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What are the chances of getting rid of Santorum in 2006?

about 20 banner-sized bush signs on hwy 41-45 north to eagle river

Congress Debating The Draft?

I saw some prune-faced repug bimbo on CNN tonight

I met my future Brother in Law tonight...and all I can say is FREEPER!!

Explain to me how racial profiling is an issue

Memo to any Kerry Campaign Strategists, re: Iraq (It's 'trust')

I just saw "OUTFOXED"


Did anyone congratulate DU for breaking 50K user registrations?

I just watched The Passion of the Christ

Latham Outranks Howard In Australia

Liberal MP says anti-Republican caucus sentiment complicates Can-Am fix

Turkey split by plan to criminalise adultery

Marine from Tampa killed in Iraq; one of 3 from same unit to die

Jaws in 30 Seconds

I can't get enough of this Stevie Wonder song

Saw the Neil Young "Rockin' In The Free World" F-9/11 CD single today

If you go to Z'ha'dum you will die

John Hiatt Fans.....Check in here ---------------------->

Fun with digital camera day 2 (pics - duh! )

Things you can get for under $10 at the George W. Bush Online Store

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Check out the poll at Hannity's website

Who would win? Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee?

Who here plays City of Heroes

Well, it happened god dammit, starting to fall for some female

What the hell is the big deal about Paris Hilton....

I need some help from a local poll.

Stuck on The Fence

A rallying cry.

SBV who back Kerry?

"Could Everyone Please Just Calm Down Out There? "--from Donkey Rising

So I guess Carville and Begala will be off Crossfire?

Great bumper sticker:parking lot organic co-op in Jackson, Mississippi...

sen. bob graham on meet the press at 12 cdt. should i stay up?

I suggested that Kerry hire Carville in June. I'm a frigging psychic.

Who is the undecided voter

Kerry Shouldn't Concede War on Terror & Homeland Security to Bush

Theresa Kerry

Kerry is being tuned out....NYT article.

Parties use Net to rally support

New Yorker: Civil Disobedience

The Republican National Convention or the Protests. Which is Democracy?

Worldwide Terrorism on the rise

Herbert: An Economy That Turns American Values Upside Down

Treason?That's right. Not spying. Treason.

In Trying Time, Scaling Down Expectations of Job Growth (NYT)


IM TV: Wake-up call to all senior citizens

From Family's Pain, Hope for Obese Youths -- today's Washington Post

A revamped tax code? No, thanks

Tax Code (Cassidy / New Yorker)

The Republican convention and the specter of dictatorship

Dual Loyalties The Bush Neocons and Israel

Their dog-eat-dog world

(Bush) A Profile In Indecision

Spinning for Saudi Arabia


This is a prime example of rude Bush supporters.....

James Wolcott: Squeamers

Question integrity of vets attacking Kerry

White Men to Return to the Cold Conversation with Bush supporters familiar

God & Dubya Have a Chat

End of the rainbow (Republican party showing its true color--white)

Any chance of thinking for ourselves?

“Insider’s News”, Vol 1.1 - Great AntiBush-Cheney-GOP Sites!

I'm a Vet. And I'm Appalled by Bush.

Bush Gets Small Convention Bounce, Leads Kerry by Seven (Gallup)

War, not sex, is the issue (Charlotte NC)

Salon: Can John Kerry climb back?

Bad credit score may affect getting a job

Remarks of Senator John Kerry -- West Virginia

A mother's e-mail on her daughter's incarceration during RNC convention

Mike Byron - Precinct Walking Training/49th Cong. Dist

ACTION ALERT! "A Plea for Help, I am a soldier stationed in Iraq.."

Interesting that the networks sent their heavy weights to cover


Did anyone see MSNBC special on Kerry, Nixon last night?

Did I hear Greta correctly?

The Truth is Crying... as the media fail America - OpEdNews

Did anyone see the Bush soundbite...

wonkette: Kitty Kelley allegations deserve as much time as Swift Boat

US recovery 'not helping workers'

How Can we Take Back the USA?

Hurricanes, Monsoons, and SST anomalies

A Leonardo da Vinci for the twenty-first century: new Tuscan plane

Inuit Elder Surveys Cascade Of Changes In Canada's Far North - NYT

El Nińo expected to develop for this winter (NOAA)

Maths holy grail may be close to being solved.

Report: Civil war most likely outcome in Iraq

We should offer help to Russia in their war against terrorism

It's the Law

Is the SCOTUS perfect and ALWAYS right?

Assault rifles don't have impacts on violent crimes

Assault weapon Ban ends in 6 days

freeper clean up needed aisle 7 (nevermind)

I'm seconding brainshrub's question...

I just switched e-mail adresses

Question about the star

Media blaster question

GD2004 appears to have gone the way of the dodo

Bug report id number: 63649 n/t

Bug report id number: 64378

the same post in duplicate forums

It is a shame to have someone saying how much fun hurricanes can be.

Explosions Kill at Least 13 in Gaza City

Breaking: Israeli fire kills at least 14, wounds 45 in Gaza

Is this not TREASON?

Rokke interview

The Pentagon's New Map: A Proposal For Restructuring The Military

Anybody see this FLASH about the Pentegon 9/11 hit?

Obama - Time for Reform: Senate Candidate Hears Miners' Concerns

Alan Keyes's paintball outing with Mancow and William Shatner

Florida Mailing Absentee Ballot Apps to Out-Of-State Property Owners

Floridians, I want you to know you are in my thoughts. I hear the water

Vote for my friend in the 37th Assembly District seat.

LA Daily News: Schwarzenegger snubs party by Anaheim contingent

49th CD - Precinct Walking Training

My Pictures from the Fair and John Edwards at Harriet Island

Dayton Daily News Reporter Slain

Specter, Hoeffel prepare for an 8-week showdown

Kitty Kelly will be at BookPeople in Austin

Question for Austin-does State govt show on local channels there?

Dallas -- great Democratic picnic today!

J/S Endorsements

Has anyone every heard of or know of the Pacific Wildlife Federation?

SBV who back Kerry?

Will you be voting "For Kerry" or "Against Bush"...???

BBV: Diebold Learns What Edison Knew: Voting Machine Sales Are Tough

I love this Muhammad Ali quote

Kuro5hin: Active Duty Military Attending the RNC

Kerry will win.

Can Cable TV Companies Tell What Channels You Are Watching?

Will you Protest if Bush wins the election...

A question for former/retired/active duty military folk

All of these environment problems.....

already spotted 2 freepers tonight..

Mods, Please Delete (Dupe)

As we approach the anniversary of 9-11, I have a question...

Which of these Republicans would be most likely to swith parties?

Anybody visit here?

Did the GOP have a "free speech cage" like the Dems?

Have You Boycotted Arnold Schwartscum Movies Yet

I think all the repugnants in Florida should be denied aid

August has highest Injury toll in Iraq, 1100, since March 2003

I am finally sick of CNN's news coverage.

What happens when the US deaths in Iraq clear 1000?

If bush said the world is flat how many repugs would start to believe it?

KKKarl Rove's Polling Pump.......................cartoon

Why the Iraq war made the world more dangerous

What will the bush say when Kerry quotes what Pat Buchanan said

Blogs from troops in combat

Mike Malloy's August Friday the 13th tirade about Porter Goss.

Quite positive story on Chavez in Houston Chronicle

The GOP is the Chickenhawk Party...Armchair patriots...

I knew it was Labor Day today. Sec. of Labor made appearance on TV

15 US Soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq in the month of September.

Uncovered and Unprecedented On Sundance Channel Tonight

Resolved: Big Media Supports Bush- Question: What Can We Do?

Cokie: "if there is a disaster in Iraq"

If seven Marines get killed and the media doesn't report it,

Is Brent Bozell behind the cries of 'Liberal' Media?

(More) Evidence that Ann Coulter has had a Lobotomy

What has Bush screwed up in just the last year, help me out..

