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Archives: October 12, 2005

San Diego Union Tribune: Some friends

WP: Losing Hope in Louisiana

False Blips Delay Flights at Logan

Mankato DU Meetup Report

"An Unreasonable Woman" Diane Wilson from Seadrift Tx

Any Credible Poll Numbers On Doyle/Green/ Etc.?

Public Unenthused by Constitution Poll--Inst. for War & Peace Reporting

Then why did you assume I was talking about Iraq?

Boston Legal was a riot

Rove knew...Scooter knew....Cheney knew....Dubya knew nothing?

Help! Current TV Breakfast Club Satire Cartoon.

A detail in the Judy Miller part of this story that hasn't been noted - -

Meanwhile on Commander in Chief

First Bush channels FDR then...

George Bush's Big First Day At School!

On Keith O a new Bushism is born. What the heck is scatology?

Where are Contract with America, Family Values, Compassionate Conservative

Reason Number 1001: The Bird Flu

IRAQ: Traumatised young Iraqis turn increasingly to hard drugs

A letter from one of our suppliers - It blew me away!

AP: Man with bow, arrow is arrested on train (in CA)

"Good Night, Good Luck" - Question . . .

Conyers/Johnston (NYT): Times Reporter to Testify on Recently Found Notes

Thousands of Children Sentenced to Life without Parole in the United States

'Emergency' jitters linger (Bush's pal Arroyo planning martial law)

WSJ Article: Focus of CIA Leak Probe Appears to Widen

Anyone Know Anything About Stealing Silver Jewelry?

What Firefox theme(s) do you use?

If you like puzzles, give this a try:

How Could You Not? (WARNING: Not for maudlin types!)

Be very careful about clicking this.

Whoo-hoo! I just got tix for CREAM, MSG 10/24! Ask me anything!!!

Traffic calming does not calm traffic

Tonight's earworm: "Between the Wars"

What's that STENCH?

Need some Bush Quote help

I need to vent

The Sirens Scene In "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?"

The Movie Jar Head

Bad news for Wallace & Gromit fans

I just baited GD again

What's the stupidest thing your city or town has ever done?

If you're wanting to watch something kitschy and stupid...

Looks or personality?

I saw a "Don't Go to Mardi Gras" bumpersticker today

I think I feel a song coming on...

White House at War with itself-Blaming Andrew Card For Miers

The Penguin lives!

Meet your new Chairman of the Fed - Breaking News

Cheney as the main Target? --WSJ, Bloomberg via Huffington

Two great articles on Paul Hackett in Mother Jones

National Day of Action: Demand an Independent Katrina Commission!

Really, now. Can we trust Fitzgerald?

Vid Clip: Olberman & Shearer riff on Miers' "Best Governor Ever" comment

biting anti-bush editorial in Pakistan's PakTribune

Joe Trippi joins "Independent World Television"

Texas congressman(R) arrested on DWI in South Dakota

WP: For President Under Duress, Body Language Speaks Volumes


Survey ‘casts doubt’ on recruits’ reluctance to serve with gays

Breaking the Bank: The RW Road to America's Privatized future

My column in my college newspaper (Intelligent Design)

The Texas Nexus - Corruption, Partisans & Racial Gerrymandering

The outrage of the week - Molly Ivins

Give New Orleans Residents an Opportunity to Rebuild (Decatur Daily)

CIA review faults prewar plans

Sully hacked

White House in Civil War over Rove (Americablog)

Where Fear Can't Take Us

A New Vision for a New World

Feds leave N.Y. hanging (NY Post Eats *Co for breakfast)

Tax Panel Says Popular Breaks Should Be Cut , NY Times 10/12/05

More on Plamegate courtesy of Gene Lyons

Truthout - Tell Us Who Fabricated the Iraq Evidence

Three totally lame reasons to put Harriet Meirs on the Supreme Court

Fafblog Interviews: HARRIET MIERS

Fear and loathing in militia hell

"Character" Vanishes from Public Discourse (scathing against GOP)

Director Of Censored Intelligence

Q&A with Joseph Wilson (Willamette Week)

Morford: What God Really Told Bush

Bush may have to turn Rove loose - Texarkana Gazette

Truthout - GOP Stands Up for US Right to Torture

Bush'sPoll#'s-like watching the ball drop in TimesSq/New Yr's Eve

White House Promotion of Miers' Religion is Appalling (Americans United)

America's Ministry of Propaganda -exposed

Sectarian resentment extends to Iraq's army

Ideological Prozac, American Style (Will Pitt)

Osama's Hall of Mirrors

How the Republicans Let It Slip Away

Greenpeace now 'just another bloated corporation'?

World looks for online regime change

Body Language Speaks Volumes (* under duress) WaPo

Am I being too hard on this blue star mom?

Government by Temper Tantrum

Asshole this racist editorial

How To End The War - Paul Craig Roberts

Search for bodies begins at Chile's Colonia Dignidad

trial balloon: scaling back the mortage interest deduction

So, how does one buy gold/silver?!?

One Month's Rain Falls In One Day In NW England, Southern Scotland

Oil Prices Rise on IEA's Bullish Energy Demand Forecasts

Chinese Bear-Bile Farmer Devoured By Own Animals - Reuters

Three Alaskan Volcanoes Rumbling To Life - Reuters

Isn't that sweet? K. Harris Pledges She'll "Try" For Red Tide Funding

Researchers Link Largest NM Tree Dieoff On Record To Climate Warmup - WP

Shell Sees Global NatGas Demand Rising 3% a Year Over Next 15 Years

The Heat Death Of American Dreams - AlterNet On Siberian Methane Release

Should I install a gas water heater or an electric one?

Renewable energy surcharge...uh... waitaminute... rebate!

Report: Pakistan willing to accept quake aid from Israel, Jewish groups -

Testimony: Soldiers beat Palestinian at Nablus checkpoint

Israel army to fight human shield ban

Arafat death probe 'inconclusive'

Qatar Backs Stadium for Arab-Israeli Team - San Francisco Chronicle

Gaza gunmen 'abduct foreigners'

Turkey transfers Ottoman land records to Palestinian Authority

Israel uncovers three Hamas networks in W. Bank

Egypt taking charge of Palestinian Authority

Hamas accused of recruiting woman to teach bombmaking

UN official: Israel hinders human rights workers in territories

If it's proven the Pentagon was hit by a UAV / cruise missile.

If you believe in controlled demolition, a question: Why? What motive?

Michael Shnayerson, Vanity Fair: The Election 4/04

Recently Ex-Diebold Board Member (Timken) now Ambassador to Germany

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY 10/12/05

Election Truth CD-ROM has been updated

Please kick the 'Call C-SPAN Exit Poll Debate' thread over in GD:

Diebold names new president, CFO

AZ Sec'y of State to Appear in Court Re: Voting System Decertification

San Diego Mayor's Race Takes Familiar Course

Sitting Out CA Special Election Could Backfire

LA Times Endorsement of Prop 74

SF Chronicle endorsed Prop 77

San Diego Mayor's Race Takes Familiar Course

Ahnuld in Santa Barbara TODAY...Secret Town Hall Meeting

What Shriver won't talk about with Oprah

Analysis of propositions from BuyBlue.

My take on Arnies bulls*** propositions for the special election

Recall of Arnold is underway

California H.S. issuing Breathalyzers

Feinstein urges (Newport) bay dredging support

Some Culver news...

Greenfield raps Romney response

Gov creates heaps of work, fails to follow up

Got this about Massachusetts vote from Not One Damn Dime

All right you DUERs! Ready to sing your song? (Use your chipmunk voices)

Two Minneapolis Wellstone Book Events 10-15 and 10-18

How about a DU meet-up when Fitz indicts Rove?

Free CD Burning Software?

could power outages hurt my computer, TV, DVD players...

Dell Inspirion 5100 laptop crashed :(

Help Free Ohio from Republican Corruption and Electoral Abuses

I'm Not from Ohio, But I Sure Do Admire Paul Hackett.

Hackett Supporters - don't miss this thread

White may resign as Ohio Democratic chairman

Radical clerics oppose jobs/highways bond issue over embyo research

Youngstown mayor crosses aisle to oppose election issues

Chris Bell meets funraising goal

Does anyone have any ticket connections

Dallas event

Is anyone here displaced from Rita?

Jet Blue coming to Austin

Heads up: Stros vs Cards 7:20 central. n/t

Houston Candidate Forum for Paper Ballots, Tues., 10/25

Office hours, Rep. Gielow, Wis 23rd Assembly Dist

Milwaukee Katrina Shelter Will Close at End of Month:

Anyone see this thread about Fred Risser's anti-harrassment bill?

