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Archives: October 9, 2005

Handy points for the November 8th Propositions ..

State senator's son arrested on Austin's 6th Street (repuke family values)

Talk Shows

Howard Fineman on Bush's "Mother Hen Nominee" (& a "fishing-club matter"?)

Desperately seeking Frank Rich column...

I want to become a "corporation" and quit being a regular "person"...

Homeopathy was more successful during Spanish flu than traditional meds.

dailykos: What if the earthquake knocked off Osama bin Laden?

NYT: Scattered in a Storm's Wake and Caught in a Clash of Cultures

MSNBC- CIA Leak: Karl Rove and the Case of the Missing E-mail

Here's to

I have a bad sinus infection ...Help!

Such a cool puppy pic, I can't even caption it!

Ashley Simpson is on next on SNL!

I never post anymore. If only I had clever and witty things to say

When homosexual members of your sex say you're attractive...

Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin can all go to hell!

Hello??? Do I NOT have gutters?!?

My bunny died this week...

What's your favorite anti-abortion bumper sticker?

Is defense of the separation of church and state enough?

What Should be Done With The NFC North ?

One week ago I lost another kitten to panleukapenia :-(

Some good local press on the LIHEAP Amendment

Who would be Time's Person of the Year so far this year?

Miller is no martyr for First Amendment (Gene Lyons)

Reporters' Mysterious Deaths Chill a Press Corps Immersed in Violence

"Iraqis vote on 'invisible' constitution" (The Independent - UK)

J L SMITH: Proud uncle supportive of soldier, but skeptical of his mission

An American in chains

Shut Out on Healthcare After Storm

"The Public's Right to Know all about Judith" (A great read/Aspens)

Want Social Condemnation With Your Justice? Tune in Judge Judy

My brother, the warrior, died for. . . ?

Arun Gandhi continues grandfather's call for peace

Space Defense Budget Mess (Rumsfeld has let chaos reign)

The Right, on Fire Over Miers - Colbert King

A Central Pillar of Iraq Policy Crumbling

EDITORIAL: Plane truth

Senator: God judging U.S.

"Withdraw This Nominee" (Charles Krauthammer in WaPo)

Basra Militias Put Their Firepower Above the Law

Talabani to Mr Blair: We still need the troops that saved us from tyranny

Why the U.S. must leave Iraq [Sen. Feingold interview]

Tell Us Who Fabricated the Iraq Evidence

Religion Sows Confusion Among U.S. Democrats

Wicked witch of Left: how Hillary became a storybook villain

Frank Rich: The Faith-Based President Defrocked

Zbigniew Brzezinski: "American Debacle" . . .

Shawcross: Peace is not the answer

Bush's Fraying Presidency (Wash Post)


BG/MacQuarrie: Dobson spiritual empire wields political clout

Robertson's increased senility apparent in CNN Late Edition

The amazing shrinking president

New Audioslave Music Video - "Doesn't Remind Me"

Media Coverage Disappears in the Iraq War “Endgame”

FEMA Temporary Jobs (TV in TN)

Housing versus renting - this calculator looks interesting

Inflation/Fiat Currency Question

Wholesale prices of natural gas rises above $0.012/megajoule.

EDITORIAL: News flash: More Yucca blunders

Study: Wyoming natural gas drilling harming Mule deer.

Hyundai/Kia environmental R&D center opens.

The Prickly Mountain gang

Brazil fights oil prices with alcohol

Greenpeace report proves solar power available to 100 million people...

Solar Decathlon on the Mall

Airport terminal powered by sun (Australia)

CIA Recruiting Oil & Gas Analysts

Fuel cells 'need political push' (BBC)

Near Atlantic City, wind farm turbines going up

Tropical Storm Vince forms; Hurricane Stan now rated one of 30 deadliest.

Aussie biodiesel plant eyes plastic waste as feedstock.

Appliances steal energy when they're off

Repub plan to deal with hurricanes- eliminate Fed. conservation programs

US demands American owner for Westinghouse

Hamas, Fatah declare ‘truce’

Israel offers Pakistan aid after Kashmir quake that killed thousands

Palestinians launch housing project on site of evacuated settlement

Election Fraud on AAR now - New Mexico lawsuit and more!

What's up with this forum? Election items get WAY more hits on GD and GD

Anyone going to see Kerry today?

Two peace events, western Mass, 10/29

To flee or not to flee, that is the question.......

Dylan - Photographs, movies, and music events seek to touch the man...

I met Senator Kennedy

I went to Patty Wetterling's Senate Run Announcement Today

Anyone taken their pet to the U of MN Vet Center?


i got doom 3 for 20 bucks and it really sucks

Any TIVO experts out there?............

Postgame brawls lead to 1 death

Texas CD 6 -- Joe Barton at it again . . .

Who's watching the Astro's game?

Who was that masked team?

Bush Withdraws Questionable Nominee For Deputy Attorney General

I wish someone would update me on whats been happening

Am I banned from DU? Yes or No?

Waxing poetic, full of philosophical prose and poetry

Letter shows Cheney aide was prodded in leak probe

WHO moves to head off panic over flu fears

On Evolution...this is quite elegant.

Lyons: Miller is no martyr for First Amendment

does anyone else think Bush and Pat Robertson look the same

Whatever happened to Anthrax "investigation"?

