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Archives: November 1, 2005

A Scalia by any other name


So now "Moderate" is a dirty word.

The battle is on (San Francisco Chronicle)

Jeb Bush Postpones Some FL Elections

Anderson Cooper: Just say no to New Year's Eve

The Snake Oil Merchants Who Sold Us a War!!

Sirota - Why Give Ground to Archconservatives & the Radical Right?

Hounds of Heaven: Bush's Rabid Base - the Hunting of Harriet Miers (Floyd)

tycoon shoots cash at causes/Kerry fell short among deep-pocket donors

"Beyond the Bus: Rosa Parks Took a Stand but..." (racism lives on)

wal-mart Attorneys Write Child Labor Abuse Policy for Labor Department.

WP: The White House Stonewall

Scheer: What Judy Forgot: Your Right to Know

Hersh Winces at Media Protecting `lying' Sources

Power Shifts (Mark Schmitt)

Full text of Reid's remarks prior to closed session

Diversity Gets Benched (Scalito nomination; WaPo)

Springing a Leak: Hot Water in Cheney's Boiler Room

Nora Ephron: What's Eating George Bush?

Has anyone noticed that the coverup worked? E. J. Dionne

New Yorker: Hell Week

Blizter and the 700 Club

The Unsung Triumph of George W. Bush

Libby's Dilemma part II

Democrats Fiddling As The World Burns (published today!)

Oil Issues Article: THERE IS NO PLAN "B"

Molly Ivins: Escape from the pickle factory

GAO Report Confirms Key 2004 Stolen Elect Findings

Cover-up already worked;Libby case demands more questions-Dionne

Roberts is coordinating language of Phase II. report with Cheney !!

US is "...using (male) rape as a military strategy. "

Newsview: Bush Allies Say He's Lost His Way

AOL founder finally prised out of Time Warner

Delphi's economic toll: $10 billion

Links to new Tax proposals

A New Weapon for Wal-Mart: A War Room

Hyundai Heavy Industries dips toes in solar power/CHP waters.

Wetlands Loss Connection To Katrina's Devastation Becoming Clearer - BBC

The mystery of CIGS photovoltaics unraveled.

Climate Model Suggests Near-Total Loss Of Tundra, Reef Destruction - NYT


Blair Demands "Sound Science" As Climate Talks Begin Blahblahblahblabhblah

Paleooceanographer Traces History Of Population Collapses Through Menus

You have been appointed dictator of america...

PBS TV special on global warming hosted by Alanis Morissette

Report: Grazing on Public Land Costly

Bridging the Gulf

Mahmoud Abbas is dancing with wolves, and they may swallow him

Egypt soldiers kill two at Egypt-Israel border

Re: Palestinians

Remarks by Stephen Hadley to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Gaza's ancient history uncovered

UN unanimously declares Jan. 27 Int'l Holocaust Day, Haaretz, Nov 1, 2005

NIST says WTC originally designed with concrete core

WTC demolition all wrong

The Cleveland Airport Mystery - Update

Diebold's new proprietary bar code scanner

Another Mathematician Signs- Math Proof of Bunk of Mitofsky Analysis

my rep's response to support of HR 550

Help in GD with this POST SOS TO CONGRESS

Needing some help in Iowa

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 11/02/05

Cost and short shelf life of voting systems resonate with Republicans

World Can't Wait San Francisco: Cindy Sheehan

Pro-Schwarzenegger pieces in LA Times

CA Politics Question - Past vs. Current

PROP 73 Supporters called me!!!

People DO NOT vote YES on proposition 78.

Foothill-De Anza...??? (Yeah, minor, but still - help!)

anybody else here in rate increase struggle with calif water service?

I will thank Harry Reid by contributing to the Loebsack campaign

Judge blasts Blouin on abortion

Harkin on MSNBC, giving response to Bush's 'pandemic talk'

Save student-run WAVM from Living Proof (Christian right corporation)

Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far

How many (Win XP Pro) machines can you put NAV on?

Symantec just released the Trial Version of NIS2006. I've

I Have .cue and .bin Files: How Do I Play Them?

New Clues in Search for Matt Maupin (missing in Iraq)

Election officials want voters to take their time

Auditor says she's in gubernatorial race to stay

Blackwell's Fundraising

Who's Your Buddy?

Judge removed from DeLay case

Stream Energy/ Ignite Inc ? scam or legit

John Crony-n and Kay Perjury Technicality

Hey Austin and Central Texas: We need to have brunch!!!

SHOCK - Urinal Sentinel apologizes for repeating wmd lies

Five state senators oppose ethics reform - including 2 Dems

W: Libby 'entitled to due process' but secret trials and torture are A OK

The Daily Show- more excellent coverage of Plamegate (repay on now)

Who knows when Joe could file his civil case?

Hasn't anyone else noticed this

More on Rove's status from the WP

Whatever Rove did at the last minute, it was a LIE

Anyone watch (or record) 60 Minutes last night?

USA Today editorial on CIA leak case riddled with false, misleading claims

What the 'Shield' Covered Up (great read from the WaPo)

Keep this in mind

Why is it the Democrats get so little traction from the indictment?

Will there be a fair and impartial Trial?

Joe Wilson's Halloween costume

Libby defiant as Senate investigates Rove's role

Libby expected to plead not guilty Thursday

What do we know about Scooter's judge?

Trial Could Pit Libby's Interests Against Bush's

Jaw-dropper from Hannity's radio show last night...

C-SPAN LIVE NOW ::: WH Correspondent for NY Daily News on Rove

Russert and Bernie "liberal media" Goldberg discuss blue collar values?

Elections Postponed in Bolivia

Admitted Paid Media Whore Armstrong Williams: I AM NOT ALONE!

Hannah got part of Libby's job, right?

From Daily Kos-Excellent point and observation

Could The Bush Admin Lie It's Way Out of the Investigation?

There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment

Be The Prosecutor: Who's The Liar In This Scenario?

The 9/11 committee disproved Wilson's claims?

Who watched Wilson on Blitzer last night?

Fitz--It's over and it's not over-- Why send that signal?

Fall of a Vulcan (Prosecutor can refuse to accept a plea deal)

The media's already talking about Alito rather than Plamegate.

Misleadership - Bigger lie is at heart of Libby investigation

Video: "President Bush's Watergate"

Patching Things Up

I like how the Republicans are trying to have it both ways

Cindy stands alone if she opposes the 2008 democratic nominee

Most important thing I've read all day!

Anyone think Joe Wilson would ever run for office? From what I have

Morning Press gaggle covers Italian forgeries with Scotty. Interesting...

Time Reporter Says He Learned Agent's Identity From Rove

Any news on Snotty's press conference for today? We'll see if the

Did Cheney's Chief of Staff jeopardize our national security?

What if Joe Wilson sues Rove

Libby lied to save 2004 election for Bush

Milwaukee Paper Apologizes for Accepting 'Cooked' WMD Evidence

An obvious point we miss about Fitzmas

Philip Giraldi, Am Con Mag: "Forging the Case for War"

The proposed simpliefied income tax

Who's Lying: George Bush or Sylvio Berlusconi? --->>>

Who's Going to JUDGE SCOOTER??? (Find Out Here)

NBC tries to be forthcoming about Russert

Have Dems Considered National Message Advertising?

(FIORE) Everybody Hates Harriet

Let's help Scooter with his writing


David Brock Question....

Zero Murders in New Orleans since the Hurricane

Is it time for a Constitutional Congress ?

Ken 'Horseface' Mehlman will be on Hardball tonight

Would it be better had Fitzgerald indicted Rove last Friday or...

FLU! ---about liability lawsuits and vaccines

Video: DCCC slams Republicans on the CIA leak case.

Funny Video about Scooter

Tuesday 11/1 Media reports on PlameGate

UN Warns of Poverty as World’s Lakes Evaporate

I just finished a Zogby poll on the West Wing.

Bushgate (I swear): Who wrote "he knew not how best to touch her."

Heal THYSELF You Disgusting Little FREAK ---pix->>>

Rumsferatu press conference up now.

Anyone listening to Harry Reid on Cspan2? Sounds like he's behind the Iraq

Something Happening In the Senate Right Now!

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Harry Reid is doing

Roadtrip for Relief for Katrina Victims in New Orleans Nov 27, 2005

Bad Apples

My Faith in the Democratic Party is Being Restored

Look who's sneaking out of the helicopter in the background ---pix->>>

"Be Prepared For This Motion Every Day Until They Take Action"

Everyone turn on C-Span 2 Now!!!!!

Middle of the road Ca. IraqVet says that he and his sons and his grandsons

For those upset about the lack of media coverage on Plame

Reuters: EXPERTS say US is LOSING War on Terror

A Classic Pre$$titution Technique

What if they reassign (read fire) Fitz now?

AIM Urges NBC's Russert to Step Aside From Network Coverage of CIA Leak Cas

Kent Conrad on C-Span Today: Destroys The * Economic Policy Disaster

If The Chimp is doing something about the Bird Flu threat

Today gave me hope that there might be hope with future of our government

MSNBC has commissioned a Vinick Santos Poll

An Ethnicity-Baiting Chris Matthews Flat-Out Lied

Bill Frist speaking on the closing

No more GD-CIA Leak board?


Of course the media doesnt cut in for the Dems statement

Flu Epidemic Called Crisis Akin to Nuclear War - ABC News

One Repub on CSPAN2 said that the closed senate is about Pre-War Intel!!!

Repuke Senator's ASSES are leaking on CSPAN - get this they

Frist says "We were Hijacked by the Dems"

Jeff Gannon interviewed Joe Wilson in Nov. 2003 !!??

I guess they all forgot

Oliphant hits at ongoing media spin, CIA leak, Iraq, Bush, and Kerry

Help save WAVM from Living Proof Inc., of Bishop, Calif.

Help save WAVM from Living Proof Inc., of Bishop, Calif.

Republicans Upset Because Democrats Point Out Their Crimes!

Never forget: BushCo will start other Wars if they get a chance. SCOTUS


C-Span2 is replaying Sen. Harry Reid's speech

Hey fucking CAT KILLER FRIST - call the WHAAAA mbulance

Frist "I can't trust Sen Reid for the next 18 months".

They are replaying Sen. Reid's remarks now!

Frist: I need to go figure out what we need to do"

Hey! I Guess Reeps won't be threatening Armageddon again any time soon.

