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Archives: October 30, 2005

Food stamps and the 'food insecure'

NYT: In Indictment's Wake, a Focus on Cheney's Powerful Role

Hypocrisy and The Miers Case (Shields / WP)

Voices from the grave: The world's new Halloween reality

Stand up, politicians, and end the war in Iraq(Mother of soldier KIA Iraq)

Republican 'talking points' are meant to distort the truth

Other views: The culture of corruption blows into North Dakota

Supreme Court nominee coming today or tomorrow (Balt. Sun)

The Price Of Loyalty (A must read from Jonathan Alter)

White House Ethics, Honesty Questioned (ABC/WaPo poll)

America's least wanted

Stephen Schlesinger: A Pardon For Libby?

Information belongs to the people

Bush back on Cocaine

Newsweek/Alter: The Price Of Loyalty

Rove and Cheney are now caught In Fitzgerald's web

Today's war protesters put a new face on the peacenik

Controversies around Reed spooking fellow Republicans

U.S. military death toll not ‘artificial mark’

Bush administration as dangerous now as before (Toronto Star)

Grand old crackup?

Why the president may be in total retreat after a week of bad news

Government's plan to house evacuees called misguided, too costly

NBC's Pete Williams worked for Cheney

House Panel OKs School Lunch Funding Cut

If only The Guardian were published here, how happy we would be

How Dubya lost his swagger

Breyer's Big Idea (New Yorker)

Besieged Bush faces attacks from friends as well as foes

Time Online Addition: Fall of a Vulcan

A Stiff Dose of Truth--Time for the Vice President to Explain Himself

Tilting the Tax System in Favor of the Rich

Time: Kyl-ling Her Softly (Sen. Kyl behind Miers' rejection)

A Constitutional Disaster (Patriot Act renewal)

NEWSWEEK: Truth About Torture

Our Myth Brooks

NY Times' Backs Miller Again in Editorial

Space sex: Observer boldly goes where everyone has gone before

Kucinich and the Englishwoman

Guardian, UK: Besieged Bush faces attacks from friends as well as foes

There is a cancer on the presidency (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Patriot Act dangers

Testy Latin America awaits Bush

Patriot Act's un-American tilt

McMartin Pre-Schooler: 'I Lied' (McMartin child molestation case)

WP: Stop the Campaigning (BushCo's "Disdain for Governing")

Hey NY Times: Go to Hell You Criminal Bastards!

The End of Pensions, Roger Lowenstein, NY Times Magazine

Juan Cole - The Top Five Resignations We Should Demand

Bernanke and the Bubble (Paul Krugman)

Bush's Mental State Raises Serious Questions

Their Highbrow Hatred of Us - James Traub, NY Times Magazine

Gartner Analyst: Stop Outsourcing Now

A monograph on the subject of useful synthetic intermediates from CO2.

Winds Of Change In China Energy

1,000+ Towns & Villages Cut Off From Transport As Amazon System Dries Up

JMA - E. Asia Can Expect More Intense Rains As Warming Takes Hold - Asahi

Gov. Blanco's Science Advisor Slams Bush On Climate Policies

Beta upgraded to a category 2. Further strengthening expected.

'Now or never' aid plea for quake victims at risk from harsh winter

Prince Charles Sparks Controversy With Climate Speech As Tour Begins

BLM Pressured To Lift Seasonal Drilling Limits Which Protect Wildlife

China's Air Pollution On Track For 4-Fold Rise w/o Energy Consumption Cuts

Travelogues From Hell - Down The New & Improved Yangtze - Globe & Mail

Bush "Light Years Behind" On Climate - Scotsman

Israel's land confiscations &tc, main causes of crisis in OT {edit}

AP: Israelis, Palestinians to Cease Fighting

Abbas and the Lame Duck

War is a State of Mind

Menace in the Mideast

Al Qaeda 'infiltrates Gaza'

Haaretz - Make Your Point: "Did Yitzhak Rabin's assassin win?"

Militia boasts of role in Sabra massacre

Censored Article: A city divided

Palestinians agree to halt missile attacks on Israel

FL Election-Rigging Conspirator Op-Eds Against 'Voter Fraud'

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 10/30/05

GD link election related. Enjoy this one.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY, 10/31/05

Any plans yet for Nov 8?

Please recommend the Election reform news thread ----- NOW --------

what is up with common cause backikng ah-nold's prop 77?

SchWARTzy in SLO Nov.3

Dist. Judge upholds Vilsack's order that ex-cons vote

Who here is represented by Rants and/or Gipp?

I have a troll visiting my blog every once in awhile. He admits it!

Is there anyway to search for visited web sites if the history has been

Help with a connection to a DSL router

I just donated $10 to Reform Ohio Now

I have Coleman's Ohio Statehouse Circus poster

Anyone know of any Anti-RW Protests going on?

Houston Chronicle Slams Prop 2!!!

FEMA extends relief deadline

Voter's Guide for Next Tuesday?

Texas Tax Fiasco

pastor electrocuted during baptism

How many people are going to see Obama, Biden, and Reid on the 13th.

Heads Up - Quick!! DICK On SNL!!

O'Lielly Spoof On SNL - NOW!

From the Washington Post:

Will Libby trial be televised?

Fitzgerald has the Niger documents?

A Leak, Then a Deluge. Washington Post

Valerie Plame, the Spy Who Got Shoved Out Into the Cold

Prosecutor, White House at Odds Over Libby

How the 'IoS' broke the story of the ambassador and the fake uranium claim

Fitz's visit to Bush's lawyer occurred on Friday morning -- thus prior

The lesson from all this for the American left?

WAPO : Burglary, Forgery, Delivery :

Would like to know if the Italian Prime Minister trip...

REQUIEM FOR B*SH'S BRAIN: opus in jpeg minor

Pardon? Book deal? cushy lobby job?

Time Mag. (Nov 7 issue on-line) For Fitz Fans

Libby's case has been assigned to U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton, nomin

A saga of inconsistencies, distortions and outright lies

Should we hang the leakers? Depends on if they're in your party. (SFChron

I May Have Missed It - But Did Cheney Make Any Statement About.....

Let's Play - "If I Were A Fly On The Wall"........

Anyone hear that windbag Hannity complain on Friday

Romney, Presidential hopeful 2008,calls recent events "bug bites"

I'm an innocent bystander. Dad get me out of this. The @#*& has hit the fa

Democrats getting face time and the WH indictment and investigation

CNN just covered Wilson's op-ed -- he'll be Situation Room guest tomorrow

55% Say Libby case indicates wider ethical wrongdoing in the White House

Cooper - Yes, I'm squeamish about testifying about one of my sources

God save the Republic!

Could 'Official A' Be Bush?

July 9 2003 scooter libby leaves voice mail for liberalitch....

To interject a bit of humor into a serious situation...

