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Archives: October 2, 2005

'06 budget remains a scandalous lie - scathing piece

Relief effort in South frustrates local firefighters

explosion at OU results in suicide

Arabs fail to win nuke denunciation

Any amd64 overclockers out there? I'm wondering where I'm losing it

Data-security bill may move forward next week

"....expect Fitzgerald to signal his intentions as early as this week."

What did Dan Rostenkowski go to jail for ?

With Iraq in the gutter, how is Bush going to sell attacking Syria?

RW site: "Republicans Hit Rock Bottom"

Activists Win This Years Alternative Nobel Prize (Right Livelihood Award)

Has anyone ever heard of Ike Newkirk?

Canada's ambassador: U.S. government 'dysfunctional'

So I ran into my Republican former neighbor at the local Bazaar

WOW, did anyone else watch PBS tonight? 4pm to 11:59pm All Anti-War...

Have the repukes mentioned that Earle filed charge against **himself**?

I had my feelings hurt by Larry Elders the other day!

Your DNA or else: Police to collect your genetic material

What do you think of "Current TV?"

Free Republic says it needs $72,000 this quarter to operate. Sniff Test!!

Judith Miller avoids obstruction of justice charge for her testimony

the new Calphalon is working out well....

Global warming ends white Christmas

African Union says Sudan attacking civilians

Rice: Force Necessary for Democracy

American Public Fed Up With Gas, Politics and Iraq (Fox News-OD poll)

Most Americans Wants Troops Out After Iraq Referendum

WP: Role of Rove, Libby in CIA Leak Case Clearer (Conspiracy)

U.S. Has Blueprint For Post-Castro Cuba

What's the only thing that everr happened to ya?

LOL, Mike Myers and Kanye on SNL.

Scary shit!

Damn, I'm crunk.....

Holy Shit, Kanye West sucks!

The Glass Is

I've been doing my physical therapy homework. Why am I not improving?

Megahertz, the tiny giant, wins again - for the last time in California

LOL. This SNL cartoon on Judge Roberts is funny as hell.

Eeek! A louse.


Do you now, or have you in the past, practiced a martial art?

After 8 years' of having the same apartment furnishings...


That Kanye/Adam Levine combo was schweeet!

Eek a souse!!!

Eeek! A Claus!

Eeek! A spouse.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll here!

I bet you didn't know I was

Eeek! Allison Kraus!!

Girls Gon Wild Katrina.....

Any stoners here, that are truly

I just watched the movie "Sunset Blvd" for the 1st time. Wow!

Do You Like My Tomatos? Here Is A Picture Of Them.

So, there's this guy I work with who doesn't know how to shut the

Eek! A grouse!

If one wanted to study Walken, in which movies is he at his worst/best?

And the Yankees win the pennant, penance, pendant, pumice

I am bruised

Eeek! A mouse.

So what are you smoking tonight?

The Alabama Crimson Tide: Try And Stop 'Em (Version II)

Quick Birthday Card check in

MSN (Australia): Bush to give "significant" Iraq speech on Thurs. 10/6

Time for a new third party? What's your breaking point?

A Max Clealand presidency - what are the odds?

(Harris Co TX) Death toll in county from Rita rises by 4

Rita pushes back recovery effort (Sep 26) Layoffs mentioned

'We need help': Councilman begs Blanco to rescue storm-struck area

Local funeral home director aids in body recovery in New Orleans Sep 26

Indictment not only cloud hovering over Delay (Houston Chronicle)

Houston Chronicle On Delay: "What Goes Around Comes Around"

Dupe -- self delete

U.S. soldiers get off easy for crimes against Iraqis, review finds

Cindy, Katrina and Bush's Monica - Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Federal auditors said :Buying of News by Bush's Aides Is Ruled Illegal

Hundreds of Coast families still searching for loved ones Sep 27

The Contract Killers (Contract w/America was 11 yo last week)

Power Outage: DeLay's indictment upends the Republicans' to-do list

Buying the campus mind

washingtonpost: Role of Rove, Libby in CIA Leak Case Clearer

DeLay and prosecutor clash as rivals

The weight of 'world public opinion' may be key in keeping the neocons

Denver Post: Translator Caught In Web (Sibel Edmonds)

LA Times: Louisiana/Families Lose Loved Ones Again- in a Bureaucratic Mire

Andrew Sullivan: How America tiptoed into the torture chamber

In Texas, The Hammer Runs Into an Anvil

NJ Creutzfeldt-Jakob cluster turns suburban mom into crusader

Buffalo Bill Detects IEDs, Saves Lives (Freedom on the march, eh???)

Translator caught in web (Sibel Edmonds)

Newsview: Economy Could Add to GOP Woes (recession)

Frog-Marching' Bush to the Hague

The Way It Is (Paul Krugman)

NEW ORLEANS Three bodies have been found in St. Bernard Parish.

On the seventh day, America went to court

Orange County (CA) Register: Shaking up the GOP ... and the policymaking

Tom DeLay's House of Shame

Newsweek: Troubled Waters in da house

Dispersed and Unequal

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter - "Tom DeLay's House of Shame"

NYT editorial: It Was Fema's Job

The dark side of faith

WP: Analysis - DeLay's Influence Transcends His Title

Sierra Club supports Kerry and Durbin's plan to clean up NOLA

Decentralize and Network the Federal Government Now

Dallas Morning News: DeLay evidence is there, "stacks of papers"...

Shock and Awe:The Night Baghdad Burned-Extract from Robert Fisk's New Book

Who is Judy Miller kidding? (Arianna Huffington)

Neo-Cons for a "Strong Europe"

Great Cartoon by Mike Keefe - Denver Post

A matter of faith, not science

Was Carter right?Solar power, fuel efficiency weren't pushed enough?


