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Archives: October 10, 2005

"George Bush. the Manchurian Candidate" (International RW media implosion)

I donated $10,000 to help the war effort in Iraq

Burning Bridges. The US is losing in Iraq. A soldier's story.

Should we be educating people about computers and the Internet?

WHOOPS, I was wrong. Freeperland is paying attention now.

I just got a Sirius

Will Krugman Win the Nobel Prize in Economics Tomorrow?

TOON - When the President talks to God...

"What Freedom?"

Funny Motley Crue related story for ya

The Wage Gap

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

Anyone have the #s on 2008/2010 Senate Open Seats by Party?

Tom Delay's cousin

OK, gang, Christians are not the enemy!

Why on earth would Clinton ever appoint a turn-coat like Louis Freeh?

Republican vandalism on LI.

Don't look at this photo if you're easily offended. You've been warned.

It looks like * was for supporting the troops but now he is against

Man Admits Sexually Assaulting Deaf, Blind, terminally ill girl

Remember the Jet Blue landing on Live T.V.??? Did you wonder what...

Schumer calls Hackett, hints he should yield Ohio Senate race to Brown

Who will be the biggest fish Fitzgerald indicts?

This Modern World - Head Explodes

Does anyone else think the Niger forgeries and Plamegate are connected?

Binka - please post Ben updates here

NYT: FEMA Leader Under Clinton Makes It Pay

Spector wants to know if Rove gave assurances on Miers to Dobson

Indian Victims Shiver and Wait

U.S. prepared to cut its farm subsidies by 60 percent

WP: Lack of Contracts Hampered FEMA

Axe falls on Reagan tour guides 'for being too old'

Those with bigger salaries save in 401(k)s

Lounge mods, check in here

Did anyone TIVO or video tape the Gophers at Wolverines football

Holy shit. The Lounge is one of the forums that is being eliminated

Ha... Bush criticism in an old Family Guy ep.

Here is to Lennon's birthday

Silly request

I have hugs for those who want/need them!

Somebody ought to send this link to Tom Cruise

Do most people work tomorrow or not?

Suffering from Panic Disorder, makes my life a mess. Anyone else?

The Dissection of a Fallacious Wager

Ok, who has a copy of the first 2 episodes of Season2 Desparate Housewives

Gay people come out and talk to me I want more gay friends

Photos from my fall walk as I play with my new camera

Post randomly from your cache thread!

Is this Ted Haggard or Clancy Brown?

what we have all been waiting for--if only!!!

once again, a most hearfelt THANK YOU to all of you who are brave

Chinese activist possibly beaten to death

Dean fires up Connecticut Democrats

Credit to Howard Dean for courage...going to be on Letterman Wednesday.

Kerry Stumps and Fundraises in Iowa, for Iowa Candidates

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

Iraq's federalism guarantees justice

Parade's Walter Scott answers a question about Castro

Senator Carl Levin: Using Our Leverage: The Troops

Washington Democrats: No Will, No Backbone

A Central Pillar of Iraq Policy Crumbling

Miller's twisted tale

Wounds no one was able to see

As Bush slips, GOP faces major shift in '08 vote

NADER: Katrina and the Growls of Greed

Happy Birthday, JK

India: Could Commies Spoil Capitalist Future?

God's phone logs show he did not speak to Bush

Iraq rebuilding slows as U.S. money for projects dries up /USAToday

Dangers in Damascus

Executive branch scandals new, more sinister - Molly Ivins

Iraq: No More Illusions

Newsweek: The Exterminator (Delay)

Mob boss ordered JFK hit, book says

Diary of a Vietcong doctor: The Anne Frank of Vietnam

Michael Moore Gets Ready to Roll yahoooooo!

Dobson spiritual empire wields political clout

Krugman - Will Bush Deliver (NY Times 10/10/2005)

Lobbyists Advise Katrina Relief

The conquest of Southwest Asia

Kurt Vonnegut: PBS NOW: interview transcript

Who is the agressor? - The Endgame of Globalization

Questioning strict constructionism

Europe bracing to battle bird flu - Boston Globe

Hitchens: Miers and Brimstone

Wasn't Jesus a Liberal? (Pt.II)

Rescuing Jesus

"Walter Scott" takes a shot at Chavez & Castro

Kitty Kelley in NYT: Bush's Veil Over History

CNN gives a law-breaker a podium...

There is nothing non-political about sending troops to war.

Basra voters say it is time for soldiers to go

The Nation: Rove Scandal: New Mysteries, New Props, New Legal Theories

Robertson Now Claims Chavez Trying to get Nukes (AFP)

Why did Bush do it? Pat Buchanan

A toy called Assad

Robertson's increased senility apparent in CNN Late Edition...

NYT:The Displaced-Cast From Their Ancestral Home, Creoles Worry About....

Job Fears? Don't open e-mail (ExpNewsAustin)

Are we on course or trapped in a swamp? Rumors of Rumsfeld resignation ...

Former FBI director: Clinton undermined Saudi bombing probe

Can the U.S. stop using oil by 2050?

Ireland: I wanted to slap him -Coleman's acct of her interview w/Bush

The freeways aren't free

Pretext for Martial Law: bird flu

Flexible solar panel set to revolutionize renewable energy

Yahoo to Introduce Tools for Podcasts

Want Ed Schultz Archives?

Israeli, American Win Nobel for Economics (Why Bush short term ideas suck)

An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters and

Solar Bus newsletter

SUV Drivers in Paris Get Wind Knocked Out of Them

Kenai Peninsula (AK) Drying Out As It Warms Rapidly - ADN

Alaskan Terrain Changing Rapidly Across Vast State - CNN

Mendenhall Glacier (AK) Will Retreat Out Of Its Lake In Next Few Years

dKos: California Makes Climate Change History

Climate Breakdown Rapidly Altering Prospects For China's Yellow River

No More Doubt On Global Warming - Excellent Overview In This Article

And now a new proposal for an even bigger environmental disaster.

NOAA Researchers May Have More Accurate GHG Measurement Method

FL Red Tides Now In Their 9th Month - W. Coast Tourism, Fishing Hammered

New German Gvn Will Keep Focus On Renewables - Reuters

Polar Ice Satellite Team Desperate To Replace Bird Lost At Launching - BBC

Peru's Stretch Of Amazon River Experiences 35-Year Lows In Water Levels

Chesapeake Bay Dead Zone Largest In 20 Yrs. - 2005 Far Worse Than Feared

UK Gov Warns Corporate Sector "Business As Usual" Not A Climate Option

Excellent BBC Science/Nature Compendium On Condition Of Ice Worldwide

Seas Growing Acidity May Soften, Destroy Shells Of Marine Life - Guardian

"Sex drug better for species, too"

WOOOOOOOOO! US GHG Emissions On Track To Fall 0.3% By 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toyota Will Contract With Hitachi For Hybrid Car Motors - Reuters

Trying To Come To Grips With Environmental Effects Of Tar Sands - NYT

Guardian On "Expert Witness" Michael Crichton's Senate Testimony

Scientists Confirm Massive Heat-Caused Pinyon Pine Dieoffs In UT, AZ

Science Magazine - Atmosphere Growing Wetter, Matches Warming Models

EPA mercury limit exceeded in 21 % of women of childbearing age tested

Not yet a civil war

Palestinians try to wean Gaza children from war

Haaretz - The State of Israel versus the hyssop pickers

Israeli High Court Rules Army Use of Human Shields Illegal

Israel eases restrictions on Palestinians during Ramadan - Haaretz

The Left-Wing Gatekeepers of the American Anti-Israeli Occupation Movement

Haaretz - Withdraw and win

Abbas-Sharon talks may be delayed to November

Haaretz - The beautiful life without Arafat

Heavy Smoke before planecrash?

