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Archives: September 3, 2004

Kerry should counter-punch

Hell looks an awful lot like the Republican convention

WP/Shales: George Bush, No Fastball From the Mound

Call for Cyclists Arrested the Week of the RNC.(Legal advice and bike loan

Who had the worst coverage of the RNC other than CSPAN

Ted Koppel predicted that Chimpy may be up in the polls...

Who had the best coverage of the RNC other than CSPAN

Mark Chen `briefly' meets Colin Powell in Panama - TW

Hong Kong paper: China airbrushed Jiang out of picture

Angeles National Forest fire lookout volunteer struck by flying arrow

Hey DUers ! Help vote a republican out !POLITICAL HUMAN SACRIFICE

Observation: Bush RNC speech not covered live by Seattle's top 2 Stations

After * invoked the "rights of the unborn child," did anyone notice this??

my son goes to urbana university

1992 or 2004?

Janeane on CNBC ...

i love the boss

Econ in a me?!?!

Haven't you notice...

(Try 2) Bush's Vietnam medal

Jeaneanne is on MSNBC

FUNNY COMIC on the voters most swayed by *'s speech tonight

somebody should have tied a sign to a balloon and let it go during speech

Watching JK's speech!!!---I'm Misty Eyed

Blitzer/Miller interview -- SMACKDOWN

Why Kucinich Endorsed Edwards in Iowa???

U.S war dead now at 1,012

Hey! Dennis Kucinich is at the Kerry Rally!

CNN talking head (Carol Lin) defends her dismissive comment re protesters

Job-friendly economy, my sweet Zomby A&#^@!

Daily Show Was AMAZING Tonight! Totally RIPPED Zell!

Kerry ----> Dean ?

Local news: Took people hour and a half to travel 9 miles on Hy 60.

Protest Pics of Bob Perry's home. AGAIN! We are fightin in Texas!

Bush Tried To Install Crony at Florida Election Board

"I believe" George...

ABC news endorsed the Lunatic at end of broadcast!!!

ABC news endorsed the Lunatic at end of broadcast!!!

Bush: Palestinians will learn from Iraq that reform is possible

AP - Breaking - Chevron Gave Big To Schwarzenegger

Call to Cyclists Arrested Around the Week of the RNC (Legal and bike offer

Riggs Probe Finds Evidence Of Crimes

Cat lovers, what is a good place to start looking for a home for fosters?

How many freeper televisions are covered in baby batter after *'s speech?

Wanna know something ... We're gonna win on November 2 !

Are you honest when you vote on Hot or not?

Name Kerry's theme song

Right, settle this dispute...

Young Bush lays it on the line

so what did those of you who've seen it think of Garden State?

I'm listening to the new Cure CD

Letterman just said now that Bush has accepted the nomination

After 4 nights of that horseshit, I think we all need to watch this!

Man, my new 19" looks great.

Does anyone else think this cat should be saying "Yo quiero Taco Bell"?

Bring on the debates!

Damn..If you just type "Radicalliberal's" into a post and...

in 1 week, i will debut my weekly cartoon

Math Question! Yankees up 3-1/2 now; Red Sox will sweep the 6 games

Letterman: "So now that bush* has accepted the nomination,

Uh- oh - he's walking around now


"Not even FAILURE is going to cause Bush to change course"

Any chance Zell Miller is a Double Agent - Mole?


WALL TO WALL Kerry "deferment" soundbites tomorrow!

I love that he's pointing out what GWB talked about at last convention

Hammer Halliburton

MSNBC cutting away - I guess Chris needs to talk

Handing out no bid contracts to Halliburton while you're still on payroll

Um MSNBC Just cut Kerry off

CNN craps out, too

Is there alot of Freepers in here or what?

we're losing CNN - so much better to TAlK about the news than to show it

Kerry's not afraid to appear in front of unscreened, unpledged crowds

Kerry signaled his heroism and AWOL/Cheney COWARDICE now a central theme

Fuck you MSNBC

"The President's night"?

Just wait until the debates

just turned on Kerry

Link to live webcast

dammit, cnn cut off kerry too.

New Repuke Convention pictures you didn't see on network news

Dennis K standing behind Kerry!

YEAH!! Kerry on MSNBC & CNN totally BITCH SLAPPING Bush/Cheney!

Just tell them the truth

Kerry still needs to say the following about Iraq..

i love johns, music they are playing is fun too

If There's a Bush Bounce- America Loves An Underdog and

I'm in tears! Keep this passion going today, the next day, and until

NOW do you see that Kerry knows EXACTLY what he's doing?

msnbc had kerry's rebuttal, but he was too good so they cut him

Another outcome of this brilliant move . . .

Look at our guys dive into a crowd of strangers . . .

A special thank you to Skinner and the mods

All I'm saying is this:

Short coverage no big deal. Kerry got his objective met

I'm handing out voter registrations at my yard sale tomorrow.

one promising thing of note: K/E rapid response getting better

If you can afford it send money to the Kerry Campaign

Why does Yahoo continue to publish useless pic and took off the massive

"get this war out of the pockets of the American people....

WP: Kerry Takes Off Gloves With Sharp Remarks -- (Hell F'n Yeah!)

Cheney: 5 deferments .. Kerry: 2 tours of duty!!!

Ladies and gentlemen - the next President of the United States...

Eleven Insights on the Election (Gallup)

Looks like Kerry's closest aide is black - GO Kerry!

Just donated again. Feels great. Tomarrow in the trenches.

This is a swing state. Not bad turn out. He kicked but, to bad doomsayers

Kerry is a closer! Remember how solid he was in the debates!

28 days till the first debate...

Bush's maudlin moment

Will the Storm bury the Jobs Report?

Zell reminds me of Pat in '92

Rat Bastards CNN - Kerry Sppech Cut

John Kerry took the night away from AWOL! FUCK YOU CABAL!

CNN, MSNBC, FOX- It is criminal that they are not carrying this speech.

I registered five new voters today in 20 minutes.

Women are actualy squealing over Edwards

Barnacle praising Shrub's speech????

CNN cuts away from Kerry's speech, then shows a swift boat ad

Kerry's speech tonight was dynamic, agressive, and inspired!

Garafalo will be on After Hours soon

Reward Kerry, Punish Bush. Send $25 to the DNC today!

The balloons and confetti was better.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Please DU This Poll!!!

"All Hat - No Cattle" should become a Kerry theme - classic!

I am a student and I am willing to give Kerry my last $50.00

Jeanine is calling out Ron Silver!!!!!!

DU'ers, Please STOP Playing the freepers game.

***Official Kerry-Edwards rally*** (Thread #2)

Kerry Midnight Response video posted

Here are some ideas on how Bush mis leads on Iraq, per Kerry speech

"It's on like Donkey Kong!" Is it? JK speech online anywhere?

Damn Chris Mathews!

DEBATES: John Kerry vs.... Jim Baker?????

After Kerry's speech BUSH IS TOAST!!!!

When Shrub Loses Remember Two Words -

CSPAN about to show bush's acceptance speech from the 2000 RNC!

Brinkley (JK's biographer) says Kerry's going to

Ron Silver is faoming at the mouth on MSNBC

Why does msnbc keep showing Ron Jeremy?

Mo Rocca comment on CNN Was awesome

"All Hat - No Cattle" should become a Kerry theme - classic!

Switched back to CNN after Kerry speech. Swift Boat Liars ad was playing.

Who likes the idea of giving Social Security to the stock brokers?

anybody watching Bush's 2000 convention speech on C-SPAN

Since when is Ron Silver an international expert?


Kitty Kelley book: October surprise for the Repubs?

Folks, the election has begun

How many DUers had the stomach to watch the GOP convention?

George Bush: All Hat, No Cattle!

look how close the secret service is

So, what was so special about the last ten minutes?

dang...I wish it were me that Edwards was hugging

When Will DUers Realize MSNBC Is Our Enemy

THIS is what win elections

Kerry does not have my vote in November, and he never did.

Another disappointing, rambling Kerry speech

The apology to John Kerry thread:

Sam Seder - Bow Ties!

Admire Dean, but don't put Kerry down. That is wrong.

Tweety just cut him off and said it's George Bush's night

My father is the problem we have to solve.

Sam Seder is kicking ass on MSNBC - Scarborough

Kerry is very tall, Shrub is not

Interesting reading! bush's 2000 acceptance speech--it'll give you CHILLS!

Crap! It was a good speech

Repub spin tomorrow?

Ok Texans, is the swagger/walk thing true or is Shrubya just confused

Kerry dumps over the chessboard and picks up the pool cue

Kerry: "Bush Unfit to Lead" seems to be the headline of choice...


Does anyone else hate Ron Silver as much as I do?

My wife got her "J-squared 04" bumper sticker today!

Mr. Bush, How much is that child worth?

Slate: Lies, Damned Lies, and Convention Speeches

George Do-Over Bush Wants Another Crack At It

Sullivan: The End of Conservatism (Even Sully doesn't believe him anymore.

ss confiscates anti-bush bumper sticker from teen

WP/Dionne: The GOP's Dirty Z-Bomb

WSJ: Aging High Court Looms Large

The Republican Convention: Another Catastrophic Success?

The Ministers of Fear

1012 U.S. KIA in Iraq

How the "Greedy old Preachers" use language to distort......

Global Eye Stealing Home

After a Night of G.O.P. Attacks, Edwards Fights Back

Bush pledges hope, resolve (but was there a comprehensive agenda?)

Intrepid in making bad policy, or restrained (but makes good choices)

Denying the Troops a Secret Ballot

Bush promises 'principled leadership' at home, abroad

Bush Outlines Plan for a 2nd Term and Attacks Kerry's Record

A week that defied convention

In N.Y., patriotism and its discontents

Bush Explains Vision for Security and Opportunity

Bush casts himself as strong leader

Feel the Hate By PAUL KRUGMAN

Bush-Consistently Inconsistent

GOP Prism Distorts Some Kerry Positions

Why UNIONS Engage in Political Action!

NYT ED) Mr. Bush's Acceptance Speech

Banking on the Big Picture

The Republican convention: Wall Street fetes its political stooges

Feel the Hate - Krugman

George Lakoff dissects...conservative catchphrases

The (GOP)party faithful hear the campaign's prayers

Orange County Register Editorial: Soaring phrases, pedestrian promises

Bush steers toward center (but no price tag on his own proposals)

Herbert: Heads in the Sand (Rips * & RNC Lies)

The CEO Test for Bush (Give this to your business-minded Repub friends)

This vision was on my crystal ball this morning...

What if Democrats acted like Democrats

Bush's Honest Mistake (I don't think you can win the war)

About Time Kerry Dropped Mr. Nice Guy Act

James Wolcott: What Goes Unsaid

So you don't have to watch....(or if you didn't watch bush's speech)

Anya Kamentz blog "Resisting the RNC" complete

The “Onerous” Society


Bush casts himself as the Lone Ranger -- Sidney Blumenthal

Confirmed...Daryn Kagan does Rush...

There will be another Beslan

Words alone don't do justice to the lunacy at the Republican Convention

San Diego Union Tribune Editorial: Term limits

Bush: `Stand with me': President vows to defend America

A fascistic rant from a pro-Bush Democrat

Susan Estrich Unplugged!!!! (Dems not going to take it anymore!)


Christian Themes Underlie Convention Show

George Bush, No Fastball From the Mound

Toronto Star: Dallaire 'disgusted' by Sudan policy

Michael Moore (USA Today): Why Democrats Shouldn't Be Scared

Deficits: America in shock

Join Me in My Crusade

The Success of Failure - Turning the Tables at the RNC

Bush by the numbers: Four years of double standards

Help PFAW fight Voter Intimidation

A reminder 49th Cong. District event tonight 9/3

Fascist cops used intimidation and lies to stop our anti-Bush protest

Advance Screening: 'Bush Family Fortunes' - Dallas - 9/12/04

Fox News Convention Coverage Day 4

New Ad Blitz by Both Sides Rivets on Jobs and Economy

Randi to have an Iraq vet on today?

