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Archives: October 19, 2005

Case Against Cheney (John Nichols get on yahoo news)

Seattle P-I editorial (Wed.): Withdraw Miers

White House in Denial ---June 13, 2003

Ex-doorman's crucial clout [Fitzgerald bio]

Australian government launches assault on workers’ rights.

The Ownership Society Protocol (Non Sequitur)

Are we going to war with Iran?

Disgusting - Exploitation of our troops by our Putrid Government

Gene Lyons

When Bush speaks in code

Shades of Hutton as inquiry puts heat on the President's men

The Iraq Constitution: And They Call This Victory

Nixon's Vietnam-Era Defense Chief Calls for Iraq Exit Plan

Fitz List :folks who have either testified or have been interviewed

Karen Hughes--"its business as usual" at the WH. Geesh!!

DC Press co-opted by war lies/Jay Bookman

Redefining "Pro-Life"

'Bud Pong' pulled; brewer shocked beer used in game

Ex-defense chief calls for Iraq exit plan (Melvin Laird)

GOP Is Caught Between Alliances (pushing Independents away to keep base)

No Final Report Seen in Inquiry on C.I.A. Leak

When the thug is our thug (Do we really want Democracy everywhere?)

Media Matters KKKarl set up meeting b/w Miers, "Christian Right"

Tougher Talk on Illegal Immigration (guest worker push continues)

Cold War makes way for world peace

You Can Vote,But The Elections Over:County election board forum...

Navy, Marines Block Commerical Email Sites

States Protest Contributions to Drug Plan (states are realizing they are

"Immigration Officials Arrest 36 at Cree Research, NC." (Job Corruption!)

Fool on the Hill (Senators grill rice for 3 hours)

Republican race card (silly R. tries to smear D. city council candidate)

"From 9/11 hero to people's zero"

Interesting transcript- talk by Col. Wilkerson (former Powell Staff Chief)

Chickens Come Home to Roost on Cheney/ Ray McGovern

Saddam will not be able to reveal US accomplices (LTTE / The Herald / UK)

The Price of Cheap Beef: Disease, Deforestation, Slavery and Murder

Giving Democracy The Bird (Ted Rall)

Temptation to Gamble Is Near for Troops Overseas

Lies, Damn Lies, and Oil Production Statistics: Venezuela Files SEC Report

Bush Panel Set to Propose Perm. Huge Deficits& Major Tax Shift onto Wage-

Our duplicity robs us of the moral high ground over Iran

The Missing Intelligence Report(Phase II Senate Report..Pat Roberts)

Chinese Food Industry Hums Underground" (and we worry about Mexicans?)

National Review: Dubya Closes a Door?

Dick Cheney's Covert Action

This Beatle Song so applies to the state of our Government today

Secret Service can track what you print

Scenes from the GOP Meltdown (NY Post op-ed)

Knocking the Vote:Diebold says its voting machines are bulletproof.Hack-

Dan Simpson: Invade Syria? Insane

Corporate Piracy Runs Amok

All the President's Men -Meet the biggest predatory lender in Cleveland --

Morford: God Does Not Want 16 Kids

The Fate of 'Made in the USA'

The Plastic Safety Net

Insourcing cheap labor, need your help

Bankrate article on renewables/conservation.

University of Colorado Wins 2005 Solar Decathlon

Ozone hole has peaked: UN (good news?)

Greenpeace blockades British ministry in PNG timber protest

seriously how do u warm an entire ocean over a full degree since 1960

Top scientific group warns of growing natural disasters

Jesus Christ, Wilma is cat-5, 882 millibars.

How to maximize household energy efficiency....

Say No To Pombo

Control of Hurricanes? Weather war underway?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 10/19/05

..election board forum gives electronic voting skeptics chance to rant,..

Mercer Co, NJ - Create your own exit polls!!

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors Chooses Promises Over Evidence

Knocking the Vote:Diebold says its voting machines are bulletproof.Hack-

TruthIsAll: "Lets play "what-if" with the gender mix." Great stuff!

Pombo's trips paid by group called illegal

LA Times Opposes Prop 79!!

San Diego DU'ers...

Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg's opinion on ballot measures

own up. who's the freeway blogger posting on i8 @ sdsu?

Anyone from the Lincoln area in northern california.

Judge Delays Cunningham Discovery (BRIBERY)

WSJ: California Race Highlights Split On Immigration

Just saw this .... Loved Fred Thompson in the movies....HATE Nussle

Yesterday DMR: Delays lengthy in civil rights battles

Grassley on live TV RIGHT NOW! 10-19-05 6:40 PM

John Edwards @ Harvard U. 10/20

laser toner compatibility

Every time I watch Cspan via the web and windows media player lately

Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger?

Looking for advice on new equipment.

PD's Kevin O'Bushbot's latest stupidity: No on ALL RON issues!

Taft to be deposed in corruption lawsuit

Any good comedians coming to the Tri-state area?


OH Sen. adjusts absentee balloting:Hotly debated plan would require ID

Hannity, North and Snow at the Verizon Theater in Houston tonight

johncoby2, you may finally get your wish...

Won't someone think of the children!!

Listened to and met Senator Robert Krueger today.

The World Series is coming to Texas for the first time ever!

Austin DUers, so where are we celebrating the DeLay arrest warrant?

Dallas Peace Center - 19th Annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner

TDW Campaign School in Austin, Oct 28-29

Well the lines have started (gas)

Touch-screen voting CEO barred entry to US

Prinicples above Personalities when it comes to Rev. Farakan

PBS FRONTLINE: "The Torture Question" - LIVE WEBCAST TODAY 12:00 PM

A Post to the 15

Pat Tillman

Judge Roy Amin...

A Town Without Pity--Who'll be the next to jump ship?(

John Dean coming up soon (10PM Pacific) on Mike Webb Show

Mike Webb's got John Dean on now -- listening link

wilma is pissed off! look out whoeve she decides Fred is...


Has there ever been a President who is responsible for so many

Too bad there can't be a dual hanging....

Capital News Poll

The Insurance Storm, a Florida Today special statewide report.

List of Who Testified to the Grand Jury (and when)

Anyone happen to catch Nightline last night?

How many are preparing emergency kits?

The best thing the RNC could do right now

List Far Right - Mafia Connections

Never in the 229 years of United States history has this government been i

The Report They Forgot--Pat Roberts' Phase II intelligence report?

what do Harriet Miers & Condi Rice have against Marriage?

Right-Wing Myths About Leak Investigation, Debunked

A Tale of Two Investigations

Anyone hear Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac today:

Time for Bush worshippers to get off their knees...

My daughter is going on a class trip to DC on Nov. 6

Secret code embedded in laser jet printers lets Gov't track print source

West Coasties The Daily Show coming up

Afghan`s `Taliban-lite` constitution...officially an Islamic republic

The Fitz'll come down on Cheney... (to the tune: Tomorrow)

I'll be shocked if fitz goes after anyone other than Rove/Scooter

Is it really treason ?

c-span3 condi testifying to senate foreign relations committee

High School's radio frequency seized by Christian network

Were John Hannah and Jim Wilkinson both involved in FL recount?

West can fight terror by sharing prosperity: Clinton--Toronto Star

Keith Olberman danced around the table saying "Yea, The Wicked

DU this poll! It's being freeped!

No spoilers for you people in the West...but Colbert Report is brilliant.

Looking for article on John Hannah

Chomsky on Wisconsin Public Radio tomorrow

Why worry about Darth resigning and Dimson appointing Congasleeza...

What's with the do-overs as of late?

Ed Schultz on Countdown rerun now.

Colbert gets a rave review from Salon:

Another winning hour for Boston Legal

Is tonight's daily show posted yet anywhere?

Hannity interviews Rush

Another "nutjob's" accusations re NO levees: 25 Questions Re Murder of NO

An Open Letter to Andrew Card

When Saddam is convicted and receives his just desserts….


Any Quotes from MSM Whores Re; Wilson and Libby

When did country radio stations in Texas start playing anti-war songs?

CS Monitor- Amazing portable solar/wind power units the CIA's investing in

WTF? Christopher Hitchens is World's 5th Greatest Intellectual?

Junior is only pissed that Rove got caught on Plame leak.

"I will restore honor and integrity to the White House"

Why is Bush's (frequent, blatant, bald-faced) lying given a pass?

Condi Hearing: What was all that yelling in the background?

I'm holding my breath, but if Fitzmas doesn't come soon...

Who is the Deputy AG overseeing the Plame leak case?

Are Ann Coulter and others using Miers as an excuse to abandon Bush

Would banning abortion...

Judy said a bad word.......

"The List" in Plamegate

Republicans becoming like Soviets

Inaccurate info might help in leak probe

No more Flintstones jokes -- or I may KILL AGAIN!

more signs of our economic problems.... Plastic production not good!

"We are the least informed but most entertained populace in the world." --

John Dean just said he would "be surprised if Cheney were not involved"

what if valerie plame's status wasn't covert?

Will Wilma wipe out S Florida? Will it look like the Gulf Coast?

My teevee is full of old men in cages. This is NEWS?

GM Healthcare Costs

Katrina Survival stories

Where's that second phase of that Senate Investigative Committee??