Economy adds to GOP's woes

Tropical storm Stan striking Yucatan.

Oil-Price Surge Prompts New Look at Shale

US Coal demand for electic power generation exceeds 1 billion tons.

Site selection completed for construction of 3 new US nuclear plants.

Do hybrid cars save money?

Palestine's first Octoberfest in Taybeh

Two dead, dozens injured in Hamas-PA clashes

David Ray Griffin in NYC Saturday, Oct. 15

David Ray Griffin in NYC Saturday, Oct. 15

WTC core – steel, concrete or both?

Another 9/11 account that mentions a bomb expoloding

good follow up on Dieb-Throat - The Daily Republic

interesting take Democracy Now!'s coverage of Election Fraud 04

Ballot Printer Story in Dayton Daily News

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 10/02/05

Background on AutoMARK, please --

National Summit to Save Our Elections--"Scoop" Mon. 3 Oct. 2005

Our next Governor! Phil Angelides

Recall on Arnold... Anyone else think this might be a bad idea?...

(Angelides) Commentary: Schwarzenegger borrows Bush's agenda

Word on congressional fundraising?

Who will be next to endorse Deval Patrick?


Deval Patrick meetup tomorrow at 7:00

Kerry in 08?

'08 Mass Senate nominee

Gutknecht to face Veteran in 2006 race

What's the best way to remove a computer virus without having to ..

Yes on Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5 Clean Up Ohio's Vote.

Taft's Approval Rating At All Time Low

Denton County Donkey Fest, Sat. 10/8

Thank you, the writers of "Commander of Chief"

What happened to Tina Fey?

Nate Clay.....Where The H$$$ is He

OU bombing: "six members of 'Brothers Under God' Fraternity...

Stripes letter: Cost of Living Allowance drop an "atrocity" for troops

And the Yankees win the pennant, penance, pendant, pumice

Whatever happened to the Minolta?

Rerun of PBS -- Bob Dylan on Now...

Am I Asking To Much.....Photos

El Salvador's highest volcano has erupted causing chaos...

The Dallas Police have handled it.

chess world championships in Argentina

Have you ever heard a conservative use this language?

Have you seen the USGS before/after Katrina shots?

DNC Commission on Election Cycle CSPAN

The Human Race Hasn't really changed much,

Cons distancing themselves from Religious Right?

Japan upset over Chinese warships near disputed area

Question about Messianic Jews

POOPAGANDA: Why is it okay for the press to lie?

NeoCons ? - NeoLibs? - PseudoCons? -- The Liberal GOP...

Why do the parties have to negotiate regarding when nominating

Elements of Fascism : a Practical Look

Conservation: George vs Jimmy

Book recommendations on our socio-economic system.......

'Iraq guilt' mars British army morale: top general

Plamegate - A crime was committed or they are stupid

Need DU Opinion On Question Of "One Issue" Voting

NO, asbestos... toxic sludge? How much is too much?

25 Questions About the Murder of New Orleans

Help? Need articles/info on corporate offshore accounts, esp. estimates...

French connection to New Orleans must survive hurricane

Syria, al-Qaeda in Iraq, and Big Lies in Bushzarro World

LOL you know its bad when Bennett is DENOUNCED by Howard Stern

For those still asleep on the FACTS re Iraq "insurgents" etc (WAKE UP!)

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Astounding.

Indictment not only cloud hovering over DeLay

Bushshite redux or, have you ever heard Bishy on the radio?

Yahoo : US finds fever bacteria

Need DU Opinion On Question Of "One Issue" Voting

C-SPAN Wash. Journal: Is there a left-wing witchhunt against DeLay?

Bennett's racist comments on abortion should be used wisely

IVINS on EARLE, DeLAY, and DeGUERIN & a Deaf-Mute Woman

Boy, Was Abazaid Kissing Ass On MTP

CSPAN: Is There a vast left wing conspiracy? DON'T TELL THEM DETAILS!

Is this Art or what?

Evil Elf ,once again with the Right slant on MTP, is it me or does Tim

Thom Hartman on AAR now.

Delegates converge on World Toilet Summit

Breaking: Bush and Cheney may have been involved in CIA leak

Letter To The Corporation For Public Broadcasting

Reuters: "Bush battling to climb out of popularity slump"

Ethics test - Must read!

Iraq Torture Pictures

Isn't this what Saddam used to do in Iraq?

What's more ironic?

Mr. President, you owe Bill Bennett an apology

Higher heat costs, higher AC, higher electricity. it's all gonna break, so

Stop Calling it Government-It's Organized Crime

Apparent suicide bomb kills one outside University of Oklahoma stadium

Never thought i'd see this--Tom Delay digging the hole deeper on Faux news

Delay on Wolfie (CNN) now

Who supports Bush's sinking ship?

Asia Times - Interview with Cindy Sheenan

Like It Is: Asking authorities about a body ....

An Observation re: Earle, DeLay...

Are we fascist? Yes, by definition.

Parallels between Noah and Bush are disturbingly dissimilar.

Paris revolts over morbid artwork

GOP's Unified Front Is Reduced to a Veneer

Anybody see Ben Ginsberg

The chimperor** Is Going Shopping For Some Clothes This Week!

Bill Bennett's agenda (besides gambling)

So should we be worried about soon-to-be Hurricane Stan, now?

Update on the "Censorship" on "The Guy James Show" last night

Seperation of church and state

Seattleites! Get your lap dances while you may....

Torture of Iraqis was for ‘stress relief’, say US soldiers

AAR station carrying Thom Hartmann now (Sun 12:54pm EDT)

Bush pardons coal mine bomber and 13 others

FBI says it sometimes taps the wrong phones

SAVE DARFUR: Catch up on the last month's news.