Pat and Jerry: 9/11 (tragedy in a "blue state") was God's justice to libs

Why is it that since the 9-11 commission hearings

Sad post on an Ohio Military Moms board... really hits home

Fighting in Tal Afar, Latifiyah

Hope everyone has a safe Labor Day..Do you know about Labor Day?

Dealing w/ Conservatives who think the Christian Right is holy or correct

1st NFL weekend on CBS-Heavy promotion of "60 Minutes"?

What corporate outrage do you believe has done the most damage

If your repuke 'friends' won't believe you about the Swiftliars

Katty Kay of the BBC says American's are no longer dying in Iraq!

Constitutional War Question

should i worry?

It's not America's job to lead crusades (letter in a Missouri paper)

I know why Bush,Cheney and his gang do not use Osama Bin Laden's

Canadian Apartheid Supporter at GOP Convention!

Thanks to "The Nation" for this great link . . .

Email the networks and tell them...

Excellent Documentary today on LinkTV

TV Alert...Want to get mad all over again?

Ashcroft Interfering in Pentagon Spies Case?

You folks who are calling Hurricane Frances just a thunderstorm are idiots

So... are the press waiting for the release of Graham's book before

Mabry of Newsweek to be here& now in NPR touting new poll.

Kerry's team needs to make a commercial out of this page

Pilot who flew Bush onto aircraft carrier is killed in crash

George W. Bush-John Edwards administration? ( USA Today)

Hong Kong: A monumental right-wing failure...

It's the judiciary stupid!

Source: Bill Clinton in Operating Room

Stuck inside from Hurricane Francis, wishing FH911 was on DVD!


i hope i'm wrong...

Correspondent on CNN from Iraq

If Bush wins this election, believe me, the march to a thousand year

Dealing with a B*shbot in my dorm..

Does anyone know someone by the name of Kerry Edwards?

Boortz just said Thurlow is in serious trouble

is there a right-wing fact/fiction website?

Can anyone picture Bush on a Harley? ROFL

How can I explain to a discouraged Dem that *'s bounce is really a thud,

It's Hard to Be a Democrat.

Has anyone ever heard of or know about the Pacific Wildlife Federation?

CNN: Car Bomb Kills SEVEN US Marines, 3 Iraqi Guards in Falluja

USS Abraham Lincoln to deploy early-October Surprise?


Remember the old joke?...Dad is Capital Mom is Government and the maid

The Right has declared War on America and her Citizenry

Dean at Denison Univ.: "Take This Country Back."

TV: Clinton surgery successful -- standing by for press conference

The Russian School "tragedy" is a lie perpetrated by the Liberal Media

quick question: what's the website that shows which politicians....


Inside Republican Convention, phony assault charges against protestors.

How many here know who Adnan Khashoggi is?

To Kerry Team or anyone who can help

CNN: Kerry faced with hecklers at many stops.

`They didn't even spare one child' (a flashback from a couple months ago)

Should Kerry make 1000 Dead Campaign Topic

The Bush Crusade (Well written analysis)

America should be militarily neutral. Not isolationist.

Perle ditches his crook pal Conrad Black

Help! Looking for a quote...

PERFECT day to ask this question............

GOP Environment of Fear

Freeper Suicide Bombers who come here....

Curious about how many Floridians saw Graham on MTP.

MSNBC reports from Universal Theme parks in Orlando

I don't like it here

**Documentary Alert - UNPRECEDENTED/ UNCOVERED - Today (Sundance): 8-10PM*

Toronto Sun: Behind 9/11 Blunders

Happy Massive Corporate Profits on the Sweat of Cheap Labor Day

Bumperstickers and yardsigns - conundrum

Sludge: Source: MSNBC Prepares Clinton Obit (Just in Case)

Pat Buchanan on Al Franken now

Bush Thwarted Vietnamese Secret Plan To Invade Texas

Speaking of Sundance: Al Franken show starting Tuesday

Osama bin Ladin-you remember him, don't you?

"I'm a war time President" ?? - is this WWIII and we just don't know it?

Stars and Stripes letter: Strong (Bush) Leadership?

In Honor of the Holiday-Formerly-Known-As-Labor Day

Do we have a nickname for Zell Miller?

Annie's Koalition Kountries Page

Pilot of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" plane dead!

Clinton and MSNBC


I REALLY like it here!

More Than Ever, Business Chooses Republican Ticket

Today's Outlook section proves just how wingnut the WP has become

Interesting discussion about how it's impossible to pay nat'l debt.

Karl rove practises the art of seizing control of the images and thus

For my 1000th Post... I wish you all

Wrong war, wrong time, wrong place

How about a 527 to run Kitty Kelly allegations?

Some thoughts on Dubya.

Can the Democrats trust Carville since he is married to Mary Matalin?

Follow up to our son coming out to us yesterday.

Zell Miller Anything to win: Mirror Sites Added.

A reminder on who/what is a terrorist

"Presidential Prayer Team" almost totally ignores Clinton surgery

The more I see of Bush, Cheney, Rove and the trash they peddle,

Clinton surgery press conference thread

Anybody else seen what is going to be on the Sundance Channel tonight?

What do you think of the new Kitty Kelly book? Carville's

Israeli control of US foreign policy...

Democracy Now doing Labor Day special: Readings from


Any BBV updates in the last couple of days that I missed ?

Why can't republicans at least at like human beings let alone christians

When I went to DU's home page, this really cool ad came up:

Educate yourself about the Right

Really good review of election & GOP basically admits polls showing a big


This election is the pits

What does the future of Russia-US look like? ** Any Soviet experts here?

Chimpy still not releasing all his military records.

What's the difference between registered voters and likely voters?

It doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican!

Also another picture of Kerry drinking a beer.

How long has Fahrenheit 9-11been out?

Coup d'etat 2000: understanding what we're up against

Maybe drugs aren't such a great issue to bring up

New film seeks truth behind 1999 Moscow apartment bombings

Have you seen this movie?

I feel woozy and stiff after the GOP convention

Why Bush is a Deluded Religious Zealot

Two great letters to the editor in today's Hartford Courant!

public relations radio spots for saudi arabia?

A short summary of * in office:

Anyone seen any Kerry billboards on the highway?

These Tax Cuts - They don't add up - AT ALL!

Are the Democrats too gutless to use the cocaine at Camp David allegations

whoa!!! from 986 this morning to 993 this afternoon??

Bill Schneider: Swing voters will wait until the debates to make up minds.

Coercive technology? I see something far more scarier.

Another message to the Tweety likers

I am looking for the web site that compiles the

I have a bad feeling about the Assault Weapons Ban...

Bush and God in the fight against "tera" (looking for please

Why there will another major terrorist attack before the election...unless

Stem-cell research and Roe v. Wade?

I need links listing Kerrys achievements as a senator

Ways in which I've vented my anger and frustration at right-wingers.

mods please delete - duplicate - sorry.

Frank Rich calls the chimp a 'sissy'...........

Who will take the Oath of Office in Jan. 2005?

NO laughing at this Fox headline: "Pakistan: No New Info on Bin Laden"

TV Alert....Olberman now, at 7:13 p.m. CST

A Guy I Know Challenges My Anti W Slogan, Want to help with a response??

Okay, I've been out of touch. When did we reach 50,000?

Kerry: "I will try to bring the troops home within my first term"

How credible is Sharon Bush?

In a great mood here in Texas. Our 4th annual Labor Day Picnic was a

I have seen "Unprecedented" before...

A Repug explains the difference between his "party" and Democrats!

Anyone Hear of Johnny Cash's Banned Record

George Bush endorses OB/GYN's practice their love with


The many faces of George W. Bush

Paula Zhan

From "New Scientist": Protests WORK! Who knew?

non-Christians . . . George W. Bush says you can't be saved . . .

Joe Lockhart chides Judy Woodruff on Republican rhetoric

Patriot Act...Looking for info that it was in the wings prior to 911

Oy. Another dumb LTTE in the Journal Sentinel

Welllll! Hurricane Charley was 100 percent worse than Frances

OK, I live in L.A., but still

60 Minutes Did Not Promo Wednesday's Ben Barnes Interview???

If you are reading this on a paid holiday, thank a union

Which World Leader Creeps You Out The Most?