Dan Rather--quiet ally?

How would you like to be this poor person...

Triumph on After Hours

Forget Cable "News"! CNNFOXMSNBCCNBC all pander to...

AAR continues to grow

How will the media treat Kerry if he wins in November?

Bill O'Reilly responds to Mr. Mehoffer

Largest U.S. Retailers Report Disappointing Sales in August

The “Onerous” Society

Why Is Shareholder Liability Limited?

8/04 unemployment rate dropped to 5.4 -matching 5.4 percent Oct 2001

shrub blames the economy on 9/11

Before and After Images of Charley

Interior proposes wilderness protection in blatant politcal ploy

Doctors grow new jaw in man's back

new crystal-growth model

What are some drawbacks to using dirigibles for transport?

GOP Delegates Speak On The Environment - Hilarious!

Quiet Investigation Centers on Al Qaeda Aide in New York

S. Korean Experiments With Enriched Uranium Disclosed

Since everyone is doing it...

AWB expiration in less than 2 weeks!

What is this? How could you use it?

what's up with all the eerily freeper-esque threads here?

Is it okay to post on the controversial topic....

Just got a Gain Publishing spyware popup while on du

Say what?

Direct link to the 9/11 forum on the Latest Threads page?

Could we get the GD2004 Clinton well-wish thread featured...

Can we get the ability to nominate threads that are over 24 hrs old?

Is registration of new members currently turned off?

Thank you for the DU Clinton Well Wishes Thread.

Is there a difference


Thank you Skinner for the ignore feature.

Are some DUers more equal than others?

Feedback on my experience with Media Blaster(CA) and some dead emails...

hey! what exactly can I expect from use of the ignore feature?

for Clinton, lets send donations to his library in leiu of flowers

Is it just me or are there a ton of new posters who jump in if

The Beginning of the Start of the End of Occupation?

Israeli convicted for 'terrorism'

22 Acquitted in 1994 Bombing in Argentina(Jewish community center

9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Who Cares What Freepers Think?

So what really did happen to flight 77

The 22 Republicans fired from the state

The 'We love Obama' thread!

Anyone else road test the media blaster? Like to know how it went.

Hey Californians, Did Herr Boobengrabber sign the

Owen fund raiser Monday

Red Sox 2.5 games out. Kevin Brown breaks pitching hand

As a person living below the Mason-Dixon Line, an apology

Edwards here on Labor Day

Then again, gay marriage ban WILL be on ballot (and so will Nader)

Nader May Be In Trouble In Ohio

A few (not so great) pics from the 9/3 Springfield rally

My pics from Newark rally...

Everyone be sure to check out Kukesa's MIDNIGHT RALLY "trip report!"

Kerry/Edwards yard signs are in demand; Dayton, Ohio.

True Confessions of an Ohio Volunteer.

What activities are you planning after October 4th (end of registration?)

"Yellow Dog Blog:" Is this true about Nader?

New record for favorite registration site

Dallas & Surrounding Counties: NEW JUDICIAL CANDIDATE!

Austin area DUers...let's get together this Sunday (9/5)

I'm going to hear John Edwards in Green Bay in a couple of hours.

Just returned from Edwards rally in Green Bay

Edwards in Milwaukee on Monday - when, where -open to the

On a positive note, as I was putting out my new Feingold yard signs,

More killed in Fallujah and civilians killed in Afghanistan by US.

"Expand the Frontiers of Freedom"

Anyone Surfing the Forums-Staying Up Too Late?

Mike Barnicle is on msnbc now.

Bush in church (chain e-mail- has this been de-bunked?)

OH MY GOD! Bill Schneider just OBLITERATED "The 911 Party"

they're creating a nation of sharecroppers for the corporations..

CNN: Presidential Speech interrupted by Cheers

Frank Luntz has his "Objective" Group on right now!

Young Republicans Support Iraq War, but Not Willing to Join the Fight

Doucheblog's analysis of buzzwords in the Bush speech

"So I'm sittin' there on the Group W bench..."

Just got back from the Kerry/Edwards rally....

Finally found a 2000 Gore supporter now supporting Shrub

Anyone else having trouble tuning in Mike Webb?

It's Friday.. There's a hurricane coming... What bad news is * sneaking...

Bush's Speech by the Numbers

Rebuttal on Bush speech and other good readings

The best thing about Zell Miller's speech? It was approved by the RNC

My daughter made my day!...

Folks look at the employment numbers tomorrow morning

I have seen no mention of tonight's Daily Show or Triumph the Dog...

Whats the deal with the 2 streamed radio being sports?

San Diegans & people in the near vicinity - Liberal Film Festival 9-5-04

Kudos to the woman who infiltrated the RNC convention.

Clear Channel shows NYC protestors...

Dammit, I challenge all of you to a duel!

Help! Where can I see Kerry's speech?

I think the "Protester" in Bush's speech is a friend of mine!

Downing Street Supports Kerry

Elizabeth Edwards mentions DU in her blog! How cool....

Caste System at Springfield OH Rally ? Could Be...

DU this CNN poll

One Week from Saturday, the Third Grim Anniversary

Oh No! There are explosions & gunfire in the school in Russia w/ the kids

"If the republicans can't secure one building...

Bush's platform: Destroy Civil Rights, continue the Charade against Terror

It might have been put together at the last minute and seemed..

How was Bill Maher on the O'Reammy Factor?

My LTTE in today's newspaper

Eric Alterman on CSPAN now (et)...sorry if this is dupe.

DU This Poll- Rate bush's speech

Democrat Senate candidate Craig Hill: 9/11 was an inside job

Bush seemed relaxed?


help me with some job numbers math please

C-SPAN 2....Kerry/Edwards Ohio rally is on....NOW! n/t

Bush is to much of a WIMP to protect us

The people who "really hate us for our freedom are called 'Republicans'"

Did anyone get the feeling that *shrub*


In the Bush Years, Government Grows as the Private Sector Struggles

The Bush Medal thing

Anti-Muslim posters try to pose as Muslims on Conservative Anti-Muslim...

KKKristian Right-wingers have taught me I'm "anti-semitic"...

Nonfarm Payroll and Unemployment Rate Predictions

So Ryan Anderson might get life in Oregon

Texas Swagger? more like Maine Mincing

Deleted message

omg!....Ahmed Chalabi is Sworn in as Member of Iraqi Parliment?!?

Turkey considering military action in Iraq!

watch live continuous coverage here of Hurricane Frances... miami links

The ever-popular Bush* record of compassion to veterans (Redux)

The New Face of the Republican Party.....

vote on this

O'Reilly - here's a bulletin for you.

DU this poll

Bush's speech scares the sh__t out of me.

Zogby Poll On 9/11 Needs Your Action....

Anybody have a video clip of the Chimp during the interruption...

"Four more wars! Four more wars! Four more wars!"

I Wonder if Any DUer Can Provide a List of Coalition of the Willing

Is Darrell Hammond a Repug ?

advice needed to win a vote

email from the Kerry Campaign...

Moby: "Democrats are like Radiohead, Republicans are like Ashlee Simpson."

Osama wasn't mentioned at the convention because he didn't do it

Has anyone ever suggested an online DU book club?

the lost art of oration...

They've hijacked the flag and the cross

The double-standard among Republicans

"fake terror"- great short article from voxfux

Marine Sergeant Guilty of Abuse

If we don't have jobs, homes, medicine or medical insurance, if

I think the age of reason died at the RNC hatefest.

New York firefighters endorsement of Bush (WTF!!)

WTF!?!? Navy Probes Kerry Medal

Have you checked Kerry's senate voting record???

Income averaging

Bush and Rove are planning for a Thousand Year Reign.

CNN.COM: Back to Whoring.

Hey Guys Could'nt find the one cartoon on Rush but here are some that are

Is this a bumper sticker?

Bill Clinton admitted for heart surgery in NYC..breaking CNN

Denying the Troops a Secret Ballot (Handled by * Backers)

CNN Quickvote: Did Bush make his case for a second term in office?

sorry Dupe

We've made great progress in Iraq concerning women's rights

College football weekend in freeper hell forthcoming

So was Mary *Cheney* on stage at the end?

Who Just Saw That Ad on CNN?! ("First Patient")

Newsweek poll needs attention plus good article on KKKarl Rove

If *'s team had "done something" against terrorism in the 90's...

Stunning letter to Altercation

Bush "job recovery" equals expected number of graduates

Would the American people accept another election fiasco like 2000?

Our thoughts and prayers are will Bill Clinton

Things to say to make Republican's heads explode........

Oft repeated lies and tall tales are integral part of wing nut

CNN....Bill Clinton having bypass surgery....soon.

Blitzer on Clinton: what about KERRYS health problems?

any positive bumper sticker experiences?

Did anyone hear Al Franken on Michael Medved yesterday?

Bobby Kennedy Jr on NPR... he rules

Freeper "compassion in action" (Warning: human behavior at its worst)

i just bought the new" da ali g " show dvd. ask me anything!

Three quarters of Al Qaeda key members captured?

did Cheney's daughter ever show up?

Where is Walt Starr for the answer to my question

The ultimate George W. Bush Speech Generator

Just heard that bush is going to speak on President Clinton's

In "Il Dunce"'s speech last night: The "Baltics" ????

Some ASSHOLE on Faux

This is quickly turning into a Black Friday

Bush Wearing An Unearned Medal In Official Photo?

Bill Clinton is a flip-flopper

Smirk said america is a child in need of a parent (so says Card)

Pundit celebrity Jeopardy

BIG NEWS DAY!-Watch for the data dump this afternoon

Prayers/good vibes thread for the Big Dog...

Yah! Joe Conasun up next on Franken

Can anyone at DU put together a chronology of the Rumsfeld-Cheney

No aWol* at Soldier's Funeral Today Outside NYC?


Nice news from my

Convention Wrap Up (Warning: Naughty Language)

Open your windows NYC - The repug stink is leaving!

Post-speech analysis being buried by Yahoo partisans - HELP!!

Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision

Is our ticket too "Sexy"? Edwards is SO Beautiful! nt

Laura: "She knows her Place."

O'Reilley - "Here's a bulletin for you Bush haters"

DU this poll

Ron Silver

Abortion-NOt what you think

sorry - dupe

Here's what Kerry said about Big Dog at a rally in Ohio

Freeper Doug from Upland on Clinton

Schwarzenegger criticized for Austrian history gaffes

Does anyone have the study that showed people who watch FOX

One more thought about Zell Miller

Oh, crap... Big Dawg needs bypass...

Keep "Big Dawg" in your prayers!

What did Al Franken just say about "Sundance" ?

Best way to refute 87 billion issue

"mocking purple heart--I made some phone calls "

About today's "Employment Numbers":

If Bush suddenly became ill with a heart condition....

NAACP Calls Saturday's Fair Restrictions Discriminatory

5 Questions about W's speech last night

I didn't get to hear Kerry's speech tonight. Transcript anywhere?

CNN.COM - All Bush - All the Time


How lucky the Republicans are

Anybody receive a "Will you be voting for George W Bush" survey fax?

Went to a "Bush" bash last night and ripped up Bush & no-one cared.

The American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (neo-con alert !!!)

SUV Registrations Up 45 Percent in Kentucky

Clinton Presidential Center

Are you surrounded by freepers & afraid to speak your mind?

When did you/will you first vote for a Dem Presidential nominee?

New "Get Your War On" is up!

"Zell on Earth" - Daily Show

a tale of two worlds....


Zogby Poll: Bush 46% Kerry 43%. Remember, Time poll is only poll

I used to work for FOX -- Ask me anything

A-a-a-a-a-a-and bounce yer . . .

Which of these ten commandments

Gore 2000: Maybe It was a Good Thing He Lost the Florida Recount

Putin's War on Terror sucks--ochen' plokho!

Joe Conasun emailed me back!!!!!

