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Archives: September 24, 2004

Kerry's Standing In The Polls Compared To 1980 & 2000 (Daily Kos)

Still making a difference

Overzealous prosecutions undercut war on terrorism (USAToday)

Transforming the Reserve Component for the 21st Century

Herbert: Bush Upbeat as Iraq Burns

Krugman: Let's Get Real

North (San Diego) County Times: Activist: Paper trail not enough

Smearvet John O'Neill on Hardball Again Tonite

Peru threatens Japan over exiled former president - Saddam of Japan

Meddling, errors marred HK poll

My response to Senator Feinstein

Voter fraud? Man dead for 20 yrs registers.

Calling all Tarrant County Members

Why Bush is bad for Wisconsin

Finally, a Gallup poll you'll like

Why aren't Jenna and Barbara enlisting to help "stay the course"?

Think I had a brush with a Freeper today...

Proof Allawi is full of bushit (from Josh Marshall)

Conservative vs. Neoconservative.

From Rochambeau: The October Surprise

Limited Elections in Iraq is Very Bad


Utah loses $1 million due to Michael Moore

I wish a Donor can post a poll for me please...

The House Repukes think they can limit the US Supreme Court's authority.

Falwell opens law school to train fundamentalists to interpret laws.

Beijing warns Washington over arms deal with Taipei

UN helps the rich, while scorning the poor, Mbeki says

Despite Bush Flip-Flops, Kerry Gets Label

Insider Challenges Drug Industry on Imports

Judge here(Pittsburgh) to decide on opening Heinz will

Hundreds pack meeting on recovery efforts (Flood victims ticked at WH)

Group With KKK Ties To Set Up Booth At State Fair

US Airways to Ask Court to Cut Union Workers' Pay 23%

the UW-Milwaukee school newspaper now has a weekly liberal editorialist!

Yelling "Booya, how you like me now?" at Kerry-Bush debates forbidden

In Exile In The 700 Club..

So is the troll activity down some lately?

Feelin' kinda bummed tonight

Have a look at this troublemaker

I had a great "hair" day today !!!

Can anyone recommend a good wine?

Whats your parent(s)or guardians political affiliation?

I said was your HAIR WITH YOU ALL DAY TODAY??!!

A word from Carl Sandberg (The People, Yes!)

these are our VP choices (and Kerry with Dr.Phil)

OK I am woried about this.

Murdoch Says Fox Would Have Been 'Crucified' for CBS Mistake

i *hate* phone banking, but...

Balancing Act: How News Portals Serve Up Political Stories(google repub?)

Salon: Too much about memos, too little about war

If It Ain't Broke-Give It a (Tax) Break(the frequent absence of principle)

Democracy in Retrograde (Iraq war has slowed changed to Demcracy)

NIH one year ban on drug co consulting payments to employees

If the War Were in the U.S.(300 dead last wk in Iraq equivalent to 3000 US

Nobody is born a terrorist

Iraq: There are terrible ways to do a good thing

(Bush) Twisting the Truth

WP: Tying Kerry to Terror Tests Rhetorical Limits

Orange County Register: Real war debate looms - at long last

WSJ Poll: Who is more accurately depicting conditions in Iraq?

Naomi Klein: 'Baghdad Year Zero: Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon uto

Kerry’s Not to Blame For America’s Delusions

Which guides our Iraq policy -- political thinking or critical thinking?

Bush crony is under investigation

John Kerry: Speech at Temple University (WOW!!!!!!)

Salon: Tough truths vs. patriotic pride

Bush's America asks, Why us?

US Oil Companies Just Happened to Have Billions of Dollars To Invest

Bush sells out people's health to religious zealots, corporate contributor

WP: Kitty Kelley Book Review/All the Way to the White House

Morford - Do we just want Kerry more angry and ruthless?

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Biscuit fire salvage will harm forest

Safer Than On September 11 (Krug, aren't safe!

Catholic --- and voting for Kerry for president

Fascism Anyone? That Bush=Nazi thing(again)

Baghdad Year Zero--a must read


Tying Kerry to terror tests rhetorical limits-MSNBC Report

Tues 9/28 Concert for Change in NYC

Is this ileagal


Rumsfeld transcript?

RW Boston Herald's Schorow claimes "proof" CBS memos fraud -BUT

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Story on Smudge is wrong ....

this needs de-freeping

KLSD gets 3 star review

We really need to get Air America on more stations all over the US

Check this out - Original analysis on Bush tax plan based on gov't data

Bid to Save Tax Refunds for the Poor Is Blocked - Ad Follow Up

Money Market question

Tiny Sensors That Can Track Anything

Moving Mountains - Extracting Silver Ligning from Federal Lands in Montana

FDA Told Analyst To Withhold Information On Antidepressants, Then Cover Up

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Deep Structure Suggests Climate Vulnerability

West Antarctic Glacial Loss Exceeds Growth From Snowpack By 60% - BBC

EU warns of breakaway plans on [ITER] nuclear project

Noise (human-made) is killing the whales and dolphins

California approves world's toughest global warming rule for cars

Congress passes wind energy tax credit

Wasps seen above the Arctic Circle

Beacon for Freedom of Expression Conference at Bibliotecha Alexandria

Despite accusations, Kerry's position on Iraq has been consistent

Hey, did we really get the right "Saddam"?

Stanley Hilton radio interview tonight, 9/24, 5-6pm EDT

Pyrrhic victory

3 Middle Eastern imperatives: freedom, democracy and justice

Where's Paul Bremer? - Has he dropped off the face of earth?

The Russian authorities support terrorists and Nazists!?

W says Kerry's plan is"exactly what we're currently doing"-NO- just saying

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 24, 2004

Is Cop an acceptable euphemism for Police Officer?

Is this appropriate for a High School yearbook

Orange County Register (CA)

Is there any way we can post suggestions to add to spell check?

DU Homepage hijacked

Your full-screen avatar pops up

That Bush avatar when I first access DU.

Bush avatar...full screen...then off... What gives?

That avatar scared my 3 yr old girl. You're awful. I'm alerting the media

bloody hell- two face is back, bigger and badder.

Ach! Yoor a clever one, DU!

weirdness...sorry to keep bugging you but this is really odd.

How do I go about transferring my star to a new name again?

Can the Lounge Discussions be suppressed from the general...

I don't know if anybody's mentioned it

When I sign onto DU-Chimpo's Face flashes on the screen for about

Two faced.


Can I make two faced my avater? n/t

Member joined yesterday and has over 1000 posts?

Suggestion for Skinner....Election Section

This morning when I clicked on my bookmark for DU,

Is DU being hacked by deranged admins?

DU system started running very slow about five minutes ago...

Shame on you, Skinner! You scared me!

Can you please remove the link on the front page

I just got one of those bug messages when posting

When can we buy the 2-F'd tee shirt?

Am I imagining things, or has the "edit" option disappeared?

Along with the "edit" option being gone...

I lost my two-faced Bush* avatar -- have you seen it?


Skinner - why is your avatar a rat terrior?


Central place for flyers and handouts

Woman killed when mortar hits home on Gaza settlement

Legal Affairs: Stealing the Show - Israel may have created the new Mandela

Four "radical" ideas for solving the I/P dispute and saving the world:

Stanley Hilton.......vs. Bush et al.

Stanley Hilton radio interview tonight, 9/24, 5-6pm EDT

The Ultimate Smoking Gun!

*OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE* 9/11 Holy Grail Discovered!

Flight 93: Cockpit recordings of final minutes

Select few will score tickets to UM debate

Where should we go for election day?

Are there any DU's who also post on...

Jeanne causes cancellation of Edward's rally

Anyone want to walk in San Diego Saturday?

Any reports on John Edwards Rally in Cedar Rapids 9-23-04?

Dean to speak at Williams College 9/28

Eagan vet, 58, going back to Army, Iraq

TPT Channel 2 -- on NOW! (8pm CDT) -- ML King speech at U of M from 1967!

I just ordered my Kerry lawn sign

GOP rep Tim Grendell screws fundraiser,takes campaign $$ beyond the limits

Another thing we need to do in Ohio

Democrats warned: Don't aid Specter

Any IUP students/grads in the house?

All DUers from any county in NE PA.... or SAFESTATERS willing to travel

Kelso's column in Stateman re: inditements is a hoot

confirm rumor: Houston Mayor Bill White speaks at DeLay fundraiser

Any Appleton Area DUer's going to be at Oktoberfest Tomorrow?


Two new polls put Feingold in front


All Civilized People Must Fight Terror... Opinion piece by Stanley Crouch

Great flash about the players in the Oregon Death with Dignity debate.

bush press conference on CSPAN NOW

Kevin Drum drops some science on your brain

New article, more poor people than ever, more billionaires than ever?

show after Letterman NEW,D.L. Hughely host,funny,anti-Bush,Bill Maher,

The Pledge Bill, seperation of powers? Standing?

