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Archives: September 27, 2004

Help nail a CA water Co. that drained a lake and destroyed an ecosystem!

Mount St. Helens: Uh oh?

Why do the Archives only go back to '03?

San Diego People...can you help?

Who's going to see Franken at UCSD on Thursday?

I'm a "piece of sh*t!"

I'm not sure where to post this...

* can't even keep his own Administration in order...

I'm about to 'hit the pit', But

beers with paulthompson and others...

CNN poll re: "Free & Safe Iraq" in time for Jan. elections (74% say "no")

This nation absolutely glorifies and worships WAR!!

Did anyone else see this on MTP?

Bush vs. Nixon

Blogging Sells, and Sells Out

OMFG !!! - Destroying the National Guard

BBV - New Hillsborough question

OK, I have to ask: Does anyone else here NOT read blogs?

Where do you find SCOTUS decisions

How would you like Clarence Thomas as the next Chief Justice?

How Much U.S. Help?

Christianity and the Future of America

Philippines Readies Emergency Iraq Plans

U.S. Wants to Lease Swedish Submarine

State Election Officials Told to Step Up Security Efforts

Top al-quaida operative reportedly killed. (Pearl's murderer) MSNBC

No Assault Rifle for Kerry, After All -NYT Correction

There are almost 4000 pages of archives at DU.

Looks like I'm gonna miss the first debate.

Dan Bartlett: "Bush is ready to hold his own" (insert joke HERE)

Alright wits of DU - I need headline help

Help nail a CA water Co. that drained a lake and destroyed an ecosystem...

Got a gift cert to Barnes and Noble, should I buy Howard Zinn's

I can not beleive it is the last week of September.

Sherlock Holmes, Movie help please.

Listen to my song about the Iraq war..."A Lie For A Lie"

Damn, I am glad I left Seattle

Pearl Jam hopes fans will listen, then vote

Is this Bizarro O'Reilly on 60 Minutes????

What i tell BUSH Lovers is ...

Will Bush* Benefit From The Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations...

Bush has put us in a deep's time to stop digging....

Real-life debate drinking game

Plaster your car with Bush'04 stickers.. and then..

A new slogan for Kerry should be...

Spotted on car in Cincinnati: "Support Our Troops" bumpsticker next to...

Broder: Shamed and embarrassed about the media

Remember -- October 5th is defacto Michael Moore Day:

My afternoon registering voters

Need URL on CBS Images ("Conclusive Proof") for Wash.Post LTTE

The republican fantasy world of "let's pretend"

I just heard Drudge talking about Kerry sweating

what do you think BUSH will do in the debates ?

Wanna bet you're gonna hear this shit on Thursday?

It's a hard, hard row we hoe

BLAME ME...but this INFO MUST GET OUT...we'll WIN!!!.. pls HELP EMAIL. !

National Security Moms vs. Personal Security Moms

Herbert: Powell, Then and Now

LAT: An Agile Pilot Who Flew Under the Radar (AWOL TANG)

Report:Tax Cut Impact (on the working class) -- part 2 of 3 -- 5 stories

An article composed completely of Bush's lies, verbatim..

The American media are letting the voting public down

TIME: How Much U.S. Help? (Iraq- CIA Election Fix!)

Sinclair Broadcasting - again

Bush: "..swaggering mediocrity...unimaginably ignorant..."

YOU SCARE US -- by Carlos Fuentes

The machinery of an anxious democracy (BBV)

The American Way: Find a Candidate to Vote Against

From Role Model to International Bully in Three Short Years

Bush Benefiting From Divided Nation's Unity on Security

Emotional Massage Leaves Us in Hands of Charlatan...Blair/Bush

( American Record Election - In Norway

Republican Senators Tell Unpleasant Truths : Conason

'Ownership society': why the US can't buy in

Heady U.S. Goals for Iraq Fall by Wayside(now security before all)

Measure 36: discrimination

Vengeance is His

An Agile Pilot Who Flew Under the Radar ( media never gets answers)

Chrenkoff/WSJ: Post-Totalitarian Stress Disorder ("Good news" from Iraq)

Press Enterprise: Pledge pandering

WSJ: Minnesota Gets Into Swing of Things

Is CIA at war with Bush?

The Jobs Crunch

When five voted for millions (Proof of Coup 2000!)

Salon: Man Bites Lapdogs! (New James Wolcott Book on Media)

President Jimmy Carter: Still Seeking a Fair Florida Vote

IOWA: Sep 26-27 Local Voices favor Kerry 12 to 2

Kerry needs to keep hammering message

The Media, Losing Their Way - David Broder

House pushing marriage amendment this week-Sept. 27

Kerry's Crewmates in Harrison AR Oct. 9

Is there a debate-watching gathering anywhere in Manhattan?

GEORGE W BUSH IS A LIAR !!! Everyone repeat it everywhere you go. Make

Anyone have that national media e-mail list?

Cheney 'Pushes the Envelope' on Al Qaeda-Iraq Connection(new term for LIES

Bush/Media distort"new" "middle class tax cut"that sends 2/3rds to top 20%

Mrs. ZBDent usually gets tired of my rants, but I think that I have given

NO AP Q&A of Bush over Milk Contract Plan-just make fun of Kerry & "Secret

Reuters wire not as biased as AP)Key Bush Assertions About Iraq in Dispute

AP does not call Bush on SS lies - says Kerry,Bush do dance around Soc Sec

Oreilly on 60 Minutes...

Who are the best modern journalists?

Fox News Attacks Student Voter Registration Effort

Tech companies building bridges with China

Future of Illinois Farm May Lie in Swampy Past

Breathing lessons (A yoga-based technique that targets healing and stress)

Locusts Hit Key African Rice-Growing District - Reuters

Neversink River In Catskills Flowing Free After Dam Demolition

Genesis Project (debris gathered from the comet Wild 2)

"Vanishing Alaska" - Time Actually Covering Climate Breakdown

Hydropower Dam Flounders As Chinese County Grapples With Climate, Erosion

Visibility 700 Yards In Indonesian Borneo As Residents Don Masks

Interesting Matthew Simmons Powerpoint On Saudi Oil Fields

More environmental good news. Oil over $50/barrel.

Want to understand the transatlantic problems/differences in policy making

Authoritarians knocking at the gate in Jakarta

Beware Beijing's false friendship - China

Dubai airport accident kills five

(Bush wrong) Powell Says Iraqi Security Situation Worsening

Afghans Are Fed Up With (private US) Security Firm (feels like occupation)

Exile Call Prompts Iran Protests

Hand-picked lama praises Beijing's leaders

will we be called insurgents next?

In case you've never seen a Beretta CX4 Storm ...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 27, 2004

Guess Which Pro-Gun Group Is Attacking Kerry and the Democrats

Gratuitous "the" for Conservative Idiot #8

Moderator Names On One Line...

Moderator just locked &moved biggest story since Dec., 2001!

Whats the busiest time of day?

Site meter?

I've gone brain dead

Can you please send me the link for DU 1?

please STICKY this 'am I really registered' thread..

IMHO, this should not be locked.

Thanks for my star, Skinner.

Israel and Palestine, Choosing Sides

Syria blames Israel for US situation in Iraq

Elite soldiers contend razing Palestinian houses is “immoral”

Reuters: Armed Men Seize CNN (Producer) in Gaza-Witnesses

Iran, Israel and the Bomb

Al Hayat: Arab country assisting Israel against Hamas

Alan Keyes has a gay daughter

Protest Bush in St. Petersburg, FL Friday Oct 1

Nader visiting Florida

Where in Florida should I go to volunteer for election week?

Ponderosa Ranch closes at Lake Tahoe

Fall ballot -- a muddle of measures (proposition information)

49th CD Byron for Congress Event - Oct.1

I support prop 70- Ahnuld opposes

Massachusetts Speaker Finneran may announce his departure today . . .

Got a followup call from the RNC asking about absentee voting

My excursion down highway 169 yesterday -- GOOD NEWS!

SW Ohio volunteers need by MoveOn PAC!

A special thank you to ohio Edison from an Ivan survivor

Court Rules that OHIO should have held election for Traficant's

Lawsuit on provisional ballots

Watch the Debate--Rally with John Edwards!! (Columbus)

poll says Kerry and W(rong) even in Ohio-

What's this about paper thickness of voter reg. forms?

Polls, schmolls. We're going to win Ohio, folks.

West Chester OH: BARF FEST-Bu$h Rally at VoA Park

OHIO - why it's weird, why we can win this time. . .,


Volunteers for the 87th State House District

Poll: Hoeffel losing labor, women to Specter

Kerry Warns Dairyland Voters of Bush Plan(not renew Milk Income Loss Contr

Jim Rassmann in Wausau on Tuesday @ 8AM

who went to the big Moveon meeting this weekend?