The one person indictment is a master stroke by Fitz

Hypothetical Q: Do you think Joe Wilson is ALSO CIA?

Bad Case of Alzheimer's in the White House?

David Broder Just Rolled David Brooks

Safire in full spin mode on MTP

RJ's Eskow's take on Woodward ...something is not right.

"I'm a busy executive, can't remember everything I said" defense:

This Week on ABC...Cornyn on Libby: "It's a sole person.Not a conspiracy."

Bad Blood Exists Between White House, CIA

Bottom Line may be this: Democrats Must Win the '06 Elections

Libby May Rely on Faulty-Memory Defense

(WP) Lewis Gould: Stop the Campaigning (* WH disdain for governing)

Newsweek: The Price of Loyalty

This is the Leopold & Loeb administration

Isn't it amazing how Officials (such as Libby) always have a ...

"Scandal? That's one thing that will never happen to us"

Boston Globe in article says "Indictments put focus on neo conservatives"

Scooter Libby....American Hero....(gag)

This is Act I of a Three Act Play

bullshit article from SFGate

CRAP! Schumer AGAIN this week on FTN!

Libby: Sacrificed What?

From the news conference

Repeat of Fitz Press Conference

Questions: These persons left early, and others are now not talking.

The job of the M$M is to PREVENT the truth from coming to light

Bad guys win again! Crime pays (and pays and pays and pays)!

NYT's Safire defends Miller, gets his ass kicked by Russert and ...

HOW will McClellan respond to the You Said Scooter Didn't Do It remarks?

document raises question:how much collateral damage has Cheney sustained

WaPo OP/ED Shills for Right: “No More Special Counsels”

Now it's time to move to the other major leak case

Never forget: In 1992 Bush 1 fired Rove for leaking to Novak!

Democratic Leader Harry Reid Calls on Bush, Cheney to Apologize for Aides

Harry Reid will be on "This Week" to talk about Friday's events

the $64000 question about Cheney/cia/niger

A question that begs to be asked

VIDEO- John Cornyn on This Week-selected comments

A Rove moment: Niger Docs versus National Guard documents

Last night: Tim Russert, Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory, Pete Williams

Like Father like Son? Daddy Bush pardoned his problems.

Nixon was going to be indicted for Obstruction Of Justice but he resigned

The most stupid people in America live inside the Beltway and talk

"This case is bigger than the leak of highly classified information"

VIDEO- Harry Reid on This Week about the Indictment

I hope I'm wrong--but what you see is what you get-with Fitz.

Why is William Safire even opening his mouth

Forging The Case For War ... The Bigger Story behind the Story ...

Valerie & Joe Wilson Civil Suit: when can it be filed?

Anyone else sick of hearing these old Nixon cronies

Tenet let Rove EDIT his Wilson report. Did Rove EDIT Senate Intel report?

Hope Fitz is listening to the RW smearing him today

So now the question of Scott McClelland...

I caught a bit of John Kasich's show on Fox last night--

AP Conveniently Forgets Rove's Role

Did Trent Lott let out a little secret this morning on Face the Nation?

Howie Kurtz's "balanced" Plame panel discussion: Frum, Bumiller, Milbank

"Defending the war became the animating priority aboard Air Force Two"

VIDEO-Selected comments from This Week roundtable

My stomach hurts. Please tell me Rove won't escape accountability...

Even without an indictment, Rove is a gelding.

How Pre$$titutes Are Framing The Post-Indictment Questions To Protect Bush

Countering the RW ("no crime committed Talking pts.)

VIDEO-Alexander Haig Smacked Down by Blitzer

This post is for the Fitz results complainers.

If a year ago, anyone had predicted -----

If Bush is innocent, why isn't he speaking up? His silence is damning

VIDEO- Alexander Haig on Special Prosecutors-and on Perjury

We need a Fitzy avatar. How do we get one?? nt

White House in Turmoil

Where's Gannon/Guckert in all this??

Face the Nation: divided about Cheney/Rove indictment.

I See the Doomsayers Are Out and About and...

Is the investigation over or not.?

A Pattern I Noticed This Past Week & Posted About:

Sheldon Drobny thinks Fitzgerald Threw a Softball

A Leak, Then a Deluge

I don't think the press knows any more than we do. Probably less!


Wilson on 60 Minutes tonight

Did anyone see Tony Snow

Where has Novak been? I want to know how much he sang

For the naysayers and those who are buying into RW talking points.

We Still Don't Know Who Judy's Original Source Was --->>>

Dodd -- "If we just focus on criminality we won't get anywhere."

BREAKING! Bush TeamFINALLY locates yellowcake! (Punchline alert...)

Without Fitzgerald...

Outing Valerie Plame put us all in Greater Danger

Newsweek: Karl Rove: Last Minute Evidence

The Plame Investigation Supports the Downing Street Minutes... HELLO?!

PBS "NOW" program reviewing run up to war and the Plame leak case.

Let's get this straight: Cheney had a spy and a spy outer in his office?

Follow the trail: how a rumour in Niger led to a crisis in Washington

Bush appointing a Supreme Court justice during a WH criminal investigation?

I am convinced there is a delicate balance to nature.

Special report: Bush faces his Watergate

how does this HELP Rove?

Who Here Thinks There Are Trolls Here . . . .

In Whose Court Does The Ball Now Reside?

It's Really More Like FITZNUKAH Than Fitzmas

OK go ahead, kick me... but this moron on Faux is saying the

Harry Reid Hits Bush with a One - Two Punch

Cheney cancels local hunting trip

Rome CIA Station Chief recognized Niger docs as forgeries - 2002

When will the CNN Quickvote read: "Should Karl Rove be Fired?"

Russert -- Why did Libby lie about a conversation with Russert?

Matt Cooper tells his Leak story in TIME: Opinions please

For Bushco - The Price of Loyalty has Been Devastating

Alexander Haig: despicable quote of the day

Alexander Haig - WHHAAAAAT???

Wolfie - according to Fitzgerald "a crime wasn't committed"

Before Fitz can indict anyone else, he has to prove Libby lied!

Cheney-Staffer-Turned-Reporter Now Covering Libby Indictment for NBC News

Right-wingers need a reminder.

THE CIA LEAK CASE - A Presidential Aide Indicted

The part of Cooper's new article that REALLY bugs me is this >>>

Anyone else tired of the Clinton > Scooter comparisons?

60 minutes on now!

Wilson is about to be on Dateline.

When is Scooters arraignment? Anyone know?

How old is Scooter Libbys wife,Harriet Grant, ex aide to Joe Biden? Can't

It Fitzmass Nixon's final triumph?

The Office of Strategic Influence Is Gone, But Are Its Programs...

Fall of a Vulcan (Time)

Reuters: Italy defends spy chief over Iraq controversy

Very sweet biography of Fitzgerald

A former federal prosecutor on what we should expect

Plame Indictment Puts Truth on Trial

‘Civil war’ in NYT over WMD reports

On MSMness... You'd Think (If You Were deranged Like Moi) That Wilson...