The Politics of 'lowered-expectations' for Miers

What was the biggest concern you had a year ago? Hang-gliders?

US Nuclear Warplans Fly Around the Internet

Could Harriet Miers be blackmailing Bush?

Get your application in NOW for a job with the Bush regime at Crony Job!


White Stripes to Play on Daily Show

US briefs on alleged Iranian nuclear warhead work: diplomats

The paradox that divides black America

Angola may be declared free of Marburg virus - 90 percent mortality rate

The MEMRI Institute - who's behind it?

"the tipster passed PARTS of a lie-detector test"

Brought to you by your Rep incumbent-genesis of an 06 campaign poster.

Who Do You Think Will Be the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nominee?

Memory Jog - help please.

From NOLA to Chennai

Miers Mess

War....what war?? What hurricane? What gigantic earthquake??

What happens if a hurricane heads into an area that has a bird flu outbrea

Sting and "The Police" said it very well years ago.

For some fun Sunday morning reading

MTP should be interesting today...Meirs square off

Will C-Span be replaying the Randi Rhodes segment?

DIRECTV reached an agreement with XM Satellite Radio!!!

Arlen Specter on This Week

DU standards are slipping.

Bush's Answer to Any Problem: Send in the Troops!

Colorado's uses Dean's Tactics

It's lovely to have Thom Hartmann on my radio...

DeLay, Rove, Safavian, Abramoff and Frist Showcase Prison Tats

Bill O'Reilly will be on The Daily Show?????????????

Interesting documentary on Free Speech TV

A story from beyond the Green Zone

I just read the headlines

"Brunch with Bernie" Sanders is on AAR now !!

Actor G. Cloney on CNN !

Child patients starve in Turkey's mental hospitals

The straw that breaks the camels back

the best of the Least Liked talkies on cable?

Don't let superpowers steer UN atomic policy -Iran

Good Morning Fundies! Have You Gotten A Clue Yet? Let Me Help.

Schumer: call Dobson to testify at Miers hearings

Clinton Inducted Into Women's Hall of Fame

Three reasons...

Don't miss the right-wing sexist rhetoric, re: Miers...

Heads up! Thom Hartman on now!

The White House's Obstruction of Justice

Even though Bush is not "Pro-Life" per se, he wants

Record Tropical Season keeps giving storms

* says Miers is "humble". Every time he says that about

Cost of Iraq war about to hit $200BN

Was a deal made with Miers for Roe?

More Utah homeowners warm up to solar energy

Thom Hartman right now on AAR

Join the new Progressive network!

Has the Right wing Realized That Bush is Not Pro-life Yet?

JOB for 21st century: energy farmer

Blair is totally off his rocker

Turd Blossom "didn't remember" talking with Matt Cooper the first go-round

The Bush Doctrine Debunked

David Broder & The Newly-Minted "Bush The Victim" Narrative

re: Rabbit Fever -- It's Sunday. How's everybody feeling?


Harriet Miers a lesbian?

Shrub on MSNBC talking about Pakistan.

We can have helicopters to Pakistan within 24 hrs.

Did anyone see Bush in the WH with the Pakistani rep. just now?

Within 24 Hours of Earthquake, Bush sends Troops/Relief to Pakistan

"...ankle bone connected to the kneebone - kneebone connected to legbone..

Iraq-corpse Web site operator held for obscenity (porn)

Rights for the Outsourced

Thank goodness UNICEF isn't run like FEMA

LA Daily News: Moment for paws: Katrina pets arrive

It Is Not Elitist To Demand Competence. (Miers nomination)

Need some help

Blitzer & Roberson: WTF was Wolfie trying to prove?

Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible

Stolen Election, Corporate Media, 9-11

What 2000 Looks Like - Dupe But Reminder Needed

The FED is Privately Owned.

Want to meet some amazing women?

Not a lot of anti-Harriet Miers threads here?

c-span's 25 hr. call in was super

Banned by MTV: "USA" video by the artist "Custom", watch it

"The Intelligent Falling Theory"

It's time to create a new Democratic Party.

Need help on Iraqi "collateral damage"

The Line Goes Straight from Joe McCarthy to BushCo

Ireland: I wanted to slap him (bush)

David Brooks calls for insurrection in his NYT piece today

Interesting movie on History Channel--

Frank Rich is living in a fantasy world regarding Bush's downfall.

Hawai'i resident jailed in protest

A Man Called "Scooter"

S. Asia Quake Hits Area Where Osama Hides- Yahoo News

An anti-Harriet Miers thread

Cenk Uygur: The Christian Republic of America

I'm trying to find a good "local" newspaper newspaper that sends daily

Oh Fucking Gawd My Son Ben Has Been Badly Wounded.

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

Michael Savage says the subway terror warnings were bunk...

Hartmann interviewing "author" of "Help mom there are liberals...

In Raucous House Vote, G.O.P. Oil Refinery Bill Squeaks By

Time magazine suggests Miers will be "very much like O'Connor"

So Candy Crowley is now an expert on avian flu?

Bankruptcy Reform and Pension-Busting Corporate Bankruptcies

CNN Continues Apologizing for the Bush Regime

Bush gives "Cash Money" and Helicopters to search for Pakistan Victims

VIDEO-Selected comments from Sunday morning shows about Miers

VIDEO- Republican Angst from McLaughlin Group

I wanted to slap him Carol Colemans interview with bush.

