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Archives: September 30, 2004

Bush Still Pushing Lies In Refusing to Lower Drug Prices (Daily Misleader)

Soldier's dad: Bush blunder cost son his life

Why We Cannot Win - by a soldier in Iraq

Crawford TX newspaper endorses Kerry!

Scientists explain the meaning of life (and we don't matter much)

Ten billion animals abused each year

Kenya urges ban on lion hunting

Pets need a passport by the end of the week

James Soong makes a last stand

They have Limbaugh and Fox and Tweety? BFD! We have ROCK AND ROLL!!!

I keep thinking that how will we know if Kerry wins... I mean that I

I didn't know Jesse Ventura was unofficially on our side!! (GREAT LINK)

What will O'Rielly be like on the Daily Show next week?

I actually rather like CBS News' web site.

Follow your money... Interesting.

In Canada if your 18 you can vote,there is no registration.

have you taken any precautions for the unthinkable -

Kerry and Nader

DU this poll pleez!

Since when is a bumper sticker or yard sign a litmus test?

How do YOU help promote Kerry's cause?

what is your favorite progressive organization?

"It's a Baker Botts World" The Nation....what a scary thought.

Oprah's show on voting is the reason they are going to attack her

Observations about Jeanne from local news bits today.

Dr. Phil: Did you spank? Were you spankers?

England/ Australia SEP-30-2004 Serial killer stalks family from jail

Thousands attend al-Qaeda man's funeral

Unease Pervades a Peaceable Town

Oil price surge menacing Asian growth

Case weighs Islamic talk against acts

Trial Moved in Tulia Drug Bust Case

Is American view in Muslim world bastardised?

General: U.S. didn't note post-invasion Iraq power shift quickly enough

NYT: With Bush Advancing, Missouri May Be a Battleground All but Conquered

WP- Top Air Force Lawyer Steps Aside (Rumsfeld critic exposed in scandal)

Schwarzenegger vetoes bills to prevent outsourcing of jobs

(_*_) vs. (_O_)


What's the best legal music download service?

Do you teach your kids Satan is real?

Do you teach your kids Santa is real?

Do you teach Santa your kids are real?

Do you teach your kids Bush is real?

awww... my nephew is so cute...

I love Steven Wright!

Christopher Walken on Conan tonight!

Pictures of things that look more appealing than that Bush photo ...

developing a problem...

I've posted this before but here it is again.... orchestrated hell

((((((((((Crewleader!!!)))))))))) Has anyone heard from Crew?

When the pest guy sprays your house, if you have small animals...

Just got back from a BB King concert and it was FANTASTIC!

anyone tell what the button Letterman's cue-card guy was wearing said?

I am straight but still like the Scissor Sisters.

Did anyone catch the Daily Show

Ever been to a laser light show?

Is there anything cuter than a sleepy puppy?

I found a use for Hypnotiq

What's the best way to discipline a bullheaded dog?

Do you find baby animals more cute than baby humans?

Missing NHL hockey yet?

Sealab 2021: Stormy, you know German?

I found out today I have Feijoa

Miss me lots, ok?

On Thursday night, my buddy Patrick and I are hitting the road to Montreal


Kerry was right TWICE about Vietnam, and he's right TWICE about Iraq

cute bumpersticker: "Because Yee-Haw! is not a foreign policy." K/E 04

On "Countdown" rerun: 37% of voters want Bush to flip-flop.

Bush Foreign Policy Views Rejected By Both the Public and Experts

A delicate balance, again, for Kerry during the debate

An ad I'd like to see from Kerry.

Is anyone else pissed at Gergen's "tie goes to Bush" argument?

Clarkies: Wes on the Daily Show Thursday evening--For Debate analysis

I wish there was a magic word....

KERRY Ahead In Ohio 49-46 - according to Gallup!

Pollsters say: We are being unfairly attacked

What time does the "debate" start?

I think John Kerry really likes Colorado.

How Kerry can get around debate rules and land fatal blow to W

The O.C.: quintessential white suburbia is now majority minority

Waiting for Kerry's Big Finish to Start - Tina Brown, Washington Post

NYT Ed - Playing With the Election Rules (CO & OH Vote Theft! - EMAIL!)

Introducing John Kerry

A lethal silence surrounds Bush's failure to embrace the Kyoto Protocol

You have to read it to believe it! :puke: alert

debates?? nah-put them on jerry springer

War, Outsourcing and Debt: Delusion Rules

Did anyone else see this on outsourcing torture?

Now on DVD: The Passion of the Bush

Black Voter Registration Breaking All Records

Sentenced to be Raped

Vote for a Man, Not a Puppet

Whistle Blower blows Whistle on ES&S & E-Slate

Molly Ivins: Debate This

Plame alert--Juan Cole: "Is Justice Being Delayed by Bush Administration

Fear of Flying

Pat Buchanan endorses Kerry on Iraq War???

WSJ: As Debates Begin, Kerry's Key Task: Wooing Waverers

BuzzFlash Declares Kerry the Winner of Round One

Salon: The Operative (Robert Novak)

U.S. Military Is Stretched Too Thin, Defense Board Warns

The Strategy Beneath Flip-Flop Label- it works well with GOP biased media

Wonderful, here's a gem from my local paper's resident asshole columnist..

Memo to Kerry from Europe: Help (for Iraq) Is Not on the Way

Republicans say "liberals" will ban the Bible

Rent or Buy? It Might Be Time to Rent

Don't forget trade policy

This Monday - Oct. 4th - Show Tom Delay he’s not wanted in Austin!

Ideas on targeting Eisenhower generation voters with these quotes?

Protest Bush's Visit to Allentown PA Tomorrow (Friday 10/1)

The BEST Revenge

I need an education on HOW TO.........

Any ideas on how to circulate this new DRAFT flyer to colleges?

Sept 30th 2004 @ 9:51am CST - Whats on?

Public invited to discuss pulling of AAR in Portland, ME

Who is this Repuke whore

germane to tonight's debate

Feds raid "Radio Free Santa Cruz" alternative to Clear Channel

Compare this Liberal pre-Debate "boilerplate" to the one the AP had

Crawford, TX newspaper dumps Bush, endorses John Kerry for President.

Stupid Fucking CNN Can't Even Spell

Who's the Saint who will have a Quicktime version of the debate

AAR Morning show called listener a "condescending bitch". Just when I thou...

Debates bad: panel discussion instead, much better

NPR: First spin question devoid of any substance

"6 billionaires, 6 billion starving" is republican utopia for earth

Corporations and their contracts with Govt.

"CHECK" float gone 10/1/04

Pressure Grows On G7 To Agree Dlr Devaluation

The Wisdom of the Wages

25,000 Acres Of Haiti's Most Fertile Cropland Ravaged By Jeanne

Scientists rumble Earth's hum

High, Low Tide Lines Converging As British & Welsh Beachs Shrink, Steepen

Somerset County wind farm project halted

What I Hate Most About You - By Anonymous

Go-lleee!! The Economist Admits That Climate Change Might Cost Money!!

Can california really "fall into the sea" ..

A bit on Al Zarqawi

Whose 'Retreat And Defeat'?(Iraqi's do not want us to stay for "stability"

Afghan election set to be fiasco

Yemenis to die for USS Cole blast

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 30, 2004

Ex-Steeler Strzelczyk dies in crash (High speed chase from cops)

anti John Kerry smear, gun nut style:

A chance to see how racist the NRA is

The poster I was replying to referred to me as "fucking stupid and a

Getting weird error messages.

You might want to take a look at your Popup add for smilies

Hi Skinner - A question

Can a MOD/Admin sticky this announcement?

This thread was locked in GD, the mod said it was a copycat.

Sue 'em!

Anyway DU can put all post debate online polls in one convenient thread

Can you guys pin this thread in GD just for tonight?

Would it be possible to start a "Research" forum?

Is there a plan to but all of the Plame threads together

Why are some of my previously Ignored people now showing

Skinner or whoever - I want out

Fresh Gaza clashes leave 13 dead

Israeli Soldier, Woman Jogger Killed in Gaza Ambushes

It is a sick society that harasses, humiliates dying patients

52 Victims, U.S. Still Dragging Feet on Finding Perpetrators

Documentary Theatre Text

meet the beat bush moblie

Robin Williams and Stevie Wonder raise funds for Obama

High School Students Grill Obama, Keyes

Anyone from Pinellas going to the rally?

Also, if anyone needs tickets I have 2 extra

Anybody know of an Orlando area Bar that would have the debate on...

Beige Shirt Alert: Protest Worriers in San Francisco

Gattaca: Brought to you by Proposition 69

san diegans - donna frye joins mayoral race

Hey, Michigan guy, thanks, but no thanks!

The Patriot Act, the Yo La Tengo tour stops at UofI today, Ames on Friday

Massachusetts Dems have done it again . . . Ani-Mitt reveals all . . .

Liberal talk coming to Boston

more Kiffmeyer shinnanigans

* got waxed!!!

AAR moving to 950 AM tomorrow

Call for Blackwell's resignation

The Canton rally was soooooo much fun

Where do I send my absentee ballot application?

Teresa Heinz Kerry to be in Westmoreland County, Sunday Oct 3rd

Tarrant County - Vets for Kerry Caravan and Presidential Debate Watch

Austin4Kerry debate watching party

Crawford paper hit by Repubes

Tim Michels - Another RW Clone

Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival

Feingold/Michels debate will be televised in Milwaukee

BBV on KUOW now (10:00 a.m. Sept. 30th.) n/t

I-892: a game of chance we should walk away from

Nethercutt has already gone Newsmaxish on us

I counted more Kerry signs than Bush signs in Skagit County today.

Is FoxNews and the Media fair and balanced?

Syria goes from Terror State to Border Patrol unit Bush Flip Flop

Florida = profits over people

for some reason, I can't get these lyrics out of my mind . . .

Bush/Cheney White House "Busted" Over Sept 11th Claims

If any of you are thinking of trying to be a NINJA, you should probably

anyone else feeling the optimism coming back?

What direct impact has the war in Iraq had on your life?

Is America an empire?

New Bush ad. LOL.

Did the President lie about Iraq?

The last time a 'stiff' kerry went up against a more"likeable average joe"

so the asteroid missed us....

Let's Invade Brazil

I just had a wonderful thought...

I hate Larry King but he is kicking fundie asses!

Faith Based Initiatives

Frank Luntz OFF Post-Debate Coverage

Terence McKenna fans?!

Why did the mainstream media always report...

Yesterday, I posted that we should start calling Bush's economic

I am not a religious man, but I ask...

We can Fulfill Prophecy, & make Armageddon happen, if we really try!

Bush didnt have time to finish guard duty

My lawyer is my gun...

The Crusade Against Evolution

Time Magazine's Man of the Year. 2003

If TV debates had existed during the election of 1860 . . .

some foreign comments on "our election"

If anyone's up for a laugh...


everything's just swell in baghdad this morning, democracy is working!

Yay! Green Day's American Idiot #1 album in the country

12 Hours and Counting: It's GO Time!

Just So You All Know... Baghdad is Burning Today!

Question for 50s Historians on Ike's "Military-Industrial Complex" speech

I read today that the motive for invading Iraq was this:

Lately it seems as though we've been ...

Anyone want to help give a wingnut a breakdown?

Watch the debate on Comedy central. here's why:

fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here..BULLSHIT!

Did Anyone See Kerry Part II n GMA?

BBV and absentee ballots -- Diane Rehm Show on NPR (10am EDT)

Did everyone catch this Menendez-Armitage exchange?

Libya says 'wise man' Bill Clinton should resolve world's wars

My prediction for tonight's debate...

Calling all creative DU'ers with too much time

CBS cancels broadcast on Bush's use of forged Iraqi WMD documents..

I'm surprised Jello Biafra's been under the radar in the past few years.

The most selfish statement in history

What's so scary about PNAC?


Mr.Bush,you have stated that you take your orders directly from God.

What happened to Bush's military records being released?

Franken is at it again

Wes Clark and Rudy Guiliani? on The Daily Show tonight

Is the media lazy or conspiratorial?

Do fundamentalists like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson reverse

Is Dumbya going to be allowed...

Who thinks Bush will smirk tonight when asked about the future in Iraq?

West Coast -- Watch Charlie Rose Tonight

that Alex radio guy a combs type?

Brock on MSNBC now...

Is Air America not streaming today? I can't get a connection.

Authorities WARN of possible debate THREATS

Saddam was an ally on the war on terror

Have articles critical to Bush's Lake Wales visit been taken down?

Found a financial memo my grandfather wrote

Thanks to years of sanctions and the Iraq invasion 1 in 4 Iraqis in need

Delay to bring "Federal Marriage Amendment" to the House floor Today! 9-30

Rummy & Ashcroft's creepy new "security" blimp

What About the Numbers of Dead Iraqis ??

Any word on the "Marsh Arabs?"

did i hear it right

If I were an Iraqi, I would be pissed

Sent this to CBS (because they squashed the 60 Minutes report)

collective amnesia, part II - California Wildfires 2002

Need Info About Coming Draft

Group urges CBS to air report - (Newsday article)

LOL!!! - 'Pissamestic'... I Like It !!!

Should you need a snark fix ....

Heating Oil: gonna get mighty expensive this winter. any alternatives?

What's the 'LIVESTRONG' message?

Faux News poll on whether Saddam played a part in 9-11

Healthy Tan vs. Alarming Red Flush

Who thinks Bush will smirk tonight when asked about the future in Iraq?

Congresswoman's (Musgrave) 2002 home page taken over by porn

Should Teresa Heinz Kerry challenge Laura to a debate?

The CABINET | who gets fired?

Four new K/E bumper stickers in our parking lot at work yesterday!!!

Everyone please Email Crossfire about Traitor Novack

How long is tonight's debate?

My message to John Kerry

Jon Stewart is on NPR's Fresh Air today

My local paper has a story today about a provision in No child left behind

An Emergency Room Economy With No Doctor In Sight - Please read this!

Help me on this, please.

Incredible graphic at

Want to watch part of America blow up almost live?

Buckhead strikes again?

I love the new look for Brock's Media Matters site. It is great.

"Staying on Message" and test taking.

CNN keeps showing Raygun's "Are you better off..." clip

Is Edwards Kerry's secret weapon?

zaj had a great post earlier PLEASE read

Joe Lieberman is such a dog.... (cspan2) -so glad he is not

Nuclear Chauvinism: Time to dust off those 'duck and cover' films

Need help please re: Bush saying God speaks to him

LOL! The Onion: "Documents Reveal Gaps In Bush's Service As President."

did anyone hear the gossip on unfiltered this morning?

I just watched * speak in Florida

Here's a summary of the Republican Convention:

URGENT: stop the legalization of torture outsourcing

3 MORE reasons to be OPTIMISTIC!!!

Utah State researcher concludes CBS' bush memos were typed on a typewriter

Dumb questions about Bush pre-Crawford ranch

God Bless Al Franken.

Franken deserves a Marconi award

Is the man on the right Osama bin Laden?

Need a laugh? Here ya go...

where is the best site

I had a terrible dream last night Bush won the election

34 children killed in Bagdad today...34 new Osama's created

interesting facts for anyone in dayton, oh

Thank god the pundits will clarify Bush's 8th grade-level comments

Less educated people vote Democrat and more educated vote Republican...

overheard at my doctor's office this morning.....

Can G. Gordon Liddy vote? What about Oliver North?

Down with bitching about artists because they disagree with us!

Down with Elton John!!!!!!

My BIL just got his orders to IRAQ!!

A happy accident that Comedy Central is showing "Bubble Boy" right now?

I just had a nightmare about the war in Iraq

"Low Expectations" Question

Can the Cowboy shoot??---ever seen him with a gun??

I found a new picture of Cheney and Bush

Help! Need Draft Info!

