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Archives: October 7, 2005

bush's speech today-couldn't agree more! times up, georgie

Danish official at Pentagon disputes official story re: time, etc.

My most favorite "entertainment" of late....Faux News.

If the neocons and the corporatists have

MYDD: Spitzer May Face Primary Challenge (GOP fundraiser wants Suozzi!!))

"I will not forgive Fitzgerald for what he's done to you"

If you're running a campaign or helping one out, I have something for you!

Larry ODonnell on KO - rerun coming up on MSNBC

How Bloomberg benefits from Thursday night's terror alert:

Did the repukes plant the IIPA to the media

Is he really running for president?

Is this latest "new story" about terrorist threats

CBS Poll: Bush at 29% among Independents

I never thought I would say a thing like that but check out Krauthammer

Fitz to talk to more people and possible espionage charge...

Check out my radio show


How adorable are Jon Stewart and Dave Letterman

Democrats Need Not Waste Their Time With Plans Or Programs

So Rove will not testify on Friday after all.... (breaking: Faux News)

What's the deal with hiding the salami?

#2 Abu Azzam Back in the news.

Anyone else have a gut feeling Bush won't finish his term?

So George, No Words of Support for Your Brain? >>>

POLL: Is it too late for a terrorist attack to help Bush?

Programs, Get your Programs...

Ohmagawd. Spencer's Gifts in the mall sells vibrators!

Anyone here read George Seldes? Or James Aronson? They

Good night and Good luck film - and Gore's recent speech

Will that lying lunatic * get his power grab for the military here

15 MC ask AG to investigate misconduct by NOLA law enforcement officers

Reps. Conyers & Miller call for special prosecutor (Black & Abramoff)

Is this latest "new story" about terrorist threats

FBI Examines Computers in Cheney's Office

WP: Miers Makes Rounds On Hill (& displays her ignorance)


I'm on one more time

Help!! I 'Boomed" today and cat is acting very strange

What the world needs now...

DU chat

My painter at my place is black


If you watch Lost you have to see this site.

I have a crush on Katherine Lanpher.

Is anyone else having trouble accessing Wikipedia?

Names DU gets called...

I got a great deal from the grocery store today...

First Jobycom Presidential Quiz: How many presidents had the letter W

U2 on Conan O'Brien tonight for the FULL HOUR

Scabies. Hitchhikers from Phoenix.

does anyone datalounge

I hereby submit that Texas' greatest contribution

I need help trimming my bush.

Nighthawks XIX (dial-up warning)

Bush Speech from today on CSpan right now,

Bush presented his nominee with a book entitled "Judging For Dummies"

Would cops and bomb-sniffing dogs have interrupted tonight's concert,

If this isn't evidence that *Bushco is in trouble, I don't know what is.

Nowadays, when I hear news of a terror alert/warning, I...

The democrats are refusing to come back to the senate floor.

Is someone using domestic terror politically? Who would do

OF COURSE!!! Why didn't I figure this out before?

Commitment to see Iraq through being hampered by politics

Will Karl Rove Be Indicted? (from Counterpunch)

Legal Experts: Rove Testimony a Risky Move

Why Uncle Sam is groveling for recruits

Welcome to the Hackocracy

Craig Crawford: Media should question the motivation & timing of alerts

Letterman: Top 10 signs your SCOTUS pick isn't qualified

Faith-Based Hypocrisy

Great LTTE on corporate role in government

Instant Revisionism

What Colleges Must Do to Help Needy Students

WHAT IS MIERS' ROLE?:------Fourth Time Is a Charm

Bush will veto anti-torture law after Senate revolt

Hey Bush! The Scare tactics aint working anymore!

From a burning bush to George Bush

"George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq …"

American Democracy in Trouble

The right wing attacks one of its own?

Radar Online: A Frist Time For Everything

Newsweek Web Exclusive: 'This Terrorism Must Stop' (Basra is Bad)

BBC shies away from Bush story

Salon Book Review: The road to hell - "The Assassins' Gate" (awesome read)


DLC Study says Democrats can win by executing more retards than GOP

Dreaming of Europe

The man who took on George Bush and won (The Nobel Peace Prize)

New Joe Conason Salon Article - "Rove's nightmare"

Robert Fisk interview

Bush's Entire Record Stinks on Ice vs. Readers Should Be Less Critical of

New England Journal of Medicine: Climate Change & Human Health

Et tu, Charles Krauthammer? *snicker*

my newspaper column for this week: Miers

The conquest of Southwest Asia

The 'Painfully Clueless Karen Hughes'

NEW on White Rose - "All Things Reconsidered with Bruce Burch"

In examining Miers's tenure with Texas Lottery Commission, NY Times ..

Hardball piece highlights our confusion between news and entertainment

Global markets drop on job fears

MOGAMBO GURU: Hard Times Are Coming For Us All

Silent portable micro-cogen VAWT made from carbon composites.

YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Audit criticizes bonuses paid

Plane Carrying Viruses Crashes in Canada (WTF?)

Pain at the pump, Profits in the boardroom

Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Peace Laureate, speech this March.

A Solar World.

Palestinian sources: Intelligence official snatched, shot in Gaza

Anti-semitism warning from Chief Rabbi

Is Al Qaeda That Stupid, or Do They Really Think We Are That Stupid?

So, what have you done about this lately?

McCain backs Blackwell's governor bid

Bush Poll Numbers Hit New Low As He Loses Independents

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 10/7/05

It makes sense to me that Bsh's approval #'s are so low.

NJ voting rights activists needed for Parallel Election Project (PEP)

"2004 Election Results and Discussion" --> "Verified Voting"

Did you all see the thread on the greatest page about Kerry

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 10/8/05

Just heard from Al-CIAda. . . he got home Wednesday

Killing the tying of national ID to election bills: it's a security risk!

Bad Amendment for Verified Voting

URGENT! Please, please, please get over to GD and nominate this post!!!!!

Sean Hannity is speaking in LA TONIGHT!!! plans of action???

McCain will be campaigning with The Gropenfuher next week

Torrance School Board Elections

Anyone else want to join me in a hearty "We Told You So!"

"Rove's War" documentary by symbolman

When is the gubinatorial primary?

Doris Granny D Haddock: On my walk across the nation several years ago

Liberty Mutual in Boston as a place to work

Before I ditch my old computer

My screen has shrunk .......

A question and idea about the Senate race

Post in GEN may be of interest to DU'ers from Ohio 2nd CD

Nail Rove in his own "Home" has saved us some money!

DeLay Meeting, RNC Actions Coincided

Montgomery County book shreddings

An idea for next year's State Convention

Texas not ready for bird flu outbreak (size, poverty, low public health $)

So who else is digging on these cooler temps ?

VIDEO-Viewers Voice from DFW Fox 4 News

Who's gonna run against Sessions next year?

How do you all cope with high electric bills?

LOL - Cap Times Editorial - If Doyle walked on water, lame duck Gard would

Watch out for those frosty steps this morning

LOL The 10 (Minnesota) Commandments

OMG - Zien/Suder trying to hamstring AG

Feingold for president?

I'm a Swedish-Canadian leftwing hetero sexual male,are there any others?

Question about making a WILL...Attorney Vs. Do it yourself web site...

God Ordered Iraq War, Says Bush - (Chris Floyd vindicated!)

2008 slate = Byrd and Kucinich = Vim and Vigor!!!

This thing about Karl NOT testifying tomorrow, is Fox the only one

The Espionage Act - at last! ?

Help Stop the Sneak Attack on Organic Standards in Congress

Coming home from Iraq......

"The Torture President"

Department of Cronys and corruption - now hiring... new toon 10/7

SADDAM GUILTY?? YES, but under what jurisdiction?

Mohamed El Baradei Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Wake Up and Pay Attention!!! Bush Doesn't Get the Nuclear Threat...

Question for those who know about oil and its production...

raytal El Baradei gets the Nobel Peace Price

Any RayTal lurkers this morning?

What is the matter with these people?

Edwards on Daily Show: Did he provide URL for his Poverty Center?

What's with AAR streaming this morning...

Admissions of an addict

Can anyone else get to "My Posts" this morning?

The Guardian Today: White House denies Bush God claims

Aaron Sorkin for Prez.

CBS is schizo in NY this morning

Threat to NY Subways has "Doubtful Credibility"--- Homeland Security

Legal Experts: Rove Testimony a Risky Move

self delete n/t

self delete n/t

Is the US totally incompetent in foriegn policy?

on power outages and such....

Anyone else having trouble with DU this AM?

US troops kill four Afghan police with "friendly fire"

Karl'sbad alright, but...

Kos splits right's belly and reads its guts. Right-on analysis!

Bomb threat disrupts Rolling Stones concert

Four years on, Taliban vow to continue holy war

heads on a stick

I want this country to change.... Not just for the Dems to win!

POLL What kind of Democrat do you like seeing in Washington?