Must be getting to election time...I got a response letter from Kohl

Waukesha County Dems, Dwyer must be our guy

Bernie on plamegate again

Soldier dies a negligent death - Kentuckian shot by officer in Iraq

(CA) Press Enterprise: Flags half-staff too often, some say

Bali Prepares to Mark 2002 Suicide Attacks 11 Days After Suicide Attacks

Ms Meier will she be loyal to G.W. or the citizens of the USA

The Day We Almost Lost Denver - May 11, 1969 - Story, photos & audio

South Korea Wants Talks to Regain Wartime Control of Its Military From US

Giddy with excitement

I wonder what the Australian fundamentalists think of this flag-treatment

% of blacks, hispanics killed in Iraq lower than % of national population

Please explain the WHIGer thing for us dolts.

Santorum drops all major bands, does a sing-a-long about Santorum

New York subway threat was a hoax, security sources admit

Rove's Long History With the Bush Family

Oral Hatch lecturing lawyers in TN on CSPAN now...

I'm an Independent -- Who Wants My Vote???...

George Clooney knocks it out of the park...again! Syriana!

2-toons for wednesday....

Shriver on Oprah

FEMA is not covering up the death toll.

It is difficult to conceive of Rove not being found guilty if indicted

Nuremberg Revisited: If charges are eventually made


Steve Bell: Lord and Master

MSNBC Yanking Polls? Wait a Minute, I Didn't Know an Election Was Happenin

WP: For President Under Duress, Body Language Speaks Volumes

Heating Oil Prices Going Up

"Times Reporter to Face Grand Jury Again "

I have said all along that Cheny would be recievin the Target letter

I have said all along that Cheny would be recievin the Target letter

You know there's going to be trouble when Chris Matthews...

25 Mind-numbingly stupid official quotes about Iraq

Why New Orleans could not get aid in a timely manner

Why every MFing RWer in America needs to enlist NOW.

"Pastor Greg" - Christian Sitcom

Any news on Binka's son Ben? nt

Cat Loving DUers! What is the best way...

The Republicans May Incite Martial Law To Stay In Power..

TOONS: Scenes We'd Like To See edition!

Why This Matters - the seriousness of outing a CIA agent

Binka is Traveling to Germany NOW ... She'll See Ben TONIGHT!

Infiltrate the corporations running this country

Holding Scott McClellan Accountable

Numerous people have debated

There may be hope after all..

I think Clinton is being "Roved"...

"Vision for 2020" Document - Ever heard of this?

Basra Voters Say it is Time for Soldiers to Go

Stripes letter: Too much info on the web (

Who Has Seen This Thread???

Snake-oil president at White House Inc.

Once again I am reminded of how Stoopid BUSH is

You're cool, court nominee told Bush in private letter

Insider trading stock tip - buy shares of Martha Stewart's company

Everyone can rest assured now....CNN just had David Drier on to cheerlead

Colgate to close toothpaste plant

The Rosenbergs were put to death for violating the same

We Should Amend The Constitution To Allow For Presidential Recalls.

"You're cool"

Seriously hilarious Amazon product reviews!

VIDEO- Chris Matthews on Today Show-Plame Case

How many of the 9-11 hijackers were Iraqi?

Anyone have stats on Iraq casualties: officers vs. enlisted men?

Flshbck. Final outcome of NY RNC protestor's lawsuits against City of NY?

Ariana Huffington's take on Hillary and her strategy


The difference between Marxism and the Modern American System

82nd Airborne General Says Officers Not Told About Alleged Abuse

Keith Olberman lst night

self deleted

EU remains on bird flu alert as tests continue

With all the crimes committed by this * misadministration.

If we want a woman Dem as President...

Lost letter from Harriet M. to George Dubya

Oh gimme a break...that "Al Qaeda #2 letter" is such a FAKE.

Probe widens in NO beating..anyone know about this?

Intriguing story,why haven't we heard about this ?

WSJ: Fitzgerald's pursuit, he may be investigating broader conspiracy

Josh Marshall has it SO nailed: Total WHIG-out at White House Iraq Group

eBay agrees to block stun-gun sales to New Yorkers

Wow..cspan...execute the president for treason?

Natural Born Liars ... Bush is Natural Born Liar ... PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

What will Sensenbrenner do?


Oh, my man, I love him so ----->>>>>

CSPAN: Rev. Jesee Lee Peterson - Blacks Were To Blame For NOLA Disaster

Religion and "Respect": What the religious can/can't expect from atheists

Liberal Oasis: James Dobson Is A Liar And Not A Very Good One

Andrew Sullivan's Blog Hacked!

What, exactly, are the Iraqis voting for Saturday?

"Phoenix and New Orleans will become ruins we visit in the future"

Another Possible Constitutional Amendment - NO U.S. TORTURE!

When Plame was leaked, wasn't Rove just a Civilian advisor with

Sen Murkowski R-Alaska introduces bill to divy up 9th circuit

Dobson Now Says "Confidential Conversations" With Rove Not "Incendiary"

In the Dumps: Marvin Bush, the Mob, and the "Liberal" Media

Who Would You Vote For?

National Peddler Radio

The best solution is AMS and No Electoral College

From Iraq, soldier seeks war's end

Panic is beginning to creep over the GOP like a heavy fog...

The Contract with the People

Tax panel could recommend reducing Mtg Interest deduction??

"Have you no sense of decency?" Can a few words make a difference today?

Bush Through the Looking Glass

Howard Stern: "Country going down the tubes - Rise Up!"

Did quake claim life of bin Laden?

Judy didn't seem to have that big smile on her face

MOGAMBO GURU: "This Avian Flu Thing Is Just What The Doctor Ordered"

Bush revealed as chronic prevaricator...

Can someone explain why Gulf Coast residents must repay the govt.

Terror Marketing 101: Bush, Pre$$titutes & The Three Exposures Rule

Are you ready for the "over-zealous prosecutor" line on Fitz?

Anyone see Letterman last night? He totally emasculated *

Focus of CIA Leak Probe Appears to Widen into a Broader Conspiracy

Did you hear that?! On C-SPAN?! Peter (HOST) is a Log Cabin Republican?

self delete

DetFP LTTEs -- DELPHI BANKRUPTCY: Whose greed dooms Delphi?

What do you think the real situation is with the Avian Flu?

Why is Bush-Rove "assuring" that PUKE scum James Dobson about ANYTHING?

Will Rove and Scooter take the fall for Bush and Cheney ?

Cashing in on Katrina

can someone update this funny?

If Rove is pardoned after indictment, can he regain security clearance?

Plamegate talk on MSNBC now

will we miss Rove when he's gone?

Oh chit!

Let me be the first to say that the lawyer for the New Orleans

Maude Barlow, Tonight in Lexington Ky

31 US soldiers have died this month (1,964 in Iraq total)

Judy's before and after pics

Bush does not believe in "democracy"..

Bush meeting with Polish President...

Who IS this guy....the NO cops' attorney on CNN???

US troops are going to protect the ballots in Iraq. Wink, wink

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Himself

LIMBOsevic Has Mistress Fever, Whines, Slimes Bono (Eww Graphic)

Google's "Don't do evil" credo

Human Rights Campaign

Why aren't the MSM curious about the apparent election fraud, 9-11

If You Give Me All Your Money...

Is the fact that the Bird Flu could mutate (evolve) into a deadly strain,

Get 3 FREE downloads from!!!!!! (must see)

beyond belief phone caller on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Egypt prepares new probe of pyramid mystery

The Department of Propaganda

VPC to Redskins: Stay Away From the NRA

Used 2 b repubs put spin on things. Now they're just spinning.

Next up - losing tax deductions for interest on home mortgages and

How to tell if your government is in danger of crumbling

Another repug representative arrested.....

Bush was probably preaching to Miers when he said no more

Are the Dems screaming bloody murder about DeLay ...

Miller and Scooter previously undisclosed conversation!

OK, so you want to amend the Constitution, how about getting

Got Chimp?

How Many Christians Feel Persecuted Here?

Why is New Orleans below sea level?

LOL, Scottie couldn't even get help from Les today.

HUNGOVER? ---pix->>>

Do we offer relief to PROPERTY or to PEOPLE?

Unified Dems Would be Sweet Music to Voters' Ears ~ Flavia Colgan

What the Hell's Going on In New Jersey??

T-Shirt/bumper sticker idea

We Must Deal with Those That Incite Hatred

About ABC's "Commander-in-Chief"

Medical flex account blues....I have them today....