More info on how Rove wiggled out

Limpball did make an interesting point...

It ain't Joe Wilson that's doing the lying.

So what if Rove really has turned on Bush?

per Hume: Can WIlson's report be interpreted to support the Niger claims?

The question of Wilson and his knowledge of the Niger document forgeries:

Whether Joe Wilson lied or not is completely irrelevant

We are one step closer to the light

I think I know why Fitzgerald doesn't smile much....

How Libby got tangled up in his own web

Were Libby and Miller dating?

It's all smoke and mirrors. NBC Sunday morning programs.

Educated guesses: how desperate will they get?

Excuse me if I'm a bit underwhelmed...

I need some help identifying possible persons in the indictment.

Drudge (yes, I know) sez Cheney to be called as a witness

Scooter is expected to appear in court Tuesday or Wednesday

Hardball: CIA Leak Special on MSNBC now...

What did Eliot Ness' Capone indictment look like?

Did bush pressure reporters to coverup DURING a press conference?

There have been "OFFICIAL A(s) " before ('twas Governor Ryan)

Nattering Nabobs of Negativism?

Darth Cheney

For Those Who Had A Lousy Fitzmas... Were You Around During Watergate ???

I expect a SCOTUS battle in the Senate to take Treasongate off the front

Confusion re. Matt Cooper's lawyer -- Ted Olson was given the case....

The Libby Indictment: 55% see broader ethical wrongdoing

PNAC agenda

I hate to say it but...

Will they re-run 60 minutes late at night?

Perhaps Bush should nominate Fitzgerald to the SCOTUS!!!

Does Scooter's replacement need to be confirmed by the senate?

How many of you didn't know that Ted Olson was Matt Cooper's lawyer?

Who is responsible for sobering W up for speeches, etc?

One Big winner in CIA leak case - Bill Clinton......

Bush, Cheney and Rove could all get locked up - it doesn't matter

NBC's Pete Williams was Cheney staffer, still reported on leak case anyway

Looking for the Press Sec. quote that Rove/Libby were not involved

Woodward: "Gossip." Bernstein: "presidency imploding."

Russert is Lying by Ommision every Sunday!

Reid Calls for Rove to Resign - WaPo

Get those Opeds out there, here is mine, post yours, kick, lets go!

Anybody recall Condoliar saying that the leak was from low-level officials

This Rov- Fitz scenario is at least as good as all the others around here: on the attack: Fitzgerald Indicted 60 Republicans

Who Else is Going Down in Plames?

After the Indictment: What We Should Expect Now

Saw Shrub on C-SPAN. He looked blown away. During the Rosa Parks


Were Scooter and Cheney Lovers?

IMO We cheapen our argument when we compare Libby to Clinton.

Why is the media trying to move past this so quickly?

"Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War" tells the truth!

The White House Criminal Conspiracy - The Nation

On FOX news... "The previous administration didn't have the same respect

Tim Russert is all over the place on this Libby indictment

Pretty damn obvious Libby can't use the "I don't remember" defense

Meet the Press: Brooks, Woodruf, Safire Spin Shamelessly

The one act by Bush that makes this investigation and more indictments

Judge assigned to Libby case has links to Republican Right.

Senate Whip Mitch McConnell on Perjury and Obstruction

What happened to Rove -- Newsweek

Cooper's lawyers met with Libby's to cook the story....

Fitzmas will continue -- or not?? Please explain.

"Since when did Isikoff turn Newsweek into the f*cking White House fax ...

I don't think Fitzgerald will call for any more indictments...

They don't know anything more than YOU Do....Let's not pretend they do.

No one seems to have asked this

I have never seen so many anti-bush editorials/letters in the paper.

How much time do you think Rove bought himself with his 11th hour..

Poll shows Bush popularity still sliding - Bush ethics numbers dumping

it's time for the Democratic Party to unify with a singular message:

I have a problem with all the CIA outing talk

After watching the Sunday shows

Fitzgerald is REQUIRED to find the underlying reasons for going to war.

By request: A rebuttal to Sheldon Drobny's editorial

WH Dodged A Bullet= Idiotic Punditry & Rove As Cancer On POTUS

Novak "It was NO partisan gunslinger..." LYING SACK OF SH*T

The pundits are all downplaying the Libby indictment, EXCELLENT!

Number One.. Valerie Plame did not have the authority to "send"

Scooter Libby - Assistant to the President

AOL Poll: Should B* and Dick apologize re Libby? How much damage to B*?

Josh Marshall Caught Something!

Why did Miller lie about saying she was turned down on a Plame story?

HOW LIBBY PLAYED "HARDBALL"-AND LOST (Tweety "drew Libby's ire")

Prosecutor Plans on Calling Cheney as Witness in Open Court

Why won't Bush's spokesman answer if Rove is still on the WH payroll?

How was Plame covert?

My thoughts on why Fitz is squeezing Rove

Bush losing faith in Cheney, top aides: Time

Cheney-Staffer-Turned-Reporter Now Covering Libby Indictment for NBC


Don't you wish 60 Minutes was like that every Sunday night?

"Official A"?

Do you read the NY Times with a more skeptical eye now?

Can't Scotty McClellan be indited for anything? Obstruction of the truth

One of the main RW Talking Points continues to go w/o rebuttal!!

The Niger / Cheney / Plame / Brewster-Jennings connection

Where in the world is William Rivers Pitt?

I think we may have overlooked something important. Re: Russert.

Karl Rove *IS* Piggly-Wiggly! (A Poem.)

"Someone needs to hose you down." WTF! Hume to Juan Williams on Faux.

Guess what? -- WP now says Rove is not out if danger by a LONG shot!

Sen Roberts shut down the 60min Niger investigation

Coming up on C-Span: Byron York and David Corn

"...unpopular, alone, and adrift."

The Bush, Cheney perpetual crime machine: ~ 843 days and counting

Ok I'm getting the baking itch again...

pork and beans....

Halloween food!

