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Archives: September 18, 2004

The mansions of Mann and Thatcher. The poisoned land of the fighters

Klein: Baghdad Year Zero

Did anyone stomach listening to Dori on 17 Sept?

Am I the only person on DU who thinks Kerry needs a NEW plan for Iraq?

Pentagon Acknowledges Censoring Casualty Sites

A Republican puts his money where his mouth is!

Would chimp have been given carte blanche with Iraq if he didn't have

Dean, Rendell, Pelosi, and Ann Richards in Philly tomorrow.

my Kerry-Edwards bumpersticker tale...

Van Halen gets subtly political in Atlanta...

DU Donations

"The national nightmare of Vietnam is finally over!" 2028 Jenna!!!

Like a dog playing cards

dupe sorry

The mansions of Mann and Thatcher. The poisoned land of the fighters

Secret papers show Blair was warned of Iraq chaos (Telegraph link)

Bush family connections

More deaths as US renews assault on Falluja (ANOTHER)

Riggs-PNC deal under strainSpanish judge recommends charges against Riggs

(Computer Asso) CA Said to Be Planning 1,000 Layoffs (could be up to 1500)

Cats or Dogs...

I hate to say this, but, why don't we demand 100% Healthcare for ...

Favorite Elf of Rivendell.

Have any of you bought "Fable" for the XBox?


Hello from Japan!

Which Curse is the Worst?

The Red Sox are going to SWEEP this weekend!

I love the smell of a good hurricane

I need some help here, I have a .DLL file that refuses to be deleted.

A serial arsonist struck in my neighborhood last night...

My Gums Are All SWOLLEN!

What good things have happened in the 3rd Millennium?


POLL: Will Sky Captain Et Al be good or suck?

ok look what they did to this "young Bush supporter"

Lookin forward to Harrisburg tommorow, ask me anything

And for my final post of the night:

Damn you! Damn you all!...OK, I'll confess if that's what you want!

In the past 2 days, I've gotten 11 new scratches..

Favorite resident of Riverdale?

Finally, some good news, from an unlikely source...

Ripped sign spurs national debate (DU mentioned)


Demand that news media investigate Macdougald's involvement in

soldiers back from Iraq create website

60 "terrorists" and "foreign fighters" killed in air strike

Bush Responds To "Withering Attack" By Kerry On Iraq

How Kerry can undermine Bush's credibility.

This polling site is extraordinary -- it seems to have them all!

Could someone explain this to me?

If anyone is awake at 11:00 pacific 2:00am east coast could you

ABC News Objects to Footage in new Swiftboat Liars ad

A "Plea for help" Please Read and give what you can to the website

Parlock claims to be an NAACP volunteer

quick...crosby and nash on Leno

shrub "supports" stem cell research!?

Even the NY Times poll oversamples repub leaners

Help educate the Kerry Campaign HERE:

Who is Phil Parlock?

Anybody know this polling site:

Navy Rejects Probe of Kerry's War Medals

Read the 2000 candidate endorsements from your newspapers

Who Is ‘Buckhead’? Kerry Assaulter Seemed Prepped

The mansions of Mann &Thatcher.The poisoned land of the fighters

Orange County Register: California gold rush

Radio Address By President Bush to the Nation

"Bag of doorknobs better than Bush"

Where's the Outrage? (Eleanor Clift)

The Charleston Gazette: Wrong!

Into the abyss

Halliburtin matters

Whatever Happened to Investigative Journalism?

How can you hold elections amid all this savagery? (Cockburn in Baghdad)

Fern Holland's War

Oval Office needs the right Christian - letter to the (CA) Daily Bulletin

Dowd: No Stars, Just Cuffs

This Time Bill O'Reilly Got It Right (NY Time Editorial)

Saletan (Slate): Do As I Say (Bush and the N. Guard - Must Read)

Terror is the Price of Empire (Patrick J. Buchanan, quoted by Liz Smith)

NOW with Bill Moyer, SPC Murphy with Operation Truth

Bush's Useful Idiot

Stop the Media Mergers: WaPo

Kerry must become the new anti-war candidate Thought provoking article

Forget the memories of "freedom fries" ...

NYT/Kristof: A War Hero or a Phony?

For whom did my son die in Iraq?

**Buy Pants to Support Worker Justice!**

JSP help needed

Stop auction of puppymill rescues!

Email John Rothmann at KGO radio...he is a rw shill DINO and

A political Tower of Babel? (media bias)

NBC - More Conservative

Searching for Bill O'Lielly clip...

PBS Whores For GOP - NeoCons plan to fill network with lies.

CNN is far more insidous than FOX

The chronic problem of declining health coverage

FBI: Mortgage Fraud Is Rampant in U.S.

The sky is so clear over Cincinnati tonight...

Deaf Kids in Nicaragua Give Birth to New Language

Unlimited Abiotic Energy Sources Await Discovery In Deep Earth?

I saw RFK Jr. tonight speaking on the environment

ExxonMobil CEO Demands End To All Restrictions On Oil Extraction

Howard Zinn urges Kerry to change position on Iraq. I have two questions:

U.S. says plans to stem anti-Israel resolutions in UN

talked to a hugely freeped RKBAer I met while hiking today.

Went to a gun auction today

re: FAIR action alerts

thread missing


what is correct html for linked image in sig line?

Is there a gandhi avatar?

I'm really sick and tired of this bullshit....!

My bookmarks are gone, too. I was just looking for one of them

Do you recommend this discussion board software?


Another take on the "too many threads on polls" comments


Ooooooh, pleeeeeease, can we keep him? PLEASE?!

Gosh Darn Golly Golly Drat Fooey Jiminy Cricket Dang-It!

Delivery failure

How about letters to the editor?

Here's a great photo for the front page


Is Shrub too Anti-Israel?

A question about 9/11/01 and the "drills" run on that morning.

What did Flight 77 do in Kansas?

Gainesville FL: short-notice showing of Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11

Voting While Black by BOB HERBERT

we now know where the governor stands: against the people

Byron vs. Issa heats up! (49th CD)

California governor plans to advise voters on some ballot props

Voting Takes Center Stage - IA

Doorknocking for Kerry and Rep Karen Clark

Anyone here attend the Edwards rallies in SE Ohio?

Could Mike Allen have saved the world?

@ anyone in DALLAS area

Charlie Stenholm -Refuses to stop using Bush photo in ad

Tom Delay and the Boy Scouts-Funny!