I'm wondering, what world do we live in when a president appoints his...

President Hastert?

Do Atheists Feel Persecuted Against by Organized Religion?

DemocracyNow: Mock Up Trial about abduction and Torture

Excessive Spraying /GE Crops Creating Massive Superweed

Kerry sent LTTE to LATimes re article on Katrina/small business loans

That's nice....

Powerful... get ready to cry, be enraged, Turn up the volume!

"Man beaten in New Orleans arrest says racism not issue"

1964 Reasons why the DSM is Important

A "Well, DUH!" moment which should be occurring to righties

James Dobson admitted this morning that Rove convinced him

Can He Do This??? DeLay supoenas Earle and Jury Foreman

I missed today's WH press briefing. Anyone see it? I looked

How'd Bush Get a Harvard MBA?

"50m Environmental Refugees by End of Decade, UN Warns"

What's the EnergyStar rating of your.... house?

AP: Impotence drugs' presence could save animal species

More Hot Water for Frist (Accumulated Stock outside Trusts)

DUers under 40: Your economics homework is a fun assignment

Gene Lyons article

My idea...

Come on Fitzgerald, Indict indict indict

Heads Up tonight --The Nexus of Politics and Terror --Countdown

Political cartoons

24 Hr News Financial Bullcrap: Rich Plan Under * is Buy OUR Land CHEAP

Lawmaker Compares Black Caucus to Ku Klux Klan

It's an awful lot to ask, but.....what is going on at FR, R Heads Explodin

Trying to sort something out...

Did you all hear the stupidest guy EVER on Randi Rhodes yesterday?

I want PUBLIC TELEVISED TRIALS-I want the whole country to know what they

Who is the real President - Geena Davis or Martin Sheen?

Fineman: How the neocons have developed a political exit strategy.

Judy Leaves Court ---pix->>>

AOL poll on * and Miers and religion

1 out of 80 Iraqi battalions functional

How would you spend or donate if you won Powerball tonight?

How will Fitz release the conclusions of this investigation?

LA Daily News: Bush home to be museum

Will the Repukes jumping the W ship come home if no indictments are

Ahhh the love for Fitz---but what if he doesn't indict ?

Great Obit Today... Please Sign The Guestbook.

Wanna Piss Off Rightwingurz?

U.S. Army records worst recruiting year since 1979

Joseph Galloway: Rumsfeld and Bush have broken the Army (Knight Ridder)

Does Rove's OWN WORDS INDICT HIM (Or His Attorney's)??? (New David Corn)

Hungover >>>

Anyone else PISSED at *'s OBVIOUS attempts to repeal Posse Comitatus??

Special benefit on auto/home insurance if you attend Church!

Jeb Bush promotes Narnia movie (produced by big Repub donor)

CIA Leak Scandal: Rove Defied Bush's Command?

At what point in the indictments, will enough 'pugs turn on Dimson.

What happened to Scooter Libby's eyebrows?

LA DAILY NEWS: TV, film writers white, male

If Frist is not held to account for the CofI surrounding the HCA stock

New revelations about Frist's stocks raise questions

Halliburton gets another Hurricane Katrina contract for $33 million

HOLY PUKE INDUCING WRETCHEDNESS!!! Delay To Run Ads Smearing Earle!!!!

Progess of war in Iraq difficult to measure (Scripps Howard)

Name a 2 year long federal grand jury investigation....

Is there a corporate panic for capital, cash, and wealth? Is so, why?

Midnight In The Garden Of Evil And Evil

Halliburton: How to stop these Russian Politburo contracts?

Tom Delay is phoning his constituents to tell them, "I am not a crook."

Critic: Dobson's broadcast fails 'sniff test'

Ohio DUers: Has Coingate and Taft's dismal approval had any effect

Last paragraph sort of sums it all up.

Disturbing thought:

Spike Lee to make documentary about Katrina

POLL: Do righties and others see political timing of Al Qaeda letters

Caption the scared puppy

Three comments about the 39 year old woman with 16 kids (profanity alert)

Consider this: Shouldn't the amendment to the constitution be

Bush sells Miers to wingers as an anti-choice reactionary.

Caption this photo of Scooter Libby

2,400 AirTran employees file to join union.

Repealing the mortgage tax break: AKA busting the housing bubble.......

firedoglake: Fitzgerald asking for an extension???

We need a Constitutional Amendment to ban Hurricanes

Freeper office mate still says Clinton's lies are worst than Plame!!

Torture of Iraqis was for "stress relief"

Even freeper keyword searches are telling...

Interesting statistic I just heard on NBC nightly news.

"Liberated Iraq" now employing death squads

African Food for Africa's Starving Is Roadblocked in Congress

Russert Reports 48% Want Dems After '06 Election

Has "My Posts" changed?

re: 138 Reagan admin. officials convicted, indicted or investigated

When Rove & Scooter are indicted does this go to a Jury???

CNN reports that Judy, Judy, Judy

There will be no "President Hastert."

How About A Complete Ban On Political Contributions?

Every time I see the word "blame"

Miers and bush getting slammed on NBC right off the bat...

Indictments, Indictments, Indictments

Victoria Toensing on Hardball -- She's as bad as it gets.

Pat Robertson threatens retaliation against conservative senators who oppo

Focus of CIA Leak Probe Appears to Widen WSJ

Laura Flanders on Majority Report tonight, FYI

Mom delivers 16th child, thinking of more

Do Dems have to pledge to spend gazillions on defense to get elected?

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

lobbyists that represent offshore businesses that are given gov. contracts

The most dangerous Republican and why?

What does everyone think of H.R. 3922 (Flood insurance buy-in.)

Harriet and Chimp letters at (major puke alert!)

In New O. - Are 9th Ward residents not allowed to stay ?

WP-Losing Hope in Louisiana

Now I am convinced that * hates us all so much for not backing his

Does it seem like a lot less civilians are getting blown up lately in Iraq?

You know what is really rich about this Miller/Libby/Cooper/Rove

Remember Keith Oberman is covering the nexus of terror alerts

Was Joe Wilson that disregarded by the press as that anal-experiment

Still Time For Everyone To Get In On The Mardi Gras Fundraiser Auction!

Victoria Toensing is a filthy scumbag

I am so sick of this crap about Christians whining about discrimination

82 corps that paid no taxes or rec'd tax breaks

Give 'em hell Al!


Violence erupts in Afghanistan during Rice visit

corporations with offshore accounts and government contracts-per GAO

DU PLEDGE DRIVE for Paul Hackett.

Patrick Fitzgerald, US Attorney, accomplishments

Has Any American Actually Looked at The "Iraqi Official" Puppets?

Everybody knows it. Rove is the Real President.


Active-duty soldier in Iraq uses blog to call for complete withdrawal

Is having a moderate, (Ed Schultz) on AFR better than nothing?

Mayor: Backers of free mental health care for soldiers are "anti-army"

Bowling for Columbine, Bravo, October 18, 19

How Many Here Want Articles of Impeachment?

Conservatives and exiles desert war campaign (Financial Times)

Arianna: Judy Miller looked like an aspen losing sap

Miers or Whomever: The Next Nominee Has GOT to Be Filibustered

GAO audit-some contractors abuse the system with little or no consequences

Pakistanis can count better than us. They've already counted...

Yay! Countdown's On!

Airlines make fare wars..... neocons make unending

Fundies are having a telethon to rebuild their N.O. station

More from Dobson

bush today: "BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR Syria, OR ELSE"!!!

Bush Poll Numbers Now Officially DISASTROUS! (New NBC Poll)

KKKKKarl is pissed!!!!!!!!!

Revolution Against Corporate Fascism.

WTF is the Air One Morning Show

Chalabi Sighting!! In The Thick Of The Iraqi Vote!

Join the Air Force, work for the Army... Thanks, Rummy!

Remember that post 9-11 Bush-Gore matchup poll?

al Qaeda "psy-ops" in action?

Oprah NOW! Anderson Cooper with "America's Dirty Secret" (poverty)

Wall Street Journal says indictments could come as early as next week

ACLU Pizza

Looks like Bush* put Harriets religiosity on the table for the nomination.

RAW STORY: Cheney Examined in Leak Investigation

Anybody hear if Condoleeza found any shoe stores in Pakistan? n/t

If Rove and Scooter are indicted will * Pardon them?

?? Can Fitzgerald have indictments under seal so that if he were to be

GRAPHS: Arab & World opinion of US

scum Anderson Cooper repeated the AMTRAK lie

Wonder why investors are losing faith in Bush**?