Help me DUers! I've been Freeped w/ photos! Need help w/ counter-photos!

Today's Franken Show Has Been One Of The Best... Ever !!!

Bush claims Jenna "felt terrible about" the "tongue incident"

Randi Rhodes Time

on what Articles will they try to Impeach President Kerry?

Article: The GOP Doesn't Own Jesus

BBV: Rush Holt launches new web site

Benigni Iraq war comedy film?

Starr Emerges as Key Lawyer for N.Y. Times

***** has been UPDATED*****

Does anyone know where I can find old poll data?

I guess it's official the Establishment Media works for the Government?

Gonna be in Arkansas? Make your way to our Documentary Festival in October

Marriage Ammendment being Debated in House RIGHT NOW

The Commission on Presidential Debates is NOT "nonpartisan"!

Bush* Iraq better, improving. Truth: 35 Children just killed today

I hope this O'Reilly vs The Daily Show thing keeps escalating.

What is up with the Plame investigation...???

Liberal talk to hit Boston on Monday

The Daily Show is LIVE tonight! For coverage of the Bush-Kerry debate!

don't let the gop win the post-debate spin this time-join the team tonight

Bush's Changing Positions on Iraq

MEDIA WHORE ALERT! The AP has hired Ms. Cleo to predict the debates

SlamBush: Hip Hop Artists Take on the President in Mock Debate

fear and loathing in washington DC ((HELP!!!))

Warning! Sappy RW pro Bush e-mail

Stop being afraid to use the F-word

lucianne goldberg's masturbatory dumbya fantasies

'The true face of Iraqi resistance'

Kay Bailey Hutchison says shrub went to Iraq for the money.

cnn breaking news

Troops move in "major offensive" on Samarra: Debate distraction?

Wolf Blitzer Is F-ing Stupid Part II

McCain and Powell are traitors

Down with Patti Smith!

What is going to happen in the Senate?

Fafblog's Post-debate Pre-debate (humor)

I just saw "The Revolution will not be televised"

I know the October Surprise!

Soccer team's 'gay hair' ban

Name An Amusement Park Ride To Describe Your Feelings Today !!!

Anyone else see this? B-1 Bob Dornan with film of Kerry

These People (Freeps) Left Unchecked, Will Get Us All Killed !!!

Clarkies! The General on Ed Schultz in a few...


Debates: which broadcast to watch?

Affirmative action is not communism!

60 Minutes Craven Attempt To Woo Those Who Think CBS Too Liberal

Did Bush actually refer to the "Kerry Tan" thing?

Looking for article on Native American payoffs repugs

LAST CHANCE FOR TAKE IT BACK CD AND proceeds to help DU and Guy

The Official George '2-face' Bush Security toon

Kerry is ahead of Bush in Marine Latrines in Iraq

Jon Stewart, will you please ask Rudy Giuliani THIS question tonight?

Wall Street Journal reporter's on the ground assesment of 'the situation'

Jon Stewart on NPR Now

Republicans' Lack of 'Wisdom' Horrifies Allies

Marriage amendment debate in the house now

I think it's important that we quit calling right-wingers 'conservative'


What do you think about progressive groups going after moderate Dems?

Would DU be following the debates?

In another example of the Republican Two-fer, Kerry pays for *'s lies

Large military battle in Samarra, CNN Breaking News.

Does anyone feel positive about the debate tonight?

ACTION ALERT! House Ethics Commitee meeting 9/30 re DELAY!

Do officers in the military

Howard Dean to speak at Oregon State Univ. tomorrow.

Irony Defined, Part II...

Kick him in the nut !

bush* floppier than a fish out of water

my article re: the use of fear by this administration (please critique!)

Iraqi town's national guards resign en masse over tensions with US

Debunking the new rightwing Uninsured talking point -- You need to know

Amazon pre-orders of F9/11 to arrive Oct. 5th

Debate suggestion for DUers

I sincerely hope that John Kerry destroys all the LIES and LIARS tonight!

What kind of 'Democrat' are you?

ABC News Pre-emptive coverage of the debates LOL

Where can I stream video of the debate? CSPAN?

Impatient George

AP already posted a debate report in past tense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much for "Freedom of the Press"

My prayers are with Kerry tonight..

I'll admit I'm sadly uniformed on this issue, I need some honest answers..

our life is becoming one big info-mercial

in case anyone needs a laugh..."how america sees the world". truly funny.

Knight Ridder prewrote the Dean loss in WI, morning of primary. Pic.

A thought to help us get through tonight and the next few weeks...

20 more minutes till show time, do you know who Scott Robinson is kicking?

W has breakdown, wins debate

"God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!"

set being designed for TV broadcast of draft lottery?

SURPRISE! October is upon us, time to get real scared again.

Instructions for tonight from Terry McAuliffe PLEASE READ!

Tom Brokaw: Kerry must be "demonstrably better" than Bush

I'm watching Charlie Rose interview John Stewart and it was cut off

OK, I love Patti Smith, and if she votes for Nader then that's OK

Crawford, Tx newspaper hit by Repubes

A father's agony: Why this war must end now

Today's Baghdad massacre a publicity stunt gone bad?

John Zogby--The Race Is Still Kerry’s To Lose

Did you just see that on CNN? Blue=negative and Red=positive?

36 Democrats (over 15% of Dems) voted with George W. Bush today

Well, it's time to learn the fate of the Republic.

"And he changed his mind. The bush campaign has a word for this."

"Of course, we're going after Saddam Hussein, er, I mean Osama Bin Laden."

The debate tonight is a (Pick your poison)

Kerry incredibly strong and cool

Bush is Whiney and Defensive Hahahahahaaha!

It Begins.... The Debate Section Two. Carry over

kerry hit it

Freeper reaction to the ownage, er, debate?

"Which is worse?"

the UN is in Iraq? only like 5 people

This Race is Over

Bush looks like a spoiled brat.

Stay on the offensive Kerry. Beat him up!!!! Straight talk to back talk

BUSH is toast!!!! He has to attack Kerry's character

Nail him on his service as he praises the service of others Damnit!

who looks more like a leader you could depend on???

here's a fun game...count the number of' verbs in * speech..

Bush supports "torture provisions" Reps added to bill

Uh, don't forget Poland.......

Bush is just making scribbles with his sharpie

"The only way to protect our homeland is to stay on the OFFFENSE" *

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Can anyone tell me what bush has said other than "we need to get these

John Kerry RULES, Yes

Is it just me, or does it seem as if W is falling apart the longer the

It's Hardwork being a idiot

(dupe, please delete)

Never wanted to commit troops Michael Moore has some footage that

President Kerry, Let me say this

OMG The splitscreen

JK awesome

I think Kerry just smirked!

My God! The Smirking Fart is DRUGGED to the eyeballs!



Welp, he finally said it

Holy shit! DeGaull and the debates.....

Everytime Shrub talks about Saddam Hussein "disarming" I scream

Iranian Moo-lah's LOL

You CANNOT win a war on terror.

is "mullah" pronounced moo-lah? nt



UNOFFICIAL debate thread Number Two.... Carrying over from...

There are NOT, NOT 100,000 Iraqi troops prepared


My LTTE regarding the debates

Chimp is going down in flames!

Did Chimp just say "Iranian MOOLAHs" TWICE?!?!?!?

OK, my doubts are GONE

Shrubs drinking so much water

On what channel are you watching the debate tonight.?

Kerry - wrong answer.

Oh one hand, I'm glad to see * failing..on the other

Is this guy just rambling or what

Fox gives Kerry the O.J. treatment- CAMERA'S ARE NOT MATCHED! party chicken basket.

Mixed Messages

I think somebody must be jamming the signal to *'s earbud...

NBC... Look at the podium... why is Kerry's much lower than Bush's?

Do news sources purposely carry stories that make progressives look bad?

It's official. The * doctrine states that Kerry is bad because he can

Bush leans on podium; Kerry standing erect! Goofus vs. Gallant!

Bush will be pissing in that glass before the 90 minutes is up...

BAWHAHA,this isn't even close.....

War is peace: The sounds of cognitive dissonance

Mixed messages

Is it too early to ask if there will be a 2nd debate? nt

I gotta watch Faux for commentary after this ass-kicking is over...

Whoever at FOX decided to show split screen will lose their job..


Bush ran...RAN away from Kerry after handshake.

Bush, falling on his freakin' ass

Two Faced

Is this guy even listening when Kerry is talking?

OMG -the last 30 secs Lehrer


Welp, folks. Kerry 1 - Bush goose egg, in this best of 3.

Bush Calls Iraqi People "Ungrateful" (satire)

"disagree in a way that is effective" WTF is he talking about????

Blinkin' like Nixon...

Freepers freaking - Bush Rambling

* Blinked 260 + times during his closing statement . . .

SLAM DUNK for Kerry !! No surprise here though....

I thought Kerry was suppose to be a sweater

Damn...I can only watch one post-debate spin-session...

Kerry kick dumbass's ass YEEEEE HAWWWWW!

Look at it this way....

The DU server is kicking ass! The FR server keeps timing out!

It begins.... I'll monitor CBS... Let's get down and COMMENT!

Thanks Skinner

10:31 EDT - It's SPIN TIME!

Look at it this way....

Tweety: I was shocked by what I saw tonight

Even Jim Leher knows that Kerry won!

Alright going in to Fox

Kerry did an absolutely incredible job

First words outta Tweety's mouth after the debate



CNN sounding like they think Kerry won!

You know what? I kind of feel sorry for Bush...


HOLY SHIT!!!! Scarborough just said this was Kerry's BEST performance EVER

DU this poll

We have to stay on top of this

Don't forget to watch C-SPAN's post debate coverage

Kerry Brought up N. Koreas Nukes!

Chris Mathews is trying to destroy another Democratic candidate.

CSPAN Callers - Same girl has been on 3 times now! Even I can tell...

GET to voting on the polls now--look at the CNN poll first--HA !! nt

Can one of you brave Duers go to freepville and tell us what they're

Another Bush whore revealed

Anyone having trouble getting on

Watch C-SPAN's post debate coverage

Billy Pilgrim's Congratulate Senator Kerry thread or let us know why not.

Tweety is doing his damndest to

Best line of the debate

Polls and Surveys - vote!

Whoever was working the camera on CSPAN needs an ass kicking!

dupe post

Media scrambling to find a message

MSNBC just gave the victory to Kerry....

Karen looks demented

after watching the debate in split screen on c-span

Let's all watch different after-debate analyses, I'm doing ABC

FR Presidential Debate Analysis-- For your enjoyment...

GREAT post debate ads on USAtoday

I'm so happy I could cry. LOL We got our momentum back! (I hope)

did you (however briefly) support the president after september 11th?

CNN Online poll -92% think lkerry won the debate!

Just WHO the FUCK runs this place?

What's up with I want to DU their poll, but it must be bogged

Wasn't "National Security" suppoed to be bush's strong point ?

Dupe- Mods please delete

Bawhahah, AOL poll shows Bush the winner tonight.....

Did you hear the APPLAUSE for Kerry after the chimp left the stage???

Kerry talks like me

Vote in Florida - doesn't matter where you live. Vote twice. (LINK)

How can anyone be undecided at this point?

Daily show thread

Kerry was flat, Bush seemed wacked out

McAuliffe: go to these sites to DU the polls


McCain is going down on Bush on CNN.

Serious psychology question: the blinking eyes

DU This Poll

Every time I hear * say DUTY I drink a shot

PLEASE DU these 2 local poll re debates...I need help!


Vladamur. Vlaa-duh-duh-mur. UhVladuhmur.

Question by question analysis of September 30, 2004 Debate

Hey, Where Are All The "Kerry Shoulda" Threads Tonight?

I have no TV currently, but the debate is going good you say? :) :) :) :)

The Kerry strategy "convicted" Bush* as a lying incompetent

AOL poll needs your attention!!!

Holbrooke kicking ass on Faux

one woman's debate critique (bush)

Don't forget to donate to John Kerry before midnight!

Expect a terra threat tomorrow?

Does anybody have screen shots?

New TP: If * Can't Think On His Feet During A Debate

I thought Bush was supposed to be a champion debater...

The AOL link above(in the DU post debate) doesn't ALLOW a Kerry vote

I am actually impressed with MSRNC tonight

MSNBC Poll Link

A knucklehead's (Vancouverite) view on the debate....

Do you think we'll see a terror alert in the next few days?

Just went down to the Iraqi-immigrant owned convenience store...

Karen Hughes has a python around her neck!

Debate helped me decided what to have for dinner tomorrow night!



Hard Work!!!!!!!

David Shuster on Buzz words...

CBS slight advantage to Kerry,PBS calls is a draw,NBC all the undecideds

vote in time magazine's poll now!

It's Official!!!! The Citizens of Bryan, College Station, TX . . .

Atrios debate IRC chat

Since Kerry won the debate, what will tomorrow's headlines say?

Here's Another One to DU HARD!!!!

Debate Transcript Here

MSN Money poll- kerry up-but only slightly-vote now!

fact check: Korea, sanctions or not?

Anyone have a transcript link yet?

CNN/Gallup just released gives debate to Kerry 53% to 37% for Bush

DeNiro as Jake Lamotta as Geo. Bush: "You never knocked me down, Ray."

who is the democrat you would most like to sit down and have a beer with?

So...where was that Kerry "Orange" that was all the rage a few days ago?

Malloy: At the end of the debate when the little rabbit Bush came out from

live Daily Show coming up in 5 minutes

Bush just got SPANKED....

Fox guys were madddddd!...

WooHoo, my activist niece started a Gay/Straight Alliance at her

vote in this poll-sinclair broadcasting(the evil clearchannel of local tv)

Heart Warming Story

freepers and ldotters blaming leher for bush imploding tonight

drudge's front page attempt to save dumbya's performance

"Hard work"/"mixed messages"

Thursday night and it's time for Mike Malloy

Go Cheney Yourself!

Called for Prayer Support re: Debates Tonight.

Why is Leherer allowing Fuck Face to break the rules

What little respect I had for Schwarzenegger is now gone

What was that thing (scab?) above Bush's left eye??

Don't applaud The Motorcycle Diaries - Slate

Kerry mentioned the fourteen military bases

Soooo, What do you think Bar and Poppy are doing right now?

Andrea....."Wonder whether America will "buy it"..

Is the left's toleration of dissent and divergence an electoral liability?

Anybody got some good links concerning the possible draft?

how did Gore do in the debates in 2000?


Babs Bush right now is saying ...

The casualties of this battle will not be added to Sept. body count!

Booster seat for Bush?

"Dozens of Children Slain as Soldiers Hand Out Candy"


A great read. WSJ reporter's e-mail letter to friends re: Iraq has been

How come Kerry wont call this war what it IS?

LOL! I was just arguing with a wingnut and I asked

Support your military argument help

In Atlanta, 14% of Black Men Can't Vote

One of the most important articles of the last few years: "The Lie Factory

Lay Off Patti Smith

"You know, it's hard work to try to love her as best as I can"

Do you hate right-wingers?

AP photos are up.. Some verrrry odd ones

List ALL Online Polls Here - Let's Get It On!!! Keep it kicked

Is there anyone here actually AGAINST the Iraq War?

Watch Giuliani's eyes when he talks.


Bush's fake empathy

Joel Klein: To win, Bush must "be himself" -- people like him

What Free Republic Is Saying About The Debates

This afternoon, I berated the crap out of a right-wing douche bag.

No-one got anything to say about Blair's speech?

