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Archives: October 18, 2005

Biological alarm in Washington

BSNews Report: Tom DeLay

The Heart of the Matter--By William Rivers Pitt

New Esquire - Idiot America

Ex-doorman's crucial clout Prosecutor from B'klyn key to case vs. Prez's

Bush Should Live Up to 2000 Pledge

Rove the smear artist

Spike Lee to blame US government in new Katrina film

A Tragic Test Case in Iraq

Bush's Panel May Propose Version of Flat Tax in Final Report

White House prepares for possible indictments(Update 2:12 PM)

Molly Ivins: Good ideas on how to fix things

Maharishi Island of World Peace Inauguration(CFP)

Millions More-A Tale of Two Cities: From DC to Toledo

Shafting Schultz

Hollywood on the Potomac

Mt. Diablo Keeps Name Despite Religious Objection

LAT: NYT Story on Leak Raises Questions (lengthy, major story)

A Brain Pentagon Wants to Pick, Despite Controversy, Strategist Is Tapped

The China Crisis-Spectacular Growth Now Biggest Threat to the Environment

Garrison Keillor: The land of Republican perfection

Jason Leopold: Cheney's Role In Plame Outing Under Scrutiny

How Good is the economy at creating good jobs?

Dear God - Please Stop Talking To George (OpEd Hartford Courant)

Lifting White House spirits/D.Leas

All in the Family

The World is Ending .....

Ocean Warming Threatens Antarctic Wildlife

New Revelations by American Soldiers of Abuse in Iraq

Plamegate: The Civil War/M. Scherer

Classic retort re: Evolution vs. Creationism Biological alarm in Washington

Why can't the left face the Stolen Elections of 2004 & 2008?

WP: Armed Forces Radio Tunes Out Liberal Show Host

Tax deductions at work...

Clinton talks trade

Repopulating New Orleans at Any Cost

Flash floods in CA, Dams threatened in MA.... WTF?

The Green Goat - Hybrid Diesel-Electric Switching Yard Locomotive!

harsh vibes

Environmental Studies Waived for Drilling

Why aren't golf courses users of solar power?

The Real Case for Israel

Israel redraws the roadmap, building quietly and quickly

Steve Evans, BBC Reporter at the WTC upon the first impact..VIDEO

IRAQ 2005 ELECTION SPECIAL: Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 10/18/0

Board reaches out for touch-screens (Lucas County,OH,(Toledo))

Virginia Election Coming Soon

please add a review on the CD-ROM

Santa Cruz Co. tries for 10% audit of VVPAT

Did you guys see this news? Housing orgs get 0$ if reg. voters

Need a post kept active in GD please!

Tennessee's Democratic Party "walks the walk" for election reform

Sequoia e-Voting Systems Owner Denied Entry to US; No visa

RON election measures are a Trojan Horse

Freeman presentation with slides From Mitofsky Debate is Here

Proposition 77 Ads -

DUers and Californians: HELP RECALL SCHWARZENEGGER!!!!

Governor to keep distance from Bush _ again

kpfk gone--no broadcast, no phone, what's up?

FTCR: CalPERS Opposes $345 Mil In Merger Bonuses for PacifiCare Fat Cats

Letter From David Loebsack

Political Survey -if you have the time

Progressive Action for the Common Good workshop in Quad Cities 10/30

Preview Lamberti's website

Press release from Bill Gluba's campaign - any thoughts

liberal talk radio dies in springfield

did anyone see the cover of the boston heraLd today?

Romney: "troops must stay"

Scott Mortensen on Race to the Right

Repuglican blogs wrong about Hatch--he's announcing for governor Oct. 24

Why is it okay for an external ip address to be seen but not internal?

Political Survey -if you have the time

OH-15 -- Why I Am A Democrat

Environmentalists assail bill to sell timber, fuel leases

Prop 2 Astroturf: forewarned is forearmed.

Holy statistics Batman! Bush* 54% DISAPPROVAL in Texas!

John Edwards at UT Mon., 10/24 (Opportunity Rocks)

Looking for List of TRMPAC house members who were in close races

Harriet Miers is on the record as Anti-Choice

Miers Indicated in Questionnaire That She Supported Banning Most Abortions

What is so wrong with a few exaggerations and white lies...?

Raw Story Scoops the Wash Post -Cheney Story 10/12-Raw Beats 10/18-Post

Probe of CIA Leak Shines Light on Bush and His Minions Assault on Critics

DUers got under Neal "no sense of decency" Boortz's skin!!!

DU'ers with wood-burning fireplaces: I have to share these pics with you>

I want the Rich to Flaunt their Wealth

Bob Ney--in big trouble--hopefully?

Could advances in medical tech make the entire abortion debate mute?

WaPo: Lawmaker's Abramoff Ties Investigated (Ney, R-OH)

Ask President Hugo Chavez

If I were Dick Cheney right now...

What should be the central theme of the Democrats' campaigns in 06 & 08?

a small sign of change of opinion

Help -- I'm Looking for the Best Non-partisan Sites...

Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show tomorrow night

Patrick Fitzgerald, press critic at large and a scary, scary man

Bush administration sells 155 acres to mining firm for less than $900

Cobert Report Replay/West coast starting now!!!!

Cat with 2!

Didn't know I was (un)American

Remember Andrew Card Saying That You Roll Out Your Product In The Fall ???

Some in journalism turn on Miller, Times

Cheney's Office Is A Focus in Leak Case

WH aids 'flipping' = 'aspens turning'?

Wow! Orbitz running commercials for gay travel packages on WB TV

Bartlett fired from Conservative Research Group

Cheney Plots New War against Syria To Save His Hide - Jeffrey Steinberg

Iranian mourners vent anger at Britain over blasts

When does a prosecutor announce indictments? Right after the vote?

Senators may review military's domestic role

Beyond the Miller-Libby game: People died


Fitz to announce in DC not Chicago (imminent?/more pressure to cut deals?)

What must they be saying to each other at RNC meetings these days?

Roe V. Wade legal defense fund?

Prosecutor widening CIA leak probe

Can we cultivate a caring, courageous community?

you think you need to worry about DU on the battlefield?

Inaccurate Info May Help CIA Leak Probe

Implications beyond Plame-gate

Pretty up for the cameras, Bushistas!

Pentagon pulls the Ed Schultz show off AFN before it even airs

Daily Show's Corddry On Bush's Scripted Tikrit Teleconference

Farrakhan is no Malcolm X

Top 40 Magazine Covers of the Past 40 Years . . .

Very Interesting: Did Powell just give us a clue?

DeLay faces fingerprinting, mug shots - MSNBC

The question of "winning" in Iraq....

If a new found WH official recently started spilling the beans,could it be

Did 23 ** Administration Officials conspire to out Plame?

If we do not study history, are we condemned to repeat it

I Don't Like Wilma's Path...

For Injured U.S. Troops, 'Financial Friendly Fire'

ok, ok so I have not watched the Stenography corp in a while

Newsmax >> Kristol: ‘Mood is Bleak’ at White House

Congrats to the officials of Taunton, Mass.

Significance of WINPAC vs Directorate of Operations

Plame List

Larry Johnson: The Law is On the Side of Valerie Plame

Lest we forget.

New voice controlled radio...

Billmon & ReddHedd post visual analogies of what is about to happen ...

Could it be Susan Ralston?

Cars stolen in US used in Iraq bombings.....

"Halliburton, Slavers for the 21st Century"

Self Delete for Dupe. . .

AAAAARRRGG. You are buying into THEIR Framing

CNN Has A Good Primer to Chertoff's Upcoming Grilling

Do you feel safer with the government building or researching new nukes?

FRANK RICH will be on with Imus at 8:29am EDT

George Bush’s Disapproval rating up to 97%

AOL: *Delay Rejects Plea Bargain

talking of delaying Drug Perscription Plan for 1 yr-as offset to pay for

Trial of the Century? Not for Iraqis

FYI: Frank Rich coming up on Imus, MSNBC, probably at the

SPJ Reaffirms Decision to Give Judith Miller 'First Amendment' Award

Qs.: Could Miller face charges for having access to classified info w/o

Anyone. Let's say that louder - ANYONE - who thinks that Dickie boy ...

Just when it's gettin' hot in Washington, watch out...Saddam trial starts

Off the wall guess on Flipper --- based on his saying,

Miers's love notes to Bush were a hoot, but take a look at her speeches!

Feds Want Banks to Strengthen Web Log-Ons

AP Analysis: Probe of CIA leak reveals administration tactics

WP: Fitzgerald might announce his findings as early as tomorrow

What can you gather from this picture?

Senators Kyl & Feingold Propose Senate Pay Reduction Bill

NY Daily News: Cheney May Be Target of Probe("senior cooperating witness")

Off the wall speculation on who flipped. Mary Matalin?

Is anyone else having trouble with Canofun site?

Amb Wilson has demonstrated to have strong leadership skills so why

Judy Miller to Star in New Avenger Series?

A Timeline in Reporters' Contempt Case

Anyone else catch Neil Cavuto on O'Lielly?

CNN: "President Bush's approval numbers in a 'bit of a slump.'"

Patents no longer just for technology/Defense of Personhood Amendment.

Oopsie! American Conservative Mag. has a drag queen on the cover...

Solzhenitsyn papers destroyed as old retreat goes up in flames

You Decide: Criminalizing Politics Or Politicizing Crime?

I've been pondering the "Aspens turning" note to Judy Miller

!!!!!Fitzgerald is not a REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, or w any political party!!

