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Archives: October 4, 2005

Fiasco uncovers Bush administration as fool’s paradise

Growing Gulf Between Rich and Rest of US

Andrew Sullivan: How America tiptoed into the torture chamber

Bush Admin's biggest conservation program is a scam/sham

Tigers Trammell fired. Leyland to be interviewed

Bulls deal Curry to Knicks

My response to the Mindraper.

Anybody watching MNF? Favre may pull it out!

Anyone else notice this?

Is anyone sending LEGAL aid to NOLA?

i just can't stop smiling...

Stripes letters: Posse Comitatus & the NG/Give soldiers leave time

Random Thoughts #1: If BugBoy is looking at hard time...

WTF! Radioactive Material Reported Missing In NC

I sold a car on ebay to a fellow from England

A supreme irony regarding the possibility of Tom DeLay going to prison.

Paul RIckoff just said that this week he's gonna interview Fred Phelps!!

Miers reminds me of the stereotypical aging loyal secretary

Random Thoughts #2: If Delay gets convicted, someone I'm sure..

this is really sick...the depths to which humanity will sink....

With All This Shit Going Down, How Long Before Sup. Court "Justices" Are

Parents Fight Over Burial Of Son Killed In Iraq

Disrespectful or common sense?

CNN Poll:Do you think the indictments against Tom DeLay are politically mo

The best reason to reject Lotto Lady...

NRA: Sure bring your gus to work. Just leave them in the car

The "Savage Nation" is pissed !


I don't get all the furor over people flying the Confederate flag


Harriet Miers Is An Evangelical Christian

Know what term I hate, I despise: "Democrat (sic) Party"

First the Natl Enquirer-now the Globe

Solving mystery of high filing rate: no gamble, or is it?

Praise the Lord and get past the indictment

Rush to bankruptcy

High Court Input Eyed in Patriot Act Case

Report: Charges against US soldiers for abuse of Iraqis dismissed at highe

WP: Weak Responses Led to 9/11, Cheney Asserts

NYT: Slowing Is Seen in Housing Prices in Hot Markets

No aid planned to help low-income families, seniors with energy costs

WP: Gulf Firms Losing Cleanup Contracts

Court Won't Block Suit Against Gun Makers

Plan to Show Confederate Flag Draws Heat

Anyone catch the missing fooball game?

Women never have emergency amputations in movies.

Anybody watching MNF? Favre may pull it out!

In which round will the Atlanta Braves choke?

"Robots" sucked.

I'm on the Bullet Train to Hell

I am the MAN!! My baseball predictions came true!

I sold a car on ebay to a fellow from England

Just been listening to WWII stories from my 85 yr old Uncle.... every one

"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" sucked.

Do to the graphics nature of this post, viewer discretion is advised

haha, green bay: 0-4!!!!!!!!!!!

A non-socialized, former stray pitbull just killed a 2 year old in Suffolk

Wrestling fans: WHY HHH WHY??!!

Anyone care to offer advice re: maternity and birth photography?

Bulls deal Curry to Knicks

check out this bumpersticker that I found.

Anybody looking for a new house?

The Kerry Birthday Card arrived at my house today!

Advice needed--maternity and birth photo experience desired....

More evidence of the Consoviet Crack-up?

Has Rove orchestrated a media response that pre-defines these judges

Will 'Joe-mentum' Lieberman vote for Miers?

George Clooney: Stars Should Stay Quiet About Politics For Now

Dear Democrats

Reality based thinking: Roe/Wade will be overturned or largely diminished


Editorial - Faux News Is Bad News

President to visit Baton Rouge and New Orleans Today.

A true story about Bill Bennett


Conservatives want to ensure their viewpoint heard at colleges; (RawStory)



dupe, sorry, having trouble with posting feature today

Judith Miller is No Martyr and Sulzberger is No Saint

"US has plans to invade Iran before Bush's term ends"(theTelegraph/India)

A Sampling of the Writings of Harriet Miers

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Reach, brazenness set this political machine apart

A battle of unequal opponents (Evolution vs. 'intelligent design')

The Cobell Case: Accounting Coup or how many ways the US screwed Indians

CSM: Campaign finance in age of DeLay

Is Miers the anonymous "CIA briefer" who read the 8/6/01 PDB to Bush?

Milli Gazette: Beleaguered American soldiers in Iraq

Who's at fault for lost lives in Iraq? Bush, Rumsfeld, et al.

An Interview With Cindy Sheehan -- By Joshua Frank

Dems/Iraq = Bush/Vietnam = AWOL

Behind Barbed Wire in Guantanamo-"We Are Dying a Slow Death in Here"

Asia's Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq

AVN: News Analysis: Miers is Bush's Nominee for High Court

CENK UYGUR: The Real Lesson of Bork

U.S. generals shifting ground on Iraq

NY Times Op - Faux News Is Bad News

To Keep Post, DeLay May Need Quick Justice

With or Without Passion

Tax-Cut and Spend Republicans

Supremes: White House evacuating for Hurricane Patrick?

Molly Ivans: Bush nominee Miers is Texas conservative, fundamentalist Chri

School textbooks offer window on intentions of Mideast regimes

Quin Hillyer: Why this nominee is a supremely bad choice

Muslim Chaplain Recalls Guantanamo Deal

New law will require marriage as a legal condition of motherhood

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Asia's Poor Build US Bases in Iraq

Letter from Fitzgerald- He thought Libby left Miller hanging on purpose

Holly Sklar (CommonDreams): Growing Gulf Between Rich and Rest of US

Energy Hog is the worst possible mascot for energy conservation


Clear Channel renews bid to ease ownership limits

We can get rid of the pork barrel, if we want to.

Experts: Spanish Fishing Devastates Sharks

Hurricane Stan kills 51 in Central America, damages oil ports.

Recharging the Power Grid

Bayou Farewell

It's nice being green off the grid

Abbas shows signs of weakness

"Palestinian armed groups must stop endangering civilians"

The Power of Nightmares

About all those dead microbiologists... Kestrel? Anyone?

An explanation for the "foreplay" explosions in the WTC twin towers

Don't let this happen to the Daily Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News

Ernest Partridge: While the Iron is Hot (emphasizes election fraud)

Breaking NEWS : : NJ AG staffer claims Avante DRE fails ITA testing

John Edwards comments on EAC Voluntary Voting System Guidelines

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 10/04/05

On Diebold, ignore this at your peril...

--Sequoia signed deal with Diasability group-ICDRI-- who is that group?

Election Rigging Debate thread in GD - please educate

Has Air America been Yanked in Sacramento? (Furious)

Anyone hear anything on the status of Boswell's health.

Kerry coming to Iowa City Sunday 10-09 - open meeting for Democrats


global warming right here in Mass ??

Solidarity March with HCC Anti-war Students

Re-enactment of the Selma March, Boston, 10/30/05

LIVE webcast of Cote-Whitacre oral arguments b4 Massachusetts SJC . . .

Where has Jay Severin gone? He's not on WTKK radio lately.

Kerry will be in St Paul on Monday with Chris Coleman

OH-15 -- The Summer Vacation That Wasn't

Hackett leading DeWine by 8 points

Rove endorses DeWine

Ohioans, just how vulnerable is Mike DeWine?

I have a solution for the state's budgetary woes

Anyone familar with Austin-Bergstrom Airport?

HELP! Please DU this poll.

Is Dick DeGuerin still working on Kinky's campaign?

NEW and IMPROVED Houston Hurricane Evacuation Plan

Should I run for precinct chair?

Central Wisconsin DUers - Tornado Warning for Jackson

Judge finds priest committed murder to hide crime

Mark Green has dirt under his fingernails

OMG!!!!!11 Lindsay Lohan has BEEN In AN ACCIDENT!!!!11 This is HUGH!!!11

Hey DU punks! My friend designs clothes and she wants you to buy them

Congressman Conyers: First Thoughts on Miers (and a comment on DeLay)

late-night laughs...freeper heads exploding re: Miers and gay adoption

Defeat Miers AND the PNAC cabal by INTERROGATING her about

Please read and write your opinion about this layman-justice for life!

investigtors looking into ______ ____'s online postings?

Did anyone see Chuck Schumer on C-SPAN today? He said

Medicare prescription coverage biggest lie since Iraq invasion.

New word today: Schumeresque - Marginalizing "so called" extreme left

Harriet E. Miers on Lexis-Nexis Advisory board

Washington Ponders a New Life Without DeLay

Blame Game comes with dice

It is 2:04 AM on the East Coast....Do you think Delay is asleep?

S.F. mayor sees wireless service as basic right

New Diebold BoD member.

Shall the Populist come back from the grave?

I got the honor of meeting Cindy Sheehan tonight..

(VIDEO) Mess O'Potamia: Hearing Impaired

Cellphones on planes? (Please don't let this happen)


CBS Early Show leads with Delay, "Who is Harriet Miers?"

