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Archives: September 5, 2004

DU SWLs- Rob Greenes "Insight" on Radio Nederland

Fewer Texans support war, poll shows

C-span: Thomas Barnett--The New Pentagon Map

Fundraising Idea

Here's a meme I'd like to see taken up by Kerry/Edwards

Graham book: Inquiry into 9/11, Saudi ties blocked

How Much Longer Until There's a "POLITICAL IDOL" Reality Show?

Ben Barnes to break silence on "60 Minutes"

Shrub planning to attack Iraq before 9/11?

Kerry's Biggest Weapons: Iran-Contra, Bush's environmental record, & F9/11

Why is every news channel covering nothing but the storm?

Oliphant in WP finally shows Bush Air Guard cop out.....

I'm really sorry about the hurricane,

I just saw "Hero" and it's very right wing.

Iraq in a shambles impeded mediation (Indian hostages)

Australian's Doctors condemn Govt over Iraq war

Card says president sees America as a child needing a parent

Kerry's Wife Treated at Iowa Hospital

British businessman selling arms to Sudan: report

Putin's policy in Chechnya a `total failure'

Argentine Minimum Wage to Rise 29% This Month

Aides urge Blair to admit Iraq mistakes

"Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back" on comedy central NOW.

dolo_amber - PICK UP THE PHONE!!

Who makes more sense, lyrically: The Fall or System of a Down?

I've had many a beer tonight.

I will post on those threads I CHOOSE to!

Please POST in this thread.

Damn, Frances may do a double whammy attack

Please do NOT reply to this post.

Another difference between repukes and democrat: Violence

Man, did *I* ever feel out of place!

Why do I always get side effects?

What about the voice of Geddy Lee? How did it get so high?

Babylon 5: Yay or Nay?

"Berzerker" thread!

I'm considering purchasing a new drumkit.

So I broke down and finally bought "The DaVinci Code"

In honor of Labor Day--Meet Mother Jones!

Self Expression v. Some F'ing Common Sense

Need some tune suggestions, my heart is breaking....

Question About Kerry Campaign Taking The Month of August Off / Media Time

I think there are a few twists left in this election...

Bush in Ohio: "pockets of unemployment that are unacceptable"

McCain: Kerry's Criticism of Bush Unfair

The bloodthirsty misleading media..

Labor Day Tabling Report:

from today's NYT

They're the GOP. We're the TCP.

Was out driving tonight. Saw 2 Kerry bumperstickers and NO Bush stickers.

Be sure to read the DU Article "It's Hard to be a Democrat" is

If anybody has any damning evidence they're holding back on *...

Catch the rerun of Russert's show with Buchanan and Joe Klein...

But Bush tried to go to Vietnam!

I'm F*cking pissed as Hell!!! The gloves are off, the claws are out!

Hey folks Dean isn't running, get over it. Now back to reality. Are you

Kerry's decision to go to Vietnam was politically motivated.

Anybody here ever see Kerry debate in Mass?

Dean Says, "...John Kerry can respond."

Brace yourselves for a bad Gallup poll tomorrow.

Digby: time to act like ratf*ckers

Listening to a recording of Zell Miller's speech at the RNC

It's too easy to blame bin Laden

WP: Myerson: It's still Nixon's Party


"Prime-time Republicans are hard to take" :- OPEN SESAME! OH MY! OH MY!

Bush can't measure up to the bard's Prince Hal

Mitchell: Chicago's third airport?

Address root causes of terrorism

Funding Terror

Exclusive Photos - Hurricane Charley's Hidden Body Bags

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Utd): There will be another Beslan

Girlie Men Economic Theory

Sloan: The Real Cost of 'Ownership'

Zakaria: A Vision, and Little Else (*'s Iraq and Afghanistan)

Tending to the Flock-Soul Man: A White House aide keeps faith with the fai

Grand old party of muggers

It's Time to Worry About the North Caucasus

WP: Broder likes Bush's acceptance speech. Slurp. Slurp.

Tentacles of Rage-The Republican propaganda mill, a brief history

Depleted Uranium

Nick Coleman: Revisionists Replace History with Hostility

Putin Tells Nation 'This Is an Attack Against All of Us'

Wow. I MUST recommend this site!

Strib op-ed: Democrats need to stop playing by the Nice Girl rules

Records of Bush's NG Service Still Missing (kick it up)


yahoo: Bush campaign non-committal on debates against Kerry

Emergency Contraception works - make sure women can get it!

Please. Please send this to Zell Miller as many times as you can.

I just re-wrote the poem: "It Is The Soldier"

Cannibal signs over media rights (BBC)

Media credibility issue with Zell Miller

If the Kerry Campaign Was Tough, Imagine What the Media Narrative Would Be

This CSpan Interview is a Must-See--8 pm EST (Richard Viguerie)

Has anyone here read "What's Wrong with Kansas"?

E-mail PBS to Complain About Their Shift to the Right

Fractals & Financial Markets A Conversation with Benoit Mandelbrot (audio)

IBEW document: Do large deficits mean high unemployment?

Over 1,000 Fires Race Through Sumatran, Borneo Forests

Fiji's Coral Reefs Deteroriating For Last 20 Years

Howard Defiant On Kyoto At Energy Summit

Hurricane Ivan is the strongest Hurricane ever seen South of the 10th

Oil. Demand outstrips supply.

Can the Florida coast remain habitable?

Ruling politically motivated: group - HK Falun Gong

From Truthout: A Plea for help

any of our RKBAers seen Bowling for Columbine?

Nothing says "gun safety" like shooting yourself during a gun safety demo

I have a bad feeling about the Assault Weapons Ban...

Unemployed gun owners for Kerry

When will we have a Campaign2008 forum?

Top Ten on the weekend....Hurray

Rough times call for gentle reminders?

Where Can I Go...

A delicate question regarding use of the "alert" button:

The "Dean Should Have Been The Nominee" threads are getting out of control


Would you put the video of the young repug bashing that woman

Go, Mods, GO!

Need some clarity about an issue regarding my sig-line photo

Congrats, Blue Men, and thanks for DU

My $.02: There's no good going to come from re-fighting the primaries.

A crying plea ...

Congrats on reaching 50K

Congrats on 50,000!!!

dead email to add to CA media blaster.

this is such a great thread and I know it was nominated a few times

You might want to add AAR's Steve Earle Show to your radio links

Take action for justice!

From the Midwest to the Mideast

EU, Egypt slam Israeli threats against Syria

UPDATE: Mary Schneider / Federal Whistleblower

RADIO NOW - Dave vonKleist, producer of film 9 11 In Plane Site

9/11 Citizens' Commission -- Sept. 9th NYC

Does anyone have the link to the picture that shows

ANY EvilDUers live near Clinton?

