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Archives: September 19, 2004

Dowd picks a side?


Howard Zinn urges Kerry to change position on Iraq. I have two questions:

2 Year anniversary of my Beloved Paul Wellstone....RIP

proof that Iraq is worth billions to General Electric (NBC's owner)

The Estate of Sinclair Lewis should SUE the BFEE....

Got the DVD "Unconstitutional" today-excellent video

In hindsight, do you doubt that Karl Rove engineered the anthrax

Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq

This from same RW spreading rumor Kerry will ban/burn Bibles

I'm so fed up with polls.......I don't follow them anymore

when will dennis miller get canceled?

To all Ukrainian Immigrants

I think Bill Clinton should give Martha Stewart a free signed copy of

I got flipped off while driving!

dupe sorry

Ex-Guardsman: I contacted Kerry campaign!

Arnold Schwarzenegger receive a mail bomb

Huge absentee vote predicted for November election

U.S. Plans Year-End Drive to Take Iraqi Rebel Areas

As a bumper sticker or sign, could this graphic be misconstrued?

Why did Jim Croce have to die?

What's your favorite genre in CURRENT music?

JibJab stirring it up in the gungeon.

Sigh, must give cat distasteful medicine.

If the communist newspaper was Pravada, what was the tv media?

Book Quote Trivia:

We've got the neutron bomb...


so i finally decides to upload an avatar and it disappears

Any Guess About How Much Matt Lauer's Salary Is?

Les McCann & Eddie Harris on the war

"Freepers. We make chipmunks seem like intellectuals!"

"Sky Captain": Everything that is good, and bad, about movies of today

I had Jean-Paul Sartre answer some of your questions last night

Does anyone here have iChat?

Has anyone read "Ghost Wars" or "The Iraq War"

Anyone know who won the De La Hoya fight?

Impeach The President

South Park

Go Bills

Christian conservative leader invokes Bush while saying he'd gladly murder

Has anyone seen this?

Move to impeach Blair gains ground -

why is Nader even included in national polls?

Has anyone heard a state official in Florida say how

"Bush supporters" taking polls are a bunch of liars

Are the Chimp TANG records released yesterday online anywhere?

Saw a Republicans for Kerry sticker today.

Where are all the Joe Lieberman / DLC Democrats now?? Are you

All the POSITIVE things the media doesn't tell you about Iraq

Question: Should we be more focused in our media efforts?

"Strong argument for cautious optimism" - an email I got today

What was the pundit reaction to Bush's convention speech?

"If Kerry had his way, Saddam would still be in power"

Nobody Died in ‘Rathergate!’

Bloggers' 'Moment' Doesn't Make for a Revolution

Iran October Surprise

Historians vs. George W. Bush (8 out of 10...)

The Al Qaeda Candidate? by Karen Kwiatkowski

The Wages of Delusion: Iraq in Crisis (long Philly Inquirer Editorial)

"'Kerry, War Hero,' Is a Myth"- Roy Hoffman Richmond Times Dispatch

Trudy Rubin blasts Bushco on Iraq and Terrorism: advises Kerry to focus

Mr. Bush and Iraq (Wash Post op ed)

San Diego Union Tribune: Partisan shift

The Keys to the White House vs.The Shrum Curse

"The US is losing in Iraq"... Greider

Fern Holland's War (NYT)

Gailey: Kerry has one advantage:He's not Bush

Benevolent hegemons are like unicorns--there are no such animals.

Tale to warm the heart (Nice Story on Bill and Hillary during illness)

WSJ: With Thousands Of Pensions Closing, How Safe Is Yours?

First Person: For whom did my son die in Iraq?

Kovic Asks if Vietnam Taught Us Anything

SF Chronicle: Why Bush is teetering

Poll: Kerry Takes Pa. Lead -- Michael Moore, Howard Stern seem to be havin

Salon: Schwarzenegger vetoes minimum wage bill

An enlightened approach to defeat Al Qaeda. US regime change

"Bushspeak" (New Yorker) sardonic analysis of style vs. substance

Meyer's Take -- Excellent SF Chronicle 'Toon

Kerry to appear on Letterman, Dr. Phil

Countering our children's culture of junk

CBS info for report vs Bush info for war

juan cole's letter to a reserve officer

Opinion on * and a second term

Long Article by Ron Reagan in South Africa Sunday Times

Salon | Bush in the National Guard: A primer

wonderful cartoons from (?) Az Republic (whoda thunk it?)

Bill the shill never gets it right.

Bush's foes want to back Kerry but he's just too vague

The Atlantic:James Fallows=Bush's Lost Year-GREAT-on how IRAQ WAR hurt USA

W Stands For Wimp..So Why Do Manly Men Love Him?

Phil Parloc Staged Staged Incident ? Connect the dots.

BUSH ON THE COUCH: why people feel sorry for him.

Get pregnant, or get sent to Iraq?

Undermining Democracy

"Reliable Sources" say black is white, up is done. Wrong is right

The Baltimore Sun

Night to Day. versus Dowd book party

Jimmy Swaggart Will Kill a Gay Man - Video

Isn't it about time

New to me; "Adopt a Journalist." Just finished "Attack Poodles

US, Iraqi agreement on debt relief

Tony Blair On The Green Road To Nowhere - Guardian

More Young South Koreans Opt to Learn Chinese

Venezuela's 2027 Bond Jumps to Record High of 98.75

Bad dreams in Washington and bad vibes in Israel

Why is the Chinese government persecuting Falun Gong?

Hi ya guys,

Please, PLEASE update the featured message topics on the home page.

This really isn't a good idea...

All the thread titles in my bookmarks are gone

No new nominated posts on front page since Saturday 8:21 AM

Why Is Drudge Allowed In LBN & RawStory Is Not?

I think this is illegal; can we lock this thread and others bound to

A modest proposal... for the sake of continuity on this board.

Deleted Message : Complaint

9/11 communication failures still baffle FAA, Defense officials

82nd Airborne to send reinforcements to Afghanistan for election

new Hannity advertiser Illinois Lottery

hey xray, how'd it go?

Oxyrush coming to Chicago Oct 2

Earthquake swarm shakes remote area along eastern Sierra

Sacramento area DU'ers, how bout that hail!

Maya Nishikawa, WCCO

Sen. & Mrs. Coleman spotted TODAY @ Edina Byerly's

Verdict on the Kerry campaign in MN?

