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Archives: October 11, 2005

Brazin declares Amazon disaster area

Why anti-Miers conservatives misjudge Bush's choice (C.S. Monitor)

Thousands protest Iraq war in silence Los Angeles

Yankees Lose

Conyers: Tragedy in Pakistan

I am Hugh!!!1!

Democrats Must Hammer "Reckless Republican Spenders" Every Chance They Get

Miers--the most controversial Supreme Court pick since . . .George W Bush!

Heads up folks!

harriet miers: "either drunk or crazy"

Can Centrist win without progresives (read on for questions)

Smell the Coffee, DU. Image Counts. The Q Factor >>>

WaPo: "A Capitol Hill Presence in the Blogosphere"

Did Blade sit on info that would have changed Ohio election result?

Krugman on Tavis Smiley right now in NYC.

My Sorrow....And Joy....For The Earthquake Survivors

This is my ideal future anti-terrorist speech I want to hear someday

Fitzgerald and the Espionage Act? (Talking Points Memo)

Ever Wonder What 2000 Looks Like - Flash Video

Someone tell MALLOY that U2 is NOT playing a benefit for Santorum..

Dobson is in tight with this regime. I think he's being forced to

Wow - Fried Freeper Brains

Steve Bell on Merkel and Thatcher's birthday

This worries me: Bloggers 'Probably Not' Considered Journos

Housing boom raises fraud concerns

Conyers on the Delphi bankrupcy

Dobson's Confidential Source? FOIA suit filed

IBM won’t use genetic info for hiring, benefits

Britain to cut number of troops in Iraq

Aid arrives as death toll nears 40,000

Investigator of CIA leak seen as relentless

How long is your pet's tail?

Generallisimo Fracisco Franco is still dead.

Abe Vigoda Still LIVES!!!!

Two turkey dinners in two nights.

'night folks

I am officially insane

What a tease.

Beavis and Butthead are on!

I am Hugh!!!1!


Help on Cell Phone Purchase

Just took this picture of Erin and Lucky.

OMG. It stinks in here.

Can we GET any lazier????

Hello, Lounge

If you're a victim of police brutality...

School Uniform Policy & Its Scope-soliciting opinions in the Lounge....

As part Ojibwe, I do not celebrate Columbus Day


Uh oh! Roethlisberger just went down

Eclipse on 10/17 is EXACT on Bush's Midheaven

KO is donning sackcloth and ashes...

Can centrist win all by themselves? (read on questions)

Wednesday's Countdown...Don't Miss It!

Harriet Miers is delusional. Check out these notes she wrote to Shrub!

HCA to sell hospitals being sued for malpractice, as SEC investigate Frist

"I would find it unimaginable if it wasn't actually happening."

Battle Hymn of the Republicans

As Polar Ice Turns to Water, Dreams of Treasure Abound

Welcome to the Hackocracy (long list of crony appointments)

Biometric ATMs Not Being Used in U.S

Decoding Miers

Net power struggle nears climax

Web enjoys year of biggest growth

Investigator of CIA leak seen as relentless

Do Democrats Need Their Own Gingrich? Terry Neal Washington Post

"Buckley: The Right's Practical Intellectual" By EJ Dionne Jr. {WAPO}

nsurer faces off against lawyers Health Net trying to cancel policies for

Tribes Wary of Supreme Court Nominee Miers

'Architect' Builds Bush Policies, Legacy (WSJ on Rove)

Libby did not Tell Grand Jury About Key Conversation

Breaking the Bank: The Rightwing Road to America's Privatized Future

106 Years Old and Still Bashing Bush

Nobel Peace Prize (ElBaradei & Russia's nukes)

Great Luckovich Cartoon

Does al-Zarqawi exist?

Quag-Miers … Bush faces prospect of a humiliating defeat

Latin American Women Farmers Renew Commitment to Development

Patti Davis: The Cruelty of Men (Live Dogs used as Shark Bait)

Family feels misled by recruiter (lie of omission)

Texas versus Bush

E&P: How Judith Miller Lost My Support

Molly I: Looking at the Big Picture in DC

Time to change control (of the internet)

I'm at your service, Mr. DeLay [By Garrison Keillor].

Rought Crossings

Truly Inspirational Wisdom of Granny D

Molly Ivins: The outrage of the week (Molly has outrage overload)

Matt "Murrow" Lauer Goes After Chimpy!

Two Game Theorists Win the Nobel Prize for Economics

Bush Drilling Plan Splitting GOP, Unifying Democrats In Florida - LA Times

Nuclear in the UK: Back to the future

Ghod this is inane: ABC news article on plastic solar cells.

Summit For US-Led Kyoto Substitute Postponed - New Date Uncertain

Snakeheads In The Thousands Swarm Potomac River Tributary - WP

ExxonMobil to Settle Pollution Claims

I have some questions about NOLA and radioactive waste.

World Urged to Prepare Now for 50 Million Environmental Refugees

Yucca foes Reid, Domenici said to be in talks over nuke bill

Auditor criticizes LANL test wells

Rocky Flats operators lied, lawyers say

50 Million Environmental Refugees by 2010 - BBC

Rise in asthma may be due to fetal exposure to toxins

Israel keen on reviving road map: Shalom

Two Game Theorists Win the Nobel Prize for Economics

Make sure 'Gaza first' is not 'Gaza last'

Setting Up Palestinian Authority Leader Abbas

Have you seen this David Ray Griffin video? Where have I been

If an election can be stolen, it will be stolen!

Attn. CA Election Users--Some Questions

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY 10/11/05

Comprehensive Election Fraud paper, by the people of Daily Kos

From BradBlog: Two (new) articles on E-Voting fraud

Judy Alter needs volunteers for parallel elections

Did you know about Tom Feeney's bill to undermine HR 550???

Was it Stolen?

Woo Hoo !!! - Sacramento To Get Air America Back Nov. 1st !!!

Sac Bee-No on Prop 73

Hey California, Take a look at what you did!!! Thanks to you from a

Donna Frye

"Total Recall" or "Homeland of the Living Dead"?

Parallel election volunteers needed

Prop 77 - Addresses the wrong problem - proposes wrong solution

Iowa republicans are a bunch of sissies!

Yepsen: A second go for Kerry? He'd need to convince Iowans why

Des Moines makes city off-limits to sex offenders

Romney warns of theocracy danger

Did anyone go to the Kerry fundraiser for Coleman yesterday?

Interested in World Can't Wait?

Anyone else see the the blimp?

Stephanie Miller Coming to "Air America Minnesota"

anonymous surfing

Help me, before I turn violent

Need help

New data: 26 congressmen bought out by Rep Delay

Cincinnati Kicked your ass, Cleveland!

Ohio counties losing jobs at alarming rates

Chris Bell: I've Had Enough

TX Republican Congressman Brady arrested for DUI

New data: 26 congressmen bought out by Rep Delay

Goodnight and Good Luck-playing ANYWHERE in Texas?

DeLay's Lawyers Subpoena DA,:

Recommend an attorney in Austin?

Thank you Ralps!!!

I am convinced Rove and GOP wrote NFL fair catch rules

Something New at Yahoo! News >

Wish us luck. Hubby is going in for surgery tomorrow morning,

Rove/Scooter/Miller: Conspiracy and Perjury in order to get us into a War


'WAR CHILD Diary"; Vietnamese Anne Frank (3-box Kleenex warning!)

So much for the MASTER AT DISASTER's "rebuilding Iraq" bullshit.

National Geographic African Wildlife Webcam

bernie on plamegate now

Wow, even Manhands Coulter doesnt want Meirs on the Supreme Court.

Stop innocent people from being executed!

John Rothman is on for Ray Taliaferro tonight

what's really going on with this police beating in nola?

I signed a petition yesterday (Calif.)

James Dobson backs Miers, Rove involved

Do This, Trust Me. Go to Google...

oooohhh bird poo -- new toon 10/11/05

Shanghai takes big stick to net slang

The man who was beaten in NO is on GMA right now

I never heard of FBI agents arresting a suspected drunk before?

Will the NYT lose ALL credibility for Judy ties? Will they sell out

"Have you ever wondered what 2000 looks like?" MUST MUST MUST SEE!!!