Washington DU'ers Where were you May 18th 1980

for listeners to Werbe: It's spelled "Ossian Sweet"

This is an interesting list...

Let us know forget our soldier and innocent casulaties of this war..

Pubs answering Draft Rumors

OMG!! Colin Powell hates American freedoms & supports burning the flag

How about some Democratic HUMOR folks...

This MIGHT be a hoax on Alan Keyes but ...

Watching 60 Minutes Tonight

will the freepers still blame Clinton if (after) Kerry wins?

What to expect in the debate

How would you rank the networks?

Republicans Used To Be For Respect in the World and for Alliances

American Idiot by Green Day is already making history

Was the whole purpose of the War On Iraq simply to send a message

"more evidence of why they hate us- our heroic baby-killers"

Fire the Flim-Flam Man

those 2 assholes on Fox News right now

Talking Points: John Edwards vs. Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Debate

Has the dominance of corporations in our economic life for many years

Great "Children's" book: The three little pigs buy the White House

"Rate this story!" Key Bush Assertions About Iraq in Dispute

from Americablog: " Time to take on the freepers - Pretend it's Florida"

Oh yeah HERE'S a happy camper

"It could be worse..* could be getting confused with Apu.."

KNOCK KNOCK! Liberal Police! Do you have any BIBLES in here?!?!

on Yahoo... Soldiers Blogs tell the truth......

Good Morning Vietnam!!!! errrr sorry, I mean Iraq!

US buying town to train for terrorism response

9:04am CT Oil @ 49.60 per barrel

Mandatory Mental Health Testing is A Fabulous Idea! George, you go first.

C-Span- are her eyes BUGGING anyone else?

Utah State interactive media site that had the research on Bush memo font

Conditions in Zimbabwe worsen. Is this the future for the US as well?

Billmom....death of democracy

After week w/new friends ,they are bush supporters !

A helpful reference that breaks down ALL war costs

Rosie Perez on a new Daily Show tonight

America's PAC on Urban/Rap Stations?

So... aWol*, allawi and CIA were going to FIX Iraqi Elections...

Get to the bottom of 9/11 (

Caption this photo of Jeb berating Florida officials....

snopes nails hurriane map

Kerry can't win trying to out Bush Bush!!

Kennedy's speech today... when?? (plus, excerpts!)

BBV: Bev Harris on KPFA now

Insiders worked both sides of gaming issue (Roger Stone?)

Here's another reason you need to stay away from Drudge

Celebration day! Been 30 days CNN, cable, network news free

are we on "The Land of The Vulcans"?

hey Paul Thompsom your book got plugged on C-Span this morning on

Is the health care crisis...

How do I sign up to vote absentee from Ohio?

Heads Up! WJ Repeat w/ Peter Lance ("Cover Up") Noon Eastern

Looking for a story/post from the other day: reserve unit without weapons

please help? who has the pic "Bush* al Qaeda's #1 recuiter" ...

Iraq Elections: Who Cares if 25% of Their Country Isn't Allowed to Vote?

"Foreigners Taken Hostage in Iraq Tops 140"

University of Arizona Professor Reported to FBI for "Hating" America

Which Blogs do you read?

Study: Living in the Suburbs Can Make You Sick

Priceless letter to the editor

CSPAN1: Ted Kennedy at Geo Washington U, on Iraq

Has anyone read "Up From Conservatism" by ex-conservative..

Why is it so obvious to the rest of the world that he needs to go?

Campus Crackdown: Fox News Attacks Student Voter Registration Effort

Now that our devious plans...

Court Rules Ohio should have held election for Traficant

Look out on Nov. 3

Attack on progressive education

Program your Tivo's or VCR's!

on average, we murder 100 Iraqi children a day (are we proud yet)

Debunk things are swell in Iraq email?

Bremer had "timeline" bk. for Iraq ministries (they had/have a plan)

Here is PROOF that O'Reilly lied last night on 60 Minutes!

Does anybody have a copy of the O'Rielly interview

A poignant story from a hospital in Germany re: Iraqi Casualties

Some Great Info on INDTV the new Gore/Hyatt cable channel

Can anyone debunk this RW e-mail?

Have YOU ever seen THIS Tom Daschle?

Porter Goss sworn in as CIA chief

Has the Bush campaign released even "one" positive ad....?

We should make every Wednesday, reach out to a redneck day

Mike Wallace Softballed O'Reilly on 60 Minutes

I've been away for a few days, but is Dan Rather being forced out?

SHAMELESS! "Being President Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry"

WaPost may buy Slate

Novak Outs Another

HASTURD: Politicizing Security

The mother of the dead soldier on NPR

Plan 9 From the Bush Agenda

Maybe Iraq was a Good Thing!

Some Repub SOB Just Stole my Kerry Bumper Sticker

My wife had her email read on MSNBC...

Why Iran Now? They have 15% of the world Natural Gas reserve.


George Bush's Yom Kippur Confessional

Brad DeLong predicts Nobel Prize in Economics for Paul Krugman et al.

If all the US is concerned about econmically is opening markets world-wide

Bill Clinton vs. George Bush

Phrase advice, unbidden. 'American troops expect support from their

Help me unFreep my local weekly newspaper's "Speak Out" section

CANCELED Leave Proves Deadly For Dad-To-Be - He Was To Come Home For Birth

Today Bush says he will do his Mission Accomplished speech

Just voted! Hooray!

Did her brother have WMD's? Did he hate us for our freedom?

Ron Reagan to Bush: 'Stop Hijacking My Father's Reputation'

American Idiot will be number one single throughout the world.

any photos of the 9/11 convention?

It does not make any sense when it come to invading countries

Soldiers Returning from Iraq - any word on related illnesses?

Signs Misleading To Nowhere, Jesus of Suburbia rulz

hurricanes crush business owners and workers in Fl. really bad times

Need immediate help!!!

media and bushgang think hurricanes a plus for smirk

check out petition

Bloggers claim anti-gay GOP Senate candidate's daughter has gay blog

Who else thinks the "red state, blue state" thing is simplistic and

What's the story behind this AAR promo?("crazy christians")

Anybody have some good links explaining civil unrest in Nigeria?

Devine slams CNN poll- ON CNN

How to get started in mind control...

Have I said enough good things about Green Day? They're making history

$4,285,714.28 per Iraqi we've killed.

Bush economy - Stealing manhole covers for scrap

A new Bush/Cheny ad misquotes John Kerry on the abortion issue

Senator Kennedy GWU speech text

Anyone else seen the "Viva the Reagan Revolution" tshirts?

What's this about a CIA plan to influence Iraqi elections?

Get your totally unbiased, nonpartisan Christian voting guide HERE, FREE!

The Disinformation Campaign Has Begun

Well, I'm done with MSNBC

No NJ or Long Island Rail Service in or Out of Penn Station NY

Why is Iran Next?

I think i woke up wearing my tinfoil hat this morning....

Anyone else on the H. Clinton S-1807 "Gun Show Loop Bill"!

Does anyone have an email addy for Woodruff...

Recent Letters in "Stars and Stripes"

Have you written CBS yet about dropping the WMD story??

Dear George - God here - what are you doing ?

Mind boggling poll question on CNN.COM

American Idiot #1 on itunes, YAY Green Day!

"Trouble In Paradise" MUST-see movie

Mission Impossible

Dress Rehearsal for the October Surprise


Why these ridiculous slogans at Bush events? PIX

Have you bought American Idiot yet? You should...

About shrubs disconnect from reality

Heres yer Sign.....

The LIES the USA public is buying about Bush are CRIMINAL taking the baton on the 60 minutes WMD story!

Going into the debates, Kerry is the underdog. Gore wasn't.

Bush 2002: "I'm not willing to stake ONE American life on trusting Saddam"

So you think you know how much of a mess Iraq is?

So where will Kerry cut spending?

Does anyone think Bush is really 5'11"?

If Re-elected, Bush will begin moving toward a Draft

BlogPac's Pete Session's video - a curiosity

AOL article. "Rumors of Draft Are Hard to Kill Despite Denials"

Karl Rove bio

Aspirin factory vs. Iraq

how is salazar doing

OH and FL belong to us, and the polls can't change that!

Let's get real - What happened to the WMD's?

It's Howdy Randi Time!

Brilliant Daily Show clip!

NOW, I think I got it.........

Were red states always Republican and blue states always Democratic?

Terrorism is nothing more than angry young men with more guns than jobs..

Are the people of Iraq better off now then before shock and awe?

