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Archives: September 25, 2004

Joe Conason: Bush is Bin Laden's candidate

Kristof: Twisting Dr. Nuke's Arm (Dr Khan may be our blowback)

Bush and the Enviroment: Trout plan likely dead in water

What excuse are all the talking heads going to use when Kerry wins?

What pray tell is the "Middle Class" of the tax cuts?

Do you find the depth of information overwhelming, a burden but

DU this poll

Explain to me how forged documents

Kerry (and Santorum!) co-sponsored Workplace Religious Freedom Act

Great pics, write-up of the Dubai debate with Dean/Sununu.

BBV - another example of systems & officials NOT working


MUST READ: JAW-DROPPING and SCARY September 11th White House Discoveries!

Ad Renews Charges of Bush-Saudi Ties (Fox nixes it, PLUS Smear Boats)

Kerry's Wife: Don't Be Surprised If Osama Caught Soon

ok, so maybe I underestimated the Braves last spring.

Coming in From the Cold.....

Bug me not

Smileys (proper noun) you'd like to see banned from DU forever

Dedicated to George W. Bush

Don't you let that deal go down......

I Stole Screaming Lord Byron's Tombstone

Why are there so many pricks at the DMV?

The greatest concert you've never seen.....

Who would be the better presidential team?

If I took over the world, what would history likely say about my rule?

I can't freakin' stand people who "pop in". IT'S MIDNIGHT, ASSHOLE!

Anyone have any experience with Homeschooling? ADHD/ LD?

The Way The Beach Used To Be

i love you, japanese

I've just OD'd on the best episodes of West Wing - ask me anything

Who will be on Bill Maher's Real Time next week: 10/01?

Smileys you would like banned from DU for all eternity

What have we become?

Media lies

Nader supposed to be on Coast to Coast AM tonight taking calls in 1AM

GREAT ad idea.

Ironically, FOX had the only reporter talking about how bad ...

Time poll shows "real problems for Bush"--from My DD...

Caption This: Looks like Kerry is saying what we all think

Here's one way to get back at The Media Whores

Kerry needs to starting using the L Word

Karl Rove...why the hell do people give him

Where'd that crazy poll come from that Bush cited yesterday?

MN DFL reports illegal automated call activity

Wartime Prezdint Flip-Flop.

"Two-faced" proves we can play that GO DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO.

Workplace Religious Freedom Act- Kerry sponsored - why no publicity?

ROVE claims Kerry is leaking story of Bush financing of Hitler

Morford: What's Wrong With John Kerry? Is it the hair? The lack of charism

CEO of CBS's parent company endorses President Bush.

Slowing Population 'Lacks Funds'

Jury trials fade, and lawyers take up the case

NPR goes bizarro world -Putin's Power Grab (must listen to audio)

WSJ: Medicare's Political Laboratory In Pennsylvania,

(San Deigo) Chamber endorses stem cell research

Cal State students take in $42,000 for Moore's visit

Jim Hightower: Time to take our country back

Ventura taking day off Nov. 2

The Iran dilemma U.S. has few options to stymie nuclear program

My husband is not a liar: Mrs Howard ( Aust PM's wife)

‘Staying the Course’ Isn’t an Option (Iraq war lost, what to do, nail Bu$h


Reagan junior warns Bush: ‘stop hijacking my father’s reputation’

Riverbend's blog has new entries from last night (Bush: Liar, Liar)

Dowd: Dance of the Marionettes (Allawi as *'s Mini-Me)

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power (from the UK media)

Fears of draft reinstatement persist despite official denials

"Alabama Getaway" from the current "Rolling Stone"

The US, terrorists, and hate groups

Helen Thomas on Pickles and The Protester-"Bush rallies are by invitation"

"George W. Bush is a coward." -- scathing piece from the STrib!

More Voters Identifying as Republicans

'Invade their countries, kill their leaders, convert them to Christianity'

Seattle P.I.: David Horsey cartoon

Confessions of an apologetic columnist

An Un-American Way to Cam(paign): NY Times OP ED

I got an idea to get media's attention....

I was threatened by a Green Bay Police Department officer and have a

New Ads/Flyers: 5 New Ones from JK on Iraq and the War on Terror

Limbaugh petition to sign


Why doesn't US Media note Pakistan's President saying "Iraq war a mistake"

San Diego -- Documentary film on Iraq

Calling talk radio shows, is it just another huge waste of time?

The media does not work for us

AAR affiliate and rumor update thread

Need help with an economics paper

Saw Peter Peterson on NOW raising the alarm about the deficit

What would happen if we got rid of the stock market system?

Ignored Illegal Waste Dumps In Japan Threaten Environment, Kindergarteners

Chinese glaciers could be gone in 100 years: study

Does anyone have the status of ALL the Hurricanes/Tropical

DDT, PCB, Mercury, Dioxin - Maine Harbor Seals Have Plenty In Their Bodies

Midwest will be slightly cooler than neighbors, study suggests

Disturbing Evidence of Global Warming

Muslims heartened by tolerance in Spain

Mandela's forgotten memories recovered


Is Bush a Cocaine Abuser

i've found a different screenname that i like better than the one i have

Problems emailing homepage article

OK. I have several questions.

RE the "freeper alarm"

Many, many kudos to the mod in this thread:

In the Media section...

A second for the "Election Administration Forum" request

UN report blames Israel for building fence to confiscate land

"If saving lives means I'm a traitor, so be it"

End the occupation

Flight 93: crash time cannot be true

What REALLY happened at WTC...

IL Supreme Court candidates: Anti-choice or anti-choice

President to rally in St. Petersburg (on Friday, 10/1)

Jeanne: Roofs are being reported being blown off at St. Lucie County.