Is it just me or is there something "close" about the */Miers closeness?

Has anyone else been contacted by

What should be done re: cops and beatings

Liberal Hopes Ebb in Post-Storm Poverty Debate

What celebs do you refuse to listen or watch for political reasons?

For Every Incident Of Police Brutality Caught On Tape, How Many Are Not?

For those who believe in the conspiracy, is the media complicit

Are the Dixie Chicks still banned from your local radio?

What is Dick Morris's job?

Katrina Photo-Op #8: George Wears a Hardhat ---pix->>>

Judy testifies again tomorrow (Tues.) wonder what she'll say

Google "ass", click "I'm feeling lucky"


Katrina evacuees flown out of TX (to get away from Rita) try to get home.

Bush Doing His Best "Schneider" Imitation On The Today Show

Scalia, Thomas, & Miers - "middle-aged Mod Squad"

Tom Tomorrow recommends "Asshole" by Jim's Big Ego.....

Clinton and nuclear material

Police officers working with the DARE program have issued this warning:

Freeper take of Hardball last night>>>>

She ran the TX Lottery. So she's got money-laundering experience, too...

Horse Drawn Carriages back in the French Quarter

RJ Eskow writes to Gunter Grass -- Time to reconsider Judith Miller

Breaking: Arrest Warrants issued in Iraq against former Allawi Govt?

Urgent appeal for help for pets remaining in temporary staging areas in LA

Videos for local cable access and group mtgs

Progressive Political Tee's

Is a sneer or smirk considered an asset in Republican circles?

Dear Pre$$titutes: It Seems The NYC Terror Alert Was Bogus

Don't Eat Free Range Chickens! They could get Bird Flu! Unsafe...

Another interview with Louis Freeh pushing his "book," Blaming Clinton...

can things get any worse for the GOP? Delay, Frist, Rove,

The Miers nomination reveals Bush's scorn for his base.

How do radio stations decide what to put on the air?

Arnie and McCain - photos to caption

Louie Freeh and it takes a lot of gall department.

More Republican "values"

CNN EXCLUSIVE! Siouxsie Sioux & Howard Stern: new singers for QUEEN!

PLEASE People: Violence is NOT the answer!!

Elvis is back !!! One night only for Santorum....

Freepers go batshit over fake "lesbian mom" weekly world story..

thinkprogress: Bush Falsely Claims Consistency on Leak Investigation

"We need to have more respect for each other," - Steve Wonder

MSNBC poll "Do you have confidence in the government's response

Who has had it with this Bird Flu shit? I don't believe this! I think

Rs donated to Nader in '04; who will they donate to in '08 to divide Ds?

Idle speculation: What if the NY Times' silence is prelude to a scoop?

BRIAN DICKERSON: Them that's got shall get - The Free Press

Toon from local paper - re: Torture amendment

When are the hearings for Miers scheduled, or have they been

Scott Ritter's on NPR now

Face it, the "environment" now dominates all news. That's why I say

Bush's reading program raises questions for lawmakers...illegal influence

Good encyclopedia (biography) site

"Sylvia" nails the *REAL* reason why some want Clinton back

Is a sneer or smirk considered an asset by Republicans?

Website 'swapped war photos for porn'

My letter to Imus

Imus: Pat Buchanan's Plan for SCOTUS...and New RW talking point

Anyone know when Miller is to appear again at GJ?

The Long War

Why does the US hate Chavez?.....we're fucking evil!

My number one issue, the issue I vote on almost completely..... Freedom

If you wanted to go to war with Iran...

Flu Hysteria, Shrub & Pharmaceutical $$$$, and Martial Law

Anywhere I can pick up NBC's Brian Williams news report from yesterday?

Former Bush family home in Bakersfield to become a museum

Coming up on CNN: Why some think the flooding was intentional

MEME: Culture of Corruption is central GOP belief

Why do you think Bush* did not pick Ashcroft for Supreme Court Justice?

According to MSNBC there are three things happening in the world today

One of these things is not like the other.

Do you think ANYONE has an inside track to the Indictments? Asides from

OUR talking point: These right-wingers are POLITICIZING CRIMINALS

Are Pakistan's NUKES Safe After The Earthquake????

Dumbya and Pickles defending Miers on MSNBC

Did anyone record Nero's interview with Matt Lauer on TODAY?

God gives up - Cartoon

Hilarious photo opp of chimp trying to drive a nail........

Let's list the members of the Republican Crime Family!!

So I have a Republican former Colorado Majority Leader in this very office

According to, Bush sees 'hope'

Randi was on Connected. Let's get her on Hardball and KO.

WTF? Bono, U2 in Fund-Raiser for Santorum?

"In lieu of flowers, please send acerbic letters to Republicans."

Looks Like Rush (et al) Won't Be Citing Rasmussen Today

Overthrowing Saddam Hussein's Regime, but not rescinding his Laws

report: r&d may not deliver rewards

Government by Temper Tantrum - Manifestly Unfit to Be President

FIVE rules of Journalism: who, what, where, WHEN and why

YOU! Mr. Rove, Mr. Libby, Mr Cheney, Mr. Bush

I like it!

Another CRONY in charge of pandemic flu response

Walmart turns in anti-Bush film to Secret Service.....

Pat Robertson needs head examined........

O'Reilly wants Syrian leader assassinated if he doesn't do as told


Wolfowitz Sighting Today! More PNAC HorseCrap Spews Forth....

How the Zarqawi myth was made in America


Crazy Ma Governor - "Romney warns of theocracy danger"

New York threats were a hoax

Vince keeps on going and going and going......

Anyone Have A List of Repuke Recent Sex Scandals /eom

Hey who you going to believe about the New Orleans beating?

Where did the listing of radio links go?????

"It's the social values, stupid!" What today's Republican believes

NOLA list of dead. Check out the ages.

A reminder to folks to change your passwords more frequently...

Is the new DU lay out a trick by Rove?

The DU layout changes as I refresh and change pages! TA-Daaah!

"Bird flu" as opportunity to discuss safety of food supply?

Rush on New Orleans: Can anyone help refute this?

God..let me ask you this....

Envisioning a 21st-Century Quarantine

Surefire way to pull out of Iraq --

Caption the clown

Citizens For Hackett Meeting This Sunday 10/16/05

My antidote to the bird flu......

Who would you run against a black female republican in 08'?

James Dobson covertly rails against Interracial Marriage

Rate the following in order of Evil Culpability:

CNN BREAKING: The subway Terror Plot A Hoax!!!

Presidential Results by Congressional District

Now Today tries to crucify Clinton, Louis Freeh is on now. eom

B Live MSNBC now: Touchy, touchy

Wanted ---story about Mike Savage.

Tribute Time: Some Stuff I Need to Say

Pandemic ? What's up with this?

Hey Mods, Really great changes to the forums. Love it!! nt

Connected at the Roots? Judith Miller, “Scooter” Libby, and the June Notes

BREAKING: Iraqi Terrorists Launch Massive Counter Offensive On NYC

NYTimes: Military May Propose an Active-Duty Force for Relief Efforts

OMG Ordering Pizza in 2010

1997 Miers said * was "the best governor ever" & smartest person she knew!

Flu pandemic + deathtolls in urban disasters = Fascist population control

So when will the first case of bird Flu hit the U.S.?

How much longer will the official NOLA death toll climb?

Bush Takes a Moment to Patronize Broussard ---pix->>>

Olberman doing special on "terror (fake) alerts"

"Liberal Hopes Ebb in Post-Storm Poverty Debate"

Anderson City Council Adopts Prayer Policy Before Meetings

You're all missing the point about the subway hoax.

Matt Lauer said "President Clinton" right in front of King Dumbass**!

POLL: How many have talked to righties who hate corporations?

BBC Online survey:Mandela should rule the world w/ Bill Clinton as deputy

Delphi bankruptcy has more to do with crooked executives than labor costs

Cheney aide leaves country as leak investigation wraps up... developing...

New York's Dilettante Mayor

Doesn't Bush look like Pat Robertson?

Ok here it is....