Coming up on CSPAN 2 Harry Reids remarks on Senate floor

For the cuberates---link about Reid's session

Awesome stuff on the home page today

Tell it Jack Cafferty!!!111!!! We have no investigation, no answers!

This may be the beginning of Dem IMPEACHMENT strategy

presidential material?

Do you reckon this might take attention away from Alito for

Is it possible the Senate has come into new info? Their is probably

What's going on with Sen. Reid

Something tells me there is an impending ROVE INDICTMENT

Reid's speech is on C-SPAN2 -- Now!

Question: can the repugs just ignore all this because

Levin on now CSPAN2

Durbin's up... Live on C-SPAN2

Durbin coming back to speak, CSPAN2

SCREW YOU KARL ROVE! Not Controllng The News Cycle Today!

Yahoo Story on Closed Session

Delay Judge has been removed from the case, breaking now

Polls will be on OUR side. The people are asking "WHAT THE FUCK?" on Iraq

Why does anyone think the bird flu vaccine will work?

I am only one, but still I am one...

2027 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Eugenics again?

Press asks "Are you politicizing Fitzgerald's investigation"

What is a closed session?

Let them overturn Roe v. Wade

Senate in closed session and CNN is back to their bird flu talking points!

Jack Cafferty is laughing! He said the Dems got the bird flu story

From The American Conservative

Next Step Harry... no more "unanimous consent"

Electoral Funding Scandals Expose Cracks in Still-broken System

please get on your phones and call frist!!!

Fitzgerald investigation and his press conference

Mr. Reid Goes to Washington -

Which "Dem" will be the first to say these words?

Call your senators NOW

Is Reid leading a meltdown of this crazy dictatorship?

Frist and Lott on C-Span 2 now

The MSM seems to be treating closed session as a non story

Senator Barbara Boxer @ The Daily show tonigth =====>

Don't let the media paint the Dems as extreme for today's action

I'm RE-Converting to Catholicism so I can light a candle for Reid!

Four days later...

Why are we talking about the closed session?

"It's a STUNT. A pure STUNT" - Bill "HCA" Frist

Less than half an hour after Senate imbroglio, headline on Fox news:


"It's all to avoid talking about the budget"

Without objection: I call for a motion

Cafferty File question: Were the Democrats right to shut down the Senate?

RW Spin: "Upset With Fitzgerald Findings Dem Senators in Secret Session"

I wonder what Rush Limbaugh is saying?

Boy I wish I was a fly on the wall in the Senate Chambers

"political dirty trick"--who said that -as i missed it.

It's a "slap in the face"

I think the fact that 2,000 American deaths in Iraq

Of all the gall,Rumsfeld comparing the Iraq mess to WWII and Korea.

Maybe this will help Fitz in some way............

let's get it on

Anyone else wish they were a fly on the Senate wall?

Larry Johnson is on the Ed Schultz show right now

the aspens are losing their leaves

It feels like Fitzmas again!

Who was that guy Bush nominated for Supreme Court?

Employers forcing employees to accept direct deposit

Why are the Dems so affraid to say it was a MISTAKE to vote "Yes"

Senate to come back in open session shortly according to C-SPAN2

Tom Daschle up NEXT on Ed Schultz!

Congress' toll free number - got it

Dear Senator Reid - boy was I ever wrong about you

Kit Bond -"The Republicans are outraged"

Candy Crowley asked to explain dangers for Dems and Repubs

Tweety defending Reid?

Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Eventually Lead to a Civil War

Closed Session - How long do they last?

Reid said the "The Record will show the admin used 9/11 to justify Iraq"

MSNBC Spin: "Frist Outraged"

CSPAN2 playing Reid's remarks for a THIRD time now.

Remember this? "Newt Gingrich: Cry Baby"

Frist is pissed !!!

CSPAN2 live now! Schumer is speaking in the hall outside Senate chambers.

Pat Roberts to speak on floor of Senate which will go in Session in a few

Who seconded Reid's motion?

Schumer speaking

Mr. Frist, you feel slapped?

I'm so proud of the Dems today-FIGHTING BACK

Where can I donate online to Fighting Senator Harry Reid?

Gosh, ya go out for a while and all hell breaks loose

Wow, even Buchannan thinks this is good!!

Anyone know good sources for hospital costs?

Roberts is being called on the carpet for Delaying the Senate

I just got out of a meeting, and it looks like all hell has broken loose

WE SHOULD divide GD again to lessen the craziness..

Reid opened a window on growing STENCH of rePUKE war lies and corruption

Something about Reid's statement I noticed

Email your senators and ask them to speak out in support of Harry!

From last year- VIDEO of Rockefeller on Hardball

Senate live, back now nm

Did anyone catch Monica Crowley on "The Colbert Report" last night?

Open Senate live on CSPAN2

Cafferty RIPPIN IT UP on CNN

Waaaaaah..Frist is dissapointed!

Thank you, Congressman Paul

Wishful thinking, but Frist is talking about how important Iraq is now

VIDEO- Durbin/Levin statements to press during session

Remind them that the "reality they make" is not going to stand! n/t

The battle has been joined

For all those who urged caution, and keeping the powder dry

State-by-State Impact of Republican Budget Cuts

Call your Senators to tell them

CNN Transcript about Phase 2

"We will not let up until we get answers!"

Back in open session now..n/t

I've been pretty hard on Reid. I apologize.

VIDEO-part of Reid's speech

Sen Kit Bond (R) spilling the beans on the closed session

For the first time in four years, the Democrats are playing OFFENSE

In a Libby Trial....Tweety, Russert, Cooper might have some problems.

Carville on Sit Room CNN

Who is this female, partisan hack voice on MSNBC?

rePUKES: "We all had the same intelligence"....yeah COOKED intelligence

Remember When The GOP Wanted To Impeach Earl Warren?

Open Senate session commencing now--Frist up.

Pat Roberts on now

I posted this a short while before "all hell broke loose". I stand by it

I just called Senator Reid's office!

We are all witness to the briefest of glimpses into a post-nuclear Senate

Note that the media is excited-yet are taking no responsibility for NOT

Woot ! Level 3? Can't leave you kids for a minute !

DeLay gets a small victory.

Roberts calls Democratic Issued Memo a "Democrat Memo"

Schumer: Republican response is telling

Link no longer works but snippet from Yahoo about the Senate deal last yea

I'm not ready to change the conversation


Link to TNR about Robert's comments that Phase 2 not necessary

Rockerfeller up now: He sounds angry!

Welcome to politics

Give them Hell Harry.................

Harry Reid is Kicking Ass on CNN right NOW

Oh Shut Up, Roberts.

Republicans are on the defensive-be ready for anything

What I've been waiting for!

C-SPAN 2 / CNN cut away.

And the hits just keep on comin'.

Sen. Roberts (R) up now: "we pledge to do what we pledged to do"

Daschle-Senate just created 6-Senator task force to look into pre-war

PLEASE post any video link to Cafferty's emotional statement.

cnn reporting that Dems will shut down the Senate everyday till they

Roberts talking aobut the Office of Special Plans!!


Durbin coming up with Wolf

How many of you saw some "let's scare the shit out of you over Halloween"

Torie Clark CNN analyst = Republican schill

Hey Democrats, Time to crank up the outrage!

Jay Rockefeller cspan II

Dont look now! Fox news is showing a gas pump fire!

AP Newsview: Bush allies say he's lost his way

Dick Durban CNN now! n/t

Here they come with their talking points...

LINKS to Senate Intelligence Committee members

Mehlman is making the connection of Iraq and 9/11

So where do we go from here!??!

Reid wouldn't have done this without knowing a lot of Senators back it.

Mort Zuckerman: how does somebody that STUPID get that RICH?

This an excellent time for McCain to exact sweet revenge..n/t

Ladies And Gents, Please A Round Of Applause For The Return Of DSM!

Urge your Democratic senators to get involved!!!

Does Reid have some new info?

gooooooooooo ROCKY!!!!!!!!

Go to and donate to Harry's fund

If the Senate holds hearings couldn't they grant immunity to those who

You are damn right it's a stunt! A necessary stunt to get the truth out!

cnn "commentators" just gop hacks.

Brilliant! One thing this does is firmly attach the R Congress to Bush.

The Harry Reid Smear Campaign Will Begin In 5...4...3...2....

Raw Story's CIA leak reporting

Freepers are dull-eyed submissive brownshirt fascist sheeple wimps

Everytime the Democrats do something against the Repubs they ...

Closed Senate: Is this the key?

The war criminal in the Oval Office.

"Witholding information from the senate" = withholding from THE PEOPLE

VIDEO-Pat Roberts baloney

KARL ROVE in Sympathy for the Devil new comic strip up now

Trent Lott just said that maybe Rove shouldn't be the chief

If I were to become pregnant.... of course the commie and I....

I think I'll go out on a limb and predict that Harry Reid will win

The flu in perspective

Is this as big as I think it is?

So has anyone on TV except Cafferty and Buchanan not trashed the Dems...

A "stunt" ?!?!?!?

Closed session of senate: your thoughts?

Is Scooter going to have to testify before Congress?

Fineman on Hardball --he has been good recently.

Let's use CNN's feedback form to inform Wolf and Lou Dobbs

A letter to Reid and Senate Democrats (my first draft)


Remember when Frist went to help Thune in South Dakota?

what is this task force garbage

VIDEO- Chuck Schumer's Comments on Closed Session

Reid owns the Republicans!

Roberts is lying. He wrote a letter to Kerry after DSM inquiry and claimed

Fall 2005 - When America woke up.

So how do we get Reid's idea of an investigation going, and how do

The beauty: There is NO WAY for the rePUKES to defend their actions

woohoo go dems go, time to clear the deadwood...

YO - Re: WiseButAngrySara's request for a DU letter of support

Can't wait to see Snotty's press briefing tomorrow.

Lou Dobbs almost defending the Democratic rebellion

Frist on cable news complaining of "personal affront"

If I hear 'blame the CIA' one more time I'm going to fucking scream!

I take it back! TODAY is my dancing day!

Sure it's a stunt...

Everyone needs to send an email to

What's next?

To those who want to make me afraid: GO F--- YOURSELVES!!

I've been gone ALL day---I missed something big

Tweety takin' it to Ken Mehlman now on MSNBC

It's time for ALL our Elected Democrats to find their courage.