Bush Flip-Flop Syria From Terror State to Border Patrol

Free Republic Thread: 'th' Typewriter Found - Report Release Plan

Justices No Longer Secret in Transcripts

U.S. Denies Cubans Visas for Conference

Democratic advocacy group wooing Miami's Cuban vote

Protests over 'deadly' nuclear cargo

Lawmakers Work on Corporate Tax Overhaul

GOP Accused of Padding Intelligence Bill

Hospital: 35 Killed, 120 Wounded in Baghdad Blasts

Ten hostages' captured in Iraq

Freed hostage 'misses Iraq'

Car Bombs in Iraq Kill at Least 42, Wound 140

U.S. Says Syria Agreed to Seal Border with Iraq

Agere Announces Layoffs, Reaffirms Q4 Outlook

US lifts sanctions against Indian space, nuclear entities

Belo announces 250 layoffs, most at The Dallas Morning News

Delphi In Vandalia Announces Layoffs

Jet Diverted after Threat


Blair lied about Iraq, says Howard

Baghdad Bombings Kill 34 Children

Indo-US joint naval exercises from October 4

Explosive al-Qaeda brew hits Guinea

PepsiCo profit up, (780) layoffs ahead

Charges over Sudan 'coup plot'

China's Party Chief Tells Army to Be Ready for War

Cabinet 'not told of secret war plans'

Ashcroft Says Likely to Appeal U.S. Patriot Act Ruling

Jobless claims rise to 369,000 in latest week

Nader attracts sparse crowd at West Palm appearance

Nazis 51 , Allied Forces 46 (LA Times Poll)

Camp Lejeune plans to layoff 276 maintenance workers

Senate panel probes claims pair bilked tribes of millions - ethnic slurs

New Runoff System in San Francisco Has the Rival Candidates Cooperating

Court to Drop Veil of Secrecy on Records

GOP Accused of Padding Intelligence Bill

Bush Document Details Military Departure

Rent or Buy? It Might Be Time to Rent

Fear of Flying (gwb, TANG)

Agere Systems Will Cut 1,100 (Layoff Update)

Plame alert--Juan Cole: "Is Justice Being Delayed by Bush Administration

Baghdad Bombings Kill 35 Children

Assembling Full War Records a Challenge (TANG, etc)

Arafat intervenes to secure Bigley’s release

Ras Poll - yesterdays 4 point Bush advantage now 2 points 48.5 vs 46.1

Quakes Hit Calif.; No Injuries Reported

Footage Shows 10 New Hostages in Iraq

Crude futures climb back toward $50 Natural-gas futures drop for the firs

Houston newspaper restructures, expects layoffs

Austria bishop quits in sex row

Nortel sets 3,250 job cuts, sees $450 mln charges

Ohio GOP woos Tennessee (GOP Sends Out 3 Million Absentee Ballot Apps)

Voter registration up in state but fraud suspected (Michigan)

PepsiCo to Close Four Frito-Lay Plants

Federal Scientists Search for Lost H-Bomb

Elvis Costello distances himself from FBI warning

West Bank Assailants Beat U.S. Activists

Iraqi oil seen flowing through Moscow

Lawmakers seek apology for Senate inaction on black lynchings

Bloomberg: City to probe of ex-senator's (GOP) release

• Swing-state Cities Tire of Paying for Campaign Visits

Consumer spending slips in August

Boy Charged in Father's Slaying in Texas

Women snuggle up with 'Boyfriend's Arm'

Bush and Kerry meet in first of three debates with Kerry needing to make u

Russia backs Kyoto climate treaty

Whistle Blower blows Whistle on ES&S & E-Slate

Local offices now open for early voting (Nevada)

Companies squeeze spouses out to save health care costs

CNN - Blair to undergo heart procedure tomorrow

WP: U.S. Effort Aims to Improve Opinions About Iraq Conflict

Kidnappings Are Driving Turkish Truckers Away

28 Palestinians killed, 131 wounded in Gaza

Blair avoids Iraq vote defeat

Large military battle in Samarra, CNN Breaking News.

Army Gets Creative to Meet Recruiting Goals

S.C. H.S. Removes 3 Topics From Debate

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 30 September


Mixed Day on Wall Street Closes Dismal Quarter

September Among Deadliest Months for U.S. in Iraq

Feeble stock market could mean bad news for Bush

Merck Withdraws Arthritis Drug Vioxx

Bush Widens Lead in Some Swing States

Bayer pleads guilty, agrees to $33 million fine in chemical price-fixing c

Jimmy Carter: 'The war has been unnecessary'

Bush Spending in Iraq to Be Slower Than Suggested

Kerry calls to console marine's family; Bush does not

Bid to take voting out of schools fails

Franken challenges O'Reilly to bowling

LAT: Terror Alert Sounded in S. Korea

Kerry Team Set for Instant Response

CNN: Authorities warn of possible debate threats

Starr Emerges as Key Lawyer for N.Y. Times

FEC: Bush, Kerry Can Use Recount Funds

Boredom Alert cancels (p)Residential Debates in Florida.

Spanish PM calls for UN mediation in Iraq

Documents reveal plans for Iraq war (Aust)

FDA Says Intercepted Canadian Drugs Unsafe

C-Span has debates on Split Screen

Baghdad: deaf for taking sweets from American troops

Senators Slam Republican Party for Bible Pamphlet

Arabs pump in more oil dollars at home

Kerry: * has been "all hat and no cattle, and I'm going to show it."

New CIA Director Makes Changes at Top (Neocon Oilman IRI Member New #3)

Diebold Rep Now Runs Elections (California county)


MSNBC Poll Link

Public invited to discuss pulling of Air America

So it's now Adam and Steve after all


US Launches Offensive in Samarra, CNN Reports

Lawmakers ask for WTO charge against China

Lehrer Stacks Deck Against Bush (Newsmax spinning like mad why Bush lost!)

FBI Ordered to release John Lennon files

Judge Orders FBI to Release Lennon Files

Bush, Kerry Clash on Iraq in Debate

US releases 180 prisoners

Lawson (Software) Meets Lowered Targets, Plans Layoff (MN) (100 jobs)

Lawmaker expresses "dismay" that White House allegedly wrote Allawi speech

Vitamins 'may raise death risk from cancer'

BBC: Kerry, Bush clash over Iraq war (debate review)

Surpeme Court Job Invigorates Rehnquist

WP: GMU Disinvites Moore

RFK Children Object to Hotel Preservation

WP: Russian Cabinet Backs Pact on Climate Change

Tony Blair Going In For Heart "Procedure" Tomorrow

Longest-Standing Pirate Radio Station Free Radio Santa Cruz Shut Down by F

Witnesses claim U-S troops fired on a car killing seven Iraqis

Gay Marriage Amendment Fails

What Do Women Want in a Presidential Candidate?

US volcano rumbles back to life

Bush document from 1974 perplexes Denver, White House officials

Ethics Panel Admonishes House Leader DeLay

Nuclear proliferation the big threat

ABC Accidently Posts AP Recap of tonight's debate...

Cleveland pitcher Kyle Denney shot in calf while riding on team bus

Fallujah Strike Kills 4, Car Bomb Kills 3 ( Many US Casualties??)

Pentagon wants 'uplifting accounts' about Iraq; will 'curtail' bad news

(Snow) US Treasury chief urged faster yuan move-official - moves to devalu

Laser Beam Injuries Delta Pilots Eye

Kerry campaign demands that timing lights be removed from debate lecterns

Scanlon ‘is hiding out’Federal marshals cannot find former aide to DeLay

Kerry beats US marine latrines

Gonna tell you a story that you won’t believe

I just found a needle in my haystack

I just found a poop in my haystack

Would this be a bad time to remind people of the collegehumour election?

I just found a haystack in my poop!

Standing in the shadows of Motown. A great documentary about

I just pooped a haystack...

D.C. Hates Bush With a Passion

Redemption Song

I got a fever, and the only prescription ... is MORE COWBELL!

Need help with new apartment in LA!

FREE musical e-cards . . . very cool . . .

I got 7,000 posts!!! I'm so excited, I could SHIT!!!

Would you like to work out of the house helping sell our Political Cards?

I'm jacked-up on Pepsi. Ask me anything.

What happened on the Tonight Show?

It's time again for... Animals you never heard of!

Interleague play has ruined baseball and is anathema!

A month of disaster for Midlands man

Hey Northwest you up?

Hay John Kleeb, you awake???


I'm out-numbered at work

How can I post my Kerry look-alike pics here?

Snarf: Amazon Review

I was late for work because of Cheney's damn motorcade today!

Good Night DUers

A * joke

bush is going to crap his pants tomorrow night

We are the world

My mama talkin' to me tryin' to tell me how to live

I just made the easiest hundred bucks ever...

You walk into the room

Sudden wave of nostalgia: 7 O'Clock News/Silent Night

The Scissor Sisters

Finish this sentence: Love is_____________

Students Suspended For Inhaling Helium Baloons

Swedish Authorities turn down two parents request to name son 'Superman'

Stolen page found after 500 years

Home Invasion "Faked" To Impress Wife

Surfer Rides Whale That Surfaces Below Him (COOL!)

The Bushies : We screw the world

Man Ticketed After Using Helicopter To Avoid Rush-Hour Traffic

Getting ready to go to Europe - suffering Euro/dollar pain

Clevland Indians Pitcher Shot While Riding On Team Bus

Women will one day outsprint men by 2156 Olympics

Fishermen Net Hashish Worth $1.2 Million


Anybody have experience using nannies/au pairs?

City panel bans flaming "human cannonball" (Sorry Underpants)

A question for you rock historians and aficionados

Vote Kerry or burn in hell......

*GRUMBLE* F*CKING cat has had me awake since 4:00AM!

What is the DU take on ChavezSpeakstheTruth's "Simile"?

Bride Attacked By Taser At Wedding Reception

Man Sues White Castle After Biting Into Greasy Onion Ring

Woo hoo! Black Table published my Wisconsin piece!

There just aren't enough hours between 1 and 8...

Gloves are OFF! Kobe said Shaq paid women hush money

Another sign that I am getting old.

Thank-you Gov. Gilmore-ass/panty waste/dipshit

George Bush Similes

Virginia grade schoolers accidentally served alcohol at lunch

Halloween Plans?

I wonder if Bush will be playing with Saddam's gun before tonight's debate

PLEASE watch the video on

Whew! TIRED-just got back from Boston area

I'm feeling glum: post your reptile pics!

If I have to go to federal prison for my beliefs....

I just read this

George W. Bush Hotmail inbox (funny stuff)

"Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'" CAPTION

yo peckah

What is the DU take on whoisalhedges's "Smell"?

I brake for...

Did you see Gregory lie on Imus?

Speaking Of "Queer Eye"... How Do They Transform The House In One Day??

Salem Officials Getting Tired Of "Witch City" Image

Top 10 signs that your debate with the freeper is about to go south

There was just a volcanic eruption

I just watched the Tanner 88 episode I was in

HAh! Daily show viewers Follow Presidential Race (=to network news)

Oh Shit, not another one - short rant

Anyone live near Joplin, Missouri?

The peasants are revolting!

If Undecided voters were confined to a prison camp

Is spirituality innate?

What is the DU take on Brian Wilson's "Smile"?

Whoa this is weird

Classic joke-"Sneezing Woman"

Caption: US compulsory visitor fingerpriting to nail Al Qaeda mastermind?

All I have to say is "WOW"!

Ciao, ciao DUer's: Australian's have it really good - we don't!

Floating 'Jesus' Causes Border Patrol Rescue Mission

What are you doing after the election?

New trend on DU !!! Invisible messages ! Read this :


Tolkien's lost paintings cast new light on Middle Earth

Anyone else coming down with something?

Rarely seen Monet goes on display

Alabama man uses chain saw to smash Jordanian's car window

I'm plugging this site for our troops at the YD tent at the UofA

Why do pretty much all cell phones on ebay cost at least $10 to ship?

Should vsini threads be allowed on DU??

If you could make the rules for the debates, what would you stipulate?

Bartender's guide post!

In happier times:

Help from Manhattan/NYC DUers

Wat Tyler, Hedges, RandomKoolzip & Dolo Amber - do you like Smile?

Have the NY DUers decided on a debate-watching location?

Did I read somewhere that LynneSin is a repuke?

AFA calls for boycott against P&G based on gay support

Devil Bunnies, Devil Bunnies

While reading fiction, have you noticed politically-charged themes?

Pick a name for the new DC Expos.

You want political dirty tricks? Just get 'em drunk.

Name Washington's new MLB team!

The Expos are going to DC

Is there a difference between being a thinking person and an educated one?

And here's a golden Oldie dedicated to pResident Geroge W. bush

Oh my gawd, I just heard the puke-fest song of the day...

Pinpoint exactly the last time Chevy Chase was funny.

Al Franken in San Diego!!!

Jack Daniels Lowers Alcohol Content Of "Old Number 7" (Back To 80 Proof)

My 200th post

Take a normal topic and make it about tonight's debate!

free e-card sites

Jumpin' Jesus On A Pogo Stick!

I'd just like to say that Meg Ryan was one of the most fun guests

Today's Models More Prone To Slouching

Putting Politics Into Perspective

I wanna thank Squeech for turning me on to the jazz of Dave Douglas!

Did I read somewhere that Lynn Swann is a repuke?

Angry Supermarket Customer Puts Cashier In Headlock

Shilling to pitch Game 1 instead of Pedro

University Pays Homage To The Slide Rule (Ah, A Simpler Time)

What WAS the greatest and best song in the world?

I just had my first rectal exam! Ask me anything!

I just had my first college exam! Ask me anything!

Matcom is one sick person!!!! If only I had a colonscope

Debate Viewing Party?

Court Asserts Man's Right To Procreate

If you're buying Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, and a Fruit pie...

Let the lord of the black land come forth, and may justice be done upon it

The jonesing for a fix of CAPTIONS

Bear Ransacks Kitchen as Paralyzed Man Lies in Bed

Anyone Good At Pacman?

Aw right like we do in Texas. Let's roll up our sleeves 'n CAPTION

Let my inspiration flow

Dark Star crashes, pouring its light into ashes

"Suburban Madness" vs. "Desperate Housewives"

Ask me anything; I'll respond with a witty nickname for you!

This is my 2,000th post, ask my anything!

Arabian wind

Allow myself to introduce... myself.

I hurt. Make me laugh.

searched at an airport for the first time ever

Way down upon Sycamore Slough

Because I drank too much last night I have decided to

!!!HELP!!! Mac gurus need solution to start up issue

Look for a while at the China Cat Sunflower. Proud walking jingle in the

Should invisi. threads be allowed on DU??

I finished Dark Tower VII

Dry socket

Just saw the most hilarious bumper sticker!!!!!!!

Hey Ashcroft... How big did you say your "friend" was?

Do you try to find out political affiliations of celebs?

Cheney's got a CAMELTOE!!!!

I laugh. Make me hurt.

Let's have a bit of fun....

My redneck neighbors moved away!

Goodbye. I Can't Stand This Place Anymore. I'm Leaving DU Forever!!!

Debate BINGO! (m)

Soccer team bans "gay hair"

Kramnik and Leko draw third straight in championship chess match

I declare whine text the dumbest DU fad ever

The key to a Bush victory tonight...

Is it wrong to dislike someone based on their smell? Dogs do it

Cleveland Indians pitcher shot, but saved by girlie-man outfit

Turn any topic into a debate topic!

The Debate drinking game!

Dumb Talkers.

You may want to flame me for this, but...

I don't know what to say for my 700th post

Welcome Quahog to the 700 Club; THAT took long enough! :D

Is "Monsoon" still in business? I have a Monsoon speaker problem.

Bush's eyes seem to be disappearing right into his head.....

NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! The North Koreans are building an enormous rocket!

What do you find harder to believe?

the Presidential Horror show... Bwaaa-haaa-haaaa

"We don't have any salads today"

Wow - Franken can work a crowd!

Anything interesting on TV tonight?

another one gone, but not forgotten

what's wrong his face/skin!?

Should I watch the poll tonight?

Another 5.0 quake in California

I also get a nice perspective of you guys after visiting the Gallery.

