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Archives: October 24, 2005

Hard times in New York(New York Times)

It’s hard to avoid the reach of Fox and It’s People

Greenspun: President Bush should find himself a fresh set of horses

M Carlson: Rove not likely to survive inquiry

Fun guide to Team Bush scandals

Rumsfeld shops bull in China

St. Judy's Got to Go

John Nichols: A (True) Conservative Case for Exiting Iraq

Washington seizes on UN report to threaten Syria

Pensions bill still on the table but not moving

Daryl Lease: Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

How Scary Is This?

Consultant says Mahoning typical of Ohio campaign(Kerry 's Ohio fiasco)

Conservatives fear increase of dissent in the ranks (80?competitive House

CNN: For Dems, Opportunity Knocks

Walker's World: Bush at bay (UPI)

Gas Taxes: Lesser Evil, Greater Good, NY Times Oct 24 2005

Fitzgerald Expands Probe to Prewar Intel

Asda Wal-Mart: Cutting Costs at any Cost

Defending the Indefensible


All The Blame That's Fit To Print

For Governor of New Jersey --NY Times

Bush commemorates Reagan's faulty memory

I love the HuffPost

Editorializing Cartoons - this one's mine

Mr. (Jon) Stewart Comes to Washington "I Ended a Show on CNN"

Soldiers Lost in Iraq Top Those Lost in First Four Years in Vietnam; Exper

Hurricane Fitzgerald

Assad has become Bush's toy -- Haaretz

Newsmax: Patrick Fitzgerald Quickly Asked for Wider Probe


Poor Marriages, Poor Health

Cornell president condemns intelligent design

They Are Not Numbers: Cindy Sheehan

Frank Rich - Karl and Scooter's Excellent Adventure

Liberals With Guns

Rummy and Tamiflu

Pardon My Disillusion

Prosecutor in CIA leak case seen as incorruptible

UPI: Fitz looking at Italy Niger Docs Report; Berlusconi has his own Judy

Juan Cole: Rupert Murdoch and Judith Miller

Fed nominee likely to steer bank away from political debate

How about that Ben Bernanke?

Nevada 64MW solar thermoelectric plant starts build in 2007

"snow" reported during Wilma

Wilma smashes ashore near Marco Island

New Iraq Patent Law Will Make Traditional Farmers Seed Saving Illegal

"Practical Solutions to Climate Change"

The scale of the US renewable electricity industry.

Gas Taxes: Lesser Evil, Greater Good, NY Times October 24 2005

Washington seizes on UN report to threaten Syria

Israel considers W. Bank apartheid roads

Dead Jews Aren't News

Does any one know the original source for this image?

David Ray Griffin radio interview Monday, call in

Idea: More accurate polls makes it harder to steal elections?

lection Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY, 10/24/05

Frustrated With Shrub? Watch him in Freefall, getting knocked around

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 10/25/05

Election Center Job Board Allows VENDORS to list job openings!

Nov. 3rd- Al Franken broadcasting from B.B. Kings in Los Angeles

Dirt on Donna Frye?!

What's the matter arnie...

Attention SF/San Jose area DUers

O.C. Register: Gilchrist goes Green? Gotcha!

Democratic gubernatorial candidates focus on economy

Fitzmas Caroling at Mitt Romney's house?

100,000 Signatures needed by Mass reg'd voters by Nov 15th

Wellstone! documentary on Twin Cities Television Tues, Wed

Vigils in recognition of the 2000th soldier killed

Hey MN DUers - lets celebrate Fitzmas

I just got a cheap MP3 player and I know now why it was cheap

Kerry campaign bullied local activists & party and blew it in Ohio

Sherrod Brown will launch Senate race in early November

Early voting starts today

Please join Oil Patch Democrats in honoring 2000 US military casualties

TX Advance Care Directives

Barbara Radnofsky to KBH- Resign if you tolerate perjury

Hello Fellow Texans!

Is there some sort of law or regulation

Hurt? Injured? Need a Lawyer? Too Bad! -- great report in Texas Monthly

Anyone know of an Austin Vigial for the 2000 soldiers that have died?

The Klan is coming to Austin

Anyone else see Sir Paul McCartney in Milwaukee Sunday night?

Was the lack of FEMA aid to Dane county "political"?

People's Legislature to rally Thursday, Oct. 27

Senator Zien sets up visits

my exclusive story that debunked some of my own earlier exclusives -Miller

NBC First Read - White House "hugging toilet bowl, throwing up green"

OK, No Rove. Now What?

IMPORTANT, Don't forget about Frist...

*** Monday TOONs ***

NYT STILL taking orders from WH? Even in "Leak Case Renews Questions...

Top CIA leak investigation falsehoods

How Come We Only Trust the Rich??

These fools make freepers look intelligent!

Jerry Springer's Comments on Air America This Morning

How The Republicans Stole Christmas - anyone read this book?

Karen Hughes and Ari---just thinking back and wondering.

'Condi, you're not going to democratize Iraq,'

Did CNN finally fire Daryn Kagen? Oh please say yes!

Took my cat to have his manhood snipped today

Hurricane Wilma TV coverage

I don't have much sympathy for Cancun tourists

"The Fitzmas Song"

Is mexicoxpat in the house?

Hat's off to the White Sox

Coin Collectors Divided over New Bush Half-Penny

Attention all bloggers....Attention all bloggers...

What the hell kind of fluff piece is this?

How In The Hell Am I Going To Get Anything Done At Work Tomorrow?

Sam Donaldson On Tweety's Show Just Said He Thinks The

Kay Bailey Hutchinson. What's her background?

I'm guessing the Fitz is a WhiteSox fan.

Indictments The First Domino, What Are The Others That Will Follow?

I'm Looking Forward To Scottie's Daily Press Conferences (Meltdowns) This

Type in "Faux News" in GOOGLE and you get to FOX

Invest in Rove Indictment Options -- for our Country's Future

Houston, 4th largest city in the US. PBS is off from 12-5am. Sign off.

Vice President James Baker?

Prediction over Fitzmas

National debt passed $8 trillion; $27,000 per person& over $5000/yr int.

Excerpts of "stunning" new attack on Bush by Scowcroft

Good information article up on Yahoo explaining the players to the sheeple

Putting the Plame Case in Perspective (

The Fitz had better get ready to be bombarded by cameras.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats

150 years of caribbean & atlantic storms

Please Refresh My Memory . . . Why Did * Pick DICK As A Running Mate?

Delay, Frist, Libby, Rove, Cheney...dare i say...Bush-

Why did Fitz supoena the guest list at Gerald Ford's Birthday???

BushCo reunion portrait, c. 2011 --->>

Post your Blog

There's a guy kneeling in a gutter and there's WATER running in it!!!

Pix of MS Gulf Coast - what's left of it

Grove plans to celebrate indictment

How different is?

Torture as "Stress Relief"! "The Murderous Maniacs" of FOB Mercury

How Did Fitz Ever Slip Through KKKarl's Fingers/Claws/ . . .?

You have only 1 child in this world, your ony child here on earth.....

Why is John Bolton on my teevee talking about

Bush is a man of his word

Something that keeps showing up every once in a while is

Make your Prediction: Who will be indicted this week?

Anyone heard from mexicopat?

A soldier's blog and his final post: 22-10-05

Time to Help Mexico

Freeps Re: Miers "The GOP is losing the war"

Will any reporters be indicted?

Bushies feeling the boss' wrath

I bet Pickles has about collapsed a lung from chain smoking lately

Larisa on AAR!!

GOES Satellite image of Wilma, 10:15 Sunday night

Sure it kills birds but it won't kill you...

Americablog: "Fitzgerald Had Novak From The Beginning"

Treasongate: Uranium from Africa in a Nutshell (Ammo for Post-Fitzmas)

If Rove and or Libby are indicted on Conspiracy and obstruction charges

What's your favorite RW Cliche?

Talking Point: Re. Consequence of Outing an Intel Officer

So...Let me get this straight. * Gawd lied like a dog to Bush.

Are DUers tolerant enough ot Christian-Democrats?

E&P: Miller Attacks Calame Critique, Calls Keller Memo 'Ugly'

Link TV, Channel 375 on DirectTV, show about global warming

And Now for Fristgate: Frist LIED about how much he knew: SHIP GOING DOWN!

James Galloway on Radio for Peace International NOW

As CIA leak probe winds up, White House "following developments"

Innocent until proved guilty -

"Blame Plame"

"legislative adjudicators" (close relatives to "judicial activists")

"It's a war crime"!

