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Archives: October 29, 2005

Iraq war is the real “underlying crime” in the Libby indictment

Newsday- Backstory: The push for war (WH tries to close the book on Libby)

Novel Strategy Pits Journalists Against Source

Bush's White House faces credibility blow

Bush's imploding presidency

Leonard Pitts: Is NBA dress code racist?

Byrd speaks about opposition to war at Democratic dinner

LAT: Rove unmasked

"If Gov. Jeb Bush wants to accept the blame and forgive Mr. Chertoff,...

The Cabal's First Casualty: Libby Indicted, Cheney in Trouble

Cheney Dodges a Bullet

Outing Plame is Ok, per Republicans, because it wasn't illegal!

Houston Chronicle: Bush should demand Rove's resignation

Novel Strategy Pits Journalists Against Source

Stop Oil Company Price Gouging

Indicting America

Global Eye: Future Perfect (George W. Bush fled the country for exile)

As right wing dissembles, its hypocrisy becomes apparent -Austin Chronicle

The White House Criminal Conspiracy .... (by a former federal prosecutor)

Rosa Parks

Will the Bush Administration Implode?

Special report: Bush faces his Watergate

besieged bush faces attacks from friends as well as foes

A Leak, Then a Cascade

Pressure on Delhi to rethink Iran vote

Where the IEDs Lie, the Buffalo Roams

Maureen Dowd: Who's on first?

Our 27 months of hell - Wilson Op-Ed.

WP: Buffeted With Problems, Bush Must Chart a Recovery

Stirrings near Iran's oil fields in Khuzestan

(CA) Press Enterprise: Redistrict USA

Fitz’s Knuckle Ball

Fitzgerald Threw a Softball

NYT: Increasingly, (college) Football's Playbooks Call for Prayer

Oil prices near "acceptable" level: OPEC

Will this be a Hard Candy Christmas?

Questions to economics experts….

PPM Energy bullish -- target 2.3GpW by 2010 (1.6GpW by year end)

Brazil Busts Illegal Logging Ring - Shame About That Deforestation Rate .

UN warns of food crisis in Zambia

Independent Geologist Confirms Tallevast Pollution Plume In FL Aquifer

Scientists - Rapid Ice-Sheet Melting Mechanisms May Already Be In Motion

The Environment is Doomed

Nuclear waste storage undergoes simple shift

Portugal fears severe erosion in areas of burned out forest.

Another reminder why Kucinich is so damn good!

Italian chemists report a clean method to fix CO2 for new fuel oxygenate.

Surreal Photo Series From Drought-Hammered Amazon Basin - Yahoo

Moscow Choking On Smog, Massive Traffic Jams - ENN

New Pombo Plan - Sell Public Land For Mining At $1K Per Acre - MSNBC

Quartet calls on Syria to expel Palestinian militants from territory

Arab States Mum on Iran's Israel Remarks

When revolutions go wrong

The Second Hit was Faked

Watergate-style money laundering indictments stoke Ohio's stolen election

Anti-Gay Organizations Conceal $2 Million in Campaign Contributions

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News saturday 10/29/05

What does Judy Miller have to do with Bush's reelection?

Electiononline survey (with MIT/Caltech) of voting system threats

New Math PROOF that ESI/Mitofsky Logic is Invalid (Not Correct)

If anyone has some time, I could use some help.

CA DUers - Please Vote on Nov. 8

Absolutely brilliant anti-redistricting commercial

Ethics Complaint Against Governor Dropped

Schwarzenegger Univision Ads Questioned

Wingnuts For Hire....

Scharzenegger Street

Voters in Nine Counties Urged to "Get It On Paper"

Sonoma County - Measure M (GE-free)?

first snow of the season ...

Hey, Minnesotans, come over and visit my Lounge thread on Kyoto!

Universal Remote Controls.....

Subscription Licensing

Can you fix a Print Head ?

Touch screen Voting in Butler County

Voters to decide who gets coveted power to create lawmakers' districts

Tim Ryan reaffirms support for Hackett

Blackwell witholds Voting Machine Eval Info

Amendment Two: THOSE PEOPLE Were Out Picketing FOR

Wisconsiners, suggestions for cool, nontouristy places

Just So You Freeps Understand, This Indictment IS As Good As A Conviction.

The Consequences of Outing a CIA Operative

"John Dean Says Scooter is the Cheney Fire"

CBS News: It's Not Over

And So This Is Fitzmas

Who knew about Plame? At least 7 administration officials. USA Today

Tracking the Leak

The Aspens have definitely turned on Libby

How can we maintain "Plamegate" as a hot issue for the 06 & 08 elections?

Question: If Libby pleads guilty, what is the probable sentence?

Chris Shays: "The President should be angry!"

WSJ: Novak's Role Is Still Largely Unknown

Bush: "And, now, the process turns to a new phase...."

Olbermann says Rove may STILL be indicted. Fitz was going to include him

Not holding on. its to go on man

I know of a lawyer leaving his/her current job to join Fitz

John Dean: Scooter is the Cheney Firewall

Just want to stick my two cents in...(Libby)

America will stand up and notice now, red and blue states alike

Has Valerie Plame EVER given an interview since the leak? I have never se

If Bush would let it be known to Libby that he would receive a pardon

Tonight's Olbermann Special Edition "Countdown" On Again Now

Scooters nickname didn't work very well....

stormy weather and dick

Today Fitzgerald pulled over the car and threatened the kids

Just bought a bottle of Grand Marnier. I'm gonna celebrate tonite.

I love FITZGERALD. I'd vote for him for President or Supreme Court Justice

Using Rove as a witness in the case?

Why is Libby on crutches

For the Movie about CIA leak - casting call

Memo to Media: Ask Rove If He Lied to the President

Can an indicted Bush pardon himself?

The fallacy of the Right's most oft repeated two talking points.

What To Expect ( by a former fed prosecuter)

I wonder if more reporters will be subpoened? (re-reading trans)

Here's why Fitz wanted a NEW grand jury.

Sleep well my friend. Goodnight and good luck!

How or why should I vote if the system is such a mess?

Be it by hand to hand combat, or by debate. We will Defend Joe Wilson!

Joe Wilson tells 60 Minutes: "There Have Been Threats"

Thanks, Fitz.

Who was the WHIG really out to get?

"Fitzgerald has Scooter's ass in a sling," says former Ken Starr Deputy

I Have Heard That A Prosecutor Can Indict A Ham Sandwich. If True...

Has anyone else noticed that those who were worried that DUers

Libby Lawyer Plans Lack-Of-Memory Defense

Just Photoshopped this image of The Tip Of The Iceberg

Who thinks Libby might meet a mysterious demise within the next few weeks?