It's time to retire the term IED

Dancing . . .

scariest words to a congressional investigation: transactional immunity

So, would it be possible for the Dems to "run out the clock" on SC noms?

Here's a Poll that may not need the DU treatment but

Boxer got flowers, maybe Harry Reid would like personalized chocolates...

Bush running away from a fight with Senate Dems! Shows his weakness.

Anti-Bush Protesters Gather in Argentine Resort Ahead of Americas Summit

My Birthday wish ( thank you Sen. Reid!!!)

Norah O'Donnell wrong

Bye, bye Karl Rove. Nice knowing you. Don't let the door hit you in the...

The final letter is up - SEE THIS

I think Reid was just pushed too far

Lou Dobbs Poll

So, how long will it be before the old talking point is dug up again:

Gergen is being very good recently.

CBS Poll on Alito

Reid's 'Secret' Session on Pre-War Intel Called 'Pure Stunt'

Lott Questions Whether Rove Should Stay At White House (sludge)

Joseph Wilson will be on Larry King tonight

Will Pitt, will you right an article about "stunts" and the Rs selective

Hey Freeps--Remember you are supporting TREASON!!

Dems Stand Up for America -Jamal Simmons

The question keeps coming up from the media (fairly so):

Fitzgerald's Focus: Which Crime to Charge (Libby/Rove) Next

So the closed session interrupted a budget debate

Hotline: Murray Waas article was the trigger for Reid's actions

How would Utah vote, the reddest of red states, if

obnoxious email poem-Now I Sit me down in school and my response in verse

ROUGH #2 Letter to Reid - seeking further input

Bush is finally on the defensive and boy, does it feel good

RNC chairman said Plame leak was "bigger than Watergate" (Tweety)

a Chastened White House Trembles before the power of Democrats Awakened

Maybe this is the true meaning of FITZMAS...?

Wouldn't It Be Great...

Pat Roberts is whinning--all of a sudden it was about me. cnn

Chrissie lets Ken Mehlman spew talking points

Wonder how Michael Weiner Savage will be tonight

If You write it we will sign...Calling Will Pitt, and all other DU writers

did Hula Jaw mention Iraq at Ground Zero?

Harry Reid....I want to bear your child!

Harry Reid Halo

ROUGH Letter of support to Reid et al.

Joe Wilson on Larry King Live TONIGHT (Tuesday)...

FLOOR PROCEEDINGS (unofficial transcript) before closed session


A first-rate recap of today's events; Head On with Bob Kincaid! Starts NOW

Rockefeller, Feinstein, and Levin

Read this and then e-mail Jack Cafferty.

ABC, CBS lead with Senate Shutdown story, NBC leads with Bird Flu

I love bubbles--anybody have a video link from this segment on TDS?

"Bubbles" disses Shrub...

Researchers Say Levees Had Design Flaws

Caption this Picture of Alito Family

OK, I am now convinced that Dem leaders read DU

Reid has something big! That's the only thing that makes sense here.

What do you think was going on at the WH today during the siege?

Some predictions about when they make abortion illegal

joe wilson on larry king tonite...

CBS hits homerun on Senate Shutdown AND home mortgage deduction!!

Joe Wilson on Larry King tonight! 9PM EST.....taking calls, too!

E-mail Jack Cafferty He,s taking them now

Well, so much for Nero's "recovery week"

All this feels a lot like giving birth to a baby

C&L links to Reid's press conference and more

While I applaud supporting Harry Reid...and am Thrilled with his Stand...

Message tomorrow

Neo-convicts and Other Criminals

Tweetie just called today's action by Harry Reid a "stunt"


Sammy "The Breath" Alito

so dems are anti-Italian now?

Tori Clark (R) on CNN, talking about Phase II: "It's hard work"

It is the OBLIGATION of the minority party, in a time when there is NO

Are the SENATORS above the LAW???If they saw a Crime commited

Personal letter to Sen. Reid (not from DU) - comments?

Dammit folks -- WE WERE RIGHT. The "smart people" are doing mea culpas

How many % points did Reid's DU approval increase by?

Bush gets word of the Democrats attack...

Do you think shrub will sacrifice Rove in light of his

Pug Response: Oh Shit! The Democrats Take A Stand On Something!

On now on FSTV - Greg Palast's Bush Family Fortune.

FLASH: Lott Questions Whether Rove Should Stay At White House...

Anyone catch the end of Blitzer

Can someone catch me up? What did I miss with Reid?

Howard Dean: Indict Dick Cheney

Hillary on c-span talking bird flu!!!

Frist's response?

Heads Up! The Joe Wilson Press Junket continues tonight and tomorrow

Hey Freepers! Still wanna "nuke the filibuster"?

Freeper so mad - now wishing for Martial Law!!!!

I am just wild about Harry-

Ok I'm back catching up--What is Shrub's reaction?

Co-president of Maine College Democrats being deployed to Iraq

What's up ith the Marc Maron show?

Quick, Quick DU this Dobbs poll

VIDEO- Cover Up- E J Dionne with Olbermann

Today is Reidavus - forget Fitzmas

Could Pat Robertsons Consigliere (Sekulow) be a crook?

Cheney and Libby Blocked Papers to Senate Intel Committee??

Remembering All the Dead on All Saint's Day

From Huffington Post--WH muzzling Alito's son....

Democratic Party ads in 2006 should emphasize "One Party Rule" we've had,

Some conservatives question Rove's future

Rumsfeld says no U.N. access to Guantanamo inmates - Tortured too badly

Michelle Malkin coming up on Billy. Either watch or get a 2X4 and hit

NBC Frightly News

2028 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Countdown on subject of Phase II

Come speculate--What actually went on during the closed session?

'CANDY WOLF' & a call to arms!

CNN Ried Statement NOW LIVE n/t

Today is only the beginning.

Today is a good day but,

Does anyone know what tghis is about?

I found it quite funny

Reid's brilliant move

CA scare tactic phone ads slam planned parenthood for arnold....


George Bush Just got his ASS KICKED BY A GIRL

What is this on C-SPAN right now?

Dr. Cat-killer Frist, When you're slapped, you'll stay slapped.

Boston Legal is about the The Iraq war tonight

CSPAN now, some good stuff happening on the floor

who was it that seconded Reids call for closed door session?..n/t

Ben Nelson and Orrin Hatch on Harball yesterday

Kinda reminds me of the Aiello nomination

Day one

CSPAN2 - Ried answering questions - repeat

Does anyone have a link to Ted Stevens freak out?

Guess I'll give some money to the Democrats tonight...

let's all donate to senate democrats....

Meaningless and Irrelevant

Just got back from work. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

cnn. more troops going to Irag ==again for the elections.

VIDEO-Frist Edited Speech from today Lampoon

So I got into a funk when the Alito nomination was announced

Where's Anderson Cooper?

Interest'n Zogby poll. West Wing show????

Catholic Univ. student: Why do we have to tolerate SUBHUMAN gays?

It's really least right now.CSPAN.

Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) doing a full hour on the House floor, CSPAN1 now

The World Can't Wait! - 180 Actions Nationwide - Tomorrow, 11/2

Can Shrub give a speech without mentioning terrorism?

C-Span Now....House Dems hitting nail on the Head

Let's play "Name This Week's Terrorist Threat."

ABC just showed the President asking the staff if they were the Leaker

Harry Reid "Rove should resign"

Wal-Mart hurting-thanks to us Lefties. Sales down do to bad press...

Of Presidents & Emperors

Maher's show Friday: was it inflammatory? Usually

This is why we need to demand the true

You can't always get you want

I know this is off topic, but regarding the Pretenders "My city was gone"

GRAPH: Deaths/Month in Iraq (4th and 5th worst months of all since Aug.)

The Coming Bush Rebound

Why a closed door session, why not let the public view it?

Barb Boxer on Daily Show NOW!!

Why are the Regressives Blaming the CIA for "bad" intelligence?

Bush continues to lie - Our troops continue to die - Reid-Rockefellar

VIDEO: Atrocity? Iraqis claim US killed 40 civilians (Channel 4 UK)

November 2nd National Strike for peace...

Why don't we (Dems) call the MSM what they are?

Kid joins army with forged papers and now wants out?

*ushco strong arming the press. Tweety talks.

Is Candy Wolf the President??? Who is she??? Did I miss an

Is this the day?

What's with the DU Activist Corps?

Fuck you MSNBC!!!

Rumsfeld's Flu Racket

Complete this: "BushCo's policies help _________, but hurt everyone else."

Thank You Senator Reid....

Some facts on Closed Senate Session from Reid's office

Is it fair to say that Harriet Meirs was at least as qualified as O'Connor

"Power Shifts" Wonderful Post from TPM's Site about Dems Taking it BACK!

7 Billion flue shot?

"Boston Legal" about Iraq war and office politics tonight

Matt Cooper on Larry King: Bloodless. Everything wrong with media now.


Barbara Boxer will be on Daily Show Tonight

George Bush Bush's latest speech

WP: Fitz, Rove meeting about more than Levine e-mail; not over for Karl

Americans were intentionally deceived

How will America be saved?

CA Iraq-Vet blogger critiques war "Journalism".

Wealthy Bush contributor to oversee coast recovery

The Roveist GOP Party is a fat, gaseous, Santa-hating fascist sponge cake

Hey! How did that elephant get in the living room??

Boxer on Daily Show tonite!

CBS Leads with Senate Story!!!!

Did ya Notice who DIDN't come to Support Pat & Frist???

Is it now time to call it the "Democracy Party" ???

How would you answer this?

"Everyone thinks it is over for Karl and ***they are wrong,***"

Does anyone have a copy of Rockefeller's letter or statement

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Shout Out

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

Media Matters goes after Chris Matthews about the Dean interview....

CNN just said:

Sen. Ried gets Closed Senate Session...Happening Now!!

Has Kerry or Hillary said anything on this?

What's Behind the Ruckus? Read Josh Marshall on the Niger forgery --->

Freep founder now: "Marxist Democrat Party is corrupt, treasonous"

OK, what did I miss? Reid and Frist got into some sort of tussle, and

Did Reid pick the best three dems to look into the report ?

Thank you , Big Oil! Thank you, Pharmas!

We can't make it here anymore - James McMurty commentary on George Bush's

Is George Tenet Mr. X? Is Plamegate a CIA plot?

