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Judith Miller, Piece of Work

Newsview: Like Father, Like Son for Bushes

Stripes: ‘They hate Saddam … they hate Americans’

Leak Case Renews Questions on War's Rationale

List of Foiled (terra) Plots Puzzling to Some

Time mag-An Unholy Alliance?(Ralph Reed,Jack Abramoff,Karl Rove)

War Sponsor Exxon-Mobil, Official Supplier of the Empire

NYT Public Editor: The Miller Mess: Lingering Issues Among the Answers

The myth of the war economy

Yep, "It's the media's fault"

Newsweek's Anna Quindlin: We've Been Here Before (Iraq War and Vietnam)

American Healthcare: the 'Prime Example of How Not To Do It'

Action Alert: Republicans to Send Wild Horses Back to Slaughterhouse

Robyn Blumner: When boss flops, workers pay

The Dangerously Incomplete Hariri Report

President's fair-weather friends turn on Meirs

The Media: Miller's Crossing

Vatican on a gay hunt. Defrock first, ask questions later...

Newsweek: Prelude to a Leak (Gang fight - Cheney's gang)

Israel, America and Palestine

Newsweek: Prelude to a Leak

Times Does Duty, And So Does Judy – But It’s A Hash

Eighty-two percent want our troops out

NYT: The Miller Mess: Lingering Issues Among the Answers (Calame)

We've all been bad boys, Dave!

(Scooter) The sources of a source

A soldier's story: The short life and violent death of Sgt Chris Hickey

The Abramoff/Reed Emails (obtained by Time magazine)

Osama a quake victim?

Miers family received 'excessive' sum in land case

Opinion-Rove not likely to survive inquiry-Margaret Carlson

Brazil: Profit and Poverty Fuel Amazon Deforestation

The Yes-Man:Bush sent Porter Goss to the wrecking it.

Stomping on To Syria

"Breaking Ranks: What Turned Brent Scowcroft Against the Bush Admin"

Outing CIA Agents - Valerie Plame Meets Philip Agee

FEMA: Well-fed on high

Fun guide to Team Bush scandals

A dog with a lot of savvy.

New YorkerBreaking Ranks: What Turned B. Scowcroft Against the Bush Admin?

The ‘background noise’ sounds bad for Bush

Unbridled Corruption in Iraq - Ex CIA Names Names, Shows Numbers

You won't believe what was in the paper today!

Defending The Indefensible (George Will re Miers)

Agriculture facing its own Katrina

The Psychopath in the White House

The New Puritans

A tribe forgotten

Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

Venezuela getting ready to confront the United States


I wonder how many soliders are unemployed or living in shelters?

The quest for fuel-efficient cars

Thai Chemists report direct cracking of vegetable oils to liquid fuels.

Read these two articles in juxtaposition---

Report: Pakistan willing to accept quake aid from Israel, Jewish groups-Ha

Israel will not hamper Palestinian vote - minister

Another lie, another conflict.How long can we do this to the Palestinians?

How many people know

what caused cars, ambulances, trucks to explode at WTC, as much as

I've been MIA. Is this the 2004 ER&D Forum now?

Need help with 2 GD forums

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 10/23/05

History of the 2004 Presidential Election Debate

What does the DU make of these articles?

Calculatus Eliminatus

Join Howard Dean in an anti-Special Election protest in downtown LA Thurs

2,000 Too Many - Honoring the Dead (Candlelight Vigil-probably tonight)

I already voted NO on 73 through 78 & YES on 79-80 Now, where can I donate

Another open State House seat: Rep. Brian Knuuttila (D-Garnder)

Ransoming the car at Lindbergh Terminal

anyone copy tv shows to PC using MS Media Center?

Papers differ on state issue stances

A humble suggestion for the Ohio Democratic Primary.

Coleman presents:

Clevelanders, tell me more about Subodh Chandra

Kinky, a good ol' cigar-chomping, Jewish cowboy, might soon be running Tex

Does Albertson's support the Hate Amendment?

Statement from Repug chair about DeLay:

I heard Chris Bell speak at a local rally.

Houston vigil for 2000 fallen soldiers, here's the link

Al Franken coming to Dallas in Dec will broadcast Air America /KXEB 910

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.).....

You live on the gulf coast if...

Short but sweet LTE on Delay in today's Chronicle

Dallas Walmart screening to benefit Dallas Peace center and kick off the t

What Happened To My Beloved Packers Today?

Groan...Packers blow 17 Point lead

Families for Peace meeting in Madison Thurs Oct 27

Do you think a citizen should be able to buy more than 1 vehicle a year?

When did Condi Rice make a turn for the worst?

Poll issued by British shows that 82 percent of Iraqis oppose occupation

I actually hope Brandi Swindell wins the election

Quick: need a PDF of a commercial washing machine manual

Having a Party ?? Wedding ??? Bar Mitzvah ??? : Call the OSP ! ....

Why this "theory of evolution" frightens me.

I get it., know her type, it's I've got mine, me, me, me to hell with

Doonesbury : the liberal bias

Background Noise: Is it any wonder?

When breaking down *'s approval rating...

Not a fan of W's? Treasure trove here

I really love "Family Guy".....

Hey Mods

It's a slow night. Are you bored? Looking for something to keep

D.C. Scarier than Halloween-- "Christian" rant about scary liberals

SNL is so damn funny right now!!

Does anyone know who this person hosting

Stripes letters: (MERC) ‘Cowboys’ hurt image in Iraq

"God bless hurricanes"

Where is everyone? It's time for the night owls to come out. It is

Will the General Run?

Saddam has not had WMDs since the mid-'90s ---- discuss

(FIORE) Hurricane Anything

Sanger at NYT: "The Washington Secret Often Isn't"

Afghan magazine editor sentenced to two years for blasphemy

The Site, "Iraq coalition Casualties" has been down

Being the Media-clipping and posting videos How To

I love DU polls: World's most obnoxious conservative "news" site

Being the Media-A Philosophy about Corporate Media Priesthood versus

Rice says U.S. military action against Iran "not on agenda"

We haven't talked about DEATH THREATS to witnesses ie Plame

"Confessions of a 'Jeopardy!' champion": Anderson Cooper

Young Democrats Sharpen Tactics Against Old Rivals - WaPo

What's up with

NYT public editor (ombudsman, reader rep) doesn't see Miller future at NYT

How do I make sense out of what makes no sense? (Toledo riots)

Economists: "If You Don't Eat or Drive, Inflation's No Problem"

Upcoming talking point by the Bush bunch.