Giving up freedom to protect freedom (?????)

$1,000,000 Contest: Prove Explosives were NOT Used

Robert C. Koehler: Ballot And Soul

How many of our "elected" officials have researched this fraud?

Voting Systems User Warning - Hart InterCivic Ballot Now

SALON: Did a Reporter w GOP Ties suppress story that could have cost * WH?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY 10/10/05

X-Post to ERD Bush is ILLIGITIMATE. Fraud only explanation.


Beware of PURGES!

Using the "P" word

Touchscreen Voting Increases Annual Election Costs by 40%

No on first 6, yes on last 2

We need to write/e-mail prominent Democrats to oppose Schwarzenegger's

Oh yeah, arnie offers his political capital (?) to mccain

Ventura County Dems?

Couldn't undocumenteds be given a "Provisional"

LTTE: What's the 800 number for the other drivers?

Inland drivers feel rail crunch

Ferial Masry

Anti Prop 77 stuff

Iowa's top statesmen have low U.S. profile

Iowa's lead-off caucus spot is little concern

Romney's net worth, anyone?

Laptop sound problem

Question about "free Wi-Fi" usage.

Anyone know anything about Verizon Broadband service

Still using Internet Explorer? Read this from PCWorld.

Correcting the record - one rag at a time

More on Alex Arshinkoff's little (Barney) fief-dom -

He's everywhere!

Howdy, y'all.

E. TX Congressman dons Kevlar for townhall mtg. (Rita)

Calling all Texas DU'ers! RUN FOR PRECINCT CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone been to the Texas state fair this year?

Will the Patient Abandonment Bill jeopardize an HPV vaccine?

They're at it again!

Suffering from Panic Disorder, makes my life a mess. Anyone else?

Gay people come out and talk to me I want more gay friends

"Both Theories" have always been taught

Kneel Before Zod in 2008!!

Fuck CHuckie

Does this study offer insight into some of the soldiers at Abu Graib?

Kaine vs Kilgore

No Ray tonight. John Rothmann in instead *sigh* n/t

My first thread... investigating Freeperland

Coulter on RealTime

Just wanted to say that this web page....

Missile defense

Proof for the religious right that we are descended from the apes

seriously, it's way past time for a new "Prime Directive" . . .

Marine Unit Returns to Iraq

C-Span audio sounds like an echo chamber.

Rove Discussion Coming Up On C-Span.. Heads Up...

As Polar Ice Turns to Water, Greedy Eyes Get Big!

Parents attack their daughter, drink her blood

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian DUers

Some kind soul please point me to the list of those that served (Dems)

Beware of the mad red hens, with the loose lips!1!1!1

Rightwinger Writes Angry "Dear George" Letter

My response from CDC RE: Tularemia

Who is this idiot Wendy Wright on C-Span??

E-mail from Direct TV: Re: AAR

'Pro-life' Miers to be unbiased on court: ally

I Don't Know If You All Realize This,

Money for Disaster

There he goes wasting more gas

Well they dusted off the Louis Freeh book just in time.

Billy Kristol states 1 to 3 indicments for SENIOR OFFICIALS

Musharaf on Good Morning America............

tit for tat?

Israeli, American Share 2005 Economics Nobel for Game Theory Work

Top 15 Ways Bush Can Help the Country Conserve Gas (Kenneth Mirvis)

"CRIMINALIZATION OF POLITICS" (Get Ready, This Will Be The Mantra)

How can I answer this? e-mail from national review

Social Security Piratization

Robert Gould Shaw Would Be 168 Today -- Had He Lived

Hurricane Rita had 3 separate eyewalls

Freep waxing philosophical re: Rove/Scooter & Plame

There was a chain-email comparing Dem/Rep Leadership on Hurricanes

Nov 2001: Amer Airlines 587 crash question

In re Tim Russert, I wanted to share my take away moment

Miles O'Brien and Bill Nye dicussed the "angry planet" on CNN just now.

For those of you who want to have a good laugh almost everyday

Lieberman attends National Review bash

Why has the "Separation of Church and State" forum been eliminated?

Former Toad the Wet Sprocket singer... definitely not a freeper!

Life sucks sometimes

How can I find a politician's net worth?

Sexual Perversion in Rumsfeld's Pentagon

Minister Farrakhan to mark Million Man March anniversary this weekend

Before Bush is out of office who will he Pardon?

I do not hate George W Bush -- I only want the truth and justice....

You know if Bush had named Barney to the SupremeCourt

In light of a few things, can we file Rico yet?

* is going to help build a Habitat for Humanity home tomorrow

So, how long will it be before Lou Dobbs apologizes for fawning over Judy?

RANT: Support the Troops

A thought about Halliburton being awarded the NOLA rebuilding Contract

Krugman: Will Bush Deliver? (10/10 column)

Is Dell or DHS spying on you?

David Frost to join Aljazeera

Tomorrow, The Today('s Propaganda) Show will have Shrub and Laura

Dobson. Who elected him?

Does Snotty Scotty have a press briefing scheduled for today?

Which Republican would you debate on tv?

I predict a HUGE # of bankruptcy filings in the next 6 months due

Are any of you having trouble with BuzzFlash windows

Al needs Katherine.

Fundamentalists and education

The Most Important "Health-care" Question...

Interesting how nobody is covering the Pakistani quake

GOP congressional agenda stalls (Scripps Howard News Service)

It's SNOWING just west of Denver in the burbs

The Clinton Shit Was Civil Suit Based...

It looks as though 'tinfoil' Liberals are correct again

My Kids Learn About God and the Bible

Rove's Involvement with '94 Alabame Supreme Court Case?

More Rove On The Imus Show

Randi Rhodes on Coast to Coast now, 11:15am, MSNBC. nt

Mr. Bush; stop asking God to bless us

An "All Loving God?" 20,000 or more dead in quake. Many are children.

Great article on Gary Webb in UK Independent

DHS Cybersecurity Team: "It's been a mess for four years."

You Liberals need to stop Bush Bashing! AAAAAHHHH!!!!

Planning Ahead for Fitzgerald: Can DU consolidate these

So why is Congress not in session this week?

Local Christian Coalition Official Did Molest, Family Members

Long term insurance

Oregon Christian Coaliton leader investigated for child abuse

Wendy bird brain Wright, pervayer of lies & misinformation

Heating fuel $2.88 per gallon up from $1.45 one year ago

Vote for a Constitution you've NEVER SEEN! Well gee, that goes well with

A man looks sharp in uniform....Until he goes to war.

Gonzalez, 9/29/03, Fitzgerald, WH DESTROYING EVIDENCE& Indictments

BBC - Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group

Who do you think poses a greater danger: Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. or...

