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Archives: September 17, 2004

Foreign Affairs Journal: The Anatomy of Terrorism

Hypocrisy at GOP convention

Automated phone poll called our house tonight-trolling for Nader voters?

Gene Green (TX) & Electoral College Reform

Reminder: Kerry canvass training this Saturday; new phase in campaign

SOME FREEDOM OF SPEECH - NOT Did You See On Olberman Mother of Soldier kil

Who's the worst "democrat" turncoat?

Electoral college reform amendment

Elephants Everywhere

Bush complaining about voter fraud in one of the few states with a p.trail

I'm sorry but this dude looks Gay!

Elizabeth Edwards speaks to VFW in Fort Bragg NC!

White House Wants to Cut FAA Budget

Judge: Reporter Must Testify in CIA Probe

Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records

US apologises for terror news leaks

Security Breach at Oakland, CA Airport

President Bush concerned about possible Nevada voter fraud

Bush accuses Kerry of wanting to nationalize health care

Dozens killed, wounded in US air strike (new overnight Fallujah massacre)

Pick a Date for Anderson Cooper

Malapropisms galore, add yer own.

anyone catch The Apprentice last night? . . .

Anyone catch the Val Kilmer Movie Spartan?

I'm sorry but this dude looks straight!

You're gonna want to see this...but I can't post it

Ok really tell me what actor looks like me

OK I admit I have a serious problem:

My daughter, who's 17, got into an argument today Repub vs. Dem

I'm almost to 100 Posts! Ask me Anything!

Wild Thing!!!!!

Hey Fellow Red Sox Fans! Feeling Lucky???

New Roger Waters song to be on Michael Moore album

So... in case John Madden whips out his breast next Monday night...

Jones or Bond?

GOP Party Songs

1, 2, 3, 4

Notice how the media jumped over whether they were forgeries

A little girl started crying when people ripped up her Bush/Cheney sign...

Elizabeth Edwards spoke to the VFW in Fort Bragg NC--she is FEARLESS!

Edwards is great with little girls. So isn't it quite strange

I am deleting ALL poll threads, starting now

Election win in Pa. hangs by a vote


Honest question:

So what if a 3-year-old girl waves a Bush sign at a Kerry rally

Colorado looks like it's in play still

A perception poll - please read before answering

Countdown w/ Olbermann: The FBI knows who leaked the Plame info

This Picture of the Little Girl and her Sign is Spreading...Real Smart

Another shot of the little girl whose dumb dad brought her to the Edwards

Repuke scumbag father deliberately endangered little girl

Why doesn't Kerry have SPANISH bumper stickers like Bush does???

# of "Kerry should" threads at DU = points down in polls

Booosh Is The Second Coming...

e-mail I sent to conservative radio talk show host.

Mother of dead soldier arrested @ pickles event NEXT on Countdown replay

So Bush is afraid to face the American public in a town hall debate

Hello. Hate CNN? There's a broadcast studio down at you local Dem HQ.

A little girl allowed her parents to place wires in her scalp so that...

OK So I shouldn't have let my meds run out

Any Nader people in Battleground states willing to swap votes with

Popeye sez: 'I yam what I yam.." .....and John Kerry is what he is...

Bush Bounce Goes Bye-Bye: Polls Show Race Deadlocked

In this latest Gallup Poll 52% approve of *'s performance & * is

DU this poll: CBS vs. Bush on TANG docs

Stay tuned for another swing in the campaign

Could influx of Hispanic voters be making Colorado, Nevada and Arizona

Dems Say Kerry Back On Track

Gallup vs Harris ? Who the hell to believe ?

why not to listen to Gallup

AirAmerica is to radio as Countdown is to T.V.

What (the Fuck) we're up against!

'Unlikely' Voters Might Be Outdated (polls wrong?) - and emotional message

The Curse Of Dick Cheney

Waiting for an attack on Bush's deceptions

Three days in Beslan -- by Nick Paton-Walsh

Parties Gird for Battle If Election Ends Up in Court


Terror 'war' doesn't meet definition BY ANDREW GREELEY

Judith Miller(NYT-LSOS) Ordered to Testify in Leak Case

My letter in Joliet Herald


Here is the context for child and pubbie

Santa Barbara News Press printed my "9/11 occurred on Bush's watch" letter

In Guardian Unlimited: Rambling Kerry Gets Himself Lost

Kerry launches frontal assault on Cheney/Halliburton

Iraq had no WMD: the final verdict

A Must Read - Hal Crowther

Ray McGovern: Gossing Over the Record

WSJ's Al Hunt: What If the Polls Are Wrong?

Colin Powell: Insurgents will not succeed

Do As I Say .Bush lets down his Guard

Joe Conason: Kerry rising

Salon: Seymour Hersh's alternative history of Bush's war

Bush delays agreement on details of debates

Iraq/Is it becoming a lost cause? (mpls star-tribune)

Bush's Lost Year

Ad/Flyer: "Justice is a Woman" ACTs 50 Million Women Program

Offense vs. defense legal size flyer for printing here

help me w/list of contemporary political heroes (standing up against Bush)

"American Jobs" -- the movie, go see it

List of Campaign Opportunities Across the US

Ad Wars 9/17 (independent and not independent)

Gold Star Mother Arrested - Video

Field Guide to the Media.

Media wars leave Bush ahead in dirty politics

You gotta listen to this!

Does Dan Rather have another ace up his sleeve?

US Sept Consumer Sentiment Stagnates (Univ of Michigan survey)

Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary (August)

Ads/Flyers for Distribution (These on the Economy)

WHO Warns Of Bird Flu Pandemic - Virus More Prevelant Than Thought

Most Of Big Bend NP's Pollution From American, Not Mexican Power Plants

Canadian Pink Salmon Runs In Trouble In Broughton Archipelago

Einstein's Very, Very Good Year (US's immigrant's question the "facts")

LUB supports opposition to renewable energy initiative

From The "Now What?" Dept. - Half-Ton Zoo Gator Loose In Gulf Shores

OMG!! Texas Fines ExxonMobil $150,462 For Air Pollution Violations!!!

Behind in Hybrid Car Race, Honda Adds Horsepower

New ftrom Cassini

"The Dirty Dozen".....for the 1st time, a Pres & VP make the list

Honda Begins Hybrid Accord Sales In December - US Target 20,000 Units

Laboratory Grows World Record Length Carbon Nanotube

From the Nuclear Policy Research Institute

U.S. Espionage Probe Focuses on Ex-Diplomat(neo-con boosting Taiwan)

WSJ - Kerry: I own a "Chinese assault rifle."

Gun Loonies, FBI In Shootout

Teacher Arrested After Bookmark Called Concealed Weapon

Searchable Archives of missing person/ serial killer related news articles

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 17, 2004

First Bioterrorism Attack on U.S. Soil Happened 20 Years Ago...

Russian Gun Craze

Here's that outdoor life interview.

Amy Fisher agrees with the gun grabbers


Advanced search actually isn't working.

Skinner...I'd like to nominate an idiot for your top ten list...

Thank you for putting up with our enthusiasm

Why am I having trouble posting?

correction for Peter Werbe's email address

Will try this here.

Never mind

I'm annoyed that someone claiming to be Phil Parlock's best friend was TSd

Skinner, thought you might find this snip from Bill Moyers long article

DU news-posting protocol question


Ack--my bookmarks are gone!

MILITARY DRAFT ALERT! Secret Planning Memo (must-read!)

I am looking for a directive from the Pentagon...

Lime-green lies?

"Machine Gun " Keyes fell off the radar?

Help Defeat Bush in Chicago - volunteer opportunity

Progressive Film Festival at College of DuPage

Illinois is up for grabs?

Graham praises governor, urges federal aid for drained nonprofits

Ad spices up 17th District race

Racetracks file lawsuit against CA claiming Indian compacts are illegal

Found out you can vote early in California

Republican calls 'cultural continuity' - help defeat him

Romney Will be featured in ads for GOP candidates

Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records

I got this email response from Mark Dayton (RE: Flag Burning)

Local Freeper scared by middle-eastern man.

Democratic Black Caucus to speak in Ann Arbor

Republicans for Kerry sign in New Philadelphia

Al Franken in Cleveland/ Zoo?

Marriage = Man + Woman ...

Something strange happened this afternoon.

Pittsburh area DU'ers - Magazine needs Dem feedback

Philly area folks - I'm performing in Chadds Ford on Oct. 9th

What time is Edwards speaking in Phoenixville on Sunday?

PA. Official Voting Guide - Absentee and Other Info.

Bush in Houston today? Friday 9/16?

Dallas-area DUers: Meet the Candidates!!

DFW Area: Everything You Can Do This Weekend

Road Rally info for San Antonio

KWTX (CBS Waco) Rather letters

Sept. 24th - Bush Family Fortunes/Hijacking Catastrophe

Updated Road Rally Info

Raffle for Packer Tickets

Why is Lake Michigan black in Milwaukee?

Saturday the 18th: Volunteer your web-site Fu at my Seattle house!!

E-mail form Congressman Jay Inslee

Democratic NASCAR drivers.... are there any?

I was just contacted by the Department of Homeland Security

"The Amazing Power of Compound Anxiety!" | a TOON fix

ONE DAY in Iraq - Photos from TODAY, 9/17/04, to WAKE US UP!

As I have said many times before, "turn that shit off!"