Another 9/11 account that mentions a bomb expoloding

For atheists, agnostics, and others, at what age did you lose faith?

Join these Discussions & Actions on Darfur:

Questions From My Father-In-Law

On Chicago Ch. 11: NOW on New Orleans: Blasting FEMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too many issues ?

Connecting the dots...

What's the story on the AEI guy who guests on AAR? Is he a Repub?

Time: 10 Questions for Alberto Gonzales

Judith Miller's two requirements

Italy's reproductive war does life begin at conception

So how many people in this picture

People have not yet suffered enough

Pre$$titutes & Polls: A Self-Perpetuating Loop

Rove and Libby could be indicted on Conspiracy charges.

Women for Peace

POLL: Is this the answer to Cindy's "What Noble Cause" question?

Karen Hughes misinterprets Arab host's politeness

Is Stephanopoulos a Total Hack?

What country has no OIL to steal????

Has Fitz keeping the GJ open till 2005 made it WORSE for the Shrub cartel?

VIDEOS- Pentagon Hearing before Congress on Thursday

Caption this picture

Warren Beatty to run against Schwarzenegger?

That Cleveland Feeling .....

Hillary Clinton reminds everyone of their first wife

Update: No 2nd device in OU explosion (according to Pres. Boren)

Any opinions on the "Kill A Watt" meter?

Caption this * pic...

Freeper reaction to Stephanopoulos revelation

Pope opens synod, says keep God in public life - The Vatican and Abortion

Pope RATz's strategy is to build church membership with rePUKE fundies

Are our elected representatives really this dumb and arrogant?

A Kerry on OIL & war in 2002

Uneducated and Evangelicals most likely to think hurricanes "wrath of God"

Serious question: Should Democrats nominate anti-war or pro-war candidate

OK, so I just read a Freeper thread. I have a few questions:

Just in time for Halloween--a GHOST caught on VIDEO!!!!

Stupid Tom Delay quotes

Must Read: Michael Moore Katrina Update: Oil Slicks = Devastation!

Something that gets overlooked about runup to Iraq invasion...

Abortion Might Outgrow Need for Roe (rich to California, Cytotec for poor)

The Bob Scheiffer (CBS News) Appreciation Thread.

Apocalypse There: A journey into the nightmare of New Orleans . . .

Typhoon "DragonKing" hits asian coast

"Stavatti": a new defense contractor

Fitzgerald Apparently Mulling Criminal Conspiracy Charges Vs. Libby, Rove

So, who gets to pick Cheney's replacement ?

I Want To Address This Partisan/ Playing Politics Meme

AP: Girl in fatal crash; mother convicted

VIDEO- Condi Rice on Democracy and Force

The media is an equal part of the "Culture of Corruption"!

Dem. Blanco inherited LA’s emergency plans from GOP Foster.

Would Cheney(AKA DarthVP) Resign....

Indictments: Tin Foil Hat Time? (Plame, Cheney, bush, et al)

anyone got a clip of Battle For America on Gore's TV?????

Can I Get My Donation Back?

Bypassing the RW Agenda

Bush Moves To Block Torture Probe:

What crosses your mind during TV ads?

Virginia/DC-area real estate boom?

Jonathan Alter (Newsweek): Tom DeLay's House of Shame

Corruption & Incompetence. This is Not Your Grandfather's GOP.

Frank Rich: In the Beginning, There Was Abramoff

I can't remember why I didn't like Jack Cafferty.

All the red a line...Will one get ugly?


Bush-Be-Gone Index even higher than yesterday.

Lynndie England is on Dateline now

Truly moral now revolting against IMMORAL MAJORITY


Run away little Bug-Man, run away

Caption this:

For those people calling Mr. Aaron Broussard a "liar"

Wow, Cheney had hair in the 70's!

Venezuela's Chavez Offers Help Through Oil Sales to Haiti, Poor US Communi

Have Gas Prices Leveled Off.........

Cindy Sheehan there in spirit (in SF today)

Venezuela Starting Peaceful Nuclear Energy Projects, President Chavez Says

HAHA! Bush team plagiarizes West Wing

Is Big Brother watching?

a puff piece on Chalabi is on CBS

Muslim Women in Science

Let me get this straight: the ONE and ONLY reason Earle indicted Delay

Which crazy Commie said this?

Is this the best we can do ?

NYT paints Repubs probs due mainly to them not fighting back

Erdogan challenges EU to be “world player", not “Christian club”

'Good Night, and Good Luck' - Ed Murrow Film Coming Out Soon

Insecure Men support the Iraq war more & more willing to purchase SUV

Someone in The Lounge found this about Googling "failure". Incredible!

We are getting through.

Iraq: Insurgent Groups Responsible for War Crimes

Should drilling be allowed in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge? 91% say yes

A Message to the Sunni Insurgents

"Something stinks in America" (The Observer)

Anyone foiling over the Niner-Cardinal Sunday Night game in Mexico City?

The Daily DeLay

WOW! Did you get this in your Sunday paper??

Need help slapping down a freepazoid.

(VIDEO) SNL Funhouse with Judge John Roberts

Not only do they think they are above the law, but....

Perfect example of Bush "yes men" endangering the troops....

U.S. soldiers get off easy for crimes against Iraqis, review finds

The Simpsons slams * again .....

Folks...we hit the trifecta.

Stephanopoulos: President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

Campus Christian groups. Any experience with these?

You want to see what I'm up against ?

Advice regarding political sign theives

US finds fever bacteria during war protest weekend

Question about MSNBC "Comics"...

Clinton/Larry King, on now...