Kurtz: Probing Journalism, Stephen Colbert Style

person that got my wifes Foreign out-soused called her and wanted to know

AOL Poll on Louie Freeh

Has anyone ever had to report second jobs?

1956 Reasons why The DSM is Important

Roy (10 commandents) Moore's poetry....barf alert

Stop everything ... I think I hear the President

Here's the latest string of Republican lies about Social Security

It's "High Noon" folks.. and Fitz is Gary Cooper.

Max Blumenthal (Huff Po): What If Dobson Is Lying?

GM crop 'ruins fields for 15 years'

Political Chromatography of GWB

The Colbert Report starts Oct 17th (Bill O'Reilly is going to be pissed)

The Anti-Clinton Jihad

Justice Dept Says It Won't Enforce New Bankruptcy Laws

Senator Bill Frist Retiring 2006

"Psychic seeks $25 million reward for Saddam"

Lott, Now An Outsider, May Have Inside Track To Replace Frist

Bird flu jumps transmission barrier in humans - IS THIS TRUE???

The idea that God would want to be Glorified has always struck me as

One Reason for Bush to Get Impeached Now (w/ a Repub House): Pres. Hastert

One Dem. Sen attended William F Buckley's 50th celebration. Guess Who?

What were the Rove conversations...

Bird Flu -- Sorting Truth From Hype -- Recommended News Site

What does the fact that the Rs have so much power now say about Americans?

Randi is talking about her smackdown of Church Lady.

Does anyone have the 1-800 number to our senators?

What is hurting the Dems/Liberal image the most (poll)?

Trickle Down Linguistics?

*GROAN* Chimpy is in Louisana today and will spend the night

The Brad Blog: Fox Admits Backing Republican Agenda & Alignment with Rush

Does anyone else think it's time for a Populist Party?

CNN/Time: Some clues to Miers' views

Washington Hillbillies, The rePukes of Hazzard and Crawberry RFD

Some Edward R. Murrow audio

RWNutjob Pat Robertson: Disasters point to 2nd Coming

Joe Lieberman is even worse than we thought he was.

Did anyone watch Barbara Walters' party on CSPAN?

Did anyone see Alan Alda on Hardball?

Want Ed Schultz Archives?

The Daily Show finally comes to the UK

Rove Scandal: New Mysteries, New Props, New Legal Theories David Corn

Bono, U2 in Fund-Raiser for Senator Rick Santorum--Newsmax

Check out Bobby Eberle's video. He doesn't like it that Gays want to marry

Hurricane Center Has One Name Left: Wilma

The Rude Pundit.

What seems to really make the light bulb go off in Repubs heads lately

U.S. Army Holds Art Contest for Abu Ghraib Detainees (juveniles)

I'm the first to object when we bash people....

Rumor: RW columnist John Leo axed at USN&WR

DU is rated 3525 by Alexa, up 457 in three months

Bush-Be-Gone Index takes second biggest leap to record high

RW made "liberal" a dirty word/label, how can left make "conservative" bad

Scott Simon this past Sat.

OH/PA DUers! Great Lakes DU Meetup!

Oh PLEASE where is the list that Randi is reading!!!

Can we please agree to not use the term "Bush-bashing" ?

Michigan Republicans seem to be bailing on the party.

Here's the complete list of last Friday's Gas bill voters - 212 to 210

Will the US echo the failures of the British in the Middle East?

Cronyism accusation on appointment of Simonson to HEW.

U.S. cybersecurity due for FEMA-like calamity?

Here's a website that needs updating

A place in hell is awaiting those NO police who beat that defenseless

*: A Chicken Smokin' Pot

A call for congressional amnesty.

Heating power: Geothermal and solar technologies growing

PROPAGANDA ALERT: NBC Today Show Airs * Photo Op/Interview Tomorrow!

Failed talk show host Brian Maloney's pathetic blog cracks on Randi Rhodes

Today's Bushism

It's Not Nice to Fool (with) MotherNature

Mardis Gras auction update

Are you looking for a high paying position in the Bush Administration?

Randi Rhodes on Coast to Coast video available on Crooks and Liars!

Need a responce for a Thug

QUICK ACTION ITEM: Tell C-SPAN to cover the exit poll debate!!!

White House scrambling, says Fitzgerald is a "bully"

Here's how some at Free Republic are reacting to the Kristol predictions

U2's Bono to do a fundraiser for Rick Santorum?

Be prepared to sacrifice power to the Fed Govt to prevent terrorist

Can a VP be indicted?

Bill Bennett's anti-crime proposal

Is an indictment coming from Fitzgerald tomorrow? (Tues, Oct. 11, 2005)

Arab League convoy attacked in Baghdad, 3 police dead

Please DU this poll again

We're an empire now....

New twist on aid for Iraq: U.S. seeks donations

Was just told that us Bush-bashers are driving Repubs away from the pool

Human mismanagement is leading to a bloodbath for animals

Never Mind

Is Lack Of Big Media Coverage Of Oklahoma Explosion OK?

90 rebels killed in western Iraq sweeps

Who exactly is this Church Lady freak that Randi is...

The Chinese get some jobs, in exchange for our debt.

Do the displaced men of NOLA, even know that there are TONS

Probing Journalism, Colbert Style ( Promising new show to follow DAILY

Don't you see the classic SNL skit that could be born of Chavez vs Pat

Thank (insert deity here) for DU

Shield Law Sponsor Lugar: Bloggers 'Probably Not' Considered Journos

Interesting Reviews of "My Pet Goat"

DU Lou Dobb's Poll re: undocumented workers in NOLA

Venezuela Calls Pat Robertson Crazy for Claiming Chavez Sent Osama Money

Cover-up boosts fears of Bush air security flaws

Job fears? Don't open e-mail

Good to see Arlen Specters hair growing back!

The speech Kerry should have given

"Christians Reviving America's Values": ACLU protects terrorists!

Oprah's 100,000 reward leads to arrest of two sexual predators

So did aid get to Pakistan

Further proof that I was wrong in my inital reaction to the Minutemen

Animals Are STILL Being Rescued In NO LA!

Tweety, MSNBC, going off on Rove, Plame, CIA leak case.

Need help with info on health care debate!!

MUST READ article in GD-Politics: A Presidency on Life Support

Victoria's Secret Backs Down (a little) Horror continues!

CBS Evening News had a segment called 'Home front" going across...

Visit gay Bloomington

BWAHAHAHA -- Take a look at Randi's webpage

Anyone have Achilles Tendinitis?

George & the Sacred Cow Go to Louisiana for Photo-Op Number EIGHT -pix->>>

Wolf Blitzer on now talking about "End of Days"

Governors Parking Their Huge SUVs as Gas Prices Soar

Ed Schultz to Join Armed Forced Radio

Is the Oliphant


WOW - Wednesday's "Countdown" will be on "The Nexus of Politics & Terror"

Why the U.S. must leave Iraq - Sen. Russ Feingold

Tell Neil Cavuto what you think of him in person!

What's your favorite new "anti-establishment song"?

Last chance to view the Counter Clinton Library website!

Give Me Carter In A Cardigan

Rock groups should cancel touring.