Update on Oil Megaprojects- October 2005

Boys and Girls, the Circus is in Town

Washington Journal - Phone Line Question (My Question):

Any Politician with strong ties to the 'christian' Right...

Chao: "The intent is to keep American workers first."

Colbert Report Official Blog!

Pretend it's 2008. How would evacuees be able to vote ?

Pincus on WJ - cutting through the spin!

Need an Attorney's advice... medical malpractice

I can't wait to watch the rerun of The Daily Show

"What did the president know, and when did he know it?" is the Plame

Wash. Journal will not answer when I get through!

With all the economic uncertainty would you recommend?

saddam's trial postponed till nov. 28th, msnbc just now

Oxycontin Pigboy "Gives Sean Hannity a Rare Interview"

Some thoughts on the "Saddam Trial"

So Saddam's trial has been postponed

Re. the NYDN "Bush knew" story - where the hell is the rest of our press?

T shirt Idea "Your Church stops here!"

A free meal U.S. is eager to pass on

US backs down on Islamic law -IRAQ

It's been almost 5 years now.

A good blog entry on DeLay and his attorney.

Gas prices spur school district to consider shorter week(workers docked $)

Saddam's trial ... He's screaming at the judge!

Nixon's Vietnam-era defense chief calls for Iraq exit plan

and a good morning to you too DU

Denying the obvious in Iraq. The "war" is lost.

On this day 225 years ago-YORKTOWN! (thank you France)

Slick prediction

September 11 panel says government failing to act- NYT

Oct. 18 update re Bio attack or whateva (he he he w/shoulders) in D.C.

Freeper e-mail of the day ready to refute?

If there are 22 indictments announced the first thing I am going to do is:

Bush whacked Rove on CIA leak( You are not gonna believe this one)

So Miers DOES have a paper trail re Roe V Wade

(Wolf! Wolf!) FBI: Closing Baltimore Tunnel Was Best

Separation of Church and Snakes...

C&L Video Clip: Jon Stewart & Bill O'Reilly, from last night's Daily Show

"Last throes of Dick Cheney"

Yesterday, once again Ichabod Crane, aka George Bush,

Mamie Vandoren

which one of them will fly to Iraq this Thanksgiving and/or Christmas ?

9am CT, Comedy Cntrl: The Daily Show repeat w/O'Leilly. nt

MOGAMBO GURU: Things Are Getting Spookier And Spookier

I've been talking to God & She thinks bush is a fucking jerk


after Saddam's trial, what about Bushco's 'Crimes Against Humanity'?

What are the refugees of Iraq?

Too much coffee and Fitzmas -- I'm sitting stunned and shaking --

NYT: No indictments expected this week

The Declaration of Independence from the 'christian' Right. Sign it.

Wilma now a CAT 5, 175 mph winds. Sets new low pressure records.

What do Liberals Believe?

pray quietly; some of us are trying to think--bumpersticker I saw

WP: Goss's Remote, Partisan Leadership is Fast Draining CIA of Talent

Did Bush hire Max Mayfield?

GWB gets another Katrina "mulligan"

Daily News: White House Aides Leaking False Information To Protect Bush...

Mike Malloy: "Judith Miller is a CIA operative"

One of my Favs: A Day In The Life Of Joe Republican

This page will doom the Bush Administration

The F List: Those who have been interviewed or testified re: Plame

I am amazed.

What Pre$$titution Leads To - Abu Ghraib

Wilma an "unbelievable Super-Category 5"?

DC marchers. Were you part of a drill?

Miller: Freedom to talk to press without getting in trouble under assault

Couric's softball to Karen Hughes

Google bomb alert! Google: "miserable failure"

3:16 am edt Hurricane Wilma: Now Category 5, 2nd most intense in history

If I'm offline for, ya know, like 2 weeks or so...

Funny, but true...

FRANCE is our ENEMY coz they were CORRECT!!! *yes, it's sarcasm*

Rawstory: Another Aide has flipped

Illegal immigration musings--could there be any positive results?

Google "idiot" and look at the picture on the right that is returned

Question about Miers

Bono Can't Save You, George ---pix->>>


9 Cases of Brain-Wasting Disease in Idaho (mad cow)

Scooter's in the quicksand now and so's Judy

Sound Reason To Impeach (even for Republican Lawmakers)

McClellan Offers Classic Non-Denial Denial to NY Daily News Story

The Neo Nazi Answer to the Olsen Twins...Ugh!

Wilma: Freak of Nature

Breaking: Judy and Bill Keller in a shouting match over mea culpa

Is Springer leaving AAR?

Sleuths Crack Tracking Code Discovered in Color Printers

The Case Against Tom DeLay: John Dean


Does anybody want "" ?

High school radio station seized by Christian radio via the FCC

When White House spin, spins out of control

Rove scheme: Lie, Lie, Lie, and then... lie some more. "Flippers" lying?

Tell it like it is Democrats:

Captions Please! ---pix->>>

Folks, the Saddam Hussein side show works to our advantage!

I feel silly starting this thread but mine is long over due. Thanks DU.

Anyone watching MSNBC 5 min's ago...

Anyone else notice that the MSM is starting to write amazing stories, but

The Neo-Con / Far Right Schism

Saddam Pleads Innocent, Gets Into Scuffle

It's from Sludge but I thought it was interesting:

Saddam on Trial: Bush Next?

After all is said and done, indictments handed down

Is Today Indictment Day? --->>>

I had a moment of growth yesterday


My wish for Wilma & our DU family in harm's way

Obama seems to be wasting alot of time and stumbling around

Notice how Condi and the administration seamlessly move........


Anonymous Saudi donor: $1.25M for classrooms/supplies/shoes for evacuees

Want a peek at your newborn? Cost you $12 if it's a boy,,,$7 for a girl

The Illusion of Normality -

ID proponent Behe outs himself as idiot in "Scopes II" trial

Trial of the Century? Not for Iraqis(the last report-kidnap Guardian r ep)

Original Plame Indictment Thread -- full circle

Call/Write the Media! NY Daily News now has PROOF of a Bush High Crime!

Fitzgerald announces press conference for indictments

Shadenfruede is a wonderful thing...BUT

3 Cat 5 and 2 Cat 4 hurricanes this year

I need a recipe for Indict Mint Julep, with little paper indictment straws

If this is an investigation of a conspiracy to falsely lead the USA to war

Kennedy is screaming at the Repubs about minium wage on cspan2

All the President's Men 2005 Edition--Nigergate MUST READ

When does DeLay get his mugshot?

Attention news media

What may be behind Tom Delay going after Ronnie Earle...

Rep. John Conyers: When Was the President Told?

Going to lunch... try not to indict anybody till i get back

Remember the "flipper" suits the Repugs wore at Kerry rallies?

Harriet Miers is too stupid to know she won't be confirmed to the court.

The Dalai Lama Is Going to Meet with Bush Next Month --->>>

Fitzgerald has evidence of forged Niger uranium documents

Updated from Raw Story - its good! N/T

Scott McClellan fumbles Daily News report in press gaggle...

Lysistrata and Elizabeth I.

What table?

Harriet Miers: A Corporate wet dream come true?

The Cheney Jinx, or, The Man is Cursed by Failure

Company Develops Plant That Sprouts Custom Messages (cool!)

Pee-Wee Coach Accused Of Shooting Player's Dad For Pulling Son

How did Novak escape the noose?

This looks interesting: "This Divided State"

CBC's 'The National': "The Next Pandemic" -- video link

"Saturday Night Massacre" October 20, 1973 - What will BUSH do??

Stockton Bans Smoking Within 20 Feet of Nearly All Businesses

New Meme: Criminalizing politics


Make your own Snotty Scotty Bingo Cards.. (shuffleable too)

Fineman: When White House spin, spins out of control (Indictments coming?)

4 of Bush's Lies

DU & dKos' georgia10 is a STAR!! Quoted in WaPo

What the indictment post will look like

Hey lurking right wingnuts-------->

MSNBC Breaking: Warrant out for DeLay's arrest, $10000 bail

Breaking, CNN: Warrant issued for DeLay's arrest

Help Support The Raw Story (2-Week Fundraiser)

Whose listening to CSpan2

The stuff that Voinovich was so upset about during the Bolton hearings...

Re: That chart showing the DoD and the

Kerry questioning Condi now. C-span radio

American Medical Marijuana Patient in Canada Turned Over To U.S. Feds!

SHARK..SHARK..SHARK... A serious shark attack sez MSRNC

NSA - Iraq & Saddam

I oppose closing down Gitmo

I love how FOX is now only covering missing white girls and hurricanes.

Waiting for hurricane Wilma in Palm Beach County.

Can someone help me with the link to Canadian refugee paperwork.

US troops kill 4 Afghan police by mistake - official

crooksandliars: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart

Soldiers burn bodies while cameras roll

Fwee Wepubwik notices some sort of leak investigation: Blames Matalin?

A possibility for live Malloy on XM

Taliban who destroyed Buddhas now in Afghan. govt.

If Bush and Cheney were on "Celebrity Death Match," who would win?

Are they in cardiac arrest in freeperville??

Will the Republicans hatred of science destroy the world?

Is the Louisiana statehouse too republican to pass a LAW

This Saddam trial

Ever heard of the EFF?- DocuColor Tracking Dot Decoding Guide encoded...