LA Times: EIGHT News articles plus TWO op/eds on the Fitz case! 10/29

CIA mum on damage done by outing of covert agent

After Libby indictment, Michael Weiner wanted to know why CLINTON WASN'T!

Has anyone been over to feeperland recently?

Just in case you might have missed this earlier today... (photo)

Boston Globe: Behind crisis, key advisers' tactics

did you hear the radio talking heads scrambling to belittle..

Who makes up the Grand Jury??

What if....

We so need to see "culture of corruption" in the Headlines!

I know this is silly...

Possible slogan for 2006 (inspired by this Leak case)


So,is treason, lying and murder the family values they spoke of?

Rove as Big Pussy in the Soprano’s

An important quote to remember during these times...

What "new info" did Rove give Fitz on Tues. that gave him "pause"...

Did impromptu, false witnesses DeLay the inevitable Rove Indictments?

Who thinks Fitzgerald needed a new dedicated website for ONE indictment?

What is your local paper saying and where?

i think libby will go down quietly because he knows

Through all the fog and lies, it's still about the war...

How Indictments are Received: An Observation

Friends, let us not forget the work of this incredible Grand Jury. Two

Some Friday news dump! Banner head, NYT, HUGH pic of Fitz!

Behind crisis, key advisers' tactics

MalAdministration Exit Strategy Timetable?

This Was The Best Week Of Bush's Presidency!

FYI: NYT interactive graphic, "Timeline of the Leak"

Not Sure If This Should Be In The Lounge, But It IS About CIA Leak Case:

NYT TV reviewer Stanley: A Prosecutor's Arresting Performance

Joe Wilson finally speaks .....

NYT,pg1: Fitz morphs into "Untouchables" Costner, brands Libby a liar

So Libby was an anti-war Dem before Wolfowitz got into his head?

Republicans blast Bush over scandal, job performance

Daniel Schorr shore doesn't seem to think it'll only be Libby

Look, Sean, It's not about the TREASON...

On Meet The Press tomorrow:

Scooter will fall on sword for 1 year sentence.

NYT: A Fictional Presidency Confronts a Leak, Too ("West Wing")

"The Hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who....."

Media forgets Ken Starr wasn't hired to find out about BJ's

CNN just said Official "A" is Rove according to two sources. N/T

Congrats Liberals, We've "Criminalized" Perjury and

I know what I want

Joe Wilson on CSPAN? I heard Pedro say he'd be on

Regarding the public statements made by * and Cheney about Libby's

Libby Label Competition

What do we know today that we didn't know Thursday?

Libby: The War Party's Kamikaze

OMG! I heard it! Fitz said it!

Freepers running with scissors

Does anyone think that these "indictments" are bullshit? Why the hell

WIN Place or Show? Horse race analogys and putting things in perspective

Fitzmas: Fantastic, or Fizzle?

Fitzgerald Exposed An Ongoing Criminal Enterprise Inside The White House

A single statement by Valerie Plame that reverberates thru the land

I have a few questions about when things might start happening.

"This whole thing hinges on Russert."

Mr Libby Etal...This wasn't a Case of you being Forgetful, it's a HUMAN

William Pitt, it is time for a Great Summary of the Indictment Saga

The best thing about the Libby indictment.

Watch the spin, please - Obstruction of Justice

MUST READ: There were other CIA Outings!

Four Sources For Libby's Knowledge On Plame's Covert CIA Role

".... shared a long hug with his wife Laura .... end of a brutal week "

A New Moment of Truth For a White House in Crisis

This Ron Christy bot

Where's Cheney?

bush's Brain is Leaking

Has anyone possted this cartoon by Pat Oliphant? Couldn't find it.

Does anybody know Joe Wilson's past experience?

Irving Lewis Libby = I.L.L.

Dick Cheney's letter to Scooter

What "gave Fitz pause" re: Rove indictment?

Today's NYTimes letter to editor: Not one leak case weasel!

Unitary Executive theory

Yesterday was NOT Fitzmas!

Question about Wilson.

Libby Takes Fall For Bigger Mouth

Americans Ponder Karl Rove’s Political Future (Rasmussen M-W)

Just used this handy-dandy interactive "Leak Timeline"...

A bit of reflection

Every Democratic member of Congress

Familiar Ring To It (notes from Fitzgerald's past)

Why Wasn't Rove Indicted - What Will The Consequences Be?

I think I saw the leak case in a movie a few years ago...

Throwing dirt in the umpire's face

So imagine for a moment you are Scooter Libby

So how long until Scooter gets the Medal of Freedom?

Did the grand jurors believe Rove would be indicted?

Bush's "milestones" list omits CIA Leak Indictment and 2000th Iraq death

Remember the photo of Rove in front of the airplane sitting down?

My psychiatrist testified in a Fitzgerald case some years back

Air America Founder Says Fitz "Fumbled" Plame Case

Fitzgerald met with Bush's lawyer yesterday. I suspect conspiracy charges

Libby "living in the world where journalists were not compelled to testify

here is a site 4 copies of the Niger documents and LOTS of related stuff.!

Freepers in full denial meltdown over Libby Indictment

Quit hyperventilating, DUmmies. It's all gonna blow over. No convictions

Fitz didn't indict Rove so he could shut him up while he rolled up his mob

Is Fitzgerald given bodyguards?

My theory on why Rove will be indicted soon

Breaking News/ Picture of Karl Rove in Fitz's office.

Were Bush/Cheney/Both Not Only Aware But Actively Orchestrating Leak

Does anyone have a link to a transcript of Fitzgerald's news conference?

Will I.L.L. (I. Lewis Libby) Go To Trial?

Maher: Libby was Cheney's Cheney...

Link to ** Indictment TOONS ** in "Everything Else" forum

Fitz literally may have saved lives with yesterday's indictments.

Why did Libby lie so BADLY?

For Everyone... pass it around.

Must we call it the "CIA" leak?

Who (Alive or Dead) Could Play rOVER In The Ultimate Political Thriller?

I think that I found Cheney's, Rove's, and Libby's themesong.

Anyone think that Libby will just plead "guilty" to avoid info about Iraq

So who gets Libby's job?

Mort Zuckerman on MSNBC just now said that Joseph Wilson

Deflecting the Pushback on Plame!

Target was Brewster/Jennings not just Plame

Bush* was 'SADDENED' by the Libby news. WTF?

Re: Sources, please do yourselves a favor...

MSNBC: WP Says rOVER's Fate Will Be Known Soon, And He Could Still

CNN's Non-Stop Rant on the Lewis Libby Indictment

Rove not indicted = Libby convicted -----> Cheney is future toast

Guardian: Workaholic who earned his spurs taking down the mob

Josh Marshall - Russert may have taped Libby

Will Scooter have to cop a plea before he goes to trial?

