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Archives: October 31, 2005

James Howard Kunstler: "They Lied To Us"

Bin Laden Captured

More milestones in Iraq

When he asks for a vodka on the rocks,...

Fitzgerald on the trail of war criminals.

Unfortuneately, their book didn't say anything about space travel

Samuel Alito’s America

If it says LIBBY'S, LIBBY'S, LIBBY'S on the label, label, label

What the Gov is Still Hiding About the War on Terror

We Have Been Warned (Ron Paul 10-26-05)

The Sound of Silence

US Military Wants to Own the Weather

The White House Criminal Conspiracy (3 Steps to Impeach Bush)

Did Cheney Know Plame Was Undercover?.... David Corn

McMartin Preschool accuser recants

Heroine no more (Judith Miller)

The Rude Pundit: Samuel Alito, Another Motherfucker For America:

Impeachment Time: Grab the Torches and Pitchforks! (ILCA)

NBC to begin netcast

Tom Hayden: The Watergate Parallel

The Blairite love affair with the bomb will cost Britain dear

Honoring the Fallen (Cindy Sheehan)

NYT: Vietnam Study, Casting Doubts, Remains Secret (Tonkin intel errors)

Democrats: It's the War

The Religion of Technology

A New Weapon for Wal-Mart: A War Room

Let's Tell Mikey,He'll Print Anything (Jane Hamsher doesn't trust Isikoff)

Bush in free fall. Want to help give him a push?

Rich Senators Defeat Min-Wage Hike

Democrats: It's the war - By, Dennis Kucinich

WP: Alito Leans Right Where O'Connor Swung Left

Gary Younge: Bush in ethical meltdown but all liberals can do is gloat

Paul Krugman : Ending the Fraudulence

Who was behind the Niger documents (Bush? connection to Niger forgeries)


Kunstler: "Waaa, we were lied to, waaah!"

Crack Down at Kent State

Satire: Michael Brown, filling in for Karl Rove

Noam Chomsky: The Greatest Intellectual? (UK Guardian)

3.8% growth reported in Oct. The last two trading sessions up.....

New Orleans area becoming a dumping ground

Brazillian Biodiesel initiative.

Another G8 Climate Yakfest To Open Tomorrow In London - AFP

Green Activists Slam World Bank's Environmental Charade - AFP

Canadian Advisory Panel Warns Climate Feedback May Destroy Boreal Forest

From the National Biodiesel Board: Biodiesel capacity.

Rapid Climate Changes Rippling Through Alaskan Arctic - News-Miner

Arctic Climate Canary "Tumbling Off Its Perch" As Feedbacks Accelerate

A typical driving year with a Toyota Prius and CO2 emissions.

Col. Robert Bowman, USAF (Ret.): 9/11 Was Treason.

We Are Being Set Up: The Manchurian Nation

Hey, guys: Want to tell Dean how to end the Culture of Corruption?

Georgia's "poll tax" blocked

Tom Feeney Op/Eds Against 'Voter Fraud' (BradBlog)

Public Release - Math Logic Proof Shows that ESI/Mitofsky Analysis is Bunk

The incredible story of Irvington, NY's Mayoral Election

This video really proves that there was tampering in Ohio in 2004

When did you know the 2004 Election had been stolen?

NYS Rally for Paper Ballots!

Mark Crispin Miller: Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election

Please Write E-mails to Mother Jones- poor article on ohio in 2004

Election fraud analysis evaluation

I still do not have my absentee ballot!

Prop. 73 backers avoid attack on Roe vs. Wade

Bring Our Buddies Home Event in San Diego County

2 Californians at center of congressional storm

Wednesday: Gen Strike against Bush Regime: Rally Disneyland 3 P.M.

Looking at the Cali prop recommendations

And the plot thickens.... (Blouin)

A "stealth" candidate for Iowa's first District

Nussle and his quest to keep women from making their own choices

Who does Maura Hennigan think she's fooling?

Anybody talked to WmPitt lately? where is he? is he OK? n/t

Good Morning MA residents, can any of you explain for me?

Happy Halloween! Do the Climate Mash!

Sen. Coleperson should introduce a companion bill to investigate WHIG

Did you read Kersten on the Wellstone Memorial?!!!!

Trick or treaters census

St. Paulians--been receiving any Randy Kelly robo-calls?

Do any of you remember the Halloween blizzard of 1991?

Help Getting Email to Communicate in Chinese Characters

Rep. Mike Oxley (R-Ohio) is planning to retire from Congress.

Route for nuclear waste to include Butler County

DeWine on Alito

Cuyahoga precinct ballot-order data and polling-place configurations, 11/2/04

DeLay's Lawyer Contributes to Kinky Friedman Election Fund!

A Klan protest idea. I dare someone to do it. DOUBLE DARE YOU!

Not again....

Can any Dem beat Kohl in the primary?

Why Rove wasn't indicted

I. Lewis Libby.

Who leaked first?

Popularity of President Bush at all time low

Ambassador Wilson knew Libby outed his wife in May of 2004. (Flashback)

Back to Business for Rove

Jeff Gannon/Guckert, there might be something to this

The Brit Hume / Juan Williams Story with pics and contact info

Talking Points for truth - The media is demonizing Wilson again.

The Ballad of Irving

I think all this "they need new blood at the WH" talk is to ease Rove out

I think Rove set Libby up

Rush Holt did some blogging today.

What facts does Fitz still need to wrap up this treason case??

For Bloggers Seeking Name Recognition, Nothing Beats a Good Scandal

I'm not entirely sure why I posted this, but here it is.

SQUEEZE PLAY. If it's true Fitzgerald refused Libby plea he's after Rove.

"the price of loyality is incompetance"--good discussion on Imus

Gallup: Public Reaction to Libby Indictments Is Low Key

I don't think B* CAN fire Cheney - Cheney is a Constitutional Officer

Known for Discretion, Libby Is A Surprising Figure in CIA Leak

So if they lied about outing a CIA operative

TV Newsman (Russert) Is His Own News in the Leak Case

How Do We Prevent Dubya's Comeback?

In the case of these leaks

Fitzgerald will now use what he's got to get more...

Libby's Lies Derailed Leak Indictments

I realize that speculation is much of what we do here, but--

oh, THANK YOU, "arguably", howard kurtz!

REASSIGN NBC's PETE WILLIAMS (Former Cheney staffer covering leak case)

Libby & Rove should be tried for treason, & perhaps their 2 bosses, too

Fitzgerald smears begin with Nutmax leading the way

"It's all over now, Move on."

Who will lead the Protest March for Rove to be fired?

So are they going to nail Cheney?

The Importance of Truth....Fitzgerald quote...

Prosecutor Raises Questions That Demand Answers (he has not disclosed)

Poll: Only 45% believe Libby's actions were illegal ....

Apparently the fuckers have succeeded in wiping the leak-gate off

How Was Your Weekend, George? ---pix->>>

Treason's Greetings

Josh Marshall: Niger Forgeries the REASON Wilson Was Sent to Investigate

Cooper learned Valerie's Identity From ROVE Not Libby

After 9/11 Rove outed a CIA agent and manufactured reasons for bogus war.

AP 10/28/05 Photo of Rove & Libby

Nixon was brought down by a botched burglary and it's cover up.

October 28th 1940

Requesting help shooting down a RW talking point.

Isikoff is an idiot!!!!

Suppose someone robs a bank and runs into a good friend

Shout out to good boy

60 minutes coverd the Rove/Libby crime: Outing a CIA agent.

I wonder whether this forum should now yield to the nomination posts (nt)

Fitz actually needs something besides flipping Libby

Berlusconi says he was against the war in Iraq. No he wasn't.


Why is Woodward cool to Plamegate? Was Libby a mainstay Woodward source?

One question...Does Scooter, although he has resigned,

Rove still in "significant danger"

Americans Say CIA Leak Probe Is “Serious Investigation” (Fox 47/39)

JUDGE ALITO a Planned Distraction to LIBBY INDICTMENT?

oh, I suddenly it's "I. Lewis Libby" on CNN, instead of "scooter

Why hasn't Rove resigned yet?

Update on the Lies of Ambassador Wilson (by Larry Johnson)

Here Comes The Smokescreen -::Monday prediction::-

Why didn't Cooper/Judy Miller speak up when McCLELLAN said Rove/Libby

Scooter AND (please don't forget) DeLay indicted within a month!

Open questions to VP Cheney, and his former Chief of staff, LIbby.

A Freeper Responds

Valerie Plame Was Tracking "Nuclear Material" --->>>

Video: Ambassador Joseph Wilson on the Today Show

Blitzer will be interviewing Joe Wilson tonight @ 7:00 eastern

Senate Intelligence Committee report on Wilson

Has Fitz Nailed Cheney on a Conspiracy Rap?

Use the leak case for new spotlight on Downing Street Memos

LIVE ON C-SPAN 2 ::::Joe Wilson at National Press Club

I pledge to be patient in waiting for further developments

Newsweek: Cheney's Cheney (prepare to be insulted)

Simple hypothesis: Cheney had direct interactions with Valerie Wilson

Libby Indictment, A Defense Attorney Perspective

Why would NBC do what the White House demands?

Hey Silvio, QT on the Orgeryfay! ---pix->>>

Senate Session on Alito begins (and is silent).

