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Archives: September 16, 2004

Salon: Lousy Investment (Bush*s TANG flight training)

Should the Weather Channel Start Reporting News?

Is the world led by China's tyranny?

The gloves are off! Fight back!

Chen holds conference with UN media - TW

Ex-spy under arrest for helping Beijing monitor Falun Gong

71% of white-collar workers feel stressed - TW

Hunt ban passed in UK despite protest

Look, I know you are busy but....

Sorrows of Empire: a must read!!!!!!!!

URGENT! Looking for a Napa County voting rights activist!

TX SEP-15-2004-2225 Texas Serial Killer To Appear On Montel Williams Show

Must-see video from 1946 on how to recognize "Despotism"

Would you piss on Karl Rove...

what are your feelings about the death penalty?

Dan Rather NEEDS to look into Harken Energy/GWBush SEC "non-case" NOW!!

BBV - King County - rejecting nonpartisan ballots

Pictures of Ivan (just before landfall)...

A cigarette for your torture

Is the Bush legacy going to be the re-emergence of Russia?

DU this yahoo story for me

The post about the Massachusett's poll is a joke, BTW

"The Exception to the Rulers" Book by Amy Goodman (Democracy Now)

Who was the Clinton hold-over General who wanted to keep Iraqi army

So Rather showed Docs to White house hah? Couldn't refute

Karl Rove office bug in 1986

"republican babes".

Saw Kerry's economic policy speech on C-Span, it is awesome!

Salon: "The dunce." bush's professor says he was a pathological liar.

Turncoats Becoming a Problem in Russia

NYT: State Dept. Official Arrested in Inquiry on Taiwan Contact (Spy)


U.S. Says May Tap Oil Reserve in a Natural Disaster

Judge Dismisses Charges Vs. Bush Protester

Koizumi set to dub China a military threat

5 employees to leave scandal-torn UC lab 7 others keep jobs but face disci

Taiwan Loses Bid for U.N. Representation

Hong Kong lashes out at US Congress over China criticism

Hu Jintao attacks `Western' reform and local corruption - CN

NYT: Ex-Guardsman Is Said to Be a CBS Source

Does anyone else but me feel a weird sense of grim satisfaction when

Hurricane Ivan

New York City, N. Y. C.

WTF? Hurricane coverage


Just got done watching "Roman Holiday." Meh. What's the big deal?

A picture of my daughter beside Turner Falls, OK

The only picture in existence of my puppy!

Help! I'm addicted to baseball and my team lost!

Today Is My 40th Birthday...And It Sucks To Get Old

Who else just found out that Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt?

Is the National Hockey League doomed?

6 posts till 2000, four hours of marching band tomorrow, ask anything!

I'd like to tell you guys about my mom

lmao, Made an ass out of myself today

Looking for artwork? Here is a new twist.

Is anyone NOT sick of high school kids

Please let Borat try

Ex-Guardsman Is Said to Be a CBS Source

Log Cabin Republicans refuse to endorse Bush

Are you all BLIND??? "Mrs. Knox" is a forgery!!!! It's plain as day!!!!

Seeing Kerry and Nader live in one day...whew!

*uck the damn polls! Quit looking at them and start fighting back.

Kerry will see a bounce in the next few days

Was Bill Burkett around at all in the 1970's during Shrub's TANG

New poll: Bush now leads Kerry in Massachussets

McClellan & the Press: "My question is, let's say, if we have Osama..."

MSNBC's David Shuster on "audacity, fearlessness, and chutzpah"

Don't think we can dismiss the polls so easily.

If it's a FORGERY, whoever did it has the ORIGINAL.

Tonight our Dem group was BOOED in a Penna. parade in fascist-land!

Killian typed the memos himself.

Kerry Accuses Bush Of Dishonesty On Iraq (Read This Thread Or I QUIT!)

Quote from Bush supporter in Arizona Republic today

NYT: MODO: Dems cowering behind closed doors.

Salon: The "war is lost"

Iraq war illegal, says Annan

Soldiers of Fortune -- at What Price?

To (GOP)Congress, Passing Bills Not the Point (need hot button votes)

Four Million Children Might be News (Texas)

Fahrenheit 9/11...(Baghdad style)....Baghdad Burning

Where would George Bush be today in the polls without 9/11?

Bush's Bloody Flip-Flop

Why Iraq's Not Getting Better (Time)

Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilot's Open Letter To Media

‘Balanced’ reporting of political violence in Haiti is not fair

The grim task facing Iraq's civilians: counting the lost (Financial Times)

Far graver than Vietnam

Blumenthal in Salon: "The war is lost." Military experts say they see no

It's Lonely at the White House

Shove Iraq and The Economy Down Bush's Throat

Jokesters are absent at local Purple Heart awards ceremony (AZ Republic)

Greenspan Bankrupting the Treasury: Mike Whitney

Quiet Calls for Change

Science Policy: The Man Behind the Memos (RE Steiger @ HHS)

New! Pincus, Cooper Targeted Again in Plame Probe: Libby off the hook!

You Aren't A Democrat (

Editorial opinion - Terrorists are winning the war on terror (NZ)

The Progressive: Bullies at the Voting Booth

Kerry has about two weeks left to reclaim control of this election.

Riverbend of Baghdad Burning has a new post...

WP: Joe Wilson's LTTE (mentions PNAC)

Salon: "Fantasy" clashes with reality over Iraq policy

Forget 9/11 Commission's proposals. DeLay has ideas of his own.

Yoko Ono awards peace grants to Seymour Hersh, Mordechai Vanunu

Latin America Has Had Enough of Bush

Guardian: Who seized Simona Torretta?

Molly Ivins :: Why history is relevant

Kit-Kat Club: James Wolcott on the media's treatment of Kelley

Salon: Kerry blasts Bush on Iraq

Abu Ghraib: The Hidden Story

Why aren't Bush twins in Army? (Hightower)

Time to Consider Iraq Withdrawal

Carnage in Iraq is so common .. it’s faded from view (The Hill: Marshall)

Mad Magazine: Bush versus Jesus

"Welcoming" Cheney to DeKalb Illinois Sat. 18 at 4:00pm

Red Cross: Blood Supply Low in Northwest

K. Kelley to be on NPR 11 a.m. manana ,Fri. 9/17 taking e-mails and calls

C-SPAN callers are 3 for 3! (Pro-Bush Callers)... Now it's 4!

Nat'l Enquirer picks up more detail on Bush cocaine, whore, booze life

Bush leads by 16 points! - NPR

WH threatens media with "we can find more Bush missing docs!"

UPI says media ignores 17,000 Iraq US casualties in its Iraq reporting

GOP anti-F911 film Celsius 41.11 is Thompson/Barnes/Medved talk show

Cheney/Staff refuse to answer LA Times questions on his 5 'Nam deferments

FAIR: The mysterious case of the Bush memos

Chris Jansing = Anime Character

Turn them OFF

What is with the rumour that Hannitty is gay? Is that a joke?

FOX News still barricaded

“Topsy Turvy” Bonds

US District Judge Slams Commerce Dept, Overturns Tuna Ruling

US Will Block 8-Nation Arctic Climate Report - Newsday

Blair Boldly Calls For Another Climate Conference Next February - Guardian

Conflicts Of Interest For Scientists? No Problema, Says Ah-Nold

ChimpCo Suspends Plan To Drill 157,000 Acres In Wyoming For OIl/Gas

Hong Kong Air Pollution Hits New Record High - Reuters

Journalist Edward R. Murrow described Hurricane Edna's eye

So, what's up in North Korea? The news is awfully quiet...

Global Warming May Spawn Fierce Hurricanes - Experts

Poisons du jour

Science Journal NATURE: Kerry vs. Bush on science.

Ford Lost its Green Machines

A Little Military History Revisited.

Poll shows wide support for constitutional reform - TW

Is there anyone who DOESN'T think the AWB was about machineguns?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 16, 2004

Thieves Rob Bus Full of Policemen

Does a ban mean a surge in popularity?

What are your thoughts on hunting?

What are your thoughts on self defense?

Thanks for the chuckle, Skinner!

I think we should push to get DUers across the state to sign up for this

memogate: i'm sure this has been asked, but...

Just got this disappointing email from my brother

thanks for fixing up the site!

In The Event Of Duplicate LBN Threads...

Hey, Skinner, advanced search is not working?

Could DU form its own "shadowy 527 group"?

Question about low-post folks.

Can we put all threads about POLLS in a separate board?

How do I get a DU event posted on the front page?

DU RSS feeds and Firefox 1.0PR

Back to School -- Photo from Nablus

Poll: One in five (Jewish) right wing supporters justify assassination

PM nixes Netanyahu proposal for Gaza pullout referendum

22 Years Later, Sabra and Shatila Remembered

Robert Novak on 9/13/2001: It was an "inside job."

Which is more belivable?

is * even running ads here?

Anyone one in Kane county?

Is there anyone here who watches Rockford, Illinois television

Anyone hear any stories about Dem voters enduring shenanigans?

400,000 new REPUBLICAN voters registered since Arnold became gov

Need info about groups near LA organizing work in swing states

Will a Dem win District 2 in Calaveras County?

For all Inland Empire DU'ers

Does anyone want to help summarize the props on the upcoming ballot?

Pathetic: Strib poll protest planned

Bush opens narrow lead in MN

Kerry Rally in Ann Arbor - Friday Spt 17th

Ohio people please print this flyer for college campuses

kerry campaign office opens in

Last chance -- Hold Tom DeLay accountable - CONTACT LATOURETTE NOW

Where can I get Kerry signs in Columbus?

Air America Now on in Central Ohio Area - 1230 WCOL AM

got a message on machine about a PA-Victory rally

Anyone going to the Kerry meeting this Saturday in Pittsburgh?

Johnny Mac hosting Lynn's show today (9/16)

Hoeffel campaign airs first Senate ad

Berks County Expects Absentee Ballots to Double from 2000

Voter Registration & Information Dissemination Extravaganza! At CMU!

Are any of you going to Harrisburg to canvass?