If Fundies Want To Appoint Fundie Judges Then THEY Should Run For Congress

We watch FOX so you don't have to.

Is it true some feminists are trying to get Desperate Housewives pulled?

How will the indictments be announced? News Conference?

Iraq rebuilding slows as U.S. money for projects dries up - Unbelievable

Re: Avian Flu. What are every day, average citizens saying?

Help millions of people hear Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes

DEMOCRACY IS: "Committed Investment in Human Potential".

Olberman covering Plamegate as #3 on The Countdown

DSCC denies asking Hackett to drop out

A "Must-Read" Article on Intelligent Design!

George Bush: 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq'-broadcast by the BBC

Mexican "immigrants" getting most New orleans reconstruction jobs

Britain to cut number of troops in Iraq

Has the MSM ever shown a WHITE guy beaten by WHITE cops?

Question: Is mortgage elimination a scam or is it for real?

Photographs From Iraq: September 23 - October 10, 2005

crony jobs

Just sent a note to Keith Olbermann....

Sun rag sheet article about who the antichrist being in DC and who it is.

In the U.S., gloom for big papers

Was Clinton ever accused of treason or will bushit

How much "political capital" does GWB have left for the next three years?

Just got back from a Habitat build in Slidell, LA. Ask me anything!

Our local right-wing radio host said these ABSURD things about bird flu...

Revelation: Bush's "base" does NOT hate us.


Your Pick Of Bad Choices: Which Would You Prefer The Cop Deliver To You?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

We need to write/e-mail prominent Democrats to oppose Schwarzenegger's

Encampment at the White House: October 12th-November 2nd

For all of those planning to hide out during the flu pandemic;

Ken Schram ........Bad Advice To Go Along With Bad Taste

Thanks for the "Carnivale" Shoutout In Top 10!

Death Counts: Kashmir vs. Katrina

PHOTO: Watch out! He's rolling up his sleeves!!!

OK, how F#$%'d up is this?

Bush Job Approval Near All-Time Low at Rasmussen

Dubya and God's "advice"

Do you see the Republican Party in Congress moving away from Bush?

Harriet Miers' "blog"

Olbermann putting together report on "13 terror alert coincidences"

We don't know what will happen in 08

A challenge froma FREEPER

This is one scary-ass Web site

Zero korporate media coverage of Waas's National Journal Plame inv story

The Power of Nightmares - WMP codec problems

Scandal rocks New York brokerage firm

What is with people who are obsessed with others sex lives?

Is there any such animal? Gay AND Conservative?

Question about Tamiflu

Why Are Rasmussen Bush Approval Figures Always 4-8 Points High

Freeper Al Micheals has the Gropinator in the booth

Elder Bush Wraps Up Tour of Gulf Damage

I Have Arrived...I Am Home. A message from Cindy Sheehan

Randi Rhodes is a TV STAR !

The Case of MISSING LEADERSHIP from the GOP and their GOPle.

How did the gov't, Fed or State, get involved in abortion?

Are we on course or trapped in a swamp?

Anti-ACLU Sales Pitch Falls Flat!

Don't forget the National Strike November 2,2005

Let the Photo-Ops BEGIN! George Rolls Up His Shirt Sleeves --pix->>>

US abandons Saigon to Communists - Wednesday April 30, 1975

Louis FREEH and Clinton : NEW Grand Theft Election OHIO

the world needs more projects like this one!

"As Polar Ice Turns to Water, Dreams of Treasure Abound "

Question about Roe v. Wade

Letter shows aide to Cheney prodded in leak investigation

Obligatory Columbus Day Thread

Dobson vs. Doggy, or "don't sweat the small stuff"

Miers contributed to Hillary's Senate Campaign in 2000

Have you ever noticed the contrast between US and Them

Toilet Paper available!

Shrub accidentally delivers rejected draft speech!

Secretary of the Future Kurt Vonnegut on NOW: interview transcript

Iraq is a wreck. Just call it iWreck

Help! Looking for something with New Orleans

you can always blame it on the pretzel

What famous American does George Bush emulate?

Bush fitness 'superior,' annual checkup finds (repost from August)

Have US Presidents ever written their own speeches? You know,

This is the first thing that made me think, wow, bush is TOAST...

Rove/Plamegate: The Case of the Missing Notebook

Co worker told another co-worker, "REMOVE THAT JOHN KERRY STICKER NOW!"

Happy Columbus Day!

Bush: NO plans for pending crisis re: home heating oil costs

Katrina Photo-Op #EIGHT: Eating Dinner is Hard Work! ---pix->>>

VIDEO: Do you ever wonder what 2000 looks like?

Could it be...SATHAN?

American ignorance via Iraq just continues to run rampant...

Chris Wilson arrested, one felony and 300 misdemeanors.

OMG. Did you know that the RW is actually led by a few Families?

Public school uniform policies & their scope. Soliciting opinions....

Okay, folks, if the Miers nomination crashes and burns, what rabid rabbit

Squibs. Squibs. Squibs.

"BUSH FINANCED HITLER" - Theater marquee in Oakland, Ca

Fundies have to agree, O.J. was innocent

Intersting 2004 article about attempted Truce between DLC and progressives

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday October 11

Are there any Ed Schultz Dems here? Meaning...

This scared me. This really, really scared me.

X D at this UNICEF antiwar commercial

Who should the US invade next (video)

With recent anti-Internet comments from * and at least 2 false

The Police State is Closer Than You Think ..... PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Miers' Law Firm Profited from Shoddy Tax Shelter Opinions

MSNBC: Hardball !!!!

TOONs to start the week

Larry Johnson: New Republican Talking Points on PlameGate?

Bush's Accomplishments in his first year in Office

Chuck & Hillary! I Demand That You Investigate the FAKE Terror Alerts >

A friend visited his Nebraska relatives....

Unfair treatment of people in the entertainment industry

IMHO....Fuck Louis Freeh

Rand Rhodes on MSNBC NOW !!!

Wingnut Blogger Threatens to Leave the US

So Very Sad. These Marine Recruits are Totally Brainwashed: Iraq=9/11!

The man beaten for public drunkeness says he hasn't had a drink in 25

Dobson may be called to testify on Miers (What Rove told this whack job?)

95 Theses On the Nationalistic Idolatry of Churches in the United States

There goes Rita Cosby, again! Jesus what is her problem?

RIP Theodore Roosevelt Heller--- DUers please pay your respects!!!

Framing Global Warming for Evangelicals. RE: bill Moyers

ROFL: Rove photoshop from dKos

VIDEO -Hardball on Rove/Plame Part 1

Would you hire a parolee?

Battle Hymn of the Rethuglicans

Dear Ignorants; IRAQ HAD NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do w 911.

Teach both theories. Let the kids decide.

Is a Middle Class a natural occurrence in societies?

Had to share this with my fellow DUers

Stripes letters: on "Under God" in the pledge

Anyone know anything about LandAmerica Financial Group?

OMG, B*sh starts new business while in office (Warning Pic's)

what are the best senate turnover chances we have?

Is poverty created by the rich (by taking more than their share)?

Fuck workers; save the execs (Delphi bankruptcy) -- violence coming?