How do you propose fixing the lazy, corporate, for-profit, tabloid media?

ALright.....arguing with a freeper who is also a friend....

Oh, sick. The Freepers cream themselves over Ann the Man Coulter.

Another Day, Another Bushie Lie (Environment)

Democracy gave me pinkeye...

I am so sick of this administration

What do you think Bush will say in the debate?

Just heard via acquaintance..Dan Rather Fired from CBS/Freeper talk????

Bush/Pentegon Natl Gaurd Records release

NYT book reviews: Summoning History as a Weapon against the Iraq War

WSJ Backs Howard Campaign (Australia)

I do not care HOW many times bush says Abu Nidal killed Klinghoffer...

Despotism - 1946 film has relevance today

It occurred to me this morning that the patients are running the asylum

New bush/cheney campaign bumper sticker:

Resume of GW Bush

on C-Span: Do Kerry's war comments 'embolden the enemy'?

Link to Allawi's speech to congress yesterday? Thanks

Has BushCo. offered any aid to Haiti?

Interesting Background on Rove "dirty tricks" and friends

'No hope' for British hostage

the Iran Democracy Act:

Caller from Kenner, Louisiana on Washington Journal this morning!

That B/W Avatard Keeps Appearing on my screen!

I knew my co-worker and poker partner was a * supporter

The Happy Iraqi

Link Needed for the Florida Vote/Hurricane Map....

Go buy Cat Stevens' Mjikat DVD. I am.

A new well trained Iraqi "Eating" soldier protects the lives of Americans!

I'm glad Rumsfeld is back in the media. Aren't you?

The top 10 most read NYT articles of the past 2 weeks - it's a good sign.

Allawi's ridiculous answer to Jim Lehrer|TPM

So, if you learned that you could not vote in your neighbour this fall....

Flip and Flop, starring dick and dubya............a funny cartoon

DU Pagans: A question about "heathen"

Ted Rall takes a swipe at the Freepers.

Allawi kicks off his Election campaign with a "bang, bang".

We cannot win at their game we must change the rules!

Is the press sharpening their teeth tied to the CBS memo thing?

Great cover in local paper (+ a poll) on Iraq lies:

I know this has been asked but....

Richard Armitage Testifies on Iraq - CSPAN

who would you rather meet in person- Bill Clinton or George Bush?

A warning about internet bank fraud. Do you ever get emails from your bank

CNN claims....

Anyone remember the "popular wartime President"?

Transcript for loony C-Span caller Thursday AM

its fun its easy.. volunteer to be a pollwatcher

Let's all make this our new computer background picture ....

DailyKos down?

Kerry is saying what the rest of the world has been waiting for!

MSNBC: Sept. is 5th deadliest mo. since Bush declared end to major combat

What i did at work this week.

Al Franken just said SF affiliate coming on next week

I voted today!

To the freeper posters who have annoyed me IMMENSELY today...

Alert PORTLANDERS -- See Thom Hartman Friday night 9/24

Cheney and military cuts-need help

Has anyone proven that tax cuts stimulate an economy and increase

recently Allawi murdered 6 prisoners with a pistol - did you know?

"Iron Fist 2" vs. "Enduring Democracy" vs. "Enduring Liberation" ?

Top ten pollsters in the last 12 -14 years

I voted today!

Young Voters Flock to Sign Up in Swing States...

"Powell Denies U.S. Plans to Attack Iran"

Do you believe the PNAC is "pushing elections" in Iraq ===== Civil War

Christian Coalition

"Bill O'Reilly Says Mike Wallace Inspired Him"

Did John Kennedy resign his Senate seat BEFORE he was elected President?

in case bush wins, i just want everyone to know....

Please Welcome PORT HURON, MICH.'S Dem. Party Headquarters!

what the fucking hell?? when i logged onto DU, that B/w face popped up

45 million - 1/3rd of total votes using electronic voting! Are we screwed?

What to make of California SB1506 (Penal Code 653aa) ?

New Moveon Internet Ad

Sign the Petition to Remove Rush Limbaugh From Armed Forces Radio!

Amy Goodman on cnn right now

Pope Pius apologist at Marshall U

Gabbo is coming

Celsius 41.11 trailer rebuttal to F-9/11

Stanley Hilton radio interview tonight, 9/24, 5-6pm EDT

So What if What they REALLY Want is Civil War in Iraq?

Liar Liar by Riverbend

Just read a wierd email...has anyone heard of this group?

Body of missing Sara Lee executive found frozen (actual headline)

new cat stevens song (parody)

About 10 minutes until Big Ed!!

Kerry: "I would have made bin Laden the priority."

How will America respond to the next attack?

Friedman begins to pull his head

someone explain to me how this b/w face is related to a google bomb.

This summer was the 16th coldest on record!

Christopher Hitchens edited the Nation?

How about a tax that's been tried before, and proven to work?

Who you gonna believe: Karl's Subtle Slogans or Your Lying Eyes? >PIX<

Here's how to deal with the "Don't change horses in midstream" meme.

Homeland Securities: The Department of Making Tom Ridge Richer

I JUST VOTED for President John Kerry, & I want a pat on the back

How can Bush be an 'excellent debater'....

What have YOU done...

Larry Franklin allegedly arrested by FBI

I knew there was another reason I left Tidewater

Christian Reconstructionists are **VERY** determined American Theocrats

Ambassador Wilson is on Ed Shultz show

For questions about the DRAFT: Go to the Blatant for Answers

C-Span carrying religious coalition love fest....

Run don't walk to buy Green Day's American Idiot

Is bush losing Iraq on purpose ??

What was that Bush quote about the U.N. being irrelevant?

Dan Rather thanked me!

Thou Dost Protest Too Much

Jeb & corps. trying to defeat a $1 mim. wage hike for Fl. workers

Bush to forgive $45 BILLION in Iraqi debt

Any one watching Chimpy on TV right now?

Versar gets contract for FL reconstruction: Tell me about this company.

That face almost gave me a heart attack.

Bill "Bet 'Em" Bennett on Hannity last night

AP Cites NewsMax Rather Poll (oi vey) - pt. 3

Great News! Shiites & Sunnis Pray TOGETHER Today!


Jerry Falwell's law school is not accredited by the American Bar

The Very Best of Cat Stevens CD is rated #22 at Amazon

I just spent an hour listening to Rush's"open lines Friday"

Can you tell the difference between these two?

The revolution starts now

George H W Bush voted against the Civil Rights Act

wow oh wow....Schneider.....

Is there supposed to be a flash quickie pic of * when entering DU?

riverbend rightfully rants about Bush & Allawi show

The Chief Financial Officer of the Republican Party has a BIG secret.

Is genetic warfare going to be the next scourge of mankind ?

Republicans are causing us to lose the war against Al Queda

This is kinda interesting -- subliminal messages on faux?

Eminem prepares to release Anti-Bush CD...

"Is Your Church Involved in Praying for the Upcoming Elections?"

Rumsfeld says U.S. does not have to wait until Iraq is peaceful

Here's an idea! Why not every time any of us hear Bush use the word . . .

David Corn on Randi Rhodes show

Central place for flyers and handouts

CNN made a mistake

DIBS on naming tonight's Mike Malloy thread!!!

Bush-Jesus Election Recap

Question: Did Kerry receive the same Iraq intelligence as Bush?

Pardon my ignorance but, why and when did Iraq become the...

2001 State Department map of al Qaeda activity by country -

Must read - Vanity Fair - October issue story about Supreme Court

Is there a Tom Franks besides Gen. Tommy Franks?

Getting folks ready for those bunker busters

CNN: who has a better plan for war on terra - W or Kerry?

Chief Financial Officer of GOP admits he’s gay, stays quiet

BBC News: Rumsfeld Says US TO Bug Out in Iraq?

Tax the people who LIVE the rich lifestyle, rather those who don't.

Is Target an exploitative chain like WalMart is?

Patriot Act Question-delayed notification

E-BAY check this out

Every GOP Senator Voted AGAINST Legislation Sending Body Armor to Iraq

Who served and didn't

Someone trying to tell us something...the Mask of Dionysus/Two Face Bush?

Anyone else read bartcop?

U.S. dichotomy ---- is it time to change our form of government?

Don't like FAUX News??? Buy the FOX Blocker!!!

The False Promise of 'Consumer-Driven' Health Care

Have you seen "9-11 In Plane Sight"?

Jeanne Lock down, Will Miss DU

Yesterday bush* referred to the poll in Iraq re: right track/wrong track

J. Kerry to meet with al Sistani soon?

let's challenge freepers to an online debate

The Cost of War (the meter is running...)