Alter ties Plame to Bush administration pattern

In honor of Joe Wilson's dissent

RW Spew: Democrats Overplay Hand in Scooter Libby Indictment with Lies

Frogmarch alert: Libby in court Thursday, will claim "I forgot"

So We Still Don't Know Who First Leaked It to Judy Miller --->>>

Republican CSPAN callers are such Idiots!

so you are named in a Federal indictment and what is your reward

ON C-SPAN 2 right now: JOE WILSON speaking to Nat'l. Press Club

Libby - the only thing you haven't already seen

CNN Breaking: Cheney chooses two replacements for Libby

CIA Leak: Not above the law...check out this poll

How long before Fitzgerald's new grand jury is empowered?

Reuters: Libby to make 1st court appearance Thursday

Mysterious 'Official A' is Karl Rove

Bush Ran on Nat'l Security, His Admin Leaks Secrets & Covers Up

CNN commentary on the motions filed along with Libby's indictment

Hold the Phone! (from Scotty's press briefing)

Can we prove this lie by Dick Cheney?

Will Rove be indicted?

Valerie Plame-Wilson's kids are little toddlers

If Fitz can prove that Libby lied, then he can prove alot more

Joe Wilson lied?

Forgive me for asking a question that may have already been answered...

Nadler: Fitzgerald Must Broaden Investigation

Matthew Cooper: Not Sure Libby Is A Perjurer

Howard Kurtz on the PlameGate coverage

MSM Mime: The WH needs fresh blood....

Does it seem like Fitzgerald is purposely trying to expose the complicity..

CNN: Joseph Wilson coming up

Russert Sez (on Today) Media Tired of Plamegate, Will Shift To SCOTUS

Ed Schultz - Joe Wilson Coming Up - Posted 04:49PM EST

Tell me I don't have cooties! I am not sure if i am just being paranoid

SING, 'Lil Scooter, SING ! You have been renamed "the person mentioned"

Vice President lied as White House sought to defuse leak inquiry

"Iraq has WMD and we know where they are." Cheney

Counter this talking point: Senate Intel committee found Joe Wilson's trip

Rove Indictment - Thursday?

Joe Wilson coming up NEXT on Ed Schultz Radio......

Stop being so F***ing Pessimistic about Plame Case

When will the MSM start mentioning Libby's PNAC connection?

Joe Wilson had a good point this morning about Rove

NPR's take on WH press conference today 10/31/05

Coverage of Libby indictment

BradBlog: Cheney's Clintonian Lie About Joe Wilson...

Wasn't Cheney Sec. of Defense when Wilson was Ambassador to Iraq?

I'm sorry. After Friday I'm not optimistic about the investigation anymore

Rove Wavier: Can Anyone Confirm or Deny?

REPEAT of Amb. Wilson - C-Span2 8:00

VIDEO.... Must See.... Joe Wilson today at the National Press Club

VIDEO-Cafferty File on CIA Leak (Bubba)

Come on Dean, anyone say it!!!

who will pay Scooter's legal bills?

Vice President lied as White House sought to defuse leak inquiry

Coulter "Valerie Plame was not a covert CIA agent"

Why we like Fitzgerald?

Joe Wilson coming up on Wolf Blitzer/CNN - 7PM Eastern

Point getting lost in MSM indictment coverage

Question? How can you fight the "War on Terra" if your CIA/Under Cover

Wolfie does a good job, Re: Repug talking points

Hear Karl Rove's new hit single, "Unindicted and It Feels So Good"

Cheney Lied

Ritter: "The outing of Plame was just the tip of this criminal enterprise.

joe wilson on c-span2 1:00pm est today n/t

(Sealed indict.?) Friday, 5 minutes before the indictment is handed out...

Look closely at the words of Patrick Fitzgerald

limbaugh: Fitzgerald Didn't Match Media Alternative Reality

Bush, Cheney aide to make first court appearance 10:30 AM Thursday

Cheney's new security adviser linked to bogus information on Iraq

What the GOP is reduced to

Imus to Andrea Mitchell: Do you think Tim Russert might be lying?

CNN to replay Wolf getting whipped by Joe Wilson (NEXT)

Earth to Bush: Ditch Cheney (Justin Raimondo)

More on Italian Intel (SISMI) and the forgeries, reads like a spy novel.

DR breaking this story: ProsFitz Plans on Calling Cheney-open court witnes

In a nutshell: Cassel nails the administration's lies

odd note about FAUX radio coverage of Plame case Friday

Russert Watch: The Comeback

re: "Democrats overplay hand in Libby indictment"

Smoking guns and red herrings

Rove should be completely naked when anyone in the WH

Out of curiosity, did any of the naysayers actually see Fitzgerald on TV

So why isn't Bush's credibility the lead story?

did I miss it????? did Fitz empanel a 2nd grand jury??

MSNBC's Plame coverage continued to skew right

Things to be happy about even IF Libby is the ONLY one indicted.

Question Regarding Sealed Indictments

A Piece of the Libby Puzzle You Missed ("Heads Up" to Hardball)

"If no crime was committed then...


DU Lou Dobbs Poll,as well :)

DICK Cheney needs to explain himself!!!

What do reporters do when Rove calls them with some inside info these days?

The one big thing that's wrong with the Fitzgerald investigation is

WP, Froomkin: All the Prosecutor's Hints

Bush judge to hear Scooter Libby indictment case

Krugman: "So the long nightmare won't really be over until journalists ...

Wilson repeat of National Press Club on NOW on Cspan (1)

Pundit Overload...Best...Rant...Ever

My favorite GOP spin from this weekend...

If everything is hunky dory at the White House how come Scott McClellan..

Asia Times has 3 articles about Plamegate, saying:


Fitzmas: 976,000 links from google

Don't gloat yet. After two years only 1 indictment. Not much when you

TOONS: Neo-Convict Edition

Lapdog press ..These Dogs Don't Hunt (our DU cartoon)

Wilson & others say 'Fire Rove' AOL Poll:75% vote fire Rove; 65% fire Dick

Newsweek: Libby did it "to protect the country from harm"

Reactions to leak vary among ex-CIA insiders

Wire worn in gov hiring probe - 10/31/05 - Fitzgerald investigation

Libby’s Sex Shocker

Why is Libby on crutches?

Time Reporter Says He Learned Agent's Identity From Rove

Cheney kicks Addington AND Hannah upstairs.

Pete Williams, former Cheney staffer, covering Libby indictment for NBC

So where are we at with this thing?

VIDEO- Joe Wilson on CNN (Interviewed by Leslie B)

The Italian Connection, Part I (Josh Marshall/Niger forgeries)

Eyeballing Scooter Libby

How The News Works Now (Tom Tomorrow)

Dems can't come out gunz a blazin' on Alito just yet. ~ PLAMEGATE ~

Don't Let Him Change The Subject.

Richard Clarke on Patrick Fitzgerald's pursuit of the truth

The Libby Indictment ......

DU the CaffertyFile on CNN-

Joe Wilson will be on, east coast time, on The Today Show. He should

Rita Cosby has 2 former covert agents on - Destroyed WH arguments

Flame on: Defeatist DU'ers and trolls killing our momentum in unison...

DU Lawyers: Why is Motive Important?

What exactly does "Arragghrrorwr" mean? * Anybody?

Split Pea Soup

for sourdough bakers.

A stove question

Nifty conversion site

Colberet Reort to air in Canada starting Nov. 7

AP: Plame Now Spends Her Days at CIA Desk Job

Pentagon Admits 26,000 Iraqi Casualties since Jan. 2004

UAE says Saddam agreed to exile before invasion

When he asks for a vodka on the rocks,...

Justice Department Didn't Act on Warning About Abramoff Client...

US Interior Secretary Urges Alaska Refuge Oil Drilling

Okinawa governor apposes U.S. military plan

Gov. Schwarzenegger Trolls for Votes

U.S. Military Realignment Plans for Japan Face Strong Local Criticism

Australia Uses New Methods To Protect Whales

Former Salvadoran Officer to Face Lawsuit:Torture Suit to Begin for Former

Australia softens visa regulations

BBC: Alito named as Supreme Court nominee

US forces sexually abused Hicks, father says (Gitmo)

Alito next nominee for Supreme Court

Berlusconi Backs Embattled Intel Director

Trial Set to Begin on NYC Subway Searches

After 3 years at Guantanamo, Afghan writers found to be no threat to U.S.

NYT: Grieving Parks, Rights Leaders Ponder Future

Known for Discretion, Libby Is A Surprising Figure in CIA Leak

Caption this Photo

U.S. funds to rebuild Iraq drying up

LAT: Violent Border Clashes Surging: Attacks on agents doubled

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism

US Military Wants to Own the Weather

Things in Iraq Going Badly For Most Americans (57% things going badly)

Bush makes a choice to cheer conservatives (New SC Nominee Announced)

Uganda Takes Up Abstinence Campaign (threatens working anti-AIDS program)

Marine dies from IED attack near Nasser Wa Salaam (2018)

TV Newsman (Russert) Is His Own News in the Leak Case

Cumulus Buys Susquehanna (Radio Merger)

'New evidence' backs Hicks's torture claim

Pope raps beheading

Public Reaction to Libby Indictments Is Low Key(Gallup poll)

Iraqi Police Uncover 14 Bodies in Shallow Grave, Military Says

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism (AP)

Time Reporter Says He Learned Agent's Identity From Rove

India says indications of Pakistan link to blasts

Sanctions Dropped From Syria Resolution (last-minute effort)

Former Iranian Pres. Criticizes Ahmadinejad

NSA's Tonkin Gulf reports cooked? Delayed to not embarrass Bush

Money fueled Ohio GOP,now puts future at risk;20yrs planning to Bush win

Novell Likely To Cut Workforce By A Fifth (1000 jobs)

Lobbyists Tangled in a Paperless Pursuit...