Transcript of Bugbitch Delay's Interview on Faux News Sunday

Ike Was Right About War Machine

Did my first Sunday peace rally today

More hypocrisy from the Radical Right

Illegal Immigration

Discrimination in Head Start

Once the assault ends, the militants usually come back...

WJ wants to know if there is a "left wing conspiracy" to bring down Delay.

Slap Corporate Media Upside the Head - Excellent Campaign

Boy I don't envy the authors of the top 10 list this week

Today We Celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi-October 2, 1859

NO ties between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda. And that's FACT.

Feingold speech next on C-span

Last night was AWESOME!!!!!

Question about The New Republic journal

Did anyone see '60 Minutes' re: Chalabi

RUSS FEINGOLD in New Hampshire! Matthew Dowd "wowed."

AAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAHHHhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhh

My silent encounter with a Freeper. (Worth a thousand words.)

Antiwar basketball player

what does this bumper sticker mean?

So I log onto Ebay and get a recruiting pop up add!

Pentagon briefing degenerates into farce

Question about impeachment, please respond if you know..

Can I Get CD's Of Mike Malloy's Shows?

Can the crime of espionage be pardoned? n/t

Did I just hear Rubin (AEI) dismiss PNAC with a caller as a

When Do The Next Round Of Polls Hit The Newstands?

Okay Jeb's shoot first policy and religion question

Is Rush Limbaugh a traitor? Discuss.

Bill Maher

Should I get this cop fired?

Crossfire scares me

Feingold making me laugh "The Roach Motel Plan"

I LOVE GREENPEACE! ..... Toilets In The Street! LOL!

Chile re-evaluates Pinochet, Allende

this is funny -- you got to try it

"...and I thank god I have no son...."

Katrina death toll: 935 LA, 221 MS

It only took one lady to start the bus boycott that resulted in Great thin

Demoted DeLay Vows to Stay Active in House

Economist: 60,000 of 115,000 New Orleans small businesses may disappear

Can We Get Rid of A Supreme Court Judge?

I'm in a philosophical mood

Anonymizer or GhostSurf or...?

Whatever happened to the Miata?

I Remember Democrats

“Come On People Now”

Friends suddenly lost their 26 year old son-How can we help them?

The catapulter-in-chief will give a "significant" speech on Thursday

Bird Flu becoming resistant to main drug

Jack Abramoff was mentioned on Americas Most

Photo of * needing help down some stairs today. you believe in the worst of people and not the best?

Interesting poll question from a leading poll company:

* approval rating now at 33%!

THIS is a HERO. Karl Malone, a man who put his money, fame and power where

Holy Andy Rooney!!!

Sunday's Doonesbury: The D.C. Protest

NYT: Are McMansions Going Out of Style?

Ex-Republican? WHY?

Alright,DUers get your hate ready and prepare to sound off on...

An important petition re: get rid of the pork to pay for katrina

John Roberts is the Judge who has received the 2nd lowest amount of votes.

Fort Carson, mayor won’t back counseling program for veterans

Rahm Emanuel is smacking russert around on MTP.....

From a Freeper cousin

Right Wing having an art attack over nude sculpture

25 Questions About the Murder of New Orleans

Who is Scooter Libby (as in past history, career, jobs, etc.)?

Can a sitting Vice President be indicted?

Bio: What depression can teach about Lincoln,and Lincoln about depression

Global warming: what's your experience?

Befuddled Freepers... and worth a thousand words

What's w/all the pro-draft sentiments here recently?

SIXTH Most Emailed Yahoo Photo? bush** "Left Behind"!!!

PHOTO: class & Hurricane Rita (metaphor for Bush years)



Funny combination of bumper stickers that I saw yesterday.

Today I was berated by the DNC

When did the NFL start frisking every fan before going into the game?

Members of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Thread. No RW'ers allowed

Secret report reveals Iraq War caused catastrophe of New Orleans response

Juan Williams vs Brit Hume

Help diminish racist Wm Bennett's power & influence through researching

It's been almost a 100 years

Hurr Rita: Master Thread - Feds Poor Response AGAIN - Thread2

Can Bush Be Ousted? (you bet)

Heads up: Janeane Garofolo to appear on The West Wing tonight...

Time to Go? Top U.S. Generals in Iraq Want Withdrawals, 'L.A. Times' Says

Elian at 11

Tom DeLay Haiku

The numbers are not in the "dead' but the "missing'

As Clearly revealed by stats, the Humvee was never intended to

a biologist's perspective-- life doesn't "begin at conception...."

An Electric Lawn Mower (not gas powered) . . . .

The presidency has been ILL since Eisenhower

Rude Pundit: Tom DeLay amid the roaches (obscenity-laced)

5 Count 'Em 5 Democratic Ideas: Rohm Emanuel on Meet The Press

Project X Go's GREEN! The wrens from the East hatch their young @ noon 9th

News video re: OU bombing last night... is there a coverup?

Encouraging visit with my Republican parents this weekend....

EVOLUTION is is HERE in our everyday lives...Irrefutable

So what do we do about the likes of Rep Dreier?

FYI - It's "Pro Life" Month + a movie ban - from a fundie news letter

Video - CBS: Andy Rooney Rails Against Iraq War & Military Spending

A true story about Bill Bennett

Donald Sutherland is my hero.

IRAQ: Thousands of civilians flee military offensive near Syrian border

Here's a new Riverbend entry.

Is humanity about to have a massive die off?

Lt. Mark Dooley's letter to his family in case of his death

Source to Stephanopoulos-President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

2006 same old sh*t unless we get Paper Ballots and Hand Counts NOW!! nt

To Howard Dean re Cindy Sheehan's question

Cracks in Iraq Government Emerge...Al Jaazera Reports

How many DU'ers own a firearm?