Shouldn't a judge's major qualification be impartiality?

CNN: (Every 5 minutes) At least 60 people have died from the avian flu!

Does the GOP really want Roe V Wade overturned?

When RVW is overturned by the Supreme Being Court, will going to Canada

My daughter's boyfriend just went over

On AAR: On Edit: Dave Bender is a good interviewer! Listen.

Just gave my kid my Omaha Hippie Survival Manual 1972 Spring Edition

Wingnut: Shrub Is 1/14th NOT Fascist So Stop SAYING That

Everybody in Iraq should join the military.

Damn, I missed Randi on CSPAN...

Let's incarcerate them in for-profit prisons

Air America missing chance to dominate Sun. AM in Chicago

N.O. Cop caught on tape "repeatedly punching a 64-year-old man"

The one thing we should demand from bushco regarding Iraq...

Supreme Court will hear abortion case on Nov. 30

I am sensing that Bushco

Jeff Gannon begging for contributions and prayers!

* threatening veto Torture Bill NOT the first threat of veto from him

AP: Family files lawsuit over RU-486 pill

Are you as confused as the GOP wants you to be on Meirs?

Democratic Revolution 2006!

The Science of the Bible

What are the best horror fiction sites that y'all have found?

"New Orleans Police Beating Caught on Tape"

Even though Bush is not "Pro-Life" per se, he wants

News article for propane (heating) users

If I Could Please Get Some Opinions on This Poetry of Mine...

Are we at T minus 5 yet? What to look forward to this week

Bible not to be taken literally.

Joe Barton at it again.

"The Amazing Shrinking President"

Why Wingnuts Hate Miers:GOP Embarrassed To Be Seen With Fundies In Public

How does one get Al Gore's Current TV Network?

"Marines Return to Iraq 10 Months Later"

1954 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I don't think poverty causes crime.

When Conservatives Collide: Harriet Miers (Hume vs Kirstol video)

You know, I thought we shouldn't care about a SC nominee's positions.

Crooks and Liars video Nancy Giles on Cronyism

Help me out here. US Military choppers will be aiding Islamabad

Guys, I'm feeling tapped out today.

"Wasn't Jesus a Liberal? Part 2"

Ok DUers you helped get me in this...

here is an excellent source of information about avian flu vaccine...

anybody know where th 'Secret' website for Medicare prescription drug card

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: O'Reily on Irish vs. African Immigrants

Anti-choice 10 commandments shill Brandi Swindell to run for Boise council

Officials: NYC Terror Plot Uncorroborated

I believe Harry Reid was brilliant with Miers and here's why!

Third Way

Graffiti in Barcelona - Anyone know Catalon??

Mighty mice regrow organs: this could be a breakthrough

Keep checking the Mardi Gras auction thread pinned at the top.

Randi Rhodes/Janet Parshell CSPAN smack-down mug

Israel To New York: Don't Bend To Terrorism

"Pro-Bush Gear NOW 80% Off!!!"

Any thoughts on what Fitzgerald discussed with Joseph Wilson 9/29

Here is what some people think of Iraq's new constitution...

Should You Go Organic? What organic will and won't do for you

House passes measure to boost refineries; Oil Exec questions need (KR)

Parade magazine spews Chavez lies

We should DEMAND that Rove be Fired from his high government position

23% think Hurricane Katrina was a "deliberate act of God"

Rock Star Energy Drink banned due to Michael Savage ties...

A little treat for the Backward Masking fans...

Ripping down my signs just makes you look bad

Is it possible that Miers became an Evangelical Christian just

Topless protesters challenge idea of ‘decency’

Interesting to note how CNN and British Media report Nobel Peace Winner

Pat Robertson's mob is going broke (but not Pat himself)

Unknown Group phones voters trying to to tie Hart, others to Delay

Has Miers withdrawn yet?

PHOTO: Poland hasn't forgotten YOU, Mr. President

I’m worried that Fitzgerald “has not made any decisions” to indict

US weighed military strikes in Syria

my friend back from Iraq

What should the Democrats do on Miers?

virginia governor debate on c-span now.

It is time for TERM LIMITS for the Supreme Court.

Does anyone know where I can get a Bird Flu vaccination?

Reporter to George Bush: "How do you really feel about Roe vs. Wade?"

congress question

Sign the Petition for Guy James

I just got the BEST gift from my sweet buddy ----------->

TV evangelist renews Chavez attacks

The reason for war protesters

* FAILS with hurricanes yet the big corps are hailed as heroes?

Halliburton Given Contract To Rebuild Cheney

Will Rove's "Confidential Conversations" W/Dobson Scuttle Miers' Chances?

Caption *

My letter to Geico...

Oh damnit to hell... just shoot me now....

Political Shirts?

Amazing! Who Knew our Troops In Iraq Are Psychic?

My anti-corporate rant of the day

Fascinating look at what the ordinary sheeple post on

Full Video of Randi's smackdown on C-Span.....

Scary visions I'd like never to see come true...

"I voted for it before I voted against it"

Anybody just see Tweety questioning Senator Vinnick?

Maybe we should all print this out and send it to Janet Parshall

"Elections have CONSEQUENCES."

Seriously...who could possibly be a worse POTUS?

Progress in training Iraqi Battalions means going from 3 to 1

Does GWB go to church?