Conservative Anglicans warn liberal churches in West (Reuters)

Breaking: Cheney Appoints Addington

Rove should be fired, spy’s husband says

Oil Refiner Valero Doubles Profits in 3rd Quarter

Lack of Refrigeration/Health Issue/Funeral Homes (PB, Florida)

Chalabi rules out Iraq troop withdrawal

Fed Plan on Protecting Ports Is Delayed

Five Cities in Croatia Ban Animal Circus Performances

Car Bomb Kills 20 In Basra, Police Say

In rare interview, Prince Charles says climate change is 'terrifying'

Mysterious 'Official A' is Karl Rove

Hearing Begins for Accused U.S. Sergeant


UN Sanctions Threat For Syria

Hutchison, DeLay Cases Have Parallels

Final Week of Intelligent Design Trial

Four US soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Iraq

New Rules Will Combat Money Laundering

LAT: First Lady (Maria Shriver) Appears to Be Sitting Out This Election

Methodists Defrock Lesbian Minister

Alito Pushed Organized Crime, Drug Cases

DR breaking this story: ProsFitz Plans on Calling Cheney-open court witnes

New DNC Web Video Reminds Bush of His Promise on Ethics

Anti-tax 'purists' to shun Kilgore

UN envoys say must quiz Guantanamo detainees

Voting rights violated in South Dakota

U.S. Ranks 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index

Bush sets out to salvage 2nd term (Gallup Poll - 55% failed presidency)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 31 October

Roberts (of CBS) Apologizes (for reference to Alito as "sloppy seconds")

BLM SALE PROGRAM: 427 wild horses seeking homes

PM: Troops home when violence ends (Blair)

Cheyney unrepentant, appoints John Hannah as Nat'l Security Affairs Asst.

Wal-Mart flexes, backs Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Militants to bomb 5 capitals in South Asia: reports

Wire worn in (Illinois) gov (Dem-Blagojevich) hiring probe

Cheney Names Two to Fill Libby's Positions (Addington & Hannah)

Cheney Lied

Bush advised to resist apology on Libby

Spitzer Holds Wide Margin In NY Gov Race

White House rebuffs calls for shakeup and apology

Explosives Manufacturer Fined $1 Million

ElBaradei wants talks on nuclear-materials pact

Consumer Spending in U.S. Drops a Second Month After Inflation Adjustment

Call to Restore Yosemite's Hidden Wonders

Iraq troops go unarmored into fights

Arraignment This Week For Libby (this Thursday)

Swampy part of New Orleans turns into dumping ground

Community Leader's Death Highlights Danger of ResistingViolence inColombia

Russian President Won't Seek Third Term

Tribes, Ed. Leader Debate Left Behind Act

Russia Slams UN Hariri Report for Meddling in Syria’s Internal Affairs

(CBS correspondent)Roberts Apologizes, Calls Choice Of Words "Unfortunate"

Report Slams World Bank Role in Clean Energy

Berlusconi says US wants him to win election

Higher Borrowing Costs Seen in Months Ahead

Tehran not afraid of war, sanctions

Seven More U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq

Landmark Gulf War Syndrome ruling

US says bombs Qaeda house, Iraqis say 40 dead

Whistleblower Ellsberg compares Iraq war to Vietnam

Iraq asks UN to let forces stay

New Pub-casting Chief Completes Right-Wing Coup

US High Court Won't Hear Wireless Radiation Appeal

Parties Set Stage for Showdown on Ct. Choice (Reid warned Bush on Alito)


H5 found in wild birds in Canada; testing needed to see if is Asian H5N1

Alito's Mom: 'Of Course, He's Against Abortion'

Calls for full inquiry into Hicks claims

WP: On Patrol in Vermont, Minutemen Are the Outsiders

WP: Labor Department (child) Labor Deal With Wal-Mart Criticized

Cheney's new security adviser linked to bogus information on Iraq

Philadelphia Transit Workers Go on Strike

US steps up planning for a Cuba without Castro (plus destabilization plan)

Reaction to Alito nomination (Frist, Reid,Kennedy, and others)

Oil Prices Fall on Warmer Weather Forecasts

Forging the Case for War (Bush Admin may be involved in Niger Forgeries)

Noe pleads innocent to 3 charges in federal court in Toledo

Congress to air concerns over Negroponte's office

Dutch Witches Get Tax Break for Studies

Freddy goes for Bloomy's throat (NYC Mayoral Debate)

Facing Deficit, Senate Eyes Cuts, U.S. Oil

"Bush's new Supreme Court split rulings in gay school cases"

Newest Bombs Pose Major Threat to U.S. Troops in Iraq

Dobson 'Extremely Pleased' by Alito Nomination

Thousands of evacuees face eviction

U.S. Methodist panel orders gay minister defrocked (Reuters)

AP: Oct. Is Deadliest Month in Iraq Since Jan.

Fetal pain issue grows in Congress

Breaking CNN: US Colonol killed in Bomb Blast (Iraq)

Samuel Alito Named Nominated Bush for USSC.

'Many casualties' in Iraq bombing

Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu

In Vermont, a revolution to secede has devotees (Boston Globe)

Chavez calls for ban on Halloween

Americans no longer view Canada as No. 1 ally, poll finds

McCain puts ex-official on hot seat...

Anyone else like "the war at home"?

The Bengals defense have 5 ints in 3 separate games this year

No! Tippi! No! (Watching The Birds)

I just now realized daylight savings time has kicked in

Need your opinions.... Writing a screenplay and want to honor Hitchcock

Hitchcock alert! The Lodger (Silent, 1st film) on TBS starting NOW!

Dead or Alive is the all time funniest SAW act ever made.

Dealing drugs on CNN (Lunesta)

Is it to late to buy more beer in NC?

ever have someone give you a really good cd,

No more days 'til Halloween,

What has West Wing done to my Janeane?

Just got back from seeing Lewis Black

Not to be conceited, but I smell good.

Day of the Dead...

so... ummm... Happy Halloween ya DU bums...

Happy Halloween-let's kill some zombies.

Night ya'll!

Whatever movie this is on AMC, it sucks.

Can someone help me ID a song?

More indictments possible, experts say. Check this out!

X-7-10-FLA22757-222-09774 Tango. repeat, X-7-10-FLA22757-222-09774 Tango

My Real Name is...

Nosferatu is on TMC.

Presidential Speechalist....

I just came home from a J-Rock show, ask me anything!

Please. I'm not being scolding, but...

disturbing "dream"

Marc Maron being forced off Morning Sedition!

Man Getting "Last Rites" Tattoo Passes Out And Dies

Nino & Sam -- Soulmates above & beyond their Robes

We have been members of the "Gallup Panel" for a little over six

Man Accidentally Cuts His Toe Off - Cat Steals & Burries It

Are there any "journalists/columnists" in your area that just torque you

55 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To 13th Child

Answer to the most idiotic question ever

FYI...Young Frankenstein is on Bravo right now for those who may want....

Hey everyone: It's my 3,000th post!

We did the Bash we did the George Bush Bash!

Haha! Did y'all see the fan take the football from Favre on the field?

Hey WC Green - a recipe with Cool Whip

I got a call today from an opinion pollster...and they are going to

Hey, all but one of the "pins" in GD:CIA have disappeared!

Homecoming, 2005.


Halloween Poll: Butterfinger or Clark bar?

HEY RABRRRRRR!! Circus Peanut Salad Recipe!


If this pic isnt begging for caption, I don't know what is...

Halloween birth for Spain's new Infanta

State Wants To Ban Beer With Elf Label (Might Make Children Drink)

It Doesn't Stop With Rocky VI - Stallone Coming Back In RAMBO IV!!

Hear ye, Hear,ye!

HALLOWEEN PET RANT (it is brief)

I am proud of my son

I guess you just can't help some people (long rant)

Halloween in history (radical history that is)

Hey everyone! Time for a little Monday morning HOOK 'EM!

It's a scary day

how will you be celebrating 'mischief night' tonight?

I Always Enjoy Google's Holiday Logos

I Always Enjoy to google "Holiday Legos"

Mystery of German exploding toads

voodoo practitioners scatter after katrina

A Halloween Memory, or, "we knew something was wrong with Lara, early on."

I'm in a piss poor mood today...


1975 Ford Escort Sells For $690,000 (Owned By Pope)

Shout out to good boy

i posted on the wrong thread

From the files of matcom(tm)...HOLY cwap!

H.S. Football Team Has First Winning Season In 30 Years

I have a question regarding poor service at a restaurant.

My car and my son got egged tonight by a 16-Y-O kid I had tried to help.


The Essential Leonard Cohen is so....

Tango and Cash II????

Coincidence? Scalito was nominated on Halloween.