Whoopi at HCC on Sept. 25th

my letter to the editor of the white bear press

Nick Coleman: Revisionists replace history with hostility (Floyd B Olson)

Lots of Kerry/Edwards lawn signs in the northern lower peninsula

Worked at Democratic Coordinating Office today

Does anyone here subscribe to Time/Warner's "On Demand" service?

Kerry/Edwards yard signs in NW Ohio?

The stealing has started.

Dallas Kerry/Edwards yard signs: "If I Had a Hammer..."

Finished last shift at the fair

Questions for Dave Obey

If Clinton doesn't make it, I hope they save the penis.

Mayor seeks city council pay raises (60% increase)

Why don't they setup a few groups like 'Swordfish' movie.

Post Number 666......poking my Bush voodoo doll with pins

Weight limit sparks fracas (odd little story)

Anyone have a video link of Trippi on Rose?

Something that hasn't happened

Internet"Whisper" Campaign spreads lies about Teresa Kerry

Sick Ass Bumper Sticker

What happened to the hydrogen economy and the flight to mars?

2AM EST on CSPAN 2: Krugman, Joe Wilson, Unger, Blumenthal, Mark Green.

Both Powell and Rice to resign before a possible second term.

Do Not Despair. Do Not Give Up. Stop Being Afraid. GET INVOLVED.

1993 Assasination attempt on George I.

Hey, what the hell ever came of Sandy Berger?!?!?

The Crux of Nov. 2

Time to bust the lock on the box and let HOPE OUT!

The most moral act of this whole nightmare...

Moore being sued of Farenheit 9/11?

The economy is fiiiinne... according to CNN International

If the entire world just decided to boycott the USA

WP: August was a bad month for U.S. troops in Iraq.

This is just begging for a reply.

thread for wild-eyed conspiracy theories

Haaretz: FBI probes Jewish sway on Bush government

Where's Bremer? Where's Negroponte?

I'm in Tampa and Frances is COOL! The tropics can be a beautiful

Not much mention of the "roadmap to peace" anymore

Is anyone up on Thomas Barnett?

Who said This ?????

Let us see what the Bush Administration has in store for us in the

McCain got the deer in the headlights look when "This Week" showed new ad

Just saw the trailer for OUT FOXED. You know, I can see why ignorant

Forgive my ignorance...

Does anyone have the zell/CNN interview...

Sunday talk shows.

Neil Bush/Ignite Software/NCLB and Propaganda

Carville On MTP re Bush's knowing about Medicare hike before acceptance...

AP poll: Most fairly happy with work

MTP-Odd Couple-Matlin and Carville-she looks like she has contempt

Michael Moore's "Roger and Me" on tonight

MoDo: "Real men make their own reality"

Great Bizarro cartoon today

Is Kerry in Support of Universal Healthcare?

Where does the Bush family find all the people who are willing to

George Jr sent out of Texas by father as a 'drunken liability'

QUick..need quote saying IRaqi oil would pay for war

Rangel at the RNC ... when asked for autographs by gops, often mistaken

What, if anything, will put a stake in bush's vampire heart?

God Bless America. God*&^% our President. OP-ED

Today's MTP: Gingrich Confirms War and more War About Oil

ABC scrolling Bush 13 point lead, come on Kerry people

time to check in on... PARALLEL EARTH!

Well, Frances is almost here. My trees are doing some really neat

Did the Soviets and US put Arnold's Dad out of work?

Ok.. So The Pentagon to check Kerry war record - Now What About *'s!!!!

What a Disaster For A President - Why Would Anyone Want

The Upside Down People.

Daily Brew....I Think He's Right....And How It Should Be Done

Bin Laden is Almost Caught Again

Disturbing change in the US government for the last 12 years.

Why Bush's convention bump is a GOOD thing.

Connecting the Prison Dots

The Bush Administration's fingering of Arabs as the culprits of 9/11

Russian tragedy: Didn’t Bush go to an elementary school on 911??

Democracy Only Works...

Where is Scott Ritter?

BIG WHOOP! (Doonesbury on gay marriage)

What the World Should Know About Guantanamo

Christian Coalition took gambling money - oh laughter

MORE evidence of bush's missing year in the military

Listening to Jeb on my crappy battery run radio

Bush's National Guard File Missing Records

Does anyone else have a problem with the push to "ban" SBV Book?

Carter credits Redford....

Vital bush military records...still missing...

I thought the Army Corp. of Engineers worked wonders, until now

LOL, local TV just showed a dumbass FOX reporter standing out

More about the lady who disrupted Unka Dick's Speech!

Haaretz writer says Kerry may consider sending Big Dawg to ME

T Jefferson; democracy demands an educated and informed electorate

The New Bush Administration; What It Will Be Like:

Good show on Media Matters now

10 more new DU members and we reach 50,000 members!!!!!

The TV: Hysterical NEWS MODELS.. breathing heavily..Oh the DRAMA!

Frances will become a hurricane again before it hits the panhandle.

Whistleblowers blown away

Barbara Bush said she was pleased her sons avoided vietnam in 1974

Is Osama is behind 911?

Guess who's now responsible for the bad uranium intelligence?

While deleting old e-mails, I ran into this. Anyone else get this message? - Did * Actually Win A Varsity Letter?

A true story about negative campaigning

Reagan film to challenge 'Fahrenheit 9/11' (yet another pathetic

A "W" victory will legitimize

Will gas prices drop as we get into October?

Everyone Welcome Luckymom! #50,000!

Rest in peace, soldiers.......

Email MTP and This Week for spreading lies about Al Douri's capture!

What should be President Kerry's first executive act?

Kerry's Wife Treated at Iowa Hospital

Bush voters crave safety: would this affect their opinions?

The terrorists are winning.

Must-read background on Russia's genocide of Chechens (& US complicity)

Suddenly this feels relevant again: Being Right while Being Wrong

Labor Day Tabling Report

Link To Bush's Unearned Metal Photograph?

Franks gave Graham "precise strategy" for terror war, did NOT include Iraq

Food Waste and Hunger Exist Side by Side

Ladies and Gents!... I Have Found Out What a Girlie Man Looks Like!!....

daddybush FAILED to get Saddam, jr. FAILED to get Osama

Send this to EVERY Republican you know....

Best bumper stickers:

Fla. Officials Maintain Hand Recounts Ban despite Judge's ruling

Bush thinks of Us as Ten Year Old Children?

Cooked Intelligence + 9-11 coming up on the radio in about two hours.

Is everyone watching 60 mins tonight???????

need help with some research

Kerry If investigation blocked by FBI-White House -massive abuse of power

Stanislav Petrov . . . a true hero who likely prevented WWIII . . .

Third Hurricane to strike Florida?

Next Hurricane Ivan on September 11?