Sohowdidthis AndersonCooperguy managetogetajobon CNNwhen

Being terminated in Corporate America

Able Danger Secrets (Mistekenly?) Sent to Whistleblower

US aid for Pakistan arrives in ONE DAY. Katrina relief? 5,6,7 days? WTF?

Harassing Breast-Feeding Mothers Could Lead To Fines

confrontation with crazy aunt part duex... they have new denial phrase

So what do you all think of the term "Civil Libertarian"

Officials: Plan to be on your own for a week

Tommy Friedman is angry that Bush hasn't started drafting our kids for Iraq

Iran saying US not in a position to go to war with them and that

Family feels misled by recruiter - NH college student being sent to Iraq

Tolerance of intolerance: How do we deal with our range of beliefs

If I found my Uncle Sammy with his hand caught in a meat-grinder, I would

Has anyone met someone who said the Earth was 6000 years old?

Fema not going to pick up all the bodies from Katrina

It's Miller Time - The Judy Miller story keeps getting juicier. Salon

ANNOUNCEMENT; Coming Monday October 24th

Smurfs get bombed.

Levin in the WP/ Has he found the way out of Iraq?

Did you know GHWB and BABS have a 4th son? The youngest

Has it always been like this? Employee treated like criminal after layoff

Are the First Lady's Outfits Too Revealing? >>>

Harriet Miers' Amazon Review of "Supreme Court for Dummies"

Can evangelical religion be given the same respect in a free society?

Dems...Oh my..Please don't kick the Republicans when they're down.

Front Line in Day Laborer Battle Runs Right Outside Home Depot - NYT

So what happens to the Democratic Party when many on the left leave?

F*CK!!! I just saw the 64-yr-old beaten in NO!

Know your BFEE: The Secret Government

What's your default cuisine?

Does anyone cook onions on the grill and, if so,

Canning ? I would like to make spicy dilly beans.

Experimenting with lunch

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Another great Rowson TOON

Ministers ban 15 'terror groups'

Bush film-maker to talk at TV event

Aardman Animations storage goes up in flames

Japan tests supersonic jet model

Half of Senate Republicans doubt Miers

Mob boss ordered JFK hit, book says

Miller's twisted tale

'Pro-life' Miers to be unbiased on court: ally

Arab League convoy attacked in Baghdad, 3 police dead

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Reid sees darker side of blog world

Looting Breaks Out in Wake of Deadly Quake

Worries about GM rise after Delphi bankruptcy

Gore: Developed countries should do more to protect environment

Hurricane Stan wiped out parts of Guatemala.

GOP Feels Sting of Candidates' Rejection

Bush refines venerable art of presidential cronyism (Scripps Howard News)

World leaders (80 Nations) meet in effort to contain bird flu

Study: Text messages expose cell networks to attack

Boulis Investigation Dredges Up Big Names - Abramoff

Germany: Reports: SPD Agree on Merkel as Chancellor

Japanese public opposes keeping troops in Iraq-poll

For GOP, Election Anxiety Mounts

Robertson: Chavez seeks nuclear material

Air traffic retirees could hinder travel

New Orleans officers plead not guilty

Israeli High Court Rules Army Use of Human Shields Illegal


Rice to hammer out Iran strategy with UK, France

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 10 October

New twist on aid for Iraq: U.S. seeks donations

Isikoff: CIA Leak: Karl Rove and the Case of the Missing E-mail

U.S. Soldier, 3 Afghans Killed in Attacks

TIME: Bush Goes on the PR Offensive

Compromising Medical Ethics and Violating International Law?

Archive and Openness Advocates Urge Supreme Court:... (Sibel Edmonds)

GOP congressional agenda stalls (Scripps Howard News Service)

As Bush Slips, GOP Faces Major Shift In '08 Vote

Fire destroys 'Wallace and Gromit' warehouse

Governors Parking SUVS As Gas Prices Soar

Basra governor: British threatening vote

Sunnis Push Campaign Against Constitution

N.D. May Require Web Auctioneer License (to sell on EBay)

Oil-rich countries tap into new political power

Report: McCain considering White House

Lobbyists Played Role in Katrina Rescues

Top Democratic senator urges consideration of Iraq pullout

Dems Seek More Energy Assistance Funding

TIME: Rove redux (WH aides fear indictments)

Death Toll Rises for Military Reservists

WP: A Capitol Hill Presence in the Blogosphere

Bush dining in French Quarter; Hurricane recovery just beginning

'Terrorist Act' on Tech Campus

Road to secure US drivers' licenses looks chaotic

(Ralph) Reed's lobbying work troubles GOP

NYT: Documents Show Nominee's Close Personal Ties to Bush

US consulate hotel hit by mortar shell in Iraq (in Hillah)

UK troops in Iraq to be cut by 500

NYTimes: As polar ice melts, dreams of treasure abound

Boy, 9, Swims From Alcatraz to San Fran

Local Christian Coalition Official did molest, Fam. Members tell Oregonian

Delphi, GM Shares Plummet

IBM promising not to use genetic data of workers in granting benefits

NYT: Endorsement of Nominee Draws Committee's Interest

Police Shot Man Listed As Hurricane Victim

Dobson will explain Miers information

Hospital crowding keeps mentally ill languishing in jail

New York ends high alert for subway system

Health Secretary: Risk Of Flu Pandemic 'Very High'

Ex-Iraqi Officials Sought in $1B Theft

President and first lady help ‘Make a Difference' (Tuesday's 'Today' show)

Iraq losing millions to oil smugglers (2 million liters of fuel per day)

Scalia Says Confirmation Too Politicized

Iraqi govt, US push Sunnis for support on charter

Attorney: Rove didn't circulate CIA operative's name

Iraq detainees to get vote -- including Saddam

Lawyer: Taped Beating Subject Wasn't Drunk

Gasoline costs will wipe out raises, study says (in 2006)

New Orleans mayor seeks Bush's help (Reuters)

Rice silent on Syria strike plan

Miers Gets Standing Ovation at Church

Wyoming Coal Price Surges to Record

US says farewell to famous German air base

Texas Opens Records on Court Nominee Miers (Gun ownership, more)

SEALs Launching Public Recruiting Effort


CBS Poll: Fading Support For Iraq War ( 55% Should have Stayed Out)

NYT: Liberal Hopes Ebb in Post-Storm Poverty Debate

Official death toll from Central American floods surges to 763 (AFP)

FEDERAL PROBE: LV man cited in 'stolen valor' case

Bush turns to wife to shore up ratings

McCain chides Schwarzenegger over staged rallies

Letters reveal Miers' profound admiration for Bush (crush?)

Iraq rebuilding slows as U.S. money for projects dries up

Bolton Blocks UN Briefing on Sudan Atrocities

Flightplan... and spoiler. Don't read if you have not seen it yet

Who here sets off airport alarms with nothing in their pockets?

My friend really annoyed me tonight

BREAKING: Someone stole BigMcLargeHuge's ass!

BTK was probably a Republican.

This waiting is KILLING me.

I am gonna take my snarky ass to bed

Asian quake. Rescuers are trying to save people.

Anyone have any theories why so many celebs go blonde?

how about some "dance" music?

Anyone else a fan of 'History Detectives'?

We don't nominate a lot of threads here in the Lounge...