Nazi racoons invade the wineland

Enough of this talk about Circus Peanuts and Candy Corn!

This is so clever, you probbaly don't even get it

Favorite Classic Movie Monster poll.

Good Monday Morning, Folks!

Be your own boss: The Mafia game!

Whew. Don't make statements of fact in GD: EE

Ooooh! "A Haunting in Connecticut is on The Discovery Channel right now!

Goddamn it to hell f***ing allergies!

Don't know if this is a Halloween costume, but I love it!

I'm going virtual DU Trick r Treating: What goodies am I getting from you

Cheney subject of French art exhibition

Is 6 years old to young to walk home from the school bus stop?

Somebody TP'd the Catholic church up the street from me

What are your favorite childhood memories of?

What's the deal with the vote on Daylight Saving Time?

Tony Franciosa, James Franciscus or Sam Francisco

I just stepped on a crack pipe coming into work

I need advice

Ok, who TP'd my cat - NOT FUNNY!!!

Any Veronica Mars fans on this board?

Kate Bush, reclusive? Actually, she prefers the term 'normal'

On phone-hold hell trying to reschedule airline flight

What movie should I watch tonight?

It's Zappaween!!!

Let's hear your horror story about PWI (posting under the influence)!

The Pumpkin -carving- Prayer

Pet Owners: What kind of flea/tick protection do you use on your pet(s)?

I'm thowing a Virtual DU Halloween party, post the costume you're wearing

Work for a news outlet? Wallpaper suggestion

Oh Richardo!!! Time to stop being the Halloween Grinch!!!

Here's a "useless trivia" question...

How does one look out for predatory lenders?

Wax On Pumpkin Said To Resemble Jesus

Reminder: Please Keep Your Pets Inside Tonight!

Finally - a pill to cure homosexuality

Former Dep. Sec'y of State Dick Armitage nude at Paris art show (photo)

Reno 911 Fans! Is Viva Variety on video or DVD?

Does anyone remember laughter?

Hickory Smoked Pork Chops

Dead Alive is the all time funniest horror movie ever made.

I lurk too much.

Best. Halloween Costume. Ever.

Emboldened Fox Plans To Quadruple Its Fee to Cable Providers

what's your favorite type of bread

THE greatest Pumpkin carving EVER!!!

"Candy should come with christian message".......

I went to view Rosa Parks last night (at the Capitol)

I'm giving out CHICK TRACTS this halloween

The joke you get to use once per year.

Wouldn't it be cool

All praise "The George W. Bush Singers" holy crap is this funny stuff

What scary/horror films have you seen, loved, but can never watch again?

***Happy Birthday, DuckBurp***

I'm afraid to open Catwoman's "Trick or Treat" thread - will some brave

In honor of Rosa Parks "Memorial Mashup" (music mix)

Funny Halloween vs. Jail Halloween

I finally watched Schindler's List.

Check out this LTTE

Have you ever noticed that actors appear IN movies and ON t.v. shows?

can you solve this brainteaser?

Should I write a LTTE regarding shopping carts and handicapped

What Halloween candy are ya'll givin' out?

Do you want it to taste great or do you want it to be less filling?

Just bought a brand new San Carlo red 2006 Honda Accord.

Night of the Living Dead

"What the fuck happened to Halloween?"

Chesney Compares Zellweger Breakup To Having Big Screen TV Stolen

Random tip:

Happy Halloween Everyone....

Bin Laden Captured

See ya later, Lounge. Time to put up Frankenstein

A Fundie Halloween!!

Smutmonger fined for limp porn vid

Boy how fast they grow up!!

Nation States: DU Region is starting to develop nicely

UM... Yeah this is a good idea for a website.

I have a Linus infection...

I have a sinus infection...

"Do you know its Halloween, Halloween, Halloween"

Jonesing for a smoke

I bought candy and forgot about it, then i bought some more

I have a Linux infection...

Hail!!! Run for your lives!!!!

Dick Cheney colorbar

Dead Alive is the scariest movie ever...

Tell me some scary stories!


Where has billyskank been today?


Happy Halloween

Earworm of the day: Lido Shuffle

There once was a man named Scooter...


If pumpkins aren't mentioned in the Bible how did they get on the Ark?

You know what the biggest problem would be with being a vampire.

Dental Clinic?

Rainy Halloween here in Central Illinois.

Farabundo Marti: Anyone have a clue?

In horror of Scalito and Scalia both of Trenton, NJ: Dumb Laws

Scalia's nickname: Nino. So all together: John Pervert Nino Scalito

I have a head cold...should I take a wet sauna at the gym?

Culpepper will miss remainder of Vikings’ season

Goodnight DU!

HELP!!! HELP!!!!! There are monsters at my door.....

Chet Helms Tribal Stomp, GG Park 10/30/05

a hotty at work was dressed up like matches today . . .

DU Deadheads: Halloween in Oakland: 10-31-1991

I shudder to think of what Cheney is going to be up to tonight....

Oh sweet baby Jeebus -

I just saw the funniest Halloween costume...


So I bought a costume today; a "plus" side - up to size 52. fits PERFECTLY

We were just visited by The Good Fairy.

On this All Saints' Eve, let our thoughts turn to the Cities of the Dead

Well, Halloween wull be over in a few hours...

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism

Comcast users: anyone else having problems?

Anyone have a Jon Stewart Avatar? Please post here.


In the spirit of Halloween: I watched House of Wax last night

how much does it usually cost to get a pair of shoes resoled

What tricks are justified for crappy treats?

When movies get history wrong rant!

Wilson and Plame should have been indicted.

Bill Krystol is obviously a liberal.

Trick or Treat: 10 Random Questions for Halloween

So are we liberals supposed to sabotage Halloween?

How do you eat M&Ms (or Skittles, for that matter)

I did it, I cleaned out my fridge.

A dark day in Red Sox history... Theo Epstein has resigned

anyone else like David Sedaris?

President Bush Prayer thread 6669

Patriotic Posters (humor from

Funny Bush video from Badmash

Which kid song is the most annoying?

Oh No!!!! The Horror!!!!

"Current TV" has gone a long time without adding new videos.

Gas must be down again

Read Joe Bageant yet?

hi every buddy!

Happy Halloween - Warning, scary image inside

OK who else? Whenever I see "Alito" I read "Alioto"



Is it me, or is the way Gwen Stefani says "BANNANA" incredibly sexy?

John Lennon's white "Abbey Road" suit sells for $118,000

What's the most tasteless Halloween costume that you have ever seen?

He's tough, street smart, and he don't take no shit

If Alito is confirmed I will never move to the US, get citizenship

The Crusher -- Reggie Lisowski dead at age 79

Why can't I get any links on C-SPAN to open?

Important video on the newest wedge issue:

The Next-Door neighbors (Halloween Candy)

"Far Cry" (game) fans weigh in.

If Alito is confirmed then I must go back to wearing a nurse cap!!!!

YES KARMA! Karma I love you

Next year, I put out the Jalapeno candies

Do You Watch "Prison Break"?

All right, who's had to go on an emergency extra candy run?

Halloween:Things aint like they used to be

Bill Fox,- author/yellow dog journalist. Bush-detester now has a website..

Things read in a bathroom stall: "George Bush f*cks cornflakes."

Pumpkin Carving

Snappy retorts to the statement: "but of course W is a great president"

LOL! Watching a PBS show on cemetaries, and someone's tombstone actually

Is today a good day to celebrate Freeperween?

Is it legal to mail a bag of GOPisEvil to the Supreme Court as a prank?

How do you fix a leaky faucet?

If Alito is confirmed, I promise to have a spit !

The Univited coming up on TCM

If Alito is confirmed, I promise to have a snit!

Airmensmom is okay in case anyone was missing her...

LBN---swimboy hits 1000.

played this song on a guitar with a busted string

Anybody else watching the Halloween episode of "Mindfreak" right now?

"I think she peed her pants."

Okay, why is everything a repeat tonight......

Does someone know the first class postage from Chi to TO?

*** Official "what did you dress up for halloween?" thread!***


What song is that in GoodFellah's when they're beating Tony Batts?

OK, who's getting "Revenge of the Sith" tonight?

I'm handing out flea and tick collars for Halloween

I should have majored in statistics in college.

I bite you all on the neck this night

'night y'all

Horror Movie Survival Guide

TONIGHT IS Orange County Choppers EUROPEAN VACATION Part #1


All right, meatheads. The joke is over.

Stupid kids...

Hitlery Klintoon is a baby killer

Is Marc Maron leaving Air America?

Pennsylvania DUers: did you ever use the slang term "ERT" growing up?

Spyware problems

Need some DU music advice

I visited the new Smiths. Air and Space Museum. Warning dial-up Pic heavy

Halloween on Radio Enigma

Check in here if you say "Fuckit, Fuckit" on the first of the month.

Do I need to beef up my DU reputation?

Generator destroyed by LIT CANDLE USED TO CHECK FUEL!!!!!

Oh, man, I think my heart just broke

This is a costume???

Are you using dial-up, DSL or Cable modem?

Anyone remember "Post Like a Freeper" Halloween a few years ago?

The sexual meanings of Halloween costumes

Do you ever wish call in radio shows did not have a 7 sec delay?