Univ. of Houston; Rice University

TX SEP-19-2004 Life without Rachel

Protesters gather outside O'Neill house (John Cobarruvias)

'Liberty Bound' screenings - Sept. 21 & 22 - D/FW

Rally Sunday Sept 19 in Mazo!!! GREAT SPEAKERS!! & MUSIC & FOOD

AAR coming to Milwaukee

Official Fighting Bob Fest Recap Thread

Anyone know anything about the Undersea Technical Engineering

Seattle - MSNBC/Forbes "Most Overpriced Place"

VERY Creepy Pickles Photo.....

Happy Story from my trip to the bank and grocery store today

scariest quote I've ever read on DU

It's communism.

WARNING..MAJOR RANT.. Not doom and gloom just in awe !

Osama bin-Laden & Al Qaeda's Rope-a-Dope of George W. Bush

sooo, the republinazis wanna play rough huh, well bring it ON fuckers

SSS has been working nearly 2 years on SKILLS DRAFT! Ready for 2005 vote

so, nader made it on the ballot in florida.

If Bush wins are we going to lean more to Communist or Socialist Country?

Report Shows Cheney Went Abroad To Attack America

Whys and more Whys

French need to understand exactly what side the croissant is buttered on

Sunday Morning TV Planner

Alright! Who did it!?

Is it racism?

How to make a College Republican wet his pants

Don Rumsfeld and Aspartame

FL county certified election without completing counting..245 missing!

bush actually said this:

My Offer to Send George Bush on Vacation in Iraq - Please pass around

Imagine President Kerry! Postive flyer to hang up! KERRY/LENNON

ANOTHER DAY in "Free" Iraq - Photos from TODAY, 9/18/04 - Is Bush* Proud?

Bush secret plan for DRAFT! This is NOT the Dem Protest bill, this is GOP

Rove has INFILTRATED or PLAYED the leaders of ANTI-DRAFT Movement - PROOF:

Physician sees 'presenile dementia' in Bush's faltering speech

We must boycott rightwing corporations as much as possible.

Fox News Puzzel

OMG!!! Is this for real?!!!

McLaughlin show slanted against Iraq War and in favor of pulling out

Fred Korematsu responds to Michelle Malkin...

Overseas Voters Need to Hustle!

Brian Williams of NBC: Good or Bad?

FYI - Hunting of President fixed on my site

Kitty Kelly up now on C-Span2 (booktv) 9pm EST

UNPRECEDENTED-The only story on ALL cable news this week: "CBS BIAS"

How Do You Define The Leadership?

America's Blog

FAIR Action Alert: PBS Panders to Right With New Programming

Need info please on voter registration.

Republicans on the couch. Do they have a death wish?

Virginia Absentee Ballot daughter just found

Bullies at the Voting Booth

Teacher arrested after bookmark called "concealed weapon"

At his news conference today, President...

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!!

WHO WOULD JESUS KILL! moving on from "Who Would Jesus Bomb."

Has this point been made on MIHOP?

Appeal For Truth Telling


Ruminating on the International CXT


Why no "insurgents" in Afghanistan?

25 Years Of Happiness!

Canadian DUer's, how long have you had reports of Great Lakes submarines?

Does Anyone Else Think The UN Needs Major Reform?

My hubby...I think I'll keep him!

Sometimes, I Think, Maybe, These Folks Deserve Bush

who hotter dick cheney or phil gram?

pulp fiction spoof: "politician fiction"

If you're on AOL, switch now

I'm worried about AlFrankenFan

One DUer's Frustration

If Bush Wins 2004 But Dems Control Congress.....

In case you forgot the whole Bush Administration Sucks

Soldier pulls other soldier out of burning medal

bloody bushgang doesn't like children

Somewhat disturbing LTTE (re:draft)

the media is devouring this texas kinko's thing.

Salon: "Seymour Hersh's alternative history of Bush's war"

The ONE thing Progressives need most is

Bill Clinton - Born Again Christian?

Your tax dollars at work: remember Iran Contra smuggler Gene Hasenfus?

Should we have a Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi

dupe........ mods please lock

My buh-bye letter to CNN

Removing the Playing Field

"By their own words"...your contributions please

Republicans too chicken to show up at their booth until after

looking ahead - how should Pres. Kerry handle Saudi relations?

Dumb Question re: 9/11 Conspiracy theories and the attendant "drills"


Good qualities of Bush supporters

A Freeper off his meds to brighten your day!

Can you imagine if we had spent 200 Billion creating an alternative fuel?

Another Wingnut Toilet (Sacramento Union) Is Launched

Sorry, wrong forum.

I need sources to confirm the following beliefs I have in regard to these

those who kill at the whim of the cat in the hat.

NYT article fails to tell the whole truth on Tom Coburn

Some lies the media needs to address...

I'm sad for our country. I'm sad for divisions in the country.

Voting against self-interest..Freepers at work...

Ann Coulter's Book Selection

Interesting view of American Democracy from...

Why Is Cornel West So Damn SMART?

Criminal Victimization, 2003

William Rivers Pitt best written paragraph ever!

Air America comes to Rochester, NY and... Milwaukee???

The week Iraq's dream of peace fell apart

Signs Indicate No Explosion Occurred in N. Korea's Kim Hyong-jik County

Someone should hunt out all of Buckheads past posts

Is “billbuckhead” who posts on DU the same “buckhead” Freeper

History Channel Bushevik Pravda II: French Revolution caused by

Kerry will win because Bush is an idiot.

Is cocaine a problem at the Pentagon?

George W. Bush And Harken Oil - Recovered History

Poll question: Any member of Far Left accept money from rightwingers?

US runs low on soldiers (NZ Herald)

Burkett says more may be coming, or not.

Stations that Carry Air America

Has anyone seen that new quasi-Israeli Iraqi flag around?

Is outsourcing good for the recipient countries?

Adventures in Precinct Walking

Need a list of Christian extremist terrorist attacks since WWII

Affair / Lawsuit Stop Career of Promising Prosecutor (hypocritical Repugs)

Which word most accurately describes Bush*?

The ad by Johnson campaign vs Goldwater (the one with the little girl

ACT and Gemini GEL provide fine art for donation! Great Fundraiser!!!


Could judy woodruff be any more biased?

the day may soon come when the nazis are afraid of US.......

rumor- call up in Nov to include activation of ROTC - students beware.

Damned Polls

What's A "Push-Poll"?

Book TV: Toni Morrison, Conason, Blumenthal, Franken, RFK Jr - 1:30pm EDT

Phil Parlock likes to have people on his shoulders.