Reporters kept in pens at Bush Co. rallys with help of Secret Service!

If the political polls were done to TRULY reflect the outcome of 11/2...

Knight ridder, US killing 2x as many Iraqi civilians as insurgents. Maybe

What happened to Bush's military records that the AP sued for (under

Dow Drops Below 10,000, Oil Hits New High

Want some sleepless nights? Watch "The Great Conspiracy"!

Who said "cut and run" FROM Iraq?

Local LTTE: Veterans against Bush and his reasons for war

If we get a fair election, we win big AND we can prove it!

is that dubya slipping the tongue to saudi prince abdullah?

My Coworker Sent His Absentee Ballot In Today (NC For BUSH)

Elections will be impossible in Iraq

TODAY in Iraq, September 27, 2004 - Photos YOU should see

I love Betty Bowers...... Send and E-Buke card......Oprah Jesus..........

officials still insist al qaeda will strike before the election......

Leave No Voter Behind launch w/ Howard Dean too!

Nashville today: More Kerry stickers than W stickers!

Hardball...Ted Kennedy is on NOW!.....MSNBC

Dem voter reg. up 250% in OH and 60% in FL, they are not swing states

Few parents use "no child" law's clout

Taking the war to the enemy, so we don't fight it here: True or false?

Did anyone see what Imus said about Cheney today.

Bush can better handle terrorism and Iraq... CNN now...

Got an envelope in the mail from the Nader/Camejo campaign.

Will you feel bad for Bush voters who lose loved ones in Iraq?

Congresswoman seeks probe into Iraq enlistment allegations

Only civilians killed in latest US bombing of Fallujah.

America Bashing from Thailand . . .

Did anyone see Imus today

No. 55170-054.

Anybody got a torpedo?

A Letter to Send to Non-Pol types

Kerry Swift Boat Video Game?!

"Iraq will emerge as an independent nation?" (Russert program)

Everything is after the election

How useful is ethanol?

How can I get a really really big Kerry/Edwards yard sign?

Brainwashed girls....."Babes for Bush"

Does Kerry really have to be more black&white to attact voters?

We are calling for an independent counsel on Heraldo

Email I received regarding the DRAFT..................

I'd love to ask those in other nations, how does the world view us now?

register a voter, don't register your resignation (SHORT rant!)

Fuck it !

Kitty Kelley comments on George H.W. Bush and the first Gulf War

Got a big flyer in the mail from */Cheney asking me to absentee vote!

"bush & the".....just saw their commercial on cnn!

My Rant of the Day on My Family Site....

Recommended email list.

For all fans of Homer

Stumbling drunk Jenna Bush spotted in skanky DC bar

CSPAN on now showed Shrub debating Richards in 94....he spoke clearly


BUILD a Better Bush!

Satan for bush

Bush says blown up voters won't hurt turnout in Iraq

Good Clip

Need help with an LTTE

Should we give part of Iraq to Palestine

Possible role for Wes Clark in the Kerry administration:

Who do you guys think would be good in a debate?

merged timeline of Vietnam in 1964-65 and Iraq in 2004-05.

Satan for Bush....very funny

Why didn't Bush go after Hamas

Iraq and Vietnam war dead comparisons...

Great column from RAW "How the first world spins South Africa"

letter to cnn re: polls

GREAT e-mail I received today called, "You've been served".......

Mama Stallone's Psychic Dogs Predict Shrub Victory.

NOVAK reveals another CIA official as a leaker?!

CSPAN is on Live (et) with Debate clips & call ins..James Fallows

Alan Keyes daughter Maya a LESBIAN??!!

Does anyone have any info about what FEMA will cover after the

KENNEDY on C-Span NOW 12:35 eastern

More evil from a piece of human filth named Bush.

Whitewater - Need link re: Hillary's involvement

TDSWJS is rocking.

Anybody Bringing A Video Cam To Their Polling Place Election Night ???

MODS, please sticky this... voter registration confirmation.

NEW GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN: Bikini Waxers Against Bush!

Something you will never see BUSH doing

Hunh, I am not registered to vote????

Are you as SICK of this stupid-ass pop-up as I am?

Tom Delay and Ralph Reed in some Native American casino scandal?

Rumsfelds Iraq Election Model. Premptive move on US 2004 elections?

"Pirates of the Potomac" should be new ad

just got back from Senator Byrd's speech in WVtonight

Dollar devaluation, unemployment, and the draft

Oh, God, DUers, it's like Jonestown. The media has somehow destroyed

Why do people insist on calling the Kerry/Bush meets, debates?

I hope Mike Malloy mentions the Ohio voting purge.

Comedy Central refutes O'Reilly's claim

Was Dan Rather set up by CBS?

Just got my absentee ballot in the post! Woo hoo!

Is al-Zarqawi evil?

Are recruiters getting desperate?

Caption latest "Planet Of The Apes" photos - words fail me

The Bush Family Biography (no liquids in mouth, for sake of PCs)

GAWD DAMN!! I Just LOVE Howard DEAN!!!

Alright......Where are the ^%#*&@* INDICTMENTS!!!!!!!

The Daily Show needs to be an hour long

We are calling for the resignation of Robert Novak

My Daughter-in-Law is home from IRAQ!!!! Woohooooo!

Whose newspaper does NOT print the AP "US deaths in Iraq"?

Socialism is a viable system and the NFL is proof!

Sen Byrd to crowd: "the Constitution will never let the Bible be banned"!

What of the elderly in FL?.....

Check what is just ahead for our kids/grandkids!!!!!

Which "liberal" program is most likely a right-wing front operation?

Monday Night Malloy Thread ==Truthseekers Report For Duty

I had a freeper "friend" send me this crap in an email


O'Reilly Interviews Bush -- Transcript Here

Kennedy on Hardball

FUCK YOU If You Vote For * - I Hope You Get ALL That You Want

Stumbling drunk Jenna Bush spotted in skanky DC bar

Jeb Bush and I agree on ONE thing--Terri Schiavo

Whatever you do, DON'T canvas in front of Best Buy!


Letter to the Editor about Ohio Voter Purge in Progress

I sure hope everyone is watching Edward Kennedy RIP Bush

News you don't get on CNN or anywhere else.

If Kerry wins, will the draft be reinstated?

Church sermon yesterday -- "the bible shows a bias towards the POOR"

looking for Bush Admin/PNAC etc. quotes on using nukes

I just recieved my California Voter Info. Guide

Coulter on women: "We're not that bright"

America's Choices: Courage or Cowardice? Fear or Phobia?

Screw Haiti !!

-->Pissed about Ohio disenfranchisement? Get on the phone tomorrow

The food police are after you!

Republican Wingnut Blowback

Falwell Says Evangelical Christians Now In Control of Republican Party

What would republicans do without Dan Rather?

"I fault this president for not knowing what death is." - novelist E.L. Do

"Letter from Soldier" being sent around by Freepers & Repukes


Please contact "60 Minutes"

FReepers fretting over fact that Daily Show viewers are educated

US officers could care less if female troops are raped (and they are)

Is the rest of the country waking up to the oil situation now?

Vetwife just called Falwell a hippocrite to his face !

NH woman denied morning-after pill, receives lecture from Pharmacist

George W Bush is a NAZI Stooge.

Insider Blows Whistle on Irregularities at Voting Machine Company

The Movie "Hijacking Catastrophe"

"Resolute Man! - The Anti-Flip-Flopper!" | stay TOONed....

Any upstate NY DUers?

Dupe - please lock

WP (Young & Gay Part 2): A Slow Journey From Isolation

Japanese Cabinet resigns ahead of Koizumi's plans to reshuffle government

Mortar Shells Hit Police Academy in Iraq

Report:Tax Cut Impact (on the working class) -- part 2 of 3 -- 5 stories

U.S. military arrests a senior Iraqi commander

NYT: A Big Increase of New Voters in Swing States

Kennedy: Bush Makes U.S. More Vulnerable

WP: Kerry Hits Bush Quote On Carrier Banner

US strike kills 5 in Baghdad

U.S. Military Arrests an Iraqi Commander

Philippines Readies Emergency Iraq Plans - Evacuation plans

Reuters: Kerry Rips Bush on 'Mission Accomplished' Remark

TIME: How Much U.S. Help? (Iraq- CIA Election Fix!)

Governors step in to help Old Lady

Car Bomb Kills 4 Iraq National Guardsmen

In Pakistan, dead men tell no tales

Signals mixed on US interest rates

Charlotte Observer, Edwards Coverage, Old and New

Kerry camp sharpening war rhetoric

Israeli soldiers admit degrading acts

MI6 spies exposed by Balkan rivals

Boy fatally shoots another on Marine base

Former NatWest bankers to face Enron extradition proceedings

Dubai airport accident kills five

Why Iran Now? They have 15% of the world Natural Gas reserve.