Anti-War Rally in Austin Pics

TX SEP-16-2004-2103 MIA Marines Body Found

Edwards/Wolgemuth Debate in Cleburne (Johnson Co) on Sunday

Last chance -- Hold Tom DeLay accountable - Contact Ethics Comm NOW

Another young WI soldier killed

Michael Moore coming to the Arena on Oct 19-tix go on sale monday

Download Fahrenheit 9/11 Here

Come Together Plame: Part II/Cont'd.

"Operation Truth" is a web site for soldiers....

Bush rules out return of military draft, says he'll increase benefits

Hang up this DRAFT FLYER everywhere you can, especially colleges!!

A Personal Plea to Christians and Others - The MOST IMPORTANT THING


Remember the video of the Taliban beating the two Iraqi women

Need Help Debunking "JFK Was a Conservative" Myth

Air America has inspired me!

Iraq Descends into Chaos, the "Gates of Hell" Have Opened (mutiple links

"One Simple Question" bounty tops $2200

Please send Dan Rather a thank you! He earned it.

A Dem administration will have to elected to clean up another war the

When Bush gets "concerned" about Russia, do YOU get "concerned?"

Hagel-"It's beyond pitiful, it's beyond embarrassing,..."

From The Soldiers' Mouths : Operation Truth

Wow...did anyone watch Lou Dobbs...

Once our media would have covered honors like this.


Why do we refuse to admit that the memos COULD be forgeries?

Doomsayer Peak Oil guy AND Financial Planner! Ask me anything.

To those who have been questioning my "liberal cred" ...

The Closer You Get...

Dennis Miller can suck a fat dilsnick

Im sick and tired of Dems being considered athiests

I don’t know, folks, there are an awwwwwfully lot of “Kerry/Edwards” signs

Our most important job right now: Registering voters

DC area: Anybody Want Pre-sale Access to Vote 4 Change Concert?

A Deadly, Deteriorating Mess

Anyone here think the chimp actually flew fighter jets?

Beware Windows Service Pack 2

What are the best links you all know of that show media bias?

Lou Dobbs poll

Buchanan et al talking about "taking down Fallujah". How many lives?

One of my son's friends was killed in Iraq this week.

Headline, Dallas Observer, "A grieving military family gets suckered into

Orange County (Ca) for Kerry Rally

"We'll give you guns, give us your sons"

Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan, Bob Zellnick (ABC), trashing Rather/CBS

I have heard these memos used an office address for Bush 41.

DU this poll: trust 60 minutes/CBS, or Pres Bush re memos?

Teresa Kerry in State College PA ELIZABETH EDWARDS PLEASE READ!!!!!

So good to hear Paul Thompson getting credit he deserves.

Where are bush's Coalition of the Willing?..

insurgents,suspected militants, terrorists,

Need link to "Bush Lied About Air Force" campaign ad

I hate Judy Woodruff

Remember the Young Republican who kicked the little girl at the RNC?

Who the hell are Brazile & Coelho to talk??

Anything new on Hypocrite David Dreier?

Direct from Iraq and Afghanistan: Small world

Anyone have the link of Gore down 13 in late October

What does this mean? (Mrs. Knox to Dan Rather)

Why did many of us respect Powell (before he went before the UN)?

Does Air America have a news show?

Did the US help put Saddam in power?

"Free Market Republicanism" versus American Values

Please take Zogby Poll..

US Economic Figures ''Cooked'' Before Election


Howard Zinn-About Iraq

UPI: Press Reports on U.S. Casualties: About 17,000 Short

Green Zone is ‘no longer totally secure’: Financial Times.

Scarbough has ex FAT JD on saying the CBS documents are different

All I have to say is I LOVE DU! "Start spreading the news, I'm leaving

A Blogger Reports From Iraq........get the REAL news........

So... If You're A Moderate Republican, Who Do You Vote For In 2004 ???


I need help and fast, I posted what happened in Dallas over the vigil.

"America: The Book" by Jon Stewart/Daily Show writers

Air America coming to Phoenix? Monday?

malloy a rerun

Does O'REILLY Wear Mascara?

I think the War on Iraq is in the long line of our failures since the

Du CNN Poll: Do you believe CBS 60 Minutes or the president?

Bush says Economy Getting Better...don't tell the Airlines..

New Zealand Pulled Out of Iraq...

Where are the memos that Ms. Knox

Remember Daddy Bush's reasons NOT to invade Iraq. For our new folks.

Alec Baldwin on Regis and Kelly NOW ...

FOX show Kerry sign in storm rubble on their front page right now

The Living Room Candidate - Check out this site

Last chance -- Hold Tom DeLay accountable - DO THIS NOW

Could George Bush last another 4 years if he "wins" again?


talk me out of switching from Al to Thom

I saw a freeper post two remarkable things today

Did Dan Rather add anything to TANG discussion..

Anybody here listen to the Joey Reynolds Show out of WOR Radio in NY?

Say hello to tropical depression twelve, soon to be Tropical Storm Karl

I do not support the troops...

Hurricane Ivan makes landfall, Jeb Bush weary, baffled

letter to paula zahn --great job hitting all the repug talking points

New York City DU'ers , HELP

Michael Moore and Hannity debating in Salt Lake City?

Is Global Warming Causing The Hurricanes?

Senior military officers say Iraq has turned into unprecidented disaster

Sydney Blumenthal on Salon: "The War Is Lost"

Voter registration at the gas station

A question for the Kitty Kelley readers...

'A PERFECT STORM' My Editorial On Hurricanes & Bush **PLEASE READ**


Here's what I say to Kerry being a flip-flopper:

How exactly does funding terrorism with drugs work?

Poll: Americans Suspicious of AIPAC Activities

Tweety says new DNC ad is too "dark"

Kitty Kelly says O'Reilly won't have her on. He's SCARED........

Where did the folklore about Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld as

why does the military overwhelmingly vote republican?

Did FEMA Guy Stand Next to AL/LA Governors Like with Jeb Crow Shrub?

Looking at the Republicans and the Democrats one thing that

The Onion: Cheney Returns to Camp Crystal Lake

Kitty Kelley to be on CSPAN in 10 mins!


Deficit at Record High With a Month Left


WHAT WILL BUSH'S NEXT LIE BE... I'll predict ...

Is Albaugh head of FEMA, or was he?

kerry should capitalize on this

Ivan Scares CNN!!! There Is Kharma

Hilarious long list of juiciest exerpts from Kitty Kelley's book (Slate)

Shouldn't we wonder why Bush called the hijackers "folks" on 9/11?

has there ever been a truly communist government anywhere?

Would You Heckle A Bush* Speech If You Had The Chance To?

Zell Miller in hell avatar

Spongebob More Popular than Bill O'Really!

Weird juxtaposition of headlines at

About those debates

What was Bush thinking when he selected John Ashcroft as Attorney General?

Please de-freep war dead report on Yahoo again.

Is Wal-Mart just trying to be evil?

Is there any statement by any Republican Governor,Senator or

Ann Coulter Op-Ed disses CBS

How is it that the Bushes are able to command the loyalty of so

I called CNN and told Management I was going public with sexist remark

Several "wealthy" MA schools placed of Federal "Watchlist".

What is wrong with Franken, giving lots of time to an anti-liberal.

Bush's Face Gets Redder and Redder. What's the Deal? - PIX

DUer Paul Thompson coming up now on Randi Rhodes 5:09EST Thurs n/t

Has anyone claimed the $50,000 from TFT??

The Polls bouncing back .....

Newsweek: It's Worse Than You Think (re: Iraq War!)

Before you go to bed tonight please say a prayer for Ivan people.

Forget the TV Media folk...We Are on Our Own...

Daisy... Daisy... Give Me Your Answer True...

professor recalls bush as a shitty and arrogant student

About last night's 60 Minutes II that was pre-empted by a movie

Hecklers annoy the hell out of me.

Is Randi Singing

Lack of planning apparent in Iraq

We need to start pushing Bush's DRAFT...

Molly Ivins: "General Rove" is at work in Iraqi policy

'The Draft....A Reminder' Involuntary Servitude

Who has encountered problems re Kerry signs?

"the tent pole"

Post one liners like

I hate the neo-fascists and their media!

Bush Is Who's Killing Our Troops

Does combat exposure affect political orientation?

Why Bush's TANG service matters I've seen everything!

What states will be using BBV? With the election so close we should know.

Idema found guilty

Rather vs. Rove: who is double crossing whom ?

NYC: David Rees ("Get Your War On") at Barnes & Noble tonight

Sub moves dive beneath the news radar...

Who Caught Jack Cafferty on CNN dissing women this morning?

Yo, K/E campaign! Call it the "Pass The Buck Administration!"

"Hurricane Haiku" (add yours!)

Laura Bush sounds like she KNOWS Dan Rather got it right!

Freeps caught posting on Borders Books Union forum

Kerry finally comes out swinging!

Boycott MSNBC

I May be on the losing side. But I'm not convinced it's the wrong side

RFK Jr. must scare the shit out of the BFEE & the media whores

Anyone know the latest casualty (KIAs and WIAs) count?

Cspan-Joe Biden talking about the money spent in Iraq

Interesting ...What do we do IF we not have registered Dems in the future?

Bob Graham is kicking ass on AAR w/Al Franken

700 Soldiers being deployed to Afghanastan...

Just watch: nobody on the Left makes a peep about the "TEAM AMERICA" movie

This LIE proves that Bush is exploiting 9-11!!!

Am I the only one excited that Kerry now has Clinton's team on board?

"A pool of blood" - Jesus bless all you murdering republicans!

Oh Zeus!! He's Baaack! Rick SANCHEZ Sighting on CNN


Ashcroft on CNN: 2 FL people charged for "supporting terrorists"

Where are the following Kerry commericals?

What were the polls showing in September 1992?

What in the world can we do about the media?

Kerry: Bush living in "a fantasy world of spin." Ohh, good one.

Tolania, if you're here now, there is a thread you need to see.

Anti-War Rally in Austin, Texas

Novak is speaking at a "Freedom" dinner for $150.00 (Email your opinion)

Please DU this poll about the CBS National Guard story

Presidential Criticism

ALERT: Terrorism Distraction Action in Progress - Ahscroft

I need help telling momma why she shouldn't re-up with the AARP

U.S. debates striking Iran

question - have any kerry protesters been arrested - I keep

LTTE comparing Iraq combat deaths to Detroit murders

Bell’s case against Tom DeLay likely to be dismissed

A murderer will speak to Congress.