92 State of the Union Speech all the proof you need baby!!!

My plan to end the abortion debate

Kerry voting info needed....

Outpouring of love for Clinton to take attention away from Bush speech?

looking for photo of Bush kissing that Arabian man...

Eric Alterman on C-SPAN....NOW! n/t

BBV: Bev and I just returned from a brilliant trip to New York

Aha this is why!!!!!!! Payoff for Swifties. Ya think?

Eric Alterman kicked ass on inside

FEMA, Red Cross, Natl Guard have all left Pt. Charlotte for Fl. East Coast

F#$kin' FINEMAN on Franken A-GAIN! TURN-OFF AAR!

Russia Hostage Death Toll Said to Top 200

Did anyone listen to Robert Kennedy Jr. on the Diane Reams show today?

Don't remember "fast food jokes" when Pat Buchanan had his "Quadruple."


We should never use the word conspiracy again. It's a HOAX.

and in other news, 979

Historians dispute Schwarzenegger's convention comments



Pretty Woman: Zell, you ain't Julia Roberts

Freepers upset about AP scrubbing the Clinton boos.

An Open letter to Sen. Kerry from Wurzel

Weekends were once the sovereign territory of the working stiff.

Air Amer. Randi has a Lt. Rykow (?) from Iraq spilling the beans.

Wasnt there talk of a BIG Kerry Campaign shakeup..

Ft. Pierce mayor tells MSNBC....we are praying for Pres Clinton

Feeling stupid: Just made ass of myself in debate re: Swift Boat

If it were Cheney in for bypass surgery would we be any better than Freeps


Got my LTTE printed

FYI: Chechnya oil riches fuel war

Buddhism: Theravada or Mahayana?

When did you become politically aware?

58% more terror attacks this year; Bush lied

Best Wishes For Clinton; Mockery From Vito (Fossella - R - NY)

Unofficially, I think DU added over 350 members this week

Nader statement on Bush speech

Censored! . . . The 10 big stories the national news media ignore.

How many Electoral Votes are there?

When I see this guy on MSNBC, I go Hmmmm...from All Hat No Cattle.

Unemployment at 30%, Wages down 50%, Frances Destroys East Coast...

E-mail Time Magazine

Nothing has Changed

Get Your War On

Freeps already rejoicing Bill Clinton health scare

Poll to unfreep

WTF? Woman who disrupted young Repubs faces charges of assault?

So what really did happen to flight 77

Who will defend the "Liberal Agenda" ? ...

Kerry's got someone named "Mary Beth"....telling him how to FIGHT??

It's heeere....Hurricane Frances

new blog DUers will enjoy

Overall, what is your opinion of the mandatory split of the two GD forums?

? about AAR in Minneapolis

"Liberals are not for anything that the Bible teaches"

Kerrys Ohio Speech Streaming Video...????????

A local poll from Wisconsin

Am I the only one who sees almost nothing but the Smirk?

Righto Hurricane Frances Crew - She's Doing It Again.... Turning Northward

Even after heart surgery news Tweety is having... and Hacked

Job Numbers........

Republicans Sitting On A Time Bomb - Another Reason For A Nov. Win !!!

Clinton should get IV EDTA Chelation Therapy

Hey, Garofalo: Get your fuckin' father off the air, will ya please?

How Do Terrorists Directly Threaten Our Freedom?

Wanted,for a new job opening up in Washington,D.C. a person

Help please

Zell Miller refuses to appear on The Guy James Show

Time poll is bullshit

Mrs. Kerry's factories

About The Terrorism In Russia

Is Bush's bounce (now 11 pt lead over JFK) significant in any way?

It's time to get serious

How Come the Kerry Team Isn't All Over

We should start the meme "Bush/Republicans are liars." List the lies here:

The dig against Cahill's name was sexist and stupid.

A question about polls in general.

Donkeys guard sheep

What's a better alternative name for "Operation: Iraqi Freedom"

Vote this article up at Yahoo: Cantor Fitzgerald Sues Saudis for Losses

Another Bush Republican forced of out of the closet.

This is the Fight of Our Lives

In the 1970's I worked on a big statewide race in Illinois - our guy

Someone, please explain to me why cutting taxes

This is Your Wake-Up Call!

Who heard Judy Woodruff slip up?

George W Bush is a CROOK!

You can send a message to Bill Clinton. Link included.

A Call To Arms!

Is Colin Powell a...

US forces to stop humiliating Iraqis they arrest so they won't hate us

What about Afganistan?!?!

pet peeve of mine: 04 isn't the most important election of our lifetimes.

Rice, Powell, Rumsfield,Ridge and Ashcroft LEAVING?????

I have an embarrassing question

Rupert Murdoch, media mogul and founder of Fox News.

Is this the Clinton/Bush story everyone's talking about???

How Much Blood?

Take've been warned...

Fox anchor just now

I need a source for a quote that appeared in DU, please

Did Chimpy actually say this with a straight face?

I've forgotten how to read...mistake made...please delete

20/20 (ABC) will be talking about Pres. Clinton - his surgery

reminder - special tds w/jon stewart on tonight

U.S. Troops Death Toll Mounts as Iraq Danger Persists (Reuters)

Scheisskopf's Therapeutic Tip for Today:

My response to social services, when Bush lover’s bitch.

Polygamist Who Raped 13-Year-Old Wins Early Release

GOP conventioneers kicking demonstrator?

A good site to find pics from last night?

Rice, Powell, Rumsfield,Ridge and Ashcroft LEAVING?????

Caption: The Clintons

There is only one way Kerry is going to win this

Don't forget -- Daily Show will be on tonight

Tonight's Gratuitously Senseless Intellectual Pursuit:

How do we respond to this article?

I just saw "Canadian Bacon"......I think it gave Rove a few ideas

Andrew Sullivan is supposed to be on Bill Maher tonight.

This photo from the Russian School brings me to tears

Balls balls balls balls

We should remind voters at every turn we get what they would be

The Clintons love Ireland

Anyone catch NOW tonight? the defense industry wooing at the RNC?

Joe Trippi FINALLY has a good haircut...

Big Dog doesn't need flowers, but loves contributions to his library

Hillary Clinton Statement on Bill posted

What else does "RNC" stand for?

Ick! Phoenix only gets Jackson Brown!

Hillary Clinton Indicated that Get Well Wishes can be sent to:

DUers from Republican strongholds or households: What made you different?

Moral Obligation to Leave?

Has anyone a link to Military Records for Kerry, ESPECIALLY his

Anyone have stats on small business income?

What's this about Clinton's health? What the hell have I missed?

thanks, you all...

Is Vince McMahon a republican?

Tweety's on Daily Show!

Another true life example of the cockeyed world americans live in.

How long before the national media catches up W/ Billings Gazette?

Bill Clinton is on Larry King Live by phone right now n/t


Why Is Our Country Like This?

Unemployment numbers are a wash

Why is the terror incident in Russia getting so much more attention

An Appreciation of Amy Goodman

How to beat the right in 3 minutes

Splain it to me one more time

Ol' Zell was right: BRING BACK DUELING.

Why is every Bu$h Cheney 04 bumper sticker I see

Two Great Daily Show Quotes - one actually a bit sad....

Well, my "no w" sticker got me harassed yesterday

Thank you Zell

How much damage can four more years of Bush really do?

Andrew Sullivan is so full of shit.

Dean, Huffington, Sullivan, Buchanan join Bill Maher tonight.

DC Statehood - Do you favor it?

Rush Limbaugh dating Daryn Kagan

2008 - whom do you vote for


I KNEW IT! BAD BABES ROCK! The Protester at *Speech was my friend!!

Can we improve our economy by simply devaluing the dollar?

Email Exchange With Republican RE: Clinton's Surgery & Reagan

I received a response to my email to John Gibson..FAUX NEWS!!!!

Medicare Payments for Elderly to Rise 17%

We have the well wisher threads going, who would like to start up

Legal minds, interpret this paragraph about our troops in Iraq.

Why is everyone using the TIme poll...

SNL's Darrell Hammond is a Bush supporter...the proof

We've been NEO-CONNED

I have a theory as to why all the doom and gloom. Ready?

Bush like Hitler not bogus...............

Cantor Fitzgerald SUES Saudi Arabia for 9/11

More misleading right-wing sleaze

"Who Wants A PONY?" | Warning: graphic repub TOON content

"Pedophiles delight!" The sexualization of little girls...

Cheney: prime suspect in the mass murders of 9/11 - Michael Ruppert

Tories find right-minded friends in New York

Are you TOO Canadian?

Canadian Swear Words

UK folks: What's fascinating about Bognor Regis?

Audience boos as Bush offers best wishes for Clinton's recovery

Link trade issues, new industry minister urges

Daily Show at 12:30 CDT----GRRReat

Franken May Become Regular Fixture On Sundance Channel

Blasts heard at besieged school (Russia)

U.N. OKs Plan to Sway Lebanese Election

Activists find key to convention

UN: Report Reignites Concern Over Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Seas Only Hope for World Water Supply, Says Spain

1,500 Held in Russian School, Freed Hostage Tells Izvestiya

Report: Group Breaks Out of Russia School

Samarra latest no-go zone for U.S. troops, Iraq trying to end standoff the

Chevron Gave Big to Schwarzenegger, Played Key Role in Reorganization Plan

Kerry strikes back...I love it!

Bin Laden's wealth didnot finance 9/11

Guardsman convicted of trying to help al-Qaida

Judge Rejects Challenge to Maryland's Electronic Voting Machines

Veterans protest SBVFT (Bob Perry's house)

Morales is accused of finance violations (Miami-Dade Mayor candidate)

Kerry says Bush 'unfit to lead this nation'

Ex-oil exec extradited to Mexico

VF Jeanswear layoffs no surprise to workers (1,035 jobs cut)

Siege School Stormed (Russia)


144,000 Jobs Created in August

Iraqi Police Fire Warning Shots Near Kufa

Kerry Hits Bush on Iraq War, Economy

Afghans Face Violent Short Cut to Democracy

National donates $1m to get Iraqi kids into school

Zogby: Bush leads 46-44

Prison probe raises questions about CIA

Chechen Radicals Deny Responsibility For Hostage Taking (children)

Pentagon reassigning military health workers

In the Bush Years, Government Grows as the Private Sector Struggles

Bush By Numbers: Four Years of Double Standards

The end game is here. John Kerry, I am behind you and ready to fight.

"Machete attack on MI5 HQ in London - police using tasers..."

SJT remains silent on Riggs Bank relationship

Dozens reported dead at school

Shooter targets Republican Headquarters

LAT:Killers Set Terms,Mother Chooses(mothers,babies free,if sibling left)

Lebanon to Extend President's Term, Defy U.N.

WP, pg1: Shift from Traditional War Seen at Pentagon (plan to Rumsfeld)

NEA Give Bush 'Incomplete'; So-Called No Child Left Behind Law Needs Fixin

South Korea Denies Nuclear Weapons Plans

Anti-War Activists Protest Bush Convention Speech

International Medical Experts Urge End to Child Executions

Bill Clinton in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital...

Bill Clinton addmitted to hospital for heart surgery

Campus voting site is denied

F#$kin' FINEMAN on Franken A-GAIN! TURN-OFF AAR!

Historians criticize Schwarzenegger for Austrian history gaffes


S. Korea admits scientists enriched uranium

Surgery scheduled for tomorrow

Bush still leading 49% to 45% in Rasmussen ...;

AFP: 10 Arabs among 20 militants killed (in Russian attack)

Preseident Bill Clinton to get coronary bypass surgery!

Al-Sadr Aide Denounces Demands Release of Kidnapped French Journalists As

Appeals court rules Nader should be on Michigan ballot

Serving Two Flags The Bush Neo-Cons and Israel

President Clinton undergoing bypass surgery this AM.