Vote for your latest page preference!

Only on FOX! Josh Rushing (former USMC/now al Jazeera) a "traitor?"

If Fitz wants to cast a bigger net or uncover deeper crimes...

Who is listening to Laura Flanders right now? I just turned it on, and

Some important things to remember about "Plame gate"

Homeowners get Soaked; Now you Might" Live in NH/NYS/NJ/PA?

Wondered if anyone would be interested in reviving old DU "Meeting Room"

Donor Fatigue: Donations trickle in for earthquake victims

Is Fitzgerald's tenure as Special Prosecutor under time constraints?

Hey, Dick! How's ya ticka?

Bars fighting the midnight curfew in the French Quarter. Why?

Protecting people from themselves - a liberal thing to do?

Bumpersticker sighting: I (HEART) GUNS

Overpopulation: Who is to blame?

Quick!! Turn off TV - Olberman is over! Rita Cosby is doing Holloway!!

Anti Defamation League dismisses charges of Prescott Bush ties to Nazis

Weird spin on the judiciary

Dear CNN & Anderson C., If I'm Old &/OR Infirm I *want* Mercy Killing

Backward messages on records...Yikes, I almost remember a real one.

On Fitzgerald And The Expiring Grand Jury... If This Is True, Then......

Fitzgerald may have asked for extension of Grand Jury

Think of the Miers nomination as the Iraq of Supreme Court appointments.

One year ago, on an evangelical Christian website...

Is Peter a Log Cabin Republican?

Please DU this AOL Poll!!!! Will Rove Be Indicted???!!!!

Let us let New Orleans sink into the Gulf of Mexico

Concerning Fitzgerald's visit to a judge today

When will Bush be referred to as an "Unpopular President"?

When will the Democrats champion public transportation

POLL: How long before fuel prices really take us down?

Make you own caption........

Proof that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is "Bible old"

Photo on

AOL POLL...Please vote on Meirs religion as qualification...

48 % want a democratic controlled congress......

It's Official- The War in Iraq Has Now Cost $200 Biilion

When the President Talks to God

VIDEO- White House Press Conf from today-edited down

Bulletin!!! Drunk person in French Quarter!!!

Who said.....

Dobson Says Rove Told Him Others Declined Supreme Court Nomination !!!


Former Bush speechwriter: Animal welfare isn't just for liberals

Has any U.S. media questioned energy price increases w/out shortages.

I'm Sorry, But Why Is A.COOPER Taking over Aaron BROWN's Show?

LOL, Dig It !!! - Project For The Old American Century !!!


Bizarre email from someone thinking Bush is underpaid and deserves "love"

bwahahaha freeperville thinks rush tells the truth and lays out facts...

Bu$h appears to be in a freefall -- Just look at this.

FEMA trailers

Any Bored PhotoShoppers Around Tonight ??? - 2 Requests

rePUKE VP, Sen leader, house leader, top pol advisor, top talk host ALL

So, what is happening with the LIMBAUGH indictment?

I got a question for cheney,rummy,powell, bush, rice, ari, scottie,

This Paradox Occurs To Me

Good grief, have you seen this?

Freeper co-worker's son refuses another tour of duty in Iraq....

RawStory: Seniori Democrats seek assurances, final leak investigation

Iraq has descended into anarchy, says Fisk

The Dauphin ---pix->>>

In light of GOP protestations, bush must really, REALLY want Miers for SC.

Could we all send MSNBC a note of support for KO "good" (LINK)

Photo-Op Negative ---->>>

Poll: If all Americans were given $1,000,000

CNN - Anderson Cooper is covering Mercy Killings in NO Hospital

PHOTO: Bush captured at his smarmiest

Calif. Court Hears Gay Fertility Case

Plamegate/Treasongate Addicts what have I missed in the last

VIDEO- Jerks and Smirks # 5 - from Bush's Poland Conf today

Don't forget to file for bankruptcy, deadline is Oct 14!

Has CNN lost it?

Get ready!!

Howard Dean is supposed to be on Letterman tonight!

2,000 Young Offenders Serving Life Terms in Jail

I am tired of Faux News Polls- I wanted to see for myself.

Don't forget Countdown's Nexus of Politics and Terror tonight

Letterman is hitting Harriet M and Dubya hard.

CNN: President moron note to Miers: No more public play with fecal matter is down today?

What we don't know about the avian flu and why we shouldn't overreact

Stripes letter: What Would Jesus Do about Jane Fonda's actions?

Bu$h's TAX REFORM on CNN now... F'r lays another TURD, 75% sales tax

The End of Progress

The NY Times: "They're acting like the target of a scandal."

Is anyone watching Hardball?! The WH defense is going to be

We worry about Bush talking to God

This is a better setup for the latest breaking page

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

Do you know any Republicans who still brag about the 2004 election?


I think I need an intervention, starting to feel pity for bushco...

The rich are using your government to steal your money

Borowitz: Bush picks 'mall guy' to run Fed

Read NY Times On-Line Legally (from Dailykos)

O’Reilly: “If Rove gets indicted, that could bring down the Bush admin"

City To Make Sleeping In Public Punishable By Jail Time

Bush will not be damaged by Fitzgerald indictments. Prove me wrong.

Next time a wing nut says Plamegate is just politics.....

Poll: Act Blue Next Four States Poll

Are we at DU prepared for the ultimate letdown? as in NO indictments?

Did Bush admit he nominated Harriet BECAUSE of her religious viewpoint??!!

THIS IS NOT JUST HUMOR......this is the truth! "The Mirror"

A "nonpolitical" friend of mine used the "R" word today...

Wow. Al Franken has turned into a trainwreck.

The Duggars are one middle class family that is getting a huge tax break.

Are the Dem's going along with Bush's police state for the pandemic plan?

Apple is unveiling new Video ipod--right now

Should we rebuild New Orleans?

Random thought about what an '08 candidate might do to win

Eliot Spitzer appreciation thread

Atlas Shrugged: A Book Report.

Who is the next Karl Rove for the GOP?

Cool bumper sticker story just now...

A profoundly disturbing story

Get set for budget-busting winter heating bills

WHIG (the White House Iraq Group) and Plamegate

For the Pro-War Fathers of Troops in Iraq, do you ever wonder...

Maureen Dowd: To Sir, With Love (10/12 column)

For Your Enjoyment . Shrub Movie from "Liz" at "blonde sense". A riot!

Duhh. What Did Ann Coulter Say That Has So Many Repugs Upset?

"O’Reilly: “If Rove gets indicted,. could bring down the" Bushies

So what happens to the NYC bomb in a baby buggy terrorist hoaxer anyway?

A HUGH round of applause for Liveoaktx

Okay here's a quick way to tell who is discriminated against the most

Pat Robertson (R, Insane) threatens Senators who oppose Miers (video)

And I think to myself, What a Wonderful World

Don't forget: watch Olbermann on MSNBC's Countdown tonight if you can

Are you happy?

Christian Wire: "American Girl" dolls linked to abortion & lesbianism!


I'm getting angry watching Olbermann's Nexus of Terror

My Response to a Freeper

So.. How many of you have gotten your 70% raises so far??

$1, yes one dollar, for Katrina Justice

VIDEO-Politics of Nexus of Terror-Olbermann

What will happen when Dow goes below 10,000?

BESTEST US military hubby ever!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!

has anyone here heard of ubuntu and mark shuttleworth?

How much longer before cheap labor will say enough is enough?

Stupid American City Bingo!

I've done the pic, but I need someone to write a parody!

Does anyone of you believe a Dem party could reverse all the damage

Miller and Fitzgerald; there was a biography of

Has the SS Bush hit the iceberg and is their fate sealed?

"Camp Amtrak" - Abuse, Forced Labor in New Orleans?

Emerging supporter of Harriet Miers: businesses

Fitz Leaves Court ---pix->>>

Bush at the Habitat......D- score for use of the Hammer., Nailing Sec.

Whatever happened to the 12 inch voice?

Why does the * Rub Heads?!

I agree with the right about the evils of gambling

What if Fitz extends the investigation beyond 2006?

RawStory: Sources Close to Fitzgerald Say Cheney Examined in Leak.

CSPAN Schedule Thursday October 13

American Girl - Girls Inc. support right to choose/contraception

if you care about our democratic elections...

Humpday TOONfest

Fineman agrees with me!!!!