DU Endorsements:

Schwarzenegger Signs Bill To Post Sex Offender Info Online

Michael Moore coming to San Diego after censorship battle with college

Boxer says U.S. less secure, ties Jones to Bush policies

Need Info On Propositions

New Glendale/Burbank/NoHo Democratic HQ needs your help!

Canvasing in Bloomington today

Debate Parties

Where do I get lawn signs in Jackson County?

Al Franken Tour Tickets?

Carole King in Columbus Tomorrow (Sept. 26th)

Andre Heinz, Clair Dane and Rasheeda Jones in Columbus

Case Western Reserve Debate Tickets

Don't forget to Vote for Jim Eisenhower for Attorney General

Are there ANY DUers in Tarrant County? ? ?

Road Rally Kickoff

Barn Dance in South Austin Sunday

Anybody from Austin or Denton want to GOTV in New Mexico?

I just have to say a big THANKS and KUDOS to rep and FSC for another

Richard Morrison, Tom DeLay, and Mayor Bill White.

Sen Harken from Iowa in Mosinee today Sat 9/25

How come Bush lost Wisconisin in 2000 but Bush is leading

Juvenile wind-surfing ad with female voice runs four -six times an hour!

Voter registration opportunities

So when will we have our 1st Storm in Western Wash.

Fill In the Blanks!

Jesus Christ!! Will they try anything to make Bush look good???

Gallup Will Choose Town Hall Participants In Presidential Debate

Rigging the Iraqi Elections

latest spam. . . .

"Party Goers"....... Kitty Kelley on BookTV tomorrow and Sunday

Keith Oberman ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

a sampler of Documentary on Paul Wellstone :"Carry It Forward"........

To all the Believers out there

what about these forged documents......"Yellowcake from Niger".....

For all those people who know how you are voting...

I just watched Kerry kicking ass on Letterman for the 10th time.

So, mention abortion at all, and people immediately start debating it

Bush twists Kerry's words. Rate it a 5

The Ultimate Flip-Flop

Did we (US) just go one day w/ no one killed?????

What does Richard Armitage most resemble?

Hostages Killed In Iraq - Stalked Before Abducted?

Why Knight-Ridder reporters aren't allowed on Cheney's plane

Why we need to contribute to Kerry's GELAC fund.....Important

I watched "Animal Farm" last night

Holdthemaccountable2004 New Video


Afghanistan withdrawl?

Scroll down to bottom of DU page

Pentagon releases more documents -- always on Friday

How many Osama's has bushkkko spawned in the middle east?

Is there any news of the British hostage in Iraq?

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/25/2004

Fewer Iraqis to be trained than cited by Bush (will take until 2006)

"Back In Social Time Countdown Clock": What year are we REALLY in?

Do you think the debates

K/E ticket is wealthiest ticket ever to run for the office???

The CBS Polls

"Bush Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq "Yahoo story needs bumps UP...

Has anyone else noticed this ? That when Americans die in Fallujah, the

Last week in the bizarro world-Bush joins attack on Putin power grab

Interesting E-Mail I received concerning Veterans ... GI Bill

Does U.S. outsourcing to India raise India's security risks?

a small list of things republicans say not realizing how stupid they sound

My Iraq Solution

Would it be unheard of for a foreign leader to say

How many "targets of hate" can you name....

This will be the 3rd eye of a hurricane to go over us since August 13.

From my friend in Baghdad

When Is The Fahrenheit 9/11 Re-release?

A simple point to make about the current polls, they aren't POLLING the

Freepers concede Cheney's monkey will be a total flop in the debates.

Swift Boat ad question - After Bush denounced ads by 527's,

OMG....too funny and scary at the same time

Why do People Post Negative Kerry News at DU ?


So when will Bush start attacking child labor laws??

James Meek attends the world's first right-wing film festival

Death and Unhappiness released by the repube-lickans

Let's suppose * is elected and it turns out the majority really wanted him

grassroots on a grander scale..

Stroll down memory lane with previous Presidential Debates Video's

here's where our ships went and why

If America were invaded would you kill a family member who collaberated?

Another hurricane hitting Florida???

"Do Debates Matter?" with Bill Moyers. Watch in at PBS video link.

Hurricane Jeanne is now a Category 3 hurricane!!.....

Shrub did keep his promise....he created millions of jobs during his

woman says smirk was stopped from flying because he was scared

Liberal First Principles.

Help? Any lists of "Friday News Dumps"?

Wise old quote

FREEPERS = Bush Bots

Why you should listen to your dad once in a while.

Bush's Alternate Reality of Iraq

The Hurricanes In Florida: Global Warming or No?

WHY are we a 'global economy'?

"Sore Winners" John Powers, on NOW, talked about RW controlling

For the next five days ...

Need advice regarding filling out my absentee ballot

Gilmore on Crossfire

Is George W. Bush Still a Booze Hound? I wonder?

Jimmy Carter Turns 80 on Friday

Happy Toutatis y'all. How are the nude nightcrawler roundup parties in you

Okay I am just asking this because I am preparing for debate/help

Geez - No wonder milk is so damn expensive lately!

What pundits, reporters, media outlets do DU'ers trust?

What we need on election day

D. Hackworth Column in Oct Issue of Playboy....

Mods: can we start a Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter thread?

Bush is a Anti Christ - Pictures inside

Do You Write Editorials?

If California had 4 major earthquakes in 5 weeks do you think

Food For Thought, 1999: Why GHWB left Saddam in Iraq

Just heard second debate being discuss on PBS

Is the GOP trying to rewrite history? All of it?

Vanity Fair's article about the 2000 theft available on line.

U.S. causing majority of Iraqi civilian deaths...

Trying to keep an open mind................................