Army Recruiters Offer Free iTunes

So Bush visits Habitat for Humanity project - how much delay did that cost

Did the millennium event actually change the clock from 1999 to 1900?

last night I had the strangest dream . . . really . . .

You know what's funny about the Harriet Miers ruckus?

Caption this * pic...

Farewell Ombud Column Chides U.S. Print Media Over Iraq

Is Daily Show repeats this week (question from UK)

Is the bankruptcy of many large corporations a good thing?

What happened to Dobson?

what do you say we start our own nation wide protest

Cspan reported Ala. Gov. Riley's lead increased after Moore announcement.

So now we're sexist

Gore/Obama in '08?

Should we have spent $300 billiion on flu vaccine instead of Iraq?

1959 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Flu Pandemic!? Yeah, it happens every year. So what?

Ho_ about a DU day _ithout Duhbya?

The Single Most Mystifying Mystery in the DU Phenomenon...

just for DUers -- ahhh sweet mystery of cronyism at last I've found you

Wal-Mart Can Hide, But It Can't Run

Bush To Appoint Someone To Be In Charge Of Country

And now for my 1000th post!!!!!!!!

WOO HOO! "SUE ANN" is the new Missing Blonde Girl

Las Vegas and Phoenix: Hottest big metro areas for jobs (

So the NY subway threat was false?

Paranoids? One of my friend is starting to ger worried about

Hey, lurking wingers: Always look on the bright side of life

Whistleblowers meet to share stories, plot strategies

Who is Michael Medved?

The pefect storm: Avain flu and a bird brain in the White House

Q: Who has * appointed to head up avian flu preparedness?

How do you access the "Latest Polls" page?

Air America. Randi Rhodes. Al Franken. Ed Schultz. Rawstory.

LOL! (or cry). MSNBC just showed pic of totally flattened 9th Ward

Which of Bush's Photo-Op Shirts Do You Like the Best?

Quick Plame Question: Did the Times find Judy's notes - or did Judy?

Anyone know anything about sterling silver jewelry?

Why do President spend $$$$$$ on a 2nd term?

Now on HARDBALL discussing Plamegate again! Starting now! eom

The trouble with outsourcing. My letter to the CEO of a company

Theory on Cheney aide trip to Iraq. (Adjust tinfoil headgear.)

Want to stop illegal immigration?

Where is Snotty? When is the last time he gave a news conference?

Republicans are outraged by facts!!!!!!

Looking into the future: If America fails.

HOLY SHIT!!! CNN just announced the U2/Santorum $1000 a ticket

God This Photo-Op Is PATHETIC --->>>

Randi arguing with a Freeptard...

Let's bomb... Australia? OMG people are so stupid.

Why Can't We Pick The Few Channels We Want on Cable TV

'Commander in Chief' seen as Clinton warmup

Bush IS Captain Queeg!

(LINK) can you take your eyes away from the Plame Scandal,even for a

Bush slams bin Laden as "this man who grew up in wealth...

My Co-Worker thinks Wal-Mart is the most. Help me to edmunicate her!!!

"Good Night and Good Luck" commercial was just on CNN!

Al Franken seems to be really struggling on his own

Links to Abu Ghraib photos??

Newbie Shout Out!!! (Check-in and say "hi")

Okay, asking again in the GD.

Bush (mis)Administration opposes Whistleblowers

Bruce Springsteen offers support to Rick Santorum....

OMG! Bump to break on MSNBC: video of Bush and needs help

TPM points out AP just put up a "Rove career summary". Shades of Delay?

(Coastal) Real Estate Price Bubble: What happened to Japan's bubble?

Remember "HELP IS ON THE WAY"? How many families of 2000 dead soldiers....

Special Forces Suicides Raise Questions

LOGO Channel

More Frist Deep Doo-Doo

Why is Al Franken on Hardball in drag?

Andrea Mitchell is Shilling for bushco** on Hardball

Rush Just Implied Goober Is The Next Reagan..

Cheney's Halliburton stock options rose 3,281% last year, senator finds

DU Site Awards?? Input please!

VIDEO- Dan Abrams Closing Arg on Miers -bwahahahahahaha

Charles Bronson vs. bird flu

Would our own military take action against fellow citizens

Housing Bubble GONE CRAZY in DC: Middle Class Priced Out!!

The Bird Flu is the new Boogey Man, Terrorism is soo yesterday...

Now maybe people will see "capitalism" for the scam that it is.

In honor of the deal the Sunni cut with the Iraqi govt

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's description of her job

IntelLink and IntelNet...what do you know about them?

Now maybe people will see "capitalism" for the scam that it is.

State-by-state list of official cars

Pickles likes a French book?

For my 500th post I share these thoughts with you!

What will KO have on tonight?

In the United States of Halliburton

PoliceCrimes.Com - Documented Cases Of Police Brutality By State. Yours?

Schwarzenegger Signs For Big Money Sequels (the 1 Term-inator?)

*Graphic* never seen this pic, have you? Warning Torture Photo *Graphic*

Do you care if the goods that you purchase are made in sweatshops?

A quote from an Arnie film that actually sums up the GOP (paraphrased)

Tweety Just Said: We'll Know In About A Week Regarding Plame

Sam Seder to talk about the Iraq war vets who will run for congress

Bush returns to White House DRUNK as a SKUNK? - photos

Ok, we get it. Bush is bad. So what do we stand for?

Help me develop this talking point concerning ANWR and New Orleans

A Nice 2 Party System

Who says musicians don't get political anymore?

Is it true that DeLay has one grand juror who will say that Earle

Iraqi Bloggers getting arrested?!

uh oh- Libby forgot to tell the grand jury about his June conversation

Bush uses School Children for photo-op & CUTS SCHOOL FUNDING

Only 13% of American think Meirs is a "great legal mind."

'Apprentice 2' contestant Raj Bhakta considering congressional run

Influential conservative distances self from the far right

Keith Olbermann will examine fake terror warnings on special show Wed.

Please help me to understand

Breaking?: Frist Traded stocks outside his Blind Trust

"News Orgs Working On Story Tying Cheney Into Plamegate… Developing"

Disappointed with Habitat

WHEN (if) Dimson is named as an 'unidicted co-conspirator' and CrashCart..

PIC - Bush learns his ABC's

Is James Carville physically ill?

Heads in the Sand

I think the public is going to LOVE Fitzgerald. He is scrappy and smart.

Preacher: "We're going to kick the devil out of porn'

The Shimmer: Missing Data at the New York Times Jay Rosen

So, what dirt does Miers have on Bush?

Evil Bush Family, Neoconsters, Repugs and Fundies for Profit.

"bush the victim" Strategy On Full Display in MSM

Josh Marshall sees AP piece on Rove history as epitaph


VIDEO-Libby leak from Countdown

the beautiful thing about the indictments

Where, oh where, do the Republicans get all those hideous toupees?

transcript of Dobson's remarks on Miers, pre-broadcast (Rocky Mtn News)

tin foil theory re: plamegate...from you know where...

Can anyone tell me how I can find Randi Rhodes

NO U2 fundraising for Santorum

Madonna incurs the wrath of the rabbis

Well my friends, it has almost been a year (heading to Chicago)

Why not a coalition of Democratic Governors and Senators demanding ...

Fineman: "People Are Out For Karl Rove Inside That White House"

The "Age of Uncertanty" will Test our Understand of Ourselves/ Tucker!

So who is the Surgeon General right now and why are they MIA in bird flu?

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World-Countdown

Serious question about the Rapture Right

Homeland Security to be lead in flu crisis

What ever you believe in Light a candle for Hope!!!

See! See! THIS is what they call "debate"

Is the Bird Flu their chance? U.S. Concentration Camps: FEMA and the REX

Ever go to the PNAC website?

Reporter Miller, Fitzgerald Have Tangled Before -NPR

VIDEO- Best Governor Ever! (with Harry Shearer)

The "we did it to get back at Wilson" scenario is now KAPUT.

I just had a prophetic vision. THIS IS HUGH!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!

Arianna: Judy not talking to colleagues about grand jury

Harriet , Bush and matters scatological

"Harriet Miers's Blog" Very clever. . .Hope this isn't a dupe!

Hang Down Your Head, Tom DeLay song...