Sad How Many Unpatriotic & Un American People In This Country

Good Yahoo Story on today's event

Damn! DeLay Judge Recused

Why do you think an innocent man went judge shopping? (DeLay)

VIDEO- Rockefeller's Floor Speech on the Report

Surf the web? The FBI wants to know where you go.

Are The Democrats Back?

Three New HARRY REID Avatar Images!

Anyone else...

ÜberFReeper JimRob wants to talk "corruption" -- he's got 'splainin' to do Poll On The Necessity Of A War Debate

I just mailed cry baby Frist a tissue.

Wisc. Gov. Doyle subpoenas Big Oil execs on price gouging!!

Why Frist is called the Catkiller

Caption this Reid Photo!

Let them call the dems obstuctionists

Did someone chain Lieberman up in the cloakroom?

Wal-mart film

Did anyone know Reid was going to do this?

Go Cong. Meek!!! "This is serious--period dot!"

Bush's non-existent consultation with Democrats, Harry Reid specifically.

How the Mainstream Media Got Bush Re-elected - And Screwed America

Is it me or did Saddam'strial get awful quiet all of a sudden?

Jack Cafferty/CNN - "tear their fingernails out!" (transcript)

Frist was notified

Joe Wilson on Larry King now

Will someone PLEASE give bush a BLOWJOB...

Great NEW "Horsey" Political Cartoon (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Melvin A. Goodman -- Dick Cheney vs. The Central Intelligence Agency

Frist: Dems "hijacked" the Senate!

Freepers imploding, took a peak so you don't have to.

Question: What does the word "Elitist" mean to you?

Joe Wilson is a class act

HUGE: Secret CIA prison in Europe!!!! (from Dailykos)


3 Little Pigs In Washington DC - A Plamegate Indictment Tale For The Kids!

Citizenspook: Is David Corn Feeling Fitzgerald's Heat?

It's official! I am a Boston Legal fan!


Pat Buchanan is backing Reid on MSNBC right now.

Official Bill Frist e-slap in the face thread.


Dick & Don's Cabal: Check out this great chart!

"I told you so" is a sign of weakness.

Democrats Push to Delay Alito Hearings ~ AP 18 minutes ago.

Is Alito That Bad?

DU Lou Dobbs's poll on Reid.


"VICTORY" - an email from Reid's office

"American girl" boycott is ON! ("Promote lesbianism & abortion")

What the hell is an Islamo-fascist anyway?

How to change the world by buying organic

Take Heart, NOW!!! No backing down! No fear!

The Carlyle Group and Bioport....Bird Flu Vaccine Alert....

Advice to Kansas DU - Use Roberts abuse of Intel Report and demand RECALL

Reid Statement: Troops and Security First (Re: Closed Session)

Kerry Statement On Closed Session

Sign the Petition for Release of Docs!

Did wolf just say "caligulality"?

List of Roadblocks the Senate GOP has Put Up re: Iraq Investigations

Wanted: Early photos of Ann Coulter

Department of Peace

SOS TO CONGRESS: Address 2004 Election

NOW NOW NOW MORE THAN EVER!! (Don’t come bitchin’ to me later!)

Bush Administration at war with US babies? Cuba has lower infant mortality

"Concerned Women" commend Congress: The unborn feel pain!!

DU Military Families Support Group now up and running!

Just donated $11.01 to the Democratic Party, signifying today's date.

Kerry and Fiengold make scathing statements on Iraq Intelligence!

caption this Bush photo


IMPORTANT ALERT: BushInc may be making move to take down KnightRidder.

Valerie's "Outing" ...there might be more to it...

Seymour Hersh Says Fitzgerald Will 'Save America'

Nothing Shakin’ on Shakedown Street?

Taken to extremes, liberalism is just as bad as conservatism...

PETITION AND LETTER: Thank you, Senator Reid!

John Edwards admits authorizing the president to attack Iraq was a mistake

New time for "The Guy James Show"

Know your BFEE: Scooter Libby’s the first big PNAC turd to go down

Plamegate is rooted in a Constitutional crisis.

Any good recipes for bread pudding?

Is there thyme in bratwurst?

Michael Moore just loves Canadiana.

Gomery report exxonerates Martin.

IED Trends and C4

Former trader indicted:Ex-El Paso employee headed natural gas desk

Alaska Lawmaker Against Benefits for Gays

Reactions to leak vary among ex-CIA insiders

U.S. Nuclear Deal With India Criticized by G.O.P. in Congress

Court-Martial Recommended for U.S. Soldier

Brother of Fugitive Polygamist Arrested

Iraqi Qaeda to put kidnapped Moroccans on trial-Web

'View Tax' Triggers Revolt in Rural New Hampshire

What do we know about Scooter's judge

Bush to Announce Strategy to Battle Flu

Security incidents in Iraq, Nov 1 (US Soldier killed #2027)

Telesur new Latin American TV station goes on air.

Dead air - Air America Radio's online stream

Howard Dean: Indict Dick Cheney

94 US soldiers killed in Oct

Detainees at Gitmo showing desperation

Bush aides alerted key supporters to Alito nod (before announcement)

Senate Republicans Need Unity on Alaska Oil to Win Budget Plan

Alito Leans Right Where O'Connor Swung Left (WaPo)

TV Station Backed by Chavez Goes on Air

UN rejects detainee contact bar for Guantanamo visit

Iraqi officer wounded in suicide attack by 13-year-old

WP: Military Faces Parental Counterattack: HS Recruitment Raises Worries

WP: Rhetoric Meets Reality (up sh*t creek) in the Budget Season

What Is Organic? Powerful Players Want a Say

Iran's London envoy sacked as president purges officials

Bush to Announce Strategy to Battle Flu

Rumsfeld Stands to WIn Big Off Bird Flu

Drug company sued for unethical conduct

Patching Things Up

Berlusconi rejects critics of his U.S. comments

After Libby Indictment, Wilson Revisits Iraq Weapons Claim

Time Reporter Says He Learned Agent's Identity From Rove

U.S. frees 500 prisoners from Iraq's Abu Ghraib (goodwill gesture)

Castro praises Maradona's anti-U.S. stand

UK rules out regime change policy

Talabani rejects any strike on Syria from Iraq

Bush headed into den of Leftists

Big Rush on Stem Cell Bank

Reid cautious about nominee: Nevadan says Supreme Court would look more

The Hill: Dems hint at filibuster

WP: Trial Could Pit Libby's Interests Against Bush's (new Rove info!)


Senate going into a CLOSED SESSION!

Frist on cable news complaining of "personal affront"

Delay Judge Removed from Case

Delay judge removed

Tourism hopes for Saddam palaces

Closed Session - How long do they last?

Iran’s Supreme Leader says Israel will be defeated

US tax panel urges mortgage interest deduction cut

Quake Relief Copter Apparently Fired Upon

DeWine: Alito "clearly within mainstream" and shouldn't be filibustered

Iraq: Child Bomber Dies as US Military Raises Alarm Over Roadside Attacks

Schwarzenegger may be hurting his own cause -- poll

Senate live, back now nm

While U Were Distracted: Fed Boosts Short-term Interest Rate to 4% (AP)

Oxley won't seek re-election in 2006

Two Baby Bells Go National


DeWine Says He'll Back Ban On Filibusters In US Senate

U.S. House Republican Oxley may retire

Federal Reserve boost key interest rate to highest level in 4+ years

Springing a Leak: Hot Water in Cheney's Boiler Room

Reid's 'Secret' Session on Pre-War Intel Called 'Pure Stunt'

Spice islands in turmoil as troops fire at election protesters

Bush Panel Unanimously Backs Two Alternatives for Simplifying Tax Rules

Researchers Say Levees Had Design Flaws

WTO police powers row (Hong Kong)

US dealt a deadly October in Iraq VOTE IT UP ON YAHOO!

Rosa Parks Rallies a Nation even in Death

GOP Seeks to Loosen Deficit-Control Bill

Three stabbed in park near White House

Koreas 'to unify Olympics teams'

Detroit Election Ad Depicts Lynching

CBS' Mary Mapes, in 'Vanity Fair,' Defends Role in 'RatherGate'

Raped Pakistani Woman Brings Fight to U.S.

US 'losing war' on terrorism

Venezuela, China to build satellite

Venezuela to Buy $1B in Argentina Bonds

Bush to Name FDIC Chairman to Gulf (recovery) Post

GOP seeks to loosen deficit-control bill

(Gov. Rick ) Perry Accuses FEMA Of Poor Planning, Discrimination

Chavez Warns of Moving Jets (F-16s) to Cuba, China

'Specific' terror threat against Australia: PM

Amnesty International on Blair's terror laws: Dangerous. Ill-conceived.

Judge Removed From DeLay's Criminal Case

Rumsfeld says no U.N. access to Guantanamo inmates

Kosky (Australia) rules intelligent design a faith

Amnesty International on Blair's terror laws: Dangerous. Ill-conceived.

Proposition 2 foes will counter Klan rally

Germany: Merkel stranded as ally quits grand coalition

.50-caliber ammo used so much (in Iraq) that (military) supplies run low

KR: Only Iraqi forces can eliminate `thugs,' U.S. commander says

Beatty, Reiner star opposite Schwarzenegger in election events

Senate Cuts Bush's Democracy Aid Request

Caddo Parish Sheriff Angry After Recent Meeting With FEMA

Chilean Court to Analyze New Privilege Withdrawal to Pinochet

Family Nearly Loses Newborn Over Faulty Urine Test (involving marijuana)

CIA-Leak Fallout Is Likely to Hinge On a Single Day

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 1 November

Safe Schools Act helps gangs recruit, NDP says

(Florida) Secretary of state quits

NAACP Leader Voices Concerns About Alito

Civilian contractors in Iraq dying at faster rate as insurgency grows

Democrats Push to Delay Alito Hearings

Appeals court voids Cuban spy decision, will rehear case

Reid takes Senate into closed session over Iraq intelligence

The Game's Still On for Sunnis--A Times

Anti-Bush protesters gather in Argentine resort ahead of Americas Summit

President Bush Says 'there is reason to be concerned' About Flu

DeLay Loath to Doff His Leadership Hat

Judge Assigned to Hear DeLay Case (can you say witch hunt)

Rumsfeld hints at more troops in Iraq

Bush Outlines $7.1B Flu-Fighting Strategy

Heated day in D.C. leads to more prewar probes (msnbc)

Colo. Vote Leaning Toward New Tax Plan

Bush critics conclude U.S. is losing war on terrorism

WP: GOP Angered by Closed Senate Session (Dumb-ass headline)

Put Your 2 Cents In: Stamp Prices Going Up

Sen. Lott becomes first GOP senator to question Rove's employment

Gomery blames Chrétien for sponsorship flaws (CANADA)

Rumsfeld can't recall discussing Plame

Blair signals shift over climate change

CNN: Syria rejects U.N. resolution

White House disputes Italy role in Iraq claim

Iran sacks diplomats in purge of reformers

Rumsfeld defends limits on U.N. access at Guantanamo

"Intelligent Design" battle goes to polls.