The "Press Releases from Senators" Thread!

Scooter New McMansion :)

Any chance we'll get a free(er) press out of this?

Fox News Anchor: "Rove out of the woods"


Is Novak in the clear?

WHAT, exactly, has Scooter sacrificed?

Is Bush's only out, at this point, to totally play dumb (typecasting, heh)

Need to know.

Serious Suggestion for MODS: GD: CIA Leak Case: Gloom and Doom

Intentional Perjury as Sly Political Strategy

There's one problem with this whole thing.

The lamest defense

The Bush spin machine is already doing laundry on the Libby indictment...

There is so much misinformation and speculation in this forum.

Is a new grand jury expected?

Did Fitz Meet With Bush's Personal Lawyer?

Larry Johnson coming on at 6:45 PM CDT ....Laura Flanders: AAR

Just saw Linda Chavez on TV (unchallenged) say that Wilson had no

Did anyone else think Terry Moran's question about whether this is about

Pardons ain't gonna happen.....

A theory about a theory I read.

Keep using the word felony

ANALYSIS: Iraq war appears likely to go on trial along with Libby...

Republicans = SHAMELESS criminals

Can this indictment of "Scootie" lead to other charges?

Opinion Journal Distorts, You Decide

his crew in the slammer left to run the country alone without a clue...

It amazes me that Republicans are willing to SPIN a crime.

The false assumption regarding pardons

Tim Russert on CNBC about Wilson, Cheney, CIA Leak...

Al Franken: "Maybe this can be dragged out until the 2006 midterms"

Very often a dying tree looks alright from the outside, even though

Chronological chart showing who told Libby and who he told (with dates)

Remember when Bush said "we'll probably never know who ...."

In an indictment are facts, that can't be proven untrue, assumed

So what's the RW spin now on Valerie Plame?

Just a Reminder: is a GREAT resource

Gergen says on Larry King that Rove IS, in fact, "Official A"....

I'm Satisfied. The Truth Will Out. ---pix->>>

TOP SECRET: Who r * UK Sources & what did they tell him? (the 03 SOTU 16)

Think Progress begins a series -- "Indictment Dissected"

When was it "known" the Niger documents were forged?

VIDEOS-Chunking the Press Conference into smaller bites

If it goes to trial and Fitz subpoenas documents from the White

Maybe a dumb question, but should he get Bush or Cheney

David Corn: Rove, Bush, Cheney..."all of that could remain a secret"

C itizen Spook:"TREASONGATE: FITZGERALD For SCOTUS " C itizen Spook

Debunking the RW spin about Scooter's "Faulty Memory"

Libby Said to Concoct Story in Leak Case

I wished Fitz had made this point clearer.

when the right wing rants about cost of this investigation

“Embedded Crony”: Bob Woodward Shows His True Colors - eewwwwwww

First White House Aide indicted in 130 years!!!

Fox's Cavuto picks up Hutchison's "Scooter is Martha" talking point!

He who rats first, laughs last.

Josh Marshall: Fitz spotted outside bush's personal lawyer's office.

The most insidious of traitors

Chimp Excuse for softpedalling on Libby: "concern for the legal process."

Take Cover! The Gathering White House Storm. (Animation)

Libby will commit suicide before trial

Cheney vs. Rove

Letting the White House Walk? by ROBERT PARRY

Could someone show me who sent Wilson on his trip?

A beautiful Treasongate haiku ... from the least likely of places

Ny Daily News: Rove the leaker

A short Federal Court Primer

Is Libby taking the fall for Cheney & Rove

Gergen On MSNBC: WH In Trouble If They Go Into Denial

Your thoughts on Fitzgerald's body language about indicting Rove?

Have you guys seen today's Editorial Cartoon thread?

Why aren't they really going after Fitz?

Forget the legal Mumbo Jumbo....This is really very simple, even if legal

How's This For WaPo Dem-Bashing...

Rude Pundit hysterically nails it

60 Minutes Sunday is a MUST SEE!

Tony Snow lied on Bill Maher's show last night.

Classic Daily News Cover Photo"Bush's Brain Leaking"

2 Questions

My Favorite FreepTard Rants regarding the Indictments

Does anyone think that Fitz sounds like actor John Cusack?

Cost of Fitzgerald investigation?

How long will it be

We rented "All the President's Men" last night.

Could this be how Cheney learned about Plame?

I'm not a lawyer, but when reading the counts listed in the indictments

TOON: the Tard King gets dressed without Karl Rove

CNN Report: Libby to use the 'I forgot' defense.

The withdrawal of Harriet Miers

What's really disturbing is how many Republicans

PROOF!! That Libby KNEW what he was doing was WRONG!!

Letting The White House Walk? -- Robert Parry



The simple way to indict a sitting president

McClellan referred questions of Roves continued WH employment to his lawyer

The Great WHIG-Out

NYT: Fitz Seen at Office of Bush's Personal Atty on Friday AM

The greatest strategic blunder in our lifetime

Who else has fallen behind on work because of this weeks events

Well, I had a merry enough Fitzmas!!!

cost of Fitz's grand jury?

Russert CNBC show rerun on now....9PM CDT.....see the other thread

NY Daily News Editorial: "President's Men in the crosshairs"..

And Now For Something Completely Different ...

Maureen Dowd: Who's On First? (10/29 column)

Someone remind me again how we got Ashcroft out of the picture

With Bush, Cheney and Rove still at large, do you feel safe in your home?

I'm a softie, I guess...

Clearly, this case has more angles than a buckyball! (Dialup warning)

Who replaces Libby?

Are you fucking ready for this?#! I need your opinions on this DUers!!!!!

Dems should propose legislation to make Pres. pardons of treason and/or

Questions about Libby trial...

It's been five years. My patience has run out.

Special Report: Bush Faces His Watergate

A Trial by Fitz Should Put the WHIGS to the Flame err.Plame!

Does Ftizgerald really plan on getting the "truth"?

Dowd: This administration's grand schemes always end up as the opposite.

Does any one know who's visiting Camp David this weekend?


Al Foil Hat Time

MSNBC Poll: "Do you think Scooter Libby will seek a plea bargain?"

Fitzgerald's job not done yet - From a Chicago reporter who knows

Any possibility that there is a sealed indictment against Rove?

Pigboy Newt : "Joe Wilson is a Liar" ... "Scooter made a mistake."

Anti-CIA neocons operate in the open

Callers on CNN just crucified Bush

Time To Talk Like Grown-Ups...