Military enjoying access to students

Terror Alert next week?

Go Fitz!

'Cheney, Cheney, Cheney, Cheney, Cheney, Cheney/Stop being such a

Please tell me Alpha and Wilma won't meet up and reform in the Atlantic

Hardball's pattern of misinformation and imbalance on CIA leak case

"George Bush Doesn't Like Black People" (music video)

This is enough to make you sick .*freeper alert*

"Were you able to whack McCain's wife yet?"

Hateful "reliable Christian news" says Walgreens WANTS new HIV cases

Breaks my heart: “rivers of blood” of innocent people

When the chimp mentions chatter and background noise

CNN's "Reliable Sources" has a segment on "The Colbert Report" coming up

Syria Storm Clouds Devils and Dust redux?

Letter from Cheney to Scooter intercepted!

"A Horse for Rumsfeld, but, Whoa, There's a Snag"

I wonder how * slept? After all remember how as kid how tough ....

Heads up! Howard Dean on 'This Week' NOW

Everyone go to freeper homepage!

Can Bush* be 'President' without Rove?

Shouldn't have Russert on MTP introduce Hayes as being a neocon

The man behind CIA leak inquiry (Special prosecutor Fitzgerald)

Pentagon's Prime Vendor Program pays $20.00 for .85 cent ice cube trays.

Kmart Covers Up Lead Warning Labels On Halloween Masks

UN, Al Qaeda, And Saddam; Or, How FAUX NEWS Makes Shit Up

Occupation Dreamland

David Brooks - This Week - No -one cares about CIA Leak story

Both Storm Headed for a Collision

Judith Miller's "entanglements"

Do you have "View Signatures" off or on?

Wonder How Things Are Going At Camp David?

Discretionary News Drops next week to deflect WH CIA leak indictments?

Brooks peddling the same B.S. on "This Week"......

Scary image of approaching Wilma to Naples, FL (Yahoo)

George CLooney injury during filming


Re: Bird Flu

Saddam Pumping Gas in Al Ouja, Iraq?

British officer to test legality of Iraq war

Does anybody know how to get the Maureen Dowd piece on Judy for free

Looking for Miers article

Watergate had DEEP THROAT

US media outlets? "Iraq poll calls for troops pull-out"

Sunday doonsbury is awesome!

My plan for today

Armored Humvees Never Made It To Iraq

In Times Like These...

Howard Dean is laying out platform

So, what's being cooked up at Camp David?

"OK, Mike. Here's what we'll do..."

Anyone know who the man was on the Majority Report on Friday?

I've identified the 10 terrorist plots that Bush claimed were "foiled"

MTP: KB Hutchison... "let's not pre- judge kkkarl and scootie"...

Perjury and obstruction of justice....

My message I just sent to Wolf

Where was hip-hop in the 'foremath' of Katrina?

So is it going to be Monday?

OK, so Chicago is twirling around,

Who sent the Anthrax letters?

Any word from mexicopat?

The only debate on Intelligent Design that is worthy of its subject

Have I mentioned to you merry band of...

Repub poll: Growing number of S.C. Repubs pro-choice!

How does one become a "fixture" on DU?

Tom Flocco: Delusional Disorder or RW Disinformation Agent?

Help - getting ready to go see my freeper bro in law

Howard Dean on the "Culture Of Corruption" (Portland Press Herald)

Bushes Bring some Fashionable Fun

Did you catch Kay Bailey Hutchison's Freudian slip on MTP?

The souls of innocent civilians creeping up on war criminals

CNN: Wilma, Wilma, Wilma, Wilma, Wilma, Wilma, Wilma, Wilma,Wilma.......

Wilma: The flying garbage can map.

Frank Rich tells us why they went after Wilson but not why we went to war?

republicans worry more about ...

Heading back from Paris today, into MIAMI

VIDEO- Schumer on MTP about War on Terror/Iraq

The NOAA is getting really good at predicting hurricane paths

Did Osama survive the earthquake in Pakistan?

85 posts til 1000 then the hurricane comes and we lose power....

Who lives in freeper hell but can see Dems on the march?

DNC press release: Dean's statements on Dem agenda & more on "This Week"

Anyone hear anything about mexicoxpat?

" Many Players Emerging in CIA Leak Drama"

is joe lieberman still alive?

Frog march frog march FROG MARCH!

FEMA/NOAA alert: Hurricane Patrick on course for White House...

CNN finally broadcasting some stuff worth listening to.

If you haven't seen this film you must

Iraqi: The Americans are Not Liberators They are Criminals...

Hypocrite of the yr: On MTP, Sen KB Hutchison downplayed the severity

How far does Fitzgerald's investigation go?

Lost link sought

What Federal Government agency do you trust the most*?

In reference to the Merlot Dems, what do the "haves & have mores" drink?

Supreme Court: Would you rather have an unqualified justice with a

What are the polls saying about Republicans in general? (Not just BushCo)

question for a good electrician

Bypassing the RW Agenda

If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong

Did anyone watch Stephanopulos this morning?

I got @ Dulles Airport "Don't Blame me I voted for KERRY tee-shirt :)

Scooter Libby: Shark Bait (Fabulous and funny article on Irving Libby)

More of that groovy military "logic"...

The Twelve Days of Fitzmas

Is this what freedom looks like?

Has anyone noticed how Repugs

So the admin. is bracing for a powerful attack by Brent Scowcroft

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Get'cher free copy of MoDo on Judy here:

Link to sign up for Zogby Polls...

The real Saddam on trial?

There is no "Real reason" we're in Iraq.

Bypassing the RW Agenda

Simple proof that things are headed in the wrong direction.

Georgy loves Harriet because she is just as corrupt as he is....

White House scandal spills blood on editorial floor

Are the 'sheeple' going to be taken by surprise by the indictments?

Is ActBlue safe?

It was not Rove's or Libby's idea to go to war...

Fox News says UN is the LINK between Saddam and Al Queda.

Urgent Bulletin: Figure Skaters have Injuries

Do you trust the timing of the Pentagons reporting of US soldiers deaths?

Just say NO to PLUB

So if "Close "freind" Abramoff raked in millions, how much was Roves take?