Arrest Warrant out for Tom... SHAAAARK!!!

Does anybody else get the feeling that Georgie has been making

Update on Biological alarm in Washington (Salon)

Caption Judith Miller...

I saw DeLay's first anti-Ronnie Earle attack ad last night...

Hey, WH....

We are going to get attacked with 24/7 Hurricane coverage

Anyone else listening to Randi and ready to SCREAM?

HOLY SHIT! Hurricane Wilma 165 mph, 4mb from all-time record

Ok. Jesus. Frikkin' Bizarro World. Did I hit my head or something?

For the first time, I enjoyed listening to Rush today.

Honestly, you know what the biggest deal in all this is?

what would have happened if...

Spanish Judge Issues Warrant for Three GIs

Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved?

New Air Force propaganda playing on guilt (in mail today)

Thoughts on the Saddam Trial...

Wilma: Dramatic Change in Forecast Track?

Virginia Man Accused in Bush Assassination Plot Describes Saudi Torture

All Floridians in the line of Wilma - try and get reservations in the

UPDATED: The Fundies do it, why can't I - Jesus Hates Bush. (Humor)

Uh oh, freeper on Randi now...nt

Isn't it time for Dimson and Darth to get the same choice that Nixon got??

FRONTLINE - Excellent video on the Torture issue

First ever Hurricane named with a "W"

PHOTO: DR. Rice, things not going so well?

its Randi time!!!

the magical weather machine

No Indictments today.


Which DUer is going to have the honor of posting the big indictment

BREAKING MSNBC!!! Shark Attack!

About legalizing marijuana...

Now Carville's Position on Plame Makes Sense

Washington D.C. old boys network.

Will This Be The Legacy of this White House?:

I missed O'Lielly on TDS.

New Fall TV Show: "My Name Is "Earle", "Ronny Earle"

Anyone see those pathetic oil company commericals?

Lifeboats on the Ship of State

not to change the subject but...

All this approval rating and Plamegate is 9/11 karma for * and company

How Fitzgerald can show Intent on Bolton and Cheney:

Question for AAR listeners in New York

Judy Miller had a bigger role in creating the "Post-911" Heebie Jeebies

Howard Fineman Leaves Out A Crucial Component Of The Bush Machine: Himself

SH trial delayed till end of Nov per cnn news. good -this will not be

A Little Bit Worried, Georgie? ---pix->>>

If Cheney is forced to resign, will that leave Fredo in charge?

The Indictment Buffet (photo ---->)

Any DUers with Solar powered homes?

I Have a BIG OLE SMILE on my face right now!

The latest investor in green energy - the CIA

Christian physicians & dentists decry new stem cell alternative

Bill O'really = Art Bell

I. Cant. Get. Off. My. Computer. Someone. Help. Me.

1982 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

What if Fitz's indictments leave the White House without any talent?

Raw Story - Second aide assisting leak prosecutor,

If boosh vows to get rid of every illegal...he should start with himself

Bush Caught In A Lie?

So, what do you WANT for Fitzmas and what do you think is realistic

Confessions of a Wal-Mart Hit Man

My email to Senator Reid regarding the Ohio Senate race

Indicted or unindicted? What fate does * face with Fitz?

Who Will Be The First DUer to Post DeLay's Mug Shots?

TERROR Alerts - The TRUTH behind them

What family

Saddam should cite * in his trial...

Arrest Warrant issued for Delay

Bwaaaahahahahaha! They got him.

Does anybody have a link to the site that has news from...

" What did Bush know, and when did he lie about it ? "

Has anyone seen Occupation: Dreamland?

"He made his displeasure known to Karl....made his life miserable..."

Knowledgeable DUers: Please help w/ this International Relations Paper

Why Is There Only One NOAA Jet?


So, now Bono is supposed to act like a republican?

From ore to yellow cake

I Just Noticed Something: Am I Crazy Or:

Complete Text of Libby Letter to Miller....Pls help

How many here believe the same as O'Reilly in that..

Boxer v Condi, round 2 coming up (CSPAN3)

Jeb! Bush: "Why us?" You've got to be kidding me.

My teacher today was talking about Bill Gates and the feds: I thought of

Why didn't Fitz supeona Bush?

Remember INDICTMENTS are just the beginning

Write something down for the great grandchildren...

"alarming rise in temperature in the Southern Ocean"

Tweety About Ready to Bust

As the Aspens Turn

OK, I'm back. What fresh hell is the Am. worker being drug thru

think 23 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

Look at this state by state Bush Approval Site

Hannity's new meme: "Old Media" vs. "New Media"

Is James Carville worried about his wife Mary Matalin being indicted?

Breaking News - An arrest warrant has been issued for Delay!

GM-soy affects posterity. New research.

Tweety is headlining again with the CIA leak case....

Is anyone watching CNN?

Hahahahah.....Tweety just teased in the next segment "the great...."

Are the BushBots being prepared in any way?

Thank you for your courage Joe Wilson.

New Orleans: school staff face massive cuts in jobs, benefits

Who said this? 'I won't answer to this court'

"Bush administration cannot fulfill all its promises to rebuild Iraq"

My Lonely Fight for Wheelchair Accessibility in Kansas City

Bill O'Reilly Hires Bodyguards, May Retire

I'm looking for an Indecision 2000 DVD, does it exist, help me out folks!

If Congress can impeach Clinton for lying about an affair then...

American slavery?

Arrest Warrant issued for Delay?

Iran foils “British plot” to blow up refinery: report

More Signatures Needed for the 'Arrest Mo Paul for Treason' Petition

I think that Gannon was the original Plamegate mole

According to most polls at the polling place

How many of you thought the suspense would be over by now? I did.

Judith Miller is a scumbag and the NY Times is garbage

Is this press conference with Reid on the SPAN now from earlier

who makes the decision on indictments? Fitz or the Grand Jury?

Hmmmm... ---->>>>

So off to the gym

Congressional poll

There's a difference between Democrats and Republicans.."

HAMMER TIME!!! - Add Your Photoshop of HAMMER in DA SLAMMER

Chertoff, Katrina, and PETA

Is The Elephant In The Room That * Ordered The Plame Smear?

What are some good things Republicans have done?

Hello ABC News....Where is TREASON coverage?

" Erasable, Recallable, Email."

Who Do you think will win the NJ Governor's race?

Martha wasn't "under oath" when she talked to investigators

Wilma Is Now The Most Intense Hurricane Ever Recorded In The Atlantic

Can anyone please help me

Could this 8 year nightmare benefit Amerika in the longer term?

"Today, committee Republicans view their mission as being not oversight ..

Is naming all these informants as soon as possible helping "Fitz"

Plamegate: We At DU Knew What Was Up Since Day One

Is Fitzgerald going after the forged Niger documents too?

Did Bush know Rove's role?--tweety question on Hardball now.

So much more to do

So ...are our Dems "playing Possum" thinking that Repugs will come Over?

Compose a haiku about the current state of the U.S.

Have the Dixie Chicks been forgiven by their right-wing fans yet?

"I earned political capital and now I intend to spend it." -- GWB 11/04

Legal lynching of Saddam Hussein begins in Iraq

Would you vote for a pro-war Democrat under ANY circumstances?

Buy American Girl Products, don't let "them " bully this company.

If MLK were alive today...

Wow. Chris Matthews is nailing it. Hard to believe. MSNBC, now.

Do you think that Judy Miller was bought the same way that Armstrong

New Slogan for the MSM:

Venezuela Defends Right to Develop Nuclear Energy

Top 10 Next Career Moves for Judith Miller

Spanish judge issues arrest warrant for US troops

Found a favorite Cheney pic today...

DELAY BOOKED...(an artists conception)

It kind of gets to me that Valerie P. has had to stay behind the scenes

Ha Ha.. I'm so proud.....

The end just may be near, WARNING-Disturbing!

Good comment by Margaret Carlson on Hardball.

Presidential Prayer team poll- 82.7 % ..Excellent job

Top Ten Reasons There Are No Bush Indictments Coming (poll)

Flu shots for whole population plan in UK...with shrub we get

Can Bush appoint his own brother as VP?

Jeff Gannon/Guckert says Matthews is having spontaneous orgasms

What is the biggest corporation to be dissolved or seized for forfeiture

Oh look. There it is. Our escape hatch.

Maybe rush has been giving shrub too much oxycotin...

I dedicate this song to the Bush Administration...

'Twas the night before Fitzmas, when all through the White House

Does Anyone Know Where Someone Can Buy A Copy Of The Chavez Movie?

Pentagon agency in charge of spending oversight in Iraq left Iraq in 2004

Washington Post defends Judith Miller

Interesting Point From Sam Sedar last night......

"ARE THERE NO PRISONS...' ...Are there no workhouses?"

Family Research Council email: Avast, Pirates on Dry Land

The Spin is In; the neocons speak: It was all the CIA's fault.

***This post deserves it's own thread!***

You know why the right-wing Bush-bots claim there won't be any indictments

If You Missed It Last Night, See O'Reilly Get Ripped On The Daily Show!

Get yer Delay mugshot coffee mug - courtesy of FreeRepublic !!

Jeb, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe -- this will make you ill

Schumer writes Bush to ask for clarification on what he knew when...