Does anyone know what happened to Kristen Breitweiser

CBS is the network to watch

TV Alert - Sen. Bob Graham on MTP Now

Amy Goodman-John Fund on cspan 2



Eric Alterman was on c-span Friday

Joe Lockhart is good this morning, man he is good n/t

HELP!!! Where do I find the Media Blaster now??

Freepers trying to freep this poll on * service records right now.

Bush's final result.

986 and counting....

Jeb Bush live on CNN now and looking

Karen Kwiatowski is on KPFT Sunday Monitor talking about OSP & Iran

drag Tenet from under his rock

"Swiftvet" Accuser of Kerry Ordered War Atrocity in 'Nam

Myth: Quebec is a leftist paradise...

FOX News just confirmed that Hurricane Frances will be voting for Kerry

CBS evening news reporting on * missing records

What should Kerry do when Osama's capture is announced?

Clinton's surgery early tomorrow morning

White Supremacist cryasses...

Did any professional commentators criticize John McCain's speech?

They freep the dead...

The "only" good thing about Francis is that it kept Chimp/Kobe/Petersen

Get Your Very Own Osama October Surprise 'Jerk in the Box' Toy!

New Roger Waters tunes...Slapping Blair and

In their current diseased state our Press and Media are incapable

Being called a "freeper" for expressing an opinion

OBL "could happen tomorrow, could happen the day after, a week from now...

CBS: yeah and BOO! | the 'missing year' is mentioned

Is The Horse ever coming out of the pasture - Media Whores

Hurricane Frances is a blessing for * !

Hasn't anyone here had sex with W? Please check your memories.

Clinton Interview on Larry King right now. n/t

Gen. Karpinski is fighting back - says it was a "conspiracy"

Self Expression v. Some F'ing Common Sense

Florida shelters(aka school gyms): No Food, no blankets, no water

late report from the convention

US Troops Iraq death toll

No overtime, a question....


McCain says Russia should negotiate with terrorists

Achtung! Achtung! malaria drug given to troops may cause psychotic rage

I found somebody more evil than Cheney. Thomas Barnett........

In spite of those recent polls . . .

The Revolution Starts....NOW 10pm et Sun (guest -- Janeane Garofalo)

Hurricane Frances - A punishment for Jeb Bush's interference of...

Kerry Served--Bush Swerved! Meme today!

I just read excerpts from Senator Graham's new book, Intelligence

When is Saddam Hussein's trial?

PA DUers: Will be in Ludwig's Corner (near Phila?) in late SEP.

Remember that misleading bumper sticker I mentioned the other day?

I thought I heard that 60 minutes was going to tear shrub a new one

Art Spiegelman on BookTV/c-span2

OK VERY dumb question here... ill ask it and then go hide under a rock

What happened on 60 minutes?

I honestly blame Satan's Baptist Cult for America's conservatism...

God is not a Republican...or a Democrat

Caption the Cheneying VP

Why doesn't Karel get any link at the top?

Bush and the GOP Pisses me off!

Need help with a letter to the editor

Rank the post-Civil Rights Presidents...

is there any chance that they could prove that Ben Barnes...

Did I miss something on 60 min?

The John Kerry Leadership style

Great bumper sticker: In BushMediaWorld He Is A Hero...... In The

Can somebody please explain this bumper sticker to me?

If Kerry wants to wins he had better come up with some small

Great bumper sticker: In BushMediaWorld He Is A Hero...... In The

Did a republican prevent Clinton from getting Bin Laden?

To Whom it May Concern (A heartbreaker)

RADIO NOW - Dave vonKleist, producer of film 9 11 In Plane Site

Turn this line right back around at Cheney...

For those of you having trouble waiting for Kitty Kelly's book,

Omg..look at these twisted people!

Schwarzenegger the Exaggerator

Card says president sees America as a child needing a parent

President Schwarzenegger? Some GOP delegates liked the idea

Report from Kennebunkport

The real, genuine, official Peter Werbe thread -- streaming now

Is it just me...

Carville/Matalin - Both are Disingenuous

Remember in the bible, Jesus said...

Need some entertainment?

Heads up -- Kerry/Edwards/Heinz kids on C-Span ...

Warner Refuses to Release Anti-War Films

MSNBC Special on Kerry ...NOW ON

do you consider yourself an American Citizen, or a World Citizen?

Has anyone else heard this rumor?

Why I'm beginning to think CNN is more despicable than FOX

The Steve Kangas Liberal FAQ!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!

SNAFU (situation normal/all fucked up) in Iraq

Will Democrats ever learn?

Do you really trust Howard Stern?

Canadian Column of Hate...Chimp Regime supporters lies about the US left

My idea for the government

Beat the Press (must see!)

* by the numbers

Hey Zell - God IS indifferent to America - he focuses more on

Video of young GOP kicking woman protestor whilst on the ground

I need help on debating my Repug Friends.

High Plains Grifter , The Life and Crimes of George W. Bush

BREAKING: IVAN has gone to Category 3

Cheney's solution to our energy problem is to seize the oil

Seven Commandments for Corporations - A Labor Day Essay

1,100 US Troops injured in AUGUST 2004 alone!!!!!

What drives Chechens separatists to commit such terrible outrages?

My son just came out...any parent out there that can offer me sage advice?

Social Security and Baby Boomer's


Thoughtful article on Bush and faith from a Christian progressive website

Sgt. Campbell's Sister | A Soldier's Last Request (tissue alert)

ACTION ALERT! "A Plea for Help, I am a soldier stationed in Iraq.."


Just for fun "Maple leaf forever" is more stirring than "O Canada"

Mystery of Archer link to oil coup

US Muslims take tougher line this election cycle

U.S. Near Seizing bin Laden, Official Says

Clinton Web site flooded

NYT: A Presidential Campaign Tinged with Rust (Rust Belt swing-states)

New Kerry Ad Exposes Bush Misleading on Medicare

More dead in Iraq clashes

A Web Of Intrigue Inside the Israel espionage investigation

Lafayette, LA soldier killed in Iraq

Man Is Found Liable in Killing of Salvadoran Archbishop (Óscar Romero)

Pro-Israel Lobby Has Strong VoiceAIPAC Is Embroiled in Investigation of Pe

Seoul Thrown by Bush's Ally Remark

Turkish Company Withdrawing From Iraq

Iraq Government Says Captures Most-Wanted Saddam Aide

George Jr sent out of Texas by father as a 'drunken liability'

Former Saddam Deputy Arrested in Iraq

NYT: Giuliani Honor Draws Anti-Abortion Fire

British officer ¡¥knew¡¦ of Abu Ghraib abuses

Pope travels to Adriatic shrine

As Predicted, Here Comes Usama Been Forgotten...(From Pakistan, of course)

HSBC and Santander slammed in Senate money-laundering report

Newspapers: California governments misspent anti-terrorism funds

Mystery of Archer link to oil coup

Working in Michigan: Lower pay, lost benefits slam ex-factory workers

Bush silent on budget specifics

Bush's National Guard File Missing Records

Cheney May Help or Hinder Bush's Chances

Car Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Base in Iraq

Graham book: Inquiry into 9/11, Saudi ties blocked|Miami Herald

Gephardt says Bush's lead in the polls is post-convention bounce

Bush campaigns in area of West Virginia

9/11 Citizens' Commission -- Sept. 9th NYC

Hostages Were Helpless In Face of Chaos (Russia - WP)

Simultaneous post, sorry

The Texas Miracle (fraud in Texas schools)

Iraqi Nuclear Scientist Assassinated South Of Baghdad

U.S. politics in spotlight at Venice film fest ("Embedded-Live")

U.S. Assault Likely Before January Elections

General Says 'conspiracy' Among Top Commanders Left Her to Blame for Abu..