We all know that God favors the republicans

I missed Bill Maher's Real Time. Is it worth checking out this week?

The British and italian hostages, any word today?

NPR currently tapdancing like crazy

Cher's in Lakeland Florida tonight and Jean will be here tomarrow morning.

More Iraqi Civilians Killed by US Forces Than By Insurgents, Data Shows

Firefighters risk double dipping charge just to get a glimpse of Clinton.

Mekong Delta - video game starring John Kerry and the men of Swift Boat

what is the state of Afghanistan?

For fans of Al Franken's show....

Armageddon didn't tell them...they would be without TV and their Kids/Die

Escape From L. A.

DC folks: party for Howard Dean on Wed. Sept 29.

"Unfit for Command" begins its drop on the NYT Bestsellers list...

Gollum or Mr. Burns?

Bubble Boy Bush...

One of my neighbors just asked for a sign!

It's official -- Falwell and fundy nutjobs now OWN the Republican Party

Slacker Uprising Tour - Partial Schedule - Michael Moore Appearances

ACSA predicts the details of 'likely' Terror Attack preceding US Election

The President of Pakistan says the

Bullies at the Voting Booth

C-Span Will Show First Gore/Bush Debate Tonight

Debt of 33 Poor Nations Could be Cancelled

Murdoch seeks waiver from ownership rule, permanently. Scary stuff.

Conning the media with the term "balanced".

Reagan's (and Bush's) Real Legacy

I WAS moderate. Am I now a (shhhhhh) .... liberal????

Heard a radio commercial tonight...

I expect to lose electric power to Jeanne at any minute.

Is anyone else hoping Joe Scarborough gets hit by a tree limb?

Posts on evolution prohibited at FR

Which header sets off your Freeper alarm?

saw Evangelicals preaching how to vote on TV.. he started to talk about

Please, buy a copy of this film.

Nicknames for Free Republic

Pre-election state polls from 2000?

Mussolini in his own words.

Galveston Co. Democratic HQ vandalized..Bush/Cheney sticker left there.

Hurricane Jean may be the most deadly hurricane of all time.

A Defense of Culture Wars: A Call for Counterrevolution

Documentaries that everyone should watch...

Very Sick: "Heavy Metal Mercenary" ( and A Christian Too!) ....

Kerry not to blame, It is the DNC

Are you neo-conservative?

Eyes Wide Open Exhibition

Baghdad Year Zero - read and send far and wide

Noah McCullough - the 9 year old 'whiz kid' republican. wtf is this sh*t

Joe Scarborough is standing in the hurricane in Florida,

Just like Iraq, help if Florida is lacking from the government.

Deleted message

Link to live Miami radar image of hurricane Jeanne


"Christians Use Gay Marriage to Seek Voters"

Saw two great bumper stickers today.

My God, can you believe these people?!

Where can I get the detailed location info for Michael Moore's tour?

Do You Own A Large American Flag?

Kerry should quote Bush's own words from the Bush/Gore debates

Peter Peterson, who was on NOW last night, on BookTV

A comment on "Pro-life" Democrats

Republicans new political model to control all levers of American power

Bank set for 'bloody BCCI battle' : London Evening Standard

"Security" is mostly a White upper-middle class obsession

"The Worm of Greed, the fatted Worm of Ease"

This cartoon must be censored. It is disloyal

My experience debating righties online

"Massacre of Civilians in Fallujah -- 'Aw dude!'" -video

What are good sodas for Progressives?

It's a juicy rumor for some, but a tragedy for Jim Bunning (R-Ky).

Another of the good guys died this year ...{{sigh}} DANGER: inspirational

Responding to Pledge of Allegiance Issue

In the Bible Belt, Gay Acceptance Is Hard-Won

Stronger hurricanes are exactly what was predicted as a result of Global

Possible postive regarding the "forged docs" controversy

Has DU become banal?

From Vietnam to Fallujah

You guys seen this yet? Fahrenhype911

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

9/11? It's the drugs, stupid!

Oh, thank HEAVEN. American Dreams starts TOMORROW.

Went to our company happy hour and some Repub. guy said about his date:

george bush kills children

Cat Stevens can kiss my Mother Fucking Ass

Is it OK to not watch Beheadings?

What If Bush Wins

Why would anyone be a Libertarian?

BBV - Hillborough Cty, FL. Absentee Question - Help

Is mandatory mental health testing the beginning of the end ?

Hurricane: "Poor, Black, and Left Behind"

His Excellency John Ralston Saul "In Defense of Public Education" webcast

Anglo/Irish - American communication.

Deadly chemicals shipped to N Korea

To Help Iraq Vote, Powell Seeks Meeting of Nations

Nations join to press US to sign nuclear test ban

MN DFL reports illegal automated call activity


NYT: Advocacy Groups Step Up Costly Political Ad Battle (Repubs catch up)

WP, pg1: Campaigns Buy More Ads, Target Fewer Sts (Judge Judy v Cops)

LAT: Latino Vote Still Lags Potential (not registered in #s to help Kerry)

Three sailors charged with abusing Iraq prisoners ("Abused" them to death)

How News Portals Serve Up Political Stories (Google News Right Wing Bias)