Another Little Girl Thread - with info from Marshall

"Paralyzing The System"

Has the photo of Bush mistaking his stomach for his heart

56 Years as a Democrat and I am being called a "freeper" here.


A day in the life of a liberal sailor

Media Matters has a peice about the "wolfman" shitty dem pundit I was

Real Time w/ Bill Maher

Freeper Buckhead who "exposed" forgery turns out he's GOP lawyer who

poppy bush involvement in kennedy assassination?

Need comments on LTTE on recent Gallup poll

From Democracy Now: Plutonium shipment

You know what the best path for Log Cabin Repubs would be...

Does any member of the DLC accept money from rightwingers?

Please define Neo-Liberalism for me.

Barrier Islands & beaches are incompatible with our use of them

Kitty Kelley on BookTV this weekend

Chechnya primer here.

(Russian journalist) Anna Politkovskaya: POISONED BY PUTIN (literally)

Burkett: "history will treat (Bush) as Napoleonic." Powerful piece by him.

What can legally happen if the election is stolen?

I finally agree with Dennis Kucinich. We need to get the troops out now.

Caption reads: The Littlest Terrorist Dies....We're Safe Now!

Now that the NAVY has vindicated Kerry's medals...

I gotta talk about this Iraqi Vet that came into our YD meeting last night

Should vote fraud and tampering be classified as Treason

Pittsburgh DUers -- Y'okay?

9/11 Facts for the uninformed Bush lemmings

IF Bush had been elected...

Well, the police just left the house.....

Bush's Face as Red as Mrs. Dole's Dress - PIX

Is a new Dark Age coming? Will it lead to Human Extinction?

History Channel Goes Bushevik Pravda: Amerikan Sovietism Triumphant

Christian DUers

The Parlock Family: News Whores For The GOP

The evidence for multiple DUI arrests for *

Tribes set to observe November vote

Phil Parlock, the human side...

Happy 217th birthday, United States Constitution.

Happy Constitution Day! Today is more important than the 4th of July

How should we handle Iraq now? What should be Kerry's plan?

My ladies lunch group today, almost WW3...

Polls and Ugliness

Garrison Keillor: "there is more to life than winning"

Far Graver than Vietnam or Bush's Fantasy Land?

My kid rocks

CEOs with Cayman Island offices demand US military protection

Malloy is ME

CBS thanked me!!!

when's the last time dumbshit had a press conference?

Jeanne - The Breakdancing Hurricane

Bush-Bashing "Silver City" Opens Today!

Woops. The Brits attacking Kofi Anan on CNN. That tells us

Iran war regardless of who wins (DONNING Fire proof jacket)

Strickland (OH) : Status Quo Means Military Draft

for your amusement :Howard shadowed by giant 'rat' in own seat

Insurance rates will rise on storms' surge

Kids! Lots of Fun! See where YOUR jobs have gone!

Do they really think that Kerry would be bad in a crisis? Compared to

Very Sad week: My Boss, 48 yr old family man has been called up for Iraq!!

Conservative academics are as clueless as liberal ones are supposed to be

Fallujah children -- heartbreaking


Richard Armitage...what's his deal?

Sorry little girl.

So, the flood waters stopped 15 feet from my house.

Warning - Patriots - are we being setup by the news and the spin

Kitty Kelley and & a minor rant

Insured losses / Data from Insurance Services Office

Surfing channels saw Tweety show some of the past debates


HEY FINALLY, we know who to complain to about news:

Baghdad Burning, Riverbend talks about watching F/911 on her blog.

Is Malloy back tonight?

I asked this wingnut if he ever considered Freetardom...LOL

I'm Mad, but Glad at the same time...

Okay, I should probably know the answer to this question....

Spin - NBC news with tom brokaw had bits about some/Bush saying

So today, out of nowhere, I remembered my dad's button..

Volunteer Your Kid...Now!!!

How funny Natl enquirer says "New Proof Bush Snorted Cocaine"

If a Democrat did a fraction

Great flyer on Bush's TV ad campaign if he ran against Jesus.

Rep. George Miller-D (CA) said today about global warming:

Worst public officials for environment....guess who tops the list?

Hey freeptards! Leave the kool aid alone

Playgirl Magazine says Keith Oberman is America's SEXIST newsman.

Seymour Hersh on Abu Graib scandal on Tweety NOW

Yahoo's double message re: * and his "military" record

Bush PlansHuge Nat'l Gd. Callup After Election (For Iraq? Who Knows?)

has anyone read both KKelly's book and Kevin Phillips book on the Bush fam

Kitty Kelly -- NOW - Special Ed. Of Hardball (9 pm Eastern)

Link to Poppy's thank-you letter to officer who praised W easel

What's the best book on Saudi / al Qaeda links???

How come DU doesn't get cable time. But FreepNaziNation does?

Let's add to the paranoia level, shall we?

Was this poll DU'd? Ha..nice results: re WMD's

Jay Inslee on Congressional priorities (or lack thereof)

I just had an interesting protest idea, how does this sound?

Developing....Kerry...Bush Has Nov Suprise for Gaurd

Reprise (part of) DNC & RNC : Where can I find . . . ?

An intelligent review of Kelley's "The Family" for your edification

good way to spin the cbs document story

Two Yahoo stories that need RATINGS!!

Of course Iran is working on nuclear weapons

LOOK At ALL Of The "TERRISTS " You GOT Last Night AWOL*!!

A day in the life of Joe Republican

Rumsfeld's Dirty Bomb


CBS screws up their weighting too! (wrong forum, please move!)

Took me a while, but just watched Outfoxed for the first time

Should Kitty Kelley write another book, REALLY QUICK,

Can Iraq survive long as a 'democracy' with Iran and Syria? Thoughts?

What my very liberal democratic friend said about DU...

Huh? Al Gore's in Russia?

Bush declared September ALCOHOL & DRUG RECOVERY month!

Is there any logic Behind the "No Coffin Photos" Law?

Friends son served 6 years in Reserves. Discharged. Now on alert.

FLA Supreme Court Rules Nader on Absentee ballots.

Ft. Carson Soldiers Told to Re-Enlist or Face Time in Iraq

Perhaps if I was a bit more religious

Judge orders DOD find & release Bush's records by 9/24 & explain

My Child's School Trying to Collect Needed Supplies for Soldiers in Iraq

This quote really made my stomach turn

Poker With Dick Cheney (hilarious!!!!)


Who's mostly to blame for Gore not being President today?

CPB: Why PBS is adding Carlson and Medved.

Dud Missile Lands Outside Aunt's House

From DFA blog ( Democrat trying to get investigation of Delay dropped

Need critique on LTTE

Should the 'crying daughter' be removed from her home for her own safety ?


President Bush has become Baghdad Bob!

CNN just showed another antiBush* protestor being attacked !

Just helped the RNC waste some money

"I will end this war, a war built on lies, immediately upon taking office


Baby hoisting by political candidates. Ever drop one?

Movie Alert....Bowling for Columbine...tonight

Going to get Kelly's book soon but one question: Margie Schoedinger?

This fact blows away right wingers who think we can win Iraq

Oh goodie! Zell Miller has a new song out!

May I please beg for a simple request

Can anyone point me to online & printable military application forms?

Washington Journal caller asks for Brian Lamb's resignation

Jeb Bush, Kitty Kelly said today on Dianne Rheem show that

Freepers react to the Mom who questioned Laura Bush and was arrested

Just spoke to Wisconsin woman about her lost bird who's voting Kerry

In another thread, I see that Oswald was a CIA Asset..That made me

Should there be a DU Iraq War forum?

Has Daniel Pipes ever made DU's list of Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

Is Fox News the Media Arm of the Bush Administration?

Why haven't the Bush White House defectors effected Bush negatively?

BILL MOYERS: Journalism Under Fire

Good link for watching hurricane formation-

Does Anyone Doubt that Iraq Belongs to al-Sistani?

"The World is a Safer Place With Saddam Out.........."

help me out here -- who was that terrorist that Bush released?

"Triangle of Life" - Forget everything you've ever learned

DU this Bill Maher poll please!

Americans are not too stupid to see through the lies...

Time to Buy Proctor & Gamble

Bush says we must invade 60 countries; reasonable Cheney says only 40

COCCO: Fire Ashcroft for clear incompetence

Received my copy of " The Terror Timeline" by Paul Thompson

Foreign Born Presidents

Foreign Born Presidents

Any news from the Jersey Girls?

Small ways to make a difference...

Today, I Fight "FOR" America - If THEY Win, I will "FIGHT 'MURICA'

CEOs demand military protection for their offshore tax shelters

CEOs demand military protection for their offshore tax shelters

If DU is any indication to how things will go * will win...

Jeb Bush, Kitty Kelly said today on Dianne Rheem show that

WMD's. How come some people can have 'em & others not?

email response from 'Aaron Brown'..doubt it

A couple of reliable articles about the Stanley Hilton lawsuit.

"The Republicans have got to be worried about the headlines in October"

How about

I'm a US Air Force reservist who served nearly 5 months in Iraq this year

WH Evildoers are at it again.

Who would you vote for? DU this MSGOP poll

Good Thing All Of Us Protesters Were Wrong About The War, Eh ???

George Bush MIA? Or in rehab clinic for children of wealthy...

Who Needs Facts?

Oh God! Mark "Dittohead" Luther just tried to tell a joke.