I doubt Scooter goes to trial: My Theory

Besieged Bush faces attacks from friends as well as foes

It's Watergate on Crack.

I wonder what Tim Russert is thinking now?

Is Fitzmas over?

Kristof, in Sunday's New York Times: Cheney, come clean - or resign.

Rove/Levine E-mail: Factor in Decision Not To Charge Rove

Leaking, lying Libby frontpages from across the world! Get them here!

Ted Kennedy: This Indictment is not the End ( sign his petition)

"The indictment does not explain what Cheney was up to or why."

There Were 2 More Indictments that were Sealed due to National Security?!

Just occured to me. If Fitzgerald had evidence that Bush was lying

" the thoughtful liberal act" and the Plame Case

NYT: In Indictment's Wake, a Focus on Cheney's Powerful Role

Rethugs counting Rovers chickens before they hatch, could end

Would we have known about the Judith Miller / NYT scam without Fitzgerald?

I think Fitzgerald told us a great deal yesterday.

Libby indictment raises questions about Cheney, other officials (KR)

What does "the Aspens are turning/have turned" mean?

Fitzgerald said "I wish we would have been done in October of 04"

Why did BUSH praise LIBBY?

WaPo 10/29: a column of LIES and an op/ed of GOP talking points (SHAME!)

"either Woodward's lying or there's a new leak scandal"

Shouldn't Democrats be POUNDING?

Are Cheney and Rove the deserving victims of a CIA sting operation?

If you wanted a Rover for Fitzmas & you got a Scooter instead...

Four More Years -- Courtesy of Judy Miller

Newsday: Do you think Karl Rove will be indicted?

for those interested in the Senate Intel Committee vs. Joe Wilson:

Two Questions for DUers:

Some thoughts about Fitzmas and our next course of action

Now that we've slept on it, how does everyone feel about yesterday?

Squeezing Libby? For what?

N.Y. Times Report Suggests President Is Under Criminal Investigation

Scooter's extenuating circumstances(kids)means he'll walk.

PNAC in the news

Isn't waiting for the next shoe to drop really nerve wracking?

Will Bush continue the photo ops with Rove with the cloud still over him?

I have a big crush on Fitz!

Cowardly GOP forgets Joe Wilson in Baghdad with a noose around his neck

If Bush** has any dignity, he'll resign and spare the nation the shame.

The Tim Russert interview that had Libby angry-from HuffPost

CSPAN caller

Frank Rich: "To believe that the Bush-Cheney scandals will be behind us ..

got the new sink in, the whole saga on this thread WOOHOO

10 years ago. Do you remeber?

New G-G's first foreign visit to Juno Beach

Ohio Congressman Forfeits DeLay Money

Mexico Ratifies War Crimes Tribunal Treaty

WP: His Word vs. That of Reporters and Officials

Storm Beta Upgraded Into a Hurricane

Bush 'light years behind' on climate

Afghan battles kill 18; U.S., U.K. troops injured

Indian train derails, killing 77

UN warns of food crisis in Zambia

Syria: U.S. Troops Killed Syrian Soldier

MD: 8 Children to sue Governor Ehrlich (R).

North Korea accused of printing counterfeit U.S. currency

N.D. City Council Cancels Male Dance Show

Corzine draws away in NJ governor's race

Iraq conflict and aftermath has cost Britain 3.1 billion pounds

NYT: Charges Shed Little Light on Underlying Questions

Sistani May Call for US Withdrawal

Bad Blood Exists Between White House, CIA (Who would have Thought ....

Nuclear Regulatory Commission not learning from its mistakes

Church is plunged into deeper disgrace by more sex claims

NYT: Some (Democrats) Tie Libby's Case to the Case for the War

Defense Dept. Seeks More Aid Capability

WP: Bush and Cheney Travel To Try to Rally Troops (speeches yesterday)

WP- Defense Dept. Seeks More Aid Capability

Poll: Americans Give Congress Poor Marks

Delphi CEO confident that agreement with unions can be reached

3 New Delhi Explosions Kill at Least 49

Iran softens anti-Israel comments

Ankara visibly disturbed by Barzani visit to White House

WP: CIA Yet to Assess Harm From Plame's Exposure

Vet Who Photographed Iraq Loses Some Sight

Jury acquits Bush protestor.

Iraq War,Trade Weigh Heavy as a Testy Latin America Awaits Bush at Summit

LAT: U.S. Is Ceding More Control to the Iraqis

Where the IEDs Lie, the Buffalo Roams

Terror blasts in New Delhi kill 55

Japan ruling party OK's revision giving military greater role(war OK now)

Saudi boy, 14, faces execution

Groups Target Human Trafficking in U.S.

Military Testing Infrared Gunfire Detector

Breaking News: Major dust storm on Mars visible w/ backyard telescopes.

NYT: At Milestone in Inquiry, Rove, and the G.O.P., Breathe a Bit Easier

Libby Said to Concoct Story in Leak Case

U.S. Paratrooper Killed in Afghanistan

Alaska Supreme Court Ends Ban on Same-sex Partner Benefits

Forest Service Looks Into 'Green' Status

Italian premier says he tried to dissuade Bush from going to war in Iraq

Truck Bomb Explosion in Iraq Kills 26

NYT: In Indictment's Wake, a Focus on Cheney's Powerful Role

Calif. Border Police Plan Draws Throngs

AP: "Half of Afghanistan Elected Legislators are Former Warlords..."

Results of AP-Ipsos Poll on Congress

Probe of lobbyist turns to Interior dept.(Hearings this week)

Three Indonesian girls beheaded

Pakistan, India to Open Kashmir Border

U.N. Poverty Expert Finds New Orleans "Shocking"

Indictment Gives Glimpse Into a Secretive Operation (NYT)

WP: Conservatives' Tactics Against Miers May Backfire Next Time

CNN/AP: No advice from CDC on Tamiflu hoarding: looking for guidance

Cheney's office at center of CIA leak indictment 4.1 stars on yahoo

Tehran ‘bounty’ for attack on Israel

WP: A Leak, Then a Deluge

Libby Lawyer Plans Lack-Of-Memory Defense

Democrats criticize oil industry subsidies

Bush Says Progress Is Being Made in Iraq

Congress Weighs Big Cuts to Medicaid and Medicare (cover 1/4 of Americans)

After Upheavals, President Seeks to Steady Course (no "housecleaning")

DELL INC: Hundreds of workers laid off

Reports Disclose Violations of the Rights of Iraqi Female Detainees

Indictments put focus on neoconservatives

U.S. to reduce Marines in Okinawa by 7,000

Hundreds Rally for Reconstruction Work ( La...