I just don't get it. By what right do Judy Miller or any of these

LAT: Hunt for Tax Cheats Is Curbed by (CA) Governor

Am amazed at hurricane supplies.

Boiling down the *real* reasons for the war against Iraq

Will Rove be indicted?

I've been looking at Fitzgerald's new website

U.S. now rated 44th in press freedom.

Tell me again, why did so many Democrats vote for the war ?

Dick Cheney flash back... Halliburton acquiring Dresser Industries... Why?

I Propose We Do Away With Using the F-Word to Insult (f*ck Bush, etc) Pols

See the great "Become a Republican" flash animation!

Islamists and Mujahedeen Secure Victory in Afghan Vote

Does Fritzmas replace Festivus?

Dumb question-Libby talked to the Grand Jury twice, Rove did 4 times

Can we have a "New Mail" Alert when the indictments come?

Tell me more about the Larry Franklin-Plame connection

What did Cindy accomplish in Crawford?

We can change the direction this country is going


What happened to the 2nd half of the 7/04 Senate Intel Report?

PHOTO: America's First Couple perform Hokey Pokey on White House lawn

As if there wasn't enough reason to hate Dunkin Donuts...CARLYLE GROUP!

and in other news...minimum wage increase legislation failed again

Jimmy Swaggart's church files $24 million defamation / extortion suit

Democrats need to make this point.

anyone have the link to that repub woman in Texas who said that

Heads UP...Scott Ritter/Hersh on C-Span 2

OK I get it now. When it comes to hurricanes,

VIDEO- KBH on MTP with Frank Rich Comments -Perjury Trivilialization

How would the bushbots in the MSM and in the WH spin a RW BJ

'F*ck Bush' sign of arrested protester sits atop police car in FL!!

"Counsel has special power"

Dems Tap Patrick Fitzgerald for Impeachment Probe (Tinfoil hat or not?)

If you missed SNL's hilarious slam on * and Pox News last night:

a picture says more....

ABC: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

Congress wants to spend $3B to keep us watching tv...

"Saddam Trial Won't Hide Bush's Historic Mistakes"


Any updates on mexicopat? Been away for a couple of days...

Turnip Green Soup in the crockpot today

DUH Design by Unintelligent Hand (humour)

Cancun pics from today:

hear Palast on Miers; Subday on Fitzgerald. Sunday Monitor at top of hr

Texas Health Directives

I don't trust the U.S. Postal Service...I just DON'T

What does 2,000 look like?

Halloween the Holiday of fun is it a dying holiday???

It is Begining to Look a Lot like Fritzmas!

There's an important expose in the NYT Magazine

LCD flatscreen TVs--when will prices come down?

Your driver's license and all your info now viewable online thanks to GOP

Will we have access to Fitz's files, notes, and tapes...

Why should we be so sure the indictments will be big?


The night before Fitzmas

Flying Spaghetti Monster News: Creative Science Quarterly offers $100

How the rich got that way--Sorry, Trump and Boortz!

Another military blogger silenced

has anyone heard of any rumor that bush ordered AG to fire Fitz?

US drops 20 notches in the new 2005 World Press Freedom Index--

Cliff Kincaid from GOP USA responded back to my e-mail

Scowcroft Hammers G.W. Bush, Cheney, Rice, and this Administration's Naive

Armies do they defend our freedoms or not?

Rummie will be spending next week out of harm's way

Tin foil hat time: The Saddam lawyer was killed to send a message....

Perjury and obstruction ain’t gonna do it, folks

Cool we are going to go watch good night good luck

Good Sign - The times are a changin'

Ok, I like chicken... So I am stocking up before Bird Flu hits the USA

Carol Lin/CNN think global warming is ridiculous.

Who will be FIRST Democrat to say I was lied to by Administration/Iraq

Does anyone have video of Dean on "This Week"?

Jesse Jackson: "if I were to run for President in 2008 ...

Will Vermont secede from the U.S?

Judy Miller to get Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Did Bush kill my uncle?

The Ohio Protection Project

What's your VISION of the future? What are you keeping in your

Insurgency Shows No Signs of Abating - The Conservative Voice

Suggested Sports Photo-Op for President Bush

Yes ! John Harwood of WSJ used the S word.

PHOTOS: UNDERSEC'Y OF STATE Karen Hughes keeps polishing our image!

Well, When's The Big Day?

An Open Letter to Andrew Card:

Flashback: Oct. 1, 2004 Chumpy is out of touch with reality, he's


OK tell me the truth. Do both DeLay and Rove have Dem attorney's?

I'm Burned Out On Hurricanes..


Another lie, another conflict.How long can we do this to the Palestinians?

France about to indite Dick Cheney on Nigerian scandle

Miers family received 'excessive' sum in land case

I'm surrounded by Idiots 2.0 available.

Libby's wife is a democratic attorney?

A Moving Letter to Karl Rove:

All Things Reconsidered with Bruce Burch at 10pm EDT

West Wing: The leak (spoiler)

Guns: Legal but limited?

A little history: How did Kenneth Starr's Whitewater probe get expanded

Josh Marshall on Fitzgerald and McNulty - something odd

Cancun is no stranger to hurricanes

Is it appropriate for a Alabama Mayor to say "crime solution: Buy a gun"

Miers role post-fitzmas?

Why not indict Administration officials on everything, not just easy to

Caption *

More Ralph Reed exposure - we in Georgia are thrilled to see

A question about Ariana Huffington....

The Liberation of the Winter Solstice (aka, The War on Christmas)

C-SPAN's Really Shovelling The Kool-Aid This Morning

Looks like Judy might get fired from the Times

George Bush's sister is married to a "Merlot Democrat"

Just Think: CHEENEE World Historial Figure, over Puny Shrub

Boise city council race: Brandi Swindell vs. Maryanne Jordan

John Gibson is going to save Xmas for EVERYBODY

If tobacco's liable for 2nd hand smoke, what about 2nd hand lead?

Millions More Pictures

A Letter to Senator Warner on the Iraq War Resolution:

Question: Does anyone think Fitzgerald has phone records of

Kind Of Cool How * Can't Get A Photo Op At World Series, Isn't It?

Why they are talking about Internet Governance....

Man Says He Warned Officials Over a Year Ago About Caged Children

Have any folks seen CNN showing "Happy Cancun Campers?" Cheering &Laughing

Many Players Emerging in CIA Leak

Gen. McCaffrey (Ret.) "It's A Civil War, And We're In The Middle Of It."