Isn't it 'flag abuse' to leave the US flag flying in a hurricane?

If it's good enough for Lil' Kim

Hussein on trial; Dujail, Iraq. And a question.

Stephanopolis on GMA just said....

GOP prepares for possible indictments - UPI

An open letter to DU Moderators about DU Bigots.

Hysterical...Give Bush a Brain Game

I'm planning on making a letter sending campaign to John McCain

We shouldn't have to use the appendage -gate- in connection to

Wouldn't you think that Rumsfeld has played a big role in the Leak? How

Hurricane Wilma-Central Florida, how are you?

DUers, you'll want to see this personal protest --

"Let justice be done, though the heavens fall." (Justin Raimondo)

An Open Letter To George W. Bush

Young Democrats Sharpen Tactics Against Old Rivals

Aren't the Story's in the "Latest Breaking News" Forum better than

This is a disgrace -- the OTHER Iraq casualties site (sorry if DUPE)

Hurricane Wilma update (Fort Myers)

Plame Game - this week's Neil Lisst political comic topic

Any bets on the subject of todays White House PASAR burst?

Not too get too religious, but do you think God's pissed off?

Insufferable Tweety Just Lectured (Who? Us?) to PAY ATTENTION

talking about epidemics

Who is our eyes and ears on the ground?

Squawk Back Poll on Hurricanes/Global Warming

Next to his older brother, Jeb Bush sound intelligent

Petition for 2006 Midterm Convention

cnn: major explosions near palestine hotel

CNN Breaking: 3 car bombs hit near Palestine Hotel in Baghdad

Daily Breeze: LAX works to make room for jumbo-jumbo jets

Does anyone have the pic of GHWB french kissing Bar?

At least one GOPer thinks Rove's departure would be a good thing --

Bushies feeling the boss' wrath

progressive christian: creationism/evolution

Sometimes, Mehlman Makes it SOOOOOOO Easy!

If You Think Media Narratives About Bush Have Changed, Think Again

Should we cut the partisanship of the Executive Branch out?

Free Speech offends some DU moderators

Is It Me, Or Has Rummy Avoided Being Tainted By Treasongate?

The RW echo chamber....

Fundamentalists have a lot of influence in Northern Ireland

Anyone Notice This Before?

Everything you always wanted to know about extremists

O.C. Register: Nature vs. Marines at Camp Pendleton

Fitzgerald inquiry widens (not the first claim of this... and from UPI)

so after wilma is done and florida suffers over $2 billion in loses....

Why Fitz HAD to go after the Niger Docs...

I know who Bush's pick to be the Federal Reserve Chairman will be

* Choice to replace Greenspan (coming at 1PM EST)...who is it gonna be

Is Bush remaining calm and collected under all this pressure ?

what a coincidence!

Good News At The Pumps?

fitzmas is over 100,000 entries on google

9/11 Truth & Loose Change on TV News LIES Radio...Starting at 12 ET

Looks like Bush has hit the trifecta, again!

Bush Won't Release All Miers Records

What's better ? A guilty plea by Rove or

* announcing Greenspan replacement

Re the blatant hypocrisy of saying perjury is just a technicality...

So, my propane tank is reading zero....

Shameless Self-Promotion

Anyone here see "Off to War" on Discovery?

Hackett Launches Senate Run

Fitzgerald or Bush

Local FOX (5 DC) Just shows Video of Bagdad Bomb, OMG.

Bill Kristol will be on TDS tonight, Lou Dobbs on the Colbert Report

The official say something nice about Hillary thread

Now Can We Get Back To TreasonGate nt

Monday Morn Fun: Call Kay Bailey Hutchison & Say She Supports CRIMINALS!

Why I'm glad the Republicans are poo-pooing perjury as a "technicality"

William Kristol, Al Franken & Janis Karpinski on TDS this week.

CIA running covert op against the White House looks to be line of attack

Ugh! I turned 40 over the weekend. And I feel old.

Is there a thread listing the witnesses and their sources?

Scowcroft's New Yorker article ok'd by Poppy?

Is "discrediting Joe Wilson" a red herring?

Report from the Fly on the Wall: Camp David, 10/22/05

Hurricanes converging?

Faux news- Turn on; Tune in; Dumb down.

Fresh Scotty being grilled now on CSPAN3

Great idea! INDICTMENT PARTIES! Stanford Grove having a "Karl Grove" Bash

Photos of Cancun destruction from Wilma today at this blog

Am I wrong to want Fitzmas Day to be Wed. not Tue?

Who else has noticed no attacks on Fitzgerald?

Bush to Name Bernanke As New Fed Chairman

Little Lord Pissypants Refuses to Answer Questions ---pix->>>

Latest FITZmas carol lyrics: We Need a Little FITZmas!

Can We Have A Special DU Fund Drive On Fitzmas Day?

Help me get this on "the Greatest" Page: Re: NYT's demise

good morning, florida DUers! how are you doing? eom

"US occupation of Iraq would be politically and militarily untenable"

The official blame the DLC for everything thread

Indictment Bingo!!

Warning Will Robinson: Ameriblog Raises Plame Alert

Right Wingers Getting Nervous as Miers' Role in Bush Corruption Unfolds

Remember: Treason is the reason for the season

Operation Mockingbird? Fact or "conspiracy theory?"

He's making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who's NAUGHTY...

The hurricane reporting is horrible. Watching CNN. They are making

Gen. Franks caught with hand in cookie jar.

My concerns regarding Fitz

Bush as the wounded animal.

KEY WEST???? what happened there???

France says too early for sanctions against Syria

Elite Interests vs Rule of Law (another story on Sibel Edmonds)

The RNC Owes The USA $100Million (Perjury Not A Crime - KBH)

BushCo to release first music CD! ---->>>

OMG! Drudge cries, 'Franken orders Execution to Bush & co.!"

Wilma: did you notice, when this storm was

Terror attack this week?

Why was Clinton questioned under Oath before Grand Jury but not Bush*?

I know you like to keep track of the "other side" but look at these goofs

Playing Casino...`

Lets do the Twelve Days of Fitzmas!

A real-life example--FEMA is not interested in helping hurricane victims..

Does Bush really think John Q. gives a shit about the Fed chairman?

Do you know a RW Professor?

The Daily Show's great line-up for Fitzmas week

Trey Ellis "It's only a 'technicality' in a culture of corruption"

The Nightmare Before Fitzmas

GOP touts new book, written by an unnamed WH ghost writer...

WHY are there no reports about what is going on today with Fitz.

Man, I love Fitzmas Eve...

How will any indictments be announced?

The Onion isn't satire - It's PSYCHIC!

Lovin' the Rude Pundit.

1997 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Karpinski-Live Stream

So, what's the minimum number of states...

The suspense is......

Durbin on the floor of the Senate talking about Plame investigation

C-span poll for DUers

White House vs. The Onion: Okay, now they're just being weenies.

if you're having trouble getting through to kay bailey hutchison's phone..

Todays 'Shock and Awe' in Bagdad.

Another recycled talking point on Plamegate

judith miller brings out the gloves - her response to nyt editors

Viet Nam vets, or anyone, have you read

Fitzgerald confirmed by NATO to have obtained Niger documents

Should be an interesting week on The Daily Show

BUSH is an onomatopoeia for what? Come up with your own....

Top 2006 House candidates (pictures included)

Who thinks that some one recently got "served" ?

Old neocons never die

If you could draft any Liberal to be a DU'er, who would it be?

Scotty on C-span!!!!!!

We GET it..the wind is reeeeeeally strong

Oct. Surprise in 1980 and bin Ladin's brother's death....connected ?

Karma's a Bitch, Ain't It Karl? ---pix->>>

Was Fitzgerald’s “early success” responsible for Novak’s“act of violence?"

What does the 'I." stand for in 'I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby'?

Good night and Good Luck

J Raimondo: "Let Justice Be Done: Though the heavens fall"

What would Bush say to DU?

what about New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson

Anybody know the words to 'When the Saints Go Marching Out'?

great review of Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why

Please let it be Fitzmas Eve Tonight!

Home Heating Costs: Which kind of space heater is the best?

New Contestant for Freeper Misspelling Olympics

smearing Fitzgerald (wonkette)

Case against secondhand smoke vanishes into thin air

Washington Journal watchers/listeners

Tourists trapped in Cancun? Didn't they know a hurricane was coming?

Free Effexor for all the "word of caution/don't get too excited"

Ask The White House:

STILL No News On The Torture Photos? WTF?

?????MORE flooding in NOLA's 9th Ward

its the Night before Fitzmas

I found out that a Fed Chairman's term is 14 years!