Iraq war is likely to go on trial along with Libby

U.S. Investigates Sale of MREs on eBay

Serial blasts rock Delhi

Scientists Aim to Beat Flu With Genetically Modified Chickens

AP: House panel OKs 9th Circuit split

'Official A' Stands Out in Indictment (Rove?)

Al Qaeda disputes US death toll in Iraq

Bush narrows Supreme Court selection to 2, sources say

Cheney rallies Georgia's Republican faithful

Pentagon: 26,000 Iraqi casualties

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq; two die in Kuwait (# 2015)

Premier (Berlusconi) Says He Was Against War

Sex and the Faithful Soldier

WP: White House Ethics, Honesty Questioned (new WP-ABC poll)

Katrina Cripples New Orleans Court System

NYT: Scientists Tie Two Additional Genes to Dyslexia

Prince Charles to plead Islam's cause to Bush

Feingold urges probe of ‘phony evidence’ for war

NYT: Lack of Armor Proves Deadly for Iraqi Army

Chavez's threat to expel evangelists spurs protest

* to uveil super-flu strategy - Oh oh.

NYT: The Comic-Strip Revolution Will Be Televised (The Boondocks)

NYT/AP: (Pres.) Clinton to Dems: Don't Fear Tough Issues

Fires of 'civil war' erupt in Paris

Texas Leads Nation in Household Hunger

Anyone watch The Tonight Show (Jay Leno)??? What's he doing with...

I miss my mummy, maybe I should rob a bank.

Why Can't I Talk to Weebles?

Why can't I stalk people?

Rodney Crowell - wow, just wow.

Hey! South Park is on my UPN station right now! When did that deal happen?

Any music fans out there like the glass harmonica?

Let's get down!

Oh, how I miss DU.

Self-Serving Navel-Gazing Self-Pity Thread All About Me

Why can't I balk, people

here`s a cool webtv and radio service from around the world


Notice to all trolls: Please check in to this thread before posting

I want to EXPOSE...

Incredible Before And After Pictures!

iching reveals his true eyes ..and age.. photos (hint she is not asian or

I ate 35 big crickets today.

For you reading pleasure, from the Archives: pRez Visit Ground Rules

I am very disappointed with "GD:CIA Leak Case."

I'm listening to Wire right now, and am therefore far, far cooler than you

When does GD: Criminal Intent come online or GD: Trial for Perjury???

Meth junkies unite....

David Grey on Letterman

Better place to live: Venusian magma chamber or Rochester, NY?

Ever put anyone on "IGNORE" by mistake?

You ever notice how all the prices end in nine? Damn, that's eerie...

A toast to the moderators

Just watched Amityville Horror 2005

Seven, Seven, Seven, Ninety-Three, Eleven

I think LaraMN needs to be separated into two sub-groups:

Ever take one of those career tests in school? What did it tell you?

Dig on some Goapele

Those 13 year old vile racist chicks. Where WOULD they be welcome?

Best request for a compliment?

Hey Heidi. Be sure and let your significant other know....

I just went to a Halloween party

What facts does Fitz still need to wrap up this treason case??

Donuts, popcorn and drinks on Kenneth ken!!



"I See A Darkness"- Bonnie Prince Billy/Johnny Cash

I think GD:CIA Leak needs to be separated into two more sub-groups:

For the capital of bling, a gold-plated truffle

So what is the origin of the "word" - "bling" - or "bling-bling"???

Goodnight Folks

Getting a past-life reading tommorow.

Three's Company...

Spank the monkey.

Paging Jamastiene

Anyone else listened to "Mesmerize," System of a Down's new album?

Math junkies unite....

Luddites of the internet unite

Need help identifying a kitten.

Better Place to live: Seattle, WA or Portland, OR?

Damn, pizzas are so nice, but

Goin to bed

My son got a ticket for trespassing for walking across a school field

In which episode of West Wing did they use Dave Brubeck's "Take Five?"

Joe Wilson is getting death threats

Mobile billboards (signs towed by trucks) should be against the law...

The Devil went to Jamaica...

All of my fellow Pagans ready for Samhaim?

In the Navy? Need your Help

Nighthawks bar-run sing-along:

Late World Series post: Astrodome fans faint applause for Latino stars?

Fall back tonight

quick question, why exactly do the lights go out in broadway?

The Great Mod Locking Messages Deathmatch!

Good Saturday Morning, Everyone!

666, Number of the beast, Iron Maiden.......


Collaborative Photoshopping - Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?

If you miss next Thursday's Hottest sounds, you'll never forgive yourself

Freepers will F*%k mud.....

this is a test. trying to update my profile. Please ignore.

See ya all later....

Did someone say Ethel Merman?

My Neighbor Just Bought A Ferrari

Tori Spelling

Spelling Tori

Latest "Double Dip" DVD: "Office Space - Special Edition with Flair"

Would you rather be...

Which forum catagory do I post a suggestion....

Watching THE PROPHECY right now...

Congratulations Fluffdaddy! 1,000 posts

I have a thread on the Greatest Page, and you don't! HA!

What happened to that one thread?

How to get through to stubborn, selfish family members?

Now I know where to get my dance lessons.

Halloween candy

Happy Birthday Bela Lugosi

Tell about your Fitzmas Hangover Here

Band Name Remix time: Add a word to a band's name to change it around

I've been wondering... How did the term "troll" originate?

Ah, nothing like turning my place into a spa on Saturdays... relaxing

Prison nickname MOST likely to guarantee a daily ass kicking

Well, off to play the ol' "let's put power lines in the pool" prank

Do Ghosts believe in YOU?

The appropriate number of screaming diz-busters who lurked by a rose

Random Movie Quote: "We can't bury Shelley. She's a friend of ours!"


Does anyone work in the Public Relations field? *help with homework*

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here!

I'm going to go for a gun

Wife's gone for the weekend

Post your picture of anyone?

My bathroom sink is clogged, I couldn't ask hopein08 to fix it, that would

Well, off to swimming lessons!

I just fixed my toilet! I'm just too darn proud of myself not to share!!


What actor and actress, who are still alive and working, have you

Kitten rescued from drain pipe

Why not the worst? Karl Rove for SCOTUS!

Post-wedding pictures

First snow of the season!

I'm going to go for a run

How the hell do I get my cat to use her pet door?????>

The Arthur Kane documentary: "New York Doll"

Do you have any surrogate family?

Did anyone else see those ugly uni's the Hurricanes were wearing?

Karla Faye Tucker story now on American Justice

I'm in a rabid voting frenzy..... ask me anything

The Wacky Fortune Cookie Generator

I just performed major surgery on my PC - ask me anything!

Anybody here with a legal background(Could use some help)

I need a Halloween costume idea

Oh Mickey you're fine. You're so fine you blow my mind.