Saddam may face execution before standing trial on all charges

If Miers goes down, will Bush go further Right for his next nominee?

School buses to use oil from cafeteria

64 year old man beaten by NOLA police

"Disaster as Climate Probe Crashes"

New Radio Show on Sundays

CNN has backslid bad

Did anyone hear Andrea Mitchells's big scoop on Chris Matthews show?

BREAKING: Bush names retired 2nd grade math teacher to replace Greenspan..

who created this Harriet Miers blog?

Sen. McConnell to Wolfie: "We've had recent experience with a man-made

So I took the plunge and stopped by Freak Republikkk...

Does any of you truly believe that Rove didn't tell B about the leak?

Tuned into CNN at 9pmCT. The first

Could Matt PUDGE STFU and Die? Please?

should first letter of racial labels be capitalized (e.g. white, black)

has the "smurf" anti war cartoon been posted?

Rove's discrepancies In Testimony After Crucial Email Resurfaces…

A suggestion for the Gulf reconstruction

Something I wish a leading Dem would say

"Far-Right Politicians Give Christians a Bad Name"

Hurricane VInce.....the experts are puzzled...

Is this sign in Connecticut REAL????????????????

Bush will veto anti-torture law

Millions More March & Palestinian Hip-Hop on AAR Now !!

Valerie Plame Timeline

Bush to veto a $440B Defense Spending Bill

Reverse Caption this

PLAMEGATE UPDATE. Could someone please explain this to me?

Plame: silly, contorted thought.

How will the NYTimes come out of this Miller "affair"?

Delphi Files for Bankruptcy

Please DU this poll on intelligent design

Harriet Miers tied to Bush's National Guard AWOL shenanigans? (Billmon)

Bush will veto anti-torture law (Dailykos)

Lack of real TV coverage...

LA Times: GOP Runs Into 2006 Recruiting Resistance

FBI May Relax Hiring Rules On Marijuana Use - AP\Minn Star-Trib

Anyone Watch 60 Minutes Tonight...Freeh.......FBI

More Weird Weather.... Hurricane Vince Heads For Portugal

Doctors; 3 year old with Glioma. Can you offer the guardian any hope?

Hackett to Challenge DeWine for Senate

RW as I predicted is giving up on Bush to save face

Republicans: fairy tales, and an obsession with wolves

Scalia: Didn't expect to be chief justice ( And he never will be)

A thread in LBN got me thinking....

Miller's twisted tale - UK Gardian

I Donated to the ACLU Tonight

Ben Burch is the BOMB!

This is probably a dupe, but NBC's hit piece on Blanco contains the 2 lies

I feel bad. I contributed to Karl's bad week.

Reminder - West Wing starts in about 10 mins Eastern time

Ann Coulter on Bill Mahr

I know who Bush will pick to replace Greenspan

If Clinton Was Guilty Of Waging The Dog...

Meet The Press-Right And Righter...

What would actually happen if abortion laws were left to the states?

Does anyone know where I can buy that "Liberal" pin?

Harriet Miers' Nomination - What is the End Game?

You Always Want More ! (Doonesbury)

I might have finally gotten through to a South Park Republican today...

Here's what I can't figure out re Plame/freeperland...

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian DUers!

Air America On Tour? (Randi to travel with bands, comedians)

"Staggering Blow" - Delphi bankruptcy - 11 article flood in Detroit News

Happy birthday John Lennon!!!!!

So why does John Roberts have to be gay?

My DU Creed

Would you ALL calm down about Bird Flu

I Just Got A Book Called "Jesus Is Not A Republican."

If Bush Veto's The New Anti-Torture Legislation It Could Bite Him Badly

Why does Ann Coulter not like Karl Rove?

Don't you dare criticize the POTUS!!!!

Hurricane Vince

MEME: Iraq war (and war in general) is the ultimate cronyism

The most damning part of the reaction to Miers

Where will the Buck Stop on this One?

Is It Possible That Bush Does Not Want To Overturn Roe?

Yanks Win!! Also the last Angel batter they said he was caught

What issues will the Repubs run on in 2006 and 2008 ?

Funny. I don't remember hearing about these bird flu outbreaks before?

Conserving Oil

Roe V Wade - The Great Bogeyman

Robertson: Disasters point to 2nd Coming

Wow! George Will just called * adm. insolent and arrogant,

IWT News Network is collaborating with LINK TV - if everyone who marched

Congressional Progressive Caucus - The Progressive Promise

SEASON'S GREETINGS from those mischievous Frists!


Did y'all see Bush[s new owie (left cheek abrasion) today?

The Twelve Days of Indictments

Musharraf showed up at the earthquake disaster within hours

"Ex-gay" & wife begin tour of Connecticut to condemn civil unions

Cartoon: The Genie in George's Bottle

Scoop's Backgrounder on the DeLay/TRMPAC indictments (convenient summary)

Could Progressives and DLC types coalesce around the following:

CSPAN Schedule Monday October 10

Folks.. we need to STAND BACK and let Reid the other Dem's handle Mier..

HILARIOUS Freeper Encounter Last Night

Another Stupid Freeper E-mail about Katrina (Please read my response)

"If we don't take Miers, Bush's next pick could be worse." I don't get it.