OMG! "SHOOT FIRST" Policy in Florida?? WTF??

Lehman Brothers takes a financial hit over ties to slavery

LAT: "Families Lose Loved Ones Again- in a Bureaucratic Mire" BODIES TAKEN

Return to New Orleans ***(Dial up Warning -..Pictures)****

Desperate George: Terra Terra Terra! Support Me or Else! >>>

Toaster ovens: Is it worth it to get one?

does anyone else here religiously make stock...?

Soup Recipes

Trader Joe's yummy Greek dumpling thingies

Fun with milk.

Searching for Japanese Yum-Yum Sauce recipe.

Young Liberals take their clothes off to promote national unity

Observer: Is this the death of freedom?

Firms could shut in gas shortage

Lloyd's Names say Government will cause 20,000 bankruptcies

Why I'm tearing up my Labour party card

U.S. Launches Offensive in Iraqi Village

Administration news buying deemed illegal

Parents want to abort Bennett's $3M pact.

Cindy, Katrina and Bush's Monica - Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Civil Union Law Takes Effect in Conn.

Indictment not only cloud hovering over DeLay

Ft. Lauderdale judge denies bond for suspect in Boulis killing (Abramoff)

U.S. soldiers get off easy for crimes against Iraqis, review finds

Whistle-blower safeguard bill called lacking (Sibel Edmonds and NSWBC)

NYT/AP: Famous Grandsons Debate 1945 Yalta Summit

Role of Rove, Libby in CIA Leak Case Clearer

New Bans Show China's Concerns About Tech

WP: Katrina Injected Into Va. Gubernatorial Race

Iran denies oil threat interview to UAE newspaper

DeLay and prosecutor clash as rivals

In Texas, The Hammer Runs Into an Anvil

Power Outage: DeLay's indictment upends the Republicans' to-do list

Teacher Resigns after attempting to out two 6th grade students

Bush Battling To Climb Out Of Popularity Slump

Youth (age 21) Challenges Oldest S.C. House Member (in Democratic primary)

LAT/AP: Commander (Honore): Southeast La. Still in Crisis

Ministers 'shocked' at MI5's lack of information

Newsview: Economy Could Add to GOP Woes (recession)

Pakistan Christian Girl Suffers Gang Rape For Faith

Translator caught in web (Sibel Edmonds)

Suspects Named In Bali Bomb Probe

Iraq's President Calls for PM to Step Down

Poll shows Bush's ratings remain low

Tom DeLay's House of Shame

Source to Stephanopoulos: President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

Forest Service Puts Small Projects on Hold (Jerks!You won't believe this!)

Man Group 'helped US (hedge) fund manager hide $175m loss'

Juan Williams vs Brit Hume

US finds fever bacteria during war protest weekend

Inspections at Northwest Raise Questions

Bush to crank up message machine on dangers of Iraq withdrawal

Al Sadr Calls Sunnis "to Disavow Al Zarqawi"

Iraqi minister lashes out at Saudi Arabia

Seattle Considers Banning Lap Dances

Offshore drilling: Bush vs. Bush? "Oil may be thicker than blood"

Iraqi Minister Lashes Out at Saudia Arabia over Rumors--Daily Star

Cleared brush credited with saving homes

DeLay Says He'll Remain Active in House (and majority leader again soon)

Chavez Defends Brazilian President From Corruption Scandal

Students, Unions Mark ‘68 Mexico Massacre

Venezuela sends US barrels of gasoline

Iraq insurgents committing war crimes, rights group says

Prosecutor in Plame Case May Seek Conspiracy Charges

Court victory is a first for cell-phone programmers

Miller Attorney Says He Tried to Cut a Deal a Year Ago

$40B La. Protection Plan Sparks Debate

Vermont Gets OK for Medicaid Program

Israeli vessel tied to collision that killed 7

German CDU looks set for a boost

Al Qaeda says kidnapped two US Marines: Web site

Over 600 held under terror act at Labour conference (UK)

Opium Farmers Sell Daughters to Cover Debts to Traffickers

Dems to expand early primaries (to provide more diversity in nat'l elec)

Troops 'Sweep' Through Lawless Iraq Cities

Casey Says U.S. Still Considering Troop Withdrawals Next Year

NYTpg1: Top Graduates Line Up to Teach to the Poor (Teach for America)

Iraq insurgents guilty of war crimes -rights group

Celebrated playwright August Wilson has died at age 60

LAT: Families Lose (Katrina bodies) -- in a Bureaucratic Mire

Iraq war delayed Katrina relief effort, inquiry finds

Iraq says Zarqawi sending some militants back home

CNN/AP: Giuliani to consider presidential run

Airport hassles spur rise of private flights

Health Officials Vigilant for Illness After Sensors Detect Mall Bacteria

Reuters: Bush battling to climb out of popularity slump

Times reporter tried to cut earlier CIA leak deal

Tourist boat capsizes on Lake George (NY) killing 19 (CNN)

Poll: Ohio Governor Taft approval rating reaches historic low (15%)

Pentagon charges Army officer (Able Danger)

Venezuelans Line Up for Chance to Trade in Junk for Food

Parish president: FEMA still fumbling (despite personal note from *Co)

Vermont lawmaker (Democrat) helps to rescue woman from a burning wreck

(New Orleans) City may lay off up to three thousand workers

Monitors Find Significant Fraud in Afghan Elections

American 'Minutemen' patrol B.C.-Washington border

Explosive: US probes DeLay, Secret paper links Thatcher to freebies probe!

Jewish Group Rips S. Baptist Convention

Tests show two women died of brain-wasting disease

George W. Bush....a redneckish Miss Othmar, Charlie Brown's Teacher.