Kerry Hits Back at GOP "Insults"

Wider FBI Probe Of Pentagon Leaks Includes Chalabi - WaPo

Am. Federation of Gov. Employees Slams Bush Contradictions

Schwarzenegger bashed for flubbing Austrian history at Republican conventi

Join Me in My Crusade

Iraq's Survival Still at Stake, Report Warns

Kerry hits back at GOP 'insults,' says Bush unfit to serve

Schwarzengger caught lying on speech to RNC: CNN Reports!

Bush Glosses Over Complex Facts in Speech

Around 3,000 people killed, 11,600 injured in Iraq over the last four mon

Dems question GOP tactics (AP)

Symposium: Atomic Ayatollahs

Cheney expected in Clear Lake Monday

U.S. plans to take rest of Sadr City

Retired Generals, Admirals to Call for Independent Probe into Torture

Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards

U.S. Troops Death Toll Mounts as Iraq Danger Persists

OH CRAP! Time Mag. Poll has bush up 52-41

White House is criticized at population conference (London)

24000 jobs added in Aug - all Gov hires- plus 120000 pretend =144000 "new"

CBS: Taliban 'Billy The Kid' Killed

US shells Iraqi soldiers (AFP)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 3 September

Protest groups 'empowered' by large turnout

5 Acquitted in '94 Bombing of a Jewish Center in Argentina

Medicine shortage continues (Iraq)

Russia Hostage Death Toll Said to Top 200

Navy Charges SEALs With Assault in Iraq

Chaplain wounded in Iraq may return to Minnesota soon (Brain Injury)

White House Calls Terrorist Siege of School in Russia 'Barbaric,' Extends

Medicare premiums to rise 17 percent

Bush's camp may cut 1 debate

Edwards' worth: $39 million for decade

About Time Kerry Dropped Mr. Nice Guy Act

Vets sick of Vietnam, want to hear about IRAQ

SBVfT Ad POWs are Administration Appointees

White House urges N.C. GOP to hit Edwards' record

U.S. Changes Arrest Techniques in Iraq

US 'friendly fire' kills 4 in Iraq

Schwarzenegger demurs at stumping in Ohio for Bush

Auto industry braces for layoffs (up to 6000 jobs)

WSJ: Retailers' Sales Come In Weaker Than Expected

Ford to furlough St. Paul plant workers for three weeks

U.S. Links S.Africa Nuclear Suspect to Libya, AQ Khan

Medicare premiums to rise 17% in 2005....don't get old!

Campaign 2004: Bush Opens Double-Digit Lead (52 - 41)

Stocks: Jobs report and Intel alert worry Wall Street

LAT: Israel Has Long Spied on US,Say Officials(but CIA, Mossad "intimate")

Iraq North Oil Pipeline Blazes

Texas High Court Backs Weekly Newspaper

Miller's blast may not endear swing voters, McCain warns

Protestors dare Americans to fight in Fallujah

Philly Mayor Staff Got Tip About Bug

Medicare premiums to rise 17 percent

Beauty salons under attack in Iraq

Judge Fines NYC Over Protester Detentions

Bush Policy Proposals: All Hat, No Cattle

The Big Dawg live on LKL now!

High Stakes in Nov for Music Biz (Repub control of copyright/intell prop)

Colo. Soldier Kills Himself After Arrest

Poll: Catholics give abortion lower priority than war, economy

(Republican) Rep. Blundell Pleads No Contest In Sex Assault Charge

Alleged Boeremag leader linked to CIA, court told

Russia Girds Itself For War (sound familiar?)

Reservist's mother sues Columbus department over suicide

On Outside Looking in the World Talks About Bush

Russia Standoff Ends in Bloodshed for 200(New Info)

Over 200 die as school siege ends

Cheney Says Kerry Doesn't Understand West

self delete

WP: Edwards Releases Decade of Tax Returns

Bill Clinton to Undergo Bypass Surgery (LBN Thread #2)

Virginia & Gaston Victims Still Waiting For Help From Feds

Kerry Vows to Be President Who Tells the Truth (YES!)

White House Learned of Spy Probe in 2001

Bush Takes Credit for Increases in Jobs

Saddam Statues Become Tribute to GIs

Utah man's anti-Bush sticker prompts visit by Secret Service

Bush, Republicans Outpoll Kerry, Democrats on TV

Pakistan Won’t Hand Militants to US

Bush's CIA choice says interrogations remain key

City got $255M from convention Mayor says (Protesters= Anarchists= Al-Q?)

Democrats widen gap over Republicans in Nevada voter registration

Record turnout for early voters in Nevada

Edwards: Bush Hides Dismal Jobs Record

Arab Mercenaries Identified among Hostage-Takers

End to Snowmobile Ban in Parks Sought

Historians dispute Schwarzenegger's convention comments

Defense, Cheney Iran Specialists Questioned in (Israeli Spy) Probe

WP,pg1: GOP Distorts Some Kerry Positions (fact check)

Cleland energizes Democrats

Bush, Republicans reduce John Kerry to a punch line

Paper: Condi Rice Will Exit Second Term

'Kerry win could boost UK stocks'

DRUDGE: Audience boos as Bush offers...Clinton's recovery THEN RETRACTS

Back from a controversial week in New York, Keyes comes out swinging

CODEPINK Protester ejected from RNC during Bush speech (Friend of mine!)

Historians criticize governor for flubbing Austrian history at GOP convent

More Than 200 Killed in Russian School Shootout

WP: Some Republicans Predict Upheaval Within the Party

Kerry Wants Broader Effort by Bush on Crisis in Sudan

Bloody end to Russia school siege

New soft-money group to launch anti-Kerry ads

U.S. August Payrolls Rose 144,000; Jobless Rate Falls to 5.4%

Four SEALs Are Charged With Abuse Of Prisoners

Bush Gets Bigger Convention Bounce Than Kerry

The AP Changes "Boos" to "Ooohs" in Report on Bush and Clinton

Cantor Fitzgerald Sues Saudis for Losses

Fla. Poor Can't Afford to Flee Hurricane

WP: Speech Fails to Sway These Undecideds

Bumper Sticker Sparks Ticket Fight

Mexicans battle over Wal-Mart-owned store being built near 2,000-year-old

"Flying Triangle" sightings on the rise (MSNBC)

Warriors of the Right Take to the Streets

Explosions and gunfire in Russian school

Protesters Allege 9/11 was a Government Conspiracy

Two Anti-Kerry Vets Tapped for VA Panel

Rescued Mother Tells of Hostages' Three Days of Hell in Russian School Gym

Anyone have the name and/or address of the arch bishop that opened today's

Have a Coke and George W. Bush....

For my 1000th post - Way to go FROGS!!!!

so whats this thing i hear about a convention?

First terrific college football game of the year on ESPN 2

Please God. Let Hurricane Frances take only Drudge,

Anyone Surfing the Forums-Staying Up Too Late?

To all you DUers in, or have family in SE Florida, I wish the best for you

Next up ........... The debates!!!!

David Lynch's "Dune" is on AMC right now.

Fuuniest thing heard by the talking heads...

The Right Moment

Am I the only one getting really sick of new, daily Pappy photos?

Zell Miller in insane....

Frances is weakening! Woo Hoo!

The New Face of the Republican Party.....

The "Geek Hierarchy"

Holy crap! Daily Kos crashed!

Hahaha, I have to get some of this!

STAR WARS FANS: Get your fill of The Force right here!

Has anyone seen Mr Flip-Flop?

The kind of dueling ZigZag's comments immediately made me think of...

Are peanuts safe for a cat?

help! have terrible hiccups

Gooooooood morning my yank friends!

I feel good.

"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask,

50's Rock is way cool daddy-o and you know it!!!

Reuters: Could Space Signal Be Alien Contact? (Cool)



Even the Jump Start comics zing Bush (and a good one too!!!)

Why do the smilies & other things move on my pc @ work, but not

Elle Macpherson Sports Underwear, Blood In New Commercial

Sweet! A New Björk album!!! And guess's weird!

Britney Spears Used Chewing Gum Up For Auction

What Original Nintendo Game (NES) had the best songs?

If you don't smile at... presents the "text" of Zell's speech at the RNC

If you had a bumper sticker that said.....................

Goood Friday Morning DU! (And a long time, no see!!!)


I'm going to be away for a few days

Does it even need a caption?

Drunken man drives home after passenger is decapitated

"Silver City"--new film by John Sayles

You might be a Republican if you think Saudi Arabia is our friend

Voter registrar geek story: I registered a guy on his 1st day as a citizen

Streep plays Iron Lady with titanium core

Wouldn't Mo Rocca be awesome running one of those focus group sessions?

more repug 'celebrities' at the convention

Who can stand up to the Ron Silver Juggernaut?

Where's the media blaster?

"It's pretty clear who wears the pants in the family now, huh Nomar?"

Some comic relief. Freepers on the BBC react to Bush speech.

Anybody else ever read that Ron Reagan Esquire article?

Holy crap! I was just hired!

How could you not love a mug like this?

Couple Finds 3 Cougar Kittens In Their Backyard

Need a laugh? Go to

Good Grief....the things people do for Guinness Records...(WARNING)

Fact of the day

Rove: Toast, Or Not Toast?

John Kerry Rocks!

My favorite daily mp3, pro-Kerry, check site

I know that freepers are sick, but....

Best way to unload a car?

Did the crack kick in or did I see a Baldwin at the RNC?

Today's Thought

Today's Quote

I know I'm new here, but I need some help

This Day in Rock N' Roll History

"unfit for command" - it's time for a googLebomb

"Excuse me...What does George Clinton need with a Mothership?"

** EXCLUSIVE ** Photo Of The RNC After Hours Party Last Night!

My e-mail was just mentioned on Lynn Cullen!

!!!HUGE!!! day in American history

Good news from San Diego.

CNN admits Candy Crowley's "bird's eye" convention coverage "misplaced"

Should Budweiser release new "health drink"?

Anyone else notice this lately on DU?

Suggest a charity to take my chairs

Bears in Transylvania Delay Start Of School Year

"Dick Chainey" jewelry

GOP bumper stickers-- a few left over from the convention

Sport memorabilia fans I need help

Frances, the desktop

Where is the Rush Limbaugh cartoon? The one with Rush (band) singing.

Ugh....must pay more attention to itunes.

Well I watched *'s speech with the rest of the Young Dems of Arizona

For the XBox and Playstation 2 players

Why do topics get ARCHIVED when less than 24 hours old???

I start my new job on Tuesday. :-)

What ever happened to Donna Godchaux?

Any POGO fans out there?

Any POCO Fans out there?

The Bush family is not photogenic..found this one of Jebbie

Any BOGO fans out there?

How much should I pay for a video card?

OK. Even though the Avengers movie is now $6.99 on DVD

What does "Moral Certainty" mean to you?

I am off to quit my job!

God, I'm feeling so draggy today.

Its weird but Al Franken singing "Misty" gives me the chills....

What's for lunch ?

A Freeper Mole has tipped them off to Google bombing "Unfit For Command"

Unheard Clash songs aired by BBC

I'm back to the Lounge

PLEASE PRAY FOR BILL CLINTON - had chest pains, went in for tests

Pookie Loves You.

Lesbian cow study udderly serious

How Cute! CNN says "St. Augustine is taking no chances with Frances"

What is

Are the Republicans the NY Yankees of Politics?

Just got Mark Lanegan's new CD

Developers! Developers! Developers!

The vet says my sister's new dog "suffers in silence"

I SWEAR The Owner Of This Company Is A MORAN!

I just plopped $60 dollars down for books - ask me anything....

I didn't watch the speech - can someone point to a thread

Does this remind you of anyone?

Limpbutt to marry Daren Kagan.

i just bought the new" da ali g " show dvd. ask me anything!

I hurt my wrist this morning, but I'm feeling no pain now.

What do you think of the new Bjork CD?

Neu!, Can, Faust?

What do you think of my "big tent' cartoon?

Post your avatar personals!

Bill Clinton well-wishers thread

Bush Avoids Soiling Self In Speech - Pundits Stand In Awe

Pookie makes funny faces sometimes.