Has it ever been proved that Iraq sponsored Terrorists?

France backs Annan's 'illegal war' view

Cal State President from Texas Disinvited Moore

Need help to compile some juicy stuff for introducing....

What to make of this ????

Bush’s hollow Iraq narrative

Heard something interesting on What Do You Know today

Found the coolest site today

Child abuse

Was I dreaming about more Guard Documents released

Bush hindered terrorism investigations before Sept. 11?

What is with the PoP -UP

Do you watch cspan? If you don't, you should

Bush is a WIMP

Something I read in a LTTE has stuck with me..

Your biggest foreign political heroes?

bloody bushgang's new thing: "bad boy countries"

Anyone listening to AAR? "Bush people are brutal."

Kerry underestimated bush regime more brutal than....

Wow -- Colorado to split Electoral College Votes ??

Car bomb kills 20, wounds 16 in line applying for Iraqi National Guard

Yesterday on CNN's website

Why the Republicans Can't Fight Terror

female Iraqi prisoners

It's been a while since the last PRO-CHOICE movie...

Another new name for the Religious Right...

Bush's 'Apex' of Unlimited Power

OH GREAT...Now Falwell is "Getting Concerned" About Divorce

"the most powerful family in the world"

I Am Looking for Good Resources for Debunking

spending on Iraq vs. Afghanistan?

The US Has Officially Re-Named Mercenaries in Iraq! Get This!.....

U.S. Daily Casualties 9/18/2004

Heads up! This is Hell on at 10:00AM eastern

Most over-rated foreign leaders...

Where's Underpants?

Kucinich calls for hearings on the future of Iraq

I need your help, DU!

US to ship over 300 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium across Atlantic there a way to know how many new voters have

The Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite, the Cabins at Itasca

Worst Case Scenarios Part II: Investor's Guide

Worst Case Scenarios Part One: Post * Re-Election Sports

Woo Hoo! Got my Vote for Change Finale tickets!

Now I remember why I love Nancy Pelosi so much. :-)

Hilton says OBL has been dead for 6 years

Must See *ush Ad

M3 shows no growth for 16 weeks... I wonder what this means

Fear and Favor In The Newsroom

General Frank :"Constitution will be discarded for military government"

Could Paula Zahn be more obviously biased?

Anyone have the AP photo of Repuke pulling a woman's hair at Bush event?

Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth

After 9/11,the Anthrax scare,the phony WMD's and the Iraq war

Our Ambassador in Iraq

A mole from Matt Drudge's organization revelaed the secret agenda

Most unflattering DU picture of a right-winger

CNN calls the 2004 election for George Bush

Mike Malloy broadcasts...?

that wv gop headquarters that was shot? parlock was there! (conicidince?)

Stem Cell Research

Republicans make great consumers.

Political thread on Stargate forum:

Looking for Threats in All the Wrong Places

Fahrenheit 9/11 Breaks $200 Million Worldwide!!! n/t

Greg Palast Documentary Highlights How Bush's Military Records Were Purged

'Devastating' Secret Papers Reveal Pre-War Iraq Warnings

How "Over-the-Top" are you?

FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan' and what it means for democracy in Nov.

CANADA-ON SEP-18-2004-1752e Man's lawyers to implicate Bernardo in killing

How do Canadians Feel About Their Healthcare System

Rank the Candianness of our 5 major political parties.

Eyes are on African oil producers and their welcome windfall

Army Taps Titan, Company Linked to Scandal (Abu Ghraib abuse link)

Pentagon Acknowledges Censoring Casualty Sites

Cheney Returns To Camp Crystal Lake

Car Bomb Explodes in Kirkuk, Iraq; 20 Dead

LAT: Oil Sabotage Threatens Iraq Economy, Rebuilding

GIs claim threat from Army,

AP: Putin Says Russia to Strike Terrorists

Militants Threaten to Kill US, UK Hostages in Iraq

Guard Supervisor Wrote to Bush's Father

new Missouri poll

Kerry on Big Fat Mainstream TV

Kindly Head over and VOTE!!!

Blair 'was warned of Iraq chaos'

Thatcher to face £260,000 claim over leader coup plot

Texan Involved in CBS Report Tried to Help Kerry Campaign

Day of violence across Iraq leaves 52 dead

French journalists "released"

Nazi 'Baltic Butlins' to be sold off for £86,000

Turkey snaps over US bombing of its bretheren

British troops evacuate Sadr's office in Basra after clashes

Blair lets slip frustration over Northern Ireland with a flurry of f-words

Latest trendy vehicle does 7 miles to gallon

Israelis invent stink bomb for riot control

Lepore will enter absentee ballots locally.

State GOP wants Star Tribune to suspend poll

(Utah college) seeks to "balance" Moore

Pelosi, colleagues challenge Bush on war

Great Falls buying co-op's electricity | Billings Gazette

Alaska senator upset with Democrats who left meeting

Judge bars Nader from New Mexico presidential ballot

Varying Polls Reflect Volatility, Experts Say [NYT]

Bush seen vulnerable to Kerry among independent voters

Teens rights trampled (Canadian age 17 at Guantanamo)

State won't release bulk of voter funds (CA)("not essential" for election)

U.S. leaks report of no weapons in Iraq

U.S. due to target rebel strongholds

Florida Candidate Calls for Bipartisanship (Castor- Dem radio address)


Battle Reveals Ethnic Muddle in Iraq

Prosecutors agree to release bicycles held after GOP convention protests

GOP activist alleges assault on daughter, 3(another local take on parlock)

Voting machines missing on election day in New Orleans

10 more hostages seized: militants

First Enron Criminal Case Set for Trial

Tomorrow is a MOST important holiday! National Talk like a Pirate Day!!

Body of kidnapped Iraq governor found

Iraqi Airways resumes international flights after 14 years

Iran tests missle

Ooops..wrong forum.....moved to GD

Jobs Are the Wild Card in Swing States -LAT

GOP Mailing Warns Liberals Will Ban Bibles

No Charges Against NJ Woman Who Heckled Mrs. Bush--Brown Shirt alert...