Kerry/Edwards Lawn Signs Available....

I'll be brutal....

Hey, Buckeyes! Thanks for Rockin' the OHIO FORUM!

Anyone know where Edwards will be Monday?

John Edwards in Phoenixville

The 2004 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade (Dallas Gay Pride)

Confirm? Is the Supreme Court going to revisit Texas redistricting

Yard Sign Vandalism - Fort Worth/Texas

Sen Graham visited us!

Packers Win! Packers Win!

Nader poll called tonight

Oh Joy! KIRO fired Brian "Baloney" Maloney

Farm Aid: Are you Enlightened?

You're not going to believe this...

Is it me or is the draft the most undemocratic practice?

"Iran October Surprise"

so. i want to get one of these automatic weapons

Take the Fascist Quiz and see if you need to buy some black shirts!!

Chinas opinion on the state of our military..

I am afraid that by the time President Kerry takes over from *

Ft. Bragg soldier, returned from Iraq, sets off acid bomb....MacDonalds.

BwahahahahHAH - Wingnut Calls Kitty KELLEY "a LEFTIST"!

Bush & Co.: War Crimes and Cover-Up

I read something very disturbing today

I know how to really get under a Republican's skin.

Terrorists as Matadors

Your brain-bomb for today: Osama bin Laden's telephone number

Jon Stewart KILLING SwiftBoat Vets on Emmy Awards now!!

What would Kerry say to Bush

Cool promo for John Stewarts book on Amazon

Bad Vibrations

We need to re-define the pro-choice debate

Debunking Myths About Low Voter Turnout - link fixed!

Blue States vs. Red States per capita income


"The Unfeeling President By E.L. Doctorow"

All Hands.....Must Read Insider info

"It's only a cigarette burn,"

Question about unmanned drones

"Bush administration hawks pinning their hopes on regime change in Tehran"

Kerry is a WIMP!!! And * I * know its true because ...

I consider the Iraq Invasion as Barbarossa, American style.

Mopaul, others....let's look at a bigger picture (a different view)

Blasphemy in my driveway...

Why did everybody believe Iraq had WMD's?


Up to 4 oz. of Marijuana now LEGAL in Alaska?!?!

Check out the Old Americana films at this link

Tom Daschle has GOT to be a Republican mole

Jimmy Swaggert says KILL a gay man who looks at him.......

Do you understand that a Kerry win is only the beginning of the fight?

Tropical depression #13 forms, will soon become Tropical Storm Lisa

60 Minutes tonight: Interview with U,S. Soldier from Iraq now

Patchwork of Insurgent Groups Run Fallujah/IWPR--New WMW

If Bush wins... do we invade N. Korea and Iran?

Why do our media continue to foster the myth that our presidents are

I saw the Dali Lama tonight and he talked about disarmament

When Bush* loses they will blame Al Qaeda

Hey look!

history ? have military families spoken out like this in the past?

Bush - Gore debate recap..

Take the Fascist Quiz and see if you need to buy some black shirts!!

Andy Rooney just said...

I am trying to visualize what life would be like if we impose a

BBV - Anyone have a list of all counties using Electronic Voting?

Do you THINK (not 'believe' or 'hope') Kerry will win that election ?

I am trying to visualize what life would be like if we impose a

Daily show just won an EMMY!!!!!

Was Bush ever articulate?

George & Laura Bush: the jim & tammy swaggert of politics

Can Iran justify an attack against us as a pre-emptive strike?

Blair & * state there was a plan... ok, what was it?

Kerry Supporters All Over Downtown Cincy!

If Bush is elected,he will unleash a massive assault in Iraq.

What if Kerry said "Shrub wants to go to war with Iran, Syria, Korea,

Let Us Prey

My Vote Goes To Kerry: Here's Why

Chomsky on Iraq.

Please critique my work in progress - LTTE

What have we ever gained from conservatism?

John Kerry on Letterman Monday evening

World War II babies: someone born during WWII know any??

While Bush is busy with his excellent Iraq adventure, hopeful signs

If we go after Iran it wil be Air Strikes..

Our exalted Vice President Dick Cheney has now become an

What the hell is happenning in New Jersey??

Another Bush Lie?


60 Minutes starting in central timezone...looks like some interesting

Why is Sally Quinn considered so powerful by our media people?

Incident on Haifa Street (

John Edwards on campaign trail in Ohio this week on c-span now .

And he himself has said it, and it's greatly to his credit

Question: Is it legal to conduct voter registration in a church?

The UK has practically bugged out of Iraq--Now, Coalition of One (Defacto)

Oh, the irony! I've been called a "Nader basher."

Need some advice on a local Dem rally.

Anyone notice the proliferation of biblethumpers on reality shows?

How many posts

I saw tis one biblethumper on tv this morning

The Bible / Encyclopedia of damning news articles on Bush

Telecommunications Act of 1996 is going to be addressed by Congress

Coming up in an hour -- hear Arianna Huffington on Sunday Monitor

NO investigation on Niger documents ongoing!! (per Josh Marshall: TPM)

If we compare the military might of the U.S. to a sledgehammer,

Attention Texas DU'ers (RE: Busheep TV preacher John Hagee)

Listening to Zogby on cspan now 5:28PM est.

Is there any news on the 2 Italian women hostages?

DEMOCRATS working as Republican Stooges???

I used to say "I would never give up my military experience but I

Are Sports the New Opiate of the People?

A general strike will be the only solution

CNN - Bill Schneider discusses Iran hostages - Carter/Reagan

So why were Condi et al so vocal in resistance to Chavez who held

Bush FINALLY identifies the problem

What I like best

"Ownership Society"

Someday I will write a book on massages I have had . . .

I need help with this message.

F**K the polls!! If you recognize media propaganda at work then why

I just realized----we're going to win

Put the plug back in the outlet, Edna--it isn't over yet!!!

Francophobia Considerons L' Origine

1,032 Americans, 1,167 Combat Dead in Iraq 09.19.04. For Download.

The Real Republican Domestic Agenda: War on Roosevelt

One of the AEI chickenhawks, Michael Ledeen, says that we must

Doonesbury | "The Family Assault Vehicle"

Where can I find the debunking of the "56 lies in F-911"

I just realized Iraq IS vital in the War on Terror.