Best joke I've heard all week

She's got legs, she knows how to use them

Has anyone ever suggested an online DU book club?

Girls on film (two minutes later)

Listen to the ground: There Is Movement All Around

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

I knew a girl named nikki

Sheeple eat this crap up!

You put the boom-boom into my heart

She dashed by me in painted on jeans

If you wake up and don't want to smile

A question on slanted email.

What happened to you?

Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh no

Look Folks - I'm Going To Maine Again In The Morning. Now THIS TIME

What should be the name of the next hurricane?

Monster Zucchini Escapes Cooking

I'm going to make a commitment..

question about the "4 paragraph rule" for posting articles

Help where can I get the audio Kerry's rebuttal to * tonight?

Don't read this headline too fast: "Bush and Kerry trade blows on jobs"

I got discharged from the Army Reserves yesterday!!!

GOPisEvil , I watched the game last night

Joke of the day......Olympics sports commentators

The swift boat veterans are now attacking ME...

Approaching 50,000 DUers ....

You can rest easy, Outkast doesn't support Bush

Any Austin DU'ers going to see fart tonight?

This just in: John Kerry and Harry Truman make dinner!

It's Friday ya bastards!

need help a movie title.


You're asked to create a Time Capsule: What would you put in it

CAPTION this daytime W rally

Any tips for buying an ipod? I know they keep coming out with new

I'm back from lunch. Has Zell Miller been using my computer again?

Need info: One nation under God and E.Pluribus Unim

I know, I know, this is in bad taste......

Help JCCyC fine-tune his spider-sense

Okay, since it's Friday, long weekend, and the Lounge, a double whammy

I am so happy, I got carded today.

What action movie best represents your blowing-shit-up life?

To all Floridians

When George and Laura have sex....

Randi playing Star Wars themes for Repuke and Kerry speech

I'm sorry but does anyone in Florida KEEP their plywood?

GD2004 is making me dizzy with its mood swings

Who here wants a ride aboard the Poopship?

Teamwork Poster: Happy Labor Day (funny)

An interesting /funny story about my run in with a Republican in NY

Which event ruined the GOP's post-convention bounce?

Former Nirvana bassist writes book about connections between punk&politics

Time for an oldie - a little happy music!

'Weird Al' Yankovic attacked by green moths

Do you guys have any special plans this Labor Day weekend?

What do you call the list of lies told at the Republican convention?

In honor of Labor Day: I give you Studs Terkel

Help a computer geek flee the snow and cold

It burns when I pee

It burns when I see

Quiz: What Romantic Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?

I burned my Peas

Hi! I'm Zell Miller, and I'm new here. Feel free to ask me a question!

the Paranoia Thread : Post here at your own risk

I have officially adopted the Chihuahuas!!!!


This thread isn't are. Or are you?

My kitty is SO SMART!!

Help! In which movie was the tune: "Great big gobs of greasy grimy...

Wasn't one of you talking about the show Wings the other day??

Rightie says "KILL ALL ISLAMISTS..."


My grandmother was buried yesterday



Your Favorite Star Trek Film.

Unofficially, I think DU added over 350 members this week

I need to vent


Space signal studied for alien contact

How many people ordered healthy food today?

Got Juice?

Ok, it's a 50/50 split in the USA. Which side do you want, East or West?


I just hit 3000 with this post, ask me nothing.


Favorite Pizza place?



Anyone else slowly getting mauled?

Redskins kicking Falcon butt

I am Governor Jerry Brown

Resident of Juno Beach, FL just said...

Well I don't know why I came here tonight

I'm bored--Which DVD should I watch?

I have gmail invites

US Open may have a "Janet" moment.

Hey Blues Music fans. Very sad news

O.K. anyone on here see the movie Dogville?

I've had 2 glasses of wine...ask me anything!

I'm not paranoid

Taking Dinner and a Movie to new heights of wrongness

Is this the real life......Is this just fantasy.....

A bottle of Red ...... A bottle of White.......




I want to be a "person of compassion!"

The National Hurricane center SUCKS!!!

Anyone else slowly going bald?

My younger son's imaginary friend (with pic)

Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight

Huh? Google reverts to their Olympian Olympics graphics

It sucks being a convert to the Democrat Party

I need some computer help please!

Should I eat all my ice cream before Frances hits?

Please DU This Poll....


Aha! Take this swift boat liars..... ANNOUNCING>>>

Good thing I slept in today

Eric Stoltz says....

Help is headed your way Florida!

Faux News emailed me & said there is something wrong with my ears!

More on Pat Boone (Or is that, "Moron Pat Boone?")

Anyone have a few spare cans of troll repellant?

Inspired by Others Here on DU - Re: Clinton

The Friday uber-cute attack!

I have subterranean Mole People living in my backyard!

Palm owners, have you flash upgraded your Palm?

Arnold = Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Oglethorpe

Andre Rieu concert on PBS

Quirky website

Dominic Monaghan Andy Roddick separated at birth?


The SadGeezers Guide to "Aeon Flux"

Bipartisan Driving....

Showtime finally airing the rest of "Jeremiah"

Matcom is in Sydney!

How long

Cedric IM Brooks and Light of Saba


Miss Universe's Skirt falls off, while on stage!

Reminder: Bill Maher on at 11 PM EST tonight (HBO)

I absolutely cannot convince my father that the media isn't liberal

Official 50,000 Strong Thread (Watch the ticker)

Miss Universe's skirt falls off.

Democrat Sarah Jessica Parker faces backlash

Check In : How was your week ?

What do you want on your grill for Labor Day?

You know what I like? Ham sandwiches.

Daily Show, featuring Chris "Tweety" Matthews

Real Time: Andrew Sullivan can Kiss My Black Ass!!!

Whooooo hooo Browns are going to the Super Bowl !

Take a look at this pic from Arizona: This is why I hate Nader

If you missed yesterdays Daily show turn it on

The Streets

"Excuse me...What does God need with a starship?"

Standing in the rain, with his head hung low

Any Flogging Molly fans?

twins overdressed? dress too low cut?

I just came home from watching a speech by Amy Goodman.

Saddle up, Folks!! The Bar is open

Fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) have infested my house! WTF?

Popular heartworm medicine recalled because of link to dog injury, deaths

Whooooo hooo Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl !

Guys: need good vibes. My mom's stuck in Stuart, Fl right now.....

Just Lost My Virginity. Finally Got Called A Freeper On DU!

SETI@home DUers - 76.448 years of CPU time, 45987 results received

MTV2 doing a Beavis and Butthead marathon...huh uh huh...

For my 1000th post...

Miss Universe had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, but handled it well


I have to find a home for these cats by tomorrow...please please help

Two and a half back

In Honor (gagme) of Zell Miller - I'm challenging you all to a DUEL!!

remember the Jawa's Sandcrawler from Star Wars?

Anyone have a link to Daily Show's "Zell on Earth" segment?

Swift Yacht Vets For Bush

Most hated tv commercial jingle?

Need some help with a fairly recent court case...

What swing state should I campaign in?

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded

I had to give my thumbprint at a bank today.

Where's Mara Steele??????

Its time to Googlebomb "Unfit For Command"

Nominate sig line or sig line photo for home page!

Top 25 R&B Acts by Decade (Part 2 of 3)

Top 25 R&B Acts by Decade (Part 1 of 3)

All right. Briskets are on sale for .99 a lb at Albertson's

Gonna be gone for 3 1/2 DAYS!! Post NEKKID Pics Of Yourself So I REMEMBER!

There is too much paranoia on these boards. No need for it.

Ok, quit callling Zell Miller "Zig Zag Zell!"


Which song would you want to force * to listen to for 126 hours straight?

What do you think of paying for sex?

Send you well wishes to President Clinton here.

Random playlist fun!!

New (and last) Guided by Voices album is....interesting.

My hormones in smilies:

something is wrong with my pc - please help

In honor of Labor Day, I give you Joe Hill

Just try to vote for Kerry in Ohio (a game)


If independents are on here they can read your post. Positive works

Hey didn't bush cut Head Start funding in the last few years?

NYC To Republicans: Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out!

Bush's speech put me to sleep

gw*s coalition groups

LTTE from Medford, Oregon, a relatively conservative area. :)

Ron Reagan is still trashing Bush on msnbc


Ron Reagan is ripping Ron Silver.

Kerry Was Dead Wrong About One Thing

Steve Earle on MSNBC coming up

Bush's new ad

shrub on low tax zones

Kerry and Edwards get off to good start

Ron Reagan smack down Ron Silver

IT'S OVER!!!!!

Kerry's Acceptance Speech Compared To Bush's?

Does anyone find it offensive that * says "my opponent"?

Another smart Kerry move . . .

A purple heart bandaid site from bartcop: Purple Heartless Project

Caption this-Just Stand Still While I suck out what's left of your brain

Barnacle says that people don't pay attention to numbers but to platitudes

Luntz on MSNBC

NEW CNN poll..after speech

Did anyone else flip between the 2000 & the 2004 * speech???

ALERT!!! Steve Earle coming up next with Scarborough & Reagan .... n/t

Next event - 8:30 AM EDT this morning - Job figures.

No US Troop Deaths in IRAQ during RNC...I wonder why?

Where can I find out the campaign rally schedule for Ohio

4 more months!! 4 more months!! 4 more months!!

How many new deaths does Bush have on his hands in the last 3 days?

MSNBC: Frank Luntz

electoral tracking sites?

Whose ready to put their money where their vote is?

Drag Queen on CNN!!!

I just received my ticket to attend John Kerry's Rally in Steubenville

Republican MSNBC Focus group is a load of SHIT

I believe the last "live" TV is done for the night.

Pre-Emptive War, Pre-Emptive Impeachment

Karl Rove is right

Is it just me or has the GOP replaced Osama's face..

How did tonight's protests go?

Mike Barnicle just said Kerry made Massachussets a battleground state!!

FWIW part 2, my waiter buddy in NYC & the cheap Republicans

Kerry Edwards Midnight Rally Prompted Much Joy Here...

I didn't know that Ron Jeromy wears business suits

New Ad Opposing Bush - It's the MOB!!!

Did anyone else notice...

help me convince my freeper buddy

The map at Bush-Cheney headquarters

Once again, it's all our fault!

AP (Calvin Woodward) Actually Debunks Bush, Cheney, & Miller - Journalism?

Anybody with the ability to record and post Triumph the dog's performance:

Triumph vs. Zell

What was the dummest Repub line of the convention?

The Pathetic Demise of CNN....

When will we hear the # of viewers of Shrub's speach?

Bush had a tiled flag background tonight - remindful of the 1000 coffins

Let's Remind Americans Now About Bush's 9/11 Response: Go Shopping

WaPo analysis of *'s speech pretty tepid

Let's stop using the word chickenhawk

California People any one watching the daily show??

Bush's Mom And Dad, Cheney, Powell, God, Saddam, And Freud

Exploitation-HateFest has now ended!

What if MoveOn hammered the SwiftVets?

Huge Bush “Real Dirt” Books to Hit Stores!!

email from our local Dem HQ..Ga. after Zell in play Bush 49%

*snicker* I see the GOP is running from Zell like a scalded dog..

"We're Turning the Corner"

Who else is proud of Kerry for coming out swinging Thurs night?

What Kerry Did And Didn't Do In His Speech....

Steve Earle on After Hours?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on MSNBC!

A fly in Shrubya's CompTime v. Overtime soup

Here is what frustrates me.....

I saw President Stupid use his "they hate freedom" nonsense

Will "I voted for the 87 billion..." come back to haunt Bush in debates?

My SwiftBoat Page

RW using vodkapundit vs snopes on Kerry's defense votes

Send Zell Packing with New Progressive Women in the Senate

Help kick Zell out!

Alert: If near a TV--Russian school hostage crisis, live--horrible--5amET

What is the GOP excuse for having such a late convention?

‘Electile dysfunction’ becomes Erectile dysfunction

Anyone see General Clark on MSNBC?