I declare white text the dumbest DU fad ever

This morning, I filled 9 bags with trash!. Ask me anything!

Drunk dad has 6 year old steer '96 Mitsubishi with 9 bags of trash!

am I the only one who is NOT planning to watch the debate?

KC Chiefs 0-3 cursed by b/c visits?

Couple 'raise' Cabbage Patch doll as son

The Daily Show is LIVE tonight! For coverage of the Bush-Kerry debate!

William Shatner Dupes Town With Fake Movie Shoot

I Just Gave William Shatner His First Rectal Exam - Ask Me Anything

Man has names of 1,842 Iraq war dead on his '96 Mitsubishi Diamata

Teen steals 71 Bush-Cheney signs after brother is sent to Iraq

Cheque or Check?

Tech help please -- copying e-mail info to a new computer

Are you sorry you took the red pill?

Sit or Stand? Fold or clump?

What would you do with your own monkey?

A DQ Blizzard's Guide To Proper Copycat Threading

What would you do with matcom's monkey?

Ladies, The sexiest musician in a rock band?

Is this a good computer deal (offered at my work place)

Alright DU Lads - which sport has the sexiest athetes

*smashing face repeatedly into desk*

"Singing Senators" Superstar Richard Asscroft looking a little weary today

What would you do if you weren't funky?

did barbara bush hump a monkey?

The lady across the partition from keeps bitching about my music.

No, I'M hopeless! ("Hey! Free kitten!")

Oy. My fundie co-worker and my boss are arguing about abortion.

Child art prodigy wows New York

Armed man on crutches robs restuarant, gets away

The Obnoxious Relative Rant Thread

Randi is choking up talking about Patti Smith

I just watched an old Simpson episode (medicinal marijuana)...

A Gay Wedding on the Simpsons & its NOT Smithers! *Spoilers*

DU Women: Need your advice re: Perfume (Jessica McClintock)

Will Pitt just smashed his face into his desk. I am sober. Ask me anything

I think this might be a good night to avoid GD2004

Captain Mauser or Lt. Harris?

I think I have Stereo. Ask me anything

I Got My Star Back!!!!

just saw the DT's up close

Mob attacks politician, one claiming he made his penis disappear

Favorite "Family Guy" quote!

I think I have .NET. Ask me anything.

Check or Czech?

Drunk dad has 6-year-old son steer car on freeway

What ethnicity is Andy Sidaris?

I think I want PLWS, ask me anything

Is Silver City showing in your area? Not here in Southern Ohio!

Disturbing -- my friends dog killed her puppies

What do you guys think of this nutty motherfucker?

I think I have SQL. Ask me anything!

Drug store owner using to much of his product...

I think I have WHAM! Won't someone please

bush's scab covered face

I just smashed my face into a tree

DU Spoke...And I Obeyed!

I'm gonna see Second-Daughter-to-be Cate Edwards tonight!

I just smashed my face into my wifes breasts....

I sit next to a guy who NEVER saw ANY Star Wars movie!

My computer isn't playing any sound

Actress Kate Winslet compares her breasts to dog's ears

"If it ain't WHAM, It ain't HAM!

i just punched the wall out of anger and i think i broke my hand

what were you doing when you heard that WHAM

ChavezSpeakstheTruth - BIG MAHALO!!!

Do air purifiers work?

I think I have stereo. Ask me anything.

I just ordered the Led Zeppelin Live DVD - what should I expect?

The Cubs are gonna blow today's game too, aren't they?


And for my 1000th post my usual insightful statement . . .

Wenn Sie nicht Ihr Fleisch essen, können Sie keinen Pudding essen.

I think I have Mono. Ask me anything.

"Foster's" is NOT Australian for bee-ah.

I ate lunch alone at a restaurant, ask me anything

I really AM hopeless!

I think I have surround sound. Ask me anything.

The last one

When you were a kid, what was the first "grown-up" song you liked?

Where's everyone watching the debate?

I'm so glad I can chew again...

Sheriff's Deputy Charged With Indecency In Salon Incident

Chavez Announces that Venezuelan State Will Switch to Free Software

How many calories have you burned?

CAPTION... can you spot the REAL president in this picture?


What time is the debate on?

How long are you...down there?

I've got a Cheneying cold. Ask me anything!

Favorite Cheech and Chong scene

Hey Dookus, you awake?

Let's establish the rules for the Debate Drinking Game

Fun Exchange at Work Today

Suck my Bawls

Are Mike Malloy's bumper songs all Pink Floyd tunes?

Women snuggle up with 'Boyfriend's Arm'

Bush repeatedly runs over small puppy: World praises his decisiveness

How long are you... down there?

Satan? It's me, Zell Miller. Can you hear me?

Happy 40th Birthday Monica Bellucci



Sanitation Worker Finds $22K in Trash Bin


Is there anything big happening tonight?

The office freep just announced

Anyone at DU quit taking Viagra today?

I won't be watching the debate tonight. I have to work.

Only 2 Percent Of Women Consider Themselves Beautiful

Just Downloaded Brian Wilson's "Smile"

Surfing the Belhara.

Cleveland pitcher shot while wearing women's go-go boots...

CAPTION the Poodle

George Bush's Smile

Try this little puzzle...

*wham wham wham cubs suck wham ouch wham wham wham*

what time is the debate?

Sandy Nelson The Drummer... Ever Heard Of Him?

Called for Prayer Support re: Debates Tonight.

ha everyone seemed to like our lumiere film today, "Death by Crayon"

Movie quotes!

Just hours from now the Octogenarian Club welcomes a new member.


Latin penpals?

Anyone at DU quit taking Vioxx today?

Ik voel vandaag als het sprekende Nederlands.

i am beginning to think

Ha, My Dog is a Riot

My daughters kick ass!

OMG, I actually convinced a freeper that Row Boat Vets is true!!

99 cans o' creamed corn on the wall, 99 cans o' creamed corrrnnn,........

I will never, ever switch to rich, chocolate Ovaltine

What is the best way to watch the debate.

Master Debater!

"Dick's a Killer" -- * sings

You know this joint needs? MORE COWBELL!!

It's a nice dream, but it isn't going to happen!

AGHH! I'm trying to get to Clery's in Boston! Help me get there!!!!

Wow I am proud of my brother

Who remembers Crash Davis and Susan Sarandicoot?

Will Bush* fart on stage and blame it on Kerry?

DU members do you TAILGATE (as in ride up people's butts on the fwy)

Who remembers Crash Bandicoot?

Ive got a fucking thing that feels like the flu, go ahead ask me anything

OK guys time for the Bush Severe Gastro-Intestinal Problems Vibe Thread

Michael Moore Hates America

Jill Arrington is HOT!

Question about cooking sausages

The Drooling Debater of all CAPTIONS!!!


Nation States Playas...

ZOMBYWOOF versus KERRY----a Photo you'll never believe!

Fear and Loathing in Montreal

Seems Triumph doesn't much care for Fatt Sludge!

I have no messages in my inbox!

Is ANYONE watching the debate sober?

Debate streaming live on the internet?

Who remembers Crash Worship??

I have a can of Vernor's in my fridge and you don't

What are you listening to..pre-debate?

Where did the avatars go??

Back up buzzer system ..thank god.

I am taking notes. Am I a total dork?

Barg! Gurble! Snuh! Snuh, I say! Snuh!

BOSTON: Going to Clery's to watch the debate? Don't bother.

Bush looks SUNKIST orange!!!!!


Repeating Bob Shrums stump speech, if you call it that.



Does anybody see that

Plugging ears to life...Nyahhh Nyahh Nyahhh.....go away life....go away...

Orange Chimpy

How do you jam a surgically implanted earpiece 15' away? eom

OMG Kerry is so calm and collected!!!

first time watching the CBC..

I'm going to sleep.

Bush looks like he's clawing at quicksand to stay alive

Anyone noticing the sneaky camera work? Bobbing Kerry up and down.

Jim Lehrer turned me off so much with his "I" ask the questions.."I" do

Argh-porn spam with subject line "did you see debate"

The Debate Drinking Game

Virtual Debate party in AIM! Toga-Toga-Toga!

Game OVER!!!!!!

Tonight I am at peace with the world

Damn! If you took a drink every time * did during this debate

Bush sounds like a lying kid trying to lie to his parents .

why do they need put JK's podium so much lower than *'s

Wanna see some scary (yet funny) shit????

There it is!!! "NU-cu-lar"

Name dropping.

This debate is what happens

wtf is * talking about????

Just heard a female voice speaking softly almost inaudible

How many glasses of water does bush have?

Post your alcoholic beverages of choice for the debates

buffering... 7%... buffering... 30%

look at the fuckin furrows on *'s forehead

Boy bikes vs. girl bikes. What's the reasoning there?

Tell John Kerry: Don't send Tex-Mex messages to the Murican people!

After this, 7 more to go

Just bopped over to freeperville...DU interface kicks ass over FR

Will the media declare **** the winner tomorrow?

Front page photo at the Globe and Mail *CAPTION* the handshake

900 Posts!!!!


my lord we're all so ANONYMOUS this evening

Meet Nicki McRoberts... you will be seeing a LOT more of her

He was a hard-headed man. He was brutally handsome.

bush* is bombing already

Who am I?

Donating to the DNC in honor of JFK win

Made this to celebrate.... enjoy it

Kerry is ahead on the latrine walls in Iraq

The debate is going so well, I'll smoke a cuban cigar in celebration.

Its the beginning of the end guys

Teresa and Laura had the same outfit on!!!!!

Are you guys hearing this??

I watched the President debate some guy tonight

george W bush - Consistent - ly Wrong

What's a Transshipment?

Pheeew, just saw the list of media jerk-offs in GD2004

Daily Show time!

OMG --I got so nervous during the debate I got into the rum...

I got some celebrating to do and I'm fresh out of beer

Will Pitt responding while drunk in a thread in GD2004

Is there a mercy rule in debates?

"That's what won for him in 2000." Jon Stewart

Oops! I'm into the Bushmills!!!

Chat tonight to celebrate

whats the verdict, my friends?

Peggy "Looney" Noonan has Thelma (Scooby Doo) glasses on...

Daily Show LMAO at undecided voters !

Those on the right are saying things like

Some wonderful new DUers seen in GD:C

Didn't know mooning the Lounge was considered 'sex'


My baby is sick.....

What's The OLDEST Thing In Your House?

What did Bush say in the "Moment of Zen" clip?

An hour and a half and not ONE question on the NHL lockout!

Just saw THE funniest thing Erin has done so far.

Wow! The FOX commentators seem to think that Kerry did the better job!

I got BINGO during the debate!!!!

Kerry won! Kerry won!

The Debate: No Surrender

Today is my birthday.

so...anything worthwhile on tv tonight?

Professor vs. Cowboy

Y'all - I am so happy right now I want to hug everyone of you!!!!

3 Cheers For John Kerry a True Statesman!

OK, so that's sad. That's just incredibly f*cking sad.

HAPPY F.Y. 2005 EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!

Hey! Hey you MOOLAHS!

Time to get ill

He's a very stupid leader...

Will someone please tranquilize Karen Hughes ?

The Ramsey & LynneSin rallying cry: DON'T FORGET POLAND!!!!!!!!!1

Big time alert!

All the DU drunks check in here

he did NOT say multi-prong

Is there a proctolagist in the house?

The stupid new * commercial

Freepers are watching some other debate

Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead!

Most EMOTIONAL line from any song?

It's the spanakopita I made tonight. That's why Kerry is winning

Favorite South Park quote?

AL East Champs, Baby!!

Today, some freeper son of a bitch set me off BIG TIME!!!

Heute wird ich nur Deutsch sprechen :)

So what is Shrub actually writing?

Suggestions on a care package to Japan?

Company names that make you go Huh

And now...a debate in CAPTIONS

I just got the new Bjork album, ask me anything...

What should I name my new "Boyfriend's Arm"

What happened to the guy with chest pains?


Today is my birthday, and all I want is for Kerry to walk away

pitcher shot wearing cheerleader outfit,go-go boots bad omen for Bush?

Overall who's better looking men or women (sarcaism on)

Alright DU ladies - which sport has the sexiest athetes

There IS A God! I Just Found Two Beers Hiding In The Fridge!

Well...."Hero" is a good movie if you can read subtitles and watch complex


What's the last song you heard?

Bye, yall...

Chicago DUers Oct. 5 meetup: Where and what time?

How tall are you?

Freeper's idea of spin....haha

Mr. President: Would you rather share a foxhole with Cheney or Kerry?

Let's all of us help Kerry WIN a Swing's how....

ABC news says Bush should be concerned about appearing angry.

FAIR Media Avisory: Post-Debate Fact-Checking Is Media's Main Job

Woo Hoo! No Frank Luntz after debates!

Does anyone think we will ever...

Why the hell does the debate start at 4:00 pm on the west coast?

What have you done to help win in 2004? (please brag)...

Can you tell me where we're headed

Jr has lost the debates already

"Despite steep job losses, Ohio continues to suffer and leans to Bush"

Sticking to a failed strategy in Iraq is a sign of weakness not strength

Does Kerry's tan REALLY matter?

Bush Admin. Keeps Reports Of Increased Insurgent Attacks From Troops

Wasn't pretzel story a cover up?

Free Republic Thread: 'th' Typewriter Found - Report Release Plan

when will the effect of the debates show up in the polls?

Kerry may be tan now but at least he wasn't YELLOW like CHICKEN George

Alert: Ignore the New TxANG/Rather/Killian Memos Decoy

bumper stickers?


Here Putz....Choke on THIS.----Yah, it's bad when the memory goes.

"The bottom line is I'm going to take him down"

Debates in the TV era

Can anybody find a link?

I can't believe so many people here are such fucking tools...

In a nutshell bush will win the debates if...

I need to video record the debate tonight.

Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush, Mark Belling in Milwaukee

May I recommend a book about Cheney?

"a disciplined and polite defiance of the rules"?

Record shows Bush shifting on Iraq war

The high gasoline prices are all Kerry's fault.

Zogby: Bush polling poorly among young men

US paying Iraqis to spread good news, Bush campaign aide helps Allawi

The Flim-Flam Man in Ohio

Why isn't more being made of the Eisenhower and Buchanan endorsements of

Laura Bush wears a Toupee

So what is up with the twofacesofbush site??

Ask 60 minutes to air the Niger Forgeries report

Need to set up net-wide debate rapid response NOW! The campaign...didn't

Hey, National Guard members! (satire)

Will O'Reily Host Pat Buchanan?

Today's Excite poll has interesting numbers about terror and the election

I'm liking what the Kerry camp is cookin

Did anyone see or hear Edwards on Imus?

Help me!! I am surrounded by 04 stickers.

Foreign Policy is the topic of the 1st and ONLY debate --- watch

I hope Kerry compares * to his father tonight.

Anyone Know Who Was Playing Cheney In The Mock Debates For Edwards?

W is for Wimpy

I do not wish to see the media whip itself after the election...

Bush vs. Kerry is like Tim McGraw vs. Joni Mitchell

Pres. Eisenhower's Son Backing John Kerry

Bush Leads Kerry by 5 Points in L.A. Times Poll LV (51-46)

God is raising up multitudes of Christians

Kerry Flip-Flop Is Really Flip-Flopped.

I just talked to a guy who just made his decision and says I helped

Edwards Rally in Tucson on 9-6-04 (I know this is REALLY late)

How Crucial Are Tonight's Debate?

The "Debates"

AWOL was warned of Civil War in Iraq in July --- like the August PDB ???

Just curious.Is there anyone who thinks this is just an ordinary election?

MSNBC cans Luntz?

Kerry's response to "flip-flopper" question has been...

Will there be a remobilizaton effort?

Bush not a flip flopper - he is a CONSISTENT FAILURE

Are you excited?