Freeps Panic: "Bush Needs To Invade SOMEBODY..."

Out of powerful talking points

Wow...look at all the "HOT TOPICS" in GD!

Smearing Fitzgerald

Great analysis of the anti-populist law "reforms" in Texas -- must read

If and when Fitzmas arrives...Display Don't Blame me I voted Kerry

Kay Bailey Hutchinson Flip-flopped on PERJURY!

Help DU !

Yesterday there was a page and a half of bk filings

Spooky Libby ---pix->>>

storm photos! fort lauderdale - here are some i took driving around

Fitzgerald is to be lead prosecutor in the Ken Lay Trail in Jan 2006.

did anyone hear that last caller on Randi?

Judy in combat uniform

Naked Lennon raises a bit of a ruckus...

The First Fitzmas Story & Carols were born in the KOEB clubhouse of DU.

Protecting the Presidential Seal: The Onion's in Trouble

Response to criminalization of politics?

carville on CNN re: Plame leaks

Franken's book already #12 on Amazon Top Sellers list

RW Spin in high gear!

BushCo Pentagon sets up system so taxpayers pay 20% more for same stuff.

The Paradox of News Reporters

MORE IMPORTANT NOW: 60 Minutes Niger story that never aired... Let's get i

***For My 1000th Post***Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Fitzmas Graphics?

Randy Rhodes on psycho Bush

Whites only

Pro "Life" Until Birth

"I have ENLISTMENT papers!"

I think they said Targets would be announced today on Ed Schultz

Fitzmas stamps

Can anyone explain what the deal is with "Piglet"?

President Fox in hurricane-ravaged Cancun day after storm

Ewww... little blonde racists...

There is a petition with my ISD to teach the Bible in high school.

Does anyone know if Fitz has to issue target letters? Is

Has anyone seen this bumper sticker?

What did Judy Miller gain by her duplicity?

Story Fades into Oblivion?

Now on Hardball

Fitzmas: Don't forget, Treason is the Reason for the Season

Have you gotten a bill from the gas company this month?

just heard on Ed Schultz that some indictments may be announced tonight

New Toxic STD

Did Scowcroft's piece come out today?

Up NEXT on HARBALL!! Tweety will discuss Brett Scowcroft's remarks!

So what do we make of Chuckie Schumer and his...

Bombs and smiles on CNN

Looks like the WHIGS had a big meeting at the WH today

What does this say about a presidency?

Do your Fitzmas shopping here

Okay, who has Fitz-watch today

Cocoa Beach is my home town...what did I just miss on MSNBC?

The Charlie Brown Fitzmas Special

PHOTO: Those flu shot lines are just as long as last year's!!

Patrick Fitzgerald is NOT the prosecutor against Ken Lay

My Fitzmas lights are lit and in the window; glowing brightly n/t

CSPAN Poll: will a member of the * admin be indicted in the CIA leak probe

Tucker Carlson just admitted the Repukes are being hypocrites

Tonight on Lifetime Chanel....HUMAN TRAFFICKING!!

Okay, people, we call it what it is....

Would RW claim 06 elections were manipulated when they lose? see LINK

Best Rolling Stones guitarist?

Tucker is such a twit...

Where Did the Rumor..

A fairly inexpensive idea to help stay warm this winter

I hate cigarettes!!

Who is watching Hardball on the East Coast now?

I know this will shock nobody here but..

"I saw a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it"

Bush Lays Groundwork for Miers to Back Out

TPM: Italian daily La Repubblica has an article on Niger forgeries.

Perjury Big Deal!!! Obstruction Justice Big Deal!!! Its not a crime!"

How many times have people been tried for treason in the US?

Gallup: Democratic GROUNDSWELL!

Patrick Fitzgerald's New Website? Need Clarification...

Can someone explain how Wilson "lied"?

50 minutes until K-hour!

DU legal eagles...What's a True Bill?

The President, catching up on heavy reading...the HARD work

The swift boating of Fitz is launched, spearheaded by scumbag Shammity.

Repukes Plan to Defend Wilson Smear by Continuing to Smear Him!

good evening, florida DUers! i hear THE SUN CAME OUT TODAY!!

If Fitz sent target letters, would we necessarily know?

40 minutes until K-hour!

I am begining to hate messages that tell me how a person feels but not why

Weatherproofing your home

Senate Judiciary Panel May Ask Dobson to Testify--Miers

Calling perjury a "technicality" cements the impression that the Repubs

Bush Told White House 'Hip-Deep' in Plame Scandal and Cover Up

"Duck Hunting with Dick" on wfmu right now with Joe Conason

Security funding: New York vs. Wyoming (CSM)

Will Skinner et al start an official Fitzgerald Indictments thread ASAP

FR Delusions

Hannity was on my car radio today, I was

“you better be wearing an asbestos suit”.

VIDEO-on Republican's Attempt to Trivialize the Perjury Charge

Leaks came from Starr's office, but not Fitz's.

Someone called Randi a few minutes ago and mentioned Fitzmas

Cheney aide passed Plame's name to Libby, Hadley.....Developing...

So how much are your health premium going up this year?

I think we're about to see Anderson Cooper die on national teevee

Which of these national pollsters do you respect the most?

20 minutes until K-hour!

This has to be said!

Dear AAR, who sells your advert space?

Why isn't big business for universal health

Okay, who can translate Italian into English?

George Won't Be Allowed to Exploit Florida for Photo-OPs --->>>

Do You Hear What I Hear?

10 minutes until K-hour!

Do you support the Death Penalty?

Repelling the Attack against Fitzgerald

I heard the skinny guy on MSNBC the other morning use the word "prejudge"

Good Will Hunting: Scary Foresight

Was Libby In Charge Of Running The Shadow Govt.? Is There A Shadow Govt?

Legal Jeopardy! Legal Jeopardy! Legal Jeopardy!

Head On Radio with Bob Kincaid starts in Six Minutes!

On the eve of indictments - prediction time

OUCH!!! I was just on Black American Web


Do Dweeby Trolls Really Think

"Shedding light on solar power "

Bill Frist said he had a Blind Trust: HE'S A LIAR.

Book: "Pants on Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears And Deceives"

VIDEO- Goldberg on Scowcroft-Selected comments

Plamegate Leaks

All The President's Men on TV now (Here in the UK)

30 minutes until K-hour!

Indictments Tuesday or Wednesday, TERRA alert Wednesday or Thursday

Rush Limpballs is attacking Fitz and Plame right now

Hannity challenges Wilson to appear on his show.....please, Joe!

New evidence in the Natalie Holloway escapade!

Just something I wrote, to another thread...

Oh the hatred, the hatred.... how can this be on DU ?

The Bunker Mentality

Well, I made it!

He'll look great in an orange jumpsuit!

Wow...who's the idiot on the Majority Report?

Have we heard from the DUer stuck near Cancun?

I think I am in love with Sam Seder. He is absolutely fantastic on

Tucker Carlson is a weenie

Message to MSM: Please CUE all 1998/99 RW perjury comments

Any "Legacy Du'ers" here...who are just about at end of "Frazzle?"

Tweety blew it!

Yale prof fired...alleges his left wing politics are the reason

Drat! I have an all day meeting with the boss tomorrow.

Bob Herbert "How Scary is This?"

The Treaty of Tripoli and the Christianity Question

Why do Republicans hate Americans?

Help me out and refute RW talking point

"International Tribunal Indicts Bush Regime : Crimes Against ...

Anybody else feel like you're waiting for Santa Claus the day before Xmas?

Will The NYT Mods Tombstone Freeper Troll Judy Miller?

Gas prices sure are coming down in a hurry

Finish This Sentence: "Any friend of Bush's....."

US Prison Population Largest in the World Increases to 2.3 Million

KO: White House in Crisis! With a Flash back ! lol!

Will this wind quit blowing Already??!!!!

Billionaires R Us

I have a problem with Randi's argument about Dems voting for war

I'm listening to the Majority Report

Patrick Fitzgerald's press conference

Self deleted dupe, sorry

Ack Alert: Terry Holt, unctuous Bushcreep on with KO

Most obnoxious piece of Freeper spin you've ever seen?

This explains why my electric bill has been so high

PHOTO: Barkeep (hic) jusht one murr lil longneck (BURRRRP)!

"This President has brought honor and dignity back to the White House"

LYRICS: Fitzmas time is here!

The shortest "Greatest" post EVER!

What about the ghost of Fitzmas future?