Navy: Kerry medals approved properly - sorry if repeat

U.S. Probes Fla. Voter Intimidation Claims (Elderly Black Voters)

Minn. Star Tribune: The things that separate us

Into the abyss - The week Iraq's dream of peace fell apart

From Democracy Now: Plutonium shipment

Bush Seen Vulnerable to Kerry Among Independent Voters

Schweitzer condemns GOP poll as shady, dirty (illegal push-poll)

245 Electronic Votes Lost in Fla. Primary

US air strike targets Falluja (yet another)

Death toll for week tops 250 as suicide car bomber kills 13

Japan Shuts Unit of Citibank, Citing Violations

LAT: In the Rush for a Scoop, CBS Found Trouble Fast

DeKalb Prepares for High Profile Speaker - Cheney

More Killers Gaining Parole-Under Schwarzenegger, 48 murderers have been r

Leaked secrets reveal chaos at heart of Blair's Iraq plans

Bush Warns of Worsening Violence in Iraq, Afghanistan

Halliburton is a handy target for Democrats

Bush Raises Questions About CBS Documents

GOP activist says he regrets calling congresswoman a 'witch'

1000's of Runners in 100 Cities Take to the Streets Against Bush

Protesters gather outside O'Neill house


N.Korea Vows Will Never Dismantle Nuclear Arms

35 Guantánamo Detainees Are Given to Pakistan

Expansion Sank Terror Screening Program, Officials Say

GOP protesters rally one more time

(UK) Government Backs Father's Bid to Visit Guantanamo Detainee

Bush Fights 'In The Red' Menance (It's The Economy, Stupid)

NYT: For Hussein, a Spartan Life at His Former Palace

Agent behind fake uranium documents worked for France

Agreement in Canada increases federal spending for health care


WP: Clinton Papers Release To Be Bush's Decision

Voting Machines Missing for La. Election

Granny D takes aim at Sen. Gregg

Bush Says Questions About Guard Memos Used by CBS 'Need to Be Answered'

Putin's reforms are undemocratic says governor (1st gov. to speak out)

Upcoming Debates Could Prove Pivotal

Radio Host Gets Ax Over Rather Comments

Afghan warlord plans $100m ski resort fighter plans a Swiss-style resort


Former Bush Supporter Calls F/ Leadeship Change (Another General F/ Kerry)

Bush Signals Softer Approach to U.N.

Home Alone Star Arrested on Drug Charges (Macauley Caulkin)

Deadline For Hostages

Resignation of China's Senior Leader Appears Imminent

NYT: Are Some Red States Blue About Jobs?

Saddam could go on trial as early as October

CAR BOMB KILLS 2 SOLDIERS # 1031&1032 (SEPT 18 2030 CST)

Kerry Accuses Bush Of Cronyism In Govt. Contracts

Kerry says he's in a fighting mood leading into campaign's final six weeks

GOP Activist Made Allegations on CBS Memos (Buckhead)

Insurgents aim to influence U.S. vote, official says (Armitage)

WP: Polar Views of Iraq Are Defining Election

WP: In Rush to Air, CBS Quashed Memo Worries

Your Money or Your License (activists try to get TV licenses revoked)

Car Bomb Attacks in Baghdad Kill 2 Troops

NYT: Hand-Marked Ballot Wins for Accuracy (officials go for touch screens)

Kerry making scant progress in crucial states (MSNBC poll)

U.N. Orders Iran to Suspend Nuke Program

Author says Cheney draft deferments weren't unusual - Boston Globe

Allawi Says Rebels Growing Desperate

Explosions rock (Baghdad) airport road

Kerry: Bush Has Secret Troop Call-Up Plan

Returns: La. voters back gay-marriage ban

WP: Democrats Reassess Prospects to Win House

Ex-Guardsman: I Contacted Kerry Campaign

WP: In Florida, 245 'Lost' Primary Votes Found

Administration backing off on Cuba's germ warfare ability

Berlin calls Sudan's Darfur crisis a genocide

Cheney tells OR voters he doubts Kerry has what it takes to fight terror

dick Cheney's Plane Diverted Due To Bad Weather

Social Security Poses Hurdles for President (needs 04 election mandate)

Iraq had no WMD: the final verdict

NYT: Ready or Not (and Maybe Not), Electronic Voting Goes National

Cheney Is Voice of Fear on National Security

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Minimum Wage, Walmart Legis....

U.N. Threatens Sanctions Against Sudan

Bush And Blair: Secrets & Lies (The Rotting Albatross That Is Iraq)

A Familiar Strain Is Felt In Stateside Guard Unit (Low Morale)

MI6 chief’s nephew was partner of coup leader (Thatcher/GOP/CIA Links?)

Bush "Pleased W/ The Progress" In Iraq (There's That Fantasy World Again)

Special Report: Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq

Pope pleads for peace in Iraq

Did Karl Rove dodge the draft? (Salt Lake Tribune)

Lifespan crisis hits supersize America

Ripped sign spurs national debate (DU Mentioned!)

DU women--tell me why are we women are SO unkind to each other?

Any Babylon 5 fans Here?

The bar is OPEN, drinkers

I just left a message on TROF'S phone thingy.

My Kerry-Edwards Yard Sign Was Torn To Shreds

How do you like SUV's?

Nerd, jock, stoner-- what was your high school clique?

Here are the kittens...

We lost our rat, Willow, this morning...

Ohio State vs NC State official game thread w/pre game show

Silent film fans...what's your favorite?

Pictures! (baby rbnyc, rbnyc, flama, and mr. rbnyc)

Anybody here have advice on buying videogames online?

I ate anti-pasta twice just because she is so nice - Angelina!

I saw "Silver City" today. Ask me anything.

NFL Week 2 Pics

What was your CB Radio Handle?

Kicked some butt in Cross-Country Today

Is mex food worth the effort?

I'm Watching "American Splendor"

Bird owners: Why does my Tiel squawk like the dickens....

Pics of my greyhound and the foster greyhound

I'm Going to Europe! Need suggestions.

Impressions of China from a first time visitor

Stuff I'm jamming to

40,000 Headmen couldn't make me change my mind

Norah Jones....Do you like her music? just heard her first album in a

favorite Cartman quote?

I'm not a Florida Gators fan, but the refs literally took that game away


Tomorrow I'm making Reuben Sandwichs and potato salad

Is sex worth the effort? Discuss.

Cds you owned that most likely no teenagers have today?

a-HA! I figured out why Phil Parlock went to the Edwards rally!!!

Ever checked your "Ignore" list and been amazed at how many

Sunshine on his shoulders made him happy? I don't get it. Really, I don't.

Oh Shit... Here comes those Stupid Ohio State Buckeye game threads!

I just watched "Shaun of the Dead"!

I HATE When People Say "THAT IS GAY!"