Report: Terrorists planning to attack NYC subway Sunday

Specter to Ask Whether Rove Gave Assurances on Miers

Fweeper Shares Inside Info (Fears Data Mining) Please Data Mine

Should the Dems watch West Wing in order to learn how to run a campain?

Will you join me and light a candle for Ben, Binka's son?

"Espionage Act now front and center in Novak-Plame-gate"

Will Roberts and Miers give them the last leg of our Fed Gov or

"GM Crop 'Ruins Fields for 15 Years'"

My Baby Boy at the DC Protest!

Who's watching 60 Minutes tonite?

Thanks To Generic Other For Organizing The Fundraising Auction!!!

How many DUers would be able to survive

When Was The Last Time Our Country Despised A Leader Like This

Help millions of people hear Air America

Bill Kristol: White House Indictments Coming(NewsMax)

If you did not catch Kurt Vonnegut on "NOW" on PBS, make sure to try to


Tropical Storm VINCE!!!!! The weird part??? It's heading for SPAIN!

Mark Kleiman: Fitzgerald's Mousetrap

thank you , H2O plamegate

Oh Look! Tom DeLay Is Fund Raising!

What happened to Bush's right to get the SC justice he wants?

Some additional info about the bird flu

Thank You, George W. Bush

Why are we so passive when it comes to the destruction of the planet?

Cheap Chimp donated $100,000 to Pakistan for us! Shame!!

"Having caught Miller committing perjury, Fitzgerald is now in a position

BIRD FLU: conversation and gossip around the fire pit

it's not about left/right . . . it's about up/down . . .

The 1994 lawsuit against * (Miers defended) was a PERSONAL INJURY lawsuit!

Did Anyone See The Chris Mathew's Show This Morning?

Bush SPEEDS AID to Pakistan!

Why Bush Still Has Some Support -- They Hate Us

How would a Gore 2008 campaign be different than the Gore 2000 campaign?

I call for a DU Convention in 2006!

Tell the DSCC and Shumer to shove it.... Hackett should run!

FYI: Expect changes to the Latest Page and Greatest Page this week

A Contest, In Ten Words or Less: Our agenda is (.....blank.....)

Flank Steak in the Crock Pot?

I tried my hand at an artisan bread tonight

DH just came home from fishing w/trout!!!!

So Where

Britain's shameless role in helping sex traffickers keep thousands of wome

'Do-it-yourself' euthanasia clinic to open in Britain

Ricin jurors attack new terror laws

"Colditz camps plan for ASBO families"

Should Turkey be allowed into the EU?

Remember, the Daily Show arrives tomorrow

What's been happening in Britain?

IRA chief's £35m crime empire crumbles

In Raucous House Vote, G.O.P. Oil Refinery Bill Squeaks By

Bennett Defends Remarks on Black Abortions (blames media)

NYC 'bomb threat' details leaked

Bush hits back as Republicans erupt over Supreme Court pick

Four British hurt by suicide attack in Afghan south

Disaster as climate probe crashes

Bennett blames media for stir over remarks.

Democrats: Bush lacks energy policy, ignores price gouging

Scalia: Didn't expect to be chief justice ( And he never will be)

Dobson spiritual empire wields political clout

Delphi Files for Bankruptcy

Iran says nuclear warhead allegations a 'lie'

Democrats sizing up governor's race

AP: FBI Considers Relaxing Hiring Policy

Space Defense Budget Mess (Rumsfeld has let chaos reign)

Key pillar of Bush policy on Iraq being questioned (no peace from vote)

Israel offers Pakistan aid after Kashmir quake that killed thousands

S. Asia Quake Hits Area Where Osama Hides

Venezuela wants Argentine nuclear reactor - paper

Specter to Question Miers' Qualifications

Marines Who Stormed Fallujah Back in Iraq (3rd tour)

DeLay case may boil down to a single money transfer

Officials: NYC Terror Plot Uncorroborated

Guatemala may declare mudslide Mayan mass grave

Bodies of Guatemalans buried by mudslides may never be recovered

Federal dollars for subway security declines, Schumer says

AU peacekeepers seized in Darfur

LAT: Poor Migrants Work in Iraqi Netherworld

Iraqis Urged To Vote Despite Rebel Attacks

Hurricane Vince

Mullah Robertson is attacking Chavez again....

Robertson: Disasters point to 2nd Coming

Goldsmith Challenges Blair over Terror Laws

Newsweek: The Right: With Friends Like These

Specter to Ask Whether Rove Gave Private Assurances on Miers

New Orleans Police Beating Caught on Tape

New York's $1 abort pill - a dose of danger

Downing St deny 'baby Asbos' plan

Iran official says US incapable of going to war

NYT: A Place at the Table for Miers and High-Level Friends

US 'seeks new Syrian leader' as pressure mounts

"Support Our Troops" Rally Held ("non-political," first of its kind)

Arrests Made In Connection With Katrina Looting

Fomer ambassador mashes Bush, GOP (Joseph Wilson)

Poll: Bush governs as a moderate (83% believe * not governing as cons)

Delphi Bankruptcy Could Mean A New Era For Auto Industry, Unions

In Basra, an enemy lurks in the ranks (militias infiltrate police)

US weighed military strikes in Syria

Saddam may face execution before standing trial on all charges

New Orleans Police Beating Caught on Tape

E&P: The Case of the Missing Notebook (Judith Miller's)

WP: For GOP, Election Anxiety Mounts

John Kerry helps raise money for women candidates in Iowa

Polar satellite launch a failure

IED Claims Marine in Ramadi; Foreign Fighter Facilitator Killed

GM raises health cost for salaried

Noe transferred coin cash before giving to politicians (Ohio Coin Scandal)

Teacher killed by insurgents in front of students at college in Iraq

Dean Camp's Tactics Applied to Colorado

Farrakhan Gathering to Focus on Katrina

Former Coca Cola Employees in Venezuela Announce Possible Occupation of Pl

Gentically Modified crop 'ruins fields for 15 years'

TV evangelist renews Chavez attacks

Once powerful Christian Coalition teeters on insolvency

Dean fires up Connecticut Democrats

Che's daughter backs the revolution

I wish every day was Oktoberfest!