U.S. on Terror Offensive Ahead of Election- Report

Da Vinci Code author is accused of plagiarism

France says any conference on Iraq must discuss possible US withdrawal

Bitter Malpractice Fight Going to Voters

US 'buys town for terror drills'

Spy In The Sky Eyes U.S.

More Foreign Visitors to Be Fingerprinted

LAT: Heady U.S. Goals for Iraq Fall by Wayside

Obama: Gay Marriage Unchristian

Crude Sets Record, Nigeria Concerns Mount

Osama Probably Alive, in Pakistan, Top Officials Say

LAT: (California's) E-Vote Trust Builds Slowly

2 U.S. soldiers killed today,1 wounded

Bishop indicted on child rape charges

When five voted for millions (Proof of Coup 2000!)

‘In the Dark’Brit Singer Wants to Know Why No Longer Welcome in America

NYT, pg1: Truckers for Iraq's Pony Express Risk It All for a Paycheck

Syria, at UN, Says Israel Behind U.S. War on Iraq

Bank officials to take the stand as BCCI case resumes

NYT,pg1: Strong Charges Set New Tone Before Debate (both camps:Bush ahead)

Franken chides Bush for Maine Democrats

Reuters: Armed Men Seize CNN (Producer) in Gaza-Witnesses

Leno's Replacement in 2009 to be Conan

Intelligence Suggests Bin Laden Alive - Musharraf

O'Brien to replace Leno in 2009

TIME 9/27-- How Much U.S. Help? (CIA plots election interference)

Feds revive Wexler lawsuit seeking paper trail for e-voting machines

Los Angeles Times: An Agile Pilot Who Flew Under the Radar

Military Moms and Wives Conclude Cross Country 4,000 Mile Trek in a Town H

Stun guns pit law against liberties Officers praise Tasers, but ACLU warns

Ashcroft Opens Security Conference In New Orleans

Relief Workers Warn of Disease Epidemic Concerns in Haiti

Americans In Mass Grave In Falluja? (graphic images)

Powerful House speaker resigns from Legislature (Mass.)

Schwab cutting tech jobs (400 - 600 more jobs)

USA to increase military assistance to Georgia

(Thumbs Up) England to Be Court-Martialed in Jan.

Kennedy Slams Bush on Iraq Progress

US 'must raise troop numbers' to fulfil commitments

DeLay: GOP Keeps Its Promises

Trial Ordered in Fla. E-Ballot Lawsuit

Jailhouse Jack took Delhi connection

Israel May Not Be Able to Destroy Nukes

NYT: CBS Tries to Clear Up Signals on Future of (Dan Rather)

Campaign Groups Want FEC Chief Out (Swift Boat Supporters)

Federal government to transfer land for VA hospital in Las Vegas

US Death Toll in Iraq Reaches 1,050

Father charged in attack on children at their Elgin home

Kennedy: Bush Makes U.S. More Vulnerable

Carter fears Florida vote trouble

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed North of Baghdad

Bush's New Ads Slam Kerry's Iraq Comments

Bush Lead Narrows in CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll (8 Points Now)

Stocks Fall on Oil, Dow Ends Below 10,000

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 27 September

Red States Feed at Federal Trough, Blue States Supply the Feed

Edwards: Attack ad is 'immoral'

Europe to Bush: Go Away ...Even the British Prefer Kerry for President

AP ENTERPRISE: Congressional investigators are trying to determine whether

Canceled leave proves deadly for dad-to-be Bay Area Marine was to be home

US' exit strategy from Iraq is going nowhere

North Korea Warns on War on Penninsula

Smacking down Kristol and the GOP--Daily Kos

Unease at UN Over Russian Terror Blacklist Plan

Middle Eastern apologists on Lou today...

Key Bush Assertions About Iraq in Dispute

Powell: Iraq is "Getting Worse"

Report: Top Al Qaida deputy caught in Pakistan (Al-Zawahiri)

NY Dem leader calls Bush ``simple''

Alan Keyes daughter Maya a LESBIAN??!!

51 Year Old NG Member Dies of Natural Causes in Iraq

U.S. Plans to Offer Guidance for a Dirty-Bomb Aftermath

Iraq Clears Debt, Opens Way for Aid (IMF loans)

Ex-President Clinton taking hour-long walks near Chappaqua home, wife says

Iran will confront U.S. pressure, says military commander

Consumer group says Americans worse off in terms of health care during pas

Blix: Consequences of Iraq war terrible and tragic

GOP businessman Forrester seeks Dan Rather's ouster (w/Media Campaign)

Court Orders Attorney General Ashcroft to Disclose Secret Memo On...

Study Finds Ambassadors Don't Meet Goals

Comedy Central Refutes O'Reilly's Claim

LAT: Kerry Can't Take Oregon for Granted

Gasoline Price Up, Diesel Hits Record


Group wants ballot distribution blocked (Alaska Senate Vacancies)

U.S. Stocks Drop Amid Record Oil Prices; Dow Falls Below 10,000

A leading Hamas operative based in Syria

70 attacks a day on troops, contractors

Sen. Clinton proposes expert study of media effect on children

Washington fears US terror attack ahead of presidential election

North Korea Blames 'hostile' U.S. Policy for 'snowballing' War Danger

Justice Dept. Audit finds FBI still has large backlog ...

Taking on Sadr City in a Pickup Truck

O'Brien to Take Over for Leno in 5 Years

WP: Couldn't Have Said It Any Better Himself (Allawi's speech)

Study: Sprawl linked to chronic ailments

CNN Producer Riad Ali kidnapped in ...Gaza

Falluja official: Only civilians killed

Saudi to host international terrorism conference

University of Arizona Professor Reported to FBI for "Hating" America

Carter fears Florida vote trouble (BBC News)

Nigeria rebels declare war

Health costs rising faster than incomes, study says

Panel Won't Sign Agreement but Will Enforce Stipulations (Debates)

Politics and sleaze envelop Orlando

Men Of God, Fists Of Fury! (Priests Brawl Church in Jerusalem)

Nigeria rebels declare war

Virgin to Launch Commercial Space Flights (by '07)

Jordan king doubts Iraq elections

Bush Ridicules Kerry, Calls Him Indecisive

The Debates: Why Kerry Is The Underdog

Poll: CBS' memo story an 'honest mistake'

John Edwards to campaign in New Jersey

WP: Once Bedrock GOP, Granite State Is in Play

Iraqi Judge Drops Case Against Leading Exile Figure (Chalabi)

Screening of Foreign Visitors to Expand

Syria May Be Subject to Attack, Israeli Deputy Minister Says

Beheading Videos Replace Porn As Favorites In Baghdad

Putin wants to strip Russians of voting right

Federal court orders trial in Florida e-ballot lawsuit

Lynndie England could receive up to 38 years in jail

Houston CBS affiliate boots Rather show

Reporters Put Under Scrutiny in C.I.A. Leak

U.S. Oil Hits $50 on Nigeria Supply Fears

Troops angry over no-hookers plan

US pounds Iraqi cities

Independents gaining ground in New Mexico voter registration

In Kerry-Bush Debate, Maybe Size Does Matter

Lawyer: DEA Battle to Ban Hemp Food Over (feds gave up)

For Metro, a Case of Too-Free Speech(Arrested too loud on cell phone)

Europe to Bush: Go away. Even British prefer Kerry for president

Warlords 'call shots in Afghan election'

Afghans Are Fed Up With Security Firm

Foundation's Funds Diverted From Mission (GOP Lobbyist Abramoff & DeLay)

Looking for WMD? 8 million chemical weapons exist

Groups accuse United States of imposing international book ban

Audit Finds Large FBI Backlog Of Intercepted Messages

NYT: Scientists Begin a Campaign to Oppose President's Policies

Prewar Assessment on Iraq Saw Chance of Strong Divisions (New documents)

Bill O’Reilly's viewers are actually less educated than (Jon) Stewart's

Bush mocks Kerry ahead of debate

Bush Maintains Lead in Post-ABC News Poll

Schwarzenegger signs bills moving primary, requiring paper trail

NYT: At Bush Events, Tickets Come With a Catch

CIA's Iraq plan shot down

Pentagon link to Guinea coup plot

Congresswoman Seeks Re-Enlistment Probe

Conservatives angry at Schwarzenegger

Agencies Postpone Issuing New Rules Until After Election

Nothing OPEC can do to bring oil down ($50.17 now!!!)