Saddam to Declare Candidacy for Iraqi Elections

Repugs are saying that Kerry is negative on Iraq. yes, and that's the

Randi Rhodes, 10 YEARS in West Palm!

Did anybody see the Bush supporter on Jay Leno last night ?

Just how STUPID do they think we are?

Watchout for the 1000+ post they......

I already voted, so what do I do for the next 6 weeks?

I just got my Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers !!


Social Security Number and required disclosure

Anybody Watching Capitol Report ??? About The Blogger Revolution !!!

Who knows anything about the Kerry fund for challenging election?

meme spreading?

O'Lielly on "60 Minutes" Sunday

"It's Friday Ya Bastards" The Randi Rhodes Show thread

Can anyone doubt that the right has had it in for Rather for DECADES?

Need help with info on forged Niger Documents

Has the Two-Face Bush picture been explained?

Are they dumb or are they just not paying attention?

POLL: If Bush wins do you believe it will have been because

Has the U.S.Presidency become a laughinstock of the world and

another repuke admits to being gay!

Iraq Coalition

Diebold machines hacked by non-human primate

One Day Report from Iraq - Security Bulletin distributed in Iraq

Check out the words to this song.

Nova Scotia legalizes gay marriage

I finally did it

"Iraq Violience Eclipses Rosey Pic" This Yahoo story needs to be rated up

If France, Germany & the rest of NATO come help USA & I believe they will

When Dems win the White House should Fox News be allowed in?

GoodMorning! "Highest icefields will not last 100 years, study finds"

W = Weak on Women

Bomb found at North Carolina election office!!!

Condoleezza Rice tripped up

Canadian TV alert: "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" season premiere, 8:30pm

HAHAHAHA..."Foxblocker" - story on Tulsa local eve news. CHECK THIS OUT

Ken Paulson, of USA Today, on C-Span2, just said, about CBS

Bay Area Coming Soon

a site that could use some tender loving DU

10 more kidnapped in Iraq

MSNBC poll: Is Iraq "growing more peaceful and secure"

Conservative Repub writes about Sibel, 9-11, Caspian Pipeline: Must read!

Point it out!

Tom Friedman (Imus Show) - Iraq situation "disastrous" & "ungovernable"

Underwear Goes Inside Your Pants..musical social commentary

Best. Nixon. Movie. EVER!!!

C SPAN People don't know about where Kerry stands on

Uncovered - film about the Iraq war - coming up on Sundance

WP: Allawi is "dynamo" with "can-do aura"

No Child Left Behind...I just had a revelation

moderate vs independent: Is there really any differences between them

I received a very interesting recorded political call tonight.

Are you voting Absentee or In Person?

I'm so sick of the Bush is doing well with women meme

"Shrodinger's Cat" Republican's

I can't spot the strings on this puppet..

******Sign Online Petition to Bring Air America to Eugene, Oregon*********

Job Tracker...type in your zip code and see what companies in your....

God Help Us if We Elect a Wealthy, Liberal, Democrat from the North East

So...what do YOU think Bush will pull just before the election?

Cheney came to Tulsa today, got ~500 people at $500/plate and pissed off

O'Reilly Factor

Has the Anthrax terrorist been caught??

What the HELL is going on with AAR???

Real Time with Bill Maher (9/24)

Kucinich testifies for simplified tax code

Will a pro-life Republican ever be nominated for President?

Swift Boat Facts needed - How long after Bush denounced the

Who are the Iraqi candidates?

Just got an email to vote in this poll. There are 5 different polls on

Will a pro-life Democrat ever be nominated for president?

Does Iraq have any Assets and if so who controls them?

Is the Bush administration proof Christianity is no longer a moral force

General strike? Apathy? Or amok insurrection in the streets?

ATTN: Parents! Do your kids...........

Now HERE'S a poll that needs unfreeping. - Can homosexuals change?

Real Time: Maureen Dowd. Too stoned?

Just when you thought you had enough ...

New Lexus commercial; car drives to France, song playing in the background

16 "foreigners" bodies found in common grave in Falluja

vets who lost friends from texas....

Wasn't "Jeanne" blowing out to sea?

HBO Real Time with Bill Maher on at 8:00 PST-- All liberals on...

What's Your Personal 9/11 Theory?

Chimpie is a happy primate these days.

"Rome never looks where she treads"

Something creeped me out today...

HBO Cries Foul at Baseball Clip (of * at Yankee Stadium after 9/11)

Everyone should buy a Cat Stevens record this weekend

If bush is Twoface,then Cheney must be the Joker the evil clown genius

Canada: Looking better and better...

On Real Time with Bill Maher tonight

Kerry cannot win unless he plays the same board game as Bush

Official friday night Malloy thread

Bloomberg Likes Locking Down NYC - Helicopters Are Back Tonight

A friend's 58 y.o. NG engineer father was just called up for Iraq duty...

"DICK is a KILLER" by George W. Bush

35 minutes into "Hannity and colmes....I think the republican plan is to

BBV: Cynthia McKinney quoted by AJC

When and how did the U.S. get addicted to supporting dictators

Support The Bush Bashing Bands Pt. 2 - Easy Way To Email

If you're not watching "NOW' with Bill Moyer, you need to be!

Teacher sends feces home with 6-year-old

Real Time w/Bill Maher Tonight: ONE GIANT KERRY-BASHING FEST

Has Bush decided to invade Iran?

Question for the security Moms...........

What books have YOU read?

Ramblings from Pennsylvania

what's a good way to make sure all votes are foolproof & crookproof?

Did I hear Rumsfeld say on NPR

GOP + = vast wingnut conspiracy

Dan Rather must go? Care to write an email to a RW rag? Please.

Seems W bragged about his Daddy bein' CIA in 1973!

Dear Wingnuts, you have just been bitchslapped.

BBV: Great GBC interview on KIRO-AM this morning

Dems Will Win invites all into the parlor, the TANG Forgeries are Solved!

"At the Whim of a (Mad) Hat(ter)" | the TOONs!

McGovern against welfare? Ted Kennedy for Reagan?

The pro-WHITE life movement.....(a must read for black DUer's)

"Richard Cheney the prime suspect in the mass murders of 9/11"

"Run of the Mill": the Plame Threads unplugged

Atwood gets rock star treatment at opening of Toronto opera, Handmaid's Ta

Nova Scotia legalizes same-sex marriage!

US Troops Face Hellish Fight in Sadr City/Jordan Times--New WMW

NATO will fight terrorism in Afghanistan for a generation, says ambassador

Stanley Hilton.......vs. Bush et al.

Rumsfeld Raises Prospect of Limited Iraq Elections

Full Iraq poll may not be possible: Rumsfeld

Dupe--please lock

Violence Belies Positive Picture

Survey shows Democrats ahead in congressional races (Maine)

NYT: Panel Calls U.S. Troop Size Insufficient for Demands

LAT: Tallying the Woes of Electronic Balloting

More US troops may go to Iraq for elections: Rumsfeld

Feds Detain L.A. Counterterrorism Chief (ex-ABC reporter had gun)

2 Egyptians Kidnapped From Baghdad Office

Chief Financial Officer of GOP admits he’s gay, stays quiet

WP: Danger of Image-Borne (computer) Viruses Looms

Cheney: Kerry disrespectful to Iraqi leader

Bush to tap oil reserve to counter Ivan delays

Allawi's Congress speech draws flak

Tunisia Ratifies Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty

GOP Delays Using 9/11 Panel Ideas

Hepatitis breaking out in Iraqi cities(also typhoid fever)

CBO: 10 year deficit to reach $3.5 trillion(repubs."faulty assumptions)

NEW: Bush was too afraid to fly!!!

Outside: Angry signs, taunts and hostility (at Bush visit in Maine)

Students protest address registry

Two new polls put Feingold in front

Nobody is born a terrorist

Americans United Urges Churches To Reject Biased Christian Coalition Voter

Bush is extreme - Kerry

NYT, pg1: Echoes of a 1972 Loss Haunt (Kerry) 2004 Campaign

The Russian authorities support terrorists and Nazists!?

Eight More Seized in Iraq as Rash of Kidnappings Continues

Chechen Rebel Says Warlord Will Be Tried for Beslan

Does US law mute voices of churches?(Rep. Jones(R-NC) bill sponsor)

Iraq Hostage’s Brother Lashes Out At US Govt.