Heating oil exports up over last year. Not enough for us.

NEW Grand Theft Election: Harriet Miers "Whose Afraid of Roland Barthe"

Did somebody change the name of Cape Kennedy?

Will bush retract Miers nomination?

I am so sick of seeing neo-cons. I want to see...

Taliban Rebels Ambush Police Convoy, Killing at Least 19 Officers

Since we're going to teach Intelligent Design with Evolution

Anti-melanoma vaccine? What wil the Fundies say?

Are Shrub and Uncle Dick feuding?

Nora O'Donnell doesn't know the difference between John Gotti

JEEZ Which is it? Did Miller testify today or is she testifying tomorrow?

"Libby Libby Libby " Up next on Keith O's Show

Who is this guy?

offshore banking

There's a big evel conspiracy

Matt Lauer's interview with Bush the Homebuilder- did you notice

The Republicans are politicizing crime

Washington Post: Tim Kaine for Virginia Governor


Help! I went to the book store this evening to purchase Kayla Williams'

Bird Flu Poll...

News Orgs Working On Stories Tying Cheney Into Plamegate… Developing…

Lemme hear a shout out for our proud Military Wife...LynnTheDem

Groups Protest Outside Boy Scout Campground

I received a response from Salem Radio Network Re: Bennett

On July 7 this DU thread asks THREE times if Miller was protecting Cheney

It's heating up folks

Howard Dean on Letterman tomorrow

Do The "Good\Real" Republicans Realize That...

Another E-mail from a fundie friend, and my response...

If Cheney is the Target, then what makes you think

ANYONE with family in Iraq. Last call.

Rick Santorum, Ticket Scalping and U2

I think the "leaks" about Plamegate/Treasongate are managed

Scooter Libby's first novel.

Did Anyone Just See Tucker Carlson Insinuate That CONdi & Meiers

You guys have got to see this!

So, what ever happened with the abu garib photo's that were to be released

Have I said lately that Swamp Rat totally rocks?

When Will DU Reach 80,000 Members?

Disturbing story from my daughter's High School

Is Harriet Miers Shrub's James Stockdale?

Bumper sticker idea: Cheney is the Reason for the Treason n/t

What a surprise! Phony Terror Alert Raises Bloomberg's Poll Numbers.

The War and sacrifice

Freepers Terrified By Proud Gay Teens

Of course it's CHENEY

Jon Stewart and wife Tracey expecting child no. 2! Congrats to them!

Yahoo/Reuters: Prosecutor asks NYT reporter to testify again (Oct 12)

CNN & MSNBC suck!

Graham wants government trailers handed over to churches...

If '08 becomes Hillary vs. Condi, what will the campaign be called?

Heard an interesting theory today about miers

Miers answers questions

In the old day's, DUers would pick up on inside jokes like this....

Watching Al on Sundance with Katherine

Scalia leads Columbus Day parade in NYC

Poll: Americans Favor Bush's Impeachment If He Lied about Iraq

If somebody in the WH flips they gotta know lots of stuff

David Ignatius: How the Republicans Let It Slip Away

Fineman: There are people are out for Karl Rove inside that White House

Educate me please.

Raw Story: CIA leak widens to probe 'broader conspiracy'...

Now it seems the leak happened B4 Novak's story, B4 Judy

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Roll Call

New Orleanian needs help responding to this email.

"Fitz to announce indictments tomorrow"....

WTF????? Bono doing a fundraiser for Santorum???

PHOTO: The warmth & empathy just OOZES from them, dudn't it?

FYI: Bill Maher "Real Time" on HBO now if you missed it. nt


The consumption of faith & the faith of consumption

Tuesday TOONarama

Is American even prepared for what is going to go down next week?

A shame on you people....

News Orgs Working On Story Tying Cheney Into Plamegate

* did NOT go AWOL

Either Republicans are Racist or We are Being Played Big Time!

Don't kid yourself. Most people, would shoot to enforce a real quarantine

Jon Stewart and wife expecting child No. 2 (It's a girl!)

Breaking CNN: Delay's Lawyer Subpoenas Earle!

Loved that Fitz quote Keith O used

When I was in..

What do you think about the Left Behind series?

WTF? Bono playing at fundraiser for RICK SANTORUM?

Cheney's Halliburton stock options rose 3,281% last year

Get DUer GUY JAMES on Air America NOW! (Petition!)

Did you ever see the Omen? Bad things just happened when

Re: Pakistan - Can We Get Our Priorities Straight?

Who was Keith's worst person in the world tonite? I

Bush Now at Rasmussen All Time Low of 43%

BWHAHAHAHAHAAHA! CNN was PUNKED on Bono/Santorum story!

US Blocks UN Briefing on Atrocities in Sudan!

Cheney Target of Special Prosecutor .... developing.. Huffington Post

My Hero !!!

Oh, Please! Now US military says they intercepted letter from #2 to OBL

Is everyone laughing at the Avian Flu?

Fitz pursuing conspiracy against WHIG

Katrina Photo-Op #8: If I Had a Hammer ---pix>>>

Charlie Rose on John Roberts' first days on the Supreme Court

Amer Journalism Review calls out the New York Times over Miller

We do need a "Contract with America" soon.

Does Bush believe in God? Or has he just been hustling the religious right

Let's not make the Bird Flu our equivalent of right wing Greenhouse denial

Let's call them what they are -- robber baron Republicans

A Plame witness hasn't posted on his blog in a few days....

The Families that control the Far Right (Thread 2)


Cholesterol Myth.... don't be had.... be glad.

Alert! The Shrub will be building Habitat house on Today Show. Matt Whorer

I want to start a new party... well, kind of

Sign the petition: Vow to only support leaders who face up to Iraq mess.

Anderson Cooper on CNN just stated Miller....

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday October 12

So, about this "wounded animal" scenario with * you know the

A few Rational Words about Avian Flu

CNNs Bill Schneider just now: "If the president becomes unpopular..."

Why, if refineries were not seriously impacted, am I hearing that

Would Bush order our own military to take action against fellow citizens?

If you know what WILL happen next week then there is no excuse BE PREPARED

Photo-Op "Phollies" - Bu$h goes to Mississippi & "Bends Over" to help...

Apply for a chimp crony job *here*!

Democrats will release an agenda

When will Janeane Garofalo be a regular radio host, again?

I Have a Great Rush Limbaugh Story . . .

Arnold on MNF

Breaking the Bank: The Rightwing Road to America's Privatized Future

Why Do Conservative Bloggers hate Harriet Miers?

Rethugs are pretending @Harriett! They want the Chimp to GO!

"Please don't take this personally...that I've fired you, trashed you,

Ideological Prozac, American Style

1918 pandemic didn't stop World Series! No military called out or nothing!

Aha! I figured out why ANYONE could still be FOR Shrub. Doh! Double DOH!

DU; THESE PPL NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Anyone w/ family in Iraq/Afg.

Thanks To DU and the posters here!!

Can I Just Say That I Hate Rawstory Teaser Headlines.

Do you think the freeper "MORANS" guy knows

Homo Florensis -Absolutely amazing, Earth shattering news

How much of this bird flu stuff is hype and panic, and what is realistic?

Bush on MSNBC to Matt Lauer: "We are planning all this out..."

Are Bush, Cheney having a major feud?

My peace activist friend has just returned to the US from Cuba

Over 9,400 children and adults are STILL MISSING post-Katrina

Most pathetic Freeper argument?

BUSH wins.

Lifelong Republican writes great editorial in today's Charlotte

I Hate To Say This, But If Cheney Goes, We're Screwed

Roche and its lobbying group resist compulsory licensing of Tamiflu

FAKE TERROR ALERTS - Olbermann will report on latest and THIRTEEN times

Evil Hillary

Post questions or comments about the design changes in this thread.

I am making one of my most, most, most favorite dishes tonight.

Anyone here a pickling expert?

Costco is killing us!!!!!!

Is it too early to start planning our holiday gift goodies?

Oil & Gas prices in Canada this winter

Cool, cool, cool, B.C. on the verge of a general strike!

Violence feared as strike looms at Alberta meatpackers

Telegraph fights Galloway ruling

Does Blunkett remind you of Normo Tebbit?