I will always click on a thread promising kittens.

My name is James M. Wendler..

Most disturbing episode of south park ever

Is Lexx worth the effort?

Is Diana Krall totally over-rated, or what?

Death by design: What age? What circumstances?


I'm worried about AlFrankenFan

I HATE When People Say "THAT IS FAYE!"

best cream singer

Anyone remember the wording of that mentat mantra from "Dune"

I spilled my seed

The Punishist Conspiracy, from the eyes of a computer geek

"TIMMAH!" appreciation thread

I love my little sims... Within 4 hours, Vincent and Patrick...

Someone with aquarium experience--how do I get my murky aq. water clear?

Dammit ow ow ow!

Mozilla people: anyone have any good live links?

The son junior never talks about!

jimmy or timmy?

Best scream-singer?

"And the last thing he said to me, Doc, he said....

Need some tech help buring a disk

I hate it when people say that is so Lee Maye

I just took 4 vicodins ask me about my good vibrations!

Just bought Genius Loves Company. Probably one of the best CDs I've

Sky Captain is stupidity and cheesiness in epic proportions

Kerry should bring a yak on the campaign trail!

9:00 p.m. Eastern Time: THE SOUL EXPRESS is on the air!

Great irrelevant baseball game tonight - Tigers at White Sox

Uggh...Fundie Matt Smith is one of my favourite artists...

So I'm sick as dog, bored, and SO is sick

holy shit my mom's gone insane! what do i do?@@?@?@?@#/

Best field holler singer?

Cat from the past: Found this while cleaning out old bookmarks

I'm PWI. Ask me anything.

Favorite "unknown" Chuck Berry song

MIT free classes on the net

anybody read "Sammy's Hill" yet?

Top this...two visits to the emergency room in one week.

I absolutely love my Intro to the Bible class

How does somebody fake disability?

"All of Me"

I'm announcing a moratorium...

"Can I Borrow Your Kroger Plus Card?"

Okay music masters- who does this song?

"It's impossible to do a bad version of that song..."

Austin area DUers: brunch Sunday Sept. 19

I'm a disgusting Pig

I do LOVE my generator! It never let me down.

I hurt myself today

I'm hungry. Bring me socks.

UH huh...

Flooding in NEPA

Schwetty Balls with tangy Italian Sauce

Going to a Vikings/Bears game Sept. 26th. Will wear this mask

I am going to stop swearing (ie, cursing).

Let's face it this is a face the nation issue

"If Jesus weren't a Jew, he'd be an American"

I Bought The COOLEST T-Shirt Today!

I Sowed My Wild Oats

Who's Hotter: Rhandi Rhodes or Kim Il Song

Just saw "The Hunting of the President".

I hurt,...

Them that’s got shall get

God is Red

Who's hotter: Box turtles or Zell Miller?

Who's hotter. Randy Rhoads or Kim Jong Il?

Favorite F.M. Whyte Wheel Arrangement

Who's hotter: Tucker Carlson or Keith Olbermann?

Technical email question

does anybody remember the site

Who's Hotter: Janeane Garofalo or Hitler?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO.............


What artists perform "Somewhere" in the TIAA-CREF commercials?

Who's hotter: whoisalhedges or Alpha Centauri?

Any Fans of Czech New Wave Cinema? Here's a movie you gotta see!

Judge resigns amid masturbation furore

Favorite Jim Croce song

Who's Hotter: Janeane Garofalo or Anne Coulter?

LSU expeiriences its' Waterloo at Auburn

Should I make the Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple a "Hot or Not" poll?

Wooo... my high school's QB alma mater just made a pick for the Irish!!

Anyone else watching "Father Goose"?

The Daily Show's "America (The Book)" is #1 at Amazon right now!

Uh oh BC Duers - my dad's expressed interest in running for....

As long as we're doing the folk singers today...It's Nana Time!

How bad did IVAN hit Atlanta?

A PARLOCK graces our midst; I kid you not...

One Liberal's First Gun Show...

Ask me nothing...

I need some tips on Coloring my own hair {{{Please}}}}

Yankees-Red Sox Game 2 Thread

This cartoon that made me laugh my head off...

anyone take/taking provigil?

Tomorrow is a MOST important holiday! National Talk like a Pirate Day!!

Edward Fulong - Savior of Lobster-Kind

Yak Therapy! Ahhhhhhh!

Do you ever wonder

College Football

Now for the Saturday Edition of the SEMI-LESBIAN CELEBRITY COUPLE

I'm still laughing! OMG

Rough week for FCSs (Former Child Stars)

Does vengeance really belong to the Lord? Or can we get in on

Internet Explorer is security hole ridden shit - WHY do so many use it???

I just got rid of my first virus on Firefox

Help -- Where Can I Find "Tintin en Iraq" ?

Is it ethical to work for a major corporation?

My hubby.......I think I'll keep him!

a-HA! I figured out why Phil Parlock went to the Edwards rally!!!

The Sims 2!

Japan DUers: curry pan (bread) ?

Hey is Bush vacationing in BC this week?

We've not had a Gordon Lightfoot thread in a while - Favourite tune?

Festival of Grapes in our village.

Maybe it was late last night.............

1100 lbs. of pork pulled from shelves in a search for microchips

Attention, True 80s Music Geeks!

gloom...despair...and agony on me...

Anyone seen Napoleon Dynamite?

The idea that there are no new ideas


Long-Lost Hendrix Concert Tape Discovered

Long-Lost Hendrix Concert Tape Discovered

Hi there! How are you?


Who was best in the role of Mr. Spock....

HILARIOUS conversation between two nine year olds I just heard

Rest in Peace Jimi Sept. 18, 1970

Finally! spEER The Turtle....

I recieved two great gifts today.

See Rosco the minature Donkey, and other roadside attractions

Has anyone seen the movie HERO? How was it?

Getting wisdom teeth out, need soft food suggestions

Satan for Bush

I don't get it? Being Gay only refers to dudes?

Can somone help me with a legal question?

Top 10 Reasons Hurricane Season is like Christmas (add your own too!)

It's my birthday ya bastads!

They go too far................GOP to ban Capt'n Crunch cereal......

Sims 2 Commercial....

Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" finally returns to DVD in a special edition, 10/19

I lost custody of my daughter (temporarily)

Rezmutt made truthout.... OK shot me if this is a dup of a dup

Now it's time to get mad.......GOP to ban kitten soft toilet tissue......

So my messed up computer is off for servicing.