More Iraqi civilians killed by U.S. forces than by insurgents, data shows

Navy To Deploy Ships Near N. Korea

Media Looked Past 9/11 Commission Findings of Bush Admin.'s Fabrications

Deadly Cooperation

Australian PM accused of ignoring expert advice on Iraq weapons

Jabs over state of Iraq

Web Posting Claims British Hostage Killed

Demise of Iraqi units symbolic of U.S. errors

Iraqi Forces Backed by American Troops Raid Mosque

LAT: (CA Secretary of State) Shelley Fires 15 Voter Consultants

When Bush fell foul with police

'Depressed' Crown Princess comes out to play

Bush accuses Kerry of being un-American

PM Accused of Hypocrisy over Hostage Crisis

Wal-Mart bans anti-Jew book

Princess for president in Burundi

Hendrix brother loses royalty row

Bush Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq

Tot boiled but lives; man held

'Drunk rider' ruling stirs scorn

Report recommends steps to toughen LAX defenses

U.S. Battles to Protect Afghan Election

Oil and Gas Hold the Reins in the Wild West

(Iraqi) Troop documents conflict with Bush claims

Link to live Miami radar image of hurricane Jeanne

Austria: Catholic exodus over sex rows

U.S. soldier killed in Baghdad roadside bomb

Reading Fannie Mae's Scary Cookbook

Pelosi Calls Iraq War 'Grotesque Mistake'

U.S. Hammers Fallujah but Announces More Deaths

Saddam to Declare Candidacy for Iraqi Elections

Iraq War Film Scoops Spanish Festival Prize

Testing Week For Blair


Four US Marines killed in Iraq

Rumsfeld mulls withdrawal from Iraq


Credibility Fears Bedevil Iraq Elections

Sugar beet farmers think twice about Bush (Minnesota)

Pinochet set to face questioning

Musharraf on Iraq: I will certainly say that it has complicated the issue.

U.S. Strikes Zarqawi Network, Killing 16

UK Police Arrest Four in 'Dirty Bomb Plot'

NYT: Al Qaeda Tries to Upset Afghan Vote

Kerry as the Boss: Always More Questions

Jimmy Carter Still Promoting Peace

Liberal talk radio arrives (Bay Area)

AT&T Cuts Jobs at Call Centers as It Struggles to Regroup (up to 10,000)

Minnesota Farmers May Vote Against Bush, due to trade deal

Musharraf: Iraq war a mistake

60 Minutes Scraps War Report

Kennedy Kin Runs for Calif. City Council

Guantánamo Tribunal Process in Turmoil

Leaders Say All of Iraq May Not Vote

Putin attack suspect 'badly beaten'

"Smoketown Six" headed for trial (emulated Abu Ghraib pyramid at * rally)

Militias force Sudanese to return home

Miami, We Have A Problem (Debate Haggling Continues)

Security obsession pushes swing states into Bush's grasp

Child Abuse Seen on N.C. Military Bases

Homeland Security's Info: Miles from Nowhere (Cat Stevens update)....

NRA to back (NH) student in yearbook photo fight

Deportations anger advocates (US deported Haitians to ravaged Haiti)

Israeli army destroys Gaza homes

WP: Violence in Iraq Belies Claims of Calm, Data Show

Cat Stevens deportation linked to spelling error: report

Blair will pay for this at the next election

G.I. sentenced for murder of Iraqi soldier

State voter rolls at all-time high (Michigan)

Calif. Gov. Vetoes Long-Term Energy Planning Bill

WP: (Young and Gay) In the Bible Belt, Acceptance Is Hard-Won

Lennon fans threaten his killer as release looms

WP: Poverty Up as Welfare Enrollment Declines

Labour Government Hits Rock Bottom in Poll

US combat stress control pushed to limits in Iraq

Texas Expects Economic Boom From Soldiers

Voters may throw out 'three strikes' law

Afghan opium harvest grows

Bush Vows to Step Up Iraq Rebuilding Spending

Falluja doctors decry attacks on civilians

CBS Nixes '60 Minutes' Story on Iraq War

Ex pastor convicted of rape in Arkansas

Iran Successfully Tests Strategic Missle

Police Sawed Through Locks & Seized Bikes Riders Say (Critical Mass again)

WP: U.S., Iraq Prepare Offensive to Pave Way for Election

Iraq War Takes Toll on GIs' Mental Health

Bush Twists Kerry's Words on Iraq

Kerry Ad Labels Bush Politics 'Despicable'

Yusuf Islam's (Cat Stevens) treatment shocks Muslims around globe

NYT: Climbing Down from the S.U.V., and Liking the View

Israeli millionaire to purchase 50% of Al-Jazeera shares

Falwell says evangelicals control GOP, Bush's fate

Soldiers Iraq Blogs Comfort Moms, Anger Some Commanders

WP: Election May Hinge On Debates

U.S. veterans ask Bush to halt B.C.'s 'tribute to cowards'

(NY Times) Both Parties See a Big Increase in New Voters

A big increase of voters in swing states (NYTimes)

NYT: A Big Increase of New Voters in Swing States

Networks Object to Ads Using News Footage

Teacher sends feces home with 6-year-old

Rising cancer cases in Iraq due to use of Deplete Uranium Shells

Elián remark provokes fury (Mel Martinez calls rescuers "armed thugs")

Kerry prepares for fifteen minutes that could decide the election

Guantánamo Tribunal Process in Turmoil

Dodgers beat Giants; Cubs open up 1 1/2 game lead for NL wildcard

Similes you would like to see banned from DU for all eternity? nt

"Would you like to hear the specials?"

you know about the bicycle built for two . . . but did you know . . .

Do they EVER go to sleep?

Wag the Dog?

Quitting smoking day 2

To all the Believers out there

Just Finish a Database Graduate course and handed in my paper online

Who has this as their sig line?

What're you east coasters doing still up?

Elvis: Thats the way it is

So what should I do here?

Sk8er boys and girls come out to play

I think I'm addicted to DU

yet another "who's on DU" post

Too drunk to drive? Just jump on a horse, says US court

I swear, the women in my family are evil

Attempted grand theft auto and my hamstring

I'm drunk and listening to music...but what are YOU listening to?

What do we know about the "National Barking Spider Resurgence" candidate?

20-somethings - does our generation matter?