Think Kerry will talk about who he'll put in charge of terror?

The price of deception

"Read my lips, there were no WMDs in Iraq.."

BigPath has "W.I.M.P." flyers featuring Bush flip flops

"He's tan...he's rested...and he's back.."

What is Kerry camp's response to "Debate Debriefing Book"?

The man who plays Bush, Kerry has been prepping with this guy...

Need Rathergate summary please

"We have given the People a Democracy - If They Can Keep It"

Comedy Channel is the place to watch the debate - here's why:

Ed Gillespie's "spin" after the debate...

someone should point out the biggest flip-flop EVER

Ohio: Kerry 49%, * 46% according to Strategic Vision (R)

To those who think Kerry's tan is important...

When we antagonize the international community we undermine our security

Kerry-Bush rules of engagement - 'over-sanitized' and 'grossly wrong'

Seizmic Testing in Delays' District Tonite: Bet Cable goes out for Debate


What I'd LOVE to hear Kerry say tonight in an opening statement:

Kookie Roberts says debates have as much impact with sound off

What to watch on Election day

The FEAR machine at work again...

I've seen this DNC ad several times here in CO. Excellent!

Can anyone else not bring themselves to watch the debates?

If Bush loses the debate, expect a new round of mudslinging

Open letter to the media.

CSPAN2: Sen. Smith on floor about Kerry

The circular firing squad starts HERE

Poll on who has the debate edge - lets give it to Bush

Just finished watching GMA with Kerry (PST)

Rummy is to make a statement on CNN on how it's going in Iraq.

Anybody else think that Paula zithead was rude to...

Thank God the Undecideds invented the Tooth Brush!

Was Bush going to talk about the Sewage Plant Ceremony tonight?

List of mediawhores that I want to se go down in flames....

Mary Matalin, rolling the "debate dice" on Bush's Base and the sheep

Miami: Debate Watching Party and Post-Debate Rally with John Kerry

It is not "flip flop;" it is informed opinion

The Repubs are very anxious about tonight's debate.....

Poor Asscroft...did him wittle plans get shot down by the mean judge?

Could Someone Post or Link me to that Debate analysis...

Yahoo: Al Franken Challenges O'Reilly to Bowling Match

* reminds me of "Tounces, the cat that could drive a car"

Digby has a good one up about Dubya's behavior off-camera!

Think the media doesn't follow scripts?

Official Pre-Debate Coverage Coverage Thread

So what do we know about Jim Lehrer?

Dan Bartlett: "You don't have to memorize something you believe in"

Warning: Rant enclosed - So who is gonna watch this "debate"?

Finally, a TV News Report that Doesn't Let Bush Off Hook Tonight!

Does Anyone Have Video Clip of Sy Hersch on Daily Show?

The credibility of the media is at stake....

This morning's Washington Journal on C-SPAN

who saw Holbroke on tweety last night?

Brock on MSNBC now - 10:15AM nt

our swiftees (minus the lies)

Is ANYONE going to be posting the...

Bush apparently channels Micky Dolenz on O'Reilly: "I'm A Believer"

Wonderful moment on GMA when Sawyer showed JK photo of him & his father

My advice to John

Bush's No Child Left Behind Education Plan Gets Failing Grades

How to defeat lies

WAIT A MINUTE!! Is This Even Right...???

Tonight's Perfect Moment

Right wing Tampa Trib goes after Mel Martinez.....this is good for Castor.

90 seconds...just enough time for bush's canned answers and no more

If You are Swayed by an Ad or a Debate, You Are a Pathetic Moron...

Pig Pundit on FauxNews Just Said Today's Bombings are GOOD for Chimp

Great overview of Debate Rules

possible curveball questions to trip up Bush at debate

Did Diane Sawyer say the "E"ar piece word to Kerry?

NYT already has debate questions and answers

E-Mail from Morrison Campaign vs Delay...please Donate

Kerry's Web Site: "Prebuttal Debate Briefing" (all the ammo he needs)

Kerry points out "What Republicans do" & the NYT instantly does just that!

Make Sure To Hammer The Post-Debate Polls Tonight!

Do you have the debate jitters ?

TRUMPET ON HIGH!: Bush DID know then what he knows now!!!

Nazis 51 , Allied Forces 46 (LA Times Poll)

Kerry's "9 different positions on Iraq" --( What's Chimp's one position?)

We can thank Howard Dean for the Flip Flopper charge against Kerry.

A visual guide to Bush's "progress" and the media that "spinned" it

Will * do a repeat of this incoherent performance tonight?

Video of Kerry's GMA interview with Diane Sawyer (Part 1)...

Why is a fake news source like FOX the only one feeding the

can someone update David Brock's appearence on M$nbc today?

Amaze your "rightwing friends" -- Polly the Propaganda Parrot

Place your bets here!

Perfect Campaign Song

The Over/Unders for the debate:

Debate Trap: Fox News is running the cameras for this debate.

Anyone have a Bush-debate drinking game?

Anyone noticed - NOTHING ON IRAQ ON DRUDGE !!!!

Does GW Bush have Election Dysfunction?

Kerry said "he won't offer soundbites tonight", just discuss the issues

Rasmussen: 48-46 Bush/Kerry (Thursday numbers)

If Faux is providing the "pool" feed tonight...

Kerry One-Liners that will make Chimpy wobble and go in the ditch Dropping Iraq confidence numbers for Bush in Sept.

Is there a place where all of the post debate polls are listed and linked?

DNC doesn't know the call-in number for AAR ???

Attention Nader Supporters: FR plot for

Sam Wang (Princeton): "Gallup's results are biased by party ID."

Calling All Hairdressers! Dye Job Alert!

Even though Kerry is the challenger....

Kerry should walk out infront of the podium

US Media on the "Right Track" ??

George W. Bush Ain't No Cowboy

What would happen if this chant worked?


I Just Thought of How Kerry Can Communicate

Iraq vote: "When you hand someone the keys to the car ....

Sadly, Kerry has lost the debate before it's even conducted

Are you going to DU while you watch the debate?

McAuliffe's email on the debates tonight

Hey DU! What network will you be watching debate & post-debate coverage?

I hope Kerry points out Bush's biggest and most costly flip-flop

Was the spring Bush Press Conference fiasco a "lowered expectations" ploy?

DU this poll please...

The Red Sox win the WS, The Pat's win the SB and Kerry becomes 44.

Could Kerry get away with a line like this?

Documents Reveal Gaps in Bush's Service as President

Rassmussen: Kerry edges closer 2.4% lead by *

I'm so sick of this "flip-flop" issue. It should have never been allowed

How Kerry manages the flip-flop issue

There is no way that * won't stammer tonight

Let's start drafting our emails and letters debate

Wolf Blitzer is at it again

Voter repression topic on now..

From the JK Website: Prebuttal Debate Briefing

Media WHORES starting already: Ap headline: Kerry Set to Clarify Positions

MSNBC cans Luntz!! No bogus spinning disguised as "focus group" tonight!

A Regime Change Guide

For those who feel "safer" with Bush as President

Rules of debate: No asking each other questions

What if Terry McAuliffe sent out e-mails to Dems mocking Georgia rubes?

How the campaign says we can help after the debate

Kucinich on tonight's skilled debaters . . .

Is there a thread about Kerry Pt. 2 on GMA this AM?

How do we know we really got 3 debates?

"Baghdad Bush"

What my Ph.D. professor of research methods says about Gallup

Our guy is looking good as he departs his Bal Harbour hotel for UM today!

How the Republicans are playing the media already - Must SEE!

Debate between freeper and currently undecided Bush '00 voter

Crawford wants newspaper to eat its words

Black Voter Erosion is REAL.

Kerry breaks the debate "rules"...........Bushies complain........

"The most important thing is sincerity.

debates?? nah-put them on jerry springer

Connecticut DUers - some post-debate contacts for a media blitz

The People Usually Get It Right-Re Debates

Getting out the college vote!

McAulliffe's "Debate Alert"

Media always say? Pres. GW/Dem JK not GOP Pres or Sen. JK?

Going Upriver opens October 1st!

If the election were this week - MSNBC asks

Bush Practices for Debates by Debating Himself

Post debate polls

Tonight will make or break Kerry

MSNBC: LA Times Poll: Bush 51 - Kerry 46

Act now has a letter to Fl election officer Glenda Hood to resign.

NYT OpEd has interesting "what to ask John Kerry/ George Bush" feature

Scanlon ‘is hiding out’Federal marshals cannot find former aide to DeLay

Mason-Dixon: Bush Widens Lead in NC

TWO-FACED the definition

doesn't John Kerry's background of being a prosecuter HELP him?

do you know any newly registered voters who have decided to stay home

Kerry's One Debate Objective: Be Presidential

"Baghdad Bombings Kill 35 Children"--Bu$hco, I hope

know any undecided voters who have no plans to watch the debates

The Phil Inq had some great tips on watching the debates:

why doesn's Seymour Hersch release the videos?

ALL John Kerry has to do is look & sound Presidential tonight.

"He is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you San Diego"!!!!!!!!! Al Franken

What I learned from cable "news" today.

What phrase from the Chimp script makes you crazy?

Jon Stewart on Fresh Aire is wonderful!!!!!

Weird moment on The Daily Show with JS last night, Re: debates

Why isn't CBS televising the debate?

If there ever was a case for DISPOSABLE PRESIDENTS Bush is it

Electoral system a hoax

Iraq Invasion Protestors: We were Duped! It was a done deal !

The Republican GOTV Machine....It's Flaky

The Security Mom Myth

The world will END tonight if Kerry does poorly (and similar drivel)

"Two-facing" at Wal-Mart.

Print media not allowed in debate hall .

Sample of Florida Presidential ballot

Wouldn't it be easy for some DU folk to get into the Town Hall debate?

"Pensions & Investments" reader poll: Bush has less support than in 2000

I actually heard a women on O'Reilly say...

Kerry beats Bush in US marine latrines


How motivated do you think Democrats are to vote?

Extra lights on stage, K wants less, *co. says K is trying to change rules

Going Upriver - The Long War of John Kerry, Out Tomorrow October 1st

Slate: ElectionScorecard 9/30 * 335 Electoral Votes Kerry 203

Did Novak actually say

Are people really going to watch tonight?

Hey Kerry, make a joke about your tan (get ahead of it)

Did anyone else find the clip of Kerry played on Daily Show

ARGH: Cheney was against Iraq occupation in 1992

What Is The Average I Q Of Bush Voters?

The SOB has an ad in CA he goes point by point thru Kerry's Iraq plan and

What is the best station for taping the debate

Kerry needs to show Bush as indecisive and weak

Wes Clark debate "schedule" today - Wolfie and The Daily Show!

Should Kerry bring up the Bush/Saudi connection?

So will the Morans believe the press tonight or their own lying eyes?

Will Russia & Putin Come Up During The Debate Tonight?

Bush treats the law like a joke but has a stick up his ass over "rules"

ABC News Pre-emptive coverage of the debates LOL

John Kerry Never stepped foot on the moon?

Has Cspan posted the phone numbers they'll be using tonight?

If Kerry can't answer these 3 questions tonight, he deserves to lose

Kerry must bring up the incident of Bush looking for WMDs under his desk

Great article by William Pitt

THIS must be the story CBS brass spiked at '60 Minutes'

John Kerry, SCREW THE RULES !!

Wonder How Many will Tune In to Adore Their God--and get shocked??

Who thinks Kerry should do a Bushism tonight?

A "debate-able" new cartoon!

Crossfire sucks today.

Critical Bush Flip Flop Should be Featured Tonight

Good article from yahoo/ap --what Bush said vs what Bush did

Kerry should use the word "betrayal" about Bush

Debate Pre-Game Flash Entertainment: Bush vs. Pretzel

What time's the debate tonight?

Clark will be on CNN 2:30 PDT

When Kerry Wins the Election...Which political pundit

Bush Is Going Down, Big Time! (C 4 Yourself)

I'm worried about the lights too. Like the CNN crawler.

Isn't It Ironic? What's YOUR Fave Ironic * Fact?

Should I listen to, or watch, the debate tonight.

Where Bush Misled The Nation in the Last Debates

They Will Call the Debate a "Tie"--It Suits all Their Purposes

If Candidate Does Not Receive 270 Electoral Votes

Will Kerry SAY IT? WILL HE?? CAN HE?? If He Does .... HE WINS!

Anyone have a web adress for a live stream of the debate tonight?

Hooray! Dan Senor clings to the "worse attacks mean we're winning" line


OK TROOPERS!! We Have Been Fighting For 4 Years - We Got 32 DAYS!

Ann Richards, originator of Shrub tag will be on CNN tonight

"Bush didn't make any major gaffes tonight, therefore..."

Hold Them Accountable!

An e-mail from Wes Clark

What's wrong with Bush? He's really looking gnarly.

Fineman: Beware of Fineman

Midnight news dump: ANOTHER mysterious new Bush military record is "found"

Bush wags the dog with new Samarra offensive

Want to read something to scare the hell out of you?

Anybody watching CNN? Battle in Samarra. Largest US military offensive

Bush broke every one of his promises from his debates with Gore

Bush's former ambassador to Ireland writes ugly letter to Echo

I bet Bush can't fill up his alloted time with enough babble tonight.

Polling place question?

John Kerry Never Served In Vietnam?

Destraction From Debates: Major Offensive in Iraq

Who will win the election? and, futhermore, who will be president?

Can you imagine what John Kerry must be thinking, feeling right now?

Connecticut poll: Kerry 50, Bush 44

Fundraising goal of $5 million shattered, let's double it!

Reframing the debate

Blackwell's Directive on Voter Registration:

When I refigure the Gallup poll #s like 2000, It's Kerry 53%, Bush 46%

Help! Where is Bush's "I choose no foreign service" checkbox?

RE: Crossfire on CNN. Have you ever noticed that the audiences

Tonight's Debate, I feel more and more strongly, is a trap for Kerry

Anderson Cooper's Poll !!!

Kerry should play it straight tonight. If Bush tries some one liners . .

Swift Boaters have new ad out today, just in time for first debate.

I hate CNN

The debate starts in less than an hour, right?

Keith Olberman just Posed this question to his guest

Kerry should point out tonight that the reservist don't respect Bush

In Honor of "Foreign Policy" Night - A Bush Foreign Policy Primer

"Recruiting neophytes to liven up the party" Dean's new campaign.

Whatever happens in the debate, stay cool

A stupid question about debate coverage

I'd Just Like To Take A Moment, And Buy The Mods A Beer !!!

Some teachers have a lot of nerve.

SC Democrat ahead in Senate race poll

Whats going on with Senate Battle in LA

Under GOP plan, USED food is TAX FREE

The Wingnuts I Debate Have "Champagne On Ice"

Kerry doesn't have a stance on war!

I still love Dan Rather

Remember...there are three Prez debates (as of this writing tonight)

Kerry should announce at the beginning that he will break the rules

Bush Suffers Breakdown On TV, Wins Debate

Should Kerry use his closing statement for a moment of silence....

This Race is Still Kerry's to Lose..... Zogby

Could this be a real knock-down, drag-out slobberknocker tonight?


oh I can't wait til NOV 2nd!

Talking Point for Swiftie Question

We've got two more Debates....why gnaw our Fingers off over this one?

Debunk: Iraq/al-Qaeda/Oil For Food?

Kerry tonight : "Mr Bush, please try these flip flops on for size"

I have complete confidence in combat seared war veteran Senator Kerry

I'm driving folks to the polls, what are you doing on Election Day?

In your dreams, what are you hoping Kerry says tonight?

Is there any coverage of what Kerry and * are doing pre-debate?

Scarborough KNOWS Kerry always pounds Bush on Tora Bora and has for over

"I just want you to know, we're all counting on you." LOL Airplane!

Kerry is going to kick ASS tonight !