39 yr old Arkansas Mother Gives Birth to 16th Child

Heritage Foundation, AEI, pro-war Iraqi exiles rue the day they met Bush

Stephanopoulos: Source Says Bush & Cheney Involved in Plamegate

DU's Quiet....(Freeper alert)

Olbermann's New Blog: "The Nexus of Politics and Terror" (13 instances)

Listen to Randi now if you can

Foaming At Mouth Freepers Turn On Ann Coulter -- VERY Amusing!

Blanket apology

I missed Commander in Chief tonight...did anyone tape it?

A "Constitutional Crisis" DU and me

Ask C-SPAN to cover exit poll debate! Evidence - Election Fraud 2004!

Poll: Americans Favor Bush's Impeachment If He Lied about Iraq

I am not donating another cent until there are indictments.

Anybody listening to Catherine Crier on Frankin's show now?

Design Your IDEAL government

Now the Idiot Prince wants to eliminate

I'm a Cancer, GWB is a Cancer, I'm a drunk, GWB is a drunk


In Defense of Referencing Hitler

On CNN and MSNBC it's non-stop indictment talk

Sorry everyone Al Gore isn't gonna run in '08

Cafe-au-lait and Beignets at two in the morning

The Coming Depression:History Repeating Itself

Tweety, "Sometimes lying works. Bill Clinton lied all the time and

As A Maya Archaeologist, Survivor Guatemala Really Pisses Me Off.

I just got off the phone with... PAUL HACKETT!!

The WHIGers are a freaking & Bush and Cheney can fly, here and ...

It's time for the Official DU Indictment Pool

Ok all you Italian Cooks,

On the other hand, be very careful buying meat at Wal-Mart

Wood, cardboard, and plastic ........

Are bananas more delicate than they used to be...

Chantrelle Mushrooms

First PMQ's of new Parliament coming up

Christian group (Christian Voice) may seek ban on Qur'an

Who'll win the Tory leadership vote?

Newsview: Bush Could Lose Rove Over Probe

Rove's Long History With the Bush Family

News Orgs Working On Story Tying Cheney Into Plamegate

Frist may not have avoided a conflict of interest

Bush Without Rove Is Hard to Imagine

NYT: Tax Panel Says Popular Breaks Should Be Cut

California H.S. issuing Breathalyzers

Rowling, Stewart Win Populist Book Awards

EU says no bird flu found in Romania

Turkish- Israel water pipeline agreement finaly taking place

You're cool, court nominee told Bush in private letter

Pessimism surrounds falling oil production in Iraq

Ricketts raises big bucks from outsiders (Rep Neb)

Andrew Sullivan's Blog Hacked!

Former Pa. death row inmate dies (wrongly convicted)

Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick to Tour Clinton Library

Dobson: nothing to hide (dares senators to call him to testify)

Gaza gunmen 'kidnap foreigners'(A US and a British citizen )

Missteps in building Broward elections office could hinder 2008 elections

Focus of CIA Leak Probe Appears to Widen (WSJ)

DeLay's lawyers subpoena DA in effort to show misconduct

Anderson Cooper Memoir Goes to HarperCollins in $1 Million Deal

Bridgestone Firestone to Pay Ford $240M

Violence erupts as Rice visits Afghanistan

Al Qaeda threatens Iraq Sunni leaders over charter deal

Brutality trials start for top Italian police

Rocket explodes near Canadian ambassador's residence in Kabul

Former UN envoy questioned over bribe allegations

Merkel's coalition to court the U.S.

Bush: Miers' Religion Cited in Court Nod

Smurfs 'bombed' in UN ad campaign

Iranian president voices hope for successful Iraqi referendum...

US envoy slaps Singapore over freedom of speech

Race is discounted as motive in [NOLA] beating.

Apple is unveiling new Video ipod--right now

2 Are Fired at Clear Channel After a Misconduct Inquiry (Payola)

Top court considers whistleblower lawsuit

Departing German chancellor Schroeder takes swipe at Bush

U.S. forces kill lecturer at Tikrit University

Britain says Iran training Iraqi bombers: papers

Iraq Parliament Approves Compromise Deal

Bush warns Syria over Lebanon, Iraq

WSJ: Focus of CIA Leak Probe Appears to Widen

Report focuses on poverty across nation's cities

RawStory: Seniori Democrats seek assurances, final leak investigation

US top court hears whistle-blower case

G.O.P. Aides Add Voices to Resistance to Miers

Refusal to inseminate lesbian eyed

Britain Unveils New Anti-Terror Measures

Colombians Protest Trade Pact With U.S.

Household heating costs set to soar this winter (CNN)

U.S. sends agents to patrol Mexico border

Capito got most DeLay money

Alaska volcanoes show signs of unrest

Colombia Unions Expect 100,000 to Protest Uribe Re-election Bid

Help pours into Alstead (NH), but residents still in shock

UAW: Prepare to strike Delphi (DetFP headline article)

Fed Meets Enemy: Government Spending -- AP

US ignored forecasts of Iraqi ethnic turmoil-CIA

Progess of war in Iraq difficult to measure (Scripps Howard)

N.J. Gov. Candidates Set Spending Record

Bankruptcy filings at record high (up 19.4 percent)

Judge bars Spitzer from probing national banks' lending practices

UPI: Insurers oppose employer tax-break cuts

Returning (US Rep.) Shays (R) optimistic on voting outlook for Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 12 October

White House approves plan to bolster CIA (Goss to oversee reform)

Police suspected in Iraqi massacre (of Sunnis married to Shiite women)

Poll: Bloomberg, helped by terror alert, extends lead

Bush defends Miers nomination, noting her religion

Mobile homes, campers wait at FEMA sites

The Harriet And George Letters ("You are the best Governor ever...!")

5 busloads of job seekers roll into region (New Orleans)

Militia leader calls for Islamic rule in Somalia

U.S. Judge Awards Hostage's Family $91M

Minister of Interior in Syria commits suicide

Bush demands Syria be 'good neighbor'

24 sue over Danish invasion of Iraq

RAW STORY: Cheney Examined in Leak Investigation

Big Easy Cops Deny Using Excessive Force

Newfound Dinosaur Forces Rethink on Emergence of Raptors

US, Central America discuss security cooperation

Reut: N.Y. Times reporter testifies again in CIA case (Fitz may extend GJ)

WP: For Miers, Proximity Means Power

Evacuees scattered across the entire United States, officials say -KR

CNN Breaking: Syrian Interior Minister has committed suicide

WP: For President Under Duress, Body Language Speaks Volumes

Plans to lock up terror suspects without charge provoke outcry (UK)

At School of Death, the Lesson is Taught by the Victims - Rwanda

Suicide car bomb hits US military convoy in western Baghdad

Attorney General Gonzales urges people to give Harriet Miers a chance

Bush: al-Qaida Letter Shows Islam Misused

Condoleezza Rice tries to win Central Asia's sympathies for USA's purposes


Rumsfeld Preaches Benefits of Democracy

AP: Thinking the unthinkable: What if Rove were forced to resign?

Greenspan: Flexibility Critical to Economy

FEMA Reconsiders Gun Ban at Trailer Park

(U.S.) Officer killed Kentucky soldier


Sunni party's Fallujah branch hit by explosion

US mulls federal troops for bird flu quarantine (the next step?)

Mystery fog engulfs Nigerian city

Government Urged to Back Science Education

U.N. Links Poverty, Violence Against Women

CIA review faults prewar plans

More Bones Support Mini Human Case

Gingrich in Town to Talk Healthcare (Hilton Head Healthcare Summit)

Democrats Advance Effort to Secure Voting Privileges for Hurricane Victims

Stars and Stripes: Army misses fiscal 2005 recruiting goals

Delphi says to exit bankruptcy it must divest significant portion of US pl

CNN: Staff at New Orleans hospital debated euthanizing patients

US reduces protection of waters, wetlands: report

Iraq stability could take 10 years: Jack Straw

[Harvard] Professor slams intelligent design in Penn. schools

Scalia turns journalists away from speech

LA Times: Archdiocese Says It Didn't Shield Kids From Priests

Reid will reveal gas plan

NBC/WSJ: Bush approval dips below 40 percent (39%) (2006- 49% D v. 39% R)

SEC Issues Subpoena To Frist, Sources Say

States rush to protect the poor from high heating bills

From Iraq, soldier seeks war's end

Supreme Court Hears Injured Miners' Case

NYT-Contempt Finding Is Lifted in Case of Times Reporter

EU says internet could fall apart (Guardian Unlimited Technology)

Feds Cite Communication Woes in Response (Katrina)

Great Lakes activists say Bush waffling on cleanup

NYT: Democrats See Dream of '06 Victory Taking Form

Congress Feels Heat Over "Sneak Attack" on Organic Standards

N.Y. Times 'frustrated' by Miller story

AP Interview: Kennedy backs Kerry in 2008 -- even if Hillary runs

Mardi Gras to go on, but specifics murky

Gore: No plans to run for president again

Raw Story: Cheney's role in outing of CIA agent... [story posted finally]

400-500 gallons of acid spills from Halliburton truck onto highway (CO)

Terror Suspect Confesses to Bush Plot

New Kilgore ads hit Kaine hard over death penalty (VA Governor Race)

Chavez kicks out U.S. evangelists for 'spying'

Time to listen to KUSF in San Francisco - FREEFALL!!