Would You Consider This To Be '9-11 Profiteering'

Now it's time to get mad......GOP to ban Brady Bunch re-runs!!!!!

Create your own useless Internet abbreviation here...

Rats! My brother was turned down for unemployment

HELP!!!!!! Virus: I love you my sweet sexy poooooh..........

Automobile accident caught on tape - Video

any Rachel Griffiths fans here ?

How are you handling the (temporary) loss of the archives?

Is lack of showing any class written in the U.S. constitution?

One more thought

Is it raining in NYC? Will they get the game off today?

Does anyone have that song "wemahway" by Karl Denver

Today's Thought

update on MINT the foster greyhound

Most Unbearable "Surreal Life" Cast Member

Most Likeable "Surreal Life" Cast Member

The garage door repair man must be punished

Is this what things have come to???

NY Yankees Fans Only (Check In)

Red Sox Fans Don't Want Kerry To Win

Officers Wrestle Alligator Out of Hot Tub

Today in History 09/19

Today's Joke


Baby George.... Two versions.... CAPTIONS, if you please

Republicans, esp. freepers, tend to be facile and puerile

anyone having trouble streaming AAR?

Standalone dvd recorders - My disc will not play!

Today's Quotes

Fact of the Day

What are your three favorate quotes?

Athletes that support Kerry

Does anyone know where there is a moderated

Flood Warnings - evacuations in NE-PA area

Hurricane lets alligator slip out

Need geek help....alternate to Adobe Reader?

I love New York City, but...

A Satan worshipper shows up at your door with a necrophiliac in hand

Why do VHS recorders no longer have an "LP" speed?

Woohoo! I just got tickets to see R.E.M. at MSG in New York on 11/4!

i had a dream last night...

Which is your favorite book?

IS THERE A WEBsite FOR TEXT (like photobucket is for pics)?

Check the pictures of the destruction by Ivan! Stunning!!!!!!!!!!

How come when you get a cold, you hair goes all skanky

Any Red Sox fans still awake? Come on, let's gloat!

It's budget time, what should Petrolsludge do?

Future puter portables go much faster all day, says Intel

FINALLY the rain has started

html help with my sig line please

How do you spell your name?

We just got home from the Lila Downs

Is This Image Of Hitler goin Lowrider...

The Yankee curse of 2001 continues...

Republican National Convention

Cheney Returns To Camp Crystal Lake

there's a HUGE college party going on down

I am crying right now.


How do you deal with an idiot friend.

I too have a question about cat's teeth

anyone heard the new Kasey Chambers album?

Back by popular demand it's the SEMI-LESBIAN CELEBRITY COUPLE

Man Presumed Dead Calls Daughter at Wake


There's a HUGE collage party going on down

Watched "Angels in America" last night. WOW!

Is it wrong to be attracted to other people when you're married?

What (in)famous person/celebrity have you been told you resemble?

Cheney Supporters Caught on Tape Stomping a Dem in the Audience

MSNBC just announced that Kerry would be on Letterman, Dr. Phil, and

Just got back from Canvassing in West Chester, Pa

“Vote for President Bush,” Carson (D?) told the crowd

Kerry should address Clinton's mistake.

Iraqi insurgents want to influence election; Armitage

Your nearest college campus - great place to recruit voters!

Physician sees 'presenile dementia' in Bush's faltering speech

The Battle of the Gangs, Pubs Vs Dems

Will draft fears sway voters?

Bush Buster: 'Devastating' UK Secret Papers Reveal the truth

Herald-Dispatch...not our friend!

Dan Rather knows what he's doing

Howard Zinn- "Kerry Needs the Courage to Walk Away from Iraq"

after reading the first chapter of the first family...native americans

Misleading polls are....

What if Our Worst Fears are True? Why the Bush-Nazi Ties Matter: Hitler

Enough with the "Kerry should" threads!


Join me in my new found optimism: KERRY WILL WIN, KERRY WILL WIN!

My car was "Keyed For Kerry"

Narrowing of Battleground states

This Election Has Been Hijacked By The Right Wing Press

Wow -- Colorado to split Electoral College Votes ??

Make Tucker lose a million bucks...

Check Out This Kick Ass Deficit/Jobs Chart!

Tell kids Bush will REINSTATE the draft....scare the HELL out of them

Another question about Parlock photo...Why is sign is upside down?

Rasmussen Battleground Report for 9/18

Do you sense turnout will be higher than usual for 18-24 year olds?

HEY! I just put in my 6th hour volunteering at Kerry HQ this week(Va.)!

Did anyone see the MSNBC special on Kerry and protesting Vietnam

Brutality to anti-Shrub protestors at rallies: Collection thread

Maureen Dowd gets serious for a change. (Arrest of gold star mother)

good news from GOP land

Imagine President Kerry! PRINTABLE FLYER with Real Lennon/Kerry Photo

In the debates, what should Kerry try to do?

Colorado Senate: Salazar (D) 53% Coors (R) 42%

Another Gold Star Mother speaks out in Pittsburgh.

45 Days Until Election!!! What are you doing???

Good for Mo Dowd! Tackles inanity of Bush being "security" president.

So tell me again, this man is not on drugs?

John Kerry or George Bush? Who's the better man?

Kerry's plan for Iraq, pre war:

The congressional polls show an overwhelming

What is the deal with our "embedded" media and Iraq? Are they even

Are you an Overseas Voter? Here's how to Register

WTF? Phil Parlock is on the Executive Committee of the local NAACP?!?

For the record--Sen. Graham's 7 point list of Saudi/911 connections

Good Hard Slam at Parlock, Fr. of Crying Sophia

I think Tennessee is lost.

One thing possibly overlooked about Parlock story...

Zogby's "magic" dates re: polls--9/15-16.....we're past them..

NBC News tonight working overtime to defeat Kerry

John ONeill Protest Pics. Home of the Whopper!

Hows the Jewish vote?

Maybe the Republicans have something on Kerry?

Kerry should have two messages and that's all

What is the goal in Iraq?

Kerry will lose because the voters are idiots!

Why the hell are Kerry and Edwards not on the TV TALK SHOWS?!?!

What did you do today to help John Kerry become president?

Bush's Guard records note praise from father

Has our Democratic Strategist been by lately?

Orwellian Nightmare

Demonstrated Leadership? HA!

I think MoveOn should run public awareness ads about bogus polls

Kerry needs to ANNOUNCE a new IRAQ policy NOW!