Italy blames France for Niger uranium claim

Strategy Shift …Kerry Focuses on Jobs, Opponents’ Military Record

Oops a Dupe

Cahill, Rove Lead Presidential Campaigns

Mortar Attack Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Top commander says fight may be coming in Fallujah and other rebel areas b

Armed men beat Iran TV crew in Iraq, take cameras

Senator: Commander Told of Military Drain

Schroeder's Party Routed in German Vote

Beheading video in big demand on Baghdad streets

Militant Hot Spots Are a Worry as Elections Near

BOLIVIA: Thousands protest for nationalisation

Newsweek: A case not yet closed (9/11)

Two injured during Estonia protests against monument

'Hostage-taker' interviewed on TV (Russia)

Iran Denies It Harbored Qaeda Agent After Sept. 11

Poll: The bounce is already fading ...

Quest for Cheaper (Prescription) Drugs Can End in a Mexican Jail

Saddam trial within weeks

Strong Earthquakes Rattle Western Japan

Swiftboat Veteran Cofounder BUSTED!!! (DaIly Kos)

Peace rally of all faiths held in Kathmandu

Homeland fund reform bill derailed for now

Willie Horton & Rev. Al New batch of anti-Dem ads try to exploit old wound

Doctors step up attack over Iraq

Spy Case Renews Debate Over Pro-Israel Lobby's Ties to Pentagon Cons

College Tailgate Takes Tragic Turn (Two Murdered)

WP: Stuck on The Fence - Undecided Voters Reject Much of What They Hear

U.S. firms reap fruits of Brazil slave labor

Fewer Texans support war, poll shows

Bush campaign non-committal on debates against Kerry (ABC's "This Week")

Two strong quakes hit Japan

Bush's Republicans Battle to Retain Congress

Senator: Commander Told of Military Drain (AP)

Three years after 9-11, terrorist threat remains strong

Missile Defense To Tie U.S. To Iraq, Afghanistan, Caspian, Experts Warn

Hurricane Ivan Forms in Central Atlantic

Error over Saddam deputy

Gasoline disbribution will be regulated (Gov. Bush)

Warplanes pound Iraq's holy city From correspondents in Najaf

One person, one vote? Not necessarily in Kansas and Missouri

Body of Egyptian Hostage Found in Iraq - Police

WP: Veterans Could Be Key to Nevada's Bigger Prize

Saddam top aide's capture denied

Kerry Says Record 17 Percent Increase in Medicare Costs Shows Bush Breakin

Russian Government Admits It Lied About Scale of Hostage Crisis

Secrets: Classified Info: Springing a Leak

Top Saddam regime fugitive Ibrahim arrested (No. 6 Card)

Bush Says Kerry Tax Plan a Threat to Workers

Angry (Tim) Robbins takes anti-Bush satire to Venice

Cleric supports targeting children

WP: Debating the Positives of Going Negative

Thatcher son's probe shelved

Kerry Reshapes Campaign: WaPo

Reconstructing One Day on a Swift Boat (Wow)

McLauglhin Group reported today: that 937 killed, 26,000 amputied/wounded

LAT: Kerry Allies Take Shots at Bush, Cheney on Vietnam

Breaking -- Kerry Furious With Cahill

Kerry Enlisting Clinton Aides in Effort to Refocus Campaign

Steady on the Right, Bush Pitches to the Center (NYT)

Kerry Rips Bush Over Record Medicare Hike

Kerry Statement on Allegations Made in Senator Bob Graham's New Book 'Int

Ex-officer may face justice for atrocities (Vietnam war crime charge)

One by One, Iraq cities become No-Go Zones

US blamed for spoiling French release

NYT: Fuzzy and Out of Focus? This Time, It's Intentional

Bush's Guard File Missing Records

Dollars for Guinea: how palms were greased by oil - Riggs Bank

Do not respond to this thread if you...

I strongly disagree with legalizing marijuana to use it as a fuel source

Great quote from

Donnie Darko

Ever have an intellectual implosion?

"Are You Being Served Again" complete series on DVD 9/7

Sick Ass Bumper Sticker


Sick Ass Bumper Sticker

An old photoshop that I did, but never posted for some reason

I was re-watching the daily show from.. tuesday?

Frances is still at 105mph.

Hilarious freeper letter re: personalized plates

Candidate warfare is back in GD2004.

Andrew Card on Bush at Walter Reed:

My dream: Sherilyn Fenn and Thora Birch wrestle in Jell-O

Dream #2: Bush strips in front of press corps, licks own nipple

No matter how many times Cartoon Network plays it......

Dream #3: Nation disturbed after Bush address

Hey... does anyone subscribe to Time Warner On Demand?

Holy Mackerel!

Insomniac Thread

Can someone help me with this owner's manual?

I saw the CU-CSU football game today. Ask me anything.

Has elperromagico sold out?

my dream: Colin Powell resigns; endorses Kerry's 'domestic agenda'

John Lennon - Imagine

download sp2 or no? i just got notified i can, they say i should, but

Thoug I'm single - love is causing problems

Has anyone here ever had a cap come loose?

Christ! The list of people who need to KISS MY SHINY METAL ASS is

Jon Stewart on Arnold Schwarzennegger...

Interesting Rolling Stone offer....

My sister has turned into a girly man.

For prescription sunglasses, what would you do?

Somebody really was stupid here...

Today in History 09/05

Today's Fact

Today's Thought

Remember the Go-Bots?

Ministry's new "Houses of the Mole'"

technology thought for the day

Windows users: HELP! Zone Alarm and Blue Screen of Death!

Todays Quote

Marvin Gaye: Prophet?

I am emailing my professor for help. I hope he doesn't get me kicked out.


Just saw Terminater 3

I'm sure some of you have played "The Political Machine", and I have a ???

Computer help needed! I've been hit by a imiserv.c virus

I'm Sick and Tired of being called a doomsday naysayer

I hate fishing...

Dildo triggered terror alert

Halo or Battlefield Vietnam?..................................

The End is Near!!!!