For my 1000th post I wanna say

I feel healthier when I'm not watching or listening to cable news

I'm going to the store to pick up some snacks. Whaddya want??

Finally saw F911 last night at the 10:10 PM show. Wow.

I just got a royal flush in online video poker!!!

Should I send my movie script to Michael Moore?

I've Got to Start Getting More Rest!

If Bushit get your money!

Today's Fact

Check out what I did with one of the animated gifs posted earlier!

Today's Quote

Anyone purchase Jon Stewart's new book?

yo JanMichael - Tell Us The Truth - The Live Concert Recording

I gotta watch more Jeopardy

Cartoon: Steve Bell, the Guardian

La de da, La de da...I'm about to get plastered by a Hurricane.

I Think I Have Found A Lefty In Need

*ucker Carlson has his own reich-wing show on PBS, WTF?

For all of the non-practicing Jews out there, on this the holiest of days

My cable company has pissed me off

RAVE: Audiobooks

Good Morning, DU!

I am meeting a couple of DUers in DC tommorow, ask me anything

Bob Boudelang has a new hairdo!

Best bush-halo image ever!

If it wasn't a day of fasting, I wouldn't be hungry.

'Drunk rider' ruling stirs scorn

'Drunk rider' ruling stirs scorn

Philadelphia Voter Registration Pub Crawl? You know LynneSin will be there

The Top 10 most idiotic fans in sports history

Marilyn Manson Fans...

The Time Slot for EcoTalk

My argument/near right with middle aged freeper while tabling for YD

This is my chosen fast, DU.

Heads up Jon Fogarty/CCR fans....

True or false?

Listen little man

Ah, nothing like the smell of coffee in the morning to wake me up


Does God watch over everything you do?

Jeanne is knocking on your door Florida!

"Bush/Cheney: In your guts you know they're nuts" I just saw this funny

Saw Spiderman 2 this afternoon - loved it!

God is a leftist

Are any DUers offended by the "Redskins" mascot name?

Man goes berserk from smoking 'hemp'

"M - I - C ... K - E - Y ... M - O - ...

What is latest on Jeanne..

College football fans: One hell of a game today

Which do you prefer?

A parody Peanuts strip just in time for the holidays!

Please tell me to stop looking at DU

Official Russian Roulette national championship game thread

I Had a Horrible Nightmare.....:-(

I just got the WEIRDEST mail...

Novelist Francoise Sagan, 69, dies

Tucson DU'ers you will love this Sweeney's visit to our Young Dem Tent

This is my annual 'Take a bunch of kids camping weekend'.

Multifunction Printers- Would You Give Advice, Please


Hurricane Season! Duck Season!

Searching for a MOVIE

Who wants to help me give PROUD DemocRAT a flea dip?

When in Rome - do as the Romans do....


W Is For ...

A Moral Question about Evil from Star Wars Ep. 6 "Return of the Jedi"

Knuckle Cracking/Popping... {{{ CELERY CRUNCH! }}}

Sophie's Choice, free republic or goat porn?

Who else here is the political "black sheep" in their family?

Yet another moral question about Episode VI...Vader's redemption

Well, looks like I am in for it this time...

Damnit!!! I just picked a flea off my arm!

My car was burgled last night...

Happy Toutatis y'all. How are the nude nightcrawler roundup parties in you

If you like American Idiot, you'll love Jesus of Suburbia

Adventures in Home Remodeling

I'm confused

But Mr. Bush do we have a chance?

Manual or Automatic

Authorities seize 80,000 cans of dog food sold as foie gras

Coolest Sports TV Talk Show.

I just bought some Chuck Taylor's

I hate bye weeks.

How much does milk cost in your area?

Kentucky Loses to Florida as Usual

Been away for a bit. What's been happening out in DU-land and beyond?

What does everyone want for Christmas?

What does that yellow ooze taste like in sunny side up eggs?

Smarmy Republican I know plans to register to vote day before election

There's a CDF spotter plane, 2 water bombers and a helocopter.....

Hendrix brother loses royalty row

Teresa H. Kerry Pumpkin Cookies

Best Anniversary Present/Experience You've Ever Given or Received?

I'm One Angry Mother Right Now...

I just cheered up my grandmother

Are you going to force repugs to watch the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD?

Sparky the DU Warthog says Gooooood Morning Cat Lovers!

Dr. Strangelove on TCM 8pm est.

Thank you hurricanes

Do any DUers hangout on

Yay!! Iowa is beating Michigan

Need help from those who enjoy creative writing....

Cate Edwards thinks I'm creepy :(

Precinct Walking With Friend in OC tomorrow...ask me anything!

Tech question:

A bee just stung me, inside my house.

Let's see who can crack the code!

Do i give up my Xbox for the Atari 2600?

What is everyone reading right now?

It was pointed out to me yesterday that my name means "God"


Do it

WTF is "Tamari Sauce"?

Kramnik defeats Leko in Game 1 of World Chess Championship

Nevermind--kinda dumb.

Cate Edwards thinks I'm hot :)

If Clinton was president...

That "orange peel smile" thing cracks me up every time:

I just stung two bees. Ask me anything.

It's snowing in Alaska. Kee-rap. Melting mostly though.

AMAZING video of a surfer riding a freaking ENORMOUS wave!!

Notre Dame is crushing UW.

Does a person have to have so many posts to *receive* PM's?

An interesting simulation of the Iraq Insurgency

Meg Ryan is a Border Collie who can predict epileptic seizures

A neighbor just found a cat paw print that measured 7-inches across!

You Know You're Livin' in 2004 when......

I'm a precinct captain in Torrance, Avast ye Matie's!!

Pagerbear isn't a bear.