In the movie about the CIA Leak Case, who plays Fitzgerald?

Holy Cats! That's a lot of... stuff.

I'm going to be Bush tonight...

What's with "fuck sake"? How common is that phrase. Heard it 2x today.


I made a Strong Bad pumpkin today!

If your Governor's or Lt. Gov.'s name is in this pic, you rock.

Holy shit, why was I not informed?

The new Johnny Cash Movie -

I don't think Beavis & Butthead will ever be part of Todd's gang.

The :hi: smiley is my best friend

Super Furry Animals - anyone into them?

I'm dressing as Dick Cheney for Halloween

Your favorite singer/band worst song.

What is the permalink option on the right of my screen? No silly answers,

i'm off to see Drive By Truckers - an you're not! neener-neener!!!

can someone help me with an avatar, please?

Think I am becoming impotent on DU.

Trick or treat?

Pictures of 2005 Newport, Indiana Antique Auto Hill Climb

I can't stop singing DA DA DA from the Volkswagen commercial

Need a compliment? Try the Surrealist Compliment Generator

Let the do run run the do run run

I finally bought some 13th Floor Elevators


Question. I have looked and can not find... TV shows on


Does anyone know what happened to BikeWriter's son? n/t

Hi Lounge. Hope you're having a good Saturday.

Slimebag Jerry Kilgore has only ONE strategery... Attacking Tim Kaine

I may not be here Thurs., so let me pre-emptively say "Up yours!" now

What to get our 18 yo daughter on her birthday this week

The Greek alphabet hurricanes are scaring me.

doesn't the time change today?

My avatar is creeping me out. Should I change it?

Only in New England do we get crap LIKE THIS > > >

Favorite Apple

Anyone seen NASA's "worldwind" (sat images)

Do you believe in Ghosts?

Garage sale rant

I still think this is what freeper moles look like

Rap Music and Corporations

Have you ever been rapelled by someone with 'religious fervor'?

Here is my granddaughter in her Halloween costume


Hail to the Victors, Baby!

Santana pulls the friggin' guest star gimmick on his THIRD CD in a ROW.

In the last 24 hours, I've assembled 2 bookshelves, a TV bench, a wardrobe

Think I am becoming intolerant on DU.

How can I read this entire newspaper article? HELP !!

Who's ready to fall back?

At 9 pm CST, "The Omen" is on Fox Movie Channel.

Hurray for Kitchen Witch ...

Talkin' Trailer Trash Doll

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Vancouver Police "Bait Car" videos:

But Can they Sing?

Ayyy! The Fonz turns 60 tomorrow

Doom 3: Resurrection.

Post a picture of your lawn mower!


House of 1000 Corpses

Here are my kitties!

Art Appreciation ;:oD

Dumb ?...what's eom mean? n/t

I'm not who you think I am/I'm the King of Siam

If I posted a thread about this, would it be locked? **Warning; grody**

Two nuns, Sister Mary and Sister Helen, are on a road trip through Europe

History chanell special on Hannibal of Carthage is on right now

my date with lovely Sarahbelle tonight

Woo, I survived Wilma!

Never mind...

So whatcha gonna do tonight?

Gory/scary (recent) movies.

OK this is lame but can JJ do the hokey pokey yet?

Random Saturday night thought: How are Slinky's made?

I instantly warm up to newbies who have a great sense of humor

Taking advantage of tjme change

Ive been disappointed at the number of Halloween movies on TV.

Anyone watching Tennessee-SouthCarolina game?

I went up to see a movie!

Quick! Name three words that do not rhyme with "mouse."

Official SNL thread. Lance Armstrong and his g/f is gonna sing

Help--anyone an atlernative rock buff here?

I'm dead to Dolo Amber, *sniff-sniff*

So my "college" "football" "team" "played" today, here's the pics

Don't forget to set your clocks BACK an hour before you go to bed

original Night of the Living Dead

Personal Debt Question

I just spotted Trick-or-Treaters in the neighborhood, and I have no candy

Random Poll!

Man. SNL is going to be sooo lame tonight.

Just got Tivo ask me almost anything.

Please help me choose my next avatar.

Do you pretend you're not home on Halloween?

As a child, which Halloween treats did you love, and which did you hate?

Spooky ghosts picture thread! Post yours here!

A cabbie picks up a nun, she gets into the cab, and notices...


The world will end February 14, 2016.

Bill Maher should have pointed out to Tony Snow just WHOSE

Simpson's Treehouse of Horror

There is an eagle flying overhead and

Who is your favorite 1st Lady?

favortie fleetwood mac song

Observation about Star Trek


I have a (probably dumb) computer question I really need help with.


Any schmoes here?

Dog n Cat folks: Raw food works!

It's THE LOUNGE'S OWN INFLATED EGO GAME!! *dah duh, dah duh da da

Nighthawks XXVIII (dial-up warning)

Anyone seen/heard from ETAwful?

Pizza Delivery Driver Robbed At Gunpoint, Then Fired From Job

Pre-wedding Pictures...

how do you like your eggs

Firefox gurus - bookmark help

What supposedly inviolable rules of style do you violate?

If you listen to Micheal Savage, you are not punk rock

Goodnight everybody!

So, "North Country" was a pretty darned good movie.

Who's your favorite Dracula/Nosferatu?

Commercials you just will not watch during a show

Name ANYTHING worse than Captain & Tennille. NAME IT, damn you!

Saw Bill Clinton today


Bad paçoca (pah-SAH-kah)

"Rainy days suck!"

Now I can talk to certain teenagers I know.

I need your input for the Neil Lisst comic strip this week.


Qualities you love in a platonic friendship

Who remembers "bitnet"? No reason for asking, just asking.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets (pic heavy)

Fuckin' Circus Peanuts! FUCK YOU!

All right, OK and TX DUers, I need some help.

why, a week after a dosing with Revolution, does Moose still have ticks?!

Seperated at birth?

What freaks you you the heeby-jeebies?

(As promised) My past life reading. Neat as all get-out.

Halloween Decorations: Is This So Wrong???

Sylvester Stallone to star in 'Rambo IV' after 'Rocky VI'

There are so many interesting people here!

what has your significant other asked you to give up?

I lost my youngest Son.

Religion and crime

This is the kind of ignorance that just frosts me.

The Origins of Life: A Catholic View (article)

a buckyball discoverer dies

China Luring Scholars to Make Universities Great

"Shermer at Woodstock" (2005 World Summit on Evolution)

Anyone have any links to scientific sites that explain mining anomalies?