EBAY dealers/sellers: Does Cheney have a point?

LAT: War Casualties (database by name/home/service/status/cause/location)

Bang bang!

It just dawned on me

Forced Contributions to GOP?

Omission From The Niederer Stories !!!

Is Russert Republican, you think? Is he biased?

Why did the union apologize, didn't anyone tell them about Parlock?

Great book I found!

Well my healtch care insurance costs just increased 5 FOLD! Thanks George!

I need some help with some activism

Al Franken on AAR was just playing

No place for soldiers at a war memorial...

Who would you vote for? DU this MSGOP poll.

Hijacking Catastrophe

Jefferson Memorial

Everyone look out for the * interview next week..

This is why Americans are stupid (and in Iraq)

Context for Parlock story

MSRNC poll Question of the day

Who can you trust bush or Saddam?

David Dreier Anecdote from Kitty Kelly--LOL

Beware of freepers posting stories about Gore-to-Bush voters...

Tom DeLay and the golden eagle

Help please : Blog recommendations? - To replace cable TV . . . .

Beware of freepers posting stories about Gore-to-Bush voters...

Freeper "Bush has made Iraq safer": true?

Freeper "Bush has decreased the deficit by 49%" true?

Parlock - Child abuse?

Freeper "Bush has properly funded Stem Cell research": true?

A Child Learns By What A Child Sees

Freeper "Bush has increased educ spending for schools by 49%" true?

How is the Kittty Kelley book selling? Does anyone know?

"Andy Rooney wants CBS to 'fess up"

Is the use of the word "stupid" to describe others freeping? n/t

Where is Steven Darby, John Kerry's historic doppelganger?

New GOP talking point

Please define neo-fascism for me

My LTTE chided an editorial referencing our war in Iraq against terrorism.

I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Bailing out the PBGC....

Did Bartcop pack it in?

Posting And You

That little girl and her sign

Key Dem leaders: Kerry is back on track

I Just Saw The Uncovered Iraq War Documentary

Another fascinating poll on CNN’s website

Dinner with my SO's "freeper" parents

I want you to imagine something for a moment

Listening to "Vote went to the Other Side"

Is there a fued between DU and Wonkette websites?

AZ Poll: Who do you believe, Bush or Rather? DU, Please.

Everyone that thinks the Bush girls ought to volunteer for the

Cheney Went Abroad To Attack US Nat'l Security

Rush is saying Bush signed form 180?

Who do you Hate more?

Today is Citizenship Day - Birthday of the Constitution. Check your voter

HERBERT: "Vietnam, we are doomed to repeat its agony"

"American Jobs" -- the movie. Go out and see it.

has anyone seen this betoniraq. com?

Rather and Rumsfeld own a ranch together in New Mexico!!!

Keeping the world safe from bookmarks

How can a Gay person be a Republican ?


what are over votes/under votes?

Having Fun Reading Kitty Kelley

When does reality bite this A-hole Bush crowd in the arse?

the ghost of tom joad

Ever wonder why top TV newsreaders are so pro-GOP?


Interesting tidbit on the money behind "Michael Moore Hates America" movie

Iraq is Vietnam! Make no mistake about it.

Profile Icon on DU! You notice most trolls don't have one.

Kerry on CNN...

NYC Pissed on Constitution to Save RNC Embarrassment

Remember the California airport shutdowns from Tuesday. ?

elected officials should work for minimum wage, & NO Limos

Heads up! If you have not seen today's

Interesting CNN Poll ?

Kitty Kelly on Dianne Rheem show now

Anyone watching CNN Headline News?

Publishers of "Thank you president Bush" offer to buy-back F-911 DVDs

Anyone following the Scott Peterson trial??


In case anyone missed this yesterday. (Veterans for Kerry)

NPR talking about arrest of woman arrested at Laura Bush speech

President sues UK 'coup plotter'

Latest Kick A$$ Against Colin Powell...Spy on US

3.24 a day are killed in Iraq

The Bush Junta Unmasked

Math Lesson ... H.o.w. are we winning the war?

link to e-mail Dan Rather:

From the wires: Headlines or Headaches?

Help me win over a lukewarm Bush supporter

Campaign Ads We'd Like To See

Bill Maher On Tonight with Kitty Kelly!!!

Have the Italian woman taken hostage is Iraq been released yet?

Book Alert - Has anyone read this?

CNN poll regarding Bush TANG records

Halliburton 'backed' bribes probe agent

CNN: Intelligence report: Iraq prospects bleak

did anyone ever notice...

Will Judith Miller testify or go to jail?

Juan Cole: "...colonialism is just another word for grand larceny"

NO-GO Zones

Does someone have the Bush video link where he is being

Are they priming us for a really bloody siege ?

Did Bush violate the Hatch Act?

My LTTE got printed today.

accusation that Kerry missed intelligence meetings?

Did Bob Novak accidentally reveal his Plame source?

More proof we are winning in Iraq

Send yuor thanks to Dan Rather at:

Remember, they didn't start killing Americans in Iraq until we invaded!!

Economy Booming,2nd, and last, major plant closing in our town.........

Mr.Bush, where do you derive your power from:Our Constitution

I think there is a question that Kerry should ask Bush in the debate

There was no assault, okay folks

Man what the hell is wrong with DU?

Will Bush's unwillingness to accept facts catch up with him?

Since the CIA report today I sense a deep and ugly twist

The Simian in Command...LMAO

Here's to you, critics.

How would this election be shaping up if Gore had won?

nightline question

Kerry is a finisher

Support for Chimp in military. Genuine?

Where is Will Pitt? I haven't seen him lately?

Troops being forced to stay in

RNC Kicker from National Taxpayers Union

Kerry speech to the guard was good, he hit Bushco hard at every turn.

If cable news was a high school

GOP Party Songs

The Four Types Of Republicans

O'Lie-ly has Jon Stewart on tonight.

BBV: Press Release of Bev's Press Conference In DC


Reuters upset by CanWest's use of 'terrorist'

Mary Gennoy -- marijuana advocate RIP

Navy to Shut Down Sub Radio Transmitters

Crude supplies, already low, to be further depleted

U.S. fails to bring UN into Iran nuclear case

Florida Supreme Court Puts Nader on Ballot

House Republicans adopt White House ideas on intelligence director

CBS News: FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan'

Republicans Push Controversial Votes

Navy Rejects Probe of Kerry's War Medals

Bush poster child

Tropical Storm Karl Strengthening

Bogus assault - Freeper father of the year

No "Foreign Insurgents" Among Telafer Dead

The world wants Kerry

US Army Defends Helicopter Attack in Baghdad

Children's Right Group Fires Central American Director in Sex Scandal


Find safety or leave Iraq, Britons warned

Conservatives urge P&G boycott (too gay friendly)

Democrats Ahead Of Republicans In Registration Efforts (Oregon)

dupe. please delete

US Sept Consumer Sentiment Stagnates

Bush May See Cabinet Exodus if Re-Elected

Officials told storms may hit Florida tourism as hard as 9/11

Air National Guard Colonel Denies Bush Got Preferential Treatment

Woody Allen condemns 'comic, tragic' Bush


(U.S. Rep. Shays-R) Campaign withdraws television ad

Bush Should Release Intelligence Report on Iraq (MoveOn)

ABC News Objects to Group’s Use of GMA Footage in Swift Boat Ads

Fund to rescue threatened scholars worldwide expanding with $10 M gift

Wash. school official puts halt to recess

Basayev owns up Beslan, threatens more attacks

Florida High Court Says Nader Must Be on Ballot

Kerry May Court Lawmakers to Join Cabinet

LI man arrested in air rage case (Argument over Bush vs. Kerry)

IMF head warns of risk from US budget deficit

On the Stump, Laura Bush Touts Education (& Pisses Off Some Parents)

Putin Threatens Preventive Terror Actions

Powell calls Annan on Iraq comments, says war was legal

Bush campaign files (2nd) lawsuit against FEC


Democrats May Sue Alexander(of LA-party switcher)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 17 September

Edwards to Cheney: eBay won't fix economy

NYT, pg1: Iraq Study Finds Desire for (WMDs), but Not Capacity

Farmer Convicted of Parade Manure-Dumping

Pelosi: At Least, and at Last, President Joins Debate on 9/11 Commission

European politicians target SUVs

CBS' Andy Rooney believes National Guard memos are fake

France backs UN chief's description of US war on Iraq as "illegal"

(Mitch) Daniels doesn't expand on health initiatives at news conference

Punk rockers hit the road for Kerry

Bush author says White House applying pressure over book

Jaguar To Cut 1,150 Jobs At Headquarters - AP

Reuters: Deaf Children in Nicaragua Give Birth to New Language

McCain Urges Court to Put Nader on Ballot

US death toll in Iraq at least 52 this month

House speaker singles out Moran for criticism (Republican Infighting)

House GOP to Reject 9/11 Recommendation

The collapse of 60 charter schools leaves Californians scrambling

CNN: Latest presidential polls vary widely

War leaves an opening for Kerry

British troops, Iraqi Shiite militia clash in Basra

U.S. Official Witnesses Sudan Attack

Insurgency Deepens Plight of Iraq's Allawi

Sudan blames US and rebels for failed talks

Soldiers say they were told to re-enlist or face deployment to Iraq

Woman Who Sued Coburn Goes Public

Bones may be from Iraqi, Marine's lawyer says

France backs Annan on illegal status of war

Vandals target Lafayette, La. Democrat's office for second time

FBI: Mortgage Fraud Is Rampant in U.S.