Holy SHITE....La. Tech has a 14/7 lead over Tennessee.....

I'm turnin 21 in 3 hrs45 mins and I'm in a new city and don't know anyone.

Good Lord, there are Repubs in my house!

I got stung by two bees. Ask me anything.

They never did catch that anthrax guy...

I am32 and still can't get a boyfriend, WHAT THE HELL

Bubya and Dubya

The sickest joke ever told!

Does everyone remember whose 80th birthday is coming next Friday?

My baby's walking!

It's Saturday night and time for THE SOUL EXPRESS!

Oh where Oh where can my Johnny be?????

I battled the Rightwingers to a standstill on Slashdot today!

Woman Lives With 6,000 Scorpions, Claims New Record

Hurricane Jeanne... This is a bit trite of me... but I'm annoyed

Grand Funk Railroad 2004: Not as Grand, not as Funky, no Mark Farner

Did anyone watch Survivor tonight ?

Does it bother you when I call you hog?

Does it bother you when I call you Han?

NightTrain is Linux-compatible

GEEK! Please! How do I identify a video card??

Does it bother you when I call you Hun?

Uh-Oh West coasters your only team may be going down (USC)

Today I taught myself how to change my front brakes.


Dr. Strangelove coming on TCM now

What fiction have you read lately that's good?

Ready for the Chimp's poll #'s to drop further? F911 is out in 10 DAYS!

Sox bust it open in the 8th!

I don't know if this has been posted before.

Since it was just released AND on sale, I decided to splurge and buy Star

Check out this art site...


Documentaries everyone should watch...

Saturday Night Venture Brothers thread

Ah, Pinot Grigio!

Does it bother you when I call you hon?

Anyone want to see my big manly rack?

Apple's Latest iMac Is Elegant, Powerful, Surprisingly Affordable

So this guy is wearing a shirt with a "W" on it, huh?

January 20 , 1993 was a very golden day :)

HOLY FUCK!!! South Dakota State beat Southern U. 31-24!!!

What is your favorite ethic food?

Ah, Topot Gigio!

Just saw Eric Estrada doing an infomercial

Which sitcom family do you wish you were most apart of

Shaun of the Dead: a Modest Review

Calling all DU food lovers!!! Pesto assist on aisle four!!!!

Behold! I have just watched "The Hobbitt"

I love photoshop!

Things that people don't do anymore.

I'm Bored, Should I Shave My Legs?

Someone explain this @#%@#$% filesharing stuff please!

does it bother you when I call you Han?

i'm armond hammer. should i shave?

I'm Shaved. Should I Hammer My Legs?

Just came back from "The Forgotten"

Siberian boy raised by a dog

I will rock your world!

Saturday Night = ZombyLove

My Freeper Father-In-Law Is Here, Ask Me Anything!

Ok, so... Jeanne is starting to freak me out...

Anderson Cooper of CNN loves him some hurricane!

I'm Hammered, Should I Shave My Legs?

Anyone playing Madden 2005?

Happiness is

Why PTSD is ignored

If Bush Wins, It's All Good

South Park is so insightful!

I Am 18 and STILL Can't Grow a Beard, WHAT THE HELL

Which Sealab 2021 character are you?

What's your favorite un-ethic food?

Someone just tried to recruit me for a pyramid scheme...

How To Kill Yellow-Jacket Wasps

John Coltrane kicks ass.

"I Just Tip My Cap, And Call The Yankees My Daddy" - Pedro Martinez

Photo shop wizards.....can somebody make

"It was a dark & stormy night, suddenly....a shot rang out!

Name a song with any kind of animal in the title...

A 'Top 10' evening at the lake...

College football: Wyoming beats Ole Miss today!

Visit my blog

How many of you have friends who talk politics?

Instant Messaging with my *Republican* pal at CSU.

Sum up humanity as you perceive it to be in just one word.

I Want to Break Free

Should DU tolerate screenname squatting?

And so, Inspector Zatapathique, the forensic expert

I make a MEAN chicken matzo ball soup

Do you like COMCAST High Speed cable.........

ZeeDub's NFL Picks: Week 3

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is BACK & brand new on BBC Radio!

Really cool internet game--NationStates (warning: graphics of RP)

How F*ucking American Are You?

Who's Weirder? Gary Oldman or John Malkovitch?

What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

Your favorite Lounge Thread Classics?

Well, that really sucked!

Top 5 favorite movies

Okay, I'm off to make coffee using my new burr grinder for the first time

What is your favorite ethnic food?

Greetings from Las Vegas! Ask me anything!

And Now... It Comes With Video !!!

Favourite creature of cryptozoology?

Here are my four monsters (our cats)

Uh, oh, I got to thinking. Do only Dems have a sense of humor?

A day in the life of Joe Republican

Heart attack pool

Screaming Lord Byron Funeral Schedule


When will Kerry and Edwards say things like this?

The court ordered deadline has passed...

A look at the Republican Christian Platform....

Pictures from the front line that the media for some reason

Who says Bush has never done a live interview

DU Factcheck: Freeper claims US has only 2 million uninsured!!

Though this is a story about CBS and Rather, It was this last paragraph..

I almost can't stand it anymore

Your not a Patriot if you disagree with me

Why do Democrats have lackluster campaign managers/advisors?

Is the Bush-Drunk Video Real?

Veterans must sacrifice more says this administration....

On CSPAN Now - interesting Peter Hart focus group...

Kerry, the Death Penalty, and the Debates

Anyone have a bush speech from the 1980s

John Kasich - Opinions???

Allawi Bush: more troops needed, no more troops;yes troops; no

Has anybody seen the "Honor Betrayed" video?

Does it really matter?