94% of Post-Katrina funds going to big corporates outside of area

How would MSM react if

On Today Show discussing Control Room and

How do we short-circuit the idea of inappropriate questions

She is a lesbian, no she had an affair with her male boss

The WH's Babysitter Club....

Meirs' "companion": Justice Nathan Hecht

Miers "anti-choice." -- Dallas campaign manager

Are the cities being properly represented?

DU this poll on Delay

Newsweek Online Poll: Should Harriet Myers Be Confirmed?

This Poll already on the up side, you might want to DU it anyway

Hummer Sales

Has Miers gone through menopause yet and is that even relevant?

National health plans and dental/vision care

"Person's personal beliefs aren't important to being a judge." Wendy Long

Economic indicator: This morning my Danish had shrunken

$1.75 mil to cop beating victim

Cool Corzine Ads.

WJ caller: "This is starting to look like the United States of Texas

Senator Tom DeLay??

"Locust" shells

Slowing Is Seen in Housing Prices in Hot Markets

Is it Treason yet?

Christopher Walken for President??

Conservatives In Revolt Over Harriet Miers...

Live Chimpy Press Conference Today at 10:30AM EST- CNN

Will abortion ever go away as a political football?

Miers Bush's personal secretary

Bush's nomination was totally irresponsible-Katrina taught him nothing

AOL Poll: Will DeLay be Convicted?

Six Democratic War Vets Seek House Seats - Guardian/AP

Norm Solomon on WJ-CSPAN is excellent!

Anyone have pics of..

President to hold news conference today

Hackett to Challenge DeWine for Senate

Miers, Bush and the August 6th, 2001 PDB

Preemptive lies from Ken Mehlman

Note to Dems - no accepting mysterious dossiers on Miers passed

NYT: Home Builders' Stock Sales: Diversifying or Bailing Out? (bailing!)

President Bush to hold White House News Conference at 10:30 am ET

Bush the decision-maker


CNN: Kelly Wallace - Clinton will be in Baton Rouge in 15-30 min (9:30-45)

dupe, sorry.

What A Challenge For the CHIMP

Separated at birth?

A change is going to come to DU.

Word of the day "Cronyism"

Abramoff + murder in Florida?

Slashdot: Miers supported Microsoft against consumers re: defective swr

Where Is Bianca

The CHIMP looks like he is on valium

Do You Hear the Sirens In The Background 0 of the Bush Press

hats and rabbits -- Hocus POTUS -- new toon 10/4/05

Attention Everyone The L.I.C is on

Gary Bauer Said

Bush raises the private response to Katrina. We know THAT was good, dick


Yeah right 60----- and I'm 22

plea to those who feel compelled to call offices of GOP operatives:

Wanna stop political corruption.... take the money out of it

Bush is desperate to bring up his low poll numbers

And so begins the blame game...

So who else saw this crap on CNN this morning

There's the terra, in the form of avian flu! Look thataway!

Has Sandra Day O'Conner officially retired?

Are you a Democrat?

Something good came from this lame "press conference"

MIERS...opposed repeal of Texas' so-called sodomy law in 1989

Bush word of the day: OH-pine

Bush Keeps calling Miers

He has not answered one question so far.

With this rambling assortment of tired right-wing talking points...

There ain't no doubt in my mind that Bush is on Ritalin/Adderall.

I Feel Sorry For Bush.*....

I've decided I don't care what Harriet Miers' ideological positions are.

Are you quick to O Pine?

I know her Heart - that's code to the Fundamentalists

wtf is he rambling on about blahblahblahblahblahblahblah

Bush's sceret weapon against the energy crisis: The Energy Hog!

New torture method discovered and being used today on the American people.

conference already a joke!

This cartoon sums up the right's reaction to Miers very well

Who here said their dogs could be SC Justice?

"My job is to lead and solve problems"

2 points about this "press conference"..

Didn't Clinton 'FIX' welfare?

Look out! it's clear from this press conf that Miers is Pro-Life

Is it the Democrat and Republic Parties ??

Partisan politics

This is the worst press conference I've ever seen

No mention of Cheney

Bush is sounding even more idiotic than usual

Update on bi-polar brother-in-law facing deployment

Facing manpower shortages, Army to lower bar for recruits

When did Chimpy's jaw sliding tic start?

Getty Museum to return 'looted' Roman artefacts

Bush* once again blamed those pesky state laws for Katrina response.

To Those Who Lurk & Supported Bush in 2004:

Car bomb blows up inside Baghdad Green Zone, 3 dead

"Lookism At DU"

Bet you they know Fitzgerald will be indicting in the next few days

2 Jews walk into a bar....HEY IT'S A JOKE!

Bush: "I picked the best person I could find"

Hackett leading DeWine by 8 points!

Bush Bulge ??

Bush babbled, stammered, sputtered until BASEBALL became the topic

Miers helped immunize Bush against National Guard Scandal in gub. race?

The whole point of the conference was to reassure wavering supporters

Miers: What law student will want to clerk for her?

W stands for "wackjob"

Shrubby's so called "news" conference here...

DU this poll

Sorry folks, but you have to read this freeper rant......

Tweety: shrub "at his best today".

Caption * at press conference today.

"An abomination of justice."

The Republican Daily Fax


He just called the oil situation a "short-term crisis"...

People Bashing Hillary Clinton here

Bill Clinton on CNN NOW

"We did a good job getting $2000 to people".

Candy Crowley once said Dick Cheney "oozes integrity"

Joyce Meyer on Connected--intelligent design (again).

Thoreau meditation: Men as ants, "progress", living awake, and the "news"

List Bush's LIES from "Press Conference" HERE

I had Jury Duty once, Can I be a Supreme Court Justice too?

How many Repubs will vote against Harriet Miers ?

"The Money Masters" documentary.

How is Harriet Miers a pioneer?

Press Conf-Looks like Bush has some Miers apologism to do

"Informed Chauvanism" :eyes:

We just blew up a small village. Men and Children......

If They Made Smirky Remember the Bird Flu Virus Name

Does anyone else cringe and want to plug your ears...

SIMPLE MEME on MIERS: It's a shame Bush is so insecure about being

Flu? What flu? Commercial Passenger Airline Traffic as a Disease Vector.

Ozzy Osborne on (Dirty) Harriet Miers:

Mike Malloy's filling in for Springer NOW

The profile of an average Bush supporter :

You could see bodies in the street surrounded by dogs...

Did you ever notice that when the * administration is having a bad week...

Miers ties to Bush include August 6, 2001

"Bourbon St-up and Running"---I am sure the Right had this "decadent"

Democrats are so wrong for making Delay launder that money

GSA head Stephen Perry -- Safavian's former boss -- resigns

What's the matter with Kansas? Maybe this

Will Bush go down in history as having nominated two gay justices?

Bolton agitates audience (Yale)

Kyra is fawning over Miers on CNN

MIERS: On the "EXTREME end of the ANTI-CHOICE movement"?

WH news conference on Rosh-Hashana....unusual?

Press conference pictures

I found a great lecture, "A brief History of Everything", explains Bush

Lyndie England, Miss Congeniality From Hell.

If I was a reporter and could ask Bush only one question...

A friend switch party affiliation this morning

Any ACCOUNTABILITY Left in US Government? Brownie PERJURED himself...

It's a Tin-Foil Hat day: Gen. Odom called Bush admin "the regime"!

What a MEANINGLESS press conference!

O'Lielly tops himself....

I am furious that B* DIDN"T get to be MLB Commissioner

Could the Miers pick be a Rove trick/misdirection?

Bush-Be-Gone Index exploding the past week.... Why?

HAHAHA! "Bush is the Harriet Meirs of presidents."

I had a LTTE published and didn't even know it until I googled my name

What are Greenspan's intentions regarding interest rates?

that Jean Meserve story on CNN will be on again in a few minutes - on NOW

Anyone catch Tweety before the press conference?

Live dogs used as shark bait !

Harriet Miers is........

Best Prime time Cable Political Show?

Raw Story: Weather Service must have media contacts approved

On "Eminent Domain"...

Help Saving Our Selves Katrina S.O.S. -Michael Moore

Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Photos from the Gulf

Do We Want a PIT BULL on the Supreme Court?

Islamic common market a step closer

The SUPREME COURT is not the place for ON THE JOB TRAINING

Cowabunga Dude! Surf's UP..In France

Press Conferences Are Hard Work! ---pix->>>

Why I like "I hate Dem X" posts

Christian blog site..(on Miers & Hecht)

In the early 70s, why did Liberals think Nixon going to China was good?

Miers' history of unquestioning loyalty may be a good thing...


(VIDEO) Daily Show: Ascent of a Woman

1941 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Some Insight Into The Thinking Of Harriet Miers...

started myself a blog

“Nothing comes quite close to the smell of death.”