CNN: Hazmat suits in Penn Station? Who cares! The stock market's up!

So what!!

AOL to buy leading blog company

Bush, reactionary religious right wing, and the "God" quote

Now on C-SPAN2...Dems with spines!

Know Your Rights

Making Sense of the Miers Nomination

Opening soon, in a theater near you: The Dick Cheney Show!

Salaam and congratulations to Mohammed el Baradei and the IAEA.

Bulgaria to pull out of Iraq after December polls

Where is Cindy ???

Atomic bomb survivors disappointed over Nobel vote

Profiles in Cowardice.. Senate gives Bush $50b more for Iraq.

Say "No" to any more potential Abu Ghraibs!

If this terrorist alert is not "credible", why is the media ....?

So if there is no NYC subway threat what would the news lead with. . .

New Jerry Springer song... "Bushes brain.." (if I only had a brain.._)

Didn't they run Terra drills in Penn Station a couple weeks ago after

Don't walk across MY swimming pool!!!

Tinfoil Trifecta!!! Plane crashes carrying vials of viruses....

How KKKonvenient for KKKarl

So is this alert total bullshit?

Prove your faith in gawd: Swallow a goldfish

David Frost joins al-Jazeera TV

Landrieu on CSpan2 now...

CBS: Bush's favorability drops below 40% in national poll


A Mass Outpouring of Resistance to the Bush Regime

Four Marines die in Iraq bomb attack, U.S. says

Call me a dummy but if Al Quada has websites... for announcements or

Tragedy in Black and White

Hey, saw where Prince Charles is coming to the US with Camilla,

Is there a way to post the same message to more than one

Catapulting the propaganda - a history lesson

G.O.P.S. - Mark Fiore nails it again!

Write to CNN and the rest of the MSM.

Latest poll: only 39% think invading Iraq was a good idea.

Last Night the Headlines in NY were

About those turning aspens...Is this the message?

AAR stream messed up today for anyone?

RP: The End Is Coming

"Liberal" Hawks and the "Naivete" of the Antiwar Movement


"Cheney Throwing Stones at Democrats"

Hotel Chain Asks Katrina Evacuees to Leave

CNN: DHS "surprised" by NYC decision to announce the "plot"

NYC Mayor studying Bush administration tactics?

Here's How Corrupt The GOP Is:

Jacob Vanderbosch, Roberto Baez, and Bryan Large

Anyone else worried about this. Robert McCallum, Skull and Bones

Is Rover testifying today??

Do "We, the People" have a civil RICO claim against Delay, RNC

Air Force Sued Over Religion

Could we pull off a general stike or our we still

If we have foiled 10 "terra" plots, shouldn't Bush shut up about it?

About the White House spy...

question about lawyers and testifying before grand juries

Had a conversation with Merh last night that really left me disturbed

Are you/your family being stonewalled by FEMA?

Get out of Iraq NOW - 59% according to CBS poll

FBI searching Cheney's computers

Calls Continue for Strange Odors in City

Mary Landreau is breaking my heart on C-Span2

U.S. good at finding those terrorist letters--isn't that about ten now!

I am going to NYC this weekend to ride the Subways!

Bono was robbed.

NYC just got punked

But I thought evangelicals were very tolerant of the Jewish faith?

So Many Spy Scandals, So Little Time, Eh Dick? ---pix->>>

Hate Crime Laws?

Minorities still absent from New Orleans' schools.

This 60 Minutes interview with Louis Freeh makes me very angry

CNN: Penn Station Closed With Hazmat Guys Running Around?

Strange thought regarding Kerry concession

Just reported on CNBC- Suspicious package in Philly, man being

Need liberal "forwards"

Remember Reagan's reliance on astrology? Maybe

Point of Bush's Speech - Appeasing the Far Right

Does Anybody read Michael Parenti?

Kansas State (or is it Kansas University?) has opened a

SCREW this phoney Terruh Alert- I'm off to NYC!

Packer: Bushists didn't plan post-war Iraq fearing plan would derail war

Iowans: Child Abduction Emergency

Did God trick * into invading Iraq?

Fitzgerald is Joe Wilson's homosexual lover

Hey Bush! The Scare tactics aint working anymore!

hmmm NYPD "ABC says the tip stretches all the way to Iraq"

Jim's Big Ego - "Asshole" - 4th time is a charm?

G. Walker Bush....

The Pardon Issue

President Bush's Major Speech: Doing the 9/11 Time Warp Again

Sears and Penney's Catalogs and the underwear section.

HELP-Looking for chart that shows historical US Budget Deficit / Surplus

For Those That Missed the TERRA' SPEECH, I've Summarized:

Luskin on Rove's chances of being indicted:

Those 3 plots on US soil Bush said we broke up? They're bullshit.

Is this "Photoshopped"?

The House Rs trying to convince us that the oil/gas companies

Cartoon of the day: My Little Crony

Does your Senator believe torture is a good government tool?

Any GD cat lovers here?

Soda Can of Destruction found in Penn Station

Itallian abortion pill angers vatican - yahoo health

"* Throws God Under the Bus"

If we end up with Miers and Roberts will the court be to the left of where

Miers' Blog...Looks like the ramblings of a twelve year old...

Scotty on c-span3

A Second Take on Scooter-gate (Justin Raimondo

Report: Vatican Says No Gay Priests Unless They Prove Chastity for 3 Years

Can I declare my house as part of Iraq?


Perhaps, if there's another vacancy on the Supreme Court,

May I just say I am in awe of you who can connect the dots.

El Baradei wins Nobel Peace Prize - SLAP IN THE FACE TO BUSH

Who will write the tell all book once Bu$h and thugs are out?

WALMART managers must reduce labor costs by 0.2% every year in the UK???

Yikes. The Greatest page...oops, never mind.

Jet traffic over North Florida

TOLL ROAD in New Orleans to remain free for awhile

There Is No God (And You Know It)

A can of mountain dew closed down Penn Station?

High school to do breathalyzers on teens...

What Is DU's Platform? What Do We Stand For?

Fitz asks Miller to meet again Tuesday

Secret Service investigates kid for a poster he made for school

The American Iraq: Raw, grisly images of Iraq war unearthed...Developing..

Psychic seeks reward for Saddam's capture

Anyone have link to a transcript of *'s speech?

Don't forget Coulter will be on Maher tonight...

"The White Washing" Scottie McClellan Animation

DeLay Campaign Accepted Illegal Corporate Contributions

Senate Votes to Give Bush More War Funds

U.S. Military Destroying Bridges in Iraq. Is it just me or is this crazy?

Caption *

Scooter Libby Zen Poetry Thread!

Who was serving as Speaker of the House during that shameful

Wayne Madsen: "Cheney and Bush may be named as unindicted co-conspirators"

Stupid question re: oil and gas availability this winter?

who is challenging sensenbrenner?

Bush's Appointment Habits and Greenspan's Successor

Try This At Your Desk...Really Weird!

Mary Mapes Book is MIA on (60 Minutes TANG Story)

Will Diebold be doing the 10/15 Iraqi vote?

Are we expecting something big today?

It's Friday, ya bastids

Are we going to get indictments today? Let's make predictions.

Damn You bubbly soda

What if the Dems picked a bill in the House that the Rs really want

Cheney Throwing Stones at Democrats

Muffin, the lesbian athiest kitten, is about to be turned into a garment

Ala. Church Youth Swallow Live Goldfish

What medication do you think * is on these days?

Update on my fight with the Duval County School Board cretins.

What if the point of all the corruption

Freepers must be just having a ball calling in bomb threats for Chimpy

LTTE -- To cut crime: Kill the CEOs?

"We don't want a Souter and others"

LTTE: Call for Impeachment. President Insane

If you have an extra 10 minutes, this is a great in-depth poll:

Evacuees in leaky bare apts

Former House leader DeLay loses nearly $20,000; Keeps driver

Will Karl Rove flee the country?

If a bomb did go off in the NYC subway, would Bloomberg be liable?

The Publican Party should be remaned the Latreia party. Why? Look here

U.S. soldiers kill 29 Iraqis; Iraqis kill 6 U.S. soldiers

Some Are Concerned That Main Selling Point For Miers Is Her Faith

Bush: NYC Acted Alone in Unveiling Threat (It's the local's fault!)

Oil Bill Vote: WTF????

Who here Really Believes in the 1000 Year Republic of the USA?

Flanigan gets some DeLay all over him, withdraws as DOJ nominee

CSPAN today is the best political drama I've seen in ages!

"Judy does as she pleases." (Devastating analysis of NYT's decline.)

My four year old's comment watching Bush on television

Has the air in your city become cleaner or dirtier in the last 4 years?

Is there a list somewhere that tallies court appointments by party?

Sometimes I just can't joke about the "terror attacks"

ALERT: Leslie Blitzer about to show democrats SHAME yelling

Mayor in Georgia Criticized for Flying Mexican Flag for Slain Farm Workers

Ordering pizza in 2010

Bush is down, Gold is up,

Did you see that CNN gal interview Bob Barr earlier?