Four 101st soldiers killed in Iraq

Pentagon: Top al-Qaida Operative Escaped (*bangs head*)

UN set to vote on global day to mark Holocaust

Wis. School: No American Girl Fashion Show ("pro-abortion, pro-lesbian")

Zogby: Bush May Face Tough Crowd In South, Central America

Judge Removed From DeLay's Criminal Case

I'm sitting for the ACE personal trainer exam this Sat.

Would you hit it?

Why I'm not worried about avian flu

It's November now. I want snow dammit

Greatest. Quote. Ev-ver.


Hey, hey.. Lorien!!

I'm out.

I do believe it is time for a sing along!




Happy Halloween. Graphics warning ..........

Mike Tyson is a Bush fan

WHY is Lindsay Lohan being cast in the new RFK movie?

Who's Your Buddy?

Help! I've fallen asleep and I can't wake up!

November Eyesore of the Month by James Howard Kunstler

For your delectation:Scooter Libby's 2006 Halloween costume in cellblock D

Sweeet! Tonight's GITS was "The Visual Elements Will Laugh/Intercepter"

I love this Bush joke! (includes robot)

Your choice:

Hey folks, check out this AOL Poll!

Public Service Message

Who Said Islamic Law Wasn't Fun: Instant justice for using foul language

How "Piccadilly Commandos" had the GIs surrounded

Democrat Gets Donkey for Her 50th Birthday

My Mom got married tonight (pic inside)

Xbox 360. Who's gonna get one?

The snark in here today is quite discernible!

Knife-wielding woman, 80, tried to rob bank

Doesn't Murdoch own the post - isn't this a strategic bombshell

Eye Candy....

Really bad day, and it's only 8:38 a.m.


Got this via e-mail today. WTF?

Scariest Halloween photos ............

Out in The Country...

HELP! Computer Questions

3 Teens Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Boy Trick-Or-Treating

Did everyone have fun on Halloween weekend?

horrible home page grammar

What is a "cheese-eating high-school boy"?

Ahhhhh Took The Day Off

My dog (Senator Spike Boxer) is driving me freakin' nuts right now.

Beware the illicit drugs!

Does a worker have a right to record

Wow! New Duplicate feature is pretty neat!

Brothers take in, raise bear; authorities take it away

"If you could choose any head, whose head would you choose?"

not enough trick or treater's last night. i have razor blades left over

Isn't it amazing that you can THINK destructive behavior is behind you...

Was I the only one dieing laghing at Rob Cordry's bit last night on TDS

The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!

DU Baby Names

How come I always get in the mood to post

They egged my car!

If we ever have screenname change amnesty

10:30 am - my day off - should i get out in the yard to rake leaves or....

I want a playful, sexy shower curtain (male), and can't find one...?

What happened to the "Mark All" option?

Disturbing trend - teenagers trick or treating.

7:30 is the shut off time on Halloween now?

Vandals Puncture "Blow-Home"

Tom Delay behind bars


I am so upset, they just started clearing the forest behind my

TAKE THE QUIZ: Are you deadwood at work?

Has everyone forgiven me for eating all the 8-bean chilli?

A correction in 'The Guardian'

15 year old betrothed to cobra

Parents: What costumes did your kids wear last night?

Will Pitt! You use the word "crap" and the phrase "holy crap!" a lot!

W proposes $7.1 Billion to fight the Foo??? THEY HATE DAVE GROHL!!

Warning! Extreme Vanity!

Dear God,

*&^%$$^^ dog

My SO is gone for a week!

Do kids still learn "This Land is Your Land" in school?

thank GAWD THAT stupid holiday is over

Ready for another question?

Your Opinion of Bunny Prints Chuck?

Picture of my house from SPACE!!!

Virus Protection: What should I go with?

Holy crap

The Mcrib is back on the Revenge of the Sith is out.

Anger, Love, or Fear?

Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far

Ever almost volunteer too much information?

The you-know-what free thread


Bush-Cheny movie from

The brazillian free thread

I'm getting down! WOW! I got my backfield in motion! I'm dancing!

Fanatic cross waving mutants.....

DU Parents: Post the fruit of your loins in costume!

I'm going ot the DMV, can I get anyone anything?

A pledge - No more Picture Posts

November 1st - All Saints Day

Want Satellite Radio: Boycott Delphi products!!!

haha! have you all seen this funny brazillian joke?


I love DC in the fall

Woah! I have a different avatar in different browsers!

Beware the Pumpkin Slayer

Well f*** this, I'm going to lay in a supply of chicken soup and 7up

What should I buy at Wal Mart?

What's happening with BikeWriter?

Did you notice? We are back to regular GD and GD:P

Good idea for parents: How to get rid of the candy....

Xbox 360. Who's gonna get one?

Nut check!

OMG . . . Have you seen Napolean Dynomite?

All you people who use Norton Internet Security. A Trial Version

Kick me.

Tavernertoddler again!

A cute joke a friend just sent me.

An old joke, but I like it.

If you had about 100 DVDs you simply don't use any more, how

I have grave news to share with all of you

? for you guys with the stomach to listen to the pigboy

I Waited. Not ONE of you showed up with your rake!

ROFL...good one!

Who else is taking a happy dance break?

HEY can someone make a thingy that shows frist getting slapped in action?

Okay, what's going on?


"Revenge of the Sith" has more lightsaber battles than an Oasis concert.

Who else had adults trick or treating last night?

Why does a closed session help the dems and piss of the pukes?

Bloods vs. Crips?pffft try Hillary Duff vs. Lindsey Lohan turf war

Anybody know anything about raising al hedges?

I am officially spooking myself

Too late for this Halloween but check these out!

Anybody know anything about raising alpacas?

"The Two Things"

Goodnight Lounge!

Hillary Duff: Latest starlet to buy into the Starvation Look

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!


Urgent! PLEASEdon't forget the quake victims! They're freezing!

There have been a few people I haven't seen in a while!!

Want to see a work in progress?

Mayor Quimby supports revolving door prisons.

10 lunchtime questions for DU Loungers

Your Opinion of Bonny Prince Chuck?

OMG! They're doing a remake of Yours, Mine & Ours! Anyone seen the

Shhhh. -- I See Ignored People...

This is NOT a brazilian free thread.

Is this the face of beauty?

If you could go back in time to any point in your life

Air Purifier question. My new apartment is killing me.

Good information

Is this like CaliforniaPeggy sayng "f-?"

Yep, I'm dragging some GD stuff in here

Question for jewelers

Romeo goes nuts. (Skinner, control your dog!)

What's the deal with "OH SNAP" ?

Is it me? Or is the lounge the high school cafeteria personified?

lounge lizards! go to this link to sign Will's letter/petition

What Should Be The Cut-Off Age For Trick-Or-Treaters?

So, I'm thinking about law school. Anyone help me?

Advice Verizon DSL (Help Help)

Spears to Write a Kabbalah Children’s Book, Federline to spend royalties?

Squirrel Puppy

self-pity thread

Well, excrement

The BigMcLargehuge Halloween Photos thread! (dial up users take note)


Irony is NOT lost on this Design Firm - "PROGESSIVE PERFECTION"

Road Kill Cooking Tips.

I'm going to the army surplus store

Driver's Licenses Now Posted Online? WTF?!

Barbara Boxer will be on The Daily Show tonight.

Chocolate and Acne: They say scientific studies have 'disproved'...

When did DU go back to GD/GDP rather than Everything Else?

heathenchemistry anyone?

I did not know this about Wesley Crusher.

Give me your lunch money!!!!!

here is the updated version

Yo, how's everybody doing?

is there such a thing as cyber-begging?

the clique wars revisited: november edition



9 tonight, the Lifetime Channel: The Rosa Parks Story.

Get yer HARRY REID boxer shorts at cafepress... (pic)

We have Harry Reid avatars now!

Question about the movie 'Die Hard with a Vengeance'...?

argle bargle (post a favorite nonsensical phrase & a photo to go with it!)


Will you crazies please get off Photobucket?

A word of advice about visiting GD.

my sister-in-law made me butterscotch cookies (i wanna MARRY her)

Okay I just thought of another smilie!

Does DU Have Secret Sessions?

Bush: "During These Troubling Times Its Important We...

Does DU have filibusters?

DOG PICTURES--and some other things for smiles/rebellion....

who did YOU party with last night?

OK, who wants to cuddle?

Forbes: Top earning dead celebrities

Woody's marriage has a "paternal" feeling to it

We're accepting PLEDGES - Help buy cough syrup for DS1's roommate

Who wants to share the pain with me?

share the pain with me

What can you tell me about Goshen, NY?

Tell me something I don't already know

It's OFFICIAL Standard Time sucks!

OK everybody! I had some more fun today with my new camera:

Can Shrub give a speech without mentioning terrorism?

Is it time for the annual Matcom "Complain About Raking Leaves" thread?

On Boston Legal; Are the men wearing Lip Stick????

"The Big Easy" w/Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin on Showtime tonight

tomorrow is the last day of Ramadan!!!

I have a serious case of the blahs

Do One Brave Thing Today!

I'm accepting USEFUL pledges - Help buy a shotgun for DS1's roommate

Anyone else's AAR not playing properly?

Worst morning at work...


I need a swift kick in the ass. Can someone kick me?

What is the point of declaring a 'child abduction emergency?'

COPS: NOPD in New Orleans After Katrina is on Court TV.

Well, "Commander in Chief" is a pretty good show.

OMG I'm going to Amsterdam and Paris!

I had a GREAT idea for a thread earlier today...

Is smiling considered "flirting" in Chinese culture?

My Name Is Earl....... On now...

Dumb passport question

Jesus H. Christ on a trailer hitch


I Eat Cheese!

Johnathan of Blow Out---so smarmy!

Does anyone actually LIKE John Hiatt?