Outrageous Abuse of Eminent Domain

Did anyone listen to Thom Hartmann today? I have a question.

Miers on 'extreme end' of pro-lifers

Gay Community Still Divided Over 'Outing'

Miers Is Another Of Bush's Mother Surrogates- Predigesting Information

A light moment

Five U.S. troops killed in Iraq attacks. 1941 DEAD .

LOL, Roberts' first day on the court, from the WSJ

Remember Hardy Jackson? He's getting a new home.

Why is the Pentagon arming the Saudis?

Prevention of avian flu: Cook poultry and eggs thoroughly before eating...

What Does Wal-Mart Have Against Lunch?

I think the Dr. Phil lawsuit is a way to get to Amway

DU this Yahoo article: Grand Jury Indicts DeLay on New Charges

Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight (But cuts CDC funding)

These folks also remember Democrats.

Funny SNL clip: Kanye and Meyers "reunite" to talk about telethon

Miers on 'extreme end' of pro-lifers

Is that energy hog mascot a joke? That can't be real, right? I saw

How about: God might've put into place the process of natural selection

Why are so many people accepting of nepotism and cronyism?

Any good websites on RW reaction

Your generous donations for flood victims will end up paying banks

Franklin Graham is a filthy scumbag. On CNN now.

CHIMP --->>>

Any DUers live in a studio/efficiency? By choice or financial necessity?

Went to DC, 9 y.o son sick, tested for tularemia, results not till next

This is what democracy looks like, Help please?

Army not punishing reservists who won't go to war

Do Feds secretly control the states' Emergency Management Assistan (EMAC)?

"The Amurkin Dreem"? Zogby can go Cheney themselves!

Why in the hell did Sandra O'Connor retire now? She's betrayed

Strategic control, by the book - this'll make the Freepers' heads spin!!

BB&T Bank branches in NC playing FOX News

Is anyone else having slow-loading 'fuzer problems?

Local RNC chairman's opinion in my local paper...

Bush considering whether U.S. military should help quarantine USA

"What Are Their Names?" - David Crosby

Miers Makeover

William Kristal demoralized. Film at 11.

A 60-year old Virgin?

WTF?! NYC says 'act of God' aided in S.I. Ferry crash

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created

John Kerry & Anthony Podesta sued by Carlton Sherwood & VVLF

Where's Wolf Blitzer and Jack Cafferty today??

I don't see the connection or the gain with stalling the Defense Bill

Please quit worrying about the bird flu. Bush's Veterinarian will be

Have you heard? Miers is a terrific athlete.

Bush The Victim

DUers would rather line up for the concentration camps than fight!

Brownback to oppose Miers; the left should join him

PIX from the Bush Press Conference >>>

DeLay has given Harris significant fund-raising help

FEMA Wants to Recoup $30.3 Million Paid To Floridians For Hurricane Relief

This Delay scandal could grow into another Watergate because....

Has Delay surfaced today anywhere to claim he's innocent

Sin City (NO) no more-God will take it back--coming up on cnn.

CNN to discuss how "tired" * looked today - 4:12 PM est

Cindy Sheehan: "War-Hawk Republicans and Anti-War Democrats: ...

Maybe He Can Appoint Ken Lay If He's Not Incarcerated

1 Week Ago I Arrived in Gulfport

Dick 'fucking' Cheney

Women must not be in a power position

"My job is to lead this Congress."

MSNBC says Miers used to be a democrat

What you can do to stop the fundies like Franklin Graham in NOLA:

Bush Supreme Court Nominee Former Microsoft Lawyer

Why didn't Bush nominate Judge Judy?

Harriet has a Blog now!!!!! Check this out and COMMENT on the entries

Does DU Ban long-time users for no good reason????

GMU student arrested for peaceful anti-recruiter protest

Howard Dean will be on Hardball tomorrow - MSNBC - live at 5:00 pm ET and

A news caption that says it all...

Didn't someone say we won the war in Iraq?

When did we start calling the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf?

Your Money or Your Life by Neil Cavuto

Actually, there was a double conspiracy...

illegal immigration

Shouldn't the President have to take a pee test?

Every politician in the South USED to be a Democrat.

"My concern is to listen to you" - Clinton to evacuees in Baton Rouge

New Harriet Miers TOON just posted

Why I dislike Kerry.....

Anyone catch Brian Williams’ trying to defend Judith Miller today?

Report on International Migration coming out tomorrow, 5 Oct.

What A Difference A REAL Leader Makes! The Big Dog in LA Today!

Is There A Contradiction Between believing avian flu can mutate

Republicans in a corner, and could be dangerous.

"Conservativematch" on Michele Malkin's site. Girl has a red tongue

The reason I keep asking for someone to Photoshop Miers

It Has To Be "Hard Work" Doing Press Conerfences....

The NewsHour is discussing the Chimp's ideas of Mier's best qualities:

No wonder some people get down on Texas! Harriet Miers.

Judith Miller is on Lou Dobbs now

So who's blogging Judy Miller on Lou Dobbs right now.

Are neocons shooting themselves in the foot if they reverse Roe v. Wade?

I think we're being Psyopped on Miers....

What are Miers' professional qualifications?

WJ trying to get conservatives only to call,getting negative calls

Where was the outrage when diliation and extraction was banned?

civil war in iraq

Not looking good for the Guy James Show.

What in the name of God and the US Constitution has neutered the Democrats

Some people say Karen Hughes livid over Harriet Miers' nomination!

LOL! A lifelong Repub is mad at * for nominating Miers!

Who hijacked PBS' Frontline? -- tonight: "The O.J. Verdict" --WTF?

Did Miers really help found a new church with her VVCC pastor?

Did You Ever Wonder What 2000 Looks Like?

Question for all the DU attorneys

Some talking point suggestions

Just how many refineries have the oil companies wanted to build since 1970

OK - Where is Katherine Lanpher (Al Franken co-host) going?

Strike while the iron is hot

I suggest the only qualification for SCOTUS is to be a thoughtful person.

Olberman will discuss Bush, Miers and the August Bin Laden Memo

Bush's Press conference - avian flu

Want to avoid future "avian flu" scenarios ? Stop Factory Farming.

Serious Question, What is the GOP

The culture of Corruption grows!!! did you all see the news story about

So shrubby says "She aint gonna change her views, i promise!"

Katrina's Real Name

A thought on the morning-after pill.

Anyone here know Sonali Kolhatkar from KPFK in Los Angeles

A question about voter registration

Miers: "an awful sense of what's right and wrong"..

Miers is a "Born Again"?

Malloy on Springer this morning...

EYEWITNESS: Iraq’s children die of curable kala azar

Smirky: Where did all my political capital go? (photo)

Will * withdraw Miers under pressure from the right?

Good news about brother-in-law!!

* isn't looking very well. Photo

Do the Republicans stand for anything?

What is the long-term strategy for defeating the Republicans?

When those "Energy Hog" pictures from the government's

I think the Minutemen SHOULD patrol northern border

Krugman, Herbert & Dowd articles

Bush's press conference - federal bulldozers?!?!?

Anybody hear about the US having "direct" talks with N. Korea?

Mandela wins BBC's 'global election' poll

Forest, trees, and the Miers nomination

Poorest Country In The Americas Impoverished Haiti Offers U.S. Katrina Aid

Bush's Stock Market Crash

Who are the 75,000 body bags for?

O'Connor to serve as College of William and Mary Chancellor

Firefighters ordered to stand behind Schwarzenegger for photo-op

Our class had an interesting discussion today

You know...."We" outnumber "Them." But, "WE" have to get together.

Busheviks, GOP, radical right are reeling - STRIKE NOW - 11/2/05!

VIDEO-Bush's Crony Press Conf from today-My take

I remember how scared I was when David Souter was chosen for SC

Miers is confirmed, what does Roberts and the Supremes have in store for

LMAO. You Gotta See Billmon >>>>

Bush on Miers : we are so close


"HUGH!!11!!"? "SERIESLEE"?

Commander in Chief is on

'Judith Miller and the myth of the ‘liberal media establishment’'

the Dark Side of Faith

While I was traveling - I picked up the Newsweek magazine

O'LOOFAH About to Name "Smear Sites" (Bloggers He Hates)

DeLay - not exactly a Democratic plot is it?

New R&B song angers Bush Administration?: "The Hurricane Song"

The fact that * keeps choosing people close to him

Editor of Afghan Women's Magazine Arrested for 'unIslamic' Articles

wages going up in gno area after katrina

Who wears more makeup? Bush, or you/someone you know?

Polish conservative taps less educated Catholic right before vote

TOONS: My Little Crony Edition

Day 10 After DC Protest: Any confirmed Tularemia cases?

VIDEO- Countdown- Too Few Good Men

what does

Why I feel Harriet Miers is the wrong choice.