HRC and the Rathskeller

Controversial author left money for Lincoln research

Anti-gay effort targets Freeport

Alaska Supreme Court Ends Ban on Same-Sex Partner Benefits

NY App Div Ct Upholds Ban on New Paltz Same-Sex Marriages

Texas lawyer files lawsuit against MLB for insisting that Astrodome roof..

The U in green and gold v NC?! Anybody catch

Apparently Mormons are also too fast and athletic for Fishers boys


Another reason to keep your cat indoors...

Gideon wants a kitty

Patrick Fitzgerald "white light" protection thread

"If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong"

Any one here play Civ 4 yet.

The Georgetown Speech is Replaying Now

Check out this site I found with nothing but John Kerry Photos.

Unbelievable, it is snowing - October 29th

Kerry alert - Did somebody receive a weird email from somebody

Anybody watch TV Land?

Organizing thread for Boston Dec 11th.

Insomnia + Cliche Ideas = A Fall Unity Combo Thing

Would you spend an extra $50 just to get 200x150 more pixels?

Yay for totally suckage football weather! now with captions


I know this is random, but god I love this pic

The next thing to watch for

"Fitzmas" in the opening paragraph of major 10/29 Wash Post news article:

Activism needed: Wash Post printing outrageous LIES about Fitz case

One more VIDEO - not Keith but it is so great I wanted to share it:

VIDEOS of Fitzgerald's 10/28 press conference (and Bush's response):

VIDEOS of Keith's 10/28 show segments with John Dean and O'Donnell:

PATSY IS BACK!!!! She says all is well:

Re: the "Women Ain't Going to the Back of the Bus" thread...

MoDo fans: big piece coming Sunday

A Presidential Pardon

Jon Stewart's on David Letterman right now (or was, just finished)

On hitting 80K users and 20 million posts - pool

Communicating Policies

Good point on Malloy with the media

well i'm tired

My New Bumper Sticker.

You should see the Condi photos that USA Today DIDN'T run! ---->>>

Funny comment from my father

Bernie Ward started his show with "Merry Fitzmas to all!"

On why religious people can't just leave everyone else alone

one year ago

Don't go into the graveyard tonight! (dial up warning)

What happened to Michael Kinsley?

All right, who is this bitch on Bernie Ward?

Why Patrick Fitzgerald gives me hope.

Note to Wolfowitz: Don't pick your nose when cameras are around

Voters Choose IRV

Okay, So what Democrats HAVE called for a withdrawal?

US House votes to allow NASA astronauts aboard Russian spacecraft

Hetracil . . . a cure for homosexuality? . . .

Dancing Bush . . .

OMG, is he going to make decisions all by himself?

Was it just a year ago?

Arrest made in fraternity assault

Restore Decency and Common Sense to the White House

Debunking USA Today's baloney about the Condi photo. See this ---->>>

Defund the war

Keep your Jesus off my Penis (Video)

C-Span guest David Keene

Eight U.S. Service Members Killed in Iraq

Maradona interviews Cuba's Castro

Cartoons, anyone?!

The deadliest, bloodiest month of this illegal war is still 11/04

"Up or Down Vote"

Huge new poll: Soldiers don't like Iraq War

Repub Hypocrisy

mccain said that only 15 voted against the alaska bridge.

CNN Breaking: Explosions in New Delhi

Have you ever seen a RWer change their mind or political stance as a

29 October - Another great day in Republican Party History

Banners attached to White House ---->>

Serious question-could Dems mount an effective protest if the GOP ...

DVD from Crawford peace rally

Moderate Republicans must take action

AP's Fournier: Chimp won re-election "by a comfortable margin" ?!?

Didn't Ford pardon Nixon before he was convicted?

so what do YOU think is the A-Number One primo issue of the day . . .

15% of americans believe in evolution

The Harriet Miers Double Standard

Patriotism - A Menace to Liberty . . . by Emma Goldman (1911)

The Pubs Knew Bush was a DUFUS, They knew he was a lousy Leader

Is Anyone Else Having Trouble Accessing The Leaks Forum?

Did anybody catch Reid yesterday on the Senate floor:

Well, Fraklin Graham is on CBS tonight.

Americans Review Merits of DeLay Legal Case

Time or Newsweek

Where Can I Find Out Where "Good Night, and Good Luck" Is Showing?

Anti-Gay Organizations Conceal $2 Million in Campaign Contributions

Help needed for republican talking points quote

A sign recently seen in DC:

Question about AOL and Dept. of Homeland Security....

Mouse Drag the Chimp

Our armed forces - excellent video

The Epic Crime That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Will The Rosa Parks Memorial Be Televised?

CSPAN - Kerry Speech on Iraq repeat - NOW

Why Hasn't Shrub Sued the Enquirer over the Drinking-again Item?

Gas is up, oil is up, heating costs are up, meidcal care is up...

Another miserable day for conservatives tomorrow

You know those 16 infamous words in the SOTU address?

MoveOn Director subpoenaed in Delay hearing...some thoughts

Do you have any ambitions to run for political office?

My dad finally kicked my fundie sister out of the house

Friedman is just another word for nothin' left to lose

Kansans are WAKING UP>>>a snapshot of people's opinions...

Parent attacks referee at HS game

Great Letter to the editor about Iraqi Democracy

CBC TV's Just for Laughs--New season, new political comments.

Where's Mopaul

A Modest Proposal

firm's philosophy 'is grounded in both business and biblical principles'

Big Dog Live on C-SPAN 2 Now

Tom Tomorrow on conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt

Is the DU a bust?

Noe is freed on $1 million bond in Florida (coingate)

Think Bush is having a bad day?.......(humor from The Week)

NBA won - NO bling, bling

FDA Apporves first brain stem cell transplant - AP

Trent Lott wants Bush to find "the best man, woman, or minority" he can

Pres. Clinton coming up on Cspan2

Have you noticed...

Why Patrick Fitzgerald gives me hope.

POST: Sad when a foreign leader has to prop up our President

2016 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Any New Info on Abramoff?

Commie/ freeper nearly fight at bar in norfolk because of signs

Another useless Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Or-Gallop Presidential Poll

Sir, the Gamers Are Revolting!

Bush heckled during terror speech

The man in the balcony is my friend, GW in Norfolk yesterday

I think the American people finally get it, my Dad turned...

Bridge to nowhere? Sure, no problem. School lunches and food stamps?

James Barton (wall builders) trying to turn Blacks against Democrats

I just watched the Tony Snow Show!

Does your county use ES&S voting machines? Check the map here-

Bumper sticker i saw on my way home today:

What do you know about PNAC?

Augusta, GA

Three teenage girls beheaded in Indonesia

Most accurate Bush supporter comparison I've seen

"CNN Presents on the Iraq War".....Sad trash by John King of Sheehan &

Looking back a couple months: Pics from Repub Bizarro World

Scott McClellan - what were they thinking?