Is anyone else watching Century of Warfare on The Military Channel?

Anyone else having problems with Mozilla this week?

This time last year...things were so different.

Ever buy a new CD, and immediately have one song jump out and get you?

Attention fans of the TV show "Lost"

I Want My Goddamn Pictures!

Streamplug Streaming videos

How come Jimmy Jazz never includes Debbie Gibson

USC wins again! Is this the best NCAA team of all time?

Going to Hell in a handbasket for all of us here N.E. Ohio

Karl Rove is behind this! I know it!!

What is the best free anti-virus software out there?

I can't sleep

You are beautiful

It's 2:30am and I'm listening to Bob Marley....

Invasion of the Redneck Zombies

Random Question about cell phones...

If some webpage creator uses the "no right-click code"

Are you a sexy generator?

No way. Not gonna do it. I am NOT clicking on CG's latest thread.

Sunday morning, um, music.

Bush is an ass

When republicans say you are atttractive

I saw a 9 year old video clip of Shrubby actually sounding coherent

When homosexual persons of your sex find you repulsive ....

How old am I?

can't find my underware....

Who Broke DU?

Worst thing about "Greatest Things About Being..."

Showtime blocks its website from being viewed from outside the US

Good night everyone. Don't be afraid. Click on it. It's just a good night.

No, No, No, No,

After tonight's game, are there any Padres fans left?

You're attractive

Who died on this date 38 years ago? (10/9/67)

Forrest says

Goodnight, Lounge.

It's 3:33 and I am still up...

Goodnight, Lounge.

Damn. I fell asleep at 9pm and now I'm wide awake

In Arabic culture, what does it mean to receive a man' s ring?

Has anyone else seen expensive-looking military ads in movie theatres?

Good Morning, Everybody!


Behold these nuts and wang!

Will C-Span be replaying the Randi Rhodes segment?

Oh! Look what someone just sent me!

How about if we start a DU Microwave Grape Racing League?

Every Time A heterosexual says you are atttractive an angel gets_______

Godzilla can fly!

Question on Interracial Relationships

I died on this date 38 years ago.

thank god for google (re: self diagnosis)

The SCANDAL of newyawker99

why is loose tea so damn hard to find?

I wonder if Hitler ever used Hitler analogies to try and win arguments

What should we name Joan_Alpern's new snake?

So sad . . . .

Reflections of my deployment to Iraq in 1991.

I'm going to get discs 4&5 for both Lost & Desparate Housewives today

Californian yachties driven barking mad by sea lion siege

How much do I love my cat?

Has anyone heard of

Free recycling website to give away stuff you no longer need.

Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets____________

The COMPLETE Calvin & Hobbes

When necrophiliacs say you're attractive...

Dreaming of pounding Raiders!

Has anyone here ever lived in a "commune"

Happy Turkey Day part 1 to my fellow Canucks

Intermix sci-fi character names and sports team names!!

Dammit, help. me concentrate!!!!!!!!!!!! Wah!

Thank GOD the Vikings don't play this week!

Your opinion on the movie "The Thin Red Line"

Packers are whining?

Tom Cruise's cousin.............LOL

Where is my doggy???

Have I spoiled my pet?

Which movie are you going to go see next?

God, I hate the NFL and their stupid TV rules.

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno

How can I create a font from bmp images?

18,623,259 nominations now required for the "Greatest" page? WTF?

hey, check out this flash video on newgrounds...

Vacuuming: The beastliest activity on earth!

Do you like a little rum in your tea?

Packers are winning?

When middle-aged canines call you attractive...

For those of you who think that somehow Brett Farve ain't what he used

What are the best horror fiction sites that y'all have found?

When other human beings say you are attractive,

1347 - Nostalgia

Anyone play backgammon online?

David Caruso is an ass

So so so so so so

So folks, what can they make movies out of next?

Richard Pryor's early standup comedy

Help! - iTunes, WMA format

Any Freeps ever get a high post count on DU...?

Which BCS Bowl game is the championship game this year?

Heterosexuals, do you compliment opposite sex on looks?

600 B.C.--Nostalgia

I turned the heat on and the odor was repugnant,,,

Zor and Zam


I broke a vow today--I used self-checkout at the supermarket..


Anyone watching the Wedding Cake Challenge: Food Network?

Is Mr. Scorpio in the house today?

Brrrr . . . I wish I had her coat!

Hey Heidi (DU post-it portrait art series)

Where's that posting peeve thread?

This is progmom (DU post-it portrait art)

If a brazilian went to the cotillion...

Give your prayers/thoughts on this post and K & R.