Cdn scientist details 963 days of torture

NYT: In Indictment's Wake, a Focus on Cheney's Powerful Role

Poll: Americans give Congress poor marks(AP Poll - 1/3 gives good ratings)

Mexico joins International Criminal Court

uae says saddam agreed to exile before war Wins Big at ONA Awards

Sunnis Express their Resentment for the Escalation of Violence in Iraq

Republican party to campaign against state issues

Ads May Hurt Kilgore More Than They Help:Poll Finds Backlash to Death Pena

Prosecutor, White House at Odds Over Libby

Schwarzenegger Univision Ads Questioned

Guardian, UK: Besieged Bush faces attacks from friends as well as foes

Syrians tense as Iraq war laps at border

Democrats must address tough issues, Clinton says ( former President)

How the 'IoS' broke the story of the ambassador and the fake uranium claim

Iran grateful to Pakistan for supporting Iranian nuclear case

Leak trial to bleed Cheney

Aziz denies Galloway claims (Norm Coleman v. George Galloway)

WP: Buffeted With Problems, Bush Must Chart a Recovery

First industrial park inaugurated in Kabul

Some say governor playing favorites

Libby indictment raises questions about Cheney, other officials (KR)

WP: Kurds Reclaiming Prized Territory In Northern Iraq

Kurds Reclaiming Prized Territory In Northern Iraq

NYT: Increasingly, (college) Football's Playbooks Call for Prayer

Italy entangled in 'yellowcake' papers scandal

WP: Ads May Hurt (GOP's) Kilgore More Than Help (Va. gubernatorial race)

NYT--In Indictment's Wake, a Focus on Cheney's Powerful Role

Virginia willing to consider drilling

Bush, Cheney Urged to Apologize for Aides

Arab League says end of Iraq unrest hinges on US pullout

AP: Israelis, Palestinians to Cease Fighting

Noe is freed on $1 million bond in Florida; coin dealer set to appear in

Bush turns to Iraq to deflect critics

Kaine Inches Ahead In Va. Race, Poll Finds

Sydney Morning Herald: Last-minute jitters to dilute terror bill

LAT: U.S. Priorities Set Back Its Healthcare Goals in Iraq

For a Retainer, Lavish Care by 'Boutique Doctors' (NYT)

Alexander gave $5,000 to Delay campaign before Texan indicted

Reid Calls for Rove to Resign

Fairfield firefighters get hefty federal grant for fitness training

A-Bomb Victims Stage Rally in Hiroshima

US military estimates Iraqi toll from insurgency (Reuters)

Gunmen kill Iraq cabinet adviser

Thousands scramble for cover in Nicaragua, Honduras as stronger Beta rages

AP: Mysterious 'Official A' is Karl Rove

NY Times' Backs Miller Again in Editorial

Violence and fraud allegations mar Zanzibar poll

Violence Drives Iraq's Brightest Abroad

UK Envoys Lose Sat Phone, Iraqi Rebels Find It & Run Up £500,000 Bill

TIME, Matt Cooper: What Scooter Libby And I Talked About

Two U.S. Soldiers Charged With Assault

War blamed as 6,000 quit Territorial Army

Gunmen Kill Iraq Vice President's Brother

AP: Bush, Cheney Urged to Apologize for Aides (Sen. Reid Demands)

More troops 'may go to Afghanistan'(UK)

Security incidents in Iraq, Oct 30 (US Marine Dies #2017)

Breaking: Bushes pick for SC down to these two. May announce tonight..

Blunder may free 'terror envoy' (Big oooops)

Shots fired at Gbagbo protesters (Ivory Coast)

Nazi 'Dr Death' in Spain: report

NYT/AP: Nation Pays Tribute to Rosa Parks

They just said on ABC that Bush is considering two women for SC

Fall of a Vulcan (must read! CIA leak!)

US pounds Iraqi (Syria) border area

pastor electrocuted during baptism

US ‘had no policy’ in place to rebuild Iraq

So, according to Krauthammer Cindy Sheehan is a disaster

Labour MPs question cost of replacing Trident (UK)

Time: Kyl-ling Her Softly (Sen. Kyl behind Miers' rejection)

Germany Must Retain Nuclear Phase-Out Plan - Party Leader

WP: President Poised to Pick Court Nominee

"The Onion" Satire Site Folds

Atoll Still Scarred by (Nuclear) Tests

State Rep. linked to Bush in trouble over 527

Cops suspect funeral homes trafficking in human remains - NY

[David] Addington's Role In Cheney's Office Draws Fresh Attention

Mild Version of Avian Flu Has Already Hit Conn.

Breaking- Bush announces new SCOTUS nominee in am

Iran president calls for democracy for Palestinians

Historic Benchmark of 100 Countries Party to the ICC Treaty Reached Today

Governor faults White House over rebuilding


Venezuela, Iran plan to open joint cement plant soon, Chavez says

Bahrain formally demands probe into Gitmo torture

Karl Rove: Last-Minute Evidence (Fitz tells Bush Lawyer Rove off hook)

Security deadlines missed since 9/11 (Homeland Security compared to FEMA)

Voters to Weigh Propositions in 7 States

U.S. Inquiry Cites Missteps in Iraqi Reconstruction

Bush fundraisers got $1.2 billion in public funds(for $4.1mil. raised)

Hugo Chavez looking forward to "beautiful" debate with Bush

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gets Injected w/ Social Issue(might encourage sex)

Sick, frail, elderly suffer as S. Florida deals with Wilma's aftermath

Army secret surfaces: Deadly chemicals at sea

NYT/IHT: Lawmakers From Both Parties Call for White House Shakeup

Deal Near on Democratic Presidential Schedule

NYT: Doubts Cast on Vietnam Incident, but Secret Study Stays Classified

AP: Edwards works on possible bid in 2008

WP: Democrats Demand Rove's Firing


Masterpiece theater (Kidnapped)

Fess Up. How many pieces of Halloween Candy have you eaten?

Klaatu is intelligent, sanguine, melancholy, chic and worthy! everyone who is getting the Avian Flu Dying?

Any good medications to fight post-nasal drip?

The War at Home: terrible show

Fess Up. How many pictures of pieces of Halloween Candy have you eaten?

Rude Pundit: "They broke out the good dildos, the cross-shaped ones,

SNL on Bush Poll Numbers in Iraq!

as I pat myself on the back tonight.

All hail the queen!

drink up kids

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Before I go to bed, I'm setting my clock back 7 years.

Stallone to do another Rocky and Rambo

Joan_Alpren has hit 11,000 as well....

Any DU Chemistry students here?

quick daylight savings question...

Ah, Satan sees Natasha. Post your palindromes here!

Most incredible site since DU:

Cool pic I snapped of my nephew fishing yesterday! (Will make you smile.)

Need budgeting advice for the month.

Hair dying question

Question About Noah's Ark

For you Dream Analysts out there...

D.U.ers Rate my pumpkin

Ok, who is this person (he was famous and in a notable movie)

I KNOW I'm old..and not the target audience

Cool, right now under "My Posts," those I made an hour ago

G'night, and don't forgot to turn back your clock one hour . . . n/t

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Feeling ashamed

What time is it for those of us who aren't sure?

Good evening to my dear Lounge Lizards! Today I had some fun....

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The Great Pumpkin....Charlie Brown

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The judge. Graphics warning!

I am home. Ask me any thing

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i think there's a squirrel on my roof

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Do you ever watch horror movies and think...

good night and good morning

I am wide awake watching " Arachnophobia " and all I have to say is ...

Brain Damage

I'm going to bed, call me what you will, but it's pilly time.