Why we need to contribute to Kerry's GELAC fund....Important

International Republican Institute

"Invasion of Iraq was a profound diversion from battle against al Qaeda"

This could hurt Bush badly if Kerry used it.

Don't forget : *.. "do you have blacks too?" to Brazil President

Do Bush/Cheney have al Qaeda ties?

Should Kerry point out that bu$h lost the last election?

Submit your debate questions here

Bush lead shrinks in new Time Poll.

Is there conclusive evidence that Kerry is losing security moms?

picture of pregnant woman that supports John Kerry

RNC Admits to Mailers Saying Liberals Want to Ban Bible

Battlegrounders, Please take action !

Does anybody know where I can get the old style John Kerry

I just got my absentee ballot! The pentagon couldn't disenfranchise me!

Speaking Of Prescott Bush and Nazis here is the 9/25 Piece

Rasmussen Iowa, Minn, ILL, Geo, Bi-Weekly Updates

Politicians never really tell THE truth. They tell THEIR truth.

What are the types of swing voters and do we get them to swing left

Bush didn't "learn the lessons of 9/11."

Arguing with Dominionists and other wingers

SW Ohio

Time for us to attack CBS

DU this youth poll: under 30

M - I - C - K - E - Y ... M - O - U - S - E !

How do you think Kerry will do in the election?

Michael Moore Slackers of the World Tour thread

I'm guessing that Bush won't be holding Musharraf's neck, McCain-style.

know any "security" moms?

Need an "E" word.

WT McCaslin Smeared Kerry with Misquote of 1997 Statement on Iraq

How Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler's Rise to Power

Request a debate question.

My email to the DNC: Stand up and fight!

Kerry should include, in EVERY speech dealing with Iraq...

Edwards v Cheney Debate...

Have you seen this??


Why their propaganda will fail...

Pentagon Releases More Bush Guard Papers-9/24

Dear Michael Moore, Forgive me, but I *AM* Spock (or a negative lib)

2004 VOTE - Peter Hart Focus Group

Carville should glove slap Bill Mahrer

Bush May Back Sharon, but Jewish Voters Back Kerry (CD)

Klingons---0% for Bush


Best T-shirts/stickers

The "Flip-Flop" Script: Great article! (Now how does Kerry respond?)

Verrrry interesting exchange on Bush earpeice theory. Anyone got links?

Why do people support Bush?

Chimp Can Hack Diebold Electronic Voting System

Should the unspeakable occur in November...

Democracy Corps: State of the Race

Kick because I'm pissed...

MSNBC removes the "Bush enjoys lead" copy from the "Kerry Strategy" teaser

Waiting for Hurricane Jeanne while the GOP destroys democracy.

DU this MO Gov. Poll. Please vote, vote vote....


Because of Florida storm, Edwards coming to Maine on Sunday

Bush is a great debater. He wins every debate he's in

AP Changes article title to favor Chimp!!

Kerry on Good Morning America Wed. AM

bush really wants out

Need feedback on FOOLISH BUSH flyer version 2.0

Wingnuts playing the "misspelled URL" game.


How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Sugar growers sour on trade pact, Bush

WTF? Novak says Chimp would start pulling troops out in 2005?

Photo from Bartcop

Patrick Hynes, Karl Rove, and Roger Stone dig for information

The hollow world of George Bush - Excellent Article by Sidney Blumenthal

DUPE.. my bad.

Should the President and Vice President Be Elected Separately?

Duval County, FL - campaign ground war

Junior's radio address: "the Prime Minister of a free and sovereign Iraq"

Kerry Signs Stolen in Oklahoma

Arkansas & West VA DUers: RNC bible ban propaganda .....

If I don't get my Bill Clinton fix soon...

George W Bush stands for WASTE.... We are wasting our time, our resources,

CFO Of RNC Admits & Confirms He Is Gay After The

Where did the "liberals will ban the bible"

As I sit here in Delray waiting for Jeanne, knowing that I will

Vote for your favorite candidate in the DemocracyForAmerica challenge.

Should President Kerry fire Porter Goss immediately?

CNN is biased for Kerry and the DEMs like Fox is for the GOP (WTF?)

Kerry/ Edwards Campaigner in Swing State - Asks About Draft

Great stmt. from Buzzflash! Right path, even if we crash!!!

I'd like to see a gay person actually confront W at the townhall debate


absentee balloting, touchscreen votes and tabulation:

Debunking the terrorists were in Iraq diatribe

Sept 30 Presidential Debate "May" be cancelled b/c


How do we keep this Expectations game from backfiring??

Bush yardsign, don't you dare take this one (pic)

Beer Buddy Election

Is this correct?? James Baker, long-time adviser to the Bush mafia, and

Did you see the focus group last night?

Message from AL Weed, VA 5th District

When will we see pundit article or piece to analyze Shrub's Gamble?

"Bush Twists Kerry's Word on Iraq" -- from AP! Can you believe it?!

Politics/ a meeting with the UN Assembly

In how many states is Nader on the ballot?

NYT slams republicans, re: A vote for Kerry is a vote for Osama

DU BRAINSTORM: Ideas to spread the "Two-Faced" message.

Deleted message

Would JK be the nominee if he voted against the War Resolution?

Listen to "The Bush Flip Flop Song" here.

so wassup with this whole *likability* factor anyhow?

If you're feeling abusive

Any Other Presidents have a wife born in another country? nt

Saying she's a lesbian,Drier's Democratic challenger rebukes his positions

Comparing Pros ( ARG & Zogby) to Ho's ( Badger, Survey USA, Gallup)

OK! So Kerry lost the first debate. Let's hope he does better in the 2nd!

Bush and Lawyers..

TWO-FACED letter sized poster for printing

KERRY Debate Closing Statement (Suggestions?)

Should my girlfriend vote against Shrub...