Opponents Say Republicans Plan Sequel to Patriot Act

Former Anchor (Walter Cronkite): CBS Report 'Embarassing'

Baghdad rocket kills four

WP: Fed Experts Predicted "Solid" Growth Ahead

(California) State is 'slave' worker gateway

Newsview: Kerry Avoids Calling Bush 'Liar'

BBC axes Ruby Wax/Jerry Hall-voiced cartoon "Popetown"

Iraq Agency Reports Hepatitis E Outbreak, 60 infected

Panic Erupts in Flood-Ravaged Haiti City

Aust. Foreign Minister backs foreign pre-emptive strikes (on Australia)

Moore inspires UVSC petition; Student leaders could lose their jobs;

Zimbabwe Man Arrested With Gun at Airport

Bush Thanks U.S. for Russia Crisis Aid

Lawmakers: Panel Can Handle DeLay Case

Officer in Kerry Motorcade Injured

Anguish over Iraq war resonates in Missouri

Police 'restore' Galapagos order

Sunni Clerics Ramp Up Calls for Armed Opposition

Game Puts Players in Kerry's Swift Boat

Glaciers Quicken Pace to Sea

AP: U.S. to loan oil from petroleum reserve. Bush flip flop, flip flop.

Porter Goss sworn in as new CIA chief

Body of missing Sara Lee executive found frozen

UPDATE 1-Fannie Mae faces class-action suits on accounting

Automakers Attack Proposal to Address Global Warming (what's new?)

Black Gay Republicans Issue Challenge to Log Cabin Republican Leadership t

US Suggests No Need for Iraq to Repay Gulf Debt

Durables Orders in U.S. Fall 0.5 Percent (expected was a drop of 0.3%)

U.S. Sees Chances of Saddam Trial in 2004 'Remote'

August home resales fall more than expected

This month looks like one of deadliest for U.S.-63 killed so far

O'Reilly model? Mike Wallace


Feds give city approval to buy homes near O'Hare

U.S. Navy to Deploy Ships Near N. Korea

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 24 September

Cleveland Named Poorest Big City

Combat Research: 1 in 5 Suffer Head and Neck Wounds

I guess somebody doesn't like Sarah Lee

Kerry Campaign, DNC to Run Joint Ads

Laura Bush Speaks To Arab World

Official: Iraq Elections Are Open to All

Britain's Prince Harry to Join the Army

Cuba Seeking Support to End U.S. Embargo

Cheney: Kerry Doesn't Have Terror Resolve

Texas Challenger Links Opponent to Rather

Iomega To Layoff 25 Percent Of Its Work Force (145 jobs)

Read em and weep: Torture and Rape Rampant in Iraq Prisons -

Iraq Violence Eclipses Rosy Declarations (by Bush and Allawi)

Minority GOP Told Not To Give Up - Flint Journal

LAT: Wal-Mart Ad Aims to Counter Criticism

Powell Releases Military Aid to Colombia

Egypt bans Madonna after Israel visit

Top Bush Officials Clash Over Iraq Election

BOMB found at North Carolina election office

Kay, Blix Question Scientists' Detention

anyone see Pakistans Musharraf say the war is ineffective?

Kerry: Bush has wrong priority

180 from Quincy (MA) Guard unit are called up (to somewhere in Middleeast)

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Executives of US-Owned Mine Arrested in Indonesia

Bush crony is under investigation

SLudge: CBS Boss Endorses Bush

U.S. Navy to deploy ships near N. Korea

UN atomic agency calls for return of inspectors to North Korea

Marine Killed in Anbar Province

Laura Bush Speaks To Arab World

Administration Moves To Remove Gay Protections From Federal Labor Contract

Bush casts his policies as female-friendly

Red Death": History of Russian secret weapons

Goofy polls may have some benefit

Court Throws Out United's Pension Filing

U.S., Allawi at Odds Over Saddam Trial

*OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE* 9/11 Holy Grail Discovered!


Are America's airliners really safer now?

U.N. Aid in Haiti Held Up by Lack of Help From Government

(British) Ministers were told premier (Allawi) was seen as stooge

GOP Fund-Raiser Accuses Candidate Of Breach Of Contract - AP\Miami Herald

Bowdoin students ejected from Bush event (Maine)

Kerry flip on West Bank wall may cost votes, some say

Man Keeps Coffin Tally Of War Dead

Body of Sara Lee Executive found frozen

Bush Lead Narrows in National Polls; Kerry Holds Edge in Electoral Votes

Judge approves short-term financing for Interstate Bakeries

UK writes off Third World debts

Pentagon releases more Bush Guard papers

House Votes to Prevent Court Review of Pledge. (Slippery Slope Alert!)

Israel calls Iran number one exporter of terrorism

Clackamas County DA suspended for role in anti-Kerry campaign

Swift boat veteran suspended

WP: Hussein's Trial Not Likely to Begin This Year, U.S. Official Says

Navy Charges 3 More SEALs in Iraq Abuse

Annan: World is responsible for ending "unspeakable violence" in Sudan

National Guard Won't Make Quota

California regents vote to raise required GPA

Panic erupts in flood-ravaged Haiti

Bush, Kerry get debate invites; Nader out

Large Explosions Rock Fallujah

Catholic charity defies Pope on condoms

U.S. Documents Question Iraqi Police Training

Words, Actions at Odds on Children's Health Care

WP: Demise of Iraqi Units Symbolic of U.S. Errors

U.S. to Loan Strategic Reserve Crude Oil

NYT: Federal Health Plans to Include One Shaped by Catholic Tenets

Records Show Ties Of DeLay, Craddick To PAC - Houston Chron

Kerry: Bush Dropped Ball on Terror with War in Iraq

WP: Some Democrats See a Turning Point ("new aggressiveness")

Middle-class tax cuts pass Congress

WP: Development Holds Reins in the Wild West

Rise in GOP Numbers May Impact Elections / AP

Gov. Bush May Appeal Schiavo Decision

California approves world's toughest global warming rule for cars

WP: Source for Rather Seeks New Lawyer, Might Sue CBS

WP: Group Pushes Kerry-Nader Vote Swap

Wal-Mart ends anti-Semitic book sale

Bush: Kerry Wrongly Questions Allawi

Fifth Canadian Province Permits Gay Marriage!

Australian Prime Minister shunned Iraq warning

Salmond blasts Blair 'lies' over Iraq war

Former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9/11

More Iraqi civilians killed by U.S. forces than by insurgents, data shows

BBC: 'Historic' S Asia meeting hailed

Peltier’s lawyers seek hidden FBI files

Rash of sign theft & destruction

Swarms of quakes in Mount St. Helens crater | Seattle P-I

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) to take legal action

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Obama opposes gay marriage (cites religious beliefs-supports civil unions)

San Diego immigration raids target naval station contractors

Chechen Rebel (ChRI Pres. Maskhadov) Says Basayev Will Be Tried for Beslan

bush and cheney's TV alter egos

Freeper quote, circa-1998: "Afgahnistan (sic) ought to be our ally."

Hillarious video.....

10th Anniversary of the release of Jeff Buckley's 'Grace'

Anyone else in Texas see it going down in the EAST!

Thank God for Cable: Ali G interviews Boutros Boutros Boutros Gali

HELLO- my mysterious on-line pals!!!

I've been a non-smoker for forty-two years and eleven months

I've been a non-smoker for about 4 hours

I've got a cow, mooing in my bathtub.

anyone need a fun timewaster? . . .

Oh great...I have an exam the night of the first debate!

Election 2004 On-Line Lounge Party!

a sandwich only Dagwood -- and this guy -- could love . . .

I've got an owl, hooing outside my window

O.M.G. Check Kos NOW! He's back again!!!!

Everybody, Click on DU home and tell me what you see

ok. i have a mac. if i get a used ipod with songs preloaded

Escort Madam Says One Of Her Escorts (Who Is 13) "Looked 19"

Vaccine Found For Flatulent Sheep

OMG!!! The front page!!!

I had free passes to the sneak preview of "Shark Tale" tonight...

I'm nervous about election night

trof? Has anyone seen trof?

Split a hare?

Dogs Can Smell Cancer In Humans

I still don't have cable television.

Do you wanna bang heads with me? Do you wanna feel everything?

I have some questions about "blogs" ( and DU)

what is this

Told You So! Sponsored Animated BANNER ADS During The TV Broadcast...

I just made my 666th post, ask me...

Forget genres - Chuck D has the most powerful voice music has ever had


Did you know that 8,675,309 is a prime number?

Scientists Harnessing Spinach Power - Could Run Electronics

Now, on the light side of your bumper....

Until last week, CStheT thought Pharoah Sanders...

Custom bikes/choppers?

Sounds dirty but isn't-Fuzzy Danglers

I am trumad, King of the Coy! Anybody disagree with that?

I am whoisalhedges, King of the Cay! Anybody disagree with that?

Get Off My Back

any duers with breast implants?

Windows "Copy and Paste" question.