Fema 'knew of New Orleans danger':BBC documentary Wed

Bush Sr, Kissinger, Gorby, Pinochet at Thatcher's 80th birthday bash?

Sir Malcolm Rifkind pulls out of leadership race.

Housing boom raises fraud concerns

FBI Revisits Policy on Drug Use

Ex-Iraqi Officials Sought In $1B Theft

Six-nation climate change meeting likely delayed

DeLay Launches Media BlitzDeLay Launches Media Blitz to Counter Prosecutor

Axe falls on Reagan (Prez Library) tour guides 'for being too old'

Brussels issues charges against lift companies (US company included)

Green may return $2,000 to DeLay PAC

Iraq orders 'corruption' arrests

February Elections in NOLA Planned Amid Immense Challenges

Sir David Frost to Join Aljazeera

Website 'swapped war photos for porn'

Many police die in Afghan ambush

Indians Clash With Police in Colombia

Rebels Kill 19 Policemen in Afghanistan

Car Bomb Kills 30 in Northwest Iraq

New York threats were a hoax

Italy gripped as Fiat family son linked to cocaine after falling ill

Saddam may be allowed to vote

Bush expects violence in Iraq

Police smash huge European people-smuggling ring

Daily Kos: Scooter Libby Leaves Country

News, blogs share space at Yahoo!

Cheney aide leaves country as leak investigation wraps up... developing...

U.S. pledges to boost minority contracts

Former Broward official used tax money to give himself, 8 others larger pe

RawStory: Cheney Chief Spokeman Leaves Country

Jet Stolen From Fla. Winds Up Near Atlanta

Court Bolsters SEC Use of Asset Freeze Tool

Iraq oil output falls behind pre-war levels

Rice Assured on Future of Kyrgyz Base

Microsoft pays RealNetworks $761m

Mo. Groups Propose Stem Cell Amendment

All Basra international ports closed as of Wednesday (for Iraq referendum)

Britain offers compensation for Basra prison raid

Court Turns Away Exxon Judgment Appeal

Former Bush family home to become museum (Bakersfield, CA)

Army Tries to Reverse Recruiting Slump ("master plan")

Former Iraq prisons chief denies responsibility for Abu Ghraib

Rove's Long History With the Bush Family

Venezuela Sends Aid to Storm Victims in Guatamala

Rawstory: Cheney's Halliburton stock options rose 3,281%

AP: Oil Co. Profits Seen Higher As Prices Trump Storms

Family feels misled by recruiter (lie of omission)

Education Dept. Suspends Grants to Christian College

The bombers without frontiers

Colombian senator survives bomb

Deal to end crisis in Nicaragua

Diplomats See Possible Iran Compromise

War in Iraq shifts Air Force into ground roles

Tom Delay's Attorney Subpoena DA for Misconduct

Pensions Agency Says Deficit Will Grow

Energy Hog busts consumers' chops

Ottawa pushes to sell energy, wood to China

AP: Tracking Katrina Money Proving Difficult

RS/ National Journal-Libby Did Not Tell Grand Jury About Key Conversation

Foreign Students Protest Killing of Peruvian in Central Russia

Council of Europe slams British anti-terrorism plans

RS Cheney's Halliburton stock options rose 3,281% last year, senator finds

Judith Miller to testify for a second time tomorrow.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 11 October

Insurance Firms Auctioning (Katrina Flooded) Cars

Agreement Reached on Iraq's Draft Constitution

U.S. Secretary Of State Arrives In Kyrgyzstan

Iraqis Reach Deal on the Constitution

Spain gets first tropical storm -- Vince

Army Has Plan to Boost Signups in 2006

Iraq's Little Read Charter Evokes Strong Views

Net power struggle nears climax

McCollum to run for attorney general

WP: Special Prosecutor Again Queries Reporter (Miller)

DeLay Launches Media Blitz

Nevada buys more electronic voting machines

Tensions flare over empty seat on Federal Election Commission

Judy Miller Turns Over MORE Notes; NYT to Report on "Entanglement"

Al-Qaida No. 2: Get Set to Fill Iraq Void

Jon Stewart and wife expecting child No. 2 (It's a girl!)

China launches two astronauts into space

U.S. Apologizes in WWII 'Gold Train' Case

Louisiana Seeks 51 Foster Children Unaccounted For Since Storm

Dobson: What Rove Said About Miers

Dobson Says He Didn't Discuss Specifics On Miers (Dobson may testify)

DAVID JOHNSTON: Times Reporter to Testify on Recently Found Notes

Haiti rules U.S. citizen can seek office

JetBlue announces daily Boston-NYC shuttle

Kerry won't see campaign documentary

Demand for Medicaid expected to increase (Louisiana)(Bush stalls)

Homeland Security to be lead in flu crisis

WP: FEMA Restricts Evacuee Data, Citing Privacy(Families & Police Protest)

NYT: In the House, DeLay Is a King Without a Crown

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1960)

Fema 'knew of New Orleans danger'

IRAQ: Traumatised young Iraqis turn increasingly to hard drugs

Air Force Steps Back From 'Code of Ethics'

Heating costs will hit Midwest hard (as much as $1,600 for winter months)

Bush Panel in Broad Agreement to Cut Investment Tax (Bloomberg)

UK agrees to pay for Basra damage

Iraq's Zarqawi urged to prepare for Islamic rule

Special Forces Suicides Raise Questions

Venezuela Warns: Bush Is the True Atomic Threat

Survey Finds One in 400 Americans is Homeless

Al-Qaida No. 2: Get Set To Fill Iraq Void

Texas Congressman Kevin Brady (R) Arrested

Environmental decay may prompt refugee surge-study

Laura Bush says sexism possible in Miers criticism

GOP party chairman defends appeal for black votes (Mehlman vs. Dean)

PDVSA Says Social Spending Outstripped Investments (Venezuela)

Don't try to push us around, lord chief justice tells Labour

Greens Warn of Growing 'Iraqification' of New Orleans

Supreme Court to Take Up Wetlands Cases (AP)

CNN Breaking: Tip on N.Y. Subway threat a hoax

DeLay Lawyers Subpoena District Attorney

Bird flu vaccine may be too late for pandemic: expert

Details emerge about conversation between Rove, Christian leader

24 sue over Danish invasion of Iraq

NYT: G.O.P. Aides Add Voices to Resistance Over Nominee

Nuke pills not ready despite '03 deadline (USA Today)

AP: Frist Accumulated Stock Outside Trusts

America has 2,000 young offenders serving life terms in jail

Report: Lawyers say CIA leak inquiry widens to probe 'broader conspiracy'

Two Game Theorists Win the Nobel Prize for Economics

Air Force Personnel Assuming Non-Traditional Roles in Iraq (combat!)

Will GM follow Delphi into bankruptcy?

Wiccan Priestess Loses High Court Appeal

Military commander proposes creation of unit to deal with natural disaster

Special Prosecutor Again Queries Reporter

Syria Warns 'Gates of Hell Will Open' if U.S. Attacks

Group close to Falwell will not back Miers

Bush Tax Panel Considers Limiting 2 Popular Deductions (middle class&lower

Cheney's stock options rose 3,281% last year, senator finds

Faulty radar serving Logan leaves thousands stranded

Poll: Americans Want Bush Impeached

Libby Did Not Tell Grand Jury About Key Conversation - Whistleblowers meet to share stories, plot strategies

Romney warns of theocracy danger

The Real Deal - Expecting mommies, for you:

I think I need to just shut up.

Sleepy..... you're getting SOOOOOOOOO sleepy..... (pic)

Oh .... Oh ........ God ..... My stomach is ..... so upset ........ Uuuuh.


Tie a yellow ribbon? Lady Freedom's sig=idea.

Eh, night! I needs me some shleeeeeeep!

Does the puking smilie make anyone else queasy?

Ritalin has really slowed the game of baseball down. True or False?

Speed has really slowed the game of baseball down. True or False?

National Geographic African Wildlife Webcam

Is there some kind of psychological counseling that makes

Holy fuck...

Okay, I'm outta here

I've been thinking, and I feel kinda bad

Okay, Now I am going to bed....