The lies of Michael Moore

Media already saying Kerry's campaign is adrift, negative.

MoDo was high when she was on Aaron Brown tonight

Bush gets re-elected... America dies.

So, how was Bush's speech tonight?

This is a GREAT piece of info...! Elizabeth Edwards and DU!!!

The New Face of the Republican Party

Here is another Poll MSNBC looks like it is being freeped

Some reflections on the RNC.

Mr. Bush, How much is that child worth?

Expect Bush to get a bounce

Boy mixed feelings on news coverage this morning....

WP, Shales on Bush speech: "No Fastball" (tears fought back or induced?)

Link to article about Zell speech being based on e-mail hoax?

Steve Earle on MSNBC after the break (1:27 a.m.) for the late owls.

Kerry strikes back...I love it!

The RNC: Is that all there is? Then let's keep dancing....

Dubya's Zombies

It's finally over.

While democrats spoke about jobs, republicans spoke about Kerry

It's GOT to be Karma!! Major hurricane in FLORIDA same night as * speech

George Do-Over Bush, America's Ketchup?

Will Republican 'Scare-Fest ' work or backfire?

Any links to Kerry's speech last night? n/t

I love Thomas Oliphant (great Boston Globe op-ed)

The RNC was a complete hate fest/ Why do they hate John Kerry so much?

many Republicans have a big pole up their butts but are against gay rights

Greg Palast: Bush tells Party He'll Invade Social Security Fund

The "Swagger" -- "In Texas, we call it walking."

W: The $2 trillion dollar candidate

DU this CNN poll

Hicks to face a court martial if Kerry wins

YouGov Poll

Listening to Imus--The Pundits talking points are straight from RNC

Anyone else take note of ABC endorsement of the Lunatic at end

What's happened to the Rethug who stomped the protestor INSIDE the RNC?

So Did They Ever Say, "Osama," or "Al Quaida?"

were Condi, Rummy,Powell,Wolfowitz, etc at the Convention ?

Anyone got a transcript of Kerry's Speech last night? n/m

Dick Morris and Shrub Need to Get a Room!!! -- GAG ALERT

* Speech NOT top story on Morning News Shows. . . .

A Question About Internet Petitions - Whattya Think?

Morton Blackwell-the "purple heart band-aid"guy (contact info & history)

Bush Speech Antidote: Bush is a Coward and a Liar (500KB Flash Show)

I didn't watch cable... did CNN/Fox etc... have Dem. review *'s speech

WP,pg1: GOP Distorts Some Kerry Positions (fact check)

No More "Guns, God, & Gays!" The NEW RNC meme:

The jobs figure doesn't matter

Vital Link

Ron Reagan asking how much botox did it take to remove the smirk

Nice makeup, george!

Robert Kennedy Jr. will be on NPR 11 am,on Bushcrimes against nature,

I find it quite funny that the Repubs are now disavowing Zell Miller.

Powerful DNC ad on Economy on CNN

Overall, what is your opinion of the mandatory split of the two GD forums?

Zell Miller - A $10 Whore

Morton C. Blackwell - Purple Band aid - E-mail, call and fax

So where are all the latest poll numbers this AM on the news shows

Bush's "Stand with Me" line...

Schneider on CNN just now - "never seen Bush to likeable".....WHAT?

As a Southerner, I do wish everyone would stop assuming we're "racist"

don't you love THIS little tidbit they keep throwing out there

Any crowd numbers for Bush's rally?

Count the lies in Zell's speech!

Catalog Bush's acceptance speech lies here

Watch this speech, dammit!

Hammer it home; Zell Miller defined the RNC

my perception...

pataki said "box-cutters are Weapons of Mass Destruction"

Zell Miller WAS the repug plan -- use his hate --- then dis-own him

Zogby: Bush leads 46-44

anybody got a number on how many time 9-11

Okay,... so i missed the speech at the rally.

Bush can count Andy out

Anyone catch this on the Kerry blog? Elizabeth Edwards reads DU!

Bush tried to convince us of his angst over sending troops to war in Iraq

I love Malloy (snippet on AAR): McCain trying to unhitch *'s pants to

If only Kerry could make this a theme

Did anyone else notice Shrub's eyes shifting when he talked about Iraq

Read on Yahoo news that stocks will be down on job data.

Don't forget to check in at the

Four more years

Their Convention Security is as INEPT as their National Security

"Wrong Way" Bush

just watched joe (lockhardt) with katie.....

Media "Bushing it Up" again...

"Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas...

If the GOP Can't Protect Its Own Convention From a Keynote Speaker....

Kerry taking command of the Iraq issue. What he says is true & resonates

Job Numbers Are Up.. 144,000 in Aug.

Over 1 million jobs lost under Bush since he took office

Fun With Words

End the Occupation of New York!!!

Alterman ripped some new Freeper assholes with Brian Lamb this

I'm starting to hear the Repukes counterattack to Kerry's speech

What would Jesus do ? - Promote Zell's hate speech as the "keynote" !

can someone recap last nights RNC?

Bush twins attempt "4 more years" chant only to be ignored at Kidrock show

Let the vote stealing begin - Florida update

"When he was young and irresponsible, I was young and idealistic."

Polls schmolls. He's got nothin', and the whole Bush campaign knows it.

Did the GOP even have a message at their convention?

Next up on deck...Kitty Kelly. This will dominate the news.

Dear Kerry campaign - * gave you so much ammo last night

Wonkette dishes dirt on the Bush twins

More brilliance from TAPPED

Good Morning DU!!! Everyone have sweet dreams?

As did Hitler - was my spouse's comment,

Craig Crawford says: " I 'm going to vote like the Central Americans do...

Zell goes off on reporter who jostled admirer on RNC Floor

Bush's black friend

"45 million Americans go without health care makes you unfit to lead"

Got some brief talking points for hammering into hard heads?

Chris Matthews keeps rising, imho.

Every bounce Bush has ever gotten has been fleeting...

Young Republican still not arrested, but video used to arrest demonstrator

If you missed last nights Daily Show, catch the re-run tonight at 7:00 EST

Ldotters turn on McCain over criticism of Zell!

Calling First Lady Tipper Gore!

Nice Pictures from Kerry/Edwards' rally in Ohio tonight!

Help me summarize missteps and mistakes at RNC

November Fund to use "Trial Lawyer" ads to attack Edwards

Funny story about Kid Rock and the Bush twins

Did anyone catch the utterly vapid attempt-at-mythmaking pre-speech video?

My New Favorite Camapign Website:

tbogg on the convention...

By this time after the Democrtatic Convention they were saying no bounce

Bush: It's About Me and My Crusade (by David Corn)

Howard Dean on now!

"Post-Convention Bush Buoyed by Jobs Numbers?"

Bush promised his tax cuts would create 7 million jobs

Kerry claims Red Sox 2.5 games behind Yanks when everyone knows

OK - The circus has left. Time to get back to work.

Lies are the product of desparation

Did Shrub flip flop on abortion?

DU this poll please!

John O'Neill is an opportunistic attention whore.

Refining my pro-Kerry, anti-Bush Talking Points

I just contacted the Kerry campaign

the lost art of oration...

Overlooked gems from the RNC

Krugman, "Feel the Hate" --"very, very afraid" after RNC

They've hijacked the flag and the cross

Statement from Kerry Campaign Manager on President's Speech Tonight

Like he's not already the president

Joe Lockhart: ZING!!

what was kerry's first tour? 1 year in vietnam?

Big After Convention Sale - we're overstocked!

I think we should give in and change our party name from Democratic Party

email from the Kerry Campaign...

Bush and the Military: A Personal Anecdote

Did Andrew Sullivan just endorse Kerry?

Grab them by the scruff of the neck and bang their heads: OVER & OVER

I think the Kerry's campaign strategy is right on the money.

DU CNBC Powerpoll on Bush speech. Email comments for airtime

Did You Note the Phallic Shape of Bush's Special Thrust Stage?

Did anyone catch Tweety correcting Andrea Mitchell last night?

Photos from the Disruption of Bush's Speech - including protest banner

NYPD: ARREST THIS MAN!!! Call NOW and DEMAND they arrest this THUG

9/3 Election Model (Zogby effect): Kerry 290 EV, 80% Win Prob, 51% vote

John Kerry has shot a volley across the bow....

AMC Network played Arnold movies on his night at RNC - NBC & GE at work!

NYT: "Stocks are Lower After Employment Report"

Miller / Malkin sittin in a tree . . .

New York firefighters endorsement of Bush (WTF!!)

Zogby: Kerry supporters lose confidence in him and joining undecided

CNN, Faux and MSNBC have COMPLETELY crossed a line from journalism to JUNK

Does receiving five deferments . . .

"George Jr Sent Out of Texas by Father as a 'Drunken Liability' "

List your three favorite lies of the RNC

Bush's speech was well delivered -- but crazy and scary

Salon: "Compassionate Conservative" Bush plans to "court women voters"

MSNBC: "Bush needed to give a good speech, and he did."

The 87 billion dollar questions..

Shot Fired Into GOP Headquarters

In a dramatic change of Strategery, Bush decides to run against himself!

Bush Tries Again With Financial Proposals($9 trillion for Soc Sec Transtio

Where are these 144,000 jobs that were "produced" and how

Hitting Back on Misleading Trial Lawyers Claims - Research Help

My debate fantasy

Bush Is 'Unfit' to Lead U.S., Kerry Charges

Did anyone notice that Zell's speech was heavily plagarized last night?

WTF!?!? Navy Probes Kerry Medal

The Moral Majority: "Livin' in sin is a beautiful thing."

Kerry Counterpunches on Who's Fit to Serve

zell's speech and factual inaccuracies?

Bush was right....

poll average pre-* speech shows a tie:

Floor of Madison Square Garden damaged by jack boots.

NOW the gloves come off

Using GeorgWBush.Com data: Kerry is voting for LESS AND LESS tax increases

Michael Moore in USA Today: Why Democrats shouldn't be scared

Pataki blamed Clinton for 9/11

Why are they using past tense when they are talking about Clinton?

C+ for Bushit's speech!

Left-Coaster: The Owner-Serf Society

GOP Ally (527) Reports $40 Million in Pledges

Ha ha! Wingers react to dueling speeches!

Does anyone have knowledge of the source of the "purple heart"

I just e-mailed CNN and asked them to report on 2 protestor's story

Election Night 2004.........Things to have on hand.

A little heads up : R's pushing absentee voteing /BBV fears?

Modern day Judas Iscariot story

Wolfie just said that the Repugs were baiting Kerry last night

I truly believe things happen for a reason, and there is a pattern

Undecideds-The good, the bad and the morons

Kerry's speech problem

Sticking up for yourself against rabid bullies is NOT *going negative*

Is Pat Buchanan off the hook as the political hate speech standard now

Satanists Endorse Bush

Clinton in hospital - CNN Just Reports

Bumpersticker and Button demand really picked up this week.

DNC: 1,000 points of hope

Has Bush* made a statement about Pres. Clinton yet?

My new bumper sticker

Schwarzenegger criticized for Austrian history gaffes

History Channel Coverage Of Protesters At New York Convention On NOW

Bill Clinton well-wishers thread

Have you checked Kerry's senate voting record???


Michael Moore gives us a pep talk!! (MUST READ)

Link me to your fav campaign 2004 video

Bush's thunder just got stolen from the heart breaking news about Clinton

Guess which speech is missing?

I know Clinton would do anything for Kerry but this is ridiculous!!

Back to the same depressing news that is the standard of the * reign

New DNC ad with General Endorsing Kerry

Arnold Lied

Contact Info For Pat Peale, the Purple Heart Band-Aid Wearin' Delegate

Laura Bush on the evening news last night

Poll: DUers, care to grade W's campaign speech last night?

National ad idea

Court rules Nader gets on ballot in Michigan -after noble attempts to stop

J&J's reply to email complaint about Purple Heart bandages

"We're on the path to the future...And we're not turning back"

Show I Saw at 10:00 Last Night

I think the age of reason died at the RNC hatefest.