Cate Edwards on Tour

Are Kerry & Edwards & the Dem surrogates going to repeat "two-faced"

Bush Has Secret Plan To Eradicate Florida Hurricanes..

Capitol Gang on CNN - Harry Reid referred to * as the cheerleader he

Yahoo / Reuters: "Bush Preps for First Debate Against Kerry"...Bwahaha

Local news whoring for the Bush administration

Chefs locked in laundry room because of Cheney

"There is a difference between being a bully and being strong."

RNC Says It Sent Mail Warning Bible Ban

We can't give up on FL - polling the state has been tough in recent days

Will Bush catch Bin Laden before the election?

How will we know how Kerry is doing? Follow the trend, friend...

In one word, what's Bush's biggest flaw?

Where can I buy a video of Kerry's Senate 1971 testamony?

N.H. Sen. Judd Gregg plays "Kerry" in Junior's pig farm debate dry run

December 13, 2000 - Remember This Smirk!

Northeast florida DU'ers TH Kerry needs your help.


The Seven Deadly Sins Of George W. Bush... Which Is Worst?

Win the debate of low 5.4% unemployment with CON's

Nevada: 47% Bush, 45% Kerry "Too Close to Call"

What did YOU do today to help elect Kerry and Edwards?

Where can read Kerry's Senate Testamony about Vietnam?

Rasmussen Battleground Polls Show Little Movement

You don't get a second chance

Funny story canvassing today

A Democratic US Senate candidate has died in each of the last 2 elections

Why is there no reporting on these screwy polls?

Bill Maher wants Bush OUT and he is going for the jugular.

I had an encounter with the "security issue" 2 days ago.

Do pollsters call cell phone numbers?

Bush & Allawi's daily bombs continue to kill and maim women and children

DU Challenge: List 23 changing reasons Bush gave for Iraq war

Funny story from Arizona

What is best INTELLIGENCE on best channels to reach UNDECIDEDS?

Just saw the two-faced avatar on a website I frequent

Have you donated to the Democratic Party this year?

Yard Sign trouble

Simple To Print One Page Kerry Info Flyer For Easy Mass Distribution

Debates. Do the candidtes know the questions beforehand?

It is now up to John Kerry...

You may not get Election Model updates for a few days...

Bush/Gore Debate on C-Span now

Bush Lies TV Statement (taken from site)

Who is winning the voter registration war? Dems or Republicans.

CBS Cancels '60 Minutes' Story on Rationale for War

Kerry should call a halt to the "war on terror"...

Can I get the latest Zogby poll results?

Vote for a Man, Not a Puppet - Great article emailed to me today

dKos: CNN declares Bush the winner in 1st debate.

Neighbor has Kerry sign, and other DEms

Does anyone have evidence of a church promoting * campaign?

snl: rove and ann coulter on hardball! nbc

Pictures of Barak Obama from today's Rally!!!!!! HUGE pics..warning

Guns and Bibles...Guns and Bibles

How Will the Media Spin the Edwards-Cheney Debate?

Glue suggestions

IMPORTANT: GOP plans to connect Kerry with the CBS memos.

Well, there is no doubt as to the winner now!

What do today's Republicans believe in as a Party...

Question for people from swing states

I just heard Hitchens tell Russert that he "has yet to meet a Democrat

Watch Bush debate Gore right now on C-Span!

How're we going to win this way?

W Is For Women - Is Bush really getting the female vote?

Dim bulbs in Bushland

Fact Freepers Can't Face.

People pretending to be democrats

Summary of Ongoing * Illegal Psy-Ops against CBS, Nation

Bush Radio Address: Promises For Iraq/Promises For America- False/Broken

Which of our past presidents could have met the "drinking pal" likability

DU BRAINSTORM: Ideas to spread the "Two-Faced" message.

The Southern Patriot Poll: Should Pres. Kerry fire P. Goss immediately?

It's official I can't be President this year (DAMN!)

Scotland weighs in . . . "US election campaign divorced from reality"

Find information about Jim Robinson-All Democratic Underground members

Remember: Hitler lost.

News station gives one sided campaign coverage! Need your help!

The Slacker Uprising Tour. by Michael Moore.

Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan on CNBC's Tim Russert show.

Barack Obama 68%...Alan Keyes 17%...

Kerry accuses Bush, Cheney of 'despicable politics'

Just heard on C-Span. Kitty Kelly shoots to #1. YA HOO!!!!!!!!

Should John Kerry call the President a "liar" in the debates?

A quick pep talk for those in need

PBS Frontline episodes.....

Christian Right gets out the vote.. and demonizes the Democrats

When is Clinton going to show up and win this one for us?

Secret Service Stands down - Cheney Protestors TRIUMPH!

Is it best to vote by absentee ballot -- or go to the polls?????

Can we list all the different manners in which Bush is TWO FACED?

CFO of RNC is Outed 9/25 - Raw Story\From Blue Lemur\From BuzzFlash

WEst Wing??? WHY IS it not on??? is bush intimidated by sheen?

When the Ruling Class fucks up, we all suffer. Bush is a Faux leader

NBC will run "preview of debate" Sunday Nite

Help Betty Castor, running for US Senate from Florida

CBS Memo Cased Solved. Evidence of FOWL PLAY

Registering Voters is Thrilling!

Poll: Should Kerry Campaign Take Ownership of the Bush-Nazi Story?

Guess who said it?

Democratic voter registration far surpasses GOP in Ohio, Florida

Damn all these "anti-American traitors"! (aka Only fools choose bush)


If the poor actually voted the Dem's would win every time!

Wow! "Baghdad Year Zero" Great article regarding neo-con's

I'm gathering stories about yard sign/car vandalism/theft/abuse