Bad Bill says Kelly Wallace, contradicts expert

Another tid bit from Kitty Kelley's book

Next time someone says "I don't have time to vote" ....

Anybody see this FLASH about the Pentegon 9/11 hit?

Is Ashcroft "evangelical" or "fundamentalist" and

Debunking a Kerry quote

James Wolcott on Kitty Kelley Book

GHW Bush just said

Are there single definitive sites/articles listing Bush Iraq deceptions?

is God sending US a message????

Let's play, count the tax breaks

Your thoughts on how/why caring thinking people are not progressives?

Alabama Drunken Draft Dodgers For Truth: The Real Story

I used to like Abe Lincoln until I found out he's a Log Cabin Republican

On the talk shows tonight....

What was little bush's gaff?

Kitty Kelly # 8

What do you wanna bet this guy is a Bush supporter.....

who would you rather do a line of coke with?


Have you seen the poll reported on CNN "enthusiasm" of Repug/Dems?

No Daily Show Tonight- Whassup?

Michael Moore: Not seeking "Best Documentary" Oscar

Does anyone think it is ironic

A faux faux about Jennifer Lopez, a must see, too funny...

Regarding Big Dog's Surgery

I can't get the Bush OB/GYN clip to work.

How can any American citizen of age NOT vote?

Have the new overtime laws reduced anyones paycheck ?

So now, the neocons are "meddling" in Russian business...

Ok, someone educate me on Kitty Kelly and her new book

Does anybody here actually support the One China policy?

In honor of the holiday given to us by UNIONS

Why is there no Better Business Bureau for Physicians?

Anybody Else Watching Cable News Less- And Feeling Better?

Some of the Dubya Dirt from the new Kitty Kelley Book

Hot damn....we need a Joe Lockheart fan club thread!

Christians: Please help me with this questions concerning * and Jesus

Damn, Barbara Bush got ugly over the years, she looked ok before

Are you crazy?

what is the DEAL with all the freeping lately?

Must reading to understand what is going on - by David Brock

Lucianne posts a new photo of herself!

Hey! What happened to Jon Stewart's Daily Show at 7pm EST?

Contact info to thank Senator Bob Graham

FreeRepublic's Jim Robinson on the President and Cocaine

Canceled checks, ‘float’ soon to disappear

Carville and Begala are going to be working on the Kerry campaign??

Game Mentality

NYC: Robert Kennedy Jr. and Howard Dean events at Barnes&Noble Union Sq.

bush fakes being born again to wash away all the cocaine stories

Did the bin Ladens get a plane out of the US

Ashcroft Interfering in Pentagon Spies Investigation

First They Came for the Protesters

Keith Olberman

Why are gynacoligists really getting out of the business?

Anybody see Lou Dobbs tonight?

"TANG/ANG Veterans for Truth" - an incredibly cheap video

Why Conservatives Think the Way They Do

In Memorium - since it's so close to the anniversary of 9/11

Need help chasing a quote: "Atheists can't be president." Anybody hear

Young republican possibly identified

Worst Non Union Experience You Haver Ever Had.....

Spent 18 hours with howling wind,rain....CNN says we are doing fine.

Fake Job Numbers from the Bush Administration Paint a Rosy Picture Part II

HELP--how does my son avoid the draft?

TV Alert - Greenwald's "Uncovered" on Sundance tonight

an apology to newcomers.

How many here know who Dov Zackheim is?

Just listened to Gore Vidal on the Majority Report...

Dubya Mini-Movies

Did something bad today which felt sooo good. Went to the local Barnes &

August-----" U.S. Troops in Iraq See Highest Injury Toll Yet"

REWARD: One Simple Question For W

Issues I'd like to see addressed more

Favorite Democrat President

The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004

Against Toleration: Natalie Angier reviews "The End of Faith"

"Don't vote for Bush. No. Just don't do it. I would not be happy with you.

"Post-Convention Bump(s)" | Labor Day TOONs

So what's life like for a family doctor in Canada?

Father of boy who shot himself faces firearms charge

Breaking: Hillary Clinton says Bill out of surgery and OK

Armenia to Join Polish-led Troops in Iraq (50 Soldiers!!!!! )

Pentagon to check Kerry war record- I am ticked!!

Spy inquiry refuels dispute over U.S. policy toward the Middle East

Chalabi Says U.S. Organization May Be Behind Attacks


Bill Clinton Recovering After Heart Surgery

Bush wants to shift $3.3 billion to strengthen Iraq security

Labor Targets Bush


Crucial conference on International Criminal Court starts Monday snuffed?

Treason?That's right. Not spying. Treason.

Violence May Force Iraq to Bypass Hotspots in Election

Missile defence may tie US to Iraq and Afghanistan

Helicopter missing near Chechnya

Iraq officials mistaken on capture of fugitive (Ibrahim al-Douri)

Iraqi Oil Ministry Steps Up Security Plans

Kerry campaign leadership shuffled for the home stretch

Redistricting colors congressional race

Justice Wants Airline ID Case Kept Secret

Four More Truck Drivers Kidnapped by Insurgents

Toronto Sun: Behind 9/11 Blunders

Some Missourians doubled their vote, report says

Kerry picks senior campaign aide

August takes a heavy toll: 1,100 wounded in Iraq

Self delete- Duped again

Explosion near Fallujah causes U.S. casualties

Kuwait: Fundamentalists Recruiting Teens

US wants to break up Iraq - ex-UN envoy

Tests Show Man in Custody Not Al-Douri

Latest smear alleges Kerry was AWOL with Bush

Arkansas Dem-Gaz.: Thousands of Get Well Wishes Pour in for Clinton

Iraqi forces surround Sadr office in Najaf

Learning from 9/11, Secret U.S. Watch Post Overhauled

Bush military file incomplete (9/6/04-RW Richmond Times-Dispatch)

MI5 machete attack man remanded

Yard probe into Diana bodyguard 'murder'

Ex-Ga. senator toasts Kerry, roasts Bush at labor picnic

Man arrested over GPS 'stalking'

Muslim Cleric supports targeting children

Kerry on Iraq: Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Oil Eases as Saudi Offers Crude Discounts

NYT: In Old Coal Towns, Party Labels Faded (Seelye leads w/ Bush voters)

"A Trailing Kerry Has Been There, Won That" LA Times

U.S. injuries in August hit highest level of war (around 1,100)

Source: Bill Clinton in Operating Room

Service families suffer as arms bills soar (UK)

Dual Loyalties The Bush Neocons and Israel

Bush strategists to deploy Cheney — for better or worse

Kerry: Pull Troops From Iraq in 4 Years

Allawi a Longtime, Trusted Source for CIA

Houston Tackles School Dropout Problems

Australia Govt Accused of Politicizing U.S. Trial

Kerry Will Visit Rochester Wednesday

Pipelines hit in northern Iraq

Kerry wants to pull troops out of Iraq within four years

Dirty bomb called 'all but inevitable'

10 killed in Fallujah blast, Iraq retracts Ibrahim arrest claim

Poll: Most Find Satisfaction in Their Jobs

Unmanned U.S. Spy Aircraft Crashes in Iraq

Intelligence Changes Stymied by Turf Wars

Annan Welcomes Release Of Anwar Ibrahim From Jail

Monday Rasmussen: Bush 48 Kerry 47 - Bounce Fades Further

Unions get out message during Labor Day party

Kerry on Iraq: Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time

MSNBC posting phony poll baloney 4:48pm eastern

CNN: 1,000 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

CNN: Gallup poll shows Bush Bounce at 2 points.