What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

Movie mistakes

Hot Hot Heat..... Good band hey, now.....

Fall sunset in Renton WA - pic for your enjoyment

Leaves are dropping by the gazillions into my yard as I type.

Post an example phrase of overly sensitive people....

My cat is such a FREAK!

I've been here two years now?

what a fun & happy day it was in the lounge today

I survived hurricane Wilma and I'm baaaack!

What to cut out of the itinerary if I run out of time on vacation home?

What's The First Letter Of The Swear/Curse Word You Use Most Often?

People with sore feet!

I'm Elmo! La La LaLA! (Test)

one heck of a rant about the war on Boston Legal

Question for jugglers

When was a point when you knew you were in love with someone?

SoCal residents: What is the weather like around Thanksgiving?

Has anyone here written an autobiography?

why the hell are we on Def-Con 3 at DU?

To everyone who warned me who REALLY signed up for NaNoWriMo?

2:35 AM EST- I just finished "Revenge of the Sith."

Wedding Pictures!!!! (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Tips on healthy living

What celebrity do people say you look like?

do you still have old Windows98 books, programs, CDs..etc ...??

Here's a photo of a Mama moose and her calf for your enjoyment...

Members Of The "Cool-Pervs-Clique" CHECK IN HERE!!

Favorite lines from "Pulp Fiction".

I'll be 42 and I've never been married. Is there something wrong with me?

Tell us about one of the BEST TV shows....

Is Ford out of their frikkin' minds?

What's all this Clique stuff?

I wrote a children's book once.... named it Curious George

Define 'taupe'.

15 Things You Probably Never Knew or Thought About ~

Why do you live?

Happy November everybody!

Who else takes their kids trick-or-treating carrying wine in plastic cups?

Do you have a dirty mind?

Be the first - Join the KitchenWitch cabal!

Very lame new Chick Tract up

I could use some advice.....

This Dark at 5:15 shit

The problem with switching from manual to auto transmission is

Should Cats be let outside -- and why or why not?

Replace a word in a movie title with "clique"

What's the worst job you've ever done? I had to haul shi

Why does a cheated on spouse blame the other woman/man first?

In honor of "Write a Novel in November", write a shitty first line

I didn't know I could do this with iTunes


PA/NJ/DE DUers-Here's this week's annoying list of chances to see me play!

Got dumped. Anybody got painful break up stories?

I got on CNN tonight

I had an epileptic fit - my first, and I've been feeling terrible

boston area meetup - 11/05/05

Vietnam demands US remove it from religious rights blacklist

What is a miracle?

Testifying: financial miracle with my light bill, thanks for prayers

One man's journey out of Mormonism.

Wiccan fights for religious freedom

Looking for a few thoughts...

10 Teachings Shared By All* Religions

Let me get this straight - OxyRush, a public figure, can go DR shopping

Was life on Earth born in a clay womb?

The ardent mouse relies on melody to woo his mate

Stomach can reveal who is lying

Vitamin D and Everything

Pluto may have 3 moons

Scientists prove blind people can 'see' with sixth sense

Gay Couples & Foes Anxiously Await Oregon Ruling

Aide's comments to legislator accidentally sent to constituent

Gay Chat Mayor: 'I Wish I Hadn't Done It'

Groups Fight Nebraska Anti-Gay Amendment Appeal

Report Highlights Economic Disadvantages Of Gay Hispanic Couples

Aide's comments to legislator accidentally sent to constituent

Israeli Gay Couple Sues To Have Canadian Marriage Recognized

Polls Show Support For Maine's Gay Rights Law Remains Strong

Board backs GLBT forum

Alaska Governor Calls For Amendment To Block Gay Benefits

Seton Hall demotes prof after LTE

The Steelers are going to give me a heart attack one of these days.

What, no 'Wow, the Eagles got creamed!' threads in here?

Philly hires "Stand" Pat Gillick as GM.

NBA League Pass is free for the next few days.

Packer fans-Longest run from scrimmage this year?? Greg Gall

Prepare to say AWWWWWWW and look at this thread :)

The Great, Cosmic, Happy-Ass Card Company

Tomorrow is Fet Gede

I'm lonely for MYSTICS!

I'm having a meltdown, what is this all about

Speaking of Civ4, what are the best PC games for thinking kids/teens?

One man's journey out of Mormonism (x-post from R&T)

talking point of Dem hating Naderites and others

Are the archives for this group gone forever?

And Kerry at Harvard

Great article from Krugman w/kudos to Kerry

Thomas Oliphant on Libby compares Bus and Kerry

How the Mainstream Media Got Bush Re-elected

Kerry Statement

Today was also about Alito and the 'nukular opshun'

kos again - And a good explanation of why we cant win this fight.

Harry Reid kicking butt on C-Span 2

Did you all see the letters posted on Sen Kerry's site

I get so tired of lefty freepers claiming to be "the base"

Kerry ANWR Email

Here is my submission for the contest entitled "Fall"


It's new. It's fierce. It's explosive. It's a must see!

Does November 15 sound okay to everybody

KOEB Meeting Nov 1

Newsletter 11/01/05: Libby, Alito & Birds. And... Keith's back!

Kudos the Zelanes for supporting gay rights. Vote in Hillsborough FL

Container ships question.

Avian Flu Is a Pentagon Hoax

Miers' former firm opens office in Washington

Society of Professional Journalist chapters criticize award to Miller./.

Kudos to John Kerry from Paul Krugman

The Nation The White House Criminal Conspiracy By Elizabeth de la Vega

Statement by John Kerry on the Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito

10 PM Houston News Oct. 31st HCA (Frist) scam is mentioned

Lets fight them! Lets bring it back.

Patriot Act expansion vs. Alito

Sending Tweety email Re: his stunt tonight (Blame the Dems for

Any video's of Dean from earlier?

Religious organization offers $$ to reporters who quote Bible in stori

Gee, when did cronyism become such a problem for the Repubs?

A favor please.....

If you have not seen this soldier's blog, please check it out. - Tweety the Shameless Shill

Apparently Chertoff & Alito were both on the 3rd circuit court together

Greens & Animal Rights groups need to hound "pro-life" groups

If the Dems could, who should we nominate to fill O'Conner's seat?

George and the far right

Who thinks Alito WILL affect Roe:

"Colbert Report"

IED Trends and C4

San Francisco police oppose city's proposed gun ban

Son of a Bush ...

bush* on the rocks or a hard place

I love this Bush joke! (includes robot)

I can't shake the suspicion that Miers was the real distraction

DC DODGE BALL - new toon 11/1/05

Xbox 360. Who's gonna get one?

We must let the "gang of 14" hear from us now, before they meet.

David Gergen

The Digital Money Mill

VA and NJ voters--phone line to report election day problems

Well all righty now...

Alito's son Bio at college

Here's a site to bookmark:

How many DUers feel like you are living in one of those Gulag books?

I emailed CNN and MSNBC,re: Rumsfeld/Tamiflu


Questions of Trust in the Press Room - WaPo

Answer me this: Why does Bush admin even try with the African-Amer. Comm?

NY Post: Bloomberg & Bush in compromising sexual position?

Focusing solely on *

Alito has a 'bush-like' arrogance about him. A swagger.

Please explain why Republicans are salivating for a fight over SCOTUS nom

Ted Rall today

Corporate donations to dems and repugs (boycott time?)

94 US soldiers killed in Oct

Terrorism is a by product of occupation

it's FUN watching Dubya Deteriorate!

If the Democratic Party was liberal, there would be a seachange

Jay Sekulow: Religious right mouthpiece or swindler getting rich?

Impeachment Time:

Tony Perkins up on C-SPAN in a few minutes

Re: Scalito One in three US women will have an abortion in their lifetimes

*LOL* Berlusconi photo with W

As An Italian-American I Must Say. . .

will the unreleased Abu Ghraib torture photos be released today...?

The Media

By product of Alito nomination will be the activation of democratic base,

Ok, folks...this is it! The question on which all hopes hinge,

O'Reilly's coming to your house!

Roe is about Contraception, the choice is when to be a parent.

Listening to Bush talk about anything dealing with science

Re: Palestinians

star wars "revenge of the sith" dvd out today!

Iran's London envoy sacked as president purges officials

Alito's experience is limited to Prosecution, has never Represented Indivi

So how much more will we take, US citizens, before we go to the

How long before * goes after Syria and Iran?

NPR talking about Gerrymandering this afternoon. n/t

How long can can someone talk about a chicken egg vaccine?

Is AAR audio not working for you all?

I think it is time to start attacking the messenger

Anyone else not getting AAR, I listen on the internet, but no sound?

If there is nothing we can do about the bird flue, Why all the hype?

Kennedy is Right, Congress should NOT be rushed through this

Dead air - Air America Radio's online stream

Alito is correct. Men's rights need to be protected.

Screw Orin Hatch and the horse he road in on!

Fuck the bird flu...What about an exit strategy in IRAQ mr. Prez????

we should fear those who believe that bush is a Godly man, seriously

I just donated money to the fight against Alito HERE:

Alioto looks like -

The virulent Republican Flu

Steve Bell on SCOTUS nominations

Emails of the national corporate media

You know. I find it mind boggling

Karl Rove Orchestrates the Propaganda Response to His Own Scandal! --pix->

AAR is back online! nt.

WTF is going on with Progressive Radio streams!!!

Senate approves $8B for bird flu.hey *.done already

A hint to the Senate leadership:

Isn't it easier to remember

The Democrats must use the first strike option in the coming nuclear war

Laura Ingrahim is on Air America's stream! nt. WTF?

Military secret surfaces: Deadly chemicals at sea.

Just in case anyone is interested, here's Tweety's

Steve Bell (Guardian) on SCOTUS appointment (Toon)

"Ending the Fraudulence"... Krugman article

H. Zinn is changing my perception of what is "Self-evident" in the

I finally got it! Alito was picked to distract attention from...

"Influenzal Pandemic"?

Chris Matthews is a disgrace. He's a mainstream Rush Limbaugh.

Alito Letter to my Repub Senators (Specter/Santorum)

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq for Oct. Up to 93

Pandemic Flu dot Gov

Bush to Announce Strategy to Battle Flu

Poor poor persecuted Pubbies ...

Troy U. Sued Over Speech Code and Art Censorship

So Bush wants only one female justice on the Supreme Court

Delphi demands US auto workers accept poverty wages


"This one is going to be Armageddon," Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Repub.