Eeek! A Minimum Orbital Unmanned Satellite of Earth

Eek! Carouse!

What if Star Trek were "re-imagined" like Monty Python's Flying Circus?


Wow. I've been entered in the National Grammar Rodeo at the Sheraton....

your children

I'm getting sleepy. Time to turn in. Night Folks! n/t

Why won't national lampoon reprint "A dirty book"?

I aborted several threads recently.

Who else here sucks for money?

Happy Birthday to Sting (Oct 2)

smbolisnch is my personal cheerleader


Godzilla's a big drama queen

I'm sorry to do such a downer post but

Fucking great. now I sleep with my wife......

Oh rats.

What if Gilligan's Island was re-imagined like LOST...

Now THAT's a beard!

Now...time to watch a Christmas movie.

Is there a change in the air?

Google Earth is pretty unreal. How old are the images? Are they

My feet are freaking killing me

If one wanted to study DS1, in which threads is he at his worst/best?

Where was I?

I take offense!

"I'm ready to go in, Coach!"

I-tunes subscription question-anybody a member?

Cool! I almost got into a fight tonight....

What's the scoop on the "sex thread" inside jokes here.........

My loser neighbor is mowing his dust again

Have a manly Boo Boo, then you'll need a Manly bandage

How old were you when you first started stalking?

chess world championships in Argentina

I saw the funniest bumper sticker yesterday.

Todd Snider's "East Nashville Skyline"


Smash-mouth football!!

Where's my Happy Medium Guy?

Man, I met the funniest guy last night

More proof against Intelligent Design

Screw land. I'm selling the house and moving on a boat.



Guess what I have in my hand.

Coded messages!

A gift for the pet bird lovers in the Lounge :)

ALRIGHT! The popcorn smilie!! Some people on this site - and

Greatest moment at a school dance. EVER.

Love in the deep: sex life of the giant squid revealed

DeLay, Frist To Wed

AL MVP: A-Rod or Papi?

What movie made you pee yourself?

Thanks to the Lounge Lizards! The jokes were a BIG hit!

How to upgrade your ipod Nano's memory

Show this to someone who has never seen "The Shining"....

Women. Who wants to get married? The G.F. is available.


Pirates rob a casino boat in NY.

And now for something completely different........

I hate your popcorn smilie.

Okay, I've killed at least five threads tonight.....

I would love to live in NYC one day


Fun Craig's List post!

Eek! A geek!

When a man and a woman love each other very much...

Someone is vacuuming to "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" right above me

Any other Badger Fans here?

The host of Discovery's "Dirty Jobs" is such a miserable whining little

John Belushi in "Continental Divide"

Hey, I need something: Marx quotes! Just quotes only. Anything that

C'mon everyone, it's dictionaraoke night!

Funny and great! New "The Shining" preview...

I have a huge peeing cat in my lap

What is this, F.U.?

Has anyone seen this movie comedy? (about Nixon and Agnew)

Hockey fans! Wednesday is the big day!

Are any of you getting spammed

Why are car commercials so incredibly badly done?

Porterhouse Dinner!!!!

Gretchen Wilson

Who's your FAVORITE Lord of the Rings character?

Too bad baseball isn't playing under the old system without playoffs

Ten posts from 1000, ask me anything.

Mongolian Clan Names - (too funny)

I think I decided on this year's halloween costume

PIZZA NIGHT.........

this should make you feel better . . . build a better bush.

I have either a cold, or the dreaded rabbit thing. Should I:

What's the BEST thing that has ever happened to you?

Kitty red eye removal... well, more of a yellow-eye, really...

Culpepper has been sacked NINE times today!

Who is your favorite "That 70s Show Character?"

Wow, the Jets really suck.

Joke -- The Four Ghosts of the White House

How come my Firefox is crashing now?

Jesus jumpin' criminy! WTF is up with goddamned Vikings!?!?!?

The funniest joke EVER!

I think I decided on this year's halloween costume

Austrailian wine.....

Why not a sex thread? (copycat)

Women. Who wants to get married? The C.G. is available.

From GD! Bush is so drunk in this photo!

Mahatma Gandhi born October 2, 1869


KC is causing me to hyperventilate!

FOX just ran a sunday night show line-up...

NOT a sex thread...

There's a monster under my desk...

You know you loved your cat....

There's a monster up in the sky!

I have a huge lapping cat on my pee-pee.

This IS a sex thread.

Honey, quit monkeying around and come to bed . . . .

Michael Vick is a GOD!!!!! (Go Falcons!)

what the heck is up with this?

LOL . . . watching "Spies Like Us" Not only is it funny, but there

What crosses your mind during TV ads?

anyone play with Droogle?


SAN DIEGO CHARGERS just punk'd the Patsies

My 5 yo just got a gold medal on Skater Island on Tony Hawk 3

WHO-DEY!! BENGALS WIN!! Going 4-0 for the first time since 1988

Fuzzy-headed liberals!!

So! Who's taking the Padres over the Cardinals in the playoffs?

This is probably a long shot, but can anyone here identify this photo?

So I tried learning to skateboard tonight...

Why do YOU lurve the Lounge?

Prayers, good vibes and thoughts needed, please, dear Lounge.

Cleveland loses! Red Sox goto playoffs!

ATTENTION! I have an important announcement!

I had two guys clean my ducks Friday and I'm not even Mickey or Minnie

So, hypothetically of course, if you had sex with Ethel Murman....

You want to see what I'm up against ?

What happened to Vincent D'onfrio on Criminal Intent....