Judy's "Lost" Notebook (Disinformation? Forgery? Altered? Legit?)

Are British troops at breaking point in Iraq?

Does Bush Want Miers On the SCOTUS to Buttress Against IMPEACHMENT?

Congrats GOP "Fiscal Conservatives": US Debt now 8 Trillion +

pop-up politics(vh1 paraody)

And the difference between President Bush and President Hussein is...

Indictments coming? ABC Breaking >> Terror threat in Baltimore

Bush To Appoint Someone To Be In Charge Of Country

O'LOOFAH: Bodyguards, Retirement in 2 Yrs? (Weasels-out)

Did Plame accompany Wilson to Niger?

How odd, that of all the numerous evil deeds done by BushCo, Plamegate

How come some posters' number of posts doesn't change?

GOP gets taste of its own medicine,Clinton investigations were no less pol

Dysfunctions: Bio-Roulette

Why was UK's Katrina aid rejected by US?

does anyone know when Saddam's trial date was set?

Did anyone hear this on Coast to Coast last night??

Terror in Baltimore! Could it be because Fitz says he'll announce in DC?

Is there a WH press conference w/Scotty today? (nt)

Miers Is Very Anti-Abortion - How Will You Feel About Dems

Al Franken will guest on David Letterman 10/21

Unspecified threat to harbor tunnel in Baltimore-Breaking

Someone said, "This should have its own thread", and I agree.

Fitzgerald is running a very professional investigation

IDENTIFIED - Bush's Shadow Administration

What's the word on ClearPolitics?

Copy of Miers' Questionaire from Smoking Gun -

If i pulled the fire alarm at school--there better have been a fire


If you were on Death Row, what would be your last requested foods?

O'Reilly: "There are some very, very bad people out there" No kidding.

Indictments must be coming out today. TERRA!

If Cheney gets nailed in Plame get and I know it's a long shot

Do we know for FACT that somebody "flipped" in the WH?

Feingold has Kyl trying to justify

rep. mike pence getting ripped by demo caller on c-span...

November 2, 2004 - Remember that 5:00 to 7:00pm feeling of DOOM?

Ed Schultz/Armed Forces Radio makes The Washington Post

Clooney challenges O'Lielly to a debate...

Two Days in October

Republican Administration of a Republican President being investigated by

Updated Plamegate Witness List

'Privacy' issue adds to debate over Miers

Actual real quote heard from preacher

Saddam Hussein's Trial is now officially a Sham

Bush bio tops Google search for 'failure'

anybody know what happened to KPFK in LA?

Distressed American Issues Terror Threat Alert! Red! RUN!

aspartame poisoning

"Jurors Deliberating in Prison Rape Suit"

Interesting Soldier's blog

Another Attack on Evolution

Grand Jury meets on Wednesdays and Fridays

Need links for proposed budget cuts

Question about Nicknames

Scooter and Cheney went on vacation after successfully selling Iraq war

I'm going out on a limb....This grand jury MAY NOT BE OVER.

Jack Thompson: managing to be an even BIGGER cockbite.

computer question

Case Against Cheney (The Nation)

Does Andrew card have any loyalty to Cheney?

Mike Pence is a *Beeeeeeeeep*

"Sources" have identified the aide who flipped (rawstory)

Micky Kauss

The Raw Story claims source from Daily News article has been identified


Do they even care about West Nile anymore?

" a moment that seemed to change the world." (Guess what it's about)

What happened to the bingo thread for the Scotty show?

Where is Puffy McCokespoon

Will Hannah be able to send all the WH Crooks up the river? N/T

Is Josh Marshall CONFIRMING The Hannah "Flipper" Claim? (Cryptic Post)

THE RUDE PUNDIT: Will the dam break in DC?

Did this website somehow get hacked?

O'Lieliy on The Daily Show tonight

Naked Lennon tops magazine poll


H.W. Bush's Reaction to Albert Pujols' Homerun Last Night

1979 Reasons why the DSM Is Important

Is Bush the reincarnation of Hitler?

Impliations of RvWade getting overturned

What kind of protection does Fitzgerald have?

Massachusetts dam threatens to flood town

Suspicious vote delays election results in Iraq. 99% vote for constitution

Who is John Hannah? Let's look back...

Home heating quesiton from a Southerner.

The entitled wealthy of this country are wilfully destroying it now.

Are people wising up to the Bush admin's fear tactics?

Air America sued by torture contractor

Catholic High School Teacher Forced Out over Flag

How far will Fitzgerald go? What if some Democrats get indicted too?


Judy Miller's Sh*t-Eating Ear-to-Ear Grin makes my Blood Boil

Freepers here--please D.U. some intellegence to them here:

Whaddya wanna bet FAUX will cover Saddam's Show Trial 24/7?

Another Terror Alert. Who's surprised?

why is the Discovery Institute in SEATTLE?

Josh Marshall is on right now with Al Franken

Whoa!What if Fitzgerald's plane is 'hijacked' by 'terrorists' and crashes?

Taking the Wheel: The Story of Jabar Gibson (Times-Pic - Katrina)

70% of wagers support Karl Rove at

Here's a great site to donate to anti-Arnold's CA propostions ALL at once

Did this website somehow get hacked?

Dream Scenario: Cheney indicted, Bush emasculated for the next three years

Did anyone else just get a blizzard of bug report problems?

My own true version of a Snopes Urban Legend.

Thom Hartmann is interviewing Ed Schultz now

Looking for work? Try CronyJobs!

Les Kinsolving, as Scotty leaves the briefing room:

Whoo hoooo.....The BEST case scenario 5 YEARS IN PRISON!!

Bush is stupid PART II, who's Hu?

Will GM need the same kind of bailout

GIF ARTISTS...Pigs with lipstick flying through snow covered hell!

Plame, the Veep, and the CIA (TPM Cafe)

So, does Hannah live in Baltimore???

Facts about American employment.

BBC: 'Bad omens' for the White House

Instead of referring to Vice President Cheney as your highness

Jr is on msnbc giving a press conference for Homeland security

Who is John Hannah?

Who has Tuesday 10-18 afternoon in the indictment pool?

Anyone got a list of PlameGate BLOG Investigators? Want to thank them..

I missed the press conference today with Scotty - what happened? n/t

delete please

c-span showing live debates on gun liability laws...

Call Congress Today! Say NO to $60 billion cuts to social programs

A short drop and a sudden stop.

A customer bashes WalMart

Hmmmm - I wonder what the 'Hispanic' supporters of * will think of

You've gotta hear this: "When the President Talks to God"

Guardian: Are we going to war with Iran?

"One pill makes you larger" It's time for Randi!

Ewww! Bid on eBay for lunch with Murdoch

James Galloway vs. Christopher Hitchens on Democracy Now!

WWSD ..... What Would Spiro Do?

Reality Check: Arctic Drilling And Sen. Coleman

The Prosecutor Zeroes In (Washington Post)

Here is why they are going after Cheney.... LINK>>>

Ugh Ive been off work for a month and the week i have to go back..

A new website for News and/or Blog Junkies:

Which RePugs are NOT under investigation today? Should be a

Big Ed will be on Olberman tonite

Listen . . . if Cheney resigns, he doesn't have the same legal protection

U.S. News & World Report: White House Watch: Cheney resignation rumors fly

Guilty Pleasure Indictment Headlines

LOL-"Climate Mash": Bobby "Boris" Pickett's new version of "Monster Mash"!

"Fox News Pushing: {its only the}“Criminalization of Politics”

How are they all going to fit in????

Does anyone else read "The Week?"

Anyone else here file for Bankruptcy last week?

Scotty BBQ/Bingo time! NEW CARD! (dialup warning)

Japanese women suffering from Retired Husband Syndrome

10 Tips For Dealing With Fitzmas

Where is Patrick Fitzgerald's offfice in DC?

Bill Maher's been batting 1000 lately. Here's his take on Harriet Meirs.

Guess who is designated the “Scapegoats?

In Chicago, 30,000 households have had their heat disconnected

Things in "Good Night, and Good Luck" that relate DIRECTLY to shrubco:


Bidness As Usual in the Oval? ---pix->>>

What Did Dems Know About Miers (or Bush)??

US deteriating infrastruction (such as dams). I have been watching

Why did the NYT (Keller and SulzB) give Judy such free rein?

Interesting piece about BushCo/Rummy bureaucracy tonight

What did you think of "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central last night?

The Military Does Not Belong to the Republican Party!

"Government Tracking You with Secret Code in Color Printers"

A third-rate smear

The Official Seal of the Republican Party

Update on my daughter, American Girl, and abortions

ABC's new 3-anchor "Nightline" format

Distraction of the Week: SADDAM TRIAL! >

Have you noticed the BuyBlue website makeover?

Are the rogue CIA Agents the Good Guys?

O'Lielly on Bush's Katrina response: "maybe he's exhausted"

Baltimore tunnels reopen! Bush kept us safe again!!!

Bernie Ward wants to be syndicated... AAR now has a syndication arm...

What's wrong with this headline?

MSNBC On Harriet Miers' Handwriting

Has Fitz uncovered the Office of Special Plans

check out this NYC skyline photo . . . (dialup warning) . . .

Plamegate Web surfing: Oh yeah, I'm getting a lot done at work today

Georgie Bush, the Red-Faced Boy ---pix->>>

Tularemia article on Salon


D.C: press co-opted by war lies

Hannah/Wurmser/Bolton: Check this out from 08/04 on DU !

It is almost time for the daily dose of Avian Flu

Silly Story about a Good Friend

Carl Levin on Schultz Now

Who's the * apologist on Franken right now?