Nighthawks XXIX (dial-up warning)

Just got back from seeing the worlds first screening of A Scanner Darkly


In Memory of Khephra: keep this kicked

Lamest. Halloween. Ever.

Can i brag for a moment?

Post your pumpkin!

A DU Chat Room Would be So Cool

Help! Quick! I need IRREVERENT (NOT filthy) NUN NAMES!

Happy Birthday Peter Jackson!

Rocky Horror - Video Clips

Best TPing we ever did. Please share your best.

I am in love with Joe Wilson.

You know what would be biggest problem with being a Republican?

Check in here if you say "Rabbit, Rabbit" on the first of the month.

who can't wait to watch "Rent" in theatres

Man/Woman machine...for your amusement

Oracle is an overblown, overpriced, CPU-hogging, user-unfriendly POS.

My two imps (dial-up warning)

Help! Quick! I need FILTHY nun names!

Tell me a lie!

God shave the queen.

Halloween Picture Thread!!

Why do computer scientists confuse Halloween and Christmas?

It's time once again for... Words and phrases you hate!

I just killed a pumpkin -shame on me

No patriotic, war-loving home is complete without this!

I think I was drugged last night.

Why do adults like Halloween?

something i don't understand about personal hygiene-

Seal bites off woman's nose

When October goes

Ghost story time...

Calling all DU dog experts and dog "owners"

I had a sad lesson taught to me today.

Did the Virgin Mary have a choice?

It's German professor is bat$hit crazy.

Greatest Horror Movie of all Time

The official reprehensor/FSC Halloween Party thread!

tell your favorite joke (no Brazilian jokes allowed)

Pope raps beheading

Progressive religious websites

Conservative Anglicans warn liberal churches in West (Reuters)

Flourishing, pagan groups get organized

Poe illustrates possible reason why fundamentalists dread Halloween.

Documentary explores religious cannibals

Liars' Brains Wired Differently - USC study

A website to find out about how good a hospital is?

Planck's Constant. E = nhf (Quantum whatever)

How to Speed Up Production of Flu Shots

Study Links Bacteria, Lymphoma Around Eye

Methane found in desert soils bolsters theories that life exists on M

Hubble discovers new moons on Pluto

Anti-gay group with gay CFO OK's Bush Court pick

Opposition To Alito Swift From Gay Groups

Mich. Appeals Court Halts Same-Sex Benefits Ruling

The Return of Jeff Gannon!

Methodist Court Defrocks Lesbian PastorThe highest court in the United Met

Bush's new Supreme Court pick struck down gay protection

Overrated Performances

Congratulations Pats fans! You are now above .500!!!

Het, wait a minute, the Chicago Bears are in first place

Theo Epstein has resigned as Red Sox GM

One of our best adoption events ever

Happy Halloween everyone!

Watership Down and other Animal books

Is there a cat rule about mandatory bathroom attendance?

disturbing "dream"

Just in case you didn't read the Sunday funnies...

Check out Alito's views on church and state

An electrifying baptism...

i really, really wish i could make this my avatar. alas...

Want to have a holy Halloween? Serve up Christian Candy!

An unusual request.

John Kerry on Alito nomination

Krugman on Kerry

Kerry: Bush Short-Changes Gulf Small Businesses Again

Someone on GD just said Kerry was "too presidential"

question: DU'er claiming JK said "Bush won fair and square"

Will the people who have the East/West cards right now please report here

I'm just sick

Kerry's Lunchbox

Samhain Rose

One More Rose shot.

Call me strange but roosters are handsome.

Don’t Leave the Trail #2

No KO tonight!

If KO's trick-or-treating tonight, who's he dressed up as this year?

Countdown Newsletter 10/31 -- Alito Alights Controversy

Video of Mission Welcome Home

Hitchcock's first movie starting. The Lodger 1927 on TCM...

BBC: Good Night and Good Luck--A Point of View-- A Must Read

Anti-gay group with gay CFO OK's Bush Court pick

Philippines Faces Hurdles in Transgenic Rice Push

The full story of Rosa Parks -- Interview with Herb Boyd on Peter Werbe

Executions in Texas under the spotlight

deadliness below-wmd's thrown into sea years ago-army doesn't know

I think I finally figured it out...

Whose voice is more deafening ?

Okay. . .who wants to vomit. Check this out from

F**K The Corporate Media -- A whole new TV Network is Coming

Dutch Witches Get Tax Break for Studies

"a majority of Americans think it was wrong to invade Iraq"

Bush to Announce Supreme Court Nominee

X-7-10-FLA22757-222-09774 Tango. repeat, X-7-10-FLA22757-222-09774 Tango

My letter to Obama and Durbin about Alito

The pink paper clips are in.

Hey Moderate Republicans Give a drowning country a hand!

It's Time To Filibuster..

"The GOP wouldn't give Miers an up or down vote, so the Democrats

Should Homeland Security be shut down?

Happy Halloween Pictures ADD some SCARY ones for fun

Questions: Is there ANY CHANCE that moderate Republicans...

5 SC justices are Catholic?

anyone know what is happening to the abuse pics that the Pent. said

Coincidence - I Think Not - Just As *'s Poll Numbers Hit All Time Lows....

WJour on C-span--lot of 'Alito will stop of murder of babies"

Filibuster time

Senator Sessions flies south in the Winter.

Here's the list of the Gang of 14 for a refresher:

I think Alito is one huge distraction and

Harry Reid's frame of Alito, as heard on NPR

The future relationship between * and the fundies

I'm glad he said it....UP OR DOWN VOTE!!!!!!!!!

David Gregory: "The president, politically weakened, had to do this"

No one deserves an UP OR DOWN vote!

Alito was unanimously confirmed in 1990? Great site with state by state info

Pentagon Admits 26,000 Iraqi Casualties since Jan. 2004

No hearings until January...

How Do We Prevent Dubya's Comeback?

How Do We Prevent Dubya's Comeback?

How Do We Prevent Dubya's Comeback?

Tom DeLay (R-Shit Creek); Rep. Don Sherwood (R-Obviously)

Well, there's the fifth vote to overturn Roe.

Bush Back In Charge?

Timeline for impeachment talks in MSM?

I want a DO OVER

Many Security Deadlines Missed Since 9/11

Notice U.S. Casualties up and Iraqi Security Forces' down for last 2 mos.?

Outstanding in his* field

Christian Communication Network: "Bush Gets It Right, Nominates Alito"

I wish this were an April Fool joke, rather than an April Fool nominee

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism

55% judge Bush's presidency to be a failure

The IRONY of Frist taking Scalito to the Rotunda to view Rosa Parks

6 more troops , how many more do we have to lose!!!!

Elton John is a Republican?

Warcraft game maker in spying row


Dead Sea Scrolls scientists dies

Remember the 'Piggy Banks offend Muslims' from the UK?

US admits keeping secret Iraqi tally

DU Scalito Awareness Thread, edu DU so we can edu the public

Okay; I know I'm late, so, fill me in:

* now nominate judge Samuel Alito as justice

Timeline for impeachment talks in MSM?

AOL Poll on Supreme pick

Muslim women launch international 'gender jihad'

Don't call Alito "Scalito"...he is "mild mannered".

Call the Gang of 14 members - don't waste your time on leadership

Bush chooses Samuel Alito for SC seat.

Report: Bush fundraisers got $1.2 billion in public funds

What a church should *really* be like.

Jeff Toobin on CNN thinks Casey v. Planned Parenthood will be crucial

CNN pimping for Alito

Indian documentary explores religious cannibals

repubs look so out-of-place at the rosa parks tribute...

What about the return of the "nuclear option?"

Frist, Alito hold news conference as Rosa Parks carried out of Capitol

Time to be proactive about the Scalito nomination

Bad Timing!!!

Bush to Senate: "Act promptly, up-or-down vote before end of this year"

It seems that Democrats and Republicans have been battling

Alito and the dems

BFEE Attacks Us Again

Nice change of subject, chimp.

I wonder when some DUer wil ACTUALLY do this!

CA Kickbacks help grease Wal-Mart's government gravy train

Senators Ben Nelson and Mark Pryor slightly injured rushing to support

Yes, Bush should have nominated a woman for the Supreme Court

Alito Talking Points from Senate

Name the Republican Senators we have a chance with over Alito

I believe the best strategy for defeating Alito's nomination

Alito and the "religion test"

Sean Hannity Blasts GOP as Pathetic & Weak

Kerry on Alito: Bush's sagging numbers no excuse to reopen 'wounds in

Lt. Gov Kerry Healy (Republican) Faulted for tax-breaks to husband's firm

"Fair and dignified" process -- IF you're a CONservative. Otherwise....

Alito nomination: Rovean Timing.

The Alito meme

I want people to leave Senator Mary Landrieu alone (Alito inspired)

DeLay's Lawyer Contributes to Kinky Friedman Election Fund!

Arlen Specter didn't welcome Alito nor did he promise a speedy process

Scalito on Family Leave Act, Discrimination, etc. (

Is Bush* Morally Fit To Appoint Supreme Court Justices?

Rosa Park's body and the bloody hands bushgang

Caption this * pic...


Do we know Scalito's position on church-state separation?

Bush Nominates Alito To Replace O'Connor - Here's What You Can Expect

Kennedy on Alito's nomination

Question: Has anyone sent a donation to Raw Story for their A+

Will Shrub have a nervous breakdown?