Faith/family/politics poll: "Family values? Depends on whose family"

New repub talking points: Mr X and "miscarriage of justice"....

Harpers: We are living in a fascist state

Marketing to teens, tweens & toddlers

NYDNews: Bush says "Cheney was overly involved in intelligence issues"

Bush Lays Groundwork for Miers to Back Out

"Human Traffiking" - Important movie on important subject on Lifetime

Boortz Suggests Katrina Victim Turn to Prostitution to Support Herself

FLASHBACK: 9/24/05 Billionairesforbush... Give Greed a Chance and More!

Rape victim: 'Morning after' pill denied

Happy Halloween!

David Gregory's Email Address

Why did the chickenhawk cross the country.....

The days of the NeoCons are almost over....appoint of McNulty #2 DOJ etc.

Evolution is about HOW, not WHO

Big corporations trying to keep the elections rigged in Ohio--help

Does anyone know when was the last successful case of treason?

What Teens Really Think

Condi gettin face time on TV by Photo op with MWG Mom?

Allende, Nixon, Kissinger and the CIA: Never Again!

Tenent--Cheney--Libby....... Per Scar

Contact Charles Schumer about his comments on Meet the Press, here

Anyone know if Tenet testified?

New RW spin: this will turn leaks into crimes

So is Cheney the ham in a Tenet-Libby sandwich?

John Dean on Fitz

The War in iraq hasn't been bad for everyone

The new Green Day video is out- Jesus of Suburbia.

Complete this song

Please help me with my list of people who are linked to Plame

CBS Evening News John Roberts...

Sen Bailey Hutchinson: any potential perjury charge a "technicality"

Do Ya Think Freeperz Have Realized Yet...

Did anyone see Scotties news confrence today?

Help me with zip code 37600 and FOB New York address.....

on the first day of fitzmas....

What 2000 dead US soldiers looks like. Powerful Video.

Will the Miers nomination be withdrawn?

Has your annual income gone up or down in the last 4 years?

There are only two possibilities if there are a lot of indictments

It was the son of a doorman who shined a light on the criminals

Is there a local weekly war protest in your area?

Who is going to win the election on The West Wing?

Was it Cheney who revealed the name to Libby or was the name

What Samuel L. Jackson has to say to the chimp...

Rank the Charges For Us Please...Let's Get The Party Started!

Sorry dumb question. Why don't oil companies compete with each other on

Chris Matthews smacked David Brooks on his show

Was there any evidence that the Plame leak caused any harm to

US KIA in Iraq will probably stay under 2000 until after....

Det Free Press has opened a memorial forum, "Remembering Mrs. Parks"

Scarborough is going nuts! Lawrence O'Donnell is on, too!

He ain't talking .. a good sign

Here is another dumb freeper caught in his ignorance

I call on Bush to step down

Texas Marriage Amendment bans MARRIAGE!

Well, it's Cheney!

Frist lied about his stocks in blind trust!

So, if our wishes come true, and there are a bunch of high level ...

Indict Ledeen

Freepers turn on Michelle Malkin, like they have on Ann Coulter

So can a VICE President be impeached?

Newest Wingnut Talking Point: Shrub Is OVER!1

Al Franken Video? His book is almost here!

Fitzgerald will not issue indictments,

Ahhh, freeps whining about Cheney involvement...


Sister Rosa Parks by The Neville Brothers

"Church backs rights for gays"

Have You Sent Your Fitzmas Cards Out? Fitzmas Greeting From Karlklaus!

Hey I haven't seen too many people linking Drudge's site lately! What, has

Libby fingers Cheney...

Is the NYT being set up like CBS? I am wondering......nt/

Does anyone know who are the people that are authorized

Jon Stewart Daily Show ...

Is there a foreign equivalent to DU?

"And that day dawned...

Anyone think Bush wants to be rid of the Neocons?

Please take a minute and take this poll

Vanity Fair's "The Rush To War" article from April 2004?

Letterman intro shows how much important Fitzmas is becoming!

Jon Stewart says to Bill Kristol, "You were wrong about

PHOTO: "I WON'T answer! I won't, I won't, I WON"T!"

So guess what story is getting play time on FOX

OnStar Commercials

Lou Dobbs was actually interesting!

Al Franken on TDS Tuesday!!!!!!! n/t

Who was in Aspen?

Unlike elections, smearing Fitz will not affect Grand Jury or indictment.

Senate accuses Galloway of perjury and obstruction of justice...

cobert report---give me a god starts next.

VIDEO-David Schuster on Indictments This Week

Torquemada- Bring Him Back? or Leave Him Dead?

Cheney told top aide of CIA officer (Reuters - RATE IT UP)

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow (sung to & by FDR)

Forged documents about Nigerian uranium? Bye bye Bush

A question about ECHELON.

Since the charge of Espionage has been bantered about ...

Here come the anti abortion commercials

Anybody else getting tired of these leaks?

Proof of evolution

Iraqi Civilian Deaths - Can someone help me out?

Fitzgerald vs The Spin -- Some questions.

Wolf & SCHNEIDER-aei Promoting Jeb Crow Shrub for Dictator Already

Accesory to Murder or Murder could that be on the Indictments

Stephen Colbert asks Lou Dobbs, "Why don't we ....

With all of this Cheney news tonight...

Ohh just a real happy thought "what if" Cheney fingers Dubya

So now it's all Wilson's Fault WP

Has anyone seen "Goodnight and Goodluck" yet?

The Plame Affair -- Venezuelan Style

When is someone going to sue over mercury levels in fish?

Dreamed last night of 479 indictments

So, if I'm reading this right, neocons think religion is for chumps...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

Canada Cozying up to China

Another example of how the corporations loot, pillage...

CNN is already promoting theme graphics and music for

Breaking: Wurmser ordered by VP's office to out Plame

Congressman Conyers: Pre-Emptive War Against Patrick Fitzgerald

U.S. Ranks 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index

I can never sleep this close to Fitzmas. You? It's late and I lay

David Brin on Hurricane Response

Bill Kristol TOTALLY SHAKEN on The Daily Show

Can I ask... what are some of your favorite websites to view videos from?

Dems meet to plan 'indictment' strategy: Developing...Raw Story

I am going to hell

Predictions: Scottie McClelland will:

Last straw for Freeper... putting a Koran in the WH library

Perjury is not a crime.... HAH!

Raw Story: On Ed Schultz just said there will be at least 12 or more

What Scarboro DIDN'T say is most important

My Money's on DICK --->>>

Nauseating Republican creep on Countdown --

Get your umbrellas & boots out, east-coasters

1997 US Casualties in Iraq- Candlelight Vigils at 2000

Attacking Fitzgerald will backfire on the Rethugs. They will regret

Focus on the Family's latest anti woman screed...Leon Kass

Who saw West WIng last night?

Bill Krystol on the Daily Show: "Harriet Miers will withdraw."

Maudlin and Giddy

limbaugh: "Left Sets Up for Bush Impeachment"

Are you folks still refreshing Fitzgerald's website?

Just In Case You Didn't Notice, It Is A Whole New America People!

A single word - R.I.P., Miss Parks

The TRUE story of Jesus H. Christ

Desperate FR Scare: Obama Supports Pro-Abortion American Girl Dolls!

WARNING - Liberals have completely hijacked the intellectual elite!

I am SEETHING right now!!!!

so Schumer said the same thing Kerry did during the campaign


Where Can I Get One Of Those Fitzmas Chocolate Calendars?

Today's Worst Person in the World: Bill O'Reilly!

Target's response to my letter

WalMart donates 5K to Tom Delay AFTER indictment. Sign Petition to WalMart

Cindy Sheehan, WH fence

Dick Cheney, Shadow President --->>>

Apologies to Will Shakespeare

Oh no! Rosa Parks just died!

Maybe I don';t understand boaters, but I have a question..

Merry Fitzmas Follow-along-at-home scorecard.

Why were people saying Harriet Meirs used to be Catholic?

John Dean to Aaron Brown: Cheney said he knew nothing of Wilson

Group seeks to ban "smut" and "pornography" in children's library

Please don't be misled into thinking that Bush was misled

CNN. All Hurricane. All the Time.

NY Daily News: Bushies feeling the boss' wrath (George is Pissed!) -->>>

CS: Neither Bush nor the DoJ can fire Special Counsel Fitzgerald

David Gregory: Bush has occasional outbursts of temper 'all the time'

Wilma--wasn't this a strange hurricane?

100 positive things about the Democratic party


Hey RUSH>>>how is your house?