Carter fears Florida vote trouble

Oh, shit... this is bad... Can you say "Forgien Relations Disaster"?

Oh, shit... this is bad... Can you say "Forgien Relations Disaster"?

I look like hell.

What do you think of Campers?

Some People Really Know How To Pick Drinking Buddies

Why Is This the Only Site That's Fast?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ............

Seriously, why do TV sitcoms feature a fat male slob and a hot wife

U.S. Govt Buying New Mexico Town For Terror Training

Hey, I went over 5000

Fresh hot bitches want you!

Weather... (humour)

I love it when you call me Big Poppa

So, my former roommate and I had a serious talk yesterday.

"John Kerry has approved you for a home equity loan"

Question for the DU Women

Since when is Suge pronounced shoog?

Is this letter one of you guys?

When Bush is ready to serve his time in Oz his cellmate should be:

Operation: Muskateer and the only time I ever felt proud of a republican

Mather Byles was one crazy m-f'er

any Kansas State Wildcats around?

Best/Worst NFL Uniforms

which is a worse reflection on Scottish culture, Kilts or Flogging Molly?

Saw Patton Oswalt (King of Queens) in SF. Laughed for 3 hrs straight!

My buddy is off to Iraq...

Why am i awake?

I fucking hate APA style!!!!!!!!

Are you some kind of hypnotist?

testing html..ignore

I've switched teams

Brian Wilson's 'Wonderful' makes UK top 30 singles chart.

King size chocolate bars face axe

Ughhh...back to work.

"It Can't Happen Here"

I've switched meats

Mrs XNASA & I now have matching Kronk Goblets.

Couple Killed In Head-On Car Crash - They Were Having Sex Whilst Driving

Who took my bible?

You have reached the automated message service of the RNC...

1964 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

ok ok I am not a fighter pilot

It's my birthday. Whatdja get me?


Help me reach 3,000. Q & A with Beastman!

I miss!

SHARK! Massachusetts SHARK!

Datsun Honeybee

Anyone ever think parents are unreasonable?

Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse

Another Cat Question

RandomKoolzip - you rock!!!

The Hurricane Acrobat

What are the essential components of Power Pop?

Couple Killed In Head-On Car Crash - Father Wants Warning Systems

Lindsay Lohan - real or fake

Chavezspeaksthetruth: you make me wanna do pushups!

Power Pop sucks

Question for DU Guys (het)

As a community service I must tell you that having sex while driving kills

Anybody seen ChavezSpeakstheTruth lately???

I got my copy of "Smile" on order -- who else?

Question for international e-bay users

Has ChavezSpeaksTheTruth been licking too many stamps?

Anybody else get the 25th Anniversary ed. of "London Calling?"

Ponderosa Ranch closes at Lake Tahoe

did Korn make any songs you actually liked?

Just back from China - ask me anything

I just had my first visit to NYC, ask me anything.

Today's Fact


Schwarzenegger Signs Law Banning Children From Tanning Salons

Who can tell me what this is?

A New World Oyster Opening Champion Is Crowned

The Police are my favorite band

How would you like your eggs?

I just finished vol. 7 of the Dark Tower series...ask me anything!

Do relationships threaten your music?

I can see through time!!!!

Am I posting too much?

Hammering. Goody.

Da Vinci Code author is accused of plagiarism

Is ANY local TV 'news' anchor worth $10 million?

eyesroll appreciation / gift thread

I had a terrible nightmare.

tech help needed re: packet loss and a web server

Gas, Grass, or Ass?

I'm being a Bad Wife.

Here is the secret to social success

why do YOU hate Sting?

Build your own Dream Baked Potato

I think I just lost a chimney

Jimi Hendrix "The Cry of Love" - What do you think?

Britain cuts Mars, Snickers into "two shareable portions," fighting fat

LSD versus Psylocibin

Harry Dick is a Repuke!

Three Proofs that Jesus Was...

Hurricane Day now or extra day off in May?

I'm NOT glad I left Pittsburgh.

Job advice...

Men and Lesbians - What skirts are the best?

I got a free pass for the horror movie "SAW"!!

This album makes no sense

I want a new DU name - what should it be?

My bumper sticker idea is in the public domain...who wants it, use it!

Here's a little story i'd like to tell about 3 bad brothers

My rich Great Aunt died.

RandomKoolzip's Top 50 Power Pop songs of all time list:

My VW convertible is goining home to Germany!

(Jack LaLanne) Grandfather of American fitness still spry at 90

Favorite song about a mega-monster destroying a major city*

Fish Sauce

Prostitutes excluded from work permit waiver (Netherlands)

Hooking up two sets of speakers to one

I'm glad I left my senses

108-Year-Old Man Starts Smoking Again (quit at 99)

Priests Get In Brawl Outside Christianity's Holiest Shrine

If you had genie like powers, what would you use them for?

I want a New DU Name Poll

Do you hate your republican neighbors?....Then you need this CD:

Favorite song about dog entrails stored inside a chest of drawers:


I'm back at work!!

we have to have our roof riped off and replaced

How do you wear your watch?

A solution for ending all crime and war

Getting 21M from a relative that died in Nigeria!! Didn't know I had one)

I am hard core into south east asian cooking

A pop-up version of "Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon?"

Boy (12) charged with assault, ethnic intimidation in lunchroom incident

TV team finds Soviet space shuttle

All bow down before ScreamingHedgeBeastCom!

mrboba1 is now...

Kitty says OUCH!

Anyone listen to the Capitol Steps?

Earworm of the Day

I Am Screaming Lord Orgasm!

fugly co-worker is wearing dildo on head & chasing us around like a rhino

I am Screaming Jack Lord!

"There are four lights!" - Excellent Trek NG episode on Spike (1pm est)

Does This Look Like Ann Coulter???

are they any CIV2 geeks here?

Just another day in the life of France's first official gay family

And I, for one, welcome our new Screaming Lord Bob overlords

I am Alfred, Screaming Lord Tennyson!

Star Trek and M*A*S*H If they never aired.

Looking for non-religous ways to spread ashes.........

Oh, happiness and joy. It's now drilling and doorbell testing.

This is NOT a thread about cats or mega-monsters or anything else

Should DU Users Be Allowed To Change Their Names...

My Dilema!

Ask me all your cat questions

On changing your DU name...

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan wants Britney Spears' dying music career.

Speedometer Bingo!!

I am Screaming Lord Pager! Bow before me!

Why did mrboba change his name to Screaming Lord Bob?

Running backwards is fun!

Should I change my name?

Conan O'Brien ascends to the "Tonight Show" throne in 2009

Here's a pic of me:

The difference between us and them

I am Screaming Lord Not Needed

Should I be worried?

I am screaming lord well fuget about it

So, I'm graduating in December...

The non-sequitur thread!

My New Favorite CD: Songs about Jane by Maroon 5....What's yours?

I grew up on Screaming Lord Byron Lane

Yo NYC! KamaAina's in the house next week!

Who likes Acid Jazz and Electro Lounge?

What really happened in Vietnam 35 years ago -Cartoon

Most disgusting lunch a co-worker can choose to eat at his/her desk

Here's a pic of me:

I'm changing my name to Twat Yler.

Lefties Rule!! (left-handedness)

What is the definition of indie music?

weird hair

Should we buy sucky music just because the musicians are on our side?

Remember the pregnant smoker that worried about jackhammers?

The 400 Richest Americans

No Ahnuld for next Terminator

My dog just had her third seizure last night

Alligator dies as irate father beats it to death with hammer

As I was walkin' round Grosvenor Square


Bartcop is using my cartoon today!

Not one, nor two but three new CDs

Gather 'Round Kiddies - It's Matcom's Joke O' The Day!

Same Gallup Poll has New England Patriots winning the "World Series"

Who Would You Rather Have a Beer with...

I say unto you..........................CAPTION

The "I figured out it was a bad pilot" of all CAPTIONS!!

Is there a website with reviews of doctors?

The Ultimate Off Topic Poll

Conan to take over for Leno

CAPTION the hay farmer

CAPTION for our Future

It doesn't matter what my local lingerie store, Flannel will remain unsexy

New Widespread Panic "Live" CD!

beautiful co-worker is wearing F'me pumps

I'm going to a fundraiser for Ken Salazar tomorrow night.

Hey haven't talked any smack yet...

Okay, am I hopeless?

Happy 20th Birthday Avril Lavigne

What is your favorite thing to do with your significant other?

Judy Woodruff should be fired...

I just got these new Roddy Piper sunglasses, ask me anything

A major experience for ALL to enjoy (XXX)

Holy crap. The things ya see on discussion boards

I think something just broke inside my knee

A cat question

Has anyone heard from Crewleader after this last hurricane?