November in Iraq starts off with a "Bird Colonel" becoming a KIA.

Alito - "Hostile to Equality"

How much credibility has Tim Russert lost in this CIA leak scandal?

Why Catholics? The political advantages of Catholic justices.

AP: Conservative Group Praises Alito in TV Ad

why should anyone be surprised that bush chose alito?

Would Scalia do this? Alito rules in favor of disabled. More.

From the headlines: Syria was told it must cooperate with international

Whatever happened to that issue of Republicans' hacking Dems' computers?

Is there anyway

$25, a Koran and a White Shirt - Who says torture doesn't provide.....

Wow - Federal Gov't I-Bonds earning 6.73% through 4/30/2006!

94 Americans were slaughtered in Iraq in October

More violence in Basra

In a non-partisan spirit, I would like to say to Arlen Specter:

Why do moderate Republicans continue to cling to these lunatics?

Dear Tweety,

Syriana, another george clooney movie....

Why did Bill Hemmer move to Faux News?

Tony Perkins is a Psycho

If there is no right to privacy then freedom does not exist

Hey, radio (AAR) is a business, and if the show can't pull ratings...

LTEE to congress, my weekly inpeach the bastard missive

Oh, I'm skeeered

just saw an amazing ad on cnn from operation truth....

Cattivo Alito! Alito fa Puzza!

When did the Republican Party become the 'Conservatives'?

November is Native American Heritage month

nuclear option? BRING IT ON!

Tony, lover of the unborn, Perkins smirked as he said:

Supports Extrajudicial Strip-Searches of Elementary School Aged Children.

For Bush faction, “Scalito” completes criminal circle

New Yorker: Libby's Sex Shocker!

I just completed a Zogby Survey on the West Wing

Monica Crowley needs to get a boyfriend

Daily kos: Dems could reap benefit of nuked fillibuster

ONLY thing to do: make confirmation about Roe and other "divisive" issues.

How many pro-choice people, who voted for Bush told you

Why are They Making New Orleans a Ghost Town? (1000 evic, a day)

Which Republicans can we flip on Alito?

Looks like one Republican in the Gang of 14 is quesitoning Alito

Jesus General: Tony Snow's Blizzard of Bullshit

What do you think of Al Franken's book, "THE TRUTH with jokes"?

Anti-Abortion Prop 73 in CA people just CALLED!!

Nora Ephron: What's Eating George Bush?

That Sinking Feeling

Wilma - one week later

Where did the 2 come from????

Political ramifications of a Alito filibuster...

Do you think that Chris Matthews is aware of his nickname? Stop Scalito petition BREAKS a quarter million!

Survey: Is the media biased?

Tony Perkins told us how the bushgang was going to get rid of RvW

Matt Maupin, the only US soldier listed as "captured" in Iraq - new info

Oxley (R-OH) decides to cash in, get rich, make room for a Democrat

scotty "ongoing investigation" mcclellan on c-span2

We really need to use "Rubber Stamp Republicans" more

Rumsfield press conference.

Pandemic (s)

Detailed 24 page report on Alito from People for the American Way

God bless you all

When James Dobson beats his dog- do the angels cry?

Lawsuits Cause Bird Flu - G.W. Bush

A secondary infection from the Alito nomination: Casey

Those in power are trying to stop people from thinking (rant)

Alito comes from the same word as HALITOSIS

ALITO: WHERE WERE YOU IN '72? (Yup, another chickenhawk..)

Losing Our Democracy! LOOK HERE:

Scalito, Mobs, And Why Chris Matthews Is A Right Wing Shill

What Judy forgot - Times reporter protected administration instead of your

rumsfeld is holding a press conference now. i have MSNBC on.n/t

Reid must act QUICKLY to preempt the nuke option

I think Chris Matthews woke up with with a horse's head

Jerry Springer Sucks!!! Big Time!!!

Mayor (and Bush delegate) Arrested for Extortion

Bush Outlines $7.1B Flu-Fighting Strategy

don't just shut the senate down

Did anyone else see this, or did I dream it?

RIght to Privacy: Amend the Constitution

To Di For - Charlie and Camilla Cross the Pond

Wash. Blade invites Gannon to write op-eds for them

I am slowly concluding that nothing will change the political status quo

The proposed simpliefied income tax

YO: Another senior Bush official snared in Abramoff scandal

What should the Democratic leadership do about Alito?

Know your Mod Squad

How long before the Dems get blamed for the Miers withdrawal?

Wed. Nov. 2nd, 2005 - World Can't Wait, events scheduled here

Did anyone post a Countdown video of 10/31/05 show? I missed

Why is Georgie trying to scare me with Avian Flu??

Wingnuts have NO IDEA how angry we are

Are you seated? OK - someone has out-Coultered Coulter:

Can you list online publications that require registration?

How would you rate Pres. Bush's overall job performance?

So now "Moderate" is a dirty word.

Interesting Photo-Alito's family

New Dem message: "This is a failed Presidency"

If you live in a state w/two Repuke Senators...

Excellent rant at dailykos

the Good news: only 3 more years of gee dubya bush!

FREEPER WARNING - This is too much!

My talking points on our shutdown

Well, of all people...

Frist dares talk about "scare tactics"?!?!

Republican cheap tricks in a city council race

Tomorrow is the One-Year Anniversary of the Election

Re: Reid: Please consolidate information on this here for cube rats

Why did the Senate just go into closed session? At Reid's request?

CSPAN2 will rebroadcast Reid's remarks shortly.

LAWYES 2 year statue limitations animal abuse. Dobson book published 1/04

World Can't Wait ad Banned in N.Y.C.

Who would have thought that Sen John Thune did us the biggest favor!!!

Idiot Blitzer

God Bless Harry Reid.

Please Help -- Alito's Law School Class on Terrorism and Civil Liberties

2027 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Frist "Daggummit we got's to talks about da bird flu today"

So they still have to vote on a closed session??

So, the DSCC is getting a nice check from me.

finally, the real debate, the Selling of the Phony War & 9-11

Arnold's Neighborhood

Today I am proud to be a Democrat!

I have just woken up here In NewZealand

Wow! Harry Reid put DU into Defcon 3

Levin/Durbin press conference

I think conservatives should contact their Senators

Phil Alito

Go DEMS GO!!! You da' man!!! We are behind you.

MSNBC has gone into HYPERDRIVE to cover for BushCo

Who is that reporter trying to scam Sen. Levin?

At last! No more bending over. No more one-sided civility.

DUer's who think Alito's potential appointment will not affect Roe:

The republicans were SO STUPID to get rid of Daschle

Give it up to the Democrats! Money talks. Donate.


bwah-ha-ha! Trent Lott: "Tom Daschle never did anything like this...."

My God, I am laughing my ASS OFF!

Oh...I it's all about the deficit...

Feels like Watergate to me

God Bless Jack Cafferty!

Delay's judge replaced. So was DASCHLE!

It was odd to see rightwinger Sen Brownback (R-KS) at Rosa Parks'

Reid Statement now posted at, too

Frist is having a bad few weeks, isn't he?

MSNBC, 12:45 PM (Pac): "Bill Frist is angry, says Senate hijacked..."

I just have three words right now.

Senate to RE-OPEN in about 10 minutes...msnbc

He's Just a Humble Servant

Isn't the "World Cant Wait" tomorrow? Could they be connected?

Winston Guckert RIP

Democrats "just want to go over old ground"

Go for broke, Harry!

Wonder how many drinks the Idiot Son has downed this afternoon...

Could Kerry have a legitimate shot in '08?

I'm loving the press.

Durbin:"Be prepared for this motion every day until you face the reality."

Unintentionally hilarious Frist quote:

CNN just announced that Reid said.....

bushco manipulated intelligence leading us into a phony war? DUH---!!!

If you were a free republic member

Schumer to speak on C-SPAN shortly

Why such a strong reaction vs Alito as opposed to Roberts?

Tularemia: Rabbit Fever and DC protests? the fact we've heard nothing

Hands down some of the scariest stuff I have ever read. (Alito nomination)

How DARE Reid Close The Senate When SHARKS Are Ready To Attack!

My god. I forgot what it felt like to be proud of my leaders!

This was brilliant 'Rovian' move - we stole their ball

Durbin: 'you can say things in a closed session that you can't in public'

MSNBC: When Senate re-opens, GOP and Dem Intelligence chairs will speak

Reid Clip up on C&L

Minorities as slaves or domestic help, and women at home...?

go get 'em, Senator Reid!!

Snakehead up against "former Pentagon spokeswoman" on CNN.

Frist decrying partisanship in Intelligence matters...what a joke.

Sen Harry Reid 202-224-3542

DU'er... Please write letter to Reid and thank him for standing up to GOP!

Delay Judge Removed?

C&L Video of Reid shutting down Senate: "Must See TV." Frist whines.

Question: Will Ried use the Alito nomination as a bargaining chip?

Bill Bennett is an IDIOT

Reid live on CNN now!

Gonads `R Us

LMAO regarding Senator Pat Roberts remarks following lockdown.

I was reading last night about Libby and how much he loved the

Another Bush multi-billion (7) dollar program!

Back in open session. Frist spoke, now Pat Roberts (R-Kansas)

Please contact Bill Frist

"Political Stunt"...oh please...

Sen. Roberts Quotes

Who here is tired of all the fawning over Fitz...

Trent Lott on MSNBC

Senate going into a CLOSED SESSION!

Each party will have three people on a new intel cmte (cube rat edition)

Clinton's remarks signaled the Reid action.

we've got these filthy repukes pinned....DEMS CANNOT LET UP....

So what the hell did Reid et al threaten them with? Impeachment ?

The Senate Secret Session and the link to Frank Rich's column and Libby

Tweety givin' Mehlman hell...gonna get a phone call Tweety

Plame Leak is INTELLIGENCE matter! Let INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES investigate!

RW sites post about Closed Session (You know you wanna look)...Eeeeuuu

Now's The Time To Tell People: No Gifts Please!

The American People have been slapped in the face.

kerry, Feingold on Senate in closed session

Those darn activist judgifiers

frist is a dead man walking......

Judge throws out protective order and women burned by

Coming up on Dobbs (CNN) - Lott and Durbin (and Bill Schneider analysis)

Cable News Pukes Keep Floating "This Hurts Dems Politically"

The Ken Starr Standard: From Crooks & Liars


Who is really on trial here?