Miers political contributions from 1990 to 2000 (corrected)

My favorite lines from Mr.bush's press conference

Does anyone watch Boston Legal??

"Operation Iron Fist": What, is the US Cobra now?

Argh, I was wrong

So we get mad when we think people are forcing us to follow the flock

If I had a congressman, I'd be writing them a letter right about now.

So let me get this right... Believe this way, have an "awakening" and

VIDEO- Olbermann on Edward R Murrow

You've gotta hear this!

Anyone else think Miers is being offered up as a sacrificial lamb?

Do you think the Plame Grand Jury will will come in this week?

Oprah - very moving show about stopping sexual violence against children

How much is Red Cross's advertising budget?

Did I hear this right?

The Big Dawg is on the Fuax network

Sick fuck of the week.

Commander In Chief is this to prime the usa for a Senator Clinton Run?

Minority Firms Getting Few Katrina Pacts

"Yew have to trust me. Ah know her heart"

Tues. Nightline: interesting, but is it really Nightline material? WTF?

I'm sickened by all the people here who wouldn't vote for a DEM

FYI: The Daily Show. Jon Stewart. 10pmCT.

Quiz hints at nominee's views on gay rights

Just heard something really bad about Tim Kaine (Dem VA Gov. candidate)

Did you see Countdown tonight? Compared 1 Iraqi Batt. to the lie

Jesse Ventura on CNBC just said something that made me think

FEMA suspends Phoenix's rescue team over firearms rule

Whatever happened to the color coded terrorist threat levels?

For those who are worried about bird flu...

John Stewart OH SNAP!

U.S. poverty: chronic ill, little hope for cure

Bush-hating liberal patriot wondering about Reserve options

DU Reminder: Satanic Revival on the 31st of this month. All are Welcome!

Has anybody thought

Blame Game Now Comes With Dice...

How much is enough??

Jon Stewart on Letterman this Thursday.

Please contact your Senators against expanding DNA collection.

If I Spill Seed

HELLO!!! George W. Bush IS NOT "conservative"!!!! He's a POLITICO-

So, why hasn't the NYT fired Judy Miller? She by way of the NYT

Would my Golden Retriever make a good Supreme Court justice?

Clooney's Film: Good Night, and Good Luck: Rolling Stone Review:

Just reminiscing a little...

Think Miers might be moderate? No chance.

Delay Grand Jury Foreman on Aaron Brown Now (CNN)

Collecting all our Miers information

Anyone have facts about Faux news and their viewers? I am


flyer for local church sent home from school

The truth (I think) about The Daily Show's Contributor, Bob Wiltfong

Does * even know what a Battalion is? He said their were 90 Iraqi...

Crisis Papers: "Break and overthrow this criminal regime.

I have your favorite all time Travis County Photo Right here !!!

NYT (on Miers): "In Midcareer, a Turn to Faith to Fill a Void"

Why is Bush worried about avian flu?

The Senate's duty to advise and consent must not be a leap of faith

Are we kidding ourselves?

Unbelievable coincidence

Consider what it took for the Bush Loyalists to start to question him

Do you REALLY believe that all of Bush's backers are mad about Miers?

The voting machines are rigged, a conspiracy theory.

Bush Press Conference: The Usual Tragicomedy

Seriously...what is a "strict constructionist?"

Was the story about Reid's recommendation of Miers for SC just a rumor?

Stop Calling it Intelligent Design

Steve Clemons: "Judith Miller - the Grossest Kind of War Profiteer"

Make no mistake about it: Schumer was referring to US here at DU when he

Fitzgerald investigated Miller for tipping off charity w/ties to Al Qaeda

CNN poll on law enforcement by military during domestic emergencies

I have proof that Bsh is drinking:

8,000 dead in New Orleans? Here's an article that says that many

Has anyone proposed law banning mercenaries?

Can we get some info on this avian flu?

PLEASE HELP - I need names of neurosurgeons in Germany

Killer Flu -- Any Holistic Precautions?

Do you see what I see?

why i disLike your candidate

Mayor Nagin: New Orleans must lay off 3,000 workers

Did anyone notice that * never ONCE said whether Miers

Neocons FAKING opposition to Miers to trick the Dems!

O'Reilly endorsed assassinating Syrian leader if he "doesn't help us out"

If you had a family member on life support...

'Toon: Get Your War On

Conversation with an erstwhile Libertarian today...

Condi't Girlfriend???Fox news?

Rumor RE: Halliburton and New Orleans (investigative reporter needed)

OK I'll say it. Delay isn't going to jail.

Can the FBI just decide to collect data on you?

Bill Clinton on with Greta tonight

Maybe we need to take a lesson from the Brits

Petition for AAR to pick up "The Guy James Show" - Please keep kicked!!!

Another unborn child will never know its father.

Dead and presumed missing?

One Month in New Orleans... A Letter From Michael Moore

Do You Ever Have Compassion for the "Freeper" Types?

When Harriet Miers gave money to the Gore campaign

Swift Boaters soliciting funds to fight lawsuits

60 deaths and Bush wants right to use military if bird flu hits. Feck him!

My rep (Jim Inhofe R-OK) maintains WMD's were found in Iraq

VIDEO- Jerks and Smirks # 2 -from the Press Conf today

Good Night, and Good Luck National release date Oct. 14th

Why I like Kerry.

Is Hillary our George W Bush?

It's working! Send a message to the soldiers and KEEP them coming!!!

Who is celebrating the Jewish holiday and what does it mean to you?

Memo Sent: National Weather Service Must Get Permission to Talk to Press

Okay, I am not gay or from IN but I give a shit. How about you?

Anyone who becomes "born again" is a follower and does not deserve to lead

How much longer can the destruction of the middle class continue for?

"We have the best ____ in the world"

Idle school buses in New Orleans - where is the debunking?

Bass, Rainwater, GTech Lottery & Miers

What kind of user features does a donation to DU activate?

My open letter to Bill O' Reilly

What is a more appropriate name for the United States at this time?

What my Doctor said today about the bird virus

John Edwards cares about voting! Read his statements

Study: Most Will Be Fat Over the Long Haul >

Restaurant I like is advertising in a local right wing newspaper.

Pro-abortion vs. Pro-Life, why do we use Propaganda terms?

O’Reilly Tonight: How Blogs Are Destroying America

One-Play-Only DVD

My President

If the Dems don't unite against Miers, they will rue the day.

Sundown towns: No blacks after dark

Anti-War Students Attacked by Campus Police and Young Republicans


CNN's Jean Meserve pointing out section of NO not searched for bodies

Ready to see where you stand? Liberal, Anarchist, Left-leaning

Repost: Explaining Avian Flu Virus and Possible Pandemic

Laughed my rear end off!

E&P: Miers Briefed Bush on Famous Bin Laden Memo

Circulating E-mail. Wanna help rip this apart?

I wonder if Chimp has any idea what a "litmus test" actually is...

And then it hit me: Katrina, Rita, a failing Republican Prez, and DENIAL

"Evil, Maybe. Dumb, No. How the Repubs Train Their Young"- From Huff. Post

Theft of Katrina funds stuns school

If final # in NOLA is 972, how do they explain this?

The President Meets With New Orleans Katrina Survivors ---pix->>>

When does Life begin? How should we punish those who murder the unborn?

Commander in Chief: Gen. Warren Keaton = Gen. Wesley Clark?

Great article: Growing Gulf Between Rich and Rest of US

WTF is "born again?" I never heard of it before the 70's...

I saw an interesting bumper sticker on an SUV today

I think there is a very good possibilty that Judith Miller has turned>>>>>

Free Press calls for investigation of the tularemia found on the mall >>>

Why haven't the heroic pilots of the Jet Blue airliner with the bent

Coke jaw freeze frame

Anybody think we could have a 2nd Civil War due to the division

Best country for human rights?

I've written, eloquently, about why we should execute teenagers who kill.

OMG...talking about quarantening entire region of the country

Happy Birthday, Pogo

Who is Ayn Rand?

Harriet Miers Was A Downright Fox Just a Few Years Earlier

"...we mutually pledge to each other...and our sacred Honour"

Commander in Chief

I Just Asked the FBI To Investigate the RNC

Do you approve of a church accepting donations from known drug traffickers?


Put in YOUR two cents for Voter Verified Paper Ballots

Bush has that look old men get, ie, the collar too big for neck

What We Believe at Valley View Christian Church (Meirs 30yr church)

FAIR Calls for De-Funding CPB

Where we want to take Democratic Underground

Is this the story that proves gun advocates right?

George Clooney: "I'm going to keep saying 'liberal'...."

Why must we pillory Hillary?

Portrait of an Ex-Slave: My Great-Grandfather

Payback time - Telling the true story of Andy Stephenson's Stalking.