So where's Ashcroft?

Going Upriver opens wide Friday & looks like its the deal sealer!! link...

John Kerry looks great today--relaxed and with a nice smile! (pic)

MSNBC Poll as of 7:02 EST Bush (55) Kerry (44) Nader (2)

Kerry has two more votes in NV

Time to run another LTTE past my loyal critics...

Has Fox already declared Bush the debate victor yet? I am sure Rush h

My advice to all debate watchers

anyone hear Lou Dobbs say : Enjoy the Presidential Presentations!

Bush's worst nightmare: the Americans he punk'd

Who called Joe McCarthy on his witch hunt in the 1950s?

My pre-emptive debate analysis

I'm Watching The Crowds On CNN And MSNBC - Its DISGUSTING

FYI: Debate Rules


Public Radio stations are under attack[DU'ers need to get word out]

How will Fox sabotage the debate tonight?

november 3

My idea for the Debates...

Suggested double-entendre for News talking heads

Kerry has to destroy the "TOUGH ON TERRA" facade that Bush perpetuates

Sy Hersch: "If * is re-elected, wer'e all in trouble"

Need a laugh before the debate; go to this new blog

Compare this Liberal pre-Debate "boilerplate" to the one the AP had

Seriously, what would Bush have to do in the debates in order for Fox news

Just saw last night's "Daily Show" on repeat. Best-interview-ever!

RULES? We don't need no stinking RULES.............

LMAO - Howard Fineman: "Beware the Spin Doctors"

Remember, there are three more debates after tonight

Kerry campaign pictures from day before debates

Ralph Nader LIVE on CNN, getting his forum anyway

Should Kerry Drop a BOMBSHELL Tonight?

So bush* ordered a major offensive on the day of the first debate to

Just heard Kerry going into "Prosecutor" mode on the war tonight.

I just got back from a bike ride around the U of Miami, and..

Kerry Is Going To Kick Bush's Ass -Nuff Said...

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. forces launch major offensive on Samarra

Novak: Americans don't want a funny-looking president

Kerry Team Set for Instant Response- read this!!!

SHORT description of how Bush walks.

A critical question (!) what is so difficult about the name "John Kerry"?

The media ho's are in full swing, proving there's a double standard

Bush can only be successful in a controlled environment...


What are Freepers saying about tonight's debate?

Bush's deadly mix of Ignorance and Arrogance.

Kerry's Response to Being Referred to as Orange

You know, Bush LOST that debate with Gore. He LOST the election.

Cry me a friggin' river

List of internet polls to hit right after debate,Phone#'s too

WTF was Matthews bitching about? Dems and the lighting?

Called for Prayer Support re: Debates Tonight.

What's All This Handwringing About Lights?

And just as the first debate is about to start . . .

Bush supporters are dumber - here's proof

I wonder what's going thru their minds

"Vote Democratic. Or you may never get to vote again."

One hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Usama Bin Laden is better off NOW than he was four years ago.

Godspeed, John Kerry! eom

Breaking: Bush Shits His Pants LIVE; National Press Calls It Perfume

Why is the chimp putting off his physical until AFTER the elections?

Screw the rules!

Scientists Hit Campaign Trail for Kerry

Picture this, Kerry wins the debate out right, and then a few hours later

excellent daily show repeat heads up 7pm eastern.

Proof Allawi LIED to our Congress

CNN sprinkling their debate coverage with BAD NEWS from Iraq.

I just have to say that I don't know if I can stomach the debate 2nite

The debates are for the undecideds...

Split Screen for Debates on C-Span

Think there may be a dem spy in the * camp

Where have you gone, George McGovern?

Fight the lights...on the podiums!

So which network will you watching the debate on?

Geez, Farhenkopf, co-chairman of debate *It's better than nothing*

Debate Time?

Kerry's never let us down before. He won't now.

Air America (Majority Report) will be covering the debate!

Wow this debate is really hyped

The media has turned debate into a ZOO

I hope MSNBC's Campbell Brown packed her knee-pads.

Just heard that C-span will have split screen so we can see

Hey folks: This is not the only debate

C-SPAN to use split-screen throughout the debate!

Paula 'Glam News Queen' Zahn whoring her ass off.

Tad Devine AWESOME with Matthews

DNC video Bush vs Reality

Going UpRiver: The Long War of John Kerry. October 1st[Tomorrow]

We made $10 Million! Raised to $12 mill!

How can we overcome Bush's strong leadershit?

The Likable-and-Respectful Trap: Kerry Must Avoid it.

Watch this at some time tonight

Don't EVEN think about not watching tonight!!!

Thirty minutes to go....AND...I...WANT...BLOOD!!!!!

Audience instructions on CSPAN now 8:35pm est

When Kerry and * shake hands tonight,

Frank Luntz Has Been Canned; Ye Ha

Would Eisenhower be a Democrat today?

40 kids killed in Iraq today, so Smirk can forget saying it's going well.

Dem takes Lead in US Senate race in SC!

"These people want to kill us"

A debate? Definitely not, says TV pioneer


Please stop describing female TV personalities

Join Atrios debate chat on IRC!

Official Debate Good Karma Thread

Watch debate with sound off and listen to airamerica instead

Just Gave The Kerry Campaign A $50 Good Luck Present!

Dear John - beat him as if our lives depended on it

OK Creepy Candy Crawley ...did she cover Gore? Is she the bad luck witch?

Contribute-to-Kerry-before-the-deadline tally - currently $6025

Want to vomit? Read this Freeper prayer for Bush tonight

No cable - best network for debate watching?

The single most important thing to tell 3rd party leaning antiwar voters

To John Kerry and other democrats

Is anyone keeping score of Bush's lies tonight?

What I think would be an opening knock out punch!!

Who will break the rules of debates? And how?

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Important Do You Believe This Debate Is Tonight?

A Flashback from Gil Scott-Heron: B Movie

So What do you think Teresa said?

Everyone go to the ARG Poll site after the debate

OHIO DUers: Hang with Ani DiFranco and Dennis Kucinich tomorrow!!!

?Mr. Bush* how will you sleep tonight when 35 children died in Iraq today?

Where can I get streaming audio or video of debates? or possible...

Hope Kerry STARTS by going way over into blinking lights.

Debate Activism from DNC, Please Read! (Can a MOD Sticky this?)

Lou Dobbs just said that the "SO-CALLED" debates begin in two hours!

LOOK AT BUSH'S TEETH DURING THE DEBATE! (They've been whitened.)

Where's Osama? must be Kerry's knock-out punch.

why I think the debates are a waste of time.

Rasmussen Battleground for 9/30 (Some Good News, Some Bad)

Will anyone be keeping score of Bush's lies tonight?

Hire AL Sharpton now


Let's try this tonight

two-faced sighting...on citysearch...very cool

DUers Post-debate Poll alert

Swift Drinkers of America will not back Bush.. Wet or dry, he still looks

Binary Poll-Will The Winner Of Tonight's Debate Be The Next President?

A Defining Moment

Bush already sweating hours before debate


Anyone else hoping their primary posts don't come back to haunt them?

Nadar pathetically hanging outside the university in FL and can't go in.

Just what I needed: a real-live argument with a bush supporter!

REMINDER: Kerry/Edwards Rapid Response Blog

I smell a conspiracy -- C-SPAN coming in fuzzy in Central Florida

Supplement: LIVE CHAT on

did you hear the laundry list of lehrer's demands during the debate?

ABC has a fact checking group.

Streaming on CSPAN. The stage looks very dark to me.


All day in my head, I was seeing them postioned in reverse...

I thought Comedy Central was going to cover the debate.I can't find it

Kerry: "Listen to how many times tonight Mr. Bush uses the word(s)..."??

Will bush pull out any surprise items from Kerry's senate voting record?

Kerry should hit * with the alcoholic analogy!

Which channel will you watch for the debate

Prediction: Bush wins the popular vote and Kerry wins the EV

Click on this thread when you need a laugh about the debates

Please everyone watch C-span, boycott others...

Jim Lehrer could stump Bush with a simple question

Chimpy is STONED again.


Dubya harbored 200 al-Qaeda TERRORISTS in a US-controlled enclave

OMG, * got in 9-11 less than 30 seconds into his rebuttal.

Look at the split screen Bush is lifted up so he will be taller

Kerry is looking and sounding EXACTLY like a President should

Kerry really whiffed that question -- too many figures

"Pre-September *10th* mentality?!?"

We're facing a... a..... a.......

"Saddam, uh, I mean, Bin LAden..."

Of course we're after Saddam Hussein, uh, I mean bin Laden


Who thinks that * is just doodling on his notepad?

Kerry point out that there was no WMD's

The Debate is on split-screen on CSPAN -- you see both Bush & Kerry

People like Al Queda which we are



Big slip up with President Bush

"There is no Soviet domination in Eastern Europe..."


AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KERRY USED "OUTSOURCING" about going after OBL

Anybody watching on CNNfn; with the brainwaves?

Kerry just dinged him

Bush is bloodied and beaten after Round 3.

Iraqis fighting "voceriferously"?! * shouldn't use big words he doesn't

Iraqis fighting "voceriferously"?! * shouldn't use big words he doesn't

Will Kerry respond to Bush's flip-flop accusation by saying


Chimpy tight-jawed, gulping a lot when JK speaks.

Bush's face is getting redder by the minute

"it's like a huge tax gap and...anyway"

Bush just fucked up.

President George Bush* the SMARTASS.


"Tax Gap?"

Poor Chimpy -- he's sporting a black eye

"and he outsourced that job too"

Bringin up Bin Laden

Who is this ORANGE MONKEY on the set?

OMG !!! - I Just Figured Out The rePukes Mistake !!!


Bush Being Pummelled

How can anyone vote for this chimp?? n/t

Bush sounding like Cartman! It's myyyee JJOB!

Bush sounding like Cartman! It's myyyee JJOB!


Bush sounding like Cartman! It's myyyee JJOB!

Bush is fucking up

Here's some spin you will hear from the Republicans:

"Of course we think every day about protecting America. uh...."

mueller? isnt he gone form FBI?

"I meet with the head of the FBI when I'm in Washington..."

Bush is just Squirming to have a tantrum .. how dare Kerry say that..!!!!

Kerry has Bush on the defensive

Bush choking already


I am so embarrassed to live in a country

You know, if * had scheduled regular press conferences during his term...

wow, shrub keeps changing subjects mid-response

Bush looks like Ned Beatty in Deliverance

HERE WE GO!!! Kerry talking about the oil ministry!!!

Bush is gonna cry by the end of this debate

Does anybody else

Kerry is taking Bush to the cleaners

My message to the troops " Help is on the Way"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"That's not what "Commander in Chiefs" does" hahahahahaha

Wooohooooo! He brought up 41!!!!

lol, another * gaffe!

We didn't guard the nuclear facilities...

Why doesn't Kerry point out that Bush threatened to VETO the $87 bill.?

cspan, kerry farther distance than bush

Two words: Poised and articulate.

Shrub keeps just replaying his TV ads

Kerry is taking Bush to the cleaners

Look at Bush's face

Whoa! Did Kerry say he was in Vietnam?


YES!!! Kerry mentioning Halliburton!!!

Did he fall again???

bush* is losing it. OMG, this guy looks so weak and vapid. Kerry is

Kerry is the alpha male

Ouch. Bushit* just slammed Kerry

Kerry just won this debate


Faux News cameras tinting Bush (de-graying his hair!)

Who does Shrub keep looking at? There is one person in the audience


Only thing missing on Bush are the BALL BEARINGS

Bush looks like a runt standing on phone books

How the hell did this clown ever get into the White House?

Working late on the West Coast. How's the debate compared to Gore's?

Butthead is up against Kerry

* is sounding just like his daughters at the convention

We won the war too fast?

Invading Mexico in response to Pearl Harbor

Did the b word say we had a 'rapid victory' regarding Iraq???????


Is Bush doing all the talking? I've flipped onthe debate for several


Kerry has a stronger, more robust voice.


Kerry just PWNED Bush with his own father

Goldberg applauds Bush for saying "vociferously"

How does the CNN/FN graph thang work?

WHAT!? "the american people decide. I decide"

Splitscreen: Bush is ORANGE compared to Kerry

Anyone else's nerves on edge?

Osama Bin Laden Dudn't git to decide. I dew.

Bush just used a talking point in the wrong place.

Remember: Foreign policy debate WAS Shrub's strong point.

Kerry is the great overacheiver

The AMERICAN PEOPLE decided how to defend this country?!

The AMERICAN PEOPLE decided how to defend this country?!

What are Freepers saying??? I wanna know!!!

I wish Kerry would look into the camera.. just ONCE!

If 'b' drinks anymore water, he's gonna wet himself!

BA,M!!!! "The only bldg that was guarded was the Oil Ministry"

BWHAHAHAHAHA -- He can't even talk now

Has anyone told DUMBYA his "opponents" name????

He said, "Doody" ! LOL.

the "it's hard work" count

It does not matter the news will say Bush know that.

How many times...


Did the debates start over or is


Did he just say "it's hard to, you know, love her as best I can..."

Does Bush's behavior tonight remind anyone else of Perot in 92....

Love her as best as I can???

Let Me Finish!

It's Hard!! It's Hard Work!!

"Did I mention that it's hard work, but we're making progress?"

The President Is Not Getting The Job Done


Freepers have AOL poll tied up

* said "doody." LOL.

Oops! my tv froze

LOL -- Now the asshole isn't even making sense

notice how * keeps interupting the moderator to say more?

Bush Jumping in to replace the loving of Missy Johnson's husband


Halfway through the debate and Bush is calling on Laura


Does he have the earpiece "going" sure seems like it !

there's the smirk again!!

Love her as best as I can???



When the hell will Kerry answer Bush's "wrong war, wrong place.."

Oh I'm so worried, JK is kicking ass, I'm scared

Bush breaks the rules


I would hate to be the family dog or Laura tonight

"oh, I care about the dead troops, yes I do..."

Notice the difference between Kerry and * during their non speaking times

AM I losing my mind or is * talking in cricles????

I am so happy right now. YES YES YES!!!


Kerry is getting shorter and further away



"wrong war, wrong time etc."

"Hard work"

So, he wants to be free, now.

How many freakin' times can one man say "hard work" in 90 minutes

Allawi "courageous and brave"?????

Look at the posture.

RNC TALKING POINTS ARE DISASTERS, according to brainwaves. nt

"It's hard work" and "How can you lead by saying the wrong war, the wrong

Kerry's overriding theme tonight "I can do better"

Allawi "courageous and brave"?????

Is Lehrer going to call him on repeating the same thing over and over?

Kerry is smiling and Bush is whining

what are freepers saying about bush? debate?

ur right cspan has closeup of W and but who r they fooling?

Don't be surprised if Bush and Rove cancel remaining debates

So, look at who has the biggest microphone???

Why is Kerry getting all the moderator questions?

How many times has * said"It's gonna be HARD" re: Iraq?


How many times did Shrubbypants* suggest Kerry can only flip-flop?


The President says he is leading, but nobody is following him

Some new polling info:

How Many times has Moronya repeated

* is DESPERATE, trying to cvince everyone!

Kerry seems bored with Bush's answers! n/t

b* PLEADING with his answers...

wrong place...wrong time

how many times has * interrupted the moderator so far?

I want a nickel for every time McMoron says 'hard work'...

Bush is so full of Bullshit

He's Not Gonna Make it 90 Minutes

Didn't they have the same debate teacher at Yale

Say it, John!!! No Saddam-9/11 connection!!!

I see A Moving Van @ the WH folks, BushCo is done!

Kerry looks like a big ol' pretzel to me. Choke, chimpy, choke!!

Folks, Kerry is just now getting warmed up.

9! NINE! 9 on the brainwaves!

I see A Moving Van @ the WH folks, BushCo is done!