Facts are facts, Farrakhan is a liar, a nutcase and a greedy jerk.

Anybody else think that every Republican governor will now have

Last Chance! Guess the time of Rove's political death.

My hopes

1980 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Last night's Premiere Colbert Report repeats tonight at 8:30 EDT!

sherod brown on DU's Latest page?

I'm convinced Bush is now in danger too.

Now that the Society of Professional Journalists has given Judy Miller...

Meet John Hannah (cheney snitch?)

November 30th. Winner take all. Reason they want Miers confirmed.

what's that site that gets you passwords to newspaper sites?

Expect Democratic Talking Heads to set the bar mighty low

Miller Admits Fabricating Hill Staffer Source to Protect Libby

How can Democrats defuse the R's hot-button issues so they no longer work?

Conservatives Protest Doll Maker

Bush Promotes Guest Worker Program; Puts Freeze On Transit Security Funding

What if Bush declared Fitzgerald an "enemy combatant?"

Security Incidents In Iraq October 18th

Will Bush lose his swagger if he loses his Dick?

Saddam Hussein, we need you, all is forgiven! *SARCASM SARCASM SARCASM*

another day of CNN

Molly Ivins on DeLay's lawyer Dick DeGuerin

2 Men Enter, 1 Man Leaves: Cheney vs Rove

Red Sweater Project

Sad Irony

Rawstory says it's Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Miers license was suspended, and she got paid those days

How many of you believe that people have the capacity to change?

Which is worse?

Why do Freepers hate America?

Isn't today the 20th day since the torture photo case?

NYT: Board Members

[Judith Miller] had unusual relationship with military, Iraq group

Tweedy said that someone turned in the WH.

*'s Co-Conspirators - Notice They're All In New "Important" Positions

I'm listening to Tweety and want to puke. News Clowns!

Today's topical anagrams

Police officer pepper sprays teen McDonald's worker (caught on film)

AOL users beware: Big Brother Is Watching

Who would Dubya appoint as VP

SUSA's latest 50-state Bush poll

How do you starve a young repugnican?

Arlen Specter behind the visa sell off for foreign techie workers?

I'll be Home for Fitzmas

To coin a phrase, "Bring it on."

US military massacres dozens in wake of Iraq referendum

U.S. to review Iraqi raid for civilian deaths

Katrina, Federalism, and martial law--help needed

Iran arrest 20 over bombing blamed on UK

"If he held his cards any closer to his chest,"

If you happen to meet a Repug ask them

White Settlement, Texas, debating a name change

John Hannah has his own website!

If true about Hannah, you think Fitz' will have to give him protection?

One thousand nine hundred and seventy-one (1,971) Oct 18, 2005 @ 1807

Conservatives and Crime

Quote of the Week: George Clooney

Retired Union Workers Beware..

If Cheney gets on the stand

Who is John Hannah? Another cog in the PNAC/AIPAC link, that's who!

Jim V who writes for WPost re the cheney story is on Hardball

IRAQ: Women and children killed in US air strikes on Ramadi, doctor says

Baby Bush has a 42% approval rating in Texas

Scientists Scratch Heads Over Nutcracking Gorilla (More Intelligent Design)

White House shrugs off sinking Bush poll numbers

Why is it that we conspiracy theorist's are pretty much always right?

U.S. Senate votes to kill Congress' 2006 pay raise

Gergen Defends Cheney: "Unimaginable that Cheney would break the law"

This is probably old news, but it's factual.

Baltimore Terror "Threat": Erring on the side of caution, or Crying Wolf?

This was SOOO cool today in school!

Drinks on me all around! Just got my DSL hooked up...

Who's Hu, part II, the Remix ...

Did KKKarl Rover show his face today? Is he still in hiding?

WHORA O'DONNELL: No indictments this week

Terasen Stockholders sell-out BC/Canada

Shades of Hutton as inquiry puts heat on the President's men

Cameroonian Human Rights/ Election Reform Activist Granted Asylum in US

Memo to future leaders of America.....

PLEASE HELP FINISH THIS LIST! - "If Clinton had done it..." *************

Sandra Day O'Connor to be Grand Marshal of Rose Parade

My life is in the balance now.

George Clooney challenges Bill O'Reilly to debate: "Anytime, anywhere"

ABC's "Closer Look" channeled Toensing to provide one-sided legal view of


self delte.

Tonight on Frontline--The Torture question

A post from non-partisan

A little help on plame please

Does anyone know Judith Millers....

When will the NYT investigate Miller's articles?

Whenever FITZMAS comes, can we make it a National Holiday...

unions + strikes...M$M presents strikes as harming the people

If "Dick" Cheney resigns who do you think * would pick as VP

'Bush Boys' Corruption Lawyer in Showdown with Judge

Is it time to make Miers's adolescent crush on W part of the SC debate?


Rove Cancels Appearances....

CIA Leak Prosecutor Focuses On Libby (must read Murray Waas piece in NJ)

Ed Schultz to be on Countdown tonight

Powell, then Rice secretary of state..IMO = state dept, diplomacy not impt

Holy CHutzpa! Now that's sticking it to the scum!

Indictments probably won't come down tomorrow...

After Indictments come, can we push to throw Voting Machines in Boston H.?

Cheney resignation rumors fly! (Du'ers start your engines)

REMINDER: "The Torture Question" Tonight at 9:00pm Eastern on PBS

Global warming killing trees in Durango, Colorado

Jon Stewart and McClellan tonight.

"The Aspen change colors tonight"

Help world's children and fight bird flu -experts

Democracy on the Bitterroot national forest is a sham

Zombie debt collectors dig up your old mistakes

Talkleft: No indictments tomorrow

Hannah is currently under investigation (Ahmed Chalabi)

Contemporary American Version of 23rd Psalm

Do we have confirmation from another source on the Raw Story...

Talking head on CNN speculates tomorrow is Fitz judgement day.

An Open Letter to Andrew Card

1981 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Now the question is, why did they out Plame?

I wouldn't put it past him to pick a Dem for VP

Freeper REALLY going out on a limb re: Wilson:

Looking for the photoshopped monopoly "go to jail" card

The NRCC Invited Hubs to Dinner with Dick Cheney!

Call me jaded, but this Plame deal is going to be anti-climatic

Does the attorney for the NOLA cops who beat the 64-year-old

What would be your reaction to this?

Does Chris Matthews really believe that Cheney is that naive?

Leaking CIA agent's name? Scumbag Dick Cheney is "not a good man."

Hey H2O man--how about one last prediction...

So how is Bush going to react to the indictments?

Ed Schultz up next on Olberman!

Rigging charges undermine Iraq vote

CIA: A Liberal Think Tank?

Where is the most comprehensive, easy to understand article about Plame?

Mike Brown Poll: Please Read

Is it rude to e mail "Fitzmas Cards?"

Barbara Boxer - add author to her resume. Great interview in

Here's a believable ** Halo pic

In the interest of full disclosure, I should state... that this reporter

Clark - Ron Reagan JR. - Dream Ticket?

Judith Miller and Josh Marshall

Repuke donors Ruth's Chris bail on New Orleans

Does The Week Magazine have a Rightward Slant?

Wal-Mart enters banking? This company is a cancer. nt

Do blue collar rePUKES think they're "like" wealthy people because they

Indictments will be an opportunity for genuine renewal for the Bush regime

Heads up! PBS Boston-Abu Gharib. n/t

Why is Bill Kristol the plamegate spokesperson?

We have the silliest RW'er making editorials in our College Newspaper

Sort of curious.

Repug Op on CNN says: Wilson Verified that Saddam buying Yellow Cake.


Billions of dollars short, U.S. must scale back Iraq reconstruction

I just killed innocent civilians, now I'll put my head on a musical pillow

I just saw the BEST personalized license plate...

If Bush finds Iraq's WMD

The Matrioshka Administration

If Ronnie Earle was a DU'er...

If you're in an AAR'less area heads up XM SkyFi + Car Kit - FREE after Reb

Looks like Colmes is moving to a new XM channel...

Hancock/Harrison County Confirmed Fatalities (MS) List of names.

Okay, this is fun and all. But what are we presenting as an alternative

"The Torture Question"

Someone once said that Ron Reagan has no right to criticize RW'ers

Commander in on ABC.


Bowling For Columbine on BRAVO in a few minutes......

Is my math bad or is FL tied with last year's number of hurricanes?

I need some links on the offensive against Fallujah

Had a thought....Wonder if any of those pesky emails turned up.

Corporate Punishment

Judges liken terror laws to Nazi Germany

Sustainable farming can feed the world

# 8 of 10 Steps to Dealing with Fitzmas

International accords allow copying patented drugs in a medical emergency

Hurricane Wilma intensifies, turns deadly in Haiti

About the changing tide...

Exactly What Is The DLC ???

Rep. Jim McDermott is giving an excellent "special order" speech on CSPAN

Limbaugh just told Hannity that ABC has been asking him for 6mos - 1 year

Terrific new flash video: "Did you ever wonder what 2000 looks like?"

Andrea Mitchell-GREENSPAN is either Dumb or a Bold Faced Liar.

Random question about blowing a CIA agents cover (hypothetical scenario)

Bill O'Reily - the new McCarthy!

Olbermann just POUNDED DildO'Reilly..."And speaking of another big piece

What is the best cardboard

Don't let the FCC regulate your media behind closed doors.

A Poll . . . one on one . . . thinkin aloud here:

Looks like tomm. may be the day Hurricane Patrick makes landfall.