I lost it after seeing this picture...

Is Tom DeLay still an active Rep. from Texas. Is he still on the floor?

Limbaugh read note from his "mistress in Georgia"

1951 Reasons why the DSM is Important

shh! don't tell .......

George is Really Enjoying Himself Today --pix->>>



The latest in our quest to democratize the Middle East

This is getting silly...Isn't obvious to THEM

Dumb question? What does "kool aid" drinker mean?

Libby's code cracked (love letter to Miller)

Stronach builds 'Canadaville'

Would Blitzer just STFU and show the clip already!!!

TURN ON CNN!!! Wolfie showing the SHAME SHAME chanting!

Has anybody heard any rumors about the Abramoff case?

Rice Salutes Egyptian Diplomat the Bush Administration Tried to Oust

Jeff Toobin declares that Fitzgerald's investigation has taken too long

Pelosi press conference--Hope it's "the mother of all rants".

Bush's Speech, Roves troubles and more

Happy Birthday, Desmond Tutu

Gore: Admin dispatches "digital brownshirts" to hector adverse media reps


Did something happen to DU?

I wonder if Judy Miller's new notes

Rare Photo of Bush's Teeth --->>>

Breaking on CNN: Washington Monument has been evacuated n/t

I'm coming in late on the energy bill. Help me get this straight.

When did parliamentary procedure become discretionary?

The GOP is cracking apart

What is going on with all these terra threats?

Anyone know why gold and silver are skying?

BREAKING ON CNN: The two hot Vassar chicks who talk "blog" - Babealicious!

Coroners in LA can't ID the dead b/c they have no PHONES!

When do you think scotty will resign?

NYPD & NY FBI Say Credible Threat; Feds Deny It > Was Bush Going to LIHOP?

Americans' Increase Their Borrowing in August...A Lot

Graphic photos from Iraq spark controversy...

Bush @ 37% approval, but please explain why 79% of Repugs

why all the chatter about Delaware today? eom

Subway Terror Warning Emanated From Iraq, New York Times Says

General Zod in 2008

"My Little Crony" cartoon....EMAIL IT!

From the "knock me over with a feather" department

How much money do these "Hightened Alerts" cost?

How do the leaders convince members to change votes

Kristol tells Katie Couric why the WH has been screwing up as of late:

renowned chimp expert on NPR said Bush's swagger is very chimp-like.

News dump time!

Poe (R-TX) "We'll freeze in the dark."

My streaming audio...

Why "Chimpie"?

im trying to call Randi right now....

Oprah's show did it...Caught a SEX OFFENDER!

"Bush's Brain" Tonite on "Link"

isn't it ironic

So, Bush DID authorize the torture at Abu Ghraib and others?

AGAIN, Mary Landrieu is on the Senate floor givin' 'em hell! C-SPAN 2

damn. I turned on the TV, and saw and PRO-Miers ad.

U.S. Intercepts Terrorist Letter..ahem..plans to force U.S. withdrawal

Two traitors: Wayne Gilchrist (R-MD) and Rob Simmons (R-CT)

BOSSHOG: Local news piece on showing TONS OF EMPTY TRAILERS

I knew Dim Son was desperate, but who really believes ...

Whoa, how'd they find a police sgt. named "FEAR"?!

How many gutless Democrats to change a light bulb?

Washington Monument Reopened After Not Blowing Up

Recall of Spokane mayor is headed to ballot Dec. 6

Alan Colmes shuts up Newt Gengrich!!!

do we have a master list of all congress offices?

1950's and before...seems the conservative bush lickers want us to return

Harry? She'll do a heckuva job.

Some great definitions of FReeper

Okay, people. we need a large list of Shameful Actors in Congress

Lieberman brings real meaning to the word lugubrious

please daddy bush slap your son back!!!

WH denies that the Shrub was told by God to invade Iraq & Afghnistan.

Did Shrubbie really ask us to "trust" him??

Can somebody explain "Holden's Ponies" that Atrios refers to?

How do you feel about Air America Radio?

The following Senators are in favor of torture (all Republicans):

Congressional Waiver Reduces Katrina Contracts For Minority-Owned Firms

one more DU Katrina victim heard from - Al-CIAda!

Miss. Gov. Barbour: Louisiana Aid Package Seems 'Very Excessive'

????? is outlawing contraception next on the agenda? Griswold vs CT

HELP!!!!! Hannity, Boortz, Oliver North coming to Tulsa 10-20

This just in: BushBashing: Addictive!!

White House denies Bush God claims

What will Bush* look like without his Bush's Brain (Rove)?

Dr. Phil toes the line on breast-feeding in public

is there any chance Fitzgerald doesn't know about Brewster Jennings?


Who Will Bush Appoint as Fed Chairman?

The House is debating that the gulf states' citizens should repay!

Stephanie Tubbs Jones listing out all the votes that the Rs

"out west, where you vacation" - location to find forged notes?

Consultant used others' names in letter-writing blitz to newspaper

Globalize yourselves.. Starts tonight.. set the TIVO

bush employment policy: give hack actor a job

C-SPAN showing Dems press conference complaining about sham vote.

Just left an anti-war protest in Saginaw, MI

Which thug would 'jump ship'

Have we DU'd this CNN Poll yet.....??

Network played dirty pool with that Louis Freeh segment on 60 mins.

Congratulations to Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Peace Prize Winner >>>

golden oldies: the best of bush - Vid link

Poll: Evangelicals, Republican Women, Southerners Worried About Bush

Wolf Blitzer is a bigger Prick and a bigger spinmeister and a bigger shill

"God told me to do it"

what do you people think of columinst Gene Lyons?

Look what I found on Carlyle

California Father Wants To Change Entire 'Pledge'

I finally figured out what movie we are all living!

A Look at U.S Military Deaths in Iraq

no offense but I think the 12 representatives who werent there today

Making plans for the 25 hour CSpan call-in marathon

WTF?? After 5 years they finally admit it?

"New Fraternity" Phi Beta Iota moves into LSU's "Animal House"


Jesse lee Peterson, black defender of racist Republicans has new column

Michael Moore gets ready to roll

Are Democrats finally waking up?

XML (RSS) - anyone using this software for news sites?

Did you just hear Kurt Vonnegut on PBS?

Tom Delay... the man who thinks the law doesn't apply to him!

My correspondence with Helen Thomas. Re: torture veto

Iraq warfare likened to Nazi campaign(Scott Ritter)

Why has Chertoff been so successful at flying under the radar?

What does an 'Army Registration Acknowledgment Card' mean?

Latest Rove Plame denials emphasize "did not try to punish Joe Wilson"

what has the democratic party done for workers? the GOP?

Would we be better off if Al Zaquari was in charge in Iraq?

Pat Tillman, American Hero - New Article!

Talking head on Dobbs says the country wants someone who

Where are the pro-lifers?

$20 bought me 6.899 gallons of gasoline

I am not a violent person, by nature, but I would love to

What to do when someone tells you that you are "obssessed with politics"?

Rove Says He Wasn't Involved in CIA Leak

Cold War or GWOT - Which were safer times?

Jesus...Phil Donahue has gone senile.

* jaw grinding video

A Letter From Tom

18 US Troops Die in six Days in Iraq

From Despair to Hope by Cindy Sheehan

So, ladies, what did you think of Rush Limpball's "my mistress in

C-SPAN'S 25 hour call-in show is on!! Donahue is in the house!

Judge Rules Vatican Enjoys Foreign Immune Protections in Kentucky Lawsuit

Interesting e-mail

The Bush Administration got PUNKED this week.

So it's casual Friday and I wore my New York City sweat shirt today

Iraqi police are among 12 seized by British forces in Basra raid

Former Marine Says in Book That He and His Platoon Committed Atrocities

Lou Dobbs kicking *'s arse today!

If Rove is indicted won't Bush pardon him?

Help please! I'm looking for link to todays roll call vote on the oil co.

It feels as intense as the '04 Election right now...

Viggo coming up on Air America

CSPAN Call-in Marathon: Phil Donahue/Pat Buchanan official thread #1

did you 'wonder'/'freak' when W said he'd use troops to quarrantine areas

Rove Indicted? -- you bet your ass and even when Bush Pardons him

Limbaugh makes sick joke out of Lake George tradegy

Paul Orfalea for President!

Isn't it funny how the Republicans who wanted the Ginsberg rule

Research Help: "Clinton Osama Head on a Silver Platter."

Wasn't there a new film/DVD due out anytime re: Ohio voting?

TP: 10 ys Ago 6% said nation heading in wrong direction, now, 66%

100% of House Dems voted against Energy Bill today

Judy Miller: Look what I found!


Troopergate was a complete Fabrication

I know we have been around this before, but

Homeland Security : NY plot "not credible"

How will you celebrate the indictments!