Army: Nerve Agent Disposal May Take Time

5 EU Countries Agree to Set Up Paramilitary Police Force

McCain wants Nader on the ballot in Fla.

Ronstadt, King to Sing Kerry's Praises

Groups Decry Muslim Scholar's Visa Denial

Muslim association accuses US of blocking release of French hostages in Ir

Yahoo: New polls show presidential race tightening

they are rigging the polls again -big time

Grand Jury Points to Ill. Jail Cover-Up

Key Dem Leaders: Kerry is back on track

International team to monitor voting in 5 states

Groups Decry Muslim Scholar's Visa Denial

Labor website tracks jobs sent overseas

Report: Iraq had no WMD, only intentions

Oil Surges on Storm, Stock Build Concern

Kerry HQ vandalized again-Signs burned;

Kerry attacks Bush for living in 'world of spin'

AWOL live on CNN now. He is out fundraising while the troops are dying

Kerry says Bush turns blind eye to Halliburton waste, overcharging

U.S. Soldier Sentenced to 2 1/2 Years in Prison for Stabbing South Korean

No sign of nuke activity at new Iran site-ElBaradei

Army Reserve Unit to Train Iraqi Troops

Army Times: Kerry tells Guard members what he would do as president

US puts Lockerbie payouts in jeopardy

CBS News Escapes Gov't Scrutiny Over Bush Memo (no investigation)

U.S. Soldier Sentenced in South Korea

Germany Arrests American Woman

Anan says Iraq war illegal

Officer who rallied UK troops condemns 'cynical' Iraq war

"Fire Dreier" rally draws hundreds of protesters

First Saudi woman stands for election

Iraq withdrawal may have to speed up, says Charles Kennedy

Publishers of "Thank you president Bush" offer to buy-back F-911 DVDs

The President is a military fake - The Times (are changin)

Army Times: Bush formally nominates Harvey to be next Army secretary

Chavez: illegal US Iraq War responsible for high oil prices

New Kerry ad attacks Cheney, Halliburton

Two Kentucky men convicted in voting, elections fraud case

Judge Rebuffs Reporter in Leak Probe - Judith Miller

CNN - 59% believe CBS over Bush re National Guard service.

Danish Iraq commander faces prisoner abuse probe

FTC Report Recommends Bounty for Spammers

Kidnappings, murders push Iraq's universities to brink

South Korea Says No Evidence of Blast at North Site (Heh)

Grieving Mom Heckles Laura Bush (arrested, handcuffed, and ejected)

Unease shadows Bush's optimism (LATimes)

LAT: War Casualties (database by name/home/service/status/cause/location)

Bush leads in one poll, tied in another

New blood at heart of Kerry campaign

Top officer in Guantanamo terror hearings urges dismissal of two panelists

S.Korea says there was no big blast in N.Korea

Report finds Iraq prospects bleak

Lawsuits seek to ban lethal injections

CIA Officer: al-Qaida Efforts Still Lag

Kidnappings, murders push Iraq's universities to brink

Countdown w/ Olbermann: The FBI knows who leaked the Plame info

Former Iranian pop star urges Iranian-Americans to vote (He's Republican)

Global warming may spur fiercer hurricanes

Rendell: Kerry Too Reliant on Consultants

GOP mailing warns liberals will ban bibles

CIA 'lacks resources' for terror fight

Cheney/Halliburton broke US ban on foreign bribery?

International team to monitor voting in 5 states

Let Abortion Guide Vote, Catholics Told (Archbishop Donoghue - Atlanta)

Bush Reform Call Seen Part of Consumption Tax Move

Kerry accuses Bush of cronyism in gov't contracts

Where In The World Is That Job?

Kerry says Vice President Cheney profited from Iraq war

Taser Test Shocks Police Chief, NAACP President - WA

Halliburton Slams Kerry In Response To New Attack Ads

Russian Officer Pardoned by Commission (for murder of Chechen woman)

NYTimes: New charges raise questions on abuse in Afghan prisons

President sues UK 'coup plotter'

Stop meddling, Turkey tells the EU

Navy Rejects Probe of Kerry's War Medals (Judicial Watch)

Teacher arrested for carrying bookmark

Kerry says Bush hiding mobilization plans

Bush's Father Wrote to General About Guard Service.preferential treatment?

FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan'

CNN breaking: 4 more AWOL documents coming in a few minutes

Navy Says Kerry's Service Awards OK'd

Pastor Coerced Women To Have Sex To Fight Off Devil

Schwarzenegger chides Legislature for sending him `silly' bills

IRAQ: 'US blocking French hostages' release'

Riggs Probe Includes Recordings (WaPo)

Sign Fracas at Edwards Rally Spurs Sniping

WROC-AM goes liberal beginning tomorrow

Bush Cites Hussein's Potential Weapons

Bush clear leader in poll [ Gallup: 55%-42%]

Reuters: Mussels Found Near N.Pole in Global Warming Sign

WP: Parallels Drawn Between CBS Memos, Texan's Postings

Truck maker unveils a monster pickup(14,500 lbs., 9' tall, 7 miles/gallon)

Kidnappings Make Companies Rethink Iraq

Kerry Accuses Bush of Hiding Troops Plan Until After Election

Chechen Warlord Threatens More Attacks After Beslan

Huge blasts hit centre of Baghdad

Bush author says White House applying pressure over book

Officer who rallied UK troops condemns 'cynical' Iraq war

Putin accuses 'complicit' West of harbouring Chechen terrorists

Police dismiss charges against woman who interrupted first lady

CBS News / NY Times Poll: Bush Opens Lead Over Kerry 50% - 41%

A Firefox in IE's Henhouse

Ex-General May Be Next Indonesian Leader

Blogger Who Faulted CBS Documents Is Conservative Activist (AKA. Freeper)

Smart endorses Rep. Martin Frost (Elizabeth Smart's Republican Dad)

Will draft fears sway voters? (Cleland and Dean talk to students)

NYT: Private Plans Costing More for Medicare

Bush Must OK Clinton's Document Release

DOJ Probes Fla. Voter Intimidation Claims

Nader on FL Ballot - FL Supreme CT rules

'Devastating' Secret Papers Reveal Pre-War Iraq Warnings

FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan'

Bush Post-Convention Lead Slips to Tie With Kerry

Pentagon offers troops a new way to vote

President's military file may be fake - The Times

AP: Navy Says Kerry's Service Awards OK'd (LET'S RATE IT UP!)

fun political test

what is your favorite color?

The 'F' Word...

something beautiful - hubble swf.

I am a beat reporter, ask me anything

Surrounded by tornadoes in Northern Virginia

I don't care what anyone thinks, I like Dr Phil

Has anyone seen "Hero" more than once? And if you did do you

Sky Captain and The WOT (no spoilers!!!)

Do 1/2 of Americans really NEED an SUV?

A Cthulhu worshiper shows up at your door with the Necronomicon in hand


Favorite Boston Patriot? (no, I don't mean the sports team)

In Accordance With Prophecy, Neo Progressive is drunk and IMing everyone.

When did we become Borginated - and I don't mean Earnestly

New pickup will dwarf Hummer...

Gay and lesbian DUers!!!! Raise your HAND!!!!! Represent!!!!

A great site to find used books

So The Repukes say Democrats want to ban the bible?

SILENCE!!! I'm Declaring Martian Law In The Lounge!!

Here's a shitty day for you:

I'm singing tomorrow night in the Boston area (one last harangue)

A List of REPUG celebrities!!!

I started to hate the GOP when...

Need advice regarding my cat's teeth

And while I am "Turning Japanese",

Eminem goes naked!

ask me anything

WHAT are these nasty painful things that occur on my tongue

HAHAHA!! whoisalhedges/eyesroll had to go to "The Capitol Steps" tonite

THE OFFICIAL Ryder Cup Thread

BoSox: Damon single and Doulke closer finishes Yanks, 3 - 2.

Barry Bonds hits the 700. n/t

How many reality TV shows have you watched/kept tabs on?

YAY SOX!!! Well, that's one...

Let's start our own city.

The official Red Sox v. Yankees thread!

6 am. Wind still howls up the gorge. Many trees down.

To My Uterus........ (not a sex thread!!!)

Friday night Malloy thread

YES! Only 24 more hours until "Sabado Gigante!"

Bonds: 700 Home Runs

Wife Denies Husband Sex For 5 Days - He Tried To Have Her Charged

The great Friday night drinking thread!

RIP Ryno

Johnny Ramone, Republican, NRA Member, Dies

Sometimes I feel ... sometimes I feel like I been tied ...

I'm bored at work. Anyone want to talk to me?

Travel in Peru

Has anyone seen "The Temptations" TV movie?

Johnny Damon is my favorite MLB player!

Does this describe us anymore?

Do you like humanhorn?

Oh Hell. Did Homeland Security Eat My Domain Names?

Honestly, Why is Snoop Dogg a star?

Macaulay Culkin Arrested (is it me or does he look like Steve Buscemi ?)

It's Friday night, anyone want to chat?

I just heard this joke on Jay Leno:

Can someone find the predictions thread? Please?

One day on AOL chat.......

Sometimes I really dislike weenie-ass people....