Imagine seeing HER when you look out your window:

I had two guys clean my ducts Friday and I'm not even gay or a female

Warning: Bacardi Big Apple and Ginger ale is dangerous

"SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YO MAMA!" -- Fun bumper sticker for 10/02

Post songs the Brady Bunch used to sing here.

Has anybody sold/bought "big ticket" item on e-bay? I am thinking about

"American Dad" thread

Ultimate cast of the SURREAL LIFE - post your nominations

Anybody order from the UK lately? (and live in the US)

9:46 pm- In the Police Log- Injured Squirrel on Elm St.

Question for any adults living with a parent in the parent's home

How many more weeks before Fox cancels "War at Home"

Football widows? Hell, I'm a "Lesson Plan" widower....Teachers' lives

RED SOX WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Show me kitties.

Imagine seeing HIM when you look out your window:


The world conspires to keep us humble

Raiders vs. Cowboys Final

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

How many posts have you made in the last 48 hours?

Tonight's simpsons theme sees homer doing a parody of Get Smart's theme.

Groucho Marx born October 2, 1890

Whatever happened to the Minolta?

That kicker for the Cardinals is fantasy gold to someone.

A Word To The Wise

good news ! ! Couple reunite with pet after Katrina!

self delete

List foods that you've been drinking.

If someone says "I'm at my wits' end"

I have a huge purring cat in my lap

The houses on both sides are vacant: it's time to CRANK UP THE SUBWOOFERS!

Late night music thread: What are your recent music purchases?

Which would you prefer in the New Order:

Teriyaki chicken stir fry and vegetable fried rice


Where can I find American Idiot music videos that don't bleep out

Woo-hoo! The Steelers didn't lose today!

I do have a bit of good news...I am now employed!!!


List women that only look good if you've been drinking.

Seattle Considers Banning Lap Dances:

Why the HELL is Ashlee Simpson coming back to SNL?

How come the San Diego Chargers do not get more respect from the Eastern .

Could Santorum 2008 happen? I'm afraid it could.

Help! Fleas!

Post your best/favorite one-liners here.

Texas Roadhouse Grill

Are there any better Defragmenter utilities?

Bell's Special Double Cream Stout. Perplexing.


Self Delete....

AAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAHHHhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhh

How 'bout them Astros???

WTF??? What's with these ads on Adult Swim?

I'm looking for a good, free SSH client for Windows

Vikings fans - Petititon thread

In praise of Macaroni and Cheese

So I won a wager with WillPitt...


Whatever happened to the Chysler/Maserati Tc?

I heard my friends' band on the Food Network tonight, of all places...

Leó Szilárd and Edward Teller meet up in a bar

Anatomy of a flamewar


Neil Cavuto officially has the worst conservative book cover known to man!

GB vs. Carolina Panthers tomorrow night.

Is anyone else here getting spammed by a group called

Curb you Enthusiasm is too embarrassing I have to get

List foods that are only good if you've been drinking.

Help! Flea!

oh dear god, the lounge better amuse me tonight

What are the odds of two women standing you up on one day.

Dating a single mom....

OMG! What a TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

KG's big DC adventure: a short pictoral essay

I'm so happy! I get to meet merh tomorrow!

What the hell happened to my beloved Philadelphia Eagles

Hey, Lounge! How the heck are you?

Janeane Garofolo to appear on "The West Wing" tonight...

Help! Hair salon etiquette? Toni & Guy


You are Bush's tour guide for an hour, where would you bring him

I cant find a home for my cats

I didn't realize that cereal had become so EXPENSIVE!

Bengals vs Texans game thread, w/pregame show

So, the dems have nominated a gay presidential candidate in the West wing

I have moved 99.5% of my belongings

How old were you when you first started talking?

Refs in F**kaneers/Lions game worked for Diebold

Please tell me stories of good dates you have been on

Anyone else dealing with the "empty nest"?

super quick Boondocks thread.

Hey Lost fans, take a look at this:

Harlan McCraney ~ Presidential Speechalist

*sigh*... girls :/

Sunday Movie Report (Sept. 30 - Oct. 2) (FINALS LATER)

Best Pizza Ever?

pics of baby "yes I have my days and nights mixed up, why do you ask?"

Tonight we put our sweet kitty "Scotty" in the bay to sleep next to us.

What are the first three FUN things you would do if you won the lottery?

Mmm. Peanut butter/vinegar/soy sauce salad dressing.

I just got a new puppy!!

What should the topic of my 30,000th DU post be?

Most disastrous wedding. Ever.

This is AWSOME, you have got to see it.

Jokes and catch-phrases that were funny once but aren't now.

Build Scientific Anti-Gravity Gadget Out of Crap Around House..

Women for Peace

God's Debris

save me from being saved

Why do monotheistic religions always think of theirs as "the last prophet"

Spirituality vs. Religion

For atheists, agnostics, and others, at what age did you lose faith?

Heat Death or Big Crunch?

Love in the deep: sex life of the giant squid revealed

Moon moves to make dazzling ring


Anyone for a shootout today in NE?


Dale Jarrett wins Talladega


That Cleveland Feeling .....

Anyone foiling over the Niner-Cardinal Sunday Night game in Mexico City?

So the Patriots kinda lost and stuff.


So why aren't the Yankees wearing a Red Cross on their helmets?

Mmmm, Broncos. Your D is a beautiful thing.

Topalov leads World Championship Chess Tournament after 4 Rounds

Bench Culpepper and fire Tice!

Baseball playoff predictions: Round One

"Warrior Theology"

Thought you guys might enjoy this.

Can you all help keep this kicked?

Sierra Club endorses Kerry and Durbin's plans to clean up Nola

“Come On People Now”

An early Birthday post

Kerry events in Oct

Stalking John Kerry (in a non-criminal kind of way)

Where's Elshiva?