Help me update the list of "Coalition of the so-called Willing" bailers

My Freeper response to winter soldiers recant.

"Flush Limebaugh" wants to pin "memo gate" on the DNC === Rove Ploy

US may run out of guard and reserve troops for war on terrorism

This is the document Dan Rather is waiting for:

US invasion of Iran

Do you think the CBS/Bush* TANG memos are forgeries?

The sky is falling Kerry takes lead over Bush 48-47

Is Kerry really losing this bad?

CNN Poll: Are you optimistic about the future of Iraq?

Forget about the polls right now!!!

Burning Bushes — A Reader's Guide to Kelley's "The Family"

Air America Now on in Central Ohio!

dubya has just the PERFECT nose for snorting..............cartoon

I'm confused about reaction to the polls


Bankruptcy filings on the rise in Missouri

My new bumper sticker....What do you think?

A question about the USS Abraham Lincoln.

My BFis in Panama City, she was told not to evacuate

The Price Of Labor's Decline

US generates more lies about Iran's "nuke program"....

Shrub commercial, just saw commercial on stopping the frivolous lawsuits

Rising Population Growth Still an Issue, Says UNFPA

No Wonder the Repukes think they can win MD

Do you agree with Anan that the war was illegal? (down to the right)

So it was God that put Bush in the White House?

Will Kerry ever use the "mission accomplished" in a commercial?

Hilarious "Correction" In Local Paper

Judge Orders U.S. to Make Public Overseas Prison Records

I am in a bad mood right now.

1026 soldier deaths now ????????????????

Why ALL women must VOTE! Everyone needs a reminder!!!

TBTM Editorial: 'Cable News is useless. TURN IT OFF.'

McClellan, WH caught in yet another flip-flop over Bush's Guard "service"

Pot smokers, 'why' do you smoke grass?

Plame leak source

Panhandle FL DUers - Can you provide info on conditions?

A short conversation

In Amerika today, Religion is real, Science is fake.

Local radio station

I believe Bill Burkett is the source of the memos

Strange..Ga has been under State of Emergency and new one today wil

Republicans win!!

E-mail from Bagdahd

Take your political pulse...

CBS Guard Documents Traced to Tex. Kinko's

Has anyone ever been quoted correctly by the media?

Our area of Florida is overrun with debris from Charley. No pick up yet.

German spies furious over revelations of incompetence

Nobel Prize winner calls in police over missing charity cash

Is Dan Rather driving a stake into the heart of the beast?

Knox: "Bush felt the rules didn't apply to him"--he still feels that way!

The media really DOES suck, doesn't it.

Is God punishing the South for electing Bush?

Holy Hannah! The Freepers are eating their young. They HATE O'Lielly!

Senate Control is Key in 2004....

Lou Dobbs poll, who is more likely to keep campaign promises

Why do Republicans "know" they are forgeries? Because...

Letter back from CBS news

What's the matter with the red states?

#1024 How many more georgie, how many more?

Article about Rove in The Guardian

January 2005 Showdown in Iraq?

C-Span alert! RFK, Jr will discuss -"Crimes Against Nature"

I hate this subject but...Kinkos Faxed Documents...

BREAKING: Hurricane Ivan IS NOT Devestating the Southeast!!!

Anyone have a link to a story or video of that loon Rumsfeld,

Maher asks: whose military records are most troubling? Kerry or W?

For everyone still insisting the guard documents are authentic...

Forget the Guard Memo...we have bigger fish to fry

Talk about bad electoral math...

Bush memo and fraud

Anyone know more about this Iraq Documentary: Gunner palace?

"Wolfowitz: A Threat to Freedom" - NYTimes tells truth by accident

Congratulations, Auntie Pinko!

Iraq - The Big Picture

Judge Orders U.S. to Open Iraq Records

Rather interview with Secretary on line if you missed it.

I really do appreciate that African-American weather woman on CNN

U.S. Alarmed Over Suspected Iran Nuke Site

2 Americans, 1 Briton Kidnapped in Iraq

Intel Officials Have Bleak View for Iraq

A new forum, it might help. OpposingPW, I hope there are some of you in the Guardian

If the memos were forged ...were the "originals" more invective?

Whats up with this $50k reward??

Awesome idea for the public: expanded wireless Internet access

Why has Malloy been cut to 2 hours?

Intel officials offer bleak view of Iraq

ABC News Now: Local Ivan Coverage

What the story on Charlie Rose?

Some Stuff with Ivan

What Will be The Meat Of Kerrys

Should There Be a Forum For Democrats To WHINE In?

Is Bernie Ward being blipped?

Do Presidents Give State-of-the-Union Addresses in their First Year?

The intolerance of righteousness...

90.000 hours of hurrican coverage...CNN=Contains No News!

These "people" are just sick...

B.C. DUers, Christy Clark has resigned!

The Man Behind Stephen Harper

Dashed bad show by the huntin' fraternity

Jeremy Hardy: best political comedian today

MPs vote to ban hunting with dogs

Iraq Warfare Put U.S. Troops Under Growing Stress-Study

Woman arrested after interrupting Laura Bush speech

Israelis arrested on 9/11 sue U.S.

Airline Passengers Face Tighter Security

Bush, Kerry Not Invited to Annual Dinner

ARG Polling Shows Kerry Lead

Greenpeace protests plutonium consignment destined for France

Latin America Has Had Enough of Bush

Suspected CBS Source Is Well-Regarded Texan

Long a Republican bulwark a growing Arizona is in play

Kerry Says Bush `Failed' by Not Telling Truth on Iraq (* In Fantasy World)

Teacher 'snips students' ears'

Bush: Kerry Wants to Expand Government

Bush faces new pressure over Iraq

Judge tosses out charges against Bush protester

WP: Additions To Kerry's Team Shift Influence

Reporter Ordered to Testify a Part of CIA Leak Inquiry

(NEW) DoD Identifies Marine Casualty # 1029 Sept 16 20:00 CST

Bush more optimistic about Iraq than assessments by intelligence community

Dead soldier's mother disrupts GOP rally

Ivan Slams Gulf Coast, Florida Bears Brunt (loss of luxury homes)

Aust secures Iran resolution for US:The US has reached agreement

U.S. Intelligence Report on Iraq: Pessimistic on War, contrasts Bush

RNC protesters tell City Council hearing that NY police...abused them

Kerry Blames Domestic Woes On Bush's "Excuse Presidency"

Ex-Guardsman: Probe Gaps in Bush Service

Newsweek - Memory: Remember It Right? (on Bush's changing 9/11 story)

Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records

Online game provides gritty glimpse of Kerry's Vietnam

Shindigs for Daddy: Twins

Official: Soldiers yet to adapt to war

Survey finds fault with 'don't ask, don't tell' for troops at war

CBS: Dems Say Kerry Back On Track

NEW DoD Identifies Marine Casualty ( #1022 )

Freedom on the March in Iraq, Bush Tells Voters

Edwards Mocks Cheney for EBay Comment

Glowing promises can't hide dark turn of events in Iraq (USA Today)

Musharraf may keep military post

U.S. to Send New Soldiers to Afghanistan

Rather Concedes Papers Are Suspect

U.S. Mint Unveils New Designs for Nickel

U.S. Weapons Inspector: Iraq Had No WMD

Bush Gains, but Not With Swing Voters

US running short of reserve troops: report

France, Spain to Set Up Joint Police Corps To Combat Terrorism/New WMW

Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records

`Atmospherics' intelligence is how U.S. troops read Baghdad body language

WP: President Ventures to Democratic Territory

Veterans Call For GOP Chairman's Resignation (over Daschle smears)

Military again offers amnesty, and warning, to al-Qaeda linked militants

Legislators urge Beijing to accept Chen's proposal

Herald Sun: Milosevic trial postponed

U.S. Mint to Unveil New Nickel Designs

Army Times: Yee to receive honorable discharge

New Doubts On Bush Memos......BBC

Bush Rebukes Afghans, Others for Drug Production

Dupe, mods please lock

Dog Drives Off As Owner Watches Hockey

Top Officer in Guantanam Hearings Urges Dismissal of Two Panelists

Most parents in Singapore don't cane kids, shows study

Engine Trouble Forces American Airlines Flight Back To O'Hare

Miami Herald: Democrats enjoy image boost among Hispanics

NYT, Bumiller: Kerry Mounts Fierce Attack on Bush's Economic Policies

Bush disputes Annan claim Iraq war "illegal"

Sen. Clinton Tells AP 'We Feel Blessed'

UK to get toughter over Guantanamo detainee

Coburn Name-Calling Continues; Cherokees Dismiss Coburn as Radical

Ex-Guardsman: Probe Gaps in Bush Service

Soldiers Being Threatened with Iraq Duty

Reuters....37 minutes ago.. National Poll Kerry Leading

Dem.Party ad features Bush ... 'Mission Accomplished' banner

( NEW ) Marine killed in bombing (# 1025)

THREE MARINES DIE #1029 US, #1164 total

Turkey Plans Adultery Proposal

Soldier dies in Iraq on his birthday

LI man arrested in air rage case (Kerry Supporter vs * Supporter)

Officials Defend Gunship Action: Firing Into Crowded Street Called ..

Kerry LEADS Bush In New Polls; Race Once Again Tied

Saudis Say Politics, Not Religion, Behind U.S. Move

Sri Lanka handball team vanishes

Afghan leader survives assassination attempt

Powell aide in Taiwan spy storm

Kerry to vets: Bush "living in a fantasy world" on Iraq

$49 bribe got terrorist on flight

Kidnapping explodes in Iraq, as pool of potential victims widens

Preemptive paranoia

Reserve Chief Says Force Not Properly Prepared to Fight War on Terror

White House highlights doubts about reports Bush had help avoiding Vietnam

Reporter smuggles fake bomb gear into parliament


Democrats Lose Bid for Energy Task Force Info

Judge: Reporter must testify...