Larry Johnson: The So-called "Lies" of Joseph Wilson

"Bush got the bananas and he's eatin' them ...

Why does Lou Dobbs crusade against open immigration?

how many criminal indictments equal one bj?..n/t

snort! The Freepies are in mass denial

Get ready to hear this a lot: "Even Clinton thought Saddam had WMDs"

Why Cheney Outed Plame and Brewster Jennings--Great Read!!

Did Kerry know this was coming down?

If progressives hate guns so much, why are they so stubbornly

Guys... do me a favor? DU this poll about Sen. Kit Bond (R - Missouri)...

Tweety's guest, Ed Rogers. You know who he reminds me of?

Business Roundtable Brainwashers of America

Hey Shrubby! How's that whole mandate thing working out?

Must hear this new song!

Please SMACK me if I ever tell you I watched the Dr. Phil show again.

White House creating a list of replacements for Karl Rove

Who do you think will win the Virginia Governor's Race

The suspense is killing me

Wouldn't it be cool?

Freepers giving up on 2006 already?

Need help finding a cartoon

Need links to economics data

Is Delay complying with the warrant??

Michael Brown has to have time to eat dinner. Katrina has to wait

Thank Koresh for Crooks and Liars

Is anyone watching Kurt Weldon on Cspan???

Chavez and Chirac affirm 'common vision', deeper ties

DU law experts--a question

Body found in Sierra Nevada glacier believed to be WWII airman

What do we know about ""

NY Daily News ties WHIGs to Judith Miller. "Judy was a charter member."

Help edit Wikipedia's Harriet Miers article (#2 Google hit)

Is there any kind of time limit on indictments vs. empanel new Grand Jury?

Did anybody just hear CNN radio report on Air America?

1983 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Prison Nickname time yet?

VIDEO- Hardball/David Schuster on the Leak

There have been sixteen Federal Officials impeached in U. S. History

Has Keith Olbermann ever enjoyed Countdown more than he has this week?

Did NYT Co. Corp Board loan Judy to WH in exchange for NYC TV Station?

How many Repukes in 2006 will abandon whats left of the bush crime family?

Countdown/KO leads with "IF... THEN... Bush Knew... White House Lied"

limbaugh: Media Goes Nuts over CIA Leak Case

Bush's arrest warrant!

Desperately Seeking Democrats!

VIDEO- Saddam Puppet Theatre-Countdown

In case you don't already have a mad case of HAPPY FEET!!

What did Kerry say to Rice?

Election 2004 - A quick Glance in the Rear view Mirror

do grand jury votes have to be unanimous??? nt

VIDEO-Carlsons on Hardball about Leak

Louis Freeh on The Daily Show tonight

My New Bumper Sticker of the Week.

Could Louis Freeh be a bigger asshole?

MUST SEE Trailer for upcoming movie "Syriana"

There's something big coming in this city. - Chris Matthews link

Chertoff perjures himself before Congress

The game of decimation started with reagan. They won. What did they win?

"Are you voting for conviction or acquital?" (Caller to Sam Sedar)

Astounding. Silly observation perhaps, but astounding nonetheless.


A Blast from the Past: The President's Lawyer

Ha ha...hee hee hee ...*twitch* ... Ha! Freaking out! Hee hee hee hee...

Condi Rice's DRUMBEAT to WAR with SYRIA AND IRAN!!

Republican Hubris (deleted)

If Bush new about Karl -- could that be obstruction of justice?

In the grocery store

Eight indictments have already been prepared, with possibility of ten more

Pre$$titution Primer - Tom Curry On Condi Rice's "Grace Under Pressure"

Ask Warner Bros. what's up w/Good Night, And Good Luck release:

USDA attempting to water down Organic

* picks guy he met at mall as Greenspan's replacement

Blog rumor: Powell fingers Cheney; VP likely to plea-bargain, resign

The House of White

Anyone else saving a lot more videoclips for posterity?

Who has that graph?

does anyone remember the email thread about email be run through

Gotta do it: Jon Stewart up @ 10pmCT, Comedy Central, for

"You bombed the WTC so I'm gonna establish a new Islamofascist country"

Landreau on cnn-saying WH more interested in building Irag than NO

The aspens have turned...

No surprise, Fweepers delusional on Delay warrant too: Blame Judge?

" Bush is throwing grenades around in the cockpit of the world economy"

Whoa... Have You Seen This Graphic ???

I got to meet Michael Parenti today!!

Tucker Carlson - "Blame the Democrats for not questioning the

Is Hotmail down?

"Alaskans support ANWR!!" Here's my response to that

Republican Vindictiveness and Hubris

Soldiers Burn Taliban soldiers and use it for propoganda

"You can fool some of the people all of the time...

It's Your Right to Drink Coke!

EU approves talks with Bosnia, "blame Clinton"

If you felt Bill Gates was a philanthropist before, what say you now?

Any DUers win the Power Ball? N/T.

sam sarrha, TahitiNut, LSK, ayeshahaqqiqa,Vincardog,

I watch TV and read the newspapers more for what ISN'T being reported than

"Mental Map of the USA"

A sad note from a shrimper

Aaron Brown doing segment on Chertoff now on cnn

If you were a Grand Juror, how pissed would you be that you've

Anyone else remember how sure the Repubs were that Clinton was

Maybe I'm A Dreamer...

There are fireworks going off in my neighborhood. Astros

"The Kooks of Hazzard" - have a laugh or two while we wait

Damn! Another new, tantalizing Plame headline on Raw Story

Whose in Florida watching Wilma?

Louis Freeh on Daily Show now! Interview.

I didn't get the memo....Bill O'Rielly retiring or leaving??

Rice a portrait of "Grace under Pressure". This is MSNBC journalism?

Freepers not happy!!! (Delay)

Colber(t) Repor(t): Teen pregnacy: why a solution may be at hand..or mouth

Microsoft Permatemp Suit: Money Gained, Labor Lost?

Baghdad Mayor Killed - Interfax (Anybody Know If These Guys Are Reliable)

Dick Cheney Fan Club

What! Rice Says (Cspan) that Bush retains powers for War on Terrorism

What do you think about lotteries?

What "one" book best characterizes this failed administration ?

Cordry's got "This Week in God"

Concerning the scope of Fitzgerald's investigation...

We need to own the words on these indictments TREASON & TRAITOR

have you seen 30 days with morgan spurlock...about living on mim wage

BUSH LIED - He Knew It Was Karl All Along --->>>

U.S. Outsourcing millions of jobs - Tyee piece

Bush's tax panel would limit break for homeowners...

Hotmail does not like Comcast mail?

New AP article about the Leak... lots of inside details...

ITs WURMSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Play With George Bush! Move him with your mouse!*****

Cheney:...Top ten list of rules to remember while I'm in prison.

NY Daily News: Bush "appreciates" that Karl outed covert agents "for him"

Tell us honestly

Four Fox shows named worst for families

I I I don't testify...I'd be happy to talk with em

People who believe in "end days" should not be allowed to be President

Be proud, Utah! 60+% of you are lemmings!


Please read!

how exactly do "they" decide on country names in other languages?

If sex were involved would Freepers jump ship?

Okay, which DUer coined the "Fitzmas" meme?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Hoe Down

"... when a crowd gathers outside this building, somebody is in trouble."

Imagine this scenario

Lurking *bots and Freakers, yo. In here, especially you blue collar ones.

You have to love the creativity of our troops in Iraq...A MUST-WATCH!

Is Fitzgerald under any kind of "protection"?

Let me get this straight. Bush lied and appointed cronies to key positions


Here we go again. Neocons in trouble, let's start the Clinton bashing.

Iraq is God's war

Energy Saving Methods and Tips!!...please contribute

Juan Cole Changes His Mind and Calls for US Troop Withdrawal

Prepare yourselves....They will try to Spin Treason !!!!

Condi Rice; "LESS THAN 50 YEARS". Time to ENLIST, rightwingnuts!

Damn!! Why couldn't that election be this November.

Judith Miller turned military unit into a 'Rogue Operation'

FRUGAL LIVING: ATTN everyone having money trouble!!!

Planet Sees Warmest September On Record

How Do WE Know That BushCO Knew They Were LYING About the WMD? >>>

Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved? (

Bush and Bono ---pix->>.

What did Valerie Plame uncover that they wanted to stop dead

VIDEO-Latest on the Leak - Olbermann

The Press was USED to sell the war in Iraq.--Chris Matthews

Man, is Randi Rhodes fucking good!

CAFE DUMOND opened this morning

Did Chertoff just admit it WASN'T the fault of state/local officials?

What do you value more? Freedom of belief or freedom

As things continue to fall apart... will someone crack on the VOTER FRAUD?

"A Secretive Cabal Running American Foreign Policy is Undermining American

Rasmussen has W. at 43% approval to 56% Disapproval

Larry Johnson's: "Dick Cheney's Covert Action"

Illegals vs. undocumented workers

The 2005 gubernatorial races are very close. Help if you can.

It's Time for Another *INTRO TO PNAC* for the New DU'ers >>>

Target responds on pharmacist who wouldn't fill emergency contraceptive

WHY did BIG DICK buy a BIG HOUSE????

Rick Ben Veniste (9/11 Commission Guiliani Friend) says NO INDICTMENTS

Do we have the guts of our parents and/or grandparents?