Terry McAuliffe on dissent under Bush

it's getting hard to watch sports on TV

Re "Open Secret:Utter Failure"column+KKK's lie encrusted boners

United States Conscription

Link needed - Video of Bush & WTC side by side on 9/11

Bagdad Bob is back and his name is Prime Minister Allawi

CNN's Howie Kurtz is not telling the whole the Dan Rather case

Du'ers are traitors!

Comment about Daschle from the book "Attack Poodles"

I would like to pose this question to both Bush and Kerry:

Photos from TODAY in Iraq- September 19, 2004 - Another day, more violence

Getting ready to leave for the Edwards rally!

Daschle and Thune going head to head

Is George "w" Bush the top Christian leader in the United States?

MoDo on the Niederer arrest (Gold Star Mother)

"Child whose intestines were sucked out by a pool device"

BBV So he does not feel left out...and forgotten it is time once again

If Bush wants to attack Iran, does he need Congress...


do Russians know Wal-Mart will be a Trojan horse?

question about Dan Rather interview with Killian secretary

HUH? The History Channel has a talk show called Hard Target

I swear, if Kerry doesn't cite the Swaggart quote and tie it to Bush ...

The Tactics behind the 'October Plan'

I just realized--we're going to lose.

trof is back

WOW! Exciting scintillating debate on SOUTH Dakota senate race on MTP

Meme Reminder................................

More Slime from the better half - Barbara Bush/Scott Pierce

Anyone watching Allwawi on on This Week? My heaven's, he's quoting

An Idea - Boycott Bush Media

ABC with George Stephanopoulos

Sen. Biden brilliant (paraphrased).

Face the Nation...

Why aren't polls or talk shows asking about the "upcoming draft"?

If Iraq isn't the biggest cluster fuck ever,

THE BOONDOCKS: He said WHAT in 2000?

What if the Republicans could write a new Constitution for USA?

Iraq: Till Death Do Us Part?

The reason people like Falwell,Robertson and others have a

Daily U.S. Casualties 9/19/2004

Anyone still have link to Pepper-Sprayed Seattle Baby/Bush Protest ?

question about the Dan Rather documents

CSPAN: Polling discussion

Dandy Don Rumsfeld is famous for his almost Sphinx like

Subsidized Hurricane Relief vs. Subsidized Health Care

FREE!!! Bush Must Go bumper stickers.

Repeat question Re. "Hunting of a Prez" Spoilers requested.

"Hunting of the Prez" movie question. Spoilers requested.

Anybody watch tonights capitol gang?

Marilyn Manson a "no-vote"

America: A Nation of Good Germans?

Does anyone have a source for Karl Rove's idiotic...

Morals over policy

David Cobb made a great point about Nader today

Any Babylon 5 fans Here?

If the "Insurgents" run us out of Iraq

Kerry Navy Service

Attn Software Developers & Activists: New Proposal for Discussion

What are brand name products with a liberal connotation?

The Next Imperial Lunacy , Super-bully going to Iran (?)

Time to tell the truth about the media. They are TRAITORS to this country.

Hagel and Holbrooke! Do You think This repuke is Jumping Ship?

Stitchin' Sedition!

Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks

Man, Michelle Malkin really is insane.

The world DIDN'T change on 9/11! Enough already!

Disreputable Men

Bush is smoking crack if he thinks he's going to win Illinois

"That Sinking Feeling", Kevin Phillips reviews Dean, Graydon Carter books

DO NOT confuse the Rangel DRAFT bill with the NEW BUSH DRAFT ACTIVITY!

A six-point plan to protect prostitutes and the community - Canada

The old problem of prostitution - Canada

The far-right parties and government employment...

London, England SEP-19-2004 Police hunted suspected serial hammer killer

To all Ukrainian Immigrants

Parties Gird for Battle If Election Ends up in Court

Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq!

Iran Rejects UN Call for Uranium Enrichment Freeze (Reuters)

Three hundred petitioners rounded up in Beijing

Protesters get their bicycles back three weeks after protest

More bodies found at pipeline blast site - Nigeria

10 killed in Kashmir violence

Lifespan crisis hits supersize America

CNN - Bush "pleased with the progress" in Iraq

Guardian UK: Iraq leak has Blair back in firing line

TS: Blair advisers warned of Iraq chaos ...U.S. invasion `a grudge match'

Strains Felt By Guard Unit on Eve Of War Duty

California governor plans to advise voters on some ballot props

Several killed in US attack on Falluja (not a duplicate..)

GOP Mailing Warns Liberals Will Ban Bibles

Tommy Denton: Telling the truth to power (Fallujah flip-flop)

Talks to End Violence in Baghdad's Sadr City Slum Deadlocked

Al-Sadr officials targeted

LAT: Iraqis Want US to Leave -- but Not Just Yet ("fix what they broke")

Iran to End UN Nuke Checks if Reported to Council (Reuters)

WP, pg1: Divergent Views of Iraq Defining Election (new Kerry attack)

Sadness, relief as a Maytag factory shuts down in Illinois

Iraq election may not be free and fair, must be held

Kerry's hold on Illinois stays strong (54% to 39%)

Leaders vow to defeat Iraq 'evil'

President Bush to Visit Storm-Hit States

Pakistan militants 'on the run'

Jiang Zemin steps down as leader of China

MI6 chief’s nephew was partner of coup leader

Anyone watching Allwawi on on This Week? My heaven's, he's quoting

ABC with George Stephanopoulos

Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq

'Night letters' from the Taliban threaten Afghan democracy

Kerry says US has lost its "moral authority"

Whispered in Russia: Democracy Is Finished: LA Times

How Kerry can get out of his Iraq quagmire

United Nations child sex shame

Minorities Could Make Mark in Senate Races

Iraqi soldier killed, three US troops wounded in car bombing (Samarra)

Guard unit to deploy from lockdown to war zone (Bad news for W)

Same-sex marriage ban approved in Louisiana

US troops threaten Ramadi offensive

Get pregnant, or get sent to Iraq?

Iraqi PM: Elections to Go on As Scheduled

Reuters: Fed Seen Sticking to Measured Rate Raises

Thatcher in bid to keep secrets

Fury as Bomb-Grade Plutonium Sets Sail for France from US

Keillor Hits Campaign Trail For Democrats

WP/IndyStar: Fertility report offers hope for freezing eggs

Anti-terror flying squads plan (Australia)

LAT: Edwards Stings His Rivals, Smiling All the While

Kerry Links Iraq War Cost, Domestic Woes

Bereaved mother speaks out: For whom did my son die in Iraq?