Camp David Consensus: Let's all blame Cheney...okay. Is that it,

Hannity crying about plamegate widening scope...didn't staingate start as

Halloween Costume? Which RWer to go as?

Leak case CONTEST, POOL and IMPEACH BUSH petition


Fitzmas and the Hen

Whatcha gonna say if Fitz don't indite nobody?

A WONDERFUL After Story For One Katrina Dog From New Orleans!

New Yorker/ Goldberger: "Breaking Ranks" - SCOWCROFT's BLAST OF BUSH 43


WP: Sony Pictures Opens Film in Church

stunning article about Vietnam in Life magazines found at the dump

It's a Fitzmas Miracle!!! -- A passion play

Cindy Sheehan: "I'm going to tie myself to the fence and refuse to leave"

How Many Others Feel Like This is 1973-1974 All Over Again?

Should we just make smoking illegal?

Latest RW talking point

A Clockwork RED (heavy sarcasm alert)

Am Prospect: "The Yes Man" - How Porter Goss has all but destroyed the CIA

Rosa Parks - A tribute in pictures (lots of photos)

Paul and Sheila Wellstone, 3 years since their tragic deaths 10-25-2002

Statement by Kay Bailey Hutchison on Clinton's impeachment

Al Franken's lunchbox for sale on EBAY

Colin Powell: "We're not doing bad at all diplomatically!"

Petition: Draft Al Gore for President in 2008

At a moment like this, why not state the obvious. Bush Lied. Cheney Lied.

what do murderers, masturbators, prostitution and Tom Delay have in common

Why do you think the party has lost the House, the Senate, etc?

Get your dialing fingers ready, when Fitzmas comes it's time to

The end of The (current incarnation of) Guy James Show

Bill Kristol: "We All Thought He Had Weapons of Mass Destruction"

BUSH DOWN - Majority Approval only in UT,ID,WY,AK,NE,OK -

Solar Power -- Think Hot, not Watt.

Rosa PARKS Respect/Commeroration Thread

Majority of Americans reject the theory of Evolution.

Perfect Storm Week !!! (Pic Heavy)

What do you think of the term "Fitzmas"?

Abu Ghraib photos?

I stand with CINDY. She does NOT stand alone.

I think it is going to be tomorrow

GHWB has massive bruises on his face today--just saw it on a news teaser..

HEADS UP: How DU is going to handle the CIA Leak Case

What's the plan in Canada for digital TV?

77% want energy cut back unless U.S. capitulates

Shooting death leaves city shaken

No softwood talks until U.S. returns $3.5 billion in duties, says Martin


Slow that I am, I've only just noticed,

Blair first guest on Sky's new show

Bushies feeling the boss' wrath, Prez's anger growing in hard times

Home prison power for bird flu victims

First Amendment martyr now under fire from her own forces.."out for blood"

Republicans Testing Ways to Blunt Leak Charges

Cheney's cool customer now on the hot seat

Gunmen kill 12 workers south of Baghdad

Breaking: Wilma now a catagory 3 hurricane

Hurricane Wilma-Central Florida, how are you?

Noisy activists invade meeting of paint industry executives

NEWSWEEK: Vice President Cheney and Close-Knit Group of Advisers...

Prosecutor in CIA leak case seen as incorruptible

LAT: More Homeowners With Good Credit Getting Stuck With Higher-Rate Loans

Washington on precipice as CIA leak storm set to break

NYDaily News: Pols cashed in on a sweet deal

Argentina's Kirchner Strengthens Grip on Congress (move left as econ booms

'Corrupt culture' in D.C., Dean says

Walker's World: Bush at bay (UPI)

CNN: For Dems, Opportunity Knocks

French Business Confidence Rises to Eight-Month High as Economy Speeds Up

Blasts Shake Baghdad Hotel Area

Fate of Iraqi Charter In Balance

Walker's World: Bush at bay

Bush ready to name next Fed chief

Professor Points to Politics as Yale Fails to Renew Contract

White House stands by Miers

Blasts shake Baghdad hotel area - BBC article

KR: Pentagon program costing taxpayers millions in inflated prices

Protecting the Presidential Seal (The Onion gets served)

Cheney aide passed Plame's name to Libby, Hadley.....Developing...

BBC: Fate of Iraqi charter in balance

Explosions Rock Central Baghdad

City council will pay ($100,000) for good news in Newark

CNN/AP: Volcano erupts on Galapagos island

Frist memo defends U.S. spending spree

Final battle looms in strip-club war ("Christians" harassing even Repubs)

Big explosion in Bagdad. cnn breaking. more to come.

Grand Jury Decides Against Criminal Charges (don't freak out!)

U.S. wants UN-ministers meeting on Syria next week

Al-Jazeera airs footage of purported shooting of US soldier

As CIA leak probe winds up, White House "following developments"

LAT: 2 California Energy Crisis Trials Slated to Start ("That was fu-un!")

Bush at Bay (NATO sources confirm Fitz looking at forgeries)

Florida Keys residents rethink decisions to ride out Wilma

Story Fades into Oblivion?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 24 October

Congress seeks cuts as debt hits $8 trillion

Blair Won't Rule Out Syria Sanctions Over UN Report

( 73 year old ) Detainee dies at U.S.-run prison

Bush orders Fitzgerald fired and espionage indictments quashed

GOP Plan Would OK Medicaid Price Hike

Gun Possession Now OK at FEMA Housing

CBS Evening News John Roberts...

*Greens oppose DoD recruiting database*

KKK To Hold Anti-Gay Rally In Austin

Jeb Bush Supports New Plan to Drill 125 Miles

Chavez Rides High In Public Poll (77% Approval Rating)

Soldiers Lost in Iraq Top Those Lost in First Four Years in Vietnam

"Hearing Set for Delay Judge Request"

Contract leaves Pentagon with poorly armored cars, little recourse

Bush: Baghdad Still Safe for Saddam Trial

Pressure-Triggered Bombs Worry U.S. Forces

Candidate Gives Bolivian Coca Farmers Hope

Kennedy Speaks Out On Gulf Coast Hiring Practices

(Rep. Ike ) Skelton suggests formula for withdrawing troops from Iraq

France says too early for sanctions against Syria

Capuano (D-8th) dismayed after visiting Iraq

Iraqi Sentenced for Attempting to Buy Grenade, Guns

GOP critical of (Hillary) Clinton remarks in Atlanta

FBI Papers Indicate Intelligence Violations

Judge Rejects Bush Plot Suspect's Request

W Pals Bushwhack CIA Leak Prosecutor

Bush calls CIA leak case 'very serious'

Ohio war veteran running for Senate ( Paul Hackett - noon news conference)

GOP´s David Emery joins gubernatorial race (Maine)

Iran nuclear game too close for comfort

Well, it's Cheney!

LAT: Businesses Asked to Fund (Schwarzenegger) Trip to China

Support for war in Iraq wanes (Scripps Survey - 48% want rapid withdrawal)

War Protest Has Captive Audience

Cheney aide passed Plame's name to Libby, Hadley, those close to leak....

Syria Organizes Rally Against U.N. Assassination Report

Cornell president condemns intelligent design

U.S. Ranks 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index

Chicago Tribune: Analysts see `shell game' in war fund

U.S. Army MASH unit rolls into Muzaffarabad, but lacking vital equipment


Psyches of Iraq's Children Caught in the Cross-Fire

ACLU Files Lawsuit Against State Over Youth Prison

ARG Poll: Bush Approval 38%

U.S. Continues to Block Venezuelan Defense Development

ACLU Reports 21 Homicides in U.S. Custody

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues a Video Depicting the Execution of an Iraqi

Palestine Hotel in Baghdad under attack (3 car bombs)

Venezuela's Chavez in for the long haul

Polish leader's anti-gay stance threatens EU voting rights

Schwarzenegger: Special Election Crucial

Bush Says He Won't Release Miers Records

Bushies feeling the boss' wrath (Furious George)

GOP foes eyed in 'Pirro Out' rumor

Trial begins for Christian prison program (participants get early parole)

Conservatives fear increase of dissent in the ranks

WP: CIA Leak Linked to Dispute Over Iraq Policy

Walker's World: Bush at bay (UPI)

For Dems, Opportunity Knocks(Bush will speak at Howard U; HAHAHA!)