I have written to GWB re his son's photo/ribbons

US election campaign divorced from reality

Noticed what Cheney is doing? Edwards needs to get going...

Why isn't anyone(media) talking abou W not doing the 1 REAL debate??

is media trying to create a bandwagon effect with the polls?

Fox front page headline: "Kerry Campaign in Memogate"

Are Swing States Getting TV adds from Environmental 527s against Bush?

Kerry considering changes in Iraq plans. WP Sunday. Hooorah!

Who the fuck can still be "undecided"?

Biggest foreign policy blunder since the Bay of Pigs?

Will the nuclear dump issue play in Nevada?

What can us "safe" staters do to help y'all in swing and red states?

CIA Dir. Porter Goss video: "I am not qualified to work in the CIA!

Consternation in Washigton... Brits withdrawing 1/3 in October

I wonder how much Obama will beat Keyes by

I think we should all make a point to celebrate tomorrow.

What with Bush do after the election?

Kitty Kelley says Pickles was a Dem & Anti-Vietnam War activist

Good debate on C-SPAN between David Corn "The Nation" and Rich Lowrey

Which FORMER Presidents Would Endorse KERRY?

Is anyone going to watch Cap Gang?

Debate questions I'd like to see ...

So Parlock's stunt was direct response to the Golstar mother incident

When Kerry wins, one thing to remember....

The other shoe drops: Burkett claims he gave 'info' to Kerry Campaign..

I say we challenge the Cheney/Bush team to go 24 hours without mentioning

What if we put up a million $ if someone can prove Bush wasn't AWOL in AL.

$200,000 sweepstakes to register voters!

New Document, New Questions?

DU this poll

Is it possible for the Dems to win control

Is Ohio being set up to be the Florida of 2004?


Well Illinois is NOT in play

Does Moveon's latest ad work or not? ("Quagmire")

Kerry will blitz Florida to make up for lost time

Are we behind or are we dead even?

Amid a flood of polls, a seasoned hand weighs in

Meager Job Growth in States Closely Divided on Candidates

Good news, good news, good news!

Nazi Herman Goering weighs in on the 2004 Presidential Election

In case you forgot the whole Bush Administration Sucks

Is there anything we can do short of voting that will affect Bush on Iraq?

Worth Reading: Jobs Reports Say ‘Vote for Kerry’

MSNBC clip, Kitty Kelley on "Hardball"..."Where did we get it wrong?"

Ex. Republican Gov. says Bush vulnerable. Surprised Bush is ahead.

Capital gang woman made good point

Cheney Keeps NYTimes Out

Navy REJECTS Probe of Kerry's War Medals

U.S. Probes Fla. Voter Intimidation Claims (elderly black voter)

How many people have you registered to vote and

At least the contractors are doing well in Iraq, "torture, rape and kill"

Caption this photo

Best speech I have ever heard, RFK jr at FightingBobFest.

The Lt. Bill Burkett story - Everything you wanted to know about AWOL

Kerry speech thread

Bush, the "innocent victim," replies "I don't know" re: docs and DNC

Corporate Media is punishing Kerry for taking gloves off: FAKE POLLS

Bush joke: What three ex-Presidents would say after he asks for advice

Likely voters, flawed methodologies and ABB

Walter Cronkite on C-SPAN now.

Kerry accuses Bush of hiding plan to mobilize reservists

What do you think of a "Take Back The Country" tour with Dean/Kerry and

heads up -- George will take questions from press Thursday

Advice for those who are Freaking Out

Bush's new Iraq offensive is like Nixon's Cambodia- Widening war

Time for our own cut and paste Bush ad...

CBS, dirty tricks and other distractions

Kerry is going to win because.....

State GOP wants Star Tribune to suspend poll

This Race Is TOO DAMN CLOSE!!!

Either way it we have a plan?

It all started with 2 bumperstickers, a small kerry sign, and a t-shirt...

Kerry and Bush nonverbal and paraverbal communication.


Bush Campaigns in Charlotte (NC)

An Impartial Poll

Will Bush debate?

Are the "Elsewhere" States Becoming a Separate "Elsewhere' Nation??

Will Kerry Let Bush Get Away With Only 2 Debates?

Damn ! This is exciting !

Cool coming next, CNN Presents

09.18.04: 1,165 Dead in Iraq. 1,030 Americans. Handout Corrected.

If there are debates- predict viewership

Let's give up something

Kerry will win - don't fall for Rove's ratfucking and psyops

I just discovered this definition in the "WingNutt Dictionary"...

Post-Dispatch Slams Blunt for 'Election Year Moves'

Saturday Night Crank the Kerry Theater: Watch this

Are All These 527's Up and Running that We Keep Hearing About??

I'm freaking out.

Anyone in here worried about the FBI's October Plan? I am!

Just had a thought: The Electoral College votes December 13

Kerry-Edwards ad idea: You Are Not Alone

Bold Prediction Time: F9/11 on Video Will Tip the Election in Our Favor

Colorado DUers, Please, how was last nights Kerry visit????

Faux is shit talking bias news. LOL I have nothing to say but BS

What can we "safe" staters do for y'all in swing and red states?

okay . . . I've officially become a bigot . . .

Statement from John Edwards on Despicable Republican Tactics

To everyone who is freaking over the polls...

Mass graves? Mr. Bush, how many Iraqis did you kill today?

Kerry/Bush tied in NC - Gore states plus NC (w/o Ohio or Florida) wins

With Baker negotiating, is it possible there might not be any debates ?

Edwards Slams "Despicable" Republican Mailing

National Media List Question

Why is Kerry NOT hammering Bush* on his Saudi Connections ?

Asshats stole my lawn sign!

a-HA! I figured out why Phil Parlock went to the Edwards rally!!!

what is our plan to win?

Bush Raises Questions About CBS Documents (Reuters) (rove did this)

internals on NYT-CBS poll

Bush Seen Vulnerable to Kerry Among Independent Voters

Another report of NO WMD. Bottom line: Bush lied and continues to do so

The debates

report from University of Cincinnati campus

Illinois Cheney-Hastert Event Today -- No Silverware for Fear of ? LOL

09.18.04: 1,163 in Iraq. 1,028 Americans.

Local repugs paying canvassers

Why Gallup is crap...

Political Oddsmaker now lists State by State Presidential Odds

9/18 Election Model: Kerry EV 254, Win Prob 25%

Ad suggestion: Footage of mom being taken away in handcuffs

Do we have any evidence that Nader voters would vote for Kerry?