More Cite bu$h than Terror as "America's Most Important Problem"

Anybody having trouble with sound from DU links? I tried and w/

Rupert Murdoch is a Slimey F*CK

Support Lois Murphy!

Do you know how to stop a Far Right Agenda?

Jim Ryun (r) Kansas on CSPAN 2 he looks

Photo: Iraq constitution in garbage dump

John Conyers: Bennett Sponsors Disappearing

Kurt Vonnegut on NOW says he's suing cigarette company...

Murray Waas: What Karl Rove told the President

Accused Student Hacker Faces 89 Charges

Mandatory Malloy Friday Guest Host Shin Dig- Serge Tankian of System of a

System of a Down on AAR Now.

Explain grand juries

My New Bumper Sticker

What did SCOTUS change in Planned Parenthood v. Casey?

Rebuild New Orleans and Pay Workers a Fair Wage PETITION

Karl Rove gets A Makeover

Walt Disney Director Makes Pro-Life Abortion Film, Crime Drama

WWII Memorial in DC Has dubya** On The Dedication Plate.

What does being an "unindicted co-conspirator" mean?

Conyers: Libby revealed Plame's identity to Miller in June '03 meeting

BushCo's Noise Machine is back in business

"Karl Rove Lied to the FBI "

The Sound of a Tornado - How Bush Could Rebound

Conyers / Harman / Thompson letter to Card: Brief us on al Qaeda threats

Tell Me: What Is Wrong With A Stealth Dem President?

Beck to purported torturer: "I appreciate your service"

Ugly e-mail forward I received today, and my response.

I Sincerely Wish the South Would Stop Defending the Indefensible

Craig Crawford: Media should question the motivation and timing of alerts

LOL! Luskin...

If the Democrats were smart they would turn the Harriet Miers controversy

Dollar to a dime Cheney is the "Senior" WH.official indicted

Pat Tilmann murdered????

Does anyone know when Randi will be on CSPAN this weekend?

Anybody read this LTTE in the Washington Post today?

I I'm fond of Bush.

why is scarborough having Revival meeting on MSNBC?

I love how BuzzFlash puts things into perspective (bush torture veto)

Timothy Flanigan (Fitzgerald's Bush crony boss to be) withdraws!

You'll be tested on this . . . right now! eh.

Who is this doofus on AAR now? talking about music?

Shhhh Bill Maher Stream:

What do you when you're afraid?

Can the indicted ones be placed on White House Arrest?

Juan Cole NAILS it!!!!!!

Are you now, or have you ever been, a journalist?


The Dems used to do the same things when they were in power

Big event tonight! Get your rant on! CSPAN w/24 hours of viewer call ins

Reuters Reports Al Qaeda Want Ads

Okay, so I cried at the end of Franken's show

Bill Maher Alert: Guests Salmon Rushdie and Andrew Sullivan...

VIDEO- Harriet the Fragrance (Maher)

Anyone know about CD/DVD quality?

I would like some historical perspective

Are there any Republicans you like?

Maybe It's Just Me, But Silverspoon's Speech Sounded Like. . .

dave letterman on Miers

Does Roy Moore stand a chance of getting elected governor?

Cure my foul mood - coulter is on

I feel I need a treat

Here's what we do with Fred Phelps

Reuters: Delay, Barton, Hastert and Blunt circled the chamber during vote:

Was Libby's "Aspens Turning" a reference to Aspen Institute or disinfo?

Has any american ever been charged with war crimes?

When are the soldiers going to have enough?

Have all the terra-lerts been situated in and around cities in blue states?

$399.13 for 250 gallons of propane.

Anyone remember that scene in "Band of Brothers"...

What damages has BushCo done to the U.S. that CAN be eventually undone?

VIDEO- My heavily edited take on Bush's Terror Terror speech

Tom Delay files wrongful prosecution lawsuit agains Earle

Who else sees the delicious irony

Makes me ill: Democrats plan shift to center.....

DU this poll (MSNBC)

CNN just showed video of the chants of "Shame, Shame, Shame" and

My Revolt with the Left and the Right on Abortion

2006 - we get the House & Senate back, Bush & Cheney are impeached end of

People in Urban Areas are not being Represented.

Make up more headlines which are horrible news for the Republicans

The Documentary "Off to War" FREE on Comcast OnDemand in Oct.!

New way to get cheap groceries!!! Check this idea out.

Are we witnessing the fall of the "new right"/Reagan revolution, or just..

Drop the religion, Humans are just sexy apes....

Bush is a goner, Coulter is really pissed at him!

The difference between $5 gas here & $5 gas in Europe

Miers is Bush's Get Out of Jail Free Card

Just flipped to MSNBC and Rita Cosby appears to be having a terragasim


The Daily Show : Aborting black babies--anyone see this?

Why is * grinning like a banshee today?

If I wasn't scared before, I am NOW

Car : The difference between US and Europe (Images heavy)

What is OUR Miers strategy? I'm confused!

I sincerely wish that DU would disallow all South-bashing threads

Prsidential Order...

Post Your Best Ann Coulter Jokes Here

PETA: Is J. Crew selling you fur made from dogs and cats?

Richard Holbrook vs. Jane Harmon vs. Christ Matthews re "NYC Terror Attack


Ron Silver gets a crony post?

A Second Take on Scooter-gate (Justin Raimondo)

(TINFOIL ALERT) Anthrax mailer back at work? Behind rabbit fever scare?

Is it OK to feel a sense of delicious satisfaction over BushCo's woes now?

LTTE published!! I'm 2 for 2!

ThinkProgress posts comprehensive analysis of Bush's lies on Oct 7, 2002

Boy, the House is really noisy today.

Prediction: President John McCain by March 2006

Why isn't the Rove story breaking news on all channels? Remember

Are you radical yet? (late nite rant)

"Bad Boys"

WOO HOO! This weekend is PORN SUNDAY! (not kidding!)

W dismantling Veterans Administration

Tweety just said he's a big fan of Ayn Rand.

Will you ever forget or forgive Bush for fucking this country up?

"Osama Bin Laden Would Vote For Kerry"

I just saw this *HUGE* RV with somekind of slick Golf logo, bisns adverts

Christian Taliban VS Islamic Taliban

ATTN DLC Run to the center types; Listen and Learn from Bernie

I don't give 2 shits about "Region Bashing" and neither should you.

Did Patrick Fitzgerald just blink?

A question for those with a sharp eye

Plame Question - Can a person plead the 5th for

Gosh darn it -this Victoria's Secret stuff has pushed me over the edge!

The Mystery Man' Secret (Karl on Ice)

ROFL...Cheney pic for Philippine spy story on Yahoo...

This weeks bumper sticker. What do ya think?

Tentative reply to about a hundred die-hard freepbots. Suggestions?

No longer "Survival of the fittest" - it's now "Survival of the RICHEST"

To get rid of corrupt leadership, we must get rid of electronic voting

Any proof Michael Moore was physically helping Katrina victims?

The Latest from My Fundie Neighbor

HAHAHAHA!!!! Freepers think Bush's job approbal is 50%!!

TOONS: Abort the Wingnuts Edition

Harriet miers's ONLY Constitutional case: Today's Wall St Journal

DLC defenders: what are your core positions and principles

Being a weather nut, I was wondering what happened to

I think Skinner, Elad, and EarlG deserve a raise.

Would Rove rat out Bush to stay out of Jail?

Why Intelligent Design Is Going to Win

Red Rose Stories Closed by FBI

Foxx Relieved To Leave Racist South

Is Jane Harmon a Repuke in Dem's clothing???

If Left is the way to go why didn't Ralph Nader win in 00 and 04?

POLL: What kind of Democrat do you trust to represent you in DC?

"FBI Penetrated; Again!" by Sibel Edmonds

Iraq and Oil-for-Food: The Real Story

C-SPAN 25 YEARS OF CALL-IN PROGRAMMING - fraught w/ freepers & neocons!

Demand our candidates take the American Families First Pledge

On Southerners and Southerners by a Southerner...

The Case Against Miers is very simple

JEFF GANNON's involvement might be brought up in leak case

Can * himself be indicted in Plamegate, and if he is, then what happens?

Victims of Communism Memorial Planned - Article

It all started with Schiavo. Since then, downhill for Bush.

"Jiggle, Jiggle...Bump and Grind......What about Our Daughters?

Video of House proceedings-SHAME-SHAME-SHAME

Was Kerry Cheated out of Almost 100,000 Votes in Cleveland Alone?

Let them have cervical cancer....... so sayth the fundies

Been gone for a while, has God talked to GW anymore? N/T.

Miers will remove herself from consideration.

URGENT ALERT! Stop Congress from using VVPB to deny the right to vote!

meat sale!