Oil pipeline ablaze in Iraq

Soros Asks House to Probe Hastert Remarks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 16 September

Kerry Support Rebounds, Race Again Even

Breaking - New Pew Poll - Kerry Support Rebounds, Race Again Even

Engine Fire Forces American Airlines Flight Back To O'Hare

AP: "Group Offers Bush Bleak Iraq Assessment." Confirms NYT Doug Jehl

Iraq police toll: 1700 dead, 3,000 wounded

Judge Orders U.S. to Release Files on Abu Ghraib

Rumor on chicago trading floor Plane exploded on take off O'Hare

Reporters, Officials Are Targets in Iraq

Bush's Convention Bounce Vanishes as Race Tightens

Mentally ill will be allowed to sit as MPs

British, German envoys travel to North Korean blast site

U.S. Seeks Looser Rules on Debt to Indians

Ark. Dem-Gazette: Kerry Avowal of War Horrors No Issue in ’71

Where is Kerry's National Guard Speech?

Juan Cole: Sistani Insists on Elections

Najaf rebuilding plan to raze al-Sadr's office

Foreigners taken hostage in Iraq tops 120

Sec: "Bush flew in face of rules" (NY Daily news)

U.S. Casualty reports may be 17,000 short (UPI)

Iraqi Insurgents Growing Stronger - and Wiser

NYT: Transforming a Prison (Abu Ghraib), With U.S. Image in Mind

No-Show for medical exam: another document surfaces

Sanctions against rogue regimes would have been abandoned if Dick Cheney..

Afghan President Escapes Assassination Bid

Ashcroft on MSNBC....indicting for supporting violent jihad...

Army Times:Rather says memo flap doesn’t change his story


Harkat requests 'friend of court' to dispute secret evidence against him

Dead Soldier's Mom Arrested After Interrupting Laura Bush

Murder suspect's brothers take part in vigil for victim (Cleveland)

Disarmament deadline passes without progress in Haiti

Whistle-blower tells of fear over bug leak

School Nixes Teen Quest to Grow Wig Hair

Civilian Dead, and Bitterness: No Way to Bridge the Rage?

OPEC Symbolically Raises Production Limit

US August Inflation Mild, Job Claims Rise (I think they mean JOBLESS!)

Coburn speaks out on Native American issues

Iran denies any nuclear activity at Parchin (Agence France-Presse)

More deaths in Iraq as clashes continue (Thurs.)

Falluja mess could spread, marines say

Kiwi troops coming home

Colonel accuses Allies over Iraq (British Army Colonel Tim Collins)

Soldier fatally shot after returning from Iraq

Iraq war allies lash out at Annan

Rocket fired near Karzai meeting

(Rupert) Murdoch gets $12.5 million bonus

Two GOP leaders attack Iraq policy (boston gLobe)

Exiled 'leader' ridicules Guinea coup plot story

U.S. Humvee Ablaze Near Fallujah

Kerry rips W on 'excuses'

Kerry takes lead in WSJ/Harris poll 48-47 likely voters

Sky UK: Gunmen Seize Foreigners (in Baghdad, 2 Americans, 1 Brit)

Was she lying about the content or the documents?

jobless claims rise to 333,000, Consumer prices up 0.1% in August

More on OK GOP senate candidate

CIA analysis holds bleak vision for Iraq's future

Iraq outlook dim in classified report

McGreevey fund-raiser admits fraud

Haaretz: U.S says is alarmed about suspected nuclear site (in Iran)

NYT, pg1: Democrats Seek Louder Voice From Edwards

NYT: Price Comparison for Drugs Is Put on Federal Web Site

Ark. Dem-Gaz: Pastor: IRS Quiet as Church Mouse (re. pulpit politics)

Va. Episcopalians Enlist Ex-Archbishop's Services (re. gay bishop vote)

WP: Presiding Officer At Gitmo (trial) Faces Questions (on impartiality)

CNN Breaking: Gunmen kidnap 2 Americans, 1 Briton in Iraq

Powell Aide Gave Papers To Taiwan, FBI Says

NYT: Bleak July Intelligence Assessment on Iraq given to Bush.

Senior Officials Have Bleak View for Iraq

Post Source Reveals Identity to Leak Probers (Plame)

U.S. to Send New Soldiers to Afghanistan

Gunmen Seize Three British Citizens in Baghdad

Americans guilty of Afghan torture

Muslim Chaplain to Be Honorably Discharged

Blumenthal in Salon: "The war is lost." Military experts say they see no

Doctors raise doubts over suicide verdicts

RockyMtnNews: GIs claim threat by Army

Evidence found from Iraqi killed in prison

Far graver than Vietnam (US Generals: War disaster on unprecedented scale)

U.S. Weapons Inspector: Iraq Had No WMD

Vietnam era defense sec.(McNamara) says US got it wrong in Iraq

Lebanese Authorities Ban 'Da Vinci Code'

Two charged with aiding terrorism in Florida

'Human' Hitler disturbs Germans

Plan isn't a takeover, despite Bush claims

Bush Admin Seeks 12.6% Cut In Equipment Funding For FAA

Racketeering Charges filed Against NutraSweet...Rumsfeld Involved!

NYC Dinner for DUers

D.C. area classical music-lovers:

Were YOU a cute kid? **PICS**

"Hurricane Haiku" (add yours!)

The Spiderweb is in the Grass

Just out of curiosity...

On which planet were you born?

On which continent were you born?

My momma on the Cheney quote about the election...

A veteran's very short story.

Let's send good thoughts and say some prayers for Syrinx9999

Pie anyone?

Everyone please hug your pets and tell them you love them

For Bukowski/Bill Hicks Fans..

I used to be a conservative.

It took me almost 2 years

Capt. Kirk Vs. Capt Picard

I'll soon be hosting a political talk show on my college radio station.

I am sick and tired of Dems misspelling "atheist."

Anybody know of any "honest" coin dealers or collectors?

uh-oh my partner was just diagnosed with AAA

What's the most embarrassing thing you went to MD for

We need kitty thread tonight

D'ya suppose Jeff Christie is dating Daryn Kagan for her rugged, masculine

I'm So Old I Remember When Pot Was $40 An Ounce!!!

Really stupid bumper sticker seen today

I am Trumad...the baddest Mofo on DU!

MoveLeft Media Recent Articles

Welcome to all new DU members under 150 posts!

I hate Bob Marley.

How were you conceived?

OK This is unbelievable, straight from the horse's mouth!

Bestest Message Board Software?

more advice needed from fitness gurus

This is my 100th post! Ask me anything!

What do you suppose is the most godless, non-religious place on earth?


Jon Stewart just said the funniest thing I have ever heard on TV.

20 days to clear a check?

What decade were you born?

Kind of pissed off here, just got called a "welfare bum" again.

Free Compliments! Take One.

Paul Newman's best movie?


My trick knee is killing me!

Wouldn't Teresa Heinz Kerry look good in this?

I hate Radiohead.

So.. what'd you think of Survivor tonight?

A happy ending!!!

I hate Bruce Springsteen

A poster in one of my threads has a screen name...

Votergasm: An idea who's time has come

Let your dog jump into politics with this Doggy T-Shirt

Had to go into a Christian bookstore today

When you fall asleep in bed, is the top of your head facing

my dog can levitate

For my 2000th post, I have to go get a flu shot. Do you believe in them?

Did Bush do cocaine with Rick James??

Hate takes a lot of energy.

new Oxyrush advertiser Broome Chevrolet-Oldsmobile

Cell phone etiquette at work

The ultimate Chick Tract!

I'm sorry but this dude looks Gay!

You all know that Anderson Cooper is gay, right? But Mr Lonely needs your

Favorite Indiana Jones movie?

How do you DU? / How do you connect to the Internet?

ID theft? or clever marketing?? [please help!!]

My cat has an empty Haagen-Dazs container on his head

Red Sox Are Kicking F*CKING A** Tonight!!

Is my new avatar too subtle?

My girlfriend's away on a modeling shoot and hasn't called

Puppy was treated as a football

Where is the rake?

Men can have multiple orgasms too, of course.

I'm fucking Drunk! Ask me anything!

How long will Rush and Daryn date and who will be next for Rush

Post secondary drinking stories?

Anybody Here Ever Been To Amsterdam?

Any Bjork fans here this evening?

I'm 50, A Life-Long Dem, Very Liberal...And I've Never Smoked Pot.

Time to play... diagnose my hypochondria!!

What has 24 teeth and an I.Q. of 200?

Can anyone suggest some good comics?

I got a job!!!!!!!!!

I am pathetic.. I am an adult male and I watch Sponge Bob Squarepants

Tater of the Gods!

DU this poll!

Great pic of Kerry that the FReeps are rating low...

I got snippy with someone I know today.

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

A moment of Zen

RIP Johnny Ramone

So, did anyone here go on the Salon cruise?

Ahhhh - beer...

What online games are you playing.

All I have to say is I LOVE DU! "Start spreading the news, I'm leaving

What Was The LAST Alcoholic Beverage You Consumed?

Kurt Schilling is MLB's First 20 game winner

I'm over this 700 club thing

I have one more post til #666

GOPisEVIL and SUS Could Be NEKKID Right Now! - What Are YOU Drinking?

Dog Drives Off As Owner Watches Hockey

Ah, just what we all need driving at 50mph down our streets!

Palm Pilot for the Poor Man!

I got a fever...

Pi * d to the fourth power all over 32 ((pi*d^4)/32)

Anyone up for a game of Media Whore Charades?

Any veterinarians? Dog bee sting question

Who is your Favorite FREEPER

1000th post and 1 year on DU: Ask me anything!!

ok I believe you. FOXFIRE browsers ROCK!


Best joke of the day!

Mean! My sister has a talking Kerry graphic on her AIM!


I'm out of the 700 club

Every time you Vote Bush...

Dick Van Dyke vs. Dick Van Patten

GOPisevil is back!

I'm outta here. Tornado on the ground headed this way.

hlktr reies sdkdjfjdkl skfkdjslke wlekwkj wlkj wlkgiofigl ekej

Ran into a way cool cardiologist tonight

Non pot smokers, 'why' don't you smoke weed?

Is it wrong to post on DU while you're nekkid?