America, the Beautiful (now just “average looking”)

Interview with Coordinator of Hussein's defense team-BBC--VERY interesting

CNN is really pushing Key West's "Star of the Sea" chapel

"Rule of Law" Let's start practicing saying this as fervently and as


Bush Approval Bounce?

Ok Twilight zone with my 76 Chevy Vega

There Just Ain't Enough Bandwith for Tom and Christine DELAY

What would Bush have to eat (on live TV) to lose his loyal 30%?

is there a site as to how many Iraqis have died at bush/nero's hand?

They said they would bring "honor and integrity" back to the White House

Neal Boortz: another lying, cowardly Chickenhawk

Sox win!

Frank Rich makes a good point

Gore Vidal On 9/11 -- No LIHOP Or MIHOP

Karl Rove: "We will fuck him, we will fucking destroy him...!"

Saw a bumper sticker today: "Bush 2004 - Honesty, Integrity, Morality"

When is * obligated to pull security clearances?

Isn't the IWR clearly unconstitutional? Why has nobody challenged it in

Sunday Monitor tonight had Greg Palast, discussing Harriet Miers & GTech

Chances of Fitz uncovering election fraud?

Billmon: "To me, the New Pravda's role in the Iraq debacle resembles

The rude Freepers were out on display at my friend's wedding last night


Unlikely heroes of Traitorgate:

Excerpts. "Breaking Ranks: What Turned Brent Scowcroft Against Bush Admin

Five Held in Plot to Burglarize Democrats Office Here

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count site in desperate need of spare change!

It's that time of year again - GHOST stories!!

Experts puzzled by Bush's mention of foiled plots

HA HA - Susan Molinari Gets Nailed for Ethics deal - NY Daily News

*** Sunday TOONS to start your week ***

Bush Supporters are a Cult

I love Vermont..they're always talking secession

Any word from Binka?

Wow The Mexicans are treating

World's most obnoxious Conservative talking head

Al-Zarqawi's terror reign gets larger

NCAA and sport mascots.....

Mystery illness forces church evacuation in WETHERSFIELD, Conn

History of the Debate Surrounding the Validity of the 2004 Presidential El

Is Today the Day? --->>>

Frank Rich: Karl and Scooter's Excellent Adventure (10/23 column)

Building Livable Communities

When Bush said the sixteen words at State of Union did he lie?

Have You Seen This?

Hey man, I got to say about the 'war on christmas' ...

Don't get too excited

Wilma videos from Univision

Republicans Testing Ways to Blunt Leak Charges

Chavez interview on the BBC.

Flame away but there's got to be a better name for this than Fitzmas.

Dead British parrot had deadly H5N1 bird flu

I've noticed a change in the Sherrod Brown ad on DU

For Fundies and Creationists: Happy 6009th birthday for the universe

You better start listening good...

Republican Congressman Alleges 9/11 Cover-up by Pentagon (VIDEO)

Cindy Sheehan Is A Tool And There Will Not Be Any Indictments!

More Bad News for Bush

More proof that the 2004 'election' was compromised

What if there are no indictments?

Please, for the love of God explain to me the difference.

60 Minutes. Idiot defects to N. Korea and is abused. Should I care?

Just exactly what does Halliburton do?

Wilma is cat 3 now.

PIC: Bush patting his invisible friend on the back

What is it about Trader Joe's and Whole Foods?

Official ‘Ritter and Hersh on CSPAN2’ thread

Is Cindy Sheenan being Setup?

NEW Grand Theft Election: "Dont Mess With Georgia's Poll Tax"

Scott Ritter/Seymour Hersh on C-Span2 (repeat)

Ya Gotta Love Wikipedia! **Please read this for a laugh!**

Bookmark: Patrick Fitzgerald's web page

Kay Bailey Hutchison's change of heart on Perjury should be e-mailed

The Lies Peddled On Sunday Shows And How Democrats/Liberals Play Into Them

Obscenity Prosecutions Leads to Closure / Self-Censorship of Websites

When the votes don't add up - Making a case for how the religious right

Dear Condi, you anti-American, prevaricating poor

Oh George, You're Such an ASS ---pix->>>

Excellent Avain Flu information website.

Chalabi to visit Washington

Earthquake orphans sold into sex trade

What should be done with Saddam?

LAT op-ed: "Sure, it kills birds, but it won't kill you"

Novak was flipped early by Fitz (WP via Atrios)

Is Bush* the idiot puppet or the brilliant master behind the scenes?

Current TV just showed the New Orleans police beating of the 64 yr old man

A Reminder To All DUers (TruthIsAll... are you out there?)

Imperialism ain't what it used to be.

Taking off one's shoes at the airport security line?

Dean's own words

My email to "Primetime" about racist child vocal duo...

Merle Haggard: "Let's Get Out of Iraq"

Who gives 2 shits about this Hariri character that got blown up in Beirut?

Neo-Con Fascist Front=Religious Right

How do right-wing, "conservative" Christians reconcile these two things?

New Republican Gag Rule for Non-Profits

Fitzgerald Must Broaden Investigation

Hussein was evil, but so is US bombing in Iraq.

The Republican Alphabet -

Worthless Juan Williams

If the Hague charged the Bush Administration with Crimes Against Humanity

Would our real President (Gore) have led us into Iraq?

Fitzmas will be a beginning, not an end. WILL AMERICA CARE?

The DU Indictment Pool for next week:

Any DUers who have some psychic ability? Not kidding.

Abramoff to Ralph Reed: "Need serious swat....Can you ping Karl on this?"

In One Word, Describe bu$hCo's Imminent Collapse . . . (me): Spectacular

All Roads Lead to PNAC (Deep Background to Fitz Saga)

What should we do if Fitzgerald does not indict ?

What on earth is a Merlot Democrat?

When did liberalism become about complaining about how people live??

New nickname for Karl Rove: "Squealer." Pass it on.

None of the perjury nonsense. It's simple. The word is Treason.

Newsweek painting Libby -- "Prelude to a Leak"

REUTERS: Indictments Mon or Tues

Why do you think Bush nominated Harriet Meiers?

IF Bush is named an "unindicted co-conspirator," how can we dump his ass?

"We will not walk in fear of one another." Edward R. Murrow

Just hit 1999. RIP.

Anyone here seen the political murder mystery, 'Silver City'?