Analysis of sentencing guidelines paints grim future for Rove/Libby

Venezuela Says US Missionaries Investigating Uranium Deposits, Drug Patents

When Saddam is found guilty and executed in late Oct '06

If * was a compassionate conservative,

Georgia's Voter Identification Law Barred

From Conyers: House May Vote Wed To Release Gun Manuf. From ALL Liability

Can I get the "Dean scream" to be my cell phone ring tone?

NEVER FORGET-- 2 NOLA families (1 middleclass, 1 poor) post Katrina

As the Administration Implodes Will Truth of Stolen Elections be Revealed?

An Advance Look At Al Franken's New Book - The Forward....

Freepers shut their eyes and turn their heads.

Waas: Scooter is screwed big time

Money Orgy In Iraq

Larry Johnson: Hadley expects to be indicted

Good news for Malloy Fans: Fox will get new talk channel on XM

Is AAR down?

How concerned are you about the avian flu?

Video by our Dr. O-- "GO F*** YOURSELF MR. CHENEY"

Tell me not to watch Rush on Hannity-Colmes. My heart can't take it.

So, would an indicted Bush and Cheney

Does anyone know what Mary Matalin is doing these days?

The Betrayal of Baltimore Hon!

Wilma "really aggressive, damage is going to be substantial" in FL Keys

Christian physicians & dentists tout intelligent design as pro-science

People who get the flu from the flu shot

10 Tips for Dealing with Fitzmas

If Wilma makes a U-Turn like the models say, I'll eat my hat.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Roll Call

How PETA twists religion to push animal "rights."

If indictsments are handed down - what time of day will it be announced

If you haven't done so already, sell your stock in Halliburton

Colber(t) Repor(t) thread.......IT'S ON!!

Now I see why the neocons want to get rid of PBS!

Just A Little Heads Up . . . Watch PBS Frontline Now ! (9p.m. cst)

If EVERYONE around Bush gets indicted wont all eyes be on Bush?

I Think We Should Start A Frontline (Abu Gharaib) Thread - Yes or No? nt

Wow! Jon just showed the Alabama DU Gathering!!!!!

Indicting Bush and Cheney (from Dailykos)

Fucker Carlson - Clinton was an incredibly reckless president @ every

Judith Miller calls for federal shield law

If Cheney resigns, could he become a porn actor?

Argh! When and where is the -latest- Daily Show? I find it on Dish comed

Can we agree: No final report(s) equals indictments

The man who took on George Bush and won - Nobel Peace Prize

7 weeks later, Mississippi town still without basics

Anybody know why every jpg I try to cut and paste it won't show anymore?

Dear Mr. President, You Made Me Love You!

Olbermann leading off with Plame

I love learning about about you?


What is the name of the Blue biz site? I thought it was Blue pages..

Jon Stewart needs to kick O'Lielly's ass

No TDS spoilers in the Subject line, all right?

Do you think that the American Middle-Class will finally realize

Rumsfeld To SoCom: Be Harder On Terror

Bill O'Reilly is gonna retire and go Shatner on us.

The Issue

Yeah, I can see these Republicans voting for Condi Rice in 2008

Re: the new Downing Street Memo: The Men from JINSA and CSP

Silent weapon

Temptation Near for Military's Problem Gamblers

“SCOOP” Independent Media: VP’s role in outing CIA agent under examination

Charlie Rose isn't showing Miller's lawyer any love!

Colbert rocks...part deux

Whatever happened to "The Customer is Always Right"?

How do we square 22 indictments with "no final report"?

The French Buzzkill.

How will O'Lielly react to his guest appearance on TDS?

About this "Big String" product Air America's running ads for....

If Fitzgerald ends up blowing this case wide open and some of

Stephen Colbert on O'Reilly tonight!!

Which Neocon Would You Most Like To See On The Daily Show?

A Review of the "Partisan War Syndrome" authored by David Sirota.

Bill O'Reilly is a dick.

Intelligent Design = Magic

NY Daily News: Fitz Has "Senior Cooperating Witness" >>>

O'Lielly on The Daily Show tonight

Ugg extreme makeover home edition decended on Kansas this week

Hey - DU this poll !

How Bush will ditch Harriet - unpaid

Goodnight. It's great to be back.

Would Fitz just 'drop the bomb' and not telegraph it?

MS WindowsXP users, when the "blue screen of death" pops up...,

When is someone going to rat out the MSM?

After BushCo, will Republicans start wanting felons to be able to vote?

So, is it okay to excited yet? n/t

Whatever happens I want to thank Fitz

What is your level of concern about bird flu?

Why is Rice teflon?

The Pentagon has reneged on its offer to pay a $15,000 bonus...

Gee, Limbaugh and Lynn Cheney on Hannity and Colmes...

Want a good laugh?

How about a Lysistratan move against anti-choice men?

Beginning of the End of Middle Class Tax deductions

Armed Forces Radio Cancels Ed Schultz! Demand Pentagon Air Balance!

Judith Miller watched the interrogation of an American by Israeli soldiers?

O'Reilly getting BOOOOOOOOOOOED!

If tomorrow is indictment day, does that mean today is target letter day?

All 7 major weather models predict Tropical Storm Wilma will hit Florida

Did you see Aaron Brown get mad at Arianna for exposing Judy Miller

Doctor says man who confessed plot to kill Bush was tortured by Saudis

Plamegate is all about the loose ends now.

Will this evil regime actually respond to the rule of law, to the will

Once I built a railroad, I made it run, made it race against time.

Did KO just say "Rumour that Cheney would resign to be replaced by Condi?"

Rush Limbaugh

The Bull Shit Dam has broken....tons of BS's per minute flowing through

Ok lets share brands of good stuff we have found that

Arianna on with Aaron Brown on CNN NOW n/t

Freeper heads esploding

I'll Be Home Tomorrow, Watching And Listening, Eating Popcorn, etc . . . .

So, who guessed it? Let the Saddam smokescreen trials begin!!

O'Reilly's on TDS!

O'Lielly on The Daily Show tonight

Condi: "I don't want to RUN" Imagine this scenario: Cheney resigns,

WANT this NEWS in the future? Republicans gain 20 more Congressional Seats

Why don't we see National Strikes here in the US?

RW Myths

Wilma may hit Florida as a Cat 4 or 5. Lovely. Just ruined my week.

Looks like Judy's in more trouble!!

Old truth in young gays

Freepers' Cheney resignation rumors

I was going to post a hurricane as a possible distraction from

If Jon Stewart treats O'Reilly in a civilized manner tonight

The battle pieces are set and dawn is breaking.

Would You Support The Death Penalty For Vote Fraud?

Graphic EXTREMELY Disgusting DO NOT CLICK if you have a weak stomach!!!

Anybody else drive a diesel? notice what's happened to prices lately?

Listened to Amb Wilson lecture last night in Worcester MA (photos)

1 out of 8 Iraqis have a relative murdered or tortured by Saddam!

Raw Story Has Updated the NYDN Piece!

Court testimony: Ashcroft linked to mass murder cover-up?

Rice for pres rumors again-Would the south rise again?

What was Operation Granite Shadow?

I hereby shun all Plamegate posts.

How Did The "Aspens Turning" Note Become Public Knowledge?

I hope Fitzgerald extends the grand jury until next year and keeps digging

Blair has a bunch of Cindy Sheehan's camping out in front of No 10 Downing

HEY: Brace yourselves...

Somebody needs to tell the Dems, "KICK 'EM WHEN THEY'RE DOWN!!!"

A New Tidbit on the Plame Affair - TWENTY-TWO FILES - Larry Johnson

Why can't the left face the Stolen Elections of 2004 & 2008? FreePress

Where's KKKarl? (Just a thought)

23 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak-Comprehensive Timeline


I nominate Dr. Ben Marble of Gulfport, MS. as Surgeon General

Have we forgotten to thank who made this possible.....JOSEPH WILSON

E.J. Dionne: 'Rule of Law'? That's So '90s

We'd have NO CHOICE but to go with Sen. Clinton in case of a Rice run

Any comparative religion majors/buffs out there?


Fitzgerald will not cause damage to Bush

How are Sept. 24th protesters feeling physically?

Scotty WH Bar-b-cue Today at 12:45 PM EST on C-SPAN2

H2OMan Scooped the Hanna FLIP 14 MONTHS AGO, Sorry Raw Story...

Alternative Secure Links for DU? Help me please! Skinner, somebody!

Herbal alternative to tamiflu ? True star anise Illicium verum

I am soooo Depressed. I have a whole RW family piling on me now

Eminem's MOSH .... i watched it 3 times in the last hour......

O'Reilly whines about karma, poor little guy

DU Economists: Will indictments be 'last straw' for stock market?

Facts about Corporate Welfare from Barbara Ehrenreich's site

Wanna buy a McMansion? Read this article first...

With the Facsists back in charge, 80's action flicks are making a comeback

How are people making it?

Just curious - what constitutes (to you) a McMansion?

Anderson Cooper seems like a nice guy and all that...and maybe is sort of

Why do we believe in God? . . .

Target refuses to fill Women's Health prescription

Animals don't have a spirit?

Is Lous Farrakhan the 2005 Ralph Nader?

TOONs for JHB while he's on vacation

Venezuelan E-voting Owner Denied Entry U.S. (but still counts USvote)

"Uncle" I say. The undermining of the middle class, skewed tax

Can a sitting president be indicted?

Larry Johnson: Fitzgerald Looking at 22 Indictments

I had a really bad day in L.A. Now I know what it's like.