Political Songs & Satire

Found out that the rabbi of this orthodox synagogue loves

Techies please help! I can't get my modem to work (driver issue)

SURELY N.A.S.A. has studied the effects of Zero Gravity on Sex.....

I Am The Winner Of The Lounge

I Want To Know What You're Thinking. There Are Some Things You Can't Hide.


Does anyone else not like the name "Ask Auntie Pinko" for a column?

Question for Graphic (s) People

Attention gun-hating liberals: What would drive you to murder someone?


Pi * Diameter, Anyone?

Firefighter admits he put female colleague's undies on his head

*Singing* "I Started A Thread....That Started The Whole DU World Laughing"

I sent my British friend 8.9 pounds of chocolate bars today...

Olsen Twins Promote McDonald's Meals

Laura Bush was in my hometown today...

Did I just do a bad thing?

Is there a cop in the house?


Does anyone know....Is Sunny von Bulow still alive and comatose?

Why did I punch Fabio?

(1/4) * pi * pi* (r1 + r2) * (r1 - r2) * (r1 - r2), anyone?

Pi * r squared, anyone???

My Yak Appreciates Clear Blue Mountain Water!

I can't find any link to the Elephant-/Phallus Headgear of the RNC

The Bruised Bruce of all CAPTIONS!!!

Cheney Returns To Camp Crystal Lake

Possible explanation why Bush had to leave Texas in such a hurry

Pi anyone?

Pai anyone?

pi anyone?

Outstanding vid clip of Florida voting scandal. send url to everyone you

Donating My Car (Financial Experts Help!)

Should I read my latest e-mail?

I just hurt myself sneezing.

Why do I have to keep having bad dreams about my dead parents?

Ooo rock me Amadeus

Half-Life 2 Question

Kerry & Bush both Bonesmen - What IS John describing of George's?

Today's Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple

So who has seen "Dogville" ?

Captain Stubing Vs. Captain Crunch

Pot smokers, 'why' do you smoke grass?

The Cataleptic Abyss of all CAPTIONS!!!

A hard rain's a-gonna fall...

Yeah baby!, we have the Joementum now

How do I tell my boss it's NOT OK to...

Greatest music vid of all time: Lazyboy's Underwear Goes Inside Your Pants

poo shots do you believe in them, sorry for the copycat

THE RYDER CUP Starts Tomorrow - Got Any Predictions?

Captain Beefheart vs. Captain Kangaroo

"Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S."

License Plate Fun: What the hell is EELIME?

New Kitten Pics

SURVIVOR starts tonight!

Statistics CBI

Neat--Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone are coming to First Avenue

We're approaching 51,000 members!

Grr! Help me keep a grip...(More family feud crap)

You know what the idiot College Republicans did on my campus???

For my 1,000 post....


What are the best albums of the decade so far?

Man boobs


Who's a lawyer?

A case of appricot brandy and don't forget the colour tv!

I need a BIG version

Free at last!

Where does your ass go,

Good God, I'm engineering a job for Halliburton.

Any Metro NYC DUers wanna come have a debate party...

Well. *That* was quick.

Emergency Landing for American plane at O'Hare


Ok so I never saw the big deal in Elvis

matcom's eternally walking ass - I dub thee Sisyphus!!!

I love you all

Cooks: HELP!!!! Need suggestion to salvage a mess

Barbequers, Why do you smoke ribs?

There's a big nasty storm headed my way


I hate Serge Gainsbourg.

Should In God We Trust be Removed from American Currency ?

What will you do when DU goes down for maintenance

I hate John Lennon

television, the drug of the nation

I hate pie!

Well-a everybody's heard about the bird

Daisy... Daisy... Give Me Your Answer True...

I hate Paul McCartney ...

My strange Freeper stalker story update

Bangkok, Oriental setting

She was a level-headed dancer..

"Democratic babes!" (I think we'd win)

Zwei drei vier one two three

Sims 2

Uno, dos, one, two, tres, quatro

I just took a Zogby online poll.....

I hate chemistry still

I have a medical question regarding my ribcage.

Welcome me to the 700 club!

I hate myself for loving you!

I Hate YOU!

What is your local news calling the situation in Iraq these days?

I hate Democratic Undeground

I hate everybody.

I hate Bush*.

I hate DU

I love people that hate people that hate love... or love hate

A SCOFF at possible downtimes I LAUGH in their silly faces

Oh My God... What's That Smell?

Sometimes I feel I've got to

We can dance if we want to

I hate Santa Claus

The Ryder Cup - tomorrow's 4 ball pairings

I knew it! NRA holding a contest to shoot police!

Bush may not be the best president, but he tries his best to do god's work

Anybody want to buy a telescope?

I hate Dogs

Anyone read Richard North Patterson's books?

I've just been freeped ! Bastard threatening my Kerry/Edwards sign !

I hate cats.....(read below before you throw one on me and get me ill)


Rant about using your "inside voice"

What are you going to do with your DU downtime?

Which photoshop should I buy?

Hey young democrats here are gonna be working with the young repukes

Will a man from DU volunteer to have sex with Bush?

Will Someone at Du Volunteer To

I hate Svenjamin Bjarney.

I Hate Vladimir Lenin

I Hate Adolf Hitler

Screaming Lord Byron - name ANYTHING popular that you like

In honor of B.B. Kings birthday, I have a question for Blues fans.

Do you believe in LUST at first sight

I hate Joseph Stalin

Awsome Gene Rodenberry quote RE: Liberals!

I hate Jesus Christ.

OK, since reading about Nutrasweet, I have such a craving for Diet Coke!

I hate Vlad the Impaler

For anyone who has become fluent in a second language

Do you call it a Kaiser blade or a sling blade?

I hate Gandhi.

Favorite Roots Reggae Band

Can you sing?

Why was Jack Chick born?

Will a hermaphrodite from DU volunteer to have sex with Bush?

I am such a proud young dem today, ask me anything

Really, why don't they get rid of pennies?

New Westward Journey Nickel for 2005

Does anyone have a link to Lewis Black on TDS last night?

Photo from the G8 summit...looks like the dry-drunk

Blase Berliners shrug off store's topless sales staff

Ed Norton plays Walt Disney

Take this poll so we know how to think for the rest of the day

Don't laugh in his silly face, CAPTION

Will a chimp from DU volunteer to have sex with Bush?

The eastern world it tis explodin'

Aston "Family Man" Barrett vs Robbie Shakespeare

Will a woman from DU volunteer to have sex with Bush?

Chris Rock on the Roy Horn attack...

My God, these Twizzlers suck.

I need some kind words - I've been hanging out in GD2004

Check out this very cute and wholesome game!

sus & GOPisEvil: The new love connection of DU

Depressing lunch with my husband.

Somebody photoshop this and put pie in his face

Do women really decide who they'll sleep with...

Is Mike Hunt running again?

* awaiting paperwork from Florida

Question About AAR: Do they carry live events?

My Gods! The Ramones are dropping like flies!

Carlton Barrett vs Sly Dunbar

I wonder how Jery Falwell will spin this one...

Couple Stunned To See 500 Ronald McDonald Dolls On Road Staring At Them

Stop, hey, what's that sound?

Entire "Handball Team" of Sri Lanka Vanishes - Except They Never Existed

Does anyone here ever use a computer?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I'm watching "Wattstax" for the first time right now....

Do fat bottomed girls really make the rockin' world go round?

Was just doing research for a class on Media Fairness...

Watching Joe Biden

Bye-bye Racist Mary!

When were you born?

Kasha: Pro or Con?

I heard you on the wireless back in Fifty Two

Why aren't you in shul?

Terrific. Beloved icon "Goofy" joins Axis of Evil, becomes terrorist.

This is my nation...make one of your own

Best Al Franken moment ever!!!!

What is with social services?

Where do I find instructions on altering my text color/style/blah blah?

CONFESS!!!!!!! Who let the dogs out

I hereby forever swear off chinese food

Why was I Born? Any Ideas? Suggestions? Directions? etc

The Olsen twins gross me out

gawd now I am calling in RX's

Man Aquitted In Disney "Tigger Molesting" Case - Suspended Again - Battery

Why were you bored?

Why were you born?

Cute Cartoon!

I think I'll do something completely out of character and go out for lunch

IS anyone listening to Franken right now?

Celebrate Freedom to Read week 09/25-10/02: Read a banned book!!!

The Toilet Partition Industry is Stressful- ASK ME ANYTHING!

Anti-Bush anagrams, e.g. "The nut pretends to defeat Shi'ites"

A deceptively weird photo

I Am Eating A WHOLE BAG Of Caramel Hershey's Kisses

Guests at Cdn Govt. health talks get a look at inadvertent nude show.

How do I paste a pic FROM MY FILES

I hereby forever swear off Chinese Fire Drills!

pasting pics within a message FROM MY FILES

Which continent do you/would you most like to visit?

I hereby forever swear off Chinese Checkers!

I hereby forever swear off Chinese Handcuffs!

What annoys you most about BANANAS?

jim lampley freakin' RAWKS!!

Weekly "douchebag" survey

When's rbnyc having her baby?

They have the internet on computers now?

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done while drunk?

Do I dare to eat a peach?

I just did the treadmill while listening to Billy Squier! Am i a dweeb?

Why I hate the private sector!

For our Jewish members, Happy New Year!

Dancing Baby/Lars Ulrich

In honor of Johnny Ramone, what's your favorite Ramones song?

OMG. Brian the Creepy Marketing Guy is utterly melting down in my office.

DU Dinner Theater Presents: The Trial of George Bush or

Any Ivan DUer's back on line?

The MUDDER of all NCAA football weekends

Proof positive this new job of mine is better than the old one

i'm going to NYC - where shouLd i go?

Am I the only one who misses her pets when she's at work

Check out George addressing his National Guard buddies (cartoon)

Hugh Hefner's Libido Finally Placed In Museum

I said a hip hop, the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, ...

Smithers criticizes Navy policy: "I think women and sea men don't mix"

Is that Christopher Walken on the new US nickel? Don Shula?

Today Show's Matt Lauer look-alike contest...some suggestions?

Testing 1 2 3

1000th Post - Ask me anything...

The word 'media'

AAR vs. Cat Stevens. You decide!