Four Caucasians wounded in Moscow subway assault: police

A Senate Race in Oklahoma Lifts the Right

Clock Ticks Down on Iraqi Kidnappers Threat

Newsweek: Cops, Killers & Moles (Iraqi Police)

Edwards Plans Pennsylvania Stops

Militants Behead 3 Kurd Hostages in Iraq (Peshmerga's)

3 Dead, 7 Hurt in Iraq Suicide Car Blast (1 US Troop dead)

Kerry Links Iraq War Cost, Domestic Woes

Opinion on * and a second term

War-Gaming The Mullahs: The U.S. weighs the price of a pre-emptive strike

Lifespan crisis hits supersize America

Saudi Professor Sentenced for Speaking Out (compared U.S. to bin Laden)

2 Soldiers Among 21 Killed in Iraq Blasts

German Far-Right Profits from Anger Over Reforms

Saddam's lawyers doubt trial soon

Bush Faces Global Critics at U.N. This Week

State poised to host crucial debate

Origins of Halliburton's secret Iraq deals debated

Colorado initiative could alter way electoral votes are divided


Iraq Chief Will Face Tough U.N. Questions

Letter on Iraq Still Makes Waves: Go to mosque and kill five Muslims

60 Minutes tonight: Interview with U,S. Soldier from Iraq now

Sue Sapir-Niederer charges dropped

Jimmy Swaggert says KILL a gay man who looks at him.......

Democrat Emerges As Major Stem Cell Patron

Women won’t be allowed run in Saudi municipal elections

Emmies: WINNER

Putin in push to extend his term

(CNN) McCain: Bush Not Straight Enough on Iraq

Great Lakes plan raises diversion fears

Family Values: Britney Spears is a Bride Again

NYT- Californians to Vote on Spending $3 Billion on Stem Cell Research

Three Kurds beheaded by militants

Elizabeth Edwards Headlines Harkin Feast


WP: Bush, Kerry Tentatively Settle on 3 Debates

President Bush Offers Aid to Storm Victims

Video Shows Beheading of 3 Iraq Hostages

Lawyer urges snowbirds to cast their votes in Florida

WP: Edwards Is No Cheney – And That's the Plan

Bush backflip in combat appeal

Iraq militants parade 15 captive guardsmen, give 48-hour ultimatum

Poll: Possible Second War Worries Voters; Repubs playing on fear

Allies seen snubbing W on Iraq aid

Too few marshals on flights, boss says

Two Explosions Echo Across Baghdad

Edwards Calls Hastert's Remarks 'Politics of Fear'

Bush's Cut-and-Spend Plan Is Math-Challenged: LA Times

Drudge Reports Bush/Kerry Agree To 3 Debates

WP: Arrests at GOP Convention Are Criticized

VOA: US Says 'Clock is Ticking' for Iran

Attacks disillusion Marines

NYT- Effort to Train New Iraqi Army Is Facing Delays

A less kind, less gentle John Kerry

Whispered in Russia: Democracy Is Finished

Three GOP Senators Urge Refocusing of Iraq Policy

Mothers of troops to help 'tell the truth,' McAuliffe says

Kerry to hit Bush on Iraq - Mothers of troops to help 'tell the truth'

Another Kerry comes out fighting

We're back at war in Iraq, says general Sir Mike Jackson

New Zogby Poll - Bush Continues To Hold Slim Lead Over Kerry (46%-43%);

In Any Language, Two Candidates Are a World Apart -NYT, Bumiller

Say Sorry over Iraq War, Blair Urged

CBS Talks With Suspected Source of Documents

Diversion of Great Lakes water risks environment, Cdn sovereignty

As protesters' ranks swell, Argentine's middle class turns on poor

Seattle radio station says it didn't fire host over Rather comments

German far right set to win seats: BBC

Photographer who captured Viet Cong execution dead at 71 (Eddie Adams)

WP: As Income Gap Widens, Uncertainty Spreads (More Families Struggling)

Republicans Criticize Bush 'Mistakes' on Iraq

Bush failing to admit Iraq's worsening situation: Washington Post

Pastor's Empire Built on Acts of Faith, and Cash: LA Times

Driver humiliated by Texas judge

Classic guerrilla war forming in Iraq

NYTIMES: Portrait of George Bush in '72 ....

Microwave gun to be used by US troops on Iraq rioters

Kerry's Once Sizable Lead With Female Voters Slips

Chirac to push for international tax to fight poverty

US runs low on soldiers

NYT: For Many in Missouri, Picking a President Is More a Matter of Values

Pentagon blocks site for voters outside U.S.


Scariest DU Forum?

My friend Eddie Died today, or I guess yesterday

Restaurant Suggestions - New Orleans

it's my birthday!

Is anyone watching the enema's?

Any Lasik or other vision correction folks here?

Dammit. Should I stay or should I go?

What's wrong with Laura Bush's face?

Jimmy Swaggart is ONE sick fucker

Scariest VP

I'm done with Boxing! I will never watch a boxing match again!

Coolest Commercial Ever!!! The New HP Digital Camera Commercials...


It's my anniversary!

Most useless key

Help, please, re: Animated GIFs

Anyone else up?

I feel so stupid... *

Speaking of Halloween... What candy did you hate getting the most?

Brook Trout!

Anybody crazy for candy corn?

Which Monty Python film should I watch?

Is anyone watching the emmys?

"Float On" by Modest Mouse

Miss Alabama won on a sympathy vote.

Bear says "hello" from the Colorado River

Pet Peeve O'The Day: Websites With Black Backgrounds

Raita. Okay, fans of Indian food talk to me.

Family Values: Britney Spears is a Bride Again

Mr Show coming to TBS on Friday nights!

It's that time again...convince me...

Sealab 2021: Robot bodies for everyone!

Official Bengals vs Dolphins game thread

Separated at birth?

Bewitched 40th Anniversary Marathon On TV-Land!!! (Sunday 3pm to Midnight)

R.I.P. Skeeter Davis.

I need this song, more than ever

Favorite gang related movie.

I'm sitting here watching John Edwards on CSPAN and ...

Fuck, just learn the basics of the fucking APOSTROPHE

How much do the Packers suck?