New Rule: If you blame Rita or Katrina on a deity, or say it is God's will

Teacher Banned After Ripping Out Boy's Insulin Pump

Return to New Orleans..Ch4..."Floodwalls vs. Levees" ***(Dial up Warning)

Did you ever wonder what 2000 looks like?

Fitzgerald's Letter to Scooter Libby's Lawyer

Steak marinade

Two of my favorite cooking secrets

Crab question

AAAAAAAAAAAND, it's battle of the ethnic foods for dinner tonight!

Tom Manley (deputy leader of Green Party) switched to the Liberals

Protest is criminalised and the huffers and puffers say nothing

Steve Bell: The future's bright, the future's porridge (Ken Clarke BAT)

Poll: Londoners Believe Iraq War Contributed to Terror Attacks

Jim 'Doris Day' Gray shot dead in loyalist feud

What is it with tony blair and this warmongering

Ronnie Barker has died

A report of a bus bombed outside Queensway, London?

David Cameron's speech: my alarm bells are ringing

Venezuelan Strongman's New Gig: National Disc Jockey (NYT)

Serious Riders, Your Bicycle Seat May Affect Your Love Life (new studies)

WP: D.C. Red-Light Cameras Fail to Reduce Accidents

Court refuses to block lawsuit against gun manufacturers

Bush Supreme Court choice angers conservatives


Dafka - FBI: Jews need not apply for Arabic linguist Jobs

Bush May Have Eyes on His legacy With Miers

Environment, Terror Top Russia-EU Agenda

President Bush to hold White House News Conference at 10:30 am ET

US troops mount second big attack on Qaeda in Iraq

LAT: Miers Comes From Deep Within Bush Inner Circle

DeLay faces money laundering charge

BP Puts Hurricane Bill at $700m

FEMA free grant program ends; was it fair?

Bush to Hold 1st News Conference in 4 Mos.

(More Ohio Corruption) Summit (County, Ohio) may pay for layoffs

'NY Times' To Run Full Account of Miller Case This Week - E&P

Convicted former Tyco executives denied bail

Nobel discovery 'bloody obvious'

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq blasts (#1940 Dead)

Conservatives want to ensure their viewpoint heard at colleges; (RawStory)

Capito’s decision dims GOP hopes

Six Democratic War Vets Seek House Seats

Rep. Capito won't challenge Byrd in W.Va.

Bipartisan group backs plan to shift redistricting power

Istook's gubernatorial bid will shake up state's GOP

Judge finds priest committed murder to hide crime

Comedian Nipsey Russell Dies at 80

A Sampling of the Writings of Harriet Miers

Bennett to get protested in Bakersfield

Six Democratic War Vets Seek House Seats

Car bomb blows up inside Baghdad Green Zone, 2 dead

Lawyer Casts Blame on Reporter for Time in Jail

Venezuela's Chavez Says U.S. Behind Campaign Against Latin American Integr

President to hold news conference today

Pentagon late on reimbursing troops for Iraq gear

Bush Preparing for Greenspan Successor

US consults Israel over Syria regime change: report

Six Democratic War Vets Seek House Seats

Reid praises nominee; Ensign more restrained


Hurricane Stan to Hit Mexico's Gulf Coast

Lawyer Casts Blame on Reporter for Time in Jail

Bush Preparing for Greenspan Successor

Nagin: NOLA Lays Off 3,000 Employees - $ Constraints (

SEC Eases Capital Rules for Insurers

Gay Community Still Divided Over 'Outing'

Second nuclear plant in the works (Central FL)

Petro urged to make Republicans repay funds from Noe

Chavez Says U.S. Behind Campaign Against Latin American Integration

Mayor of New Orleans Announces Layoffs

Margaret Thatcher asked for Delay details

Putin Makes Energy Partnership Pledge

Miss. Couple Sues Insurers on Storm Losses

New Rules on Iraqi Vote May Violate Standards, U.N. Says

Cuban Agent Awaits Decision on Appeal

Oprah - very moving show about stopping sexual violence against children

Energy secretary's new pitch: conserve

Under fire Bush in bid to recapture political initiative (AFP)

CSM: Campaign finance in age of DeLay

FEMA Contractor Lacks Building License

US troops mount new big attack on Qaeda in Iraq

US offensive in Euphrates region

Rice to Visit Afghanistan, 3 Other Nations

Outgoing Republican Va. Delegate Endorses Democratic Candidate

Swaggart, investors settle suit over lease option

Bad-news data letters push consumers to stray (Leaked Personal Info)

Over 600 Held Under Terror Act at Labor Conference (UK repression)

Alabama Doubling Number of State Troopers

Zogby: Bush Approval Stuck At 43% - Weak Rebound

US Supreme Court to weigh 'death with dignity' case

Graham Sees 'Revival' for New Orleans ("God has a Plan")

Inaccuracies Abound in FEMA's Flood Insurance Program(Flawed Maps)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 4 October

Rita Forces Goodyear to Cut Back Production

Iraq Violence Leaves 5 U.S. Soldiers Dead

Venezuela transfers 20 bln usd of reserves to BIS in Switzerland

Farrakhan Plans Action Against Bill Bennett

Two billion dollars in possible US military sales to Saudis

Bomb Scare Evacuates Part of Cincinnati Airport

Hurricanes leave behind £4bn ($7.5 billion) bill for oil giants

FEMA wants to recoup $30.3 million from Floridians (7,600 of them)

US Considering $2 BLN in Military Sales to Saudis--Daily Star

Nine Charged With Stealing Katrina Funds

Blunt seeks surer footing (Blunt begs Hastert for job)

Judge Rules Publisher Must Turn Over Data

Iraq poll monitors throw out bid to favour Yes side

Plan Would Limit Reproduction Options For Gays, Singles

Google & Sun Planning Web Office

Widows of Fallen Army Soldiers Sue Defense Contractor (Blackwater)

Times reporter defends herself in CIA probe case (Judith Miller)

Companies Blame Losses on Hurricanes

Bankruptcy Law Provision Waived for Storm

States Hope to Begin Taxing Online

Ex-President Clinton visits New Orleans refugees in Baton Rouge shelter

EU diplomats raise eyebrows over US involvement in the deal-making

Six Democratic War Vets Seek House Seats

Katrina's punch faces downgrade (to Cat 3)

Vancouver named 'world's best city'

Draconian new law aimed at crushing resistance, passed by Iraq legislature

Poll: Clinton and Spitzer hold big leads; Golisano top with GOP

Miers Briefed Bush on Bin Laden PDB, But Papers Handle Photo From That Day

Bush acknowledges Social Security plan is stalled

US judge puts sex ban on teenager who took drugs

DoJ Grounds Katrina Relief Web Site

Mayor Nagin announces 3000 New Orleans city workers laid off

Sen. Nelson: Americans fed up with GOP

DoD OKs $2 bln in possible weapons sales to Saudi Arabia

Extra weight may be factor in fatal boat crash(Coast Guard uses 1960 data)

Iran to invest $50 billion in oil sector

Warner Challenges Frist Over Stalled Bill

Five U.S. troops killed in Iraq attacks (1,944)

Bolton agitates audience ("hisses" and "boos" at Yale)

Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight

UN condemns Iraq charter change

Commerce Dep't tells Weather Service media contacts must be pre-approved

Ousting Assad Without a Backup Plan--A Times

Londoners think Iraq contributed to terror (62% want UK out of Iraq)

Bush Preparing for Greenspan Successor

DeLay conspiracy charge uses uncommon law (New GJ heard new evidence)

Controversial cardinal pays tribute to Darwin

U.S. State Department Visit Ratchets Up Attention to Nicaragua Crisis

Minority Firms Getting Few Katrina Pacts

Pulling of Guevara Film Sparks Protest (Also a Poll to DU)

President, Citing Executive Privilege, Indicates He'll Reject Requests...

Wrangling Not Yet Over on Iraqi Charter

WP: Test Results Delayed Bacterium Alert, CDC Says (DC protest)

Army Denies Lowering Recruitment Standards (while doing just that)

(RawStory) Conservative Senator hints he could lead fight against nominee

Hugo Chavez Denies Seeking Dictatorship (M$M PUKE ALERT)

Indiana bill would limit reproduction procedures for gays, singles

Gun control group warns tourists of new Florida law

NYT: Weeks Later, Most Storm Victims Lie Unnamed

SUV sales down 43% Primus up 90% (NYT)

Sixth immigrant dies from brutal robbery attacks last week

Question About the Visa Commercial with Tom Brady

Captain Beefheart or Sun Ra?

Ah! Abort won't work!

Oct. in Iowa: Why is it f-in 81 degrees outside right now?!


I fought the law and the law...

How many is a Brazillian? - BWAH AHA HA HA!!!!

Ever wonder what NFL players do during bye weeks?

"I should be fired, I didn't do my job"

Good night my friends.....Pleasant dreams and sleep tight my friends....