The American Whig Party (1834-1856) or is that 1999-2005 :)

I'm getting a feeling that Fitz may throw a bigger bombshell than..

The guy in Gulfport who told Cheney to F@#% himself has a song about it =>

Prediction for today's stock market

"Plamegate and the missing link" -- Wheeler focuses on Col. Kwiatkowski

YA authors stand up to "Son of Swift Boat"

There was a whole bunch of anti-gay graffiti scrawled all over my school

A democratic Republic in the grips of a single political party

Let's have fun and come up with some good GOP Slogans for the 08 election

If Clinton was still president, the world would be much safer!

No Link Between Pot Smoking, Cancer

More Bush polling numbers

Ain't this purty?

Joe Wilson wasn't the only reason his wife was outed...

Wilma - Holy Shit!

Letter from my electric company today

The Mad Tea Party

The Sheeple are awake....and questioning...and ANGRY.

Pat Tillman, Our Hero ... NFL Player / War Hero

The fundies of yesteryear were just to bad as today's

Whats the story with the "Council on foreign relations"?

Bill Gates Dumps Dollar for Euro

So I pass this big Suburban on the road...

Angelenos! Find an excuse to ride/support Metro rail...

Folks, We're Witnessing Nuclear War In The White House

A Personal Experience Regarding Jon Stewart

Dick Cheney

What's the best way for Fitz to stay alive through the next week?

"Protect The Family - Vote Republican" and "My God My Country..."

Niger Yellowcake and The Man Who Forged Too Much

The Night Before Fitzmas (An Epic Poem)

Republican Ignorance On Public Display At Freerepublic

And now for something completely different - a Transatlantic diversion

Suggested titles for Jeff Gannon's book

"Do They Know It's Fitzmas?" (A song parody)

Miers: Immature ... Brainwashed... Suck Up. Which Is She?

A really good centrist/insider view of why Plamegate is important.

When the US economy collapses, how will this affect the world economy?

The Starbucks Challenge: South Weymouth, MA store # 07374 fails the test

Pat Roberts in cahoots with Cheney on Senate Iraq Intel Report (Rozen)

Glory, Glory What a Helluva Way to Die (sing along!)

Diary of a Plamegate Junkie

We'll vindicate you, our brave heroes! Justice is coming, swiftly>>>

Anyone else finding South Park extremely un-funny tonight? n/t

I think this Saddam trial is a ruse to get him out of the way

NBA to Players: Stop dressing so Black!

MSNBC/Olbermann tonight: the huge Plame leak case news re *’s involvement

Indictment preparations ......

Some SERIOUSLY Kick Ass XM deals available.... including FREE Radios...

1 in 4 Iraq vets need medical attention

Post your suggestions for DU's "Listen Live" section here

Per H2O Man request: 'Fair Game' and 'Memo to Central Intelligence Agency'

Fuck South Park.,Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Former law lord attacks 'folly' of Iraq war

New row over selection at Blair children's school

Lab that finds bugs where others do not (MRSA)

The new zeitgeist?

Children who have sex advice may be reported to police

I've been marketing the Tory soap opera in GD

UK Shares Suffer Biggest Fall for 17 Months

Man held over Yorkshire Ripper hoax

US, German embassies in congestion charge row with Red Ken

Case Against Cheney (John Nichols get on yahoo news)

Stripes: Talk show host Ed Schultz nixed by AFN

U.S. ambassador says softwood should not spoil otherwise good relations

US troops kill four Afghan policemen (a 'mistake')

RC: Frist Predicts Full Exoneration (Is the fix in???)

Hurricane Wilma winds now 150 mph!

White House: Religious Schools Can Get Aid

CNN:Hurricane Wilma 'extremely dangerous' Category 5

Three Accused of Plotting Jewish Attacks

Lawmaker's ties to lobbyist Abramoff under investigation

Undecided Ensign: Miers vote too big "just to trust" Bush

Perry opposes idea for military role in disaster response

Two coalition soldiers killed in Iraq

No Final Report Seen in Inquiry on C.I.A. Leak

Government eases rules on drilling

Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits Japan

Film Rolls as (US) Troops Burn (Afghan) Dead

Dallas Biz Jrnl: AirTran pulling back at D/FW Airport

Divine intervention axes school station (FCC)

WaPo: Students Show Few Gains Since 'No Child'

Whistleblower Protection Bill Inadequate (Sibel Edmonds/NSWBC)

Wilma is most intense Atlantic storm ever

1 in 4 Iraq vets ailing on return

Biochemist(Lehigh's Behe)argues intelligent design not same as creationism

When a bonus isn’t a bonus, Murray fires (screwing the troops again)

Court blocks voter ID law (Georgia's govt. ID rule injoined)

Spain issues warrant for 3 U.S. soldiers (in killing of reporter)

Security Clearances Pulled in E-Mail Leak

Miers was vetted by few in administration

South Asia Quake Death Toll Over 79,000

War's toll on troops revealed in survey

Talk show host Ed Schultz nixed by AFN (armed forces radio)

Strong earthquake jolts east Japan, felt in Tokyo - Reuters

Want to vote? Text me now

Nixon's Vietnam-Era Defense Chief Calls for Iraq Exit Plan

Markets worry loyalty to guide Bush in Fed choice

New Anti-Gun Control Law Set for Alaska

Senators Question Jailing of Reporter

When White House spin, spins out of control

U.S. Senators May Reject House Republican Budget Plan (Bloomberg)

Rice Wants to Follow Afghan Model in Iraq

Republicans Seek to Widen F.B.I. Powers

Rice set to defend US policy on Iraq to lawmakers

Constitution Subcommittee Oversight Hearing on Sec. 4 of the Voting Rights

Bush Announces Immediate Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Iraq

Bush Says New Scores Show Education Reforms Work

Governor Schwarzenegger To Avoid Bush -- Again

Pelosi: GOP Budget Is Another Rip-off of Middle Class Under

Drugmaker Roche willing to let others make flu drug (Changed Mind)

Texas Court Issues Warrant for DeLay

(Jeb) Governor, 20 GOP legislators meet privately on education

Saddam Pleads Innocent, Gets Into Scuffle

Ex-defense chief calls for Iraq exit plan (Melvin Laird)

Rep. John Conyers: When Was the President Told?

Recent GOP Spending Cut Proposals Not Enough, Say Groups

Pelosi, Hoyer and Spratt Urge Hastert to Cancel Budget...

Tyson Workers Stand Firm With Striking Canadian Workers

So, now Bono is supposed to act like a republican?

Hurricane center: Deadly Wilma eyeing Florida (Categroy 5!)

U.S. refuses to rule out military option on Syria

Democrats rip Republicans over not debating before NAACP

Administration awards job-retraining grants to colleges

Markets worry loyalty to guide Bush in Fed choice

Film rolls as troops burn dead (Afghanistan)

Sinclair sues former D.C. bureau chief

Spain orders arrest of US troops

Iranian Criticizes U.S. on Saddam Role

UN Says Not Enough Tents In The World For Quake Survivors

White House creating a list of replacements for Karl Rove

So much more to do

Court Favors Sen. Clinton in Calif. Case

AOL laying off more than 700 employees

Bush confident of fair Saddam trial

DeLay's lawyer lacking evidence of DA misconduct

Senate RollVote Minimum Wage (I am shocked Richie S is worried :)

Katrina's big contracts go to companies in political loop

Calls for UN Sanctions on Syria Over Hariri Killing

Baghdad Mayor Killed

All the President's Men -Meet the biggest predatory lender in Cleveland --

Did anybody just hear CNN radio report on Air America?

Senators Say Miers' Answers Inadequate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 19 October

Sheehan thrashing 'war hawk' Hillary

Shoot-to-kill plans aren't new, PM says(Australia)

Williams may meet gay US bishop in UK trip

Iraq terror grew in run-up to referendum (30 GIs injured per day)

Law enforcement group issues Taser guide

Cheney Cabal Hijacked Foreign Policy

Shield law for reporters gets vigorous debate

Anbar deputy governor shot dead in Iraq

Times' Miller, Justice Dept. at Odds Again

Lawmakers tell Rice they need more on Iraq plans

China's Economy Grew 9.4% in Third Quarter, More Than Expected

NYT: U.S. Gives Florida a Sweeping Right to Curb Medicaid

WP: Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been His Source In Leak Case

Your Laser Printer is a Spy

Top Aides Talked Before Plame's Name Was Public

More help to fight Amazon (Rain Forest) drought (BBC News)

Senate Panel OKs $3B Cut in Farm Payments

WILMA now most potent hurricane in history of Atlantic basin

LA Times: Chertoff says FEMA's lack of Planning to Blame

WP: Bush's Faith Plan Faces Judgment (of Courts)

PETA Unable To Post Anti-Fishing Billboard

Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Say Feeding Tubes Employed as Punishment

(FBI) Agent Reinstated After 9/11 Criticism (Robert Wright, Jr.)