Sloppy Joe recipe

Here's what I'm having for lunch today (easy work/brownbag recipe)

I learned a new reason why not to vote in the UK today

Senators seek Pentagon help on gulf drilling, urge conservation

Environmentalists sue feds to block development in roadless forests

Toronto virus death toll climbs to 16

DeLay Meeting, RNC Actions Coincided

Troops seize 12 in Basra raids(Iraqi Police too)

Families tout (IL) gov's health insurance plan for children

IAEA, ElBaradei Share Nobel Peace Prize

#2 Abu Azzam Back in the news.

Al-Qaida's hiring for the Web

Four Marines die in Iraq bomb attack, U.S. says (1949)

Why Uncle Sam is groveling for recruits

LA Mayor {Villaraigosa} Slams Schwarzenegger 'Reforms'

Pentagon: Bin Laden deputy complains about money, Iraq tactics

LA Mayor denounces Schwarzenegger's ballot 'reforms'

Gold keeps ascending on global markets

AP Poll: Americans Have Lost Confidence Katrina Money Will Be Spent Wisely

Gov. Bush urges Gulf drilling buffer zone

Witnesses Testify in Mining Pollution Trial

Miers Fail to Dispel Evangelical Doubts

Legal Experts: Rove Testimony a Risky Move

(US & Iraqi)Troops arrest (Shiite) mayor, giving rise to peaceful protests

Prosecutor in Leak Inquiry Orders Rove to Return Again (3.3 stars)

Psychic seeks reward for Saddam's capture

'War on terror' costs U.S. $7B monthly: report

Feingold puzzled by president's Supreme Court nomination

U.S. troops kill four Aghan police with "friendly fire"

Al Qaeda's Zarqawi backs killing civilian 'infidels'

Iran denies Blair charge of Iraq meddling

ElBaradei: Peace Prize a "shot in the arm"

British troops arrest Iraq police after attacks

Cheney Throwing Stones at Democrats

Cheney Throwing Stones at Democrats

Fighting global warming could boost U.S. economy, scientist group says

Belgium hit with one-day general strike (social security changes)

Pryor to seek lobbying reforms

Bush predicts Supreme Court confirmation for Miers("She'll be confirmed.")

British troops seize 12 suspects in Basra raids

Obscure Texas case offers peek into role of court nominee

House considers bill to boost refineries; critics say it will boost air po

ACLU Sues Over Conditions at La. Jail (inmates abandoned after Katrina)

Six Marines Killed by Iraq Bombs (1,950)

US forces bomb Euphrates bridges

Flanigan Withdraws Nomination at Justice

Stones Show Interrupted by Bomb Threat (last night-Charlottesville)

GOP extends vote time, then closes early before Dems can return to vote..

Ga. Locals Criticize Mayor on Flying Flag

(Business-dispute Inspired Deliberate) Blackout shows Net's fragility

Pombo proposes lifting offshore drilling moratorium

Top Sunni seeks Iraq truce as US pushes attack

(CA redistricting) Group returns tainted money ($1.75M from The Groper)

High Energy Prices Still Threaten EconomH

Reuters: Katrina work goes to officials who led Iraq effort

Bush says New York officials exercised own prerogative in announcing subwa

FEMA's Next Crisis (wsj ) (homes for the people)

Prosecutor 'Not Finished' With Judith Miller

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 7 October

Newsweek Web Exclusive: 'This Terrorism Must Stop' (Basra is Bad)

Chávez is eager to meet `Mr. Danger'

Penn Station Reopened After Terror Threat

Police searches, hoax mark NY return to subway

DeLay files wrongful prosecution suit against Earle

Ex-official pleads innocent to charges (for * admin: Safavian)

Bush, Santorum get low ratings in poll of voters

ICRC concern at Guantanamo strike

Thousands of teachers strike in British Columbia

Reuters: Reporter turns over new notes in CIA leak case (expanded article)

Iran Again Faces Charges of Iraq Meddling

News Corp. Blasted for Poison Pill Actions

NYC Mayor Defends Publicizing Threat

Red Rose Stories Closed by FBI

Bloomberg Defends Terror Threat Decision

Italian journalist posing as migrant reports abuse at detention camp

Explosions Kill Six Marines in Iraq

Iran Says IAEA Inspections Could End

Weather Officials Probe Katrina's Strength

Police find 22 bodies in southeastern Iraq

Group says Morocco rounded up immigrants

AP -- "nothing worrisome" at Wash Monument

Iraq blasts kill 6 Marines (1953)

NYT: House G.O.P. Wins, by 2 Votes, Bill to Ease Refinery Building

Court Rejects EPA Air Pollution Revision (as: "flip-flop", "switcheroo")

Pentagon seeks leeway to approach citizens

AP: 539 bodies found in Iraq since April

Engineers: New Cause of New Orleans Flood

DeLay Asks That Indictments Be Set Aside

FEMA Releases New Flood Elevation Maps (MS)

MI5 unmasks covert arms programmes

Nobel Peace Prize to UN nuclear watchdog IAEA and its chief

Berlusconi 'throws legal system into chaos to save ally'

Bush God comments 'not literal'

Coats guides Miers through confirmation process

Pentagon seeks U.S. informants on insurgencies

Palestinian: Bush spoke of Iraq as divine mission (stands by recollection)

AP: 3rd Suspect Nabbed in Subway Terror Plot >

House passes bill to boost refinery capacity

MI5 unmasks covert arms programmes

ICRC says hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay "serious"

Feds Seize Proceeds From Black Co-Op Sale

Forgotten city ordinance bans birth control; city promptly DROPS ordinance

WP: 'The Right Result' Was Key to Miers("Miers was an Independent Voice")

Big Easy Leaders Upset Over Cleanup Jobs

Breaking on CNN: Washington Monument being evacuated

Business optimism declines among CEOs

Reporter finds earlier notes in CIA leak case

David Frost joins al-Jazeera TV

Former Marine Alleges Atrocities In Iraq

Staying warm to cost up to 90% more

Economy lost 35,000 jobs in Sept

Delphi demands 63% pay cut from UAW - Delphi execs get boost in severance

Dallas Gay Leaders Okay Miers Pick

Cuba Decries US for Denying Visas to Baseball Players

Raid fuels fears German leaders are trying to muzzle press

Families may find hurricane dead in New Orleans

Afghan warlords retain power despite democracy

Flanigan Withdraws Nomination at Justice

Brown enters race for DeWine seat,strikes a nerve (Hackett 'betrayed'?)

DoD finally issues policy to reimburse troops for body armor, equipment

Chile investigates Pinochet and arms deals

Pentagon seeks leeway to approach citizens

Belgium Grinds to Halt as Thousands Strike

Communion only for good politicians (says Vatican cardinal)

Fears that Asian bird flu has spread to Europe as ducks die in Romania

Poll: Bush's job approval remains low (39% approval / AP- Ipsos poll)

Rove Told Bush He Did Not Leak to Reporters in Plame Case

Ex-UN official: Bush, Blair like Nazis

Bush will veto anti-torture law after Senate revolt

Teachers testify on refusal to promote intelligent design

Bush slammed over 'God's war' on Iraq

I'm gonna do a two hour funk show in a couple of weeks

Ever eaten a modern day MRE?

There's about 10 cop cars

HELP! I 'Bombed" today and my cat

I'm playing our own Tuvor's version of Joy Division's "Transmisson"

Which of these famous people was NOT a cheerleader?

I'm in a Devo mood.....

I'm in a diva mood.....

Why do most chain sandwich shops SUCK? (A rant.)

The beauty of this is it's simplicity.

Nothing is fucked, here. Nothing is fucked.

OK, who can name all twelve pines of the Kodiak without flugelling?

Nobody wants to spend their life with me.

Look at the bottom line.

Another overnight show request thread

AAAA OOOOO! I'm howling!! AAAA OOOO! Who's with me?

I can't sleep! The clowns will eat me!

Firefox Beta 2 is now available for download

Eyes starting to close...can't stay awake much longer....

Has the whole world gone crazy?

Bwaa-haaa-haaaa ,,, Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing

Update on my security deposit situation (I won)

I seem to be going slightly deaf

WTF??? CNN: Pooch Neuticles top Ig Nobels

Good night everyone.

What your cat does when you're not home

Where The HELL Are The COLORS?

Name this babe... no spoilers, please...

Is there something wrong with the DU this morning?

Human Brains Stolen, Injected Into Racehorses To Make Them Run Faster

Ann Coulter might miss Halloween

I've been folding campaign Lit for three hours now.....

I was asked for my ID when buying

Yak jokes!

Yo-Yo Ma, Putin, Tutu, Mellencamp, Thom Yorke-HAPPY BIRTHDAY


That family-friendly game known as 'Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas'

Nobel Peace Prize winner annouched and *GASP* it wasn't Bush again

Statistics regarding online dating?

Who is it really all about

Argh. I hate DRM

This thread is only about Billyskank

Brassiere Joke.

Plastic Dog Testicle Creator Wins Nobel Prize For Medicine

The "Brazilians" joke is like our own Aristocrats

Is "biznitch" an offensive term to women?