Kay Bailey Hutchison's evolving views on perjury

A man describes why women should never be president

"fitzmas" sounds silly. I prefer "OCTOBER SURPRISE".

Wilma will still be a 2 after crossing to Florida's east coast:


Flottz's Hot-a Fitzmas Cantata, in E fat...

Usually, I don't like Halloween but I am hoping for the best one

Lyrics for 'Hey Jude' for Judy Miller (in the spirit of Fitzmas.)

FITZMAS CAROLS COMPILATION -- you asked for it .. and you get it!

Keep talking to me please (thread three)

Calamari question

Apple Crisp

Here's a video of former P.M Mulroney telling a reporter to "F" himself

Drink giants' plans to fuel binge Britain

Anti-terror powers could hit police

Customers to pay for shopping with a fingerprint at the Co-op

Can I mention Rel*gi*n in this rational gathering?

Restoration of 'ricin case' article to The Guardian website

The king of real estate's cashing out

Gulf Coast Suffers Record Hurricane Season

Times Does Duty, And So Does Judy – But It’s A Hash

Miers family received 'excessive' sum in land case (Harriet rip off!)

WP,pg1: Contractor (Unisys) Accused Of Overbilling U.S. (after 9/11)

An angry Libby kept close tabs on Wilson, ex-aides say

NYT: CIA to Avoid Charges in Most Prisoner Deaths

WP: In the Spotlight And on the Spot (Scooter LIbby)

NYT:Leak Case Renews Questions on War's Rationale

AP: Gov Special Election Campaign Takes Schwarzenegger Ads Off Air

Navy Moves Forward on Sonar Facility Despite Concerns About Whales

Times Endorses Mayor Bloomberg for Re-election

Miers netted 10 times value in land deal (from Texas Superfund)

Three US Marines killed in different operations in Iraq

Report alleges rebels trained in Venezuela (US dirty tricks?)

Calls for retaliation after video shows Taliban burning

Four U.S. Contractors Killed in Iraq

'Calvin And Hobbes' Creator Keeps Privacy

NYT Public Editor: The Miller Mess: Lingering Issues Among the Answers

Blasts rattle Baghdad and Kirkuk as U.S. toll rises

Ohio lawmaker in probe’s periphery

A tribe forgotten

Pa. Military College to Admit Women

Schumer: Miers Lacks Votes To Be Confirmed

Grieving Iraq family sees no end to “rivers of blood”

Bush's terror info 'confusing'

Iraqi Policeman, Kids Among Latest Victims

The man behind CIA leak inquiry (Special prosecutor Fitzgerald)

Kofi in 'murder cover-up'

Iraqi bar association urges boycott of Saddam court

Skeptics question list of foiled plots

Vatican on a gay hunt. Defrock first, ask questions later...

Zawahri urges Muslims to aid quake victims

ABC: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

Indictments early as tuesday?

Migrants made to cross Sahara army minefield

Newsweek: Prelude to a Leak

Venezuela getting ready to confront the United States

All killed in Nigeria plane crash

U.S., Britain Urge Action Against Syria

Labour's war on terror is failing, says leaked report

Police to probe US ‘torture flights’ landing in Scotland

Huge Majority of Iraqis Want Coalition To Go (82%)

U.S. Troops Try to Maintain Morale in Iraq

As U.S. Military Verges on 2,000th Death, Iraq's Insurgency Is Not Abating

In Iowa, Frist defends (his) Republican leadership

Report: Abramoff Sought Help From Reed

Grim Map Details Toll In 9th Ward and Beyond: Katrina Deadly in (all N.O.)

Debates to underline burning issues as Rice visits (Canada)

Brazilians reject ban on gun sales

Lawyers see charges this week in CIA-leak case

Fitzgerald Is Expected to Decide Whether to Seek Indictments-NYTimes

North Toledo residents at forum blame poverty for riot

Schumer: Miers Lacks Votes to Be Confirmed

Another Iraq war legacy: badly wounded U.S. troops

NYT/AP: Looting Breaks Out in Mexico After Wilma

CIA-Leak Probe Could Augur Shift (WSJ)

WP: Judiciary Panel May Ask Dobson to Testify

Patrick Fitzgerald: The steely-eyed sleuth

DynCorp plans IPO

WP: Resignations May Follow Charges

Republicans Testing Ways to Blunt Leak Charges

WP: Patrick Fitzgerald: The steely-eyed sleuth

Another quake hits Pakistan, 6.0 this time

NYT: U.S. Widens Campaign on North Korea

Judiciary Panel May Ask Dobson to Testify (WaPo)

NYT: Wal-Mart to Expand Health Plan for Workers

Polish right takes all as Kaczynski wins run-off

WP: Though Unpopular, Berlusconi Succeeds at Undoing 'Revolution'

Journalist ( "Women's Rights" ed.) Convicted of Blasphemy in Afghanistan

Chalabi expected to meet US officials in Washington

Over 10,000 Saudi Students US- Bound

Study: Most Katrina Victims Were Elderly

Colleges Protest Call to Upgrade Online Systems (for easier monitoring)

Opinions of GOP faithful shifting (SC poll shows big drop in *'s F-score)

WP: Poachers Looting National Parks of Treasures

Lawyers in CIA-leak case say charges possible this week

WP: Inquiry as Exacting As Special Counsel Is

West betrays aid promises, Lewis says

CNN/Reuters: 'Mr. England' (Jack Straw) bemuses Alabama locals

AP: Iraq Insurgency Shows No Sign of Abating

Frist defends Republican leadership during Iowa visit

NYT: Thousands of Demolitions Near, New Orleans Braces for New Pain

Enemy Body Counts Revived

Protecting the Presidential Seal. No Joke. (NYT: W & The Onion)

Pentagon program costing taxpayers millions in inflated prices

Argentina's Kirchner Strengthens Grip on Congress in Election

Dean calls for end to 'culture of corruption'

GOP Senator Links Indictment, Resignation

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead And Buried: Multan Newspaper

Republicans Testing Ways to Blunt Leak Charges (NYT)

Colleagues call for removal of New York Times journalist in CIA leak case

Ad Guru Resigns Over Remarks About Women

WP,pg1: Letters Show Frist Notified Of Stocks in 'Blind' Trusts (he lied)

Senator (Hillary) says Bush squandered Clinton's balanced budgets

Reuters: Brazil votes against gun ban

16 horses are found dead near Calhan

Military spokesman says all American soldiers killed in war should be hono

NYT: Commerce and Religion Collide on (Arizona) Mountainside

I'm programming my Halloween show right now

For your dining and dancing pleasure, may I present...

good music download service?