You know, I LOVE Gimn Sovetskogo soyuza

This is pretty funny/cool...

Psych people: What is the origin of the idea that the subconscious...

Rumsfeld demonstrates assination technique.... CAPTION

A glimmer of hope....

FAHRENHEIT 9/11 - Lest We Forget

Bumper Sticker Wars on I-79....

Are fraternal organiations popular among African American men?


Please could you stop the noise, I'm trying to get some rest

Sci Fi Channel having PLANET OF THE APES marathon!


My trip to the Flight 93 Memorial - PICTURES

As of today I have lost 64 pounds. on-line weight watchers

just 10 more new members and DU reaches 50,000!!!!

Bowie Fans: Why was I unaware of this album?

I love online polls.....

E-mail from my friend who has breast cancer

A post at 8000 feet...

Some people say a hurricane is hitting Florida

What is a good recipe for a pork roast.

Ultimate Double Feature thread:

What should the 50,000th DUer receive as special gift?

That's Cly for Clyde and Crash for Crashcup



Anyone here have a fightin' family?

This is my Four Thousandth Post

Any know anything about Nebelung cats (or own one)


OMG Bush to invade France!

The new Miller Lite commercials with the referee are pretty funny.

Anyone else tired of the McDonalds Chicken Selects commercials?

Interesting LTTE in this mornings Pravda, I mean San Diego Union...

Anyone have a good recipe for F(r)ied Chicken

If there are no atheists in foxholes

Bike riding or a hard night of drinking?

RNC poetry

The Bronze Rat

What is up with Log Cabin Republicans?

Who wants a Google mail account?

I am the 'Butt' of DU.

My sweet, dusty gray boy is giving me some serious loving.

worst decision i've ever made

My freeper relatives are in town.

Yes this election is important, but

World's Greatest Music Video

I Just adopted a kitty from the pound

I'm worried now - Hurricane Frances

So what's everybody doing for Labor Day anyone going to be in MD?

I am getting drunk and writing, forgive me.

Drivers trade privacy for insurance discounts

I live in S.W. Florida

What's the difference between man and beast?

Schwartzenegger's dad was a girlie-man soldier: his army LOST

Fruit Of The Loom

Broom and Loom


Just saw a great film!

oom-Glay and oom-Day

Why do parents LOOOOOVE to LECHTER?

Jesus! What a lousy summer!

Today's "Bizzaro."

13 posts to 4,000

Havin' a tall cool one with the tall cool one!

Frances headed for tallahassee tomorrow. It might strengthen before

LOL! My brother is a moron

Dick Cheney visiting here on Friday, any suggestions?

Here are some pictures from florida...holy s**t


Devo has sold out!

Audience Moos as Bush* Speaks

Hurricane Frances AS WE SPEAK!!

To all who contributed to the quest for Fied Chicken

Funniest Web Site

Orwell's 1984 online

Gated Communities Don't Bother Me

Green Bay Packers cut Tim Couch

Frances is the Founding Fathers come back to life!

A stupid poll for the cooks

Is it a myth that Quebec buddists are progressive

FOX News just confirmed that Hurricane Frances will be voting for Kerry

que sont ici?

Reuters: Spielberg honored in France....

Ever see "Soldier's Girl"? About a gay hate crime in the Army

Virginia - Kerry 51% Bush 32% Pat Robertson 17%

Like the boys when they're out there walkin' the streets....

Who do you respect more?

Why would someone name their dog Timmy?

say hello to baby uly (large images)

Long from Kerry rally in Vegas 8/10

Are there any liberal/progressive pro-wrestlers?

Any ideas on pre-paid wireless ? specifically:

Just saw "Garden State". Excellent movie, highly recommended.

I wish I had a SO

Ladies and Gents!... I Have Found Out What a Girlie Man Looks Like!!....

Attn: Mellencamp fans! New album out Oct. 19, 2004...

Thank you to everyone who helped me with my virus trouble today!

Okay, how come I know more about a PDA than a Best Buy Geek Squad guy?!

Hasn't anyone here had sex with W? Please check your memories.

Let's imitate freeper techniques on this thread. Pretend you are...

Another registered voter in the family

Join the liberal fun fest at..

This is why you should bring your reading glasses when shopping

Dubya "Hurricane Frances like a bad case of hemorrhoids"

Special Thread for DUers who wish to be Ambidextrous to lick their breast,

How often do you think about your personal finances?

The Original "Robocop" Movie

Why do baby clothes have so many snaps

The world's best songwriters. One songwriter per country.

Special Thread for DUers who wish to wail, gnash teeth, beat their breast,

The reason behind my "I'm the face.." thread

How're the floridians doing?

Minnie Ripperton

This thread charges no cover to post on! Have a ball!

For all you natering nabobs of negativism who say "it's over"

My truck's fanbelt just shredded itself

Yeah, I'm a college student.....

The Ali G Show is F-ing with Republicans tonite

Why did so many veterinarians go to Vietnam?

My lively adventure with Hurricane Frances

Home a day early folks, whats up

Anyone have a link to the Tweety Zig Zag interview?

Snow and rain

pregnant stray cat (HELP!)

I am the Asshole of Democratic Underground!

Video of a repub kicking a dem being held down by SS agents

Just in time for Labor Day: The new CHICK TRACT!

How good do you think matchmaking websites are?

Any DU'ers in the DC Area?

Jackasses shooting off fireworks nearby.

Just saw an amazing show on PBS- Visiones

Oh. Thought It Said "Gratuitous Kitty *KELLEY* Thread.

You've gotta love iTunes


There is a cricket somewhere in this room and he is driving me crazy!!

Hurricane Ivan 135mph Category 4!!!

Why is Annabelle the Sheep...

Pumping Iron is a weird, fascinating movie

I was out of town for 5 days. help fill me in on what's been going on

The Movie Version Of "1984" On At 12:15 AM...FLIX Channel.....

What should Saturday Night Live do to become even remotely funny again?

Cheney Snakes!! A head full of Cheney Snakes...

Sealab 2021: Oh my god, he killed Hesh!

Is the PC game "THE POLITICAL MACHINE" any good?

Ok- who wants to rescue two nice little kittens? Nashville area.

Well, it's been really fun...

my 600th post. how the time flies.

Anybody ever been on the Georgetown Colorado Railroad?

Osama bin Forgotten... LOL Peter Werbe's streaming audo...

Anybody want a gmail account?

Favorite chip dips

We don't need no stinkin' gun control laws!! (cept for maybe this guy....)

Why do I have the sudden urge to listen to Christmas music?

Anyone else think Jerry Lewis might not make it thru his telethon?

Any other fans of Modern Drunkard magazine here?

Heartworm medication recalled after dogs suffer bad reactions

Norah Jones, Simon & Garfunkel, and CSNY...

Santa Ana wind blowing here in San Diego...