Rant for the day!!! So Avis merged with Budget Rental...Badf!!

Britney Upset With Media Again - Reports About Fake Personality Upset Her

Britney Upset With Media Again - Reports About Fake Wedding Upset Her

I am terrya, King of the Gay! Anyone disagree with that?

MSNBC did a poll...

Catholic Football Team Won't Play With Girls - Will Forfeit Game Instead

IMPORTANT fashion question (ladies and guys)

My version of the Avatar face

Who likes the Honeymooners?


I didn't know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective.

Man Covered Entire Motel Room, Himself In Vaseline - Read Porn

Do you have a personal talisman or good luck charm?

Mo. Man Legally Changes His Name to 'They'

I watched THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK on DVD last night. Ask me anything.

Which Coldplay CD is better--"Paraachutes or "A Rush,,,"?

I've got the Rutles on the brain...

Show your support

Oh, no! The OBEY BUSH face has morphed at Atrios!

Ping Will Pitt or someone else who might know

Elvis Costello on FBI anti-piracy warning on his disc

Reuters concert review: The Pixies at the Greek

I've got the Rubbles on the brain...

I am asthmaticeog, King of the Jews! Anyone disagree with that?

Abbie Hoffman...too bad the government killed him

Stanford Marching Band In Hot Water After Mocking Mormonism At BYU Game

Anyone know a GOOD way to fix fallen car roof upholstery?

When I loaded DU this morning, a big ugly face jumped out at me!

Julianne Moore is hot!!!

Happy Yom Kippur!

New Star Wars people a question- are there still boxes around Tie Fighters

Best Song With A Prime Number Higher Than 10

Interesting development in the whole TWO-FACED JOKER BUSH* thing.

Girls team attack rivals after loss

I think I figured out the twist ending in "The Forgotten"...

Brian Wilson's SMILE due out Monday 9/27

MP3 catalogue genre question - should reggae and dancehall be separate?

Whats your favorite show on adult swim?

Slate Home Page...Seperated at Birth ...O'Leilly and Nixon

I'm Mary, Queen of Scots.

I've got Rutles on the brain

Best Song With an irrational number


Man Believes Jesus Donkeys Saved him From Hurricane

I doinked her the night I met her!

Ciao Tutti - devilgrrl is in Italia

Love, I get so lost sometimes

Best song with an imaginary number.

Well yuckyuckyuck 1,000 deaths are worth 1,000 CAPTIONs

Hey Victor... Hey Freddy... **Come on, Sing along!!!!!!

Don't you remember you told me you loved me, baby?


Best Song With A Number Divisible By 6

A herd of wild drummers.

Who's your favorite philosopher?

Well I'm back from the urologist.

Man Arrested For Doing One-Handed Push-Up's On Highway

Friday lit quiz - who invented the following words?

Someone just pinched a 20-pound loaf in my backyard.

Teen Held After Sword Attack Leaves Man Dead, Mother In Hospital

I've escaped the 700 club...Yeehaw! nt.

Is your cat a sidewinder, a lowrider, a headbutter or given to any other

I just heard the new U2 song, and now I can say for sure that God is real.

I just heard God, and I can now say that the new U2 song is real!

Randomkoolzip, Byron and Hedges just make up names in music threads

Sinead O'Connor Pleads For People To Stop Calling Her Crazy

Some great Bush jokes from late night TV.

I want to see Kerry speak, but I'm at work. Give me an excuse.

Chimpanzee Has 50 Paintings On Exhibit

What's the best site for virtual birthday cards?

So I was getting into a hot tub with naked people, when all of a sudden...

Have you ever farted in a hot tub with naked people?


If Kerry wins the Electoral Vote, but loses the popular vote...

Name a song that names a city or state but doesn't have it in the title

Screw faced

Existential employment crisis

Question for DU'ers who are Jewish re Yom Kippur

New winner for Best Spam Ever.

Ah, the plot thickens. Found this link in My Posts

Shaun of the Dead - heard about it?

Have you ever gotten into a hottub with the frontline of the Patriots


Have you ever been in a hot tub with lepers?

Shawshank Redemption Re-Released

I know who two-faced is

Are you expecting some spectacular fall colors this year?

Has anyone heard the Two Faces of Bush CD?

What musical number from a film or show would you want to recreate...

I read a thread in another forum about starting an anti-media group

What's your favorite geometric shape?

The "So Long Suckers!" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Hey - has anyone noticed anything weird about DU today?

Finally, my dad let me borrow his entire porno collection,

The SingleMinded MultiTasker of all CAPTIONS!!

The Candidates in drag

Favorite possibly-but-not-necessarily geometrical shape?

I want to ride my biCYCLE! I want to ride my bike!

The Toe-Headed Tribute of all CAPTIONS!!!

Best Song With a Square Root Higher Than 10

Let me just say that Ivan Jr. is the lamest excuse for a tropical storm..

why do some people still have bush avatars?

"You guys aren't married, are you?"

What are your favorite CDs of 2004 so far?

LBN: New sig line moves bunnyj from "the last thing from cool"*...

What should I change my name to?

Calling Peter Gabriel Fans a Trivial question.

Someone just pitched a 20 foot tent in my backyard.......

Seriously - What's w/ the Bush Pic when I log on?

Bands/Artists you saw in small venues after they made it big

when is Enterprise coming back on tv?

Cat Stevens - the last straw

Do you give a shit about the DNC's stupid waste of resources...

What in gods name was THAT?!?!?!?

FINALLY! My Mod let me borrow his ENTIRE avatar collection. Two-faced on!

where has dancing rat been?

I have to go pee - will you keep me updated on two-faced?

Something in the water?

Check out my George and Pervez cartoon

Beer Belly Bandit Strikes Again After 10-Month Break

Who does Grover Norquist sound like?

Big let down after job interview today.

Two Dancing Bushes!

Olsen Empire Strikes Back over Tees

Is a worm considered an insect?

My workplace is infested with right-wing loons

What do you think Two-Faced's favorite music is?

Greatest reunion concert you have ever seen

Bands you miss.

It must be Friday afternoon...

new Oxyrush & Hannity advertiser Rofay Biomedical (Digestive Advantage IBS

The Gals of the Bush Administration....

from: _CAPTIONS for Friday!_, topping the NYTimes Beat Seller List.

Bands you diss!

avacor (one of Oxyrush's biggest advertisers) ad just on heard on Air Amer

Can you name what song I can't get out of my head?

American Idiot Lyrics, I love this song!

How much do you tip delivery guys?

The Official God FAQ

Now there's a new 'two face' image that pops up!!!

I just finished my first week of nursing school! ASK ME ANYTHING...

Someone tell me when Randi is done with "Bounce your Boobies"

someone from my past has returned to steaL my heart

Help reduce car accidents!

Birth of the Cool

I am going down to the local rnc office

I'm getting real sick of the dentist

Are you a moderate Christian?

Hey! A Cat Stevens

DU Vamps

Hmm. The pheasants are restless. They've got the castle surrounded.

How it went: The NYC DU Dinner Date

Two-faced Bush looks like a MAD Magazine "fold in"

Hey, do you guys want me to quit with the lesbians?

Butt blow for Newcastle

Thank God! Safe Haven for Naked Yoga

Hey Bartcop used one of my cartoons today!

Gay DUers: Do You Want To Have Children?

Oooh my head hurts... CAPTION

The Cat and the Salman

Master And Servant - A Song in Pictures

Bands you saw but don't remember because you were blotto...

plaid faced

C-A-P mind your p's and q's T-I-O-N not the UN T-H-E I-D-I-O-T

How long before MumblingPeasantSteve hits 1000 posts?

Back from my Seattle vacation. LOVED that place.

Hmm. The peasants are restless. They've got the castle surrounded.

Two faced bush on the bottom of DU web page

Does anyone care about the Screaming Lord Byron name change?

FINALLY! My Dad let me borrow his ENTIRE reggae collection. iTunes on!!!!!

WooHoo! BLAM! BLAM! Going shootin' this weekend WooHoo! BLAM! BLAM!

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, seen the cleanliness, and left?

Screaming Lord Byron grave robbers check in here!

What job made you go back to school?

Who likes my new sig line? raise your hand

Screaming Lord Byron Was A Jackass - I Am GLAD He Died!

Quick, I need bunnypants and stepford wife pix to reply to an email

Lets see how smart my DU friends are?

The Hate Mailbag

Mr. Scruff is da bomb. We are rockin up in heah

Do you ever marvel at how lucky we are.......

Favorite Song of all time

Nickelodeon Still "Sponge"-Worthy

I dont want a coke machine or even a coke truck

Who runs the most best jar?