You know what I think?

A Good * joke that has not been told a brazalian times

Tom Cruise settles with PETA!

If you see a locked thread, do you read it to see WHY it was locked?

People who pick OTHER in your polls and don't tell you what OTHER is

The San Diego Baby Panda is awake!

Who here, chews on dead cats!

I'll bet you wish YOU were this happy (pic)

Mmmmmmm Chicken and Waffles....

Goodbye, cruel world!


Gotta say tonight's Boston Legal where they're in B.C. wasn't so bad

Where in the heck did I go?

So, like I killed a Beatle with a Snoop Dog

Yey, ya'll, I'll be leaving Lounge Land temporarily...

Nomar Garciaparra saves 2 women from drowning.

Okay, from Woolfie Amydayus: A Little Night Music:::

I need a break, I need a friend, I need time to live

Guess what I'm munching on right now?

Am I original...YEAH!

Schwarzenegger Signs for Big Money Sequels?

Craigslist must have "jumped the shark" while I was gone. Hadn't been

Post your Favorite Marcel Marceau Quotes Here!!!

Anyone watch Commander in Chief last night?

Link site to every newspaper in the world

*singing* "Light up, light up...


Who loves ?


Tom Cruise's Bodyguard Has Altercation With Paparazzi At Scientology Cente

She's gone shopping

Where Is Miss Honeychurch ?!?

I'll never understand. (Warning: rant!)

Just a thought here...

Man Serving Fake Arrest Warrant Calls Police For Backup - Arrested

Ev'rybody's talking about Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism

Who here, chews on their fingers?

I had such a sad dream last night

I'm catching a cold

Heat and Spurs play Katrina relief benefit game

OMG. Last night I got weak when carrying the laundry back to my apartment

Video from Green Day's awesome concert last night

So I am getting married in Las Vegas next week. Any suggestions?

QUEEN & Paul Rodgers on Rockline, TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

The penultimate Norm Crosby thread

Good Morning!

The baby panda is CRAWLING!!!!

Jealous Husband Slipped Wife Sedatives To Keep Her Away From Lover

Is it just me or does the new bigger version of TV Guide SUCK??

Did anybody watch that show, "Jack and Bobby"?

Veterinarian Puts Braces On Groundhog With Crooked Teeth

"Are you Nomar?" -Former Red Sox saves two in Bahstin Hahbaa

Teenager Catches 527 Pound Swordfish

When it comes to excitement and recommendations, the Lounge relaxes

Morse Code beats IM-speak

Nomar Garciaparra Rescues Women From Boston Harbor

I had to give my kitten a bath today, medical reason. That was one

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Two gripes.

In honor of REM's reunion, my top 10 REM songs

Ever have a day when technology totally fails you?

'Illegal Sleeping' Could Be Punishable By Jail

8 years ago today

Just saw the first Harry Potter movie....


Time once again to respond to this post in overused cliches and old slang.

Somebody nudge me if the boss walks by!

Hey! I could use some help with an assignment!

George finally admits the truth (cartoon)

Damnit, neo-cons figured us out again - thinks Comm-in-Chief is Clinton Ad

Man Shocks Daughter With Dog Collar For Eating Too Slowly - Arrested

14 Years Ago Today,

I've got the post-Katrina blues. I need something. Don't know what.

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone!

78,560 Members

For Tomintib's birthday today, I'm giving him his 1000+ post...

The Airline Screening Playset: Hours of Fun! :-D

Bagel vs Bialy

My daughter is an AIM junkie. Any suggestions?

Bagel - toasted or not?

Can PowerPoint files contain viruses or trojan horses or anything?

Bears eat keeper who took their bile

Bremer vs. Batik


Alton Junior Moran, 70

Charley got out for 36 hours and came back this morning.

Pat Robertson Again Praching End of the World "Maybe"

Gotta love The Onion

27 hours ago today

please nominate me for dozy git of the week

this *IS* HUGH!! Happy Birthday Kirk Cameron and Dick Gregory

Is Katie Holmes having a Rosemary's Baby? (and Daddy Holmes lasshes out)

Paging the DU auto mechanics....

18 years ago today,

Visitors flock to see image of dead priest

Python Apparently Swallows Family's 15-Pound Cat

Need help finding a picture hosting site.

Employee sues Santana over spiritual beliefs

Some personal reflections on the bombing of Smurf village.

I would expect nothing less from the group of assholes.

Photos Confirm Kutcher and Moore Wedding

20 years ago today...

Boomer vs. Bialik

Breaking: Bush and God smite Al Qaeda with monster earthquake

Which Madonna makes the best Halloween costume?

So, like I killed a spider with an ice-cube

When you call someone "looser" but can't spell it...

Oh those Minnesota Vikings- Sex cruise cut short

Python Attack #3 - Python Eats Turkey

Columbus: The Explorer, the City, the Knights?

this is disturbing and may be worthy of one more recommendation

Python Attack #4 - Python Eats Dingo stealing baby!!!

After careful deliberation, I've concluded that I was right.

A serious discussion: How many homeowners do we have here?

is it me or is the DU posting time reading 06:13 PM?

Another cute picture of our puppy, Bogie.

Any DU Flight Simulation Fans?

513 years ago today.

This is a test, this is only a test

57 years ago today...

Bloom vs Bialystock


Florida Columnist Castigates Jeb Bush for Disney Tie-In/Repuke Donations

Our Goal: Build a required reading list target for HIgh Schoolers

Name CatWoman's spiders.

How do I tell my wingnut physical therapist I don't want to watch Faux

TV Newsman Resigns After Reporting Fabricated Hooker Story

It's official: The new Lounge will be the Wyoming forum!!!

Does anyone know who Richard Bey is?

What are some of your favorite shells?

I've had five posts in the last 48 hours

Anybody else having problems with the AAR stream?

Buried clause could tag films, TV shows as porn

Is having a moderate (Ed Schultz) on AFR better than nothing?

I just cleaned out my junk drawers...Go me!!!!

Post here to join the Lounge Inactivist Corps.

I'm toilet training my Python. It isn't going so well

Are Pythons "native" to Florida? Where are they coming from?

Python Attack #5 - Oprah Eats Giant Python

The Lost Generation....

I just chopped off 7 inches!!!!

Inside the DU Studio Quiz.

Why a large portion of Dems are cat-people

I'm toilet training my cat! And it's going very well.

So many sports traditions have been begun by Vancouver fans...

Porcupine Tree at the Park West.

I think Wendy the Hypnotist is trying to hypnotize me

Ever wonder what Kirk Cameron would look like stuffed into a tuna can?

Some good optical illusions

Male Streaker Would Like To See More Females Participate

11 years ago today....

Please give advice on my blog!

Effects of avian flu pandemic (dark humor)

1 minute ago today....

Firefox users: I have a question.

Man Killed In Dispute Over Sandwich

To Spank or not to Spank: READ THIS!!!

I Got A Prince Albert Today

Sorry if this has already been addressed but

Questions on "Lost" for a newbie - please help

Oh, I'd forgotten the joy of having my own space!!

Advice on spanking all 16 of my children

Since we're posting pics of our's my son at a youth rally

Before we all make fun of Oprah

11 minutes ago today.....

It's time for Match Game DU!!!!

3 billion years ago today...

My MS Paint portrait of a DU Lounge deity:

Left Is Write (DU post-it portrait art)

100 years from now...

Goodnight lounge!

Bush nominates "Guy I met at the mall" for Fed Reserve

What, in your experience, is the hardest dog to train and why?

Video iPod announced

I've got a job interview this afternoon

What mended your broken heart?

How come no one will let me perform dental surgery on them?

I can't believe my daughter in law did this (long)

What are some of your favorite wells?

What are some of your favorite snails?

Like I believe a stiff, white, suntanned Miami newscaster when he says...

Show of hands-Who likes Buffalo Wings???