SPAM this Poll -- Reveals why polls BIASED to pukes!

where does Nader have the most support?

Gore won all 3 debates in 2000, and the media hammered him.

Kerry should use Muslim fundamentalism as a metaphor for Christian

Death toll this month in Iraq so far is 52 !

If we win in November, how do we prevent another fascist regime?

What will the media say if Kerry were to win big but the polls said

DUers! I need help creating more flyers for printing

New Majority fundraiser San Jose Sunday, Dean, Pelosi, Lofgren.

New Jersey in Play?

The Pentagon releases Bush's records: Is there a media feeding frenzy?

Is this the THIRD time they released "all" W's records? Friday datadump

Kitty Kelly interview to be rebroadcast on C-SPAN2 at 9 PM tonite

Whys and more Whys

The stench of McCarthyism

Upcoming Debates Could Prove Pivotal

Yahoo News: GOP Activist (Buckhead) Made Allegations on CBS Memos

Freeper Lawyer 'Buckhead': a Smoking Gun re 'Smear Campaign?'

things look bad at

Recruit and train, recruit and train, recruit and train

It will be so easy to shoot Bush down in debates, Kerry better do it

U.S. Leaks Report of No Weapons in Iraq

College students, how much support does Nader have at your campus?

Media pundits as purveyors of grade school style peer pressure

What should Kerry campaign do to get back in the race for the White House?

what's so bad about poll numbers showing Bush leading?

New tactic for the "man vote"

Nevada is a great candidate for a major GOTV campaign

Statement from John Edwards on despicable republican tactics (Bible)

National Media: advantage Bush

I don't think the CBS memo hurts Kerry at all

Today's Gallup Poll pure bullshit.

Islamic Terrorist supports the reelection of Bush

Democrats need to buy their own pollsters like the Repubs do...

do you anyone at all who's planning to vote for Nader?

What effect to the polls have on the election?

Take a look at this:

Imagine President Kerry flyer for printing here!

Bush Leads. It's Tied! No, Kerry Leads! No, Bush Leads!! No, Kerry Leads!!

High voter turnout expected--biggest since 60's

Hit 'em where it hurts

SF Chronicle: Confusion in the Polls ("pollsters own worst enemy")

Use of weighting edge by political parties in polls....

Why is there next to zero concern on Du ,the Kerry Campaign

More Republican campaign child abuse

This is why I do all this number crunching...

Need Kerry campaign crowd photo for new flyer

Clinton's penis is not running for office

Here's what's sad: I can't keep all the bombings & deaths in Iraq straight


Delete - dupe (original thread on Teixeira linked below)


Weren't there any eyewitnesses for the 3 yo girl incident?

Kerry Camp needs to get the GoldStar Mother on Camera

Time to stop infighting. Assume we're going to win. Positives from Conason

You won't believe what I found on Iraq / Syri

It's simple: Bush lied about Iraq.

Gallup's Shame

$86 billion divided by 23 million can buy peace in Iraq

"The one thing that is certain is Iraq is a wealthy nation," - White House

Tactic for possibly converting some of my RW-leaning relatives

Both Campaigns Are Running On FEAR!!! (Duh!)

DeKalb Prepares for High Profile Speaker - Cheney

From the safety of Kennebunkport, Bush warns: "more Iraq, Afghan violence"

People are overlooking a big lie coming from the bush* administration

It is time for the Swift Boat Vet's for Deception to cut the crap....

You have to be moronic to vote for Bunnypants,

Oh really?

Kerry needs to address Clinton's Blow Job!

Bush Seen Vulnerable to Kerry Among Independent Voters


Transcript of Cheney's speech in Oregon is scary and weird

F'ng Kristoff in the Times today...

Secret Plan for US Escalation in Iraq after November Election?

Has anyone mentioned JK's new, less-fluffier hair?

Checkpoint - the book by Nicholson Baker

Cheney pleads for kindness toward protester--LOL

I assume this is old news, but now that Nader is on the FL ballot...

Preparing Us for the New Police State?

Worsening violence in Iraq actually helps bush.

Whatever happened to Investigative Journalism?

GOP Mailing Warns Liberals Will Ban Bibles

DU this poll

THIS has got to be the Lowest Freeper Post EVER!!

If Gallup polls were truly registration-weighted, we would get...

WP: Bush Touts Agenda, But Not $3 Trillion Cost

GOP Has Registered Over 3 Million New Voters

Kindly Head over and VOTE!!!

Mercury News: Another Buckhead Outing Story

Fear should work against Bush.

Questions the LA Times should have asked Bunkhead

The real nightmare. "They" sabotage the internet and blame terrorists.

Polls are a monument to American stupidity

I was just tortured by tweety.

Fickle polls give little away

I have a vague recollection that after Bush was (s)elected

Kerry has 15 point lead in IL.

My thoughts on polls - why they aren't going to work this election

Donkey Rising: "CBS News/NYT Poll Has It Close to Even!"

do people choose who vote for based on the polls?

Radio Actuality: Kerry on $3 Trillion Cost of Bush-Cheney Agenda

Elizabeth Edwards in conservative part of NC

Democrat slugs area GOP chief, GPD says

new Missouri poll

ATTN: Kerry Campaign: Sept. Is Second Deadliest Month In Iraq!

how can Kerry be down by 4 points in New Jersey?

Our campaign office had its insurance cancelled

What is the status of Voter News Service? Does it still exist?

My favorite example of freetardom..

new Missouri poll *49, Kerry 42

So were on to Parlock, which means he's been nuetured.

how many of people who voted for Nader in 2004 are even going show up

The cost of Iraq War: Defense vs. Offense flyer for printing

McAuliffe: Gold Star Mother's Arrest Emblematic of Bush's Disrespect of mi

Getting fitted for a tinfoil hat.....

What about the debates?

My daughter is almost 3 and there is no way I would take her to a BC04

Kucinich memorabilia on Ebay

Bush's Father Wrote to General About Guard Service . . .

Defacing a Bush-Cheney sign

W.Va. paper IDs photographer, mentions DU

I'm so upset, please tell me what to card holder

Political Trends on a game server.

Calling the winner on election night?

Wage Slave: Scorecard of (Bush) Evil

Parlock a 1979 PSU grad. Santorum a 1980 PSU grad.

When 'its' is possessive, it's 'its.'!! It's not that hard.

Can Kerry get 44% of the white vote? If he does...

Does ANYONE Think Bush Has Been A Great Leader?