Bush, Bono Have Lunch at the White House

Chavez and Chirac affirm 'common vision', deeper ties

Oil guru says crude could hit $190 this winter

Chertoff Says He Relied on FEMA Experts

Senators Question Jailing of Reporter

U.S. Navy Sued to Block Mid-frequency Sonar Harmful to Whales

WP,pg1: Indonesia Ignored Bird Flu Until Too Late, Experts Say

Saddam goes on trial in Baghdad (BBC World)

Frist Donated to Campaign After HCA Sale

Frist donated to campaign after HCA sale

Senate Again Fails to Raise Minimum Wage

Senate panel OKs oil drilling in Arctic refuge

House Republicans struggle to find spending cuts

Congressman Ney: untrue accusations forced him to hire lawyers

Biloxi Families Live in Rubble of Homes

Rice won't rule out U.S. troops in Iraq in 10 years (also Iran/Syria)

Rumsfeld: China Sending 'Mixed Signals'

Security Tight For Speech By Matthew Shepard's Mom

Pirro in Radio Daze

Texas Court Issues (arrest) Warrant for Tom DeLay

Wheelchair Search Upsets Mom (What NFL will push cities to do

Bush monitors storm; aides urge residents to "take this hurricane very ser

Bush whacked Rove on CIA leak (You are not gonna believe this one)

Guardian reporter missing in Iraq

Prez Iraq team fought to squelch war critics (WHIG article, devastating)

Contract Shillers:Taft to be deposed in corruption lawsuit

Delay's arrest warrant is online!

Wal-Mart heiress in cheat probe returns diploma

Critic of evolution attacks scientists (Reuters)

Darden linked to lawmaker's improper trips (Red Lobster)

UK considering Hicks citizenship bid: lawyer

Bush plot suspect claims torture

Feds OK Fla. plan to move Medicaid clients

Katrina death toll now at 1,281

26 Iraqis and 5 G.I.'s Killed; Reporter Missing

Bush vows to oust 'every single' illegal

LAT: Cosby bringing his issues to Compton

Senator (Schumer) seeks explanation from Bush in case of outed CIA spy

Senators Say Miers' Answers Insufficient ("incomplete to insulting.")

AP: Rove, Libby discussed reporter info

Cheney 'cabal' hijacked foreign policy..(Powell's former chief of staff)

Spanish Judge Issues Warrant for Three GIs

American visits to Canada at 25-year low

Raw Story: Names Wurmser as 2nd Cheney Aide Cooperating

Chile court strips Pinochet immunity in tax case

Keith Olberman anyone?

Since I'm a DU DUer, I hope Heidi starts a new Nighthawks

sundog makes me laugh

Man, it sucks when you go into your email account

Les Fraise I no longer like

Are you ready for the...

The Warning (Caution: No Sunshine in this Thread)

Sooo, if Marci is France and Lucy is Osama; whos' Peppermint Patti?

Anyone see "Antony & the Johnsons" on Letterman tonight?

One lonely picture for my Lounge friends.....couldn't downsize it.......

"Ohio River Boat Song"- Palace

Post all Flinstones jokes over here

What is the answer to tonight's math conundrum?

bubblewrap & light brite

It's a cookbook!

Using a CD as a metric... Combos of music possible?

I am such a dork.

I'm so tired.


Motorized pooper-scooper, anyone?

I want to teach art to mentally/physically disabled/angry teenagers...

Don't forget to set your clocks back

There are two kinds of people:

Anyone else having problems with Yahoo Mail?

The "Say 'Good morning!' to billyskank" thread!

the last

You know the dollar bill changers in the air ports

I hate fall and winter.

Ice Cream Vendor Attacks Dentist With Sword

November 8th, Live 8 4-DVD set. Pink Floyd Reunion on DVD.

Why are you so unpopular with the Chicago police department?

Did anyone like The Incredible Hulk the TV show in the 80s?

What are the main reasons people dislike Paypal ?

*gumble grumble grumble*

Ever do Sand Art Online?

Indiana Jail Rapidly Running Out Of Toilet Paper

Do you know of any good


Man Reports Missing Car - Doesn't Mention His Baby Inside - Arrested

Where do you download music from?

This just in, LynneSin supports Harriet Miers nomination now

Second Grader Brings Pot (More Than A Dozen Bags) On School Field Trip

Mister, can you tell me where my love has gone?

THE most AMAZING Movie you will see all year.....

ANOTHER Florida Python Caught In Backyard Pond

What are your favorite DU Groups?

So, Sunday night, there's the faint odor of gas by the stove, right?

Viva La Evolucion!

Parent's Shocked At Kid's Attitudes About Oral Sex

It's the Great Pumpkin, DU!

Do You Allow Your Pets Sleep In Your Bed With You?

MatcomNews Update: Man In Horse-Sex Case Only Charged With Trespassing

Happy Holidays!!

Dog Attacks Author Of Anti-Dangerous Dog Law

Chance of a free funeral wins over diners

Wilma is now a Category 5 Hurricane

do you know anyone with a last name that's oddly descriptive of them

Tenants Find Alien Protection Device Upon Move-In Bomb Squad Called In

You know those people in the Listerine Commercials...

A fun new game: Find Osama**!

I hold in my hand a winning Powerball ticket.

Lottery jackpot reaches $340 million

Jingoistic stereotypes, sure. But hey, it's a beer joke!


Good Wednesday Morning, Folks!

Wow...THESE could do some DAMAGE.

I finally found an appropriate use for the :evilfrown: emoticon!

Rain in my city is killing my Fitzmas.

2nd grader brings uncle's stash to school for show-and-tell

We can change the world

I'm suing DU for trauma caused by seeng that graphic on the homepage.

Self delete

"The Colbert Report" episode 2

If I'm Gonna Sink, I Might as Well Go to the Bottom

Lee Greenwood's EXCELLENT Web Site...for me to POOP ON!

Coin Collectors Divided over New Bush Half-Penny

I've got my spine, I've got my.......

Come Sundown

hmmm, are there any forums guaranteed to not be flooded by useless

Humans Can Cause Asthma In Cats (I KNEW You Cat-People Were Evil)!

Does anyone think that CNN has gotten better in the past few months?

Damn, scholarship apps are monstrous!

Adam Carolla is not funny

Adam Carolla is funny

I'm back!

Desperately searching for a {{{HUG}}}

just when you thought squirrels to be your bird feeders worst enemy...

I feel like I'm gonna barf...again

Ack! All my DVR files are gone this morning!!

self delete

What's the Best Name for the CIA Leak Story???

My 5 year old beat me at bowling Sat. night

Go F@#% Yourself

Theory: Global Warming caused Alber Pujol's home run in NLCS Game Five

It's Morning in America Again!

Does this look like food or something that escaped from Yog Sotthoth?

"Clean Sweep" loans?

Growing Sideburns: Good idea/Bad idea?

Some Great George W. Quotes You Probably Haven't Heard Before

Just got my first new Jefferson nickel

Personal tip for avoiding non-payment credit card fees... (online banking)

Remember my pedestrian/biker rant yesterday? A friend got hit by a cab!

I like stuff. Do you like stuff?

Subject: Disease Threat

Cop has a "whoops" moment.

Send a random AM.

Fundies are going to be in my basement and there not going to be for pets

Does this pic of a DUer look familiar to anyone?

I never liked Marilyn Monroe

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I'm listening to the new John Coltrane record.

I'm dreaming of a white Fitzmas...

Today is going to be

a big hello from the crew at Riverdale High....

Go Omodern! If you dare . . . .

How hard is it to learn furnace maintenance?

Cow Pie thread.

Life in Canada: "Liquor thief gets robbed, calls cops..."

Word of the day: Votary

Ok, at Fox who will replace Bill O'Reilly?

If You Were A Carnival Ride, Which One Would You Be?

The Parents Television Council hates Fox...

I never liked Hanson

Nice wood, Pa!

I never liked Dave Manson

I'm just making sure I watched the same show...

Anyone listening to Randi Rhodes? Check in here.

Which TV Family do you join and why?

O`Reilly on the Daily Show says The Colbert Report is making fun of him.

If you could be any animal

You're favorite Skinner

Someone just sent me this great Bush joke!

Bank Error In YOUR FAVOR!!!!

I never liked Marilyn Chambers

Can we please stop using the term "anal?"

Have you guys been watching Wilma?

What kind of cat are you?

Fitzmas Carols!

How will you die. Quiz..(this is rather funny)

FUN! Dress up your favorite celebrities!

How Does One Go About Becoming A Catholic?

In honor of October skies...

I never liked Branson

Quick, how many pixels per inch is photo quality

Quick! Name three people under 30 named "Walter."

Body found in Sierra Nevada glacier believed to be WWII airman

Get yer ZOMBYCOFFEE here!!!!!!

What songs conjure up weird imagery in your head?

Abu Ghraib Photos

Uncle Buck


Accessing the DU knowledge base: RE Cats/Fleas

Shouldn't Politicians have to wear stickers on their suits,

Bon Jovi with hair plugs... Tell me it aint so! Oh the humanity!

'Boil wash' cat killer is jailed

Leather Pants

OMG!! Tweety has turned!!!1!!1 (pic)

I am a Tea-drinking Tease...Ask Me Anything

The new Neocon anthem

Anyone else hated being called on in class?

why does anyone oppose legalization of drugs?

I never liked Charles Manson.

Nip/Tuck is a complete waste of time

Say hello to my little friend! (We got a new kitten) (photo)

Is it Possible to Drink too Much

Where have all the flower children gone?

Did you get your Powerball ticket today?