Good night, Loungers and Loungettes!

Photos from my fall walk as I play with my old camera

Ok... wanna see something REALLY scary???

"If you could do anything at Wal-Mart without getting in trouble...

Gunman Threatens Newspaper Carrier Over Non-Delivery (Florida)

I have jury duty today

For my 13,067th post - a confession

Dogs, Looking For Chipmunks, Attack & Damage Gutter Downspouts

Shaun of the Dead

Sex 'Theme Park' Set To Open

So if I throw away the free weights and increase my naptime, I'll


Here, Kitty-kitty

What was the Number One cause of death for women in the Old West?

Cool Fox and Friends just said

It's the end of the world as we know it


Got a Suprise Day Off! But it seems to good to be true......

Early Ultrasound Shows Holmes Pregnant With Tiny PR Rep

Cambodian Couple Bite Off Daughter's Thumbnails, Suck Her Blood

Abe Vigoda's status --- still alive

So ...uh ......pass the turkey and the Labatts eh!?

Now...I'm playing poker with someone named Panda-GO

this pretty much puts N.E. ohio on map of a Ghost town

Not too much going on in the Lounge today!!

Monday morning groaner!

Question for anyone who owns the "Amadeus - Director's Cut" DVD set

Cops Bust Nude Sex Offender Covered In Feces

marital arts buffs - post your fave pix of....


So, I got beat early on in the big DU Mardi Gras Auction.

(inside the DU home office)"Skinner!! We are at level ONE!!!"

Good Monday Morning, Everyone!

Gas Station Makes Mistake - PREMIUM Gas Sells For $.29/Gallon

Police Find Naked Man Hanging From Ceiling In Store

How many messages are in your inbox?

Awww! Look!! You can see the Baby Panda at the San Diego Zoo

Even Garter Snakes can be dangerous

It's OXYCONTIN time!

Appropriate topic (at least around here, since it's so cold!)

It's OXYMORON time!

I'm playing poker with a bunch of people that are grumbling

Is today Monday?

What was your last 25 songs played on iPod or MP3?

It's Edward D Wood Jr's birthday today...

How small is Bush's Penis?

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

It's beautifully crisp and clear in St. Paul today

Any Pumpkin Carvers out there?



What is the best way to view more recent messages in a long thread?

For my 13,000th post - a confession Gov't Jobs! No Experience Necessary

goodbye lounge

*YAWN* Who else has to work today?

Ever notice how the trailer has nothing to do with the movie?

This will make you cry, especially you moms.

James Brown Is Dead

If someone cannot find the building, do I have to interview them?

Pet Posting Peeves II

Nini and I made a quick escape to San Diego yesterday

Aargghh - one. of. the. worst. dreams. EVER..........

Palm Springs Holds First Mr. Gay Contest

Siamese Cat Eaten By Python (Python Did NOT Explode This Time)

David Lee Roth to Succeed Howard Stern

My birds do NOT like Michael Bloomberg

DAMN! *Smacks forehead*

Great Dog Needs Great Home ...Friendly Dog Seeks Companion...

We could all benefit from a smile.....

What can we do now?

There is CRACK in this bag of white cheddar cheese popcorn

What was the ORIGINAL ending of "The Butterfly Effect?" (SPOILER)

I want to go on one of these hikes

Cute (and artsy) pic of Tavernertoddler

Damn! has the most OBNOXIOUS free registration ever!

What's for dinner at my house tonight!

Well 45 days to go...

Declare it a national "day"....

This is post #12,000. I have nothing to say.

Do you like kitty videos?

Who else got the day off today?

Just when you didn't think it could get any worse.

George Clooney will do "Network" live.

9 Year Old Boy Swims From Alcatraz To San Francisco

Brisco County DVD's to be issued in 2006?

Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo .......Why do you build me up buttercup, baby

Did something happen to Firefox? It left my computer and I tried

TV shows others love that make you go "huh?"

Let's talk about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

"War of the Worlds" in 30 seconds - re-enacted by bunnies

Oregon DUers

Who has the internet library link?

Rant time.

Have some celebrity smilies!

Who is watching "The Hunt For The BLT Killer" tonight?

It's SNOWING just west of Denver in the burbs

Great Dog Needs Great Home #2

Who is watching "The Hunt For The PTL Killer" tonight?


Is it just me, or is Randi Rhodes

Who is watching "The Hunt For Phyllis Diller" tonight?

2005 Q Awards and the winner is................. ..............

Bob Marley Rises From Grave To Free Frat Boys From Bonds Of Oppression

Open Letter to Skinner About New DU Reorganization and the Lounge

Sexiest Baldheaded Female...

Great One hit wonder Song.

Happy thanksgiving my fellow hosers

So, yankee-types - your picks in the Thanksgiving CFL games?

Has RandomKoolzip changed your life?

Okay, this Desperate Housewives shit has got to stop....

"The Shining" as a buddy flick...

Considering getting a new PDA. Suggestions?

"Heck of a job" makes the Urban Dictionary

Koooo wookookookookoo kooo KOOOOOOOOOO

I have jugs for those who want/need them.

Can anyone think why a closet would lock from the OUTSIDE?

Goodnight all you deeyooers!

What the hell is going on upstairs?

Lazy America at its finest

I have drugs for those who want/need them.

IT'S ALL OVER!! BigMcLargeHuge just found his missing ass!

Python swallows cat in Florida backyard.

I rescued a raccoon today

Post something in Urdu.

I quit my football job today.

Love me, love me, say that you love me...

God Rebukes Pat Robertson, causes ratings to fall...

Anyone see Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight? I swear it's the only show where

Did DU go "blank" for anyone else a minute ago?

Skip kicked himself in the balls...

Dire Straits--favorite songs and/or albums

I'm sick today, should I stay home from work tomorrow?

Jude and Sienna are officially kaput as a beautiful couple

Forgive me, but I cant figure out how to get to the gallery. Help?

Jerry Falwell Wants To 'Go up in the rapture'

Hey Lounge......Please stop by GD and see my post

GRANDPA from MUNSTERS is still alive, Al Lewis, born in 1910....

Today's biggest story in the MSM? Britney pulls her bra off...

My head hurts

I just met with a painter to discuss painting inside my house

Apparently it's Columbus Day.

These two should get a room.

i hope Anderson Cooper

My self portrait!

Damn, they are already at the seventh Commandment

OMG! BOSSHOG is one of the energy conservation mascots!

A mere 20 posts away from an even 100... ask me anything!

Please cross your fingers--I might be an extra in Shah Rukh Khan's film...

Pathology O' the Week #3. CJD, or human mad-cow. Dial-up warning!

Post something in Greek

Need an update: Has anyone seen BigMcLargehuge's missing ass?

Anyone seen the movie "Control Room"?

When Bush claimed to have stopped 10 terror plans since 9/11

Las Vegas: America's most irritating city? (rant)


I Watched The Elephant Man Movie Again Today . . .

DUers, the Rita evacuee child received some packages yesterday.

LMFAO . . . damn lazy cat . . .

It's OXYCLEAN time!

I wish James Dobson were here right now. Yes, here. In my house.

I melt cheddar cheese over my ravioli.