Birthday card: where is she at?

Not serious at all: Sox are in the playoffs, anyone from IL

How I spent my weekend...

Baseball playoffs....what does it mean?

Sparky's in the Doghouse.

Dancing Bay Airs Spotted @ Gull Bay!

Bored? Watch this funny Tom Delay video....

Best way to pick a leader.

DNC website for Culture of Corruption and Abuse of Power research

In California, will Bulworth take on the Terminator?

Housing Promises Made to Evacuees Have Fallen Short, Washington POST Oct 2

Rep. Reynolds (R-NY) in FULL-ON SPIN MODE on Meet The Press

Kudos for Green Corps A few weeks ago our campaign to

LAT: GOP's Unified Front Is Reduced to a Veneer

Delay Fund-raising letter

Tom DeLay on Faux

Clarke wants terrorists treated like victims of cult brainwashing

Source to Stephanopoulos: Bush Involved In Leak Scandal

Invading Iraq has...

Fitzgerald Apparently Mulling Criminal Conspiracy Charges Vs. Libby, Rove

2008 candidate dfiscussions in a separate forum?

Slate, from 1998: "Can The President Pardon Himself?"

Fool court press - military style

Too Many Drinks: Laura keeps her red-faced Chimp Upright

A true story about Bill Bennett

Chimpy's Comeback Strategy: Picks 3 "Top Priorities"

It's "Say A Nice Thing About Karen Hughes" Day!

GOP tries to clear image

Just saw an EXCELLENT Anti-Forrester (NJ) Commerical

Brit Hume

PBS show called NOW-Faulting FEMA ...find out when on in your area.

The questions Bush asks reveals his Level...the answers from questions

After K. Hughes, New Rule: KNOW THY US CONSTITUTION!

How many people in Bill Clinton's Cabinet/Democrat Senators or Congressmen

Important Fax Tree - get all your friends to sign this petition on Darfur!

After next week's indictments, our new president??

Bush Moves to Block Torture Probe.

What can we do?

I don't know what to make of this

DeLay's strategy is standard GOP "blame the accuser"

Senior Administration Officials Could be Charged with Conspiracy

Google corruption in the Bush administration

Gen. Abizaid on Meet The Press

Why is the neocon fringe still in our White House? Unbelievable

Remember on The West Wing

Will Dim Son fire himself? Or give himself a medal ?

Rahm Emanuel: "Websites don't indict members of Congress, grand juries do"

Please respond

GOP's decision to stick w/DeLay is proof of their politics b4 USA

Bush Crime Family (Blistering Audio - Must Hear)

Newsweek: A Family Affair (Meet the Landrieus)

Source to Stephanopoulos: President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

Should the GOP be referred to as the abortion-party?

IF Bush picks Gonzales for SCOTUS, how will you feel about Yea-vote Dems?

What organized "Katrina Commission Now!" campaigns are out there?

Newsweek - You gotta love this week's Cover --updates

Fineman on "big, bold, controversial characters" (Condi, McCain, Rudy...)

This admin. is the conservatives' own worst nightmare of an

Frog March song - Rove, Cheney, W, et al! Link to listen to it


Will Bill Bennett give us the odds on Rove/Scooter indictments?

How many pardons do you think Bush is going to have to give...

We democrats need our own version of the "Contract with America"

Is Bill Bennett an abortion-advocate?

Outlawing dissent It's all here

Did Libby and Rove commit perjury? Do you think they lied

Did I hear that Abramoff said he wouldn't go down alone? In

Feingold on CSPAN now.

Protest Awaits Bennett Visit (Cincinnati/Tuesday)

DU this poll

Isikoff: Fitz planned on impaneling new GJ if Miller wouldn't talk

"Even a pompous president with a divine mission must recognize a disaster"

57 members of Congress sign Conyers' letter to Salem Radio (Bennett)

Senator Kennedy: Responsibly Rebuilding the Gulf Coast

Stephanopoulos: Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal? (video)

I never thought I'd see the day

Time Warner hires Tom DeLay's Chief of Staff to Shack up with K-Street

Reed fought ban on betting

Gee; how long is it going to take for the American MSM to report this:

DU msnbc polls

Reuters: "Let Bush be Bush" (Strategy for "getting his groove back"... )

We Dems just need to be who we are

Tom DeLay's House of Shame (Jonathan Alter-Newsweek)

Help - Bush Radio Address Says "100" battalion...

What are the 3 issues to unify the Dem message in 2006 for the

The only thing sweeter than winning the presidency would be

Wooo Hoooo--Poll on Delay....

Andy Rooney rant good--Big name Dem rant would be better.

Photos: Bush, Roberts, Condi & an Archbishop share zesty post-Mass guffaws

My Fellow DU-ers: A Question...

"We couldn't possibly get a better choice from Bush...

There is "Gandhi power" and there is "Tom DeLay power"

I know 2008 is a long way off but...

So, Why DID Clinton Suppress Dem Inquries/ Niger Yellow Cake Revelations?

Democrats are brave, Republicans are cowards. Here's the PROOF!

Do you recognize yourself in this NYT article about Hillary?

5 Democratic Ideas: Rep. Rohm Emanuel on Meet The Press

Which Individual Will Bush Nominate For Supreme Court?


The Sodom and Gomorrah church was hit by Rita!!!!

Fighting For the Base of the Democratic Party

Rather was prevented from going after smirk's N.G. paper's rigging

Portland, OR: David Cobb Announces No 2008 Pres. Run as Green

When Colorado Dems attack, an LTTE:

BTW....Who taught WBush to act the way he does??? His parents?

Thanks Andy

Gen. Clark made a major move tonight on Geraldo....