"Goodbye, this is Karltoon, your doorman" ---------->

Got any laryngitis cures?

Cooking for one

Sweet, B.C. Lefties kicking ass! Except the Terasen deal....

How the Liberals seduce voters with the classic bait and switch routine

Clarke makes pledge about ID Card data

Army in officer recruitment scheme

Tory leadership: First round results are in, Clarke is out

Legal advice will be 'just like buying a tin of beans'

Council boss trapped in Spinnaker

Clark or Fox will be eliminated in a few minutes

Key CIA leak detail disputed as announcement nears

Biological alarm in Washington

States Protest Contributions to Drug Plan ("clawback" plan, billions due)

Some in Journalism Turn on Miller, Times

Key CIA leak detail disputed as announcement nears

Cheney's Office Is A Focus in Leak Case

New clashes erupt in Russian city

Somali police chief arrested in Sweden

DA 'tried to coerce' DeLay, his lawyer says

Lawyer: 9,000 Stake Claim in Fla. Cemetery

Bush Crises Raise Criticism of Chief of Staff's Management Style

E-mails show FEMA infighting, frustration

NYT: A Message for the Masses, but Are They Tuning In? (*'s radio address)

Less paper, but fewer deductions (USA Today)

4 Afghan policemen wrongly killed by US troops

Adviser to top Iraqi politician killed

CIA Leak Shines Light on Whitehouse

Two U.S. Marines killed in western Iraq

Animal rights staff (PETA) on cruelty charges

Some media observers call NY Times leak report insufficient

9,000 stake settlement claim in Florida Jewish cemetery desecration case

LAT: NYT Story on Leak Raises Questions (lengthy, major story)

A Timeline in Reporters' Contempt Case

Ads in Va. Governor Race Mention Hitler

Miers told Democrat her views on abortion have remained private

WP: Armed Forces Radio Tunes Out Liberal Show Host

LAT: U.S. Labor in Retreat as Global Forces Squeeze Pay and Benefits

Refco Files for Bankrupcy - CNBC

Top lawyer discovers wife stabbed to death at dream home

Feingold defends vote against Patriot Act (Now for extend and amend)

Allawi gathers allies to fight Iraq election

Afghanistan: Rights body warns of warlords' success in elections

Miers Disavows Saying Constitution Protects Privacy

MSNBC BREAKING NEWS: Miers, in 1989...

NY Daily News: "Senior Cooperating Witness" (Cheney May Be Probe Target)

Bush's Job Rating Continues to Drop


(Los Angeles) Airports to get security boost

LAT: LAX Plans for Bird Flu Quarantines

Iraq Insurgents Seize Korean Aid Worth US$3.5 Million

ABC LBN: Baltimore Reportedly Target of Latest Terror Threat

Miers Disavows Saying Constitution Protects Privacy

Grandmothers Arrested at Iraq War Protest

LAT: Interpretations Differ After Talks With Miers (Specter v. WH)

Iraq Insurgents Seize Korean Aid Worth US$3.5 Million

India ranked 88th on corruption index

Anbar deputy governor shot dead in Iraq

Bush bio tops Google search for 'failure'

John Edwards Starts Poverty Awareness Tour

C-SPAN introduces online, multifaceted news outlet

Iraqi Court to Open Saddam Trial Wed.

DeLay politics may carry heavy price

Currents Bring Litter to South Texas Coast (Katrina & Rita)

Fed court temporarily bars Georgia from enforcing voter ID law

Oberlin to vote on living-wage law (126 cities have,80 in last 5 years)

Did this website somehow get hacked?

Miers Backed Abortion Ban in 1989

Cheney aide cooperating with CIA outing probe(John Hannah)(Raw Story)

US security chief (Chertoff) strives to expel all illegal immigrants

UN Hariri probe to name Assad’s relative: report

Chertoff promises changes to illegal aliens policy

Another Terror Alert. Who's surprised?

White House prepares for possible indictments(Update 2:12 PM)

Baltimore tunnels reopen, security scare ends

USNEWS: White House Watch: Cheney resignation rumors fly

Rove Cancels Fund-raising Appearances (Waiting for GJ decision)

Jailed Reporter Miller Seeks Shield Law

Fire closes 59th Street bridge

Probe sheds light on Bush assault on critics

Right ups ante on (more specifically, AGAINST) Miers

Agency charged with spending oversight in Iraq left country in '04

Lawmaker's (Repub, Ney, OH) Abramoff Ties Investigated

Amnesty to monitor Saddam trial

Inflation Soars on Surge in Energy Prices

Ex-(Taliban) Governor Elected to Afghan Parliament

Rolex gift from Marilyn Monroe to JFK sells for $120,000

Homeland Security Mismanaging U.S. Cybersecurity Risks: Report

Husband of ex-covert CIA officer calls leak a defamation campaign

Request to Extend Hurricane Disaster Loan Deadline Honored

[Judith Miller] had unusual relationship with military, Iraq group

Pro- and Anti-Judy Miller Fallout Grips 'New York Times' Newsroom

Senate May Postpone Stem Cell Vote

Rove Cancels Appearances Before Conservatives

Iran wants Saddam charged for 1980-88 war

500,000 Quake Victims Without Aid

Veterans day canceled in Berkeley

Larry Johnson: Fitzgerald Looking at 22 Indictments

Hastert to Dems: "...Support Fiscal Restraint"

House to Pass Gun Law, Brady Cntr Vows Constitutional Attack

US firms accused of exploiting workers in post-hurricane recovery effort

Sons of Iraq vet to leave Cuba for visit

Venezuela to Pay $500 Million of Bank Loans Ahead of Schedule

DeLay's 1st Day in Court Could Be Brief

US military's recruiting methods challenged

Miers ability to practice law was briefly suspended

U.S. Sept. PPI up 1.9%, most in 31 years

Chavez Promotes Cooperation with Europe and Opposition to US in Italy

A day of defiance: More walkouts, protests coming to support teachers, ..

Food stamps saved from US Senate budget cut plan

(Jeb) Bush says offshore drilling criticism is "partisan politics"

GAO, Homeland Security Slam FEMA on Floods

ID Cards Vote:Labour Maj. Cut/ID Cards Will Lead to "Massive Fraud"--UK

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 18 October

Brownback, Graham demand documents

Abnormal Brains Wired for Lies

Gephardt on Iraq: "I was wrong"

Many Iraq projects may be dropped - US official

K-9 Dog Shot, Killed After Attacking New Mexico Deputy

CNN/AP: Private planes fly back to Reagan Washington National Airport Biological alarm in Washington

WP: (military) Recruitment Tool Targeted (by 100-group coalition)

CNN/AP: Nut-cracking gorilla surprises scientists (re. evolution)

Jason Leopold: Cheney's Role In Plame Outing Under Scrutiny

A Year Later, Goss's CIA Is Still in Turmoil (closed hearing Wed)

G.M. and Union in a Deal to Cut Health Benefits - NY Times 10/18/2005

Tort Reform Legislation Scheduled for Floor Votes

No Final Report Seen in Inquiry on C.I.A. Leak

9/11 Panel Says Congress and White House Are Failing to Act

Baathists Threaten US Military Bases As Saddam Trial Opens

GOP rival hits Hillary up for money (bwahahahah...)

Enron lawsuits prompt $500-million charge at RBC

Ebay Stops Web Sale of Tamiflu (, Reuters)

China sells 620 buses to Cuba

Downing Street vigil over Iraq war(UK)

Defense doctor corroborates torture claims in Virginia terror case

Alarm at 'no torture' deal with Libya (UK)

World is more peaceful now than at any time in 12 years

CEOs benefit as charities boom

Never-delivered ice is lesson for congressmen

Lawsuit: Jefferson parish officials violated pump policy

Police Closing Down Northbound I-95 At Fort McHenry Tunnel -- More Details

Appeals Court Allows Hatfield to Sue Times

Ex-Intel Officer Pleads Guilty in Exports

Response to CREW FOIA on Abramoff Scandal Inadequate

Final Results From Iraq Referendum Delayed (1 US soldier killed /Mosul)

Cases Involving Bribery and Fraud Schemes in Am. Samoa

VIDEO: US diplomats refuse to pay UK road tolls, $300,000 in fines

Military recruiting ads zero in on mom, dad Parents/SF Gate (Chronicle)

Trial date set for US terror plotters

9/11 Kin: Don't Leave Remains in Landfill

Americans deny firing on civilians as 70 die

Tech sector job cuts up 18.8% so far in '05

Senate Votes to Freeze Pay Raise This Year

USNews: Cheney resignation rumors fly (!!!!!)

Former Rep. (Lampson) Sets Sights on DeLay's Seat

LAT: In Speeches, Miers Heaped Praise on Pres (must read, folks!)