I need your help to win the Nobel Prize

What really cute thing does your pet or pets do?

Thank you, eyepaddle, for tonight's earworm

Will you continue to watch West Wing if Arnie is elected?

Chargers - Steelers Thread,

Anyone know the politics of the West Wing Repub actors?

God told Bush to mend the tranny in the I-ROC

Zuni is back!!!

Dinner at the Prophets

What have you people done with Sundog? I havent seen him.

Do we have any Skype users here? Please stand up!

Will Pitt is a writer AND a prime minister... TWICE!


Does anyone have experience with memory foam mattresses?

DU Members' Members Pics III!

I really want a cigarette. Ask me (or tell me) anything!

Allright Lounge, Eyepaddle needs your input here

Not one, not two, but three MRIs comin' this Friday.

Help me choose my license plate

what ever happened to jpgray?

I just thought I'd make you all uncomfortable...

Detroit DUers...ready to lose to Vancouver tonight?

The cold and wet evenings of a New England Autumn provoke the

How much would you spend for a halloween costume?

Hey West Wing Fans..

Does anyone have memories of mattresses?

This couple didn't know what sex was...

So I'm downloading this printer driver...

States Ranked- Massachusetts (smartest) How'd your State do?

" Vogue Editor Hit With a Pie in Paris"

Josh Lyman is one of the best characters to come out of TV

Skip turns 34 tomorrow...I got him the Firefly Series...

I was riding on an escalator down 5 floors today and I saw this on TV

WTF!???!!??? I just turned on G4 Tech TV...

I'm crabby. I thought you should know. This is why...

Yankees down 5 to 2 in the top of the 4th... Who's watching?

A total stranger gave me 5 anti-* and PEACE buttons today because

How does my new avatar look???

I'm devastated! Tiger Woods supported * in the last election!

Go away and stop wrecking my Monday Night experience Ahnold.

What is one of the strongest arguments...

Ahem. Are potatazookas illegal?

"I used to buy weed from her at SMU"

So why is Pat Robertson supporting

Birdie loves, so I had to surrender

Can u feed goldfish food to turtle for one day? (not my pet... just

All right! Enough!

By the way, my Canadian Sisters and Brothers.

We need to erase the word "University" in this headline.

Geez, wipe off your chin, Al Michaels.

Hold my hair. I have been sick for the past three days:(

Sundog is back!!!

I like his wife Laura, used to buy weed from her at SMU...

The Great Yeast Experiment!!!

Deciding to drop out of school and work for a while.

Go Halos! Monday edition - no Skankee fans need reply to this thread!

Republicans don't care because their mothers never realy loved them.

Bring on the Angels, baby!

Bad day, bad week - post one of your happiest memories

What a Moran.

Do you know any adults who think professional wrestling is real?




Boy I'm glad sundog has left forever

my citizenship form asks if i want to change my first name

Bite Me.

OK, so JimRob spent $2033 of FR's money on porta-potties.

The Extraterrestrial Contact Act....A Bill introduced to Congress...

The BC Lions have brought new meaning to the term "Suck"

Christian Video Game Maker Doesn't Want His Games Sold Next To DOOM

You're never completely dressed until you put on your...

Guys, Domino's has a new steak fanatic pizza? That sounds disgusting.

There's nothing half so much worth doing

Veteran Comic Louis Nye Dies at 92

I am going to post something and I only want you to reply if you TOTALLY

Would some Internet expert explain this to me . . .

It's OXYGENE time!

Wish us luck. Hubby is going in for surgery tomorrow morning,

How do you report a death to your alma mater?

anyone know what kind of car this is?

So tired...diapers...burp cloths, everywhere...

Gas prices... WTF?

Sexiest Redhead Female

I made it to 100 posts! Woohoo!

Well this explains alot.

alpha male skinner in canary yellow

I am dealing with the dumbest damn Amazon buyer ever!

has anyone ever had a political dream

Speculations about "LOST" - Enter if you dare

Moon Over Montana (large pic)

Laundry question



Okay, I surrender. Battlestar Galactica is pretty f*ckin' good.

Anyone have Achilles Tendinitis?

What type of voice do you have?

I can't stand it.... Logic and stats mean nothing to some folks....

This commericial said 85% of all people don't balance their checkbooks

Choose your Halloween costume!!!

Oh for fuck's sake - now they're remaking John Carpenter films?!

OLN's coverage of the NHL, Your thoughts?

Have you ever taken the White House tour?

CA Peggy has landed.

Is Flying Spaghetti Monster related to Cthulhu?

Yankees Lose

Deep Question- Philosophical

I am convinced Rove and GOP wrote NFL fair catch rules

So, Mrs. Dave has volunteered

worst movie remake ever

Were Sugar Smack and no name no slogan thinking of us this weekend?

Are You Friends with your Ex?

Did anyone see the show on Bravo about the Red States?

Talk about drinking the koolaid:Holmes Dumps Publicist for Cruise's Sister

So, I saw "Gummo" tonight

Crawfish migration...

Am I too old for MySpace?

I'm back...What an ordeal!

Will Ferrell - funny or not funny

I need to be an SAP consultant! Tons of $$$$$$$

One stressor at a time

URGENT: Answers Needed in Wyoming Forum ASAP

DU Members Pics II!

OH/PA DUers! Great Lakes DU Meetup!

so what do you think of my new sig. pic?

Nighthawks XX (dial-up warning)

London's "Q" Awards: Oasis snags Best FOOKIN' Album / People's Choice

Have there ever been three pic threads on the front page at once?

War on Porn's first Attack

Is it illegal

Beagles up!

I may never buy blue jeans from Levis again

Funniest dog story ever. Dogs in Elk (Sent to me by a friend)

Why do they call us "bleeding heart" liberals?

Chavez cites Catholic Church encyclicals to defend war on landed estates

Is the 2000 years of peace on Earth just B4 or after 2nd Coming ?

photos from Peace Walk with Thich Nhat Hanh - Part 1

Islam, A religion or peace or not?

An "All Loving God?" 20,000 or more dead in quake. Many are children.

Spikes in the icetray

Junking science

Ancient ruins rewriting China history

Well said, Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

Sydney Gay Festival Facing New Money Crunch

Nude Pictures Of Mayor's Gay Chat Buddies May Be Made Public

Gay by any other name.....

Coalition leader faces sex abuse allegations

Some Conservatives Support Ending Military Gay

Farrakhan To Allow Gay Speakers At Washington March

No dancing and no gays if Hamas gets its way

Survey ‘casts doubt’ on recruits’ reluctance to serve with gays

National Coming Out Day Urges Gay Discussion

It is official! Kansas Equality Coalition is up and beginning!

Protesters Target Gay Pride Events In 2 Cities

Thoughts on fantasy basketball

Track in Loudon, NH flooded over the weekend

DU Fantasy Hockey Week 1 Results

Are you rooting for the Yankees or the Angels tonight?

Whatever Georgie wants... Georgie gets

Steelers (+3) at Chargers. Who would you wager to win?

Yankees at Angels tonight for all da marbles

Steeler's being robbed by officials again!

Wow... the looks on those Yankees faces

I don't understand NFL's division alignment

Ok- I think I figured out how to post photos

You have GOT to read this, I laughed til I choked!!