Wow, it was ten years ago tonight Canada almost stopped being Canada

Well, the Democratic Party damn well better fight Alito nomination

Scalito lets WINGNUTS into public schools

I just heard a MSNBC taliking head say "arguably failed war"

My email to Durbin (and will send to Obama) regarding Scalito

How is it possible that Rosa Parks is the first woman to lie in state?

"Grand Slam Home Run" -- Pat Robertson on Alito

Alito: AbomiNomination (abomination+nomination)

Are codified constitutions better than non-codified constitutions?

Is it too late to get O'Connor to take back her resignation?

Thanks mods

Bush kicked sand in the Democrats face with Alito

Mystery of the Eye...

Religious Coliation for Reproductive choice - call to action

Parkinsons Jail - a poem ode to Alito and his base

Going nuclear on Alito--Strategies.

Wolf Blitzer: Doesn't Alito deserve an up or down vote?

We Are Being Set Up: The Manchurian Nation

By Bush not naming a woman doesn't he further erode the Female vote?

2025 and no end in sight....

Will there be a WH press conference today?

Family Leave Act .... Alito "unconstitutional congressional overreach"

Teddy Kennedy about to be interviewed on CNN

Yeah...we are 44th in the world in Free Press..we drop 20 points.

Bush Has Exhausted His Political Capital. Dems Must Speak for the Majority

Samuel Alito.....Here is some scary info!!

Approval, Economy Numbers Stagnant for Bush (ARG / mid-Oct)

God hates Baptists...strikes down minister....

On the Monday morning after

Iraqi after US Bombs: "We don't see Democracy. We just see destruction"

the bushgang's war on the poor - very successful

We need to do our homework on Alito

USA Today: "Bush sets out to salvage 2nd term" (55% judge him a failure)

no religion bashing. really.

The Democrats won NOTHING with the filibuster compromise

Corzine Up by 7: Leads Forrester 47%-40% (Zogby)

Samuel "Scalito" Alito: Abortion "may be obviated by discussion"

Mel Gibson makes another movie in an ancient language

Anytime someone states that Bush is making us safer after 9/11....

who thinks that I should be the next supreme court appointment

Oooooh scary.


If 88% of your class was phi beta kappa, is it really an achievement?

Manchin not the only Democrat to buck party on abortion

Things * Can Say To End His Freefall into The Abyss...

CBS News: Alito "sloppy seconds"?

Are there any Scandalous Criminal Cases Alito has presided over?

Kerry on the Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court

Alito makes me wish that Miers was still in the running for SC

Think Progress: Samuel Alito's America - run down of his record.

STOP! They aren't the "rightwing", or "conservatives": They are zealots!

Dorothy Height and Julian Bond will deliver tributes

Call me cynical

I believe that Senate will reject Alito.

How can conservatives divorce themselves from conservatives past?

Yet another poll to DU

My LTE regarding Alito

US is the number one producer of garbage on the planet

Alito should be hammered long and hard on the Family Leave

News Hounds - "We watch Fox so you don't have to" digest

US Military wants to own the weather

Democrats should not fear the "nuclear option"....

Turn your head and COUGH

Why is this man smirking? (CAPTION)

DU this poll

Self Delete

So how is this filibustering supposed to work?

Illegal propaganda: Dept of Ed/Williams and. Libby/Russert

Pawlenty won't run for President in 2008

Freepers on The Knox County ME Village Soup newspaper

Alito: Confirmed or Not Confirmed?

"Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the devil......

Alito to "drop by" Rosa Park's casket today.

Florida, FEMA, and Jeb Bush.

Sam Alito graduated high school with my sister.

Is Alito a bonesman?

Bush caves to right wing extremists (radicals) on Alito

I've had an hours sleep, I have a meeting later and I wake up to

Calling someone a "Fascist" is an insult to all Italians? Oh. My. God.

Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu

Alito is a distraction from Plame but they damn well better vote no

AH HA HA HA HA!! Rush just said Filibusters are "unconstitutional"

Senate on the eve of confirming another clearly unqualified Bush appointee

What "extraordinary circumstances" will gain traction?

Bush and Republicans are undeniably A.P.T.* !!!

Word Meaning of the Day: FASCIST

What Bush was thinking while at the Rosa Parks Ceremony

Third time's a charm

Hey journalists, wanna make a quick $10K?

The trap is set once again: Alito is flamebait, another distraction

I knew It

TVNL Radio Today: World Government - Taking Away Your Vitamins!

We shouldn't waste political capital on Alito

Rovian Rope a Dope, While we moan about Alito

Alito: How did he avoid serving in Vietnam?

Michelle Malkin wants to be as famous as Goldberg and Coulter

"Why is the president sleeping at my relative's memorial service?" (Photo)

LA TORTURA has broken 'Hot Latin' Chart

rep. john conyers speaking at rosa parks funeral on c-span n/t

Reid's statement on Alito

Planned Parenthood link to write your Senators to oppose Alito for SCOTUS

Yet another chickenhawk? Alito might fit RIGHT in.

Senate Session on Alito begins...

The Left's Cruelest Month

Chet Helms Tribal Stomp, GG Park 10/30/05

Halloween is such a Republican Holiday: Garrison Keillor

September 23rd, 1952: Richard M. Nixon's "Checkers" speech (transcript)

Why do Fundies hate Halloween, love Christmas?

Leahy speaking on C-span

""I'm a yellow dog Democrat, I represent Tom DeLay and I'm for Kinky"

I still say

Conserve Our Freedoms

Failure to filibuster Alito = DeFacto nuking of the filibuster

Just curious - your views on guns?

On trial: RAF officer refuses to return to Iraq because the war is illegal

Snotty Scotty B-I-N-G-O

This nominee I think is why the democrats were silent on Miers

If you think Rove just pulled a fast 1 for SC, don't answer this post

Rosa Parks Memorial is on C span live

Wrote to my congressman...

Clinton to Dems: Don't Fear Tough Issues

My Take on Alito Pennsylvania Abortion ruling....

Supreme Court to rule on religious freedom vs. drug laws

Don't be shy, ask for a channel change.

Anyone know how to get in touch with Michael Moore?

Latest RNC emailing (Scalito)

A Look at Judge Alito and some of his rulings.

Alito Has Affirmed Abortion Restrictions

Sen. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ)

Court Nominee Alito Holdings Top $615,000: EXXON, of course ...


Is there any way O'Conner can rescind her retirement notice?

Scotty on at 2:30

It's time to run ads to stop Alito.

help me disprove "Ritter is a Lier" article

Look at this Pic of * viewing Rosa Parks


Ritter and Hersh: Selling Books and Truth

The Questions they SHOULD be asking....

Milwaukee Paper Apologizes for Accepting 'Cooked' WMD Evidence

I'm Becoming A Cynical Liberal

Name the Democratic Senators who will lean over backwards for Alito

The strange case of Kirstin Lobato

NARAL 2004 records (60% antichoice)

"Leaving Iraq now would mean our soldiers will have died in vain"? Wrong!

US unveils new prison in northern Iraq

Do you think the red states will ever be livable again?

LTTE on Kucinich Resolution of Inquiry: Impeach Bush for lies

ALERT: CNN to interview Mapes and Rather on their story

New Scottie Bingo phrases (from today's giggle gaggle)

Sen. Harry Reid e-mail contact form HERE:

Priceless, Freeper claims, no such thing as Lie of Ommision.

Contact Target and insist that every woman's pills be filled - now!

Jason Christy of The Church Report applauds President's choice....

I can't believe Tweety...he is totally off the charts!!!

The Ghost of Governor Casey

Rethinking lifetime tenure for Supreme Court justices..(good article)

Berlusconi: 'I tried to get Bush to not invade Iraq'. Interesting.

Here's a photo of Alito's wife and kids....

Hutchison, DeLay Cases Have Parallels

Judge Alito and the Future of the Separation of Church and State

Activist Alert, Rally For Local Ownership of Water Lexington Ky

Who is the most rabid RW, reactionary name

Daschle would be a coward if he were still Minority Leader

Randi freeper smackdown

Scalito will always remember he was Second Best!!!

Joe Wilson coming up on Wolfie in a few minutes

This comic from yesterday was right on target about the new nominee

What will Dobson, Falwell and their ilk think of this 2000 Alito decision?

One of my Freeper Arizona neighbors is on Randi!!!

"White House needs 'new blood'" ____ ____ WHO?

Arlen Specter is fawning over Scalito

GOP's Angle: Dems Are Racist

I propose a moratorium on posts about what Rush says

* appoints wingnut SCOTUS + DU = Let's kill all the Democrats

shady GOPosse tactics used in organics fight

2026 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I'm wearing my Democratic Party t-shirt right now as a costume

McMartin Preschool accuser recants

I think I heard Howard Dean coming up on the Situation Room next hour.

Defeato Alito!

Do you think some Senate moderates will back off supporting this guy?

Wolfe Blitzer is a shield for the Bushies

A short poll: Do we need a GD: Alito nomination forum?

Meet Tom Noe ---pix->>>

Another fucking apology directed TO, not FROM, the Bush White House

Marine dies from IED attack near Nasser Wa Salaam (2018)

93 US Troops Have died so far in October

"This is America, We were Born to Be Free

Alito, the judge who makes stuff up.