Linfield whomps Pointers, Division III voters better notice

Seriously....Are the Packers a bunch of no-talent douchebags or what?

Well I'm finally in my townhouse...

Looking for a quote by Joseph Goebbels

I'm Feeling So Sick Today...

anyone want a Gmail account?

Fine. I'll admit it.

Time to vent. Besides repubs, who do you hate most?

The Sunday edition of the Semi-Celebrity Lesbian Couple

A Question For Red Sox Fans

For my gamers in here.

Found on another message board, hope it isn't a repeat.

Best maze game ever!

The Phantom Bloopers

Imagination matters: FOOD CHAIN matters. I'm plugging my book.

Sky Captain Rocked.

Chewable orange-flavored baby aspirin???

I'm on use or lose leave for the next eleven days

So I've just finished a scan of the Shortwave bands....


September Song, fine wine, cheap wine, goodbyes and Autumn ........

How To Clean The Toilet...

Moral dilemma number 3525: Am I gonna get sued over this?

Fundy song parodies

Singing in The Rain is coming on Turner Classic Movies!!!

YAWN! Please tell me a bedtime story.

SIMS players? It looks like I have to re-install my Sims game...

I'm trying to remember that "WHIM" line; another BUSHISM ...

I don't have any stickers. I wonder what they think of me.

A Question For Red Socks Fans

Annie Lennox like a wine that needs time, or a painter who waits to death

Daily show just won an EMMY!!!!!

If you were a cheese, what cheese would you be?

When did older teens without costumes start ruining Halloween?

Public Enemy: When they were good....

25th wedding anniversary and they said it wouldn't last!

Sky Captain SUCKED!

Captain Kirk wins an Emmy!!!!

Emmies: WINNER

Why Bush Stopped Flying...

Official Bengal Tiger Vs. Dolphin thread

Suggestions: Cheap or Inexpensive things to do on VACATION!!!!

New gay neighbors...code words

Picture Laura Bush as Kay (Dianne Keaton) in the Godfather 2/3

dupe, please delete

Worst baseball announcer?

I am now convinced that the Apostrophe scare is a scam!

Ramsey & I shook John Edward's hand today

Packers vs. Bears thread

I'm back from the Reuben's fest.. So who's up for some celebrity lesbians?

Really bad Italian cooking (like you get at the campus cafetiria)

Worst football announcer?

does anyone else here LOATHE Hillary?

Any see Peter Boyle's Lapel Pin he wore to the Emmy's

Movies that you didn't expect to like, but are among your favorites...


How good is your hand eye coordination? Take the test!

Very funny flash "Clerks" parody. "heroes"

Can someone explain a few things about the film "Memento?"

A tribute to ZW's hatred of misplaced apostrophes

i betcha they would, too

I'm watching Under the Tuscan Sun

W00t!!! Your prolly a Tuscan freeper!!!!

Why is the dove a bird of peace?

I bought some new towels today

I am now convinced that the Aspartame scare is a scam!

I actually like circus peanuts!

The Sky Captain & Tenielle!

BEST. AD. EVER. We gotta get this on the air!

If something is "off the hook" then is it "off the chain" by default?

I'm watching Under the Tucson Sun

I'm going to play evensong

I''m sick and fucking tired of neocon trolls in the Usenet music groups!

Speaking of rigged boxing matches - fights you'd like to see

Anyone here ever research the Vril Society (and the Vril saucers)?

Bwuhahah! Just took a phone political poll

Why, after all these years, do I still think Spencer Gifts is fun?

Can anyone think of a way for me to speed up my connection speed...


Flaming cheese.

Testraverde picked off three times so far

Over -the-top Miss America (pic heavy)

who actually likes The Scarlet Letter?

Good-bye to Summer! Is it making one final stand in your area????

Dick Cheney: Good for Halloween, Bad for America

Anyone seen Vanity Fair?

DUBIOUS (THE NAKED TRUTH): "The Emperor's New Suit" updated

I think Mischief may be getting a bit "full-figured".

A bad day is unfolding here for the Arizona Cardinals...

James Garner or Rock Hudson/Doris Day movie question....

Jung Typology Test

If Bush wins I propose a law that says no abortions allowed overseas


Gardeners and thee with thumbs of green - prithee, a spot of help

Kill me!

Sis boom bah!!! Go, team, go!

A picture of "The Thing" from the new Fantastic Four movie, partially

Go Giants "D"!

Ivan update

So, what do you think about the Kitty Kelly book?

free checkup at you tip?

Avast ye, me hearties! 'Tis "talk like a pirate day"!

True to Conservarive family values, Britney holds another farce wedding

What are YOU going to be for Halloween?

So I was golfing this afternoon...what happened in the Bears/Packers game?


It's cold here on Long Island!

Okay, LBN had a thread about a Vanity War

Have you ever smoked, well, anything?

Has anyone noticed on their weather stations ?

Watch out NYC - My mama's a comin' to town!!

RE: Rawstory and Bluelemur

For anyone curious about the find your AQ website being advertised,

*** Europe retains the Ryder Cup ***

Need MP3 player....

Raider fans, what does the #40 on the Raider helmets signify?

I've checked: There is no "Independant Underground"....

Chargers game BLACKED OUT!

I'm farting too much.

Botanists - Is this plant recoverable? (pic included)

It's good to be back on DU!!

If I were a gay bee.....

Mrs. Grummmmmpyyyyyy......?

Way to go, Mickelson! - sarcasm alert

Red Sox v. Yankees- the Rubbermatch!!

My Russian girlfriend put hardboiled eggs on my sinuses,

Redskins Vs Giants Thread

Globetrotters vs. Generals thread

Let me cue up my CD changer...

Where should I go?

HEyHEY's face looks like a warzone

Does anyone know when the gallery will be updated?

Egypt's pussies got the mummy treatment

US Constitution that separates Church and State is a "forgery" aledge GOP

Women are frightened by my size because they think all my members are huge

1995's Jonathan Demme-directed Springsteen vid "Murder Inc"...Amazing.

As a new member of the 700 Club, I would like to say....

When is the simpsons season premere?

Anyone else not give a crap about the Emmys?

BOO! (A Jack Chick Tract... Instead Of Candy)

Anybody read "The Iraq War" yet?


Worst Hockey Announcer?

ZeeDub's NFL Picks: Week 2


OMG AT&T tech support FIXED my problem!