WaPo: Lawmaker's Abramoff Ties Investigated (Ney, R-OH)

Miers Supported Ban on Most Abortions

Beijingers Will Need Their Masks. There Are No More 'Clean Air' Days

White House (Bush orders policy change): Religious Schools Can Get Aid

Raw Story: "A senior aide to Vice President Dick Cheney is cooperating

Union Pacific unveils locomotive named for Bush 41

Sen. Frist says acted properly in HCA stock sale

CNN/AP: Spellings launches review of colleges

Navy, Marines block commercial e-mail sites

It's Hurricane Wilma

No Final Report Seen in Inquiry on C.I.A. Leak

Repression of unions on the rise

Saddam Lawyer to Seek 3-Month Adjournment

House to deny $ to low income housing orgs that register voters

BBC News: Worst corruption offenders named (US #17, France#18)

Kristol: ‘Mood is Bleak’ at White House

Student ad triggers debate Warwick High sophomore's ad 'undercuts military

Saddam 'may not get fair trial'

Experts say threat from virus is unprecedented

Panel to Urge Bush to Consider 2 Alternative Tax Plans

Pelosi: Immoral and Irresponsible Republican Budget

Schwarzenegger Enters Debate Over Redistricting in Ohio

Red Cross admits error on motel numbers

Fed court temporarily bars Georgia from enforcing voter ID law

Congressional Candidate (Cegelis IL 6th) May Get Boot (by Dems)

Quebec will have its own army, Duceppe says

Kemp Says Ex-Felons Should Be Able to Vote

COLLEGE REPUBLICANS PROTEST KANYE: About 25 University of Florida students


Whoa! How Does She Do That? Amazing or Scary?

Sunday Edition of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel

Worst group to poke with stick

Has Anybody Ever Seen a Pauly Shore Movie They Liked?

For my 500th post...

Patience, please.

How Freepers will stay warm this winter

So how many of you will do a walkout or strike on Nov. 2?

Note to self: don't listen to sad music right before bedtime


I hate to say it Astros fans, they had their chance and now the Cards will

Not only did Albert Pujols bring the NLCS to a game 6 with his 3 run

DU'ers with wood-burning fireplaces: I have to share these pics with you>

better anti-bush rock song in the last few years

Question for Harry Potter movie buffs

Another Rocky movie?!?

CG, can you pass me a Yak?

Man, do I need a pedicure!

Suggestions for Halloween movies?

Croatia... Tell you what, ladies... Here's a good reason for you

I'm going to bed.

Nauta, poeta, agricola

Compromised versus comprised, is there really a difference?

G'Night Everyone.

Boondocks Series: Starts November 6

"Seize this, Honkus!"

Don't eat radioactive waste while wearing a Pol Pot watch.

Don't smoke Pol Pot while wearing a Radioactive Watch

You know, in regulated doses, GD is not all that bad!

You know, in regulated doses, Kitchenwitch is not all that bad!

What movie scenes always make you lie?

You people have sick minds, and I have to go now!

SoCal DUers. Is it still raining where you are?

Don't eat radioactive waste. Who knew?

Omfg I think I am going to blow

I need to stay off of Myspace

Self delete

When indictments come down, Chimpie will...?

Judy Miller to Star in New Avenger Series?

Anyone know about coin collecting?

In LA, even the models don't know how to walk

Hunters Can Go After Cattle In Hawaii

I was offended at a restaurant today

Man Attacks Neighbor For Painting House Same Color As His - Arrested

I'm kicking EarlG's ass this weekend!!!

Tech Question AIM

Happy Birthday Prince of Darkness

Tia Shan is too cute for words this morning

I can't live if living is without you.

"North Country"


Bush To Appoint Someone To Be In Charge Of Country

How many ways are there to skin a cat?

Erin Moran turns 44 today!

Have you been touched by His Noodly Appendage?

Am I being too good tonight?

Who's afraid their kids will follow your foosteps

I make fried chicken with crushed corn flakes

Happy Birthday Chuck Berry - 79 today

Alligator Splashes Out Of Water, Takes Off With Family's Lunch

Man Rams Burger King With Car - Backs Up & Parks - Goes In To Eat

My new favorite show on my new favorite channel


Chicken Little At DU

I object to the utterly sexy tombstones!

I woke up at 5:30 so I could watch The West Wing season 4....

Snake hiding in sewers is caught

Tuesday morning gratuitous "I Love the Meds" post!

Ever get the feeling that the Lounge is full of the class clown types?

How long should one try to stay at work

How about the Worst Magazine Cover of All Time?

I object to the utterly sexist tombstones!

This joke is messed up for real! (not Brazilian)


random deep thoughts

Two etiquette questions I've been meaning to ask.

Can Powerball lottery tickets be purchased online?

Is it me, or have the number of White Sox avatars mysteriously increased?

I didn't realize that the BFEE had let things get this bad.

Waking up.

David, Victoria Beckham Seek Libel Damages

To all my dear Lounge Lizard friends: a little poem that has resonated

is this good advice?

God-DAMN! Pujols CRUSHED that hanging curve........

Lennon-Ono Photo Deemed Top Magazine Cover

So... how badly do I want to see Aimee Mann next month?

It's official: Wilma is now a Hurricane - could go Cat3 and hit Florida

Does anybody else like snorting Pixy Stix?

Best Batman - Because Batman Begins is out today


A Thomas Kinkade or a Precious Moments Bill Organizer

New Fad Has Kids Wearing Pajamas To School

Augh! I just posted "hear" instead of "here"

Ray Charles's "I Can't Stop Loving You"

bizarre phrases,ie Karen fell in cheese then we went ice skating

If you were on Death Row, what would be your last requested foods?

I'm back from D.C. Ask me anything

Something dumb you've done that you don't want anyone to know...

Bird Flu Look-a-Likes

You know how everyone got sick in DC

Happy Meowloween pic

MS Access will be the death of me

thirty five years ago

Women Get Lost Driving Home From Church - Turn Up 24 Hours Later

So, if America is named after Amerigo vespucci

21 more posts to 10,000.... I feel like I should celebrate

Naked Lennon tops magazine poll

Why are people nice?

favorite quote

What is the "Freebird" of other genres of music?

Bird Flu Hype

Paris Hilton sells engagement ring, $2m proceeds goes to Katrina victims

Brian Wilson's SMILE.

American Girl dolls face boycott by conservatives.......

My mommy sent me a laptop computer!

Celebrity look-a-likes

Wow, I love Thom Hartmann. Why was I listening to Al Franken?

Congratulations The Backlash Cometh!! 15,000 posts

Do you like Sloppy.......?

Whatever happened to ......

Best idea on how to revive "Survivor"


Psychedelic Republicans

Is this administration looking more like this guy

Brazilian Astronaut To Travel To ISS In March 2006

Dear Lord: John Giorno Audio Files

Mmmm.... Butterfinger....

Are you a good American? Find out when you

Hi, Everybody! And may I wish, to each of you:

Anyone watch Ming Tsai beat Bobby Flay in "Iron Chef America"?

2-3 years on DU, and I'm

Finger Breakdancing

What top-shelf liquor should I drink later today?

Physical therapist plays Faux News all day.

How is *this* for a Daily Show line-up (this week)

Need Help with Remedial Math

For my 10,000th post: a few of my favorite things (dialup warning!)

How ever will you be keepin' your sweet self warm this winter?

Movie Trivia: "Where are you going?" "To see if there's a pub!"

Good Night, And Good Luck

Someone's using my mom's name and SS# for their electric util. acct in FL.

A clock that always said 12:30

computer question

Family Stunned, Man Placed In Coffin Not Embalmed Naked Under Bloody Sheet

According to the latest polls...

Temps in the low 90's today.

Chocolate covered potato chips

How many fundamentalists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

This is truly devilish of me, but I couldn't help.......

How do I start a Political blog?

What does that symbol on the side of cattle trucks mean?

Some great news: Polly's family found her!!

Look at this bridge. Isn't it cool?

Japanese women suffering from Retired Husband Syndrome

Hannity AND North!!

I am confused. I just ate a whole bag of onion rings.

Self Delete

Do you have any weirdo eating Hicks?

I ate all the Frusen Glädjé.

Who or what is Carbon Ben Oxide?

I hurt my back

poll for consumers of fast food who know BOTH these chains

Any Dentists or Orthodontists in the house?

This little game makes you think

The "Little Boxes" Theme Song from the show "Weeds"

OUCH!!! MotoGP crash

Tuesday morning gratuitous "I Love a Mod" post!

anyone else think sundog has been acting a bit uppity lately?

jpgray: creature to be revered or pitied

whats your favorite movie?

If I can smell your hair from 3 feet away.. You need to wash it

Does this exist in any other country?

I like raw onion. In bread, with cream cheese.

anyone else think progmom has been acting a bit uppity lately?

The Feast of the Assumption - Cheney called back to heaven

I got a new job!

Mustaches - yes or no? With or without a beard?

I don't pity you.

Am I sick?

Don't take Crazy Guggenheim's bait

will someone please tell me

so i just found out that my bosses think halloween is a demonic holiday

Which Green Goddess are YOU?

I'm thinking of knitting a sweater. VODKA!!!!!!! On edit: BEER!!!!!!

Okay, I gotta go to bed

How can I become more UPPITY?

If it happens...what wine do you serve when you eat the rich ?

If you were on Death Row, what would be your last requested foods?

Songs that require clapping

When I win the powerball, I am buying this

As an Ebay seller-I had to do something I found distasteful


Making Malaysian chicken curry for dinner

Things other people do that defy belief and gross you out...

I am going to have to kill my husband

Sports hero (for the other team) that ripped your heart out... ?

Dog Condoms

Mah na mah na

OK Bertha, here's the "Pardon me, Roy" joke:

Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head...

Has anyone seen the "Rooster" video off Music Bank DVD?

Jack Thompson attempts to have the Seattle Police shut down Penny Arcade

Powerball killjoy: an illlustration of statistics


Official "Fitzmas Carol" Thread

Buins!!! Habs!!! TONIGHT!!!!

REMINDER: Bowling for Columbine on BRAVO tonight.....

Do you regularly practice terrorism drills?

Did you ever want a TONY?