Do you think a citizen should be able to buy more than 1 vehicle a year?

vin diesel did it . . .

It's looking rosy again for Texas Longhorns

Our Mayor actually skydiving in a commercial....

we're not gonna take it

osama bin laden has a college degree

Could someone post that funny instructions on how to give your cat meds...

Now THIS is a shopping cart!

only two more weeks.....

breeders cup belmont one week

Woo Hoo!!! Finally found the best smiley ever!

I'm applying an octopus SHAPED massager to the back of my neck

Another World

the "I" is for Irving,dammit!

Why are people so stupid in horror movies?

Love To See You

I want to be the girl with the most cake

Tank by the Seatbelts from Cowboy Bebop: Best theme song... Ever!

Happy Birthday Jesus...............

Halloween treat...... Cat Bowling

We don't just have to complain

Visit the Museum of Retro Technology

Also Sprach the Vengeful Baby Jesus

Jason came in from Peoria

I've been corresponding with Tom Wilson for the past few days...

Risk, the board game.....

i`m watching "fargo" dubbed in spainish

Next time you watch Eurotrip, do "alcoholic Eurotrip"

Well the first hour of programming is done - I'm hitting the sack

your halloween car purchase...

Best source for news video you may have missed

dog cookies -- haa haa haa

Good Sunday Morning, Folks!

Ironing bored.

Why isn't R. Kelly in jail yet?

This is odd, but I was hoping others might have some info for me.

Things that are real bummers.....

Who Will Win The World Series, And In How Many Games??

So, I'm partially back from my move.

I have to tell my 16-year-old we're moving to a new state

A student died on my college campus yesterday (10/22)

What's he thinking?

For once, I like salespeople who get commissions.

Saturday Night DOA???

Photoshoppers! Can you morph this image...

Battlestar Galactica Question - what is number six - post your idea here

Saturday night and I ain't got nobody...

Quite possibly the most unpleasant avatar every created....

Male breast cancer

Good online store for cell phone batteries?

Favorite Pimp of music?

Sunday art. (dial-up warning)

I've become a huge fan of "My Name Is Earl". Who else?

Getting smoke smell out of my house

So how come I can't seem to get off my duff this morning?

what's the term for that edict that comes from a Muslim cleric? I forget.

Good internet site for health and fitness?

recipes for rutabagas, kohlrabi and turnips

Pakistani food? Can I vent? Try Pizza or Pizza or..Pizza

HEY SUNDOG! Just Saw The Commercial For 'Saw II'

Who wants to give me a hot tip about the next big thing?

Flame me all you want - I am drunk

Help!!! I can't smell or taste anything..

Wish me luck!

"We encourage mobile home dwellers to leave.If not, wear wrist bracelets

Something I've always wondered about

The steeler game is getting interesting

Ever bee hair with a flow?

And now a thread about a REAL football game....

Russian chicks dig me, man. but I need an interpeter

For my 1000th post...

So I lied...I used to drink beer...There is photographic evidence of it!!

How does one become a "fixture" on DU?

Dammit, my favorite burger joint has closed its doors

To those who are about to rock: we salute you!

Do you pay for postage to mail in your ballot?



Just saw Wallace & Gromit...

DU's Very own NFL Today!! Watch for NFL news and commentary.

"Living at home is such a drag..."

Geez!!! 7.75% Sales Tax - you got to be kidding me

I've got a headache

Anyone ever cut hair with a Flowbee?

recipes for rutabagas, kohlrabi and turnips

What will They put in Dubya's Presidential Library?

You can't tell me that you do not like this movie.

Wow. I think progmom must hold the record


Yoplait Whips Chocolate Yogurt??

Have you ever been mellow?

Wilma has winds over 105 now

My sun, my moon, my guiding star - Barry White fans check in

Local DJ just called Lamb and Lynx Gaede "Nazi Twins"!

If you want to witness the depths of painfully unfunny "comedy"...

George Clooney: "Film injury made me suicidal" (spinal injury)

Goodnight everyone!

The only person who does piss me off is named Rabrrrrr

Thinking about boxes

Judas Rising

The Berlin Festival of Lights

"Concert for Bangladesh" gets the "remastered double CD" treatment, 10/25

Turnip Green Soup in the crockpot today

PLease prevent me from slapping the shit out of somebody!!

To all the DUers in the path of Wilma...

Terrell Owens Would Get His ASS KICKED In ANY Other City

Buying American

Hey - revcheesehead - you should post your sermons!


Tell me if this is a scam?

Howie & Margaritaville??? Wow, I never caught this "Separated At Birth"!

Which 'LOST' character are you?

Just this intro makes me want to see "Good Night...

Of all the Giants young stars

Can you still rent VIDEOS?

One of Madonna's unwashed uniforms was auctioned off for

Do you have "View Signatures" off or on?

Easiest word to spell?

"We just want to get back to abnormal" - New Orleans disaster humor

Seahawks beat Cowboys

Fundie rampage video

Production of Rabrrrrrr's 7th "r" will be shut down this week

So, I'm watching Strangers on a Train - woo hoo!

I'm watching "Commando"

Artichokes are so marinated

With heating prices up this winter, i've turned down the thermostat and...

I am totally useless

anyone here record TV onto PC using MS Media Center?

Really cool flash game " Fall Down "

I'm going "Commando"

Man, did I just score the perfect live rock concert DVD

23 hours 11 mins left in eBay bid for "ANGELINA JOLIES HAIRBRUSH!!!!!"

Here's a video of former P.M Mulroney telling a reporter to "F" himself

Do you watch movies until the bitter end, regardless?

Just really cool.

Artichokes are so underrated....

A Great Comedy Central scene of * looking like an ass.

The lighter side of hurricane preparations

It rained! At least I THINK that is what was falling from the sky

The documentary "Festival Express"

website opinions

What are you stocking up on before Bird Flu hits?

In honor of my 900th post....

Don't do this drunk!

Self delete

Why isn't Rome new tonight?

Whut'z awn Dann Kwayal's eyePawd? (What's on Dan Quayle's iPod?)

Where the fuck is TJ?