Not a surprise, Tim McCarver said something really stupid tonight


Help, with this post I've now become a member of the 700 club!

Often, when I am in the Lounge

I'm falling asleep over my keyboard, so G'night everyone!

I was so tired and didn't want to work all night.

You got to try this:

Please edit my paper! (MLA Format)

6:00 in the morning and

I was a one term Hubby...Am I the only one?

The simple minded and the uninformed

I'm calling the PTA!

Damn I got peanut butter all over my chocolate

Who has Future Brite's team in the Fantasy Football league

Topeka Kansas Considers Ban On Public Nudity

Here's the next big thing in fragrances: A scent from Marilyn Manson

pointy birds

Damn I got soup all over my work

Professional Wrestler Injured While Racing School Buses

Word of the day!

Superfluous post thread!

Man Takes Over Freight Train With Bow And Arrow

Damn I got work all over my soup

Office Restroom Musings

I dare you to bid on this new mask posted in the auction !!!


another attack...welcome to alaska

Pod decorating ideas? Anyone?

Now available...Rudy Rucker's "The Lifebox, the Seashell and the Soul...

Last Night's Q Awards Winners - OASIS BABY!

Who will win the World Seris this year?

Good Tuesday Morning, Folks!

You would think they could have thought of a better name. Church name.

Razor Blade Found In Chicken Sandwich Bought At School

Too old for Halloween?

I sound like a frog right now

Absolute cutest kitty picture ever!


Who's the best non-Air America Radio liberal radio show host

OK. I have the flu. And I just flew cross country.

Hole in the wall yields treasure

Psychic seeks $25 million reward for Saddam

"He'll never love you,......

Does it ever stop


Republicans Split; Democrats Cautious

Toddler (3) Shot At Day Care - By Other Toddler (2)

I don't speak Australian but I am pretty sure these people hate matcom

Crack-thievin' South London squirrels...

The kittens are driving the dog insane...

The baby panda and mom are awake on videocam now!

Happy "National Coming Out" Day

This Just In: Wyoming means "big flats"

Is there a free version/shareware of a program similar to Norton Ghost?

Attention matcom: Molto Mario cooking carbonara on this episode.

Anthropologists Uncover Jawbone Of Another Ancient 'Hobbit'

When I was seventeen, It was a very good year...

"I learned my lesson. I'll never ____________ again."

Who else has a Halloween-related desktop picture?

Liberal Nirvana Cities

What's So Funny Bout Peace Love & Understanding

Wallace and Gromit escape fire

Robert Plant releases a 4-song live CD, proceeds to African aid charity...

change is good!!

I Love L.A.

Spankees lose! Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Spankees lose!

WHOA! Latest/Greatest pages...

How did * ask harriet miers to be a supreme court justice?

Have you visited the KING of all tinfoil sites???

Toasters READY! ___It's "National Coming Out" day

What is the most embarassing thing you own?

Thank you lounge for making Delaware more popular than South Dakota

new DU ruLe: no more pubLic scatoLogy

I *LIKE* the new DU Latest set-up

So, am I seriously going to die of Bird Flu or is just another "Cry Wolf"

Beagle puppies are so cute, that they'll give you sugar diabetes

what do you say we start our own nation wide protest

a joke for the day...

Dear DU, I never thought this would happen to me but

When a credit card company's business reply envelope reads "It is illegal

Breathalyzers Being Issued For Students Attending Home Coming Dances

Army Recruiters Now Offer Free iTunes

Aaahhh! Brain freeze!

How come Boy George can get up to 15 years for POSESSION of drugs...

Wow; he makes it too easy sometimes...

I'm tired

Dammit! I'm pretty sure I'm getting a cold!

Unique idea, poor execution.

Skinner All But Assures Perpetual Lounge Dominance

Cutest Baby Panda

Look what my friend found for $3.00 at the local library

Anti-picture thread. Post a negative of yourself.

I’m sick and tired of hearing things

I need a new can opener.

Does anyone actually go in the religion group?

A little stress reliever for you

Sources close to dave29 confirm

Prepare to stand in wonderment of the awesome power of the BARK SIDE.....

So, I saw "Zeppo" tonight

Oldie but a goodie

The Top Twenty Meanest Kitties In America

I am smack-dab in the middle of the crazy New Hampshire flooding

Happy 121st Birthday to Eleanor Roosevelt

I LOVE the term Wifey...Am I the only one?

Are Playstation (PS2) Games regionally coded like DVD's?

Favorite Marx Brother

Some people should not be allowed to drive.

Have we had a picture thread recently?

Audioslave's "Live in Cuba" CD released today (w/ Soundgarden tracks)

I HATE the term Tubby...Am I the only one?


Hey, King Dumbass**! Pay attention...

Shrub falling from the sky and bouncing off balls

Does anyone here have experience with Primerica?

Application for employment from BushCrony Jobs inc.

Try a puzzle game

If you're a White Evangelical or Republican Male then you love Bush


Where would you go?

My niece is thankful for

Which will kill off the United States First

vegetarian tofu tart


Smiley test

Am I silly for dressing my dogs up for Halloween?

Can you help Identify a song?

Nobody is talking to me!

Time machine for sale

Is it just me or is DU really S L O W today?

I HATE the term Hubby...Am I the only one?

All of these Tom Cruise threads have driven me to Xenu

Are You Friends with your Ox?

Sorry guys - Britney Spear's Bra is NOT for sale

Do you see what I see?

new "Jarhead" trailer out

has anyone ever applied for a feral job?

Why doesn't 'Texan' Bush ride horses?

I don't want anybody to talk to me!

May your afternoon go well.

What is this world comming to? Bombing Smurfs for fun?!

worst book ever

i'm never going to see the sun again

Hey, is that a Mr. Microphone?

Is this smurftrosity real.. or is someone yankin' my chain?

Only 400 posts to go!!


Ellen DeGeneres

Jude Law got his own back - Sienna Miller cheated on him

Goodnight everyone!

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for October

Worried about squirrels at your bird feeder? (Photos)

My Cellphone Died - What Service do you recomend?

It's official...I'm no longer in the film/tv production business.

One of my students says he thinks he has bird flu....

Some Ice Cream names from the New Yorker....

Bush To Appoint Someone To Be In Charge Of Country

GAH!!! My partner's father just showed up unannounced

SQL pet peeve

Yeah, me and my girl we're acting up again all right

Never keep a wading pool in your yard! (Pictures)

I sold my soul to the Brian Jonestown Massacre

I just got the BBC's precursor to "Firefly" today, ask me anything!

Desperate Housewives: Lynette's Trick To Get Tom To Clean House Was Great!

Mr. Swim and I celebrate our anniversary today!

One of the most beautiful a$$es I've ever seen.

Should a person post a picture of someone else without permission?

Hey XMas74....

Check out this video I made slamming Bush on Iraq: "Let's Pretend"

Okay, it's official: I went virgin.

I made it!

I put some dude on "Ignore" for about 30 seconds.

Okay, I'm watching LIFETIME now

Is it me, or do you, when you watch commercials...

Some of the biggest axes I've ever seen.

my heart kinda i am cooking everything in the house

this toon is dying in GD

In honor of the MLB Playoffs: "In My Day, Ballplayers Were For Sh*t"

Today is the second Tuesday of the month so that means Microsoft Updates

I'm "coming out" as Lesbian

Quebec firm abandons lost cheese

Has anyone watched "Extras" on HBO?

Attention Lounge Lizards - RandomKoolzip Is About To Die

Anyone work on Capitol Hill? (that might have any insight on job openings)

say what you will about tweety, at least

Navajo logic

When is "Ask the Administrators" coming back

Buried, cremated or mulched?

Don't we have to book forum anymore?

CA Peggy, NVWhino and Fleabert had the honor of meeting me.

Are you a good speller?

Any fans of HBO's "Deadwood"?

This is post 6,000!!!!!

OK all you active DU'ers...I need a bit of advice

What's happening in West Wing

You know what sucks? Crime! So does racism! And dog-kicking!

How do you get over dating your parents?

John Titor's Predictions (interesting take on US)

I am SOOO close to 1000 posts

7 10 12 31 46 21

Okay, it's official: I went vegan.