A friend email me this joke.

what are your thoughts on HomeSchooling?

And here's one Picasso did earlier ...

Woman Wants $500,000 For

No, Really, when Kerry Wins, what do you think THEY think

Swap wife for a new model, says leader

Man Has 8 Children - Home Schools - Says, "Witches Are Trying To Kill Me"

"Unfiltered" on Air America Radio is Pretty Awful (IMHO)

Disputed painting of Shakespeare takes centre stage

R.I.P. Johnny Ramone

PHOTO EVIDENCE of dubya snorting cocaine!!!!!

Manchester or Liverpool?

Teens Arrested After Hurling Fruit At Rush-Hour Traffic - "Jackass" Stunt

Happy New Year! 5765

DU rocks!

Anyone remember the picture of the cat on the couch

What's become of Larry "Bud" Melman...?

How to tell the sex of a fly

Dodger fan buys $25K worth of tickets, hopes to get Bonds' HR ball

Pancakes are delicious

Bryan Adams' Summer of '69.

'Corrupt' Zimbabwe officials accused of faking elephant tally

Is this the creepiest picture of ashcroft ever or what?

Madonna on Holy Land pilgrimage

Siegfried discusses Roy's recovery: "I'm going to be his left arm"

DUers Time to TAKE ACTION: National Women’s Election Action Day 09/18/04

Is anyone else sick of reality shows?

I am destroyed (In an artistic sense any ways)

Congratulations Auntie Pinko! 150 DU Columns!

Survivor 9 Series Debut Tonight.

Guided by Voices fans: Bob Pollard personal lp's for sale on eBay

Any Other DU Loaners?

I've got no reason for the things I fear

Today's Joke

Check out my Chrissie be-Hynde - it's fine all of the time.


New must have gadget for golfers: Portable Ball Cleaner!!

Al Franken Show bumper music

Being Drunk While On Jury Duty Apparently OK.

280lb Homeowner Sits On Burglar Until Police Arrive

Today's Quotes

Today's Fact

Thieves Rob Bus Full Of Policemen

Today's Thought

Today in History

I've now been awake for 32 hours

What the hell was this spam about?

I pounded on a farmhouse

I pounded on a farmhorse

What's become of Hans Moleman?

Shrimpboat Veterans for the Truth statement

Did Kerry show up on Letterman tonight?

Top 10 reasons to proof your polls:

Love-Spurned Frogs Encourage "Threesomes"

Announcing "Another 48hrs in Atoka"!!!!

Michaelangelo's David caught at the Texaco!

Jesus' apostles were a bunch of red pinkos!

Yep, just another 1000th post...

Batman Dumped By Girlfriend

Man Attacked At Women Only Party

Man Invents Nose-Steered Computer Mouse

Testing my new sig line.

EEwwwww - Bedbugs Are Biting Back

I chew tobacco!

Cold and tired.

How about another Tattoo thread...

Working an all-niter, bored.

Mint the foster dog (rescued greyhound)

Homemade rice pudding, spiced cider, hot chocolate

First prize winner in "The Phillips Digital Arts Festival"

OUCH! A friend of mine lost his thumb the other day...

Anyone ever had Viking Vodka?

PUI alert

Let's say you can time travel, what do you do?

All you need to know

When does the Daily Show come on again?

Republikkkan headquarters here understaffed hehehehe

Seriously how long until the CNN Anchors are blown away ?

Whadda you want

RARE PHOTO: 70's Cooter

I'm just going to ADMIT IT ok?

I just hit post number 666!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

My friends are watching F911 on DVD in a Bangkok guest house

My 2000th post! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now, a word from Jesus

"And so I found myself face to face with a cooter."

A song about the election dilemma.

remember at the RNC when they mentioned the Statue of Liberty?

Wish me luck, I start my screenwriting class tomorrow.

Damnit anyone else suffer from bad luck syndrome?

You know what pisses me off? I didn't even ENJOY the years of 92-2000!!!!


Hypothetical re: Killian Memos

Kerry attacks the excuse Presidency.

CNN - all storm all night

All Kneel Before The Omniscent, Omnipotent Karl Rove!

Bumper sticker I'd like to see: 'Answer the Questions'

I still don't understand how Bush can be doing that well now.

I know I'm asking to be flamed but...If John Kerry is elected,

Can Kerry get around the National Media?

Will anyone have the nerve to ask Laura is she ever did sell or use weed?

I really think that Bush is headed for a nervous breakdown.

Just for shits and giggles:

This is the guy I met at Kerry HQ

New PAC- "Win Back Respect" Clark helps launch!

Help with flyer idea please

Democracy Corps Poll: bush 47, Kerry 45, nader 3 (LV)

message on machine last night regarding PA-Victory rally

Historical Polling, for the sake of Perspective

Whatever happened to the Bob Graham accusations?

Any bets on when The Big Dog will start barking again?

One of the biggest reasons this war is already lost:

Is it possible that Bush was caught in bed with a lover & then went AWOL

Zogby, Harris, IBD and Rasmussen say the race Bush Administration Slowing Equal Access

Interesting; Unfortunately It Is Working - Bush Not Running As Incumbent

Central PA: Record Voter Reg - Mostly Dems

Poll Shows Bush approval rating drops among uncommitted voters

Hagel-"It's beyond pitiful, it's beyond embarrassing,..."

WP, Broder: "I went to war for Bush; I came home to vote for Kerry."

Leno Monolouge

Repeating over and over that the Dems are weak, makes the Dems weak!

"The Dunce" - more info on what we already know

John Kerry Rocked In His Detroit Speech Today

My Pick for a new Kerry Commercial. Courtesy of Sens Hagel and Luger

What do you think would happen if Powell had a meltdown,

If it's about CHARACTER?? Bu$h 8-ball prez?

Good Articles on Kerry's Healthcare Proposals?

Borowitz: Voters Giving * High Marks in War on Rather.

So where the hell are the Congressional Democrats?

If Burkett had the original memos, why wouldn't he just fax those?

How much of a factor will Nader be this time around?

What could these WH documents be?

Hotline...Electoral College Vote

"...the Democrats fear the Bushies are capable of any level of deceit."

Bush's evangelical following will forgive him ANYTHING - he's born again!

Harris Poll has Kerry ahead by 1

Sen. KERRY...separate yourself from George BOTCH'S Iraq policy!!! PLEASE!

Bush supporters are dangerously naive....?

Question about WH accusation: Kerry & AWOL Docs

Economist Poll - Bush 47 Kerry 46

Okay this might sound completely stupid

TANG Survey (Rassmusen)

Continuous coverage of Ivan, nothing on the war in Iraq - cable news

Bush In MN Today

Need photo of Kerry in "bunny suit" during NASA visit...

leading by example. . .?

Fascist Power Play in MN- Ron Ebensteiner wants pollster fired Needs Money For Leave No Voter Behind..

TANG/AWOL debate DOES have a purpose...

I think Republicans are switching Dem reg's to Repub.

Democrats Seek Louder Voice from Edwards

Fallujah is Bush's Achilles Heel

Download high res. flyer files for printing here

MSNBC: Specifics of Bush's faith remain a mystery

Did John Kerry ever claim to have personally witnessed war crimes?

Chuck Todd said Nader pulling votes from Shrub!

Nader predicts Bush win?


Houston radio station GM may dump CBS news over Rather thing

Robert F. Kennedy on CSpan now.

Killian's secretary on Bush: "He had this campaign to take care of"

Corrupt NYT at it again

Input welcome: I'm sending money today....

can anyone point to that pic of Saddam & Rumsfield ? I can

Uh oh! Teresa H Kerry: "let them go naked for a while, at least the kids"

Science Journal NATURE: Kerry vs. Bush on science.


Is Libby off the hook as the Plame leaker?

FEMA Head and Bush pic re: Hurricane Ivan

Far graver than Vietnam -US Military officials to bush; yer a FAILURE.

Anyone who wants a memo investigation is doing "Rove's work"

What happened last night?

FYI - Florida Sen. Poll- Castor 49%(D) vs Martinez 45%(R) radio source

Kerry Asks FEC for Recount Advice

"Trying to frighten people into the voting booth."

Harris Poll: Kerry 48 Bush 47

Where Do Commander's Secret Files Go???

Why would anyone in the military

Who's signed up to volunteer for the Kerry Campaign?

Democracy Corps Poll: Chimp 48 / Kerry 47 (LV)

Release Date for F 9/11

Big Bump for Bush in Rasmussen today.

Killian Memos explanation

Want affidavit from K. Hughes/D. Bartlett that they did not "sanitize"file

OMG! My neighbor put up a Bush/Cheney yard sign yesterday!!


before you get worried, keep this in mind

Why is Badnarik not being included in poll?

Harris poll: KERRY UP BY 1

Me: A kerry win the destruction of Ann Coulter....

Refuse to answer the questions and lose all credibility

Did you realize if you call the Kerry campaign DC ..they

State polls lag behind national ones?

White House "Honesty," Illustrated...

Survey USA: WTF?

Former DUer, Jeff Seemann, Dean Dozen, posts at the blog. Go, AWD!

Alabama: 53-42 Bush over Kerry (But this is good news)

Look at all that brass

Q: When does the Mission Accomplished Video get rolled out?

New Poll: Pennsylvania "Too Close To Call"

Pres. Debate Commission says that neither Kerry nor * have agreed

Beautiful people

Will Kerry ever use the "mission accomplished" in a commercial?

Beware of Disinformation

This morning I received another ZOGBY survey - and last results!!

I Couldn't See 60 Minutes Last Nite

You Might Not Want to Watch Tweety Tonight...........

Kerry Will Hammer * Hard in National Guard Speech Today

Nutty universe: We're losing WV, but AZ and VA are in play

Anyone else picking up on the echo chamber?

My house just became the pick up place for signs and bumper stickers

Kerry Wise Not To Touch Memo Story....

Political Animal reports new "killer" ad from Fight Back Campaign

Sound byte contest !!!

Jonh Kerry on CSPAN 2, NOW (12:30est)

If you follow surveys, do NOT

What time is Kerry's National Guard Convention speech today?

I'm confused about reaction to the polls

Does the memo forgery nonsense help us in the end?