WIN A PRIZE!! Guess How Many Freaked-Out ATA Posts There Are: BushFace!

shit faced

I'm gonna go cruising tonight.

With Prolesunited taking over the DU bar, I guess I'm not needed anymore

I am gonna go look up cruise or was it kruise control tonight

I'm gonna go cruising around the city tonight.

Zieg-heil to the President Gasman

Scorpio is a lesbian, ask her anything

Has gas gone up in your area this week?

If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

the sounds of science

Question out there for my fellow nerdy DUers...

When were you the worst employee EVER?

DU pet owners and music lovers I have a question

TGIF!!! It's payday and the bar is open. Name your poison.

Cube farms suck!

Video gamers (Halo 2)

Post your best anti-Bush commercials here

All of you, get off my Balzac!

All of you, get off my Prozac!

Is it too early to start an "Official" Red Sox-Yankees game thread?

All of you, get off my BigMac!

What is your favorite Ramones album?

All of you, get off my ballsack!!

Huge Nutsack

Al Franken is PISSED today.

The one band/artist you regret not seeing?

Terrible Week AGAIN!!!

Who's going to see Shaun of the Dead tonight?

Who runs the BEST, most fun bar?

Jeanne and the Jews

Interesting e-mail from a co-worker.

who has an iPod mini/

I just found Robert Palmer's PRIDE on Itunes

Two Faced T-Shirt?

Adios #18

Who will you be doing this evening?

I am scarily tipsy from two measured shots of Bombay Sapphire.

CAPTION this bastard

Why do builders damn beavers?

well bless my soul, I just checked to see how many post

Best first line of a song?

I live on the "North Shore". Ask me anything.

If this doesn't make you want to retch...

I need meatloaf help

R.I.P. MumblingPeasantSteve - And I AM GLAD!!!

What will you be doing this evening?

MumblingPeasantSteve made me take off my shirt in his bike shop.

May I be the new LESBIAN bartending apprentice at Mr. Scorpio's bar?

Friday come the locked-duped-moved by Mods-copycat threads

I have had a really crappy day at work today.

Please help me free this Welsh girl with a husband old enough to be her da

"Daddy?" "Yes, son?" "What does 'regret' mean?"

Saw LBN about Leonard Peltier...reminded me of this...

I'm eating a steak so good I could cry

Krispy Kreme donuts....

200 posts since February! Ask me anything!

My antivirus just updated/started scanning by itself. Ask me anything!

Anyone else think Sunburn by the Blake Babies is a great album?

Please help me free these triplets from this evil lounge lizard

We need more two-faced threads.

Please, help me to adopt these poor Romanian twins....

Is the new season of Enterprise going to start tonite

I knew it was time to get on a diet when...

Help! I need a mojito and I need it now!!!

OK, I've had a few beers...

Have you EVER followed a link in somebody's sig line?

It's Happy Hour!!! The Bar is open

Video game question

As a Dem., I want to bin the Bible...

Keep your filthy mitts off these Asian Twins!

DU this poll

GoddamnI have the HICCUPS!!!

Are Heath Candy Bars NOT The Food Of The Gods?

Anyone recall the cool revelation in "The Empire Strikes Back"?

My little brother is getting out of detox today, any advice?

trying to post a cute pet picture

Hot French Triplets!

T-Bone. Choice protein? Or Heart Attack Heaven?

If American CEOs told their India business partners the phrase 'Holy Cow',

Riding that Underground Railroad...


Natalie Portman - Girl Friend or Girl Fiend

I know we have Vietnamn vets here...any WW2 vets?

What color are your eyes?

What's your beverage drug?


Live seaturtle tracking!

"Sex and the City" Star Cynthia Nixon is a LESBIANA! Has a GIRLFRIEND!

Need DU'ers help to raise shirt ranking! Will take 10 seconds!

Does anyone here know a website where I can find animated gifs ?

If you could be a pimp would you? books arrived.. I ordered 4 copies of "Terror Timeline"

My puppy is a bastard

(reposted for the last time) Need everyone's help, takes 10 sec's!

I'm so goddamned easily amused

They make video games about the Vietnam War--WTF?!?!

I saw a car with the license plate "RNC"...

I just heard the funniest thing on television

Telling GOPisevil I spent too much on his credit card?

Wheeeeeee!!!! Red Sox vs. Yankees!!! It's game time!!!

We Need More Sex Threads

sly & the family stone anthology

The Dead and the Sox

Ready-for-action twins! (photo)

Favorite Stevie Wonder Song? (too many for a poll)

It Never Gets Old- Braves Win 13th Straight Division Title

Does anyone know of a good cd audio to mp3 ripper

Woman says nude man on hiking trail was "fit and well-equipped"

If it takes a couple days to thaw a 20 lb, turkey in the fridge,


What is a good antonym for self-centered?

Cash Strapped Cemetary Publishing 'Nudie' Calendar To Raise $$

DVD collectors: what have you got?

if Prince Harry can go

How would one go about getting rid of a Trojan virus?

Does anyone LIKE wanna spit on Steinbrenner

Who is Molly??

how do i upload an image into my message, its a jpg?

Dai Kaiju fans, Godzilla marathon on AMC

Am I the only one listening to Zapp's "More Bounce to the Ounce"....?

Telling your parents you spent too much on their credit cards

To be fair, both the yankees and red sox have money habits

Favorite Unusual Presidential Name?

Name A Song With A City Or State Name In The Title

Bean Them In The Head PEDRO!!!

It's close to deer hunting time. (Antihunters click ignore please)

Grope and Flail: Same-sex marriages now legal in Nova Scotia

OK, dilemma here. Dinner looks too good to eat

"Like, dig Mandrake....."

Watching Dirty Harry now - it's got a song in it with a funky hip-hop beat

Any MXC fans here?

I was tuning in the shine on the light night dial

Boondock's Artist Aaron McGruder is on Real Time with Bill Maher .

Does anyone here LIKE Steinbrenner?

So, my roommate's dog and cat are both asleep on my bed.

Click on this thread (Uncurious types, please ignore)

Hilarious Moore vs. Bush Toon

W00t!! Zomby W00f is prolly a jewish poser....

Does anyone see my sig pic?

I stole Screaming Lord Byron's headstone

Prostitute Girls Soccer Team Banned From Tournament

I wrote Screaming Lord Byron's will to me

In memoriam. My dear, dear friend Screaming Lord Byron.

Best world series of all time

Any "Joan of Arcadia" fans here?

You know what would be nice baseball wise, AL East related

Quick, before its taken down ...

Hunters: unless you use a spear, delete this thread

Did anyone see Elton John yelling at papparazzi in Taiwan.

Boston DUers: What's the name of the band that did "Alfa Romeo?"

Can a Firefox user explain Proxy Servers please?

Most. Overused. Cadence. Ever?

Name a song with another song's name in the title.

I pissed off a freeper today!

Ok, I want to have a "Kerry Dance-Off"

Alcohol treatment and my marriage - a serious topic

has anyone read "The Sheltering Sky" by Paul Bowles?

Hey DU, support this band

BRAVES WIN!! 13th consecutive Division Title BRAVES WIN!!!

that's it! i can't take it anymore! i'm going to shoot someone!

Gates tops US rich list with $48bn

Hurricane Jeanne is coming my way!

it's about damned time for another Bay Area DU gathering, no?

I want to load Firefox, but I'm afraid to cut the ie cord

Are there any commercials that DON'T annoy you?

Sprit of America Party, Inc: freeper wants oil

Annthrax on women...

Kitty driving me insane!!!!!!!

No flying cars! NO FLYING CARS!

To all that observe Yom Kippur-shalom!

If you could be a vampire would you?

two faced

Today is Alan Colmes's birthday.

Who is the artist on the slightly goth version of the old song "Word UP"

I just watched the chase scene in Bullitt and man are my nads pumpin'!

TWO-ASSED!!!! (I knew those Mayan bastards were on to something)

What's your favourite quote of all time from Chappelle's Show???

I fell off my bike.

You guys need to stop pissing on Screaming Lord Byron's grave


This is my kid's first real sleep-over tonight...


Who does Bush look most look like? (not counting chimps and orangs)

Barf alert: Vote for bush NASCAR Cup ride.

Boston a good band from your area...

"We have amazing holidays. Yom Kippur—Jewish day of atonement...

A couple very funny Tom Brokaw "slipup" clips

Name a song with a Car in the Title

Here comes Hurricane number 3 for me.....

Who won the Cold War? (ie, for the West)

i survived hurricane ivan

The NSMA Appreciation Thread

All Aboarrrrrrd!!!! The ZombyExpress!!!!

How do you know when a marriage is finished?

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums


Public school sex-ed classes

Star Wars: Battlefront

Garrison, 5 minutes old.