Civilians killed in attacks across Iraq

Saddam's Baath Party is back in business

Musharraf: Most Pakistanis Want Me to Stay

Clinton Urges Kerry to Sharpen His Attack

Effort seeks to turn out Indian vote

Injuries leave recovering soldier in Army medical limbo (Injured May 5)

NYT: ...Scaling Down (spinning) Expectations of Job Growth

Chinese commerce official says GM has no grounds for piracy complaint

Rebels set deadline, quote $5m ransom

FBI probes possible Pentagon leak to Iraqi exiles

Iraq group sets ransom, deadline for French release

Detroit Terror Case Shows Snares

Number of foreigners taken hostage in Iraq tops 100

Breaking: Israeli fire kills at least 14, wounds 45 in Gaza


Rally Offers Putin Support Over Hostage Bloodbath

More Than Ever, Business Chooses Republican Ticket

Doorknob swabs challenged as invasion of rights (Drug tests on doorknobs)

'Political arrests' in Iraq condemned

Nearly half of Kansas House races uncontested

Experts: Capturing bin Laden won't end al Qaeda threat

Iraqi Militants Abduct AFP Reporter

Iran Wants Dialogue to Resolve Nuclear Standoff

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (Lest we forget)

Kerry, Bush trade barbs on Iraq

Warplanes hit Fallujah targets after death of 7 marines

NIH Proposes Free Access For Public to Research Data

Latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll gives Bush only 2% bounce!

Less abusive interrogation producing more intelligence, U.S. general (says

9 Accused of Looting in Frances' Wake

Rocket scientists take their best guesses on Genesis ("sun sample" probe)

China to have 140 mln cars by 2020

Najaf protesters want Sadr out

Bush Backers in Wisconsin Say He Is Decisive in War

Bush's real advantage is Kerry (Novak... But the LBN is Novak's Son...)

Leading Russian journalist 'poisoned'

Israeli spy satellite falls into sea

Perle Asserts Hollinger's Conrad Black Misled Him

Ohio and Pa. electoral votes up for grabs

Remarks by the Vice President at a Victory 2004 Labor Day Picnic

New Atrocities Reported Throughout Darfur

Suspect(Russian school killings): We wanted to start a war

DOJ Asks Court for Secrecy In Suit

Oregon Guard recruitment hurting

Ten specious fallacies on current world's high oil prices (Chinese View)

Muslim and Arab Media Denounce the Killing of Innocent Children in Beslan

. States Still Reeling from Ongoing Fiscal Crisis (Bush Tax Policies)

Explosions Kill at Least 13 in Gaza City

Bush Reiterates Call for a Simpler Tax System (Flat Tax)

Head of OPEC predicts price drop soon

Chalabi nephew loses Saddam trial role

Have you seen the poll reported on CNN "enthusiasm" of Repug/Dems?

Chilean Dictatorship's Victims Go After Pinochet's Lawyer

Frances Damages NASA Space Center

Japan to host Iraq donors conference October 13-14

Violence May Force Iraq to Bypass Hotspots in Election

“Suspicion” of CSIS and RCMP evidence

Marines dead in Fallujah ambush

Arizona's growing Latino vote looks to be going Kerry's way

U.S. accused of disrupting talks on French hostages

US military has intelligence breakthrough at Abu Ghraib prison

Dean: Take this country back

Cheney's Praise of Bush Takes a Dig at Clinton (and Reagan)

With bills to sign, Schwarzenegger faces questions about donations

Condit suing over stories linking him to Levy's disappearance

Bush Lauds Strength of Economy

USATODAY: Kerry makes push for contrast with president

Fewer Texans support war, poll shows

US death toll in Iraq nears 1,000 as seven more die

Labor Day Concert Honors Working People (Willie Nelson, Danny Glover)

Edwards talks Canadian trash during Michigan campaign stop

Outside Expert Did Business With Dictator Riggs Bank

Patients pay price for public hospital care

Pakistan says US claim that bin Laden near capture is politicking

Thatcher coup plot questions delayed/family home put up for sale

Eleven shot, one stabbed during party in Virginia

Two Political Ads Share More Than Fame and Controversy (Swift/Willie)

Angry Putin rejects public Beslan inquiry

`W stands for wrong,' Kerry says

Editor of Russia's Izvestia Steps Down

Bush links to Saudi royals resurface in new book

Extending The Axis Of Evil? (admin hawk warns of more preemption)

Iraq extends al-Jazeera ban and raids offices

Polls: Young fear return of draft

Big Clinton Role in Kerry Campaign Is Seen as Unlikely

Pollution 'triggers leukaemia in children'

Smokers 'should not get NHS care' (UK)

Labor Day Front Porch Event (drunken Bush supporters heckle 70 yr. old)

President Schwarzenegger? Some GOP delegates liked the idea

Torture in the Redwoods (protester's day in court - pepper spray assault)

Bush Fires Back at Kerry Criticism

Michael Moore to pursue best picture Oscar

Putin Criticizes Bush, with a Warning

Anti-Blair move legal, lord says

China to invite bidding on nuclear power plants

New Iraqi Prime Minister Longtime, Trusted Source for CIA, MI6

Bush took cocaine at Camp David

U.S. Oil Firms Entwined In Equatorial Guinea Deals - Riggs Probe

Former reserve colonel criticizes Iraq war

Mark Thatcher faces court over 'coup plot'

Barry Manilow fans check in!

I got a freeper hate e-mail telling me to shut up

Metallica's cover of "Breadfan" might be the best metal song ever.

Rest in Peace Indian Larry

funniest. Article. EVER!!!

Only time I feel the noise is when it's good and loud...

most disturbing PSA Ever

Damnit, I don't know how to vote is this poll

Help DU a Photo Contest

My family makes me feel so single.

anyone else having trouble with KGO streaming?

If you like CSI and get Spike TV then you're going to be in Heaven

Muppets top poll of Britain's favourite TV boffins

On the bright side

i put my name in google and lo and behold.....

I saw "Garden State", ask me anything.

This is the kind of thing that embarrasses me as a liberal

Frances is making me feel like Nicholson in the Shining!

I'm feeling very mortal today.

Anybody know how to contact Donald Trump?

Argh, the burning and itching and irritation! I need soothing relief!

This bed is on fire with passionate love......

Explain to me how racial profiling is an issue

What is wrong with this picture?

Since I'm stuck working today: You are all required to AMUSE me

Annie Hall Eggs Joke?

JEOPARDY! returns tonight

Took a direct hit from Frances

The best thing about being the only person at work today

Do you ever get a weird twinge right *here* when you read a post

Everybody's gotta watch ESPN until you see the promo for "Hustle"

BIG Laugh: The Good Roger Ailes on CNN Hurricane Coverage....

Is AAR all reruns today?

Yard probe into Diana bodyguard 'murder'

So I rode my bike like it was a sailplane...

Kitty Cat Countdown!

Sailor WHAT??!!??

Since I'm not working today, you are all required to ABUSE me

How do I get "Kiss them for me" out of my head Siouxsie?

happy labor day, DU....

what's up(or down) with the price of gas in your area?

CAPTION the airhead

Floridians: If you can read this post -- Do you folks need anything?

I am the teat of Democratic Underground...

The girls today in society.

"Rodney Dangerfield to Recover Fully"

YIKES! I take this as a bad sign

Does the Lounge need more Kitty Threads..?

Franken a repeat - Who should I listen to this morning?

Gratuitous KITTY porn. Witness the horror!

I almost posted that Marlon Brando died....

Oh no, a Lynndie done on my favorite soupwagon's menu page

So someone messed with my truck

Just starting to listen to metal...

Is there software that will get rid of CoolWebSearch and other...

If Clinton really want to mess with the holy rollers

Help debunking horrible anti-Muslim quote at you-know-where

Are you mocked for your paranoia about freepers messing with your car?

Radar Image of Frances

Man I just can't stop surfing DU there a VET in the joint? Baby quail chick in dire straights..

I'm leaving town for a few hours. Don't play with the grill,

DU Labor Day barbecuers - Check in

Twins - separated at birth?


ZombyCoffee: Labor Day Union Blend!

Can You Complete this Phrase: "BHA means..."

Anyone with "Bush" in your name "We made the list on a right wing website"

Let's Settle This Debate: Astronauts or Cavemen?!


speech from the "American President" should be Kerry's rallying cry

Hurricane Ivan tracking models shows disturbing potential route

I've got a picture question

Something amusing I found

Post your pics of Gefilte Fish here!