Accidentally sold my soul to Satan....ask me anything!!

li'l HELP!?!??!

Is "tasty stizneak" an offensive term to PETA?

83 Year Old Fined For Crossing Street Too Slowly

Dear Abby and Parental Notification for underage pregnant girls

Are you leptodactylous?

Take a Look!

The pandas are napping

I woke up this morning and my adrenal gland had been removed!

Ha! My brother sent me this--zombie infection simulator

Boston DUer's...

which rapper is the worst actor?



I'm going to make a batch of oatmeal milk chocolate chip cookies

Has anybody ever heard the song parody "Ashamed to be an American"?

Repost--in honor of Photobucket actually working...

harriet miers is dumber than homer simpson

--. .-. . .- - / -. . .-- / -... ..- ... .... / .--- --- -.- .

Travolta and Preston Suggest a "Silent Birth" to Katie

The Superficial: Ashlee Simpson turns 21, "paints her face like a raccoon"

Hunter Knocked Out By Dead, Flying Goose That His Son Shot

Anyone have kids? Ever watch Higglytown Heroes on Disney?

Ha ha ha!

What perscriptions are you currently on.

Why I am a Democrat.

Penguins’ pooping power scoops Ig Nobel prize

Sons try to burn alive father, witch stepmother

Chat Up Lines Of The Jobless: MS Office Work

Hey, I just won a dinner to Aunt Bee's

Who broke DU again?

Kitty Cat Dance anyone?

I slept for two hours last night....

Does anyone else here like Kasey Chambers.....

Welcome to zombo com

It's the Friday morning Superfly Earworm Remix

Me at your wedding reception!

LBN's "Woman kicked of SW airline" thread is 485 posts+. What gives?

So what's kept Richard Thompson from being a major star?

don't use old fertilizer bags for luggage or they'll blow it up real good

MORE 80's albums you should own!

Do you know how much I love DU on Fridays?

Will Dumbo's poll numbers level out

My newest guilty pleasure: Speed

My newest guilty pleasure: Speed

O.K. which one of you posted this "please give" request on FR

City Council Votes To Restrict Residents To 3 Dog Per Household Limit


Please put me on your ignore lists!


Okay, who can name all the posts that this is a copycat of?

City Council Votes To Restrict Dogs To 3 Residents Per Household Limit

Who can name the love that dare not speak its name without googling it?

Matcom's Brain Stolen, Injected Into DS1 To Make Him Run Faster

What is cat music?

What is scat music ?

(X-Post:) Iowa Child Abduction Emergency

Okay, who can name all seven dwarfs without Googling?

Okay, who can name all seven sins without Googling?

Favorite Martial Art Movies?

Favorite Marital Art Movies?

Nice people.


Has anyone posted the Brazilian joke in GD?

Where is that hot Canadian Swede?

Jesus Christ designed a woman to be looked at by one person -- her husband

Anybody know what's up with ?? is it offline?

I get my thing in action...

Um, nevermind

What's your favorite suspense movie?

My newest guilty pleasure: Speed

There's an awful lot of happy duers lately

I know gas is a Brazilian dollars a gallon, but I'm driving to Lancaster

Hey, saw where Prince Charles is coming to the US with Camilla,

Is it just me, or does the vote count column throw you off?

I want silly pictures's one for you...

What happened to Democracy White?

What happened to The Sopranos?

is there a 'customer service' for Hotmail? Like where you can...

I'm off to the bank and post office.

Iyay eardhay a reatgay ewnay ushbay okejay

More movie "remakes" ....

YAY!!! MoneymoneymoneyMONEY!

Okay, who can list all words in the Oxford English Dict. w/o googling

So what's the weather like in Boston right now?

Can you name the 31 Flavors of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream without...

Okay, who can give me a synopsis of James Joyces Ulysses without googling?

Today's spoken language pet peeve: "Verse" rather than "Versus".

Spam poetry?

Shouldn't the "Greatest" icon at the top of the page...

BIGMCLARGEHUGE!!! Are you responsible for letting the lizards out

Insatiable for corporate greed (America the Beautiful)

My house is quiet

My latest driving pet peeve.


Anyone else seen this? Beating up *.

Will the real Tinkerbell please stand up?

Pretzle! Pretzle! Pretzle!

Any GD cat lovers here?

My cockatiel will NOT shut up!

I accidentally had billyskank on ignore!! Who did that?

Name something that is bigger than the state of Delaware.

Which rapper is the best actor?

Just got back from an African-American funeral!

Questiion for those of you who have posted over 10 brazillion

Webster's adds new word for "dysfunctional" : "FEMAL"

Thanks BigMcLargeHuge

Okay fellow Loungeites, I have a question of extreme importance to ask

This is just too damned funny...

Me at my wedding reception.

I punched a drunk Delaware kid

I owe Wesley Snipes an apology; I called him a heartless deadbeat dad

Idrank Delaware Punch as a kid

Questions Raised Over Cops That Allowed Hookers To Masturbate Them

This is a treat!

Me at my wedding reception!

My name is Dela. What should I...

Show your kids! This is GREAT....

Moonshiners arrested in Virginia

Elmer Fudd Joke.

I hear it's cost DU a brazillion dollars this month in bandwidth charges

Let's lighten up the time with Joke time

The old oak tree held its fire until November

BREAKING NEWS: Matcom's Scooter Being Evacuated

Can you all please post something in the Maryland Forum, pretty please!!

why would anyone not use google?

Can anyone post 12 original thoughts without googling?

Delaware Forum Thread Makes Greatest Page for First and Last Time Ever

Me at MY wedding reception

Is today BigMcLargeHuge Day? If not, it should be.

I have a few questions for the lounge (brazillion free thread):

Magazine Dubs Jessica Biel Sexiest Woman (Esquire)

I have terribly sad news. Blue-Jay is leaving me for another.

It's Friday, ya bastids


Is it just me or....

Okay, what can we do now?

Ok, ok...Here is a picture of me at MY wedding reception

Need advice on how to handle this (long story) re: apartment


Who would win in a drunken brawl?

Were there river pirates?

I just had a Thalium-imaging stress test. Ask Me Anything!

This made my day

This is a Proletarian Art Threat!

I have a great new earworm!

Almost baseball time...I sure hope the Sox win today!!

15 inches of snow in Dickinson, North Dakota yesterday.

Funny screw-up at Milwaukee TV station's website.

I think I've posted a brazillion times today!!

(X-Post:) Iowa Child Abduction Emergency

Well my mama didn't 'low me, just to stay out all night long

Everythin', everythin', everythin's gonna be alright this mornin'...

Anyone want a snack? I have roasted red pepper hummus.

generic relationship advice seeking thread

Have you seen THIS!??!

Who is the greatest rock guitarist of all time??

Does your boss read your emails? Can they? Should they?

The GLBT-Atheist-PETA Freaks are ruining DU

My daughter just ordered three pay-per-view movies

anyone know where the DU members photos are now?

tell me why Fridays are cool for you

I nominate Walter Sobchak to the Supreme Court.

Feline refugees of Katrina need your help


You put the boom-boom into my heart.

Photoshop Fun: Santorum and Delay

I promise not to post the "Brazillion" joke one more time...

Best. Quote. Ever, from a Katrina victim....

BREAKING ON CNN: The two hot Vassar chicks who talk "blog" - Babealicious!

Anyone want a snack? I just pulled the beating heart out of a little calf.

Caption this picture

Breaking: al-Qaeda's #2 in command surrounded in basement of the Alamo

Can you all please post something in the Delaware Forum, pretty please!!

Is the Hopi Deity Kokopelli an Ancient Hindu God?

Steaming hot Smurf on Snork action!!!!

Does anyone have one of those coffee makers that use little pods

Our country should ban all forms of torture except.....

Anyone here remember color-coded reading comprehension tests in school?

I'm going to bed, goodnight lizards!


How many here are google software junkies

Iunderstand my Dad is half Scottish but isn't BYOB

Moloch! Mental Moloch! Ashcans and unobtainable dollars!

Hey, I just won a dinner to Apple Bee's

Try This At Your Desk...Really Weird!

If I bring a friend to DU, what do I get?

What is wrong with you people?

Friday afternoon Freeper Post:

Anyone only ride the Bus

Guys and Gals have a great weekend! See ya Monday!

It's five o'clock's open!

What DUer am I thinking of right now?

Corporate branding and toys

Help please! Major IE problems.

My earworm is cooler than your earworm.

Please don't put me on your ignore lists!

Everyone say hello to cynatnite, she's new to the lounge but NOT DU

Regarding most recent episode of "Rome" (#6)

'you dance with the one that you brought'

I'm pissed. Nobody EVER nominates me to the Supreme Court.

Damn it's cold in the Deep South.


Thanks to all who voted for Mojito con Pollo . . . it's simmering now

Batman TV Mansion Escapes Blaze

Beer, anyone?