How big of a political nerd am I?

Collectable Computers - Apple 1 Computer

For those of you who need a laugh - sorry if this already went around!

Shine On Harvest Moon

Any Travel Agents Here? Knowledge Of The Airline Industry????

Deadwood fans-Sad news Ricky Jay left show

Does anyone know if

I'm just sayin'

I just got my copy of Cannibal Women of the Avacodo Jungle of Death!

What's with the capital L thing running around DU?

America, The Book from the Daily Show

New Movie Reviews Thread

Top five cheeses

Couple leaves fortune to veterinary school


So I watched "Star Wars" last night

Is Marilyn Manson a republican?

Who grooves to the Runaways UK?

I am Screaming Lord Scorpio

I have to go to stats class today and I am scared.


CONGRATULATIONS Crispy Hot MiniVan Baby! 1 Warning!!!!!!

best sci-fi story contest (based on attributes of presidential candidates)

EU Bans Girl Only Ads(LBN)

NOW William Shatner - Common People

What's your F---ing problem?!

there's nothing sadder than a lonely weasel..........

Al Gore SNL DVD outdoes Bush propaganda flick on eBay!

Anyone else able to stare at porn for hours?

Now this is a better political photo op

Computer Question

More from the shallow end of the gene pool.

680-580 interchange awash in Bud beer

We're watching the new digital revamped Star Wars

My new bachelor pad...Check it out!

Confession time! Who here has ever pissed off your campus's police?

Son of R&B singer Chaka Khan arrested on murder charge

I have finished watching the Cannibal Women! Ask Me Anything

a song parody ask me anything

Heard while wating for the bus this morning

Help...need link for tickets to Dave Matthews in Dayton, Ohio

Mt St. Helens -- that's one AWESOME volcano

Herd while waiting for the bus this morning.

I'm tyring to add a picture to a post, how do I do that?

Know any car acronyms? I thought of one for HUMMER!

Now this is a better political photo op for Kerry

Ever notice that jamaican reggae artists have the weirdest first names?

I'm glad I left Harvard Square

no Dallas/Washington thread?

anyone wanna play with a freeper? she's in

We will get a direct hit tonight from Jeane. Wind to 70+ and rain to 12".

Can I get a volunteer please?

Is it just me, or are the freepers really coming out of the woodwork?

Wanted: Bing (sweet) cherry recipes....

My roommates seriously have too much time on their hands...

DU Members on my station this week..

In LJ is there anyway to hide "my friends" list

Really bad joke for a Monday night.

Holy flaming fancy Moses!

"Life of Brian" showing at my local multiplex!!!

NYC DUERS: The last thread turned into talk about food and sex

Hey! Check me out

For our huge sign to be displayed at YD table at University of Arizona

Advice? Should my aged parents sign up with Vanguard Asset Management?

Ever wonder what the funniest thing ever done was

Was Tory Holt enjoying that a little to much?

I am in a pissy black mood. join me and let's laugh together.

Ugh, I gotta get up at 4:30am tomorrow!

Ok, we've had hideous shoes, now let's see the grungy ones!

$50.00 Kryptonite Bicycle Lock "Picked" by Bic Pen.

I made peace with a Red Sox Fan today (Good story for Yank and Sox fans)

Best version of "Circles"

Video Game Let Players Command Kerry Swift Boat

Email I just got: Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican

American Chopper

To people with children...

Anyone else like ripping off

Name a song about an impaired sense of smell

Daily Show time!

Why does my Dog

Wanted: Bong (sweet!) cherry recipes....

Name songs with "poop" in the title

Ever wonder what the funniest thing EVER said was?

the worst political e-mail I've gotten in awhile.......

So, I just sent an email to an estranged friendship....

Jean Luc gettin' funky up in heyah

DU this CNN poll about running mate choice

from a sports message board...

Funniest comment on George Lucas I've seen so far.

Post creative ideas for Halloween costumes that send political message

Okay, tell me why...

John Madden is a complete idiot

May not be the best time for an Iron Maiden update, but...

I need some "new car" gift ideas (63 Falcon)...

Heard while waiting for the bus this morning....

A funny site for the unemployed

grape-flavored Red Vines

When you get DVD's you don't want from Columbia House...

aaarrrggghhhh teenagers

Does your relationship threaten the music industry?

Looks like I will have to take a day off tomorrow--forest fire

Name a song with music in it.

I was involved in a carjacking yesterday...

Best song with sexual innuendo.

Ever been in a bad mood and not given a shit who you might offend?

Damn, I am glad I left Schenectady

Abortion dilemma storylines in both NBC soaps right now!

damned religion brawls

Name a song about a song that doesn't mention its title, but alludes to it mother came over and used my computer to

Have you seen Coupling?

Do I know you?

The Red Sox are winning!

I'm finding it hard to go to chorus this semester. Some advice?

what will YOUR eternal punishment be in Hell?

The Monday Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple

Name a song with one of the five senses in the title...

Red Sox clinch playoff spot

I've been out of touch....

Very unsettling message has come in....

Baby Dies From Being Left In Hot MiniVan - Father Wants Warning Systems


Worst song with sexual innuendo.

Time for another Pager pup rescue thread!

Car chase video, involving a 14 year old, in OKC....

Anyone else able to stare at maps for hours?

If the Cowboys beat the Redskins tonight, matcom will...

Very very sad ... sadder than I've ever been

Who reads Juxtapoz?

If you like Maps, check this out

Does music threaten your relationship?

Is this song sexually suggestive?

Those stupid Smoke Free In 3 commercials on AAR

How diverse is your music taste?

In the mid-Eighties, what was the first CD you purchased?

Name a song with no title that you can't perceive at all.

Name songs with celestial words in the titles......

name a song title with no words in it at all

The Puppy Training Thread


Which is the one true faith?

Hideous shoes! Post em here!

Name a song with a person's name in the title...

Pregnant Barbie (Happy Family Midge)

For Truman Capote fans

NYC DU'ers: Where are we watching the Debates?

Mind-numbingly false advertising: "Babes" For Bush

William Shakespeare was really...

Crippled Democrat.

The Shoe-Cam of all CAPTIONS!!!

Woman Dies After Alligator Bites Off Her Arm

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: It's What's For Dinner!

Jack Grimes...United Fascist Union's candidate for president...

Do you carry herpes simplex?

sept. 30 - cLerys of boston - DU gathering

Kerry, assault rifles, and journalism

Has Anyone Recently Met/Seen An Undecided Voter?

Can you feel it?

So folks, let me understand the debate format agreed on

On switching presidents during wartime...

About that $87 billion--anyone remember this?

Andre Heinz on Cspan right now

Nine-Year Old Supports Kerry In School Discussion Groups

Did anybody see Russert's interview on Face the Nation?

I was watching Jimmy Carter's speech on C-Span.

Letter to the Washington Post

My sister helped stop a Bushie from distributing voting leaflets at church

So.......everything is beautiful in Bush`s neighborhood.

NYT:Cheney is out of touch with America

Ask a Bush supporter this question:

Looking for some GREAT Kerry gear?

Student Vote a hot topic locally...

Remind the neo-cons why we went into Iraq..

I Feel a Real Sense of Urgency

Warmed my heart in the ol' north state

DU this poll, please

So SIck Of GWB Calling JK "My Opponent!!"

WP op-ed: Still Seeking a Fair Florida Vote, by Jimmy Carter

NPR/ Cokie - "Mission Impossible"

Let us not forget our fallen soldiers and innocent casualties of

I'm wigging out over here.....

New Washington poll: Kerry 14 point lead

Ann Lewis coming up next on C-SPAN

Debate advise: "couch the messages in the form of stories"

Looking for a good red vs. blue map site, anyone know?

Ted Rall tells all.

How important is a Democratic Senate ?

Who's Chimp dancing with? (photo)

Interesting Chimp quotes from the Bush/Gore debate

Europe to Bush: Go away

The world's presidential election?

Anyone know where to Access the Carreon Medical Report?

Who else can hardly wait for the THREE DAY O'Reilly interview with W?

How to prevent (or reduce) election fraud:

I need a lawyer, please.

One county in Colorado and voter registrations up...

Have U noticed this subtle media bias in your area? Kerry clips vs. Bush

Kerry and Women

Where in Florida should I go to help out with the election?

Does Kerry have to "win" the debates?

Anybody watch Jeff Greenfield segment on CNN morning? GOOD

New W ad on Kerry's postionS on Iraq

"Right track/Wrong track" ad just ran in Denver. Great!!!!