Why my neighbors must die die die

I Am In Sunday Sports OVERLOAD!

Should politicians help out in times of crisis?

Question: What happens when...

Need help getting rid of fleas

What's your most annoying product placement in a movie?

Theres been a shooting in my neighborhood, no one gets in or out

ooookay - hungover DUers check in

My continuing quest to watch all farscape - season 3

Ju-ju-ju-just like the bad guy in Lethal Weapon Two,

Do we have a potential U.S. comeback at the Ryder Cup?

How a redneck gets a vasectomy

"Thugs and Vandals for Bush" - Sloganeering thread.

I'm OK.

Frequent Flier Miles and Bankruptcy

The West Wing

Need some stalker advice, folks.

Two questions for ipod owners

Hey LynneSin...I know what your new shirt says...

A great article from Tom Robbins in the Village Voice...

The "Duh..." picture of the day.

Even Mad Tv is against us...bastards.

Can someone help my friend who wants to post here?

Golf Relations: Make fun of Matt Liar

Well, according to this quiz.... Apparently, I'm a Lesbian

I know it's September, but I saw a really tacky Xmas decoration already

I'd love an unauthorized * tv movie based on Kitty's bk. John Waters can

I'm watching The Charlie's Angels Story on Lifetime...

One more thought

Concerning Curb Your Enthusiasm

An email about A day in the life of Joe Republican...

Green Acres is the place to be...

More Tinfoil than most conspiracy nuts can handle

Anybody has any stories of cross species pet affection

I'll take "Ending world hunger and realizing world peace" for 400 Alex

Bush's Demands for Debate(s) -----Humorous

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Cardinals Win Division, Another Title for Best Franchise in NL History

Flood pics in NE-PA

My cats used a whole roll of toilet paper!

Party Protocol with Repukes (I think I was BAD...)

New Rainbow record set

Just a few belches from the Religio-Gaybaiting Party


CAPTION the Sunshine boys

British spy 'fired the shot that finished off Rasputin'

Today's Quote

Today's fact

Connecticut Yankees for the Truth ad

What do you consider your creative muse?

I miss my kitties.....

Death by Mulder

For anyone having trouble streaming Ike Newkirk today...

"Tech Support!" (Warning: Bad language)

Kudos to you Sun Devil fans.

new Hannity advertiser Illinois Lottery

who said hip hop lyrics were unintelligent?

AO-Hell just got one nasty e-mail from me.

Are the 80s ANCIENT history?

Lots of Body/Face piercing /tons of tattoos

Started AOL chat room... called "DemUnderground"

Who's got AIM? Let's have a DU chat session!

Why Can't We Live Together

Miss Alabama won on a sympathy vote.

What should I do?

I am not less perfect than Lore!

OK I don't like cats But

"Talent" on Miss America

Steve Bridges, "master impressionist," "amazingly accurate" Bush?

Death by Murder

What's this world coming to? Lions are 2-0!

Favorite candy?

1955 danish movie alert!

Tony Kushner rocks!!!

Weird!!! I Smell Cigarette Smoke

Daily Show won Emmy for best comedy show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone here successfully quit smoking cigarettes?

Help me settle a bet about ZombyWoof...

Richard Brautigan - pro or con?

DUers, I need some ideas RE: Halloween

Anybody here live in Oregon?

The F-Bomb: Legitimate Stylistic Feature or Blot Upon the Landscape?

Most Annoying Televangelists

Thought you guys might like this...

What's up with the K/E yard signs?

Kerry must annunciate a WAR ON ENERGY.

Never mind biased polls, what is your gut telling you?

Registered 90 voters in PA--during the pouring rain!

Encouragement from NC

Do we have any non anecdotal voter registration data?

Bush Faces Global Critics at U.N. This Week


Incontrovertible proof that the CBS memos were NOT MS Word Times Roman

CHECKIN "It's National Security, Stupid" Crowd. Time to Raise a Cheer

Kerry finally listens to General Clark and will start hitting Bush on Iraq

Republicans criticise Bush "mistakes" on Iraq

The what DU is doing to elect John Kerry Thread

Bush -- "A chickenshit in every pot. " The candidate for the fearful

What if Kerry's October Surprise for * is...


Best. Ad. Ever. (In Spanish, With Subtitles.)

Bush's new fuzzy math, including audio clips of ALL his major speeches.

Mankato Minnesota: Elizabeth Edwards lends a hand and an ear

Most pathetic anti-Kerry statement I've heard.

Go to and take the quiz (send Catholic voters)

Brand New Zogby Poll: Bush 46% Kerry 43%

Senators Urge Bush to Rethink Iraq Policy

How many DU people only have CELL PHONES? If you reply no

Would You Be Eligible to be Drafted If * Wins?

Bush and Kerry on Iraq. Where is the Failure and what is the Plan?

Bush and Kerry to have three debates

Bush is a terrific debater - will be tough to beat


Bush's new Iraq offensive is like Nixon's Cambodia- Widening war

Former Cheney Advisor Blasts National Sales Tax

Electoral Vote Predictor 2004 completely shifted within 1 month

Lawyer urges snowbirds to cast their votes in Florida

How Democrats can win votes from southern white male conservatives

Hey! I just got polled!

Possible problem with Kerry's Letterman appearance Monday

CNN "Reliable Sources"

New Zogby Numbers: Bush clings to very slim lead: 46 - 43

Will Kerry Push the Debate Issue on Bush?

DRAFT the NeoConservatives!

Andy Rooney's suggestion for showing political stance

Senator Daschle: Kerry wrong for voting against the $87 billion bill

NYTIMES: Portrait of George Bush in '72

My October Suprise

Help! Need information on the draft initiatives being worked on.

Is it time to declare war on the media ?


Today Rasmussen. Bush falling, Kerry rising.

How many Dems on today's shows used "excuse pResident"?

Edwards need to get that face of his on the talk shows

How can Kerry defuse the Iraq Flip Flop statements in debates?

Faux caught Rather at airport. Asked "Do you feel you were duped?"

How long will it take for media to investigate RawStory allegations?

Interesting timeline: *'s Vietnam era service record

Kerry a champion debater.

Rather has interviewed Burkett Sludge Report

Anybody up for debate practice?

Needed DUer's in the D/FW Area

Let's see how many pessimists and optimists we have here: Who will win?