Seinfeld marathon on TBS

I have this problem with my mom...(sorry for the vent)

Irony-Right Wing, Limbaugh-lovin' boss gave me a raise for Labor Day!

music fans: just returned from a festival

Wow--21 new DUers since 6 AM AZ time.

DUers who have seen the movie "Hero". A question (possible spoilers).

Bush Thwarted Vietnamese Secret Plan To Invade Texas

Did Mary Matlin Botox the enitre middle third of her face?

Who would win in a fight: Caffeine Junkies or Nicotine Addicts?

Dog, The Bounty Hunter

I'm Big Mouth Billy Bass. Any requests?

Wow.....what a night....

I placed myself in a self-imposed Blackout"

Anyone else dig Bert Ambrose and the Ambrose Orchestra from 1920s, 30s?

I placed myself on a self-imposed DU "Beigeout"

This Labour Day, I give you...Emma Goldman!

Question about DSL's?

Dishonoring our military

Who let the dogs out?

Peasants! Entertain DUer mkuhl while he labors on Labor Day!

Crab Cakes, salad, margaritas and Jimmy Buffett on the stereo!

I've used the "alert" button many times today.

Where's the Chicago gathering recap?

Program to capture streaming audio on Windows XP machine?

The good ol' days

Is "our nation's debt to Secretary Rumsfeld" like a student loan?

To Zell with the ejections!

Personally, I find Apolitical people far more repugnant than Freepers

To hell with the elections!

Anyone else having trouble getting into GD:2004 and other bugs

How do you try to comfort someone who thinks that they have no friends?

Actor Gandolfini Hit By Drunken Driver

I don't like it here

Faced fear today...

Wouldn't it be cool if the Dems had an October Surprise, too?

Democrats who have golf fundraisers

I placed myself on self-imposed "Dewar's Blackout"

Watching The Dead Close Winterland at work - ask me anything!

Movie sign!

I placed myself on a self-imposed "DU Blacklist".

I bought a gas grill! Ask me anything!


Pheasants!! Entertain DUer mkuhl while he labors on Labor Day!

To hell with the erections!

Thanks to all who posted on the "I'm the face..." thread

Observation from a long week-end of football watching

I'm proud of my smart little girl

Anyone watch the telethon?

I love it here

Quote of the Day: Charlie Rangel on Zell Miller....

okay, everybody go hug your cat/dog

Assesing the Mess of Tropical Storm Frances in Gainesville, Florida

Ay, papi.

I think I owe Catwoman an apology.

Massive Kool-Aid swilling on C-Span

I love you, Valium!!!

OK, going to run for 30 mins...

Two Muppets named top scientists


Is there any way to do this? (web design question)


I'm working on Labor Day. Ask me anything.


Anyone else like the band "Garaj Mahal"?

Exclusive picture of Chimpy at Camp David !

Have you seen this movie? The MO if MI

question about an insect (katydid?)

ATTENTION DU, My 1000th Post!!!!!!!!!! (please read)

Bush & God in the fight against tera. (Looking for please)

Who's played the "Chicken and Eggs" game

A Kerry TV commercial I just wrote.

Idiotic bumper sticker I saw today

If you can take it, Bush is in a full body sweat live on CSPAN

I just sent my son off to college *snif*

Does anybody have a spouse that is apolitical?

Pickles and Tommy Franks sitting in a tree........


Breaking: Iraqi insurgents want ban on subtitles (BBC)

I'm NOT leaving DU.

I won't leave DU until

Nope. I ain't a gonna leave.

Does anybody have a mouse that is amoral?

What do you see with?

M M M My Sharona

Update on my friend who has breast cancer

GWB: "I Am A Gay American!"


I am leaving DU....

I'm thinking of leaving DU...

I was going to post some Rimjob nonsense from the Clinton years about ...


Ultimate Spoiler Thread - Either check it out or run away like a girly-man

Hey, look yonder, tell me what's that you see

If you're thinking of leaving DU,

What's you favorite "Loony Tune" or "Merrie Melody"?

What cell phone plan do you recommend?

I placed myself on a self-imposed "DU Blackout"

With the mass exodus on DU


Just watched "OutFoxed". Scary, but hilarious!

fascinating: original inhabitants of America came from Australia

What's with all the DU-exodus-related program activities?

I'm practicing loving with my DU.

I will never leave DU!

I'm on work day eight of ten in a row, ask me anything.

ok, lest end the debate now

I've had it. I'm leaving DU too.

Question about DSL/cable

Look into your wallet or purse or desk,


Does Anyone Have A Good Recipie for Chicago Style Pizza?

Do you get a charge if your thread says "[View All]"?

I start school the day after Kleeb, ask me anything

SAD = Sold on ebay family organ from 1950's I had lessons on it in

I'm considering the possibility of thinking about leaving DU.

Watching 1981 NCAA sweet 16 between BYU and the Irish (ESPN Classic)

Anyone else living the literal meaning of "Labour Day"?

ok, another 80's show Vs. Poll

Home Makeovers

The Vandals finally struck......

Yo, Finnfan! Did ya catch this thread from earlier today?

Who remembers the 1985 film comedy, THE SURE THING?

If there are any more kitty threads,

I'm also Leaving DU

Forgive me DU, for I have sinned.

CAPTION these two Democratic heros!

Is there a new episode of the Daily Show tonight?

Okay, I've been out of touch. When did we reach 50,000?

Whose civilization was better?

What is your opinion on chickenhawks?

When was the last time you saw * comfortable on stage with

Anybody in Vero Beach, Florida?

Help!! Need information on making jelly!!

Feline royalty

Barry Zito is cute

Does this picture bother anyone else?

I'm off, and i don't know what to do with myself!

Victor Ashe? Chimpy has very odd taste in men...

I wish someone in the media would tell the TRUTH....

Eliot Spitzer on CNBC

it has come to nothing.

It's been 0 days and 0 hours since my last copycat post. I the least musically-oriented person on DU?

It has been 12 days and five hours since my last...

Post #667

Typical. The media can't tell the difference in a rifle from a shotgun.

National Memorial Procession: October 2nd 2004 - Washington DC

Home Beer Question: Cans, Bottles or Kegs?

Any Finn Fann fans on this forum?

Found out my son is a neo-con Repuke!

whoisalhedges is back. Where the hell was he to begin with?

Any HEyHEY fans on this forum?

Dial "056" for Murder

It's been 12 days and six hours since my last copycat post.

It's been 7 hours and 15 days..

I wish there were a way people without families could find each other

If you belong/belonged to any UNIONS, check in!

Boooo!!! Anyone see this "" commercial?

I just cooked the best burger

A real marijuana arrest story that happened to a friend in Utah...

Anybody only has friends with fins?

Went to the Nixon Museum & Birthplace

The Polyphonic Spree?

Go buy the new People Magazine...(An "I'm Tired" Ramble of sorts)

The future's so bright, they've gotta wear shades.

Have any Republican buddies?

From the bowels of my LP collection....

Samba Pa Ti

dumb question for women re: men's casual summer clothing

I just finished doing it! Ask me anything!

Another * moment...... fit for CAPTION


Can you and your friends drink $4500 worth of booze in one night?

Dubya Jeopardy

I need help! I practice my love with box turtles

Any Neil Finn fans on this forum?

Oh no! Look at this pick of Blue-Jay and his new friend

May I practice my ZombyLove with you?

Labor Day Rally in Tucson!! -Lots of pics of marchers/Az reps who attended

I love my new 'French' Car: Ask me anything

If Ann Coulter falls in the forest & no one's there does she make a sound?

Any Finnish fans in the Forum?

DU Women: What must I do to be that creepy guy in the bar?

How to keep a republican occupied for HOURS...

Screw you guys, I'm going home.

Today is labor day. So what are you doing?

I hate you

Favorite Cartoon Babe

update on rescued kittens- free to a loving home (Nashville area)

Rabrrrrrr's Labor Day rant against our immature psychotic fake president

Vijay Singh overtakes Tiger Woods as #1 golfer in the world

If you own a house, is it adequately insured?