Texas governor says DeLay should keep House majority post

Bush said to pick Bernanke as Fed chief

Clear Channel profit falls, radio revs down

Northeast braces for Superstorm 2005

Exception Sought in Detainee Abuse Ban (WH 'insisting' a CIA exemption)

'Russia's trying to save the Syrians'

Rescue Teams Pull Nearly 250 to Safety in Flooded Havana Neighborhoods

Civil Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks Dead At 92

Cast of Characters Grows in CIA Leak Drama

In New Orleans, landlords to begin evicting absent tenants

No Escape: Thaw Gains Momentum (NYT)

NYT: Cheney Told Aide of C.I.A. Officer, Notes Show

Galloway lied over Iraqi oil payments, says Congress report

Size of Bankruptcy Bubble Surprises Banks (NYT - Bwa-ha-ha-ha)

Helping girls is 'an American idea,' says Obama

Hat's off to the White Sox

The Rapture® is immenint.

RSS feed for "SpeakSpeak News,"

What is the cost of rolling papers?

I bet I know what was said during the Vikings halftime pep talk!

Does anyone think that Limbaugh's name will come up

World Series, Game 2 - Another Great Game!!

I adopted a Trailways!!

My CB handle is "Captain Kirk"

Hat's off to the White Sox

Have you HEARD the new McCartney song, "Jenny Wren?"

Did Solomon really need that many wives and concubines?

I'm going to go hug my SO

anyone heard from mexicoxpat?

These song lyrics dedicated to gee dubya *bush

michelin man denies paternity suit...

I am confused

Roseanne Barr can kiss my pagan ass!

Amazon book reviews - Hilarious!

carve your own pumpkin...

Frankenstein Wants His Mummy.

Hey Rudy, was on tonight

The big indictment has been LEAKED!

Ring tones--the new protest songs


What is the Greatest Rap Album of All Time?

Which DUer is more evil?

I hope I didn't screw up...(w/ poll)

What was that?????

Damn it! Crazy Guggenheim IS the most evil!

Let's go start a Plame war in GD

Where else but DU

It is 2:30 AM CST - Do you know where your snark is?

This is something I would love to have in my yard come Halloween ...

Help! My house is cold and I am too lazy to do anything about it.

I am going through Bovine Withdrawal

What do I get for my husband and children for Fitzmas?

So many RW nutjobs - so many graves to dance on when they die

I consider myself as the dark-horse candidate for most evil.

Betty or Wilma?

Came Home To Flooded Kitchen AGAIN. Please Shoot Me.

Good Vibrations and Google

Which NFL Head Coach is going to be fired first?

Man Accused Of Trying To Buy Drugs With Grenade

the dog is ill,and i'm ticked off.

Best Radar Map to follow Wilma

Why the (bleep) are they called "wisdom teeth?"

I think my internet is about to go down.

Purple no. 2

Best Evil Woman

The poor NO Saints - another week another bad call

Any DUers who have some psychobilly? Not kidding.

Did anyone catch that blown call on the hit batsman (Jermaine Dye).

When I was a little girl,


8 Foot Python Found Hiding In Family Toilet

I want this for Christmas!

hooked on Orbitz pool -- and it's cheating!

'Nazi Racoons' Threaten To Destroy Wine Harvest

I'm completely hemmed in.

Special Forces Commander Transitions from Man to Woman

Key West Webcams

Gorbachev: "Russia Won The Cold War"

Look at this thing!!

Breaking: White House aide announces presidential run

Thinking of buying a VW Golf Diesel

Can anyone recommend appropriate lawn decorations for Fitzmas?

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Wedding lanterns spark UFO scare

I think my company is going bonkers in the "we're fun to work with!" dep't

Dog Attacks Anti-Dangerous Dog Bill Author

Damn. Lidge's psyche is ruined.

Time to revisit this 3 week old thread.

Let's just get it out of the way early this morning, shall we?

Dumb ? concerning images....

Interesting tableau observed on the train this morning:

Monday morning Desperate Housewives thread (possible spoilers)

West Wing mirrors current White House (possible spoiler)

Aryan Nation Leader Propositioned Undercover Cop For Gay Sex

Holy crap I've been cooking all day!

You are the miracle of Germany. Now lighten up!!! cost $35 million

Should I dress as Angus Young for Halloween?

Crazy Guggenheim is going to post that joke a brazillion times.

Tops never stops...saving you more.

I just ordered a sweater from L.L. Bean (ask me anything)

Mike & Rosy's deli rocks.

Dammit.... Designer/gourmet pizza is not PIZZA!

Anyone remember "The Great Metric Conversion"?

So, I just watched the first 10 min. of Red Dawn: a few questions...

Nazi racoons on the march

Uh Oh - There Is A Guide To Sex Found In THE BIBLE!

Must Read: Catherine Crier's "Contempt:: How the Right Is

rove costume

SERIESLY HUGH MORAN with no MORELS who should get a BRIAN!!

d0 u h8 al teh suXorz taht type like tihs?

Fight At Child’s Party turns into Stabbingly good time, public beatings

Pizza Poll

All this coffee talk makes me want to take it up. Where do I start?

Editorial: iPod Porn - The Time Has Come

Baby Bunny is collecting for UNICEF. Stop in here and donate your

POLL: What will happen to the DU servers on indictment day?

Do you take any kind of vitamins or supplements?

Photo of Ashlee Simpson with her Dad. Disturbing or Not Disturbing?

happy monday morning lounge!

Pass the Potato!

I just got a flu shot. You gonna get one?

Important Elements of a Bar Brawl in an Old West Saloon:

I spent the whole day cleaning...

What is it with BOYS?? An amusing story....

Just saw Bill Frist on C-Span (Senate Floor) - Poor Boy -

I am now officially a Craftmatic Adjustable Girl.

The Powerball winner? He's a landscaper....

Glad to be back on DU

Anyone from Providence, RI?

Got this re stopping credit card offers in mail

Speaking of General Zod

Who broke the internets?

Favorite Fitzmas song

for you're Halloween reading enjoyment...Dr. Seuss's

Simply. Too. Cute.

Bush & the Gay Bar!!

All I want for Fitzmas is ...

Who watched GAME 2?! Who missed it?!

What scares you? What's your phobia?


I'm suffering :(

The Jesus Freaks have taken hold of the iPod shuffle

This weekend try to do three things you've never done before

I'm looking for a Biblical Prophecy "Map"

Update on my Dad: He's hemorrhaging severely and it doesn't look good.

Wilma left a tree on my roof...... bad girl.

I'm looking for a website that has SCOTUS cases

Rare squirrel is doorstep visitor

When I close my eyes I see the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Hurricane Update.

Okay, I give. I don't "get" the flying spaghetti monster bit.

Drivers face £5,000 penalty for using Olympic VIP lanes

I still believe JFK, Sr was murdered.

Lets say that someone's getting an inheritance in Nov. Small 6 figures...

what's the coolist thing you ever did?

While we're talking about conspiracies...

Have you ever ridden in the company jet?

Piggie's tree (pics)

what is the latest you have ever slept till

Note to self:

Non sequitur of the day...

free wisky. tell a funny story? (I promise this is not a brazillion joke)

Would you be caught dead in this???

Is there a Lawyer in the Lounge? I need help!!

The letter "S" is against Christ!

McDonald's Phone Hoax...One Of The Most Bizarre Stories I Have Read.(link)

I'm going to play this song at full blast when those indictments come down

Treading water in a sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry.

Any cigar smokers on DU?

Reggie "The Crusher" Lisowski dead at 79

Goodnight everyone!

Behold Pope Alonso the 1st

Where does CNN find all the reporters with the wind FETISH?

Do you tend to buy into government conspiracy theories?

Student Suspended After Wearing Inflatible Penis Costume

PHOTO: Those flu shot lines are just as long as last year's!!

Has anyone seen this on the grocery shelves?

I wanna be sedated...

Why do my dogs insist on eating the most dangerous things possible?

My Fitzmas lights are lit and in the window; glowing brightly n/t

Ugh! I turned 40 over the weekend. And I feel old.

I won! I won!

any java or C++ experts, or oracle DBAs out here looking to change jobs?

I am dyeing my hair blue soon.

My heart is light.

Richard Grieco---what have you done to yourself?

Is this even legal?

what percentage of your income goes towards rent?

Real Estate--Artist Studio Question

A Question for D.U. Grammar Geeks

every been to a fundie haunted house?

George Carlin on Hurricane Katrina? (e-mail going around)

Does anyone really care who wins tonight's game?

Best Rolling Stones guitarist?

in praise of feathers

BushCo to release first music CD! ---->>>

It's Fitzmas time!

I still believe that JFK was murdered by GHW Bush

C.G. Computer poll. Defragment and Error Checker.

Lets do the Twelve Days of Fitzmas!

Ok, who's the jerk who socked me in the jaw?