If the whole world could vote...poll results Bush 13%, go vote!

Where was the press ?

Hey, Stupid Americans, Do You Understand Now????

Talking Points: John Edwards vs. Dick Cheney Vice Presidential Debate

LAT: Down to a Few States, Debates

Karen Kwiatkowski and "Seagull" Commanders

Back from 2 weeks overseas - can anybody summarize what I missed?

My "TWO FACED" LTTE - am I on the right track here?


Devious little CNN Punditurds... at it again!

Get the vote out (for Kerry) in Ohio!!

i cannot watch news. maybe, other people just need it

New John Kerry Movie

Voter intimidation and how Kerry should combat it...

Registered Republican leads pro-Kerry houseparty

dupe nt

DoD "Fixes" Rummy's Speech:

anybody see howard dean on today?

Where are our crazy preachers?

Live From Miami, a Style Showdown (non-verbal may win debate)

Kerry, just like the rest of us, finds Junior's remarks "unbelievable"

Freep paper: Kerry a Lied

JK should not try to out-regular-guy the shrub in the debates but out-lead

Possible Debate Loophole for Kerry?

Sign of the Times: Political sign theft in (fascist) Lancaster County, PA

Karl Rove in a Corner -Atlanta Monthly

Kerry's found Bush's achilles' heel. He can drink. In bars. Bush can't.

ANALYSIS: Bush changes view of Putin's Russia ( "Changes View" )

A Challenge to myself and ALL DUers

Revolting WP editorial on Kerry vs. Bush re: Iraq

Hurricane report from Palm Beach County. Bush not handing out ice yet.

Iowa -- Local voices favor Kerry (Sep 26-27)

In Debates..Bush will say..uh...uh...and Rush will say....

I hope in the debates Kerry points out 9-11 happened on Bush's watch

Can any One Tell

Fair Warning: ABC/WashPost poll out tonight

Which Whores Will Criticize Bush After the Debates???

Are There Powers in the Repub Party that are Going to Blow It Apart??

White House Influence on Iraq Elections

There he goes again. Another flip-flop!

The Unfeeling President


I just talked to our county chairwoman

Gary Bauer Announces New Television Campaign in MI and PA

Teddy Kennedy giving great Iraq policy speech now

John Edwards will be in New Jersey on Tuesday with Jersey girl Kristin

Observers Archives on Edwards

No Direct Questions?!? Is Bush Retarded?

The GOTV flip-side

My first run in with a RW pinhead

George W. Bush, Seagull President

More good news from Ohio

Jack Hensley's widow on the Today Show- angry words to the White House

Will Big Dog give Kerry advice for Thursday?

The Unofficial Dump DeLay Newsletter

Don't think of it as 1050 dead -- think of it as 1050 new jobs created!

The Power of Bush

Voter registration has a new ad. LOL

Update on Oregon Republican's assault on anti-Bush protestor

Sen Kennedy "the only thing Americans have to fear: 4 more years of Bush*"

Which day will Osama bin Laden be caught?


Falwell says evangelicals control GOP, Bush's fate

A reminder of what we're up against.

Webmasters: Wanna help me? Native American GOTV effort

What's their point in "skewing" the polls in Bush's favour?

If the death rate in Iraq keeps on....

Helen Thomas on Bad Treatment of Protestors on the Campaign Trail

Bush/Allawi 'Prescision Strikes" Kill More Civilians In Iraq.

Poll says 50% think * is a great debator.

How God feels about the election in Florida:

Overseas ballots may be late. Will they count.

Georgians wake up! Majette can win!!

Watch for Bush to promise to get out of Iraq quickly.

What do you think of this debate strategy?

Ted Kennedy laid out Kerry's campaign points today. I hope he was

Jimmy Carter: Florida STILL a clusterfuck

Has anyone seen this ad from "hold them accountable"??

Bush has his feet stuck in cement.

Anti-Choice Candidates - is it time to ask the next question?

Bush party photo

What debate surprise are you expecting?

Should I watch O'Rielly and the pResident tonight?

Wexler is a saint -- lawsuit revived on paperless ballots

Southern California swing state fun...

Robert Wexler now on Randi Rhodes

Why does Novakula continue to out CIA agents and get away with it?

Is Laura the first First Lady to have killed someone?

It seems Bush uses more negative ads than Kerry

Give me a candidate who will address the nation's traffic situation and

Operation Fortunate Son Working-Kerry on rise Veterans Vote

Tribune Poll: Kerry 49% Bush 40% in Illinois

Correct answer to "Are you saying I have a bad heart?"

Devine calls out Woodruff on the CNN/Gallup republican poll

Here's how Repub state pollsters work for Bush ( Election-Model results)

Kerry needs to expect flip-flop surprise in debate

Why Virginia Is Tilting Toward Kerry

Some more incredible numbers from

Ohio DU'ers - Is voting story breaking in Ohio papers and newscasts?

Christine Iverson on C-SPAN today

New Bush ad uses Mohammed Atta, Osama, 9/11 images

"Communist Party endorses Kerry." ( debunks.)

The Battleground States: Kerry's Current and Projected Odds

little grey box withan x in it next to thread title

Bush is incompetent

Get smelling salts for Thursday

Trial Ordered in Fla. E-Ballot Lawsuit

CSPAN is Great Today! Just finished "Coverup" and

Here's a good line...

Dow Jones Industrial Average - predicting Kerry win?

"A Sign from God" (Bush is in my hometown today in Ohio)

Same Gallup Poll has New England Patriots winning the "World Series"

Tom Daschle leads Thune!

Trust the Indies.Toss the Whores: The Pro's vs. The Ho's

Conservative Watcher Bill Berkowitz draws parrallel between...

New Bush ad - ouch! Take a look

Kerry touts his record in the Senate

OK, a former President has said that Florida

Is anyone else in a county where the campaign is sabotaging itself?

To Dems who helped register voters in key states: THANK YOU!!! n/t

Who Else Has Pre-Ordered the John Kerry Documentary?

A copy of a Nader support letter from a GOP site

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Rasmussen: Bush 1 point ahead in GA?

History is on our side.

hey dems will win - its 4:30 and your order is up!

Tell me how the Kerry campaign is different from the Gore campaign?

A Moron's Guide to Voting for Bush

After Seeing John Kerry in Person, One Suggestion......

Can Kerry make the little turd laugh hard enough to blow coke out nose?

The Cult of Bush!!!

Has anyone read David Margolick's VF piece on Bush v. Gore?



The TRUTH in Ten Acts.

Kerry has slight lead in statewide poll - PA

"9 our of 10 Terrorist Agree-Anybody But Bush"

Ron Reagan has me worried. We have to be prepared for this!

DID BUSH BREAK THE LAW.??.......I Certainly Never Saw this.

Several New Observations Confirm Memos Were Typed

William Shakespeare was really...

More Screwey Polls From Gallup

Will Bush successfully cheat in the debate?

Tad Devine on CNN attacking Gallup poll

Presidential Candidate John Joseph Kennedy, a true democrat (?)

Oops! Who "forgot" to mention the "blood feud" portion of Iraq's history?

Don't get lulled into thinking Kerry's going to beat Bush in the debates!

Just got an absentee ballot form from the GA Republican Party

Woodruff On Kerry Vietnam Service: "Some Positive, but A LOT NEGATIVE."

Pearl Jam slings a sonic lash at Bush

Deleted CNN from my lineup and it FEELS SO GOOD

Bush gets arrogant and cocky re: the debates...this is GOOD. Be arrogant.

Another great ad......

Bush:wrong on policy, wrong on facts. Misleading Ads.

how many lies will bush tell during the debates

CBS Evening News -- Americans living abroad signing up to vote in record

Edwards slams Bush campaign ad's "lies"

France&Germany: no military assistance in Iraq even if John Kerry elected

What makes a Nation Strong are its Citizens and their skills.

Even the "bright side" of losing this election is gone...

Who's gone "two-facing"? Sign in.

Imagine BUSH During the Cold War

Kennedy: Bush Makes U.S. More Vulnerable: "mushroom cloud more likely"

Kerry has got to swat the "Kerry is the great debator" line the Repugs are

Kerry campaign should run an ad: Help! They're stealing my vote

So,if Bush is studying Kerry's attack lines, all Kerry has to do is change

Ohio action violates Voting Rights Act

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Lawsuit Over Touchscreen Voting in FL!

A Proper Debate

John Edwards refuses to cross firefighters' picket line--cancels event.

...did not serve...did not serve...did not serve...

Back at ya repubes!

Did y'all see this Slate article? Good points... is up.

Very Important to the Campaign!

Just returned from SW Ohio * event...