Ha Ha! You're all VERY funny. You can cut it out now.

Hey OLN....


I have Fossil Fuel!

Liberace offers support to Rick Santorum......

Father Charged After 5 Year Old Girl Gets Sick Eating Pot Brownies

Do you know how to use a door?

You won't believe what's on LifeTime -- Martha Behind Bars

What are you listening to today?

Damn doctors. First thing they reach for is the scalpel.

I don't care about any sport

Ha ha. Check out this post on ABC's CIC board.

Someone threw King Dumbass** some Mardi Gras beads. He dropped them.

Jiminy Glick. Funny or no?

Another summer day has come and gone away in Paris and Rome...

It's harder to find the Lounge today.

California Peggy had lunch with me today!

I'm thinking of dying my hair....

I am on my way to meet up with California Peggy,

Mr. Scorpio, you have totally bummed me out.

GD 9-8-90

I love my family

Who is this guy?

Dude! I totally got my Flying Spaghetti Monster T-shirt today!!!!

is this too presumptuous?

Bruce Springsteen offers support to Rick Santorum....

My head just exploded

i really fancy Revolutionary_Acts latest thread

sundog thinks his latest thread is really grand

Well, I swanee. Horses are dumb and mules are smart....

We're watching a musical about the Declaration of Independance in history.

The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz...

sundog's latest thread is really grand

Astronomy buffs! Can you identify this constellation?

All right you DUERs! Ready to sing your song? (Use your chipmunk voices)

A Joke That I Recently Received...

I heard a Jethro Tull song on a radio today

Good God Almighty, does't anyone in the major leagues

If you have this bumpersticker, you are a tool

Who HEALED your heart?

Hey Canadian DUers...

i like to sing verses of this song to people

has anyone ever applied for a federal job?

Happy birthday to Art Blakey!

"I'll ruin you like a Japanese banquet!"

A contest!!!! The winner gets her voice on my radio show

Chicago DUers! Where can I buy a guitar downtown?

Who STUCK A PAPER KNIFE in your heart & twisted it 3 times round?

Is Commander-in-Chief a part of a Hollywood plot to promote

Who STUCK A SERRATED KNIFE in your heart & twisted it 3 times round?

cuz there’s a red under my bed, and there's a little yellow man in my head

Today's "Stupid Ass Jerk" Award goes to:

Just watched my first "Commander in Chief" and have questions...

I just ate an ostrich burger at the Bell Buckle cafe.

Mandy's Ruby Slippers

"The Doors" song "The End"

how hollow are you?

Official Angels/White Sox Game 1 thread

Go Halos - ALCS Game 1 edition!

Um . . . Is a chicken sandwich with mustard any good?

Anyone watching Letterman?

What are you going as for Halloween?

I saw a "Don't buy Foie Gras" bumpersticker today

What to buy your young budding jack-booted thug this christmas

Does Bill Gates deserve to be as rich as he is?

Chicken fingers, french fries and gravy. Mmmm good.

Which of these things/ideas/concepts is the coolest?

Beautiful pictures!

Sonny Drysdale, son of Beverly Hills banker Millburn Drysdale, dead at 92

Woohoo!!!! "Memoirs of a Geisha" trailer is finally out

Why The Angels Emblem Is An A With A Circle Around It

I think I've moved back to England.

So, what's your excuse?

Most Highly Anticipated Movie This Fall/Holiday Season?

How do you get over hating your parents?

Jefferson Airplane's "Volunteers" in a Tommy Hilfiger commercial...

I would rather have a (blank) stuck in my ear canal than listen to (blank)

how soon is now

FIONA APPLE is on Letterman tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If only I had 300 bucks, I'd buy one of these custom jerseys.

Tunes that will not leave your head! You are humming something right now!

Blaming the victim

Who broke your heart?

Graphic warning. It's very funny though. Get the popcorn .................

Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmmm good.

BREAKING on CNN!! - Original Beatles REUNITING for one

The Top Twenty Meanest Cities In America

Anyone know anything about sterling silver jewelry?

It just hit me all over again. Today. (Whiners only please)

a portrait of an artist as a young man...on a post it

Need computer advice: for anonymous surfing/emailing...

"We Were Only Freshman..." What song is that.....

How Could You? (WARNING: Not for sensitive types!)

Penguin Lust

Hence forth let it be known that I, Revolutionary_Acts04,

Sand Castles (Pictures)

Match maker - Made for each Other


I need to vent - Family Problems

Kenneth Branagh Settles With PETA (What A WUSS!)

Happy birthday to progmom alert!

evil snigger...just received a scam e-mail

New Yorkers need to learn how to share

Once again, I am perplexed about HATRED.

Differences in the job interview process

Morning At The Waterhole on the Savannah

If you love the P-Funk, turn it on PBS RIGHT NOW

Hey Matcom!!! I picked up some color charts today!!!

how shallow are you?

I hate that freaking 'followup flag' in email

Anybody familiar with Impatica and Powerpoint?

Don't forget Poland!

I GOT HIRED! Thanks for the well-wishes, DU!

what sort of things do you fancy?

One of the most beautiful races I've ever seen! (video)

It's National Coming Out Day. How long have you been out?

I saw the weirdest bumper sticker today.


Hi Everybody! I'm in NoCal, visiting with NV Whino...and today we went

Good Evening, Everybody!

I got my eyebrow pierced

Favorite Frank Zappa album

I have three huge spider webs on my front porch

Philadelphia area DUers! I'm opening for Rebirth Brass Band this weekend!

Best expletive, non-obscene

Baseball Poll 2 of 3: Your Pick in the NLCS

One of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen! (picture)

Anyone go to these colleges? HS Senior here.

Baseball Poll 1 of 3: Your Pick in the ALCS

So... What do we do with all the "excess" freepers after we take over?

Look at this pretty girl that we might adopt Saturday.

What's your most disappointing CD purchase this year?

Who'd like to help educate me about house buying? :)

One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! (Picture)


'SpeakSpeak News' recent articles.

How many cell phone minutes do you go through a month?

Let's all post the same pictures of ourselves again.

Bombing the Smurf village

Computer repair advice sought...

Yoko's new blast at Macca (that's what they call Paul McCartney)

Smileys I want here!

Baseball Poll 3 of 3: Your Pick in the World Series

Happy Birthday, Rhiannon12866!


Have you heard this kickass ska band?

Harriet Miers and "The Aristocrats"

Yes, there really was a General Sani Abacha

Has Hollywood run out of ideas?

What the H am I supposed to do with 5 cats?

a year ago i was certain this man would be president now. instead...

Regis Philbin strongarms luxury outlets into sponsoring daughter's wedding

Dante's Inferno Test - Impurity, Sin, and Damnation


Influential conservative distances self from the far right

Singing protesters disrupt pastor's sermon

Christian Exodus seeks followers

Trying to atone for the sin of torture

Rabbis Blast Song on New Madonna Album

Is the Catholic Church heading for a split?

stupid bird flu question

Tiny chinless wonders threaten anthropology rift

Did anyone see NOVA's Einstein's big idea on the legacy of great women in

Does bombing a region precipate earthquakes?

Spanish Judge Grants Gay Survivor's Pension

Anti-Gay Campaign In Maine Running Out Of Fire

National Coming Out Day shifts to making alliances

action against anti-LGBTQ protest - tonight at UNC

Schools Remain Unsafe For Gay Students Study Shows

Provo district considers club policy

Croatian Gays Come Out

A gay priest speaks on impending Vatican document

Attorney: Doctors should have right to refuse treatment to lesbians

California candidate told to get out of race because he's gay

Big Ben's MRI negative...may play this week?

TMQ on the Steelers' final drive

White Sox-Angels, Cardinals-Astros!!!

In Honor of the MLB Playoffs: A classic from The Onion

What? No ChiSox-Angels thread? !!!

I Was At The Packer-Saints Game Sunday, And WOW Did I Have A Great Time!

Bad Owner

Which do you like better: College or pro sports?

I found out today that my cat is totally blind.

Update on the dog I'm trying to save

Question about getting a second cat

Where's Eloriel???

last night I had the strangest dream . . .