Time for me to go to bed too.

Sweet photo

I just re-hauled my kitchen sink...ask me anything.


Mods - Please make Crazy Guggenheim stop yelling!


Mods - Crazy Guggenheim is confusing me

I have a headache, and my back is killing me

Don't chew want me, BAYBEEE?

How is this for class?

Self Delete

I am in an 80s Hair Band kind of mood!

More stuff from my archives - Pre war reply to some fucking wingnut

Today's ZINGS!

This is HUGH!!!111!!!

Why in the hell am I awake at this hour?

Sticking our noses in other people's beewax - Interventions

Is it still possible to look at profiles from an alphabetical list?

Nicotine Beer Coming To A Pub Near You

Good Morning, Everybody!

Is it possible to profile Alpha-Bits?

Does anyone else giggle every time they hear the word.......

I'm back

Dem corruption

If I were homosexual, and wanted to come out on DU

GOOD MORNING: Post your random good thoughts about another DUer here!!!

Boy, 4, falls 7 stories,distressed mother will move to 2nd floor

who is going to pamper me?

The ESP Test

EBay 'Hippie Vacation' Auction Spawns Cult Following

Economic indicator: This morning my Danish had shrunken

Do you listen to any of these Radio Stations?

New Orleans proudly and triumphantly says "YES, WE'RE OPEN!!!"

some wiLL win, some wiLL Lose

Any of our Columbus DU'ers...

What kind of dressing would you like on your tossed salad?

Disco MIDI!

Hey, everybody, my hand is falling asleepmmmmpxmnsfff'kjdjf;kccc

Just found my Halloween spot

Love. Love will keep us together.

Have you seen this chicken?

O-o-h Child - A Song In Pictures

Hmm... MLB Playoffs begin today. Say cheese!!

Funny Headline on Guy James Site...

Misunderestimator is a LESBIAN Again

I slept under 3 whor......never mind.

WILD ON! Tara! hosts laments party girl image.

I just installed Photoshop

To Seventh Grade Science Class With You! Now!!

I miss Elizabeth Edwards

HELP! Problem w/my (noisy) computer- can anyone advise?

self-delete [dupe]

Happy Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah, World Animal Day, and CINNAMON BUN DAY!!!!

Happy Birthday to a great liberal woman: Susan Sarandon


Bicyclist unsafe this morning?

"Locust" shells

Roe vs. Wade (a joke for you all)

What's going on with the real estate market?

Woman Get's $6,000 From FEMA But Didn't House Any Evacuees

Chinese chimp quits smoking after 16 years

Let's just say for the sake of argument that I was single...

You sir, are an asshole.

Kitty pic

Green Bay's Murphy hospitalized with neck injury

We need "Serenity" spolier alerts

Woman Sues Company After Being Fired For Reporting Unlawful Nude Photos

What I did on my summer vacation

Women (or men I guess) Do you keep your finger nails long or short?

I slept under 3 hours last night.

Bohemian Grove Employee Blows the Whistle on Inside Events

Coming to QVC...

Hugh Hefner Credits Success To Shunning Puritan Roots

If Misunderestimator is straight then I guess that makes me a Lesbian

Only 18 more shopping days until

When does life end? How shall we punish those who murder the Undead?

What are you listening to now?


Which of these is NOT a Karl Rove trick/misdirection?

so long, farewell , etc etc .. that FOUR letter word

For those who are interested in a 5K update (my race on Saturday)

Use your mouse to make Daisy Duke Dance for You!

You DON'T want to play golf with this woman

Liqued sculpture-Stunning High Speed Photos of Splashing Water

New TV show called "Squidbillies" (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP)

Superman one on hbo now

What if Miers hooks up with Souter the bachelor? Could that cause her

dear diary

The Padres cant hit!

What is the best pasta-XXX substance?

"The Deck of Republican Chickenhawks"

Is anyone here in PR or related communications fields.

Is anyone here in PR or related communications fields.

Your favorite Peanuts character

Is it horribly egotistical to say something you created was superlative?

Speaking of Lesbians: were there any lesbians on Cheers?

Origin of phrase "I said good day!!!"..... ?

Drive 40 miles round trip to dispose of a dead rat?

Nicolas Cage, wife Alice, name son after Superman. Uh-huh.

The RPG Class Test

This mask needed more cowbell!

The Lord's Prayer for Tom DeLay (R-Felon)

Why is lionesspriyanka posting pics of my wife?

Hey caty, yesterday you started a thread about people

DS1 - what happened to your GOPisEvil/MisU/NSMA project

I think Buster Olney's sweet pick is just about done with Game 1 (Cards)

Find your N.O. flood level here.

Yet another casualty of the * economy

My new favorite anti-shrub joke.

GRR! This Porcupine Tree 2-disc set has TWO of disc 2, and no disc 1!

@#$% it! How do you cut something out of a pic in PhotoShop!!!???

Time and Space are Stupid

Leaving in 10 minutes to go to a friend's house

I brought my kids to work today and let them use magic markers

bush Assigns Low-level Staffer To Find "Best" Surgeon - Hires The Staffer

Pitbulls are aggressive dogs and are more likely to kill. True or false?


Serenity made $10,100,000, opening weekend, but it needs to make...

Forget it

OK let's rephrase that: post here if you have an ass made for butterscotch

Where is my wedding ring? (humor)

Looking for a new career?

Love thy neighbor

I just changed my work puter's startup to "The Internationale"

Who's cheering for the soxs?

0ial up warning: I know these photos have probably been posted before but

Fuck, I love the world series

Hey CatWoman! Guess who got blessed this weekend?!


Harriet Miers Looks exactly like....

Do They Owe Us a Living?

GAWD People STOP Bringing Your Kids To The Office When They Have A Day Off

Yo! Cube rats and workin' suckaz, guess what I'm doing?

post here if you are sick of being sick

Is DU blurry for anyone else?

How come I can't find Capote in any theatre in Chicagoland!

I feel like shit

What are you shooting in your veins?

The Taxi Appreciation Thread


Who else cried when they saw Fonzie eat ravolio alone at christmas

Who did this song?

Introducing... .... Bob Loblaw

Goodnight everyone!

Bush Nominates Sock for Supreme Court

this is pretty neat

I'm gonna get flamed for this but what's with the heavy dark eyeliner!!!

Stupid damn bugs!

I'm posting in-cog-negro @ work using

Rock chip in a windshield.

OK. Is Gravity a force or a distortion of space

Is it time for Christmas carols yet?

Best lines from Animal House.

How bummed are the Boston DUers going to be tonight

I went to the doctor today, and he yelled at me for disemboweling myself!

What celebrities do you have a crush on?

Anti-Photon thread.

"The Fisherman's Psalm"--Best Prayer Ever!

Rhyme for No Reason

Best pot-smoking scooby snack?

What's the greatest Umpire film ever made?

Best AC/DC Song?


A plumber was called ... And this arrived....


Who is sexier?

Padres, Jake Peavy breaks rib and is out for the season.

The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army


Did the Cubs win?

What would your Bush-given nickname be?

Anagram Justice Harriet Miers and this is what you get.....

Chewed out my "supervisor" & got offered a promotion on the same day!

The best part about the 2nd Delay indictment...

Yesterday I spilled a full cup of coffee on my laptop.

all dogs go to heaven

are there any vioLent pacifists here on DU?

Is the DU confessional open?

The fire alarm went off a while ago. Ask me anything.

My son is 18 years old today

Is She Weird?

Best fall dessert ever and I invented it...

I'm leavin DU to go see bikers, lots of hairspray, and free boobshots!

"I have a BOMB in my mouth!" - "I'll be the judge of that", says robot.

What celebrities have a crush on you?

GOP candidate charged with stealing from GOP opponent!!!

?Is there a DU dating service? Du seems to have a very attractive crowd

I found a really effective diet

*Official* Sox-Sox game thread

I'm posting a pic of myself and my best friends just for the hell of it:

Is it possible to change one's personality in 5 months?

How come eating stops me sweating?

I am holier than thou

Its a bad day to be a Red Sox and a Padre fan!

Randi's a traitor, Schumer's a hater and Harry Reid is Darth Vader

I missed the Sox game because I had to be in lecture. What did I miss?

Evil Woody Thoughts Decides: "When Freepers Attack!"

Keeping in mind I'm a guy, should I wear the red outfit pictured below?

Firefox advocacy site hacked again

Good Evening, Everyone!

"She Demons," "Missile to the Moon" director Rick Cunha dies at 83

I'm posting a pic of myself and my best friend just for the hell of it:

I just downloaded "Street Life" by the Crusaders from iTunes.

Alright, enuf's enuf. I am sick of this existence, and want a better life.

I went to the doctor today, and he yelled at me for gaining weight

"I'm the moderator, and I'm locking this thread!"