What cookbooks are you using now?

Need help naming GOP chili!!!

*****50,000 Registered DUers!*****


baby uly pictures - this should work

Did you ever put the wrong ingredient in your cooking?

Alcohol habits influenced by eye color

Political quote trivia:

Has anyone recently been getting really sick at stomach for no reason?

I'm back!

Yeah! I just worked out 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' on guitar.

Are you frightened by insects or spiders?

What I'm cooking now

Gratuitous KITTY thread. Witness the cuteness!

Toast to the moderators and administrators of DU!

Have you ever heard this phrase shouted over late night television?

Walk me out in the morning dew, my honey

Anybody Allergic To Aspartame(Nutra-Sweet)?

If I lick my fire-belly toad's back...

I'm the taint of the Democratic Underground

I got a new Bush joke

Please edit my letter to the editor

Have you ever watched the same infomercial more than once?

Do you wish this would happen?

Most badass civilization/species in sci-fi?

where is the TROLL ALERT button I hear so much about?

Gated communities: a rant

got a homophobic bigot kicked off the bus today

Dubya and related subjects - Limerick slam sexiest woman of the year poll. Vote if you're bored

Caption bush, What's he doing with his left hand?

Suck It Up, People! Quit Yer Bitchin' And Get To F*cking Work For JK!!

Therapeutic Labor Day Project

It's interesting to see how many sons of politicians were in Bush's unit:

So, did anything come of young Mr. Kick-the-protester?

Will the Russian hostage tragedy play in our campaign?

Nice story at Dailykos, here is a sample

I have only one thing to say

is it good to take advice from some people ?

I am really not enjoying having to refight the primaries

Things look bad?!?

Senator Kerry needs to pound Bush on family ties to the Sauds

Should KERRY Focus on National Security or the Economy?

Clip of the Tweety-Zell dust-up in streaming Windows Media format

Letters to the editor from Medford, Oregon

I really thought the vile and hate filled spewfest at the RNC was going

Anyone think Dean is sitting around whining or is he out fighting

The Bush Administration and GROUP THINK!

Kerry needs to get Vietnam behind him.

hubby overheard two old guys at Home Depot today

Anyone here have any clout with the Kerry campaign?

Election Protection Training sponsored by Mother Jones and Working Assets

Political 'fluff' masks serious issues.

WP, Nader opinion piece: Dems Will Do Anything to Keep Me Off Ballot

"The Media: Campaign 2000...again!"

we can't be strong in fighting Terrorism if we are not strong at home

10 point polling leads can vanish in a week (just ask Dean)

Anyone see the editorial review on Amazon on 'Bush on the couch"?

Hey, whiners! Howard Dean ISN'T the nominee

PA is the key to the current EV lie, but there are more.

To those advocating the hight road. Does this mean mass suicide

Sen. Bob Graham on Meet the Press today

Please stop despairing over numbers.

Some media are writing Kerry's EPILOGUE...

what do you think Elizabeth Edwards thinks when she reads DU ?

NYT: Kerry in Akron, OH yesterday "putting the wood" to Dubya...

Why Democrats shouldn't be scared

You know what debate I want to see. exactly HOW many of you freetards are on this thing?

Ohio labor numbers not good for GOP

Dumbya answers tough questions..... No wonder Repukes love him so much!

A Buzzflash Reader Contribution: Terrific Campaign Ad Against *

Is the "Labor Day" Calendar Projection Now a Week Later?

Kerry may have right response, but WON'T get message out.

Does anyone think Kerry's Iraq war stance will hurt/help

Bush will be able to hide - unless Kerry calls him AWOL

does this make you angry enough to stop whining?

Kerry has run against a charming alcoholic before

Let's generate a talking point list. Bush is WEAK because:

SW Ohio new voter registrations

Kerry Campaign Needs 19th Century Political Strategist

Time to get the primary "losers" out on the campaign trail

One of the biggest issues in this election should be

WP,pg 1: Devine: decision made to move to shift debate to domestic issues

Now that both of the conventions are over.........................

Zig Zag Zell Then & Now ad by the Georgia Democratic Party

"willie horton and Rev. Al"

Campaign bumper stickers you still want to see

NYT graphic: 6 Dems' advice(2 attack, 2 domestic issues, 2 simple message)

Freepers debunk Newsweek poll

Unmitigated Gall -the Republican Convention

What about these weapons labs Gingrich referred to on Meet the Press?

"Bunch of Crooked Liars"- Kerry 04

The questions you want Kerry or the public to ask Bush at the debates

Comeback Kerry

Kerry has not "won" the fight in his own mind.

The Candidate Ahead After the First Debate Will Win

EVERY medal given in Viet Nam should be reviewed and investigated!!

Ideas for commercials for Kerry. Lets brainstorm!

5 democrats for every repug in NYC, and they claim 9/11

These polls are horsecrap!

Strategy for Suppressing the Vote

George Jr sent out of Texas by father as a 'drunken liability'

We need guerilla marketers!

People now trust Bush more on most issues/foreign - domestic.

Kerry's got to start making some noise! Fuck nuance.

Rasmussen Daily Tracking, SUNDAY - Bush Bounce Already Fading!!

Newsweek on Bob Graham's new book

This Medicare thing is a scandal

OK. DUers What do you people think about Mary Beth Cahill?

Media has given Kerry the Green light to go negative.

Polls show a majority of Americans think the country is headed in - WTF?!?

May I put a plug in for a website?

Must read: appealing to the limbic brain

More opinion on the Time/Newsweek poll

The Debates: remember the Gong Show?

Did Marty Beth get too much credit for the Kerry's rebound in the primary?

Help I have a reporter from a local tv station that wants

Post Stories of Your Efforts to Help Kerry/Edwards!

So if I understand the village idiot correctly, he wants us

A point to consider about the election being Kerry's to lose.

Lots of Kerry/Edwards signs in this conservative area - not many for * (m)

Has there been any coverage of the election today?

Florida and the Medicare rate hike

New ad on moveonforamerica 9/7

I was asked this question about Kerry

Lies Move Democrats to Dig Up Dirt

Does anyone have the contact info for Randy Beers?

Taking predictions for new Gallup poll

Kerry is fighting for the soul and survival of the Democratic Party

Why doesn't Kerry challenge John O'Neill to a debate?

New Ad? Medicare FLIP FLOP

Kerry ahead of Bush in Oregon polls

Don't give them Hell! Give them the Truth and they will think it is Hell!

Support Democrat Tony Knowles to be US Senator from Alaska

Like Ray said, Let's" Telllll the TRUTH da da da da da da!"

Rasmussen has bounce almost gone - Bush 47.6 to Kerry 46.4

Anyone have links to pictures of Bush's August 2001 vacation?

Forget the bandaids, forget the TV ads, forget all the lies.....

Dr. Thomas Barnett a Democrat....