A poem by GWB...Make the Pie Highter

What would be a good title for a sitcom about the Bushies ?

What Civ civilization is best?

Surprising Tribute (sort-of) to My Dad, Who's 65 Today

I start school tommorow, ask me anything

How many Otaku are on this board?

Who are these wild-eyed liberals? Step right up and take a guess!

Favorite summer song

Where Do You Shop For Your Clothes?

Big Pet Peeve for me: backhanded, nasty compliments.

Daryn Kagen and Rush Limbaugh???!!!!????!!!!

Has anyone read Crisscross Double-Cross

What's the album that changed your life?

MoveLeft Media now has RSS Feed.

Family raises money to send obese children to weight-loss camp

Should I send money to Mark Yannone?


14 Children and Pregnant Again

Celebration, Florida - Ultimate low in branding, or a positive turn?

who would win in a fight, the Sex Pistols or the Ramones?

I don't know. I just don't know. But it sure is funny to CAPTION

CAPTION this bunch of schmoooes. The laughing idiots.

Yet another chimp moment..... CAPTION it...


HELP!!!! Two close friends arrested for possession of marijuana! plz help

Heard something about how nurses and teachers can't afford homes.

Who gets the most love with women?

I just can't stop laughing about W's OB-GYN "Bushism" today..

Gooooooood morning over theeeeeere!


Bush took Cocaine - Bush took Cocaine - Bush took Cocaine

Caption this great Hurricane Frances shot

"George W. Bush: All Conservative, No Compassion"

Faux "Big Story".. outrageous bias.

On Senator Graham's book, if they try to destroy him like they do

Is there proof of any of these Kitty Kelly allegations?

What if Kerry wins the electoral vote but not the popular vote?

C'mon, it's easy - repeat after me - Death By 1000 Cuts

Based up on the standards used to give the swift boat vets a platform. . .

It's Better To LOOK Like Something Than To BE It

where is a link to the "fastone" Bush did on Friday with Medicare

ACLU anti-patriot act ad

Converting US Dollar value from 1850 to 2004: Anyone know how to do this?

The Campaign As A Football Game

"Clean Step" tax simplification: retort to Flat Tax nonsense

Does Kerry Watch Bill Maher's Real Time?

Anyone know where I can get 100 Kerry/Edwards stickers...

Can anyone find a photo of Mary Matalin on Meet the Press?

Presidential Debates

Kerry will win.

Yikes! I just posted my Bush Nazi rant to the Kerry-Edwards Forums!

Clinton's illness could be asset for Kerry campaign

This is odd. Is this the same James Bath who served with Bush?

Kerry HQ, McPherson Sq.- way 2 recall huge Co-op oil refinery

I can't believe a Club for Growth ad quotes Dylan to attack Kerry

I wonder if president Stupid will "celebrate" 9/11?

i put my name in google and lo and behold.....

Kerry MUST win! Pure and Simple...Get It? Got It? Good.

Kerry told to fight 'Bush bounce'

Gary Bauer drops the F word!

How long before Freepers try to connect Kerry to the

Edwards in Stevens Pt. WI vs Las Cruces, NM....what a difference!

Pentagon to Investigate Kerry's War Medals

RNC Delegates out-of-touch with America

One last question for Bush

Please DU this poll (Who are you going to vote for president?)

In 2000, GOP paraded their diversity - Now Shows their True Color, WHITE!

Now is when we really need our 527s and 501cs

Clinton Tells Kerry From Hospital Bed: STOP TALKING ABOUT VIETNAM

K-E must stand for getting integrity back into the political process!

Black Commentator Audio: The Myth of GOP Outreach to Blacks

How will the freepers react if Bush loses?

Bush is losing the war against terrorism

OK, Why is Kerry's Behind the Scenes stuff in the press???

Kerry MUST be more aggressive

Military moms/wives in swingstates could be very key...I've been

Next President to Face Pressure on Taxes

Seven more dead today. Kerry campaign- please find the picture of

Republicans believe with all their hearts that America is

Nobody likes a secret government..We need to attack on this

Does anyone know what the average daily arrests are in NYC?

How they fool you: Rasmussen says it 48-46 Bush; it's really 47.6-46.2

I need a GNC/DNC fact

The GOP’s MIAs (Rumsfield, Powell and Rice)

Bush's definition of small business includes himself and Dick Cheney

God o'Mighty...7 Soldiers Killed Today...

Where's the polls that say * is behind swftie ads?

1001 Things to Hate About the Convention

Bad news thread

I saw one of John and John's secret weapons on CSPAN yesterday.

Storm is over - Bush Lies Radio back up!

Susan Estrich rips Bush with a vengeance

Will you be voting "For Kerry" or "Against Bush"...???

Would someone PLEASE look into outsourcing?

3 small steps for Kerry, 3 large leaps for America

993 dead people

*Unprecedented* and *Uncovered* both showing on Sundance TONIGHT

Polling 101 And The Bush "Bounce"

Keep in mind. Would an incumbent "war" pResident, that was

It just doesn't add up

Sick Letters to the editor I woke up to this moning:

Has Bush or anyone clearly a part of Administration/campaign

A question about AWOL

You want the TRUTH on Chimpy's service records?

Kerry should put out flip-flop ads on Bush.

Can we do anything to get FOX News off the air?

John Sasso: 5 reasons Dukakis lost.

Buchanan said the Repubs were successful in NY because they ignored press

Muslims push voter turnout

A few thoughts about the campaign

Bush is incompentent print ad here!

I am ashamed of some of the American people....

Maybe someone in the media decided to play some hardball!

Who Is Howard SHELDON & Why Is He Saying JK Will Win TWO Terms?

Why can't Dems use Labor Day to win votes?

Attn Mid-Atlantic Clarkies!

I'd like to help out a new DUer, NuOrder. What do you guys think?

"The thing about a bounce is, it goes up and then it comes down"

Swiftie Roy Hoffman Ordered War Crime, 2 Witnesses Say

Anyone have link for Bush seeing Americans as 10 year olds?

I am Working the Kerry Campaign for His Visit to GSO,NC Tomorrow!!!

The GOP couldn't find one Iraqi to endorse Bush's illegal invasion

W is for Wrong

Commit these numbers to memory from the state of the union

"Coke Dealers For Truth"

Atttacking Bush's perceived strenght - he sticks to what he

Annoy the Saudis. Vote for Kerry.

What's the fastest way to get a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker?

Arnold LIED at the convention!!!!!

Got my Kerry kit the other day ...has anyone seen the debate and platter

We are not stupid; we will win

Union Investigating 'Steelworkers For Bush' Supporters

Daily Howler claims we're close to having a state-run media

Rightwingers Now Dominate and Manipulate the Media

Howard Dean | Labor Day

Is Bush Blackmailable? A threat to National Security?

Election Math

Thom Hartmann made a great point

Alan Keyes gets booed at Labor Day parade

Did anyone watch Pat Buchanan on C-Span today?

Will "Combat V" error sink the "SwiftVets" boat for good?

I hope to God someone is going to do a "flip-flop" ad ....

Computers have made us the media

OK -- what's OUR "October Surprise"?

TV: Clinton surgery successful -- standing by for press conference

To Kerry Team or anyone who can help

Why hasn't Bush used that "Carrier Landing" in an ad?"

Who knows anything about the right wing group protestwarrior?

CNN: Kerry faced with hecklers at many stops.

Anyone have current email addy's for Carville or Begala?

I would love to see a Campaign ad like this:

boycott TV news. . .?

NBC's The Today Show (Lauer and Scarborough) GOT THE MEMO!

Kerry says "W" stands for WRONG in West Virginia today

new slogan being released today "W is for WRONG"

When is the Gallup poll out?

When does the slander against Sey Hersh and his new book start?

Why is FOX the only one showing Kerry live right now?

"W" stands for "wouldn't be prudent"

election officials fighting in Maryland - who will win?

CNN shows Kerry responding to a heckler -- but where are Bush's*?

Daily tracking poll: Bush 48% Kerry 47%

Question for Bush during a White House press conference

Does anyone believe those Newsweek and Time polls anymore?