Are you sure your computer has the right amount of porn? Check now!

how many of you have spent your tax cut on hurricane relief?

My kitten is sitting in my lap. Ask me Anything!

Please post your favorite (legal) things to do to cheer yourself up when

"Cream Live at the Royal Albert Hall, 2005"...3 sixty-somethings jamming

Advice for lower back pain, please!

Rolling Stones get Political and conservatives get shattered

I have a cold, and nothing good is on the channels I pick up. What to do?

Damn! The thread got locked! I wanted that limerick, Nancy!

I'm posting a pic of myself and my pliers-faced friend just for the hell

I tried to get "Born Again" but my mother strongly objected.

FLAMEFEST:You. Yes, you, are a NIMROD and your father smells of elderberry

Anyone want to give me $300? - Sad puppy story

I paid 67 cents a gallon for gas today...

Apartment living is way-cool. Guess what I saw in the trash bin today?

OMG!!! THIS IS HUGH!!!1!!!!1111111

Lists, lists, and more lists...

Anyone here attend OA meetings?

Goin to see either Proof or the New Oliver Twist Movie

I'm only 7,676 posts away from 10,000..Don't ask me anything.

Joan_A call me NOW (or at least before 10pm)

I'm ZombieNixon! BORE ME!

I'M BORED!! Entertain me!!

Blood oxygen level of 81% that bad?

if you are doing nothing, and someone says "stop what you are doing"

Want someone who is REALLY interested in you and cares about what you do?

People come up to me...concerned...that I might...

The new Fiona Apple album is so good.

Experiences with online DVD rental?

Never buy a house..

How many of you here REALLY love your pet?

A Message from John Cleese to the Citizens of the United States of America

Where is the message from John Kleeb to America?

Want to buy Cardinal baseball World Series tickets?

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles" is on AMC right now

Post here if you are wearing socks with no shoes.

I have 6 months to live, ask me anything!


Rant. Balls to every DUer who thinks that just because I don't post

Scarborough announced a prominent repub may break ranks against Delay

I just realized: My cat looks like Courtney Love.

Wacky weather here

Culture Club

Is there anything worse than the team of...

Did a search of "DU" on Truthlaidbear.... they have a traffic graph and

photo from my long weekend with visitors in town...

Is there a "people finder" website...

Strike a pose!

Harold Robbins....Trash, soft porn or great?

Ahh...going to the gym hurts so good.

Inspired by the message from an unknown Brit to the USA.

I just realized I have enough frequent flyer miles to fly to australia!

I just spent 14 hours packing

Cheese battle

Dick Fucking Cheney

Mickey Mantle only had 100 RBI's or more four times in an 18 year career.

Ha ha ha! Khash wins!

Get out the rally monkeys!

I have 6 months to get my house cleaned. Ask me anything.

I must know: what is "eagles up"?

RANT: Local drug store had a flu shot clinic this afternoon

Techies! I bought a laptop, does it look good?

Dogie Halloween party at the cancer clinic. Need dogie costume ideas.

Sports: Do you root FOR or AGAINST teams more?

is mac os x on intel for real?

The Onion: "Please Stop Screaming At Me", by GE Model 19GT270

Why did you resign?

Where did The Geek Squad come from?

Dave Reynolds, your sister's a jerk, the dog is fine.

Please DU these polls!!!

Musicians: Which songs should go on this CD?

FRONTLINE: The O.J. Verdict 10 years later just starting on PBS

Why did God create DU?

we need a new DU Glossary thread, for the newbies....

The Physics Showdown! Which field of Physics do you like the most?

Yankees Win

I didn't go to work today because I am so stressed out.

I saved a baby Sea Turtle today.

PLEASE HELP - I need names of neurosurgeons in Germany

Post your Halloween costume ideas here

Who's the bigger geek?

Hey Matt Clement...YOU SUCK!!!

Holy Crap!! Anyone else watching Boston Legal?

Post here if you are Shell Beau .

Anti-photo thread

WTF!!! thefloyd is trying to take all the Lounge women! [alarms, sirens]

Campbell, California: "A man and woman met at a bar..."

Post here if you have an ass that stops traffic. This is not a sex thread.

Is there a DU dating service for us married guys too?

But, but, I didn't get a chance to say "thank you" to OKNancy.

Sinead O'Connor on Jay Leno

Crazy fundie story

Am I weird?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

VOTE NOW!! James Buchanan vs. George W. Bush

massive post it doodles...

I'm 125 away from 10,000

Today is officially "Be nice, kind and lovely to Khashka" Day.

Progmom says it's all about her.

Anyone else watching Amazing Race?

"Well they finally did it, they killed my fucking car"

Do you have a favorite film-biopic?

I am fairly new but I must ask the following question



Cell phones - progress or distraction?



My neighbors are looking at me funny.

Finally! 10,000 is done and over!

So what do you WANT to do for a living???

Joan_Alpern is a great woman

I suck at fantasy football

Is it just me, or is Viggo getting hotter?!

I think I just blew it on the perfect job!

Let's have some fun..Did anyone watch Dr. Phil?

Stop what you are doing.

Don't we have a sleazy button

One of *THE* all-time greatest Lounge threads

This website's going around on DU. Watch it!

So, I have this ring on my left hand now.

I don't think CJ is the leaker

Nicolas Cage naming his fucking kid Kal-el Coppola Cage

I need some life-changing advice from an unbiased source.

Is anyone else a fan of That 70's Show?

Any DUers live in a studio/efficiency? By choice or financial necessity?

Well it's goodnight from me, - And it's goodnight from him.

I am so sick...

so, my son wants to be a Mormon

Ah, the joys of waiting for MRI results

I'm finally back from my summer in Yellowstone! Ask me anything!

Do any of you watch Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans: Artistic masterstroke or codswallop

I just bought a Star Trek uniform...I am now officially a super geek!

Ramadan begins for world's Muslims


Supernova Explosion May Have Caused Mammoth Extinction

Einstein Light: Terrific and fun website!

Excellent resource site dealing with Avian Flu(H5N1)

Protestors Denounce Gay Couples

Maine Gays Pin Rights Hopes On College Students

Maine Gays Pin Rights Hopes On College Students

Gay protest greets Navy recruiters

Disgraced Gay Lawmaker Mulls Return To Politics (Canada)

Mass. High Court To Hear Out-Of-State Gay Marriage Appeal

Because It's Never Too Late To Despise A Repiglican

New Orleans Must Clean Up Its Gay Image Evangelist Says

Miers Opposed Repeal Of Anti-Gay Texas Sodomy Law

"Unauthorized reproduction bill" - affects GLBT community in IN

LIVE webcast of Cote-Whitacre oral arguments b4 Massachusetts SJC . . .

ESPN reporting Jake Peavy out for remainder of MLB post-season

Congress and Steroids

Pads Peavey out rest of season with broken rib.

Sox of White kicking those of Red in the ass today


Galveston leaders learned from Katrina.

Dog Flu?

Resident dog is "grooming" the new dog -- problem ?

Acquaintance about to "put down" golden retriever pup for no good reason

Petite Pierre is ready to dine!

Harette Miers birth data?

More Church and State

Just randomly venting...

Neutral crystal symbol may join traditional Red Cross emblems

Everyone else is going to hell

Peter Canellos on Sen. Barfbag

Our Principles

John Bolton visits Yale (hee hee)

Catholic Synod seeks to bar pols who stray from Church doctrine

Help. Please visit my thread & show Kerry some love...

Another stupid attack from the left

Have you read this, RE: Holyoke?

Kerry event in (gasp) Massachusetts, Oct 30th

This poster needs some allies against the lefty-freepers

Senate to Debate Kerry LIHEAP Amendment This Week

Last Night in Boston: It’s A ‘Beautiful Day’

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance

Conservatives having second thoughts -- Kerry "not so bad"

Here's some GOOD news!

Kerry being sued by the Swifties

Nikon Service Advisory--D2H, D70, N55

Liqued sculpture-Stunning High Speed Photos of Splashing Water

KOEB Meeting 10/4/05

funny stuff

Fresh, hot, new BLOG: Yankees, White Sox, Braves, Padres

Countdown Newsletter: 10/04/05 -- Bush This & That

To stonewall or not to stonewall?

SCOTUS score: Neocons: 2, Fundies: 0

If the RWers are pissed, Miers' nomination must be OK

They are hiring mainstream IMPEACHMENT pollsters!

CNN Poll: Indictments against Tom DeLay politically motivated? (68% NO)

Bill Bennett - don't let up on him

I am absolutely blown away!!! Times they are a changin'...

The legal concept of "clean hands" and the Miers nomination

Rangel says Cheney is a mental case

Bush May Have Eyes on His legacy With Miers

It's the use of OUR govt to reward a small circle of sycophants, stupid

Bush is supposed to choose a judge thats best for the Nation...Not HIM

No Support From Governors For Bush Military-Disaster Plan: Survey

Howard Dean Endorses Clinton for 2008 Race!

