meltdown? So it says here

Who said this? "The Marines I have seen around the world have..."

Wal-Mart defends 'Happy Holidays' approach

I think Colbert really IS trying to suck in the Republiclowns.

So just as I was getting a bit ho hum about South Park, they come up

"After 5 years...centrist Republicans in both chambers... make a stand."

Lawsuit Abuse Critic (T-Ricky Santorum) Explains Suit (Hypocricsy)

Smoking bans GOOD!

Transcript of Dean's interview with Wolf tonight. He almost got angry.

Entitlement. or No wonder the world hates us.

Rove Is More His Old Self at the WH (sounds like he thinks he's home free)


LOL Santorum Just Got Slammed on Primetime as "Hypocrite"

Bill O'Reilly invites Al Qaeda to to blow up San Francisco (Media Matters)

If We're Gonna Fight About It Endlessly: Smoking Ban Poll

NYT: Rove Is More His Old Self at the White House

WP: House Budget Measure Is Pulled

Lawsuit Abuse Critic (T-Ricky Santorum) Explains Suit (Hypocricsy)

Rove Is More His Old Self at the White House

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline

NYT/AP: CDC: U.S. Smoking Rate Continues to Fall

NYT: His Image Tarnished, Bush Seeks to Restore Credibility

Best internet diss of all time.

Lokai? Or Bele? Both well acted, who's the better persona?

A rebroacast of my Favorite HOTTEST SOUNDS! Listen here!

Good Night, this has been fun

I have lost 6 of my pieces of flair!

is there any cure for a SKROOB addiction?

30 years ago - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

So, who should the Democrats run in 2020?

You know what's great? Organic, crystallized honey!

Good Thursday Evening, Everybody!

I bet yo mama was a tent-show queen.

is there any cure for a SNOOD addiction?

I can't believe the Threadkiller thread is still getting hits.

I'm feeling a bit Promethean. Someone tear out and eat my liver.

should a convertible person date

Question about adopting an older dog.

I always thought the emergency brake was for stopping faster

Favorite Bubble/Fan Dancer Name...

What do you do when you are pissed at yourself?

National Novel Writing Month - End a story with a preposition

The Gordon Lightfoot appreciation thread

Best Frank Zappa guitar solo?

Now accepting suggestions for wedding music

Carnal Knowledge | Paralyzed women rediscover orgasms

Pet eating fisher cats reappear in Connecticut...

Rove's brilliance: Lie, lie, lie and when caught lie about the lie. n/t

Who is on the Democratic bench for cabinet posts?

How about our trade deficits, Dubya?

When Dumbya's ratings reach sub-zero may we return him?

Rep. Davis (R-VA) threatens subpoenas (of WH and Cabinet members)

Is McCain running for President?

I can't help but think: what if Amman was just Black Ops?

CNN Poll: Is Streisand's impeachment call out of line?

History will not look kindly on Alan Greenspan

Warner vs. Clark in 2008 will lead to a bloody primary