DU Archives are down again (picture)

Vote McGovern

Tonight's film: "The Children's Hour" starring Audrey Hepburn & Shirley M

But I'll live on, and I'll be strong

Why do people hate Green Day?

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!! Friday night pep rally

Let's add to the paranoia level, shall we?

AAARRRRGGGHHH! Dancers can be such spoiled brats

This is just wrong...

Can I break out of the 700 Club by noon CDT Saturday?

The National Weather Service has revised the Ohio

I was just on the Mike Malloy show!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what are you cheap about? On what do you splurge?

Hey Lounge Lizards rate this!!!

Forgive me Lounge Lizards, for I have sinned...

My thread got completely ZAPPED..should I be feeling guilty?

Do you think it's bullshit when a book has a sequel & you didn't know it?

In China is there total Internet access?

Tonight is political night on cable!

The Dark Side of Chimps

Help me out. Am I over-reacting?

My TV is green!

Looking to buy a new game console

North Carolina greets Ivan

Give me that real old time religion!

I need to cheer up some Kerry supporters on another board! Pics, anyone???

Just checking in.

So how often do you....?

Ok... its supposed to be a live poll... Kick it... and see..

Just got back from Springhill Catfish in Pflugerville.

The next time a spelling nazi gives you shit show them this.....

The Passion of Der Fuhrer:

Use Windows? Better be careful when you go use Windows Update

When is the gallery going to be updated or did I miss it ?

Better Dr. Dre CD

Hope nobody minds - I joined the setiathome DU team...

Why are we here?

What CD burning software do YOU use?

Anyone heard "Flying" by Living Colour? Best.9/11.Song.Ever

I don't care what anyone thinks, I like Dr Shad

"Easy Rider 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" DVD, 9/28/04

I don't care what anyone thinks. I like Dr. Doom

walk this way

Cheney has returned to Camp Crystal Lake

new celebrity mugshot... macaulay culkin

I don't care what anyone thinks, I like Dr. Weird.

My wife loves putting MY nuts in HER mouth

What The Hell Is Wrong With America?



Bush-kicking webcomic ->

How do you post an image/photo??

My Neighbors across the street put up Repug signs in their yard !!!!

Woman arrested for allegedly ordering murder of two patrons

When 'its' is possessive, it's 'its.'!! It's not that hard.

I don't care what anyone thinks, I like Dr Pepper

MatcomNews UPDATE: Man Who Fears Witches Says Story Made Him Sound Nutty

Atkins Diet friendly cereal

HDTV programming help?

"Mad TV" has become garbage.

The "MTV" crowd is just lost

Oh rickets and blimps!

Can someone explain to me

What music have you been listening to lately?

Greg Palast: Bush Family Fortunes - The Best Democracy Money Can Buy DVD

Using Verizon DSL ??? Here are a couple of tips ...

It's easier to get forgiveness than permission

anyone in dc area need a 21" apple studio display monitor

Build your own Bush

saw a good bumber sticker today

I don't care what anyone thinks, I like Dr Who

Will & Grace spoiler- don't look if you havent seen last nights show

Twisters in Northern Virginia

You might be a Floridian if:

I Pledge Allegiance... to Viagra...

My 3 year old brother now wears my additional Kerry-Edwards button

"Terminator 2" actor arrested trying to free lobsters (Salon)

The world has gone co-co-crazy - Canadians For Bush.

I am about to get drenched

Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth

For my 1000th post, everything you ever wanted to know about me.

what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

The girl who cut my hair today is voting for Chimpy

What should we rename Candy "the right wing media whore" Crowley

Need help from AZ duers, please

Someone wants me to surf to

Let's build this City/Cult/Country on ROCK & ROLL!!!!

Y'know, for a stinky hippie song...

The world has gone nuts! (Vegetarians for Bush!)

The little girl is crying because

I'm 'bout to get FILETED!!!

How many Warlock threads are there?

Celebrities we can forgive for being Repug

You know what I wish Randi Rhodes would do?


Sadaam had lust in his heart, study says

HAPPY 217th BIRTHDAY US CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone read Kitty Kelley's book yet? Is there anything juicy

most affordable liberal areas

My husband's doctor just took him off Plavix

Wash. School Official Puts Halt to Recess

Peace and Love

happy birthday to me

Mr T versus Everything

Warms my heart....

The world has really gone nuts (Students for Bush)

Purchased Kitty Kelley's book--juicy!

Question for DU Car Mechanics (or other knowledgeable folk)

What's Your Favorite Traveling Tune?

Rock climbers (technical) what would you use for cliff rescue?

De La Hoya versus Hopkins

Automotive ignoramus here: My car overheated.

His name is Karl - He's full of hot, spinning air but he's going nowhere

Exclusive: Star Wars Episodes I-III villain revealed!

Do I get on the bus to go home with 60 MPH winds coming?


The Waltons vs. Little House on the Prarie

easy html question

Hurricane Ivan

Has the phrase "jumped the shark" - Jumped the shark?

I'm 'bout to get RAID!!!!

Which ACTOR would make a great real-life PRESIDENT?

So 2night I'm gonna party

Sasquatch or Yeti?

How Old Is "Demman" Today?

Welcome to Imperialism! (i had it out with a co-worker)

Any special plans for this weekend?

Me and my house survived Ivan.

Aww, all the Jacksons wore white today. Isn't that precious?

Help on AllofMP3Explorer

what is the capital of assyria?

Join me in a toast to Rezmutt for exposing the truth behind the...

Jenny says, 'turn off the radio'

I'm 'bout to get LAID!!!!

Damn Tripod! Damn those pop-ups!


What TV Mom/Dad would you like to have been your mom/dad...

I just got off the worst, longest phone call ever.

What is your main selling point?

Why do we love this movie so much?

Can someone help me find a thread?

Really Gross: Don't Try This At Home!!!

Bike Owners (MUST SEE) your lock can be easily picked

How am I supposed to get to 2000 posts

Help: What Kind of Flute Is This?

Exclusive: Star Wars Episode IV Villain Revealed!

No sympathy for "victims" of Ivan who built houses on glorified sandbars

Exclusive: Star Wars Episode III Villain Revealed!

Hooray! I just got my Kerry yard sign!

Warren Beatty's Best Movie

The Sinking Slider of all CAPTIONS!!!

Trumad has increased locked posts in GD 149%, true?

I'm 'bout to get FLAYED!

I'm 'bout to get PAID!!!!

I'm 'bout to get SPAYED!!

I'm officially a big wig career man - know why?

The life cycle of a vote

Is it me, or was the 1st Survivor show boring?

When I was young, it seemed life was so wonderful

I'm about to get MADE.

what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen Fart?

Who's cult are you going to join? JVS or Eyesroll

Poker with Dick Cheney from the Poorman.

And you thought you were a fanboy.

Has 'Employee of the Month' jumped the shark when:

Who wants to join my oppressive, brutal regime?

Anybody know what time Edwards will speak in Phoenixville, PA this Sunday?

Some good fall movies coming up.

The "Want fries with that?" Seperated at Birth Edition

NOW OPEN: Allen's Cult Deprogramming Center (and Cafe/Gift Shop)

Underrated big-budget Hollywood summer action flicks.

I'm starting a BETTER cult. Who wants in?

Posting And You

Ryder Cup - Europe cleaning America's clock sofar in the 4-balls

What do you love?

I'm starting a cult. Who wants in?

Nice story critical of Santorum

I just have to share with all the female DUers out there.

Help. I need a George Bush quote

After 3.5 Years Unemployed, I'm Starting A New Job On Monday

Why Does Everyone HATE Streisand?

What gets me about those damn memos...

Travelin' Soldier.

George Bush is a punk-ass chimp

Did any of you yanqui types vote in the "Canadian Idol" contest?

Naked Woman Destroys Cash Machine In Stadium With Pickax

Note to bicyclists: Kryptonite locks have been hacked

God is a concept

LBN Officers Wrestle Alligator Out of Hot Tub

I--IIIII-I 'm hooked on a feeling. I'm high on believeing.........

what is your quest?

Who's reluctant to open the 'Eminem goes naked' thread?

"Gorman, get your people out of there-NOW!"

Police swoop on German provider of bootleg movies, software

Deadheads! Which show is this?

what is your name?

Did anyone hear about the Mother of a soldier who died in Iraq/Laura Bush

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Dubya's definition of "tragedy"

I'm listening to U2's "All That You Can't Leave Behind" and this lyric

Politics of non-US celebrities and artists.

I hate music

In a knock down, drag out, no holds barred street fight, who'd win?

I, for one, am NOT going to be unprepared for Hurrican Jeanne

Dominating Caption Time..

OS X Security Update Fixes iChat Vulnerability - Highly critical

Stupid neighbors when out whoring last night and left their alarm on!

Check out today's George The Second cartoon

Do you suppose ROVE AND HUGHES arm wrestle to see...

CBS relents-"Survivor" set on "Coalition of the Willing" island

How would Jesus vote?

Terminator Actor Arrested for "Liberating Lobsters"

How our military SHOULD be run!

I felt like I wanted to just die most of last night.

Anyone heard this? The Floribama is no more.

GREAT BEER COMMERCIAL (whoisalhedges after a night on the town)

what's up w/ photobucket?

"W" as a Borg would be a good photo shop project

Tomorrow we go to the STATE FAIR!!

What's on your desk?