Wed was Bush's first full day in Wash DC since Aug. 2

I LIKE John Kerry-watching him on Cspan2

Shrub commercial, just saw commercial on stopping the frivolous lawsuits

The biggest diff. between Iraq and Vietnam is we could pack up and

Senator Bob Graham on with Al Franken now

Novak to speak at "Celebration of freedom dinner" (Anyone care to email?)

"Veering Right" by Robert Tiefer... more motivation to get rid of Bush.

"Real Documents

Howzabout this: "Where would 3000 New Yorkers be if we had an

Forget about the polls right now!!!

Call your Senators!!!!

Bush sounds like a delusional nutcase on the stump (Iraq)

Send this BCCI article to your media lists and demand they accurately

CSPAN callers, five min. ago.....some were real doozies (a recap)

Fair Warning on Tomorrow's Rasmussen.

If the polls start taking a dramatic turn in Kerry's direction,...

So now that new polls show the collapse of the Bush bounce

Coming up next on CNN "Iraq Civil War Story"

for those who live/die by polls

Just listen to this idiot

WTF ever happened to THIS?

Was Bush a deserter? Legally speaking? The old becomes new?

PROOF that Bush is slipping in the polls

Researchers--help me out

Here's a CNN poll about voting and Iraq Let's DU it

Impersonating a Veteran


Is Kerry really losing this bad?

Marist Poll: Kerry up in New York 51-40

Repubs criticizing Iraq war plan

The world is NOT safer with Saddam out of power

Intelligence report: Iraq prospects bleak

CAN YOU SAY "D-U-M-B"? as in "DUMBYA" ... lol

Is Ashcroft holding this press conference to pre-empt Kerry?

"What's critical is that the president speak clearly and consistently"

One Liners for Kerry Supporters: (General) "Bush is a screw-up."

I wonder if the *n will go to Alabama

The sky is falling Kerry takes lead over Bush 48-47

How can ANYONE in the military still support Bush?

GOP thinks they've got it wrapped up!

Are Dems dumber than Repugs

A Bush Countdown Clock?

Why Memo-Gate is Important

"If you ever show up at MY house with THAT t-shirt on, we'll kick you out!

D. Limbaugh is at it...does anybody read him anyway?

Scott McClellan: "pessimists and nay-sayers" are always proven wrong

Would you make a sandwich for this man

Where are the actual memos Knox typed?

Jay Leno Voting for Kerry

A tale of two polls: Gallup vs. Minneapolis Star Tribune


John Kerry to speak at 3:30 edt today at the National Guard Convention

Group Offers Bush Bleak Iraq Assessment

Right Wing Nuts are clogging up the C-Span lines . . .

Bush's MBA prof: Bush was the opposite of an excellent student and person.

Whoa. Did anyone catch what Franken's guest said...

The Guardian Details Rove's Dirty Tricks of the Past

TONY COEHLO Needs to Shut Up

Buttons That Say "Very Kerry"? The New "I Like Ike"?

I agree with Lou Dobbs...

Cohen: Bush-hating goes haywire

Kerry Accuses Bush of Hiding the Truth About Iraq

General McPeak on now CNN he's in the commercial against bush

Why the Smearboat and Guard Memos controversies matter

Coulter: A Kerry Win = the destruction of the (our) Republic. LMFAO!!

Kerry live on MSNBC now. eom

Senators say risks of failure great

Bush contributors: Morgan Stanley ($561,425), Merrill Lynch ($530,154)

Kerry Nails His Message To Post-Vietnam Critics

Can we put all threads about POLLS in a separate board?


Alternate downtime site???? seen this?

When is Kerry supposed to speak?

Shock and Awe: Today's Rasmussen- B 49.3%, K 44.7%

NYT Bk. Review: "America (The Book)," by Jon Stewart ("side-splitting")

Harrisburg, Pa event on the 18th everyone

Sen. Kerry, meet Captain Soltz........

"What's His Excuse?" (Making a list)

Hang up this DRAFT FLYER everywhere you can, especially colleges!!

The Woman Running for US Senate in South Carolina

Oh please. . .Bush supporter uses kid to disrupt Kerry event, gets press

Question for Texans

Kerry is down 2 points in the polls. But on Oct.1...

LOOK! I Have Ads That You Can Use!

To believe GALLUP, you must believe that.....

FAIR Action Alert:: The Mysterious Case of the CBS Memos

New organization pokes fun at Kerry’s football fumbles

shhh... secret, secret, i've got a secret...

Just in from da Mynahs in Texas, Bush don't read, Bush don't read

Baghdad Boosh



Holy Smokes! Anyone see those two Iraqi veterans debate on the Newshour?

I saw John Kerry and Wes Clark tonight...and it ROCKED!!!

Was she lying about the content or the documents?

Media Matters: Bush may not have a plan for Iraq, it's Kerry's problem

Scottie McClellan attacks Marian Carr Knox (86 year old secretary)

Why aren't Democrats pushing ABORTION more?

My E-mail To CNN Regarding Gallup

Why isn't the media telling me this?

We don't need this kind of crap

Kerry should distance himself from Dan Rather and the memos and ....

I'm still pissed about that green-shirted kicker fuckwad at the RNC!

Thank you Howard Dean! I salute you.

Dean, Ann Richards, Pelosi, Rendell around Philly on Saturday.

"W Is For War" Peace Action Bumper Sticker Campaign


Excerpts of Kerry's Remarks to the National Guard Association

How John Kerry could be featured more in the mainstream media

Edwards in Athens OH, 9/15...another HUGE, non-"hand picked" crowd

It's these times when you are compressing the video for the web


Nobel Peace Prize - Castro Favored Over Bush!

Send this Gallup slamming story to CNN (Gallup is CNN official pollster)

"Indications are the Kerry comeback may already be underway."

If I Could Write John Kerry's Iraq Speech

Republicans who will secretly pull the lever for Kerry?

Post Reporter Gives Deposition in Probe of Leak of CIA Agent's Name

Man, there are more of "them" here lately than there are of "us"


The "negative Iraq Assesment" was given to the WH 2 Months Ago -- He Lied!

Kitty Kelley: American media "frightened" of this White House

Forced Contributions to GOP?

So whose vote are you gonna cancel out?

Kerry should call for Rather to resign

How Much Of The Poll Manipulation Is Just Rove Trying to

BAM! Kerry: Delusional Bush lives in a "fantasy world of spin"

Harris Poll shows Kerry in front

Recover the Sacred Feminine

OMG -- Did you just see the footage of the 'gold-star mother' on Keith

What is going on in Minnesota?

Woman arrested after interrupting Laura Bush speech

Networks haven't agreed to air debates.

See the new DNC "mission accomplished" ad

I'm no lawyer- yet- but the impression I've gotten from the law

More Good poll news - SC Senate race

It's the Fighting Bob (La Follette) Fest.....Saturday!

Bush's Convention Bounce Vanishes as Race Tightens

Bush is tough on terror? Really?

Should A Presidential Candidate Being A Dry Drunk Be An Issue?

The slime-fest continues underground

Meet Billy the Tax Bill

Why doesn't anyone notice that most people's taxes were raised?

True or False: Kerry has NOT executed a Standard Form 180

Sorry to start another thread about the Guard Documents but

Anyone watching the News Hour

Fuck Gallup!

TRUTH TREND: Kerry's moving avg up from 44% to 47.33% in 1 week..

Kerry Hurls Iraq Report at Bush. McClellan: "pessimists and naysayers"

Is Kerry playing rope-a-dope with bush?

Focus is back on Iraq. Bush* is going down.

This is what we are up against folks

My sign got torn up too

John Kerry speech at Nat'l Guard convention on c-span now

My theory -- Terror Alerts no longer work? Pull out bogus Gallup poll!

I am going to see John Kerry tomorrow!!!

Kerry is gonna speak LIVE on CNN shortly

Who thinks the DNC is falling into the trap of overconfidence?

What the HELL Is the Point of Being In Iraq?

Joe Conason slams Dem naysayers!

Have you sensed a lot more people are proBush since the Repug Convention?

did anybody just see letterman rerun?

Voter Registration & Information Dissemination Extravaganza! Check it Out!

DU this poll

hey shrub...Why has JK's view on Iraq changed since last summer?

Time to preempt the Gallup poll.

Chuck Hagel Agrees Things are Getting Worse in Iraq

What do we do about the national slam job on Rather?

Mommy please make him stop?

New Gallup: As Bad As You Thought

Here's why Bush and McCain want to shut down the 527's

Has Gallup EVER shown Kerry in the lead?

Bush rules out return of military draft, says he'll increase benefits

Iraq Coalition Didn't Plan for War Aftermath, U.K. Colonel Says

So... If You're A Moderate Republican, Who Do You Vote For In 2004 ???

bush missed the filing deadline for the Florida ballot

DU this poll: Do you believe the Preznit or CBS News?


I am going to invoke Captain Picard.

Did you here Edwards on Ed Schultz Show today?

Inspiration from conservative SC....GOP incumbent might be in trouble.

Kerry campaign advice: Bush 43 is 'disengaged' like his Daddy

OMFG, Tropical Depression 12 is now TROPICAL STORM KARL!

Cheney's Kiss of death and more about everyone's favorite evil guy

Which Poll will the Puke Media use? Watch Faux to see corruption

Kerry campaign idea: using kids to make a point

Judge tells Bush to freakin prove it

So I finally forgave my friend today

Kerry says */dick second biggest hot air baloon festival in US

OK... Enough Of This Horse Shit, Here's What Kerry Has to Do !!!

A big speech by Kerry, and NOBODY'S carrying it???

THE definitive response to "but everyone thought they had WMDs!"

Kerry to replace Edwards with Hillary...

October Surprise - what's it gonna be?

'Kerry protested Vietnam to springboard into politics for personal gain'

I think it's time for Donna Brazile and Tony Coelho to shut the fuck up!

JK on Cspan2 now...outlining economic plan

Has Bush ever denied using Cocaine?

Kerry Says Bush "Living In A Fantasy World Of Spin" LOL!

Kerry calls Bush/Cheney the biggest Hot Air Baloon festival

Election Day count-down clock... the seconds tick away!