Can someone please elaborate on Dale Earnhardt, Jr and F911?

Terrorism is higher under Bush than at any other point in modern history.

NYT: "Mr. Bush, in contrast, was a cheerleader. It's like spirit club."

My OIL EXECUTIVE Republican Uncle Is Voting KERRY/EDWARDS!

LOL, 'Scoop' From New Zealand, Adds Cheat Sheet To Kerry Press Release !!!

Rove smears/distractions that DIDN'T work.

Our non-political neighbor just put up a Kerry sign.


Time to PROVE we can FIX what "Dubya" screwed up!!!

the Bible will be banned if liberals win in the November elections

Post here if you always voted third party in presidential elections before

"They Failed Us, They Fooled Us, They're Finished"

Rasmussen Battleground for 9/19

MSNBC: "Could 2nd Bush term mean another war?"

Who are the insurgents?Does it matter who we kill as we bomb to find them?

Why We Need Tony Blair On Our Side (and a plan to get it)

People who talk about swaping votes need to stuff it.

Senator minces no words on GOP

USA Today: poll shows Bush clear leader -- question :

Bush administration: Liars or incompetents?

What will Kerry say in his "Iraq speech" this Thursday ?

"Fantasy" clashes with reality over Iraq policy

Swap your safe state vote for a Kerry vote in Ohio

NATO can't secure Afghanistan

W.'s lifetime of failure: It's the incompetency, stupid

Just got home from the John Edwards rally in John's town, PA.

CBS Documents - Another Republican Lawyer Exposed

DEM Core Constituency!!!!! Look at the numbers!!!!!!!

How ironic that Kerry spoke against the Viet Nam War

An idea to get your friends/family to vote for Kerry

What Prominent REPUBLICANS Will Vote For Kerry?

will they try to impeach Kerry for something

Dan Rather : The only journalist left in America

Does anyone have any material on why B* is BAD for Israel?

another broken promise...what else is new? Lets list lt. awol's broken

A suggestion: really BE American,...FIRST,....


Swaggart says kill a gay man who looks at him................

CNN - Top Democrat: Kerry to hit Bush on Iraq...Iraq mothers to join

NEWSWEEK: Kerry Intends to Repeat and Refine Critique of Iraq

Republicans Criticize Bush 'Mistakes' on Iraq

Edwards speech from this week in Ohio on C-Span now! n/t

More O'Neill protest pictures.

Hope Kerry's advisors see this. New York Times today..

New Zogby (9/19)

Bush: No skeletons in my closet

Why Bush is teetering

Who has the link to the news article (m)

Fake controversy

Some Political Humor Needed

Bush sucking up in FL. He told Ca piss off when we need $. He is so

Cheney, Hastert, Schneider. This crap's gotta stop. NOW

At the debates Kerry should.......

Edwards Raps Hastert on Terror Comments

CBS 60 Minutes/II the top rated news shows 9/06-/12

My October Surprise fantasy ...

The Debates may be a no-win situtation for Kerry even if he wins

This is the October Surprise: Saddam's Trial

Mods delete please (sorry, embarrased myself)


Dick Lugar calls administration incompetent

I am sick of being depressed by DU. I can go to the media for that.

Kerry should punch out * on national TV!

The Grand Illusionist

Bush Dental Record May Be a Fake !!!

Bush lover’s who tear down signs.

What is bigger issue Iraq or fear of terrorist?

Want to see how the pollsters did in 2000?

America's Corporate Takeover

Kerry should-ers. Keep on Kerry should-ing.

One of the most inspiring things I've ever read

So, Bush is proud of his record?

Checking for astroturf on this LTTE

What kinds of threads do you find too annoying to read?

How CBS should reply to Bush's demand they answer questions . . .

Heads-up: Pollster coming-up in second hour of the Flanders show!

Today! A New Ad! And,John Edwards is in PA , Elizabeth is in IA

This is what we're up against...

Kevin Phillips said on NOW that the AWOL issue was HELPING Dems.

WooHoo! A man just came to my door with a voter registration form.

BUSH: UNFIT FOR COMMAND - THEN & NOW flyer for printing

Nader and the Florida Ballots

Rasmussen: many believe that 4 out of 5 networks are pro-Kerry

Poll: Possible Second War Worries Voters

GOP Scare Tactic: Libs Will Ban Bibles

Did Karl Rove dodge the draft?

Kerry has coat tails

Are you guys making sure that people have registered to vote?

Brad Carson takes 7 point lead in Oklahoma senate race.

Voting machines' reliability debated

"Four More Years"

Something I don't understand about the Dan Rather/CBS story ??

Did Holbrooke just say onCBS that Iraq like Vietnam,.not enough Troops?

Need help for PNAC article

DU Poll Watching Wonks: Check out this Great VR News from NC/Dems

Daschle is part of the problem....

What's in a Kerry win for the lap-dog media? Honest question,

Blue Truth, Red Truth

step back and look at the big picture: the media is assassinating Kerry

America is on the Threshold of Greatness.... but BushCo is holding us back

Cutter and Eskew on CNN with Kelly (last name escapes me).

George Bush Surveys the effect of his presidency

The numbers showing up at K/E rallies & at the local level to volunteer !

Ayad ("not a U.S. puppet") Allawi helps Bush "put a human face" on Iraq

We need to demand that poll reporting be honest !

Caught RepubThugs tearing up my yard sign this AM

National Confusion and Dismay... Who Gains??

Al Hunt answers $1 Million Question: Where do W(rong)'s gains come from ?

Statement by John Edwards in response to republican fearmongering

Kerry's October Surprise?

CNN: Guardsman says he saw Bush's Guard records in trash 02/12/04

Blogger who faulted CBS documents is activist with far-right GOP ties

I just realized...Kerry is going to slaughter Chimpy in the debate!

A Great Quote About * From The New York Times Book Review

I just realized--we're going to lose.

Where do we see F 911 in the polls?

Has anybody done trend lines on Bush's approval ratings?

ANY Dem Candidate Would Be Behind Right Now.

(Uh-oh)Breaking:PROOF that Bush WAS in Alabama - Why don't they have an online forum?

November 2nd is "Dia de Los Muertos"

For those who follow Rasmussen, a 2.90% net increase for Kerry today.

My biggest fear about the debates

Gut Check Time

Please list any anecdotal evidence about how people are voting

My prediction: Two weeks from today, Kerry will be ahead in most polls..