Claudia De La Roca sighting

A child or a choice? You decide!

Today is John Lennon's Birthday - Imagine

Goodnight y'all!

Blessings to you today.

The Astros win!

No no no no no no

american censorship in music is insane!!!

Panthers Win Yaay!!

There are no green dots in this circle

Former QB Gary Hogeboom is on "Survivor"?

20,000? Man, that is heartbreaking


never mind ~ dupe

Zach De La Rocha Sighting

Noooooooooooo -- They blew up the Smurfs' village!!!!!

If you're a tv sitcom star and you sell a product based on your show...

The Ann Pad : WARNING - Offensive Image


Hey! The Broncos won again!

An ethical question...

I went and saw Green Day last night

John Lennon, Giuseppe Verdi or Jackson Browne

1985 - Nostalgia

I am a lumberjack and I'm okay

Red Sox gone, Braves gone, now if the Angels can get rid of the Yanks...

I Love The Way Wildlife Moves In When Winter Is On The Way!

500+ billion years ago - Nostalgia

Houston Astros Fans: Congratulations!

Let's name sports teams after politicians!

Eagles Pound Cowboys!

Da Bears

Funny alert: Blazing red (OMG, my side hurts from laughing)

Is there a mythology geek in the house?

Nick Lachey, 31 (Mr. Jessica Simpson) picks up date at high school game

There's a field mouse in my house

Post here examples of TV stars who gave up some of the greatest gigs

If adding the suffix "gate" is cliched, let's try the prefix "water"

Wow. Posting drunk, for the first time in ages....

Locke 25:17

This week is really starting to suck - dog has to be put to sleep .

Oh damnit to hell... just shoot me now....

I'm looking for a good fantasy book or series to read.

It's true. I control the weather.

I control Robb, and *I* told him to get a flu shot! Flame ME!

Why was Rasputin murdered?

How do you like your coffee?

It's true. I control Rabrrrrrr, who controls Robb, who controls

Let us ride to. . . .Camelot!

Tip of the day: Food processor attachments are sharp!

What's worse: Sopping shoes or rain down your collar?

Don't miss Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight

Anyone familiar with MINITAB?

Facing jail in US over drugs, Boy George flies back to Britain

Earworm time

Helpful household hints: Did you know that

Is there any Mythological Greek in the house?

Yay! I made a paint self portrait too!

Can horses die on DU?

TimeChaser figured out what she was doing (she hopes...)

GO YANKEES! BEAT THE ANGELS (at least tonight)

Is it too early to get a cold?

Halloween Party at Supernova's! 10/28

The Little Vampire is a cute movie!

Do you... Cosmo?

Good news, everyone!

"I'm going down to the basement."

do you need a job? want to move up? here ya go-------

will the TRUE geek please

My mother-in-law rocks!

"time", as a concept, has no meaning.

Save Kitchen Witches Twins.... They are being gutted....

I TRIED to caption this photo of Pickles. Then I decided against it.


I just saw Good Night and Good Luck, ask me anything

no one controls me.....



strange times... going into this weekend, I actually wanted to see

Watched my son's last two baseball games for the year

Ideas for license plate (I'm in VA).

hubby paint self portrait he sent me...

We haven't had a "Rick Berman is a Humungaloid Shitpot" thread in a while

Yankees Haters: Check in here

Am I the only one that hated "Philadelphia"...?

"Wolf" is coming on TCM

It's true. I control Robb, who controls the weather.

Whats the secret to living a balanced life?

Only a TRUE Geek can answer this question!!

What is the saddest "relationship" song you have ever heard?

is there an electrician in the house?

DU post-it portrait art.........SarahBelle

going to my first sub teacher job tomorrow

To all my good friends here in the Lounge......a temporary goodbye...

Gay DU'ers - Do you ever waste time complimenting how hets look?

Generic Other's Mardi Gras Mask fundraiser to help fellow DUer's

100th post!

Stupid internet question

Fucking Dallas Cowboys

Supermarket tabloid pet peeves:

When heterosexuals say you are atttractive

Okay...I'm a "little" bit addicted to "My Super Sweet Sixteen"....


What sports rivalry is most intense (international)

The job I lost on Friday is posted in todays newspaper

I'm going to the Angels-Yanks game tomorrow

Am I the only one who loves Hamburger Helper?

Which sports team is the most hated and why?

I intend to get a flu shot. Flame away.

Who is watching "The Hunt For The BTK Killer" tonight?

check out those Redskins - still in 1st place in the NFC East

I had an awful dream last night...You know, one of those ones you

I don't control anyone, not even my dogs

Kurt Vonnegut on "NOW" on a PBS station near you. The best 1/2 of TV

OTHER alerts that should be on the crawler at Fox News

DU MS Paint portrait- Jimmy Jazz.

For the dreamers and the lovers out there tonight

Want to see some wedding pics? (Pic heavy, duh!)

The Hawker Hurricane as art... (image heavy warning)

My 2000th post! Come say hi to me!

Bad idea...

Is anyone else squeamish?

Wilford Brimley is still alive.

goodnight lounge

West Wing starts in 5 min...I hope its good

Oh damnit to hell... just shoot me now....

Where is Maddy McCall's HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY thread?