I need help! RE: Handicap parking

Ooh, ooh, I am SO excited

Last night's Colbert Report is on after the Daily show rerun tonight 8:30

I am playing Gems and eating a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.

Fill in the blank.

Did you ever want a TONI?

What's the oldest bookmark in your bookmark folder?

Here's to an indestructable woman

Tuesday morning gratuitous "I Love the Mods" post!

I'm ready for a good smashmouth hockey game!

Strange pot behavior.

Ok. I'm officially old

JIB JAB takes aim at Wal-Mart!

*sigh* Sadness ensues.

Have you ever wanted a PHONY? A real PHONY?

Who is your family?


Hey Auto Parts People! Need help locating replacement cup holder

Merry Fitzmas to all!!


OMG - scientists discovered new species!

Congratulations The Backlash Cometh!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations UpInArms!! 20,000 posts

So, if you wake up and can can see the shapes of people

what's happening now that has resulted in defcon 1

How are people like me ever going to get hired again?

Who's jonesing for an indictment???

Polish movies: (Poll)

300 posts! Yaay me!

Anyone else just return from Xingolati?

Have you ever wanted a RONI? A tender RONI?

I need help RE:Handicapped bathrooms (not a copycat)

What comes to mind when you see this picture?

Hankering to buy a new CD - why not check out Hannity Song Club

strippers, a keg and a big bag of pills

I keep getting these killer headaches...

Do your dogs love to go bye-bye?

Who's wants to indict the Jonses?

Drinks on me all around! Just got my DSL hooked up...


John Hannah.....

Watching Transgeneration on Sundance...

Happy Birthday bbernardini!!

Fitzmas is too commercial...I'm celebrating Fitzivus

Did you ever want a PONY?

OK . . . I Have a New Favorite Dessert

I'm in a great mood, who's with me?

Anybody watching "Malcolm X" on HBO? I had not seen it to the end.

Group Idea: DU Teenager/Young Adults Group

If I win the powerball tonight

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs on the floor?

How much of the body is set aside for the production of mucus?

yay! were back to LeveL 0

Karma's Army

BYE everyone....I am leaving DU....

Good Chicken Recipe

Bowling For Columbine on BRAVO...coming up on the hour...

how long will the abortion / adoption issue drag out?

The Dance of the Inhabitants of the Palace of King Philip XIV

Looks like I am having a Cytoscopy next week. Pls tell me not to worry?

Quick question...who was Nixon's henchman?

Nip/Tuck: Who do you think the carver is?

"I gave you silk suits, blue diamonds and gucci handbags....

"Like watching an army of monkeys assaulting a fireworks factory..."

Sex worker Camille Cabral, representing French prostitutes, poses next to

Zappa has finally made it to the Apple Music Store.

I am going to go to sleep.

What TV scenes made you cry?

Hi to my Lounge mates. I'm sleepy but I'm back. Before I go, I'd like to

Point-of-View Porn For IPod

Hear about the guy who tried working in a muffler factory?

What makes an advertisement "successful"

I hate the devaluation of the standing ovation.

I hate the devaluation of the standing ovulation...

Probability question for the meth heads

Archie Bunker really is gorgeous

More cute puppy pictures... Bogie in a witch hat with orange hair.

I've never asked for a promise before, but I'm doing it now.

I'm the type of guy who says "the pudding is delicious."

Incredible!! Boat goes under water-under a bridge-comes out other side!

Is this TDS a new drug? Bill O'Reilly is said to be on it by many tonight

Birth control side effects...

Check this out, Jack... Time for a Cute Attack!

Is it awful for me to say if I ever get Prego that I'd give it up?

Come and get one in the yarbles...if ya have any yarbles!

Who's bought Lottery tickets? Check in here!

"Scooter" is a cute name for something..

You should all start sucking up to me now: I'm winning the Powerball Lotto

Any tips on clipping a dog's nails?

I'm in a good yet somewhat subdued mood, with other deep rooted issues

Oh boy! My winter project.

The captions to the right of Colbert are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

Whatever you do, DO NOT do this. (pic)

Is anyone else here CURSED?

Who hid GD's meds again?

Memo to my disgusting neighbour:

Best sidekick

For all of you in DC on 9/24, who went home with a cold afterwards?

Which pro sport has the most problems with thugs and criminal behavior?

What's more important in life?

If you dropped the last M&M/Godiva Chocolate on the floor, you would

Can you help us name our adopted sweetie? (Reward for perfect name)

Name something good that happened to you today!

What the hell is "Fitzmas"?

Where is JimmyJazz?

Which Greek Godess are YOU?!

What magazines and/or newspapers to you subscribe to?

my brother in Hawaii just found me on the internet...

Strange pet behavior

Hey PETA, here's one that'll rouse your digit:

Review of 'The Colbert Report'

Which Greek God are you?(had to let the guys have some fun!)

Let's talk about writing styles between smart people and freeper people

Help picking a car?

Hmmm, A dam made out of wood. oh nevermind./nt

What did you think of "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central last night?

Need an Attorney's advice... medical malpractice

What made you decide to create your current sig line?

At what age did you stop believing in Santa Claus?

I met Lewis Black! (And saw O'Reilly get into his car...yuck!)

OHMYGAWD - A fundie is praying for me because of my review of a book!!

I Love NYC

Warning Seattle DUers! Nini and I will be there Saturday!

You know what bugs me? Noodles.

"Green Street Hooligans"

And the answer is: A rube, a boob, and some lube.

It is truly disturbing how dumb people are.

Like Firefly? Check this out!

***OFFICIAL*** 10/18 Daily Show Thread.

Most loved/most hated Halloween candy.

I just helped a well-known person clear his browsers history of porn.

pedestrian/biker rant

What words are just inherently funny? I'll start: Squid.

Do you have any weird eating quirks?

POLL: "Thread Killer Support Group" or "Thread Killer Pride Association"

How much would it take to get you to move?

Probability question for the math heads

How often do you lay out troll bait?

Who's the best stand-up comic you've ever seen live?

Welcome to DU New Posters!! How old do you think MrsGrumpy is?

George Clooney really is gorgeous

I want to see "Fear" and William Burroughs on SNL!

Choosing who is "it" in kiddie games...

Is it awful for me to say if I ever get Preggers that I'd give it up?

Things you just don't skimp on.

Welcome to Krankor TV! All Krankor! All Day! Everyday! - Bgock!

What is your biggest pet peeve with other drivers on the road?

Just picked up the Batman Begins two disk deluxe DVD

Good Tuesday Morning, Everybody!

O'Reilly on the Daily Show...

CNN/AP: Nut-cracking gorilla surprises scientists (re. evolution)

Someone help me with tonight's Commander in Chief PLEASE

Does anyone else have a nation at

'God blogging' workshop spreads faith

Stephen Roberts quote: discussion?

God an Abuser? Believers Co-dependent?

$50Billion cut in Medicaid - $50Billion added to funding Iraq war

Why is healthcare tied to the workplace?

Whoa... cool! Just saw a beautiful shooting star.

A ketogenic diet reduces amyloid beta 40 and 42 in a mouse model of Alzhei

Art relieves constipation, lowers blood pressure

The Plausibiliy of Life, Resolving Darwin's Dilemma. (a rebut to ID)

omfg, you have GOT to see this tripe

Abnormal Brains Wired for Lies

Critic of evolution attacks scientists

Abnormal Brains Wired for Lies

Abnormal brains wired for lies

Palm Beach County To Offer Gay Partner Benefits

Clinton talks trade

Miers opposed AIDS non-discrimination laws

West Virginia Baptists may break with national group over homosexuality

Opposition To Texas Anti-Gay Amendment Grows

High School Cheerleader Quits Over Gay Taunts

Homo confidential: The secret double lives of 50's heartthrobs

Old truth in young gays

ABC to air possible anti-gay story tomorrow

Congrats Colts fans!

Baseball is the greatest game

Torre to stay on as Yankees manager

Fox will allow Channel 2 in St. Louis to show the entire...

I can't believe they actually pitched to Pujols

Anyone else having trouble deciding who to root for in the World Series?

Adoption update

Help!! My house is infested with ticks

Does your kitty like to "burrow"?

Patrick Fitzgerald's birth info

Gun-Totin' Rage-Aholics For Jesus, check in here!

Who's watching the SFRC?

Does anyone here live near Taunton, MA? I just

So now John Edwards is part of a conspiracy and will be our next pres.

Kerry and Kennedy Urge President Bush to Fully Fund LIHEAP

*'s approval ratings by state

freepers fuckinig suck

Plamegate and George Bush's fingerprints.

Kerry email: Time to Defeat DeLay, Santorum and Reed

Folks please do this survey.....

Tell me what you think of my latest entry

Newbie here...

Lookie what I found... JK, Bono, Obama & More

Kerry Home Heating Oil PR event on CSpan 2 now

A sepia flower and future challenges.

My dad bought a new Bronica and he's giving me his old one

Some new photos from the Florida Keys

Winners, Hosts, anyone else (might want to boomark this)

KOEB Tuesday -- 10/18

Ed Schultz to be on Countdown tonight

Wow! Crispini & GK have been busy in Texas.

Wow...KO can have a field day with this one!

'Scuse me, I just need to vent a bit.

Healey plays dodgeball (MA Lt Governor)

Gotta read this..

Cheney's Office Is A Focus in Leak Case

Cheney’s office is focus in leak case

Miers: what does she know about what the president knew?