Anyone other than me a huge fan for either

i think my grandmother's ghost is lurking around

Is it me or is the Lounge almost deserted tonight?

Would you be upset if....

Despair, the Sword of Damocles Hangs-over Our Existence

With the advent of the indictments.... I wonder how many sisters

I won a prize for my halloween costume

does your dog care what shape dog cookies are?

Eagles "Last Resort" such a poetic song with real world influences.

Help wanted - need a stove

Good Sunday Morning, Everyone!

Anybody going to Key West this week?

Do you believe in density?

Funny? Or scary?

The Return of the Bush Quiz (From the New Yorker)

Do you believe in destiny?

My parrot has taken ill.

Who else out there didn't save any daylight.

Stop the C.R.A.P. hits #1 out of 83,000 songs

Match Game Memory #1

I wet my pants yesterday

Do any of my fellow DUers listen to Death Metal?


Who thinks Cokie Roberts is a Coke WH_RE

I'm an innocent bystander. Dad get me out of this. The @#*& has hit the fa

I have 2 questions: Why does my little dog Lola jump in the shower with

Is Bush doing blow again?

I just have to say this to find inner peace.

Do you believe in dentistry?

So how are the Vikings going to embarrass themselves today?

happy all hallow's eve eve everyone!

Time for the monthly Bay City Rollers thread...

Tweetie just made a stunningly lucid comment that's affected me

Great typo in 419 scam email!

What's the most violet thing you've done?

My next brilliant career move?

Whatever happened to the phrase "I'm so glad GWB is president

bible bar

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Any have any links for good info about lasers and laser modules?

A brief list of common titles my local Lackluster Video doesn't carry:

I could have sworn I saw Janeane Garofalo tonight.

We should compile a list of Sponge rules.

So what's a 'Reagan'?

best oasis album?

for my 1000 post I just wanna say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Post your desktop?

Most ridiculously over-the-top death in a movie?

Cleveland Brown v Houston Texans is this a Super Bowl Preview?


MORE FREE ADVICE: Treating yourself well on the cheap

If you wanna see the kutest puppies in Halloween get this link

I live in Denver..What time is it?


AAR news warns: "Keep black cats indoors because of Satanic Activity"

Ghostbusters 3????

I wanna try to grow my own fruit trees/plants.

TiVo subscribers - Nosferatu will be on @ 7am Monday! check

Should We Do Away With "Daylight Savings Time"?

In honor of it being near Halloween, let's have some fun:

The Shining (Kubrick)

OMG, I am feeling the urge to out a Troll

Why did RevCheesehead dump spongebob?

Last call vs. Daylight savings?

Looking for old video that went around the Internet

May have to be gone for a while

HA-HA my friend and notoriously gay neighbor carl is trapped in his apt...

How do you get grease stains off clothes

I didn't think I would like raw octopus, but it wasn't half bad

Most creative vocal line sung over a 1, m7, m6, 5 chord pattern?

Pastor electrocuted while peforming baptism

How many of us can really say they have truly experienced white on white

Just finished my German homework!!

Do you believe in Ghosts?

Posts still show Daylight Saving Time.

My life has changed. I know how to fold a burrito like a pro... (link)

Looking for a website...

Name the movie you find to be the wackiest!

Faux News Throughout History

Supposedly suspensful ghost story

Google kicks ass - sometimes life is beautiful - please read and do this!

Just saw "Capote." Anyone else see it?

Just watched Saw II

Another debacle...and Mike Tice is STILL the coach....

I have some sort of a nerve spasm and it sucks

Halloween-Hollywood Quiz


Eyetest.... everyone attend..... try to focus... no hokus pokus....

Happy Halloween

bands/artists with great debut albums & everything after sucked

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

Does God have ADD?

LOL...Bush joke: Clocks

Is there a Mod in the house?

What time is it on the East Coast?

I found my new bumper sticker -- it's perfect.

Autumn in the valley

Getting dark at 5:30 in Michigan. Weird.

Scary wav files to give YOUR trick-or-treaters a thrill

You won't believe this!

tell your personal ghost story in this thread

Something that's been stolen.... maybe it's time to consider this

Stop saying so-and-so should run for president!

(bad) Halloween costumes!

DUers and Halloween

I made doughnuts!

What time is it RIGHT NOW? (EST)????

Basic photoshop question. Merging 2 photos.

belly dancer...

Where the hell is poo slinger?

Holy this Mel Gibson or Saddam Hussein?

North By Northwest is on Turner Classic Movies right now.

Anyone seen VelmaD?

So what is this? "GD: Whatever's Left Over"?

Driver swerves to miss cat and hits 36 kids, one adult in Shizuoka


So much for the petsmart parrot



Help in the name of a movie

The Inventor of Gratuitous Time ~ a little ditty for swag...

Who else hates

Well, the Redskins just laid a big, stinky egg on Giant's Field.

Irony meter explosion.

Who Remembers this game?

Where would you rather spend that quarter?

What is "SpeakSpeak News?"

Have you ever walked out after halloween and couldn't find your ...

Those Little Nasty F*ckers are NOT getting MY Heath Bars!

your favourite three bob dylan anti war songs

Vampire Bats?? I can't believe this is real.

Good news for the Appleton, WI cat that traveled to France

Oh, bull!!!

Were you aware that there is

I just had a... oh, never mind.

Sunshine or Moonshine?

The Lounge Poll


What the HELL did I do to DU???? My font is flipping HUGH!

What's in a bacon sardie sandwich?

I wish I weren't such a skeptic.

The liberal and powerless - where do you fall?

Barbara Boxer wrote a novel!

a phone call from Iraq

Best Job-Search Web Sites?

anyone know how long Rosa Parks' body will lie in state?

West Wing- - - - - - - ON NOW

When will Charles be King?

I just had a Taco pizza!!!

anyone have the link to the fox news guy falling in the wind?

White Punks on Dope

May all women experience, explore, and enjoy the unfamiliar

Do you believe in ghosts or ever seen one?

BREAKING: President nominates Barbara Bush to SCOTUS

Help me with my homework please?

Crossing Jordan.... Who's cuter? Jerry or Jill?

Where are those smug Eagles fans now?

Dou you have a blog?

Oh my god. I didnt know Karl Malden was still alive.

Did I luck out at Value Village or what?

I'm out

Oh, neat. Post-War electric cars, micro-cars, "enclosed scooters"...

I will not kill myself.

Who's got a political figure costume for halloween night?

How do you like your cats?

Hey NC Dems (and the rest too!)...

where do you fit in?


Will someone please post a pic of a Ford deuce and a quarter?

Anyone know why Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" was banned from radio airplay?

Cat people -- need help -- cat pissing on bed

I need help!

I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace;

A terrible thing has happened!

My paternal unit is checking out DU--everyone be on their best behavior!

Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie moments...

Can someone please explain this to me! WTF is this supposed to be?

Okay, so I watched Love Actually and actually loved it...

Fess up... how did you spend your "extra" hour last night?

I'd Never Heard "The Pussy Cat Song" Before Tonight...

I think the Vikings should just quit for the rest of the season.

Favre has thrown 3 interceptions today (So Far)

Road Signs...(dial-up warning: graphic intensive)

So how many of you have opened the candy bags

How do you feel about Halloween?

Angel TV show appreciation thread.

Here's a movie recommendation

How Republicans prove their level of education.

Software question - sound recording

Why won't my scumfuck roommate stop coughing?


I'll say it: the Star Wars prequels were artistic triumphs

So I decided what I'm doing for my 1st semester project

Rabrrrrrr's perfect world: no savings time, and equinox in March

Radio Enigma question...

Newspaper Columnists who HATE your nominees

It's official... The Cleveland Browns suck

Friday the 13th...Part INFINITY....

I see two hawks (very large) have returned and seem to be eyeing

*picture alert* - just got these developed

So, I still don't have a Halloween costume.

What's the most violent thing you've done?

ULTIMATE GHOST STORY Thread.(ALL of them in one place!)

We should compile a list of Lounge rules!

Is there such a thing as a DU post that is a waste of bandwidth?

So, whats a 'pagan'?

let's start a story thread

Can anyone fill me in on Skype, or cheapest cellphone possibility?

F*** petsmart

Since when did cats eat ham?

If you became wealthy, not just rich, what would you do?


My cat needs a new name.

Equine advice sought from DU horsey types...

it's sunday morning -- WHY AREN'T YOU PEOPLE IN CHURCH????

Congratulations WCGreen 11,000 Post ~ Keep 'em comin'

"As an atheist, you must live an ethical life."

Does it bother you that christians worship a Roman implement of torture?

Local Pastor Dies In Freak Baptism Accident

If you don't believe in the ressurection of Jesus, you're not a Christian.

For a Retainer, Lavish Care by 'Boutique Doctors' (NYT)

Question: The Birds

World's earliest observatory discovered in China

Space designs from ants and squirrels

Why your dog is smarter than a wolf

In deepest space, the earth really mustn't move for you

'Start of life' gene discovered

NYT: Scientists Tie Two Additional Genes to Dyslexia

A great This American Life

Dobson's lawyers nix homosexual name grab

Battle of the same sex: Byears lawsuit outs WNBA conflict on gay issue

It stinks when the Klan supports your amendment

Another old guard fadeaway

More companies, even in Utah, cover domestic partners

Secret Service: Untold Stories of Lesbians in the Military

Gonzaga under fire for allowing anti-gay speaker

'This is a church where you can bring your whole self'

"Brazil in a lather over soap's gay kiss"

Catholic colleges discuss making school a good place for gays

Marriage Petition Seems Stalled

Question for Red Sox fans (and anyone else): Is Johnny Damon staying?

My prediction: Culpepper out for the year

Karma for the Redskins?

What Are The Bengals Wearing Today?

Great Article by Sean Gonzales

Why your dog is smarter than a wolf.

Can you find the kitty?

Midnight rescued from MS and Buck (pics)

Anyone here have scaly friends?

Funny cat video here

Do your cats cover their food with strips of paper or other strange things

Is speaking in tongues

New Tarot Reading - PlameGate

As an atheist, you must live an ethical life

Did you ever post a thread in GD or GDP that gets hijacked by someone.

Wow - interesting article about Kerry in

Diana Kerry to Lead Public Policy Institute

First thread....

On today's march in Boston

Evan Bayh's strategy for 2008

Glen Johnson at work - another article opposing Kerry /Edwards

Why bother with primaries? Just listen to who makes the more noise.

Primary reshuffling - how pathetic is this?

Kerry stumps in Nyack

What's the dress code for Dec. 11th?

Retracing the Struggle - Hundreds Gather to Re-enact Kings' March in MA

what's with the negative tone out in GD?

Boston To Selma Remembrance March Oct 05

MSNBC is showing response from Sen Kerry this morning.

Because it's late and I'm bored: Kerrycrat height check

Just a reminder: Joe Wilson will be on 60 Minutes tonight.


Does this "say" unity?

The rest of the story...

A picture I want to share with just you guys, because i know you'll

in case anyone's interested

Turn your clocks back . . . when it's 2:00 A.M., turn it back to 1:00 A.M.

UAE Says Saddam Agreed to Exile Before War

Original 1978 map of ANWR missing.....

Dead Peasant Insurance - Is It Possible To Know?

Does the President even HAVE the authority to remove the VP ?

Nate Clay is finally back on the air this week - WLS Chicago

Money and Power Party = GOP

'Start of life' gene discovered

52 weeks ago today

Remembering Rosa Parks in Los Angeles

War blamed as 6,000 quit Territorial Army in the past year

OH my God, did you see how FAT Dick Morris is?

bush whitehouse in a nutshell: Cronyism and Corruption

AFA: Animal Planet promotes homosexuality (?%#&@*)

St. Pete Times, 10/30: An interview with an upbeat governor

Tools for Treason, a poem

Aziz denies naming Galloway

Working for America

For Those Keeping Notes on the Bush's & Saudi Arabia

Hate crime bill question

Have we finally reached that moment that Big Dog talked about

We are "killing their own people" and so are they... tell me how

rush and his drug shopping -- my talking point

Well All Righty Then.....

You can buy these medals from the U.S. Mint with the Big Dog on them.

Help needed on oil for food program.

When religion is a litmus test - Why Miers was Shot Down by Fundies

4Kids TV = Fox News Sunday

Dick and Don's Cabal (great graphic).

Bush cracks the 40 percent floor

SUPPORT our war-based economy

What do you think Bush will try to do to distract from ALL his messes?

Bush Tax Advisory Panel: "Political viability of recommendations is nil"

SNL-"and the other 34% believe Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs"

That anti-choice memorial is still kicking around in Buffalo

If Bill Clinton was guilty of any of the things Bush is

Tomás de Torquemada or Cotton Mather for Supreme Court

Dear C-span/Washington Journal. I took the hint.

Where I Stand

What is the deal with "armored Humvee"?

I'm starting the First Atheist Church of The Guilty Agnostic.

Lord, What Fools These Media Yakkers Be

How about Fitzgerald for nomination to SCOTUS?

What were they thinking? - The Onion Sends WH A Free Subscription

CRAP! Schumer AGAIN this week on FTN!

About those "Feed the Children" commercials.

The British Ahwazi Friendship Society and the Push for War with Iran

OMG "Does it really matter if Harriet Miers goes poop or not?" LOL

Judge lifted protective order and then husband set wife on fire

Bush scales his SC Justice pick to two GOP conservative males

Bush's End

San Bernardino (CA) County Sun: Free trade, illegal workers share result

Hahahaha. DU this hilarious poll.

Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity [..] 'Intelligent Falling' Theory

Ritter and Hersh - Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story - ON NOW

LOL Any other Bill Maher fans can't stand this guy?

Iran uses Ahwazi Homeland as Terrorist Smuggling Route

I hate Ben Stein

I must show you again what 2000 looks like

Duberstein on Meet the Whore: "Far right doesn't want to be satisfied"

Bush Hints at Possible Rove Replacement:

The people voted for good campaigners, not leaders.

The Battle For Your Soul.

House wants: Medicaid premiums, increased co-payments and to trim benefits

"But he(Bush) appears to see little need for wholesale housecleaning"

I'm Glad I live on the West Coast

Bush Tax Reform Panel proposal requires $1.2 trillion in tax hikes

AP: 'Mollywood' shuffle ahead

"- into the arms of panicked people"

Yesterday at a party, a banker acquaintance LOUDLY announced he's a Dem.

For the doomsayers (link)

A good laugh courtesy of Ken Mehlman

So it looks like Thom Hartmann is on AAR every Sunday

Tina Fey (SNL) quip...

Ritter: "Neocons are parasites that attach themselves to a host"

I Love America

What Do You Suppose This Man Is Thinking ???

Daily Show Global Edition was just on CNN International

has anyone seen/heard of a dead soldier's family that used to support *

counterpunch has a bunch of good/interesting articles this weekend

gold star for David Corn on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Who Borked Miers? You can't hide you're lyin' eyes.

Top Senate Democrat Calls on Bush to Pick Consensus Nominee

Email Jeb!® BUSHitler!!!

David Broder: Hagel testing the waters for 2008

Bush outlast Nixon countdown clock on Brad Blog

"As an atheist, you must live an ethical life."

Introducing a Caste System into America

Anyone have a bush family tree chart? You know, enron, oil, defense, etc?

Congrats DU - we survired "Pro Life Month"

Will you vote against the continuation of the PNAC/fascist agenda or not?

Hariiet Miers Finally Speaks Out

While over at the PNAC...

Absolutely the ONE thing Bush cannot AFFORD to lose

New Aerial Pics of Hurricane Katrina Destruction

2,000 shirts blow in wind at vigil

A problem with Paul Hackett/DFA pledge on Iraq War

can someone post me a link to Russerts statement?

Texas Leads Nation in Household Hunger

2000 caskets

Creating buzz, one peer at a time

Cleveland Brown v Houston Texans is this a Super Bowl Preview?

Novak rpts that Senators are favoring 2 women to replace Miers as nominee

Two days that gave me hope. Scooter's only a small reason

The Greatness of Rosa Parks...

ok, I know drudge is not a real journalist, more on line with the

Will bush pay resects to Rosa Parks as she lies in state in the capital?

DU this Poll: Was President Bush or Vice President Cheney .....

Is the media coming around?

Hate America?

Where in the world is William Rivers Pitt?

Did anyone see Exxon's ad defending oil profits in todays LA Times?

We are a rich country!

St Paul mayor (D) who backed Bush is down 2-1 in primary poll

I was at a doctor's office and asked if single-payer....

REQUIEM for B*SH'S BRAIN: an opus in jpeg minor

Bush/Cheney should RESIGN...instead they are trying to repair/spin/lie

Up or Down vote?

How Do We Get Candidates For 2006 With Balls Of Steel?

Let's get this straight: Cheney had a spy and a spy outer in his office?

Were did the media blaster go?

LOL....via Kos, meet the new Michael Luttig

Garry WILLS: Life Begins When PERSON Begins, Not Conception

rummy; "OBL has not been seen because he has become shy"!

Today's cartoons? I'm desperate for a laugh since I am so disgusted by

Homeland Security misses many deadlines (AP)

How bad will Bu$h look tomorrow? Pretzel-drunk bad? Bike wreck bad?

TPM: 60 Minutes' Forged Document Story Was Delayed by WH and Sen Roberts

Ok, time to play Name That Scandal!

In Acadiana, FEMA's sad saga lives on

2017 Reasons why The DSM is Important

Rosa parks Gold Medal Ceremony on CSpan now

Is Wilson on some show tonight (Sunday)? 60 Minutes? Or was

Msnbc doing "Bush is hero" piece

Has the unusual amount of publicity for the upcoming movie "Jarhead"

The tide has turned. Yesterday I drove from Denton TX to OKC

Where was George?

I am convinced there is a delicate balance to nature.

If bush was the captain on the Titanic; 3 responses: DU, Freeper, or Fox

Tons of 'WMD' at the bottom of the sea

The SCOTUS Appointment

Presidential second terms

Schwarzenegger on c-span

Attention DU Women....a must read

Women Had Key Roles in Civil Rights Era

LAT op/ed (10/30): “Saving the second term” - Good advice Bush won’t take

Is the "culture of corruption" getting repuke reps mad?

Bumper sticker: After the rapture, can I have your car?

A simple way Officialdom manages the Press

Is Darwin the second coming of Christ??

The leanings of the SCOTUS?

Gee, why doesn't the Defense Department count the non-combatant deaths?

Arlen Specter just slipped and told the truth on CNN

New meme? Got M.I.L.F.?

Who's got a political figure costume for halloween night?


Edwards Works on Possible Bid in 2008

bush's base eroding: 22% "strongly support" the way he's handling things.

is the DU activist corps still functioning?

Miers and the Christian Right Wing Death Squads

DUers and Halloween

Will the Democrats fight to save us from Global Warming?

2018 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I priced medical coverage

Harriet just isn't getting the message....(photo)

Military shares public's declining support for Bush, war

Independent Party in California?

Incestuous Relationship - the Press and the White House

Do you think you'll be around for the 2008 elections?

Question: What Are The Classic Signs Of A Troll?

I saw Bruce Cockburn last night in Kansas City...

Virginia's Republican candidate for governor avoided being near Bush

Just saw "The Magdelene Sisters' and my question is....

Southern Baptists refused to hand out water donated by Anheuser- Busch

A sweet story of grace

OK... Who Had The Worst Rug\Dye Job On MTP Today ???

How did Libby get the punk-ass nickname "Scooter" anyway?

Special Schumer-fied poll: Bush - Will he hunker in the bunker?

"Jeb" and "W" praise Southern Baptist "faith-based" hurricane relief

Virginians, why does the NRA support KKKilgore over Kaine?

Hey! "How-Can-Bush-Bounce-Back?" Talking Heads! Stop Giving him Ideas!

Lobbying..The root of most evil??????

What is that sound?

Dennis Hastert blogs on gas prices and gas company record profits....

Today's big US story? The "Must Reads" list of Bradley R. Glitz ...

Rosa Parks's cortege arriving at US Capitol NOW

Plame story on 60 Minutes now.