People we need to get NASTY

Strategy for the debates

Kerry on legalization of Industrial Hemp...Position?

ABC scrolling Bush 13 point lead, come on Kerry people

Idea for Ad campaign series: "Is President Bush lying again?"

Hope not Hate, Help not Scorn

does anybody else want our guy to get really nasty....

Morbid curiosity question for FR lurkers: Did they love that bandaid

Vital bush military records...still missing...

how will Bush exploit 9/11 anniversaries next week ?

I wish Kerry would take of the gloves and start beating on Bush.

Kerry and Bush campaign internal polls: Bush up by only 4%

gephardt and wolfie

I think Kerry needs to stay fairly clean.


Bringing the wood?

kerry's doing EVERYTHING the complainers ask for. it's the MEDIA, stupid!

people want republicans in charge for the same reason mrs. unblock drives

Repig AZ Dirty Tricks....Media as Deligates

Maureen Dowd makes a good point today

Forget about John McCain

HELL YEA!: Race Tightens According to New Poll Numbers (48-46)

Remember, Bush the 1st lost to Clinton . . .

Freewayblogger Plans 100 Sign Protest in LA

What Should John Kerry Do With Mary Beth Cahill?

Comedy Central ran this ad....a must see!

To all the Mary Beth bashers-

Is is possible that Bush still suffers from blackouts?

What do you say when a Bush supporter engages you on the topic

Grand old party of muggers by Paul Vitello in NY Newday

I think the Medicare increase is one of the biggest issues right now

Kerry launches a counteroffensive

I do not want Kerry to get *nasty*

In order to win this

Next President to Face Pressure on Taxes - good article

Here we go...Osama "about to be captured"

Bumper stickers at the Air Force Academy football game...

Someone remind me: why don't we boycott fox advertisers??

This is a must read, we must never forget Bush FAILED America!

Would it help to write down the serial number of the voting machine

Where was Pat Buchanon during Vietnam?

AP is snooping into Bush TANG records again

so, is it over for Bush ? does he need a new campaign team ?

I'm Sick and Tired of being called a doomsday naysayer

News from Ohio about Kerry

The Skinny On Dick Cheney

Why KERRY Didn't Get a Big Bounce

A "W" victory will legitimize

bushCorp platform & campaign 101

Kerry must have had an awesome Saturday in national tracking poll

Apologies Please: For all the nasty attacks re Cahill F* UP.

Where will this election be won?

What are the best issues to define the campaign?

Who has a better caption for the picture in my sig?

Gen. Franks Told Bob Graham That Somalia, Yemen More Pressing Than Iraq

Awesome Protester Pics at SBVT $200k Donor Bob Perry’s Home!!!!

I Saw A Really Great Bumper Sticker in Oklahoma....

Rasmussen update on the "bounce" ; Zell Miller's favorability...

DUers choose hate and lies over hope and truth

DUer spins poll results to come to predetermined conclusion!

Don't believe the Republican lie that Kerry doesn't tell the truth.

Letters in the Des Moines Register (Iowa, you rock!)

We're not in Lake Wobegon anymore

How Can ANYONE Think Bush Is More 'HONEST & ETHICAL'?

Labor Day Tabling report

As a long-time DUer, I can hardly bear to click on GD04 anymore...

Three thoughts to take with you into the next week

Carville agrees with me on the August Kerry had

I may have found something huge on Stephen Marks HELP

U.S.S. Gridley -- a new SwiftLiars scandal?

Colin Powell is an idiot

So what's everybody doing for Labor Day anyone going to be in MD?

The enemy doesn't despair.

The ABB Vote

Mark Coatney (Time Mag) says the poll is "Good News"

Bush: "Maybe we’d have done better in Vietnam if ......

Would you hire George Bush?

The despair is understandable but not wise...

I'm right, you're wrong - you're right, he's wrong

There is a difference between panic and criticism

I'm sure you've all heard the expression "got a monkey on your back?"

On a lighter note -- Kerry's campaign soundtrack

George Bush and Dick Cheney Are Correct About The Viet-Nam War

My mom said something today

Democrats Claim Bush's Bounce Will Fade

Minnesota 46-46 Bush/Kerry

What happened to the Gallup poll?

Deserter - can bush still be charged with desertion

December 2003 - Kerry at 9%, Edwards at 5% in Iowa - Don't give up!

Easily manipulated voters

political advertising . . . everything you ever wanted to know . . .

Zobgy & Rasmussen Have Bush up by 2 Points

Comedy Central Clip: "The Power of Bush's Words"

The Problem With the Polls the Networks Report - How Do We Fight It?

An excellent Kerry campaign commercial you probably won't see!

How the ROI on negative attacks is better than the ROI of positive ads

Bush is withdrawing from Iraqi cities during the election.


anyone watching Now with Bill Moyers...?

Cheney pledges to continue "pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda" in 2nd term

Article on John Sasso (a few months old, put provides some background)

Attn: All those who think Kerry needs to go into attack mode

More about crazy Zell

Kerry should tell the truth. The truth will set him free.

Do Americans really want a decent man as President?

Sign of Freetard Desperation #76

DU this poll

Krugman: Bush's Economic Record and the Media

Repubs trying to push Democrats as part of hate.

St. Louis City Democrats need your help!


SBL Adm Hoffman ordered War Atrocity - Refused by Swift Boat Crew

Molly Ivins: RNC convention "unmitigated gall"

Wow! This is looking better for Kerry....

Kerry challenges Bush spin on latest jobless figures

bullshit polls

Can we all organize a cancel Cable day?

i did a beautiful thing last week...

If I could get just 1/10 of everyone who bitches about Bush to volunteer

Drip. Drip. Drip.

What should be President Kerry's first executive act?

Bush's National Guard File Missing Records

Does anyone else have a problem with the push to "ban" SBV Book?

Senator: Commander Told of Military Drain

On C-SPAN 1...Elizabeth Edwards, Kerry girls and Teresa's son are on!!!

Paul Krugman on the media

Kerry says he's happy with polls

They got dophin suits, we need some chickenhawk suits

Kerry focuses on jobs, health costs- "Bush Aims to 'Bamboozle"

postive signs, alot of them, from Oakwood, Ohio...

Edwards stump in Stevens Point (WI) on C-SPAN

Maybe we should write Carville

Is It Wrong To Say Kerry Is Screwing This Up?

OK, so I finally had a long talk with my close repub friend.

2000 Poll Flashback: Bush lead most of the time

Say what...BushCo's economic policies...Oct 2000

There are at least 105,000 US citizens in my city.

WOW! CBS news covering Bush service gap!


101 Things You Can Do to Help Beat Bush!!!

moveonFORamerica not so "new"

Edwards on CSPAN 7:20 ET 9-5

It's Death By 1000 Cuts

Can anyone tell me when '60 minutes'...