CEO salaries jumped 30 percent in 2004

Explain why fiscally conservative people would vote for Reps over Dems

Dobson's Lawyer Demands Gay Church Group Change Name of HIV and AIDS Prog

Election Reform news--Wyoming Taps ES&S to Provide Voting Systems...

Hyper reality

Bush Told To His Face "Step down now Mr President. Torture is terrorism

What happened to Cindy Sheehan's WH protest?

Schwarzenegger Street

George Bush on Cocaine Again.

Has your Borders bookstore disbanded its IT books section?

Tolstoy on Sheeple

War porn

The RW/Far Right Schism Deepens

bush's Standards of Official Conduct 1-20-2001

My own little act of activism!

cnn now is having a good discussion about the war.

Trick or Treat!

Aziz denies naming British MP in graft probe: lawyer

"Uniquely American, isn't it?"

Three questions. Can anyone help out with answers?

I've so missed you guys!!!!

meanwhile back in iraq---------------

Who is this bozo on PBS's "Foreign Exchange"?

Anyone watching CSpan

Sojourners Petition: "Demand the Truth" -- seeking 25,000 signatures

The Death of Right and Wrong Republican Style

Remember Lynn Cheney in Aug. 04, said " Kerry is a horrible man" ....

Need some help -- pulling troops for Iraq

For all of those who felt down about the indictment, something to

Guy James Show to return on the 5th.

Hey kids! It's Chimpeachment Time!

All Over The World Leaders Are Suffering From a Severe Bout of Infantilism

Bush looked in the mirror today --->

A Muslim's Post on Fundamentalism

For Whom Do You Have More Empathy, the Palestinians or the Israelis?

Get your Unitarian Jihad name here.


Dump Bush protester on Laura Flanders

Lawrence Wilkerson on C-Span

Why does the RW have a corner on chain email?

In case you need to laugh right now...

Using Tv and fiction writers in real politics.

A proposal: Pre-registration for deadbeat sperm donors!!!

Guess who's coming out to support Texas' Marriage Amendment?

let's get out of there

When do we change the clocks?

Finally joined the ACLU

Repubs up in arms over Ward Churchill's AK-47

Helen Thomas on Real Time

Bush Looks to Bounce Back From Bad News

Clinton on CSPAN

The Press is a Frog - The Administration is a Scorpion

Transcripts of Chris Matthews fantasizing over Bush's "sunny nobility"

50% favor impeachment

Anybody get Gannons take on all this? Sorry, couldn't resist!

Gift from VA Gov candidate Tim Kaine on my door when I got home today

Has anyone seen the movie, "Human Trafficking," on Lifetime?

Who was the judge who dismissed a protective order that led to death

Iran/Contra and Libby Indicment Reactions

Randi said she thinks troops are not being withdrawn

Car bomb kills at least 26 in Iraq

COINGATE in Ohio – Noe, Taft

I am nutter than a squirrel turd? Is bush and his gang of crooks ...... is Junior and Pickles' 29th Wedding Anniversary...

Heads Up - Quick!! DICK On SNL!!

What did Bush's advisor whisper to him in the classroom on 9/11?

Bush narrows Supreme Court selection to 2, sources say

House member railing against Bush regime

A call from my mom (re: CIA leak case)

O'Lielly Spoof On SNL - NOW!

How Will Rosa's Body Get To

for Racists Everywhere: "The first man to die for the flag we hold high"

Saturday Night Tension Release:

West Palm Beach to be without power til 11/22. Thanks Jeb

The Guy James Show will be back next week

A heartfelt thanks to all DUers.

"Is the media the message?" he said ponderously.

Church is plunged into deeper disgrace by more sex claims

This really grinds my gears

You can't say you weren't warned...

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME-don't forget to set your clock BACK one hour n/t

Thank you, DUers!

What IS the * administration’s mission in Iraq?

Are religious conservatives crybabies?

Speaking of Halloween, how do pagans celebrate Samhain?

America Continues to Reject Far Left Radical Al Franken

Are gas prices going down where you are?

How Is Binka And Her Son Doing?

Check out my halloween costume --->>

Urgent: DU investigators needed: the true # of dead Americans

Ray Maida is the father of a fallen soldier

Another "How can Bush come back?" story (ugh!)

A socieity without second chances?

AH5N1 Does Not Currently Have Capacity to Cause Pandemic-UK Journal

Tamil Tigers seek patriotic bards for 'catchy' anthem


Have you seen the segment on "Hell Houses" on Current TV?

Nice Bush pic on Raw Story. Really looks like a fucking leader.

The Sunday Talk Shows

This is a SCULPTURE, NOT a photo of Rove rotting in his prison cell.

The biggest threat to peace is religious fundamentalism

CNN: "America's Negative Numbers" - DEPRESSING AND INFURIATING!

Crooks and Liars:Helen Thomas on Real Time

I wonder why a special prosecutor would be paying a visit to *'s lawyer.

Ray Nagin had a mischievous smile on his face.

DVD from Crawford peace rally

Like the Nazis & the Soviets, for the Cons it's all about the propaganda.

Have people who are against gay marriage actually harmed marriage?

"Brazil in a lather over soap's gay kiss"

Films on social change and revolution

Fastest Decline in Real Wages on Record

An amazing This American Life

Help DU Our US Congressman sends us a letter that is, well, you

"Tell George Bush to Return the Money to Ohio! Sign the Petition Now.

Military knows why Bush should attend soldier's funerals.

Inflation Up; Wages Down: Fastest Decline in Wages on Record

*** Saturday TOONs: Indictment Edition ***

Anyone here of the Voter Information Guide from Sherman Oaks, Ca?

It's going to be a bad winter.

Bush: Treaty Outlawing Torture Doesn't Apply Beyond US Soil...

"A gross violation of human rights." Says UN expert regarding New Orleans

My wingnut physician brother-in-law

Buried under all the Plame news, my local paper

10 reasons why Gay Marriage should be illegal

BOOK TV Schedule October 29-31

Destroy Ignorance! "Ten Things Everyone SHOULD Know About Race."

Anyone ever shop at Gadzooks? It says "John 3:16" on their bags.

Absolutely The Most Important Thing We Can Do This Week.

Go to google, type in SANTORUM and hit the "Im feeling lucky" button

Keep talking to me please (thread four)

Florida Wilma survivors, please check in? some have posted,

The right wing's war on Halloween

Brokaw's interview with an evangelical

Address the Core Issue and Build Those Coalitions, Pretty Please?

There is one thing Liberals can do to prove to the Right we mean business