Purple heart bandages missing from Purple Heart awards ceremony

Documents could be scanned by computer….

Limbaugh's "advisor" parody skewers DUers

I just took a P/T 2-month job!

Please take the Zogby poll attached

GALLUP's Credibility Gap

DU this Bulls*t poll . . .

on november 3rd

Campaigning in Wisconsin on Saturday, What would

"Freedom is on the march": more gems from the tone deaf administration

This is an interesting link regarding 527's....(TANG document free zone)

CBS: Rather ratings down

Now that Bush's numbers are tanking, will we be treated to endless

Mother of soldier killed in Iraq disrupts first lady Laura Bush's rally

Kerry in Madison desktop pattern (1024x768)

Tweety opens show: Overnight, Bush bounce is OVER

New Proof Bush Snorted Cocaine - I got National Enquirer copy

Top Politics news on Yahoo: Polls tied, Iraq Mess, Protester arrested.

Daily Mislead: Cheney attacked U.S. as too strict on terror

61% of Voters say it is very likely they will watch the debates

Bush got mixed up and said....

Our Heroes v. Their Chickenhawks . . .

Were the TANG documents forged or not?

The American Media Is Surely Embarrassed About How They

Kerry appeared very tired today...

I thought Kerry changed If I'm Pres. into When I'm Pres. today, did you?

I think John needs to take a day off....

Kerry will need a break when......

In The Hour You Spent Watching Matthews

Kerry on Letterman this coming Monday (Sept. 20)

Last chance -- Hold Tom DeLay accountable - DO THIS NOW

CBS Memos, Kinko’s and Bill Burkett

What do you call CBS News after it loses all its credibility

UPDATE: (Gallup) Bush 54 Kerry 40 Nader 3

Any cops here? What are your instructions when you cover a

Anybody else notice the CBS editing on the Kerry speech tonight??

Where is the outrage for the gold star mother that was arrested?

The Democratic Bookie: Getting Conservatives on our side

An email reply from Eason Jordan at CNN!!

I need some help replying to Eason Jordan at CNN

CNN (paula zahn) announced they will start the "Electoral Map" Countdown

Chaney and EBay...

Kerry On C-SPAN Now (Guard Speech)

The latest ad


Rasmussen Shows Big Bush Day

Memo gate question - IF Burkett had the originals and recreated them..

Alert (?) maybe? Olberman on Countdown...

Judge Orders Judith Miller to testify before grand jury re Plame case


15 CONFIRMED KILLS! Step-Father-In-Law - (Born Again) - Voting KERRY BABY!

Kerry/Edwards have to take the draft issue one step further

Dean on CNN with The Jaw


The reason why Kerry is trailing Bush in Ohio

Where did that Iraq money go anyway? $87 billion + +++ Pitiful!

Howard Dean on Paula Zahn tonight.

A bipartisan Senator Slam of Emperor Bunnypants' Iraq Debacle

ABC News said Pugh Poll has Kerry and Bush tied does anyone have a link?

My letter to the Kerry campaign today.

Repukes just creep me out.

Kitty Kelly: "The blood thins as it goes down the line."

How did Kerry's speech to the National Guard go?


NOW 8:45 EST C-Span | KERRY speech to National Guard

Reframe the debate or lose

Are we nearing a critical mass on Iraq...

Please DU this Paul Zahn Poll. Kerry Currently Leading..

looking for Top Ten (or 10 +N) Reasons To Vote For John Kerry

Vote NOW on CNN!

Let's Not Get Overconfident About the Debates

I think CNN doing weekly electoral vote "brainwashing" is a Kerry Campaign

1,027 dead and still counting

Please don't throw me in the briar patch!

My letter to NPR re: Day to Day story on polling & swing voters

Dems Say Kerry Back On Track

W foe tells the toot - National Enquirer doing cocaine story

"It's time we had a president who tells the American people the truth"

Latest Anti-Kerry Salvo...

HELP! I just found out my friends are republican!

Guard under Bush has suffered as many deaths as in entire Vietnam war

Jon Solz, Veterans for Kerry is on PBS

I get at least one call a day from the Kerry campaign (m)

Here comes the Repukes favorite talking point

MSNBC Hardball showing interview with Bill Burkett from Feb 12th.

Something for disrupters of GOP events to try

T Minus 14 days

Draft Alert flyers to plaster around college campuses

Bush pushes for greater supply of oil! (WTF is he on?!)

CNN front page poll. Who do you believe on NG, CBS or Bush?

"Cheney Lectures Kerry on True Leadership"...a REAL headline, folks

Judge orders U.S. to find Bush records

A little bit of hope for those who could use some

FACT for the freepers; ANG = "draft haven for rich white men"

WHAT is he ON?

DU this poll. Wolf Blitzer / investigation of "authenticity" of documents

Kerry's Speech on C-Span at Approx. 8:35pm ET Tonight

Umm, Hi. The race is neck and neck.

Kitty Kelley on CSPAN now at the National Press Club (6 pm ET)

HELP! Emailing with a freeper...who is also a friend, eek

New Poll Up On Cnn

May I say that I'll take 10 half-baked CBS stories over

Important CNN poll... go vote.

Too important not to repeat!

Are young people being polled?

Kerry's most powerful issue: Bush's record as president

re-opening: 1001 posts for the 1001 brave men and women we've lost

Help! Kerry is slipping, Bush is doing well, and...

Zinn to Kerry: Have the courage to walk away from Iraq!

No CBS News thread?

Hume Over On Fox saying something about Kerry meeting with

MSNBC just showed a clip of the NJ woman being arrested.....

Grover Norquist caught on tape dissing Ohio GOP governor

Grover Norquist is sweating AWOL's chances in Ohio

Sloganeering. Wake up Carville, we've got something for you!

Now that they are tied, I am SO nervous about W's excellent debate skills

Lou Dobbs today...Bush is 'Smoking something'

"a fantasy world of spin"

OKAY ENUFF about them Damn TANG Mem--- Oops...

Just got my Piss on Bush sticker, o bad it's yellow but then again.....

Right wing election attacks

Need some help on a sign...

No-Show for medical exam: another document surfaces

About those debates

Hume Saying On Fox something about Kerry meeting with the

Lou Dobbs: Tony Coehlo says Kerry campaign in "Chaos" (BULLSH*T)

Great info from the American Progress Action Fund and others

CNN touting Arnold for President

some sleuths need to debunk this new docu-gate research

Caller to Ed Schultz: * violated Hatch Act?

Woodruff: Pew poll a tie. Bounce gone.

Three national polls out today: All show race tied

Can a fellow DU'er help us register a domain name?

The Killian Memos: "Buckhead" sure seemed well-prepared...

Signs attacking Kerry going up all over Tulsa Oklahoma

Wes Clark on with that idiot on MSNBC....Lester?

41% say that Bush military service less admirable than most...

"Hold Them Accountable" ad

Using faith as a campaign gimmick

HOW TO BEAT BUSH (AGAIN) -- Blog posting

"Strong at Home...Respected in the World!" saw my 1st Kerry Ad!

CBS is going to cover the grieving mother

Kerry-Bush Debates: A PREVIEW

just listening. . .

Wes Clark on MSNBC Now!

Is there more to be shown of Rather's interview with the secretary?

ALERT - Judy Woodruff and Her Boss Eason Jordan Re: Biased Poll Reporting

File inadvertently destroyed in project, Pentagon says: Bush military

Top reasons to vote for Jr

Remember when "polls" said Lieberman was in the lead for Dem nominee?

More good polling news? Colorado 46-45 Bush (ARG poll) plus other results

Now I'm agitated - my email to CNN - again

Exogal talking to Screwnose Gillespie and T McWorthless about bounce

Breaking: Intel. Report on Iraq contrasts Bush, says civil war possible

Why are they so unwilling to fight back in "soundbytes"average Americans


* must call Jerry Ford today and thank him.

Haw! Cspan shows poll where NADER is taking away BUSH votes!

Here are demographics for Pew Poll 46% Kerry 46% Bush

does anybody but Tuckhead get to talk on Xfire?

New Pew Poll: Race tied at 46

Rather says memo flap doesn’t change his story

what everybody seems to be missing in the "fake documents" story

Why do we let them question Kerry's 20year Senate record?

Keep hitting the media, guys...we're making progress...

Oops...will Nordquist now be grounded?

Is Rove behind the forged memos? Hell no! It's Karen Hughes!

Even a Flawed Kerry Beats the Alternative

Daisy... Daisy... Give Me Your Answer True...

anybody have that Hero movie thread? somebody wants to read it

10/27/2000 Gallup -- Bush 52 - Gore 39

Pravda - John Kerry, probably the better choice

The Return of Katherine Harris - NYT

More good poll news due out today

Lol! Woodruff's polls.. bush's bounce "MAY" have faded!!

Cleland Crisscrosses Maine, Tells Voters 'W Stands For Wrong' - Wrong ..

We're Back!

Questions for the Debates??

We are down, but there is still time

Kerry Natl Guard Speech C-SPAN when?

Coincidence - sure it is - Kerry speech = bye bye coverage

New ARG state polls

20 ARG state polls now online...

Why did Cheney attack America's anti-terror laws as being too strict???

General Blasts Bush and Judy on Inside Politics

Newest Pew Poll: 46-46% tie. SKY IS NOT FALLING!

George W.Bush: The honeymoon's over.

Kitty Kelley on CSPAN at 6pm EST Live nt

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Remarks to Nat'l Guard Assn (& Fact Sheet)

Pew Poll: *Shrub 47%, Kerry 46% - Just reported on CNN's IP

A DU Suggestion: Volunteer to help move Bush out of the White House

With the mess in Iraq on the front page, Kerry should make use of this

CNN now covering Kerry live.

"I would have done almost everything differently" Let's make a list

If memos prove to be fakes, CBS should out their source.

Re-enlist or we send you to Iraq!" says US military. OUTRAGE.

John Edwards on the Ed Shultz Show right now.

Bush on stump. "Not long ago Saddam in charge with his torture chambers"

Hillary and Obama

First debate is set for September 30

WTF - Illinois is back in play????

Don't believe the mediawhores. It's Kerry: Two scenarios.