Why Aren't the Democrats Screaming Bloody Murder?

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are about oil. Period.

Today's Senate Action - an analogy

It's a gauntlet for a filibuster...

Dem Infighting: Here's Something Worth Arguing About Amongst Ourselves

Guard deployments hamper states' disaster response

When was Rule 21 last invoked?

Lou Dobbs Poll: Reid's motives.....

I'm having a Meg Ryan moment! "yes. Yes. YES. YES! YES!!"

Freepers admit it! Clinton was innocent of any crimes.

Who would be a better Senate Leader than Harry Reid?

Trent Lott: "We DID investigate & our intelligence community failed us"

Norah O'Donnell: Bush's avian flu speech will probably still lead news

TOM JOYNER - Is doing his part to inform Black America about Scalito

Alito: We Need To Stay Focused

okay, i don't get this. how can cheney and rumsfeldt keep their shares of

"I believe men have rights just like women." CSPAN caller on WJ

I think the 'R' party should be referred to as 'the regressive'

But will you love me tomorrow?

Tweety and Lott dance around the "should Rove go" topic

I'm thinking of applying for a job in Iraq ... What do you think?

DU this Lou Dobbs poll

Sniveling coward Rush Limbaugh was trashing Paul Hackett earlier

Breaking: Reid Forces Senate Into Closed Session to Address Nat'l Security

Send Cafferty an e-mail quick!

Senate Democrats must prove they are tough on War.

Embryos and wrongful death lawsuits - the next tactic

Marc Maron just announced he HAS to leave Morning Sedition on 11/30

KO starting out with the Senate closed session.

How come when I do a google search on "Stunt Harry+Reid Senate November

Nothing On CNN (Paula Zahn) On Harry's KO, Olbermann

Olberman labels Bush's bird flu address the "Disease Distraction"

This is who I would choose to put onto the Supreme Court

For Harry Reid and all the Dems today

Bush's Tax Panel - Why do they Hate Americans?

Is Reid "presidential material"?

PLEASE tell me EXACTLY what Reid did/is doing!!!

Make sure you DU this CNN poll on the closed session

So, how do you Harry Reid doubters like him now?

CSPAN replay of Harry Reid's dramatic move in the Senate Starting Now!

5 years--finally a tantrum. I hope there are lots of media stunts to come.

OK let's be honest. Who really believes that if Daschle was still Minority

Remember when we all sent flowers to Sen Boxer - Let's do that for Reid

Andrea Greenspan: The Democrats forced Pat Roberts' hand

Once again delay whines and gets what he wants: This time a new judge

KO about to talk about the theory this admin dragged their

I've been thinking all day about something. Remember Admiral

Machine Gun Sam Scalito

Send Sen. Reid an e-mail:

CNN Kelly Wallace=IDIOT There's no such thing as PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION

Tom Delay...

DU this AOL poll about the Dems going into closed session today

I died laffin--"How LaRouche Brought Dick Cheney Down"

Scotty, Niger and the press conference.

Hey! FRIST you cat-killing, insider-trading, quack. I was born in

msnbc - Reids brilliant move

Through all the cheering for the Dems today, where are the ones who

I have been watching the press people

Senate closed session......

Send Harry $10

Coming up on Countdown: Scalito's mommy says he's not happy being #2

OK, I worked today, exactly what happened, did Harry grow balls?

Ohio's ReThuglican Governor Poll numbers at 15%!!! Way to Go OHIO!

See guys? This is how you win back Congress!

Am I hearing correctly? Did a conservative say that the Iraq intelligence

53% of Americans believe Bush DELIBERATELY LIED about WMDs in Iraq

Jimmy Carter on the Charlie Rose Show tonight (Tues)

House, live now, Cspan - pre-war intel, Libby etc - scathing, but just few

Just donated $11.01 to the DNC in honor of today's action -

Joe Wilson to Appear on Countdown with KO Tomorrow Night

Okay, somebody had to do it: St. Harry pic>>>

Froomkin: The White House Stonewall

Harry Reid, “Master of the Rules,” Seizes the Day

What I Was Doing November 1st of Last Year...

Pew Poll on crossover appeal...

Let`s Not Filibuster Alito.

US frees 500 Abu Ghraib prisoners

Why is it that the KKK can exist, but family planning clinics, can't ?

Bush attempts Scalito diversion, Reid asks "Who's Your Daddy?"

I dreamt I was appointed SC Justice last night.....

Tweety turned already. Agrees with Andrea that Dems crying croc tears,

Today the Dems take a stand. Tomorrow all Americans will.

Milwaukee Journal apologizes for getting 'duped' on WMD

Hey Virginia! - Kaine up by 8 in Roanoke College poll

For my 1000th post: Some thoughts about patriotism

Alito favors Police right to strip search innocent children

John Kerry--Blow the roof off the dump-Say Bush stole the 2004 election.

What exactly is wrong with Federalism?

Vote in Lou Dobbs Senate Shutdown Poll:

I think WE should email Frist, Lott etc to tell them we SUPPORT

great BILL CLINTON quote!

Tell Congress to Support Free Speech on the Internet

As pointed out by Isikoff on LK, Dems don't have subpeona power

Tom Tomorrow nails it

Frist: 'democrats wanna git down in the gutter'

Abortion Is NOT The Only Issue with Alito

Needing Some Help In Iowa (x-post)

Have our dems really been spineless this whole time, or.....

Today, Democratic Leadership Realized It's a Minority Party

Official "God I love Harry Reid" thread

What examples can you think of in which someone from the administration...

The Hate Mailbag

We should send Reid a gift

Is Impeachment the Answer? / Bob Parry

MSNBC: Tax change proposals to set off howls of protest

Frist and family had to pay $1.7 BILLION fine for medicare/medicaid fraud

We Need To Encourage And Thank Our Senators!!!!!!!

Meet Judge Alito ! ! !

ABC's Boston Legal really sending a message about Iraq tonight!!

See, Harry Reid used to be a boxer, so he just doesn't play a tough guy...

bush solution;rely on close personal associate or pander to his right wing

"Trial Could Pit Libby's Interests Against Bush's"

DU this AOL poll Reid & Democrats

Recent high profile women who killed their children.

TONIGHT on "The Daily Show," at 11pm EST, Senator Barbara Boxer!!!!!!!!

Does anybody just not like Rich People?

Want to be forced to get a vaccine and unable to sue if it harms you?

Can someone please help me find this Alito decision

Does "spousal notification" requirement = judicial activism?

Who's head was it that Sen Reid nearly bit off??

Howard Dean's mail about how to show support for Reid and Senate Dems.

Reid Strategy: Without RW talking points handy, REpubs founder!

Jimmy Carter will be on Hardball tomorrow!

FRIST "The Democrats have Hijacked the Senate!" OMG our party

GRAPH: Deaths/Month in Iraq (4th and 5th worst months of all since Aug.)

US poor set to lose food stamps

O'Reilly to Malkin: I went through the VietNam era.

So we are going to end up with 5 Catholic males, a token female

How the Mainstream Media Got Bush Re-elected

Please help to stop Alito nom, by signing petition!!!

Show Reid your support: Donate $11.01 to his "Give em Hell" PAC

Rumsfeld's Growing Stake in Tamiflu (who you're helping if you panic)

The afternoon news shows?

YOUR prediction for George W. Bush's Thanksgiving 2005

Bush Allies Say He's Lost His Way

Finally our party has decided to grow a backbone. Thank God . . .

Alito's son, Phil

Morning Sedition: We Hardly Knew Ye

pregnancy CAN kill you

Housing Bubble "Fundamentals"

The CDC's Police State

List of Rethug political STUNTS & DIRTY TRICKS in last 5 yrs

Didn't Victorian England have a huge amount of prostitutes? You know

Where were you on November 2, 2004 ?

#3 worst job in science: KS biology teacher

“Spineless Democrats do nothing!" Oh, really?

David Corn: A Grave Indictment, but Grave Questions Remain

Northeast Ohio DU meetup this Sunday! Who's coming?

Did anyone read this CNNpiece on "Black Friday"/WalMart?

Jon Stewart is on a roll!!

Rosa Parks is great though let us not forget.

The Presdient of "un"


**VIDEO** Anti-Alito Video

On the Proper Role of the US Military In a Time of National Emergency.

The CIA leak investigation: Bigger fish, deeper water

Field Report: Wisconsin: Dean's Plan at Work


Addington is lead dog in Cheney's fight to keep torture alive

Is now the time for the Clinton's to admit they were wrong about Iraq?

Kerry Urgent Action Alert: ANWR! Call your Congress Critters!

Fraternity members dispute assault

The cover-up worked (E.J. Dionne, Jr. )

The president was reading to a group of children when the chief of staff

Most Americans are against the War, and don't want Roe over-turned.

Now DeLay Wants a Change of Venue

Tavis tonight: Retired CIA Operations Officer Jim Marcinkowski

WOAH! George Clooney has ANOTHER POLITICAL movie coming out !!

The #2 escaped?

Environmental groups' ads urge Coleman to reject ANWR oil drilling

WP/Milbank: Questions of Trust in the Press Room

Rumsfeld says Gitmo hunger strike is "some people going on a diet"

AP: Newsview: Bush Allies Say He's Lost His Way

WP: CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons

Sen. Barbara Boxer on Daily Show

Hows come whenever some one mentions Alito i think of this...

Jesus, I'm on my way to work and the Senate Democrats grow spines

How many Bush Crime Family members can fit in a Volkswagen?

Malloy gives props to Swamp Rat!

must see typo on Yahoo News:

I just got a ticket to hear Clinton speak!

Mr. & Mrs. Conservative

I went a little crazy today.

Nighthawks XXX (dial-up warning)

anyone see this GD post on Edwards calling iwr vote a mistake ?

A friend of mine just started exploring photography--what do

Sam Scalito and Harriet -- two Bush diversion stories especially

An old Toles cartoon that, well, never gets old.

Demo response to *'s speech on bird flu being rerun on C-SPAN NOW

Does Anyone really Think That Bush/Cheney

Twenty guys and each with one of these ......

Do you think that the Dems were just biding their time?

Intelligence Oversight Committee - Dont f*ck with our branch of gvmt.

Approval Rating: Sen. Harry Reid (NV)

White House disputes Italy role in Iraq claim (surprise)

Do we have any friends in the media?

Who is Harry Reid? Read this - his life should be made into a movie.