What's the funniest word in the English language?

Screaming Lord Byron is no more.

Why Do Beavers Build Dams?

My bank "lost" a $7,000 check :(

cheesesnackidea is a Freeper troll.

Pics of the "Fantastic Four" Cast

Getting to ready to call some swing states!

CBS' Jim Axlerod Report - Bush vs Kerry as flip flopper...

Oh, sick. The Freepers cream themselves over Ann the Man Coulter.

The Saddam would still be in power comeback!

9/11 Widows question...

The Oct 8 debate is moderated by ABC's Charlie Gibson

Bush has impaled himself on the Iraq debacle

Now, Tucson, too: Kerry signs being vandalized or stolen.

A friend of mine that voted for Bush in '00 said he's never again voting R

The Repugs aren't proud of B* as in 2000; they're defensive of him

Vandalizing Kerry campaign signs seems a small matter, but...

Truth to 'Making Millionaires into Billionaires'

Town Hall Debate: a golden opportunity

will america change the channel?

Kerry is Doing Much Better than the Polls State

Bush Uranium Lie Is Tip of the Iceberg

New bush/cheney campaign bumper sticker:

Let's Get Real - NYT

Alright, a couple more debate questions from Bush

Harris Poll - quick poll

typical GOP (Donald Dumsfeld)

Legal Affairs: Kerry's Even Keel

Gore won 21 states. Kerry is leading in all of them as well as 4 others...

Kerry and Bush send their relatives abroad to court expatriate voters

Are GOP senators & House members running away from bush

LTTE -- Pass it along

Kerry to speak today at Temple U in Philly to outline his strategy on the

It must be incredibly hard to be someone who's known GWB personally

Let's Be Honest....

Debates: Desperately seeking Stewart

The flip flop meme--here was my response to the fence-sitter

How can we stop Team Bush

Can Fox/limbaugh/rosy-glass wearers answer this basic question??

Interesting New Republic piece on Kerry : "Comeback?"

more poll numbers

I ask again: Where DO these guys get their drugs?!

NYTimes defines in detail the radicalism of the Republicans...

Did anyone catch the exchange between David Gregory of

We need more talking points.

okay I am so annoyed about the Burkett crap...

All Bill Burkett defenders please take note:

LA Times suing to open Heinz will

New Phrase: Bush's "Dictatorial Rhetoric"

Thanks Bush - Iraq is a Civil War to come or Greater violence vs the US

If Kerry keeps hammering Bush on his Iraq denials, Kerry wins!

George W Bush and Chris Matthews: What they have in common

Open Memo to the Kerry Campaign: Time for the Kerry Harley Tour

Five min. with W: Celeberties have their say

Edwards needs to be on TV a little more...

Middle Class Sqweeze:

Smirk's ratings lowest of pResidency-Harris

New Repub tactic?

New AP Poll claiming Chimps leading by 8 points

I got some news here in Michigan

Kerry speech on terrorism today...when?

Just got back from 'Silver City': TOTAL RIP ON BUSH LIKE POLITICS

So Who Are The Candidates For The Upcoming Iraqi Election?

Time headline: "Allawi Rides to Bush's Rescue"

Debate Humor, Kerry and the Shrub

Waaah waaah booo hoooooooooo

More GOOD News

More proof that CBS is at least honest

Debate strategy

Kerry Foreign Policy Speech on NOW

Voters rush to register in Colorado

Who really believes that training and equiping Iraqi forces makes sense?

Grand Ayatollah Sistani, Iraq's Shiite Leader wants more representation

Predictions for Rethug rebuttal

Direct link to George W. Bush drug money!

CNN claims....

Central place for flyers and handouts

Moore vs. Bush Toon

Where's Edwards? An Answer from Craig Crawford

Try this at your own risk: When you see a "W" sticker on a moving car--

Kerry's speech beginning NOW

Jon Stewart on now!

Another standing "O"

Are the talking heads still going to say

Mike McCurry's current assessment of the race:

Taliban orders Afghan folks to vote for US candidate for Afghan Pres- Why?

Judgment -- the key to a Kerry victory.

Buck up - it's a Bush Landfill, not landslide!

Rasmussen: Bush 47.4 Kerry 46.5

CNN and MSNBC both go straight to B/C Liars after Kerry speech

Newsweek: "Wooing the Jewish vote...can Bush make inroads?"

DU this CNN Int POLL

From the Kerry campaign-

Yesss! crispini & I have identified our other rogue Kerry supporters!

Chins up. It's just the "post-JK speech" *media spew right on schedule.

I thought Bush's bounce would be gone by now

NYT: Allawi Everything Bush Re-Election Campaign Could Ask For, BUT...

Who flip flopped?

My turn. Help out a DUer and DU this poll. Who would you vote for Prez?

This is what I've been saying all along - - CNN Columnist Mark Shields

Kerry Pledges to Fight a More Effective War on Terror (read this)

Have you volunteered at your local Kerry-Edwards HQ, yet?

Al's finally giving it to Mark!

Want another 9/11? Elect Bush*

Rasmussen Poll: 3-day trend to Kerry is good

Finally! Kerry uses the E word: "EXTREME"!

The wife and I just cast our vote by Iowa absentee ballot...

The 2-faced Bush icon

Fox: Bush heads to Crawford pig farm "to begin cramming for next Thursday"

FWIW, Quotes from the AP Poll...

It looks like the discussion on Cheney's comments about Kerry...

Can someone post the link again, where Al-Qaeda endorsed Bush?

If Kerry wins the Electoral Vote, but loses the popular vote...

Video game puts players in Kerry's Swift boat

Now the Chimp has both men & women - AP

Cheney: Kerry doesn't have Terror Resolve

I have to ask..

Mark Morford: 'What's wrong with John Kerry?'

Segments form the 32 page Kerry/Bush Debate contract!

Kerry vs Gore,

Only one poll has proven itself over time (HARRIS)

When I was doing the door-to-door campaigning (m)

Evil Thought: Is Rush Violating Campaign Finance Laws?

RNC: Kerry is "Copying" Chimp. List the differences

"Elect Kerry for another Sept. 11"

Teresa H. Kerry - Hurt or help?

K/E Bumperstickers: Y or N?

Kerry-Edwards at lowest point in months!

The media expects Kerry or * to start pulling away, but...


student registration, the law

Kerry debate suggestion

Transcript of Kerry's Terrorism Speech @ Temple U

DU this Poll

Air Force Times Decribes Twit's Stint as a (well, um) 'Mystery'

Help w/Link: Al-Quaida doesn't want Kerry to win...

My LTTE published today!

Shrub says World would be better off with Saddam in power.

Your DU Talking Point for the weekend: A Serious Man for a Serious Time

This is NOT a Mickey Mouse administration-it is ELECTRIFYING the people

In an attempt to outdo Murdoch, Sumner Redstone endorses Bush

Air Force Times : Twit's Guard Stint a'Mystery'

WTF? RE: Hurricane...Bush just said

Perhaps a re-post, but "Kerry is Doing Much Better than the Polls State"

Documentary on Sundance Channel now

People should volunteer to precinct walk and they should bring their own

After reading John Kerry's latest speech...

What's with the red nose, Smirky? >PIX<

Is it just me or has the media stopped reporting the soldiers...

President Bush @ the United Nations

Can someone tell me what was wrong with Kerry windsurfing?

Bush/Cheney lied and altered CIA intelligence report

How is Kerry defining Bush? Theme # 25 today.

Have you ever been more proud of Kerry?

Favorite political cartoon of day

No clear message on Iraq elections from WH says MSNBC...

Woofwoof and Schitheadon CNN

Ummm, For you doubters that Kerry will win, a little live pep talk?

About that body armor- they were getting it no matter what the vote was

See the young guy hugging *?

From Washington Post: Tying Kerry to terror tests rhetorical limits

Rasmussen 9-24: only 0.9% separates candidates

Here is how to answer charges Kerry is undermining morale in Iraq:

is it my imagination or are bush and cheney only wearing

DUers, what do you think about voting absentee?

What's with NPR's "Swing Voter" series?

UN criticises Iraq poll warning

Humor Time - Imagined SNL Debate Skits....

The Debates: Bedtime for Bonzo

Michael Moore Tour....

they are coming out of the woodwork to say no to bush

John Edwards responds to */*

The Subtlety of Karl Rove

Ad aimed at suppressing the African-American vote

Bush Panic Attack story in easy to email form:

Kerry's gonna speak - 10:20 eastern

JESUS!!! can they be MORE inept??? Franks vs. Graham vs. Novak

Can You Hear It? The Cracking Sound? The Nation's Breaking for Kerry.

The Republicans act like Allawi is an elected leader,

F911 re-released in Chicago this weekend.....anywhere else?