I want some ideological purity here please

Sunday night supper thread

Film Scores that piss you off

Can you help with gift ideas?

Any financial whizzes here?

Have your bad past experiences made you a better person?

Stress-Induced Acne

Warning! Kittens inside!

It's official.... I'd watch Jennifer Lopez peel potatos....

Anybody here ever build a Storage Area Network?

Hope Sandoval: Hot or not?

I need a Scary halloween Desktop...

Frances Farmer.....

And what does your dog say?

How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?

Who does Eminem's

Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney, Jr. on TCM

My Niners STINK.

Your driver's license and all your info now viewable online thanks to GOP

Bird Flu Pandemic Poll


After school I take a dip in the pool, which is really on the wall


My house is full of smoke.

The judge in the DeLay case


Well, I stand up next to a mountain

Mommies/daddies of babies and toddlers:


Mushroom outside my front door

I adapted a greyhound!

Would you buy a license to urinate publicly?

Hail to the Redskins! (Dial up warning)

What should we do with this kitty???

What a beach should look like..(Now I want to go to Ghana)

Sox win!


How to get tossed out of your school Halloween Party

Is that Lewis Black doing the voice of the Duplicator?

Fertile ground for the manssiere company

Lewis F'in Black!

Captain Caaaaaaaaaave Maaaaaaaaaan!


Are there any greater delights than eating the first cheeseburgers grilled


I request to anyone who has my cell phone number: Re Plamegate

Astros up by 2 in top of fifth inning

Sox win!

I MISSED West Wing tonight!!!!

My Cable Modem Connection Keeps Getting Slower And S-l-o-w-e-r...

DJing is not easy (I'm starting a new photo thread)

I'm the only freak in my neighborhood pacing the floor waiting...

We are splitting from the Pastafarians...

Why are you crazy?

Meet the human beatbox

The Crusher is dead

Are you afraid to go to the dentist?

I adopted a greyhound!!

Holy shit. Bush IS done. "Quote for the Day" in AOL's 'news' section:

I got a KitchenAid stand mixer for a wedding gift!

ABBA tune voted Eurovision's best ever

No matter how bad it gets, there is always someone out there who loves you

Speaking of dreaming... Do you wake up with a song in your head

I baked an apple pie today!

Who's drinking what?

Weeded Out


Ok Twilight zone with my 76 Chevy Vega

My suggestion to the NFL...

Nighthawks XXIV (dial-up warning)

Let me get this straight. Okay. Jesus is the son of God?

Take the Keirsey Personality test.

cold sores in a 2 year old's mouth?

So someone just stole my laundry...


The Bungles lost to the Stillers! Woohoo!

Riders on the storm, check in!!

Halloween the Holiday of fun is it a dying holiday???

800 posts ask me anything

With matcom prices up this winter, I've turned him down repeatedly

Phelps at it again!! Now he is posting times and Date ahead of time!

Ok, I like chicken... So I am stocking up before Bird Flu hits the USA

During this Fitzmas week please send some good vibes this way- biopsy-

Extreme Sacraligious Warning. Play at your own risk.

A message to those with cute cats...


Where Do You Prefer To Sit In A Movie Theater?

It's time for another Mojo Nixon appreciation thread.

Best Cheese for Sandwiches?

The ten best Cell Phones ever made

i feel like listening to some slightly morose music, yet not depressing

I went to a store to pickup something and saw a Bentley parked

Social anxiety/paranoia - how do you reduce it?

Any other World of Warcraft players here?

Spam: the canned meat, not the email

I hereby declare this week to be "Be Kind to Packers Fans" week

i saw 'Good night, and good luck' tonight! ask me anything...

I just had a bad date ...

Rosie O'Donnell Can Kiss my Atheist Ass

Vikings Fans........Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!!!

Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good"


The Documentary "Rabrrrrrr"

If you're destroying Christmas, here's your yard decoration

So Packer fans, how does it feel to be one of the worst teams in the NFL?

Rupert Everett is playing Sherlock Holmes tonight on Masterpiece Theater.

DU wuv Thread: Why do you WUV the DU?

Joe Wilson is making me eggs as we speak.

Poll: Have you ever been arrested?

Fictional characters who appall but fascinate you

Anne Rice has "found God."

So JVS and I are at the Illinois - Penn State tailgate on saturday...

Most annoyingly smug fans in sports

Evenin' all

For the devotees of Discworld

Bishops say ixnay on arriage may.

So did Christ ever discuss Hell as a punishment for sinners?

I'm going to say this about Judaism (the "chosen people") one last time

U.S. Gives Florida a Sweeping Right to Curb Medicaid

Sure, it kills birds, but it won't kill you

UK Rehab extols 'horsehugging' therapy for addicts

'Wedge document' calls for science revision

Campaigners' fury at refusal to outlaw hotel ban on gays

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong

Same-sex rights at issue in pamphletOLYMPIA -- In a voter guide put out by

Staples Nominates Boy for Homecoming Princess

Signature fraud charges fly on Beacon Hill

Gay rights law needs a few heroes

Rumor mill reminiscent of McCarthyism

'Gay? fine by me' campaign draws support from Bucknell community

Body found at rest stop in southwest Iowa


Rep who twice voted for anti-gay amendment is resigning

Your brain's sex can make you ill

What's with DU? No World Series Game Thread?

His first fucking pitch!

Join me in rooting for the Houston Texans

Question for Eagles Fans

Chargers v. Eagles is shaping up to be one of the best this Sunday!

Crede is really starting to piss me off!


Bottom of the 7th, bases loaded, GRAND SLAM White Sox!!!

you can put it on the board!

10-5 Player

Steelers looking good

I don't care what you say...

What's going on in Phili?

I think this team was better. But they almost ruined baseball forever.

Way to go Vikes

how much worse can the vikings -green bay get?

Testing posting skills

Need advice about pets and termite control services

What's the best book for a brand new dog owner?

Yeah, Sammy retrieved his ball for the first time today!

yappy pet birds....

Our 20 year old kitty is wailing pretty pitifully...

Vibrations in stones

any DUers with psychic ability?

Atheist rights v. debunking Christianity

IWR day in GD -- the closer fitz gets to revealing the "big lie" and

John Kerry calendar

Waiting for Winter

Waiting for my ride

Kodak announces 39 megapixel image sensor

Image Stabilizing Lenses are possibly the COOLEST things EVER!