Looking for direction ...

Need some explanation and sites to view

Am. Atheists Files FOIA to Force WH to Release Records Regarding Dobson

I learnt a new word today: 'Atheofascist'

Golly, Martin Luther sure was an enlightened guy...

Is there anyone here

Please, Suggestions Needed for Songs for the Atheists in Foxholes Event

I love it when this happens...(OT)

Local Christian Coalition chair turns out to have molested kids.

A little holiday pleasure from Tom Tomorrow

Kerry Campaigning For Coleman In St. Paul Today

Franken was at the Aspen Conf. on Climate change

Kerry stumps for Coleman, focuses on city's future

Would any of you MA people care to weigh in

Using Our Leverage: The Troops

Feingold thrashing Kerry in a Salon interview, among other things

Kerry Still Plugging for Energy Assistance for the Poor

Lots of press about Iowa:

Kerry in Minnesota (video)

Karl Rove

You pick it (October Strength thing) Please Vote!!

A Monarch posed for me this afternoon, sooo...

Things to do

October "Strength" discussion thread

October submission thread...Strength

KOEB 10/10/05 (To Keith...Or Not to Keith?? That Is the Question...)

KO Rave in Liz Smith's Column!

KO probably wants to go to Chicago for an historic game between the

Our history is one of war

Nothing on the air :(

want a new constitution?

How about we focus less on the rhetoric of the right, and more on the fact

George Will on why Bush should not be "trusted" re: Miers

Democratic contract

Al Queda News

Pick of the week

Iraqi polls: When Should Forces Leave?


When have you ever heard of a group of leftist thugs

Bob Koehler: Ballot & Soul-Democracy Needs a Revolution Every Generation

Louis Freeh says he stayed on because he did not trust Clinton..

Look what Malkin did to Senator Reid's website with her fans ...jerk!!

How low do Americans have the bar set for their President? RE: KATRINA

Looking for stats re: cost of war in Afghanistan

Kristol: “One or More Indictments in the Next Three Weeks” LOL!!

Al-Qaeda planned to smash jet into Heathrow (1 of the 10 terror plots? )

Congressional Progressive Caucus - The Progressive Promise

GOP Ramps Up to Destroy Ronnie Earle

Hey, I've broken *'s code

Louis Freeh is Back. Time to Remember WACO, What Its All About.

this video will floor you

BBC - Inside the Secretive Bilderberg Group

bush will LIE AGAIN this week about his "PROGRESS" in Iraq

October 10th - another great day in Republican Party History

Will Katrina's Impact Be Diminished?

"I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."

Bill Bennett lies again. This time his target is...ummm...Ed Schultz

The manufacturing paradox

Watching the Kaine/Kilgore debate on C-Span 2...

Great questions about Plame/Treasongate case here at Leftcoaster blog

A real world reminder: Why we Are The Party of Human Rights and ethic

Please DU this miers petition!

Litany of woes for GOP, from Miers to Katrina, Frist to DeLay

excellent read on how Fitz can tie Treasongate to Nigeria forgery scandal

Okay - so what questions would you like me to ask Ralph Reed tonight?

when smirk honored Buckley he opened his mouth and said:

Is it important that progress for america PAC...

Surprise! Over half of US deaths in Iraq were reservists in past 2 months

For those worried about the Avian Flu

A 9/27/05 Supreme Court editoral cartoon on cronyism (prescient?)

Tell Us Who Fabricated The Iraq Evidence

U2, the Band, Doing Fundraiser for Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum

Bush Might Use Veto Power If Congress Doesn't Let Him Abuse People

Happy "Genocidal Maniac's Day"

Great Obit! Theodore Roosevelt Heller ....must read!

New twist on aid for Iraq: U.S. seeks donations (WTF???)

PURGES: Democratic Party must check registration status


Polls' printers to help ensure accurate votes (in CA)

Lott, Now An Outsider, May Have Inside Track To Replace Frist

Ron Silver nominated by Bush for board of USIP

The right wing supposed concerns about Harriet were a show for our benefit

Sam Seder are having the same argument

The biggest and best "wedge issue of all time" and the Dems

That Louis Freeh piece on 60 Minutes really bugged me

Bush God comments "not literal" -BBC News

We KNOW the Reich Wing attacked the Clintons relentlessly, but

Rove will look like the Great Pimpkin in his snappy orange jumpsuit

Will McCain lure the disillusioned righties back to the fold?

the * Administration needs to set up an account with Accounttemps

Harry Reid: Pundits say Dems have no agenda- It's a myth

A brief outline of neoconnie thinking-right from the horses mouth

Can somene help me find McCain's amendment text, i.e. torture

In `08, Democratic Party base should draw the line.


Rep. David Price and Ray McGovern in Chapel Hill tonight

Good panel discussion tonight at Chapel Hill High School

Randi Rhodes ... on msnbc/Ron Reagan show ... is she doing a road show????

What are the chances the next Pres. will be able to fix this mess?

No Evidence of Bin Laden's Death in Quake--Daily Times, Pakistan

More on the Harriet Miers Ponzi scheme and Watergate redux

Kerry Still Plugging for Energy Assistance for the Poor

"For GOP, Election Anxiety Mounts; Candidates Need Convincing for '06"

Who will the Republican Nominee in '08 be?

My Proposal for Corporate Bankruptcy Reform: Liquidate THEN Incarcerate

Louis Freeh and John O'Neill

the role tax-exempt religious orgs should play in our politics (n/t)

FOGs on the "Supreme Court" gives them the 3rd branch of our

Where's Cindy?

Ray Taliaferro is on vacation all week - fillin host :(

Lefties and moderates - can we agree on these things?

Has there ever been a study of IQ and political ideology?

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday October 11

are there "soil and oil" Democrats??

Using Our Leverage: The Troops

Critics see a spoils system in the White House

Miers' church a splinter group due to "disgreement about worship styles"

Hume: Miers Is Qualified (At Least If She Isn’t Compared to White Men)

Bush Says He Doesn't Pay Attention To Polls:

Share your story about a republican that has seen Bush is a failure

Humor - An Open Letter to G.W.

Atrios: "Tweety suddenly taking Fitzgerald investigation very seriously"

California Democratic Party unanimously tells Bush hands off Venezuela

Dean says Mehlman has nerve to go to NAACP after they let NO down.

remember the Irish woman reporter that pissed off smirk?

DU this poll: Who won debate: Kaine v. Kilgore (Va. Gov race)

What's your pet plank for the '08 Dem platform?

"Mankind must put an end to war--or war will put an end to man..."

Russ Feingold: Democrats are going along with Bush on Iraq out of fear

new repuke mantra...if its on the internets it's not crazy aunt

"A Presidency On Life Support"...from newsletter

JFK on PEACE: "...war is inevitable - that mankind is doomed..."

Is Democratic Party Crapping on Paul Hacket?

Who has a list of the 9 Senators who voted for torture?

"Bush's Veil Over History "; he signed order to keep his secrets permanent

In your opinion which of the following drugs should be legal?

Dick Morris on FOX now: No one can challenge Hillary for nomination.

Subject: Bush is ILLIGITIMATE. Could NOT win without fraud. Challenge me