On this day...

I told the girl who called me bitter to leave me alone.

Wanna hear some excellent modern jazz? Check out Jaz Mandolin Project

Birthdates which occurred on September 17:

Eggs over-easy with fried onions & English muffins, well done,

Star Trek captain wins battle with council

Clinton rocks!!

It's September 17th, and you know what that means!

Happy Birthday (tomorrow) DEMMAN!

Ellen trying to "draw" Jude Law's lips on the Telestream right now

I just finished the new ZombyPoll !!


"....a babe they called Brian...."

I just finished the new Zogby poll!

Dog saves 8-year-old neighbor from being abducted

What does this video from a XBox video game remind you of?

Happy Birthday to me

Time to time a brother asks why

Lessons in History: As explained by a cat (Mutts comic)

Man Says He Came Up With Idea For "The Apprentice" - Suing

Some In Norway Think Age Of Sexual Consent Should Be Lowered From 16 To 14

What's the most impressive thing you can think of?

GD2004 can go fuck itself

What should Mr Beastman and I do on Vacation?

I love John Lennon

CONTEST: Where Is Matcom's Avatar?

Woman Prosecuted For Slapping Boyfriend Who Beat Her

Pour me a coffee and shove me hard inside the door.....last day of work...

The Good News: half the truck is okay

Airport Police - Teacher's Bookmark Could Have Been Weapon - Charged

The Infinite Cat Project - Cool Kitty Site - Kitties For Kerry!!!

New Gallop poll: Keyes overtakes Obama for Illinois Senate Seat

I just installed OS X and I can't stop playing with my iPod.

Prices of real esate in red states and blue states

"Rent-A-Tiger" Business Shut Down

Road sprouts 500 Ronald McDonald dolls in perfect formations

Can the Red Sox Catch the Yanks? (aka Is there a god?)

Are you going to buy the Star Wars Trilogy DVDs?

Any place where I can hotlink images other than photobucket?

What do you think of this story? Please respond.

Do I seem a little too bitter to you?

I challenge Rabrrrrrr to a duel

Whew! I just hid every thread on GD2004!

Which CELEB would the REPUGS nominate for PREZ?

Hey, I actually posted 2 polls at GD2004 that got responses!!!

Does Anyone Know Where You Could Purchase A Print...Kerry/Lennon?

Juicy naked pic...

Kerry to ban Bible, according to RNC


IMPORTANT!!! The Rethug w/ Little Girl -- PULLED SAME SHIT IN 2000!!!

Repeat after me - "Bush Is A Criminal, Bush Is A Criminal...."

DU THIS POLL!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Buckhead is MacDougald. Now, is there any way to link him to Rove?


Evidenced that the crying girl was staged (a summary)

oh btw

Kerry's Girls

A Map to Victory: 10 Places Where This Election Will Be Won Or Lost

A new election match/scale quiz from the Christian Science Moniter

I think we'll lose the ANG CBS Memo deal. How bad is it going to hurt?

We are building 14 military bases in Iraq

Is There ANY Evidence That the TANG Memo is a Fake?

Picture of dead soldier's mother getting ARRESTED for speaking out!

Edwards on OPRAH!

Why don't we boycot R/W conservative companies?

Joe Conason recommends Ruy Texeira: Donkey Rising

Let's Hear It For Senator John Kerry! Why Do You Support Him?

Is this Parlock's son???

Kerry on Big Fat Mainstream TV

On Iraq, now * is Baghdad Bob when he describes what is

Tucker Carlson Telling People Not To Vote?

Caption the Chimp! (photo)

Florida county loses 245 votes during primary.....e-voting.

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a LIE?"

Two Dozen Pictures of Woman Being Arrested at Laura Bush Speech

CBS Poll: It's a Tie!

Which candidate do you think will win the election?

Should I hold my breath waiting for mainstream press to blast Wash Times

Why, Why, Why? Do Duer's persist in posting these demoralizing and phony

Are you absolutely DYING for intelligent political debate? Click this link

DU HELP! Friend wants to know why to vote for Kerry

Is THIS even possible?? Joe Trippi on Hardball

Miles O'Brien responds to "Clintonista"

What's your take on the state of the campaign?

My daily "Doom and Gloom"...

CBS/NY Times Poll: Participants were 36% Republican and 32% Democratic

My letter to editor - PUBLISHED

UPDATE: Parlock Staged Incident Confirmed on Turnspit Blog

Time to lighten things up in GD04: Take this political quiz

I'm not so sure that Burkett was the source of the memos.

Update on crying sign girl

Parlock is #1 Turd Issue of the Day

WTF : "Buckhead" is also on the County Registration and Election Board!

Gallup Poll sample: 40% R, 33% D - will stay this way through election

I'm Mad, but Glad at the same time...

Bush National Guard Speech: How The Hell Does He get Away With This ???

I got to shake John Kerry's hand again today!!

Armitage says Iraqi insurgents trying to influence elections

Where is Edwards ...HERE is Edwards:

The Case Kerry Fails to Make

POLL FRAUD: No cell phones are called.

hey DU'er's what do you think of this? for real?

truthout article on Parlock coming soon

Do you HATE President George W. Bush?

So how many signs did Phil Parlock hid under his pants leg?

HAHAHAHAHAHA Michelle Malkin is an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Candy Crowley...Inside Politics on CNN

At the whim of a hat? - Your President is talking again . . .

DU PROJECT! Alert the media about the fake "Torn-Sign Toddler" story!

Question about Bush Rallies & Social Security Numbers.

Bill Maher

"No financial interest in Halliburton for the last three years.." Dem ad

GOP memo says "dems to ban Bible" ???

USA Today: "Bush & his campaign advisers feeling pretty good these days"

freeptards Not Too Happy With LA Times outing of "buckhead"

Edwards Brings "Message of Hope" to Appalachian Ohio

Bush's Father Wrote to General About Guard Service


Navy Rejects Probe of Kerry's War Medals

ATTN Clarkies! Lift a glass at 1pm EDT today

Poll: Voters Uneasy About Kerry in Crisis/AP picking this out of CBS poll

In defense of posting "bad news" polls

What is Kerry's reply? and why?

A well penned missive about tonight's Some Things Considered (NPR)

Making call on sham of political polling (Newsday)

HELP! please

War Leaves an Opening for Kerry

"Kerry Accuses Bush Admin. on Troop Plan"-Reservists, Beware.

Chimpy sends the little girl a fresh poster to replace her torn one.

This is why Bush is not behind in all the polls....

Conservatives Crying for Rather's Head!! Guess why.

I do love a good rant

Where the hell is John Edwards....

Bush Ratings Drop Among Uncommitted Voters, Annenberg Poll Says

The records show the only polls that matter are Zogby and Harris

Question regarding Killian documents

Advise for those working the Parlock story

Struggling Ohioans appear to like Edwards' message

Debates: assuming they can ask each other questions...

NOW with Bill Moyers is only REAL news

Cement Sack, Yes, but With Concrete Ideas

Ken Mehlman looked scared on Charlie Rose last night

A misconception about Iraqi "insurgents" or "terrorists"

God, my heart is breaking. Gold Star Mom. What is happening to us?

Dems get a BIG boost in Iowa tonight

Why does Bush Flip Flop so much?

NOW With Bill Moyers - National Guardsman told of Deteriorating Security

Parlock does a radio interview

OLBERMAN did "buckhead" story!

we need less substance and more touchy-feely....

Newsweek: "On the Road with Jenna and Barbara"

Showing Fahrenheit 911 on TV may be our best hope

Read Rudy Teixeira regarding Gallup; you will feel a helluva lot better!

The Media wants low polls #'s so that Kerry will stop the attacks on Bush

List of Campaign Opportunities across the US

The great Seymour Hersch just told Tweety:

Should Kerry adopt the bizarre "pigeon head" movements that

Issue of Bush Gang abuse of and non-use of Iraq dollars

What are your final percentage predictions??

Why would CNN use Gallup if their methodology is inaccurate?

Another debate: Assuming the candidates can ask each other..

What If the Polls Are Wrong?

Great Campaign Sound Bites (to use)

Alert: Parlock on the local Exectuive Committee for the NAACP

DU this poll please

MN Star Tribune Editorial: Iraq/Is it becoming a lost cause?

Maybe Chimpy would like to send these children a poster

What's the clinical name for Nedra Pickler's disorder?

Fla. Supreme Court Puts Nader on Ballot

Has anybody seen the quicksand ad?

Washington Times "article" on the Parlock story


Need current Bush Iraq doing great quotes

Jerry Brown just on with Colmes.....his take on things....

Should DU not allow posts about polls until Nov 2?

CNN Anderson Cooper says the White House has denied

Florida's Betty Castor to deliver Democratic radio address tomorrow.

Where will Chimpy be the evening of Nov. 2? I can't guess, the WH, or

CBS Forgery Poll in GOP land paper, please vote!

ARG Poll: Kerry 48 Bush 45

CBS News just showed a poll, * is 9 points ahead

CBS poll: more think Jr lying about own service

We will be bled dry in Iraq

Issues Poll Redux: The Most Important Issue of Campaign 2004 Is:

What the hell is happening in Delaware?

Media Matters CNN's skewed coverage

Is it too much to ask Dem operatives

What would Gandhi say about this mess ??

Worried about ANG-memo issue? PHONE BANK!! CANVASS!!!