Who listened to Randi Rhodes today?

Today, We Are All BigMcLarge________

If you could pick just ONE day to spend with me

Freeper Madness: Clinton in bed with Saudis!

Republicans set up puppet "Black Leadership Conference"

My good friend in repose: (pic)

Dubya Nickname Group

Are there any Danzig fans out there?

No way in hell I can compete with this.

BOW DOWN TO ME: I've been made a Diety in the GD forums!

"New Fraternity" Phi Beta Iota moves into LSU's "Animal House"

Cheap Therapy: Southern California Style

Bush Marriage Crisis: The Truth about the drinking the fights and more!!!

Blue Angels at my house right now

DSW Shoe stores - are they the mecca of shoe shoppers of the world??

The Joke of the Day....

Bill O'Reilly to host SNL

I want the "Jazz Singer" DVD free, and here is what you are supposed to do

Best Male Vocalist Cat Playing the Guitar at a Shoe Store

When they say "call now for "rush delivery" is that like getting

Hooray. At long last it's Friday! Let's PARTY!

How To Shampoo A Cat ~

New Whirl Odor

Oh, WOW is the kid in the upper apartment guitar-wanking right now!

I am just loving the show "Lost"

No battle of the Sox threads today?


Sorry, Boston Red Sox

Dam, Dam, Dam!!!


Congratulate me...I just joined the 21st Century!

Some jokes for the ladies

World Domination Gets no Funnier than this:

We don't have to be mean because, remember...

Girl in the cafe...good film

E-Bay Folks....I've been trying to find the answer to this question..

"Hide the salami" - did it mean something else before

Flying Spaghetti Monster - The Game!

Where's Mr. Slayer these days?

Beer drinkin' loners....check in...

Oh God, it's the frikken Blue Angels

What is your opinion of Todd Bertuzzi?

Watching an INXS concert from the 80s on VH1 classic

Monty Python fans who have BBCA

I'm a guy, and I liked Handmaid's Tale. Does that make me weird?

I got a Republican survey!?

"C'mon, now,If every woman dumped her husband just for crashing a blimp...

Good..Neil Young must have heard me

What are most popular Halloween candies this year?

At first I was afraid... I was petrified...

Biel Named Sexy Woman

Do the happy dance with me...My son is home

Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat?

Dora just caught a shoestring

Here's a game I thought you might like

Did you fight with your spouse in naming your children?

Victoria's Secret Poll:


Whirled Peas

What the hell is this? Water that falls from the sky?!?!

"Borg Pain Rating"

Please respond to this cat rumor

Can cats be helped by a time out?

Which city do you like best?

New way to get cheap groceries!!! Check this idea out.


I'm Going to Pick up CatWoman & Check out the Meeting Room n/t

I think my grandson is the reincarnation of Francis Scott Key

IE Users, can you load this site here?

I caught AIR! Aka "Unidentified Flying

Why oh why oh why

Anyone get their nails done like this? (pic heavy)

Did y'all have a good day today?

A lesbian Fashion Model


One night in Vegas. What should I do?

Great Unused Band Name

I have reserrected the Brazillion joke. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Help Techies! Can this hard drive be saved?

will it float?

This is a threat!

Tonight on "Real Time with Bill Maher"

Why is my cat so dumb and annoying?

Good bye, I've had it.

Go Halos! Friday edition

"Hey bitch, you got a cell phone?"

A definite hottie to be sure, but Esquire's "Sexiest Woman Alive"?

Now for the dog lovers...Beedogs!

Where did Ann Coulter get that Adam's Apple?

So what big plans does everyone have tonight?

I just saw the Food Network ad with the two guys fencing with fish.

My newest guilty pleasure: "Speed of Sound" by Coldplay

If you faced a "no-win scenario", what would you do?

Need software advice. What's the deal with printing an...

Who on DU do you nominate who handles grace with snark?

Who do YOU nominate on DU that handles snark with grace?

I'm eating chicken tikka masala!

Muffin, the lesbian athiest kitten, is about to be turned into a garment

Anyone know about CD/DVD quality?

Job-search letters: Is it appropriate...

Ah crap ... I think there's something wrong with me :-(

Twenty Answers.

Posted in the sports forum but needs to be said here too. GO SOX!!!!

WOW. The anti-Red Sox vitrol is AMAZING

Richard Simmons on 'Whose Line is it Anyway?"

Who on DU GETS the most snark from other DUers?

My boyteen made homemade pizza for dinner tonight

If you like kitty cats watch this clip...see if you can stop watching it

I am looking for opinions on The Aristocrats...

"Tales From Topographic Oceans" is a beautiful piece of art!

Life does not start and stop at your convenience you miserable piece of...

They found a skull right by where I use to live....

I am locking this as it is a dupe: the worst of BigMcLargehuge

Presenting "The SeattleGirl 5-Minute Comedy Sketch"

Can someone recommend an affordable DVD-R/RW drive for a Win 98 machine?

who's happy this evening?

This is despicable-People are filing fraudulent claims with Red Cross/FEMA

anyone here ever work as a "carney"

Generic attention-seeking sexual innuendo thread


I want to go to sleep right now

Anyone else still watch ER?? What do you think of the cast changes?

Time for everyone's favorite, a new SONG PARODY!

I lost my job today

Calling "Katrina" dog rescuers. I know someone who wants to adopt NOW.

I passed 8000 posts..without an ask me anything thread

Top 10 way you can tell you're a C-SPAN junkie - Number 10

A message for my fine, fine friends from Oklahoma...........

A day in the life of Joe Republican

As if channeling the suggestion of my dear friend progmom, MrG

I need positive vibes for my middle school cheerleaders!

Covers that are better than the original:

OMG. What Have I done? What Have We Done?

RPM, if you're not still partying, how does it feel????

Goooooood Eeeeeeeveniiiiiiing

If Rove is indicted, the "woo hoo" smiley isn't going to cut it

Just yesterday morning they let me know you were gone

Best Male Vocalist -

we get to bring Chris home tomorrow

Microwave Grape racing. Mindless pastime or competitive sport?

Nobody wants to spend the day with me.

A rhetorical question for all you flirtmasters in the Lounge tonight!

I admit it, I know not of this "Spamalot" - should I grip it by the husk?

Book nerds, check in. What are you reading these days?

No good deed goes unpunished....

It seems that we are missing some people here

I think I'll have a beer. Who's with me?

Roll Call at the Waldorf Cat Haven

What does Adobe After Effects do???

This is frickin hilarious.

LynneSin is a fraud - Delaware should be pushed into the Atlantic

Teacher refuses 'intelligent design' statement

There Is No God (And You Know It)

The anniversary of my excommunication draws neigh 10-16-2000

fat thighs healthier than all-over leanness for women (study)

Strange egg-shaped skulls uncovered all over the world mystify scientists

Solar Flares can be good for astronauts

Human hands glow in the dark

Hirsch report.

Great white shark stuns experts with 12,000-mile trip. Australia to Africa

Dolphins sing 'Batman' theme

Our galaxy

SAGE Heads to White House Aging Conference

New HIV treatments show promise

Catholic Church's influence waning

‘Ex-gay’ ministry sues, cites religious freedom

Was Wellstone correct: Fundies and Nazi's share hate speech?

Gay Democrats Call For Meeting With Bush On Supreme Court Nominee

Governor opposes N.H. constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage

Where is our gay spokesperson for TV and media?

Gay Unions 'Perversity' Mich. Senator Says

Screaming wagers for this weekend.

Holy Orlando !!

Chisox win!

Randy Johnson


Neither The Angels nor The Demons are going to beat the White Sox

Congratulations, White Sox!!!


Igamoo's eating habits..HELP!

Momma cat

Global Community

About increasing the number of vaccinations

Bird flu and pseudoscience

Gawd told the chimp to attack Iraq....

Do apes believe in gawd????'s the scoop...

Since when did Sam Harris think he could speak for me

Discouraging threads tonight

Kerry on Bush Speech, President’s Attacks on Critics

John Kerry on Senate Defeat of LIHEAP Amendment

Friday morning Cspan 2

Kerry was right - AGAIN

Kerry/Landrieu Requesting Limit Increases on Disaster Loans

Ask CSPAN to cover JK's Iowa appearance

Off topic, Does anybody like their job? I'm in a crummy mood from work

Look! I found

GDP and GD are irrespirable. This report seems to have restarted the

Did you all see the thread on the greatest page about Kerry

Not directly directed to JK but McCain is finished for me after that

i support Kerry because i'm a liberal

Not really seasonal,

Hey, read this and feel a little better.

Sherrod Brown or Paul Hackett ?

Anyone here have any Kerry Pumpkin/Jackolantern pics from

Iraq, again.

Katie Couric's House of Pancakes

Oh, no, it's Alex Witless -- KOEB 10/07/05


Who from the KOEB will bid on Dan Abrams' press passes?