Rasmussen: Tied in MInnesota

How's this for an idea?

Josh Marshall has a scoop on internals from Dem/Rep camps

Reuters: Spielberg honored in France....

The debate I'm looking most forward to

My husband and I were talking today

Don't get down, the bush shit is about to hit the fan.

Bush: "Maybe we’d have done better in Vietnam if ......

People , I hope the Kerry nay sayers and primary refighters

City May Have to Pay Protesters

What's Cable going to look like on 9/11?

Josh Marshall: Both campaigns' internals had Bush lead at 4

Why aren't we using that great Idea from Dean's campaign?

So tell us, gang....

doesn't look like 60 minutes will have the Barnes story tonight

"Send Me" bumperstickers

oooh, oooh, CBS evening news...yall on the west coast

Will everyone please CALM DOWN?

bookmark this one "SwiftboatLiars"

Bush's health: don't we have the right to know?

The result of this election is going to affect the whole word!

I have a Kerry/DNC website!

Bush Drug Use

not to knock this hurricane coverage but

How many proposals from Bush's convention speech

I feel like a tool... I May have inadvertantly made a vote for Bush.

Bush is a miserable failure

The Reason Polls Matter

In General, How Did KE04 Fare On The Gasbag Shows Today?

Let's imitate freeper techniques on this thread. Pretend you are...

The smear we need to work hardest against

If The RNC/Time Poll, Etc Has You Down, Just Remember This

Virginia - Kerry 63% Bush 5% and Pat Robertson 40%

Kerry FURIOUS With Campaign Manager Over Not Attacking Swift Boat Vets...

Chimp "debating the debates"

how much coverage will the updated polls get?

Zogby: Bush Leads Kerry by 2 Points

Bill Moyer NOW Program: Poppy bush Big time Crook....

California: Kerry 50% Bush 42%

The world according to Dick Gregory

Kerry says 1.6 m private sector jobs lost under Bush-but 600k new gov jobs

The 2004 GOP Convention: Four Days Filled With Lies, Mischaracterizations,

Kerry Allies Take Shots at Bush, Cheney on Vietnam

GOP stayed in an attack mode

I just wastched Scarborough..

Tail number for Bush's f-102?

If Kerry says something & CNN doesn't show it,, did no one hear him?

Trip down memory lane: McClellan spinning Chimp's TANG records

Russian-American Immigrants now support Kerry (Once supported bush 82%)

In spite of those recent polls . . .

What REALLY makes me mad about B/C exploiting 9/11: They FAILED

Go Negative: HIT Bush & Cheney where it hurts, and HARD!

Frank Luntz; Biased Ass Pollster

What you saw at the RNC was the GOP method of attack.

Flamebait !!!

Please rate the new Kerry ad: 'Immediate Help'

Let's not get complacent about right track / wrong track numbers.

Breaking -- Kerry Furious With Cahill

Walt Starr's piece on Bush's phony medals is all over the net and...

How about a redistribution of electoral votes?

Shut up, McCain

Kerry urged to focus on economy and jobs

Sludge: Clinton offers Kerry advice from hospital bed

Serious dirt, on SBV crew.

When Bush loses the election...

Does anyone else get the feeling the Kerry campaign "is listening"

Vote Democratic if you want to keep getting tomorrow off!

Kerry, Heinz, Edwards kids on C-Span NOW (9:30 eastern time)

Some reassuring poll analysis - read if you are still feeling panicky

The Time/Newsweek polls may be the best thing that ever happened to us.

Hey Walt Starr... Look what I got in a mass email today!

Are we taking the wrong path by comparing Kerry's military record?

Here's a GOOD article from one of my favorite papers

Drudge: James Carville, Paul Begala and Stanley Greenberg joining Kerry..

Every Kerry speech should begin with following line. See if you agree?

When would you bring out the My Pet Goat TV ads?

If Cheney and Bush back out of the debates

A bush babble point that's been bothering me for a few weeks...

Bush campaign hack calls media "scum of the earth"

Kerry should do a bush: He just raised your medicare tax 17%

reality still mean anything to the American voter?-BRILLIANT

"The Emerging Democratic Majority".....?

Kerry needs Chris Lehane

A Democrat slipping away from Kerry.

Chimp's TANG Records: Anything new in this AP article?

Pentagon can't be bothered about Bush records but investigate Kerry medals

Rate this a 5: Bush's National Guard File Missing Records @ Yahoo! News

Who Needs Donations Most? MoveOn, DSCC, DNC

Woo HOO!!! You think DU'ers can't make an instant difference!?

A small ray of hope. I have done the impossible! (A convert tale).

Watch MSNBC: "Bringing the War Home"

UK to Bush: Don't mention Tony Blair

If Kerry is making a 3rd NC stop (this Tues) then NC must still be in play

Let's predict the next smear against Kerry

I really like Edwards as a campaigner

Kerry leads Bush

Carville: expect major changes in Kerry campaign early next week.

Is There a Conspiracy in the Latest Polls?

Kerry campaign needs to flood media with "We will win and they will lose."

If in war, the object is to attack your opponent's strengths......what are

Newsweek Poll Unfairly Skewed

CSPAN: Children of Kerry/Edwards conducting Youth Forum at VCU

Update on The Misuse of my DU post by the WSJ!

When Bush gets carved up this month, will you feel sorry for him?

CHICKEN GEORGE won't Debate Kerry! CHICKEN GEORGE - you can bring Cheney!

OMG... this actually MEANS something

Check out New Democracy Project

Bush and his NeoCons are the Weakest Link

Will the Kerry campaign hit Graham's revelation relentlessly?

Honestly now: How many people here believe "It's Over"?

Yard Sign Battle Looming

AP: Bush's National Guard File Is Missing Records

"Elect Bush.

"Five Big American Blunders In Terror War"

Why was there a big deal about JKerry windsurfing last week?

"If you don't stop telling lies about us, we will

"Swing vote" is a sham.

"NO President WANTS To Go To War." True or False?

"Spotty job market, stagnant paychecks, working harder, enjoying it less"

Kerry Commercial suggestion: "Reporting for Duty"

"The Economist" Poll: Kerry 45, Bush 44

Do we have to campaign like Republicans to win?

Ras: Bush down 8 in California, 50-42

Which is the better campaign strategy

John Kerry is not going to win. It is Over.

Do you trust the Secret Service to protect Kerry?

How about some fun with a local poll from my Republican hometown???

It's official - * too much of a man for Kerry

electoral nightmare

Interesting. Most of our "Liberal" Media is saying this weekend that Kerry

Can someome explain the BCCI matter?

Should Kerry debate Bush in absentia?

Dubya urinated on cars during a drunken rage....

Meet the Press Today

Finished Tour of Duty, wow Kerry is amazing

Winter Soldiers for Historical Accuracy