Kerry is NOT explaining his $87 billlion or why he voted based on false

"More Resolutions Wouldn't Have Made Saddam Disarm"

Game Over

Kerry telling the truth to the Nation

Say it Say it please John!!!

Heh! How long has it been since * smirked in self-satisfaction instead

Best George Bush Quote From Debate

Again, my observation...Kerry's mike is bigger than Bush's.

hard work hard work hard work hard work

WTF??? every time bush speaks, we get a split-screen, BUT

Saddam disarm? Disarm what. WTF?

After he loved her

Is Iraq the ONLY subject?

MELTDOWN; LIVE on any major media outlet.

Hello President Kerry!!!


Did Bush just do a double double-take?

The Churchill line was great...

Bush: "I Kick ASS, Yeehaw, Next!!"

How will the media spin this??

God my heart is about to beat out of my chest...

Kerry looks very Presidential tonight.

Every time the moderator changes the time, notice the reactions?

Did you see that look in Kerry's face?

President Kerry, I thank you

Kerry is soaring now.

Kerry gives me comfort and security. He will answer Bush down to his level

haha, bush's circular logic is HILARIOUS

Now that you're all here and I have your attention... Drink Pepsi Cola


"Senator Kerry: I knew Al Gore, and you're no Al Gore!"

AM I losing my mind or is * talking in cricles????

what is this fucking rambling

Kerry Press Release: Bush vs. Reality

Did they do the light thing just to eff with KKKarl? If so...BRILLIANT!

"I never wanted to commit troops..."



Don't forget...CSPAN will be taking your calls!

Oh gawd!!! Monkey Pants just tripped over the word "Peninsula"

He looks like Alfred E. Newman

The ties....

iranian moolahs?????

is the jig up?

Not even the pundits can spin this one for the Chimp


Notice whenever the moderator asks the questions their reactions?


Somebody needs to take the blood off Chimpy's upper eye area

You can't say "Nuclear" - That really scares me...

The Rove Spin

"O-oh of course I knew Osama attacked us"




Cut me Mick!

GLOBAL TEST???? Please Kerry, repair the damage

You can't say "Nuclear", that really scares me,

The freepers are FREAKING OUT!

Yeeeeee Haaaaaaa!!!!

Are the republicans wondering how they vted or this guy! nt

"We're going to win this war in Iraq!"

deGaulle waves him off and says:

Moolahs! ,,,,PeninSHOEla! ,,,,Nucular....all in one answer!

Osama bin Laden is the debate word du jour per Kerry, YES!

What the fuck is a moo-law?

The "Mooolahs?" Who are they? Are they like the "Oompa-Loompas?"

OK, I feel better now. Kerry is getting better and better.

John Kerry blew me out of bed!!!!

Bush, Tourrette's Syndrome, anyone catch that twitch

you CAN'T spin this into a win for bush, no freekin' way

Kerry is ON and Bush is off his rocker

Make sure to play this while Bush speaks

Bush is working this chimp act overtime

Freepers are PO'd that the debate label is covering Kerry's

how's it right now to your expectations?

Good! Shrubbie is jumping ahead to a new talking point- Criminal Court

Moo-lah is slang for money, right?


How did this Idiot ever become President!!!!

It's Rainman against Kerry

Ummm... Darfour? Never heard of it...


"Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time" BUSH has said that SIX times now!!!

Arrrrghghgg! Hit Back John. . Stop pulling punches. Pleeze!!!!!

Theresa will be over on Monday to measure for curtains . . .

"Saddam Hussein didn't attack us. bin Laden attacked us. "

You can't lead if you send mexed missages! n/t


The poor widdle Boy Bush is about to CRY...he knows he is bombing

Stop sending "mexed missages" JK!!

What the hell is a mexed missage?

Why can't this guy say MIXED MESSAGES?

From here on Kerry's Meme: All Bush has is excuses

"You cannot lead if you send Mexicans...."

Hey shrub, d-d-d-d-did I stutter mutherfucker?


Mr. President -- if you know how the world works, how did you screw up

Wait A Minute!!! OMG!!!

This is like watching Evander Holyfield box Steve Urkel!

Okay, that's vodka, not water. "Mexed Misshages?"

Anyone else loosing video on CSPAN? nt

Bush: "I believe you can shift tactics..."

Mixshed meshages

MAXED- MISSAGES!!!! Vitameatavegamin!!!!!

Win The Peace

"Kerry changes his mind"....."we will shift tactics"

Am I biased or is Kerry KICKING ASS!!!!

Have Ya Noticed Kerry' s Finger ???

Let's sum it up: Kerry strong, Bush defensive

did * really drink from an empty glass?

Bush: "I believe you can shift tactics..."


so how's Karl Rove feeling right now?

Bush: "Jim, I'd like to invoke the 10-run rule."

Nuclear materials ..................BINGO!!!!!

I think it is demeaning

Woo hoo!He said it! It doesn't matter if you're consistent if you're wrong

Check out the different microphone sizes between them...

The Sword of Damocles - Why Kerry is different from Bush


Notice how * reacted when Kerry said "nuclear proliferation"?

OH. MY. GOD. I did NOT think it was possible to fall MORE in love with


For once, I like what Bush is saying. Sadly, this will be the soundbite

What an embarassment for the media, especially CNN.

Certain and be WRONG

Fly on the Wall!

Lybia disarmed because of what Clinton started and Blair finished.

Protect America in the long WORM!?

"I should keep 'em on a leash"

Wow, they actually talked to each other.

Has any president done worse in a debate than shrub is doing tonight?

Shit - I'm worried people will feel sorry for Shrub

Kerry is going to drop a bombshell on * before Nov. 2

My letter to the networks

My estimate of * and Kerry's IQs.

kim kim il kim chung il

Mr. President, it's the last question - BROAD SMILE

"it's hard for me to love (the war widow) the best that I can..."

Bush's Emphasis on Mixed Signals

"I've never wilted in my life. I've never wavered in my life."

George??? "Nukular Purfilteration"...



Everyone was right....* is a master debater!!!!

I have a good relation with Vladimir?

Stick a fork in Bush...he's done. At least as far as this debated goes.

AOL poll has chimp winning debates. Go vote if you have AOL.

Just how many glasses of water does Chimpy have?!?!?

The freepers are FREAKING OUT!

JFK Is Kicking His Fucking Ass!!!!!!


Bush as Petulant Midget

The giant sucking sound? The wind being sucked out of Repuke sails.


What Happened To The Debates???????????


I've got a good relation with Vladumuur


Does anyone still think there will be a 2nd and 3rd debate?

Vladimir Putin is not exactly someone...

The fence-sitters are gonna fall over to the left after tonight.

This man STUMBLES over the word and the concept: DEMOCRACY

Kerry is hammering him - but one BIG lingering doubt?

Have you noticed the camera angle?

Do you trust a guy that blinks 5 times a second?

Just think the world is watching this idiot. What must they think of us?

reminds me of the Kennedy Nixon debate

Holy crap! He just landed half a dozen punches....

* just tried to dodge the North Korea question again

DU."rs THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Please subscribe!!!

DU."rs THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Please subscribe!!!

What books has Bu$h written, in past 10 yrs.?

Nuclear Proliferation. My god, he's right.

Did Bush take a giant bite out of a lemon?

EWWWW, creepy guy...I have a good relation with Vladimer

Is Bush making sense!

I am going to see JK in Kissimmee tomorrow...this is going to be so sweet

Please DU this Kerry/Bush debate poll.

Bush will need to pee (he's drinking a lot of water)

Nice shot by Kerry about Russia and the media..

Kerry did a good job of explaining his Iraq war position tonight

The Future Belongs To Freedom, Not to Fear

"He's like the Jamaican Bobsled Team...

I actually almost feel sorry for Bush, he is being manhandled so badly

Bush has cotton mouth I wonder what kind of drugs he is on?

God, I was hoping that Kerry went last. Then my kid sister said

Bush looks weird!

At least CNN has an honest poll question. . .

I'M not talkin about LEAVING


Predict the Headline in your newspaper tomorrow morning

How THE FUCK could somebody be undecided after tonight?!

YES! He got the "future belongs to freedom, not fear" line in!

Freeper Admin - "Why is everyone sounding so defeated?"

oh god here Bush goes in his delusional world

YESSSSSSSS nukes in Korea happened on Bush's watch

Now that was Shock and Awe. Not hit the email trail and follow thru.

Kerry to bush*.........EAT MY DUST!

It was "hard work" listening to Bush. His closing is more pitiful than

Bush just lost his first debate

TO PRESIDENT-ELECT KERRY..................

Whooo hooooo let's get reading to watch the spin on this one n/t

And n ow the faux spin

Damn JK lost that coin toss

And there's the checkered flag!


Listen to that shit!!!

Did anyone count how many times chimp blinked his eyes?

Anyone care to comment on their ties?

Bush was just handed his ass!!!

The whores better call it for Kerry - there's no rational way to spin it

Is Pickles drunk or just extra medicated tonight?

Oh I'm a pretty calm guy

Contact your local media outlets now!

You know, I wasn't going to do it --

Lehrer did a great job, I think...

Timmy the Whore - No knockout tonight

What we have seen is not the end, but is the beginning of the

Greenfield commenting on discontent on "the conservative blog"

You think this debate was fun? Wait for the Economy debate!

"No new words - SAME ONES" ---------CSPAN Caller (for JK) n/t

Waterworks scorecard!

JE on NBC !!!!!

Edwards on NBC NOW!

great point on CSPAN. 3 glasses of water for *, 1 sip for Kerry.

OK...I just saw the CSPAN Internet Feed

"Everybody Matters" George Invokes BIG BIRD !!! HAAAAAA

Slouch and Sneer

Fucking DAVID BROOKS doing the after thingy on PBS

Kerry WON hands down and any media whore

Kerry OWNED * in this round

At times I thought Dubya's blank stare would last for minutes....

JE on NBC!!!

The up and down podiums - kerry filmed farther, looked smaller

Scarborough declares Kerry the winner


CALL 202 737 0002

This is from an Air Force guy - Missile Defense won't fucking work

Scarborough says Kerry won!!!

slouched and sneered

He started with God, and ended on God

uhhhhhh......(blank stare)

Just like that memorable scene from Deliverence, "Squeal like a pig!"

Bush was on the defensive, but...

Is Matthews on the BC04 payroll?

Tonight marked the beginning of the end

Poll : Go vote. Bush 53 Kerry 44

So... I've Got PBS On Caption Stream, And Am Listening To Malloy, Et. Al..

WHERE IS THE POST?????????????????

Who is David Brooks?/

Scarboro: Kerry won.

Kerry must really have practiced...

Tweety is saying Kerry was not clear and consistent.

Media Verdict: flabberghasted afraid to say the truth

I was worried tonight. I worried if Kerry blew it it could all be over.

Edwards on NBC NOW!

WOO HOO!! What a freaking massacre!


I simply CAN'T WAIT for tonight's debate

Kerry made a big mistake on respect Bush.

Andrea Mitchell forgot to switch her pre-debate index cards...

Post Debate Spin THREAD #1

Congratulations Rudolph

I just can't stop smiling

Has anyone gotten an e-mail yet from the Kerry/Edwards campaign with


FauxNews RW cabal of commentators reeling

Mike Malloy just called the debate a Kerry slamdunk!

OMFG! Scarb just said that NO ONE could call this for Bush!!! Kerry won!

sorry to be crude, but we just witnessed an historic ass-kicking!

Scarborough: Best Kerry performance ever, Bush got lost

Spin - We'll wait for the polls in 72 hrs. effin whores! n/t

N. Korea---a BIG BIG problem for Bush

Boy, what would Frank Luntz be doing now if he were on MSRNC?

How will press in other countries report this debate?

Scarbourgh just gave the debate to Kerry

There was a 2-second delay in the CNN broadcast.

BUSH Had THE Line Of The Night!!!

I am so fucking happy right now!!!


"Bush held his own"

Wesley K Clark on CNN! n/t

CNN: Gen Tommy Franks calls OBL as a "dot on a piece of paper"

* calling world leaders by first names

"John Kerry Looked Presidential"

They're spinning Bush ON cnn..

Kerry simply destroyed Chimpy tonight. 2 more debates on the way!

Here comes the spin!

Kerry made a big mistake

Kerry Won!!!!!

* calling world leaders by first names

The official first post-debate Conspiracy Theory:

Interesting thing I noticed about CSPAN callers just now

Tommy Franks is full of shit

C-Span: "I so enjoyed listening to a man with a brain again!"

Andrea Mitchell is really bending over to kiss Bush's butt.

Bush was a "depressed toad sucking a lemon" in the debate n/t

What are the ABC, NBC, and CBS

MSNBC Poll Online

MSNBC Poll Link

Ethics Committee blasts Tom DeLay

Shlurry. Bush's words were very shlurry.

TWO C-Span Bush Supporters have said "Presidentg Kerry said..."

MSNBC poll for president - Kerry at 74% right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tweety - Kerry still unclear on his position over Iraq

NBC after the break: "Fact check" about what they said

MSNBC Poll Link

three C-span callers for Bush

"President Kerry" a Bush supporter just said...

I thought it was a draw: Let the flames begin

Honestly, why do they left the spin masters talk on TV afterwords?

Kerry kicked ass on CBS poll of noncommitteds 44% to 24 or something.

NBC: Karen Hughes models Martian fashions

Kerry wins big time!

44% think Kerry won the debate. 26% say Bush.

Bush Has Never Lost a Debate

I actually almost feel sorry for Bush, he is being manhandled so badly

omfg: bush "tried to put a leash on" his kids!?!?!


Kerry: Sadaam was a threat

Line of the Night

Dear Kerry naysayers - ANY QUESTIONS???

MSNBC poll Kerry:71%, Bush 29%

MSNBC Poll: Kerry won by 73%

CBS - Kerry scored better

There Are TWO More Debates to Come


MSNBC poll for president - Kerry at 73% right now ... Vote here!

First online poll I've found

A Kerry slam dunk!

CBS interview with uncommitted voters coming up (10:45 PM)

President Kerry

"I'm so glad to hear a man with a brain again!"


Kerry Won it. Will Dems talkers close the deal or piss it away

The big difference

I Just got out of class! HOW DID OUR GUY DO?!?!?

ABC Poll-- 45% say Kerry won!!! 36% Shrub

Quick note on their water glasses.................

Rove is on C-Span

"The debate changed the way (X) amount of people I know are going to vote"

Bush still can't say Kerry's name!

"thank God we got a good Christian man as president" - on CSPAN

uh, err, um count:

DU this MSNBC poll!!

Phone call on C-SPAN just now - *very* telling

Expect an onslaught.

Votes Needed NOW at AOL Online Poll!

Phone call on C-SPAN just now - *very* telling

Fox declares Kerry winner.

Help DU! I missed the debate! Where can I catch it next

Who saw the audience (on the left side as you watched) at

My two loving sisters that don't pay attention to politics called me

Help DU! I missed the debate! Anywhere I can see it soon.

ALL six "undecideds" in NBC focus group say Kerry won!

I'd be embarrassed as hell to be a Republican right now.

CBS Flash Survey

TWO C-Span Bush Supporters have said "Presidentg Kerry said..."

NBC undecideds focus group: 100% Kerry win tonight

Karl Rove is now thinking I need to get another scandal started

Bush FLOPPED... Again. And even his spinners CAN'T FLIP THAT!

Fellow On ABC said chimpy Looked ANGRY!

Bottom line from my debate watching party in Las Vegas

To Comedy Central

Here come CNN "undecided" bullshit..

Bush Has Never Lost a Debate

two words

CSPAN Bush loonie thread!

Let's kick it for Kerry

Kerry Camp wants us to do this TONIGHT ! Keep Kicked and lets do it !