Cell Phone service in Florida right now?

Can anyone explain this?

Anybody know where to get a toddler Sponge Bob costume?

I had to post this here - Ex-Canadian Prime Minister tells Journalist

hi everybody!check out this site called jibjab that someone just showed me

I got the funniest birthday card!

Ah shit, Packer star receiver out for the rest of the season.

Is this really the ultimate veg destroyer?

A funny from a friend of mine who might be described as a "wag"

Want to hear a really strange dialect?

Excuse me for a moment, I have to go downstairs and kill my neighbour.

DUers, what non-english languages do you speak?

I have finally figured out to destroy RevActs' evil avatar

A really quick and useless piece of trivia

Which do you prefer: gargiles or slykicks?

One of the all time great blues/rocker...R.I.P.

Iraq War Co-Conspirators Form Sumo Team

where is sir nose'd?

i'm bloated

Say hello

I'm listening to an overlooked Paul McCartney & Wings album

Who is the "Anti-Cheney"

Yeehaw! It's out tomorrow on DVD!

Clooney will be on Leno tonight

Anyone use Microsoft Project 2000?

Rosa Parks Dies

Six degrees of separation -- the Valerie Plame version.

The shortest "Greatest" post EVER!

For 4 minutes tommorrow, I am a Bushbot...Weeeeee!

Which NFL coaches are likely to be on the chopping block at this point?

Lounge Lizards: Rosa Parks has passed.

Feeling the Fitzmas rush. Hyper as hell. Headache. Bit through my lip.

Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me.

Introducing the Islama-fecta and W-suction spider hole!

It's always when the hide thread function is gone you need it...

What did Toby Zeigler know about the BFEE

Random Movie Trivia Quote: "Tell it to call you 'Billie'!"

There is always one more thing.

just saying hello to any friends who may be here

Am I the only one getting that "Sprinters in their blocks" feeling?

Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly pregnant: What abominable name will she choose?


Who watched The Ten Commandments?

Stargate news :-)

ATTN: Albuquerque residents

What are you giving up in order to pay for your heating costs this winter?

I feel

Did that ugly Delay have a face lift?? Nothing would help that mug

The only debate on Intelligent Design

Democrat Halloween Satan-Worshiping Party

Been offline most of the day, did I miss anything good?


Great joke, even if you've heard it before

How cold before you'll turn on the heat?

John Barleycorn died for you!

Spit: nature's solvent, nature's lubricant. Discuss.

Epitaphs of the War - Rudyard Kipling

anal glaucoma

I'm back from my Vegas wedding. Ask me anything!


"Jarhead" The Movie


What was I going to do?

The Best Commercial on TV (really)

Now soliciting suggestions for Landscape/Aquascape company name...



Look there daddy, do you see?

The Banana: Natures perfect food.

"like, you neiw, whatever!"

Dammit all, I have to have surgery on my broken finger Thursday

Subhumans "From the Cradle to the Grave"

Have you ever bought a book just to look intelligent?

Had my eyes checked last week. There is good news

How about some good ol' republican movie quotes...

I'm running for most EVIL DUer. This is why you should vote for me.

Delete -- oops

Fitzmas cookies?

Do you own any books you haven't read?

I have bubble wrap and Mr. DTBK ain't home yet

Did they ever find that hat thrown by Mary Tyler Moore in the opening shot


Today is the first day in two years I didn't take a nap.

I am buying an American Girl Doll for my little girl...

Joke of the Day! Frikkin Hilarious!

Sad animal cruelty story.......WARNING: graphic

Say hello

And after a great struggle, I have configured my wireless!

What's the point of doing something if nobody will buy it?

meaningful epiphany?

what does this smell like

Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out...

And I, hate everything about you!

I hate to admit it, but I love the "encounter with a freeper" stories

We missed out on all the bisexual girls!


You know what really grinds my gears? Full Screen!

Canada has been there for the U.S. Will the U.S. be there for Canada?

Help! I found two stray puppies and need advice!


Count me down to 3,000!

Okay, I won't say ANYTHING about Queen

Does anyone else here hate sirloin?


aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaa ... AAAAA!

The Beatles "Abbey Road" to be REMADE??!?!?!??!

Idiot posting on IMDB: Wallace & Gromit are evil; against Christ

What do you think * is doing tonight?

Rosa Parks passed away today at 7pm.

If George Bush were the most intelligent man you'd ever met


Gibson the World's tallest dog.

For all who didn't see my new cat before (pics)

Would you post a completely unflattering pic of yourself?

If you could meet 1 celebrity


My Cat Trixie Wants To Know What You're Going To Be F/Halloween (Photo)

anyone see the new jib jab cartoon?

How many indictments will there be?

It's time to play: "What is the dillio with the boob sweaters?"

Action items for the destruction of Xmas

If it weren't for bad luck, my daughter would have no luck at all.

"Used Car Salesman of the Month."

Just Wondering.............

How fast can you spank the monkey?

When someone asks you if you're a god, what do you say?

Rock songs with unusual or offbeat instruments.

Any librarians here?

How Many Musicians Do We Have Here???...

So, what are you listening to?

What is the Zig-zag rolling paper man

I just ate two bowls of soup!

If one more middle aged man

OK Folks! It's time to post those desktops!

It's a girl!!! She's beautiful!!!

My husband received a disturbing phone call about an hour ago.

list all of the political parafanalia in your house.

"Down and Out in Paris and London" by George Orwell

funniest thing you've ever seen on television

Everyone needs to watch Spaced

All football fans now have reason to hate Bush- Saints done in N.O.

*BLEEP* that Moran - now when I play Qwerty I have difficulty spelling

New toilet seat design just for women

Have you ever chose to learn from or study with a repub?

Compulsive list-makers, show me what you've got.

Your favorite in the film "CLUE"

Favorite movie cliches?

Name three things you've never done that lots of other people have:

I still believe that JFK, Jr. was murdered.

Panda Cute-ness Poll

TERRIBLE movies you still watch...

Post a memorable line from a film

OK, I've broken down and decided to post a picture of myself.

Words fail me.

Man Accused Of Shoplifting 342 Bras

NOW, Name 3 Things You Have Done That MOST People Have NOT

Insert the word "fascist" in any movie title.

Sex bias case tests church rule that clergy's boss is God

progressive christian: creationism/evolution

Why do Christians worship a God who is less moral than they are?

Forced to pray...... Fundies have taken to "religious rape"?!?!

I found some interesting stuff today that you might want re:Climate Change

Stone Age Cemetery, Artifacts Unearthed in Sahara

The only debate on Intelligent Design

No winner in 'space elevator' competition

(Audio) Interview with Tracey Brown of 'Sense About Science'

Trained wasps may be used to detect bombs, bugs, bodies and more

Namibia Chips Away at African Taboos on Homosexuality

Voting Begins In Advance Poll For Texas Anti-Gay Amendment

California won't revisit marriage bill until 2007

California loan company sued for antigay harassment

Kansas Equality Coalition website is up.

CT Diocese recommends priests be allowed to perform civil unions

Help with a question

Gays need heterosexuals to oppose 'Queer Crow' laws

West says he'll sue newspaper for violation of privacy

Third World Anglicans Mount New Gay Challenge To Church

Boston Archdiocesan agency helps gays adopt children

Kane to give positive HIV lists to state

The Atlantis Mexican Riviera Cruise

City To Permit KKK Rally Against Gay Marriage

It doesn't get much better than GAME 2!

San Antonio ---> L.A. most likely trail for the Saints( ESPN)

Texas *PASSES* USC in BCS poll

World's Largest Cocktail Party... 5 days and counting

Carson Palmer Fails NFL Drug Test

The "Got Milk" Commericals

Great Picture of Indy race car driver Danica Patrick in NYC

Thermostat setting for the pets?

Bird stories. What is the funniest thing your bird has done.

Matthew's Message Oct. 17th

Help, I think I need some shielding

Changing religion from within

Evangelistic Atheism: Tips on Leading Believers Astray (link)


OK, so am I missing something?

Mark Twain on the Bible.

Do you guys celebrate Christmas?

Positive news from Virginia

Bursting the Bubble - Again (Another look at Inside the Bubble)

I rarely do this, but I need your help

Kerry on Bernanke's nomination as Fed

Bono Interview in Rolling Stone

John Kerry Stumps in NYC for Ferrer

Kerry's schedule this week

I. Am. So. Depressed

Email from Teresa about JK's birthday KAP event

Restoration challenge

KOEB 10/24/05

New blog about Roger Clemens!