Wrut-Wro! Poll 1, Round 1 looks like a 5-way tie for 3rd place!

Hurt me. Kick me. Beat me. (critique this photo)

I've nearly gone and done it... a D-SLR

? If Rita Cosby talked softly would she be called the .......

Help. I am writing a paper and can't remember what the group is

Dean will be on This Week THIS morning (10/23/05)

Prison Officials Concerned About Power Of New Prison Gang

I'm hoping the Fitz GJ links to Cheney's Energy Task Farse.

"Our Republican Paradise"-- perfect political cartoon

The Best Way to Sell Penis Enlargement Pharmaceuticals

In Power and Under Siege - NYTimes graphic

Fitzgerald's indictments >> Avian flu in US announcement

Secrets, Lies, Manipulation Of The Media By White House

Rumsfeld Says Afghan Body Burning Charges Damage U.S.

Mr. Bush , Why is "Brownie" still on the payroll ?

Ohio lawmaker in probe’s periphery

FREE! Chapter 1 from Condi vs. Hillary by Dick Morris

Looking forward to heal the past: Could Bush library banish Davidian stigm

As We Near 2000 American Deaths In Iraq - I Read It Here First......

Bush to nominate Miers' boyfriend for federal judgeship -Houston Chronicle

Frist Defends Republican Leadership During Iowa Visit

Who Is Scooter Libby? (All about Cowboy Irving)

Chavez interview audio--BBC

Mystifying Logic

SNL spoofs Bush's fake teleconference. Hilarious!

The Plaime leak is small potatoes compared with the DSM issue.

Powerful Ears Still Turning To Adviser(NYT apologists for Libby warmonger)

Democratic Respons to "Crimialization of Politics"

why do people say ..

So what do people seriously see in Edwards

Merlot Democrats--what are we, in 8th grade now?

Colleges protesting federal call to upgrade online systems -NYT

If Avian Flu Evolves Into Human Flu And Intelligent Design Is Involved

All together now........ "The Twelve Days of Fitzmas"

Hurricane Fitzgerald

does anyone think we'll ever get

"Merlot Democrats" is an analytical designation invented by BELCHER

Republicans want to create anarchy in the United States

"remake the middle east"

Tom Gallagher, running for Gov, appearing with JEB! at Wilma briefings...


Frist: Stock Probe May Affect 2008 Plans

On DVD Tuesday: "God On Our Side: Bush & the Rise of the Religious Right"

Who owns the History Channel?

Why could Dems admit ...

Link to sign up for Zogby Polls...

"Wal-Mart heir returns degree amid cheating claims"

NOLA: Plan would let president take control in disasters

I REALLY need something to listen to right now (POLITICS - live)

Business Lobbyists voice concerns with Bush Tax Advisory Panel's proposals

How did lobbying Congress start? How did it take over? What

Schumer: Miers lacks votes to be confirmed-Yahoo News

We have to stop them! Write your Congresscritters now!

Right Wing Treason usually comes in October Surprises....

Very rough draft of my wife's paper on the case for impeachment.

Cong. Sanchez: Why I don't date Republicans

millionphone marc for impeachment - my letter

Dean calls for sending $25 to DNC or "to a candidate that they like..."

The Square Deal

Scott Ritter & Seymour Hersh - C-Span2 - 4:30 (4:42?) (EDT) today

A Fitzmas Story

Can the democratic party agree

Frist: Stock Probe May Affect 2008 Plans

Ted Kennedy is asking for our questions for Miers

My ToM DeLaY

Reuters: "Fitzgerald could convene the grand jury as early as Tuesday..."

Impeaching Bush

O'Reilly / Phil Donahue "I'll boot you right off this set" clip on iFilm

"There was no Missouri moment"

Ms. Miers

Jake For President

since its quiet, a shameless plug for my website:

Georgians and those who follow Georgia Politics

I keep seeing Condoleeza Rice's name mentioned for 2008.

Wanted: Genuine Katrina photo of trashed car with Bush/Cheney sticker

Kay Bailey Hutchison on Perjury (MTP) Oct 23 05

Video Clip: Kay Bailey Hutchison, today's MTP, "perjury technicality"...

Dean calls for end to "Culture of Corruption".

Four years ago, all I wanted for Christmas was Osama's head

The Psychopath in the White House

Would there be any way to stop * from

The Week of Anticipated Justice

Is There A DU Indictment Pool?

The Culture of Corruption.

Their Plame talking points

Right-Wing Myths About The Leak Investigation - ThinkProgress


Who is the new Majority Whip in the House?

Yo freepers, a blow job is looking pretty good about now huh?

ABC's Extreme HomeMakeover A

Don't forget your W pumpkins this year

Delay Photoshop Contest Thread -- Give it some love!

My Spidy Sense Sense Tells Me That it is Fitzmas Eve.

CIA-Leak Probe Could Augur Shift Among Bush Staff (WSJ)

Israel's Assassination Policy v. Syria/ Hariri connection

Make your best case for indictments occurring OR.....

I am a Concord wine Democrat

I guess Republicans don't believe in the American judicial system

Michael Moore Web Site: "Stage Is Set, White House Braces for LEAK WEEK"

W.H. calls rumored Miers pullout "absolutely false, a conspiracy theory"

Bush supporters circle the wagons

Kay Bailey Hutchison, hope it is not some "perjury technicality"

It Is The Worst of Times for Times Select...

What did they first vote for then against? A look at the law.

DHS failed to use catastrophe response plan in Katrina's wake(

What the Democratic Party stands for -- in 10 words or less

Political yard signs (more bang for the buck) ... just an idea.

The real reason behind Plamegate: Hiding the Forgeries

Only one logical position for any Democrat per the war:

Buzz Flash is right; respond to Righties "It's the rule of Law"

I WEnt To Church Today......Must Read

Stephanopoulos to Dean: "Will you accept that as the end of the matter?"

Please help me draft a letter to Kay B. Hutchison who only thinks

In honor of K BaileyHutch, get your hypocritical GOP perjury quotes here:

Tom DeLay's laweyer donated more to Dems than the judge did

NEWSWEEK: Vice President Cheney and Close-Knit Group of Advisers...

Howard Dean in Los Angeles Thursday, rally against propositions.

Do you know anyone who actually wants Hillary to run?

Brent Scowcroft "Breaks Ranks" with George W. Bush

Mark Warner in 2008-- anyone know much about him?