Why is media reporting an "11-point bounce" instead of "11-point lead"?

A Kerry rally will be on at 7PM EDT, Labor Day, on C-span.

Kerry Campaign Shake-up

Will the house slaves become fall guys?

Rebutting Zell's List

A good website for voting activism. Good forum as well.

I think a 527 Ad

Why hasn't Kerry used that "Carrier Landing" in an ad?

Al Gore reads truthout and truthout makes the New Yorker

Bush supporting Miller... unbelievable.

Let's put Kitty Kelly's book on the NYT best seller list. . .

Say it loud, "Bush is Dumb De Dumb Dumb!"

Congrats To DU Bulldogs Who Overruled Dem Pols & Shook up Kerry Campaign

1000 US troops dead in Iraq by 911; do the numbers

In case anyone was wondering, mainsteam media SUCKS

Electoral Map of the World

Hello, traditional start of the campaign season!


Simple Way to Fight Back

"We're Democrats--we have to believe in Jesus!"

Don't let the media kill the morale!

Ted Rall nails it: "George and Adolf's Permanent Revolution"

Did the RNC copy Bush's speech platform from JK's...

Bush REALLY AHEAD BY 5, says Rasmussen, - own poll distorted

Have any of you read this? (To Whom it May Concern)

Chavez victory due to voter-verified paper trail . . .

The "multiracial" Republican convention reminded me of these Bush quotes:

I see a lot of posts trying to get Dem's hopes DOWN. But really...

What's scares GWB the most?

MSNBC has trailers of Anti-Bush, Anti-Faux films on website Had Kerry Up in CO 52-47 In Yesterday Post

Take this Zogby poll now!

I like Kerry... but, honestly, I despise Bush

DU this Zogby Poll

On CNN: Gallup Poll: : Bush 52% Kerry 45 %.

Monday Rasmussen Bush 48 Kerry 47 Bounce Deflating

"W" = Wrong

I'm feeling new energy

What's the best defense to this current add?

Why do people keep showing up asking us to "DU" Zogby polls?

Gallup-History shows Kerry should win

CNN Reporting new Gallup numbers - Bush Bounce only 2 Points

Lest we forget!

My idea for a DNC ad

How Kerry's % of undecided voters impacts his chance of winning

Rassmussen translated "Don't panic when Bush is up by 4-5 again"

CNN -- Bush only 2% bounce

THE book - Holy Guacamole!

I heard...

If Bush's Secret Service knew there was a plot to assassinate Kerry,

Rasmussen: "Time and Newsweek included too many Republicans."

So What Are We Going to Do About the Debates and Their "Spin"


What both parties never offer us to save our Social Security benefits...

Bounce Disappears: Kerry, Bush Tied in Tracking Poll

CHEERLEADING may have worked for the President in college ...

Polls INTENTIONALLY manipulated?

Bush's Simplified Tax Code -

Please stay "Negative" Kerry

Kid, I know JUST how you feel.....and Bush leaving the mental hospital

Joe Lockhart Rules!

Mike HucKleberry for Congress

INTELLIGENCE MATTERS is up from 49 to 21 today! Go DU!

MSNBC posting phony poll baloney 4:48pm eastern

did I hear begala and carville are on board?

I hope Sharon Bush goes to the French Riviera for a year...

Now we know all of Clinton's drugs...Heparin, Plavix etc etc

News reports, public record contradict new right-wing 'Willie Horton' ad

Can Bush categorically deny Kitty Kelly's allegations? If not, then

Pakistan: comments about imminent binLaden capture are POLITICAL

Kerry Highlights Plan to Keep and Create Jobs in America (Press Release)

A high-tech question for Kerry and Bush

US military strategy in Fallujah being dictated by election politics....

Anyone Just See the GOPiggie Apologist on Crossfire

How to spin that CNN poll that has Bush up by 7

Out of Iraq in FOUR years.... maybe???

Carville on Crossfire is saying

Edwards in Ohio Tuesday (press release)

Re: Kitty Kelly's book:We should go for a "wash" just like the GOP did

I was noticing the similarities to Bush and Nixon:

Gallup/CNN/USAToday - Registered Voters Bush 49 Kerry 48 - a DEAD HEAT

Carville just asked about Kitty Kelly's book on Crossfire.

Clinton Urges Kerry to Sharpen His Attack (!)

Why do people still support Bush?

Just finished reading Bob Graham's "Intelligence Matters"

maybe we should lay off bashing Bush

Clinton/Gore = 8 years brought us 20 million new jobs. Bush lost 1 million

Big holla to NYC protesters

Well, the freepers are now aware of Dubya's Coke at Camp David, Linked at

Bush 2 Point Bounce - Smallest for Incumbent In History of Gallup Polling

Team Kerry gets its act together...

Will Iraq have a "Tet" offensive before the election?

OK DUers, time for the "guilt trip"!!!

How can they poll the people without a phone

Is anyone else hearing this Republican stem cell lie?

This article nails it: dishonesty and a dark future

Poor Georgie. He couldn't relate to women unless he was loaded

Is Kitty Kelly Really

White House says book is filled with "same trash discredited years ago."

It was good that Newsweek and Time skewed their polls...Very Good!

"Outrageous allegations"?

Have you donated to the Democratic Party this year?

Now THIS is interesting--bush by the numbers: 4 years of double standards

MSNBC bush bounce survey

Check this out:

Another strategy for mining votes for Kerry / or non-votes for Bush

The Rove trolls are telling us that Kerry should not talk about Viet Nam

Bush WH removed all the Iraq stories

Deleted message

Has Kerry played into Rove's hands?

Bush and the UN...

Refute this RW Talking Point: Kerry spent entire DNC talking about his

Question: Has there ever been a real "backlash" against negative attacks?

Jeb + hurr. conditions: His guilt

"No matter how many times Senator Kerry changes his mind, it was right...

HAHA. John Kerry says Bounce doesn't exist

Remember when Poppy showed us the bag of coke on TV?

George Bush Skipped his flight physical -- after drug testing became

My unofficial TX poll

SLUDGE has "Bush took cocaine at Camp David" story up

Lou Dobbs question. 96% say they've already made up their

We were attacked on his watch - what better point to go after him?

New Rasmussen numbers from Michigan and New Jersey

Gallup 52-45 LV: Bushit! It's 49-48 RV! He's going down!

MY Kerry/Edwards Logo vs. OFFICIAL Kerry/Edwards Logo...

Sadam on trial before election.

NOW is the Time to Destroy the Republican Party Once and for All

My Democratic friends are mad as hell

Why do I have to go to some kind of certification class next Sunday

I'm Leaving DU

I'm NOT leaving DU.

speech from the "American President" should be Kerry's rallying cry

Can someone tell me what "DU means?

New frame for this Bush "bounce" issue

Kitty kelly's book coming soon/ F9/11 DVD coming Oct. 5th...

Will voters believe the Kelley book? Will the media report what

Watching Hardball is a TOTAL Waste of Time.

Bill Schneider: Swing voters will wait until the debates to make up minds.

Bill Schneider just daid Bush got a 2% bounce from convention.

What if Kerry Mocked Bush's "Strong and Decisive Leadership"

NYT: Bush wants Zell on trail with him, as outreach to Dems, Indies

Is there disproof of any of these Kitty Kelly allegations?

The Ugly Truth: The Republicans Are "Better" Than We Are --

Imagine: October 30th, 2004, Bill Clinton's first speech since the bypass-

Kerry needs to blast dumbya on incompetence in Iraq.


Kitty Kelly's book is a good thing, and here's why.....

If The Chimp Wanted to Sew Up The Election He Would

freepers going after AP reporter on booing story

Do you think Bush could get his Community Service crew to campaign...

Anyone think Kitty book will knock swift boat book out of #1?

Official Kerry Rally (Cleveland OH) thread

Stories of Smirk's drug/booze abuse will not hurt him

CNN Int. featured viewer e-mail: if we ELECT W this time, all Americans...