Dobson's spiritual empire wields political clout

ADHD advice secretly paid for by drugs companies

Groups of minority gays say that white gays ignore their concerns

Gay Republican rebel

Do we have a Trans-Gender Asst. Secretary of State? Sure sounds like it.

Cardinals won!

when do the new college football polls come out?


Patriots Bounce Back to Beat Falcons 31-28

Go Penn State!

Detroit Liebermans 35, Baltimore Reagans 17

Damn, I bet against my team (Dallas) and they beat the shit out of Philly

This Braves-Astros game is in the 17th inning!

How do you give thanks to the, er, "wee folk"?

Evangelists to hand out tracts instead of candy.

John Kerry helps raise money for women candidates in Iowa

Tim Kaine - "Too Liberal to be Virginia's next Governor"

I really friggin hate Mitt Romney: Snarky on Kerry, again

What?? It's the weekend - no photo thread!

Are all of you in New England okay?

Cardinals won! Told ya so!

Hey, the KOEB has a Very Special Birthday coming up this week.

Bush Withdraws Questionable Nominee For Deputy Attorney General

My letter to Gov. Schwarzenegger (re: gay marriage)

CIA Leak: Karl Rove and the Case of the Missing E-mail (Newsweek)

Tell that Dope Ann Coulter that the butterfly ballots from 2000 were not

Canton, Ohio Frist/Dewine protest - Monday 10/10

18,000 dead in earthquake ...

Text of tonights Radio Address to Cleveland - Voting Rights

Swift Boat Liars Against Miers??

Is Rumsfeld ready to announce his resignation? (retirement)

This am Fineman said a pending Democratic version of contract with amer.??

Do you think Judith Miller will be fired

FAUX News Sunday - Three Conservatives to discuss Harriet Miers.

Word of God fails to endear Bush to right

What's the latest on the DSM? I can't find any late threads. nt

Environmentalists are not to blame for high gas prices......

Grill Miers on Bush's Role in the Plame Case...

Miller was working on a story about Wilson? Oh, interesting.

"Gov't can't run Amtrak but gov't can run the Middle East."

Pssst.....RW zealots: How's that bile taste?

Sunday Talk Shows

Intelligent Design Poll needs help.

Branding the Democrats. Here's a suggestion.

Time for Miller to Come Clean

A Chaplain's Test of Faith

VID CLIP: CBS Sunday Morning rips Bush's "posse" and his cronyism

Another Poll: Associated Press-Ipsos this time and very detailed

Has Pat Tillman's mom met up with Cindy Sheehan yet?

the 12th Admendment and Miers

The only thing that hits home to Republicans is high gas prices & tax cuts

Correct Statement:: Iraqi's will greet us with flowers!

Bush's God controversy stirs press fury

Did Keith Olberman ever announce publicly the 13 times his

I am confused about voting bills. Is H 550 any good

MYTH: A Prez Performance is Related to Congressional Election Outcome

The reason the GOP is in trouble is because

Brown's switch to Senate race raises stakes in '06 election

Does the Washington Post also publish left-wing bloggers

Which is more likely?

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

I'm watching the VA Gubernatorial debate on C-Span.

A stupid question

Consider this: Foundation for the Democratic Revolution!

How I know the Qaeda NYC subway "threat" is bogus

Too much one can control it....

Buchanan just spilled it on MTP-why they fear Meirs

"Decoding the Past "from the History here

Fighting Fraud in Medicare drug program won't be easy, experts say (KR)

The ghost of Teri Schiavo....The nomination of Harriet Miers

Will Rove's "Confidential Conversations" W/Dobson Scuttle Miers' Chances?

Isikoff: Fitzgerald Focusing on Rove's "Missing" Email

Tired of hearing "Bush losing base"...side note, who is big loser in this?

Bird flu vaccines: Aren't they based on evolution?

The Republicans have filed for legal separation from George W Bush

VA DUers: Gubernatorial Debate..on NOW!

Is Lieberman or Sanders a better Democrat?


Can we talk about a PROGRESSIVE COALITION within the Dems?

Harriet Miers' Nomination - What is the End Game?

Gannon-Guckert interviewed Amb. Wilson BEFORE the WSJ article ran

Saddam could be executed early if found guilty in 1982 Dujail killings.

Parade Magazine Declares Chavez A Funder of "Terrorists"


Jeb Bush defends FEMA Carnival Cruise Costs

Will Bush Replace Greenspan with his Personal Banker?

"Battle of Algiers". Are there any connections?

Fox News Fesses Up to Role "On Conservative Team"

It occurs to me that the Miers nomination is a ruse....

Miers nomination is a clear cut act of crony constitutionalism


CSPAN Schedule Monday October 10

That's conspiracy, treason, and murder.

Juan Cole shreds Bush's latest 'War on Terror' speech. Devastating.

New Sign Gore will Run in 2008?

WP: For GOP, Election Anxiety Mounts

In'Santorum wants to privatize National Weather Service and NOAA

Harriet Miers' law firm scandal-- corrupt business and tax shelters

Why is America addicted to a Losing President??

Miers: "Warren Burger is my favorite Supreme Court Justice"

The Future of America Looks Good to Me

If you were in charge of Democratic campaign- Invent negative Ads game.

Your favorite Gen. Clark Photo

I think Monica is still haunting us (and all Dems)

A Kerry/Gore, Gore/Kerry ticket - odds?

I will reaffirm this " GWB You shall NOT pass" vision once again