Bolton Testifies today at 9:30 AM - Sen. Foreign Relations Comm

A culture of corruption

Judy Miller receives a journalism award today

"Hurricane relief" being used as excuse for Republican cuts for poor folks

'New' poems by Karadzic published

Scotty WH Bar-b-cue Today at 12:45 PM EST on C-SPAN2

Bobby "Boris" Pickett re-records "Monster Mash" w/ Bush, Cheney satire

Rove's brain

single-income families NOW

08/01/03, WA Times: "End to Iraq war has reduced obstacles to recovery"

breaking: Cheney office focus of leak probe

The Purge

It would have been nice had GM, as an industrial leader

Colin Powell on Larry King last nite

Why should Cheney's office be focus of CIA leak ?

Could Paul Hackett run for Sherrod Brown's seat ?

Patrick Fitzgerald IS NOT A REPUBLICAN. nor is he a DEMOCRAT. OK?

I halfway forgot that Powell and Fleischer quit...

My bet? Rove gets indicted on at least two charges! Here's the thinking:

Slow Fundraising Suggests Possible Retirements (House Republicans)


Poll shows Tim Kaine (D) leading 47%-45% (Va Gov Race)

"WMD in the hands of a murderous dictator..."

Holiday hint: For that GOPer too addled to remember his own name...

Photo: "Bush listens to a reporter's question on CIA leak investigation"

Old Conservative Talking Points Are Now Inoperative

That was quick! Baltimore to reopen all lanes of tunnel traffic

* Make YOUR great uninformed shot in the dark guess HERE *

Kaine leads by two points in another poll

We've come a long way-AP refers to *'s Slash & Burn assault on its critics

the rigging of america's stock markets

Waxman: The Reconstruction of Iraq

Baltimore: Gov. Ehrlich (R) has known about threat for 3-5 days

MSNBC: "Karen Hughes Speaks Out" ("No one likes war. War is very hard")

What's up with this photo?

Blair Bush Saudis Nixon and Three Days of The Condor

"Woman who was almost killed when a turkey was thrown...

What do you think of November 2: No School, No Work....

National Call-In Days Today and Tomorrow!

Ted Kennedy appreciation thread.

Let's just pick the two most mature men or women...

Why is the Wayne Madsen thread blocked? He say's we are too

New Stratfor Plame Analysis

Pirro Seeks Campaign Donation from Clinton

I taught about t he constitutional convention today & it got me thinking..

Will Katrina cause the Democrats in 2006 and 2008? Proposed tax cuts?

About Our Next President - Remember these words.

Will there be any Du'ers at the Limbaugh Rabid RW Show in NYC tonite?

Can a Vice President by Indicted?

Condi Rice's stupid remarks on Meet the Press this past sunday

Indictment Bingo!

R. Rep. Mike Pence another "biblical proportions" man

Allison Barber the shill for the faux photo-op with faux soldiers

1,000 words while sittng around waiting for an indictment

The Freaking Suspense Is Killing Me.

Miers' troubles with tax liens - 10 of them - she's a slum landLady

Chimp on now -- is he slurring his speech more than usual??

Bush is packing the SC to stop any treason charges

"Fair Tax" (National Sales Tax) advocates "blast Bush Tax Panel"

Cheney Flees to Saudi Arabia?

Sherrod Brown Hiding?

Karl Rove. Indefinite Paid Leave of Absence or Straight to Gitmo?

Can O'Connor Un-Retire????

enough with this Brown versus Hackett bullshit !!

If Cheney resigns and Rice is nominated as VP

Understatement: "Miers Views Could Have Quick Impact"

OMG!!! Hardball just reported a HUGE nail in Rove's coffin!!

How Bush marketed Iraqi war (Toronto Star)

So the Prosecutor has a

Analysis-Are We Going to War With Iran?

What are the odds on this one?

Venezuelan Attorney General: CIA Implicated in Murder of Venezuelan Judge

DLC: Gephardt is wrong ("Security Gap": enlist100,000 MORE troops!)

Cheney has never been suggested as a presidential candidate

I'm thinking its maybe BIGGER than the bigger we were thinking it was

Bill O'Reily: "I spend enormous amounts of money protecting myself

Rush Limbaugh has a new piece's a response:

Got a bottle of Taittinger chillin' in the fridge!!!

TWEETY REPORT: Oct. 18, 2005 "DA for the Defense" & "Foot in Mouth"

Hastert to Dems: "...Support Fiscal Restraint"

Cheney - does indictment mean resignation?

Harriet Miers and the Abortion Issue

What's behind w's coke jaw shuffle?

British Voters Ponder Date for Blair’s Retirement

Kerry and Kennedy Urge President Bush to Fully Fund LIHEAP

Try to write a winning speech

Steven Hayes rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic

Could * do a recess appointment for VP if Cheney resigns?

Could the Cheney rumors be followed by Bush rumors?

Redistricting in Ohio will help Dems - But Arnold has come out in favor!

The Torture Question | Frontline tonight on tv

Republican Ignorance on Public Display at

Numbers for Bush Cabinet Drop in the U.S.

Mr. Vice President Hastert, please standup?

DNC: No More Reindeer Games

Iraq War math in pictures

Um guys

" this is not a good man. Not a good man."

Tax Panel Recommendation Would Drive Up Consumer Prices ($207B)

Malloys On.......

HardBall: DU's daliy schizophrenic response

Screw Fitzmas!

Just What Is It To Be A Progressive?

Assume some Indictments...what is next?

John Hannah clearinghouse

JOSHUA FRANK: Kevin Zeese’s Antiwar Campaign for the U.S. Senate

George Galloway Calls Chris Hitchens A Slug That Trails

Whirly Birds for Jesus!

Bush Tax Panel to Propose "Flat" AND Consumption Tax

God Told George To Use Torture

I haven't heard a PEEP about the NEW DSM in US media...

OLielly will be on Stewart tonight

Is this good or bad?

oops dupe sorry

Asking for brief overview of Brewster Jennings aspect

I do NOT want Cheney to resign .......

National debit = $7,989,493,970,116.21 Where are the fiscal conservatives

Ted Kennedy's 1980 Speech -- Please Read and Kick It Up (Long)

Miers and bizarro world

How do you think Judy Miller will like working at FOX News?

did anyone else just get their "thank you" card from Paul Hackett?

Which Xtian Righty is waiting in the wings to run as an Indy in 08?

David Gergen: "Dick Cheney is an honest man."

FRONTLINE: The torture Question on PBS tonight!

Frontline....At Abu Gahrib...."All sorts of spooky people."

Fitz indicts everybody, Bush gives him the finger. What then?

"The Gun Industry Rolls Congress "

It looks like the indictments will come soon,

Ok, how could Judy Miller forget who gave her Plame's name?

Bonus for re-upping? Not so fast

PlameGate, the Movie. Coming to a theater near you.

Link To video Bush Joking "Nope, No WMD There.." At Press Dinner

Has anybody heard anything about the second set of photos from Abu Ghraib?

A Year Later, Goss's CIA Is Still in Turmoil

Video......Stephen Colbert channels Bill O'Reilly... LMFAO

Disturbing changes in America?

Did anyone see Milbank's jaw twitching on Olbermann??

OH YEAH!! Brand New Survey USA poll with State by State approval ratings

2005/2006 gubernatorial synopsis

Democrats Reject Crony Tax Cuts, Stand With Americans

Pharmacists refusal to fill birth control prescriptions....

Cheney regularly stormed CIA HQ to demand briefing to fit his biases

Tweety: J Wilson is guilty, not the White House

Cheney Resignation

Rumsfeld should be ( fill in the blank)

Conyers: It is remarkable the buzz of rumors spreading ...

I am selfish .... Fitz, please hold off for a week, okay?

Corzine gets (police) union's nod

Pennsylvania DUer's, how strong is Bob Casey (as a candidate)?

O'Reilly on the Daily Show tonight

Kerry email: Time to Defeat DeLay, Santorum and Reed

Could you support a divestment campaign targeting PNAC nations?

A Handy Guide to "Casualties of the Bush Administration"

US News:Cheney resignation rumors fly

A Heretical Suggestion?

WSJ: California Race Highlights Split On Immigration

Gephardt: "I was wrong."

Rasmussen Poll: 41% STRONGLY disapprove. (44...55 overall)

Gephardt on Iraq: "I was wrong"

I call it Outsourcing. "Delphi demands 63% pay cut from UAW"

Why Left can't face the defeats of 2004 and 2008? "Spineless Ohio Dems"

Did anyone read this at Slate: Weisberg Dems should not enjoy Plame inv?

We need to deal with this

Vote in Lou's poll. Why is he so obsessed with Mexican illegal immigrants?

Photo: The many chins of Karl Rove

How do you write a campaign letter asking for money?????

I really, really, really, REALLY HATE the Bush Administration.

"the rule of law" is suddenly an outrage now that Repubs are accountable

In Sign of Conservative Split, a Commentator Is Dismissed

Suggested Democratic strategy -- A Breath of Fresh Air

If Rice is appointed as VP, the Republican party will split. They are

Bush Approval Ratings In All 50 States!

Who is your hopeful '08 Dem. presidential nominee?

What if there are no indictments?? (A Coal and Stones Fitzmas)

Texas DUers: Why don't the BIG cities in Texas overwhelm rural votes?

I have made up my mind about Hillary Clinton

Outsourcing Lies from the Commerce Dept.

John Edwards for President!

Every time I look at the Sherrod Brown ad on the left sie of the page

Let's write a DU platform!

Comfort for Depressed, Frustrated Democrats

Paul Hackett vs. Sherrod Brown

Partisan War Syndrome

how bummed are you that Gore isn't running in 08?