Erskine Bowles/Richard Burr debate tonight


Bush switches nation's tack on protecting species

Bush/Cheney: Four More Wars! (Newsweek says Iran & Syria are next )

What the hell?? Bush has advisors?

Should Kerry contrast and compare Iraq to the former Yugoslavia?

Just saw Bush and Saudis commercial

ABC WashPost Poll: We're closing folks.

Kerry appeals to Bush for end to election ad war

Smacking down Kristol and the GOP--Daily Kos

Ted Kennedy coming up on Tweety

Encouraging signs from southwest Michigan

Bush breaks Geneva conventions

C-SPAN now: Kerry vs. Bush debate styles.

We have all met George W. Bush...

Dear George - God here - what are you doing??

Debate tip for Kerry

There are 35 days to go

For those familiar with the Tulsa area (and those who are not)

Kerry has the opportunity to inform the public about the issues FOX hides

Democratic underground should we be concerned about this?

Does anyone know if the integrity of the vote can be protected?

Rolling Stone's "Bush enjoys a drink or two" photo, from the current issue

FIND OUT: Which Companies In Your Area are laying off /outsourcing

TV Alert -- Tweety and Howard Dean on Hardball (guessing @7:45 est) New Video

Guilliani shows up for Wisconsin photo op: CNN obliges

Why Virginia Is Tilting Toward Kerry

hey, just a reminder forget the polls. bush is going to lose.

How shall we DU the debates?

From the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal cartoonist on Iraq war

What's this about CIA RIGGING IRAQ ELECTIONS? Just send Rove.

Watch George Bush have a Debate With George Bush

Defining acts in life....

Will People Vote For Bush, Even Though They Know Better, But...

How Gallup selects a likely voter

I just got a phone call from a polling company

Just returned

Alan Keyes' Daughter

Think locally act globally. What small election issues need big attention?

Blood test required before each debate?

Politics and Sleaze in Orlando: Republicans up to their tricks again.

Do Kerry campaigners lurk here??????

Pics of Kerry Philly Visit on 9/24. (Image Heavy Obviously)

Bad link n\t

What's with Nevada? Polls say for * when * putting nuclear waste there?

Bush Interview on O'Reilly; followup by Colmes and Marsh

Both Sides Lose Political Signs

John Kerry Is a Mac User!

Over 50000 for Bush rally in Ohio!?!?!?!?

Video of top 12 Bushisms

Everywhere I turn

What the heck is the deal with the WP?

George Bush is a phony!

Best Kerry audio I've ever heard! Dave Ross report on radio.

Dirty Republican Tricks Even in a Disaster Area!!!

Please tell me I am paranoid.

KARL ROVE polled GOP Caucus on DRAFT! GOP said they would REINSTATE

What time is the dabate on Thursday?

When is the dabate on Thursday?

alternate "dad"

Bush will win the debate because of low expectations?

Patrick Buchanan says Saddam has used BLT's against Kurds

MORE (NEW) Documents Had Warned Chimpy About Iraq Problems

Repugs pull a fast one at a hot-air balloon festival in PA

It's sad when we need the Carter center to monitor our own elections!

That "expletive deleted" across the street, fumed my spouse

Should Kerry Hammer Bush On Halliburton In the Debates?

OMG Did Judy Woofwoof just say it's all about

Bush's deficit supports terrorism.

"Bush has never lost a debate"

Dosen't Sound Like Any Need To Watch The Debates....

New TIME poll methodology

Jewish Republicans in a local Deli

Kerry should take the initiative on the one-liners thrusday

Lower debate expectations for *? He's the pres. fercrissakes!!!

Remember B's reaction to McCain

i've seen a couple of these conservative bumperstickers around

I just saw a clip on CSPAN of Bush promising to take the surplus and

Take a breather and watch The Daily Show..

Pour it on Folks--We're Kicking Butt!

Remember when the ad that said "RATS" was a big deal in 2000?

Malloy: "I despise christians"

What dictionary is Andrea Mitchell using (Media Matters) really takes apart the latest Bush ad!!!!!!!!!

October Surprise: Nader Drops Out?

I hate morons.

Officials say al-Qaida election threat not geared toward particular candid

Wash Post poll data internals

Edwards To Lead Post-Debate Rally In Columbus Park

Know your enemy: The rightwingnuts are showing fear in FreeperVille

DU this MSNBC poll on who you'd vote for if election held today

One Liner Comebacks for Rethugs and Undecided

So SICK of this CRAP! Name ONE Issue Kerry has changed on....ONE!

My liberal friends told me they think the electoral college will vote

I'm in SHOCK when i meet a * voter

What should be done about W's plans to raise terror alert before elections

I don't think Bush will engage Kerry at all in the debate

I hope Kerry has an october surprise--I must admit I'm worried

Bush on O'Really now

OMG. Check out this T-shirt decal from a Rethug. site

Is it just me or is Kerry really, really tanned?

Are you RaptureReady? Or why Jesus would not be a Democrat

CNN: Majority would support Bush if he wanted to send more troops to Iraq

? about the debates

Bush Will Stay On Message

That's it. I despise the media MORE than the BFEE. Yep. That's right.

Could environment tip scales for some undecideds?

American Idiots on CSPAN

Senator Hatch: Al Qaida trying to get Kerry elected

How Bush will rig with The Handshake:

Volunteers To Protect The Election Are Needed - Is That You ? ?

I hope Kerry sticks with this Bush is out of touch with reality strategy.

Global warming is far more dangerous than AlQueda but it's not in campaign

A Trail of Mourning and Truth from Iraq to the White House

CBS News (TV) Foreign Voter Registration up HUGE

Who's dumber: * voters or Nader voters?

Billionaires for Bush video

Simpsons, Jerry Lewis take center stage in Senate campaign

Howard Kurtz cites Olin/Scaife puppet to claim CBS, NBC, & ABC favor Kerry

Is This Pic Evidence That Bush Wears LIFTS IN HIS SHOES?

Scientists and Engineers for Change

Alan Keyes doesn't deserve the award the Idiots list gave him today

Could phone canvassers for GOP be posing as Dems?

Kerry: "May I also suggest that we need a taller horse?" haHA!

Gallup poll is false, lets start a media e-mail blitz and expose them!

I didn't realize that Ohio had so many knuckle-draggers

So Bush is A Cowboy? Really?

Kerry Has To Convince America That Tough Talk And Swagger Don't Mean Sh*t

How long has * lived in Texas

I'm sticking with 50%Kerry 47%Bush 3%Nader

Kerry Wrote the Dynamite Line--He Needs to Use It in the Debates!!

NBC: Bush will use this one-liner in debate: Is that your Final Answer?

Hang up this incredible Kerry/Lennon Flyer: IMAGINE PRESIDENT KERRY!

Gallup: LV W 52% Kerry 44%; RV W 54% Kerry 41%

Hah! Olberman reporting Bush's "Kerry could debate himself" remark

I understand * has a hair trigger temper.

Bush hitting Colorado hard

What if the Supremes or Diebold Install Bush Again?

another nastygram to NPR...

Are you thinking of volunteering? There are at least 4 places

Woodruff "begging for bush"...asking people to look at the polls

Bush is like a surgeon who amputated the wrong leg

"911 happened on George Bush's watch!" Why are Dems afraid to say it?

So...where are the candidates in this upcoming Iraqi election?

devastating ad from Bush...when will Kerry use Bush's flip flops

Why isn't Kerry talking about the gas prices?

Portland Oregon Bumper sticker alert

Two-Faced Bush Orders CIA to RIG Iraqi Elections!

Some good electoral news for Kerry

Voting Rights, in case Ohio repub has forgotten

John Kerry October Surprise: Democratic Underground Must See movie

Canvassing with the TWO-FACED graphic today

In Austin, I have seen no Nader bumper stickers this year

If Howard Dean Were the Candidate . . .

Dems should hand out/mail out free Bibles in West Virginia!

Rove Did IT Again: Said "OSAMA SUPPORTS KERRY" before We could Say OBL's

PROJECT re: Ohio repub scum tossing New Voter Registrations

Contact info for Kenneth Blackwell, Secretary of State Ohio

Ohio rejects 1000s of voter registration applications on wrong paper.

Got into a discussion with a freeper co-worker

[EDITED] New Observations Confirm that the Memos Were Typed

DU this poll, Missouri Gov. race, please vote...


Narrow Bush Gain in Rasmussen Battleground for 9/27

If Bush wins, we'll get military draft

Its the LIGHTING, stupid. For God sake, get some light on Kerry eyes or

Why Did Kerry Decide To TAN Himself?

My Knock-Out TV Ad by Kerry