DU mods: Please bring the "your views on guns?" thread back here.

My new meme...."Wag the Scalito"

The dude who answers Randi Rhodes phone line just hung up on me!

The Democrats pay way too much attention to SCOTUS picks.

Notice how the news always reports president bush wants...

micheal brown costumes not recommended for New Orleans Trick or Treating

Repug site: Now 50 votes favor nuclear option re Alito.

MSM Mime: The WH needs fresh blood....

WSJ: Bush Troubles at Home May Impair Power Abroad

Finally, a cure for homosexuality!

Plame or Scalito?

You, too, can help impeach Bush. Here's how

Scalito or Alito


Dems reaping what they have sown, re:Alito.

I am sickened by the hypocrisy of the Repubs honoring Rosa Parks

VERY damning info on Alito - Hints of racism

Proposition 73 may criminalize stem cell research. in California

Wis. (Catholic) School: No American Girl Fashion Show

Wolf throws everything but the kitchen sink at Wilson

Top 10 RW Myths

Caption this Photo

Catholic church was fiercely against the War on Iraq. What about Alito?

See? Tweety is talking about the alleged "dirt sheet" right now!

OK, so which one of you guys did this to Alito's Wikipedia entry?

There's a lot that I don't get about this "Scalito" thing

Dems need to EMBRACE the WAR!!!!!!!!!

Spousal notification.... is that the same as spousal permission?

Howard Dean coming up on Hardball

Kerry, Kennedy deliver talking point on Alito - choice of a WEAKENED prez.

'An up or down vote' on Miers

What percentage vote in Presidential election vs. off year election?

Todays White House Briefing on cspan1 now. nt.

Can there be a filibuster?

I'm ready to smack Tweety around...

Get the mic away from her!

Scooter's book - an open & smut case

What the hell is Matthews squawking about?

Does the Alito nomination mean that Rove is back in charge?

Wal-Mart flexes, backs Gov. Arnold

Dobson 'Extremely Pleased' by Alito Nomination

Bush Presidency a Failure - 55%: Clinton one month AFTER impeachement

This week on The Daily Show

Howard Dean in the Situation Room!

Stop. Watching. Hardball!!

Why is Ann with the Adam's apple

Why doesn't Chris Matthews just wear a Bush mask to work?

ABC News here right now, interviewing one of the Professors

Even Argentine cats can't bear to look at them

Did you just hear Dan Abrams say that Eliot Abrams is his cousin?

I know what's wrong with this administration...

Looks like Bush trashed the women of America, didn't he?

I will always be a Democrat

WORST...TWEETY...EVER. Matthews on "Over 2000 Casualties" in "Hardblogger"

Ohio Republicans Lead the Way

Pelosi's statement on the Alito nomination:

Howard Dean and DNC: Grow a spine & stand up for what WE believe !

Do you have time to volunteer for Reform Ohio Now?

Chertoff: Preparedness Depends on People

Tweety asks "Who Is Samuel Alito" by interviewing his former CLERK...

Bogus Bush Biography Found on U.S. Embassy in Hanoi website

When did you know the 2004 Election had been stolen?

Lou Dobbs

Did I hear this right?

(VIDEO) Monday Morning Funnies (onegoodmove)

Scotty Fillibusters like no Dem could dream of!

Is there any way we could embrace what the other side calls us?

"Legislating From The Bench" Vs. "Interpreting The Constitution"

Snotty Scottie: "You KNOW who I am"..

Seems to me that w/the recent nomination of another conservative,

Wow, A Whackjob came By Blog, Are they still this dumb?

Conservatives Obviously Don't Think this is a Conservative Country:

Should Bush selected a woman to replace Sandra Day O'Connor?

Letter to Tweety

Aging 50 year old hooker calls for "BATTLE STATIONS" to support Alito!

Geraldo: Oprah Winfrey-Hillary Clinton Republican

Roberts apologizes for "sloppy seconds" remark:

Things we learned as Children (and have since forgotten?)

O'Lielly on MM "nuts": "We should trace call & go to their house"

Alito deserves a fair up-or-down vote. Up-or-down vote. Up-or-down vote.

Here's your Rove Halloween mask

Let's DU this poll!

What happened to Anderson Cooper?

Machine Gun Nation!

Wilma weirdness

Gang of 14 Member DeWine: Scalito Not Extraordinary Circumstance

Impeachment Time: Grab the Torches and Pitchforks!

the colbert report tonight - monica crowley

CNN poll: Is Alito the best choice to replace O'Connor?

So, tell me now, how does that wonderful GANG OF 14 come into play

I have a serious question

Another girls' school burnt down in Afghanistan

Hey Tweety: STFU!

What the dems should do regarding the little ass (scalito)

Ray McGovern on CNNI now!

Today's gaggle: " No, no, no, because it's such an artful dodge."

We have to bite the bullet eventually.

DU this Poll Opposing Samuel Alito to SCOTUS - we're behind!

Let's Head Count the Senate on Alito Confirmation

The Puppet Prince is heading for Argentina this week.

Coming together now..... forging the case for war.... Giraldi, OSP

Limbaugh: "since when did libs care about the CIA?"

Kay Corleone: "Michael, may I have your signature on this abortion form?"

Olbermann was talking about the Niger Documents

I think the important thing is to win this next year,

Everyone is so worried about Roe in light of the new nominee

Pombo the Clown

Will the Racist meme take hold?

Go to Hell, Zell.

The constitution as a living document or a rigid framework

Males Remember the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment

Many of Alito's rulings have been at odds with Supreme Court

So how does this "strict Constitutionalist" thing work?

How is a state law banning abortion going to be enforced?

'Second Term' Lie

Sc-alito says employers can fire AIDS victims "whether reasonable or not"

Dean is supposed to be on Hannity and Colmes about 9:15.

Some airhead on instead of KO on Keith Olberman's show. .

Conservative groups OPPOSE Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Drudge ---> SENATOR Hatch "Alito Critics May Be Racist "

Tim Russert is a lying sack of doo doo.........

Bush's OWN Exec Branch "Standards of Ethical Conduct" - any left standing?

Bush, Alito getting thumbs down in AOL poll

So who has compiled a list of Halloween goodies on Scalito?

Fox News, we barely knew ye

"Alito" means "breath" in Italian....

Buh Bye GOP

About Alito and this husband notification thing...

Happy Halloween? Neo-Con Nightmares in Pictures

We Have Been Warned: Syria

Rosa Parks memorial service on CSPAN now. n/t

"Concerned Women for America" THRILLED with Alito choice

Are lifetime appointments still valid?

Halloween is the ultimate holiday for the underdog.

I need help opening C-Span links ...

Twick or Tweat, Smell My Feet...(photo)

*ush thought Roe versus Wade

Mike Wallace is on Larry King, I think he's talking about Plamegate

Florida: Insurance companies don't need a mask and a gun.

Progressive religious websites

The best way for Dems to prevent Alito's confirmation...

Alito must be filibustered by all Democrats seeking re-election.

Every one of us needs to get the moderate Republicans we know ...

Matthews trying to slam Howard Dean over his "hesitancy" on abortion

Am watching Mike Wallace on the Larry King Show. Poor ol fellow seems to

I would like to contact Carol Moseley-Braun, 2004 Dem candidate.

This video really proves that there was tampering in Ohio in 2004

What my Jack-O-Lantern thinks about the Alito nomination

"Radical Rightwing" "Radical Rightwing" Keep saying it.

How Come I'm 3rd Generation and *Don't* Have a "Compelling Story"?

Would the $300 billion spent on Iraq have protected us from bird flu?

My State Rep "Medical Care not mentioned in the Constitution"

Oh my - big time gag/vomit alert on CNN - the Scalito stuff,

A look back...

Judge Scalito is also Judge Distracto, are we taking the bait?

Elections matter

SEVEN US Soldiers Killed today-WHY? X X X X X X X

PHOTOS: Bush 2000. Bush 2005. Holy cannoli!

NPR reporter broadcasts from his home - under a blanket

Texas preacher killed by (during) baptism (BBC News)

Cspan Poll on Alito nomination

Happy Halloween Everybody...

I dislike the word "sheeple." It implies that Americans are docile

comments about Alito nomination

Educational Webcam for you & your kids; Panama Canal in action!

Liberal or Conservative, ideologs don't belong on the court

The strip-search and racial discrimination cases seem to be the

Mr. Will Pitt's Absence is Noted.....following Truth Link.

What will happen to DU if another CIA Agent is outed?

I think Meir's got Punked!

I will become and INDEPENDENT if the Democrats do NOT BLOCK Alito

Senator Harry Reid warned President Bush on Sunday not to pick Alito

Administration To Nix Suspension of Federal Wage Law

Are we the only country obsessed with abortion?

What is this Tweety's sheet about? What's on it? nt

Here's a novel idea to get the MSM to change...(fairness doctrine)

The Unsung Triumph of George W. Bush (Chris Floyd)

Ralph Nader is the Dem version of the Repubs' Clenis

The Interview with God

Did Rove sendDem Talking point about Alito and the Mob out Everywhere?

Anyone else read Maureen Dowd's article in the Times Magazine

For the LAST time, Chris Matthews is NOT our "friend".

Murrow, McCarthy story a complicated one

Howard Dean didn't even ask Tweety where he got the "dirt sheet"!