President taps Texan

GOP's Energy Policy? It's a Cartoon Pig!

Federalist No. 76 on Cronyism

DU this Poll

LAT: Miers Comes From Deep Within Bush Inner Circle

Live Chimpy Press Conference Today at 10:30AM EST- CNN

Marines Using Craigslist To Attract Recruits

President to visit Baton Rouge and New Orleans Today.

Six Democratic War Vets Seek House Seats - Guardian/AP

Scott Ritter: passing the Iraq constitution will "guarantee civil war"


Pat Buchanan: This White House fears losing, so it has chosen not to fight

Croney Baloney

Roberts's kid

War Hawk Republicans and Anti-War Democrats - Cindy Sheehan

Why do ANY democrats act like this regime has even a shred of legitimacy?

Book chosen by Gov. Bush for contest tied to GOP donor's movie

Conservatives cry when GOP politicians seek everyone's DNA.

Republicans paint any Bush criticism as 'doom and gloom'

Corruption, Cronyism, Conspiracy....its the TRIFECTA!

My ultra-RW, fundy friend had a LTTE in today's Atlanta Constitution ..

Executive Privilege ensures crisp decision-making at the WH?

'The Vice President is very supportive of our policy"

Miers & Microsoft

Malloy in for Springer.... I love it!!

couldn't Miers be indicted along with the others? seriously

This should be explored during the confirmation hearings.

BWA HA HA HA HA HA! Someone Compared Miers to Palmiero

Message to Hillary supporters

Bits and peices of the Bushie Wiesel's Press conference

Et Tu Bushus?

Almost 80 Congressmen use lobbyists for their fund-raising

Pelosi for President!

Squirrels Robbing the Birdfeeder.....

Ken Mehlman Update: Caught Lying to His Base

*'s press conference today replay C-SPAN2

lectured by "a bedouin on a camel" (in ref. to Saudia Arabia) hoo boy!

Mississippi Legislature pisses off Religious Zealots

Fox's retired generals talking up getting tough on Syria.

Representative Kevin Brady (Texas) Received $10,000 From Tom DeLay

Call PPA today and tell them no more donations

line has been blurred between Peace corps and military

Was is Bush's Plan for IRAQ? Will he Flip/Flop or NO?

Gen. Odom on 'Cutting and Running' - Democracy Now! - 10/4

Bush On the Defensive Over Miers

Representative Ted Poe (Texas) Received $5,000 from Tom DeLay's PAC

Republicans are coding a stronger racist manifesto

A Plague on DC Protesters. No, seriously.

Two Questions I Wish the Press Had Asked at Today's Press Conference

Call your Senators & tell them to vote no on $50 billion for war tomorrow

Which would you prefer for President: Hugo Chavez or George Bush?

Fun reading: Check out these conservative quotes on Miers.

So, why did Roe of Roe V. Wade eventually turn into an anti-abortionist?

Harry Reid on the Floor of the Senate NOW

Isn't Cronyism A Political Reality?

Kofi and the scandal pimps

Seems that Hackett running is frightening DeWine

Commerce Department tells NWS media contacts must be pre-approved!

Asia’s Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq ($1.56 an hr.)

BREAKING: Politician's Poll Numbers Worse Than Bush's!

Miers is a "Scalia in Sheep's Clothing"

Hail to Fox TV

Now, about that 'no pro war Democrats' thing....

Old joke, new version: How many Bush admins to change a light bulb?

Dems between Rock and a very Hard Place: What to do? Miers or a Fundie?

Populism, Grangers and some US History : Lessons

An idea to oppose Miers' nomination

The Bird Flu Distraction

The reason the White House used an August 6, 2001 picture of

GOP Caught in the Middle of Tom Delay's Web of Corruption

A great joke


"Axed" from Frum's musings on Miers - too close to the truth? - FYI

Dems' Non-Ideological Case Against Harriet Miers - by David Sirota

Miers political contributions from 1990 to 2000

Should Karl Rove worry he'll be ratted out by Tom DeLay or Libby?

Ya gotta listen to this!

Bush is TIRED???????????

Moonie elder spills some beans & why TV won't do Moon

Clear Channel renews bid to ease ownership limits

The Difference Between Us And Them

FEMA website still lists Brownie as head honcho - are we prepared?

Liberty News TV

Miers nomination is purely partisan

(TRENT) Lott Eyes Return As Whip

Contrast these book deals: Judith Miller v Anderson Cooper

Bush, battered by political woes, says he still has 'plenty' of capital

Many justices have been judicial novices

What do you make of this? (Cindy Sheehan-related question)

"Bush is Bad," the Musical. Really. Great anti-Bush songs

Dean Hypes Hopes For Mrs. Clinton In 2008 Race

Where are the new pictures/video from Abu Ghraib?

Okay people, let's all stop saying "ROE IS DEAD!"

Succeeding Bush: A GOP short list

Before `08....could we advertise on milk cartons?

Miers Law Firm Repeatedly Payed Damages For Defrauding Clients

Is Bird Flu the new al Qaeda?

This "Cheney Scarface" vid clip on C&L is terrifying, and it's GENIUS.

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Asia's Poor Build US Bases in Iraq

Do you suppose that Bush has put Miers in as a trick?

Suppose William Rehnquist had died on 1 October,

Malloy is right! Indiana State Senator Mengele IS Mr. Hyde in drag!!!

Republican are Crazy

Did your Congressman/woman take money from Tom DeLay?

Reminiscing a little.

TELL ME Bush isn't buzzed in this Salon front-page pic. TELL ME, DAMMIT!

Shall the populist come back from the grave?

For Non-Sequitur Fans: "And so begins the blame game..."

Comic Relief for ALL DU'rs!! - This is da nooze we really want, mon!

Bush press conference 10-04-05

Look, I know it's been a shitty 5 years & the "Culture of Corruption"

Six Democratic War Vets Seek House Seats

What Happens After GW Leaves If Miers Is Left On SCOTUS?

My fourth grader just brought home a note from the school today.

What has John Conyers done to piss off DU?

Bird flu is important, and it is NOT something to dismiss 21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

Anyone else NOT want Hillary for Prez?

About Gore not running

A Commander CokeJaw Cut & Paste Press Conference Review

CNN poll on law enforcement by military during domestic emergencies?

Congressional Dems approval down, R's recover

The Democratic "Ground Hog Day"

Lookit: Sick Repiglican Freaks Giggle About Possible Chemical Attack

Flu epidemic = enforced quarantines, possible martial law

"The Taking of America 1-2-3"...

They started the fringe activist stuff in 2003. DLC memos. Still doing it

Leaders try to change Iraq referendum rules (UN upset)

The Democrats could pick up a Congressional seat today

Review of J.C. Watts and his visit to my area (vomit inducing)

"Frist: A Man of Character Playing by the Rules"...a REAL headline! LMAO!

Three cheers for John Conyers. Hip Hip Hooray. Yeah Conyers.

Have any prior SCotUS nominees never been a judge?

Does Miers's Financial Situation Compute?

Photos: Bush "pauses while addressing reporters" earlier today

Miers Briefed Bush On Famous Bin Laden Memo

T/F Harriet Meirs's father was a share cropper in a steel mill

Most Democrats In Congress Seem To Have Undergone "Tongue-Ectomies"!

Cheney threatened Democrats on Rush's show

Serious question: What do we do about Iraq in 2006???

An elected Judiciary???

You guys are aware that Roe is now dead, aren't you?

Yo Franklin Graham, the strips clubs are open on Bourbon St

Do any Democratic politicians or strategists read DU?

Just her lack of judicial experience qualifies Miers for the filibuster.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Cheney calls Pigboy Limbaugh to assure "base" that Miers is A-OK

Latest Information from Mothers Against the Draft--Great Info:

Cheney calls Limbaugh AND Hannity to complain about Charlie Rangel

Single Issue Progressives.

O.K. all you "Don't spoil The Daily Show..." whiners, here's a non-spoiler


Who is Brian Wolk and why does he own HARRIETMIERS.COM????

How many in the GOP know that their party has been hijacked?

How many of you have experienced the "I'm not political" kind

I'm a Hillary Clinton fan!

"Democrat party??" Oh no you don't, you "Licans"

"The swagger is gone from this White House"

What the Hell is SO WRONG with a WOMAN in the White House?

"Faux News Is Bad News"

Sophie's Choice: Dems either back an unqualified Miers or they

What Hurts More, Healthcare Costs or High Gas Prices?

The exceeding brightness of military glory

Who here has bushies in the family? How do you deal with them?

American Prospect OpEd: "Gore For It"

Looks like HillaryR.Clinton will be President 2008

Hartmann: "GOP wanted Kerry in '04"