Weird News..slideshow

Gaming Platforms

This sucks....

CaliforniaPeggy, looking sassy on a post-it note

Cats Can Be Allergic To Humans, Researchers Say

Daydreaming about the Powerball jackpot - What would you do with

Who else is playing Nation States - it's free and it's fun

Help! I need to change my underwear provider.....

Any home improvement gurus here?

Harriet Miers, version 2.0

Anyone remember...

Knitters: I have a stupid question. Please school me.

Wal-Mart heiress returns degree to USC

General Zod For President!

East Coast vs West Coast

I just got fired

Not a copycat thread. The new Lego Catalogs are out!

Happy Halloween from Mo and the Girls!!!!!

I asked my new Catholic GF if it was a problem that I'm not Catholic


Real Men of Genius

Yellow Cake Walk

The last call of the day ruined my day...

Bugs Bunny: Gay or a straight transvestite?

woohoo - i just got 2 Dave Alvin CDs! King of California &

Sales of this CD are about to nose dive

how do i send a post

So... Did O'Reily cry on his show about how mean Jon Steward was?

Watching Carlos Santana Supernatural LIve DVD

This sucks....

A good, unknown movie you should watch: "The Music Of Chance"

Boy, is O'Reilly a dick.

So what kind of Ramen noodles should I make?

Anybody seen a celebrity incognito?

Chunky---- Weird city names.

Have you ever heard of Drapes costing over a thousand dollars?

Can you name this sitcom?

How in the hell did he do this?

Moon Pie thread.



I want a happy pill!

It's time for the Wednesday night earworm!

what would happen if you connected a car battery the wrong way

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball

I can't Believe I just Got this Email

Which Keith Olbermann Puppet Theater are you most looking forward to?

the greatest job evaluation ever

Who wants to see Chewbacca dance?

Is there NO ONE to challenge me? Bring it on!

I'm enjoying a nice cool "DeLay's Gonna Get Arrested" smoothie

Gratuitous poppy picture thread

So tonight my living room carpet got shampooed and my yard

To make everyone even happier, a Star Wars parody

Who's Thanksgiving is going to be VERY different this year?

I need another cat

What's your favorite Fitzmas Carol?

I'm Watching "Elizabeth" I Mean "Commander in Chief"

Folks, I could use a little support

Let Them Eat Condi-Mima YELLOW CAKE!

Is LOST worth watching on broadcast

i just turned on o'reilly

DS1 is curtain challenged and GOPisEVIL makes Mac & Cheese WITHOUT Cheese

The end just may be near, WARNING-Disturbing!

Jack O' Lantern Carving

What DVD bargains have YOU gotten?

Why call it 'cappuccino'?

Question about quoting in MLA style! HELP!

Gratuitous puppy picture thread

What smilies do not exist, but need to be invented?

when is the proper time to take down Fitzmas decorations?

We all know the end is near, so why do we fear it?

WHY is there ALWAYS

This blows....

So... will the indictments come down tomorrow? (and... I BOUGHT A CAR!)

Photo: A city council candidate whose lawn signs KEEP...GETTING...STOLEN.

I want the Cardinals to win this playoff series, because

This has probably already been mentioned today...

OMG, I'm so glad to be back. Kiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug, everybody.

Ah SHIT!!!

"bone-eating snot flower"

anyone know how to find the powerball numbers?

I got three numbers in the powerball drawing.

Great, now I gotta look at Barbara *'s eerie disembodied head at the WS

The earth has shifted!! LoZoccolo and I agree on something!!!

Ever fallen in love with someone?

Go White Sox!!!

Anyone here get treated with acupuncture?

What is your favorite color?

Grrrrrrr.....please someone...Keep me from putting a pillow over MrG's

Any DUers win the Power Ball? N/T.

Astros are headed to the WORLD SERIES!!!

Good drama show that has gone on too long and should be canceled.

Why is the Pentagon a...pentagon?

Is Hotmail down?

kid's homework - always a revelation!

Rabrrrrrr makes me cough

There are fireworks going off in my neighborhood. Astros

Jello Pudding Pops

So I'm making mac & cheese...what am I forgetting...hmmmm?

I never liked Marilyn Manson

'Zombie worms' found off Sweden

Tweety Bird: Gay or Straight?

Mmmmm.....grape pop

Have you seen that Lucy Liu laptop commercial?

Nighthawks XXII (dial-up warning)

Well...congratulations to the Astros.

What's the latest chain e-mail you've received? THEY ARE ANNOYING!!!!!!!!

Phrases I no longer like.

Fiona Apple's New CD "Extraordinary Machine"

History buffs...a question......

Meet Jack, the feline lounge lizzard.

Congratulate me for a month of stable blood sugar readings. :)

I leave for Thailand in 2 weeks!!!

Please provide ideas: I am dressing as a Japanese person in pajamas

Gratuitous Happy Anniversary Post

2006 World Series: Which will YOU pull for??!?!?!

My Dearest matcom, This new 'worst photoshop ever' is for you, buddy

Help! I need to change internet provider...

Too much hating on Rachael Ray goin' on here.

It's like Fitzmas, Hannahukkah, and Neoconzaa all rolled into one!

Any DUer's have a kid at Umass Amherst? My son is there and he's having

colon blow

the plane my dad built

Do you get annoyed by people asking "what are you doing on ___"?

What's your favorite gross Halloween recipe?

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Listen up you little spazoids!

I know why "Elvira" shows up every Halloween...

Happy Birthday, Khashka!!!!

The outfit

I just went over 1000 posts

50 Posts to 1000


I am listening to Christmas music and making my lists

Amuse me, peasants!

Okay all you Pastafarians out there .. I have a complaint.

Flintstones Winston cigarette ad

Poor man's copyright ? I have an idea I need to protect.Help?

me actually singing and playing guitar....really...

The right wingers are cheesed off about Kerry|Edwards bumperstickers.

Best TV drama cancelled way too soon

where is khashka?

Who is ugly and sinister enough to play Cheney in the movie

PA/NJ DUers! I'm playing at Harrah's in Atlantic City this Friday night!

Okay, I broke down - I bought Powerball tickets

Bush Kidnapped! (Don't get excited, it's a joke)

Rachael Ray Drinking Game!

What's your very favorite "feel good NOW" song?

The Victoria's Secret Christmas 2005 catalog was in my mailbox!

Send a random PM.

at what age did you first do something that's considered political

Ideas for reforming Islam

Mom Pushes for Care (re: Medicaid issues)

SETI and the Cosmic Quarantine Hypothesis

Control of Hurricanes? Weather war underway?

Scientists dismiss evidence of MMR link with autism

Height prediction tool devised

Special Counsel Bloch Subject Of IG Probe In Gay Bias Complaint

Inquiry Into Mass. Amendment 'Dirty Tricks'

Florida County Sued Over Gay Pride Ban

National Gay Rights Activist Makes Up With Bloomberg

Protesters, military speak out at UCSC job fair

FBI: Hate crimes dropped slightly in '04

Canadian Politician Dumped For Opposing Gay Marriage

The 2005 Fairness Project Summit this weekend in Kansas City

Academy warns gay rights activists

Let's stop calling it same-sex marriage and call it what it really is:


Protest goes too far (American Doll)

Bisexual teacher sues former school district

Group scolds Walgreens for being a Gay Games sponsor

RIP, Hal Lebovitz.

British woman gets F1 test chance

Bruschi practices for first time since stroke

Mark Mulder is in for tonight (Card's)


Will Chimpy have a "photo op" in Houston during the Series?

Astros win

The Great Lakes to the Gulf World Series

Astros-No Bats

baseball trivia ?- why the sox will win

I took my dog to "doggy day care" the other day and one of

Angel's Gate Animal Hospice

Charlotte aka Charley aka Charlemagne is now in my den

Introducing our newest DemoDog, Guido

What does it mean to have your moon "at a natal angle"?

Another dream symbol--

My unusual dream of last night

So I'm cooking dinner at the local shelter

How to debate an IDer

A song for the ages: Keep your Jesus off my Penis

"Starbucks stirs things up with a God quote on cups"

I'd be interested in this forum's members' perspectives on my post at ...

Kerry To Introduce Dam Legislation

Holy cow, anyone see this?

MH1 posted this - Help out John Kerry!

Today's MA pics

Condi thread

The Night Before Fitzmas

What's so bad about Massachusetts anyway?

Sinclair Broadcasting Group

For the Geek Table: Breaux on Health Care, vs. Kerry?

Hold on to this one - my daughter came home with a permission slip

There's a G*d Damn Dustmite in my film camera!

Link exchange, anyone?

Aperture, a new tool for Pro Photographers.

KOEB: Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2005; Cardinals baseball issue

Fitzmas carols, anyone?

Newsletter -- 10/19/05: Leak; Saddam; Wilma

I have this theory I just thought up a minute ago: O'Really is Art Bell in

Will Fitzgerald Indict a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

Which story is bigger? Trial of Saddam or indictment of Rove ?

Dick Land of the Southern Baptist Convention on Tavis

What does this -July 2003- Drudge Report headline mean about Cheney...

3 Democrats Voted Against Suspending Congress' Pay Raise in Senate, Why?

Harriet Miers, version 2.0

How Bad is CAFTA for Your District?

Do Americans Really Care About Saddam's Trial?......