Homeland Security Deadlines Missed

What would you like Bush to say in his resignation speech?

"Hypocrite. Don't let that word stop you."

If I was a dem politician I wouldn't want to be on these shows either...

US Continues To Bomb Civilians (oops insurgents) At Syrian Border!

Just hopped over to Free Republic to see what they are babbling about

The White House Criminal Conspiracy that Congress won't look into

It's so simple! I can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner!

Are the Dems Growing Spines?

Bushspeak: Dark And Garbled Words

I'm glad everyone is honoring Rosa Parks...but

FOX Wednesday "Trading Spouses" Insane Fundy


Waitting for SCOTUS appointment is driving me crazy.

You can hear my new album in it's entirety tonight @ 9:15 on Radio Enigma

Schwarzenegger varies campaign messages

Doonesbury - the Unpublished Miers comics

Kyl-ling Her Softly (Sen. Kyl behind Miers' rejection)

Rosa Parks motorcade/tribute live on CSpan now.

rev is playing it early!! NOW!! The Near Myths Wilson

Need answer on legal question re: employer sponsored health ins.

Instead of setting agenda, Bush and GOP lawmakers are changing the subject

Newsweek says the shrub has a reputation for being a "rigorous

Bush administration has missed dozens of deadlines after Sept. 11 attacks

How Bush Visit Became the Siege Of Howard U.

Ok... I Apologize In Advance... We Just Got Meet The Press Here In Sacto..

PHOTO: Bush honors Rosa Park, manages first smile in a week

What can we do to support family caregivers?

Two questions about the Kaine/Kilgore/Potts election next week

I'm So Confused About Brit Hume... Lately, He Wants To Hose Juan Williams

Arnie's High-Risk Election

Chimp to make SCOTUS nomination announcement tomorrow (FauxNews)

For Sarandon, war of words leaves wounds

just picked up a bible for the first time...

Bush is back on Cocaine

All Things Reconsidered By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

Does anyone have the full note about the aspens

The Republicans/Fascists have won.

Isikoff & Lucienne Haven't Given Matt PUDGE a Tip on Shrub's SCOTUS Pick

Why? Why did it take the MSM so LONG?!?!

Netroots Power for Young Dem Candidates

North Country: anybody watch it? what did you think?

The real test for candidates on Iraq War

On MSNBC - Headliners and Ledgends - g*bush...

Dou you have a blog?

Anyone have the link of Shep Smith falling in the wind?

How about a TV Network that reports the News all the time?

Boy pimps sister for a bacon hamburger.

i feel like a fart in a windstorm

"Did Saddam accept exile offer before invasion?"

Wes Clark's roundtable with bloggers Friday night

DeLay's Poll Numbers Drop Again; Sends Desperate Letter To Constituents

They just said on ABC that Bush is considering two women for SC

Iraq and the war....what now?

Bush looks to rally his GOP base

You know something, I've come to the conclusion

If the election were today, it were a close race, and the candidates were

West Wing: Art imitates life - Loved that moment Vinnick said

Who is this Man ?

Anyone have info on status of Patriot Act Reauthorization?

What if a large contingent of Americans boycotted insurance for 12 months?

Rephrase: How do physical attributes play in picking talking heads?

Bush may survive--But he sure won't thrive!

Retracing the Struggle-Hundreds Gather to re-enact M. King's March in MA

Who believes Democrats would impeach Bush if they win the House ?

Bumper Sticker question...

Do you agree with this description of the USA's core values?

Landmark German church (in Dresden) completes rise from the ashes

Trick-Or-Treaters To Be Subject To Random Bag Searches

Are the lines being drawn for a religious war here in the United States?

Scholar says Bush has used obscure doctrine to extend power 95 times

Bush looks pissed he has to be a the Rosa Parks' tribute

Does anyone know anything about

Governor Dean on the picket line in SF with healthcare workers...picture.

Bizarre stuff from the White House cook in the NYT

WA Post: "Bush's overall job approval rating has fallen to 39%"

My RW coworker says "I just love rich people"

Bush's Motorcade Wreaks Havoc

If you are a progressive, you are by definition a feminist.

How Kucinich found love

Pakistan news: Bill O'Reilly angers American Muslims

Dumbass chimp.."forecasting" the hurricane was not the frigging problem

It takes faith to believe in evolution.

Everyone wants to bitch about medical costs and insurance but nobody

Record Profits? Record greediness? A photo tells the truth.

For a Retainer, Lavish Care by 'Boutique Doctors' (NYT)

Iraqi: "You're asking me to choose between death and cancer."

What is the point??? none of this shit is gonna make any difference

Hitchcock's "The Birds" on now on TCM. It's an 'end of the world'

While you were distracted.....(the Patriot Act)

Things I'd like to fix about our system of government.

If Bush's Next Nominee Gets Filibustered, Do We Have The Votes To Win?

So, according to Krauthammer Cindy Sheehan is a disaster

Could anyone let me know what happened on Tweetie's show?

PHOTO: "Meagan is THRILLED as she gets a close-up of W!"

Clinton to Dems: Don't Fear Tough Issues

Guess who said this

I tried repeatedly to talk the US out of invading Iraq, says Berlusconi

"The problem is that the president doesn't want to make changes"

This is why I have been paying for my own health insurance

conservatives permitted to alter principles for own political situation

Ron Paul (R) Texas on upcoming wars in the middle east...

I expect Bush to announce a SCOTUS nominee tomorrow

Italians wimp out - will have tasteful Olympics to please Puritans

How do DUers feel about sex offender registries?

U.S. Cross-Border Raids Into Syria

Forget LIHOP/MIHOP, it's WSTH.

I hate America.

If The Democrats Don't Re-Take The House and Senate in 2006...

Good Night and Good Luck (Vote with your wallet)

IMPORTANT: Tuesday deadline for pub. comment on OTC contraception (Plan B)

Oh Mr. President ...... little can of gas about to be dumped on the fire.

Hi, It Is Binka's Ghost-writer again...

Yeah right Cokie. All Bush needs is another term.

BOYCOTT WEYCO!!! (WACKO, more like)

Our motto for 2006 and 2008

CAPTION >> Bush asleep on the job

I can no longer support Mayor Nagin of New Orleans

For all the Bill Gates bashers...

What does this bumper sticker tell you about the owner of the car?

"Local church offers up a glimpse of HELL for Halloween"

Misdirection works: "Roberts Seen as a Template to Follow"

Project X enters Phase 2 - Phase 1 Report

In church this morning...

I'm Dreaming Of A BLUE Christmas...VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET!

Would you vote for a Democrat that does not denounce the War in Iraq?

AUDIO TREASURY of Rosa Parks history & interviews, incl JOHN CONYERS

Its time for DU to admit it: Galloway is Guilty

What Happened in Cleveland? – A Plausible Scenario for a Stolen Election