To so-called pro-lifers: Mind your own Business!

Stripes: Making room for opinions (by Command SGT MAJ)/Let's be fair, AFN

First kids lunches, now elder care

Great...we're all going to die. (H5N1)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Spooktacular

"I wasn't protecting America. I was protecting Halliburton trucks going to

Oppose now, because we won't take back either chamber in '06.

President Bush Has Replaced the Senate with James Dobson.

"Christians Reviving America's Values": Win one for the GIPPER re: Alito

Elected Republicans: Tear off your masks

Help....does ANYONE out there recognize our country

Kerry: Bush is out of touch reality and fails Small Business again

John Kerry on the Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court

Dean TRASHES both Blitzer and Tweety! His Sword is Mighty his Smile

"I believe people are BORN.... left-handed."

Bush vs. Clinton

O'Connor on "husband notification" Alito supported: that view is repugnant

Majority of SCOTUS are Catholic.

Republicans say they will crush Democratic opposition

Cokie Roberts wants to dump the 22nd Amendment?

Tweety interviews Howard Dean. Out of control! Write MSNBC now.

To all "I won't vote dem if Hillary is nominated because of war" DUers

"Gang of 14" to meet in the next few days to decide how to handle...

Reid on Alito--He's locked and loaded. Give 'em Hell Harry

Not just Roe - Think Progress gives ALITO's awful civil rights positions:

Why Alito? Booman explains: Roe destroyed, Bush’s crimes buried. Petition:

So, how is Santos going to make up a 9 point gap?

Which Dem Senators are going to vote for Alito?

If Alito is confirmed then I must go back to wearing a nurse cap!!!!

If the Dems don't filibuster Alito's nomination, what will you do?

happy Samhain

Ed Schultz Radio Show should be mandatory listening.


Alito is Totally Qualified! (erp..wait where is the job description?)

Why Are Republicans Such FUCKING COWARDS???

Happy Halloween from the White House! ---pix->>>

I'm never watching Chris Mathews again

Ha Ha Ha! Judge Alito's Family Poses with a Portrait ---pix>>>

This is the case we can use to destroy Scalito

Heating aid fails Senate/$14.5 Billion for the energy industry

Is it Rove V Wade? The right to abort KKKarls? A Look at the Law.

If, IF, there was a multi-party Democracy in America how would you vote?

What is wrong with conservatives? (Cervical cancer vaccine)

If anyone really cared about "racism" against Italian-Americans,

MSNBC - Poll on Alito doesn't support him

Wal-Mart--What it's REALLY costing you

CNN Scared into Salvation

Most offensive post on Rosa Parks by a freeper EVER!

How likely is it that the Senate Dems will filibuster Alito?

TOON from Central Michigan University's student newspaper

Dean: Bush shouldn't use nomination of extreme conservative to distract.

I'm going to create a 'bank' for Progressives and Liberals

Bush DEFLECTS: Today - SCOTUS - Tomorrow - FLU! FLU! FLU!

Event I witnessed yesterday walking through downtown Chicago

Alito nomination dead before it begins.

Morning Sedition is going off at the end of the month. WTF?

Investigate the price of gas..

Why Confirm ANYONE to the SC Court

May I recommend some perfect reading if you're waiting anywhere

Noticed Odd thing: Pic of Alito Family at White House.

* to dead soldier's mom: "How do you know his life would have been good?"

Sen Murray talking point on Ed Schultz: Miers and the up/down vote

Please pick apart my LTTE on national health insurance

The family of Judge Alito standing next to Bill Clinton portrait....

Thing I like about republicans

How does 51% become "most Americans? Explain this to me?

We have about one year until the 2006 elections. You help us or don't.

Eye brows and outfit on that woman on Hardball...

Regnery Publishing. Destroying America.

Dean: Let Families Decide

Bush's approval is not "low," it's high. And it's bad news for 2006.

Rovian-style tactic failing atrociously: "Scalito" is Racist Nickname. lol

Elected GOP doesn't want apocalyptic showdown, martyrdom over Alioto.

Since Republicans want to get rid of abortion...

72 Virgins VS The Rapture

AOL Poll with many questions, including Should B* fire Cheney & Rove....

If you want to understand Freeps, check out this on the bombing of Dresden

What have we become?

how long did it take terry schiavo to die after the tube was removed?

Can we all agree jig is up with Ann Coulter?

Please Write E-mails to Mother Jones- poor article on ohio in 2004

Campus Camp Wellstone off to a great start;

Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers and support!

Mutiny over at AOL? (Bush AOL polling numbers)

Dammit, we are being KILLED in the spin - and the WORST part of it is

Ann Coulter is the smartest woman in America.

MoveOn Emergency Petition to Stop Alito! 250,000 signatures in 48 hours

Marc Maron being forced off Morning Sedition!!!

I'm not going to war over Notifying the Father of a Fetus.

The, "Awe . . .POOR BUSH . . ." theme has hit the airwaves.

TOONS: The Separate But Equal Edition

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism

Unless you voted for John Kerry...STFU about Alito!

What principle would justify giving a husband equal rights in a pregnancy?


Corporate Feudalism

Democrats Will Rue the Day Miers Was Withdrawn

Alito is Nicknamed Scalito Because................

Japan Suspends Death Penalty

Conference call at DFA meeting with Howard and Jim Dean Wednesday.

The American Conservative: Admin may be involved in Niger Forgeries

This is it, Democratic Party, either Alito is filibustered or you are DONE

Caption Condi...

Ralph Nader said Gore's and Kerry's picks would be no better than scALITO

Once again the Green Party is going to screw up a race!!!

Did anyone see the History Channel's program on the Bird flu

Message to the Dems: SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

I'm A 100%, Union Made, Italian-American and the Last Thing I Need

abortion rights / child support question

How does one look out for predatory lenders?

Bush consulted business groups on SCOTUS nominee

Howard Dean said he did not want to use pro-life and pro-choice....

I have bad news for you regarding Alito

Big Government Bush

Another Lost Opportunity (NYT re: Scalito nomination)

What Is Organic? Powerful Players Want a Say

Bark Beetle Outbreak Bites Down In Oregon Forests

Avian Flu Is a Pentagon Hoax

We have to have more pollworkers!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 11/01/05

City Wide Walkout WEDNESDAY November 2nd (Reelection Anniversary)

You're getting cold not hot

Cheney and Libby Conspired or Why Libby lied.

Crowley on Colbert...I can only imagine what she is going to say!

Regarding Sealed Indictments: If Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of

Do you have MIS? Mid-Indictment-Syndrome?

Caption this Fitzgerald photo:

Leno: "The White House turned the clocks back... (spoiler)

The Daily Show Does Fitzgerald - On NOW!

Carry on, Patrick Fitzgerald. (encouraging op-ed)

I think the Daily Show has it nailed: the media is sucked into Alito thus

How will Rove now be cited in newspaper stories when he is on double super

Where are the rumors about "sealed indictments" being generated?

Kristof: "Come on, Mr. Vice President, tell us what happened."

My Theory On Fitzgerald's Actions So Far.

Fitz can't get at the underlying crime *because* Libby is lying

Honestly, what sauces REALLY need to be refrigerated after opening?

Family Stands by Suit Over 1969 Race Riot

Bush to face mass Argentine protest over 'imperialism' during his visit

WP: Guantanamo Suicide Tries Seen as Sign of Desperation

CNN/Reuters: Eunice Kennedy Shriver hospitalized

A New Weapon for Wal-Mart: A War Room

If Alito is confirmed, I promise to take a...

Equal time for the straight boys. Valerie Plame is a hottie.

Equal time for the gay boys.

ok, so i'm bored - who wants to hold a seance?

Not one single trick-or-treater showed up's well past 10 PM

Anybody believe in deja vu?

Barnabas Collins used to scare me when I was a kid. What scared

about food - what do say about it? favorite quotes, proverbs, sayings, etc

So my kids brought this home from church . . .

Anyone else not get ONE kid tonight?

It's OFFICIAL! This Is Not (I repeat) not Watergate ...

If you've ever hallucinated, what did you see?

what is unique about the number 854917630?

God I love Canada - anyone see Corner Gas Tonight? Paul Martin was on it

Need some opinions - How much time do you spend with co-workers

Dang, my new camera is frigging awesome for a low-cost point'n'shoot.

WP: Questions of Trust in the Press Room (McClellan)

Jon Stewart on now. Anyone watching? nt

Court nominee Alito holdings top $615,000

US falsified case for Vietnam War

Is it a state of crisis yet?

Jimmy-Jeff - any doubt his 15 mins are up...look at his blog

Questions for Alito in the Senate

CNN right now about iraq

Crowley on Colbert...I can only imagine what she is going to say!

Alito: $500K Investment Isn’t A Conflict Of Interest

From DailyKos (Re: Chris Matthews on Alito)

NSA Has Been Blocking Article that Raises Question on Vietnam War

Senator Kennedy Delivers A Eulogy for Rosa Parks

No wonder Dean didn't react too much to the "document" from Tweety.

Just pull out, and everything will be fine forever.

Did Anybody See The "Scared Christian" Play On CNN?

"President Bush committed the nation to open-ended war on a global scale."

New Michael Moore film: "Katrina: The Wrath of Bush"

A Personal Position Statement: My Body, My Rights