Has anyone else noticed that both

Come on, we all know who makes a freudian slip: "valerie flame"

Saddam's trial postponed to November 28

The recent flood of Pappy 'n' Bar photo ops: ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Please forward this to the Senate - "Some Questions for Harriet Miers"

The spin to protect Little Boots

Yet another very convenient news distraction?

"Why Patrick Fitzgerald Gets It"

I hope Cheney does not resign. Would be lightening rod, * picks new VP

Rumor from Nelson Report via TPM: Hannah receives target letter

Bush is right: Harriet Mies will make a great Supreme Court Prejudger

Casey Widening Lead Over Santorum

A Web of Truth [on whistleblower Bunny Greenhouse]

PNAC's War

What would it be like to live with a wife or daughter pregnant by rape?

Cartoons herald return of cinema to Saudi Arabia

Cronyism to wreck the economy?

*WOW*: Dick Cheney "one of 22 files" Fitz is considering for indictments

Bizarro morning. Walter Pinkus. Joe de Genova.

"An angry President Bush made his displeasure known to Karl"

Let's get one thing perfectly clear - this is a Republican investigation!

Just had a surprising encounter with Alabama good ol' boy...

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT:"White House Watch: Cheney resignation rumors fly"

Don't let critics stifle stem-cell studies - San Jose Mercury 10/19/2005

I'm a little disappointed w/the ad for Sherrod Brown for senate on this...

Nixon Defense Secretary, Melvin Laird Calls for Iraq Exit Plan

No WH press briefing today? Not on C-SPAN schedule.



Buchanan's column "Faith-Based War" : Democracy will not "cure" Iraq

Officials at W. H. discuss Bartlett or Mehlman as Rove replacements

White House in a panic today...?

Is there still time for a 'Saturday Night Massacre' and what would happen

Sign the Hackett pledge NOW! "I pledge to only support candidates who:"

I saw a bit of a commercial last night...

Today's Luckovich - Saddam

Bob Shrum: "Bush: Lame duck with broken right wing"

panel to Cherkoff-why are you not charged with negilant homicide-cnn

Karl Rove is an arrogant, vengeful asshole...

Class action lawsuit by citizens against swiftboat vets

did anyone see the Frontline program on Pub TV

If Dickless steps down as VP...

2006 Campaign slogan: The only three numbers you need to know

I keep hearing Sadam will be on trial for crimes commited against his own

I have the utmost respect for Helen Thomas.

Friedman - Iraqi Delegation Flees DC - Bush Admin like Saddam Govt

Judy Miller testifies to Congress and .......

The Condi factor

Alaska Refuge Drilling OK’d in Committee

So, Condi admits that the Congress did not sign on for the "broader"

Forget Paris and Milan... for the latest in Fall Fashion, it's D.C.

This thread needs help.

Did Wurmser "flip" because of the Mier's appointment that the neocons

Bill Kristol: 'Mood is bleak ' at the White House

I honestly think Saddam and Bush are a match made in heaven

On the death penalty for Saddam

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment

Freaky Fun with Freepers: read my post at the Freak show!

Twofer boortz - limbaugh

Daddy Teddy is screaming for raise in minimum wage

David Wurmser - some background info'

Folks, it doesn't matter what Bush's approval rating is

if Bush is going to kick out all illegals...HE SHOULD START with HIMSELF

Judge Judy' Scheindlin for U.S. Supreme Court!!!!

Call Tom DeLay's office! Ask, "tell me the truth... is this kind of fun..

They said that the last real President was impeached for lying

Fitz's Appointment in 2003 - Interesting Debate

David Wurmser Clearinghouse...who is he and where does he fit

Republican pork: 3 billion is subsidies for digital television

Where Democrats need to be on Illegal Immigration:

Is Harriet Miers a smoke-screen?

How Can We Be Sure This Is Really Saddam and Not One Of....

How many people are missing in the Gulf

Vote for Kennedy Amendment on minimum wage now

Brown for Congress, California 4th District...

Senate voting on minimum wage increase right now

Dick Cheney....latest scapegoat or volunteer?


NC Illegal Immigrants/Privatization Probe Expands/Cree Research in Trouble

In honor of Tweety - a limerick


Tweety's Blog - It's all Cheney's Fault and Americans Pay Attention!

Prez Iraq team fought to squelch war critics (Miller - "charter member")

CNN Bill Schneider: Decapitating DeLay

"Round up the usual suspects" or...

Did I just hear Tweety say something about the "Defecation Act?"

Judy Miller's "found" notebook, Winpac, aspen clusters, and her vacations

Its a good thing conservatives don't take government assistance

Gorbachev: U.S. needs perestroika

Please remind me - did they issue an arrest warrent for

Do ya think dubya's hitting the bottle about now?

The New Yorker: GAME PLAN

Is BLiar at risk from Plamegate?

Voting Rights Advocates Hail Court Decision in Georgia Photo ID Case

Frank Rich coming up on Hardball

Conservatives do not like the Monkey, either

An Open Letter to Bush Supporters

Its a good thing kkkarl or scooter didn't get a blow job

Arrest Warrant issued for Tom Delay

CNN just reported that arrest warrant issued for Tom Delay

Rove's mother commited suicide in 1981?

If any Democrat ever has to answer again the pivotal question

Oppose the reverse Robin Hood budget: Sign's tax vote petition

Salon: Did Bush lie about Rove -- or did Rove lie to him?

Tom Delay: Warrant for Arrest Issued by Texas Court

Ed Rogers on Hardball: "I'll place money on Rove not being indicted"


If the Bush Bunch takes indictments, which repugs can run with

Bozell Boos Bummer Broadcasts

Any word on the Abu Gharib photos....

Last month: Child mortality is on the rise in US/UN report

Great commericial for Jon Corzine - NJ Gov race

NBC Nightly News covering emails from FEMA about problems post-Katrina

Latest poll: 59% of Americans want withdrawal from Iraq ASAP

Survey USA polling shows Bush net approval in only SEVEN states

Daily Kos commenter thinks ahead on plamegate (good read!)

Alert: California "Delta Vulnerabilities Examined " by House

Rep. John Conyers: When Was the President Told?

Fantasy Time: If Bush/Cheney Are Thrown Out in 2007...

So, who else is (politically) blissfully happy?

I've been away this week.

Bob Shrum HAS TO a Spokesperson for Democratic Party!!!!


What's the Difference Between a Liberal and a Progressive?

I just thought of a new "Rallying Cry" for 2008, "REMEMBER NIXON!"

U.S. Probes Afghan Body Desecration Charges

ACLU Applauds Supreme Court Decision Allowing Access to Reproductive Healt

When can we see Delay's Mug Shot?

The Missing 19 Minutes and 55 Seconds

re mim wage vote...did you see 30 days where they lived on min wage???

no indictments till next week

What would happen if you banned generic terms like "Liberal"

Britt Hume says there's laughter in the White House

Dems say no lawsuit crisis for gun industry; bill shows NRA influence

Be sure to tell your friends...

GA Republicans impose nation's toughest voter-identification requirements.

Winning Teams in NASCAR, NFL ABA, NBA, ETC ALL have one thing

HuffPost: Dems Planning Legal Action Against 2 GOP Reps.

Please vote this up ! Bush* 54% DISAPPROVAL in Texas!

Rice;no prediction when US forces could withdraw or spread to syria & Iran


Reuters posts a wide-eyed puppy dog pic of DeLay with the warrant story

Attn: Nurses, What do you think of a Democratic Nurses Caucus?

the biggest unanswered question is one that is NEVER discussed

"progressives" versus "liberals"

Black Panthers marching ...

Dean, Xavier Becerra CA 31, Raul Grijalva AZ-7, comment on trip to Mexico

The Myth of Presidential Incumbency – Advantage Applies Only to Dems

Plamegate Experts.....PLEASE HELP!!! I'm a little confused.......

Gag Order Lifted On Canadian Torture Charges Against Bush

Minimum wage and the small business owner

Fact or Rumor: "Has US really taken military into Syria?"

How far will the attacks on the poor and disabled actually go?

Why I so very (heart) Rachel Maddow

prosecutor, Patrick J.Fitzgerald,not expected to take any action this week

Latest defense: Plamegate is a covert CIA operation against W.

WaPost Revisiting Watergate - Key Players

How Many Times Have You Been Called To Donate To....

"Frist personally paid off $72,000 debt on campaign, records show "

I Still Say Friday (10/21/05) Indictements

What do we do if there are no indictments?

S.F. has declared all public employees are DISASTER SERVICE WORKERS!! Help

"Congress is back in session, and it's gunning for the American poor"

President Bush's reform panel's plan erases most tax breaks...

Sheehan thrashing 'war hawk' Hillary

DeLay's judge is on board! Donated to MoveOn, Kerry, DNC

KKKarl Rover's role in Watergate

Is everyone bored with Saddam Hussein?

"Senate fails to raise minimum wage, probably dead for the year "

Fox News Pushing “Criminalization of Politics" Talking Point

In 1974 when Nixon resigned I though we finally ended the corruption

Who was the last tolerable repug President? First? Any?

Cindy Sheehan will become Hillary Clinton's "Sista Soulja"

Fun Video, right on target! "THE TOWER" (fight media power)!