Is Kelly book a Rove play for the stoner vote? Does W stand for Wasted?

Kerry: "I will try to bring the troops home within my first term"

Bush on c-span now

Good Source For Disproving Some False Claims About Kerry

Was the August 29 protest the largest ever against a sitting President?

Statement from John Kerry on Iraq

Kerry Campaign: Bush - Sending Middle Class Taxes in the Wrong Direction

Bad Sign For *: Few Flags Flying This Labor Day

Who asked that silly question about what Bush stands for?

We lost the war in Iraq! Let's bring the troops home!

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Jesse Jackson To call for election reform Tues

Lockhart: "Be careful about what he SAID and what Republicans SAY he said!

Hey! Y'all check (they gonna use my logo)

Prepare NOW for marches on Nov. 3rd!!

Uncovered:The Whole Truth About Iraq War

Here is your chance to talk about the cocaine habit

Clinton's doctors are on Larry King Live. CNN...NOW.

Bush just had ad on TV in calif. It was positive. I am gobsmack.

Ruy Teixeira unearths more good news in that CNN poll

Are the Democrats too gutless to use the cocaine at Camp David allegations

Soon the GI deaths in Iraq will reach 1,000---what then??

christian values...dubya has a stripper for him

Update On Texas 32nd Race?

"Too many good docs are gettin' outta bidness!"

Maybe better: George "Wrongway" Bush

bush wants OBGYNs to, er...

Selfless doctors care for their patience out of pure love.

Subject: bush wants OBGYNs to, er...

Iraq war; "Right for Amurka!" I can't believe this idiot!

Carville & Matlin on CNBC Meet the Press.

Has anybody heard about the guy leaving Kerry campain? I missed all of it.

The most important thing I will say before Nov 2.

Should bad people vote in the Elections?

Anti-Bush bumper stickers abound in Miami - eyewitness report

Freepers Having Conniptions About Chimpy's Coke Habits Exposed

Kerry was telling the truth about Vietnam atrocities.

Kerry was telling the truth about atrocities in Vietnam.

bush wants OBGYNs to be able to, er...

If one empty statement like "There you go again" can vault a doddering

Oregonians' median income down $3,000 since 2001

Should Kerry make 1000 Dead Campaign Topic

People keep asking me for new Kerry bumperstickers due to GOP theft

Kerry's newest speech on C-Span if you missed it. this in CA

"Where were their fatigues?" Asked Jim Hightower

If anybody needed proof that Bush-bots are assholes

"Some people" are saying Bush snorted cocaine in his FORTIES!

Things are rosier than media would like us to think! Gallup Poll Numbers

Fact Check: Zell Miller's Attack on Kerry, A little Out OF Date

"Support President Bush & Our Troops"

Cheney's campaign speech is posted on the WH site

Anyone watching Sundance channel?

Bush is talking OBGYN's again up on MSNBC. What is this monkey's

One more laugh on Olbermann- the dig at someone who would violating federal campaign finance laws?

How The Kitty Kelly Book Helps Us

The Cheney-Gore voting records

Could fake Poll Numbers backfire on Bushistas?

JK now using "Fool Me Once" line ... correctly.

Kerry statements about Iraq and Saudi/Bush connections

My new line for dealing with Repugs

Again, they freep the dead!

Trial Lawyers: Juries can decide DEATH but not monetary damages?

LTTE says: Zell's speech as important as Gettysburg

'Bush gets SMALL bounce' GALLUP POLL -- leads by Seven

We're all doing what we can til November...

Dam If This Is'nt Grounds For Impeachment If Can Be Proven!

It's probably too risky but

Can someone answer this about campaign law?

Possible warning signs that OBL will be "Captured"

New ACLU commercial--did ya see it

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Rasmussen POLL: Chimp inching down & Kerry inching up

Attack Bush and his adminsitration on their loyalty

Bush Campaign Coordination - Signage

I need proof Cheney is profitting from Halliburton's Iraq/other deals.

The point about the Kitty Kelly book is.....

Ronald Reagan: A Traitor to the American Union Worker

Latest polls:

Do you think bush will not debate?

corporate PAC supports Tom Daschle's opponent

For those looking to defend their support

Young Republican Who Kicked Protester at RNC Possibly Identified

What's wrong with Mary Matalins face?

Conservative, means against change or cautious.

"The Audacity of Hope"

A place for dirt on Dubnuts

Campaign Sign Idea -- What Do You Think?

ABC News 7 in Chicago - story coming up about the * drug allegations.

Poppy Bush on cocaine, from January 20, 1989 Inaugural Address

Kerry to Enlist Big Name Clinton Aides for Campaign

Will Bush be on Dr. Phil?

What are the best documented Bush lies?

One more Caption this pic

Are you worried that we might lose this one?

Bush "couldn't relate to women unless he was loaded"

Good news! My republican brother's boss, another repub, won't be voting.

For the record: Kerry never said he would've invaded Iraq

How Will * React?

Please help me respond to this anti-Kerry mass e-mail from Oliver North

3RD BUSH BASH BOOK Coming Out -The Phoney Fighter Pilot!

My sig line image makes for a great screen saver, by the way.

It was always "National Security, Stoopid"....SOoooo what can Kerry do....

My child has to answer a true/false question about * serving in TANG

The pollsters were successful - they demoralized the Kerry supporters

We need to attack Bush's strong point - the RW ECHO CHAMBER

Will Newsweek and Time use correct sample in next poll?

Does anyone else find this photo frightening?

Olbermann has a poll that has the chimp and Kerry TIED!!

Novak: Privately, Repubs think Bush ruined his own convention

Don't forget Karla Faye Tucker! If they say it doesn't matter what you do

The Problem With The "Bush's Missing File Story" is that

Oh NO!!...Now it's "Entertainers for Buxh"!! *snicker*

Bush print ad submissions wanted!

Caption this photo: Bushie Twins in Kirtland, OH

Bush considers simplifying with flat tax


Which one of these Republicans or Bush supporters would help us the most..

why Bush will fight to deny Americans affordable health care

Call CNN and complain about biased poll reporting: (404) 827-1500

Despite Newsweek/Time Blip Polls Are Even Within MOE- Is Panic Over?

Got a wierd idea while going through Sunday paper

What's KERRY's Position on HEMP?

Should Kerry take Clinton's advice?

New threat of anti-Kerry Vietnam Vets ad from NewsMax (sooo scared!)

Why the Kitty Kelley book will work.

"Where were their fatigues?" Asked Jim Hightower

All Hail, Martyr James HATFIELD, Truth-Teller First

Did You See Olberman and the Chimp-OBGYN!!!

Kerry: 80% win prob, 290 EV, based on latest state polls.

Would you remember doing court-ordered community service?

So when does Bush's insider trading at Harkin get brought out?

How Come Whoever Believed RITTER Doesn't Want to Believe KELLEY? n/t

CNN: "Bush's apparent bounce seems small by historical standards."

Help defeat Marilyn Musgrave, author of Federal Marriage Amendment...

George Bush on Iraq: "The right war for America"

Bush Scaring Another Baby

Campaign ploy? Secret Service intimidating Kerry voters . . .

Kerry & Edwards-HONEST about their "youthful indescretions":

Why can't we say the word "liar"!!

A Well Orchestrated Demand of the Release of the 27 Pages

West Virginia’s top Army Reserve spokesman; vote bush OUT.

FACT: Bush is a PHONY!! Add to the list of examples!

Max Cleland

KERRY on Iraq: "WRONG War at the WRONG Place at the WRONG Time"

The Best of the RNC Convention, from the good folks at


Here's how things stand with the debates

BREAKING (OMG!): Bush's 11 point lead spotted!!!!

What does W stand for?

“Insider’s News” Vol 1.1 - Great Anti-Bush Sites!

Olberman to run OBGYN Bushism.

Just heard someone say it on CNN:

How are freepers reacting to *'s OB/GYNs "love" practice quip?

It's Kerry's Fault

Lets face it most Americans are ignorant on the facts.


John Kerry is going to win.

Why is there no well-wishers thread for President Bush????