Three comments about the 39 year old woman with 16 kids (profanity alert)

Can I just say: Enough with the Joss Stone already...


Is this enough popcorn to feed 16 kids??

Could someone please define the German term "uber?"

I'm not up next on Randi! Wish me luck!

It was 20 years ago today.....

* is a man behind a mask. Most folks know this, some just don't see

Ten Seconds To Love

Monty Python eats the giant python who ate an alligator...

Anyone know of Irish or any other Celtic language lessons in Chambana?

The monsoons in India were less wet

Google champs / sunglasses /"24" experts...

TVNewser: BBC going 24 hours? Forest Sawyer on West Wing

17 years ago today...

My backyard ROCKS!

I know this is probably *technically* cheating...

I'm staking my job on unsupported software! Ask me anything!

Man, the weather channel really needs a new DJ.

DUer Homeowner Status

Anyone have any lizard pictures?

I got my nose peirced

Do you eat french fries nekkid...


Why Laura married the Chimp

Poultry in motion

Is the "Votes" column on the far right a new thing?

Favorite Shakespeare Works?

Will the DU Lounge eventually heal the breach between male and female?

Best rock 'n' roll song ever (this poll decides once and for all)

27 years ago today

I am eating a Kit Kat. What is your afternoon snack?

fun words to throw into a debate in GD:

Bush job approval among African Americans: 2%.

How do I cook one of those pre-garliced loaves of garlic bread

I am seeing Springsteen Tommarrow - what's your favorite Boss song?

What kind of fairy are you?

Does HEyHEY have a death wish?

Whats the best way to blow off steam?

Rove Rat - some comic relief

I don't HAVE a Backyard!


Incredible Vid: Trailer For Nicholson's "The Shining" Recut!

you know men really do have MUCH better self esteem than women

Since Dobson loves Proverbs so much, he should consider these:

I refuse to date ugly, overwieght, unattractive women

Advice on feeding 16 kids...

How many counties (outside of your home county) have you been to?

Can pythons safely eat and digest children?

16 ugly, overweight, unattractive children are staring at me.

how many countries (Outside your home country ) have you been to?

Anybody have a favorite FM transmitter for your iPod?

GW's My Favorite Things....


I refuse to date women that do NOT my exacting standards

LMAO! Halloween Costume

I refuse to date overweight Llamas with more than 16 children

The dingo took my 16 babies

Does this neighbor problem sound familiar to anyone?

I like popcorn.

We at MSSU are, for the first time, Celebrating Coming Out Day!

Here is a coupon for you.

Women are all stupid!

You know, this 16 kids story is the ultimate proof...

what's with all the 16 baby shit?

You tell me this town ain't got no heart

should age, weight, or baldness factor into the like poll?

My mortgage got approved!

Helios Creed or Damon Edge?

"What an incredible SMELL you've discovered!" Star Wars quotes time

I refuse to date HEyHEy

who do people like?

whom do you fancy?

JAWS in thirty seconds (with bunnies)

I know you are, but what am I?

Boca burger is people!

I Want To 'Go There' Too - DISCUSS!

Oh Joy! Neil Gaiman's not-quite-a-sequel to "American Gods"

Would sundog date somebody who liked popcorn?

DU Jews, a quick Q:

Would it be advisable to write a letter like this to BC Revenue?

Laser hair removal.

Jeremy Hotz is so fecking funny!

Would you date/marry an Aspie?

Women only like jerks and not nice guys like me!

Oh no! I almost forgot!!!!!!

I love you guys...

Favorite Beatitude

Mmmmm homemade's what's for dinner!!

who wants to come over & watch the evil deed with me?

Hi, Loungettes! You look really hot tonight.

Car Ad-- A Must See!

I have something really important to tell you.

A warning to all men with shaved heads

who wants to come over & watch the evil dead with me?

Favourite song by "Big Black"

Is there a new Radiohead song...

Do corporate executives have souls?

Help! Lots of ant hills in yard!

damn, our heat isn't working

What are some of your favorite spells?

Let's Sing Along!!

Alien Dating Services - Would you join?

LOST is six Minutes

I got my aura pierced

What copyright law did to collective writing, by DUer Az

Wanna see three hot chicks together?


Backward messages on records...Yikes, I almost remember a real one.

Check in if you hate Dobson the CHILD ABUSER!!!!

Teenagers - BEYOND SNARK

Greatest political shirt ever!

Who wants to come over and do an evil deed with me?

Hey DistressedAmerican! you made Freeperville!

Have I ----- TOLD -----Catwoman AND/OR blm-------That I Love You?!

Malloy rerun--try Mike Newcomb (AAR Phoenix) or these other

Most ridiculous PC or redefinition of a common term.

Tonight's Lost Episode confirms my love of Hurley and Rose (spoilers)

Faux Sports people are MORANS

This is pretty funny

Proof that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is "Bible old"

Ok, Ok... Time to spill the beans

Do you HAVE to be a drunk or meth-head to be a Freeper?

Bush makes little babies cry... Bad, bad Bush

Do you know this song?



portrait of a photograph of a man on a post it

I HATE when that happens.

Things a man doesn't want to hear

Post a cool photo involving moving water

How is a routine catch of a fly ball at the warning track

Does anyone have the DU link to the big "secret" Democrat party?

Is the DU profile icon dude racist or misogynist?

I need apple recipes

Size matters

So, you think parents giving their kids strange names is a recent

Kiss Our Black-and-Silver Asses, You Rotten Angels!!!

Swingers doing it in broad daylight

Floral bouquet-wise what is baby's breath SUPPOSED to smell like?

I live in Biloxi, work for the Man and my son is asleep. Ask me anything.

9 years ago today...

Why The Angels Will Win the ALCS

Favourite Conspiracy/Mystery?

Anyone watching the Angels - White Sox game?

Skinner is looking for a new title (or so I've heard)

"Siegfried" or one of the Ring cycle is on KUSC now

"Your best days are ahead....."

Paging WC Green

Anyone think this "Zicam" works on colds?

Flamebait depository here,

Don't tell me that I don't know dick. I KNOW DICK


I watched Emeril Laggase, the TV chef, for the first time last week


Best bar fighting music?

Who was your first crush and how did it end?

"Just like a woman" (really weird article from

How many stitches have you had in your lifetime (external only)?

Is this the real life

Whatever Happened to my Baby Girl???? sniffle

How many children is too many?

So uh, the RNC just called...

R.E.M. reunites (Michael, Peter, Mike, and Bill)

This post was made in poor taste

Rub it down with lemon, oil, coriander and salt

I'm so fucking glad I went to graduate school.

Looky -- I got a new Washing Machine!!!

Image of pope seen in pancake

Oh, crud.

What first attracted you to your SO?

So, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Are you on my trip route?

another problem with firefox??

Man coughs up screw 3 yrs after operation.

THE JOHN DEERE VILLAGE!!!! (just in time for XMAS!)

Click on this thread for nekkid pics....

So, I googled 'miserable failure' ...

Blonde Pole Dancer

Name a movie and it's signature quote.

Bush to Appoint Someone to Be in Charge of Country

Has anybody been to Antarctica?

Mom delivers 16th child, thinking of more

Wooo hooo!!! I guessed who the FALSE MESSENGER was 2 pages before the

Favorite acts/scenes of chivalry, heroism, or sacrifice in a movie.

What are some of your favorite smells?

Calling DU Tattooed Ladies... show us your ink!

"Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined" : sort of dumb, but still worth using once site, who r your

OK - who was it???

Which Star Wars Character are you?

Tell Us The Name Of The Last Hotel You Stayed At...

Schools: No exceptions for clergy

An "Al Cheit" for W

Some reasons for believing in God.

How Many Christians Feel Persecuted Here?

The Biblical problem of Right Wing Fundamentalism

Religion and "Respect": What the religious can/can't expect from atheists

Do Atheists Feel Persecuted Against by Organized Religion?

The reason Christians are the target of anger

Today I had my 5-year check up.

More Fossil Evidence From 'Hobbit' Island

Mosquito with glowing gonads to help battle malaria

TD Vince is first tropical cyclone to make landfall in Spain

The march of robots into our lives

CrossPost: Survey "casts doubt" on recruits’ reluctance to serve with gays

Maine Gay Rights Defenders Win Money Race

Penn State Told To Silence Lesbian-Baiting Coach

Chocolate Pie For Gay Republican Boss

Turkish Judge Refuses To Close Gay Rights Group

questions on corporate / military recruiting at colleges and universities

Florida Gay Marriage Foes Accused Of 'Trying To Pull A Fast One'

Matthew Shepard Mom Uses Anniversary To Call For Hate Crimes Law

Texas Gays Accused Of Voter Fraud


Rosie Ruiz Wins the Boston Marathon

Lovin' life right now

Calling all Dodgers Fans

Coach K To Coach National Team

Heads up: Stros vs Cards 7:20 central. n/t

Joe Torre was suppised to had met the media today...

bad caLL


Rex Grossman

Just got back from the ACD specialty

English Setter in CA needs home or foster

&*%#$! Cat peed on my bed!