This needs captioned!! Pickles meets Heinz

Jackson: Kerry TKOs Bush In First Debate

NC Senate Poll - Bad News

Is Brokaw drunk?

ALL six "undecideds" in NBC focus group say Kerry won!

Bush was like a "depressed toad sucking lemons" during the debate n/t

Cnn in Ohio with undecided voters

Kerry: Sadaam was a threat

Kerry wins ABC survey!

I'm suspicious, why would a Bush supporter say Kerry won?

Ahh, but Novakula isn't impressed.

Blitzer/CNN screws over Kerry campaign

Here's another poll for you to DU

CNN Online poll

Here's the analysis I posted a few hours BEFORE the debate

Next Debate....will be tougher for Kerry. How do we make the media whores

The Liberation of Paris must have felt like this. Help is on the way!!!

Time for Tom Ridge's next "terra" alert

Bush defeated him self

He did it! By George, he did it! (pun INTENDED)

CBS Undecided: 44% say Kerry Won the Debate!

I thought Kerry did great but he missed the jugular on the 87 billion

b*sh agrees we need to "Shift Tactics!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Reminder if you've got spare $$$

Kerry should have pointed out Bush flip-flops more forcefully!

DU This Poll NOW!!!!

ALL six "undecideds" in NBC focus group say Kerry won!

OK, I'm beside myself!!! Too fuckin' good to be true -

Two well-placed DNC ads on home page

Kerry should have pointed out Bush flip-flops more forcefully!

So who was on the other end of *'s earpiece?

Even the Pro-Gunners say Kerry Won!!!

I feel like crying, this is what we've so desperately hoped for

Time for Tom Ridge's next "terra" alert

First Impression's "Kerry Won Huge"... as time goes by "AWOL held his own"

Anyone notice how CBS/NBC/ABC are giving both sides equal...

Kerry wins in both ABC and CBS surveys/polls

Kerry Was Forceful And Presidential...

new nickname for bush ----------> "Humpty Dumpty"....


so what will Rove say as soon as he meets *?

Debate repeat on CSPAN now!

Time for Tom Ridge's next "terra" alert

I swear, after the nation has seen Kerry shine like he did tonight ...

CBS saying...

Ann Richards is coming up on Larry King

New Bushism?

Admin: Tombstone anyone who says Bush won!

ALL six "undecideds" in NBC focus group say Kerry won!

Oops! ABC accidentally posts post-debate story before debate

Fellow On ABC said chimpy Looked ANGRY

Bush looked like he was on something...


Daily Show live on the debate now n/t

Don't you think Rove is bitch slapping * right now?

Flame me now: Kerry blew his big chance

Debate rerun on CSPAN now!

Fox Poll ??? I've Tried, But Can Only Hold My Breath For So Long !!!

Time for Tom Ridge's next terra alert

I can only find the CNN and AOL Poll... where is Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC?

Expect Ashcroft or Ridge to make big announcement tomorrow,

OT: Andrea Mitchell has a big nose.

MSNBC Focus Group: Kerry won debate 6-0, FOX pundits Kerry 4-0

"So maybe they think we are after their oil."

I say now, unequivocally, that Chris Matthews should be on Fox.

Larry King on now CNN -

Line from a friend tonight - LOL!

Hunting Forums Say Kerry Won!!!

Anyone watching Jon Stewart on Debate!!

I bet Rush says Bush won ! U know he will! U know it!

It's hard work not sending mixed messages

CNN poll

FOX is spinning out of control with Karen Hughes.

Innoculation Hallelujah!!


Daily Show on

Caption this photo - Pickles meets Heinz


GREAT Caller quote:

Were there times during *'s speech you knew what he was going to say?

Tweety actually looks lost for words and

According to CBS Quick Poll of Undecideds - Kerry Kicked A**!!!

Clark on Jon Stewart now!


New Meme: BUSH looked angry

If Bush was this bad on National Security


PREDICTION: Bush pulls out of next two debates...

Remember the pre-debate talk?

Kerry did better than I thought he would

How soon before the Indumbent declares a Terror Alert?

General Wesley Clark is on The Daily Show

Let's list Bush* GAFFES

A funny thing happened on the way to the Truth

David "Fucking" Brooks says it was a "tie."

Anyone catch the pathetic attempt to shift focus with breaking news?

Anyone watching William Weld on CNN?

Wes Clark on the Daily Show????

So who was on the other end of *'s earpiece?

John Stewart--"Kerry looked like someone you would want to vote for"

Blitzer/CNN screws over Kerry campaign

This needs captioned - Pickles meets Heinz

I peeked into freeperville.

This just in...

Remember folks, the media and the polls said Gore won too

I think Kerry just won the election.

Who do you think won the first U.S. presidential debate?

No way to hide the facts...

Remember DU'ers!

did you see the Daily Show with the comments from the correspondants?

Post Debate Poll up

Flame me now: Kerry blew his big chance

C-Span viewers, check in

Kerry knocked him out! Bamb!

New nickname for bush after tonight: "Blinky".

Fred Barnes [FAUX] praises Kerry!!!!

Who got their asses handed to them on a platter tonight?

The Daily show is KILLING *

Debate redux thread: Bush: "I know how the world works"

Tomorrow's Headlines Just In!

Bush has been reading other people's lines for so long that he believes

Undecided Voter=Idiots

Am I crazy - or did *'s face get really red about half way through?

Skinner, Ron Brownstein @ LA times still not working

It's official: 50% of AOL users smoke crack while watching a debate.

Bush slouched and sneered as Kerry spoke!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Norton Smith sucks


DU this local Iowa poll

Bush* actually did worse than I thought he would....

Chris Jansing is kicking Ralph Reed's butt!

Debate poll for you Pennsylvania posters

I'm drunk as a skunk and fixin' to run through

Kerry removed ALL DOUBT about Iraq as a FAILURE. Mission Accomplished!

Just remember, folks....

"I will hunt down and KILL the terrorists"- Kerry

Be careful.. saying Kerry won lowers *expectations even more for next one!

October surprise eliminated - Bush sank himself hopelessly!

The Federal Election Commission Should Investigate Immediately

Anyone catch Bush not supporting the Hague world court?

No Freakin' Contest

Make W's notes public

Kerry won the debate!

This was Kerry's debate...!

When the debate was over

Transcript yet?

anyone know of a transcript for tonight?

Listen To Lionel Tonight

Wasn't this supposed to be Bush's topic too?

CNN Can't Spell "Foreign" On Their Web Site (URL Inside)

WSJ poll: Bush 32% Kerry 61% tie 7%


Contribute Now!

Rudy Giuliani sounds desperate. He sounds like an idiot.

DU this poll on the debate!

October surprise eliminated - Bush sank himself hopelessly!

This explains it all: "Kerry had the questions beforehand"


So who thinks this makes it more likely...

We're facing a group of folks?

"A lot of them get their trophy wives on Yahoo."


Larry King is such a bitch..

Another poll --- from WaPo (registration needed)

Face it Freepers, your man was ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY

Faux just said

The one job I wouldn't want tonight...

Fuck you, Rudy

LOL! Ralph Reed and Karen Hughes are both flaming orange!

I have just gotten a lot more respect for John.

Did anyone see the Post CNN coverage

what the hell is wrong with karen hughes

Freeper poll doesn't look good for Bush :)

I think a corner was turned tonight...

Guiliani just said that Saddam himself is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Anyone notice how Kerry used back-door DRAFT...

DU this TIME Poll - the freepers obviously have gotten ahold of it!

DU my hometown paper's poll, please?

DNC instructions post-debate: polls, call in shows, emails

Tweety now kissing Karen Hughes's ass

Bush FLOPPED... Again. And even his spinners CAN'T FLIP THAT!

They MUST FIND BIN LADEN before the election now

Hey, Scarborough - if Missouri doesn't have ports & subways -

KNTV in SF Poll

Good time to donate or signup to volunteer for "Ameircans Coming Together"

C-Span replaying debate with split screen

A Canadian's perspective

Scarborough now pimping for Bush campaign

Why does Dubya look orange?

So is this 'The Closer" we hear so much about?

Kerry won big, PLUS a big bonus

CNN Poll....JFK kickin' shrub butt.....

Did anyone notice the camera angle during the debate?


Guiliani on TDS what an asshole!


GRRRRRRR Brian Williams

Jon Stewart getting in Giuliani's face ...

Bush knows


Holy Crap!!!... even Freepers are saying Kerry won the debate...

comparing debates: how did Gore and Bush do in the 2000 debates?

Karen Hughes is a sound bite. They all have the same script. Blah Blah

Did anybody win bingo

Denver Channel 7: Kerry=66%

Freeper's say

Larry King's guests (except the partisan Weld) all say Kerry won.

Did you notice how TINY Bush* looked? LMAO

Why doesen't Kerry use Bush's own words to beat him over the head:

NOW the REAL debate begins


Man, I love Wesley Clark. And he nailed it when he said that democrats

Anyone see the new anti-Kerry ad re: can you trust him?

Was Chimpy wearing an earpiece>

From now on, it's "bush*"

They are STILL pushing the "flipflop"(TM) nonsense ...

CNN Poll: 92% say KERRY WINS

Post Debate Spin: POST your observations here!

God, what is wrong with Andrea Mitchell???

MSNBC!!! WES CLARK on NOW!!!! n/t

Novak spinning madly!!

What have you done so far since the debates?


Can you say Nuclear? Sure you can!

Anyone catch that "leash" comment by bushie, and out of turn?

Wow. Kerry must be a chronic and compulsive masterbater

My Buchanan loving brother just called. SWITCHED TO KERRY

Tweety is a C--ks----r

ABC Nightline Debate Recap

KSBW in Monterey Poll

Karl Rove! You need to hire this guy! He can even debate Kerry!

A free Iraq...

Did anyone else think it was weird that Bush called Putin "Vladmir"?

The Professor vs Gilligan

Things I wish Kerry would have said

Repeat this to the Freepers:

This freeper is watching the Baghdad Bob Network...

Someone on DU should post assignments every day!

Folks, we finally have a candidate!

How many times did Bush blink?

KRON in SF Poll - Bush at 0%

Poll. My hometown paper.

Did all the networks show the split screen?

Freepers are gaining ground in MSNBC poll

I had trouble getting through to I kept recieving error

Bush was blinking so much I thought that it was Morse Code

Should Kerry have complimented Laura Bush when "w" didn't


I am suddenly in a great mood and I don't know why.

Kerry could of destroyed Bush completely in this debate

So after repeating his line 50 times tonight,

Wow, just saw an anti-Kerry ad

Jonah Goldberg just gave the debate to Kerry

According to the media who won?

So, lets have a DU poll on the outcome of the debate...

Gergen: Bush seemed like "didn't want to be there" -- that's ARROGANCE

So will we go to Orange alert or straight to Red?

So how tall is Bush supposedly?

Any bets on that they will try to duck out of the other two debates?

"It is vital we not confuse the warriors with the war"

My uncle died and had to go to his rosary

CNN/Gallup flash phone poll: 53-37 KERRY win tonight

incompetent FOX cameramen !!?!?

Why did shrubya's "quiet moments" and "deer in headlight" pauses increase

Kerry didn't break a sweat and STILL creamed W. /

I just got my email from the Kerry team

To Arms! A Swing State Poll!

Ms. magazine has already closed it's poll. everyone should write.

Imagine the Kerry Speeches & Rallies starting Manana!

Bush looked like a Crank Yanker muppet!

I've never watched Hannity and Colmes before

Got to Campaign Underground and blast swing state polls

George Bush is a half-wit

Stark County Ohio (undecided voter) MSNBC

There's one thing NO ONE can spin

Kerry's doing fine in these polls without our help:)

How long will it be, before the power-hungry media figures out

beware the retroactive 'low expectations' Bush's spinners will...

Can someone please kill Chris Matthews?

Am I biased cause I thought Kerry

LA Times poll... 9.9% say Bush


Scarface: New * ad coming out tomorrow about debate

Did you guys hear Bush try to interrupt

The Revolution Starts.......................

Those bush expressions 2night? I see them at work every day at

Shrub's H2O Intake

Jim Baker will be fired

Now what will all the "close election/come down to the debates" media

DU this poll

After tonight, will the four undecided voters please stand up...

Orlando Online Polls - Highly Repug Area - Vote Now!

"Bush looked angry"

ABC says Kerry won new support....we will see!

What did * call the president of North Korea?

What's a MOOLAH and why are they in Iran??

John McCain has officially stepped into Whoredom

I Missed The Debate. Who Won?

Great points from Kos

Spread the word! John Kerry is the first person to beat Bush at a debate!

All the polls are showing Kerry by landslide, but not commentators.

EXCUSE ME Dick Morris Oh yea Bush won alright f-ing freak of nature!

I'll tell you why the twit was whining like a little boy

Is this the best the RNC can do?

Post-debate talking points are up on the DNC website, people.

How could anyone in their right mind feel safe with gw*?

Favorite * gaffe

Why was bush allowed to break the rules SO many times!?!

Kerry kicked Bush's ASS, and the media still gives Bush a free pass.

IMHO, fox camera people FUCKED *

Tonight put Kerry in the "winning zone" so beware--Karl Rove ain't happy


A message from history: Another unelected Republican president

All Colin Quinn can talk about is Kerry's fake tan.

Did someone forget to change Bushies Batteries? "Uh, Uuuh, uh.


I supported Dean in the primaries, but I was so PROUD of John Kerry

40 million Americans saw that debate. No spin can change the truth.

CBS News - Kerry 92.17% !!!

Deleted message

We must embrase the mourning freeper

The debate format was not fair to Bush!

Freep these polls!

Please read! A non-political board I moderate had this post tonight!

WOW! Bush was SO angry!!!!

And remember folks!... This debate was on NATIONAL SECURITY

Did he say it was hard work loving the wives of dead soldiers?

i just got off the phone with my lifelong repub father...and he's PISSED.

AOL Debate Poll Results so far

Bush Sucked A PICKLE!

Boy George has got a short one

Anybody play Bush Debate Bingo?

McCain: "The President won tonight"

Official BUSH Debate photo released!!!!!!

If any one wants to DU some debate polls....

Did Bush lie about spending 35% more to secure Russian nukes?

Giuliani is LYING...



Bush is winning in this poll. DU IT NOW!

Kerry's point that B* has long term objectives in Iraq

Star Tribune Poll...get going

Larry King show just said quick Gallup poll K53% *37%


Time to worry about NC Senate Race

Time poll

Bush Invokes BIG BIRD...."Everybody Matters"

Lehrer Stacks Deck Against Bush (Newsmax spinning like mad why Bush lost!)

But Is The Media REALLY Telling THE TRUTH???

I swear to God, I have NEVER seen anything like this

MORE! Clark AND Edwards pix from Dinger *PIC HEAVY THREAD*

Did you get the "leash" comment about his daughters???

WHY WAS BUSH SO HOSTILE!!!!??? (We Should Bombard The Media W/ This ?)

How many times

Damn...FOX is being downright HARSH on Bush!!!

"They need to make Americans forget what happened tonight"

He's got an earpiece!


Check the Freep board. They're agreeing, Kerry won.

List of 13 Who-won-the-debate Polls

We Saw A Very Angry, Unstable, Short, Red-Faced Little Man - PIX

Please DU my local newspaper's debate poll...

Why does John McCain CONTINUE to take up for Bush

What - no foxnews poll?

Did Kerry say he supports preemptive war?


Worst thing for bush to say in a panicky voice (like he did)

AOL POLL 51%B*sh/49%Kerry: DU this poll

Freeps are freaking over on Freak Republic!

Will Bush cancel one or both of the next debates

Gen. Clark, I salute you, sir. You are all over the TV tonight for Kerry.

Kerry won the debate!

free republic took down their poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How ORANGE was Chimpy????