DU-debate prep thread 02 - some picks so far

Crossfire: Carville says quit whining about polls

Registered 3 first time voters today in NC who are going to vote Kerry

Kerry just handled an AIDs activist magnificently...

VOTE online - a letter from Sen. Russ Feingold

The first debate question...

Have you noticed? Kerry vs. Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Ashcroft-Hastert

AHHHHH!!!!! If I see this sticker one more time....

Kerry Picks Up 2 Votes in Iowa Balloting

When we blow Bushco out of the water on Nov 2,

On the "not polling cell-phones" topic

because he can: Douchevak

Are we having another 'DOOMED' day today?

What's your debate fantasy for September 30th? Just for fun.

Richard Armitage said to Congressional committee

Cheney Rags On Kerry For Undermining One Of Our Allies??

quick question regarding undecideds

DU this poll - Who has a better plan for winning the war on terror?


Rasmussen Electoral College Polls:

Pentagon Sells War To Children As A Game To Entice Them To Join

Loaded gun analogy

No Pentagon document dump yet??

Watch Health Care and Economy Move up

The "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" play...

Then YOU are a Republican't (Borrowed)

400+ Bush protesters at Janesville, WI Bush visit

Republican Party mass mailings "liberals" seek to ban the Bible

Wisconsin polls all over the place...

REASON # 2,100 to Keep Your Butts Out of Walmart

Smirk on Vietnam

There are some people who will not be convinced!!!

IT'S FRIDAY! ShrubCo hasn't released any bad news yet???

Best panhandling sign ever

Friedman: the United States is ‘on the wrong track’ in Iraq .......

Finally, Kerry has a message with oomph

Did anyone notice the similarity to LBJ?

Kerry groundswell on my street!!!!

Liar, Liar...

A New direction in Iraq

CBS News opens with Kerry's speech today

Clark e-mail RE: Brad Carson (D-OK)

Where is the DU blogger who compared "In house corporate" polls with

How we are telling canvassers and phoners how to talk to voters

Increase in numbers of self-described Republicans could have an impact in

simple answer to the idiotic question: what's the Iraq position?

Debate Countdown:5 days and counting...

Mixed News on National and Battleground Polls from Rasmussen

Today's the deadline for Bush's military records release

Someone needs to define Kerry's position on Iraq...

Tweety Fantasy Thread

AAR: Majority Report on now...every night from 6-9 CDT

WHO the 277 American Billionaires donated to:

Bush support evaporating in new Time poll

Whoaaa..."Bush and the Saudis: too close for comfort"..just saw ad on CNN

bush/allawi say iraq is better off. check again.

Help defeat the religous right! Please sign this petition.

In case you missed it, a great 'campaign' ad!!!

Calling All Captioners !!!

Are all these clearly bogus polls an indication....

Something wicked this way comes!!

The US is sending ships near N. Korea

Anyone want to make a bet that on the day of the Town Hall debate...

Why hasn't someone organized an 'anti-media' movement?

Need quotes for why OBL prefers Bush

New Poll: Oregon 51-43 for Kerry


CBS News on Halliburton now

If they were true to their principles - good read

Where do the absentee ballots of our troops go to

We are still ahead in Party ID, ignore the GOPropaganda

If DU'ers don't believe the polls, maybe DU should make its own poll...

Bush we will stay the course in Iraq (Novak) Bush to bail in Iraq in 4 mon

Zogby, PEW, ARG, Harris, The Economist...

Caption the Chimp!

SHUT the FFFFFFF UP, Mark Shields!


Twisting the Truth

Who knows anything about the Kerry fund for challenging election?

Link Help, Please: Bake Sales for Body Armor?

Ralph Nader's reply to my plea

DU - CNN poll: Who has better plan for winning war on terror:

Chimp Records released by Pentagon: the coverup was complete

Anyone in here get on usenet and talk about the candidates?..

Just Who Do Allawi and Bush* Think They Are Fooling????

Awoli says questioning Allawi's credibility makes one unable to lead US

CNN Poll on Kerry vs. Bush* plans for winning war on terror

Gregory Craig to prep Kerry for presidential debate

I am a mom that will feel more secure when Kerry is President

I just saw the most LAME ad here in CA

A girl wanted to take a picture of my Salazar shirt today.

I'm Glad The Polls Suck

Forbes 400 grow richer

Today's voter registration anecdote

Deleted message

Anyone else watching the nauseating voter focus group on CSPAN?

Mainstream Republicans cannot stick with Bush

Randi Rhodes said that Allawi and Chalabi are cousins

Just in - Edwards will be in Maine again on Sunday

Report from SW Ohio

Little Known Provision of "No Child Left Behind" re Military service info

Keith Olbermann rocks-now!

Here is a good poll

bush is the first occupant of the White House...

MSNBC: "He is not the president he promised to be in 2000"

Are the Cook Polls biased by design?

Who's Our President? "I don't know...

21st Century 23d Psalm? "Bush is my shepherd...."

I must confess that

Will the election really be stolen? I'm becoming less certain...

Just chatted with an old friend from NY

Excellent Bill Moyers NOW Tonight (debates dog & pony show)

Who was really responsible for 9/11?

GOP has to PAY people to do canvassing in western PA

For all you Masochists - the Friday Tweety thread

Bush the 'great debater'? --what's your opinion? (not poll)

A client I know was just on Mike Malloy's show!

Does anyone think the Bush "rosy picture" Of Iraq will backfire

John Kerry on "David Letterman" last Monday. Video.

Call me crazy but why don't we plan a Kerry March around the country

Why has Kerry not tried to turn this flip flop charge around on Bush?

Why isn't Bush forced to defend the daily bombings of civilian areas?

Do Bush and Cheney know something the polls aren't telling us?

Veterans for Kerry on the March

Vote on CBS/Dan Rather re: the debates

Kerry campaign has released 5 ads in 6 days

It's apparent that BushCo will instill terror in the voters' heads to win

Let's see, according to Cheny, Kerry insults...

An ad idea - daily "minute with granny"

Keith Olbermann Show - Series Of Bush clips Referring to Abu Nydol

A clear,thoughtful rant from, found on cleveland craigslist

That new CNN Time poll has * 48 Kerry 42 and Nader 5.

Australian PM's son on the Bush campaign trail

PLEASE...if you can...donate to the DNC on Kerry's behalf

Did anyone see Bill Maher tonight?

Kucinich is toast!!

Sounds like battle of the DVDs in October: F911 -vs- Fahrenhype911

Hotline confirms Arkansas no longer contested, safe for Bush

Can we do anything to insure the pundits don't spin the debates ?

It's all over!!

MSNBC: Kerry concedes Missouri

GEEZE! Dump Trippi! he gave THREE plugs for Drudge! And, he said:

Anyone just see Kerry and Bernard Hopkins ?

Bam! Right Track/Wrong Track ad from Kerry/Edwards ...

I'm gonna put a Republicans for Kerry sticker on my car...

"The Kerry Curve"

Stanley Fish: Bush's Style Trumps Kerry's Substance

Emotional moment for VN Vet at Edwards Rally and

Bin Laden is caught on October 25th. What would be the media's reaction ?

People, even people we like, like Maher and Rangel are IDIOTS

We must protect Bush from the soft bigotry of low expectations

If Iraq is making great progress, why doesn't Chimpy go there for a visit?

Has Kerry stated a position on "Under God" in the Pledge?

We might as well give up -- it's a Bush landslide

How to appeal to Security Moms...

Reality Check from the Ground (What I'm Hearing...)

I have a prediction if Bushit steals another election

Sept. 18. Mark it down. The day Kerry hit rock bottom in the polls.


Our level of hate/disrespepct

C-span 2 - Peter Hart focus group - on now.

Some Christians see Bush as a martyr.

You love this

Need feedback on new flyer. Is it a keeper?

Holocaust Survivors suing Bush family!!!

How many people think that Allawi's speech was written by

when, When, WHEN is kerry gonna use BCCI?!?!?!?!

PM Allawi was a murderer and terrorist for the CIA

Why are DU'ers so thin skinned about K/E?

I just donated $300 to "Americans Coming Together."

Musharraf to Paula Zahn, 'the world is more dangerous because of Iraq war

Is it fair for GW to wear his ear piece in the debates?

Two things Kerry should emphasize to reach the middle

I think it would help if Kerry affirms he respects people of faith

Must See! The BEST Kerry Supporter Sign!!!

Lets use our talent and come up with best one line ZINGERS for Kerry

Email the pundits about the Debates.

Of The People Who Won't Vote For Kerry, Who Do You Respect The Least ???

Here's my "Why I'm voting for Kerry" LTTE to be published in SB Tribune