An Interesting Post from GD Forum...that belongs down here....

4000-year-old noodles found in China

*Weird* tarot reading.

Astrology related thread in GD

Anyone here ever read the book Linda Goodmans "Sun Signs"?

Will Miers be confirmed?

FYI, the Global Consciousness Project button is blue

Bush Admits Religious Test For Supreme Court

OK, so I don't believe in "The Great Beyond"...

Locked it up already

This country would be much better off if it ditched the Bible and ...

Katha Pollitt on last year's election

List of people for "East of the Mississippi" please

Bush/Rove WH: Now swiftboating their own

LIKABLE SUBJECT At some points, Inside the Bubble actually humanizes JK

Kerry Fights to Get Small Businesses Fair Share of Gulf Recovery Contracts

From an article in the Lowel Sun about "From Iraq, soldier seeks war's end

More Government Propaganda? Government Forecasters Predict Warmer Winter

Talk about a NON-STORY

Kerry: LTTE LA Times 10/12/05

Anyone watch Olberman?

Floods in Greenfield - Romney absent - Kerry calls to ask if he can help

Ted Kennedy: I’ll Support Kerry in 2008 Race

Dog agility photos

Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest

KOEB 10/12/05 (The Nexus of Politics and Terror Edition)

Will Evan Coleman appear tonight and will he finally wear a tie?

KO not on magazine's list of ubersexy males?

Countdown Newsletter: 10/13/05 -- The Pick; The Leak

self delete

Did anyone see Nightline tonight?

Your number one "current event" issue

Specter decries Bush's "unfair, tremendous pummeling" over Miers

Atheist Group Files FOIA Action to Force White House Disclosure of “Dobson

Poll: Americans Want Bush Impeached

Keeping an eye on Katrina Contracts

I think Miers will say: "No Mas"

Hartford Courant subtlely shields Nancy Johnson from potential scandal

Dr Susan Purcell slamming Chavez...for electoral manipulation.

If BushCo go down Bliar might also be going down

AOL Poll shows most people

GOP Meltdown

Gonzales: "Give Miers a Chance...Bush has a wonderful track record"

I really cannot stand GMA anymore!

Advocacy groups want to ask Miers complex constitutional law questions

dobson should be subpoened to tell us about Miers

GWB's radical disdain for government (the people)

What exactly would need to be done to reverse all this crap?

Rapid-fire blinking........ George meets consequences.

"I'm not going to comment on that.."

Anyone think the Oliver Stone "9/11" flick will explore LIHOP?

Is it time for a corporate 'meritocratic' tax code?

Raw Story breaking: Halliburton gets another $33 million Katrina contract

Photoshop job - Bush in cuffs

Departing German chancellor Schroeder takes swipe at Bush

Dittoheads are gathering around their radios this morning....

More Government Propaganda? Government Forecasters Predict Warmer Winter

Don't define ourselves by the Republicans!

Democrats must become more evangelical (non-religiously) about liberalism

Help me understand this:

What does Bush do of Miers is rejected?


“A US-led global recession “?

Good morning, Rush. I know you monitor this site.

Dobson Now Says "Confidential Conversations" With Rove Not "Incendiary"

Any readily available edumacational flyers on the DLC?

A thought on effing with the minds of moderate/semiinformed righties

US grip on the Internet challenged

I guess bush isn't the only one......... stupid that is.

bushgang holds one of Iraq's great writers in jail for 2 1/2 yrs. so he

Guess who said: The Democratic Party is "addicted to failure."

Scotty's on C-SPAN n/t

President Bush nominates "mall guy" to run the Fed.

If the US economy implodes we're going down with you

Great theatre marquee in SF

DU this poll

How Low Can Approval Ratings Go, And So What?

Dobson Says Rove Told Him Of Miers's Beliefs......

I've noticed a change on the open internet boards.

arrangement shown in documents raise serious doubts Frist avoided conflict

Bush Without Rove Is Hard to Imagine

Updates to (another photographic timeline...

So Diebold can give S. America banks/ATMs fingerprint scanners...

Ahnuld in Santa Barbara TODAY. Secret Town Hall Meeting

"With this president, there is a vast gulf between words and action."

STL Today policial blog - Hannity visits St Louis

"For President Under Duress, Body Language Speaks Volumes"

"Bush hammers home message of optimism" in Mississippi

Question about donating to Tim Kaine via DU ?

Just heard enlistees are getting bonus's for

Bush's "Golden Fluffy Cloud"

Will Bush lash out once the indictments come down?

Some republicans are BEYOND clueless

Gov. Jennifer Granholm's husband is a consultant on Comm in Chief....

Repug Preemptive excuses on upcoming White House indictments

Tweety just called the Rove e-mail "Clinton's Blue Dress"...

Vid Clip of Falafel Boy O'Reilly on a Rove indictment "bringing down Bush"

Dean Commemorates the Start of Yom Kippur

Freeper/Protest Warrior Trustee quits before he get's fired

Sweet Schadenfreude

Hardball leads with WHIG!

Poll: NBC / WSJ Chimpy Job Approval 39% / 54% disapprove

SCATOLOGY = Bushism for es•cha•tol•o•gy

Halliburton awarded another $33 million contract for Katrina work

Laura Ingraham UNSUCCESSFULLY tries to slime Valerie Plame

(DNC Release) FRIST'S TRUST: Was Blind, But Now, I See

has Richard Perle gone underground?

You're cool, court nominee told Bush in private letter

Gore has no plans to run for President.

People are mad at Sherrod Brown because...

DU this MSN Money poll on Rove and Plamegate!!!

Voting Records and Bills put forward?

Cooper's attny - "I think people are going to be charged"

The Conservative Crack Up - The Neocons Develop An Exit Strategy

Polling Report: A Presidency On Life Support

DASCHLE Doesn't Rule Out '08 Run

Rove's lawyer, Luskin, 'discovers' e-mail that backs Rove's story

Go here for a glimpse of what could defeat George Allen in 2006

Ha Ha....preview of Dean on Letterman

Where and when did Bush misuse the term "scatology"

Toensing: Fitz has "LOST IT" & "Wilson's an IDIOT"

The admin is looking more like a bad episode of Gilligan's Island

In all this talk about '08 candidates, why so little mention of Edwards?

Who would you bomb next?

The Meirs Nomination is DOOMED

Do you think Commander in Chief

Display the Last Legitimately Elected President

TPM: "implosive harmonic convergence" "the game ... up" (Miers)

Huffington Post -- 2008: Will Al Gore Be the Anti-Hillary?

TX repuke driver got drunk at his alumni achievement award ceremony

"America's war criminals pass the buck to underlings"

Pope John Paul II believed Bush was the anti-Christ.

Worse than Watergate ? (John Dean column, 2003)

Poll: Americans Favor Bush's Impeachment If He Lied about Iraq

Dick Morris is making the rounds. Predicts Rice would get at least 1/3

Has Bush Applied A Religious Test in Selecting Miers?

United States Constitution. Article VI, Clause 3

'The threat of terror .... or the terror of threat'

What do you think is about to happen? (A poll)

Rove's Defense

Holy shit, did Olbermann just accuse the Bush regime of terrorism?

Report on your 2005/6 congressional and state races.

What about Bill Richardson?

NBC/WSJ Poll announced on NBC News

Democrats Eye Agenda for ’06 Message

looky here: northcom already planning for martial law

Fun Times at the Free Republic

America's vaunted 'shift to the right' may well be more illusion than fact

Jerry Kilgore's latest ad's go TOO FAR.

(Libertarian) Rep. Ron Paul Slams * on Militarized Police State Prep

Bowling for Columbine, Bravo, October 18, 19

CSPAN Schedule Thursday October 13

Framing the issues with language...suggestions needed

we cannot allow massive wealth if we also want democracy

Senator Harry Reid wants our opinions/input!

The Che Guevarra Wear

Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick to Tour Clinton Library

Alert: Gore did not rule out a 2008 run!

Dennis Prager calls liberals "Barbarians"