A song parody in honor of what is likely to be the case tonight...

Breaking: Mohamed El Baradei, head of U.N.'s IAEA, wins Nobel Peace Prize

The Public’s Disenchantment

Hrmmm..."LETTER FROM AL QAEDA INTERCEPTED"...sound familiar???

Mehlman's comment on Miers vs Souter

Is There Any Graphing Of GWB Poll Numbers & Terra Lerts?

Schadenfreude Toxicity - TPM

CNN's Miles O'Brien skeptical about NYC Terror "Timing" this morning

What the? FOG??

RFK Jr. on Link TV at 9:00am ET: Excessive Corp Power and the Environment

I now believe that Miers was nominated as a placekeeper

Dear Mr.Reagan

1200 days (legally) remain in the * regime!

So, how are those "last throes" coming, I wonder...

Starr versus Fitzgerald

Markey (D-Mass) Giving 'Em Hell on CSPAN

You should have heard Rush Thursday.

Is It Too Late For Bush to Save His Big-Government Conservative Movement?

Delay conferred with James W. Ellis

McCain backs Blackwell's governor bid

Breaking: Senate Passes $445.5 billion Defense Appropriation

Kudos to Landrieu to have held the Senate to a still as long as she could

Maybe we should ignore Plamegate until something actually happens

Is Fitsgerald "setting up" Rove for a perjury and obstruction of justice

Congress gives bush 50 BILLION for Iraq today!

Gallup's 45% (+5) approval Trumpeted, NYT/CBS' 37% (-4) Barely Mentioned

MSNBC "Bush: 10 foiled terror plots" story rated 2.5 out of 5 stars

A Soda Can with bubbling green goo?

RUMOR from the hill: Rove to be indicted on 22 counts of conspiracy.

STUPID.. STUPID.. STUPID.. democrats....

Conservatives fear Miers won't hate enough

Frist supports Torture - The Cats could have told us that

Ok. Let's speculate. What if the Plame "Big Fish" is Bush or Chaney?

Raw Story: Raw, grisly images of Iraq war unearthed... Developing. n/t

CNN swallows SPIN. hook, line, sinker, late dates.

One message the democrats should communicate

Some Are Concerned That Main Selling Point For Miers Is Her Faith

Conyers: "President talks about terror, serious shortcomings in security"

Political Philosophy and education results.

Where is Pete Dominici of New Mexico going with his natural gas speech?


God told me to invade Iraq, Bush tells Palestinian ministers

I like the Miers nomination....

On Feingold breaking with Reid re: Miers nomination

Refresh my memory - who said the following?

"US President George W. Bush cups his ear as reporters shout to him"

Why does the "middle" vote for the right-wing Republicans ?

This post will attract ridicule

Wonderful...Bush to veto Spending Bill

The most intriguing little snippet I've heard about Miers

C-SPAN 25 YEARS OF CALL-IN PROGRAMMING - fraught w/ freepers & neocons!

The only real question about the Plamegate indictments is

"Activist Judges" "Legislate from the bench"

MN Gov Tim "No new taxes...only Fees" Pawlenty drops the F Bomb

Freepers discuss Sen.Brownback's '08 nomination and POTUS strategies

Does anybody know of a "Beginner's Guide to Bush-Hating" out there?

What happened? Is the Senate simply in recess? They haven't shut

Rice is urged to be 'Friends' (or more?) with Fox anchor

TPM on Delay/Earle and the Washington Times

New CBS Poll: Republicans still stupid

"If corruption were an issue republicans would have to put themselves

Democratic Values:

Isn't there a site called something like

Everyone... It's Time For REVOLUTION!

18 U.S.C. 793, the Espionage Act: what is it and can Rove be indicted?

Wolfie & CNN About To Do A CLINTON.. ALA Freeh!!!

Who was the worst President of the 20th Century

Bill Bennett's "Abortion Matrix"

I give you war in Iran, war in Iraq, a stock market crash...

Shame! Shame! Shame!--pukes hold open House vote again.

Former Vermont State Party Chair Scudder Parker is running for Governor

Pelosi yelling at "Mr. Speaker"

If Clinton had tried to appoint his former secretary to the SCOTUS...

Snappy comeback needed ....

Bad reporter: Judy Miller ends up in Scooter Libby's arms

Terror warnings - yesterday New York, today DC

2006 or Bust! We MUST end this Totalitarian rule of the GOP!

Wa. Monument is being evacuated due to a "suspicious call."

Poor, poor Priscilla (Owens)

CNN will soon have Louis Freeh on bad mouthing Clinton. It's CYA

Startling new information about Harriet Miers

House narrowly approves bill to help US refineries

Video of sleazy banana-republic(ish) House vote on "energy bill"

Bush Poll Numbers Hit New Low As He Loses Independents

Congressional Waiver Reduces Katrina Contracts For Minority-Owned Firms

Did Sen Harman have a good point today on Hardball?


Creation Care - Evangelicals Embrace Environmentalism

Who's out of the mainstream?

McClellan: God DID NOT tell Junior to invade Iraq..."never made comments"

The rest of the country is beginning to see what a fraud W is.

Iraq was a puny, second rate country with a shitty dictator and almost

Jeff Toobin on CNN says no one will get jail time in Plame. Says only one

Is my six-pack of lime soda now a weapon of terrorists?

This move to the left/right stuff is bs.

Republican from Florida has a bad idea for elections.

If you build it, THEY WILL COME (So Come On!!!)

Some days I really love the polls...

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "FEAR" Rove/Rasputin in pics

A decent, intelligent president wouldn't allow this FALSE TERRA

Brain damaged Hannity calls Bush speech "Greatest he's ever heard"

So who will Chimpy pick to replace Alan Greenspan as Fed chairman?

just on AP radio news - Bush polls falling again

CBS: Bush's attempt to scare people basically pissed them off this time

Describe *: (adj.) + (noun).... try to be fairly original

Boom Boom - The Video

If Mr. Bush cannot acknowledge flaws in his policy, how can he fix them?

CBS Double Standard: No Equal Time for Clinton in Freeh Interview

Miers is NOT an unknown quantity.

Taft (R-OH Gov): 'I don't govern based on polls'

MSNBC Joe Scarborough's church service

KaBoom! Another blast in the BWC Ohio scandal

Robert Bork calls Miers nomination "a disaster".

Know what bugs me about the RWingers?

Landowners must yield to ballpark

Rove’s Assurances to Bush Could Be the Kicker (to close the cell door)

A BIG THANK YOU to all the DEMS who shouted "SHAME"

Karl's Nightmare needs a caption

DNC: Timothy Flanigan: Culture of Corruption and Cronyism

The way it was when voting worked

Crooks & Liars: Freep-holes think Joe Wilson will be indicted

Watergate II?

Delay Mis-spoke? It seems to be a Republican virus!

The President who cried wolf....

Was the Noble Peace Prize to the IAEA (& Al Baradae) a stick in the eye?

Why don't we hear more about Rove being fired?

Bush: re NYC TERRA ALERT:"Our job is to gather information and PASS IT ON"

Shame! on the House Floor Today. Streaming video of the scene.

Abuse: Systematic and Chronic (HR Watch)

Ralph Reed took Casino Money from Abramoff to Defeat Anti-Gambling Measure

If you were given a three minute meeting with Bush--

Term Limits

Extreme NeoCon site on Bush: "It could end up under 35% if this keeps up"

Celebrity sighting. Dean and...

The trouble with harriet

James Dobson says Meirs is AGAINST abortions

Judith Miller turns over notes on Libby....

how dare Bush call our recent disasters "distractions"

To the House Dems who chanted "Shame"

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself" :Why Rove Wants to be Rasputin


*rhetoric suggested avoidance of reality that seemed downright frightening

Which is a bigger threat to the conservative movement?

CNN is shameless in it's willingness to act as a psyops vehicle

Why did House members change their votes on the MakeOilmenRicher bill?

Kerry was Right - Terror Alert in NYC: “Driven by Political Concerns?”

Brad Blog VIDEO: Dems Chant 'Shame! Shame!' as GOP Bullies House Vote

Doris Granny D Haddock: On my walk across the nation several years ago...

Are Dems/Libs in FAVOR of illegal immigration?

Newt Gingrich blames 9/11 on Clinton asking for money for his library

Pattern recognition: Which of these do not belong?

DU this poll (MSNBC)

left/right is not bs. it's the defining issue facing the party.

Poll: Groups Unhappy With Bush Performance

Who's the lightweight serving as speaker of the House?

Wanna keep losing? Ignore this article...

Next time someone calls you a LIBERAL

Two DNC Releases on "Culture of Corruption"

Name 3 things Bush has actually done right

What will happen to Rove?

can Dem centrists win it all by themselves?

Carville says no one in DC likes anyone who is right too often.

Economy: Weak and Getting Weaker

I hate to play Monday Morning Quarterback but WTF was going through Gore's