Question about Pluto and Mars

In case of Rapture, look for the atheist on-board...

Newspaper Editor Apologizes to atheist(s) re: Hurricane Katrina (MS)

Fundies outside my daughter's school

Wow! When authors counter-attack...

what would you guys do? (awkward wedding situation)

* did not go AWOL

Strenthen Earned Income Tax Credit, Kerry bill 10/5

So SFRC has Bolton next Tuesday and Condiliar on Wed.

KOs again.

"A second go for Kerry? He'd need to convince Iowans why" by DAVID YEPSEN.


Wow! This report is interesting

Want to get a digital camera, don't know much, please help

Not just your average rock show.

A pix. Call for Graphic Designer. and "Autumn Challenge"

'' not found for me this morning.

KOEB 10/11/05 (As KO mourns the end of another Yankee season)

Surprise, surprise, a first: MONICA blogs!

Countdown Newsletter: 10/11/05 -- 'Terror Threat'... Postmortem

Ray Taliaferro really needs a new website..PLEASE someone help!

Keep innocent people from being executed.

Bono and U2 Sell Out for Santorum

G.O.P.S. - funny stuff ... watch the republican perp walk parade ...

a little help, please...i can't find an article where bush and condi snuck

Bush Stays in Luxury New Orleans Hotel… While Many Still Suffer

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot

Happy "AntiFascist Uprising Day" MACEDONIA!!!

Miers' law firm backed Hillary (uh oh, this will set the RWers spinning)

Now republicans want to know what a judicial nominee thinks

Seperated at birth?

Texas GOP congressman arrested for DUI in S. Dakota

House Democrats Ready 2006 Agenda - Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

Condi and Bolton to testify at SFRComm next week

Texas Republican Congressman Brady preps for a presidential run.

Need some help here . . .

Subpoena james dobson NOW!

what do you say we start our own nation wide protest

The Louis Freeh Book

HARDBALL doing good job exposing Karl Rove....

Bonnie Erbe: The Return of Sexism

al qaeda strikes railroad in california . . . .

Need some help here.

Radical Cleric Dobson is not telling us something

how utterly relaxing.

Perfect Candidate for 2008

Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/PNAC - racist quest to destroy America to rebuild it

Centering / Carolyn Kay

Name the Asshole Contest!

AMAZING-- Iraq War protest site, movie about the 2,000 soldiers

Funny: B*sh & Laura "build a house" on NBC's Today Show

If Lauer asks a question, and Bush doesn't respond, it's not an interview

The freepers are pratically praying for another terrorist attack.

Just Started A Live AAR Stream And Got An American Express Commercial....

Who are the Cheney aides? Names besides Libby.

Spoke to a Republican doctor yesterday. Bird flu is being used for fear.

I'm confused again. The Repukes say that the Democrats have no ideas

do Miers and Rice get along?

A most insightful quote.

Mrs. Lewis Libby? Scooter-n-Judy?

What is wrong with "We were duped"

Olbermann REMINDER: "Bad News @ White House = Terror Alert" Segment

"Branding" the Democrats--Part 2. The Role of Government

What's to be the results of the 2006 elections?

Information on Bird flu, from NEJM and W.H.O.

$1 billion missing, Iraqi officials flee the country

WSJ: 'Architect' Builds Bush Policies, Legacy

Freeh Fooled

YES! Bush Tax Advisory panel "won't urge national retail sales tax!" YES!

National Park system is under attack

groups sue to preserve roadless areas in national forests

Strongly dissapprove 41%, all categories of approval 43%: Rasmussen Report

Bush and Repubs playing "deep" politics with this Miers nomination

The real reason for Miers appointment

NEED TALKING POINTS: NY Subway was Distraction

Rove set for 2 indictments in Plame leak case!

just a reminder for CA voters....anuld

Have questions for California DU'ers about special election...

I am worried about the Avian Flu

Retailers Welcome Panel's Rejection of National Sales Tax

Christian Coalition head to "withdraw from political life" (abuse scandal)

Dobson to go on radio today to discuss what he was told

Remember these beauties? The Rove Wanted posters revisited

Radar Online: Frist 2008 Presidential bid being the GOP?

Rove's Long History With the Bush Family

Reuters: Bush tries to move beyond criticism over Katrina

Can the Propositions in California be litagated if they pass?

Bush with Hammer in Hand has Another Photo-Op Moment

Fineman: "People Are Out For Rove Inside That White House"

Refresh my memory who put FitzGerald on the case?

Wouldn't it behoove Lyndie England's Attys to try to get a new trial?

Libby Did Not Tell Grand Jury (or FBI ) About Key Conversation w/ Miller

WP: Photo Op Bites Back

Rumor has it Bush to withdraw Miers and Nominate Patrick Fitzgerald

Americans want Bush IMPEACHED!!! Poll results below...

A Developing Story At Huffington Post.........................

"Dick Cheney is not a good man. This is not a good man."

Is Dobson stealthily undermining Meirs appointment? Is Bush helping?

I just read about Cheney's possible involvement with Plamegate.

Rush Limbaugh: Specter Leads Liberal Lynch Mob.

Idiot Son (Wimp Jr) "Big Broad Shoulders" PIX >>>>>>

Today, The Terror Alert dropped to Green for nearly 5 Minutes...

Strident sounds at Fox and EIB ...

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

Kazakhstan elections monitored by US observers--HA HA HA

Has there been ANY mainstream television reporting re the massive fines

JFK on Race and Equality in America

Frist Accumulated Stock Outside Trusts

Quick question for you

Clark to Alabama Dems: Reject "incompetent" GOP leadership

Play out * last years following Plamegate. What happens?

The writings of Harriet Miers

Bush visits a classroom a joke that really happen

Olbermann on Bush and "strong women, never married, with no children"

Has Bush Ran Out Of Carrots


BREAKING - 1st Draft of Libby Letter to Miller Uncovered

Tony Blair: A Middle-Aged Man in a Big Hurray...UK

Something Interesting about recent American Elections:

The Only Reasonable Solution to the Iraq Debacle Is...

My friend who is the Democratic leader for the Latino Caucus back from

DU Site Awards?? Input please!

Crooks & Liars, Hardball Video Clip: "Civil War Over Karl Rove"

Can you impeach a vice president?

Ohio: Brown vs Hackett - Which is better on the issues?

BREAKING: one of Iraq's Sunni parties backs Constitution after changes

Brian Williams' hilarious "double entendre" on NBC Nightly News tonight:

Poll: Americans Favor Bush's Impeachment

Anyone Who Thinks John McCain is Honorable,

Newsview: Bush Could Lose Rove Over Probe

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

Great DNC page and map for seeing events in your area. Take a look.

Four days after the Earthquake

So DU pretend you're Darth Vader of the WH and you saw this

Interesting how the GOP is smearing "Wes Clark" on "Commander In Chief"

The turning aspens -- my interpretation of Libby's letter

Goddammit. You are not going to die from the Bird Flu!

What about Elizabeth Dole?

Stop Oil Companies From Exporting of Heating Oil to Drive Up Price!!!

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday October 12

Clark from Ark

Campaign For America's Future: 26 Congressmen Bought Out By Rep. DeLay

Russ Feingold

Miers wanted Jenna & Barbara to "recognize their parents as cool"

Check out this video I made slamming Bush on Iraq: "Let's Pretend"

Do you see any other way for the country to survive besides the

Pickles on her husband: "He is doing great. He has big, broad shoulders"

Will Kevin Costner Play Fitzgerald In GWB?........

Crooks & Liars video clip: "Tuesday fun with Bush & his grinding jaw"

Dennis MORRIS on FOX pumping his book Condi vs Hillary, sez Condi

Conyers: the stonewall is getting ready to break!

"The Plame/CIA leak case is getting what all good scandals need: props".

Fox News Dynamic Opinion Poll of Registered Dem & Rep choices for 08

Talking with a major Republican "operative" tonight and he is SICK of Bush

Funny parody music video of C-SPAN debate with Randi Rhodes...

Louis Freeh

Feingold for President!!

I predict that if DeLay keeps pulling stunts like he did today we

Andrea Mitchell IDs Colin Powell's role in Plamegate