The vast right wing has finally taken it's toll on President Clinton

Stick It to New York

Yesterday I registered 5 new voters in 20 minutes

* will "make some kind of comment" about President Clinton at 1:45 Eastern

Did You Know That Zell Miller's Guest Box At The Convention Was Canceled?

"Bush Failed To Protect Our Homeland from Attack" ~ Kerry campaign 9/3

Major Cable News: Almost no coverage of Bushs Speech?

Gitmo on the Hudson - RNC protesters describes being detained

Freepers Hateful Comments About President Clinton

WP Tom Toles: Bush's speech touched target audience (SUPREME COURT)

U of Ariz Study Suggests People Reminded of 9/11 Support Bush


Post-Convention Polls Taken During a Holiday Weekend..........

Let's screw with the Bush bounce.....(e-mail CNN)

TV ALERT -- Last nights Kerry Edwards rally on CSPAN Now (1:50 p.m.)

What are registrations like in your county?

Bush's Speech was Good

The Bush IWR question to Kerry

White House urges N.C. GOP to hit Edwards' record

After reading all the news I care to, Bush speech flowering but no Bud.

Clinton Never does anything Small:

Who saw Kerry's speech last night. I saw on C-Span

If Kerry won't defend himself properly, we will have to do it for him...

Republicans "Talk the Talk" Democrats "Walk the Walk"

Kerry never said he would have gone into Iraq knowing what he knows today

"What's Going on in Pennsylvania?" (Ruy Teixieira)

Schwarzengger caught lying in speech to RNC: CNN Reports!

Short Honeymoon For Bush - Newswires Are Cooking Him, Despite TV Coverage

Best way to refute 87 billion issue

Transcript of the pResident''s Speech, from World O'Crap

Google "against Bush" when you have a few minutes to kill

Ever google "Bush Flip Flops"?

Why is W. so mad at Zell? . . . I'll tell you why!!!

"mocking purple heart--I made some phone calls "

Talking Points on Debate Issue

Kerry Wants Broader Effort by Bush on Crisis in Sudan

Polls from last week were BEFORE people realized Swiftboaters were LIARS.

5 Questions about W's speech last night

Frank Rich brings up sock-gate! and AWOL!

I didn't get to hear Kerry's speech tonight. Transcript anywhere?

Schwarzenegger demurs at stumping in Ohio for Bush

I love this photo of Kerry from last night in Ohio.

The one single loony logic of Bush that has to be smashed

I saw in Kerry's speech Carville's plan. Did anyone catch that too?

NYT Op-ed: Bush acceptance speech "falls short"


Mods, please lock.

FOX NEWS busted chanting "4 more years" then spins

IRAQ-- How Kerry Can Win The Election

Who should take responsibility for "polarizing/dividing " this country...?

CNN.COM - All Bush - All the Time

Just Returned from Edwards Rally in Green Bay WI!!!!

i'm censoring freepers

What Bush would do if he were president

Saudi Arabia ad in "Bush Tells Wisc. Crowd Economy Is Strong"story

Kerry's rally last night converted a Republican

September Will be Our Month

A Republican Leaves the Party...Suddenly

IRAQ-- How Kerry Can Win The Election

Is Bush really a man of God?

talking point on Bush dodging the DEBATE

Will the Big Dog's condition affect the election?

Kerry should tell Shrub he can bring Cheney to the debate in AZ

Here's Your Meme: Which Debate (&Debate Topic) is Bush Trying to Dodge?

The pundits rate *Bush's speech.

Idea for a protest

I Spotted DU Stuff at the Springfield Rally!

When does Blair get voted out of office? Does that happen this year

Single polls are meaningless

American Family Association online has a poll going on,

For those who panic about Nader getting on ballots here and there.

I'm going to go get registration cards, signs, and stickers to hand out.

Does anybody have a link to the new and richly spun Time Magazine poll?

POLL: Rasmussen has Bush up by 4%- same as yesterday

Kerry live speech on FOX now!

Code Pink Heroines ID'd: June Brashares and Jodie Evans

My take on the RNC

Don't believe the polls - ask people - they haven't changed !

The end game is here. John Kerry, I am behind you and ready to fight.

Why is Zell so angry?

"W" is for victory

The "Time" Poll Track Record in 2000....Not very good

Turkey dinner Bush doll

At LONG last JFK responds to $87bil slander...

Did Crazy Old Zell Represent What Republicans Think?

Bush tells the truth - It's Fuzzy Math!

I wish it were Nader instead of Clinton

bathrooms off-limits during acceptance speech?

Link to TIME poll.

Moveonpac's boffo new ad from a real West Texan, Richard Linklater!

Unemployment Rate Aug decline due to 150000 giving up looking for job

I Feel Great After Reading This Article By Michael Moore

Soundbyte Challenge: One "catchy" sentence to sum up the Barnes' news

Bush pushed off headlines by a storm he helped make.

So, who do you think will top The Top 10 Conservative Idiots this week?

Remember * and his little "so help me God" swearing in practice

We are DOOMED, DOOMED, DOOMED - Time poll

DU this poll - Which ticket impresses you the most?

New poll numbers

delete please..

So, is Kerry campaign refusing pursue GW Flight Suit ad?

DU the CNN poll: Did Bush make his case for second term?

Election model: Did Zell win it for Bush? The Time poll with graphics)

This race is George Bush's to lose!

It's time to vote for Kerry again!

Does everyone here know where your local Democrat HQ is in your county?

Be prepared for several bad polls

People, 30 minutes is a long time in politics. We have 60 days...

Go Negative?

bush's big day and the sky opened up.

Election model: Did Zell win it for *? The Time poll effects/ graphics!

my mother in-law has been brainwashed...

Focus group of indys LIKED Zell Miller screed

Who was the Kerry advisor accused of the 'dirty tricks' against Dean ?

The bigger problem with how polls can hurt us is perception

It's simple, Bush and Rove have figured it out..

Is the Clinton medical story good or bad for Kerry '04?

The guys that get Silver Stars, Bronze Stars and are awarded

Two disruptors during Bush speech last night

Our side needs to hammer "cowardly" B* debate threat

Is DU going to be a Karl Rove Troll Fest all the way to NOV?

for chrissakes! Polls-schmolls...

Why I WILL vote for Bush - gotta take one for the team

Zell speaks for Bush -- W said so himself.

I just saw the Zell-tdown on the Daily Show.

DAMN THE TORPEDOS ! .... FUCK the polls ! ....

Is Al Gore campaigning for John Kerry? nt

People who lost their life-savings in Enron will still vote for Bush?

Place your order for F 9/11 and invite your neighborhood

Forget the Poll: Remember the Lies

NPR said P. Diddy was a Republican tonight. They're lying, right? To help

Ailing Heart Upstages Codpiece President

Bill Clinton and the Kerry-Edwards Campaign

If repukes believe * is God's candidate - why do they worry?

We believe churches took over our primary here in Florida.

This is the biggest way that Bush* has divided people.

Were winning 41 to 52!!!!

a bush moment of zen

Idea-for people in states where you must register by party

When is the next Terror Alert?

Everyone Should Call!!!!

What happened with the "Great American Shout Out"

Look at this fraud! You really think he's going to win?

Watch out for those polls: The set-up is on....again!

THIS is what happens when JFK fights back :-)

Repeat WORD OF THE DAY: Outlier

I LOVE THAT NEW DNC AD. Strong Economy my arse.

this is not a Kerry bash but


The Daily Show mock Bush Intro Video

Why was there convention more successful than ours?

Please rate this article UP!!

I'm concerned....

Time Poll 8/9-10/2000: Gore 39, Bush 53

New nickname for Wolf Blitzer

Kerry Vows to Be President Who Tells the Truth

Well, at least nobody here is panicking

Bush More Attractive Than Kerry: Poll

1.4 million voters in Texas? Is there a chance?

Amazing: One outlier poll and every doomsayer crawls out of their hole.

ZELL on Hardball: VIDEO right HERE

But Kerry served his country during difficult times; Bush did not!! WTF?

Question about the "newer" members against Kerry

TIME Poll, Bush 52 Kerry 41 Nader 3. Hard Lesson: Negative Mesages Work

Time Poller -SRBI ...guess what ...principal is a commenatator for FOX/CNN

ARR- Randi Rhodes kicking ass - Iraq soldier shares "NO PLAN for Baghdad"

Medicare premiums to rise 17% next year!!!

Bush With 11 Point Lead Now

Does anyone have video capture of the Bushites booing Clinton?

Pataki lied.

Possible RW spin: Clinton illness = Dem. terror alert

FAIR: Failure of Fact-Checking at the Republican Convention

The Truth is: This Election will be 48% Bush and 50% Kerry

Why aren't we using the Bush 41's 92 State of the Union?!?!

Dont fret. Maybe this article from 2000 can be comforting...

Two SBVT's are Bush appointees?

Repugs boo when Chimpy mentions Clinton's recovery

What is the difference between the way one substanceless smear (Polier)

It's Fear v. Hope

New, improved poll, Bush now 112 %, Kerry 4%, Nader 3%

Bush fails to inspire ex-Marine

3 new Kerry voters on board that I know.

Blitzer to release new poll next on CNN

Is it this Sunday that 60 Minutes does the story on how Bush got in guard?

GOP 2008 - The Horror, The Horror

Googlebomb "Unfit For Command"

Why has CNN gone rightwing?

We need to mass email news media to give equal time now.

No Rummy, Wolfie, Perlie, Condi, or Powell at the convention

Blind optimists really want Kerry to lose

Do you honestly think any Kerry supporter would ever vote for Bush?

Kerry on CNN

Anti-O'Neill signs received with approval in Houston

MSNBC whores' eyebrows knit together in worry as they discuss *'s

Wasnt there supposed to be a BIG shakeup..

Kerry up 10 points in poll at

Kerry Press Release: Medicare Announces Record Hike in Premiums

I cannot forgive Bush for ignoring Bin Laden

Nader Update

Blame the media! They campaigned hard against Kerry in August.

The most bang for the buck you'll ever spend

All polls at this point are misleading unless they are

As DUContemplate the Results of the RNC, Let's Remember One Thing...

How much time has Kerry spent in Florida?

McCain campaigns for Bush in N.H. - (I don't understand what he said)

A Critical review of Buxh acceptance speech

The High Road is paved with losers

Zogby Aug 30-Sept 2: Bush 46 Kerry 44 Undecided 9

October 5th

AFL-CIO on C-SPAN talking about where he's going

My letter to Fox

It's the media, stew pid!

I got a response to my email to John Gibson at FAUX NEWS!!!!!

More misleading crap from the anti-Kerry focres

Media Double Standard: Zell-t Down

Some Good News From Focus Group : No Undecideds Swayed By Convention

Nader statement on Bush speech

PBS Even David Brooks disses new Time Magazine poll.

LOL, even FAUX doesn't believe Time poll

How many Electoral Votes are there?

Conclusive Proof Gallup Polls Favor Bush !

CBS Evening News: once again leads the way (truthful reporting)

Has there been a push to write to advertisers for news channels?

Cheney Divides Again: Says Kerry doesn't understand the West

Voter Registration Problems In Mineral Wells, Texas

When are we going to stop repeating mistakes?

yikes clinton went to hospital yesterday

Boy CNN is really gloating about that one poll

CNN edits tape of Bush backers booing Clinton's health problems

The most recent Electoral VOte Breakdown still has Kerryy in the lead

What if any are the connections between CNN, TIME, Gallup, *, and Diebold?

I don't care what you say, Kerry's done. He's toast.

Did Bush's audience today boo when he wished Clinton well?

CNN must be bipolar because it had an Electoral College rundown that

remeber we couldnt even say anything neg about bush, then

I think a lot of Pubs know *lost and are here trying to feel better. LOL

Feeling stupid: Just made ass of myself in debate re: Swift Boat

I can not BELIEVE the $$##@@ing B.S. I just saw on MSNBC!!