Tom DeLay's 'real' mug shot

Scooter Libby + Judy Miller + CIA Leak + Van Halen = "Judy's Cryin'"

Hard hitting Anti-Bushco Rock ((video))

Meme for sale: Kay Bailey Hypocrite

Bush's pathetic record on establishing national parks

Job Listing for "New Rove" Found on Craigslist

Jumping From the Sinking Ship of Empire: Vermonters Move to Secede From US

Fitzgerald for Supreme Court Justice!! gives credit for Fitzmas to spiralhawk of DU!

Who's leaving out milk and cookies for Fitzmas tonight??

capitolhillblue: Card told * White House 'Hip-Deep' in Plame Scandal

Crooks & Liars: Novak Flipped (link to Washington Post article)

"the criminalization of politics" is new far right buzzword

Iraq insurgency shows no signs of abating

WP editorial in support of California, Ohio redictricting initiatives

Ralph Reed, The Master of Deception

"Liberal activists" hosting small dinners for potential '08 candidates

GOP preparing for defeats in 2006? Usenet article

Poll - Cheney Indictment?

Fitzgerald: "It's not personal. It's my job."

Funny Quote

Pot calling kettle...

This has been bugging me: No one asked, "Who's Joe Wilson?"

A voter surge

Kay Bailey Hutchison

If DeLay is really innocent of wrong doing

Which Indictment Would Hurt the Republicans the Most?

Va.-OUCH! the Fog that is the Hoax of Jerry Kilgore.

War Protest Has Captive Audience

Freep-holes: "An unmitigated disaster...could lead to impeachment of Bush"

Washington on precipice as CIA leak storm set to break

DNC: Arraignments, Indictments, Investigations, Oh My! The GOP's Week of

CIA leak inquiry in final stretch: BBC report

Watching Bolton on C-SPAN2

Give the GOP another nudge toward the cliff- with adjectives

DNC: Scandal-Plagued Vice President Raises Cash for Santorum

It's Pat Robertson

If indictments come down, how long before the RW savages Fitzgerald?


Army holds back new humvees!

"We can balance compassion with fiscal responsibility"

US "private military contractors" already in-country to "deal with" Chavez

The Ditto Head Dilemma

Why are so many Dems linked to neocon's and this PAC?

* has let it be known that loyalty is very important to him.

Poll - best GOP framing of Indictments in CIA leak case

Former Powell Aide Says Bush Policy Is Run by 'Cabal'

Fitzmas/2000 Casualty Conflict

Chimp picks Bernanke as Fed chairman

"Republicans Testing Ways to Blunt Leak Charges "

From NY TImes -- Breaking

Indictments this week in CIA leak inquiry?

Conservative Icon Says "The Days Of The Blank Check Have Ended." Now What?

Do I smell panic in the air? RW panic, to be specific.

Since Valerie Plame is no longer an undercover operative

Conservative hypocrisy archive to rebut the predicted spin

DNC: Cheney, Talent Photo-Op: Picture of Corruption

CBS News: "The timing is about as bad as it could be for Mr. Bush"

A link, please, to the US WMD report...

Congress is balking at approving an additional $3 billion in heating aide

Kaine Gets Endorsement from Washington Post

Bush: "I'm going to comment on it. Fine-looking shades you got there."

Hiring Joe Wilson versus hiring Michael Brown

Republicans call it "criminalizing politics". Democrats call it

Here's an idea. Iran-Contra revisited since some of the same

CSPAN2 now 1:30pmCT: Reid and Durbin talking about KBH's

Joe Wilson got a plane ticket and room and board

2000 Mark Approaches in Iraq, Journalist Hotel Bombed: Coincidence?

18 years ago today

ABC News Breaking: Bush Says He Won't Release Miers Records

Bushies feeling the boss' wrath

"Conservatives" jumping ship deserve derision, scorn.

Wurmser passed Plame's name to Libby, Hadley, those close to leak investig

Headsup: Brent Scowcroft blasts Bush 43 in important New Yorker article

Conservatives Launch 'Withdraw Miers' Website (

A slump is what baseball players have, Reuters says Bush in slump

Something stinks over at

Good bumper sticker

Sen. Harkin talking of high heating prices -blames on tax breaks for

M Moore: "W.H. preparing attack...If only Fitzgerald's wife were a spy..."

Just got a letter through newsmax from Zell endorsing Blackwell....

The $5M 9/11 Widow

Putting the boot in: Miers involved in dubious land deal

FEMA Getting Ice Ready for Hurricane Wilma

Rove not likely to survive inquiry

Froomkin; All eyes are on the president. And apparently, he's good and mad

Heh heh. Just tried to call Sen. Hutchison's office -- the line is busy.

Letter to My Republican Representative

Two Powerful Explosions Blasted in Central Baghdad

Mr. Fitzgerald - can I ask a favor?

Condi's trip South: "running for something"?

Limbaugh: People targeted by food stamp cuts "aren't using them anyway"

If the Niger Yellowcake evidence was so good it made the SOTU speech,

Hardball: covering the indictments

He's Making a List .....

Important! California Guv Could Face Recall

Here's a strategy the Dems could use to win

Freep-holes: "Bush should pardon anyone charged in outing traitor Plame"

*Greens oppose DoD recruiting database*

December 2005. Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Fitzgerald, right?

Bush "cheerful, serene, peevish, melancholy, and lashing out at aides"

Dick Cheney: Unindicted coconspirator? That's my prediction.

We Need Your Help!!

Bush in FreeeFallll!!!! Too Funny!!

Anyone watch the CBS news this evening

Apparently, Randy doesn't think Fitzmas is too funny....

A comment on Tweety's show today

ESP Wonder; Newspapers Channel Bush

Stray thoughts about the Fitzgerald investigation

Hark! Fitzgerald makes them sing

Howie "the 'ho" Kurtz strikes again; smears Joe Wilson

I was cleaning, and came across this giant stack of Kerry/Edwards 04

Greenspan "successfully navigated U.S. economy through the past decade??"

Imagine you're I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. I know, it's not easy.

Should Democrats call for impeachment of Cheney?

Neoconservatives - Our True Archenemies?

Great analysis of the anti-populist law "reforms" in Texas -- must read

Scarborough says (brand new on the wire): Libby got info from Cheney.

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government." ????

Who watched The West Wing last night?

Saturday Nite Live



Appeal for help to all my DU Brothers and Sisters

Bush Lays Groundwork for Miers to Back Out

Hindsight is 20/20: WH Should Have Been Smearing Fitz Months Ago!

Freepers pay homage to Rosa Parks

Post Katrina: Using the "I" word - Impeachment & the 64 Mil $ ?

You wake up tomorrow and...

Bush could use a couple gallons of my mother`s home brew.

Fitzgerald Launches Web Site

"The FBI has conducted clandestine surveillance on some U.S. residents"

Winning Topic for Democrats in 2006....

On Letterman, Al Franken Jokes About Execution for Treason of Rove...Bush

Ohio War Veteran Running for Senate

Hey, anyone here give a rat's ass about *'s confidentiality? He

who else will be indicted?

Is it time for the Democratic Party to divorce itself from the Clintons?

Looking for a MTP clip- Cheney says he doesn't know Wilson!


Dean - Will you be a leader

Sy Hersh: "We're Fucked." What does Sy know that we don't know?

Democrats message should boil down to two words: ECONOMIC JUSTICE

Impeachment in a Nutshell.

Corzine needs help in this poll

Target Letters today

"Fitzgerald's New Boss." Bad news if McNulty takes over or is it?

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison): crime and not some perjury technicality

A question

How can they NOT impeach?

To all the Hillary haters; Boxer's a Republican!!

You will LOVE this - from this month's Vanity Fair:

Frist was given considerable info about his stake in his family's hospital

Daddy Bush's buddies turn on jr.

Final Push for a Win in the South

Tweety wants to know how Bush can bring back his "SUNNY NOBILITY."

Scarborough on Rita Foghorn: Cheney told Libby, and Tenent told Cheney

"Islamists and Mujahedeen Secure Victory in Afghan Vote "

Block the Nomination of Ellen Sauerbrey as Assistant Secretary of State!

Are we a Neoliberal (DLC) or Liberal Party (DNC)?

The freepers are hurting so badly...

I find it interesting that Hannity is already smearing Fitzgerald

"Fitzgerald's long work hours made him ineligible to adopt a cat"

"The aspens are turning...." Give me your best theories.

What angers you most about Rush Limbaugh vis a vis Ed Shultz?

Conyers:Sign the Letter to the President to Demand No Pardons ...