September 17, 2004 Prediction; KERRY in LANDSLIDE

Media Matters nails Wash Times and Drudge on Parlock

There are four types of people we have to worry about November 2....

Swift Boat Vets are payback for 1992 attack on Bush Sr!

Does Nader on the ballot really matter?

DU this CNN 360 Poll

Did we manage to 'kill' the 'torn up sign' story?

Read this about Election 1948. Truman made the media eat shit.

Nader barred from New Mexico ballot

LA Times Busts Buckhead

Kerry should call a war summit.

My FINAL word on the CBS docs controversy:

I stand in Goddamned Awe of you guys! (Parlock Affair)

Why did Kerry claim the AWB regulated machine guns?

Nader in La Crosse, Wisconsin yesterday.

"George Bush...doesn't get his kicks from pot or hashish or speed"

Dippy Trippi blows Freepers horn.

Ever thought of the possibility of a hurricane hitting on election day?

"Four More Wars! Four More Wars! Four More Wars!"

GOP: Democrats will BAN THE BIBLE!

I've changed my mind. I'm voting for Bush

Breaking!!!! Nader is on the ballot in Florida

That Gallup poll has Kerry leading by 7 among independents!

Are wingers ignoring the Parlock revelations?

Kerry's senate record IS NOT "left of liberal". FACTS.

Kerrry's Medals Properly Awarded-just heard on CNN

A time for peace; I swear it's not too late.

Offense vs. defense legal size flyer for printing

New docs released from WH

Joe Trippi on Horserace/Harball

Bush is probably 7 or 8 points up right now

Aaaaarrgghh... My Eyes !!!

FOP endorsement of shrub. What is behind this move?

CNN: Kerry supporter taken down by thug in Cheney rally

Nader calls Dem party: "Anti-Democratic Party"

I knew it the supreme court put Nadar on FL ballot. They did it again.

Why is lopsided towards Bush?

Need DU help convincing friend to vote for Kerry

where can i order a kerry lawn sign?

Kitty Kelly just said on CNBC that Bush had six months added

Go say Hi to Scott Robinson, the guy that kicked the girl at the GOP

Susan Lenfestey: Blow whistle on our jujitsu president

The eminent Mr. Zogby speaks on polls

Rush Limbaugh Becomes Official Unpaid Advisor to Bush-Cheney '04

Here is the truthout Parlock story link

On CNBC, Kitty's book - The big story from her book re TANG no one noticed

Anyone else notice the "Orange Jacket/Sweatshirt" wearers for Bush/Cheney

I just heard CNN anchor say "Clintonista"

GOP talking point to suppress the youth vote

I knew it! "Forgery" story really WAS creatively leaked to freepers and

Was that journalist shot in the back?

From the horses' mouth: George Bush = Lee Atwater

Send your support/concerns to CBS Evening News

Sorry if Dupe Kitty is on CNBC right now

Rooney'd rather CBS fessed up

Rasmussen Battleground Update for Friday

Okay..a little girl cried. Dems are getting KICKED and BEATEN on VIDEO!

Nader on the ballot is NOT a problem

Why You Should Ignore The Gallup Poll

1020+ dead, and people are getting their panties in a wad over a girl..

URGENT: Research needed DU members about Bush & records

How many times have they said they've released ALL the TANG records?

The AP blatantly whores along for Bushco in it's articles Endorses John Kerry

Judge orders Pentagon to find, release files about Bush's service

Kerry May Court Lawmakers to Join Cabinet

Crossfire: Kerry Vs. Cheney

Drudge seems to be in a tizzy today...

Friday News Dump - AP has a new pack of Bush TANG records

Howard Fineman: KING WHORE

Phil Parlock Jr. Is Military Intelligence!

Tucker Carlson: I Could Beat George W. Bush

two of the Parlocks are freepers

Who Needs Facts?


Why You Should Ignore The Gallup Poll This Morning - And Maybe All Of Thei

Why doesn't Pharlock want the perp to be identified and arrested?

A challenge to all freepers

Drudgereport Pop-Up Poll has 60.3% not voting for Bush!

Statement from IUPAT about Parlock incident...

Crowd gathering early on for Del Sandusky, Sheehan-Miles appearance here.

Pukes getting violent here -- how is it where you are?

A Colossal Mistake-This Is Bush's Vietnam

I just talked to jim ross from the Herald Dispatch!!!!!

Asswipe Tweety on Gallup Poll - "could be right".."might supress the vote"

Reserves not ready for war, chief says, though half are on active duty

Why aren't the networks covering Edwards?

Right now I'm listening to Air America with Randi Rhoades

Chimp says hateful few will kill "at the whim of a hat"

Would you want this man to be on YOUR Board of Education?

A friend of mine just emailed me this site.

Some humor for the day - caption this

Wouldn't it be entertaining...

Parlock denies it was his son who ripped the sign

judge told pentegon to release all documents

"Justice is a Woman" Ads - 50 Million Women ACT Campaign

New MoveOn TV ad attacks Bush on the war.

How many Parlock threads are there?

Oklahoma Senate Poll: Carson (D) 42% Coburn (R) 35%

They keep asking what Kerry would do in Iraq because they need suggestions

Reply from CBS News

wanted: "dirt specialists"

Arizona: How is it looking?

Kerry -- score points w/ corporate employees - NO to cash balance pensions

NPR reports on "warm-up acts" for Bush appearances

If you work or live among moderates or conservatives ...

Most negative campaign ads: Bush or Kerry poll, please vote

CNN Blasting Putin for the Russian Patriot Act


If Bush gets 4 mores years

Phil Parlock Jr. may not be the poser who ripped out the sign

is Nader on the ballot in Colorado?

Let's all give Kerry Kudo's for kicking ASS this week!!!!!!! n/t

I Just Registered a Voter!

Nonpartisan Analysis Unmasks the Ugly Truth

Want to hear a good Parlock joke?

Kerry: This Is No Time to Channel Al Gore (you aint gonna like this one)

Misleader notes Bush folks lie about situation in Iraq

Is any one listening to CNN now?

He's a serial disruptor using his 3 year-old daughter as a human shield

Parlock - Great DU Work, But Let It Drop...

Sitting in Services today

Real Casualty Figures: 17,000??!!

WSJ: Al Hunt- What if the Polls are Wrong?

Kudos To This Mom

I bet I'll get the chance to talk to a Painters' Union official tonight

WMD inspector story to come out

Who thinks "Horse race Polls" should be banned 30 days before election?

Give this article a 1

OK Senate: Coburn (R) Falls Off Political Cliff

OH MY FREAKING GOD LOOK (Parlock on scene at GOP HQ shooting 2 weeks ago):

Curious... Drudge took down the Parlock story


I've had it with the Kerry campaign team

I haven't been here in a couple days. What the fuck

From horse's mouth: George Bush = Lee Atwater.

"Soldiers like me have died for weapons we can't find." - Vet on Newshour

CNN reporting that Shrub is a man who stick to his decisions!

How dangerous is the American right-wing?

Opinions on upcoming Newsweek, Time polls.

Time to email Judy and Wolfie about the Gallup poll!


The Next Rove Trick: Crisis with Iran

CNN: Gallup Poll was an outlier


GOOD JOBS? VOTE KERRY! "fries with that?" vote bush ...

Kerry should say "Bush is the 'Do you want fries with that?' President!"

Printable B&W flyers here: FLOP FLIPPER, DRAFT ALERT

In case anyone missed this yesterday. (Veterans for Kerry)

Arizona: How is it looking?

How Kerry should handle Iraq

My Email to IUPAT: The Union Targeted by Parlock

* has plants in halt disrupter's!

Polls and reality check.

Interesting stuff on Parlock from a Huntington, WV message board

Kerry: This Is No Time to Channel Al Gore (you aint gonna like this one)

Is Parlock on some reporter's speed dial?

"Pessimists and Nay-Sayers"

Reality Check re: new voters registered

A little bit of inspiration for the doubters

Quick question concerning polls

Is any one here planning on hosting a debate party?

Interesting poll info


Gloves are off: New Kerry Ad Attacks Cheney, Halliburton (AP)

Good news in Dallas!

Bob Dole calls on John Kerry to demand that take down ad

What is IUPAT's phone number?

Polls: Which polls publish their internals?

Atrios has picked up the Parlock story

The poor girl was crying because...

they are rigging the polls again -big time

Why you need to vote early

I noticed even SLUDGE took down his screaming headline re:

How about a damning TV commercial idea like this?

Has anyone contacted photographer and Newspaper re: Parlock?

Why do you think this is?

Be sure to download all the Parlock evidence before they yank it.

Judge orders U.S. to find Bush records

For those DUers frustrated by apparent focus on trivial issues

Is there a way to give frequent flier miles to the Kerry campaign?

More evidence that the son tore the sign - Dupe

Key Dem Leaders: Kerry is back on track

C-span is having a call in about debates.

Today's GOP BrainTwister: A vote for Kerry is a vote for a draft

"W - You're Fired!"

A spoof on Edwards v. Cheney VP Debates (Canada, of course)

FUCK YOU GALLUP! (They Will Be Used to Cover the Theft of the Election)

I'm George Bush, and I'm reporting doody! (SALUTE)

Should we check the anti-choice rallies for the crying little girl, too?

Video of New Jersey Mom being arrested at Laura's public event.