Turnout is everything

The History Channel NOW (7PM ET) has an examination of '04 Republican Con.

"W" stands for...

Fear Factor

Inventory time! Let's count the Repuke rumors that some DUers believed

How do we know SwingVoters and Independents don't like a fight???

Geez! The campaign begins in earnest and all is well..

Okay people

Okay. Kerry Wins In November. THEN WHAT?

This has been the worst day of the campaign. IMHO.

thank GOD for david gregory and terry moran

Gen. Tony McPeak on AAR said if you can read and add you can

Pretty good focus group on Lehrer news hour

For Kerry to win, he can't simply be ABB

9/11 - Bush's Vietnam

Republicans Exploited Wellstone's Funeral

Do you think Republicans live in another dimension ??

Put Rendell on the campaign trail!

Lots of bad news around. Iraq, Job numbers, Navy seals charged

Famous last words...

New poll: Kerry 0 Bush 99 Nader 1

Should Obama Be On The Kerry Campaign Trail

So what do you need Kerry to beat the living shit out of *?

A Simple Explanation for The Time Poll

Negativity sucks! Postive post thread here...

If Kerry can win 2/3 of the undecided, he has a 93% win probability...

How should Kerry position himself?

My last attempt. Isn't Whining a republican trait?

Our new FL Dem congressional candidate exact views as Republican one.

Edwards will be on GMA Weekend tomorrow

"My Democratic friends are mad as hell, and they aren't going to take it

Democrat Convention was BETTER, Had MORE ENERGY

Between Putin and the Big Dog - there went the Oxygen?

For the sake of all that's holy - get the video of West Allis, Wis

Kerry is not down and out

AP edits story to cover Bush's ass - a must see

I just saw a DNC Kerry ad on FAUX NEWS!

Kerry needs to make better use of his service


How to look at the CNN/Time Poll

Hee! Olbermann making fun of Bush and the OB/GYN part of speech

Let's invade North Korea and Iran

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Campaign Response to Bush Convention Speech

Zogby poll taken THROUGH Thursday, and it's well within the +/-3.2MOE!

Rate Kerry "All Hat No Cattle" comment on Bush a 5.

I work full time, attend college, mom and wife..and I just volunteered

Idea to be heard:

Debunk Kerry Flip-Flops

Let's take a collective deep breath...

Ignore! Sorry!

How Come the Kerry Team Isn't All Over

We should start the meme "Bush/Republicans are liars." List the lies here:

Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth-fun video

Juan Cole: "The CEO test for Bush" -- This is GOOD STUFF!

Kerry's long slide in polls. A theory: what's happened & what can be done.

Maybe Big Dog will take the edge off of any Bush gains..........

ACLU Patriot Act Commercial airs during Olbermann- Safe AND Free!

Getting scared.......

Kerry's got someone named "Mary Beth"....telling him how to FIGHT?

Cheer up Zogby shows by 48% to 46%, the respondents wanted "someone new"

Zigzagzell the man without a party. LOL just for cheer.

Anyone know where I can watch the video of Zell?

how long before the freepers

Mathews made an ad with Zell's duel comments.


I don't know about Mary Beth Cahill.

Where do you think the TRUE polling stands right now?

Bush-Cheney Screw Troops Voting Rights!

TIME magazine Saudi-owned?

Kerry reams Bush on economy in Ohio again.

Time to ditch the same old language.

Most on this post have gone defeatist, how will you hold your head up

Who heard Judy Woodruff slip up?

Do You Know A GOPer Embarassed By The RNC Hate Fest?

We've lost our edge.

Big strategy switch on last night of convention.

"They don't want to admit it, but my Democratic friends say Bush will win.

Serious question for DUers

He's Still Standing

This post has lost it's collective reason for being.

Attention: Do NOT Drink the KoolAid!

A Call To Arms!

MSNBC Keith Oberman admitted that the 11 point bounce was a partial poll

I'm donating to Kerry right now. Who's with me?

What do the doomsayers want Kerry to do go nuts like Zell Miller?

Who does George W. Bush* think has been president the past 4 years?

Just one line in bushes speech could defeat him

Remember folks: all it takes is one scandal to break

What's More Important?--Winning or the Fight??

We need to scare people.

Dems need to call reporters on their "some people say..." tactics!

Just saw the MOB ad on CNN!! (Mothers against Bush*) It was done

Nothing changes

Brainstorming thread

"MOB" (mothers opposed to bush) dupe -

Gee guess who is on the cover of the Time Magazine next week

How many of you have seen a legitimate poll without a graph?

Some sanity on polls from Donkey Rising

A song for all the DU Charlie Doom and Gloomers

It's about 2 Sides -- Kerry should unleash Populist Pitbulls

The WORST thing about four more years of *

The dig against Cahill's name was sexist and stupid.

DU's new mascot (for the doom and gloomers)

The dainty Bush twins, smoking & drinking the night away......

Edwards: Bush Hides Dismal Jobs Record

Did anyone hear *'s mention of OBGYNs? Why does he point them out?

I drank the KoolAid

From the Kerry Blog: American Heroes Meet in the Middle

husband in a small university town in west texas

So I'm talking to my Step-Mom

Is this GOP convention photo for real?

To all the freeps here posting doom and gloom fake threads

National Organization for Women: "America, Bush thinks you're stupid!"

commercials are out, what have you seen

Has Mary Beth Cahill done a good job as Kerry's campaign manager?

does the Kerry Campaign read this..

The Repugs tried to Destroy Kerry's Veteran Status, because

I don't give a flying fark what shape Bush's stage is in

Did any of the naysayers HEAR the Kerry Ohio response?

Bush praises Afghanistan for registering more voters than they have

Debate topics approved/not approved by George W. Bush

Can you find the TIME poll on CNN's or TIME's websites?

The sickening USA chants at the RNC


537 democratic voter registrations.

Running out of niceness

Kerry Turns Out to Be Ahead of the Curve Again

Ok, so Kerry is NOT God Incarnate

Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards

Howard Dean on Bill Maher now!

David Dryer (sp?) is official insane! Anyone else watching MSNBC?

Anybody have an image or link of a Bush loyality oath?


#1 Sign It's Over for Bush & Friends: the baseball motif.

Bush will do good in the debates......

What are the dates for the debates?

Calling all DU polling experts. Check this theory?

Zogby is on PBS

John Fund (Famous M'F'er) Kerry was asleep this summer

Discovering more Kerry supporters at work!

Needed: a clear overarching theme tying together woes of the economy

I take back every nice thought I had about Andrew Sullivan.

Good Meme:

Any televised news cover the WI booing of Clinton announcement?


Two Of The Swift Boat Jerks Were BUSH APPOINTEES!!!

Here is why Kerry is going to win.....

100 DUers (2 per state) X 15 phone calls each = A poll we can trust!

Lunaville Casualty Report - U.S. Dead and Wounded in Iraq

Chris Mathews is on the Daily Show

Hillary Statement on Bill

Letterman- Next week were having the Taliban Convention

45 Million Westerners Tell Easterner Dick Cheney To "Go Fu#@* Yourself"

Video clip entertainment-Bushie Twins Cracking Jokes

Terratacks and Terralerts Before Election 2004

Is there video online of Bush wishing Clinton well somewhere?

Okay Andrew Sullivan....That is quite enough.

The Thank You RNC Protesters Thread

Here's My Idea For a 15-second TV Ad: Thelma & Louise

I'll say it again: Why did Dick Cheney do business with Saddam in the 90s?

Call to Arms for all NE OHIO DU'er

As to voting for inlaws are hopeless.

What is your no. 1 reason for voting for Kerry?

Tsk tsk tsk, Bush only up by 9 points????

Good reason why we are down in the be expected

"wartime president" ....PLEEZE

"9/11 wasn't a triumph of the human spirit

If you read one post tonight, read this one.....

Remember September 2000: Bush's Awful Month

Where are all these Democratic 527's I hear so much about?

If THAT was a CNN/Time Poll, it's to be expected. CNN polls are outLIARS.

Chris Matthews on the Daily Show

who is the guy who posts the election prediction statistics?

Bill Maher on HBO now!! n/t

Did anybody keep track

MEME MEMO: Bush* was magnificent - on style.

The Debate to have live on TV: Kerry vs. O'Neil one on one...

Freeptards. Go home. Curl up with your pet lizard. It's not working.

CHICKEN GEORGE won't Debate - Bush* seeks to cut Arizona Debate!

"Where are the Democrat cojones?"

RNC: A moment of Zen

RW radio asshole behind the AP scrubbing of the Clinton 'boos' story

Clinton's Office Just Issues Official Statement on his Heart Attack

Just got back from canvassing.

Arrest of bin Laden closer than ever, U.S. official says

I want to apologize

Kerry: Go after the 'deer-in-the-headlights' Bush

Madame Tussaud's (Vegas) features wax Affleck in Kerry Edwards shirt!

Pat Peale, the band-aid poster girl, was just "jesting"

There's the world bush* lives in and then there's the real world

FAIR Debunks $87 Billion Claims; Slams Media For Scratching Their Heads

Bush "NOTHING will stop us".... appoints Swift Boat vets to panel

You guys do realize if * does somehow manage to win.....

The awful truth is --

I Honestly Think: BUSH. IS. OVER.

Zell's speech was plagiarized. Knew I heard that before. A RW favorite.

US Troops asked to waive right to a secret ballot- this is scary!

The crossroads, or confession of a spineless wimp.

Stop knocking the bad Kerry polls

When asked why I will be voting for John Kerry, I answer honestly.

I street canvas everyday and I am noticing.

Some encouraging news about the CNN poll - cheer up folks!

I think that the increase in doom and negativity here

When are Springsteen and co. starting their concerts for Kerry?

Who was Clinton's 1992 Campaign Manager?

Jon Stewart....Daily Show

There is only one way Kerry is going to win this

Please check my logic: 1. How many people do you think voted

Bush is so good at debates, I'm really afraid he will blow Kerry

Edwards Made Almost $39M in 10 Years

Kerry should run a new Bush flip-flop ad every week,

Is Bush a master debater?


Kerry-Edwards in "whup-ass" mode at Ohio Rally.

Kerry Fires Back

Need Any More Proof Bush* Is Hated Around The World??

Yard Sign: add argument to it{6 are here}:bumpersticker too

Kerry Is Gonna Win In A Landslide, And We're Taking Back The Senate Too !

Ya know, 11points up is going to backfire BIG TIME

Good rebuttal please.

HILARIOUS photo of pro-Bush protesters in Springfield, Ohio last night!!

We just can't do what we have to do to win.

Thanks to Volanco Jen, we have a new moran.

Kerry never said he would have gone into Iraq knowing what he knows today

Michael Moore (USA Today): Why Democrats Shouldn't Be Scared

Kerry cannot have it both ways.

Who gave a better keynote address

Picture This Ad, and Tell Me What You Think

CNN accidently reveals behind-the-scenes sloppiness

Why Political Polls Are Totally Worthless in this Election Cycle

Folks. Bush's up. DON'T PANI@.

Pics from Newark, OH rally 9/3/04.

For those who have heard the "Bush earned that ribbon in training"

Which convention was a bigger success?

Here's how we hit back, my campaign strategy

My Letter To Patricia Peale-(RNC Woman With Band Aid)

BushCo appointed SBLiars Galanti and Cordier to VA Panel

CNN working against Kerry.......(Media Matters)

Arnold fabricates history in speech

Cahill Flubbed Great Opportunity. Does She Know What She Is Doing?

History Say Bush-Cheney will Lose - Excellent Read!

DUers - Give Me Your Best Kerry/Edwards Slogan

George W Bush is a CROOK!

We have posted an official DU Clinton well-wishers thread.


Republicans Skip RNC Bush Speech-See Fahrenheit 9/11 Instead

Just got off the phone with my Republican brother.