Joe Biden, "What Kerry should say on Iraq"

For those studying CBS memos: WP "Paper Trail" graphic (fwiw)

Bush is like Baghdad Bob - said Bill Maher

I just realized----we're going to win

Rasmussen poll on Media Bias. Is CNN pro-Kerry?

September 19, 2004 Prediction: KERRY LANDSLIDE WIN.

Another week another LTTE.

Kerry is.......

Campaigning in Florida?

do you know anyone who has already given or decided based on the polls?

F**K the polls!! If you recognize media propaganda at work then why

Poll results from 'red' battleground states -MSNBC, Knight Ridder

Another grieving mother speaks

Interesting P. Buchanen article from February

The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

Pat Buchanan explains why Bush MUST appeal to religious fanatics.

Kerry to give Major Policy Speech on Iraq this week - Macullife

FYI Kerry is advertising on Nickelodeon during the days.

President Bush, we can not afford to "Stay the Course"

2004 Voter Turnout Pool - Place your bets!

Massachusetts DU'ers, give me an example of Kerry's "closing" skills

Edwards great "Two America's" speech - what the hell happened

Republicans stealing Kerry-Edwards signs in my county

Stop Letting Yourself be "PLAYED"

Is this proper?? Openly Repub. Sup of Elections candidate

T or F: Bush has a symbiotic relationship with the terrorists...

New Kerry Ad Links Iraq War Cost, Domestic Woes

Remember months ago CW was that if the incumbent was under 50 %

Floridians: What type of senator/governor has Bob Graham been?

Deleted message

The way to win - attack your opponents STRONG POINT

George W. Bush Compassion Photo Album

America Sucks for FluFF and BLuFF... The Bush guys are using

Bush's Cut-and-Spend Plan Is Math-Challenged

The corporate media understands that change is in store if Kerry wins...

Should Kerry go on the O'Reilly Factor?

The Republican Senate and House candidates are in purgatory....

There it is again: Wolf says "some people" say the DNC did it!

Hilarious poll story - please read!

Was the Bush "Mission Accomplished" used in tv ads?

Kerry has an OPEN INVITATION to address 9-12 MILLION people on radio!

This is serious - we have to hit the pavement every weekend.

"No Child Left Behind" FRAUD, LIES and FAKERY

Was Bush captian of the debate team in college?

Rasmussen Shows Kerry Narrowing Bush Lead on Sunday

Bush Plan for Iraq Exposed.

Kerry finds friend in union

Should the Democrats say "It's time for a change" ala 1992? nt

Events planned in St Louis for October 8

Don't FALL for it. The story used to be: "ENERGIZED Dem voter turnout"

Coolade drinkin' at the pub

VOIP users: Another undersampled group

People we need to FOCUS our message

It's OK, I had a shower afterwards


Edwards Plans Pennsylvania Stops

Newsweek poll of Reg V: 38% R, 31% D, 31% I -- 2000: 39% D, 35% R, 26% I !

Does Karl Rove have The Force?

Has Kerry written off Missouri?

Got pulled over by a cop w/my Kerry bumpersticker for speeding.....

Most Effective Contribution?

Here is Kerry's Winning Issue!!!

Good news from rasmussen

Shot Fired at GOP HQ window in Huntington, WV

Help DUers need intro copy for 8/6/01 PDB

Bush's demands for Debate(s)

John Kerry's "Lambert Field" Quote on Tweety

How Kerry can get out of his Iraq quagmire

A Green friend who voted Nader 2000 is voting KERRY 2004

The DRAFT issue could change mind's of mothers...

Global Warming Should Be Our Fear Issue!

Stand up for John Kerry

Funny- my passion and anger has come back.. with a vengeance

ABC now

One former Harvard Business School professor recalls George W. Bush

CNN analyst: Big expatriate vote for Kerry? Blair turning from Bush?

This is election is not against Republicans but

Harris Poll: 51% say Bush does not deserve reelection

We have Media Blaster . . .how about a Sponsor Blaster

Put a Bumper Sticker On Your Website!!

Is there really a Debate going on at MTP ?, Daschel vs Thune

Why Bush Will Lose in November

S1689 (The $87Billion vote) Talking Points

War Pres * benefiting from Iraq Chaos?

Bush Flip-Flops on funding bills and shafts Americans

Memo to John Kerry

These are just too good to waste! USE EM!

T minus 11 days and counting (first debate)

Kerry's New Call to Arms|Newsweek

Democratic spokepersons: the good and the bad.

Did Dick Lugar just say the * admin. is incompetent regarding Iraq?

A "Minnesota Nice" bumper sticker confrontation

Who has the better plan for Iraq DU this poll

Kerry got postal workers endorsement. No mention in anti-worker press.

Help me with what Frank Rich is saying: "This Time O'Reilly Got It Right"

Talking Point: What Was Bush's Plan In 2000

President 'Smoke and Mirrors' - good read

Reps do NOT have a monopoly on MORAL VALUES

New Twist on the "Get A Brain! Morans" Sign

Why isn't what happened in Falluja a huge scandal?

Kerry's Oct. Juices Flowing/Fighting Mood!!

Is anyone else watching this Allawi interview (ABC)?

dupe, ignore

INSTANT REPLAY: "Mission Accomplished??" YOU MAKE THE CALL

How We Can Win This Election!

Evil Dick, "working hard" to "destroy" al-Qaida "with Bush as president"

Who are Novak's sources?

Calm down everyone...Kerry 50% - Bush 43% w/independants.

Guardian UK: Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq

Bush 'pleased with the progress' in Iraq

Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq

Anyone have the link to the Bush FlipFlop list?

Kerry in the Senate After a Loss

Buxh shifts back to "compassionate conservative" in today's radio address.

Election and GE, AOL/Time, DIsney, Clear Channel - Is it too late?

Kerry In A Fighting Mood

Homeland Security provides security for Oneill Protest?

How do you ask a man, or woman, to be the last American to die in Iraq?

Kerry on Iraq: Should Be - "Whatever it takes."

Why the campaign is so close.

Kerry should address the Boston Tea Party.

Anyone see Bitch Lowry's pathetic debate w/David Corn?

Any Guess About How Much Matt Lauer's Salary Is?

DU mentioned in Time Magazine article

A simple explanation for the Guard Memos.