Q: Why isn't this father consoling his daughter?

Voted for Gore -- Plans to vote for Bush

Did someone save screenshots of the photos that are pertinent?

DU mentioned on Wonkette. Sorry if this has already been posted

DU this poll

Kerry's response to Bush attacks on his healthcare plan are ineffective!

delete - wrong forum - sorry

Hand Wringers- Nervous Nellies- Read Conason's Latest

Mom of dead soldier protests at Laura speech

Gallup is owned by corporate America---they are VERY pro-bush--You can't

Voter Registration Deadlines by State (from Kerry website)

OK, Let's actually try to get this Parlock thing into the media.

What's Rove's next trick? (Now that the polls don't look so good.)

I found quote of Parlock saying man next to him is one who tore sign

Kerry in Madison 9/15 speech available online

Please Post: Five Reasons Why I'm Voting For Kerry

Start sending the Parlock info to Olbermann.....


Picture request RE: Bush pledging to his tummy

Do you know ANYONE voting for Nader?

Breslin out the fallicy of polling techinques....

Atrios Picks Up Porlock Story

We made it onto Wonkette for the Parlock story!

Here is some news on the wide variance of polls lately

Parlock vs. Killian, the media's double standard.

Corrupt Gallup poll convinced my mom to write off CNN!

AWOL live on CNN now. He is out fundraising while the troops are dying

Bush bounce gone, Kerry kicking A, and what are we talkin' bout?

shouLd rather resign poLL? (newsmax needs a good DUing)

More proof Gallup is wrong

Simple action on Parlock story

Very cool PRO-Bush site. No, seriously.

Please, John Kerry, Speak out On Bush ATROCITIES against the Iraqi People

Today's Rasmussen poll: Bush leads by exactly 4 points

New Print Ad: Iraq Death Toll - Study In Contrasts

Ad blasting Cheney's ties to company timed to visit

can anyone find the internals on Gallup?

Parlock Story picked up by Washington Post

New Kerry AD ROCKS goes after Cheney

Is CNN's Daryn Kagan Conflicted?

electoral question their own polling: As Inaccurate!

"Fahrenheit 9/11" DVD already #3 on Amazon Laura Bush heckled during speech.

Deploy Barf Bags: Bush to hold women's event Friday.

Gallup Poll, October 26, 2000

a ROVE-HUGHES nasty trick is ABOUT DUE...

Have any of the right wing wind bags attacked JK for the Parlock

why the hell does bush want people to vote early??? got this today

Something Funny Happened On The Way To Abu Ghraib (500Kb Flash show)

Why can't Kerry stick to one slogan for Bush?

I hope Kerry defends himself in first debate...

People Remember Gallup Was the Organization That POLLED IRAQ

If McCain is concerned about "voters"--where's the concern about e-voting?

Have any of the right wing wind bags attacked JK for the Parlock

Just my opinion - Senators and Presidents


McCain Urges FLORIDA Supreme Court to Put Nader on Ballot ..

The New Pentagon Papers - from a Pentagon insider

some don't have it so good . . .

Is the CBS TANG story dropping off the radar?

Read these articles then mail the writer! Very hateful and anti-Kerry.

Wasn't 60 Minutes the place that, in 91/92, "broke" the

Isn't Cheney guilty of treason?

Cheney attacked US in 90's - helping our enemy Iraq and Iran.

Washington Times Goes with Phony Parlock Story. Bomb them with the Truth.

Ali Abbas cries because his arms are blown off and his parents are killed

Democrat Takes Off the Gloves on Iraq Debate

Arrest of protesting Mom on NPR Rehm & Kitty Kelley Up

I wish Cheney would go, well... "Cheney" himself!!!

Matthews on Hardball slammed Bush hard.

Democrats takes off Gloves on Iraq Debate

Parlock Fraud And Media Hypocrisy.

Remember Mike Malloy's "Lies" ?

Kerry: Bush lives in 'world of spin' on Iraq

Andrew Sullivans take on the polls. Hysterical...

Jimmy Breslin nails the problem with polling - cell phones

Kerry says president concealed truth on Iraq

Even ABC's The Note Questions the *Wild Swings* of the Gallop poll

Why do you think Shrub is urging voters to do absentee vote?

Heated topic of Iraq blazes both campaign trails

Here's an ad I'd like to see.....

Oh this article about the WH Iraq spin is a riot

CNN - 59% believe CBS over Bush re National Guard service.

1,000 Kerry-Edwards Signs in Springfield, Ohio!

For my 1000th Post, Allow me to say

Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records

Stupid Question, but when they say Gallup is an "Outlying" poll

Fictional candidate weighs into US election

So it is looking like the little Bush girl incident was planned!

Rocky Mtn. News poll-Kerry/Bush running even in Colorado

Who's tougher than me?

Some Michigan polls going Kerry's way-Arab-Americans going for Kerry

limited book budget this month: Is K Kelley book worth it?

Nader ALERT: 'Advance' Florida ballots to go out WITH Nader

Ohio no longer swinging toward Bush...

Which of the following pictures is more morally wrong? -Graphic-

Bush made first great blunder before he ever took office.

The Herald-Dispatch story: confirmation on Parlock's "union" son

*IMPORTANT* OCR and the AWOL docs (pass by if you're sick of hearing)

Elizabeth Edwards Joins Iraq Debate in Fayetteville, NC


This Is Bush's Vietnam, by Bob Herbert- A beautiful article

Ronstadt, King to Sing Kerry's Praises

Folks, isn't it time that...

Kerry "presidential", better image than "every man's"

Revenge is a dish best served cold... re: Dan Rather

Jimmy Breslin: No cell phones = worthless polls!

Kerry campaign should send little girl new Bush sign!

"Psalm 2004" emailed to me by a friend...

The Right to Vote Under Assault in 2004 (be informed of whats coming)

(My 1st Post Be Kind), Who is Phil Parlock?

Terror 'war' doesn't meet definition

Unbelievable! Anti-Bush LTTE's in my local paper!

Nothing is as heartless as a mother of a dead soldier being arrested

Check out "Clip the Bush" online voter registration

Fun With Gallup!

Media Blast the Little Girl (Agent Provocateur) story. We've got 'em!

Kerry should ask Bush why he's ashamed of our dead soldiers

Is there any update on the aspertame racketeering announcement

DU this poll please

Phil Parlock- Professional Pushover

shocking LTTE in my extreme wingnut fundy paper

Bush voters and blind faith (Great LTTE)

e-mails to KERRY: "POUND" Iraq exit strategy & changing mind A VIRTUE

Audit shows $8.8 billion in Iraq funds missing - Believe Bush on Anything?

A reporter covering our local Dem Town Committee told us

Joe Biden is on Imus hammering Bush...

Let's Play DRUDGE! Did The Parlocks OFF Granny?

Be sure to QUICKLY support Reich for Kerrys open Senate seat.

You know what amazes me the most about the Republicans?

Fox to Broadcast Analingus Live

There was no assault, okay folks

More 'Fair and Balanced' news. Anyone care to debunk/comment?

Let's gather all photos of right-wing thuggery at rallies.

Man what the hell is wrong with DU?

Emailed Countdown and the Washington Times

I told you so--Making call on sham of political polling by Jimmy Breslin

Shrinking Bush - from a Psychologist's POV...

How many people vote for the person who is "ahead in the polls" anyway?

Good news in NC

Gallup poll only goal: drown CIA report of no WMD in Iraq

"...far graver than Vietnam."

Graph of Kerry net advantage in 10 national polls

Democrats accused of ripping Bush signs (little girl story)

Why aren't we seeing more of Bush in his fly-boy suit with codpiece?

CNN actually casts Bush in a negative light... sort of.

How will you feel about our country if Bush wins?

Any pics of the woman at the RNC thrown down and kicked on the floor?

"Not credible, darn near fraudulent" Gallup Poll is good - for one reason

Breaking GallOp Poll - 95% feel Montreal Expos will take the World Series

Here's information on the Republican with the little girl

Heathrow Airport report: Kitty Kelley bk has its own bookshop table...

Is there any proof that the little girl ever had the sign, not the father?

Should Kerry do more to keep the Hispanic vote?

Does that Repuke dad give a shit about this? Dozens killed, wounded in US

Most offensive photo of this campaign by far

Don't let yourselves become complacent by the poll findings!

Ed Gillespie On Inside Politics Today -- LOOKING NERVOUS!

While America, and some of DU focussed on

Do NOT apologize for that picture of the little girl crying.

I want ALL DUer's to SEE THIS THREAD before giving that girl sympathy:

So when should Kerry ask Bush to disclose all his medical records?

Why does GD04 only freak out over the most insignificant things?

Aaron Brown, CNN, on now again.

Freepers freaking out over judge ordering Pentagon to release Bush records

Kerry plans to pay members of the nation guard to inspect cargo entering

Who has the pic of the Rethug pulling the protesters hair ?

DU tonight = the campaign in microcosm. Bush bounce fading? Iraqnam in

I say what was done to that little girl was wrong.

Ok, what is this little girl crap? All talk and I haven't seen a pic. nt

How George W. Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Election

The things we get distracted by!

OK that's It No More Kid. Let's talk about 2004 election. Who's unsure?

Kerry should lead in EVs within a week

It's time to quit attacking Bush on anything that will take away attention

THE Flyer that will win the youth voter, old voter, rich voter, poor...